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REShow: Al Franken - Hour 3 (2-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 3, 2023 3:15 pm

REShow: Al Franken - Hour 3 (2-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 3, 2023 3:15 pm

Rich and the guys react to a Woj Bomb report that Kyrie Irving has asked the Brooklyn Nets to trade him.

Rich names Kansas City Chiefs DT Chris Jones his Athlete of the Week and explains why the Chiefs DT needs to step up and be a wrecking ball against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

Comedian/former U.S. senator Al Franken joins Rich in-studio to discuss his return to stand-up comedy, why he, a Minnesota Vikings fan, is still not over the Dallas Cowboys infamous Drew Pearson Hail Mary almost 50 years ago, how he got his start on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and what it was like doing his famous Stuart Smalley sketch with Michael Jordan, his memorable turn in Eddie Murphy’s ‘Trading Places,’ and more.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes’ ankle, Jalen Hurts’ shoulder, LeBron, Colts, Cardinals, Bills, Cowboys, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, Frank Reich & the Panthers, and DeMeco Ryans and the Houston Texans.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Have you ever been that hot in Las Vegas? Not that hot.

It's probably why I'm going somewhere else. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles, Devontae Adams is asked in his Twitter, where's Aaron Rodgers' neighborhood next year? And he wrote, mine. Earlier on the show, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, Texans head coach, Dimeek Orion. Coming up, comedian and former Minnesota Senator Al Franken. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show on the air. Holy smokes are we coming on the air with a huge piece of news in the National Basketball Association, and as it usually does in this time of year, with a trade deadline over the next week, while we're in the Super Bowl City of Arizona, celebrating a Super Bowl week and an upcoming big game, next week, as it always does at these times of digital and cable world that we live in, streaming world, obviously right here on the Roku channel, it comes from Adrian Wojnarowski, the Wojbomb of Wojbombs. Your head nearly popped off your neck when you saw this about five minutes ago, Christopher.

Dude. So the trade deadline's next Thursday, and Kyrie Irving, according to Woj, has told the Nets he wants out. Now, look, Durant told the Nets he wanted out, and he's not out. He's still there, although he's hurt. And since Kyrie returned from his suspension, because he tweeted out a link to one of the most odious anti-Semitic tropes that, I don't know if Amazon still has it on there, I don't know why Amazon still had it available for people back then, too, so let's throw the stones where they all belong. But since he returned from suspension from that, the Nets were terrific with Kyrie and Durant and Jacques Vaughn coaching.

He returned from suspension on November 20th. They lost the next night at Philadelphia, and then two nights after that against Indianapolis, once against Boston on December 4th, and then won every single game until January 4th. Yeah, they won 12 straight, right?

And then Durant gets hurt, they win the game in which he gets hurt, and then started losing. They lost four in a row, won two in a row, lost two in a row, won two in a row, and then got smoked by Boston, and now all of a sudden he wants out. I have no idea why. I imagine we will find out why. Is it contract-related? I don't know at all. Feels the team isn't backing him up. I do not know. Is it a plot to get to the Lakers to reunite with LeBron?

Yeah, Sham's had it, too. The franchise has been informed that Kyrie prefers to move on ahead of the February 9th deadline, or will leave in free agency in July, so he's done with Brooklyn. Well, then I would say that Brooklyn will be done with him. What, he'll leave? What are you going to get for him? By the way, let's just say he wants to go play with LeBron now. That's what Manick said. Obviously the questions now are if the Lakers can put together a big deal.

There's no way. What assets do the Lakers have? That's why they went and got Rui Hachimura, because they could flip Kendrick Nunn and three twos. But if the first round selections that they're allowed to give, which is what, the next ones that are allowed to give up are 2027 and 2029, if I'm not mistaken?

Right, you're not allowed to give back to back in the NBA. They would, and they've already given up other ones, so why would the Nets take two ones so damn far in the distance? And the question is, if LeBron wants him here, and I would imagine he would, then if the Lakers don't do everything they can to go get him, how will LeBron feel about that one? And I have a feeling that the Lakers would do it.

