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Would the NFL ever ban the Brotherly Shove?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 13, 2023 3:10 pm

Would the NFL ever ban the Brotherly Shove?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 13, 2023 3:10 pm

12/13/23 - Hour 3

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss the NFL announcing a game in Brazil next season, the possibility of an NFL team in London, if the league would ever ban the ‘Tush Push/Brotherly Shove’ play, Bill Belichick’s uncertain future with the New England Patriots, and how the league plans to address the myriad issues with officiating this season.

Rich and the guys debate if former NFL MVP Cam Newton was right in calling Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and 49ers QB Brock Purdy “game managers,” and reacts to Jets QB Zach Wilson and Giants QB Tommy DeVito winning AFC and NFC Offensive Players of the Week honors.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief

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Limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show. This kid, Tommy, watching their son do this. What a throw by DeVito! Touchdown Giants!

For the New York Giants, it's got to be mind blowing to them. His name is Tommy DeVito. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Eagles head coach, Nick Sirianni. Fox Sports college football insider, Bruce Feldman. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We had a great chat with Nick Sirianni in hour number one. And that's not like sports talk or radio slash TV host type of stuff saying, oh, it was epic, it was great, it was this, it was that. It was really a lot of fun. And certainly for a guy that you think that might be on a ton of pressure right now, the defending NFC champion head coach having lost two in a row, sitting at ten and three, it really was delightful. Certainly the exchange we had about the commissioner or the NFL competition committee or health and safety group, thinking of potentially getting rid of the brotherly shove play.

His response was terrific. If you missed it, we re-air right here on the Roku channel, channel 210. As soon as we're done, there's our podcast version of this show as well. All three hours through the Cumulus podcast network. Also, there's the Rich Eisen Show collection page. That's our video on demand service. There's also our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. So there's all of that. Oh, I think we may have also reeled it up. We may have made a 90 second reel about it on our Instagram and Facebook and YouTube pages and TikTok and whatever.

There's so many different ways to go about it. But we kick off hour number three, joining us to talk about the Neymar Football League from the owners group. Owners meeting is none other than Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer. Should I brush up on my Portuguese, Albert?

I certainly need to after that press conference. I didn't understand a lot of it. But yeah, I mean, it's and I figured you appreciate the lighting in here, too, Rich. It's very moody, very moody, very delightful.

Right. Very I feel like it's very holiday. I got a little bit of a holiday feel. You look behind me, you can see the lights, you know. That's festive.

And I appreciate you finding a nice, quiet room to have this conversation there at the the ownership meeting. So what are you what are you gleeing? What are you what's what's the plan here for the NFL? Well, I mean, I think the Brazil thing's interesting. They had considered three cities, really.

It was Rio, Sao Paulo and then Madrid and Spain. And, you know, they certainly want to continue to expand this. And, you know, I I think this is, you know, over the next five to 10 years going to grow to where they're really going to use the 17th game as an international game, where, you know, now every other year a team's got nine home games and teams now are going to be subject every four years to giving up one of those home games to go overseas. And so, you know, clearly it's like part of the plan when they went to 17 games was to use the extra games to grow the game internationally. And I think it's like part of you know, they got to a point, Rich, and you know, this like 15 years ago or so where it was like we can't really grow up domestically anymore.

So we want to grow out. And that's adding inventories Thursday night football at 17 games. It's the expanded playoffs.

It's going back to L.A. and it's growing internationally. And so this is a big part of it. It's a new continent, too, which is significant for them. And then, as you mentioned at the top there, like the rules changes are coming up here, you know. So I'd expect in the next couple of hours, we'll at least have, you know, some update on what they're going to do with the hip drop tackle with the push play. And then another thing, the split flow blocking is something else that's come up that I think fewer fans have a handle on.

But another thing that they're addressing here. Well, they usually don't make rule changes at this ownership meeting. It's usually, you know, studied and then the competition committee has at it during the month of February or late January when they start meeting.

And then they present something for ownership to vote on in the big membership meeting that always happens at the end of March. What what are they what are you hearing about the brotherly shove play and what's being discussed there on that front? Yeah, it's something they've looked at like a lot. Now, I'll give you my own opinion.

My own opinion, like a year ago, I thought it was like a cheat code, a cheat code, right? Like and I was like, ah, and if you care about health and safety and you have the quarterbacking shoved into the line, does that really square with some of the other actions? But I don't know about you, Rich, but as I've seen team after team after team try it and fail, and this really seems to be just one team that's really, really good at it.

