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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 27, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 27, 2023 3:12 pm

Rich weighs in on the Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ Thursday Night Football win over Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and gets into a heated debate on whether NFL officials are too loathe to call Pass Interference on Hail Mary plays when there is clear contact between defenders and receivers.

Rich and the guys react to the latest developments in the ongoing beef between James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Let's do it.

There's some hardware on the table. We're not going to apologize for winning. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. A Marconi award from NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters, for the network syndicated personality of the year for yours truly, and I thank all of you. Today's guests, Brown's defensive end, Miles Garrett. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, that's correct. Hi, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH is the number to tell. I sometimes don't know how to start the show, I'm not going to lie. It always catches me off guard. I don't know.

Sometimes my people might be like, really, is it? And now you have to confirm it off the top. Just to take the mystery out. Of course. Just like it's the Ohio State. You know what I mean?

I don't want people to be confused. It's the Rich Eisen Show. Welcome. 844-204-RICH. Number to tell right here today on this Friday leading into week 8, writ large of the National Football League season, the NBA. We've got almost, it's the first weekend of the NBA season. The World Series starts tonight in the Metroplex.

Between the Rangers and the Diamondbacks and the cartwheels you're hearing are from Fox executives. Is Del Tufo there right now? Just like, you know, he's there right now.

He's wearing cables. No, you know what he's doing? He's comic relief. That's what he is. I don't have everything ready.

At any rate. Jay Felley, good to see you over there. Jay Felley, how are you? Hey, I'm good. How are you? Christopher, how are you? Hey, thanks for having me on.

Yes. Rich, I'm great. TJ Jefferson, how are you, brother? You know, my fantasy team is doing well. I'm doing great. Which fantasy team?

All of them. OK. Whoa. Shot across the bow. That's because we're playing each other in our NBA fantasy. You know, last night you made it personal. See, it wasn't personal between us. How did I make it personal? You just made it, but I don't remember. You said something yesterday.

No, no. He said personal. You said something and I was like, oh, it's personal. Here's how it would be personal. It would be personal if just before we start playing against each other. I tell you, you're not allowed on the plane. That makes it personal. And we'll get to that shortly on this program.

You ain't never lied. Somebody forgot to tell James don't show up to the airport. Fascinating. We'll get to that. That could not have gone over well.

Oh, boy. By the way, let's talk about the Buffalo Bills. Five and three at the eight game juncture.

I'll be straight up. Didn't think they'd be five and three. I would have signed for I would have signed a piece of paper saying six and two at worst. Seven and one, maybe.

Yeah, they're five and three. Let's talk about the positives. They won a short week game.

Not easy to do, even if you're home. They won a game in which Josh Allen came up with a throwing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. We talked about that about Dak Prescott. When you've got a quarterback who can run it. And then he can put it in the end zone himself with his legs and then with his arms.

That is the difference maker in this league. If you have someone who can do that, you need him to do that. The problem is there's some conundrum in western New York about him doing too much. And that sometimes seems to be an issue of is he thinking too much out there? Which is why Ryan Fitzpatrick said, I'm going shirtless when we see the Mandalorian type quarterback show up. The guy who imposes his will against you, that guy who we haven't seen in about a month. And the question is, is he banged up?

He spent some time in a blue tent last night. I was freaking out for Bill's Mafia at that point in time because he had just galloped easily into the end zone. Good old school Josh Allen running in, sticking the ball out as he's crossing the goal line, teardropping it. Which he probably would have done if it didn't get knocked out of his hands. You know, like look at the confidence on this guy's face as he's crossing the end zone. Reaching the ball out across the goal line easily as he glides in with a shoulder that who knew at the time needed looking at in the blue tent.

I couldn't believe like, wait, why is Kyle Allen warming up? So I understand the Bills came out with this win and all is good in that hood, five and three way better than four and four. Certainly when your next game is against the Cincinnati Bengals on a Sunday night in week number nine. Hey now. But for the moment, I'll say this, you know, they looked so good in weeks two through four.

They did. Weeks two through four, bouncing back from that loss against the Jets on opening night. I'm like, that's the team.

Rick Dalton, Jif. There it is. That's the team. That's the Bills right there. Obviously, you can't win every game, you know, by 28 points in the NFL, but you can impose your will and look dominant. And the good news is for the Bills, despite losing Trey White and Matt Milano and Daquan Jones. Despite losing those players just off the top of my head defensively, boy, they can get after it. And they got all over Baker Mayfield. If it wasn't for that tipped ball up in the air, how about that? Coming out of the blue tent, Josh Allen throws a ball, gets tipped up in the air and it gets intercepted. The Bills defense did its job last night, but still it was a game. That's the issue.

