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REShow: Hour 1

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September 26, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 26, 2023 3:42 pm

Rich recaps Joe Burrow and the Bengals’ narrow Week 3 win over Sean McVay’s Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, weighs in on the Philadelphia Eagles’ “not pretty” win over Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, predicts an NFC Championship Game rematch between Philly and the 49ers, and debates Brockman and TJ about the Eagles’ continuing to (successfully) use a rugby scrum-style “Bush Push” with Jalen Hurts in short-yardage situations.

Jets fan Rich weighs in on New York signing journeyman QB Trevor Siemian to their practice squad and reacts to Hall of Famer Joe Namath publicly blasting Zach Wilson.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Yeah!

Sorry. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. This is why we love the NFL. Fields takes the snap on the guard. Throws the ball up.

It's intercepted! I'll give you the floor on the Bears, Chris. I feel bad for Justin Fields. I do. I think part of it is him.

Like, I don't know if he can ever be the guy. Today's guest, Dolphins running back Raheem Moster. Yes, Network, Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay.

Plus, your phone calls and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah, yes, everybody. It is time for the Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio affiliate.

Smart enough to have this program in its lineup. Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. The podcast version of this show, All Three Hours. We say to anybody who's out there listening whenever you want, hello. We also say to you, please make sure you download the Overreaction Podcast that Chris and I put together yesterday, right now.

Where all podcasts can be acquired through the Cumulus Podcast Network. It's a lot of fun. Talked about everybody, from the Cowboys to Taylor Swift.

Just like everybody else in this free football world. It's totally wild. A wild weekend. My top five wildest moments of the wild football weekend is coming up. And we've got Raheem Mostert on this program.

From the Miami Dolphins, fresh off of 70 Burgering, the Denver Broncos. Michael Kay will communicate with this show from Toronto, Ontario. Where the Yankees are playing out the string. Michael's joining us in hour number three. We're hoping to Zoom with him.

He says he's going to be in a dark production truck. Which is, I think, very fitting for the Yankees season as well as the Jets season. That he elicited the latest fantastic soundbite in regards to that season from Joe Namath. We're going to have that on this program, you betcha.

My top five performances for this week. And then when we're done, this studio seeds its floor to What the Football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask. Another podcast from our group here on the Rich Eisen Show. Thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. How are you over there, Christopher Brockman?

What's going on, brother? I'm great. DJ Mikey D is nuts. Oh, wow. Good to see you. For the radio audience, Mike was actually making the finger noises. What do you think about doing that this morning?

What did you think? Did you wake up saying, you know what? I'm going to play a drop. I'm going to do things. I'm just like two seconds ago, maybe three. TJ, good to see you, sir. Good to see you.

What's going on over there? It's National Pancake Day today. Is it really?

No way, really? Yeah. So we have to dinner tonight, baby. Oh, I was going offensive lineman.

Oh, I'm sorry. I got football on my mind. I haven't eaten in like 12 hours. Is that right?

Why you doing the reverse Yom Kippur? You know, it's over, right? You know, you're not Jewish, right? You know, I checked. I'm not Jewish. I don't know. I don't really eat after six o'clock at night.

So it's kind of hungry. Why do that to yourself? All right. So we're getting a hangry Chris Brockman today. No, no, no. I'm calm. Okay, good. I'm calm. Very good.

Well, good to see over the nuts and stuff over there. TJ Jeffersons. Let's start this program with the Cincinnati Bengals season has been saved officially for the moment. You're not 0-3 Cincinnati.

You're 1-2, which is, by the way, the worst paraphrasing of Sam Wyche ever. Well, they're not in Cleveland, which is good because they don't do very well in Cleveland, and they didn't start the season very well in Cleveland. And then the Ravens come in the house and beat him. So the Bengals, not only an 0-2 team going into last night, a hard 0-2 team, two division losses as well, including one at home to the team that you're thinking you might have to beat to win this division, because they might be the best team other than you in your division, because you know you're not as bad as 0-2 if you're in that locker room, unless Joe Burrow's leg isn't going to be the same. And that's how they took the field last night against the Los Angeles Rams. And basically what we saw last night on the Monday night finale of week three is Joe Burrow hovering at 50 to 60% beats the Cooper Couplers Rams, who damn sure for the first time this year, you bet missed him in a big, bad way because the red zone problems that the Rams had from jump last night and that jump was unfortunately 2-2 Atwell jumping with his right foot out of bounds and that touchdown that they had on the board to start the game taken off the board. And then a sack later and a field goal later in the red zone problems, the Rams that got started last night, you bet Cooper Cup is a red zone problem fixer of the first A-plus variety. And those red zone problems is what roosted on a Rams team that could have easily won this football game and sent the Bengals to 0-3. And it sure looked like the defensive strategy last night was make Joe Burrow hold the ball by playing enough wallpaper defense as you can on those terrific receivers in time for Aaron Donald to get home because they sure didn't look like they were blitzing Joe Burrow very much last night to get him off the spot.

