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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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October 21, 2022 6:14 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 21, 2022 6:14 am

The Astros take a 2-0 ALCS lead on the Yankees | Arizona Cardinals Sr. writer Bob McManaman joins the show | More on McCaffrey to the 49ers.


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Start sit, grade the trade, Fantasy Cops to settle your league disputes and so much more. Check out Fantasy Football Today anywhere podcasts are found. Hey, I'm Thamy Redwood, host of the podcast Beyond Black History Month. Here's reason number 568 million of why you should be listening. From in-depth reporting on the shortage of black sperm to how one house of the dragon star is dealing with online trolls who don't love seeing black dragon riders.

I can't lose sleep over that over worrying about things that are beyond my control. Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. That's how I know it's the last show of the work week. Oh I could use a little Star Wars in my life. Oh wait, I've had a little Star Wars in my life this week.

Actually producer Jay and I have been trying to catch up on the series Andor and it's really good. My split brain if you will. Half my brain on sport and the other half on Star Wars and the fact that I've got family descending upon my humble abode coming up in oh gosh maybe nine hours or so. House is almost clean.

Not quite but almost. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend in many parts of our great country so I hope that you get outside and you enjoy it if that includes you. This is my favorite time of the year when it comes to weather and everything is beautiful vibrant colors. If you look around you can find the orange, you can find the yellow, you can find the red in a lot of places.

I get some of you don't get the four seasons and that's one reason why I love the northeast. Mom's birthday is coming up on Monday and the reason I tell you this is because I thought you know what I'll give mom a gift that I love or that I would be over the moon excited if someone gave to me on my birthday. Okay so I went online, I ordered her a gigantic bucket of gorgeous fresh flowers to be delivered to her on Monday which is her birthday. So orange, yellow, some burgundy colors. These are all my mom's favorite colors too. In fact she wears some of these colors because she has that type of complexion but she and I both share a love for the oranges, the yellows, the burgundies, the reds and so I'm like yes this is amazing.

I would love this. I would be so thrilled if someone was thoughtful enough to send me fresh flowers for my birthday and so I'm thinking that's it I'm gonna do it for mom it's gonna be a surprise. I coordinated with her husband to know when they were home on Monday which is her actual birthday and then I text my brother, hey Maddie what are you getting from mom for her birthday? We sent her flowers and a card.

Oh no well me too. What kind of flowers did you send? A fall arrangement. Oranges, reds, yellows and I almost started crying. Dang it I should have asked him first and I should have known because my brother and sister-in-law that's generally what they do is they send flowers. I don't normally but now I'm kind of bummed because my fall bouquet, the fall blossoms will not be nearly as notable or probably appreciated though my mom will say it's amazing she loves them maybe she'll take one of the arrangements to school but here I thought I was being original and all I was doing was being a copycat. Well I mean if it helps at all it kind of justifies that it was a good gift because the two of you both thought of it so okay but here's the thing is my that's what my brother and sister-in-law always do so I feel like I should have probably thought about that first but I was just so excited because I love all the colors and because I almost sent her a ceramic pumpkin so an arrangement in a ceramic pumpkin but I didn't end up doing that I wish I had done that now because maybe that would have been a little more original with some carving tools what matters most is which one shows up first I was just gonna say do we know who got there first because that's what at the end of the day that's all that really is gonna matter which one will get more attention the one that shows up first or the one that shows up second oh did you get it from the same place I doubt it I didn't and I didn't ask my brother so maybe your arrangement is a little more tasteful well yeah I mean I my knowing my mom she'll be thrilled the thing is if let's just say for the sake of argument two people sent me flowers for my birthday I would love them both and they won't be exactly the same and so I wouldn't be upset but I'm upset my brother said why it's the thought that counts no it's the gift that what if the arrangements look exactly the same I mean I was gonna do some something else too but that I was all excited about orange flowers and once I had orange flowers in my sights gosh I got the the blinders on and I just couldn't think about anything else so I'm kind of disappointed now but I can't say anything to her because I would ruin it right if I'm like oh man mom I totally screwed up with your birthday gift then