Yeah, absolutely. In a heartbeat, no matter what Kyrie's track record of tweeting stuff out or creating departures from Cleveland, Boston, now Brooklyn. And it's crazy that he would want to do this to the team he's always wanted to play for, as we saw in the video when he first arrived, that kid who grew up in the shadow of Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey, rooting for Drosin Petrovich and those Nets, you know, that he would do it to this franchise now.

But there's, as you know, a lot of water underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and a lot of water over the Holland Tunnel to be discussed between the Nets and Kyrie. I mean, all of his BS aside, he's been ballin' this year on the court. He's been terrific. He's an All-Star. He's an All-Star starter.

Correct. He's been great. All of this stuff is going to be, like, if he doesn't get traded, now what if he gets traded to the Lakers by next Thursday, does he just sit out the All-Star game? Because you're not going to bump a Western Conference starter, are you? Well, the starter is not, they just pick teams now.

There's no East and West, so it doesn't really matter. Very good. Good point. Thank you for that.

Team LeBron, Team Giannis. So, my little rabbit hole I just went down was completely worthless. So, all right. So, there you have it. First blush thought.

Dang. If I'm the Nets, I'm thinking again, this guy, this guy, this guy. Okay.

You're Durant. You're sitting there coming back. What are you thinking? Get him out, right? Don't you think? Yeah, get rid of him. Or, I don't know.

They're so tight and they're both in such rarefied air. Like, you know, take me too. Durant wanted to trade in the first place. Remember last offseason, he was like, I'm out. I'm done with this. After Kyrie opted back in. Right. Whether that was coincidence or not.

I can't figure it out. Sean Marks must be like, oh my God. What's going on? You know what? I would say screw it.

I would hold on to him, try to win a championship with him. Yeah. Say Jacques Vaughn, sorry. You have to handle all this stuff. Kyrie, suck it up. You're not going anywhere. We told this to Durant last summer. We're not going to sit here and take the Lakers first round selections four years from now for you.

We'll send you some other place where we'll get first round picks and other players right now, and we'll reconfigure our franchise if we can do that using you as the chip. You know who has a plethora of picks? Who does?

The Thunder. Yeah, that's true. Well, isn't that where you do send people like him?

Right? People like him. Well, I'm just saying Paul George went there. People like him. I mean, you know. A little disgruntled.

Disgruntled stars. Russ went there. Well, Russ was there. That's where you send them. You send them. Chris Paul.

Chris Paul went there. You go there. They hang there for a year. They touch up, and then they go somewhere else. They keep amassing picks for down the line and draft terrific players like Josh Getty and try and win games. And at some point, they'll hit the win it now button again, right? Because they've got the first pick for a seventh grader right now, a kid who's currently in seventh grade. Is that true? That's true. Isn't it?

I think, yeah, seventh or eighth grade. Wow. What a league, man. Bronny James, essentially. This league, man. Not Bronny, Bryce.

Bryce is in like night. This league, man. Yeah.

Yeah. That's what I would do if I'm the next. Sorry, Kyrie. Or say, who wants him? Get all these offers for him if teams want him.

And send him to a spot where he doesn't want to go. If that's what's going to be as good for the franchise. And I don't know what are the Lakers going to do? They're going to flip them. Probably not named LeBron and Anthony Davis. And any other draft choice they still have left to go. I don't know how that could be better than what other teams can do, right? It probably couldn't be any better.

But Kyrie on the Lakers would be amazing. What are you shaking your head about now? What do you got now? Is this something else? I'm just shaking my head. Well, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN saying there's buzz that the Saints are suitors for Derek Carr. Oh. Wow, that's out of the blue.

I know. Why not? Oh, you mean to acquire him by trade? Like actually trade for him? I don't know if they're going to trade for him or just sign him. That's great.

He's getting cut. Good for him. Yeah. That's not a bad spot.

I think that's a great spot. Yeah. Anyway, I'm just scrolling.

Wow, look at you. News after news. OK. Let's take some phone calls.

