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REShow: Richard Sherman & Arthur Smith - Hour 2

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September 8, 2023 4:38 pm

REShow: Richard Sherman & Arthur Smith - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 8, 2023 4:38 pm

‘Thursday Night Football’ analyst Richard Sherman and Rich discuss the Lions Week 1 upset of the Chiefs, what Bobby Wagner’s return means for the Seahawks, if new Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton can get Russell Wilson back on track, and if he sees the Eagles or 49ers winning the Super Bowl this season.

Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith tells Rich what inspired him to grow his impressive new mustache, what’s impressed him most about rookie RB Bijan Robinson, the expectation for Desmond Ridder in his first full season as Atlanta’s starting quarterback, his team’s tough as nails mindset, and more.

Rich reacts to Joe Burrow’s record-setting contract from the notoriously parsimonious Cincinnati Bengals and lists the most intriguing games for NFL Week 1 including the Bengals vs Browns, 49ers vs Steelers, Dolphins vs Chargers, Packers vs Bears, Eagles vs Patriots, and Raiders vs Broncos.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

The best part about the NFL is competition. Mahomes back throws it in. Picked off by the Lions. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

Lions will take over on down snow flags. It's unusual for us to drop that many passes. The Rich Eisen Show, earlier on the show. Bill's quarterback Josh Allen, still to come. Prime video DNF analyst Richard Sherman. Falcons head coach Arthur Smith.

Three-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. A spirited conversation about what the Chiefs loss meant for Kansas City's fortunes in 2023.

And if you have anything to chime in about 844-204-rich number to dial. I say you know it's just one. It was disappointing. Obviously they didn't have two of their three best players last night. They did have Mahomes.

Almost got through the night with all of that as a circumstance. But I do tip the cap to the Lions. I say it tells us more about the Lions than it does about the Kansas City Chiefs. What say you? My guys here in studio essentially told me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Which I don't appreciate. I'm gonna be very honest with you. Julian Edelman is joining us in studio now. Number three Chris, are you gonna do the Patriot win-loss game with Julian Edelman here? Chris will we do that?

Yeah 100%. Mac to the Future guys. Mac to the Future shirt is here. We're ready to rock. Oh my goodness gracious. I'm feeling quick.

Is that right? Mac to the Future. Quickly roll through that. How did that work out last year?

Mac to the Future. Well look I have many theories about last year. I don't know if you want me to share them at the moment. I know you have.

But put them out there. It's a new year. It's gonna be lit.

The new year. It's gonna be awesome. It's going to be lit. I don't love the report I saw about an hour ago that Ramondre Stevenson did not practice today. All right that's why you got Zeke.

I don't love that but I like having Zeke there. We're gonna eat. Well I'm sure we'll learn more about Ramondre Stevens's injury before the game. I'm sure there'll be information flooding the zone on that front. Another zone? Yep.

Very forthright. You think? All right here we go. He's still expected to play Sunday despite his absence today. You're good.

Great. I don't know if you guys know. I mean somebody's talking there.

Oh that's true Chris. All right so we've got Arthur Smith of the Atlanta Falcons before the Atlanta Falcons take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. Which by the way will in fact be one year to the day. One year anniversary. It will be one year ago Sunday that Bryce Young and Alabama took on Bijan Robinson and Texas. Oh yes. And now they're going to be on a an NFL field playing their first game against each other as well. That's kind of cool. One day after the current version of Texas versus Alabama.

It smells like a what's more. All right that's our number three. Well done. But joining us right now is a future Hall of Famer sitting on the set of Prime Video Thursday night football Super Bowl champion five-time Pro Bowler Richard Sherman back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you sir? I'm doing great.

How are you Rich? I'm doing better for seeing you on my screen. How are you enjoying the paparazzi Richard? How are you enjoying that? You know it's been it's been fun so far. So far so good. You know you get to talk sports and you're on TV doing it. You know you can't beat that gig as you know.

All right so jump right into it. What's your take from Thursday night's kickoff Richard? They'd be a better team if they paid Chris Jones what he's asking for. They're a better team with Travis Kelce on the on the on the field.

I mean that's about it. That's about it that you learned from from Kansas City side of it. They're not a complete team right now without those guys. Obviously they're two all-pros who are the best in the National Football League. But Detroit you know that it says more about Detroit and how prepared they were and how ready they were to go into Arrowhead and get this win because even without Travis Kelce and Chris Jones they're still a formidable team. They're still the defending champions. So Patrick Mahones was giving them I mean all the way to that fourth and 25 where the ball hits off Sky Moore's hands. I mean they still had a chance. He catches that ball there in field goal range. It's a dog fight. So I think it says that Detroit is ready for their moment. I had them winning the the north and I still have them winning in north and I'm excited to see how this season goes for them especially once they get Jameson Williams back. Walk me through the jolt on a sideline that happens when the coach decides to go fake punt on the second drive of the the season from his own 17. Richard what'd you make of that? I mean I've never been on a team where coach... All right good point but what do you think how do you think it meant what do you think it meant that night last night?