I don't want to put that thought in her head so for now how can you one-up him still no no it's not about that it's just wanting to be different no no I'm I want my mom to be happy and I know she loves fresh flowers it's just that I I would have done something else that I know she would love especially since the arrangements are going to be very similar there's only so many orange and yellow flowers that you can put yeah I mean I think she'll still love them both equally oh I'm sure she will I'm the one who's disappointed because I like to be original and thoughtful and come up with something unique special it just doesn't feel special right now I guess it's the big deal I understand but I still think it's a special gift I mean they'll be in separate rooms one will be different for different thoughts you know so it'll be your plan should be like oh that's the plan that Amy got me eventually yeah the other plan she'll probably not even remember which one came from which kid all right happy birthday mom it's Monday so I guess I'll deal with it then it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio we're live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios when you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it Rocket can one game down week seven of the NFL season which I keep saying that out loud and it doesn't make it any more easy like any more processable is that a word it might be a word any it doesn't make it any easier for me to wrap my brain around I can't promise you that this is going to be anywhere close to the perfect show too much has happened all around us anyway I am breathing I told you that's half the battle we've got a bunch of other games that we think qualify potentially for the game of the week so the poll is now up on Twitter after our CBS or on our Facebook page yes yes thumbs up on our Facebook page as well after hours with Amy Lawrence I can't actually see the screen with the phone calls on it but I suppose that producer Jay can help me and if there's a call we'll take it eight five five two one two four two two seven maybe if there's a call maybe if there's a call we'll take it so that time of the week again after hours game of the week what is it this was this is not one of those weeks in which you have bills and chiefs and boom that's an easy one although there was a little competition last week for bills and chiefs we actually did get a fair number of votes for eagles and cowboys and we tried to look at the matchups based on record and based on personnel right so in the case of the 49ers first of all the game is at Levi's stadium as they host Kansas City second of all the chiefs are coming off a loss and now Christian McCaffrey assuming he is ready to go with San Francisco on Sunday that's huge all of a sudden uh so there's Jay just um out of curiosity uh-oh what happened well I guess I shouldn't go no it doesn't matter we're good I like what you picked Seahawks Chargers which we think is interesting because the Seahawks are three and three and right in the mix there in the NFC West and the Chargers well you want to be in the mix in the AFC West potentially even taking the lead in that division the Chiefs have a tough road game a really stout defense normally for the Niners not last week but if the Chiefs would lose on the road at San Francisco and the Chargers would beat the Seahawks guess it would have first place in the AFC West okay so that's a huge game for the Chargers I like that we went in that direction actually and by we I mean Jay and then Steelers and Dolphins so we think Kenny Pickett may be back on the field he's been a full participant in practice even though he's in concussion protocol and the Dolphins obviously welcome back to uh and that is your game on Sunday night football so those are your four candidates so along with Browns and Ravens that was a no-brainer inside the AFC North so you can check out that poll again on our show Twitter or Facebook or my Twitter A Law Radio and let me just say one more time now that I can actually see them again I love your dog photos absolutely love them I shared a photo of Penny and you all responded with dozens of photos of your sleeping dogs and your older dogs I love your senior dogs I think the we actually had a photo of a 17 year old dog that one listener sent to us which is really neat amazing I can't even imagine Penny with four more years of insulin four more years of the slowest walks around the entire neighborhood I really can't even imagine but if she's gonna keep on chugging four more years then I'm gonna keep being her mama so yes we did get a photo of a 17 year old dog I think we got a 16 a 15 so yeah we love our senior puppers so thank you for sharing all of your photos on both Twitter as well as Facebook actually and many of you I know we're looking at the other photos and enjoying them so thank you for hanging out with us and being part of our after hours community coming up in a few minutes we're going to head to the desert so we know this now Bob McManaman from the Arizona Republic will join us and we'll be able to get his opinion on not just the Cardinals offense and what's been wrong with it definitely has sputtered tonight's game notwithstanding but also the addition of Christian McCaffrey to that NFC West Alaskan because that news broke during Thursday Night