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REShow: Joe Douglas - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 6, 2023 4:14 pm

REShow: Joe Douglas - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 6, 2023 4:14 pm

Jets General Manager Joe Douglas and Rich discuss his “surreal” experience of landing Aaron Rodgers from the Packers in a trade, Rodgers’ fit with in the locker room and with the city of New York, the expectations for RB Dalvin Cook this season, why 2nd-year RB Breece Hall looks as good as new in his return from a season-ending ACL tear, and more.

Rich weighs in on Cardinals rookie head coach Jonathan Gannon refusing to reveal his Week 1 starting QB and if Arizona could eventually end with the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

After weeks of anticipation, Rich reveals what his beloved New York Jets’ win-loss record will be this season under Aaron Rodgers.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

One, two, three! I told everybody here that Deion Sanders was going to show up with the Colorado buffaloes.

Show everybody that he means business. This is the Rich Eisen Show. 86 new players.

86. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I don't understand why people think that he's just doing this just for him. He is a coach. Earlier on the show, Lions head coach Dan Campbell, Fox Sports college football analyst Bruce Feldman.

Coming up, Jets general manager Joe Douglas. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air live on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TV. It is also free on Amazon Fire TV.

It is free on the Roku app and the And I will describe for the radio audience, Terrestrial Serious XM, what you're missing if you're not seeing is this fantastic blue button-down shirt. I go, by the way, I go button-down. Not button-up?

No, no, no. Do you button it down when you put it on? Oh, yes, I do. You start at the top? I do. You start at the top? I go down.

What, you start at the bottom button and button up? I, opposite. I have no idea. You don't think about it, do you? I don't, no.

Yeah, but you don't usually wear button-downs or ups. Not really. Honestly. I don't know. People get mad that I button it all the way to the top. Who cares? Let me wear this shirt how I want.

You know what? It's a zipper-up. I'll be honest. It does anger me. Like, I have anger when I see it. It's not a zipper-down. Too bad. It's a zipper-up. I feel the same way about your comments on my power rankings.

Well, because they could have been better. The thing about the button-up or button-down is when you have the buttons on the collar, that's a button-down. Correct. You button-down the collar. It's a button-down collar shirt. So if there's no button here, then it's just a button-up. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, no. You button-down the collars. Yeah, but if you don't have that... And then you button-down the shirt. You don't have that on that shirt, do you? Guys, all I know is this. Do I not? Serious people.

Certainly when it comes to my power rank. We're not serious people. Great chat with Bruce Feldman in studio. Talked all about Dion.

I mean, Florida State blows out LSU and Duke beats Clemson, and there's so much to talk about, but it is Dion's... Doesn't matter. He's the movement right now. Period end story.

Doesn't matter. Dan Campbell of the Lions was on in hour number one. But joining me right now is a man who gives me much joy. He knows it.

And now I get to tell him that. Once again, he's the general manager of the New York Jets, Joe Douglas here on The Rich Eisen Show. How are you, sir? Hey, Rich. How you doing, bud? Good to be back. Oh, boy. How am I doing?

Well, that's a great question. I'm filled with hope. I'm filled with excitement, Joe. And I like what you're doing. I like the cut of your jib, sir.

I'm not gonna lie. I appreciate it. That's how I'm doing. How are you? We're good. We're good. It's our off day today and tightening up a few things.

And then we roll into the week of practice, getting ready for Buffalo on Monday night. You feeling super, Joe? Is that a word you would use, an adjective to describe how you're feeling?

Do you describe yourself as super? I think everybody's excited. I think we're ready to get this thing going.

I mean, we've been in camp since July 19th, so we've been almost a two month long camp, so it'll be good to get this thing rolling. Oh, okay. You won't even use the adjective. Do you use the adjective?

Like, you go to the market, you won't even call it a supermarket? Is that what's going on in your life right now, Joe? You won't even use the word? There's other superlatives that I'll use.

I think there's the right time. It's not called the superlative bowl, Joe. You know what it's called. You know, Aaron didn't say that the superlative trophy is lonely, you know what I mean? He said the word. He said the word. He said the word, and we're all doing this for the same goal, right? Okay.

All right. That road starts soon, so we're just fired up to get this thing going. When did Rogers first show up on your radar screen, Joe? Joe, I think the first time he showed up on the radar screen was about a week after the season when I had an initial call with Brian. And at the time, I didn't see it as a realistic option.