It was still a game. And the Bills, you know, it doesn't look pretty. I don't see any pictures on the standings. But maybe, just maybe, let's take this mini by Buffalo. Let's get Allen's shoulder, whatever is up a little bit right.

And I don't know, it just I'm it is interesting. Play play the soundbite from the coach first. If you don't know the soundbite from the coach, if you don't mind. No, I'm always concerned about anyone's injury, in particular Josh's. He's so tough, so competitive. It didn't surprise me when they said, hey, he's going back in.

But from a, I don't know, like protective standpoint, but you're going to have to take his helmet from him to keep him from going back out there. You mentioned Josh sliding. Mitch Morris laughed and said we should frame it.

We put it up there. Is that something you still have to say to him? I'm done saying that.

I'm done saying it. He knows. So, he knows. So if he's going to rung, he needs to slide. He knows that. So that conversation's been had over and over and over again.

So short of hitting him over the head with a baseball bat and knocking him out. It's his job to slide. So I guess that would be the purpose of the slide.

Good fun stuff. But Sean McDermott, you know, maybe just maybe this is why on fourth and and short, they're throwing a ball instead of, you know, brotherly shoving Josh Allen across the goal line because they don't want to put his shoulder at risk. Something's up with that shoulder.

You know what I mean? Because I think I'll just again, to me, the idea was to get the running game so he doesn't have to do everything in the in the red zone. That seems to be off. James Cook is getting his yards. Damien Harris is hurt. Latavious Murray is supposed to be pounding it in the end zone. At one point, he had to bounce it outside inside the five yard line.

That didn't work. Dalton Kincaid was supposed to help. Now that's a bright spot. That's a kid who I think could be very helpful in taking the bills back to that weeks two through four when they were killing it and crushing it. And you saw him last night score his first touchdown. Dawson knocks out for a month. You saw what he can do as a difference maker in the red zone.

That's not too bad. But part of me does want to see Josh Allen beat. He's 27 still. I want to see Josh Allen beat Josh Allen. And it's kind of crazy. I'm saying this when he threw for 300 yards and scored one on the ground and threw one in. But this game was too damn close for my liking. Because the Bucks have now lost three in a row. And, you know, it just seems to be a mistake fest for the Bills when they just need to clean it up, clean up the mistake fests, get Josh Allen feeling more like that Mandalorian quarterback who is just gunning for your soul. And this team still can go places. But I come off of that Thursday night game saying that something that's missing from Buffalo is still missing.

A little bit. And if I'm wrong, they'll wind up winning the game against Cincinnati, just unlike last year in the playoffs. They'll end up beating the Jets to avoid a season sweep. They'll end up going to Philadelphia and beating the defending champs in the NFC and then coming off there by feeling good and beating the actual defending champs in Kansas City.

Tell Dallas, not in our house, you know, and then go sweep the season series against Miami in the final week of the season and have a shot at the one seed. What do you think? Possible? Sure, it's possible.

Probable? Not based on what I saw last night. You know what I'm saying?

Like, this is what I'm saying. Something's just off. And the something that's off is seeing Josh Allen imposing his will and cleaning up the mistakes, like ripping Baker Mayfield's face mask when you're taking him down to the ground that essentially ended the game and letting Tampa do what it was doing last night, which is taking the air out of their own football, running the clock out on themselves on a 17 play drive when you got to score fast. And a couple of penalties kept Baker Mayfield out on the field, and that opens you up to two things. One, a touchdown pass to Mike Evans that grazes off your defensive backs helmet. And then a Hail Mary.

We could have been having a completely different opening segment today. Had Chris Godwin not turned around a split second sooner, it was the most Hail Mary perfect pass I have ever seen hit the ground without it touching a single hand. The last hand that touched the football last night on the Hail Mary was Baker Mayfield's and the ball wasn't way short and it wasn't sailed out of the back of the end zone. It landed like a dart hitting the freaking bullseye.

I have never, I'd shoot you straight. In my 20 years, the NFL Network's 20th anniversary is two Saturdays from now. I've never seen a Hail Mary pass thrown so perfectly hit nobody in the hands. Ever. And that ball had Chris Godwin turned around. He could have fair caught it. I'm watching it right now.

It's so perfect. We would be talking about a completely different outlook for the Buffalo Bills, which is my point. That game should have been in the freezer way beforehand, and that's my concern about the Bills because they're now in the realm, it seems, of having to play a damn near perfect game to beat the teams they're going to have to beat to get to the promised land.

And I need to see the weeks two through four Bills back. Now, of course, all the players that I said on defense that weren't there are not going to be walking through that door anymore. That's why I'm thinking maybe next Tuesday they get a little aggressive for some offensive help, a little aggressive. If Hopkins is out there available, if Derrick Henry's out there available, go bring them to Western New York and get a fresh.

