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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

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November 1, 2023 4:12 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 1, 2023 4:12 pm

Rich reacts to the Las Vegas Raiders firing Head Coach Josh McDaniels after a disappointing 3-5 start to their season and makes the case for Las Vegas to start rookie QB Aidan O’Connell the rest of the season over Jimmy Garoppolo and Brian Hoyer.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich discuss why the Raiders parted ways with Josh McDaniels, if Jim Harbaugh might be coaching in Las Vegas next season, the chances the Washington Commanders “trade” for Bill Belichick, and why the Cleveland Browns should have traded for Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry.

Michigan alum Rich reacts to Ohio State being ranked #1 in the season’s first College Football Playoff Rankings while his Wolverines come in at #3 despite being ranked 2nd in the latest AP Poll and weighs in on the latest in the UM cheating allegations.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about the Raiders.

We can't get back to the ball. That player is being wasted live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. It is Josh McDaniels program.

Yeah, people from top to bottom are Josh's people. If you're pulling the plug on that you're talking about a full organizational reset today's guests Host of Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, Fox Sports College Football Analyst, Bruce Feldman, Jets running back, Bryce Hall. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Welcome to November, everybody. 844204 Rich is the number to dial and man, is there a lot going on on this very busy Wednesday. Bryce Hall of the New York Jets joining us in our number three Bruce Feldman right in the middle of this program as the college football playoffs have come up with their first rankings of the season. Also the sign sealer dude apparently as he's now being referred to in the center of the state of Michigan showed up at Central Michigan sideline allegedly looking like Bobby Valentine back in the dugout after he got thrown out of a game. We'll talk about all that stuff with Bruce Feldman in the middle of our number two Mike Florio is first up on the show and man is there a lot to talk about with him with the trade deadline having been passed on Tuesday and then a major decision overnight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Good to see you over there.

Chris Brockman. How are you? Rich, what's up, man? Good to see you.

Mike Del Tufo. How are you? Good.

Rich TJ Jefferson. The candle is lit. It appears over there. Good to see you. How are you? How are you doing?

Oh, boy. Is there a lot to talk about? Let's just jump right into it here. Listen, straight up.

Very few times are decisions made in the middle of the night in Las Vegas that are rational. Well done. Great start. Great start.

But this one does appear to be expected and understood and understandable straight up despite it does come across as a little bit rash and harsh. And that is the firing of Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas, along with the general manager, Dave Ziegler, who was handpicked by McDaniels to come aboard with him when Mark Davis fired the interim head coach Rick Rich Passocio or did not retain him. And my buddy Mike Mayock was fired as the general manager to bring in Patriots West and Mark Davis and the Raiders, Xing out, tweeting out, whatever you want to call it, a statement overnight saying that after much thought about what the Raiders need to move forward, I've decided to part ways with Josh and Dave.

I want to thank them for both of their hard work and wish them and their families nothing but the best. That's from Mark Davis. And you saw it on Monday Night Football, a team that just couldn't score points. And that's what Josh McDaniels has been brought in to do. And a quarterback who can't find the all worldwide receiver who was brought in by McDaniels and Ziegler in their first big move together. The quarterback who was handpicked by these guys to find somebody like Devante Adams over and over again, had him twice for huge touchdowns and missed him. And Jimmy Garoppolo has looked brutal and Derek Carr has 300 yard games in a row.

And I mean, I could go on and on and on. And Mark Davis looked at where things were going after handing the entire organization over to these two, essentially saying, we're starting over here after they made the playoffs and not retaining Rich Passaccio and sending Mike Bayock back to the media saying, let's reach into the Belichick system and go get this guy. Figuring that like Belichick, it would be second time around better. We all know he was fired in the middle of the season in middle of year two, the last time he was coaching in the AFC West in Denver. And everybody who I know in the Raiders organization told me multiple times over and over again, this is Josh's show and they changed the entire culture of the building.

Everything was done the way that Josh wanted it to be done and Dave Ziegler wanted it to be done. And that's understandable if you're an owner, you hand things off to these guys, certainly if it's the Belichick way and to be straight up with you. Once again, we're left with the impression that the Belichick way doesn't work unless it's the Belichick guy doing it. And even this year, we all know what's going on in New England. And whatever is going on behind the scenes, as always, there is an iceberg in the NFL and we outside of buildings in the NFL, in our own worlds of viewing things on a screen on your phone and your mobile device or however you take in your media these days, we only see the tip of the iceberg. We do. And last week, the Raiders had a full meeting of the minds, I guess, where they aired all the grievances.

