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Reflected Glory 3 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 16, 2023 12:35 pm

Reflected Glory 3 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 16, 2023 12:35 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about reflected glory, concludes right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Amarillo By Morning, " by George Strait and "Facing The Giants." 

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Hi, I'm Joanne Dickner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Welcome to Masculine Journey After Hours. We've had a great adventure during our break. If you're not joining us live, this would be the week you wanted to join us live because we are now live broadcasting. Yes, we are.

On YouTube, Facebook, on both those platforms, you can get us live as we're recording the show on Tuesdays. And so if you missed it this week, go back and watch it because you can watch it on those as well and see what we're scrambling to do. Robby bailed us out on my mistake. A couple mistakes were made.

Yeah, I didn't want to point anybody out, but since you guys are right there, I'll put you out. But no, all of our mistakes, but we found the mistake. And so we're good. Robby bailed us out at the last moment with four seconds to go.

So good job, Robby. We got that going for us. Anyway, so we are talking about the topic of glory. And it may sound kind of weird, and we're talking about our glory, but it's not ours. It's borrowed from God. Right? And so what we believe is that we're each given uniquely a piece of God's glory to bring to this earth.

And we've been talking about it for a few weeks, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about it. But it is meant to be reflected to the earth. We're called to be the light to the earth, and that light is God's light. Right?

And so we're called to show that light that's in us to the world. And the great thing is it's not pressure from you. Right? You just got to reflect God's stuff. Right?

I mean, you just got to let it come out of you. Right? And so what we're talking about is the things that we see in each other. Right? The glory that each one of us uniquely bring to the earth, so that you may learn to say, okay, let me look at the people around me.

And how can I call that out in them? Right? Because there's nothing better. You probably won't get them a better Christmas present. Honestly, you may get them something really cool and they go, oh, hey, an Apple Watch. Hey, it's this. Hey, it's that. But I promise you, they'll never forget this one.

If you can think of a way to call out the way they reflect God to this earth, that would be pretty cool. That'd be a great present. And so before my mistake, when we left off, Art had set up talking about Andy and we're getting ready to go to our clip. But Art, do you want to set anything up or just make him go back and listen to the other show?

Make him go back and listen. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I roasted Andy pretty good. You did.

And I don't want to repeat that one. Yeah. We'll roast him with other stuff here soon. Okay, so yeah, let's go ahead and play the clip. So we're gonna play the clip and this is Bluegrass music. And here we go. Now, Art, you have me intrigued. Why that clip? I thought that's what I was thinking as you know, everyone heard it while we were trying to get it get it down on the on the recording there.

But I figured there would probably be a lot of questions as to how that came about. And I'll tell you, to me that, you know, that's just a beautiful, beautiful song. And it just sets sets kind of a relaxing mood. And that's what, you know, you know, when I'm around Andy, when I first came around Andy, that's the kind of the vibe I got from him. He just sets you at ease. He just is. He's a, you know, low key, unpretentious kind of person that has the kind of manner about him and he just makes you feel welcome and, and, and accepted. And he, I think it was Kenny last week said, the question was what, what, what do you do to see the glory and others? And he said, he said, you have to let other people be their selves. And that's what Andy has done for me. Let me be myself. Because he is he himself.

He's a he's totally genuine, sincere person. And I appreciate that. But the other the other part of Yeah, yeah, the I think when he started with the big dummy clips, I always knew here and he said, you know, I can be a big dummy. And so, you know, maybe maybe I don't feel so bad about things. I've done mistakes I've made or so so forth.

And let's see. And, and I know the first time first time I talked on the radio, Andy said to me, I did so so well, he just wished he could talk as well as I do. But I think he's got that wrong. And, and listening to him, especially lately, listening to him talk about Rodney last week, you know, I can't, I wish I could talk so well about you, Andy.

I do. But so that's part that's part of what's in this song for me about Andy. And the other part is that, you know, in the song, the, the, the, this is a bull rider song, and he said, you know, a lot of hard knocks, he's been what lost his saddle, see, where is it to lost a saddle in Houston broke his leg in Santa Fe, lost a wife and a girlfriend along the way. But next morning, he's gonna drive all night, and he's gonna be in Amarillo in the morning on a bull again, still going, going after it, take, you know, and that's kind of what I get from Andy, you know, he's he's had his own hard knocks. He's a part of it, he, you know, like Robby was saying about him, getting better feeling like he's not doing very well at public speaking and then getting better and better and, you know, maybe failed at it, but he's up there and he's doing it again and trying harder to, to improve himself.

And, and it says, also in the song that the bull riders as he hopes he gets a good judge. And I would say Andy that I probably judge you a lot harder, a lot higher than you judge yourself. You're, you're doing wonderful. Wonderful. Thank you.