I think it means cajones. I think it's gonna get it injects a lot of adrenaline into your team and belief and faith and you know that that you believe in them and that that was showing. You know Dan Campbell believed in his guys. They had been practicing it all week so I'm sure the team wasn't surprised that they were running it but it just shows that hey we're willing to do whatever it takes today.

We're willing to go all out to win this ball game and I think that gives a lot of confidence to the team and I mean just like Dion's Colorado Buffalo you know you inject that kind of confidence and belief in them unwavering belief that we can get this done and those young men are hard to deal with. Richard Sherman here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about a couple of former shops of yours. Bobby Wagner's back in Seattle. Did that surprise you that he went back there Richard?

No no no no he's a good friend of mine. We talked and communicated all last season. I was happy to see him back. He's happy to be back. He switched lockers and got more space in his locker so you know he's excited about that but yeah I expected him to be back. You know he should have never left in the first place. Unfortunately you know things transpired the way they did but he's you know made his way back home.

Made his way back to where he should be. He's going to have another great season. That team is poised to have a really good season. Gino, JSN, Smith and Jigba. He looks really good out there.

Obviously DK and Tyler. Gino, you know had a pro bowl year last year. He's looking like he's going to have another pro bowl year. They have two really good tackles. I mean a really good corner.

I mean they got all the foundational pieces to a really good team so I look forward to seeing them play well. Would you say the Niners are standing in there? The Niners are standing in their way or they are now officially toe-to-toe with San Francisco?

Richard, what do you think? I mean the Niners are I mean Nicholas John Bosa reigning defensive player of the year. An all-pro at all three levels of the defense.

Multiple all-pros on offense and Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams. You know Christian McCaffrey. What are we talking about? You know what I mean?

You're talking about I can't give it to him yet. It's a divisional game though. It's a divisional opponent so I would expect those games to be freaking just like they were when I was playing. They're going to be freaking drag out brawls all the way down to the fourth quarter. I don't expect there to be a blowout. I expect I'm excited for those two games.

Those are going to define the NFC West but I still think San Francisco has a slight advantage just because of I mean what they've done over the last three, four years. Richard Sherman from Prime Video. You could see the Richard Sherman podcast sign beyond his left shoulder right here on the Zoom appearance on the Rich Eisen show. What did you make Richard Sherman of the story, the quote about Sean Payton telling Russell Wilson to stop effing kissing babies.

You're not running for office. What did you make of Sean Payton apparently telling that to Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman? You know like I said before, I think it's Sean Payton doing his best to kind of let the team know that I'm running the show. You know everybody is here you know and Russell's going to fall in line with everybody else. I'm not treating him bigger than anybody else.

I'm not treating him below anybody else but I just you know I don't know if that's the right method. That's Sean's method. You know that's the old school Bill Parcells.

Hey my way or the highway method which is fine but you know Russell his own career has been coached by Pete Carroll and Nathaniel Hackett for one year and he's only known Pete's culture. Pete's optimism, optimism, optimism. Hey positivity, positivity.

Hey even when you make a mistake we'll find a silver lining. We'll keep pushing forward and it's been such a good environment. You've seen him thrive in it and you know this is just a different way of coaching, different style of coaching. So I'm interested to see how he responds because I mean he's just never been coached like that on the national, on the professional level. Do you think he needed to hear that Richard? I mean he didn't need to hear it you know three, four years ago and I don't know if he needed to hear it now but he heard it and I'm sure he's gonna go out there and put his best foot forward. I think it's one of those situations where he's in a tough spot period. If they had all their you know if they had Tim Patrick and they knew Jerry Judy was going to be out there and and the offensive line was top five in the league then you know you'd have a situation where you'd be like okay it's gonna what can Russell Wilson do but you're in a situation where the offensive line has a lot of question marks.

Jerry Judy's availability is questionable. Tim Patrick is out for the season. You know Javonte Williams is a great player but coming off an injury. The defense has been elite and was elite last year but will they play at that same level again? So it's just so many questions and then you're in a tough division with Pat Mahone, Justin Herbert, the Chargers and Jimmy Garoppolo and Josh McDaniel.

That combination may be a little different than what you've seen the Raiders be in the past so we're gonna see. Richard Sherman, couple more minutes left with him right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Prime video, Thursday Night Football, one week from last night. Philadelphia is hosting Minnesota. Are the Eagles your choice to come out of the NFC to go to the Super Bowl, Richard?

7 pm Eastern, Rich. You got to catch that game. Yeah, I think the Eagles come out of the East. I think that D-line you know even though they lost Javon Hargrave. They picked up Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith. I mean you talk about an abundance of riches.