And I guess you figure you don't have to blitz him to get him off the spot when you got 99 in your program, number one in your heart and Aaron Donald, who did get home a handful of times last night. But many times, Burrow was just able to just stand back there, survey the scene and fire. And half the time you're seeing high throws, you're seeing Aaron throws, you're seeing throws skip because it's clear he's not able to push off that back leg. He is not the Joe Burrow that got pizzade and is called Joe Burr. He was Joe Burr last night because some of his passes were ice cold, but he made enough of them, that's for sure. And Jamar Chase had a big night. And even though me saying Burrow doesn't look like Joe Burrow, he came up with his best passing game of the year, over 250 yards passing. One score was enough, one touchdown was enough, a Joe Mixon run was enough with their terrific kicker, Eric McPherson, lighten it up, even though he missed one too. The guy who in their previous outing in the Super Bowl, who skipped halftime to see the terrific show with Dr. Dre and Snoop and the rest of the gang, he got it done last night. And that was enough. And that was enough. And Joe Burrow says, you know what, whatever percent of me I got, I was putting out there because the season was on the brink.

And this is what he had to say essentially after saving the Bengals season on Monday night. I feel good. We didn't have any setbacks today, but still day to day, you know what I've learned through this process that you can have one at any time. So it was good to get through this one and that means it'll be stronger for this week.

So hopefully I can have a full week practice to prepare for next week. There is risk to go out there and potentially re-injure it, but there's also a risk to go out there and be 0-3. So I wanted to be out there for my guys and I was confident that I would be able to do what I needed to, to get the win. And if you told the Rams before the game, you're making multiple, multiple trips to the red zone and Joe Burrow is going to throw it 49 times. You're thinking we're coming out with the win.

But they didn't. Davis Cooper Cup in the worst way. I know Puka Nakua is looking good and last night, you know, he didn't have half a million catches for the first time in his young career. I do believe that would be right.

If you look up in the Samoan language, Puka Nakua means catches everything. Feels like it. Honestly, you just put it somewhere near him and he's going to come down with it. One was thrown behind him last night.

It was the only one I think that he didn't connect on. He's good. Kyron Williams is good. If Cooper Cup comes back soon, let's just say he comes back in week five.

I don't know if he can. Cup and Nakua and Atwell and Jefferson and Higbee and Williams. That might be your most underrated offensive unit with Matthew Stafford if he can stay upright. Last night, however, Trey Hendrickson was living on his back like one of his children's backpacks he sends off to school here in beautiful Southern California. Sam Hubbard too.

I'm sorry to do this, guys. But I'm a broken man as you're going to find out later just like Joe Namath. I see this to myself and I'm like, okay, why couldn't the Jets defense do this on Mac Jones? Why couldn't Zach Wilson 100% of him look like 50% of Joe Burrow? Why can't we get that? What the hell is happening in New York? I truly believe that because the Bengals now have the same record as the Jets.

At one and two. Why can't the Jets get a guy who plays 50% of Joe Burrow and where the hell was that vaunted defense? And it's unfair for me to say that because they only gave up 15 points and lost. But those are the things that flash in my brain when I see the Bengals do what they did last night and save their season. Because next up for them are the Tennessee Titans who I see in London in a couple weeks as well.

When I'm heading off to call a couple games across the pond as I'm mandated to say as an American sports broadcaster and then they're at Arizona, home for Seattle and a bye. Boy, that bye can't come fast enough for Burrow. But this is a Tennessee team that can hit you hard.

But as you saw, if you hit back even harder like the Browns did, you can beat him. At Arizona, I have no idea what Cardinals scheme is going to show up. Nor do Cowboys fans. Nor do Giants fans. You have no idea.

Can't sit here and call that just a dub right off the bat. But as long as Burrow's calf holds up and gets him to the bye week, they're three and four, four and three. Maybe, just maybe, they take them all and Burrow goes into that bye week sitting there now. Having won three in a row after that, they're four and two with him resting on the bye week. Who's to say that this team can't get back to the AFC Championship game if they can run it and play defense like that and Burrow gets back to being the Burrow he is? I don't want to sit here and say at all the Bengals have no shot. Did you see what Joe Burrow looks like?

He's not himself. At one point last night, I'm wondering why would a hundred percent of Jake Browning be better than whatever percentage of Joe Burrow we're seeing? That's kind of what I was thinking, watching the first half at least. And I'm wondering if Jamar Chase was thinking that too because you know he's been counseling the entire off season.

Hey, I think you should sit out until this thing is completely healed. Maybe we see it in like mid-October. Right. Like give yourself a full two months from late July.

Didn't he basically say like, go, we got this. Yeah. Like, sit out, get healthy. And then come back. You're good.