Appreciate it. That's it, I would add for Andy is that if you need any help, he's going to be there. It doesn't matter what it is, he always offers to come help, whether it's move something heavier, fix your computer, you know, he's going to come figure out a way to help you.

He's just always very, how can I help? That's one of the things he always has and just just a helpful spirit, unless it's to get there early boot camp. Unless it was boot camp set up, that's the only time that that's kind of fallen off the wayside. But yeah, you were thinking exactly. It's to stick with the roast. I already had that plan. Well, go ahead then. No, perfect. That dovetailed well. Well, good.

Yeah, that's what I was going with. But no, he is very, very helpful on stuff. And just, you know, all the IT stuff that he does. I mean, yes, he does that for a living.

But the last thing you would do sometimes when you do something for a living is do it when you're not at work. You know, and he's just been very gracious to help us with all of our IT stuff that we need help with and setting up the new computer and both computers that we've got are both set up from him and making sure that we're synced with teams and all the stuff that he does, because we're not a very technology, I can't say it, I'm verbally challenged, let alone technology challenge. But yeah, we're not very savvy at some of that sometimes. And he does a good job with helping us. Yeah, I remember when I first came to my boot camp, Andy was one of those like, very friendly faces was like, okay, you just show up.

You don't know anybody. And you kind of certain people you just kind of gravitate towards and you start to learn it's like, like art was saying, just easy going. Just mild mannered doesn't have a big highs and big lows. He's just Mr.

Steady Eddie. And I've just loved that about his heart. And he like you guys said, he was always Oh, man, I didn't like my talk. I didn't do this.

I didn't do that. And it's like, there was times when Yeah, the speech part of it wasn't smooth. But the heart and the message was always crystal clear. And that's the part that I got because the first time I ever heard him up there, I was like, just the heart for God and a heart for like you talked about Robby, the whatever the topic happens to be. I mean, he's, he's all over it.

He's, he's putting everything he has into it. And you're like, well, that's because of his relationship with the father. Yep.

Yeah. And he's like a brother. He's like, and an IT brother, I guarantee you, because I've pulled on his, his IT things with various computers and stuff like that. But yeah, he is a guy you want in a foxhole with you, that no matter what's going on, he's there to try to help if he can. And if not, he you know, he's in your prayer corner. And you know, that's just that's an awesome. He's an awesome guy. Even though we give him so much grief, but Oh, yeah. Yeah, some people are just funner. You know, because, you know, watch Sam sit across from him, and give him the look like what you got.

I got not you know, it's it's it's classic stuff. But something that you don't think about all that often with Andy. And I, you know, I actually don't see this in that many people, is he's a phenomenal patriot. Like, Andy loves his country. And he's concerned about his country.

And he prays for his country, and he is up on the leadership. And he's up on many, many things. It's, it's something that, that really, you know, it's cool to have a friend like that, because when I have a question about something like that, I call Andy.

I mean, it's like, I'm gonna call, you know, because he's gonna know. And and so it's, it's, it's a neat thing. And some to be admired.

That that you just don't see, especially in this day and age, I don't think especially amongst Christians, a lot of them have given up hope, and other people are literally in the fight. And those who know him well, no, he's in the fight. So he is.

I definitely want to point out that one thing Andy definitely doesn't have is a myopic attitude. You know, I have a dictionary app download on my phone, just because you told me you do. Cool. Now, I mean, I remember the first time I met you at the boot camp, you know, outside of the talks and everything like that, I think we were doing listening prayer. And, you know, you really, you know, Sam said it at the last one about, you know, you sit there, say, Please don't say me, please don't say me.

I mean, I was definitely the one saying, please don't say me. And I think everybody in the group, including you, Andy said my name, and then y'all prayed over me. And, you know, just right then and there, I could just I could feel God's glory coming off you.

I mean, it could have been a little bit of the heat coming off you, I'm not sure. But it was definitely something that, you know, I felt and saw in you. And then ultimately, you know, as I'm moving through the walk, I'm doing just as with with everybody shows me a little bit. I definitely look at you as somebody that I look up to you and try to, you know, figure out how I'm moving through that as well. Wow. Any anything you would say? Thank you.

Thank you. You know, we've expressed it. It's just a great to be part of a band of brothers who call out each other's glory and I appreciate it. You know, I was going to give up my seat.

No, we're good. Okay. Yeah, Andy, I know Robby talked about your commitment. But I don't know of many people that will travel wherever they feel like God's calling them to go to pray. Whether that be the state capital, the national capital, he could call you to the if there was a world capital, you I mean, you would go do that because Yosemite, you know, Yeah, come on, God, call me the Yellowstone, you know, but no, I mean, that's, that's you and you are going to fervently pray, you know, over the things that God's asked you to pray about. And so you're a prayer warrior on top of all that. So it's pretty cool. Thank you. We are moving on to our last person that we're recognizing in our group, just because we haven't seen you in a couple of weeks, Grant. And so, Yeah, where you been? Yeah, come on, man. You went MIA on us. And so we saw you boot camp and then you were gone.