I just, you hold him in such reverence as a player and what he's done. And we're in the middle of our end-of-season process and getting ready to go get in with the coaches and dive into everything that we need to do to put our offseason plan together. And so that was just an initial conversation. And then as the days and the weeks progressed and we got closer to the combine, closer to free agency, I think that's when it started to become more of a reality as we were talking with Dave Dunn and Brian. And at any point when you mentioned the idea to Woody Johnson, did he say, really? We're going to go for Green Bay's GOAT first ballot hall of famer quarterback again? Did he have any sort of flashbacks that you had to work through with the man who writes the checks, Joe, on that? I mean, I think from day one, Woody was excited about this opportunity, about adding a player, this caliber to the team.

And not only him, but just any great player. We've been able to add some really good players in the last couple of years and adding a guy like Aaron and adding a guy like Dalvin, I mean, Woody's been very supportive in going after players like that. When did you first learn the interest was mutual with Rogers, Joe? I think it was when we were allowed to talk with Dave Dunn, and they gave us permission around the combine to have that initial discussion. And then the more we talked, the more it became this could be a realistic option. And then, of course, when we all jumped on the plane and flew out to Malibu, that's probably when it became a reality. That's probably when it became surreal and real at the same time.

Why was it surreal to you? I just flying out to go see Aaron Rogers and sit in his home, talk to him about joining the New York Jets, a team that you've been working with for the last few years. It's just surreal sitting there and having those conversations and getting to know him as a person because you know all about him as a player, but getting to know him as a man, that was a special thing. When was his contract redone? Was that part of the delay that was between that dinner and the actual trade? Joe talking contract that Rogers 100% coughed up money that he could earn if he finished his contract but took less of that money to go to the Jets, Joe? Yeah, I don't think that was part of the delay in terms of the trade. I felt like the delay was just us and Brian working it out into what the terms would be for the trade, but it wasn't about the contract. So the contract had nothing to do with it, but was it around then when he said, let's do this, because obviously I'd imagine you needed some certainty on that front to acquire Aaron Rogers, Joe? Yeah, there were some initial conversations.

We didn't really hammer it out until we got in the training camp, but there was just some initial conversations of what it might look like, some kind of broad strokes, and then we finalized everything once shortly after we came back in July. And then just seeing him, it looks like he's been around the metropolitan area his whole life with what's been going on. Are you even somewhat taken aback at how comfortable he has appeared and how quickly he has taken over the role of leading this team and the players who are excited to follow him?

I'm wondering your perspective on all of that, Joe Douglass. Yeah, not after my initial opportunity to get to meet him. I was certainly blown away just by how thoughtful, how genuine he is as a person. So I'm not surprised that he was able to come here and really build these connections with his teammates and graciate himself with the city of New York.

I think it's been a natural thing for him, and it's been cool to see these relationships blossom as he's been here. Joe Douglass, General Manager of the New York Jets here on the Rich Eisen Show. You got Quinnen Williams done. You got Dalvin Cook done. I'm assuming Cook would not have been able to get done had Rogers not taken less money.

Is that a fair assessment, Joe? Well, I think we had some flexibility with our budget, with our cap situation. I think certainly us getting Quinnen done before training camp so that we could spread out the sign-in bonus, prorate the sign-in bonus, and not have a large chunk of money sitting on the cap in paragraph five in his salary. And that certainly went into it as well. But again, it was an opportunity for us to add an outstanding player in Dalvin and a guy that is an explosive playmaker, and we feel like we have a lot of dynamic playmakers on this offense and defense.

But some good, young, dynamic offensive weapons. And then with us being able to get Quinnen done, who we feel everyone feels is an absolute game wrecker for our defense, that was a key component to getting Dalvin in the building too. And then Dalvin, was he acquired because at the time you still were iffy on Breece Hall's readiness to take the same similar workload as his truncated rookie season, Joe? We felt good about Breece because Breece has been attacking us rehab unbelievably. And we knew we had a timetable that either that we could practice in Carolina or Tampa, that he was going to be ready to reenter practice and get up to speed. I think this was just an opportunity to add a difference maker on offense. And just so happens to be the same position as Breece and Michael Carter and Izzy, the Bonaconda is another running back. I had a really good preseason for us, but we feel like we have a really strong room there and so that we can really, it gives us more options, more flexibility in terms of our play calling. And the fact that Dalvin was available is because of the current state of the running back market.

Your perspective on the subject matter that your co-tenant, as you know, in MetLife dealt with this issue significantly with Saquon. But you're a general manager, you're one of the 32 that helps set a market for a running back market. What's your two cents and what you're hearing how running backs think that they're not paid what they're worth in the NFL, Jill?

