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REShow: Brian Robinson Jr. - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 22, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Brian Robinson Jr. - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 22, 2023 3:21 pm

Commanders RB Brian Robinson Jr. tells Rich how playing for Nick Saban prepared him for what it’s like being coached by the fiery Eric Bieniemy, that when the Alabama coach tells a joke you’d better laugh at it, what he’s gleaned from new team owner Magic Johnson, and why QB Sam Howell’s perpetual bed head is not a problem for him.

Brockman’s better half, comedian Sarah Tiana (a devout Georgia Bulldogs fan), calls in to weigh in on Nick Saban’s joke telling propensity.

Rich and the guys don their RES Consulting caps to give some advice to an Atlanta Falcons fan, and Rich previews the most intriguing NFL Week 3 matchups including Steelers vs Raiders, Lions vs Falcons, Patriots vs Jets, Chargers vs Vikings, Eagles vs Buccaneers, and Bills vs Commanders.

Rich and the guys update the latest on Joe Burrow’s calf injury, Aaron Rodgers Achilles recovery, and NFL Week three’s top games.

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Are y'all feeling good out there? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Alright, alright, alright. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. So is there any truth of Matthew McConaughey that Texas is leaving the Big 12 because you knew Dion was coming? Wow, what's the latest? What's happened in the last 12 hours? Did the Oregon Waterboy say something?

Yeah, I know. Earlier on the show, Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy. Coming up, commanders running back Brian Robinson. And now it's Rich Eisen. That's a fact and I'm sitting here on the Roku channel set of the Rich Eisen Show. Also this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. If you missed the first two hours, my conversation with Mike McCarthy of the Dallas Cowboys and also my colleague, my conversation with Bobby Wagner of the Seattle Seahawks. If you missed that in hour number one, we re-air right away here on the Roku channel. There's also our YouTube page, Rich Eisen Show came on the air singing the praises of Brock Purdy.

Phone lines are lit. 844-204-rich is the number to dial right here. I've got my top five most intriguing match-ups for the rest of week number three to give to you. I'm going to clear out all the phone banks before we get to the weekend of college football and the rest of week number three. And joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show to kick off hour number three was the man who I think I had third on my list of the most impressive performances of week number two. And I'm not just saying that because he's listening to me introduce him right now, but also not saying that either because he's on my fantasy team that I need a huge week from him for.

Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington commanders here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Brian? I'm great, man.

How you doing? No pressure. I need a big week. I got to have it. I got to have it, Brian.

I got to have it. I understand, man. How often do you hear that sort of stuff from people, Brian? Pretty often nowadays now, I guess.

I didn't pay much attention to it last year, but I'm starting to hear a lot more about it now. Okay. Well, I got to be honest with you.

And again, this might not be professional. You have to pay attention to this. You have to focus on this sort of thing. You got to, okay?

I got to focus on performing also. Well, I mean, it's a win-win is what I'm saying. You win, I win. I win, you win. You know what I'm saying?

It's all together. Tell that to Rivera. Actually, no, tell that to Bienemey. He'll understand. You tell that to Eric Bienemey. Rich Eisen says, I've got to get the ball for his fantasy team. Will you please do that for me, Brian? Well, he probably, he probably get up, he probably get on me dirty about that. Hey, look, I know how EB is, man.

He can be like, I know you ain't coming to talk to me about no fantasy right now. Is that the way it would go? Is that the way it would go?

I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure it probably will probably go a lot more like worse than that. I'm trying to be professional. Understood. Understood. There isn't a family audience that is listening and watching us right now, Brian.

And I greatly appreciate that. And honestly, when, when that whole stuff about Eric Bienemey came out, if you will, during training camp at the end, saying maybe some players on, on Washington's roster might not be taking his coaching or his hard coaching too well. I thought to myself, it cannot be the guy that was coached by Nick Saban. That cannot be that guy, you know? Right, Brian?

Definitely not. You know, me personally, you know, I don't, I don't, you know, I never was a guy who, who complained about, you know, his coaching style. That was even before we really even got a chance to even know, you know, know more about him. We just kind of getting to know him, which we still are kind of getting to know him now.

So I'm not sure who made those comments. You know, like you said, you know, I played under Saban. I played on a bunch of different coaches under Saban and his staff. So, you know, pretty, pretty familiar style with his coaching, you know, very, very hard.

You know, that's something I appreciate though, because it'll just make me better. Well, I mean, and I was familiar with it too, Brian, because years ago, way back when you were probably in high school in Tuscaloosa, or even before that, getting ready to do your thing on the, on a football field, we had a feature on NFL game day morning on NFL network. And I watched him coach Adrian Peterson hard and in a way that I was kind of shocked, like this is when Adrian Peterson was doing the, you know, Adrian Peterson stuff. So he, I think he saves a special bit of oomph for the running backs. How does he coach you?

