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Cris Collinsworth: History Shows The Bills Typically Beat The Dolphins

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 5, 2024 4:18 pm

Cris Collinsworth: History Shows The Bills Typically Beat The Dolphins

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 5, 2024 4:18 pm

1/5/24 - Hour 1

Rich previews NFL Week 18 and some of the possible outcomes for some teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, and Detroit Lions.

NBC Sports’ Cris Collinsworth and Rich discuss the slumping Philadelphia Eagles, the inconsistent Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Jackson’s MVP turn this season, break down the Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills for the AFC East title, Joe Flacco, and Bill Belichick’s NFL coaching future.

Rich and the guys weigh in on Baker Mayfield’s playing status for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend.

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Find out how to bring your ideas to life at slash welcome to now. This is the rich eyes and show we do not care live from the rich eyes and show studio in Los Angeles. Patrick Peterson here on the rich eyes and show is a must win. We still know that we're going to get their best shot, but like Jose earlier in his press conference, we do not care. You can't care. You have to focus on today's guests.

NBC Sunday Night Football analyst Chris Collins were ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herb Street, plus NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now it's rich. Yes, it is. It's the final Friday of the NFL regular season. Pour one out for us.

Pour one out for us. We're not coming off of a Thursday night game. We've got one last monster weekend of football coming up. Then it's the playoffs. College national championship game Monday. Super wild card weekend the following weekend.

And then rubber meets road. Oh, my goodness. It's exciting, but it's also, you know, so depressing at the same time. I know I was riding bikes with cage yesterday and I'm like, there's not a lot of football left.

30 games remaining of our football season. Yeah, right. Oh, training wheels. No, no, no, no. All right. Oh, man.

He he wouldn't ride his bike to two weeks. I meant for me, you know, it's been a while for me. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku Channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliates smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey and also our podcast listeners all three hours. Check us out every single day. Whatever you miss, you can hear it. And boy, we've got some great conversations.

Yesterday, we had three great conversations with players. Patrick Peterson of the Steelers, Patrick Queen of the Ravens. Those two teams are the first ones that take on each other this week. Eighteen on Saturday.

A double dip. Chris Fowler is going to be calling that game, then getting on a plane and going to Houston and call the national championship game with Kirk Herbstreet, who's on this show coming up in our number two after he just called the Rose Bowl on ESPN for twenty seven million viewers. And he called it from the booth now named after him and his family because he's called 15 Rose Bowls more than Keith Jackson ever did.

I mean, talk about a career that he is building. He's on an hour number two. We also had Michael Pittman Jr. on yesterday's program. The Colts will be taking on the Texans on Saturday night. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling that game. Winner of that game goes in as a wild card team. At the very least, they could go in as the AFC South champion, depending on what the Jacksonville Jaguars do against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. And then Sunday ends with the Bills taking on the Dolphins, which if Jacksonville wins, and if everything starts with the Ravens losing to the Steelers and the Steelers winning that game, and Houston and Indianapolis does not end in a tie and Jacksonville goes ahead and wins in Tennessee, then the Bills need to win Sunday night football or they're eliminated from the playoff race.

We'll explain why in a second. Chris Collinsworth is calling that game. He is on this show coming up in about 17 minutes time. And Tom Pelissero will join us in hour number three because, as you know, when the games end on Sunday, so might the coaching tenures of certain individuals wearing headsets for their teams on this week 18. So Tom will be joining us for the latest on all of that. There's you as well at 844-204-RICH being the number to dial.

It's a What's More Likely Friday as well. We've already chatted with you, Chris. Good to see you.

Hey Rich. Good to see you. Jason Feller, your residency here in El Segundo this week. It's been an outstanding week with you.

We're assuming it ends when Del Tufo comes out of hiding on Monday. TJ Candleslet, good to see you over there, sir. What's up, Phil? How are you?

I'm straight. A great NBA night last night as well. We'll hit that on this program.

Again, 844-204-RICH being the number to dial here. But, you know, he's always got football on the brain and we will talk about Jokic calling game and we will also talk about Giannis versus Vic being as good as we had hoped it might possibly be between the two of them seeing each other for the first time in an NBA court. We'll talk about that later on. But as you know, we've got football on the brain here and there are so many scenarios. I showed you these color-coded charts yesterday. This color-coded chart is just for seeds one through five possibilities in the NFC. This is all from NFL Network Research. These two pages are the 64 permutations that would be spitting out different results of seeds five through seven in the NFC, including also the four seed a little bit.