Yeah, it's a little bit of a market oddity, I feel like. And you could say maybe it's because analytics and the past game has been so valued over the last few years. But in my mind, just in the way I've come up in football, running backs don't matter, and especially for a team that plays where we play. And the team that doesn't have a roof and when things get cold and you're competing in the playoffs and you're competing for an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl, the run game, physical play still matters.

And so it's going to be important for us. And so let's just, Joe, Doug, there's a couple of minutes left with the general manager, the New York Jets right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So Breece Hall looks the same to you? He's going to come out of the box on Monday night looking like the same guy who was running through holes and increasing goal lines for the Jets last year? I mean, his first practice back, I think it was his first or second practice, we split him out wide as a wide receiver. He runs a slant route and he just splits the defense with that speed that we saw last year. And it couldn't help but put a smile on your face, seeing him catch that ball and split the defense the way he did and showing everybody that gas that he still has and our GPS proved it. So it's been great integrating him back into the offense. And last week when we were able to have him and Dalvin back there and just the cool things that we can do, it's been fun to walk out there and practice every day. Okay, so Dalvin's in the backfield. Rogers is under center.

Breece Hall split out wide on the same field as Garrett Wilson. Is that what you're telling me? Is this what you're saying to me, Joe Douglas? Is that what you're saying to me? No, I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that there could be some cool options.

I don't know if it'll be exactly like that. Well, I'm not trying to, look, come on, like the bills, like we're not telling any tells out of school here. I'm just trying to point out like this is the firepower with which the Jets are entering the National Football League 2023 season, just as a possibility. I didn't even mention the other guys like Lazard or anybody else.

Just theoretically, Joe Douglas. Allen looks really good too. You know, of course, Garrett and, you know, Kabi, he's doing a great job and he's so great for that room, for our team. So we do have a good mix of players, a good mix of youth and veteran presence on offense and defense. Can confirm.

All right. So then what's your best Rogers story that you either witnessed or heard about where you're like, okay, that's the guy. That's the guy that we were hoping to get when I first had him on a radar screen after the season and then things got real at the combine and then things got even more real around free agency in the draft and it happened and now he's here. Where you're like, okay, this is it. You got one for me on that front, Joe? It's all, it's like a collage for me. It's not like one particular thing. It's the, the handshakes with, it's the handshakes he has with sauce and, you know, Michael Carter. It's the, you know, it's, it's sauce giving them the, giving them the necklace. It's him, the way he basically gives the defensive players, whether it's sauce or Quinn in little nuggets and ways that they can get better. It's, it's, it's not one thing.

I feel like it's just been like dozens and dozens of little moments that have added up to be a huge thing. And he's also said this is not just a one-year deal. Do you get that sense, Joe?

Or has he literally said those words to you that you're willing to share in New York? I mean, I think, I think he's, I'm not, I'm not going to put any words in Aaron Rogers mouth and I think he's, he seems to be in a, in a happy place. And, you know, we want to keep him there. And so, you know, we're just, we just kind of attacked us one day at a time, but I feel like he's, he's in a good place.

We have got a lot of young players and veteran players that are in a good place and now we just have to go out and execute. But in terms of just, I am mandated to say, cause again, this is important to me too, Joe Douglas, that, you know, for the future, you do know you have to FaceTime him at home, right, not call him at home. You know that, right, Joe?

You're supposed to do that? Yeah, I heard that. I heard the reception wasn't great there.

But how about Jersey? Have we tested it? Have you personally tested his home cell phone range?

Have you personally tested this, Joe? We good? So I feel like the cell service has been great here. Okay, great. And we haven't, we haven't had to cross that FaceTime barrier because I was very upfront. Like I'm not a huge FaceTime guy of like guy to guy, you know, I do that with like my wife and kids occasionally, but I was very upfront. Like I'm really not a dude to dude FaceTime guy, but you know, I text, call, face to face, absolutely. But that's crucial communication that you've put that out there and then you know, like if you call him at home and it goes straight to voicemail, you got to FaceTime, Joe.

Just, you know, for him, let's make that dude to dude exception. There's no doubt, especially if it's an emergency. Okay, very good. Just want to make sure.

That is a threshold I definitely would cross for him. All right, Joe. I'm very excited about the flight plan.

I'm not going to lie. Very excited about the flight plan. So you take off, sir. And I look forward to seeing you Monday night and beyond. Please look for more of my phone calls. You have my very fragile, fragile emotions in your hands, Joe.

I'm not going to lie. Very fragile. I appreciate you, Rich.

Appreciate your support. Not as fragile as Mike Greenberg's. Let's be straight up about that. Okay. Let's straight up.