Football and then just the division in general so there's a lot that we can talk about with him when he joins us since he was covering Thursday Night Football but let's talk Major League Baseball just one game on Thursday the ALCS game two and I got to tell you if the Yankees aren't going to generate any more offense than what they've done in the first couple of games this series is going to be over quickly it's not as though the Houston Astros are hitting the snot out of the ball they're just getting one or two more timely hits slash runs than are the Yankees Savarino set just above the belt and the one two swing and a three-pointer from way downtown it's good Alex Bregman with the long ball it's three nothing that's Steve Sparks on Astros radio so yes the Alex Bregman home run it was a moon shot uh it was up there and initially it looked like it was going to be a home run and then I kind of wondered because it was so high up in the air but yes did get that three-run shot from Alex Bregman in the third inning and the Yankees were able to respond after an error was it two errors did they charge Franber Valdez with two errors uh on I think they did on that particular play where first he bobbled a ground well as a ground ball but it bounced really high up in the air so he went to turn to make the play at first base but this is so classic I used to do it all the time in basketball you turn and you go before you have the ball so he did not secure the ball in his glove or in his hand he drops it then to make matters worse he just as he's falling to the ground he picks it up and chucks it in the general zip code of first base it wasn't real close and it was a total mess and so because of that the Yankees are able to extend a rally Rizzo then grounds out and scores Aaron Judge and then Torres Glaber Torres hits an infield single and Giancarlo Stanton is able to score so those two guys they were on second and third because of the errors but that's it that's it again the Astros aren't and weren't in this game hitting Luis Severino that hard he did get charged with the three earned runs on the Bregman home run but Severino only gave up five hits the Yankees only got runs on their errors we've seen this act before the Yankees have been here before against the Astros pitching just unable to generate extended rallies unable to capitalize on their opportunities two one ground ball diving Bregman off his glove bounces to Pena throws the first out five six three on the putout at first base Bregman diving to his left had it go off the top of his fit got to paint on a bounce he bare-handed it and threw out Torres outstanding the one two strike three strikes out the side nine punch outs for Valdez and will go to the seventh inning stretch in Houston the Astros lead at three to two remember Valdez def definitely does not leave games early they use the stat where the majority of his games this season they get 33 starts he'd gone at least six innings in this one he goes seven he allows the two runs they're not earned they were on his errors he only gives up four hits he strikes out nine Robert Ford and Steven Sparks on Astros radio and the Yankees were only down by a run all they needed they just needed a run to be able to put up a jolt of electricity into their offense give their offense some confidence that dugout just needing something a little life against the Astros the baiter leads off first and the pitch is swung on and head in the air to right field indeed it is high it is far and it is caught by Tucker at the top of the wall baiter goes to second that's how close judge came it definitely was a ball that at Yankee Stadium would have been out I think I guess there's I don't know the exact number of feet that the ball went but it seemed like at Yankee Stadium that would have been out Kyle Tucker didn't have to make some really dramatic play on it just he ran out of real estate was able to reach up and grab it but it's not like he was banging into the wall the minute made park held it the minute made park I don't know I don't know why I said it like that minute made park held it and so he was able to prevent that Aaron Judge home run from tying the game it was uber close and ultimately just like game number one there were only so many chances and the Yankees ran out of them high set for Presley hands away from the body two two again swing and a man struck him out on the slider down and in one out of the ninth come set let her high hands away from the body the one two to Torres swaying and a mask got him on a slider Yankees down to their final out there goes Locastro the one two in the dirt did he go around he did says third base umpire Chris Guccione and that is the ball game the Houston Astros go up two games to none in the American League Championship Series defeating the New York Yankees by a final of three to two I think we did a good job the first two games and just got to keep playing hard keep keep competing it's fun playing in the postseason great atmosphere here great atmosphere there and just looking forward to continue to compete the Astros are up two up the Astros are up 2-0 meanwhile the number that sticks out for the New York Yankees 30 strikeouts in these two games in Houston it is hard to do damage it is hard to get guys on base when you are striking out an average of 15 times per