It was half a fest of us last week. And the feats of strength coming out of that airing of grievances was the Lions putting the bang thing on the Raiders on Monday night. And that, I guess, proved to be too much for Mark Davis. Certainly when he's looking at the results in this results oriented business, the Raiders have a bottom three scoring and total offense in twenty twenty three. They're averaging fifteen point eight points a game in this quarterback driven league. Honestly, the fifteen point eight. That's the Dolphins have that many points and two and a half drops total offense.

They're thirty first into twenty twenty three. These points per game and total offense, which is two hundred sixty eight point three yards per game, worst in a season for the Raiders since two thousand nine. McDaniel's had a top eight scoring offense in twelve of his thirteen seasons as the Patriots offensive coordinator.

You could do the difference. One of those offenses had Brady as the quarterback. One of these offenses has Brady knocking on the door of ownership. The Raiders have scored fewer than twenty offensive points in all eight games in twenty twenty three. That's the longest such streak to start the season since St. Louis in Washington did it in two thousand nine.

And I can tell you right now that St. Louis offense was on turf, but there was no great show. The Raiders are last in the NFL, the turnover margin of minus eight. They've had a giveaway in all eight games this year. They've had a giveaway in fifteen straight games. The longest giveaway streak by the Raiders is sixteen back in twenty eleven twenty twelve. Then there's Mr. Garoppolo you see on the screen right here.

Clearly not himself. He looks hurt or shot whichever way you want to view it. He leads the NFL in night with nine interceptions in twenty twenty three despite missing two games. He would be the third player in Raiders history to lead the NFL in interceptions.

Kerry Collins and Darren Darryl LaMonica in oh four and sixty nine respectively. The Raiders lead the NFL with thirty interceptions since McDaniels came aboard. Garoppolo is having his worst season ever and this is after the team signs him to a three year seventy two point eight million dollar deal that had to be pushed off.

In announcing because there was something going on with Garoppolo's foot that needed to be re negotiated apparently at the last second before it became official. And that's the guy that replaces their longtime quarterback Derek Carr who we all know Devante Adams in many ways chose Las Vegas as his post Packers destination because he wanted to play with Derek Carr. Josh McDaniels and David Ziegler did not sign or did not give Josh Jacobs his fifth year option pickup instead playing him in a third preseason game like he was a third stringer.