But it's still fragile nonetheless. Okay, Joe. I appreciate it. Appreciate you, Rich.

You got it, man. And thanks for the hard knocks, okay? I greatly appreciate that. That was fun. That was great.

I did a great job with that. Excellent. Joe, you be well, sir. You be well. Thanks again. Have a great Monday and beyond. We'll chat soon. Thanks, Rich. Thanks, guys. General manager of the New York Jets.

Joe Douglas, the man who put this team and roster together. Not a lot of hard questions from you. What do you mean not a lot? What are you talking about?

Just kind of softballs. Like, what are you talking about? Like, what's the hardball questions for him?

What's the up and in? I thought you'd go a little, you know, just challenge him a little bit. Challenge him? What's the challenge? What's the challenge?

We didn't last year have the worst year maybe in a long time that he immediately rectified with the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers. Oh, wait a minute. He did that. Like, what's that?

What is it? I don't know. You're having six in your power rankings. I thought you might bring that up. You were complaining it was too high.

Now you're thinking it's too low. Expectations. I'm done with the troll.

You just focus on your quick game. We'll see you in week three, pal. Oh, Matt Corral is out there. Matt Corral. I can't wait.

Yes, Corral is out there. Golden Corral and Legal Seafood getting together. Quarterback pack. All right, we're going to take a break and here's what's going to happen. Here's what's going to happen. We're going to take phone calls. We're going to take phone calls and I'm going to do the win-loss game for the New York Jets. And long overdue.

The mystery that still lurks in the National Football League is still lurking. What do I mean by that? You'll have to stay tuned. You see how I use the word tune?

Hey, these are called bread crumbs. Follow them to return after this commercial break. Let's talk about AG1, people.

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Take ownership of your health right now. Check it out. slash eisen. Hey, it's Rich Eisen. You want an exciting and fast paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of The Rich Eisen Show? Well, you got it. Over Reaction Monday, hosted by me, Rich Eisen, and my compadre, Chris Brockman.

And every Monday, we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact. Are you ready, Chris Brockman? Yay or nay?

Yes, Rich. No holding back, buddy. I'm coming for you.

Absolutely what you need to hear. Over Reaction Monday, every single, wait for it, Monday, wherever you listen. The caller there right now, here on The Rich Eisen Show. Who is this person? Hello? Hello, Rich. This is a guy that's not all that keen on French guys, but I want to tell you happy birthday. Oh, my God. Happy birthday to you.

No, I'm going to sing it. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, old Richie. Happy birthday to you and a whole lot more. It is your old pal, Joe Willie, Roll Tide and Go Jets fan. Joe, this is the greatest thing of all time.

Thank you for doing this. How are you doing? I just I'm a fan. I've known you for a long time. And all of a sudden you've lived a long time. And I hope you live a whole lot longer, too.

Oh, my God, Joe. You don't have no idea what this means to me right now to get to get a call from you on my birthday. You know, I mean, thank you so much.

I can't I don't even know how to say it. As one of your fans, you've got millions of fans out there these days, man. So keep up the good work.

I love listening to you and seeing you on a case. I and I appreciate that, you know, because, you know, I was born the year you won the Super Bowl, Joe. That's the year I was born. That was a good year.

You see that? That was a very good year. It was a good year and a day in the life.

It was a good year and a day in the life for sure. But, you know, I'd love to be able to not have to say that. Right. I'd love to be able to talk about some some other championship other than that, Joe. You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, well, that may come about. So once again, I don't want to take your time up here much. I know you're talking about some important things, but I love you. Thanks, Joe.

And I look forward to seeing you around campus. Nothing beats being sung happy birthday to Joe Namath. Now I know how JFK felt back here on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH number. Sitting at the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by K Jack in Long Beach, California. Let's do this right here, right here in the heart of charger country. K Jack, are you about to show us your lightning bolt?

Is that what's about to happen? Oh, K Jack, you got to turn down your sound. You got to turn down. How does Adam not tell somebody that?

I'm blaming this on Adam, by the way. K Jack, you there? Yes, I'm here. All right, you got to turn down your television set. We've been waiting for you.

By the way, the only thing that wasn't a drawback to that was me listening to my own voice. So all right. K Jack, you there? Yes, sir. All right. You want to play the win-loss game for which team? Well, that means I now know that you're a Chargers fan.

Okay, now I know that we don't need to confirm it. All right. All right, Long Beach, I want to hear from you. React to me. React. Win loss. The Miami Dolphins. What happened Sunday? When at the Titans?