That has a Hall of Fame center and Jason Kelsey, a strong as an ox quarterback in Jalen Hurts, two guards who used to be centers, at least when they're healthy and Dickerson and Juergens. You know, I've sort of come around to the fact that I don't think you should change the rules because one team's really good at something. And I've gotten that sentiment here, too, just talking to more people. It's, you know, the more that this just becomes kind of an ego specific thing, the more support there is for not changing the rule in the push play. And we'll see what happens. But part of it, and I think this applies to the hip drop tackle thing, too, is, well, how do you how do you write the rule? You know, and that becomes that can be a little tricky, too. So, you know, I think this would be the beginning of the conversation to put it on a timeline to talk more about it.

Of course, when you get to the combine, the competition committee meets there and then ultimately at the annual meeting in March. And then the other news is Los Angeles getting Super Bowl 61. So that's I can't believe we're in the 60s now. You know, I mean, 60 was already awarded to the Bay Area again in Santa Clara.

But 61 goes to to the to. So there's a lot of that. A lot of West Coast Super Bowls last couple of years.

Right. I mean, that's like a lot of like if you're if you have on your docket, like morning radio on the East Coast, it's going to be kind of tough for a few years. You know, that's why I got morning radio on the West Coast.

Hello. You know, we love it. We kind of dig it. That's a home. That's a home Super Bowl for us. So just and then just circling back one more time to the international series. What do you think is the end goal here of like a full on international series package where there's double digit number of games in various locations around the world that that a new television partner can bid on for an early window? So there's going to be an official partner of the NFL that has control of that first of four windows of football more often than not.

Is that the goal? Yeah, I think that that's part of it is that you would have a new television package that would be a morning package. Obviously, that wouldn't apply to Brazil, of course, because the time difference isn't there. But yeah, I mean, like with the European Games, certainly, you know, they had talked about going to China. This was, I think, before the Beijing Olympics. Like, I think it was the Patriots and Seahawks were going to go over there.

So I think at some point, Australia, China, like, does that come into the equation? And, you know, one thing that they talked a lot about, you know, and I can remember in 07 when they when they launched the international series was a guy named Mark Waller, who was the league at the time and ran international for a while. He's a Brit. He was a Brit. Yeah. And one of his goals, like there was this 15 year goal that they had to put a team full time in London.

And that was in 2007. And obviously we're past that time frame now. And, you know, they really feel like the market, like the London market is ready for a team, but the logistics aren't there. And it was interesting because like at one point a few years ago, I talked to them about this and they had actually mentioned how they'd studied air travel and like our advances coming in air travel that are going to make this more feasible. And, you know, I think they feel like they could make it work like static. Right. Like just as far as like making like it so teams can go over there and play over there and then come back like there's a way to do it. The problem would be with how do you if you have your right guard, get injured.

How do you work out, you know, four guards on a Tuesday? Right. Like how do you do that? Like and then like I mean, little things like that that people don't think of, but would have to be a factor, you know, like. So do you have like a U.S. base in Atlanta, say, and you fly those guards into Atlanta and they fly and then the guy who gets signed, then he's on a plane to London. It's complicated, you know. And then how about this?

Right. Like so say Seattle plays the London team in the wildcard round of the playoffs and then that the winner of that game plays a team on a bye in the next round. Is that fair that somebody might be traveling 10 hours or 11 hours each way and then have to go and play a team that's rested the next week? So I think like it's simplistic as it sounds like advances in air travel could dictate whether or not there's a team over there, but they've certainly had designs on putting teams outside of the U.S. And I don't think that those I don't think that the desire to do that is gone.

I think it's just on hold because of the logistical problems that that having a team over, you know, somewhere in Europe would present. Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer here on The Rich Eisen Show from the league meetings in Dallas. Let's hit on the subject matter that our friend Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston threw out there that according to people that he speaks to in the know, that once the Patriots lost to the Colts in the international series finale in Germany, the Kraft family decided that was going to be the end of Belichick's reign in New England.

And they're just playing things out until it's done at a more, I guess, appropriate time after the season. What what do you make of this Albert Breer? Well, I mean, first of all, like, you know, I take what Tom says to the bank, you know, like he he's very plugged in.

He's I have my full disclosure, like it's been like sort of a mentor of mine. So, you know, I would I would take everything that Tom says at face value. I would also say this, like just as far as my own knowledge on this, this isn't a decision that Robert Kraft is going to make on Black Monday. You know, like this isn't a decision that Robert and Jonathan Kraft are going to mull over in the days leading up to that season finale against the Jets at Gillette. Like this is something that's been on their mind. And, you know, like this is something that's going to be a decision that's made over months, not weeks. And, you know, it goes back to Robert's old saying, which he uses this over and over and over again in a lot of different circumstances, measure nine times and cut once he understands the gravity of the situation.