But I guess that just doesn't matter and Cooper Cup, let's go. We need you in the red zone out here in Los Angeles. Whose house is it? It'll be there.

It'll be your house if he can come back. And by the way, name me another member of the Los Angeles Rams defense, not named Aaron Donald. Can you? Because those guys can play. Jack Youngblood. They can, they can make plays.

I was going to say. Hey, Les is finding all these kids who are balling out. We just need to get the ball out of Stafford's hands. Get it in the end zone. I bet you two, two outwells available in your fantasy league. That guy can book.

He's fast. Right. And McVay's going to scheme them open. Just don't settle for field goals. They walk out of that game last night. Two and one and they had a shot to take out the Niners too a couple weeks ago. It was nice to see any team just kick field goals yesterday.

I know. And at one point, I was confused. I was confused that McVay punted at the end of the game with five and change to go. You need two possessions and sure enough, they wound up a possession shy on an onside kick.

You know, he does that a lot. He just keeps on playing for another day and sometimes the day runs out of time. But they needed that onside kick and it didn't happen and that's one of the things I want to talk about later on in this program is what to do about that. We're just trying to improve the game here but hey, Bengals fans breathe a sigh of relief. Joe Burrow survived a win which is something that has not happened in the first month of the season until last night.

When we come back, we take a break and talk about what the Eagles did and what I see from the Eagles and how they proved out once again against the Buccaneers team that is going to have to lick its wounds taking on the New Orleans Saints next week. I also have my top five performances of week three. I've got my top five wildest moments of one of the wildest football weekends we've seen including Rahim Mostert's Seventy Burger. He's on top of hour number two.

Michael Kay top of hour number three. Joe Namath is broken people. He is a broken man. Which breaks my heart.

Like Fredo. Don't go anywhere talking Eagles when we come back. Wait, are you gaming on a Chromebook?

Yeah, it's got a high-res 120 hertz display plus this killer RGB keyboard and I can access thousands of games anytime, anywhere. Stop playing. What? Get out of here. Huh? Yeah, I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook.

Got it. Discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine. A new kind of Chromebook. On October 5th, Loki is back in a brand new season. Reunited.

That's right. The countdown is on. I've been waiting. Don't miss the return of Marvel's most watched Disney Plus show. Loki. Loki.

Loki. I'm all over the top. Don't you think?

I thought it was spot on. His time is running out. You better run.

Marvel Studios Loki season two new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney Plus. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Lots of Taylor Swift related tweets going around. This is my favorite one. This one made me laugh out loud.

This is from a gentleman named Jeff McDivitt whose bio is social video WWE. Oh, okay. Now, I have you at hello, huh? With that? I perked up a little bit.

Alright, here it is. It's a photograph of Taylor Swift with Andy Reed after the game. That one made me laugh. That's a good one. I saw that on.

Taylor Swift with the Lorax. I saw that. That's funny.

You like that one? Why are you taking a photograph of it off the screen when it's on my Twitter feed and you can get the photograph yourself? Why have you not learned about photographing things off the screen and and and and having that being a problem?

Why do you do that? One, I don't know who it's a problem for. Two, I'm editing a video so I want to remember whose tweet it was so I took a picture so then I can go to Twitter.

Oh, this is the this is your this is your madness. Yes. Okay. Because I want to like log on right now. Because he keeps on taking photos of of in videos off screens.

He is who he is, Rich. I understand. Yeah. Alright, just show it. By the way, if I show you something that I don't think anyone's seen, is it better for me to go, hey, did you see blah blah blah?

Or is it easier for me just to screenshot it or record and go, hey, did you guys see this? Speaking of you wanting to show people things that they can't see, what shoes do you have on today? I mean, why do you do this every day? Because you want them seen. Now you're like poking at me.

I'm not poking at you. What do you got? What do you got?

I got a pair of Lebron 1s on right now. Nice. Do you know? There you go.

Yeah. Well, I'm not poking at you. I got you wanted to show off your shoes. It feels like you're poking at me every day. It's what I do for a living. You guys poke back at me.

Talking about ranking children. Because you're in denial. You know you do it. No denial, sir.

You're crazy. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. Sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Philadelphia Eagles three and oh people. They are three and oh and yet everybody's still wondering, are they really that good? I will just tell Nick Sirianni to take a page from his colleague from across the Keystone State when he says this. We're not gonna apologize for winning.

There you go. Just take Mike Tomlin's advice. Not apologizing for winning. And the way that they're winning again last night.

In Tampa, Baker Mayfield and the Bucks also two and oh. The way that they win is not pretty because the dirty work in the National Football League done in the trenches, it's not pretty. It ain't pretty. It's not pretty. The big guys up front bashing heads, not pretty. The big guys on defense stopping Rashad White on the way to the quarterback, it's not pretty. Jalen Hurts sometimes trying to connect down field with his guys. It's not pretty yet. Although I do believe AJ Brown got his message across.