Jacobs winds up having the best rushing season of maybe anybody last year certainly in terms of rushing yards he was a rushing yards leader that led to them having to franchise tag him. And a whole brouhaha that caused him to miss training camp I could go on and on. So sometimes guys get bounced out of their gigs in the middle of a season and you're like that's too much or in the middle of year two of a six year contract and you say that's too much because guys can turn it around. They can turn it around. I mean just look at the way Dan Campbell started his Lions career as the head coach and now look at him right. But when it's a record that McDaniels has put up in his first year and a half with the decisions that he and his handpicked general manager have made putting it all together with the results being nine and sixteen. And some of those sixteen were last year games where they blew a twenty to nothing halftime lead over the Cardinals and Kyler Murray came back and won it for a team that went three and twelve the rest of the way in Arizona losing to the Titans on a game tying two-pointer that failed then of course there is losing to Baker Mayfield in the Rams after Baker Mayfield had just gotten off a plane on a short week on a Thursday night. Oh and there's the loss to a guy that had just gotten off a fishing boat who had never coached before and Jeff Saturday watching his iron deer in a front lawn that's now currently in a CBS booth Matt Ryan run it for I haven't written down here hold on a minute thirty nine yards scramble for Matt Ryan that is not anything that needs to be adjusted Matt Ryan ran for thirty nine consecutive yards. Okay that happened that happened only when Jeff Saturday had as the interim head coach for Indianapolis and one of their only wins one of the only wins for Josh McDaniels is when the receiver who McDaniels took in free agency this year Jacoby Myers threw a pass directly to Chandler Jones whose history with the Raiders we don't really need to go into too in-depth here despite his huge contract that they gave him that was a gimme win over New England I might add so again I could go on and on so it is clear Mark Davis made what appears to be a clear-headed decision despite in this day and age a year and a half not usually enough to give a coach certainly when hey they're used to firing people there and you know you don't want to keep turning things over Antonio Pierce has been named as the interim head coach he's the linebackers coach in Vegas for the last two years he might be a familiar name to a lot of you certainly in Washington in New York City he played his first four years of his career from oh one to oh four with Washington and then spent the final five years of his career with the Giants including winning a championship over the aforementioned Brady and Patriots he has zero head coaching experience professionally and zero experience coaching offense which as I've already established is the main issue with these Raiders this year the defense has tightened up and the offense has been dreadful and that's McDaniel's is Bailey wick Pierce becomes the 13th different head coach and interim head coach for the Raiders since they last won a playoff game which was the Super Bowl loss in 2002 no other team has had more than 11 head coaches since that time so this franchise knows a ton of turnover and one would think Davis doesn't want to eat four years plus of a contract but he felt no choice but to do it and the Raiders new regime having a meeting this morning making the decision to go with the rookie Aidan O'Connell for the rest of the year because Jimmy Garoppolo I believe is done as the Raiders quarterback because they don't want him to get any further injury suffered which would cause them to have to keep him after this year they're basically doing to him what McDaniel's did to Derek Carr for the final two games last year oh you won't see Jimmy no more unless there is some significant rash of injuries that they have to go through you won't see him anymore just like Paulie from the Godfather so do you think it's over for him I mean I don't think so of course not I mean Garoppolo just needs to get healthy and show everybody that's not a foot problem that's not this that's not that but it's truly amazing that that's where we are entering week nine of this year and Mark Davis probably just had some moment where he's just like wait a minute this is not the way I thought it would go and I hand it off the entire keys of the organization to this regime Davante Adams is slamming his helmet and I'm paying him how much Jimmy Garoppolo I'm paying him how much and this is the regime that started Brian Hoyer in Chicago and they're starting Tyson Bajant and he's coming up with his first career win in his first career start at a Shepherd State and I got Aiden O'Connell sitting there and they traded up for him in the draft and you're starting Brian Hoyer is that what's going on here and then I saw this on a Monday night really is this what we're doing I'm just assuming that that's the way it went and I understand you know when these things happen we're not just talking about coaches and whatever we're talking about families sure McDaniel's moved you know obviously uprooted everything in his life and today is a very difficult day for him and his family but I just think in this results-oriented business and the way things were going and the decisions that were made Carr out and Garoppolo in and Josh Jacobs we're not gonna you know give you a 50-year option and then he then turns into the rushing champion and you know everybody else on this team from Adams to Jacobs is just less than and you know Hunter Renfrow is supposed to be the Welker and Edelman of this system and he's you know he's neither he's not even sniffing that area code and Waller just disappeared and they flipped they let him walk instead of trading him to Green Bay you know in the Devante Adams trade for maybe some sort of capital back with Adams draft style and instead they just let him walk and for compensatory pick you could have gotten more for him from Green Bay I mean there's so many different moves that didn't work and then left you scratching your head so that's the way we start today's program and there's another quarterback change that's happened in the NFL we'll talk about that on this show Mike Florio what a perfect time to have him on tap let's take a break Pro Football Talks Mike Florio next this is the Rich Eisen Show Rich Eisen here let's talk about DoorDash because we talk about it in our household all the time Suzy and I always go to 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them I want one Easter yeah man oh man crazy so not surprising I mean I don't know I mean I don't know you get