What can you give me as a, for instance, Brian? He holds me very accountable, you know, probably, I mean, maybe more accountable than, you know, anybody on that field. And he just makes sure I'm, you know, I pay attention to all the details, you know, just, you know, performing, do everything he needs me to do to be a great all around back. And I appreciate, you know, everything he's instilled in me for real, because it's not nothing but just helped me, you know, just add more and more to my game and just, you know, build confidence and, you know, the certain things that, you know, he believed in that I can do is just give me the opportunity to go out and show it. So, you know, and I, and I, and I came to him and I asked him, I was like, you, you did coach, you know, AP in his prime. And he said, yeah. And I was like, it's just, it just gives me a perspective on, you know, what type of guy he is, what type of guys he coached. And, you know, I just had to understand that, you know, he's been here, he's coached some of the best guys. And, you know, I just got to, you know, I got to take it. So you have obviously, and you've taken it and you ran with it.

You also caught it. You had a terrific game in Denver. How did you approach that game in a way that you think might be repeatable if not just this week, but for the rest of the season, Brian? I just approached that game. Like I approach any game, like just hard nose, you know, we didn't start off fast. You know, we started off very, very slow and which we had, you know, kind of did this the first week versus Arizona. We started out very, very slow. And, you know, I just had one of those second half steps where, you know, I was counted on, you know, you know, coach put the ball in my hands and, you know, it was no critical times for, for me and my offense, you know, just make plays. And, you know, that's what I had to do, you know, so really just going into this game, I, you know, I plan, I want to start faster, you know, start, start off the game faster and, you know, end the game strong as well. Well, I mean, this is the latest example, I think, outside of the building, if you don't mind me saying Brian Robinson Jr., that folks might be overlooking saying the commanders aren't all that, they're 2-0.

But here come the Buffalo Bills. What are your two cents on that, Brian? I mean, you know, everybody got their own opinion, you know, it is what it is, you know, people are going to say, you know, they're going to doubt us until they see it. So, you know, the biggest thing for me, you know, is just make sure, you know, I'm doing everything I got to do to prepare, like I want to win and make sure my team is on the same page as well. And like I said, you know, they're going, they're going to continue to doubt us and say, you know, what we are and what we can't do until we show them.

So the biggest thing on my mind is just going out and putting it on display. Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington commanders at 2-0 for the first time since 2011, taking on the Bills this weekend right here on the Rich Eisen Show. When was the first time you realized you could do this at a level that was elite, Brian? Honestly, I think just, you know, playing at Alabama, you know, playing with a lot of guys that, you know, eventually go off into the league, like, you know, year by year, you have guys who, you know, go out to the draft, some get drafted very high, some get drafted, you know, whenever. And, you know, they go out and they have the success at the next level. And you think about, you know, how much y'all polished each other up and, you know, made each other better during school. And you just, you know, just also help you build confidence, seeing those guys on TV, making plays and performing at the next level, you know, before you kind of step up to that level. And, you know, once I got here, you know, I see a lot of familiar faces, you know, guys I've seen, I played against while I was in college, you know, that's, you know, also been having success in this league.

So, you know, I just know I just got to continue to compete, you know, at the same level that I competed, you know, before I got here and I would be able to have success at this level. So you're from Tuscaloosa, correct? That's where you're from? Did Auburn ever have the temerity to knock on your door and say, come here, Brian? They did. They did.

They did. They did try to recruit me, but that was a very boring recruiting process. I didn't, I didn't really, I didn't really give it any attention.

I didn't show them like any mind during that whole process. Like I knew that wasn't the school that I was going to go to. Why?

Why? Just growing up in Tuscaloosa, I always been like, you know, diehard Alabama fan. I always knew if I had an opportunity to play on the same one or play for the, for the tie, you know, that's what it was going to be. With Auburn being the biggest rival that it always been to, to Alabama. I just didn't see that happening for myself just because I didn't feel like, you know, I would be happy and comfortable in Auburn. I probably would have went somewhere else outside of, you know, the state of Alabama if it had came down to it. But it didn't come down to that, right? It didn't? No.

Okay. Saban showed up in your living room, Brian? He definitely showed up. What was it like having him there?

Walk me through that. It was great. Saban, he showed a lot of interest in me over those years, recruiting from like, you know, the end of my freshman or mid sophomore year all the way up until I signed, you know. You know, he came and he visited home. He came and he visited school. He called me down to campus numerous times just to see my face, you know, to have me around. You know, that was more than enough for, you know, what I needed. I didn't even need that much because I was just so excited to have the opportunity, you know.

So with him going out his way to, you know, show that he was, you know, interesting to me, you know, that was icing on the cake. Okay, I'm going to ask you the question I have asked literally every Alabama Crimson Tide player I have interviewed on this program that has played for Nick Saban. I've asked this of Tua, Mack Jones, Will Anderson.

I can go right down the list and now I'm going to ask it of you. Brian Robinson Jr., the angriest, the most upset you've ever had Nick Saban with you and at you is what? Tell me that story. Saban had to discipline me a couple times over the years. I wasn't, you know, I wasn't perfect. You know, I probably upset him the most when the vaccine came out. I had made comments about it and he didn't like it because he thought I was influenced in the locker room and he gave me an earful as soon as I walked out on the practice field. So what about on the field? On the field, any moment that you ever made him upset, Brian? I mean, it don't take much.

It don't take much, you know, to kind of get under his skin and upset him. I think probably the most upset I did make him was in a playoff game. My sophomore year, it was in a playoff game versus Oklahoma. We was playing them in Miami and me and Josh Jacobs was back deep to return and they had kind of kicked a high kick that was to my side and I had put my hand up as if I was going to receive it without saying fair catch. But they called it fair catch. They called it a fair catch. So we didn't get to get the return, which would have was set up to be like almost an 80 some yard kick return to the house. So we didn't get that return off. And he gave me an earful because, you know, I guess he was just like, you know, that wasn't the best communication.