He's also marked by two different things here. And I think one is how the departure of Tom Brady went, where they didn't get any compensation. And Brady goes and wins the Super Bowl somewhere else. And then to his own hall of fame candidacy and the optics of how would it look if I'm the guy who got rid of both Brady and Belichick and where does that lead me?

And so I think that this is multilayered. And I think what Kraft wants and this is me talking, I think what Kraft wants is an elegant solution to this. He wants a conclusion that looks the right way and that honors Belichick the right way. And I think that's easy if Bill's going to retire. But if this isn't it for Bill and Bill wants to go coach somewhere else, that's where it can get complicated and awkward. So I don't know for a fact that they've talked about this. It would sort of surprise me if Robert and Jonathan hadn't tried to broach it with Bill. It would surprise me if they didn't do that well ahead of time.

Now, whether they've done it or not or not yet, I don't know. But it wouldn't really surprise me if those guys didn't at some point well before that finale against the Jets addressed it with Bill directly. Well, there was a full bye week after their loss in Germany to the Colts. And, you know, it's it's it's a shocker.

I'll show you straight up. I mean, we have heard about coaches losing a game overseas and then they get fired on the bye week after that. And so it would kind of check a box that they they did make that decision after an international game that they really wanted to win in Germany. But obviously there's this is not just any coach, it's not just any organization, it's not just any situation, which is why I think it also checks out that they're making this a rash decision on Sunday night after week 18 against the Jets. Right.

So but but it also would check boxes that Belichick would be given this heads up and then he would have an opportunity to figure out what his next move is going to be, too. Right. I mean, that's. Yeah. And I think, you know, one thing that I think gives the craft some flexibility here is I think they probably have the next guy in house, you know.

And so in Jerrod Mayo, you're talking in Jerrod Mayo, right? The linebackers coach who obviously was a great player, their first round pick. Now, I can tell you personally, like I've worked with him before. He is a plus in every way, you know, as a person.

And you can see what they see in him. And, you know, we talk a lot about the young offensive coach trend, right? Well, there's an ex player trend that seems to be working out pretty well now, too, with Dan Campbell and D'Amico Ryans and Mike Frable and Kevin O'Connell. And, you know, Jerrod would sort of be, you know, I think in that category. And, you know, like part of this is Jerrod turned down an interview with the Panthers last year and got a new contract and his contract dovetails with Belichick. And so things logistically are set up where Jerrod could easily be moved into that role, maybe with a new general manager coming in.

And I think that that does give you some flexibility if you're the craft where you could sit there and say. We're not in any rush to launch a coaching search because we probably have our guy right here. Now, there are some things that they've got to do, you know, per the Rooney rule to satisfy certain things before they were to hire Jerrod. But, you know, I do think that there's that element of it where, you know, you don't feel this rush to start a coaching search because you're competing against seven or eight other teams on the on the market. You know, if you think you've got your guy in house, it allows you to kind of, you know, kind of act with a little bit more patience and not have the same level of urgency that some other teams do. And that that to me is another thing that makes this unique on top of, you know, how like Bill's last four years probably would get coaches fired somewhere. But you can't discount the 20 years that came before that, which is probably the greatest run a coach has ever had. And then he just won a game that nobody expected him to win and has been, you know, honestly, and he's as dynamite as they come if he wants to do TV or anything like that.

So there are there are many, many options here, obviously. Albert Breer here on The Rich Eisen Show. Last, before I move on, is Kraft there?

I mean, is anyone because Belichick had addressed it today and said, I'm focused on Kansas City. What did Kraft have to say? I mean, Kraft Kraft, I would say, has made himself scarce at this meeting, at the on the October meeting in New York. And that's not par for the course with him at these meetings. He'll at least kind of walk through where the media is and he won't duck the media.

And, you know, especially like it like a day like today, you know, like this. Roberts involved in the international stuff, you know what I mean? Like, so he would not like I would think like he wouldn't mind actually coming and speaking to the media and explaining why they're going to Brazil and all that different stuff.

He would probably like to talk about that, but he knows if he comes out where it's going, you know what I mean? Like, so he's made himself scarce here. He made himself scarce in October. It's a little out of character for him. Not that he does a press conference in every owner's meeting, but he generally will be at least available to chit chat or whatever. And he's been noticeably absent from the media areas over the last couple of owners meeting, I think for for obvious reasons. And then last one for you, Albert Breer here on The Rich Eisen Show officiating what's been the conversation there, certainly in light of the face of the league, essentially calling out officiating whether that was right or wrong at the end of the Bills-Chiefs game there. This has been at least something and Holmes talking about it like this again.