Set of legs and arms and a fresh set of air to breeze through there. On their mini bye week. And as for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they've lost three in a row, three and one coming out of their bye. They've lost three in a row. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost at home to Detroit, lost at home to Atlanta, and then just lost at Buffalo.

And you know what? You know where they're going next? They're going to Houston, and that is zero gimme. That's one of those circle on your schedule going into the year saying, well, at least that's a good chance for a win.

Not now. No way. They have visits to San Francisco and Indianapolis still to come. By the way, don't sleep on Indy. They got a visit to Atlanta. Home for Jacksonville.

These are games that are definitely going to be difficult for them if they can't move the change. I'm telling you, last night you got the exact information. You hear it is 17 plays 92 yards, seven minutes and 21 seconds, which is not optimum when you're down by 14 and there's 10 minutes left on the clock when you start the drive.

That was like watching paint dry. And some of the first downs was Baker's moxie with his legs. I don't know what's up with that offense either, because they do have some weapons there.

So they've got to find the first month of there. It was kind of like the battle of the two teams that had terrific weeks two through four, you know, five and three against a team that was three and three, now three and four. Four and three versus three and three, two teams with three losses and none of them in weeks two through four. For Tampa, except they did lose that week three game against Philadelphia.

But other than that, they were terrific. In their first three weeks of the season, four weeks of the season and Buffalo's got to find it again. Atlanta's got a good shot to win this division.

We thought they would win it. Who did you choose to win the division to Atlanta or you chose Tampa? I can't remember. I want to say Atlanta, I think.

I have to go back and look at that. So Atlanta's game this week is at Tennessee. That's right. It's the Arthur Smith reunion game where it's Desmond Ritter apparently against Will Leviss.

How about that? But Malik Willis is also going to play. Yeah, that's an interesting game.

I've got my top five most fascinating intriguing games of this week. We've got What's More Likely. Our three is jamming. We've got Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns, TJ Jefferson's MVP candidate.

We did in fact come up with some extra tombstones for his front lawn with Halloween coming up next Tuesday. Also on this program, What's More Likely and Tom Pelissero is in studio hour number three to tell us the latest on what's going on going into the weekend on the injury fronts and also for the trade deadline. And then there's you at 844-204-RICH.

Number to dial. We've got so much going on here. When we come back, there is some injury news. A quarterback has just been ruled out for week eight. We'll tell you who that is. And also, James Harden. Your plane is boarding.

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The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen. Another thing about last night's game is everybody's freaking out because it seems that they used an audible Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift. No way.

But I don't believe it. That's what it is. This is kind of like the Laurel and Yanni thing, like to see if you hear Taylor Swift or or something else.

Hit it. Apparently, it's J.R. Smith. Oh, OK. It's not Taylor Swift. This is good.

Like that's the Laurel Yanni. Is it Taylor Swift or J.R. Smith? Hit it again. Wow.

I did hear J.R. Smith. Interesting thing, though, is that they got the playoff on time, though. Oh, oh, wow. Is that wrong? I mean, LeBron's still pretty mad about that. I mean, that's the photograph that Smitsch chose.

LeBron's still mad. Yeah. All time great meme.

I mean, one of the first big sports meme. Was it? Yeah. Like, hey, do you know how much time is left?

What are you doing? That could change the entire series. Look how long ago it was. He was a Cleveland Cavalier. That's how long ago it was.

Doesn't it feel like ages ago? And look at my man, Travis Kelce. Look at our friend Travis Kelce. Just just let's let's just hold on a second.

We get lost in everything going on right now. Look at what our friend is, has become a man about town, a man of Earth. All grown up. He's already grown up. Travis Kelce was always that. Now, when we first walked in here, man, and we were just talking to him and he was wearing 87, Gavin, it's kind of like, oh, there's another 87.

This league plays pretty good. He's baby. That's a Hall of Famer, man. When you lose, I went dating the most famous woman on the planet. She's a billionaire now. Dude.

So it wasn't it wasn't. Wasn't Taylor Swift back here in the Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network, sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call clicker Grainger dot com or just stop by. One last thing here. Do you think there's going to be a backlash here about Baker? Oh, he's blown it. He's blown his shot here. He's blown his chance here. He made some plays last night, man.

He had that one where he spun out of the sack and then stepped up and hit a throw. You know, we were we'll always cape for him here. What are we really we're going to we're going to see if Kyle Trask, we're going to turn to him at three and four. Is that we're going to do is that what everybody's going to do?

Is that what it's being called for there? How about also, you know, I'm a fan of Todd Bowles, too. But what was going on at the end of the half? It's fourth and three.