People have been waiting forever. Rami in Montana. You're here on the Rich Ads Show. What's up, Rami? Hi.

I'm Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. But it's Rami. OK. Very good. How are you, Rami?

All good. So, we're Semitic brothers. I'm Palestinian. We're Jewish.

And it's all about the peace process. OK, sir. Especially this month, right, TJ? OK. Please believe it.

So, yeah. So, if you guys are ever in Montana, which you probably won't be. Why?

Why would you say that? Rami, we're now on a first-name basis of me pronouncing your name correctly. Why would I not come to your state?

It's all good, brother. OK. I watch Yellowstone. Susie and I want to go.

That'd be great. Heck, yeah. So, I'm in Missoula.

I own a bookstore here. So, what's on your mind? OK. First of all, I'm really sad, as a 49ers fan, to lose to Marco D'Amico, which is a man named D'Amico Ryan.

But I'm very happy, as an Arab-American and someone of color, to actually, during African-American History Month, witness this dude being promoted, which he justifiably should be. Yes. Absolutely.

And going to a franchise. I'm sorry, Rami. I got to bolt here into the hour. Thank you for calling.

Call back. For sure. Absolutely.

Thank you, Rami. Especially since in Houston, where back-to-back coaches of color got one and done. And they are fortunate to have D'Amico Ryans available and willing to come. Someone of his stature, for sure. And the ties he has to that franchise and that team. Yeah. Him talking about being drafted there. He met his wife in Bible study there. That's exactly the type of coach you want to put front and center, a winner.

Somebody who's a leader that everyone, everyone, everyone from JJ Watt to Andre Johnson to all of his current players said this guy was born a coach, so. Pretty cool. All right. Here's what I'm going to do. Al Franken's going to come up shortly here on The Rich Eisen Show. But before we do, I want to give you, as I have, as I was going to do last segment, but we got waylaid by the fact that the Billy Joel channel on Sirius XM that my wife has been listening to so significantly and enjoying and got switched to the Whitney Houston channel.

Then she called in talking about how it upset her tennis game to the point she abused her racket. We were going to do this last segment. Let's do it now.

Let's do it. Every single week during these playoffs, I have given you the name of a player who needs to ball out for his team to win. And I've got one for the big game. The athlete of the week is the guy who needs to get it done for the Kansas City Chiefs. It's not Patrick Mahomes.

It's not any of these receivers, certainly, you know, Kelsey. I'm going on the other side of the ball and he is a defensive player of the year candidate and he is their best player on defense and he needs to ball out. He cannot be swallowed up in the middle of that offensive line by Jason Kelsey. He cannot, if he's going to be out on the edge, be blocked by Lane Johnson cannot cannot.

He's Chris Jones and he's got to be coming for you. This guy has been terrific in the postseason in his career. And he has been against Cincinnati.

He has been a guy who has gotten it done, actually, in his career. He had not had a single sack in the playoffs until he faced Cincinnati this week. So he kind of turned it around his first 14 games. As I said, you know, in these playoffs, he's been terrific.

I meant these not not his entire playoff career. You take a look, his quarterback hits, he had as many on Sunday as he did in his entire first 14 games as a chief. The way that he showed up Sunday is the way that he's got to show up two Sundays from now. Again, third and eight, Joe Burrow in at the time was being referred to on the other sideline as Burrowhead.

That ain't happening anymore. Joe Burrow tie game third and eight from his own 35. With about a minute and change to go, exactly the type of stuff that we've seen Burrow succeed and beat you from this situation. He gets sacked for a seven yard loss and it's Chris Jones's second sack of the game. And in his 2022 season, eighth sack of the fourth quarter, including the playoffs, he was the one who forced the Bengals to punt it back to the Kansas City Chiefs.

And we all know what happened from there. So he's got to do it again. And you got Jason Kelce and you got right in front of him. If he's going to be sitting there right in the middle of that defensive line, as he does most of the time, and he's got to stop the run on the way to Hertz. That's what he's got to do. And if he's coming around the edge, he's got to make sure he beats Blaine Johnson or Milato or anybody who's in front of him. He's got to do it. He can't just have one of those pedestrian games.