I he is he's since said something otherwise about what he was saying after the game, but he is giving voice to what a lot of fans are saying about the officiating. So all right, well, let's separate the two. Can you give me can you give me one minute to go off on this? Albert Breer, the floor is yours, sir.

Go for it. But you know, like but you saw the you saw that like that that view, like I think a fan shot it right. Like the ground level view. Right. Go back and watch that.

Right. And the ref pulls the flag right away and throws it. OK, so for all the people that are like, they're taking away such a great play. What do you want the ref to do in that situation? Do you want them to like huddle up and say, you know what, he was offsides, but that was one heck of a play.

Like, is that what we're looking for? Like, I mean, he threw the flag, you know what I mean? Like the flag was on the ground. You're not going to pick it up because like that was a great play. So he was probably going, oh, my God, that was one of the most incredible plays.

Well, wait till I buzz kill the rest of this stadium. That might have been it. You know, I mean, I might have been like, oh, no, this is going to really create a problem for shepherds.

And I'm sure the official, you know, knows that shepherds is a four letter word in Kansas City already. You know, that's a point well taken. I mean, so, so, so, yeah, in this specific situation, I and I and I think Andy and and Patrick, their words afterwards reflected that. Like, I think that they after they had a cooling down, like they reflected that. I think Patrick, you know, spoke with emotion after the game. And I think Andy was just taking up for his players. Like, I think that was the long and short of it.

And then they come back the next day and kind of amend what they said. Officiating is certainly a question that a lot of owners, a lot of the top executives here are talking about. I don't think it was specifically on the agenda, but it's something that is being addressed in the hallways and the meeting rooms and everywhere else here. And I do think, you know, it's something that the coaches have really taken up as an issue. And I can remember three, four or five years ago talking to the people on the on the Madden Committee. And Andy Reid's chaired the Madden Committee forever about the idea of adding a sky judge and having some level of oversight from above.

So the officiating crews on the field can have the same benefit that all of us sitting at home on the couch have, which is like 12 or 13 different angles in a high definition of every single play. And so I think that discussion reopens more officially when the Competition Committee meets at the Combine and then going into going into the annual meeting in March. And and I can promise you that it's that it's that it's not something that there's no whistling by the graveyard on this right now. Now, that doesn't mean there's going to be a significant change, but a lot of powerful people are talking about it. Well, I mean, I think the change has got to come from the Competition Committee, from the coaches themselves.

I really believe that because, you know, we had Dean Blandino had here a couple of weeks ago. Right, guys from Fox Sports and former head of NFL refs Dean Blandino was here used a great analogy about how replay is not the the the the the complete fix here, saying that back in the day, you used to be able to back your car up out of the out of your driveway, you know, in a way, you know, the old fashioned way, looking over your shoulder. Now you're used to all the bells and whistles to beep if you're close to something and you got this camera to help you go back there. And the officials are now sometimes relying on all of those bells and whistles to get the calls right. And they're just going to lay back and just let the replay come in and eventually fix it, not making the immediate calls. And then that actually becomes a problem. And so the answer to that could be as well, you know, that it was a great point. And and so he said that analogy, but he also said when it all comes down to it, viewerships through the roof. So a lot of owners might be like, OK, you know, officiating it might get me one day and it might get my opponent one day. But well, you know, eventually it all comes down to it. The bottom line is fine. That's why it's got to be on the coaches to come up and correct and fix this thing in a certain way.

I don't know what it is to be done. I don't think it's to make them full time because Dean was explaining they are full time during the season anyway. And I also would understand their resort would be so we suck. Right. You think we suck.

Fans think we suck. But and then we actually get a call. Right. And the face of the NFL is calling us out, forgetting the call. Right. Because we shouldn't have called it.

And they're probably like, what the hell? You know, I mean, I just think like so my opinion on this, Rich, is like I don't I think part of the problem is that we can see more right. I think it's a huge part of the problem is that we can see stuff that because of, again, the quality of television, because of the amount of cameras, because of the pseudo journalists that are sitting in the stands with their phones, like we can see so much more than we could twenty five years ago. And that's put a real onus on the officials to get every single little thing right. And that's not fair either. I just think like and this is again, this is a point that so many coaches have made to me. And they actually took their own straw poll a few years ago and trying to get a sky judge put in.