game and so they leave five on base they go one for four with runners in scoring position those numbers are actually really similar to the Astros and the Astros just got the one huge hit the difference is of course they're not striking out the same way what they have two strikeouts in game one I think they had two strikeouts in the game one they had a half dozen in this one but that certainly is the hallmark of what we're seeing from the Yankees right now is they head back to the Bronx for game three but already trailing it's tough to say you know some guys hit balls right at guys you know they make great plays and um you know other instances they they make their pitches and you know you just got to tip your cap but like you said it's a postseason anything can happen and we just got to keep you know playing our game and it won't be where we want to be so Aaron Judge talking about the strikeouts and the lack of the run production the Astros are no longer flying under the radar they have been for a long time except for those games against the Yankees going back to the summer this was the Yankees issue against the Astros then and clearly it's still a challenge it's not as though they're alone though the Astros haven't yet lost in this postseason they swept through the Mariners as well what is the after-hours game of the week in the NFL you can find that poll on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page now coming up we're going to connect with Bob McMenamin who covers the Cardinals for the Arizona Republic had at the game in Glendale and even though they got a win still a lot of question marks about Kyler Murray and the offense is there something really absurd that skeeves you out getting a paper cut on my eyeball a fear you can't shake I'm gonna leak ocular fluid down my cheeks it's gonna go into my mouth and I will perish whatever scares you I want to talk about it join me Larry Mullins on my new podcast your weirdest fears listen and subscribe to your weirdest fears on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from fantasy football leagues are one on the waiver wire and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions the fantasy football today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league with eight episodes per week fantasy football today is the only resource you'll need start sit grade the trade fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more check out fantasy football today anywhere podcasts are found hey I'm famy redwood host of the podcast beyond black history month here's reason number 568 million of why you should be listening from in-depth reporting on the shortage of black sperm to how one house of the dragon star is dealing with online trolls who don't love seeing black dragon riders I can't lose sleep over that over worrying about things that are beyond my control listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts finding a perfect suit can seem impossible but finding a suit that's perfect for you is simple with Indochina choose your favorite fabric and customize every detail then submit your measurements online or get measured in store for a custom made for you fit at an incredible price and with Indochino's fall collection featuring new colors and premium fabrics you'll be in style all season long Indochino makes it easy to craft a look that suits you perfectly suits start at just 449 and fitted shirts start at just 89 and you can fine tune every detail lapels linings monograms and more create a personalized wardrobe that doesn't cost a fortune with options like shirts casual wear and outerwear want to elevate your look Indochino lets you make any suit a tux design your perfect suit today with Indochino get $50 off any purchase of $399 or more with promo code fall update at that's I N D O C H I N O dot com promo code fall update thanks for hanging out with us after hours on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast Dalton straight drop back throws over the middle and a one-handed interception by Isaiah Simmons in midfield runs it back to the left of the 40 at the 30 at the 25 at the 20 and Simmons in back to back interception returns for touchdowns by the Cardinals at the end of the half the third pick thrown by Andy Dalton and the Cardinals defense with takeaways turning them directly into scores it's time to pull on the pads and hit somebody on after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio Dave Pash on Cardinals radio the second of the pick sixes so three interceptions all of them in the first half off Andy Dalton two of them returned for touchdowns that can change a game in a heartbeat and it did it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio what is the after hours game of the week our poll is up on Twitter after hours CBS or on our Facebook page so every team in the NFC West is sitting on three wins after the Cardinals put up 42 points they get their first home victory in a long time DeAndre Hopkins returns we are pleased to welcome Bob McManaman who's a long-time sports writer for the Arizona Republic covers the Cardinals and the NFL and Bob it's great to have you with us the hang on one second Bob I think we have a technical difficulty this game thank you for waiting this game looked like it was about to go the way of what we'd seen with the Cardinals offense