It appears so. First two plays of the game. Look for eleven. What did Hurts do to start the game?

He's he found eleven. More importantly, speaking of shoes, why did he change out of the neon green cleats? I don't know. Did you notice that?

I first drive, neon green cleats, second drive back to regular black and white. Maybe they weren't pretty enough or perhaps someone in the league said, take him off. I have no idea. If I had to guess but you know it's pretty DeAndre Swift is pretty damn good, right?

The latest example. You know what? Howie Roseman's got, he's got like that Patriots.

Dude, everything. Golden years touch which is like we'll take your guy that's not doing very much in your system. Come down here. We'll bring him to our system and he's going to make a pro bowl. Remember Corey Dillon. Do I ever remember?

Hey, you know who's like the ultimate of that? For real? Randy Moss. Lost in Oakland.

Got him for a fourth round pick. Percent like supposedly over the hill in Oakland. No, come here and you know, you'll set a record as Brady sets a record. And we don't lose a game until the Super Bowl.

So sad. So honestly, that's what it appears the Eagles are doing. They're hitting you in the mouth and DeAndre Swift since he's been getting the lion's share of the carries, the former lion is roaring, man. Soaring. He wasn't roaring in Detroit. He's soaring and flying with the Eagles.

And you know what's also not pretty? This mosh pit rugby stuff. When Jalen Hurts gets within 1 yard of the goal line or within 1 yard of the first down, they should just play the Darth Vader theme because he's coming. This first down is coming, you know.

Was it 98% of the time or something? It's coming. You're just watching Vader in his cape just come out of the mist lining up Hurts. Sorry to call him Vader but I think you're getting what I'm seeing.

It's just the the sense of foreboding for you. You're not stopping it. They've got a Hall of Famer snapping it to Jalen Hurts who's got two guys behind him and the big and and maybe the best offensive line in football getting 1 yard.

That's not pretty either. And Jalen Carter is doing some new fangled dirty work. I was listening to Mayock's broadcast. He was calling it on Westwood One last night. Said Jalen Carter's the best young defensive line player he has seen in a long time. This guy knows what he's talking about I don't wanna hear you're trolling from Raiders fans.

I will ride or die with Mike Mayock's evaluations. And he dropped to nine. Well and you knew where he was going.

I did. I nailed that in my mock draft. You can feel it. Nailed it.

In the same way you could feel it when Hurts lines up in that mosh pit push. And so you are what you are in the NFL and what the Eagles are. Are a down and dirty hitting you in the mouth football team. In this day and age where the Dolphins are doing it with speed all over the place and scheming things open and wide open receivers everywhere and confused defenders on the ground while Devin Achan apparently that's his name.

Did you see Schefter says it's not Achan? At any rate where you got fast kids running all over the place. You got some speed on Philadelphia. It's not like Devontae Smith is running in mud. And Jalen Hurts isn't you know like Matt Ryan. You know what I'm saying? They're doing it a different way.

They are doing it a different way. We're gonna run it. We're gonna make sure when you score a touchdown and a two-point conversion and make it a two score game middle of the fourth quarter. We're gonna get the ball with seven minutes to go and you're not gonna get it back. Which is what the Eagles did last night to the Bucks even though Todd Bowles walked back into the locker room with two timeouts in his back pocket. I think he just was sensing when do I call these? I mean on what on third and two and I'm certainly not gonna call it when Jalen Hurts is lining up with two guys behind him pushing him behind Jason Kelsey.

So this is what the Eagles are gonna do to you and you're gonna sit there maybe early on and say it ain't pretty. But you know what doesn't matter. Everything I just said about that. They are three and oh. Think about it.

They are three and oh. And Nick Ceriani after the game fully admits this is not a finished product. I do appear.

It does appear. I do believe what you're about to hear is he saying they're still watering and fertilizing in 2023 in Philadelphia. It's a growth process, right? We're not a final product yet.

You don't want no one. Let me rephrase that. Everybody wants us to be a final product now but it's a growth. You wanna grow every day and so we're not gonna be playing our best football until we get going into the season. We still got things to to work on.

We still got growth to do. If you're truly in the mindset of getting better every day, right? If you're truly in that mindset of getting better every day which I know I know that we are on this team. You're gonna continue to rise and you're not and you're gonna keep getting better and so you know are we playing our best offensive football right now? No but we shouldn't be. We shouldn't be yet and and it's a growth and and so and and all the teams are growing. No one's playing the best football that they they should be playing right now. You know and so you know I've been pleased with where we are. Do you think when he was saying that last part, he's thinking to himself, well, there's the Dolphins.