I think it was twenty nineteen and it was thirty two to nothing. Right. And it like why wouldn't we give that benefit to the officials? Why isn't there an official upstairs? And it doesn't need and it wouldn't be up there to change the fifty five forty five calls. What it would be up there for is the ninety ten calls and buzz down.

And you could say to the head referee, pick up the flag or drop the flag or I saw that. And people say, well, I'll slow down the game. No, it'll speed the game up because the play clock will govern everything.

If it's obvious, you'll see it in the first 15 seconds. If it's not, you know what, then like you just play on and that's the flow of the game. And I just I don't know, like I I think that this is something that they really, again, need to look at and trying to find the tech, trying to find a way to use the technology more effectively. It's the same sort of thing as like, you know, you still have two sticks and a chain, you know, marking first downs when you could. I mean, it's it's sort of that, you know, so I just think the technology is there. They need to figure out a way to use it way more efficiently than they are right now. And I think those answers are out there if they just go and look for them.

And that's all that the coaches really want. Albert, thanks for the time. Greatly appreciate it. I think the wait staff is waiting for you to leave and be done with this interview. So, yeah, I don't know.

I don't think you guys could see there are a bunch of trays and everything else passing by. Fantastic. It looks good.

I'm like, go for it, Albert. Thanks for the time. Take care. That's our prayer, ladies and gentlemen. I love it. All right. We will take a break when we come back. Former MVP of this league.

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Call or just stop by. Fitz in Dallas. Let's take his phone call right here on the Rich Izen Show. What's up, Fitz? Homo Vi, gentlemen. What's up, Fitz? What's up, brother? That is actually, that is Portuguese for how are y'all doing? Oh, hey.

Popo's out. And I am stoked because the dear friends of mine live down in Brazil. And so I am so excited that I get an excuse to head down there next year.

Fantastic. Santa is listening. If Santa is listening. Dear Santa, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins in Sao Paulo. Do they play each other next year?

Miami again, it's two, would you say? Cowboys. Cowboys. Sorry, Dallas Cowboys. Okay.

Well, I mean, we play this year, so. Hey, Rich, first of all, I didn't get a chance to compliment you last week. Your play-by-play commentating has just gotten better and better and better. Thank you. And it's so great. Thanks, brother.

I appreciate it. Hopefully- You have been approached by one of the affiliates to- What affiliates? One of the networks, I beg your pardon, to do play-by-play?

I don't think of other networks come within a 10-foot pole of me because they're afraid Roger Goodell's wrath will rain upon them. I don't know. I don't know.

I have no idea. But if, you know, they know where to reach me. They know my number. They want me to call football games for them.

Because I, you know, those things- Well, I hope you're calling that way. In all seriousness, you know, I have my Sunday job on NFL Network. I love it. I love calling football games. And I'm thrilled that the NFL Network puts me in the booth.

I don't take it for granted. And I'll be back again on Saturday. So thanks for the call, Fitz. I appreciate it. Pardis for commanded sports, gentlemen. Rich, one last thing.

Yes. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family. Thank you, Fitz. And gentlemen, happy holidays if we don't speak to you before- Merry Christmas in advance of you, Fitz. Because again, I'm assuming you're just- I don't think there's any Fitz Cohens out there, right?

No. Fitz Cohens. Dallas and Miami do not play each other next year. So unfortunately, that's not going to be the Brazil matchup. Unless they just decide to make it happen for Fitz. I guess we could. We could do that. Not scheduled. So they chose Brazil over Spain.

Start off. Yes. And that is a crushing blow for anybody out there who is hoping to see an NFL halftime performance by Charo. I mean, if we got- Well, now Shakira's on the table, right? I don't know. Is she Brazil? I think so. I don't know.

No, she's not Brazilian. I don't think so. No? Oh.

I don't believe so. All right, I'm wrong. Well, at any rate, I appreciate the compliment on calling you guys. Good one, Chris. They're neighbors.

What do you want from me? Is that right? You're relatively close. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal, and law enforcement officers can tell if you're driving high. If you feel different, you drive different.

Drive high, get a DUI that's paid for by NHTSA. That PSA right here on The Rich Eisen Show. Was that for Lee in Santa Barbara? No, that was not, sir. Sure. Okay. Matt in Maryland, you're here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Matt? Hey, Rich.

How are you doing? I just want to start by telling you, I've basically grown up with you. I think you're the best in the business, Matt.

Matt, I appreciate that. How old are you, Matt? I am 44.

Oh, my God. 44-year-old has grown up with me. I mean, a 44-year-old has grown up with me. What does that make me?