You took it. You know, you're afraid that if you don't make it, you're going to give the Bills a chance to kick a field goal. But you've got to steal points. You've got to try it. You've got to go for it. The whole business of like, what if we don't make it in twenty twenty three out the window?

Right. Like you've got to have plays there where Baker's going to you roll them out, create it. You don't want to cut off half the field and don't roll them out. Figure out some sort of pick play.

Get a first down somebody out of the backfield. Where were some of the fact that you don't attempt? It and you're trying to get them to jump off sides. I think even.

Al even gave the whole what else is new or more of the same, you know, because everybody tries to draw people up, jump off sides. That works. What, one out of fifteen times, one out of twenty times. Like, that's the aggressiveness you need to try right there. Not like, well, well, we'll just go into halftime down seven. It's better than going down ten if we don't make it or you do make it and you go down fourteen.

I mean, you go down by four. It's a Mike Evans, fifty, fifty balls, something. And that's one thing, too. Baker has found Mike Evans in seven games way better than Tom Brady did last year in seventeen.

Wouldn't you say? I mean, I know Mike had a touchdown last night, but only three catches, only thirty nine yards. I know. Until that point, he was frustrated and locked down. But overall, how many touchdowns does Mike Evans have this year? I bet you it's more than last year already through seven games. I think you're right. And this is a guy who's, you know, was hoping to get signed and have a contract.

That whole thing's going on. And Baker threw one of the most perfect Hail Mary balls that nobody touched. In the history of Hail Mary football's Evans has five. And how much do you how many you have last year?

Bet you're less than that or maybe right there. Yeah, I had him last year. He went ten games out of touchdown last year.

He only had six. There you go. And you know, Baker threw the sixty, like you said, a sixty five yard Hail Mary in the air.

I mean, literally Godwin turns around. Let me hit this with you guys. Let me hit this with you guys. And then we'll then we'll we'll we'll turn our attention to the news of the day in the NBA. Second straight nationally televised night game in western New York, where there could have been a penalty on the final play of the game.

Now, this is a different ball of wax. Hail Mary is a little different. Now, the number of times I hear from NFL officiating down a distance doesn't matter. Time on the clock doesn't matter.

Importance of the game doesn't matter. Ask an Eagles fan. Well, it's not a Hail Mary brother. Come on. Would you say Hail Mary and the Super Bowl is not getting a flag? Let me ask you this question.

No Hail Mary's getting a flag. Right. So then why are we talking?

What are we talking about? Because that was a foul. One of the reasons why Godwin wasn't turned around in time.

Happens to be one of them, maybe not all the reasons happens to be he was being fouled. Now you don't get to bail somebody out, bail someone out. You also don't get to bail out. So wait a minute. When it's a when it's a desperation pass down two scores with two minutes to go, you don't you don't get bailed out on Hail Mary desperation pass. Then the benefit goes to the defense. Go ahead and assault someone. You literally have to tackle someone in the end zone. I mean, I'm really looking at Chris. Am I wrong?

He got grabbed by his waist, kind of turned around. So again, that's that's I know what you're saying, though, and I know what you're saying. So if it's if so, if they're in the game for much of the game, right, if they're in the game, that's part of your metric, too. If they're in the game, if it's a game, if you for 58 minutes in the game and you're and you're in it.

They get their ass kicked for 58 minutes, but suddenly we're going to give we're going to bail them out, bail them out. Well, you have an opportunity to score. You need to score to win an opportunity to score. It's a little time on the clock. It's literally a one in a million shot.

So what are we doing? So so there is an unwritten rule for sure that in in a Hail Mary, there should be. No, you saw literally that you got you got to make the play. You want a flag there, honestly, you honestly want a flag there. You want this here. Your whole thing is it's not going to get changed until it happens in the Super Bowl.

Right. You want a Super Bowl to end on a flag on a Hail Mary. That ball you want. You want Eagles, Patriots. You want a foul called against Gronk on the Hail Mary throw. So the Patriots can have a chance. Was he fouled?

Sure. Let's just say for sure. Was he foul? Yeah, Gronk always gets fouled. Gronk is like Shaq.

He gets fouled on every play. So you want a Hail Mary. You want a flag. I'll be honest with you. I don't. OK, I don't.

OK, I'm not going to just sit here and be obstinate just because you have a Marconi because I agree with you. They could point. No, I, I, I totally get it. There is a sense of Hail Mary's. It is an unwritten rule.

Assault whoever you want. And if you win, if you win, that's the thing, Chris. If you win on a Hail Mary, you have overcome odds and officiating. Right. And everything.

That's part of the Hail Mary that God shined on you that day. But Chris Godwin. Let me ask you this.

Was Chris Godwin fouled last night? Nah, you know, it's blurry, it's dark, it's cold. That's why you don't have a Marconi.