kind of sputtering and really not able to generate a whole lot what turned things around there in the second quarter when we saw the team really take off yeah it was no doubt back-to-back pick sixes I mean that changed everything and it gave this team some confidence they needed and the offense seemed to thrive with that and having Hopkins back obviously a huge huge part of what that offense can be and what it showed traces that it will be moving forward he was he was great tonight were they lacking in confidence no doubt I mean they couldn't get anything going I mean they've tried changing up practice schedules and they they didn't go no huddle as much they actually huddled more to try and stay on the same page to eliminate pre-snap penalties they had some new guys up front starting due to injuries so it was probably smart and one of the best moves Kingsbury's made all year you know go go huddle more and get out of that that misery that you've been in stuck in for the first six weeks I thought it worked great do you think it's as simple as that or is there something else going on with this offense I think there is something else going on I can't put my finger on we've all searched and asked and no one seems to have answers I will say this my opinion I don't think Carla Murray's playing up to his potential I think he's been struggling I don't know what it is uh just seems like off his mark a lot tonight he was sharper it's cleaner uh things just didn't seem to be rolling for him he couldn't get in any continuity with anybody until tonight and Hopkins I think was the major difference there's a reason why he threw to him 14 times because he's going to catch it almost every time and he almost did interesting to ask though I wanted to ask about Carla Murray because there was a a moment that was clearly captured on camera where he's frustrated and he's kind of yelling at his coach a little bit and and Hopkins has to get in between them which yeah they gave us some good stuff about that how frustrated has he been when it comes to these first seven weeks now yeah we even asked him it seems like you you seem actually happy for a change I mean he wasn't even happy when they won their other two games and he said they're still not close to what he thinks they should be or what their standard should be I don't know what the standard's supposed to look like but it hasn't been good and and tonight I could see potentiality you know if that's a word asking the quarterback what would he say has held them back offensively he's struggling for answers too I mean he he said this we get to a certain part of the field and we we suffer breakdowns pre-snap penalties you know turnover which they haven't had many of they've only really had five all year which is one of the you know among the best in the league so I I think it's been him I just think he's been overthrowing and underthrowing and that wasn't so much of a problem you know there's only a few miscues tonight that was good I think I think the problem has been him but I I hate to be the only one in the world saying it but I don't know if I am the only one so we'll see yeah I don't think that's the case it seems like there are a lot of people pointing to him especially after okay good after his big contract that he signed right and he pressed for it Bob McManaman is with us following Thursday Night Football he covers the Cardinals for the Arizona Republic it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio all right so then there's an incident where Hopkins steps in between him and his coach and Kyler if you can read lips is telling his coach essentially to calm down what did they have to say about that exchange yeah yeah well cliff we had three different versions of that uh all pretty much probably that is true to some extent cliff said Tyler was telling me that I look too uptight on television I need to chill and Kyler said somewhat he said look we got this calm the blank down and uh and let us take we'll fix it don't worry about it and it was time issue down a little down by the goal line where they've had a lot of struggles clocks running down they had to burn it another time out and that obviously infuriated Kingsbury so we're going to score just shut up and wow and they did and uh and Hopkins hop was great because he came between yeah and separated him didn't really separate just kind of talked him down and said hey they're both they're both competitive fiery people he said he said I'm not married but I imagine that's what being married is like so that's what he said interesting all right from that point on obviously they were able to to find a groove offensively and then definitely defensively because it helps when you're playing with a lead right it helps when you are in a position of strength and your defense is putting two touchdowns on the board and then of course they're going three for four in the red zone so let's talk about DeAndre Hopkins then in addition to catching the 10 balls and being so good at what he does how else does he impact the Cardinals I not enough people know this about Hopkins and it took me pretty much until this year his third year to really get it is by talking to everybody on that team offense defense they he coaches everybody up privately he pulls veterans aside he pulls rookie DBs aside and gives them tips