He cannot. If he does, I think the Eagles win it. That's your athlete of the week going into next week's big game sponsored by can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move.

It's time to get off the sidelines, go to and win the job hunt. Look, I know he's an all pro and I know he's one of the best that there is in the game and he could win defensive player of the year. Big whoop. He's got to have a big game. Of course he does. No, no, he really does.

He needs to wreck the game. Yes. Yeah. Yes.

And I know I kind of misspoke at the very top of the segment here. In his first 14 games of his career, he was having pedestrian playoff games. Sunday, four tackles, three tackles for loss, two sacks, five quarterback hits. That's the Jones-a-palooza he's got to show up with in Arizona.

844-204rich is the number to dial. When we come back, we're going to pause on the Kyrie talk and everything else and try and have a little bit of fun. Going down the memory lane with a Saturday Night Live original.

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Talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you. Al Franken here on The Rich Eisen Show. Our terrestrial radio audience, just rejoin us again. Al Franken, former U.S. Senator from the state of Minnesota, but I remember you back from your Saturday Night Live days and so much more. New show next week, Elray Theater here in Los Angeles.

Go to For tickets, the Al Franken podcast, wherever you get your podcasts, right here on The Rich Eisen Show. So stand-up your act, your stand-up act, is there anything from your first ever stand-up act that still works today that you're using or it's all completely new material? Well, yeah.

I mean, my first ever was of course with Tom, but yeah, I started doing like speeches a few four or five years ago and I was going like, okay, this is just fun and just throw away, you know, just do stand-up. And no, some of it's about my career, some of it's about what's going on right now. Some of it's very topical, we have a war going on in Ukraine and pretty awful, awful stuff makes for humor sometimes, unfortunately. You know, I talk about Putin and Zelensky and that kind of stuff. And there's actually no football in the stand-up.

Is that right? Okay. Because again, you're a Vikings fan. And so what stadium did you first see a Vikings game in?

Metropolitan Stadium. I was there for the push-off. I was there for what we call the push-off.

Okay. Yeah. Which is otherwise known as the Hail Mary. And it was like five- The push-off. Yeah.

Tom Davis and I were there, it was like five above zero. The push-off was Drew Pearson pushed off and was not called for it and- So you think the Hail Mary should have been disallowed. And so- Yeah, it was clear. It was a clear push-off and that put the Dallas in the Super Bowl instead of us. We have this- He's going through a flashback right now, you know?

Okay. Now, a lot of people don't know this or may not remember this, but the ref, you remember this, I know. For which play?

We're talking about? The push-off. The ref who didn't call the push-off, which should have been called, was hit by a pint, I think it was a Pint Jack Daniels bottle. This is at Metropolitan Stadium, which was where the Twins played. So it was not made for football. But some guy from the bleachers hurled, and people drank a lot at these games, it was really cold. And I saw it arcing, I saw it.

I saw a glint coming from the thing and it hit the ref and knocked him out. Do you remember- I do not remember this part. This was- Okay, so- I remember the catch, by the way.

I don't remember- Yeah, the catch. After the push-off. Right, yeah, right.

Exactly. You call this the push-off is similar to my friend Chris Brockman across the waves from New England, where we refer to the moment where Tom Brady fumbled after being hit by Charles Woodson in the snow as the tuck rule game. But you refer to it as what in New England? We call it the snow game. The snow game. They just focus on the snow, not the tuck rule, which how we all refer to it.

Okay. We all refer to it as the Hail Mary. You call it the push-off. I find this just a fascinating dynamic.

That's somewhat- Yeah, well, I call it the push-off because it was a push-off, and that's why the ref got hit with the bottle. But anyway, the guy was prosecuted. Is that right? I didn't know that. No, it's Minnesota. I had no idea.

Minnesota. That is very uncharacteristic. First of all, I don't think the guy actually thought he could- it was an amazing throw. Better than most of the twins, probably, in that stadium at that point in time, I would imagine. But at that time, yes, we're not- well, let me see. What year are we talking about? You're talking about 1970-something.