That's why you don't have one. Everyone was drinking a lot in Buffalo. It's a Thursday night. I would like fans to call 844-204-RICH if you want to chop this one up. Would you want a penalty called on a Hail Mary if there is one?

What kind of question? Of course, if there's a penalty, even call it. Right? Like, here's the deal. His jersey did get pulled.

Without question. Was it egregious enough? What do you think? Chris Godwin was just like, didn't know the ball was coming? He's just like, la-di-da. He's just like staring into space. Oh, wait a minute. That's somebody in the crowd wearing a very nice hat.

Let me look at that. You know, he's distracted. After getting into the egregious. Should a flag ever be thrown on a Hail Mary?

I'm putting this up as a poll. Because he was fouled. And so was Darren Waller, by the way.

Boy, Bill's fans are going to be really happy with me today. We won the game and you're like, you're still concerned about him. Those are two different plays. Completely different plays.

Why? Because the Giants were in it? And it was on the one yard line?

As opposed to the opposite 45? Yeah, because it was an actual play. A Hail Mary is not a play. Yes it is. No it's not. It's playground with your friends.

You're playing 500. You're literally running around and you just chuck it as far as you can. That's not a football play.

But the Brotherly Shove is? Yeah, because that takes skill. Hail Mary takes zero skill. You're literally throwing it as far as you can and then hoping it bounces your way.

What if Baker Mayfield was hearing this? There was no skill. That was a highly skilled throw on his part.

Because you also have to get it high enough. After that it's literally just close your eyes and pray. No it's not. You've got to hope that somebody doesn't yank your jersey to the point where you turn around in time enough to grab the football that is perfectly thrown. Perfectly thrown in your direction. Get out of here.

I mean if he doesn't spin to the left. No I'm not arguing against myself. But you don't think it should be a flag. You know what? I'm clearly betwixt and between on it.

Because there is some merit. And then how about this? If there is no difference between you hear from NFL, Pereira, and Starator, and John Perry, and Terry McCauley, and Dean Blandino, and Bill Corollo, and anybody who wears a Zebra back in the day jersey.

And now the exception of TJ because we're not talking about selling shoes. But anybody will tell you, doesn't matter the down or distance or time on the clock or if it's week one, if it's quarter one, it's week four, it's quarter four, it's overtime, it's the Super Bowl, it's a championship Sunday, or it's a preseason. Doesn't matter. A foul is a foul. Then don't tell me that anymore to cover tracks about a flag that is called, a penalty that is called at the end of a game that decides a game.

Don't tell me that anymore. So let's do that. I can't hear that anymore because on a Hail Mary there's a totally different set of rules.

So let's come up, let's codify it. On a Hail Mary you can put your hands on a receiver. You can. Well the ball's in the air.

You can do it. Why does that need to be written down though? We already know that that's the case. Have you ever seen it called? I've never seen it called in 40 years. What if one was called last night you would have had a problem with that?

I would have been like, what are we doing? Alright well here's the one way to look at it. If you want to like take your side. In the back of the end zone Mike Evans takes number 7 DB and throws him down on the ground. So that could have been offsetting past it.

So that's offsetting past it. And then are we going to replay the down? We're going to replay the down. Come on. You know I'm just trying to make a peaceful accord here somehow.

With all honesty we need a peaceful accord within myself because I'm sounding it all out right now. But also Rich yesterday we talked about having everything reviewable in two minutes. Are you going to review that? That's true. Well I mean if we slow it down to super duper duper slow mo he had his hand around his waist and that's a penalty. I don't think they would say that. Or at least not like that. But then they're going to re-challenge Mike Evans? On these plays they must sound like that.

Maybe that's part of the rule. You've got to sound, you've got to do the duper sound. How was your day today?

Did you have a good day today? Okay very good. That's a good point too.

On the whole replay everything. Serious people. Not serious people.

Speaking of not serious people. Let's get into it. No let's get into it.

Let's get into it. If the Sixers didn't want James Harden. If the Sixers didn't want James Harden in Milwaukee. Then why did he show up to the airport to go to Milwaukee. Only to be told that you're not allowed on the plane to go to Milwaukee. That is the question. Or let's flip the script.

If Harden... This great picture. This is a photograph of him showing up to the airport and being told apparently according to all reports by Elton Brand and security of the Sixers. You're not allowed on the plane. Your boarding pass has been denied sir.

He has the eyes of the guy in the boat in Caddyshack who got ran over by Al Czerwiec. Or it's just like wait a minute your boarding pass says Jim Harden and it doesn't exactly match your government identification. That's the look right there. What? So yeah that's him being told he doesn't have TSA Prey for this flight. What? You're in 34B sir. Now that's the look.