he he helps everybody quarterbacks even coaches he he is a coach literally on the field and practices in the locker room he goes up to everybody and you know he was he said it again tonight he goes look I I expect people to do that to me like hop we need you to get going uh he said I know people push me but I probably need more of that and I you know it's a sight of Hopkins you you don't really hear about but it's nice to hear that because it means he's a true leader and the team says you're going to feel the energy that he commands when he when he's around he expects everybody to be at the top I think that's helpful for Kyler more than anybody uh and we're seeing more of that out of Kyler like we saw on the sideline exchange with Cliff it certainly has been a revolving door though he comes back even as Hollywood Brown leaves Brown's only been with the team since the draft and now Robbie Anderson comes in he gets traded to the team how difficult is that or how challenging is that for a quarterback when it's constantly revolving door of receivers well Kyler loves it he absolutely loves him I obviously loves having obviously loves having a hop back but he he was asked this weekend tonight they did try a deep ball to Robbie he's got great speed he's got good size at six three runs a four three something still so that that replaces some of the speed you lose for four to six weeks by not having Hollywood Brown but Kyler and you give him more targets he's happier I mean the more playmakers the better this offense if like they're saying hasn't reached anywhere near its full potential yet and I I don't think anybody can look at the roster on offense with this team when they get going and they'll be able to see what what it does but the names alone the talent alone especially when Hollywood Brown gets back but I mean Rondell Morris special Zach Ertz is special James Connor when he's back from the ribbit injury is special and and they all can make plays as as past catchers and that's that's killer for Kyler he loves it he doesn't mind spreading the ball he didn't spread around as much as anyone probably expected because look number 10 is backing on up you throw it to Duke and he threw it to him 14 times he caught 10 for 103 problem solved in my book anyways for this week you go to Minnesota on 10 days rest and I expect to see the offense a lot better especially with some guys coming back I heard the stat on the Westwood One broadcast which kind of blew me away first time over 40 points for the Cardinals since January of 2017 crazy that is crazy yeah especially with this offense we're just talking about but you know even more glaring to me was the fact this is the first time they wanted home in in nine tries it's been a calendar year since they wanted home and that's that's horrible for any team even the bad ones usually a lockout win a couple at home but the eight game slide was embarrassing they they hated to talk about it they they got upset when we brought it up but you know what you're gonna get it's gonna get mentioned when you don't win in a calendar year at home but they finally did so that monkey's off their back you know they still have other problems they do they don't look like a playoff team to me but I know on paper with the offense gets going and matches what the defense is doing which is carrying this team granted they're only three and four but the defense is playing like a playoff team and if the offense can catch up I think they're gonna make it and find a way to sneak in NFC is just horrible Amy look around horrible football everywhere it definitely does not have many standouts I'll give you that no but tonight was fun this is a this is a game on Thursday night that I think everybody can go oh wow hey it's not bad it's pretty good football touchdowns we like touchdowns when it comes to Thursday night football yes Bob McManaman is with us from Glendale or close to the stadium after covering Thursday night football he's a writer for the Arizona Republic and long time with the Cardinals it's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio it happened in the late stages of the game so what's your reaction to Christian McCaffrey landing in the NFC West yeah the Cardinals just uh we were just there a few weeks ago in Carolina and not often you get to see a guy three times unless you meet him in the playoffs and uh you know in this case could be four times if the Cardinals get there look 49ers look pretty good and adding a weapon like that I know they gave up a lot of draft capital but that's what they and the Rams and the Seahawks do every year they burn through draft picks to win win win and you know it's helped all three of those franchises go far and get to the Super Bowls or at least NFC championships in some case they've two of those teams have won it San Fran hasn't won it again lately but they've been there and they that's how they're built Cardinals a little different they operate a little different that maybe that's why they've only been there once but uh it doesn't make it any easier having to face McCaffrey three times if he stays healthy that's a big if Amy I mean love the guy but he does get hurt he does uh and he can't stay healthy for some reason it was he's been hurting this year with a thigh thing that's that almost didn't let him play against the Cardinals