Yeah, right. It doesn't look like they're having much problem. No growing pains there as it drops seventy on Denver and by the way, holy cow is that one looming. Philadelphia versus Miami on a Sunday night at home in week seven. Philadelphia hosting Miami in the Nick Saban Bowl, Tua and Jalen Hurts on a field again. So many Super Bowl previews this year. There are tons of them and so you look at the Eagles schedule and the next few games are absolutely winnable for them. Home against Washington at the Rams, at the Jets, then comes Tua in their house. Knocking on wood, he stays healthy and so you know what they're growing and it's it's here's here's what you can also say about the Eagles as they're three and oh, there's lots of green on that screen right there. What happens to a team that loses in the Super Bowl?

To not to make it back. Correct. What happens to teams that make the Super Bowl and lose their coordinators on both sides of the ball? This is the sort of stuff hangover. Crazy stuff happens. You lose players. You lose coordinators.

They don't lose too many players, but they lost both coordinators who by the way, one of them leads the AFC South through three weeks. That's a fact of what Shane Steichen is doing right now in Indianapolis and the other one is. Shooting guns. Don't worry Mike. I don't know what you're you're what what are you watching other than the Rich Eisen Show? Very good.

I was watching Joe Namath. That's good. Oh, don't worry. You you could stay tuned, Mike. That's coming on our show. Thank you, Rich.

You're welcome. So, yes, you distracted me. These are guys who are performing well elsewhere. So, you'd have to think that the guys that they've the units that they've left behind are going to have to get up to speed. Three and oh. I'm not seeing a Super Bowl hangover. I'm not seeing them moping around. I'm not seeing them losing games that they should win. They're three and oh. And what I'm seeing actually is a settling in.

As they're growing. With all due respect to you TJ and I know this is a potentially week to week knee jerk reaction. But right now, I'm seeing a settling in of what we're expecting in the NFC which is a repeat of an NFC Championship game where the Niners and the Eagles are going to meet.

The only question is where? Both teams are going to meet in Philadelphia. Hassan Reddick had a fun sound bite for us when we chatted with that Philadelphia Eagle a couple of weeks ago that this game is absolutely circled. Philadelphia and San Francisco week thirteen. San Francisco has Dallas beforehand. Philadelphia as we know we just mentioned has Miami beforehand and then of course Philadelphia plays Dallas. First meeting is week nine before a bye week in Philadelphia. Philadelphia has Kansas City on a week eleven Monday night after a bye.

Philadelphia has Buffalo. San Francisco has Dallas in week five. They have Cincinnati at home in week eight. Let's see what the Bengals look like. Maybe they did just get their footing last night as Joe Burrow gets his a little bit better. They've got a first game against Seattle coming up on Thanksgiving night.

That's not easy. Then they're at Philadelphia. I have a feeling the Niners and the Eagles are like the cream is rising to the top. Dallas is part of the cream. I I I must say TJ but I did see.

I've got no problem with that. I did see a punch down problem for them once again. The Eagles punched down last night. I'm sure the Bucks would have a problem with that analogy but I think by the end of the day you saw a more physical team in Philadelphia and the Bucks are a physical team. There's a lot of non wallflowers there. Lavonte David, Devin White.

Shaq Barrett. There are no there are no wallflowers there and Philadelphia wouldn't hit him in the mouth. I'm seeing a cream of the crop rising here in the NFC as the NFC South had three two and oh teams for the first time ever. Established in 2002, the NFC South has not had three two and oh teams for the first time ever and all three of them lost this week.

They're out. Commander's two and oh. And the Cowboys two and oh and the Eagles two and oh. First time we'd seen three two and oh teams in the NFC East since 1989 and two of them lost. The remaining two three and oh teams in the NFC. The Eagles and the Niners seen a rising to the top right there. So that's what I got out of the Eagles last night and and yes, you know, I think it would be better for them to potentially water and fertilize and get better but I think they should be able to handle their next few opponents in Philadelphia for the Miami Dolphins stroll into town. One other thing I want to talk about here.

844-204-rich by the way is the number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. I don't like this this bush push thing. I don't like it. Oh I know the competition committee was looking at what the Eagles do with Jalen Hurts where he's under center and it's a sneak and you know, I know there's a quarterback sneak in football.

It's a it's a necessary play. I don't like putting two guys behind him like it looks like a victory formation but instead it's a first down rugby scrum formation. I don't like it.

What don't you like about it? I think it's it's particularly unfair, which is why the competition committee is looking at it when you're talking about competition. Unfair how? Because the offense has the opportunity to shove a player at the defense as well as then pull the ball out from that formation and throw it. So it's difficult to defend.

It's almost impossible to defend. Why can't the defense do the same thing like line up two big linebackers behind their two giant tackles right and shove them. So you're just kind of meeting in the middle because Jalen Hurts can pull it and pull back and throw it.

But if he's falling forward, it's pretty much impossible to then fall back. If you say screw you, you're taking two defenders and you're shoving your quarterback towards the line of scrimmage and you're shoving it towards the line of scrimmage and you have an offensive mindset where you're ready to road grade normally and you're also have a quarterback you don't mind putting in that position. I'd proffer to say let's say right now the Bengals wouldn't be up doing that with Burrow, right? No.