This is the 32 permutations for the American Football Conference possible playoff seedings. We've got that up on the screen for our Roku Channel viewers. Very nice, very beautiful color code. You know, a little bit of ROYGBIV in there.

It's a nice spectrum. So, there's so many different possibilities. And what I have come up with, just to give you a general sense of things and how things can go completely off the rails, I have come up with a top five I think that is worthy of beginning this program with. Top five wildest possible week 18 results.

Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it. High five. One, two, three, four, five.

Richest top five. Top five wildest possible week 18 results. And in case you don't think that my vision of what is possible, 20 some odd years of doing this thing with the NFL, how things can go completely off the rails. If you don't think I have the ability to see, guess what? I brought my glasses today. Hey. Yesterday you couldn't have done this. Tell me about it.

Well, I could have done it, but it might have been a little bit more wobbly than it's about to be. I think I've got all my information buttoned up, and I can see it. Number five on the list. Number five on the list of the wildest possible week 18 results. The Lions wind up as the two seed anyway.

Come on, Joe. That is a wild result, because we're all talking about who is eligible, who wasn't eligible, and how there's ripple effects, and how they're going to wind up having to go to Dallas, and they're going to see Matthew Stafford stroll into their building and super wildcard weekend anyway. This is how it happens. The Lions take on the Minnesota Vikings, win that game, and they look up at the scoreboard, and they see two NFC East divisional losses, Dallas and Washington, Philadelphia at the Giants. That puts the Lions in as the two seed, the Cowboys in as the three seed, with Matthew Stafford potentially going there in likelihood, and the Philadelphia Eagles losing at the Giants. They go in as the six seed.

How about that? That is entirely possible for the Detroit Lions to wind up being the two seed. Oh, pardon me, and the Eagles going as the five.

That's how it works. The Eagles would go in as the five. Dallas would go in as the three, and Minnesota losing to the Lions would put the Lions in as the two. So there you have it. The Philadelphia Eagles need to win, and the Cowboys need to win, and if that happens, then the Lions just go in as the three, and we're still talking about Brad Allen, who please can we have a clean game? Can we have a clean game on Saturday night? And everybody who's a big man coming in to try and catch a pass from the offensive line for Baltimore and for Pittsburgh, it's this motion up and down on the chest and saying the words, I am eligible. Just make sure he says.

You know what? You can also hand him a note. If I'm Tomlin and I'm Harbaugh, I will have somebody on the staff put out a note just like, hi, my name is fill in the blank. I am eligible on this play. My number is this.

And then just like hand it to Brad. Ask Gene Saratore for the index card. There's paperwork.

There's paperwork to back you up. All right. Number four on this list. This is wild. This is really wild, and I almost thought about making this number one, but this game sounds so insignificant. I can't put it there. But the fourth wildest possible Week 18 result is that the winner of the Denver Broncos at the Las Vegas Raiders matters. You're like, wait a minute. They're both eliminated.

Rich, what are you talking about? That you took the words right out of my mouth. OK, here's how it matters. If Jacksonville loses at Tennessee and Pittsburgh loses at Baltimore to start the weekend, they're both nine and eight. And again, Indianapolis and Houston does not end in the tie. Somebody wins it. All right. If Jacksonville and Pittsburgh both end at nine and eight together and Denver wins at Vegas to make it a three way tie at nine and eight.

OK, hear me out. Then Denver, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville all being in a nine and eight mosh pit together means that Pittsburgh's loss to Jacksonville at home in Week eight does not matter because in a three way tie, if one team hasn't beaten both head to head doesn't matter. So then you go to conference, you go to other tie breaks, you wind up at the fifth tie break and strength of victory would matter. And Pittsburgh goes in as the seventh seed over Jacksonville because Denver would make it a three way tie. Having this tie break means something. And if Vegas wins, then Jacksonville goes in because then there wouldn't be a three way tie between Denver, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville and Jacksonville's week eight win in Pittsburgh would matter. So nine and eight Pittsburgh and nine and eight Jacksonville, if that happens, meaning both teams can lose and still make the playoffs. Pittsburgh would go if Denver beats Vegas and Jacksonville will go if Antonio Pierce finishes up with a win to say, I should be coach here over the Denver Broncos.

That's how this game would matter. Nice. All right. Oh, my gosh. OK, so put a pin in that number three on the top five while this possible week 18 results list is the eight and nine Falcons win the south and the eight and nine Vikings make the wild card as the seventh seed that can happen.

What? Here's how it happens. Green Bay loses at Chicago. They're out.

Not impossible. Seattle loses at Arizona. OK, they're out. Tampa Bay loses at Carolina.