the jump on I mean who's out there I don't know there's a ton of young coordinators you can jump on and see if they're ready yeah you know but it's GM too it's OC also there's a lot of spots you know there I don't so the guy you might want to just go get is Jim Harbaugh no no I will talk about it later no I don't I don't think so I don't I honestly think Jim is staying I really think Jim is staying yeah that's the way that's the way on and again we're gonna have Bruce Feldman coming up an hour to everything I'm hearing is that you know the school president tweeted out you know photograph of the team there are 144th team is you know we're there for them and I think they're gonna rally around Jim and they're gonna give him the contract that's the way I'm hearing which doesn't mean anything I guess but I don't know who knows but that is the the conversation to be had Mike Florio is gonna join us in a second one of these college college guys who knows I don't know what the college guy I don't know you think he's gonna he's gonna go college guy doesn't seem like it but I think he's gonna go coordinator what if this Raider season goes really bad and they have a top five pick they've lost three and one thing they're not doing is they are not tanking Devante Adams and understood Max Crosby are not tankers sir they should have kept Versace they should have right back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich number two dial sitting here at the rich eyes and show desk on the rich eyes and show radio network the desk is furnished by Granger it supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by Mike Florio stopping by from pro football talk perfect timing and also he's got another book coming out called on our way home and we'll talk about that shortly right here on the rich eyes and show how are you Michael doing great rich first time on zoom how about us how about us ah you know that was part of this whole thing as I said I need to see Florio I need to see that beautiful part of his you know salt and pepperness like honestly dude like 20 years ago I had the flow you you look the same man you don't age no no no no no there's a lot more salt than pepper it's so much easier doing this on the phone you don't have to be conscious of your facial expressions you know if you have to do a scratch or a pick nobody sees it so it's a little more challenging okay so one in the morning eastern is when everything went down in Vegas I guess what what can you tell me about why Mark Davis made this move with McD with his front office and his coach Mike it is so funny I woke up this morning and the first thing I always do check the phone we've got a PFT writer's text thread and my eyes were adjusting yes it's like something about McD and Ziegler it's like did they have a press conference yesterday after trade on whether it's like holy crap time to mobilize I don't think anybody knows why Mark Davis does anything that he does and my first big takeaway on this rich isn't whether or not Josh McD should have been fired he shouldn't have been hired because if you're not going to give one of the Bill Belichick disciples time to make the patriot way take root and grow properly don't do it it's a three to four year operation to turn over your roster to get to the point where you've got a locker room full of players if you can even find 53 of them anymore they will fully and completely submit to the militaristic style you check your individuality at the door you do whatever the coach says you don't say anything to the media all the stuff that Belichick has tried to imprint on his teams and it's funny because guys like McDaniels and Matt Patricia who like McDaniels didn't get enough time in Detroit those guys say oh I'm going to do it my own way I'm going to be my own person I don't realize it's ingrained in you when you're with him for a decade or longer it's in your DNA so Davis never should have hired him I heard one of your folks say that Versace should have gotten the job yes look at what Versace did under the most difficult circumstances all the Gruden stuff that happened the emails the firing or whatever that was the Henry Ruggs situation in 2021 for crying out loud what Mike Mayock and Rich Passaccia did to get that team to the playoffs they almost beat the Bengals who almost beat the Rams in the Super Bowl should have kept Passaccia should have kept Gruden that was the first mistake and hiring McDaniels without a commitment to keeping him long term was the second mistake yeah I'm with you on that obviously you know how I feel about Mayock I know a lot of Raiders fans are saying well the roster needed to be turned over and he didn't really provide a lot of the coal for the engine you know Gruden was calling the shots you know right so you know bottom line is though that was then and I guess this is now what do you make of the first order of business being Aiden O'Connell getting the gig for here on out is that is that a we can't risk Garoppolo getting any more hurt so he's gonna be on on a roster that we have no intention of keeping him on is that the way this is working to you Mike last year it was 40 million dollars in injury guarantees for Derek Carr that became fully vested just a few days after the Super Bowl so the last few weeks of the season they put him in bubble wrap they went with Jared Stidham and they cut Derek Carr when they weren't able to work out a trade for him not that they were ever going to work out a trade for Derek Carr now you got Jimmy Garoppolo in 11.25 million in injury guarantees that vest in March of next year I think for now it's more about Garoppolo isn't performing well he leads the NFL in interceptions with nine and he's missed two and a half games are you kidding me so Aiden O'Connell played well in his start against the Chargers they only lost by seven I think that it's a combination of performance and let's not play Jimmy Garoppolo I won't be surprised if they cut him between now and the end of the season frankly that's the ultimate way to avoid having to pay him the 11.25 million in injury guarantees next year if he's healthy enough to pass a physical now just cut him before something happens where you're on the hook for that money and I've seen some say that maybe somebody should have tried to trade for him yesterday like the Vikings like he's not mobile he can't process information quickly he's not consistently accurate he's hurt all the time I mean other than that sure why not and many of those reasons is why you know the Niners decided to to eventually move on it's just kind of stunning man a year and a half in and so what are you what are you what what's your general sense I guess of where the Raiders might go from here once the dust settles do you think