So- 1975. I don't know. So you got- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. It wasn't our years. But anyway, so this season was- you would think that if you- first of all, all Vikings fans know that it's not going to end well.

It's just not. We've lost four Super Bowls pretty early on, and we just have had opportunities to go to the Super Bowl. Also, this year, I knew that if we got past- you know, we're in the first round and we're the three seed. My son and I, I had worried that we'd be the two seed, which we would have needed to beat Green Bay, and we got clobbered by Green Bay, which was so embarrassing.

And so, signaling everything that was going to happen, losing in the first- Yes. The Giants. But I was afraid that we'd be the second seed and then end up in the championship game with the Eagles. And get eviscerated just like the second week of the season on a Monday night. Well, I guess the Giants- And you remember that evisceration.

Giants took care of business to avoid all that. For Al Franken here on the Rich Eisen Show again, stand up show next week at the El Rey Theater here in Los Angeles,, for tickets. I have to jump in and go to the Saturday Night Live world with you, if you don't mind. And how you got involved in that, how did you first- how did SNL first come across your radar screen, Al? Well, it didn't exist when it first- I just got a call from an agent saying, you've been hired to do this.

And- As a writer, pretty much? The question is, Tom Davis and I did stand up in LA, and this agent said, can you come in? You guys are great writers, would you like to write for a comedy variety show? And we said, yeah, but there's nothing on that we can do because the Carson show is on which is great, but we weren't mighty Carson art players, writers, or that monologue writer. Carol Burnett was another variety show on, it was a great show, generationally wrong for us.

Sonny and Cher, not a great show, not right for us. So he said, write something, why don't you just write a writing sample for something you'd like to see on the air? So we wrote a newscast, a commercial parody, a sketch, which was a parody of Sonny and Cher, and a conceptual film, and that was it.

For those of you- That's the 10 polls of Saturday Night Live right there, those are four of them right there, pretty much. Yeah, and believe me, it wasn't exactly what we ended up with, but actually the commercial parody we wrote was on, but it was 14 pages long, and I know that there are people who want to be comedy writers, and as a veteran writer, people give me, like someone's nephew wants to be a comedy writer, and they'll give me 50 pages of stuff, and you can tell after a couple pages if this person has an original voice, and it's funny. And sometimes I'll give some critique, and I'll go, but I executed a premise. I go, okay, that's not it.

You have to do it funny, and you have to have some kind of something that makes you a little different. So anyway, that's what happened. We were the only writers that Lorne hired that he hadn't met. And so you get hired. We get hired, we get there, we were paid as one apprentice writer. One.

That's it. Yeah, somehow the Writers Guild allowed them to do that, but we were thrilled. It was our first job on TV. When did you know it was a hit?

When did you know that show was a hit? This is funny because, okay, so the cast starts with Danny Ackroyd and Gilda are there, and Jane Curtin and Lorraine. Belushi wasn't cast yet, but I had met John, and I said, well, of course, and then he did Samurai as the audition. And Chevy was a writer, not a cast member, and got cast. And there was Garrett and Jane Lorraine, Gilda, and Danny, and Belushi. And I just, I remember turning to Tom at one point and saying, this show is going to be a giant hit. And Tom, who, you know, we've been in show business for two years, but he was like, nothing. I mean, and I go, no, no, no, it's the first time this generation has been allowed to be on TV. Look at the, look who's around us, we, you know, the best of the, and so I, I was sure that it was going to be a hit. And it, and obviously it was Al Franken here on the Rich Eyes show, fast forwarding a couple of years later, the Stuart Smalley character that you played, where, where was that born out of?

What does that? Well, um, I've been very public about this. My, uh, my wife's in recovery and I am in recovery for being a codependent. So I used to go to Al-Anon, I still do every once in a while. And Al-Anon is for family members and friends of alcoholics. And there is a guy in a meeting who said that he knew the higher power to put an apartment in his life. And I went, this guy is ridiculous. And then the next week at the same meeting, he said something very, that hit me very profoundly. And I said, oh, I see, you can learn something from everyone. And everyone has something important, you know, somewhere. And so I kind of modeled this character a little bit after him of someone who, um, really, really needed this 12 step program and who every once in a while would say something that you would go, oh my God, that's really valuable.