I'm not saying you're that far ahead. I'm just saying, since I've been watching football, I started Chris Berman, and then I saw you on ESPN with Stu, and that was it. That's right. Absolutely. That's it. You were the person who stopped I wanted to hear, and I'm so honored to have a chance to ask your opinion on this subject. Okay. What do you got for me, Matt?

So I want to set this up for you. I remember years ago, everyone was so enamored with the athleticism of Johnny Menzel. What a wonderful athlete he is. Look how he can just run around everyone.

He's so physically talented. I don't have anything against this young man, and I acknowledge he is the most athletically gifted man on the field, but I'm not sold that Caleb Williams can play the position of quarterback, and I don't know if he should go number one. And when you look at him, do you really see him being that quarterback, that guy who can drop back and pass, that guy who can read the offense? Yes, I do.

Oh, God, do I, Matt. But please, let me just put it this way. Can you be in the front office of whoever chooses first overall, and the Patriots are being second overall on behalf of Chris Brockman?

Can you call that general manager who is the first overall pick to leave Caleb Williams on the board? Because there's doubts. Would you please do that, Matt, for all of us? I'll give it my best. Okay. And I appreciate, thanks for the compliment.

Thank you for saying that. And that's Matt in Maryland here on the Rich Eisen Show. My bones started creaking, because he sounds young. He did, sir. Does he sound young? He does. He sounds young. And I thought, oh, what, is he just fresh out of college or something like that? He's older than I am. He's 44. He's grown up on me. He's older than I am. Wow.

That's all right. Let's see, Rich, you got to look at this in the positive, dog. Like you got to look at you've been gainfully employed that long. Yeah, that's the good thing. Listen, TJ, I find this incredibly positive.

Honestly, I do. But it just is jarring that somebody who sounds really young using the word growing up, you know, using that phrase growing up. How old are you?

Oh, I'm a grown ass man. Fenster baby just called in here, Mike. Forty four.

Hey, having my first grade. Fenster baby. Oh my God, I'm done.

I couldn't breathe. About to be a grandpa. With his baby zip, you know, his onesie and his rattle and his cigar and his five o'clock shadow just called in.

Fenster baby. So Cam Newton's got a podcast with fourth in one podcast. Or is it guest on it on one with Kim?

Is that what it is? OK. And Cam, as we all know, it's interesting that we are here talking about another day where California Super Bowl has been awarded. It's Super Bowl 61 here in Los Angeles. Super Bowl 60 awarded just a couple months ago to Santa Clara, where they had Super Bowl 50. That's the Super Bowl that Cam was in.

That was his MVP season. We all know how dynamic a football player Cam was. So when an MVP is talking about quarterbacks and state of quarterbacking, we're all ears. This is what Cam had to say about some of the best quarterbacks we're seeing in the league this year. Elomar Jackson, obviously Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Brack Parody. But Brock, they're not winning because of him. He's not turning the ball over. He's managing the game. And if we were to put that in its own right as game managers, Brock Parody to a Tonga Valoa, Jared Goff and really Dak Prescott. These are game managers.

They're not difference makers. And when you say game manager, I'm not asking you to go out and win the game. I'm just asking you not to lose. Not to lose the game. That's listen, I don't give a damn what you do. You don't have to score every time. You just don't have to throw a pick every time either. If we're going to really call a spade a spade, a game manager is different than a game changer.

OK, so here's my few cents on that, because I'm I'm around Kurt and I've been around, you know, because we just call it just said he's 44 years old and grew up on me. So I've been around and I hear what quarterbacks say. Every quarterback in the NFL, in the history of the NFL is a game manager. Every last one of them, because they are the ones who always have the football in their hands first.

And it's their decision who gets it. And part of the reason why they decide who gets it in the moment is because they either decipher the defense prior to the snap and figure out who's best to get it. And does that fit the play that they have already called and they manage that moment? And if they are surprised by the defense, they then manage that moment and the ones who are best at it manage to not throw an interception in that point or make a play make a play that is so athletically gifted and so remarkable that others can't do what they can do in that moment. And those are the game changers. And that's the way quarterbacking the way that I have been covering it and hearing about it being talked.

That's the difference. And so everybody is a game manager in the NFL. And sometimes the game changing plays happen when the game management should be happening. You see the throw that you should make. The defense dictates it, your play has created an open receiver. You should take that one, that's a touchdown, or you should take that one because that's a good smart check down based on everything else that's going on. But instead, you make a decision that is the wrong decision and then you make some incredible game changing play. Touchdown.