The rich get richer. I mean it's silly when you look at that defensive line and that defense in general. Both corners you got an all-pro and a pro bowler. Losing CJ Gardner Johnson was a hit but I think they'll be able to weather that.

Then offensively you talk about all day. Always open AJ Brown. I mean Devontae Smith is going to continue to develop. Jalen Hurts in his third year is going to be even better. You saw DeAndre Swift in the preseason and just some of the moves and how well he fits in that offense and then you got Lane Johnson and the boys.

One of the best offensive line if not the best offensive line in football. So I got them winning the East but I look forward to the matchup between Darius Slay, Brad Berry and Justin Jefferson and Addison. I think this is going to be a fun receiver corner matchup regardless of which side you're on. And then a bunch of teams that we've discussed already are next on the prime video Thursday night schedule. San Francisco hosting the Giants. Green Bay hosting the Lions. That's going to be a huge game based on what we saw last night especially the Chiefs in week six are going to be hosting Denver and the aforementioned Russell Wilson.

You got that prime video game on the day after Thanksgiving as well. Who are your Super Bowl combatants? Who do you think's going to be in Vegas and winning it all? Richard give it to me.

I said it the other day and I still stand on it. I think it's going to be the Niners and the Kansas City Chiefs a rematch of the 2019 Super Bowl that I played in but I think the Niners are going to find a way. Kyle is going to find a way this time to get it done and I'm excited to see that. I think Aaron and those guys have a great chance at it. Obviously Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals have a great shot at it. On the NFC side I think it's the Niners, Eagles, Dallas maybe you know but they've been in the playoffs. Things have always gotten rocky for them right around the divisional. It's always something chaotic. So that's what I got going out.

I think it's the Niners winning the Super Bowl this year and that quest for six ends this year finally. Richard I appreciate the time greatly. I know you're spending a lot of time in Los Angeles now for sure.

I'd love to have you in studio. Great seeing you on TV streaming, cable, the whole business, your pod. Congratulations on what you're building for yourself post-career. Thanks for the time here. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I look forward to it. We'll stay in contact and maybe grab lunch or something. I love it. I'll reach out to you.

I got you. Richard Sherman right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Check him out with the rest of the crew. Prime video for Thursday Night Football, his podcast. Obviously he's across from Skip.

If we had more time I'd have to talk to him about that. Skip. Okay let's take a break. When we come back the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons is Arthur Smith and he will be joining us in advance of a big game against Carolina for the Falcons to kick off their season on Sunday. That's next.

Your phone calls as well. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Hey it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the Rich Eisen Show?

Well you got it. Over Reaction Monday hosted by me Rich Eisen and my compadre Chris Brockman and every Monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready Chris Brockman yay or nay? Yes Rich no holding back buddy I'm coming for you. Absolutely what you need to hear.

Over Reaction Monday every single wait for it Monday wherever you listen. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zachman. She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages they also brought their dachshunds. It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds.

Something you should know wherever you listen. Well I mean and that's why I'm wondering why you would go by the name of Matty Ice, Mac. That's why I'm what I mean that's a beer infused nickname and it doesn't fit anymore.

Would you agree it doesn't fit anymore Mac? Are you is the natural coming back or are we making a push for the natural here? No I'm well I'm pointing out that certain nickname that you've had for a long time just just it. I like beer uh just growing up there I do like beer. Right so when it comes to it though you just you're not you're not slamming them back right is what you're saying? No I guess I'm drinking responsibly.

Okay something that would be a natural light of some sort. Matt are you what are you drinking? What are you drinking? It's been a long time. See you keep making my point. Why won't you take the natural for me man? Just why won't you do it? I mean how many times do I have to ask?

How many times do I have to ask? It's just nobody else wants it. Um are you aware I offered it to Stafford your buddy? Is that right?

Yes. He didn't take it either. Well I mean he. That's a no Matt. Um hold on a minute excuse me hold on he I gave him full disclosure that it was a retread and that you had rejected it because I know you guys talk I know you guys you guys are tight right? He forgot to mention it to me the last time I saw him.

I can't believe that wasn't top of mind for him. Okay so just just on behalf of all my loved ones who are cringing right now just tell me to move on Matt and I'll move on just tell me to move on. Rich you gotta move on you gotta move on I love you but you gotta move on. Thank you Matt thank you so much.