All right. Atlanta beats the Saints. They're in is the eight and nine NFC South winner. And then Minnesota beats Detroit. They're in as the seventh seed. That is how that happens. I'm going to see what that parlay pays.

And so Atlanta would be an eight and nine divisional winner hosting either Dallas or Philadelphia and Minnesota would be an eight and nine seven seed visiting either Dallas, Philadelphia or Detroit. Wow. That's wild.

That is pretty wild. Number two on this list. Everybody. It gets easier here. Number two is that the Eagles win the East anyway. Oh, listen, there's what's on the line. It's as simple.

Eagles beat the Giants while the Cowboys stub their toes in D.C. I'm sorry, TJ, to keep speaking these things potentially into existence. Are you really sorry? Because I'm not.

I am sorry to you. But here's the deal. Eagles. Eagles were ten and one once, right? Remember that? Remember that?

Yes, they were ten and one. You know, used to be ten and one and then didn't win the division. The 1986 Joe Must Go Jets. That's the last team to do that. Hey, Philadelphia, you want to you want to be in that boat?

You just don't want to be in that boat. You know, at least you can make the playoffs. Those jets didn't. Those jets didn't have an opportunity to get an 11th win. So you don't want to be that team. Don't be that team. Don't be like the Joe Walton, Joe Must Go Jets. OK, I wear the scars.

I could I could I could I could feel it. So there you go. That's number two on the list. And the number one on the list, wildest possible week 18 result is that the Buffalo Bills missed the playoffs entirely. Folks, it all starts, as we know, on Saturday with the Steelers at the Ravens. Let's say the Steelers win their ten and seven. Then in the night game, Houston and Indianapolis plays and somebody wins.

There's no tie. Winner of that game is ten and seven. Then the Jacksonville Jaguars win in Tennessee. Winner of that game is ten and seven. If the Buffalo Bills then lose in Miami that night to wrap up the regular season, they would be ten and seven and they are out because their ten and seven record would include a six and six conference record. And the Steelers, if they win in Baltimore, would give them a seven and five conference record. The winner of Houston and Indianapolis would have a conference record above five hundred.

Houston would be seven and five. Indianapolis would be eight and four in conference. And then Jacksonville's win would make them ten and seven in conference. The Bills lose in Miami. They're six and six in conference, which means losses at the Jets, at New England, at Cincinnati, that one against Denver, where they had it won if it wasn't for that extra man on the field to erase a missed field goal and give them a chance to make it. Bills should be the one seed in the AFC. Those losses would come home to Roost and knock the Bills out of the playoffs entirely. Wow.

And that's my top five list. Okay, why not? If you noticed, if you noticed, if you noticed, none of these games at all included a tie. Has a better tie this year. Well, the Colts and the Texans played to a tie last year. So if that game ends in a tie, all bets are off. I'm just going to throw out this last one for you. Any important game, any important game ends in a tie.

Everything I just said, I don't I won't even explain it to you. I don't even honestly, there'll be slide rules and projectors in the league offices. I have no earthly idea what happens, even if it's the Broncos and the Raiders game that might matter for two, nine and eight teams. Right. Well, I guess it would matter that that that it would it would hurt the Steelers, probably, because the Steelers need Denver to have the same nine and eight record to eliminate their loss at home to Jacksonville, being a wild card tie break that can be put on the table to eliminate them.

So any important game ends in a tie affects everything I just said and would make this segment twice as long and have you say, Rich, are you drunk? So that would, by the way, also be another wild result of this weekend. If we do see. Thank you.

Thank you. If we do somehow see. I wasn't even planning on it.

How wild would it be just ruined? Yeah, baby. What if they've been waiting at Verizon all year long, all year long to put Einstein back on a bike back on Monday? Has he been playing Einstein? Because, you know, I mean, Paul Giamatti is being talked about for an Oscar this year. I don't know if you want part of your Oscar campaign saying there I am as a as Einstein looking for cell reception. But hey, let's just keep it on football.

That would be wild, though. And by the way, if that happens and Michigan wins the national championship, I might quit. Kaput Kaput. No, I'm not quitting. There you go. That would be Isaac Palooza.

There it is right there on the screen. Thanks, Hoskins, for supporting it graphically, even though I wasn't planning on it. What do you think? What would be the wildest right there? I think that scenario was the number three one where the eight and nine Falcons win the South and the eight and nine Vikings make the playoffs. So I just looked that up.

You could parlay all of that to happen. And it's ninety six to one. Really? Yeah.

Okay. Panthers win. Vikings win. Falcons win. Bears win.

Cardinals win. Plus ninety six hundred. Ninety six hundred. So what's that? Is that it? Yeah, it is.