When at the Vikings? No. Oh, my goodness.

But I enjoy the the emotion swing. Right home for the Raiders. Oh, you ain't got to actually the next one. So that's a win?

Yes. Off the by three and one home for the Cowboys on a Monday night that TJ will be sitting at home to watch that one when I'm lost. Three and two at the Chiefs. When four and two home for the Bears. When five and two at the Jets. At the Jets at the Jets.

What do you got? That's a L. Five and three home for the Lions. When at the Green Bay Packers, six and three. When seven and three home for the Ravens. I'll be at that game.

We don't need that one. Seven and four at the Patriots. When Chris, come on. Eight and four home for the Broncos. When nine and four at the Raiders on a Thursday night. When ten and four home for the Bills law. Ten and five at the Broncos.

Law win, win. Eleven and five home for the Chiefs law. Eleven and six, just like Kyle and Vasilya said the same thing. That's nice, but it just didn't take me as much of a roller coaster ride as KJAC just took me on. Thank you for the call.

KJAC Long Beach. Biggest mystery in the NFL coming into the season. Biggest mystery coming into the NFL this season is without question who's starting for the Arizona Cardinals this weekend.

We've been on pins and needles. What a yarn Jonathan Gannon is spinning for all of us. The head coach of the Arizona Cardinals who knew, took the job knowing that Kyler Murray's knee had just been blown out and knew, we all knew, all non-playing season long that Kyler Murray would not be ready for week one. And boy, they love Kyler Murray there. If I'm not mistaken, before the draft weekend, didn't they all fly out en masse to Oklahoma for the unveiling of Kyler Murray's statue there? They're all in on Kyler.

Why not? Because he's Kyler Murray and they've got a long-term contract there, but he's hurt. We all knew. We all knew. So of course, one thing they might not have known though, in all seriousness, is that Colt McCoy wasn't ready. Wasn't it anymore.

Didn't have it anymore. I don't know. Maybe he looked really good in the spring and then all of a sudden he came back after summer break and fell apart. Because how do you not have a planet quarterback going into the playing season? How do you go into the playing season acquiring a quarterback from another team and saying, I think you're a week one starter.

Two weeks before the season. As Josh Dobbs, we're all assuming it's him, but there's another rookie quarterback out there. We're all focused on the top four picks in the draft, three of them being quarterbacks. Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, and then the fourth overall pick, Anthony Richardson. We're all focused on those guys, aren't we? There's Clayton Toon people. Houston's Clayton Toon, whose numbers in college, very similar to Brock Purdie's. Very similar in terms of experience, in terms of attempts, in terms of yards, in terms of wins.

Very similar. So make all the fun you want. And clearly we have been.

Because honestly, after all this time, two weeks, you're going to pivot. Let's get Josh Dobbs and let's have him battle it out for the last two weeks with Clayton Toon. And then Jonathan Gannon says, we're not tipping our hand to the Washington commanders and Jack Del Rio must be sitting back there laughing at this dust up. So here we go. What about now? What about today?

The Wednesday before opening weekend. Jonathan Gannon, who's your quarterback? You have the floor. You guys have made a decision on your starter. You just aren't telling us, right? Yeah, players know the plan.

What do you think? You're starting QB, do you just plan on rolling out Sunday? Or might you tell us Friday?

Could you sign Saturday? No, guys, I ain't telling you anything. He's in the mode, man. He's got the playoff beard going on, the grizzle.

And you know what? Once again, the man who he coached for and with in Philadelphia, Nick Sirianni's opening press conference in Philadelphia was an absolute disaster. We all thought this guy is like a deer in headlights.

Philadelphia is going to chew him up and spit him out. And instead, they love the guy because he showed off a personality we didn't see at all. And then, you know, he starts talking about you got to water and fertilize and all that sort of stuff. And we're sitting there going, what is this guy talking about?

The guys in that locker room must be looking at him saying, who, who are you? And what are you talking about? And now look at him. So we have to have this caveat.

Because we have to, because Gannon's coming out of the box the same way we were all thinking about Sirianni. That's true. One hundred percent. And the fire has been friendly because it's videos the Cardinals keep putting out when he met Ron Delmore going, you know, like, boy, fireworks, sparks. And you're like, what? You know, how are you, fellow kid? You know, like, it's what?

And he's not even 40, right? And then again, I can't get past this. The video the Cardinals put out through Schefter, like the one of the biggest megaphones out there in the social media world for their in-house, I guess, hard knocks. I still don't understand this. I have truly asked so many people in our business, scouts, analysts. I asked this of Kurt and Mooch. I'll rope them in last night during a commercial break.