You know, we left points out on the field, you know, it was just a very time like the time in the game where we needed a spark. And I feel like with me calling that fair catch and not being able to get that kick return going, he was very upset about that at the time. Okay, so that means you were never the recipient of a Deez Nuts joke from him, Brian?

Oh, you know, that's something that's just kind of common in practice. Like, you know, sometimes he's in a good mood and he's in a joking mood and he'll crack a joke or two. When he crack a joke, he better laugh. He expects you to laugh. He expects you to laugh. Is that right? So he gets upset when he's joking and you don't laugh at his material?

Is that what you're saying? You can tell by his body demeanor that like that was a joke you're supposed to laugh. I love it.

It's kind of like a stand-up comedian or a comedian. Like, you know, it's my material. You should laugh. I mean, it's just, I just love hearing stories about him and what's going on at Alabama.

And obviously, you know, there's a big game against Ole Miss this weekend. And I appreciate you sharing those stories. Before I let you go, Brian Robinson Jr., have you met Magic Johnson yet? Have you crossed paths with him? Yes, I have got a chance to meet Magic.

Probably twice now. Pretty cool guy. I love his mindset, real great mindset. You know, we got a chance to ask him some questions, you know, based off of his history in the league and, you know, some of the greats he played around and kind of how different those guys mindsets here.

You know, he played with Kobe and LeBron and all those guys. And, you know, he knows he's more familiar with what kind of mindset those guys, you know, have and, you know, what's different about those guys. So, it's good to kind of get that input on, you know, what makes guys great and leading, you know, at that level.

Okay. And then, you know, obviously his business acumen is second to none. Brian, have you talked to him about the big hats? Have you talked to him about the big hats? I have not got a chance to talk about the big hats, but I heard the big hats starting to do a lot of big numbers nowadays.

And I might need to get some information about that, honestly. You should definitely talk to him like it's Shark Tank. Next time he's in, you should pitch him on the big hats and all that sort of stuff and get him in on the big hat game. I mean, he's Magic Johnson for crying out loud, you know? Right. Well, you know, and you certainly, maybe you should give one to your quarterback.

I don't know, you know, if you want to chime in on this front. We're a little bit confused here because Sam Howell, if he wants to be elite, Brian, needs to have elite quarterback hair. And I don't know what's going on here. Is this the way he looks all the time, Brian? Right there?

No? Is this the way he looks all the time, Sam Howell? Man, that's Sam, man. That's my guy, man. Hey, look, he ain't the type of guy that sit up in the mirror and try to come and pick out his hair and make sure he's looking all pretty, man. My guy want to come play ball, man. He put his hard hat on and go to work, man. That's my guy.

Looks like he rolled out of bed, Brian. I'm not going to, look, trust me. I'm not someone to talk, but I'm focused on this sort of thing about hair. And I'm like, I'd love to do that by the way, it's just to have that sort of head. I'll take somebody who rolls out of bed and be ready to play, then roll out of bed and got to take 20, 30 minutes to fix their hair before they get ready. Okay.

Sold. All right, Brian, what a pleasure to chat with you. I appreciate the stories that you're sharing, but again, got to have it this weekend.

I'm owing to the exact opposite of your team. Got to have it, got to have it. And then I need you to tell the enemy that so you get the ball.

Would you please? Yes. I keep it at the back of my mind. I made sure I run that by him in warm ups.

That's probably when his best move during the warm up. So I can probably slip it on. How about this?

Do this or not. You score, you act like you're putting on a big hat. That way, I know you're thinking of me, Brian.

You score just like that sort of thing. I don't mean to mess with you. You do your thing because I need it.

I need it. Okay, Brian. Appreciate that. That's Brian Robinson Jr. What a pleasure to chat with you. Good luck to you against the Buffalo Bills and beyond. A member of the Washington commanders and my fantasy team right here on the Rich Eisen Show. You take care of Brian Robinson Jr. What a delight. It's awesome.

Let's go. He'd rather have a guy who can roll out of bed and play quarterback like that than he's getting his hair ready. Yeah.

Why wouldn't you? And if you don't laugh, it's Nick Saban's material. Now hold on a second.

This is big. What would a Georgia Bulldog fan like Sarah Tiana say about that? Would she carp on Nick Saban because that's her default or as a comic? Right.

Appreciate that. How would she roll with that? I'm gonna have to ask her. No, this is like newlywed game, pal. I can't answer for her.

Yes, you can. I can't answer for her. It's sort of like that line from Seinfeld, you know, where Watley was telling Jewish jokes and wasn't Jewish. And the priest asks, Jerry, does that offend you as a Jewish person? He says, no, that offends me as a comedian. I think Sarah would revel in any opportunity to carp on Nick Saban. Rather than respect the fact that this is my best material, I'd like a laugh. I don't think Nick's probably that funny, so he's probably just trying to use intimidation and the threat of playing time.

You cannot even just sit there potentially and appreciate the stand-up comic's need for laughter. No. Okay.