well every time a firing happens Rich with plenty of time left in the regular season we'll hear someone say well the Raiders have a head start now on conducting a full and complete search and turning over every stone and we know damn well that every owner knows who he wants to hire the moment the last coach is fired so he knows who he wants now could he change his mind between now and then maybe what if Antonio Pierce turns it around what if Antonio Pierce does what Rich Passaccia did two years ago right I'd like to think maybe Mark Davis would have learned from that mistake and give Antonio Pierce at least another year to see if he can replicate it so keep an open mind conduct an expansive and inclusive and broad search and defer any decisions until the appropriate time after the season is ended this is an opportunity to make a really good hire but that's the problem look as Jed York once said during a period of intense dysfunction with the 49ers you can't fire the owner and the problem is Mark Davis the guy that's made a bunch of bad decisions over the past 12 years is going to make the next decision is he going to make a good decision his track record tells us probably not so that's what we have to factor into this as well and I also wonder Rich who he's getting advice from like how involved was Tom Brady in whispering in Mark Davis's ear as to whether or not he should fire Josh McDaniels how much will Brady be involved going forward was John Gruden talking to Mark Davis all these guys are advised by someone I'd love to know who gave Gruden or who gave Davis his advice and whether Gruden was involved in telling him what he thought he should do with Josh McDaniels I thought you were going code red on me right there Mike I thought that's where you were going with that with that answer so what's your best guess who is in Mark Davis's mind then right now you know there's already chatter about Jim Harbaugh and I don't know that Harbaugh is going to be very attractive to an NFL team depending upon how deep this rabbit hole goes with the Kaiser Soze a situation up in Michigan right that guy's popping up everywhere like how can Harbaugh Harbaugh said that he didn't know anything about it well at a certain point you become Mr. Magoo if this program of stealing signs was as vast as it appears to be he wanted the Minnesota job he thought he was getting the Minnesota job that's my understanding the Vikings went with Kevin O'Connell interviewed for the Broncos job this year they went with Sean Payton I don't know that there's an escape hatch and when they pushed the story on Sunday the Sunday splash report about Harbaugh possibly being suspended by the league if he's suspended by the NCAA well I don't know what rule would support that it would be antitrust frankly for the league to do it but if it scares teams away from hiring him mission accomplished but Davis would be the one guy who wouldn't care about it and Jim Harbaugh's coaching career started as quarterbacks coach and probably before that quality control with the Raiders 20 plus years ago Mike Florio pro football talk here on the Rich Eisen show what were the Washington commanders doing yesterday Mike selling like Duke and Duke sell sell sell hey this is Josh Harris I think recognizing that the reset button is going to be pressed at the end of the season and we knew going in owners don't buy teams because like hey you know what I'd like to buy a team but I want to buy the team that employs Ron Rivera Martin Mayhew and Jason Wright because I want those guys working for me I'm only buying that team no they buy a team and then they have their ideas as to how the team is going to be run and the only way to change that the only way to delay that is to win so the commanders aren't winning I suspect Ron Rivera very much would have liked to have chase young and Montez sweat on the roster the rest of the year to try to turn this around and get the seven seed and save his job but Josh Harris recognizing changes are afoot for the commanders I suspect it's going to get blown up after the season and this is the most tangible sign yet that Josh Harris is eyeballing a future that will be crafted in whatever the owner of the team decides to do by way of team president team general manager and head coach but these are two guys at positions that you're going to go hunt for using these draft choices you know what I'm saying and I understand there's money in cap and what have you and you don't know if you'll be able to hold on to these guys but to for sweat and chase young on the same day I mean these aren't like 35 year old guys 33 year old guys and I understand young has an injury history that he's still coming back from but I don't I don't I don't get it that that's that's the head scratch because again these are these are guys that that you need now you know what I'm saying and and next year so absolutely I mean you know the draft is a lottery and when you get a winning lottery ticket you don't throw it back for more lottery tickets you cash it in so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it makes you wonder what the plans are going forward maybe the extra draft picks make the team more attractive to whoever it is Josh Harris wants to try to hire there's some rumors out there on the grapevine there's some theories out there about potential candidates to take over the team possibly a coach who we think is going to be fired by the Patriots but might be traded by the Patriots the commanders when the season is over who knows so a lot of stuff goes into it but when you give up those two pieces that you could use now to try to win games and get to the postseason you're sending the signal to the world changes are coming once this season ends what did you just say where did I there's some chatter out there I'm talking about on PFT live today there's a little chatter out there about a possible trade of Bill Belichick and it's not really a trade but it is a trade the commanders would call the Patriots after the season and and say what compensation would you want if we were to contact Bill Belichick and talk to him about coming to Washington being our head coach and he'd say yes what compensation would you want they reach a deal they give him permission to talk directly to Belichick they work out a deal when Belichick moves on I think that that Sunday splash report from a couple of Sundays ago where Ian popped into the game day show and said that Belichick signed a contract in the offseason lucrative multi-year etc my first thought was that's from Belichick's camp trying to get out the word that he ain't getting fired during the season but you know what based on some chatter out there about Belichick to the commanders maybe maybe rich it was a message by