I'm going to pay how much for my back? Or how about this. If Harden has essentially been MIA for his team. And has basically made it known I'm just going to show up just to be there so I'm not going to get fined like the old Marshawn Lynch line. Then why would he be so surprised when he's not allowed on the plane?

I swear I didn't put that in my bag. So what happened? What happened? Because I'll tell you this if it is the Sixers hope that he does eventually just come around and play for the Philadelphia 76ers because he realizes he's not getting traded and he has no choice.

The last way to make that rapprochement happen, the last tack they should approach is to basically infantilize him at the gate of a plane that the rest of his team has already boarded or is about to board or is in the process of boarding. That's one of the things like are they just all like you know in group one and he's like group two you know what I mean like really like it's like Embiid in group one and Maxie's in group one and then Harden looks down oh I'm in group none. You know like what happened? How did it happen?

How did it happen? Is he standing there at the FBO and they're all on the plane and they're like Embiid's looking out the window and he sees Harden like talking to security like gesturing like what is happening? And does Joe look out the window and see it and just kind of put his blind down? Honestly, what? These are the things that he's... Great photo.

Great photo choice. Our radio audience it's arms out and he's literally being pulled by an official that the foul's on him and he can't believe it. Because literally being told by the Sixers management foul's on you and he can't believe it and the foul being you told all of China you don't play here anymore and we're trying to trade. What the hell is going on? The fascinating thing is the NBA is going to look into this now.

Why? Because everybody else in the league for the last several years kept on screwing over nationally televised broadcasts by load managing stars. And suddenly TNT's showing a game with Slappy versus Slappy and all the stars of the game are standing there in their street clothes and we're all watching games like oh okay what could have been had all the street clothes guys been in uniform and the Slappy's actually been in street clothes. So they had to actually codify this stuff and if there's a healthy player of a certain standard that doesn't play on a nationally televised game which the Sixers versus the Bucks were then the league's going to look into this. So the league's going to actually look into this so hopefully hey NBA tell me when did it happen?

How did it happen? If the Sixers didn't know Harden was showing up and then how to basically tell them we think you know you might not be in game shape to get on the plane to go here because you've been holding out so guess what? We need to see how you look so go to the facility and start working out a little bit more and then we'll take a look at you so the next time we're on a road trip you can come with us. That's the part I didn't get. Or go to the gym, go work out. Sounds like what Susie said to me in the summer sometimes I'm just sitting around the house we can go work out you know and so you ain't got to go home.

So we need to check out the trainers need to get a look-see at you James. Imagine telling him that as he's trying to board a plane. Or they knew he was going to come to the airport then call his agent and say stay home. Or that would actually be part of whatever standoff that they're having saying well we're ready to report and the Sixers tell him that he can't report and the Sixers are using the fig leaf of well we don't know what your shape is so we need to see you work out in the facility and this is a big old kabuki dance. Just trade him the Clippers already. Which is exactly what Harden's thinking or then what put him on IR or do something but this is just what sort what this is nuts. It's nuts. Mixed nuts which he didn't get on the plane. By the way, I was looking for my new fantasy team name and Harden's on my fantasy team James Harden's warm mixed nuts is my new fantasy team name and he I think he likes it look at this look at the shot right there. Harden's warm mixed nuts is the name of my new fantasy team and I can't wait to explain to my 12 year old son Cooper is in this league why I'm calling him that name.

I guarantee any parent out there taking in this program on a Roku channel Westwood one this terrestrial radio affiliate or Sirius XM or Odyssey nobody no dad has ever been asked by their son. Dad, why is your team's name Harden's warm mixed nuts? The best thing about flying first class warm nuts and warm chocolate chip cookies.

Well guess what? Hot towel. Guess what he didn't do? No hot towel. He didn't get warm nuts. How do you think he's going to take this?

Not well, Rich, not well at all. This is over. It's done. They got a trade.

How can you come back from like they damn near Lane Kiffen them? Who is going to take him? Somebody has to. Somebody will. You know somebody will.

Who? Well, it's like Charles. The guys in TNT said this and I told you this three weeks ago him having a problem with Daryl Morey is so stupid because he and Daryl Morey are on the court together, which I would be like if me and Sean Mitchell at home. We had some type of beef and I'd be like, well, I don't want to come to home because me and Sean don't get along. Well, Sean and I aren't in the same building.

We can work out what we need to work out without it affecting what goes on here, right? So I just don't understand that mindset like you have a problem with the GM, but you're not on the court with him. You're not playing for him.

You're playing for the I know it's a principle of the matter as you know, and the principle of the matter is in the NBA. Someone of James Harden status says I don't want to be here anymore these accommodated and the question is, is what's he told? Was he told in advance that he would be accommodated?