Thank you. Even if I gave you a t-shirt or anything? All right Matt I can take a hint after nine years or so. I tried now he's on CBS. If they car on him is the natural I'm gonna get really pissed. You gotta move on you gotta move on. Here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons Arthur Smith making his way off a practice field and sitting down on camera for a zoom. Initially scheduled for a phone call but we're like you know what we've got zooms now and out of all the interviews that we've conducted in the first week of having zooms that must be on a zoom it's him you know what I'm saying see what I'm saying you get what I'm saying are you picking up what I'm putting down yeah I'm just worried that we should shave it for later oh my god geez what's happening to you I don't know who you are anymore what dad shave it for later I mustache him a question is that what you're saying you mustache yeah okay I thought you would like that you love dad jokes Terzo in Iowa all rise let's take his phone call what's up Terzo how are you sir that was such a bad joke man it's not even a joke I don't know what's going on what's up Terzo how are you rich uh I'm doing well man um got a couple predictions here for you you know back in May I think whenever I did my win lots I had the Niners losing to the Steelers hold on a second sounds like everybody's hold on a second let me get out let me let me get it right here I have it in front of me because I write things down you had them losing to the Steelers and then winning their next four before losing at Cleveland pal before winning their next four and then losing on Thanksgiving night at Seattle and then at the Eagles and then losing the final game at home against the Rams yep and 12 and five and winning everything else that's what you had uh so I'm I'm at this point everybody's kind of now picking the Steelers to win that game I'm gonna just say I'm not gonna sleep on my team you know but uh but I think it's gonna be the sneaky good game of the week Terzo I am willing here's a bold prediction for you this is what we're gonna do here Terzo because you are the quintessential longtime listener and longtime caller okay we are going to I think I'm making this executive decision oh that's okay uh to allow Terzo despite it's been about three weeks since he played this win-loss game to still have your finger on the chess piece you want to change that to a win you want to change it no well so no rich at this point I still believe we go 12 and 5 so I'm gonna leave I'm gonna leave it alone and I don't like to go back on what I've already said uh you're not here to talk about the past you're not here to talk about the past I'm not here well I'm only here to talk about the future rich and I got my Super Bowl prediction for you okay what do you got well I just think it was a great omen you had Richard Sherman on yeah and also our boy Josh Allen yes I might have been a year early last year whenever I made my Chris Berman pick but yes I still believe it's going to be the Niners bills this year Niners coming out on top okay who did you have Buffalo taking on Chris Buffalo Philly Philly okay the two most insane fan bases that's right going to uh Las Vegas yeah oh oh my god and in February two cold places just go go just go enjoy yourselves for a week I like it thanks Terzo hey Rich I think there's going to be one other funny thing that's going to happen this afternoon with you guys on the show I think when Brockman sees Edelman come out he's going to get lost in those eyes and he's going to get taken taken in drinking the Kool-Aid he's going to have the Patriots going like 13 and four something crazy all right something I don't think so that is that is not happening but I appreciate the call I don't think you're not going to you I just want to say this just be careful when you play thanks for the call Terzo just be careful when you play the win-loss game later on I'm going to give you guys a quick preview there will be a one a seven and a zero in my prediction wow Owens now it's either 10 and 7 or 17 that's I don't know or seven you know yeah he's it's 10 and 7 or 0 and 17 he definitely not 0 and 17 17 and oh man it's not 17 and 0 and it's not 0 and 17 and it's not 7 and 10 it's going to be 10 and 7 that's his way of saying I feel I can I can feel it that there is a ray of sunshine that bill o'brien has come back and he's taking care of business in a way that that that matt patrician his pencil and joe judge didn't last year and that's going to be the difference and that's 10 and 7 or they could be oh seven and one and then it's not that tj you gotta you gotta focus I don't know man you gotta know what chris you don't know what he's gonna say right could be undefeated well I just know it's not that out of your mind I mean they did it before did they though julian edelman is making his way to the studio now you might yeah that's true has he signed our great jews in sports book I believe he did last time I think did he we gotta we gotta check on that so I'm pretty sure you can do that while I'm getting ready is he checked in all right very good fantastic this was originally a phone call but we had to make it a zoom I have to see this man uh I have to see him we all do I have to see him and there he is the head coach of the atlanta falcons that's a game face your game face is on coach how are you arthur smith what's going on you know almost saved just to bother you you know what no rich I just I'm gonna leave it going see how it's going okay so um I understand there's lots to discuss football wise but I do have to just get straight into it walk walk me through the stash what what do we got here where where did this come from arthur smith what do we have here well I mean maybe it's a midlife crisis you know maybe the man goes with one where he needs to have a mustache I don't know okay but I'm assuming this has been uh family approved family approved coach of course it's handsome with the rich you know of course your wife's gonna approve well I mean I don't know it's certainly if you're you've kept it um for as long as you had you called it a lifestyle choice if I'm not mistaken right yeah it is and who knows who have you been compared to if any any of your friends or anybody called you up and say you looked like this guy looked like that guy at all different you know I mean sometimes people they've said like Tom Selleck sometimes people like Sam Elliott certain worlds maybe I don't know maybe the roadhouse version Sam Elliott I don't know we we we went with uh here on the program since I'm sure you know we've been talking about