Right. Remember that one time the Holmes went quarterback snuck and his kneecap wound up being on the side of his leg? Some coaches don't want to put their quarterback in harm's way, but Jalen Hurts is a different type of cat, so do it, right? And so you line up your two linebackers and whatever you're going to shove say somebody like Trey Hendrickson in that position or Aaron Donald, right? You're going to shove Aaron Donald towards Jalen Hurts. Great.

I like my chances. When this happens, when the Eagles come to Los Angeles, right? Isn't that what's happening? Let me make sure that this doesn't actually happen.

Two weeks. So let's just say they line up two guys behind Aaron Donald and shove them at Jalen Hurts. Great. And so as soon as two guys go behind Aaron Donald, Jalen Hurts pulls the ball and pop past the Dallas Cardinals. You'll see that coming.

You will. I don't think so. I think it's impossible to defend. When they do the push, the two guys are behind him and then it's clearly a run play. They did it last night and got sacked by the way.

So look, I just don't like it. I also think it's impossible to when you're adding two more people on top of the quarterback as well, it's impossible to mark the ball. Impossible.

It's a total crap shoot, which is you're already having enough problems these days before Jim Nance's let's put a chip in the football and use GPS to spot the ball idea actually gets put into play in practice and is effective and accurate. It's impossible and for fans to be able to see who's who's who's got it, who doesn't. Is it a first down? Is it not?

It's impossible and it's I understand this is also sounds ridiculous to maybe you and others. It's it's ugly. It's not it's not I know it's not rugby. It's not rugby. It's not rugby. It's not rugby. This is not rugby. This is line up and play football. They are lining up. I know that it's literally big on big, but it's now a scrum. It's now a scrum.

I don't like it pretty rich. There's a reason why the competition committee takes a look at this sort of thing and they they let it go. I think there's enough guys in the room like I believe is on it. Tomlin. I'm sure there's enough heart pills and buckle up type guys on this on this competition.

The committee they're probably sitting there going. This is football. This is hat on hat right exactly. This is this is who wants it.

This is let's go. But II don't know in the same way that I didn't I didn't like it and by the way they did it against Notre Dame, which delights me cuz Notre Dame, you know doesn't didn't like it either, but I mean taking somebody and pushing your quarterback. It's just like come on. You know you have you use your own leverage. Don't you shouldn't have anybody pushing it, but the defense can do the same thing. I get it, but it's they don't possess the football. There's always the benefit to the team that possesses the football always and defensive players will always say that the rules are all the rules are skewed towards offense. Well, this one would help the defense. I think do one for the defense.

I don't like it. I don't like it and III think it's fine if you're gonna sneak your quarterback. I don't think having two guys that are right behind the quarterback and shoving him and now there's like a scrum and a mosh pit and now we're watching rugby happen and we can't tell who's got it at one point. Don't they stop the game that to to review whether hurts went down or not. It took like another 2-3 minutes to figure this thing out because after a while the league's just gonna be like alright, we're gonna review this every damn time.

Did your knee go down? Where's the ball? We can't tell because there's two defense.

There's two of your offensive players creating a pig pile. I don't like it. Insubordinate and churlish.

That's right. It is in my mind. It is churlish. Maybe not insubordinate. So, do you think we're gonna get to the point where like rugby like two guys could pick the quarterback up Chris and throw him in the air and lift him up and dump him over. I don't think we'll get to that.

That's great. But why not? Just you're shoving him in the back. Why can't you pick him up and throw him? Throw him over the back. Think about it. You see these linemen.

That's amazing. Pick up these receivers and stuff and lift him straight up after a touchdown. Right. And so why don't we do that?

Why don't we do that? Why don't you get a lighter quarterback? You bring in your lightest quarterback who's easy to lift and throw. This is where Bryce Young now is an advantage. There you go. Bryce Young just scored his thirtieth rushing touchdown of the year.

But I think what you have what you have what you have brought to bear TJ. That's funny. Is the absurdity of this play. There it is absurd. It's absurd.

It's not absurd. I don't like it. Stop it. If the ball's in his hands, they should be able to chuck him. Just just throw him. You might as well if you're going to push him, why can't you pick him up and throw him? It's probably it's so funny cuz like you're the ultimate like oh if you don't like it, stop it.

I am normally. This is this is just it's not fun. It's not fun. You're talking about like scoring touchdowns is fun.

It doesn't have to be pretty man. It's not fun. Like soccer is the beautiful game.

Not football. So, why don't they do it three times once they get it on the three-yard line? They should. Why don't they just like once you're on the three, we're not going to turn around and hand it to De'Andre Swift or or Gainwell or well, it's against the Giants. They'll still give it to Boston Scott but I mean, you know, turn around and just why am I doing that?