I mean, I don't want to get too deep into the woods of what I think has already been established between these two sides. But the question is, how did he show up at the airport? Why did he show up at the airport if the Sixers knew?

Why don't you just tell him don't show up at the airport and then to basically have security stand there and go? Well, you might be looking a little fat. Go work out, honestly.

What is happening? Seriously? Now, I know on private aircraft, they do ask, you know, your weight.

They do ask your weight. I mean, there's a great Kirby enthusiasm episode right there. I'm sure he's, you know, maybe had a little bit too much Toblerone here. James, go work out. I'm sure he's not a double seat belt. Jeez, what a story. All right.

Always something with this team. We don't have a seat belt extender here, James. So you need to get off the flight. But go to the gym and wait for us there.

That happened in essence. We'll take a break. 844-204-rich phone lines are lit. We love it. Look at that picture right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Millions of listeners and thousands of five-star reviews rave about the hit podcast series In the Red Clay. The unbelievable story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. He was a whiskey man, bank robber, hit man. He was a murderer. He's also my father. Seasons one and two are available to binge right now, and bonus episodes are coming soon. Imperative Entertainment presents In the Red Clay.

Get the podcast wherever you listen. How did you wind up at Weber State, Damian? How did that happen? It didn't get recruited. I remember I had a good summer on the surface at Weber State.

I wanted the games. I was the one coach at the game. And it was Coach Randy Gray from Weber State. They started recruiting me hard and I developed a relationship with them.

It wasn't like big time schools came along, but nothing like that. So I just kind of went with the people that I developed some trust with and the people I was comfortable with. And you were the number zero representing the letter O from Oakland and obviously now you play in Oregon. Do you feel now that you play basketball in Portland, the Pacific Northwest, beautiful state of Oregon, that you're overlooked, that this is a theme for you, Damian Lillard, your whole life, that you're overlooked?

Yeah, I think that's been my story. I guess being looked past, I don't want to say overlooked because I think people see what I do. They just look past it. In high school, like I was saying, on the surface I played against all the best players and I was having big games. So I remember seeing all these high, major schools at the game, seeing players on the opposite team. So they had to see what I was doing.

They just looked past it because they were looking at something else. Same thing in college. I would have big games when I played against big schools and they were there to see somebody else. So I think now being in Portland, people got to stay up late on the East Coast to watch us play. We don't play on TV two and three times a week. So I think it's easy to look past it.

So I think that's just been my story. Damian Lillard, who had a terrific first opening night as a Milwaukee buck back in the day here on the Rich Eisen Show on our YouTube feed. Stream the NFL on Westwood One for free. Sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL Live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports. Or on your Westwood One affiliate station's digital platforms.

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AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local auto zone. Get in the zone, AutoZone. Later on today, I'm scheduled to chat on Zoom with Devontae Adams. And we will be placing the contents of the conversation on our YouTube stream.

Letting everyone know that immediately amongst all of our Rich Eisen Show staff. Yeah, we're going to get that out. We're going to get that out over the weekend. And then there's that Monday Night game. Kind of a big game for them.

You think? I'd love for them on Monday. The Jets and the Giants playing each other this weekend. Giants coming off a big win at home against Washington.

Now here comes the Jets coming off a bye. Coming off a big win against Philadelphia. Daniel Jones is out. It's Terod Taylor again. That's three straight starts for Terod Taylor, leading the question to be placed in front of Brian Daible. When is Daniel Jones going to come back? Is he going to play at all this season? Concerned about the neck injury here. And the answer? Included a phrase around the Rich Eisen Show. That pays.

Hit it. You told us a couple weeks ago that Daniel is going to play again this year. Was that based off of what the trainers have told you? Or is that just your hope, like you hope he plays again?

Yeah, again, I'm not going to go back to that, Connor. Appreciate the question. I'd just say he's getting better. And we'll see where he is next week.

I guess ask it again then. Do you think he'll play again this year? He's out. He's getting better. We'll see where he is next week. I don't have a crystal ball with injuries, but he is getting better.

And we'll see where he is next week. That day is a little less, you know, clarative than what you were previously. Yep. So you can't answer that in the affirmative? Yeah, again, I'm not going to.

Again, I just go with the information that I get. Today he was out. He's getting better. We'll see where he is next week. So we'll see where he is next week. And of course, the guy doesn't know it's a friggin neck injury. Like one day you could wake up feeling way worse. This is serious business.

And also, the man does not have a crystal ball. Our problem. Well, it's not our problem. It's my problem.

I'm the one who bought it off of. I got two big one. I got it's too big. It's because I wanted to look beautiful on television. It does look beautiful on television. Should I get as much smaller one that we can have here and I can look into it?

You just have that one right next. Have you seen the professional crystal ball reader? They ain't got a little crystal ball. It's a big crystal ball. I mean, to see the future, the crystal ball has got to be significant.