So where did the catch phrase come from? I'm good enough. I'm smart enough.

And people like me. Um, that just was something that you just created or, or did he actually say, no, no, he hadn't said that. But I, I thought the steward character wanted, he had all these insecurities and, but he, he wanted everyone to understand the tools of recovery. Right. And part of it is, is saying, I'm good enough.

I'm sufficient. Um, and, and so that was, yeah, he got some good, I, you know, steward would say things like it's easier to put on slippers than it is to carpet the entire world. And that's like, brilliant. And then the last one on this one is who was the one to pitch the idea to Michael Jordan to say, you should go on the Stewart Smalley sketch, like the most self-confident individual of all time. That was what was great about this, which was that kind of has become, I even had Ted Cruz come up to me on a Monday and go like, uh, Al, I was watching an old SNL rerun and I saw Stewart Smalley with Michael Jordan.

That was brilliant. And I'm like, you know, Ted isn't such a bad, so that, yeah, that, so, so that obviously cut through, but did you have to explain to Jordan what it was or, you know, he got it. He knew it. He was in, he was in from the beginning.

He completely got it. I had to tell him don't break. Yeah. You know, because he kind of was, uh, in the dress rehearsal, kind of breaking.

And he, I said, you know, and it was fine if he almost broke. Yes. So, um, but every once in a while, you know, you're doing a live TV show and sometimes it peaks on air and sometimes it doesn't.

And that one peaked on air. Now Frank, in here on the Rich Eisen Show, before I let you go, let's, let's, let's hit, um, trading places. When did you, um, first get involved in that film? Well Acroid of course, um, you know, was our connection there and we were baggage handler, stoned baggage handler number one and stoned baggage handler number two.

Yes. And in it, when we got there, the first thing we did was do a scene where we smoked a joint. Later in the shooting of the movie, they had, uh, Eddie smoke a joint in the bathroom, right? So they took our smoking a joint out.

And so that of course motivated all our performances or afterwards. So instead of stoned baggage handler number one and stoned baggage handler number two, we were just sort of idiot baggage handler number one and baggage handler number two. So we just, you know, we, and it was weird because we just were in our trailer and then they hadn't really written lines and then we came out and it was improvised.

You improvised those. Yeah. Is it true that, uh, the character of Clarence Beaks was originally slated to be G Gordon Liddy, or that's a false story and that he didn't want to do it because he heard what happened to the ape at the end with, um, obviously class last part sounds not true. That's false. Yeah. Right. The other part, I have no idea. You'd have to ask, uh, uh, someone else, but it sounds like it could be true, but that's why things that, uh, get happen is, but I, I knew Liddy, I, I did a sitcom called late line where I had him on like two or three times. He was very funny, terrible guy. Anyways, but, um, uh, but still really funny in an odd way. But I mean that, that film still stands the test of time trading places.

1 million percent. I'm sure you must hear that all the time. I hear that all the time. It's nice to hear. It's nice to hear.

Even though you're just right at the end playing idiot, not stone baggage claim, baggage handler number one. It didn't really hurt. It didn't. I guess someone is going, no one went fantastic.

Why are they acting spaced out? It worked. It's a great movie, man. It's so much fun. Um, so best of luck on your, your, um, show at the L Ray theater in Los Angeles, al for tickets, um, new episodes of the podcast available wherever you get your podcasts. You recently guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel. You're gonna, you're gonna hop on the daily show. You're going to guest host.

Not sometime. Uh, there, well, uh, step down or, you know, moved on. And so they're having, I've been watching, uh, DL Hughley has been on this week. Very good. It's been, it's very interesting to watch it with different posts, taking it different places.

Right. I mean, that's, that, that sounds great. I will be out there watching when you do it and thank you.

Thank you for being here on this program. Best of luck to your Minnesota Vikings in the future, sir. Hey, the twins are pretty good too though.