What does that mean? Is it good to be on the bus because you're part of a team? Or that's bad because that's the easy way, the herd mentality or not to get to the game? Or is it is it good that you're driving yourself because you're driven? You're driving yourself to be great. Or is that bad because you're not part of the team?

If you're driving yourself, you're not with the guys. I don't I honestly do not understand it to this day. And I've probably spent too much time thinking about way too much. No, I know.

I'm going to say someone who's produced a lot of reality shows. I watch that and I go, this was not like this was edited together. I don't think that was one simple chain.

I don't know. I feel like that was what's edited together is the shots of Hollywood Brown. Yeah, that was better, too.

And Buddha Baker, just like just like where it does those reaction shots. If I was in the edit bay, I'd be like, let's not use those because I'm confused by what a coach means. And this makes it look like the players are not locked in.

And yet they did it like that. But he does come across like Kendall Roy trying to talk about life plus, you know, like, and this is this to me is a big. Set up, because one of the things that's out there in all honesty is Caleb Williams out here in Los Angeles.

His, you know what his dad said? Because we're assuming that if this goes the wrong way, like, let's just say the bus is the bad thing and they take the bus in the 2023 season and their first overall. Did you see what, you know, Caleb Williams that came out last week was maybe considering not entering the draft and not entering the draft. And his dad told GQ magazine and big profile out today, right, that the system is completely backwards in the NFL, saying the way the system is constructed, you go to the worst possible situation, the worst possible team, the worst organization in the league because of their desire for parody gets the first pick. So it's the gift and the curse. So if there's not a good situation, the truth is he can come back to school. Now, that's true.

He can do that. And my point also is Carolina was wound up being first on the clock, didn't they? Yep. Cause they traded in. Now nobody's going to give up the pick for Caleb Williams, but the Bears were first on the clock. Were they first on the clock? Cause they have a horrible organization.

I know Bears fans. You don't answer that, but I don't know. I kind of dig Ryan poles and Ibra flus. You can't say no. It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know. Podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book. There is no cream and cream soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. Eat in the world series of poker with Matt Damon to prep for the role of worm and rounders. I, we played in the world series, Matt and I not to prep we'd after the shoot, the, the, the, we were done with the film. No kidding.

It was part of the run-up promoting the film. We both played along well and the coaching we'd gotten from Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth and a lot of these other guys stood us in good stead. And I, I got some good cards and, and won a few hands and everything.

We both had very like dramatic exits. I, I actually played a Johnny Chan tip. I played pocket nines when I was on the button and ended up with kind of, I bet it as though it was an ACE king or something like that. I got a middle flop. I got a nine and a 10, and then I got a second 10. So I had, I had a pretty much unreadable full house and I got beat by four tens.

Get out of here. By a guy named Surinder Singh. He quadded tens against against an unreadable full house. And when I called and I had more tips than him. When I flipped the boat, the whole table exploded.

They were like, he's going to take Surinder Singh out of the tournament. And he flipped quad tens. Unbelievable.

Yep. It was, it was incredible. I was going to say, do you remember the hand that you went out with?

How could you not remember the details of it too? But, but he said to me later, he goes, he goes on 99 out of a hundred times. He goes, you would have not, he could say, I had no idea that you had that hand. I I'm blown away. That makes it worse though.

Doesn't get worse. As we're talking about it, we're talking about it. And I'm having the saving private Ryan moment where everything goes silent again. And, you know, I was trying to play it off, but I just, you know, gut shot when they talk about being gut shot. I was gut shot.

That is the definition. Fun stuff all on our YouTube page, slash rich eyes and show. All right. We're back here on the program. 8 4 4 2 0 4.

Rich number to dial phone lines are completely lit. Michael in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have not had a Tennessee Titan win loss game player.

And, but I believe we're about to have one now. Are you there, Michael? Hello, Rich. How are you, sir? I'm doing fine. Thanks. How are you? I need to know a winner or loss for the Tennessee Titans.

Mike, do you have the film music? Give them either go at the new Orleans saints. What do you got for me, Michael? That's a loss, uh, home for the chargers. That's a win at the Cleveland Browns. That's a win home for the Bengals. That's a loss two and two at the Colts. That's a win three and two at Tottenham against the Ravens in London. That's a loss three and three coming off the buy against the Falcons. That's a win four and three at the Steelers on a Thursday night.