You can't have an eight ball sized crystal ball. It's all the way in the back. I mean, it's in the back. It's a beautiful looking thing. It's very nice.

Rich thinks it's too big for his desk. I think next to the Marconi and the crystal ball. I brought the Marconi home. Bring it back. I'll bring it back next week.

And when do we get our day with it? I want to take it to the. It's not the Stanley Cup. In the pool. Oh, OK. To the bar.

Me and Feller are going to take it down to Hermosa. Or it's like the Stanley Cup. We're playing hockey. Let's do that hockey. The only way that you can hold it is if you've won it.

All right. Well, well, you can only hold it over your head if you've won it. Only if you've won it. Can we cut a hole in that thing so we can drink out of it? To quote Jeff Spicoli, since you're here and we're here, doesn't that kind of make it our Marconi award?

Should I shot kind of beer off it? I think so. I think so. Oh, look at you.

You had that right here. Kathy in Philadelphia. Let's take your phone call. What's up, Kathy? Hey, guys, how's it going? How you been?

I've been well, Rich. I know last night was was tough for you watching your son play so well and still lose. But let's let's pump the brakes on calling for flags on the final play. That is a Hail Mary.

I can't believe that you would be OK if a major game or really any game ended with because a defensive penalty was called in the end zone or offsetting penalties were called or whatever for something that is a fairly standard play and is widely known that the refs let them play. Well, the reason, Kathy, Kathy, let me just push back a little bit here is you're right. OK, you're right. You are correct. All right. But what are you watching your son lose? No, I know that.

But, you know, he and I hugged it out last night anyway. So but but but I just don't want to hear any more from from any officiating gurus or or the league itself. Then is that doesn't matter about down a distance.

Doesn't matter when it is. Well, yeah, it does. It does. And a Hail Mary.

It does. You don't call it on a Hail Mary like ever, ever. I agree. But my my pushback for that is that generally speaking, when someone says that, like when Mike Pereira comes on your show and explains the Super Bowl thing and says it doesn't matter when in the game it is. That's generally a their attempt to either justify or excuse away what would have been seen widely as a bad penalty. Nobody comes in and says, yeah, that was that we called that playing in the first quarter to know they didn't. That's why they have to justify throwing it in the fourth quarter.

So that that's that's the gray area. My other quick question is the lack of parity when it comes to I understand the bills are not living up to expectations as of right now. But there are a lot of teams that are not currently living up to expectations, including the Bengals who escaped the Seahawks. So why is it the expectation level or the the disappointment level so high for the bills when it's not?

No, it let me just shoot you straight then. It is for Cincinnati, too. I'm genuinely concerned about their ability to win the Super Bowl this year for for a fact. Look at us, Kathy. Thanks for the call.

There you go. There's Kathy. Well, she just went, don't lose that intensity. Just kind of went.

Micah Parsons on us, right? You know, Kathy, you know, bring the record. More phone calls.

What's more likely? My top five games I'm looking forward to in week eight coming up an hour or two. Again, I'm just as concerned about Cincinnati, too. But they've won two in a row and, you know, the bills have came up with that win. And I am concerned about them. Just same thing with Cincinnati. I'm concerned about Cincinnati. I am concerned about the bills.

You know what? I'm not concerned about the Chiefs. I am not concerned about them, but the bills right now. Bill shouldn't have a close game last night. Like, you got that team's not good. They're coming off a 10 point win at home. You got to blow them out.

It should have been 24 10 final. Like Zach Baker Mayfield without ripping his face. Mess game over. Right. Exactly. The Bengals have a really tough road game against a very good team. Right. So that is going to be a close game that they might even lose.

Guess what? And then they go to Buffalo and lose that one. They're going to be three and five. Maybe.

And in a division that, TJ, you're talking about every team making it in the playoffs because they are that good. Or they're five and three. Or they're five and three. Or it's Sam Darnold. He struggles.

Or wait for it to play four and four. Burrow looks good. Yep. Absolutely.

We'll see. And the same thing, that's why Micah Parsons is just like, where's the criticism of Brock Purdy? Well, I think everyone's now tempering it because he got his bell completely smashed in. And then Philadelphia, there's some concerns about them too.

And they're six and one. One thing that's for sure is that Jalen Hurts will be allowed on the plane. It's not a completely Philadelphia-wide situation is what I'm saying. Power two coming up. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on Overreaction Monday. Dolphins final four AFC team.

Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in. The other three final four teams, if you were asking me to call my shot, this is the Overreaction Monday podcast. Call your shot. This is only unless I'm right, chiefs, dolphins, bills, Ravens, Ravens final four overreaction Monday, the podcast, wherever you listen.
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