Yeah. But Rodney is going to talk a little bit about you. Yeah, so I have grant and one of the things grant is a man of few words is not the easiest guy to get to know sometimes because you're Yeah, exactly. You're, you can be very quiet.

And you are just you're kind of like art. You guys came in, you're quiet. We learn more and more as you go along, and we've just loved when you guys have opened up to participating in actually being on the air and now being on live video feed even. But it's been good to see your heart and how you really want to contribute and with your skills in repair for appliances and things like that, even this past boot camp, repairing the water heater.

And I think there was another AC unit or something that was broken. I found out later you're working on it too. And your heart for wanting to be in the middle of a band of brothers and wanting to do that. And we talked earlier that you were going to share a little bit about some of your story. And I think I'm gonna leave that for afterwards.

So what I'd like to do is just kind of at this point, go to the clip. And then once we do that, if we come back a little bit, then I'm going to hand it off to you. You can tell your story. Why don't you let us share a little bit about first and then, well, I'd like him to show his story, just from the fact because then I think our context will be around that very well.

Okay. That as he shares, it's like, that's why we think that way. Because I, I, we all know just a little bit of his story. Right. And I think with him sharing that a little bit will help us go through.

Because that's where my, my comments and my thoughts kind of stem out of his story a little bit. Okay. So you want to go to the clip? Yeah. Let's go to the clip. Here we go.

I hope I have the right clip. That's always a good one. It says Grant, so I think it's the right one. It's a good shot.

Yeah, it's a good chance. Although the last one said Art and it was Andy. I don't know. I got something. Should have said Andy, yeah. Yeah. Here we go.

You already written Friday Night Down as a lost bra? Well, not if I know we could beat him. Come here, Brock. You too, Jeremy. What, am I in trouble now?

Not yet. I want to see you do the death crawl again, except I want to see your absolute best. What, you want me to go to the 30? I think you can go to the 50. The 50? I can go to the 50 if nobody's on my back.

I think you can do it with Jeremy on your back. But even if you can, I want you to promise me you're going to do your best. All right. You're going to give me your best. I'm going to give you my best. All right.

One more thing. I want you to do it blindfolded. Why?

Because I want you giving up at a certain point when you can go further. Get down. Jeremy, get on his back. Now get a good, tight hold, Jeremy. All right. Let's go, Brock. Keep your knees off the ground.

Just your hands and feet. There you go. A little bit left. A little bit left.

I bet he got it. No, don't stop, Brock. You got more in you than that. I ain't done. Just rest in a second. You got to keep moving. Let's keep moving. Let's go. Don't quit until you got nothing left.

There you go. Keep moving. Keep moving. Hurts. Don't quit on me. Your very best. Keep driving.

Keep driving. There you go. There you go. He's heavy. I know he's heavy. I'm by our strength. Then you negotiate with your buddy to find more strength, but don't you give up on me, Brock. You keep going. You hear me? You keep going. You're doing good. You keep going.

Do not quit on me. Give me your best. You can't. You can't.

You can't. Find more. Find more. Come on, Brock. Come on. Don't quit.

Don't quit. Come on, Brock. Two more. One more. Let's go, 50. Let's go, 50. I don't have any more. Look up, Brock.

You're in the end zone. And I think that's where God's going to be saying to Grant, you know, my good and faithful son, I'm very proud of you on that day when he sees you because you fight through adversity. So if you could share a little bit about your adversity and your story and how you came to join us as well. Well, the thing is I love challenges, which is this.

Yeah. In the past, decades ago, in a car, I had a car accident, being a passenger, and hit, delve, and pull. Ambulance came, and my skull split open. My brain was dead. The next day, all the organs dead.

And the worst I've come for three and a half months. It has to be a purpose for me. Yeah, and that's where I see, in that time, God calling out to you, just one more, just one more kind of like back to... Facing the Giants. That was on Facing the Giants, but then also the other movie. Hacksaw Ridge.

Hacksaw Ridge, yep. I just, because I was split between how they do it, but I really love this one because I can picture him crawling and crawling, and he's blindfolded. He doesn't know how much farther he's got to go, so he just keeps pushing and pushing, and that's where none of us know how much further we got to go, and I see Grant, he's just always pushing. What I labeled him as was a overcomer. That was the first thing because I knew you had the coma and the accident, but how long and how much all shut down there is, it's not easy to face the cruel world when you've had something like that happen, and it renders you a little bit slower to come along and be cognitive because I know that's one of the things we talked about. You just, the cognitive ability, and then when you come in with us, it's just been nice to see you start to warm up and open up and share and be able to do that because I know it's not easy, but you never give up, just like in that movie there and the hard work, and you're a helper.