it if you haven't we have um uh the uh Taggart from uh from Beverly Hills Cop that's what we went with what do you think let's go on we've got an 80s vibe to it it does have it it doesn't there it is we've even come up with this photograph of you and we can send this to you if you'd like to show your kids if they've seen if they can make the reference what do you think coach okay okay very good uh all right let's get okay let's just jump right I feel like it's I'm back in the shoes of trying to get Matt Ryan to agree to the natural right here all right let's just jump right into it coach uh what is going through your mind two days before the playing season in 2023 we just finished you know our Friday practice rich and it's it's always a long lead out to week one you know there's obviously a lot of unknown a lot of excitement but very very confident in this group and um so you just try not to over think it you know try to get in the routine and then we'll have our last walk through meetings tomorrow tomorrow night and then we'll kick off quick sunday one we're ready to roll what have you learned about Bijan Robinson over the last several months now that you've had him in your family I think with Bijan that makes him different and I've said this I got asked the other day and I meant this in all sincerity like he's one of the most mature players I've ever dealt with with this much hype and expectation I just rich I do honestly believe like it it's harder and harder now to deal with hype you know every generation and whatever it is and a lot of people now they live through their screen that's probably not the best thing but it is it's the way of the world right now and it can mess some people up as people have a hard time handling expectations or a guy we can go on our own but a guy that's had that much attention and that much height and in a place like Austin and Texas and we draft him in here uh it's pretty impressive on top of him being a really good football player so he's handled all that stuff really well and there's no question in your mind about the workload you can give him as a rookie running back at all coach be similar to cp may make up another name I mean I'm a joker I don't know if you got another name we can uh church up the depth chart even more okay well in terms of the joker position we could not help but notice the letter j on the falcons depth chart um for cordarrel patterson um is he's he's the first stringer uh joker position why did you do that what's that about yes I was on a board with conditional wisdom and not really what you played you know I mean you know you try to stack them in a depth chart I mean the guys that we have up on game day to me are starters and we don't have a fixed this is the 11 and are you getting to 12 and this is how it has to be in this pecking order when we play in so many different personnel groups and guys no seriously and then they play in different spots for us and you know sometimes there are some guys that had some starting streaks and that's important I mean I think I'd like you know starting streak like jason witten guys that had a string of game you know the first play but some of the goes back especially coaching tight ends I remember this with a guy Delaney Walker who was a hell of a player and we had Delaney in Tennessee and I got to work with him a different role for seven years everyone time Mike Malarkey you know he Mike was a old school NFL guy and we were gonna call different personnel first play and he did and it taught me a lot he said hey make sure we talk to Delaney that he's not gonna be in there that important when I was refreshing that guy like Delaney I don't give a whatever because we call whatever we need to and all I care about is winning you know and so so everybody's different doesn't make it better or worse but it's just that's not our mentality and we're gonna play in a lot of different personnel groups the guys are gonna play different spots and the weaponry is there no question about it Arthur Smith for the Atlanta Falcons prior to taking on Carolina at home in week number one right here on the Rich Eisen show you mentioned how Bijan Robinson is ready for the moment in terms of his maturity for his age kind of feel the same way about your quarterback from outside in and I'm wondering what Desmond Ritter looks like to you prior to his first ever week one season start in the NFL coach well he's a confident player and he should be there's not any like false bravado he doesn't need any hype guy I mean that's got a lot of confidence because he's got evidence of doing it and you know he had a lot of starts in college the guys won wherever he's been um even last year you know as he played late threw him in some tough situations and got better each week and we we believe in Desmond he wouldn't be out there and I think a hard now and never you go back to people over there at screens but I mean you guys see all the time the hype machines of my guys today are just ridiculous uh it's so hard to play quarterback in this league and there's not a perfect science to it and sometimes it is the climate they're in there's a lot of other factors whether that player goes on to have a lot of success but it's hard to uh but we feel really good about what we have going here and we believe in Desmond and uh the quarterback that you're facing this weekend how does one prep for uh first overall pick who might not have been able to show anything in pre-season did did you go back to any Alabama tape on Bryce Young there's so much a week one there's I'm sure last night and there was between Detroit and Kansas City they probably had some new wrinkles and yeah maybe there's a playing a educated guess of what you think you're going to get from the home or Jared Goff Bryce Young, Bryce is a talented player he's going to play we get his first start played a lot in the preseason I'm sure they'll have a couple of wrinkles but in a day you're going to get in situations that we understand that you know he's going to have to handle and we're going to have to handle too when you get to some of the third down obvious drop back and I'm sure that's why they drop it and um and we just got to make sure we play clean that's happened a lot down to week one you don't want to have a lot of penalties and you see it all over the league and careless with the ball we need to play smart get into this game there's going to be a lot of unknown on both sides did you watch last night's game with an eye towards week three I know you week to week world you know you you know yeah you play them in week three Detroit we go up there yeah