She's football hardcore. I didn't get a harumph out of you. Hey, probably give me 20. Harumph, harumph, harumph. Okay. When you lose, I win.

Thank you very much. We'll take a break. Phone calls and my top five games of the weekend. It was a delight chatting with Bryan Robinson Jr. I'm glad that he's on my fantasy team. I need it. This might not be the matchup though. I don't know.

Matt Milano is coming downhill. That's next right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show on a fun Friday. I can game on that Chromebook. Got it.

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Marvel Studios, Loki season two new episodes streaming October 5th, only on Disney Plus. It's the most pissed off you made Nick Saban ever. Oh, when I took the sack second at 26. You mean the one that you immediately made up for with an amazing place that puts you on the map?

Yeah, that's okay. So walk me through how that what he said to you if you can in a certain way on a live radio TV broadcast. I mean, I could only see it on camera, you know, how mad he was. That was probably the most pissed off, though.

I think he's ever been. I mean, he just used squeezing his head said so hard. And then, you know, like, it was hard because the emotion was like, so mad to so happy, you know, so fast for him. And, you know, we got into the locker room when everything settled down. I mean, he was still still the same coach, you know, put me to the side. Like, what were you thinking?

You know, so one after you won the game, and you pick and confetti out of your hair. He still took a moment in that moment to revisit. Yeah, that being who he is. I mean, you know, he pulled me to the side. He said, you know, well, why did you take the set?

Right. You know, and I thought it was a good time to joke with him. You know, so I mean, we won the national championship. So I told him, I told him, well, you know, we needed more room to throw the ball coach, you know, and like, he looked at me and like, I was laughing. He's like, that's not funny. So I mean, I didn't know what else to do in that situation. I was like, okay, I'm sorry, coach.

So I shook his hand and he just moved on. I was like, oh man, that's amazing. I love that story.

My favorite story the whole week. So you just figured, yeah. Hey, I was like, oh, yeah. I thought it was a good time to joke, but it wasn't. Nope.

It's never a good time, I guess, in that respect. To a back in the day, check them out on all of our archive, on our YouTube page, back here on our Rich Eisen Show Roku channel. Stream along with the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. We just had a fun chat with Brian Robinson Jr. of the Washington commanders, formerly of the Alabama Crimson Tide. And there was a story that he told that led me to ask Chris Brockman a question in regards to what Sarah Tiana would think of it. And now she is joining us live on the Rich Eisen Show to speak for herself. Sarah, are you there?

Rich, if you have to tell people it's a joke, it's not a joke. Okay, hold on a second. Hold on a second.

Let me just, let me just get this straight. Let me set this thing up. First of all, are you in the car with Cage? Is that happening? I am in the car in an In-N-Out drive-thru and Cage is playing an electric guitar in the backseat.

What is more American than that? I don't know. Wow. Can Cage hear me right now?

That's what we hear. He could not hear you because I put my earpods in. Okay, good enough.

He keeps watching the phone. Okay. So then I guess, I guess we need to make this quick then. So Brian Robinson Jr says that Nick Saban likes to joke sometimes when he's feeling good and that he gets upset if people don't laugh at his material. And I said, is it possible that Sarah Tiana, Georgia Bulldog fan, the biggest one that I know personally, would either, um, want a carp on Saban because that's a default or as a top-notch comic, appreciate the want for laughter.

Sarah Tiana, what do you say? I think as both a Georgia Bulldog fan and a comedian, I would harp on him because if you have to stare at people long enough until they laugh, probably not that funny. Hmm.

What if it's a tough audience that's not used to laughing? Right? What about that? That they're not expecting the joke to come. Oh, okay. Ladies and gentlemen, we understand where your allegiance is lying. The joke is Alabama this year, huh? I thought it was Georgia's schedule, Sarah.

I thought that was the joke. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I know. Don't we all have just such hard schedules, Michigan fan. Bowling Green was a stout opponent.

Don't you dare denigrate. We almost lost the Kent State last year. Okay. I don't really have high hopes for Georgia this year.

I think we're playing better every game, but you know, a new quarterback is always tough to kind of break in. Okay. So you would, you would say if the joke, if the joke's not funny, it doesn't matter is what you're saying. I would say that you don't have to, if you, at the moment you tell it, either people laugh or they don't.

And if they don't laugh, probably not a good joke. Okay. Thank you, Sarah. Go back to being mother of the year. Thank you.

All right. Do you guys want anything from In-N-Out or? Oh, double, double, no onions.

Oh my gosh. What does Cage get? He gets a cheeseburger with ketchup. Damn straight he does.

He'll get it and like it. That's very Judge Smales right there. Okay. Thank you, Sarah. Do you take care? See you, Sarah. Sarah Tierra, everybody. All right.

That was very Judge Smales. There you go. He's sitting back there playing his guitar. I want a cheeseburger.

No, I want a hamburger. So she was, they were just out and she bought him an electric guitar. She's going to be in San Diego performing all weekend at the Comedy Store.

So if you're down there, go check her out at the La Jolla Comedy Store. But I'm home with the electric guitar all weekend now. Maybe you should just be more attentive and like teach him how to play Stairway to Heaven.

You know, play him some of the hits and say, play that. You're right. Well, Wayne's World, no stairway. There we go.