You could buy a small car. Let's take a break. We've got our friend Chris Collinsworth waiting and it looks like he might be in the pro football focus laboratory.

He's calling the Bills Dolphins game on NBC to wrap up the regular season Sunday night. But he's with us next. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Need a little help? O'Reilly Auto Parts can help.

Need advice? We've got advice. No matter what you need, we have thousands of professional parts people doing their part to make sure you have it. customer service. Just one part that makes O'Reilly stand apart.

The professional parts people. So one last thing to be positive, right? So that nine and eight tie with the Steelers and the Jaguars that would make the Denver Raiders game important, should that come about, the Bills clinch a playoff spot even if they lose Sunday night.

Right. The minute the Steelers, if they lose to go nine and eight against Baltimore, the Bills clinch a playoff spot and the gentleman we're talking to right now is calling a game for the right to be the two seed and win the division and potentially host two playoff games or go on the road to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. And in that respect, because the Bills, there are some scenarios where the Bills can wind up the seven seed. Yeah, if they lose, they have a 50% chance of still being the seven.

Right, so it wouldn't be for the right to go to Kansas City. Miami would go to Kansas City if they lose. There's no scenario where Miami is the seven seed in the AFC. No, we'd get a rematch of Buffalo, Miami.

We would, wouldn't we? Yeah, 50% if Miami wins, there's a 50% chance it's Buffalo, Miami again, Wildcard weekend. Only this, yeah, in Miami. Yeah? Yeah.

Wow. And then if Buffalo loses, there's, let's see, let's do that real quick. 25% that Buffalo is still... If Buffalo wins, CBS is cartwheeling, man. Because that means they get Tyree Kill in Kansas City. Yeah. A game that they didn't get this year because we got it on NFL Network in Germany. Exactly. And he didn't do much in that game. He did fumble it.

Return for touchdown. Yep. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by as our friend from. NBC is doing right now, he's also the majority owner of Pro Football Focus, which is a great thing for you to go visit right now. Certainly at this time of the year with the draft also coming up as well. Gonna be calling Dolphins Bills with Mike Tirico and the gang on Sunday night. Our friend Chris Collinsworth back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you Chris?

Happy New Year brother. It's good to see that you didn't permanently disappear. I was watching the show last week and you guys were kind of popping on and off the screen. I was getting a little nervous. I thought I was gonna lose a couple of my boys out of that show. No humans were harmed in the making of that broadcast. That's great.

That's great. I was nervous. The magic of television. All right, let's just jump into this one first up and then obviously we'll get to the game that you're calling. On this program on Friday we have a segment called What's More Likely and I'm gonna throw a What's More Likely to you right off the bat. Which team is more likely from last year's Super Bowl to flip a switch and go on a run? The Chiefs or the Eagles, Chris? Good question.

Thank you. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say the Eagles because it just feels a little less likely to me and I think the NFC is a little easier path than the AFC. I'm not positive about that but it feels like when it's conceivable a team like the Buffalo Bills could end up a seven seed, six seed, whatever. That's a little frightening and or the Miami Dolphins could end up in that same position. So I think that the path is a little tougher in the AFC. I don't think anybody has really distinguished themselves and other than San Francisco it just feels like that you know I mean in the NFC it feels like any of them could come out of there. So I mean we've got we've only got one team at this point right that it's theirs to lose right now and that's the Baltimore Ravens.

Everybody else is I think they've got a shot. So let's dive a little bit deeper into your response there starting with the Chiefs. I understand again if the Dolphins lose the game you're calling on Sunday night with Mike Tirico and the rest of the crew the Dolphins wind up in in Arrowhead. It's entirely possible that the Bills lose this game and other scenarios break on Saturday and earlier on Sunday to make them the six seed and go back to the spot where they had just won thanks to Kadarius Toney's foot in part. What ails the Chiefs that that could be fixable do you think? Well you know I mean really they've been riding their defense all season long. I mean this is the team leading the league in sacks and I think their secondary is really really good. I mean Lagerius, the Trent McDuffie those guys have just been making plays all year long really for the last several years and they certainly they can get after you on both ends right. They've got they've got a good rush and they've got a great player in Chris Jones and they've got some tremendous talent in the secondary. So I love starting with defense because nobody ever does like when I do preseason prognostications it's I always go all right let me figure out who has the best defense and nobody else to pay attention to it.

That's the way it the way that it always works so but you know anytime you're telling me the big problem with the Kansas City Chiefs is what they're doing on offense then I'm like okay that's possible that that could be fixed. Tell my wife that I'll call her later and she'll be thrilled with that. There you go Chris.