but he did almost have 100 yards rushing against them so good trade for the 49ers bad news for the Cardinals and the NFC West we're just one game into week seven now so looking at the landscape of the division over the first six weeks what stands out to you it's anybody's division and you know it hard comes back to when it used to be that way it's at least it's better than the old NFC East used to be where you didn't know who won until the team the first team got the eight wins at the last game of the year that's usually what happened in the NFC East I remember when the Cardinals played in that division and then they weren't fortunate to ever really do that well there but it's close it's anybody's ball game out in the NFC West and that's that's good for everybody I mean I the Seahawks are playing a lot better than I thought they could Geno Smith has resurrected his career it's great to see the Rams look like they're they've got real problems though I you know not just and it's not a Super Bowl hangover they've just got issues all around and offensive lines a mess the quarterbacks got a gnarly elbow there's Cam Akers whatever the heck's going on there you know OBJ doesn't look like he's coming back I mean it's a mess over there and Sam Fran just plows along they get hurt every year they still find a way to get it done and I don't have a lot of faith in Jimmy Garoppolo a lot of people do I don't uh we'll see if that I mean he does win I don't know big game seems to disappear in my book but uh it's anybody's ball game and I don't know if I call this Cardinals a playoff team but they'll be in the hunt there's no doubt sometimes it's hard for me to remember that the Cardinals were 8-0 to start last season because 7-0 excuse me it has changed a lot over the course of the last year yeah this team looked it started off like it finished the year and the Cardinals were so into themselves shall I say that this offseason they did absolutely nothing to bring new flavor punch and power to to the roster they just resigned the the core people they thought they needed mostly all on offense uh and figured you know what we were the team in the first half that went 7-0 they went 10-2 we're not that team that struggled down the stretch but you know what that's exactly what this team was to open the season at two and four and did they turn the corner no they they beat a New Orleans team that was missing half of its star players you know they're game changers and playing a defense that should have been playing much better this year that was one of the best defenses coming into the league everyone assumed that everyone felt that and they've been getting torched giving up points like crazy it's not who that Saints defense is but again injuries uh so and the Cardinals to me still haven't figured it out they're still there's still something missing something's misfiring but again the defense I'll give them credit they're playing above water way above water and probably above their heads been a lot of young guys who are leading the charge and that's that's great for a defensive coordinator not great for the head coach who's an offensive supposed whiz kid every team in that division has three wins now that the Cardinals picked up the victory to start week seven so it is wide open as you say you can find bob on twitter at az bobby mac mac and he is a senior sports writer for the Arizona Republic long time on the Cardinals NFL beat and we're glad to have him on the show following thursday night football thanks so much for a couple of minutes bob you bet amy always a pleasure thanks for having me cardinals have the same number of wins as every other team in that division right there in the mix it's not how you start it's how you finish is that the deal we appreciate bob hanging out with us after a long day covering the cardinals what makes your skin crawl no matter how absurd i want to know tails without fur on them such as rats or opossums i'm larry mullins the host of a new podcast called your weirdest fears you send me your fear i'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop and then i go to the experts to learn how to overcome them listen and subscribe to your weirdest fears on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from fantasy football leagues are one on the waiver wire and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions the fantasy football today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league with eight episodes per week fantasy football today is the only resource you'll need start sit grade the trade fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more check out fantasy football today anywhere podcasts are found hey i'm famy redwood host of the podcast beyond black history month here's reason number 568 million of why you should be listening from in-depth reporting on the shortage of black sperm to how one house of the dragon star is dealing with online trolls who don't love seeing black dragon riders i can't lose sleep over that over worrying about things that are beyond my control listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts you are listening to the after hours podcast here on after hours we like you as much as you like us thanks for taking my call i've been listening to you for a long time i love your insight what up first time long time