I could teach him how to play Smoke on the Water because it's the only thing I can play on a guitar. Let's go. Zero, three, five, zero, three, six, five. Let's go back to the phone lines. Nick in Ontario, Canada. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Nick? Hey, Rich, how are you? How are you? How are you guys doing? We're good, man. What's up, bro? Again, it's an honor to talk to you guys. I called in a few weeks ago about the respect about my Falcons, but that's besides the point because you're still not giving it to him. The last quarterback we want is Daniel Jones, let me tell you. Hey, hold on a second. Nick, Nick, do you know what Arthur Smith could do with Daniel Jones? The same thing he's doing with Ritter.

Geez, I thought Canadians were supposed to be less edgy. Don't get it twisted. I love Dez. Let's go. We got a big game.

I got a question. I've been looking forward to this game in Detroit for a while. I was at the last one with the 10-second runoff, which was the craziest ending ever, but I've been invited and I'm planning to play in a golf tournament with a tee-off at 9 a.m. this Sunday.

Now, a little caveat, I watch every Falcons game like you would watch Michigan, Ohio State. Okay. So, my conundrum is do I try and watch it in the golf cart for probably an hour?

The last tournament I was in was about a five and a half hour round. Oh, gosh. So, do I watch it in the golf cart for an hour and then get home? Knowing I'm probably going to get updates from whoever, or do I just let it play my golf round and go home and catch up? Okay. So, by the way, this is...

I have the app so I can catch up right from kickoff. All right. So, you're asking for help from RES Consulting. Is that what you're saying? That's right. Okay.

Normally, we charge for this sort of thing, but we'll do it on the arm. How important is this golf tournament? Yeah, right.

Great question. It's with a couple buddies that I've played in a few tournaments already this year. They did not have a fourth, so I reluctantly joined, and they know football is pretty much my religion, and none of them care about the sport, unfortunately. So, watch while you're playing. No, dude, don't go. He already committed to his friends. It's too bad.

They don't understand. The Atlanta Falcons are across the bridge from this man. He's going to go to Michigan. How long of a driver? It's probably not very long if you're close to the border, right, Nick?

It's five hours. Oh, wow. This is a commitment.

To hell with these players and people. You said you already paid your dues, right? So, you're already financially committed.

I'm in the tournament, yeah. So, it's do I watch in the golf cart or do I wait and try and keep it all on the plank until I get home? I'm giving you a third option. You tell them, no, I'm going to the game, and you go, because the Falcons are, honestly, one of the Falcons are in Detroit, and they're 2-0, and Bijan Robinson's there.

You want to see them with your own two eyes. That would be awesome. Actually, Nick, go to the game. Two tickets also on the arm coming, Rich.

I'll wait for those. Nick, I got to go. No, but in all seriousness, Nick. Nick, seriously, man.

I mean, come on. The Falcons are 2-0. Bijan needs your support. You know your sports blackout isn't going to work. You're going to get updates from your friends. You're not going to be playing golf.

Nobody wants you around in a golf cart looking at your phone anyway. You're halfway there. You need to fully commit in one way, and that is to go. I appreciate it.

I'm also, hard to say for many Falcons fans, I'm 5-0 when I'm at the games. There's two O's in Ontario, and you got three more in your back pocket. Come on. Thanks for the call, Nick. That's RES Consulting. I'm sorry I took over that consulting session, guys.

Well, you went with a third option that wasn't considering. That's what we do. That's what we do here. At some point, guys, we're going to need to start charging some income into our business.

I don't know. I mean, we could just have Jay Felley take over. He's running a real business right now. That's why he's got the nicest car in the line, right?

I love when Susie's like, whose car is that? Jay Felley's like, what? What are you paying him? No offense. No offense.

None taken. Adam in Minnesota, you're here on The Rich Eyes. What's up, Adam? Hi, Rich. How are you today? How are you, Adam? I'm good. My question for you is how, since you are in like the 0.00001% of fantasy football players who actually get to talk to the football players, how does Rich Eisen, the interviewer, affect Rich Eisen, the fantasy football player?

I don't think they're correlated, Adam. I'm a professional. What do you mean? What's the effect? Give me the idea of what you think I can affect.

What do you think I can affect? What? Huh?

When you're picking players for your fantasy football team. Yes. Do you ever consider, could I get this guy off the show? No.

Would this make content for the show? No. Or do you just try to bar them off completely? Well, this was inspired by your last interview. Yes.

I was just like, that's interesting. I don't know. I mean, we have chosen players, right, for our fantasy, Chris, together, TJ, where we're like, that would be good for the show if we have that guy on together.

Yeah, we have done that before. But in the so-called league that I want to win more than anything else, uh-uh. No, this doesn't affect me at all, Adam. And how dare you call into my show and call into my professionalism into question like that. I'm not calling out your professionalism.

It's just an interesting dichotomy. If you had a question. You are like one of maybe, what, 20 to 30 fantasy football players who can actually talk to the players on a weekly basis. That's true. But I'm the only one who asks the best questions, Adam. I'm the only one who could get the best answers for me. Okay.

So yes, there is an eye in Rich and Eisen, just like this one in Minnesota. Well, just to back up Adam's point for a second. What is his point? I don't get his point.

He's just asking a question. You did try to convince Sean Payton to give the ball to Alvin Kambara a little bit more. I know.