Now, rich, this is going to be a loss. And this is actually where they're going to lose Derek Henry to see the beginning of the Taiji Spears rookie of the year campaign. What a, uh, what an absolute, uh, uh, you know, specific, uh, prediction four and four at the Buccaneers. That's a win five and four at the Jaguars. That's a loss, uh, five and five home for the Panthers. That's a win six and five home for the Colts. That's a win seven and five at the dolphins on a Monday night. That's a loss seven and six home for the Texans. Win eight and six home for the Seahawks. That's a win nine and six at the Texans. That's a win 10 and six home for the Jaguars. That's the final season loss.

Right? That's 10 and seven. That might be for the division, right? Chris? Thanks for the call.

Greatly appreciate it. Feels like it. Is that Michael in Knoxville? Yeah, Mike in Knoxville.

Okay. Tony in Georgia. Let's take your phone call. What's up, Tony?

Hey guys, how y'all doing? Tony, Tony, do you know people in this studio, Tony? I know three. Who do you know? TJ, Mike and you.

Okay. Chris, who is Tony in Georgia? Come on, Tony. We're supposed to be pals.

This is Sarah's father, Tony. Diehard Georgia fan and Falcons. Okay, so you're legit. So we have confirmed that you're a legitimate Falcon fan on the phone line, Tony. All right. I do want to just say one thing. I'm very happy about the Thanksgiving game with, uh, Green Bay in Detroit. Okay.

I grew up in Michigan, you know, watching those muddy, muddy ball games in brick stadium. Okay. Well, are you ready to play the win-loss game?

Tony, this might be one of the most important win-loss games around. Yeah. Okay. Listen up here, Chris.

So you will get a little educational. Okay. Tony Tiana. Tony Haynes. Okay. Nice. Uh, home for the Carolina Panthers. What's up, Tony? Uh, that's a win.

All right. Home for the Packers. That's a win. At the Detroit Lions.

That's a loss. Two and one at the Jaguars, Tony. Lost. Two and two home for the Texans. Win.

Three and two home for the commanders. Win. Four and two at the Buccaneers. Win. Five and two at the Titans. Win. Six and two home for the Vikings. That's going to be a loss. Six and three at the Cardinals.

Oh, that's a major win. Seven and three. Fear the stash.

Fear the stash. Seven and three coming off the buy. Home for the Saints.

That's a win. Eight and three at the Jets. We're going to go down there. Eight and four home for the Bucks. We're going to win that game. Nine and four at the Panthers. We're going to lose that one. Nine and five home for the Colts. Win. Win there. Ten and five at the Bears. That's going to be a loss. Ten and six at the Saints. At the Saints is a loss. Ten and seven.

Ten and seven. All right. That's the playoffs. Okay, thank you.

It's going to be better last year. Your daughter's awesome, Tony. Yeah, thank you all. Thanks Tony. It's Tony in Georgia. And your grandson's really cool too, Tony. Yeah, he's all right. I dig him. The father is a nut job.

That's debatable. Okay, it is time. It is time. I am about to do the Jets win-loss game. No one's called in for the Jets yet. I think everyone knows this is my territory. Well, they knew we wouldn't put the call through.

No, it's not true. I would have taken one. I would have taken one, but nobody's done it yet. I'm about to.

Well, Adam hangs up on them when they check the box. Check the box. I'm about to. I'm about to. I'm about to. I'm about to. I'm about to. I'm about to. I'm about to.

Check the box. And when you lose, I win. And here's the thing. I just spoke to Joe Douglas, the general manager of the New York Jets.

Right. And he told us, when I asked is Breece Hall back, does he look like the Breece Hall who ran through holes and creased end zones? He not only said yes, he told a story about him being split wide. I don't think he was supposed to tell that story. And he's split wide.

Look, look, Breece Hall's been split wide before, but split wide before with Dalvin Cook in the backfield and Aaron Rodgers on a center. I mean, I wish, no, that has not happened. Excuse me. That has not happened. Can confirm that has not happened. Well, that's true. And this is now what's filling my head with Quinnen Williams, Russian passers with heavy pockets, Jermaine Johnson being there as well.

And that defensive line in front connected with sauce in the back and Lazard and Cobb joining their BFF Aaron Rodgers. You ain't got no haters. You ain't popping.

That's correct. And I'm popping. Give me the music I require. Give me the schedule. Hold on.

I run it down, Chris. Monday night against Buffalo. That's a win. At Dallas week two. That's a win. Home for New England. Oh, baby. There is family business to be settled.

Like it's on the courthouse steps and in the, and in the, uh, the massage parlor in Las Vegas. 3-0 Sunday night against Kansas City. That's a win. Against what are we now?