yeah so do you sorry go ahead no I mean yeah you're watching it and I'll obviously dive into it heavier you know after the green bay game but we've got to you know stay focused on Carolina but sure you're certainly watching it and seeing what's going on absolutely what excites you about your team going into this year coach just throw it out there for me Rich I love the mindset of these guys I mean we got a team that you're speaking of like an 80s mindset I mean these guys these don't work they practice hard and you know gives you a chance like especially when you're your best players the guys that we pay a lot of money to they're your best workers and that makes my job a lot easier you know the Grady Jarretts Jake Matthews and bringing Jesse Bates in there David Anamata um so gives us a chance Chris you know Chris Lindstrom when you when you pay guys like that they're your best workers they're good players uh you know everyone's talking about culture those are the guys that are living it right there and that makes my job easier and I'll I'll just throw the name Kaleis Campbell in the mix too I mean you got him walking around I mean Kaleis he's going to do 16th year he's talking about an impressive person I know right oh I mean you know you know hopefully we can get his 100th sack too somebody told me that stack yesterday next set and the next stack will be 100 that's right that is pretty cool yeah and speaking of an 80s uh mindset I guess you're potentially set to put the banana in the NFC south tailpipe right coach what do you think rich you're trying to get me canceled no it's a line from bevel eels comp that's what happened you know it's that I mean you never know today I mean rich I'm not I mean you're syndicated right yeah I'm not syndicated rich I gotta be we're corporate we're just this corporate I'm an NFL corporate guy too you know what I mean so all right well I you understand why I needed to see you right instead of have you on the phone I had it to actually see you I know that's why I almost shaved just to be uh oh wow but out of respect to you I didn't want you the best thing you did lately and I gotta tell you will this sure you talk about a power move you made taylor welcome to you right you know what uh he was in power move poking on the damn boss but you'll make him come to you well no I'm a man of principle just like you you know I've said that I will not get on that bus until there's a motor on it and I'm trying to be a man of my word and they were in town and I'm like how would you like to come here and they said sure so I didn't I didn't twist an arm that's a big time that's a powerman you know what um I'll take it yes I appreciate you noticing that uh and he also said Compton said that you wanted to give him his year 10 that that actually almost happened right he came and worked out and you know it was a lot better than I thought I was anticipating being out of shape and uh he looked ready to go okay there were some things he had to work out with his contracts unfortunate but he almost got year 10 that was real right and um now you know he's five years from Canton I think I saw that one uh recently as well he says he's like him coach thanks again greatly appreciate it have a great week one look for more of my calls and uh I fear the stash I think the rest of the league will as well so good luck on that I appreciate that you got it that's Arthur Smith everybody head coach of the Atlanta Falcons right here on the Rich Eisen show he almost shaved I wouldn't have been able to I would have I would have can you put coach Smith on the zoom please it was this person but you know he said I almost shaved just to mess with you I know but he's not going to do that you can't switch up like the ship he's he's on the list now powerful stash I sell it I have said the Falcons win this division pal I've said it yeah me too I'm in I'm with you buddy I said it on national television I was the only one at the uh uh Moochin Irv I mean Moochin you know hopefully not gonna what Moochin uh Kurt said uh on Tuesday night um Saints Saints yeah the schedule is in the Saints favor but we'll see well I'm telling you and by the way I did Lone Wolf uh the Lions on that show um so I'm feeling good about that uh the Falcons have their first two at home at Detroit and then Jacksonville in London before two more at home they played four their first six at home they got to win all those at Tampa and then the Arthur Smith bowl in Tennessee home for Minnesota at Arizona and by I think and they don't play the Saints until after they're by that's a schedule they could go and make some hay on I think they're class Campbell's walking through that locker room I got a lot of talent on that team yes they do it could be a sneaky fun offense and you know who's scoring in London because that's the only place he scores he does not score in America he does not I was assuming you were going to say Drake no yeah love the Drake love the Drake okay let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen Show when we return I have got games for you to take a look at that maybe you're not taking a look at because we're just paying attention to last night or as TJ Jefferson calls the varsity because it's Dallas or Monday night which I'm excited about that's next and your phone calls this is the Rich Eisen Show after the Stash just appeared in real live time this guy over there Brockman with his red socks cap over there do you have the David Price sound that when he was bitching about David Price after the Yankees beat him up in what was that game two play go for it for Bill Burke I want him to quit I want him to retire on the spot he's not gonna I didn't go that's what I want he was terrible part of you so furious at David Price so fear but you were you were kind of feeling good though like you're getting it off your chest like you could it was therapeutic see what I'm saying that's what what's with is there something about name another sports fan that that sees that guy I don't know just like I'm maybe I'm just a much more sunny disposition type guy were you screaming this is about him this is about how great he is oh I didn't now I see where this is going I was confused you know rich I I okay you spoon fed it to me I want to tell you so rich out of all the sports shows I go on I think you are the nicest most even-keeled pleasant respectful to other fan base no I just think it goes back to like the tea party you know it goes all the way back to like like you don't feel represented you feel like you're taxed you feel like a tax you feel it do you feel the job don't you feel it you haven't