Now, you're giving them ideas. I'll just do it three times. Every team should do it. We'll do it.

We'll do it three times. Not every team has the quarterback to do it. But you can put in a guy.

Yeah, like a flag. Why don't you have your running back do that play? Like you're afraid of Joe Burrow, right? Why don't you have Joe Mixon take the snap and push him in?

Cuz that sucks. For who? For everybody.

No, everybody. This is not, this is not fun. Look, it's not fun.

It's not competitively balanced and it should be out and that's the way I feel. All I know is that Tyron Smith doesn't take Deuce Vaughn and throw him over. That's what they should do.

On Sunday against the Patriots. Then what's even going on? I mean, honestly. That's funny. Check him out.

Like he's. I know. I know. You know what?

You should ask this of Josh Duhamel when he's here with Susie on Thursday. It sounds like a buddy game. Get drunk. Get hammered.

Yeah. Throw your friend. Throw your friend for the first time.

Have have him have one of the big linemen stand in the back and he could run up his back and then jump. You are pointing out the absurdity of this. No, we're making a mockery of you saying this rule is dumb.

I think this makes a mockery of everything. No, I'm not joking. Deuce Vaughn should get thrown over the goal line.

I'm being very serious. Well, I could've helped on the weekend. Yeah, sure could. But you can put Deuce Vaughn in Tyron Smith's pocket and then Tyron Smith can run across. Now, we're getting into a very dicey area that I don't think any of us want to reside. Why not? Alright. Why don't you go the other way? You could have Brian Burns take the snap. Who's going to stop that dude?

That's I don't know. I just but that's not what I don't want to get down to this and I think the Eagles have found a very cheeky way through that I don't particularly like. It's just it's just it's like, alright, here we go.

Here comes hurts. Alright, they're going to get the first down because how do you stop this? You can't. I can't wait in 2 weeks. Let's see. Let him let him try it on Aaron Donald. Let's see if they're going to try it on Aaron Donald and if the Rams do put people behind Aaron Donald and shove him towards and just like this is great. Blow it up. Great.

Just like that. That's what I want the NFL to be. It's become a shoving contest like two drunk guys in a bar that you don't want to be around time and then they're going to stop it and they figure it out and now teams will stop doing it. It's a copy shove league. Get out of here. Oh, thank god teams are still running the Wildcat. Oh, wait a second. That lasted 1 year. Alright, I like it.

It was fun while 844204 rich number two. I like this conversation. You know, we got another rule for the competition committee based on what we saw on Monday night.

That's coming up too before Raheem Mostert of the Seventy Burger Dolphins joins us. Leave what you need to hear over Reaction Monday every single Wait for It Monday wherever you listen. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zochman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There are so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. I've just been told information you have that I don't want to unpack now. Oh, damn. I don't want to unpack completely now, but just remember my face.

Give it to him again real quick. Hey, Aaron, where are you? Definitely not New York as the Jets just signed Trevor Simi into their practice squad. Yes, a real quarterback. Okay. So we're going to relive the guys who they tried before Zach. Who didn't work out?

Okay, alright, please, but again, I can't criticize. When the options are so limited at present. At present. No one's going to come to the Jets rescue right now.

No one of let's just put it this way significant fortune turning value is going to come to the Jets rescue right now. And they're attempting to find an answer. Knowing. Like any horror movie seeing some axe murderer lurking outside the window and then there's some young lass or young kid on the phone saying I think everybody's fine here in the house.

There's nobody outside and you sitting there screaming. There's somebody out there careful the out there wielding the axe is Mahomes and Kelsey and the Chiefs coming on Sunday night to put the coup de gras on all this in front of the entire nation. Mm hmm. Yep. Yep.

That's true. Back here on the program. Screw it. Let's just do it. We're going to talk about this later on with Michael Kay.

You don't mind queuing that up right now. We weren't planning on talking about this right here right now but I just heard that Trevor Simeon was signed to the practice squad for the New York Jets. Genius. Look, like I said, they're they're out of options.

Chris, there are no options. As you saw this week, as you saw this week, the Panthers needed Andy Dalton. The Saints needed Jameis Winston. You keep on talking about what I think is a drumbeat in Atlanta. Falcons may hit the Heineken. Yeah, hit him.

Okay. They may hit the Heineke. Because is Ritter the guy or not? It just depends on how much Arthur Smith is willing to see how long the ups and downs will go. No one is giving the Jets their backup quarterback right now to save a season that appears to be in the unready hands of Zach Wilson once again. And they're signing Trevor Simeon who's out there on the street and he's been on the Jets before. I believe they turned to him on a Thursday night in 2019. Was it Miles Garrett who hit him late and broke his ankle? I'm looking this up right now just to have a memory.