But he had never heard of the term vulturing before, ever. And that was a problem for me and everyone else who had Alvin. I also had him that year. By the way, I was helping you. You were helping.

Help me help you is what I'm saying. Adam, I appreciate the call. Thank you. That was a fun question. What happened after you told Sean Payton about vulturing? He texted me. He loved it to the point where he texted me a cartoon drawing of a vulture, which must have been the first image that popped up in his Google.

What's a vulture? By the way, he texted you like not even right away, like in the commercial break. It was super quick. He loved that. He'd never heard the term vulturing before, which by the way, I should say, in case he's out there, I have Javonte Williams too. Let's get him going. Let's get him going. Let's get him going.

They're going to be behind. I got McCaffrey going. I didn't even have to talk to Kyle about that. 12 straight games with a touchdown.

By the way, I looked it up. It's not every game that he's been. Could you imagine if he had started his entire San Francisco 49ers career with a touchdown in every game to tie Jerry Rice's team record?

But it's damn near close. I don't think he scored in his first game when he came in that like two days later when he was traded and the Chiefs are out there. But he has scored in 12 straight games.

Tying Jerry Rice's franchise record. Bananas. And you know who to thank for that? Brock Purdy. I'm all in.

I am all in guys. I mean, you could have handed the ball off to Mr. McCaffrey. I know. No, I couldn't have.

I'd have fallen down. Are you kidding me? Get out of here. All right.

I need music please. And I need the graphical support for my top five most intriguing match-ups of week number three. Let's go. Hit it please. High five. One, two, three, four, five.

Rich's top five. It just hit me. Is that high five? Is that putty to start that drop? Yes, it is.

It's putty. All right. I like it.

It only took like 16 plays of those drops for me to finally figure that out. Well done Hoskins and Smitch. Well done.

Greatly appreciate it. Here we go. Nick and Ontario, you better go because it's the number five match-up on my list of most intriguing match-ups of week five. Falcons and Lions, let's go.

I understand a lot of folks are like, okay, so what? Atlanta, Detroit. This is fun.

This is fun. You got Bijan and Jamir Gibbs on the same field. These are the running backs chosen in the top 12 of a draft. Get out of here. When was the last time you had two rookies chosen in the top 12 of an NFL draft at the running back position playing one another in week three?

It's a very it's a very small subset. I gather to say it's rarely happened, but the most important thing is the Lions coming off of that home loss to Seattle, losing two in a row at home after beating the Chiefs in their home to start the season while the Falcons can go to 3-0 heading off to London the following week. I mean, they're going to be playing this game and I don't know, are they heading off to London right away? They're taking on Jacksonville. That would be a pretty big game to walk in at 3-0. Or the Lions rebound and the Falcons lose their first and it's a conference matchup. This might be one of those tie breaks at the end of the season if both of these teams play as well the rest of the way. That's number five.

Number four. Steelers and Raiders, let's go. Yeah. I mean, this is old school, isn't it? This is old school and I saw the last matchup. I call the last matchup between these two teams when Pickett found Pickens in the end zone to end Derek Carr's Raiders career. Now here comes Jimmy Garoppolo and his home debut after two starts on the road.

One in Denver with a win, one in Buffalo they'd like to bury the tape on and then Picken coming in with the Steelers in Las Vegas, Nevada. I bet you there are a ton of people from Western PA that are playing blackjack right now. I mean, they are all there. They're all hanging out. They're at the pool. They're at the pool.

They're all there. There are yinzers all over that strip drinking those yard. It is going to be a great fruity drinks and it's going to be a great crowd on Sunday night and it's big. The winner of this game goes to two and one. This is another one of those tiebreakers maybe for a wild card spot later on in the season. We're assuming could be a big win for the Steelers to bounce back with two straight wins after that home opener of a dud against the 49ers or Felis Raiders win another one and just bury the tape from last week with a W in there.

Jimmy G's home debut can't wait to see it. That's number four. Here's them after. Okay, very good. Number three on this list.

Wow. Loser goes to 0-3. Want to talk about stakes?

Yikes, dude. Two playoff teams from last year starting 0-3 and if you think Brandon Staley was snippy being asked about that hangover possibility possibility of losing the way that they lost in the playoffs last year and then losing the first two. He loses the first three. How's that going to taste? Kirk Cousins, Mr. Quarterback, Mr. Netflix starting 0-3. Oh my goodness and all the conversation about what are the Vikings going to do? Why would they trade Dalvin Cook to the Jets? Is that where Kirk should be sent as well?

I mean this is a big game early window on Fox, Chargers and Vikings. Let's go. Number two on this list. Let me tell you something. Speaking on behalf of this fan base, the concept of showing that their quarterback can win this game, snap a 14-game losing streak against this team and send the Patriots and Bill Belichick to 0-3. This is the stuff that the Jets fans put underneath their pillows and hope the tooth fairy comes and leaves a big fat $100 bill.

That's what the Jets need to do this weekend. Or does Bill Belichick say I own you? Woody Johnson doesn't own you. I do.

That cocktail napkin I scrawled all those years ago? That still has its magical powers and Zach Wilson is absolutely the guy that played in 2022. He's not walking through that door like he did at BYU this week. Jets lose two in a row after that home opener and it's just like well if they didn't come back on the bills they'd be 0-3. This season's over.