I mean the twins are getting better, you know, they're always getting better except unless when they don't, by the way, I love the, the push off. I can't wait to mention that. Go. Yes. Look at the film. Doesn't lie. The eye in the sky doesn't lie.

You actually pushed off pushes on. Okay. I'll mention that to drew Pearson next time I see him. See how he handles at al franken on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out again, the al franken podcast. And then next week you're here in Los Angeles on Friday, eight Eastern time. Check out al franken at the El Rey theater or back here on the rich eyes and show to take you to this weekend in a moment, it was a push off can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life, there's the regular season and then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job.

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All right Christopher what do you got over there? Hey guys no NFL games this weekend so we're doing a lot of kind of hypotheticals here just throwing it out there. Who's more likely to win the most games in their first season? Frank Reich are our two guests to Amico Ryan's oh man although hmm wow I don't know man I'll go Frank Reich you know Steve Wilkes damn near almost made the playoffs DJ Moore bless him had kept his helmet on in Atlanta they might have not to blame it all on one guy it's a team game. You think it's gonna be Sam Darnold you think Sam's gonna keep I think they might surprise us and go get a veteran but Darnold is gonna be there and you maybe he turned Sam Darnold into that playoff quarterback that Jets fans hoped he could be and Panthers fans almost saw him to be this year so I'll go there because I have no idea who the Texans are gonna have a quarterback or what they're gonna put together and I'll go Carolina assume it's a rookie in Houston I will go I think it's gonna be yeah I'll go Carolina. How about just who's more likely to just hire a head coach first Colts or Cardinals? Good one I'll go Colts because I think the Cardinals are waiting for Jonathan Gannon of the Eagles okay so if they're gonna if they're gonna go for the defensive coordinator of the Eagles and the Colts or not then they don't have to wait so I'll go Indianapolis although I heard they're having third rounds of conversation they're really being thorough just to hire Jeff Saturday you think that's where it's gonna land or maybe they're just waiting for us Saturday to brand it properly and say we're introducing Jeff on a Saturday things have happened how about this one a lot of talk about where these two guys might end up who's more likely to make the playoffs with their future team next year Jimmy G or Derek Carr without knowing where they're landing yet yeah that's impressive hey look in your crystal ball I'll go Derek Carr because who the hell knows if Jimmy G is gonna have surgery something on something over somewhere and you're already saying that Derek Carr might go wind up in there's already Saints rumors man if you put if you put Derek Carr in Tampa also yeah I kind of dig that I'll go Derek Carr I like that guy so do I not that I don't like Jimmy G of course I like them both what's more likely to be a bigger storyline next week Holmes ankle or hurts his shoulder hurts his shoulder it hurts his shoulder Holmes his ankle I think we're all angled out man we're angled out I think neither of them are gonna be the story I think the story of next week involving Jalen hurts is gonna be you said you thought Philadelphia some you know people didn't want you drafted there he's gonna ask be asked that question and we'll see what his answer is when his first media availability is and how that might keep things going anything to do with hurts will be his past or whatever not a shoulder and my Holmes it's just gonna be you know Brady's gone are you the guy now and of course he'll just stick those aside I don't think there's any question about his ankle anymore after what we just saw that guy I mean geez that performance will be if we're doing a top 10 power rankings of his career later on heaven forbid we're still on the air that time that AFC Championship games on the list for sure I agree I agree who's more likely to finally get over the hump and make the Super Bowl next year bills are cowboys inside shop here it's TJ Jefferson versus rich eyes and show coordinating producer Mike Hoskins Mike I'm taking your team taking your team also two teams we talk about of course you are it's your damn act together why am I not like the Cowboys it's very clear it's very close guy it's very clear this guy no you know what I'm just gonna go with the junior varsity team you know I mean you know I think I'd take the Cowboys just easier easier road NFC kind of stinks she don't stay I I would take the bills and Josh based on breaks based on Josh Allen based on Josh Allen all of his postseason excellent on Josh Allen based on bond Miller coming back based on this team tightening the bolts and I'm sorry brother I need to see a couple of games and Mike McCarthy dialing up plays for himself how that's gonna look and what the Cowboys are gonna do to actually put weapons around that like if they played the game