Yeah you're talking to Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen show. You laid down the law that's it Chris well done. She lays it down often. But no I hear you but Mahomes has got to throw it to someone right and the tackles appear to be turnstiles a little bit too more too often around. But to some extent they were a year ago and I think it's one of the things that's happened this year Rich is that Kansas City last year really became uber talented at chipping both edges and then getting Travis Kelce out into the route right and when so they were getting the protection they needed and they were getting a player like Kelce who was just running three or four yards down the field get him the ball he's making somebody miss and he's making great plays down the field. So the problem is everybody stole it I mean it's all over the league right now everybody's doing a little bit of the same thing so they figured out how to play it they figured out how to defend it and the whole thing. But I still feel like with Pacheco that the Chiefs have plenty at the running back position Mahomes and Kelce can go off at any time and you know I always say you know I love Rashee Rice I think he's a tough nut I just think he's a hard guy to tackle and Kadarius Toney in my mind you know I saw him play at Florida I've seen him in the NFL I saw him in the Super Bowl if you want to say is there any human being that could flip a switch and all of a sudden be unstoppable yeah and my line on him is always if you had played a game of tag with the entire National Football League Kadarius Toney would win he would win like nobody can just grab him in open space so I always look at that is I mean it's all the art of the possible their interior three offensive line as good as any goes in football maybe the best so yeah I would say the Chiefs and then let's turn to the Eagles Chris Collins worth you last saw them on the week 14 Sunday night in Dallas perhaps again you're wearing your PFF hat literally maybe you can figuratively wear your pro football focus hat with an answer to the question of what does ale this team what is wrong with the Eagles Chris um I think that's a harder question for me because I really I look at them I you know AJ and Devante outside as good as they get they got Goddard back Jalen hurts I think has been a little dinged up all year I don't think he's been completely right DeAndre Swift has given them some big play ability but this offensive line is consistently been one of the best in all of football so it's a little bit harder for me to come up with the legitimate answer on that side they've been through a lot now on the defensive side you know had to switch defensive coordinators sort of in the middle of the year with Desai going out Matt Patricia coming in and so that was a little bit of a shakeup but they've lost so many games on the last drive I mean you think about the last month of the season the last drive is where they're losing and that's where they were winning a year ago all except the Super Bowl and I always think it's hard when you're coming back and you had played in the Super Bowl the year before like the regular seasons almost boring it's almost like just get me to where you know I can make another run at this and it's four months of just pain and suffering and it's just just and now you're finally there and the teams that have been there before I mean Philadelphia playing on the road and the first couple rounds of the playoffs is not going to unnerve them right Kansas City is not going to get unnerved so I think they I think they both have a chance but I've been watching a lot of Baltimore we saw them a couple of weeks ago against Jacksonville and now I was watching them against Miami studying for the game this weekend and I mean Baltimore can beat you every way possible there's nothing that team can't do and short of some disaster happening you know somewhere it's it just feels like it's it's theirs to lose this year yeah we we had Patrick Queen on Thursday's show Chris and he mentioned how he sees Lamar has full grasp of the playbook right now and so what do you see on film or when you have personally eyeballed the Ravens that is different about their offense in Lamar who I imagine is gonna be the MVP of this campaign what do you have for me on that one yeah he doesn't win the MVP I don't know what anybody's watching out there it's the best team he's the best player on the best team and he literally drags them I think the number one thing and there's I can list out 20 I think but the number one thing is his ability to keep a play alive inside the pocket for six seven eight seconds and when you're playing defense against the kind of guys that he has they can get down the field and make plays and his receivers are much much better than what they were a season ago when you're talking about that kind of production and you've got to protect it for like eight seconds it's it's literally impossible and then even if you do you know cover them for eight seconds down the field that means you've got six people in the secondary chasing five receivers around and now Lamar is gonna run for 40 yards on you and the teams that can take all of their wide outs or running backs or whatever and spread them out across the field and can still beat you with the quarterback running the football the Buffalo Bills you know Lamar Jackson Patrick Mahomes you just go right down the list it almost feels unfair I mean it really does that Jalen you know it just feels like there's there's three things you have to defend now on defense and that's too many now again and and I think you know the Ravens are the best team in football we're seeing it they've definitely proved it against the 49ers on Christmas night however again you saw the 49ers on oh well on Thanksgiving night were you there Thanksgiving night or is that the one that you do you were not in the booth that one Thanksgiving Thanksgiving night yes correct okay I don't remember your schedule completely because I know you didn't do both games that week but so you were there and Thanksgiving night you