Oh my goodness. Patriots-Jets. What a rivalry game in week number three. Didn't think this would be the circumstances, Chris.

We were carpeting each other back and forth like don't lose the same intensity to each other. Okay it's Zach versus 0-2 Mac. Basically the loser's gonna tank after this. Oh my god. Like a loser gets Caleb Williams. What a game. You both have lost your intensity since the beginning. Well for good reason Mr.

Cowboy water skiing behind the mica yacht over there you pipe down. Look I lost my quarterback. Number one is the 2-0 versus 2-0 matchup on Monday Night Football. Eagles and Bucks. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Can Baker Mayfield show the entire nation with Joe and Troy in the booth and you know the rest of us watching?

Unless we're breaking the fast here on the west coast. Bucks versus the Eagles 2-0 versus 2-0. Is it possible that Baker Mayfield plants the flag right there in Philadelphia where we're wondering. AJ Brownson everything's cool here and then fans are like what's happening? This is not the same Eagles team. They don't look like the team that won the NFC championship last year.

They're now 2-1 or are they 3-0 and just say okay we're watering we're fertilizing pipe down. Can't wait for that. That's the most intriguing matchup to me for week number five. You think we need one more? Okay. All right we'll get one more. Let's do it.

I'll do it. I'll say it and I wrote this down before I fell in love with Brian Robinson Jr. in the big hat. Oh.

Bills and commanders man. It's sneaky man. It is isn't it? It's sneaky for sure.

Isn't it? Because it's gonna be there's you know that like a tropical storm is coming through those games gonna be a lot of rain on Sunday. That's when Brian Robinson Jr. gets the ball. You gotta think Washington can run the ball a little bit better than Buffalo. Yes they can. Like is Josh Allen just gonna be trying to jump over dudes? It's possible and it's possible he tries to jump over dudes and then does so. That's entirely possible. He does that and he shows Sam Howell and the commanders how it's done and it's not your time.

It's still mine. I got it. Or John Dodson lets loose and Sam Howell's bringing it around. And Stefan digs you know the Terrapin back in the mid-Atlantic showing everybody that I'm home. You know I kind of dig this game guys. Bill's commanders on CBS potentially in the middle of what tropical cyclone 16 is uh the uh folks are who track these storms are calling it.

That's that's my top five most intriguing matchups of week three. Rich I thought we named the storm O'Shag Hennessey. O'Shag Hennessey?

Yeah I thought that was since it didn't have a name yet. O'Shag Hennessey? That's very churlish of you. Okay fun segments guys. We'll wrap up this show with some more of your phone calls. The phone callers have been uh on it. On it today. They've been great today. Keep it up.

844-204-rich number to dial. We're back with a finale. A Friday finale.

That's what we're calling this segment like McCarthy calls his Friday uh practices. It could be information to change your life forever. Or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting.

My guest is Kim Zachman. She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something You Should Know wherever you listen. Hey it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of The Rich Eisen Show?

Well you got it. Over Reaction Monday hosted by me Rich Eisen and my compadre Chris Brockman and every Monday we're gonna dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready Chris Brockman yay or nay? Yes Rich no holding back buddy I'm coming for you. Absolutely what you need to hear. Over Reaction Monday every single wait for it Monday wherever you listen. Oh my goodness do we have everything so much to talk about in the remaining minutes.

A few minutes. Yeah we got a lot to talk about so much to talk about. Burrow Rogers that by the way that's it could you imagine that's all I talk about is just names that's what I suddenly devolve into here as the host would the Roku channel just call me and say what what happened to you where's the rest of the scene Rogers Burrow Burrow Rogers where is A-Aron right now? Careful we're gonna get to that in a minute. I don't know why I'm getting more Key and Peele in my Instagram timeline because as soon as you start looking at one is it is it is just I'm so thankful and delighted by it. I don't mind getting oh my god I started getting landscaping videos.

Oh really what's going on there? Because you looked up a I watched one and now I'm getting 50. Oh is that right is that some of the golf videos you're watching too? Golf yep yep yep golf video.

Playing golf is that what it is? Lots of playing really is weird you look up one thing and then you get nothing but these ads for that dude it's not just looking it up Susie is talking about it and she's turned her microphone off and it still pops through. Yeah like I have Siri off on my phone for like last three years.

Yeah I don't have my Siri on either. Doesn't matter though. It doesn't right?

Right. What's going on? I don't know. What in the Zuckerberg is going on? So it is easy looking?

Key and Peele Key and Peele Key and Peele. And you're saying that and then it'll show up? It's gonna pop up like an hour.

My goodness gracious. Not that I'm complaining about it. Not at all. Present. Present. I showed that to I showed that one of my kids they just loved it. Oh that's amazing. Blocky.

Insubordinate and churlish. You can stream the NFL on Westwood One for free sponsored by AutoZone all season long to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL Live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One affiliate station's digital platforms. You can stream Kevin Harlan. You can stream Kurt Warner and yours truly every single weekend all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. The free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. In a world in a world where your car needs fixing.

All right. I wonder if AutoZone signed hot rod fitting yet. We've got the latest from Cincinnati. Oh everybody get ready. It's lower extremity watch for Joe Burrow. We've got uh what do we got him running?