right now bills when this football game if they play the game right now if suddenly we yeah how can you say that yeah hold on I just did hold on to it when did Cal Brett host look at you look at you the hate I worked out yesterday disrespect TJ I'm with you I'll take cowboy I'm noting this what else nope the time what's the most likely Rogers neighborhood next year Green Bay East Rutherford or Las Vegas Soho I if I had a start bench cut I start Packers bench Vegas and cut the Jets man you are in denial right now yo why don't you want him it's not that I don't want him I don't think he wants it what follow far why would he want to go to New York City your team is good the team is so it's good in life his his favorite receiver of all time is sitting there in Las Vegas saying ask me anything and throwing wet kisses to him verbally on Twitter and then you see he posted on his Instagram stories you know back shoulder throws from Rogers like come on why wouldn't you want to go to Vegas and hang with Devante Adams again and go out there where you're just out there in Nevada where there's what one newspaper couple of newspapers maybe a couple radio stations like the one that we're on every single day instead of New York City I don't think you say is parsed and talked about and thrown in your face or not why would he do that all the pressure that comes with all that stuff he can handle it he can handle it he can handle it but I'm saying why would he want it he's an egomaniac and he would be on the back pages every single day maybe once it's a challenge man start bench cut it I start Green Bay he's not going anywhere I bench the Raiders that's where I would want to go if I was him and cut the chest like why does he want to do oh yeah you're not following everything that you've done you know is exactly as Brett Favre did it with the exception of retiring right and unretiring and then retiring and saying oh no no I still don't mean it I'm unretiring again can I have my job back after you've moved on to the next kid meaning you he's not going to do it I would be stunned if he did so what else all right last one now more likely LeBron breaks Kareem's record against the Thunder or the Bucks I'll go Bucks I think three away I just think these things always work themselves out it's gonna be Bucks and all the people who spent 79 million dollars on tickets to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder be like uh you know hitting their apps to buy tickets in the fourth quarter yeah so it's brought to you by which can help you tackle a job hunt and make your next career move in life because this is the time for you to score your next job in your life you have to go to bring your a-game to the job hunt by going to and you can join that new team by going there and seeing millions of job openings has millions of them great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits and when you score the position there's a salary calculator that ensures you're paid what you're worth that's what is all about time to get off the sidelines and go to and win your job hunt boy do we have a monster week next week we just added to our super bowl show in arizona in person shirts off everybody it's burt kreischer he's in town doing uh he's he's on tour in town yeah he's gonna join us let's go um the machine and so i have the guest list right here i don't know if we're i don't know if we're gonna announce it just yet should we announce it just yet give him a tease all right give him a tease just a little bit just a little bit okay joe montana charles woodson steven a smith and deon george kittel and digs john paton's still scheduled to come i hope he does that'd be great kurt erv mooch they'll all be there nice uh monday show our next guest on this program is jj watt to kind of tell us what's going on in arizona the retiree he's gonna retire and go to the uh the uh hall of fame with brady same class that's gonna be great iron eagle who's calling the game internationally on the world feed he'll join us let's talk about with kari too right he calls nets games jared goff and tom kofflin meaning we will get his side of the story that jesse palmer told us and delighted us and the digital audience that made it viral about explaining to tom kofflin he needs to do the bachelor because jim fossil had already committed him committed it the giants to allow him to do it fantastic story all of it you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on via westwood one on station streams or by asking alex to open westwood one sports if it's the nfl it's on westwood one all right guys great week we made it next time i see you in arizona right the marines will be going in first we're going in early you're setting up they're all set up so we're doing a month we're doing a monday show on a tuesday show here and then wednesday thursday friday in arizona next week how exciting is this right here on the roku channel we're back we are back aren't we back forever and speaking of which we had al franken on this program today mr beaks as well as mike florio and damico ryan's thanks to everybody we're back to wrap this show up on roku in a moment
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