saw them destroy Seattle I mean they ruin their Thanksgiving then you saw what they did against Philadelphia Seattle and then they almost completed five in a row bird teams and then they ran into the Ravens buzzsaw does that and you've said multiple times it's the Ravens Super Bowl essentially run to to lose where do you put the 49ers in this whole thing did that one loss kind of throws you off them right now um well I go right back to the thing we originally talked about and that is is the AFC just that much better right we came into the season and our theory was the AFC is better it's just better I think it's proven itself out over the course of the season if you look at the overall record the AFC's won a lot more games against the NFC then then vice versa so my question going into that Baltimore game was it looks like the 49ers or the better team or is it that the Baltimore Ravens have slugged their way through an incredibly tough AFC North with you know I mean Cincinnati hasn't won a game yet in the AFC North in Pittsburgh you know what they've got on defense Cleveland you know what they've got on defense and if you're battle-tested and hardened through that division and you've come out the other end San Francisco scares the heck out of everybody on defense I'll bet it doesn't scare the heck out of Baltimore you know and again when you're trying to rush for which is what San Francisco does they've made a great living off of rushing for and playing coverage over the years but you can't do that you're leaving open they're always six lanes right you have to cover when you're past rushing and if you rush for you only got four of them covered and that you know he's gonna find one of them and that's it's just it's too much to defend so I I'm sticking to my theory that the AFC is a little tougher it doesn't mean that Dallas or Philly or San Francisco or whoever maybe the Rams you know who are getting hot that won't come up and be the hot team that wins at all but going into it I think the AFC has been better two last questions for you Chris Collins worth and I'll let you go on with your day let's start with the game you're calling on Sunday night the Buffalo Bills at the Miami Dolphins the stakes are right there on the table Dolphins are either the two seed with potentially two home games winning the AFC East or they're the six seed going to Kansas City Buffalo's all over the map it is entirely possible that the Ravens win on Saturday night the Saturday night game between the Texans and the Colts does not end in a tie and the Jaguars win earlier there on Sunday which means the Bills are either the two-seater they're out that is wild like you could be walking into the booth with Mike Torrico on Saturday on Sunday night with that being the case so what do you think is going to happen based on what you're seeing so far what what's the what's your analysis of Bills and Dolphins Chris I think you have to start with the Bills defense I mean they had a monster performance last time out that I mean they do really Rasul Douglas has come over in that trade from Green Bay and just made such a difference and and he stands to benefit from the fact that Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer and the secondary have been there forever right they understand Sean McDermott's defense inside now and literally just talk his way through everything and he said I want to say four interceptions rich in the game the other day I don't know if you saw it or not he had he had like a tip pass an interception a tip pass that created another interception and then a pick six I mean he was the most it was the most dominant quarter I've ever seen in my entire life and and they had to have them remember Tredavious White got hurt early in this year and so when they were really struggling they were trying to get cornerback play and Rasul Douglas he did the same thing in Green Bay you remember when he first went to Green Bay it seemed like he had six interceptions and in the second half of the season there and really carried that football team through plus they got Daquan Jones who's been out I want to say since he got hurt he's got hurt in the London game I called against Jacksonville with Matt Milano that's exactly right and Matt Milano is still out but Daquan Jones is back and Daquan Jones now gives them that nose tackle sort of power that lets Ed Oliver go run wild and Ed Oliver is finally becoming what I think a lot of us thought he was going to be coming out of college you know I'm not comparing him to Aaron Donald but that's the style of player that he is and he can be really good inside the other guy I mean there's so many sort of unknown guys on this team Terrell Bernard their middle linebacker this guy has like six and a half sacks he leads them in tackles three forced fumbles three interceptions he's really become the the leader of that defensive team and over the last month you know even with Von Miller doing nothing you know Von Miller if he was he was a scratch a healthy scratch last week not healthy or I'd be playing but you know he didn't he didn't play in the game but they really got I don't want to say lucky but Leonard Floyd was just sitting out there right and he's had like right around ten sacks every year year after year after year the Rams had let him go and but he's come in and in double-digit sacks again and he sort of replaced the production of Von Miller so the first and foremost it is it's about the bills defense in my mind and then who's playing for Miami you know is Jalen waddle playing is Raheem mostard playing do we get a Chan again who was brilliant in the game last week he looked great they're a little thin on the offensive line they've lost some people up front there so and the other thing Miami really has not had a big offensive day yet against a good team you know they had a pretty good day I guess against Dallas I didn't really didn't even get to see anything but the highlights of that one but they're not beating good teams they're beating up bad teams and so now you're going to go against the top three defense in one of the