the Patriots to anyone out there that would want Belichick you're not just going to be able to hire him you got to deal with us we got his rights he's under contract with us so we'll finish this season we'll see who's out there looking for a head coach and we'll wait for the phone to ring and maybe we'll do some business and maybe get back what we had to give up to the Jets to get him in the first place Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen show what what's the trade deadline trade that that didn't get made that you heard about or anything that you're willing to throw out there from it for us the Josh Josh Uche talk in New England and this kind of gets back to the whole pass rushers and do you value pass rushers do you pay pass rushers the Patriots don't really pay big money to pass rushers under Bill Belichick and you know the talk was any of their guys in the last year of their contract especially Uche someone to watch as a potentially available player because let's go ahead and get the compensation for this guy yeah he walks away in free agency yeah there's compensatory draft pick consideration but that was one that I kind of had an eyeball on I still was thinking that somebody was going to make a play for Derek Henry I I've been saying for weeks to Henry to the Browns I the Ravens were linked to him me too Mike would have been a fascinating possibility the Browns would have been something could you imagine today's version of Jim Brown Derek Henry on the Browns yeah or Dallas or anywhere but Tennessee you know although maybe Will Levis's performance caused them to say let's see what we can do with DeAndre Hopkins scoring three touchdowns you know that could have something to do with it but then I don't understand the whole business of well Derek Henry didn't renegotiate his contract and his five million left on it I'm like five million dollars for Derek Henry like are you kidding me to finish the season and maybe become your McCaffrey and make your team plus you know Ravens plus Bills plus Browns plus like I don't get that I would have absolutely flipped a draft choice of significance because then who the hell is this kid in college you're you're you're keeping the amorphous possibility of drafting somebody late in the first round that could be great or or Derek Henry now I quite frankly don't get it sometimes Mike and rich it would have been a perfect opportunity to do a trade that involved various levels of picks based upon what Henry does the rest of the sure sliding scale it'll be a five or a four or a three or a two whether it's his success whether it's team success the Browns desperately need something for their offense but the problem with the Browns is when you've given up three first round picks and three mid round picks for Deshaun Watson and you've got no return on that investment never mind the money we talk about the money all the time because that contract was unprecedented three ones three mid-level picks those are key players that can be part of your foundation for years to come gone forever and it's all into Deshaun Watson's hands and he's not playing and their defense is good enough to beat anyone they just need something offensively I thought it would have been a stroke of genius for them to go get Derek Henry do a trade based upon how well they do it just feels like if they could get something out of their offense the window is open for them to be a real contender for the first time in a very long time before I let you go sir tell me about this book and what it is in support of Mike well this is a Christmas story that I wrote literally during Christmas season two years ago it was an idea I was carrying around for about 10 or 15 years and it's just one of those things just sit down and just start and before you know it it's over on our way home it's a story that lands at the intersection of a Christmas Carol and it's a wonderful life it is supposed to be a message of reconciliation and redemption for families there are so many family relationships out there they're fractured the holidays are a perfect time to try to repair them before it's too late that's part of the story you want to repair them before it's too late and if it is too late you need to find a way to come to terms with that relationship that can never be repaired that's kind of the message that drives the thing and every penny I make goes to the Humane Society of Harrison County West Virginia a no-kill shelter that provides care for rescued dogs and cats until they find their permanent home attaboy I just want to get as many people as possible to read it I think it's a good story despite the fact that I wrote it and I think it sends a powerful message that would help a lot of people with the holidays I posted it for free last year like an advent calendar on the website and I got some great feedback from the people who took the time to read it I was overwhelmed by some of the reaction I just want to get people to read it because I think it can help people you know the world's kind of a dark and scary place right now the holidays are a time to kind of reset but they're hard for a lot of people because of those family relationships that are broken and I just if I could just inspire a handful of people to fix a relationship that needs to be fixed it will have been worth it beautiful how can people get it $3.99 for the ebook and $9.99 for the paperback it's back over my shoulder I should have grabbed it and like held it up here but uh go ahead and get it go ahead yeah I don't have pants on I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm too lazy to walk over there okay very good so yeah but I appreciate you letting me talk about it Rich and really I think that people will enjoy it I hope they'll enjoy it I hope people give it a try Mike Florio you're the man thanks for the time here um enjoy the uh the month of November pal let's uh let's let's chat uh in short order appreciate it anytime good talking to you that's Mike Florio check out pft live on peacock which you can see right here on the roku platform then of course a pro football talker must follow and get on our way home at uh amazon let's take a break the college football playoff rankings are out and what the hell is that dude doing on the sideline it looks like it's central michigan rich isin here if you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day there's something the guys on my show have been enjoying prize picks daily fantasy sports the number one daily fantasy sports app brockman tell us about prize picks and your strategy this season rich it's so fun and so easy you know I love this stuff you pick two or more players based on their stats and place their entry it takes less than 60 points and just a few taps you