awesome thank you amy good morning thanks for always taking my call i really appreciate it you and your staff are very accommodating hi amy thanks for taking the time for my call long time listening our first time caller first one of today's lucky show i am an amen fan very creative guy this is after hours with amy lawrence if you hadn't heard christian mccaffrey is going cross country that's the big news coming out of thursday night football as much as the cardinals getting a win is also big the saints falling to two and five there's a major missed opportunity there though it's tough a lot of teams are going through it it seems like they've got guys on and off the field every five minutes so the saints fall to two and five in a division where it's still anybody's game and that applies to the nfc west as well in fact it pretty much applies to every division in football but i can imagine it's frustrating inside a locker room when you know it's there for the taking especially when you start out like a house on fire but uh then the turnovers the points off turnovers definitely derailing the saints attempts though at the same time jump-starting the cardinals and this may be exactly what they needed so yes game gave us touchdowns on thursday night football but the big news breaking in the second half christian mccaffrey is headed to levi stadium to the san francisco 49ers to the nfc west there is a fun tie here if you remembered i just happen to remember this because i've been a broncos fan since i was 13 years old ed mccaffrey is a former denver broncos wide receiver ed is the father of christian he's got a bunch of sons they play football christian's the best and so ed played for mike shanahan who is kyle shanahan's dad and actually mike was part of that san francisco well it wasn't at levi stadium obviously but part of that san francisco coaching staff before he went to denver he ends up winning a couple of titles there with the broncos ed mccaffrey was part of that bronco system and now you've got kyle shanahan who has the opportunity to coach up cmc christian mccaffrey also interesting to think about how their paths almost crossed going back to mccaffrey's rookie year do you remember at that point and i didn't remember this right off the top of my head but i did read it the niners had the number two pick in the draft and they were thinking about taking christian mccaffrey instead they made a trade with the chicago bears so the bears could move up up and get mitch trubisky wasn't he their pick at number two in that draft i feel like that's what happened they moved up to get mitch trubisky i do remember the trade because the bears were worried that the niners were going to take a quarterback the niners did not take a quarterback in fact we now know from kyle shanahan and john lynch they were never planning to take a quarterback so instead they just used the bears fear and apprehension as a way to trade down to number three where they selected d lineman solomon thomas who was actually a teammate of mccaffrey's at stanford but they nearly drafted christian so now they've got him we know kyle shanahan liked him liked him at the time just decided they had other needs and instead of picking christian they traded down and went defensive linemen but now shanahan and mccaffrey and the families they're intersecting yet again shanahan called him a problem and the way that he performed against the niners earlier this month no doubt solidified that he is a player he's an asset a 26 year old dual threat running back who when healthy is a difference maker a game changer right now in the prime of his career as long as he can stay healthy so far so good though he's taken 85 of the panther snaps in what's been an abysmal campaign so far can you imagine how excited he must be he's leaving charlotte yeah but he's going to a team that can win again it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio what makes your skin crawl no matter how absurd i want to know tails without fur on them such as rats or opossums i'm larry mullins the host of a new podcast called your weirdest fears you send me your fear i'm just so weirded out about the texture and how they can just move around and flop and then i go to the experts to learn how to overcome them listen and subscribe to your weirdest fears on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from hey i'm famy redwood host of the podcast beyond black history month here's reason number 568 million of why you should be listening from in-depth reporting on the shortage of black sperm to how one house of the dragon star is dealing with online trolls who don't love seeing black dragon writers i can't lose sleep over that over worrying about things that are beyond my control listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts fantasy football leagues are one on the waiver wire and with trades and with savvy starter sit decisions the fantasy football today podcast will help you along the way with the best advice on how to manage your team and dominate your league with eight episodes per week fantasy football today is the only resource you'll need start sit grade the trade fantasy cops to settle your league disputes and so much more check out fantasy football today anywhere podcasts are found you
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