biggest games of the year but you want to do flipside of that each of these teams are I want to say seven and one at home this season so you think about the magnitude of this game for both these teams even Miami if Miami gets to play wins the game becomes a two seed and now everybody but the one seed has to run through Miami all of a sudden I like Miami a little bit more same is true Buffalo if it's a number two seed Buffalo and I know Cincinnati went in there and beat them last year but history has shown that that they are tough to beat at home the other thing history has shown us is that the Buffalo Bills typically beat the Miami Dolphins but I want to say it's like 11 out of the last 12 Josh Allen has torn them up so somehow some way they've got to overcome that and they've got to overcome it without their two best pass rushers Jaylen Phillips was hurt early on in the season and Bradley Chubb yeah out with those killers those are crush in both of them both those guys got hurt at the end of meaningless like 21 point lead the first time from Phillips and game completely out of control this past week with Baltimore terrible well that's Sunday night you and Toriko so last one for you Chris we get we don't get to choose which games we call as we all know the vagaries of the television sports TV and NFL in charge of the TV gods we don't we don't we don't choose but and we also don't know what the scenarios are yet for the playoffs there are three possible playoff games that are out there and I want to know which one would you want to call you would want to be there you want to be in the booth and here are your three choices Tyree kill returns to Arrowhead that's one okay Dolphins Chiefs that's good Matthew Stafford returns to Detroit to take on Jared Goff taking on the Rams and then it's entirely possible the Browns wind up on divisional playoff weekend with Joe Flacco to Baltimore to try and one and done the Lamar Jackson Ravens which one would you want to be in the building in the booth for to call Chris I mean Joe Flacco going back to Baltimore is really I mean Joe Flacco the Browns not just with anybody with the Browns too yeah but Joe Flacco his four-game run in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl and MVP was the most unbelievable thing I think I've ever seen I mean I've never seen a guy get hotter during one stretch than then what he did but something about Matthew Stafford going to Detroit mm-hmm and you know that one's that's pretty good right there that is that is pretty good one right there I think I'd take that one I bet okay there you go great to see you Chris just as always I like to mention it whenever you and I get to talk here I saw Belichick in Denver prior to Christmas Eve Patriots and Broncos and he he's the one who brought up NFL 100 the all-time team show and how much I loved working with you and everybody else there he's still talking about it years you know it was a really it was a fun day but to see the way they the players and coaches that came on interacted with him I still think it touched him in some way now he would throw up if he heard me say but you know I just think that he was almost surprised you know he's such a live in a cave kind of guy and the amount of respect he got that day or those whatever was three days wherever along we were there I think it really kind of got to him a little bit and it doesn't surprise me it's a great memory that and the fact that he acted like a kid in a candy store with some of the old-school guys coming around too like yeah awesome being watching that you know well the work that he did on those older players yeah right yeah I mean it was I learned a lot that day because a lot of that footage only NFL Films has and I it was just great I mean you and I are addicts you know I don't we would do it for fun they don't have to pay us to do what we're doing but you know for Bill it's even something bigger than that you know it's it's from his father to the academies to you know it's his life it's just his absolute life I kind of I it's not fun to watch this year happen right you know because people go Tom Brady and you know Tom is the greatest player of all time and we all know that everybody's a better coach when you have Tom Brady so I wouldn't mind seeing him have one more go at it you know I just like to see him one more time with it with a really top-end quarterback Chris thanks for the time have a great Sunday night everyone should check out pro football focus at this time of year certainly the playoffs and then once the season's over let's we'll talk draft your your crews non-stop so thanks for the thanks for the time you're the best rich good time to write back at you that's Chris Collins worth check out Sunday night football final game of the season Bill's Dolphins Chris with Mike Torrico and the crew NBC and Peacock on Sunday night and that game will also be available to be heard on Westwood one for free sponsored by AutoZone stream it all season long you've been streaming hopefully West will run broadcasts of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open West one sports or on your West one affiliate station digital platforms Kevin Harlan Kurt Warner and me Monday night of a super wild card weekend just like we've been on my Monday night stream it for free get in the zone with AutoZone the free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free restrictions apply get in the zone AutoZone news about the availability of one of the quarterbacks this weekend that is just broken we will update you and take some phone calls at 844 204 rich rich eyes in here if you love football as much as we do here 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you'll feel special with discover learn more at discover comm slash credit card limitations apply herb streets joining us in 11 minutes all right we haven't had him in a while jumping from one of the other one of the other he's calling Monday night we just spoke to the Sunday night Monday night baby nerve check nerve check let's see good could you surgery today I could have you always had a steady hand what's