make your picks boom you're part of the action and they have weekly promotions that can lead to big prizes I love prize picks because it adds to my game time experience I'm more invested in the outcome and I get real-time updates like this weekend you know if I'm thinking about a certain indianapolis quarterback going over his rushing yards or maybe a pittsburgh receiver getting more than is a lot of catches there I am boom I love it I love prize picks you should too if you're eager to test your knowledge and skills play the game enjoyed by millions and join the prize picks community of more than seven million football fans who have already signed up visit slash pigskin and use code pigskin that's code pigskin at slash pigskin prize picks daily fantasy made easy must be present in certain states visit for restrictions and details half redneck half posh 100% fun Trey Crowder and Corey Ryan Forrester try and learn fancy culture in putting on airs the host of the medium popcorn podcast Brandon Collins and Justin Brown okay so Paddington 2 had like 100% arrived tomatoes for you and you guys ruined that Justin came in and like took it down like two points because of his rating that's the time we started getting death threats yeah I'm not surprised people worship that movie putting on airs the podcast is on YouTube and wherever you listen I got a recruiting story you want to hear it please saying hard boss crazy so I'm recruiting right for Cal is that fire real it is definitely not real so I'm I'm it's a television set I'm recruiting back in Minnesota and it's like January all right and it's snow and it's cold and everything like that with the HC of Cal so we're sitting around at home visit right family visit yeah so the kids there the mom and dad little sisters are there grandparents are there and we're just kind of having hot chocolate right yeah and so it's kind of you know we're talking about go to Cal you know great school the best in the world and all that stuff yes and so when you sit there for several hours sometimes the conversations good and sometimes it drags all right so so it started to drag and I was running out of things to say if you can imagine that yeah right so there it was snowing out it was cold and it was cool it's just awesome being in there you know and there was a cat sitting over by the fireplace right like just like this fire like this fire when it was a real fire rich yeah and it was a cat and it was all curled up and looked so cozy so awesome yeah and then conversation was dragging a little bit I went wouldn't you just love to be that cat right now and everybody looked at the cat and just as I just as everybody looked it rolled over it started licking himself all over the place I didn't get that kid all right that cat just kind of screwed me over a little bit it's like well I mean it looked like it was screwing itself over cozy for a while oh my god I didn't get that kid god Mooch is truly an A++ storyteller really favorites back here on our radio network one big happy streaming family with Roku hey college football playoffs committee has met and spat out its first rankings now look these are purely fodder for conversation it's a PR thing to get people talking about it which makes sense certainly because these games are always played either on New Year's Eve New Year's Day people are running around they might not have time to see it who knows but you get it started you get the conversation it's a conversation starter and the number one ranked team according to the college football playoff committee is the Ohio State followed by Georgia Michigan then Florida State Washington is the only current undefeated team on the outside looking in followed by Oregon Texas Alabama Oklahoma and Ole Miss the reason why Ohio State is number one and I totally get it is they they've played some opponents that Georgia and certainly my school is not now one of them is Penn State my school will do that the other one is Notre Dame which refused to start keep playing my school ran like chickens as I believe Brady Hoke once said and listen if you've got a problem Del Tufo with Ohio State being number one have your school put a friggin 11th man out there when the game's on the line that would have been helpful but the bottom line is Ohio State did beat Notre Dame and did beat Penn State and convincingly and that's why Ohio State is number one they've played it I if I don't have the numbers in front of me I would just assume that the toughest schedule I'm sure Washington fans will push back and say the Pac-12 is far more difficult than the Big Ten and they'd be correct but it's just again this is all going to eventually be come out in the wash it's just a conversation starter the thing that that leapt out at me because I know a lot of my fellow Wolverines are like well we're number three because of all this sign stealing stuff Boo Corrigan which is the name of the gentleman in charge of the college football playoffs said quote of the sign stealing scandal is it being referred to right now we really see it as an NCAA issue and not a CFP issue okay you know what that means to me everything I've been telling you about the future of college football that's an NCAA issue that's a that's a that's a a TP their problem not an MP my problem everything I'm telling you is the college football playoffs is in their mind a separate entity from the NCAA and that's exactly what I've been telling you like-minded schools are all going to get together on the NIL front they're going to get together on the transfer portal front they're going to get together on the scheduling front and now maybe even the let's put kids in helmets that have headsets in them to get rid of this nonsense with sign stealing let's all get together because we'll have the money for it other schools might not but too bad and they're gonna take their ball one day and tell everyone else to go home if they're not in the CFP umbrella I don't know who's gonna be in that how many teams but it's coming it's a Super League it will come because the CFP will be the conduit it will be the organization and they'll tell the NCAA you figure out what you want to figure out but we're a separate entity we see this as an NCAA problem not a CFP issue oh okay good to know I heard that I'm like okay exactly what I've been thinking so no problem with the way the rankings are because it'll all come out in the wash go win football games and the sense of go win football games which is what I just said in relation to the standings of the first college football playoff hey Washington you got problems with being fifth go win football games Florida State sitting there saying oh we haven't played anybody did you see what we did to LSU you see what we've done in conference