Who's next? I just assumed you were beating the Patriots. Sunday night Kansas City week four. That'll be a loss.

Oh, he is humble. At Denver. Let me tell you this. The Hackett bowl. Let me tell you something. The spot where Breeze blew out his knee and Hackett got blown out.

They're going to show up in Gilligan's hats. And that is a W that is a win is more than any of those on the screen or a win. Four and one. Week six, Superbowl preview against the Eagles. They're going to lose that one. Oh, two in a row at home.

And then a lot of folks will be kind of flipping out at the buy. Week seven, week eight, MetLife, Giants, Snoopy bowl. Five and two.

Saquon's dad's going to be rooting for the Jets too. Five and two. Home for the Chargers.

Monday night. Please, please, please. What? Six and two.

Wow. Six and two. Vegas.

That's another piece of family business. Vegas. That's a win. Seven and three. Seven and three. What's next? Oh no, you're, no, you can't, we are eight and two right now. Okay.

Eight and two at Buffalo Sunday, week 11 at Buffalo. That's a loss. Wait a minute. Hoskins is keeping track. You're terrible at keeping track. What do we got right now? What's this record right now? You're eight, seven and three, seven and three, seven and three entering week 12.

Yeah, go ahead. Seven Miami Friday. Oh, black Friday, Friday. No, no, no, no.

That's a, that's a green Friday. When wow. Home for the Falcons. Nine and three Houston. Ten and three win. At Miami.

It's gonna be hot. That's a loss. Oh, that's ten and four. Commanders. Week 16. Christmas Eve. I will give that as a, they got to drop one at home. Washington. I, no, screw it.

Eleven. What's a win? Short week Thursday at Cleveland. I'll give them, I'll give the Browns a win there.

Season finale at New England. Yeah, yeah. Wait, Browns a win? Browns a win? Yeah, no, I'll give the Browns a win.

That's a loss for the Jets. Yeah. Okay. What's the record right there?

What do I have? Eleven and five. Okay. Eleven and five.

At New England. That's a win. Wow. Yeah. Oh, please.

That point in time, you're, according to you, big ass hot seat right there. Oh, every family business is going to be some resting guys for the playoffs. Understood. Twelve and five. Twelve and five for the Jets.

Twelve and five for the Jets. I just did it. Jeez. Rich. I did it.

Twelve and five. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. I just did it. Wow. Man. What's up? Like I said, man, Marvin Harrison is going to be heading to the Cowboys.

All your teams are going to be so much better than us. Nine and a half. Vegas has nine and a half and you're going twelve? I am going twelve.

Ah. Four and two in that big crucible of a six game star. Can I redo the Cowboys tomorrow?

Yeah, you can. I'm telling you right now. We've got Patriots.

Adam wants to come out and do the Bears. Oh, you got, we got two days. I'm telling you right now.

There's seventeen to know if I do it again. You know what you're going to do, Chris? You're going to do, I know exactly when you're going to do the Patriots win-loss game. You're going to do it here with Julian Edelman sitting there on Friday. He has been booked on Friday's program.

He has not. Why'd I have to go so early? You chose to go early. No, no, no, no, no. Excuse me. I asked. I asked. I asked.

It was a dog day of August, right? Someone had to kick it off. I just didn't realize. I thought I was being rational.

It turns out that. But how's it going to change now that you know what? That Zeke's not coming? It changes anything?

Now that I know that everyone else is being irrational with their picks. Now you know. Now you know.

Now you know it'll be better because Trey Lance is going to pressure Dak. Just takes a nice chunk out of the pie. Oh, baby.

Yeah. The season begins tomorrow. It's your act together.

I mean, baby. One more time, Rick, for the people in the cheap seats, please. What happens tomorrow?

It's your damn act together. The season begins tomorrow. The season begins tomorrow.

Yes. And for those who might be new to this program, because we came on the air after the season began on the Roku channel. If you're new to this show on the Roku channel, I start the season off every year on the day of the kickoff by running through off the top of my head all 32 teams and their question marks and their storylines. It's pretty cool. Pretty fun.

It's a lot of fun. It's a good start. So be there at the start of the show on Thursday. Season is not over. It is yet to begin.

As a matter of fact, it's the exact opposite. I can feel it. I can feel it.

I can feel it. I'll wrap up the show. We'll chat Thursday. Hey, guys, it's Susie Schuster, and I am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall. It is called What the Football with Susie Schuster and the Princess of Darkness, Amy Trask. If you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon, heavy legged waist benders, this is not for you. We're going to have big girl conversations. We're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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