that what's the other one what's that movie where it's just like this is the problem and what was that what movie is that I forget what that is can you like how's your hand how your nerves fine here's my other hand is that you can't look that up at the direct quote I could try forget which movie somebody's out there watching doctor doctor somebody's out that that may be that is that spies like black spies like us doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor I mean I have too many papers here I've got charts you know these are all playoffs you gave me a second one of the NFC four six seven yeah and I look the same to me I know I throw it away and now I don't have it and I'm like I feel lost every time you bring up the second scenarios for this four six seven do you do you even look at these you literally know what's gonna happen I mean I got this this is all I need to be honest with you I told you to throw that out after the first week that though because you can't wait to see what happens for all this conspiracy people do you think this year enhanced that or was like it is our whole world is enhanced conspiracy theorists they're not serious people all right here's the news I took my oldest son to school today that's the news well it's a setup okay congratulations and then well mine we stopped at Starbucks first you didn't do that with kids coop woke him up today he's just wanted to talk about playoff scenarios god bless him he's locked he's locked locked and ready to go okay other children of mine one is resting on Sunday not playing right Brock Purdy's not sorry yeah yeah Sam Darnold starting okay against Carson right Kyle Hamilton I bet she's not playing no reason there's no reason to play him playing him Mason Rudolph's not gonna look and see my son across the way my boy Baker oh he had the gleam he had the glint when he said with his questionableness his ribs aching he's like I intend to play this week and he says oh in Carolina too because if anybody is slight in him you don't have to only deal with him you got to deal with me hmm and Baker moments ago while I'm talking to Chris Collins worth he's going he's starting in Carolina he wants to host the Cowboys or the Eagles that's what he wants to do well he also has some financial incentive oh he does have a financial let me ask you this question there are a lot of those in week 18 when you see this soundbite on the screen do you think it's a man thinking of money I mean it's always part of your thought process I agree and again look at his for those watching on the Roku channel look at his right eye it's on the left part of your screen his right eye when he talks about wanting to go back to Carolina even though even though I believe nobody who brought him in is there but maybe David Tepper I guess I don't know hit it everything I can to be out there that's for sure division on the line playoff hopes in line going back to Carolina yeah I'll do everything I can well I was a glint yeah I can do everything I can okay I can feel it I can feel it too I thought I saw dollar signs in it so if Tampa wins they're in Tampa wins they're in Tampa wins they are in and saddles was the movie by the way oh that's right the other shooting hand it's my shooting hand that's right the great Gene Wilder I figured it had to be fantastic thank you for everybody out there hey man cheers oh well done yeah man Atlanta wins then then New Orleans and Atlanta's just for you know what's and giggles although wait a minute New Orleans has a chance to make it as well if they lose if they lose correct okay but Atlanta doesn't know Atlanta Atlanta loses they're out many Tampa wins Atlanta's you know off until next year okay here we go New Orleans gonna lose but they need Arizona to win and Chicago that's true and if Arizona wins and Chicago wins then you're doing Carolina loses Atlanta can win the division at eight and nine correct oh boy let's go folks Kirk curve Street's gonna talk about the Rose Bowl and obviously the national championship game coming up and also we can ask him about what the best team that he's seen on Thursday night this year when was when did they have it I have this here this I've got too many color coded shirts I have too many of them but the best part about it as I have my glasses I can see clearly when did you remember the glasses was it last night did you put him aside I saw the memo yeah I did did you put the glasses aside last night was it this morning so get the poker left it in the car got it well done did you need him for poker of course got it I mean you know what a looks like when you flip them Baltimore was home for Cincinnati on a week 11 was that already a Jake that wasn't a Jake Browning game yet I don't think right Jake Browning week 11 now although wait a minute Jake Browning that was the game in which Jake Browning came on that was he came in and herb Street watched borough go out for the year on Thursday night football yes sir Wow cuz then Jake Browning's next game was home against Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh won that game and then after that Pittsburgh lost home to Arizona home to New England at Indianapolis and that was the three-game losing streak that made me the scourge of Western Pennsylvania the scourge yeah boy those those Steelers aggregators I appreciate you listening and watching this program we talk a lot of Steelers football on this show yeah yeah more than another yinzers that we're going up against right now yeah that's your curb Street coming up it'll be great you love lala Kent on Vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala I'm obsessed with the fact that GQ has named Kim Kardashian man of the year you're upset about it I suggest you do better than if there were a Cosmo woman of the year and it was a man how would you feel well that would just be lies and name a man who's doing better than women right now and you can give him woman of the year but until I see that watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for give them Lala wherever you listen
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