And we're talking about that's the MVP of the league. Instead, you watch the all 22 and it's just like, what the hell is this guy thinking? And then more often than not, it'll come back to bite that quarterback. So... I think you're being super diplomatic about this.

I'm just telling you, this is what I'm saying. This is every single one, but what he's saying right here, because when he said, I'll call a spade a spade, there's a difference between a game manager and a game changer. He is the game changer. And I think he's sitting at home watching a bunch of these guys go and play games that he's wondering, why doesn't the game changer get a chance here? He's not a game changer anymore.

That's what I believe, that's my interpretation of why he's saying the difference in the game. And hey, Brock Purdy is a game changer. He's changed the game for the 49ers because he got drafted when he got drafted, they needed him. He took them to a spot where he was incredibly capable of winning, got hurt, and then has come back and has totally changed the game for the 49ers because they could pay everyone around him.

He's playing his ass off. And then on top of it, he is making so little money that it is the ultimate, that you're not only able to pay everyone around him, he has removed the mistake the team made in the draft from the equation. Normally coaches and GMs get got for drafting somebody third overall and then winding up trading him away for a fifth round pick. Not this guy, Dak Prescott is not a game manager. He's changing the game for the Dallas Cowboys. So sometimes a game manager is also a game changer and a game changer sometimes because they don't manage the game very well, wind up sitting at home.

That's my interpretation of all of this stuff. And I know people are like, Cam doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Of course he knows what he's talking about. He's played the game and he's been a game changer. And he's also been asked to be a game manager and kind of failed at it sometimes because in all honesty, how many times do you see Brock Purdy throw high to the six foot five receiver who can't catch it? Remember Kelvin Benjamin? Remember him?

Oh, yeah. You know how many times he got air mailed when he was impossible to air mail? And I don't mean to be critical of Cam, but he's criticizing guys that I don't believe deserve the criticism. But every single, even the game changer's a game. Tom Brady's a game manager. He's one of the greatest managers of the game. You know, one of the greatest managers of the game I've ever seen is Peyton Manning. He's telling you how to manage the game every single night.

Don't go broke making a profit. He managed the game to the point where Dominique Rhodes could have been the MVP of the Super Bowl because he managed that game. The Bears were cover two-ing the Colts to death that night in Miami.

And Peyton Manning kept managing the game. And you know what they got? A trophy in the case.

And he's got a Boston Canton and a jacket. Why? What's your interpretation of this? If Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott were on opposite teams, would San Francisco and Dallas be exactly where they are right now? I don't, you can't, but you can't.

That's, that's, we're all a product of our environment. We're all, I mean, would Zach Wilson potentially, without all the nonsense of his first three years, be the quarterback of the 49ers and the 49ers are where they are? I don't know. I doubt it because Purdy has brought a certain skill set with a gajillion starts from Iowa State and a certain sensibility to the position that the Niners were desperate for. And probably didn't even know they had. But Dak, Dak started several years in college and was a middle-round draft pick.

Various reasons for that too, I'm sure. If you go back and look at it. Well then how many game-changing quarterbacks are there? But what's your concept of a game-changing quarterback? Guy who can go off script and still make the dynamic play. And you got like three of those then.

What? Mahomes and Allen and Burrow. Lamar, Lamar, Lamar, I forgot about Lamar. Why can't you call Brock Purdy a game changer? He's changed the game entirely for the 49ers. But Jimmy Garoppolo has done the exact same thing. Not, not, not like Purdy.

Their stats are pretty even, actually. I just don't, the whole concept of who's a game manager in a game because this guy doesn't, he's gotten 368 yards passing last week in a game against the Seattle Seahawks where they showed up loaded for Bayer. The problem is, is that media types have made game changer a negative, like we've kind of made solid a negative. Oh, it's not. No, game changer is not a negative. Game changer is like somebody, game manager, game manager, game manager has become a negative. So it's like, don't screw it up, don't screw it up.

Don't solid is actually good. But you know what though? The whole, any quarterback, every quarterback is don't screw it up.

Every last one of them. Every quarterback is a system quarterback. You could say that. Yes, Tom Brady is the greatest game manager in the history of games and managers because he pre-snapped neck up. Rogers is one of the greatest game managers ever to the point where the offense is inoperable by anyone else.