go in more football games in that same vein same thing about Michigan with this sign stealing stuff the drip drip drip drip drip stop dripping you know the last week it was all I don't he this guy Connor Stallions you know I guess his mother maiden name was Connor and he grew up on Stallion Street you know this guy Connor Stallions oh he was buying tickets everywhere he was buying tickets for Big Ten games by the way my favorite part of the reporting is he didn't buy tickets to Wisconsin games that's because Big Cat we know you're gonna run the ball and you know no apparently they bought tickets to Iowa and then and then we found out drip drip drip oh he bought tickets to non-conference opponents drip drip drip and then finally drip stops dripping because you know why there's no video that's what we need if there was a video of some dude that was in Connor Stallion's seat or some lady holding up a phone and you could see it he's pointing it or she's pointing it at the sideline of a Michigan opponent oh good lord then it's gonna be talked about that video that went viral that a sign stealers and other stories say really wasn't that much watching Michigan football players on the sideline pointing up after Connor Stallions whispered in the ear of the defensive coordinator two years ago on the sideline of Michigan Ohio State it's just up means they're gonna throw it you don't know the routes it's just like it's a pass play coming and they scored on that play correct Ohio State did not Michigan right okay all that stuff but it's video oh gosh that's what we're looking for so now there's video apparently of Connor Stallions on the sideline of central Michigan earlier this year watching them take on Michigan State future Michigan opponent now it's everywhere and now Jim McElwain the head coach of central Michigan has to answer questions which is another sound bite to keep talking about it this is what the head coach of the Chippewas had to say you know before we go any farther we've obviously are aware of picture floating around with the the sign stealer guy you know our people are doing everything they can to get to the bottom of it we're unaware totally unaware of it I certainly don't condone it in any way shape or form and you know I do know that his name was on none of the passes that were let out now we just keep tracing it back and tracing it back and try to figure it out but it's in good hands with our people and again you know there's there's no place in football for that that's correct there is no place in football for that I don't know how the hell this guy wound up on this sideline and by the way the fact that they didn't you know show up to will call and get a pass that said Connor Stallions means nothing you could just get anybody's name can get it and hand it to this guy and then suddenly he's on the sideline in the crack he I mean for a military man the sloppiest dude in the history of sloppiness it's like one of my my kids who will just eat something he's not supposed to eat and then leave the cabinet door open with crumbs basically going to his room if everything is true and I just it's it's time to get something out there I'm it and and I'm hearing that and we'll talk to Bruce Feldman about an hour to Michigan's gonna sign Harbaugh to the contract he was gonna get anyway which is which I think is great because that means they must have looked in all this and figure there's no more drip drip drip that's gonna come out that makes this contract moot maybe I'm naive because this is the way through beat the crap out of everybody because Connor Stallions isn't standing on you know somebody else's sideline looking like Bobby Valentine and a mustache coming back to the dugout after he got ejected he gone he's not there anymore and the people who he apparently personally venmoed to shoot video for these opponents on tickets he's apparently bought that's gone root and branch produce next then Penn State at Penn State then at Maryland then home for Ohio State tar and feather all of them because there's no asterisk no sir not this year and you even heard Daniel Jeremiah the other day saying not even last couple of years either as Aiden Hutchinson folded the tackle of the Ohio State like a folding chair multiple times and Daniel said you don't get that from science all of the jokes all of the recriminations totally get it and deserved quite frankly if this guy's doing what he was doing just beat everybody Michigan then you'll wind up one to all of my friends out there are like how is Ohio State one because they play people and beat them but guess what they got to play Michigan without the sign guy sign stealing guy is Jim McElwain calls him how embarrassing he won't be there just beat everybody and the same thing goes for Georgia too you know act too you could say that they've gotten sort of like the hey that's that's that's your that's your standing thanks to the last couple of years I mean they have beaten everyone in front of them they just you know they they devoured the world's largest cocktail party you know they survived Auburn they're getting through the SEC you know conference because it just means more but I guess what they'll have to take on Alabama and the SEC championship game that's where we're going one day seems like that's next and so and so they got to go through Alabama keep winning games everybody just keep winning games college football playoff standings is just for what we're doing right now yeah doesn't mean conversation November 1st it's cool it's back now we got these you know every week to look forward to yeah but there's still a lot of football left a month yeah a lot of big games left there's a month of regular season action and then comes conference championships so it's five weeks from now we'll see what it looks like yeah I think we can kind of guess did you take that that quote I don't know if you heard it last night I wrote it down we really see it as an NCAA issue and not a CFP issue okay so there's two separate entities which means you could create your own entity under your umbrella at some point the CFP has no punishment authority sure they do they could basically say while this is happening in the scandal we want no piece of them in our playoffs they could do that I guess for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications we have Michael Azerrad who was Nirvana's very first biographer I'm not sure how many people realize how many of the best songs on in utero were written way beforehand to be fair to Kurt he was also a new father there was a lot of stuff distracting him it wasn't just drugs although that was certainly a major factor Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen
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