You want to be there. You come to boot camp, and it wasn't about, hey, I'm here to take in. You were here to serve, and I just think that you've got very much of a servant's heart. I know you and Art have got a great relationship now, and you've been out there a few times. I know you've helped him with things, and I just see a man who wants to be in the fight.

Yeah. Yeah, as I think you mentioned about boot camp, and I'll share a little bit more about that, but I think some of the stuff that Jesus did, it was very service-oriented. He washed other people's feet.

He did things that others would look at and go, why would you want to do that? But that's Grant's heart. Grant will just dig in and say, hey, I'm going to go attack this, and I want to find a way to help fix it. I want to serve well.

I want to love others through service. And so we're at a boot camp, and at a boot camp, you typically have some free times, but there's these talks where you kind of go in and then you have a covenant silence with God on some of them and some things like that. But Grant was at one session, and we talked about a water heater problem. And the next session, Grant wasn't there.

It's like, where's Grant? And he's working on the water heater because there's a problem that needs fixed. And he's just going to love others through service. And you do that quite well, and it comes through very clearly that that's your heart towards others is you want to find a way to help them. I think that's a great reflection of Jesus' heart.

Definitely. And that's the way he uniquely made you was to say, I'm going to do that through service. I'm going to love others through service. And there's other ways, but that's the one I've seen the most, and it's really cool to watch.

You said love. Yeah, absolutely. In boot camp, one of my favorite was a man diving in a lake to be baptized. Yeah, yeah, that was pretty cool. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

Totally agree. I mean, what a servant's heart, no doubt about it. And skilled. It's not just like he's just willing to help. He's skilled.

He knows what he's doing a lot more than I do. But, two, I think Grant there for a while, he came for a while, and then he was gone for a while, and then he came back. And, you know, it's been good to have him back.

You don't realize what you've missed while they're gone. And just to have him back and with the group, you know, when God puts these things together, he knows what all we need as a group, and Grant's part of that. And just to see him grow, I mean, to get up here and talk and share his story on the radio, I just, I'm encouraged, and I appreciate you being with us. Thank you.

Robby? Yeah, I guess, you know, to some extent, you know, I was introduced to Grant through, you know, our Sunday school class, and that I used to teach special needs at Calvary for years and years. And one of the teachers came to me and said, there's this woman that's associated with her some way, says she's got a son that really needs a band of brothers. Don't you guys meet, and don't you blah, blah, blah? And I said, oh, yeah, we'd love to. And so, you know, he started texting me. And it's amazing to me how many people start that process of they're gonna come or they come to a meeting, and then you never see them again.

Great. Especially if when they come, you don't hear a lot out of them, right? But, you know, Grant, obviously, he kept coming, right? And there's an aspect of faithful in that that, of course, I would recognize, right? It's like you can see the amount of faith that he has in spite of the fact that you don't know how much he sees, right? You know, faith is when you're believing something that you don't necessarily see. And so Grant stuck in there, and it's kind of cool because I think we're all seeing things.

We didn't see it first either. Right. And so as that has come together, it's really been a beautiful thing. And I really think one of the amazing things for you and me, Sam, is to see God to continue to add to our number.

Oh, yeah. It's been amazing to watch it grow over time, a couple times. You know, and what the enemy tries to separate, God has a way of bringing out of the ashes and making it stronger. And we're just very grateful for God in doing that, and everybody's brought to us. Now, Art, he's helped you quite a bit over at your place, hasn't he? Grant's been working for me for a while, off and on when I have projects for him to do. And I can say for him about his work, he never gives up on a problem.

He keeps working at it until he finds a solution. And, you know, Grant works for me. We try to have a little fun, too. We went across the back on a four-wheeler and let Grant see the beautiful country back there. He appreciated that. Yeah, we even took a few shots with a cowboy pistol, and Grant almost hit the target one time, I think.

No, I'm joking. He did real well with a couple shots, one about got away from him. And we've had some cowboy dinners because I've got a new little fire pit, and we cooked over it. It was some of Jan's food. Jan sent me some leftover food, and we put it all together and cooked it.

So he's my friend, and he works for me, too. Thank you. How about the dogs?

We'll have to get that for another day. But go to and look for any upcoming events. And thank you for listening this week. And hopefully you've listened to a way to look for the glory in others. And that's really been the point of these last few weeks, is to look for the glory in others. Go love someone well this week and find their glory. This is the Truth Network.
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