It's a Monday night. Yep, against the Browns. He was three of six for three yards and replaced by Luke Falk. He was the second stringer that they had to go to because Sam Darnold had mononucleosis. That's right. It was the Sam Darnold. I'm pointing at the screen. And ESPN on Monday night said out indefinitely mononucleosis and they had him use that point at the screen video that they have all the players do in the preseason when they're going to use him.

That's amazing. For their stats. Presumably on a night when they're 20 to 25 with three touchdowns.

Not one where they go, I'm out with mononucleosis. So the Jets are so desperate for finding some help. We're going back to the second stringer when Darnold had mononucleosis and he lasted what would you say? Twice a Rogers? He only lasted six passes before he snapped his ankle and was out for the season?

Breathe Rich. Here's the problem. It's gotten so bad that Zach Wilson has broken Joe Namath. A guy who would pom-pom cheerlead for Ray Lucas and everyone else that we've tried to find the next him. He's done with Zach Wilson. Michael Kay who's on this show on hour three on the Michael Kay show had Joe Namath on and asked him if there was anything positive that could be taken out of Zach Wilson's performance against the Patriots and this is what it led to. You know what?

No, I didn't take anything positive out of it yesterday. It was awful. Why? Why were you watching?

I mean please, when did you ever see? Well, Zach will stay on Zach. You sit down? You sit down on the play? You go right down?

What happens? I thought you're trying to win and make plays. You quit on a play? What is going on?

It's disgusting. If somebody handed you Zach Wilson and said, okay, Joe make him better. What would you do? Send him to Kansas City to back up against somebody like my home.

Maybe I'd learn something. I wouldn't keep him. You know, I've seen enough of Zach Wilson.

Alright, I've seen enough. Has quick feet can throw a little bit but I don't believe what's going on up there. I've seen enough of Zach Wilson whose performance he called disgusting.

He's referring to Wilson as I mentioned yesterday with a dirty pocket around him but enough time to maybe still make a play sitting down and taking the sack himself. Joe Namath is broken people. We've been looking for the next Joe Namath. Joe has been searching for him as well on behalf of the Jets and their fan base and is as sunny and positive about every jet situation possible but not this one.

That's how bad it is. And I'm telling you here comes Mahomes and Kelsey and it's New York and it's on Sunday Night Football and you know NBC is sitting down on whatever hope chest they may have putting Taylor Swift's music videos and volumes right on their hope chest and saying please show up. It's going to be one big Chiefs of Palooza and the Jets are going into that gunfight with that knife. And Trevor Simeon is there and II don't blame the Jets for just searching for anyone right now that they could potentially put in and it's not Tim Boyle. But I don't believe this is going to be the Trevor Simeon Magic Carpet Ride moment Sunday night at Zach's gig again.

So again, I feel for everyone there. Everyone there. Do you think Zach Wilson wakes up and hears that he's broken Joe Namath helps him out at all? No.

No. He's just not ready for the moment, which is why Rogers was there, which is why I am wondering at this point in time, where is Aaron Rogers? Where is Aaron right now? Where is he? Cuz we need him and you know what's going to happen. I think he's going to he's probably taken all this in wait till he shows up on Pat's show and maybe capes for Zach or or or here's what's being said about his offensive coordinator.

Would he dare tell Joe Namath to pipe down? I'm just saying this is where things spin out of control, man. This is where things spin out of control.

Cannot believe this is where things are through three weeks. Hoping on Trevor Simeon or hope that we don't have to see him as we think we need to and believe we're going to. What are you writing down a new a new a new fantasy team name?

Hoping on Trevor Simeon. I'm telling you. Yeah sure.

Why not? I got a direct message from my brother-in-law about that Joe Namath video that I tweeted out. I cannot repeat what he said. All I'm saying is he is in absolute heaven as a Patriot fan and I appreciate you holding your tongue because there's a lot of tears that you could be drinking right now. What am I going to say?

There's nothing to say. Cuz every single waking moment the Jets did everything right and just like every other time. The New York Jets got kicked in the nards by the football gods. Brady Brady shows up in Tampa. I don't even remember who the backup was there. Who's the backup there in Tampa? Oh, it was Blaine Gabbert.

Yeah. Could have had Blaine Gabbert out there if four snaps into his first time there and everyone in Tampa's talking about Brady's here. This is going to be amazing. I would have so much respect for Zach Wilson if he shows up on Sunday night in a fur coat. You know what he's going to show up at? You know what he's going to show up at on on Sunday night? He's going to show up like half of Joe Burrow.

He's going to show up like Andy Dalton. That's all I need out of him. That's all I need out of him. Layups and make it seem like he's there's light on in there.

But right now, we got darkness therapy. Fine. Show up like that. Roll in.

Great. Hey guys, it's Susie Schuster and I am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall. It is called What the Football with Susie Schuster and the Princess of Darkness, Amy Trask. If you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon, heavy-legged, waist benders, this is not for you. We're going to have big girl conversations. We're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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