Peyton Manning, when he went down with his neck injury, they were lost because he was managing the game from the line of scrimmage. Rogers can go off script to kind of defend Cam about Tua. If the ball isn't out of two, his hand in two and a half seconds, he looks kind of lost. So, but he's not a, he's not game changing with some of the throws that he makes. But he's just standing there, but he's throwing a deep ball in two seconds to the MVP of the league. Well, the, the one where Tyreek Hill came back into the game because his wife texted him when he went from one side of the field all the way to the other, Tua had to stay upright and look, keep his head in. Look, we can keep going on and on and on about this, but that's my opinion of it. And then he, but I think he's referring to himself as the game changer or anybody who could play the game like him because he had a physical skill set and also an ability to play this sport.

You know, neck up too. I mean, you're MVP, you've got to read a defense and you, and he was dynamic. He was unbelievable running and catching. I mean, running and throwing, no question about it, but Brock Purdy might wind up winning the Superbowl in the stadium.

He could not bring a trophy to that stadium for the home team of that stadium that Cam Newton could not bring home against Denver. And, and all I'm saying is he, he's probably watching that saying, well, that sucks. And I think that's part of what he's saying. Then the narrative about Brock will definitely change. I think it's already changed.

It should. This game manager stuff. Get out of here. We've got to take a break. We're up against it right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum.

Let's get inside of my father, John Glover. You know, we've watched Talk, Phil, and most of these episodes I never saw. I didn't watch the show.

You never once saw yourself on Smallville. In the beginning, I used to look at myself all the time and love to. And then as I get older, I stopped. Why is that?

I don't know. Maybe because I'm older. I was going to talk to you about that because you're 79.

Yeah. How old do you feel? Eleven. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen.

Get the career off of that. Find out more by searching the Stacking Benjamins podcast, wherever you listen. Let me check on the tickets. Let me get a great deal.

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Lowest price guaranteed. Do me a favor. Look outside. Is there some sort of a comet flying by? Is there? I don't think so. I'm just wondering what's going on.

Is there? I don't know because I saw who's the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. And it's no offense to him, but I also saw who the NFC Offensive Player of the Week is. And they're both New York quarterbacks. What has happened?

Has this ever happened? By the way, I'm serious. I'm serious. I'm sure maybe one time Chad Pennington and Eli may have. I mean, Eli, when Eli, I mean, Eli was an Offensive Player of the Week and then. Chad Pennington.

I don't know what it would be. Vinny? No, Vinny was not there. He was preceded Eli. I don't know. It would have been Chad Pennington. That might be it. I don't know what the hell's going on.

I mean, the Jets and the Giants played home games this week, and not only did both of them win, their quarterbacks were named Players of the Week. What's happening? I'm going to go.

I'm going to go as soon as we're done. What's the Powerball this week? Oh, it's 500 right now.

Way in, way in, way in. And so, you know, it's kind of funny. Del Tufo wasn't here yesterday. And I, you know, I started my comments about Tommy DeVito.

I'm like, you know, no offense, Jay Felly. But, you know, you know, from New Jersey, Mikey, Mikey would be a different, different conversation if Mike was here. I had no idea. You really know the family. You really know the DeVitos?

100%. You remember when his name first got brought up? I said it to you guys. I've talked with him about it. Well, you said it before.

Yeah, you were like, I think my my friend's son might get drafted. Yes. You talked about it before.

Lexi, her father and mother owned a donut shop. I referred to her as Alexandra. Yes, she is.

I mean, I've known her 40 years. Yeah, Mike's been talking about. So why can't you get DeVito on the program? You want him on?

This better not be. I can get Chris Christie on the show. He fired my sister as secretary of education in New Jersey.

OK, so he has family. Lexi and I chat all the time. All right. So I will text her. Say you want him on? We will.

Lexi. He's on. I want to see you DeVito. I'll ask Pizar and Pizar and we'll do it. Do you know do you know Stellato as agent? No. OK. But by the way, great hat.

There is. I mean, that's I need one of those hats. Did you see our comparison? Of course you didn't, because, you know, you're you're you're working in Fox. You were working at Fox. But the soon as I saw that hat is that is like that if you said Tommy DeVito's agent and you had five years up in the NFL, that was straight out of central casting.

Nine out of ten times. That would be the pick. There is. That's it. Oh, it is one who took out Johnny Ola. I believe he's about to take out Johnny Ola. Yes, that's the the drape. And Tommy and Tommy DeVito.

Tommy DeVito took out the Packers Ola. Yeah. Oh, please. Because that's going nuts.

The business. He's all right. Come on, man. Work on it, Mike.

I will I'll send the text right on it. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. Nineteen ninety five when WCW announces they're going to be live and head to head with Monday Night Raw feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off. No, we did not like them moving to Monday nights. There were a lot of hotels. They all carried CNN, TBS and TNT. Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out. Something to wrestle wherever you listen.
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