been represented in the sports universe it's always great it's always great when I have another teammate come into studio because I'm teamed up against two-on-one with the new york don't you hate anytime like there's a big boston uh game what they show they always show like lighthouses lobster fishermen and paul revere like oh yeah that's massachusetts I didn't see I never saw any of that you know who goes to a tourist attraction in your own city exactly you only do it when relatives come to town oh do you want to go to the uss constitution oh do you here's where cheers is standing line down there have a great time I'm gonna go to a dive bar where do you want to go next you want to go to cheers just to let you know it doesn't look like that when you go inside so just take a picture outside I miss bill burr we got to get him back man that's necessary I miss him so good on our youtube page stream the nfl and westwood one for free folks sponsored by auto zone all season long you can listen to every westwood one broadcast of the nfl live on the nfl app by asking alexa to open westwood one sports or on your westwood one affiliate stations digital platforms kevin harland and kurt warner with the call i'm in studio all season long for free and you can get in the zone with auto zone the free auto zone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free restrictions apply get in the zone auto zone I was listening to you when I went to go pick up cage yesterday yeah I'll sneak up on you you turn on the radio it's amazing pre-game action people who know me my mother friends who I've known forever you when I show up in places you don't expect it's like hey it was like just like it was a quarter of five I mean his school is close by where we live and I was like let me see if there's some pre-game were you talking to ian last night um no oh who did who analyst scott hanson scott scottie hanson come and talking on four boxes yeah he was so pumped he was indeed I was nervous driving oh my gosh all right let me hit the wayback machine for you here to the year 2000 why the year 2000 years why it was in that year that the old riverfront was finally in the rear view mirror in the great city of cincinnati they opened up a brand new stadium in cincinnati for the bengals called paul brown stadium and the arrow and everybody's name in their stadium after a sponsor or something they're like no no no no we are naming it after the founder of the bengals the father of mike brown the current owner of the bengals it's called paul brown stadium and we are not changing that name everybody else is making deals we're not making deals as a matter of fact we hold on to our money for dear life no if you took a poll of any owner in the national football league who was holding on to cash in a velcro wallet it would have to be mike brown absolutely any time and money would be spent you hear this rip velcro they held on to their coach marvin lewis forever great coach good guy but just couldn't win playoff games normally that would just send someone packing in cincinnati because that would be dead money they don't want to think that's spending money yeah that's dead money there's money it's to be spent no it's to be kept held on you know it's spend money here dear life i feel and then all of a sudden a couple years ago paul brown's name removed uh-oh what an honest stadium pakor stadium oh pakor stadium named after i believe a cincinnati-based company called pakor hcm a provider of human capital management software in the united states something that sounds like george castanzo's working for him and covered export karuga why is it called pakor stadium out of the blue ah because joe burrow had been drafted and they knew already he's pretty damn good and special and they kind of despite their old world mentality kind of were plugged in to the rest of everything to notice the little thing called the market for quarterbacks and thus pakor stadium did indeed bring in some revenue it's not game-changing revenue and you gotta pay people in the national football league what they are paying for is paid i believe the pakor deal um eight to twelve million dollars annually with the deal that the bangles made with hamilton county ohio they get to keep the first sixty point five million dollars of said deal and lo and behold pakor stadium last night officially did become pay joe stadium joe burrow five years 275 million dollars and the sound you heard last night before kickoff was the sound of cash registers and velcro being ripped open in the city of ohio called cincinnati i told you all this was gonna happen it was gonna happen before the season and it has happened burrow showing up on sunday with a presumably presumably healthy calf and if it's not healthy it's because it's the weight of all that money in his pockets now cash is heavy right he will be playing with heavy pockets and this is the truth this is the truth he needs to look around the locker room and i'm sure this was done in a way cap friendly this that however i don't know but you look around the locker room t again is gonna want to get paid everyone else in there is going to want to get paid jamar chase is going to get paid at some point he's got to look around that locker room and say to himself is this the year and that would be what we in the business call pressure placed on the shoulders of a quarterback who has been paid needing to live up to that salary especially knowing that the team in front of him might not be able to be kept together because of this contract and i'm sure there's fine print that there should be able to keep most of them but probably not all and burrow knows that and that is extreme pressure and would tear apart any quarterback that feels pressure but good for the bangles and good news for cincinnati is if there's any human being that feels no pressure it's joe burrow right exactly same face same face same attitude same dude the window is open when he shows up for work and of all places for him to show up first it's cleveland ohio baby oh baby which leads me to my top five now that we are in week one the top five most intriguing contests of week one and i'm not talking at all about the sunday and monday night games and look at our new graphic thanks to smidge all right very nationally lampoon oh that is really good i've got five bags and wally's world is open i need music please sir you just made the list number five on the list of the most intriguing matchups of the rest of week one is bangles at browns joe has been paid and the team that loves to torment him the most and has been able to do it one and four