We got him walking first. Let's compare it from yesterday. Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Okay let's see.

I don't know. He's gonna look up. No but this is better. This looks better to me.

Nobody in the background hugging it out. Oh he's going up a hill. That's the way to show that you can handle it. I'm going up a hill. Or maybe the concrete was too hard. Or maybe you did that yesterday we didn't see it. Look at him go. Yeah two compressions.

Nobody's walking up a hill. Yeah two sleeves on today. He attacked that hill with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. I don't know. To use a hardball phrase. Two more sleeves.

By the way very shaky video. Well someone's phone they're just doing this. So but but the uh the same thing yesterday.

Same thing yesterday. If you're gonna I mean can we work with that? Can we work with that?

Don't should we hire our own film crews at all? Well certainly. And go and get stock out Joe Burrow. And his calf.

That'd be weird. We got him throwing. Let's see what we got.

We got him throwing. Okay all right. There's no sleeve on. Oh there is.

That's him. Okay double sleeve. Well that's dropping back.

The passes are always gonna look crispy. All right. Well that's okay. And he's looking. He's looking one way. He's looking the other way.

Okay. Oh nice ball. Two step drop.

Dude that's a guy who's playing. Here's a question I have for you because I'm gonna get it from my son. I'm gonna get it from Cooper. Do you play him in fantasy? This is a Monday night situation.

Do you let all of Sunday's day go by? Is your backup? Depends on who your second QB is. His backup is Pickett.

If you have one. Raiders defense not good. So go with Pickett?

Because you just don't know. Or you could pick up Gough. Gough. Yeah let me explain. Pick up Jake Browning. Dude stop. Are you out of your mind?

Jake Browning versus the Rams defense? Come on now. No. Come on now.

If Jared Gough is available in your league and you have a conundrum. Well that's crazy. That's the one. You'd go with that one?

That should be a high scoring game. Great consulting. Detroit.

I appreciate it. Robert Salas said he wants Aaron Rodgers. He hopes to get him back. He's texted him. Everything's good and he hopes to see him next week is what he said. Get him back in the building soon. Hope to see him next week. Issue is is Rodgers went on Pat's show and said that he looked forward to getting back to the facility but he'd like to be walking when he returns. Okay.

I have not had thank goodness what uh Aaron Rodgers has had um but it strikes me that he's a long way from walking. Where are you Aaron? Where are you? That's the question. Where are you?

Where are you? That's the question because again uh pronounced Aaron. Boy I would want him there. I just at least hopefully he's zooming. I'm sure he's in touch with Zach because he told Pat that he texted Jordan Love after beating the uh the Bears that uh what do you say to he told uh Pat congrats for keeping the ownership in place. That's amazing.

So if he's if he's texting Jordan then he's in contact with Zach. That's for darn sure but um let's go AA Ron. How fast can you start walking? Let's see how speedy that bridge is. Um let's go to Chad in Cincinnati. What's up Chad? Hey guys how are you?

What's on your mind? You're the last caller I believe so let's make it good Chad. Here we go.

Oh man I'm gonna I'm gonna make it good. Two things um that comment about picking Kenny Pickett or Jordan Love. I mean not Jordan Love but Jared Goff. Yeah.

I would probably go Kenny Pickett because if you picked um Jared Goff you got to remember Atlanta holds the ball a lot. They almost had the ball 40 minutes last week. Okay. Less scoring opportunities for Jared Goff. That's point one. Yes. Point two um Rich what you said earlier about would you rather be in the Jets situation or the Giants.

I I go completely with what you said. I'd rather be Jets. You've got that defense.

Zach Wilson will keep you in games. Okay. I'm going Jets. All right.

And final point. Higher register biggest upset of the week. Cowboys are going down. TJ you'll hear from me Monday morning. Well Chad Chad Chad you didn't you didn't do it higher register.

I mean you figured you're right. We're going really hard to speak and those Cowboys are going down. Oh my gosh. Okay thank you Chad.

Should we coach him up on how to go higher register? I mean the way to do it it's like hey I mean the Cardinals last two weeks. I mean I mean they almost beat Washington.

That's the way it goes. 38 38 3. 38 to 3. 38 3. So yeah their current average margin of victory is 30.

You go you go above it? Yeah. They're plus 60 right now. Yeah.

On on point differential. We do the math for you here as best we can. It's 30. You think they beat the Cardinals by 30?

I do not. Now this feels like 27 13 something like that. I think you win though. 38 3. Well all I know is the team that's leading my power rankings is in the clubhouse at 3 and 0. First 3 and 0 team in the NFL.

Yeah. Cowboys will be another. Who else is going to be another? Ravens. Dolphins. Ravens. You think the Dolphins huh? Eagles will beat the Bucks huh?

We'll talk about that Monday. Saints. Falcons.

How many they gonna have a whole bunch of 3 and 0 teams huh? Nah I think Green Bay wins. I think Atlanta wins. Atlanta's 3 and 0.

I don't know about that one. We'll see. Did the Bears have a shot? I mean. To do what? To beat the Chiefs. With 0.0 dog.

I don't know. I mean no I'm not even gonna go there. You just broke glasses over there. You went so high. Thanks to Mike McCarthy, Brian Robinson Jr. and Bobby Wagner. We're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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