lifetime against the browns and he's going to be the best one in four lifetime against the browns will be welcoming in joe burrow and the bangles where so many people are picking them for the super bowl and who will be testing joe burrow's rehabilitated calf none other than miles garrett dashawn watson getting the start for cleveland in the dog pound that is a great division game for week number one that's number five on my list number four on my list will be the first time that tom brady returns to new england as a retired hosannid player honored and red carpeted and he's tommy coming home as a retired player to be feted and honored before the game and at halftime on the field in front of everybody tom's willing to be paraded around in new england as tommy pat win and who's in but the defending nfc champion philadelphia eagles baby jaylen hurts versus mack jones how is bill o'brien to retooled things how are the eagles gonna look and tom brady's in the house probably sitting next to bob craft who else would be there john bon Jovi who else we got who else we got who else we got oh great question i don't know ben oh ben affleck you think they're all be there i don't know mark walberg's definitely mark walberg well he'll leave at halftime oh boy sure that's number four on the list number three on the list it is time for jordan love to take the field as the starting quarterback of the green bay packers and he is in chicago packers bears justin fields the bears kept him and using the draft capital that they used to keep him and flip the number one overall pick to carolina they got him dj moore and the rest of the bears fan base that feels really good about things right now it's the green bay packers with matt lafleur running his offense as he sees fit for the first time rogers and him don't have to collaborate anymore it's jordan love and he's in chicago can he show that ownership papers of the bears have just been transferred from one quarterback to the other that's number three on the list number two on the list is just up the road from us here on the rich eisen show studio and elsa gundo we're right across the street from lax and down the road from sofi stadium the dolphins at the chargers in the afternoon on sunday late window on cbs tuah the fourth overall pick of the 2020 draft against justin herbert the kid picked after him herbert has been pizayed too has only just got that near fifth year option picked up tyree kill jaylen waddle the miami dolphins everybody's looking towards monday night as the battle for the afc east amongst other reasons to tune in for bill's jets how about the dolphins coming in here and track meeting the chargers to an oh and one start but the chargers have got a ton of players all over the map justin herbert with a new offensive coordinator and kellen moore wow am i looking forward to that game vic fangio the new coordinator of the defense in miami that's number two on the list but the most intriguing matchup for me to remain in week number one outside of the sunday and monday games 49ers at steelers baby i think the steelers are ready to roll the 49ers with brock purty he is gonna start let's go kenny pickett with the hamburger helper gloves and george pickens and the rest of that team patrick peterson's already said they're gonna pick off brock purty at least once and purty's like we'll see brock purty's talking smack back to the steelers tom and shannon let's go and it's an early window game right off the bat 49ers and steelers the most intriguing matchup remaining for week number one in my mind do you think we need one more all right i'll give you one all right we'll get one more raiders at broncos baby hey buckle up josh mcdaniels back in the spot where he used to coach and got uh run out on a rail they run defeated one he's coming back with jimmy g and josh jacobs and russell wilson's got sean payton telling him to stop kissing babies because you're not running for office and what do the broncos look like and sean payton's returned to the sideline and it's the raiders at the division game max crosby's coming to wreck the day for russell wilson devante adams and the raiders and the broncos in afc west of vision king to start things off and those are my top five plus one most intriguing matchups left in week number one baby let's go the jesus are flowing let's go baby we made it we did didn't we we made it seven long months man we made it tons of phone calls we're going to unload the phone banks what's more likely also still to come julian edelman in studio for crying out loud can't wait for hour number three good thing is it's just a couple minutes away that's right here on this rich eisen show terrestrial radio station serious xm odyssey and more we're still here on the roku channel though i could have i almost went washington and arizona almost good nothing about that is intriguing that's untrue sam howell let's see what he looks like everybody thinks the commanders and also ran in that division wait terry mclaurin's apparently looking okay we'll see no injury designation right john dotson had a great camp brian robinson jr and then we're assuming it's josh dobbs for the team that it either is we we have to have them declare two things the injury report half hour before the game and then a full report as to who took the bus or drove themselves here's what i was told by the way oh do we have an answer for this here's what i was told because we i showed this to i'll say to uh mike rob and andrew whitworth at nfl network and a day yep mike rob seems to think that it's legit he was just asking the group because when you're in training camp or whatever you are wondering who drove themselves and who took the bus like just for for actual transportational requests like he thinks it's you they do want to know that just to see you know if do you need more people you need to add another bus who drove themselves and they just edited that in there he didn't do that as any inspirational purposes it just looked like that so why was it edited that way i don't know that was his guess it's so weird that it is a legit question by the team to the players like who drove themselves and who who needs the bus whoa yeah it's crazy man football's back baby hey guys it's susie shuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie shuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy-legged waist benders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations when we are going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie shuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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