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Welcome To OverReaction Monday

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 4, 2023 12:00 pm

Welcome To OverReaction Monday

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 4, 2023 12:00 pm

Welcome to the premiere episode of the ‘Overreaction Monday’ podcast with Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman weighing in on the latest in the NFL. This week’s topics:

3:15     Bengals are missing the playoffs

6:30     Belichick’s hot seat

8:40     Cowboys/Eagles NFC Championship Game

10:30    Cardinals won’t have the NFL’s worst record

12:30    Lamar Jackson as MVP finalist

14:30    Jaguars as AFC’s 1-seed

16:15    Which teams make the playoffs again

17:50    Micah Parsons is breaking Strahan’s sack record 

20:00    Tanking for Caleb Williams

23:00    Chiefs will get off to a slow start

24:30    QB rushing & rookie receiving yards records

27:00    Packers make/Jets miss the playoffs

29:00    Future NFL Headlines predictions

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Terms and embargoes apply offer ends 919 no refund subscription auto renews. Well hey everybody welcome to the very first edition of Over Reaction Monday the podcast along with Chris Brockman I am your humble host Rich Eisen along with Chris every single Monday not just on the Rich Eisen show doing this segment highly popular on our daily program but we are bringing it to everybody in podcast form through the Cumulus Podcast Network wherever you get your podcasts every single Monday throughout the NFL playing season and for those who might be new to this thing where you been that's number one number two what we do here on the program every single day chopping it up chopping up what everybody's talking about you know we constructed this Over Reaction Monday segment at the very outset of our show to kind of poke a little bit of fun of what everybody's talking about over reacting to that weekend's headlines. Just turn up the heat a little bit I know you see things a little differently than me and I'm just gonna say something outrageous and let's see what we think about it.

Well I see the gray when you see the black and the white that's pretty much you know you're on the edges I try to find that that that comfortable middle but sometimes what people are overreacting to is the appropriate reaction. Sure. So what we've done every single Monday and again we appreciate everybody taking in this segment on the Rich Eisen Show making it popular enough for a podcast version of it to be possible. What we will do is just kind of do what we normally do run through the overreaction headlines except doing it just five or six headlines we're gonna make it a podcast for them.

Super size Rich we got 12 on this episode. And this is an episode normally what we'll do is overreact to subject matters based on that weekend's events that just concluded. Exactly. But because the NFL season has yet to begin we are going to treat this one out on this Labor Day as a season preview overreacting to all the storylines that have been accumulating percolating cultivating all non-playing season long. Yes. So I think we have set the table and then at the very end we're going to do something on this podcast that we don't do on the Rich Eisen Show special just for this show is you and I are going to give a headline or a storyline that we feel will actually exist that we'll be overreacting to by the end of the season.

On the Monday after the Super Bowl. Correct. What will be we will be predicting every single week when we're reacting to that weekend's events.

Right. Something that in the following week we'll be overreacting to. We're trying to predict what the conventional wisdom is going to be. We do have a crystal ball around here. We do actually we should break that out for the segment but that's at the end of the program we'll be giving everybody a headline that we feel trying to predict the overreaction to come.

However on this show it's all about the overreaction to the upcoming season. Are you ready Christopher? Rich I was born for this moment.

I am ready as well. Hit it everybody. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks.

Overreaction. Mondays. Monday.

All right Christopher you have the floor. How you doing? You good? I am good. I'm excited to do this in podcast form. Me too.

Me too. All right let's just get right into it because I'm looking at this division Rich the AFC North. Not all four teams are going to make the playoffs.

That's more likely than not. More likely than not right and I know they've been the king of this jungle for the last few seasons making the Super Bowl AFC Championship game last year. The Cincinnati Bengals Rich are going to miss the playoffs this year. That's your first order of business. The first ever subject matter to overreact to is the Bengals are missing the playoffs. Yes.

Now what why would you? Here's here's what I'm thinking about just looking into the year for them. They got Joe Burrow with the injury right? Yes. The mysterious several week calf. That appears to be done in time for the season.

It does it? Okay keep going. You know offensive coordinator is like well we have a plan to monitor to keep Joe and maybe for week one. Okay sure.

Got the contract looming over the Bengals here with Joe Burrow. Not done yet. Right. Is he is he weirdly mysteriously holding in? Yes.

Okay. With the Kevin. Also they have a really hard schedule okay. They got two division games right out of the gate at Cleveland home for Baltimore. A couple of get right games before a week seven by then it really gets difficult. At San Francisco home for Buffalo at Baltimore Pittsburgh at Jacksonville last four games all could be playoff teams Minnesota Pittsburgh KC Cleveland.

That's tough. I've given you enough time to uh lay out your theory. You know what you're who are the running backs? You know what you're overreacting to?

You're overreacting to a couple of things. One is the general sense that Joe Burrow is ready for a fall and that his calf injury is proof of that. That everybody can't believe that Joe Burrow has come out of the box the way that he has come out of the box. That inevitably this team is getting set to take a step back and I push back on that and say Joe Burrow is that guy who is going to be there every year. He is going to be there every year similar to the way that Mahomes is there every year. Maybe not winning it as much as Mahomes has won it all at this point in time but Joe Burrow is in fact the guy that we have seen. The outlier would be him missing the playoffs and if he is hurt the soft tissue injury does become the dreaded nagging soft tissue injury then you have a possible case here but at this point in time right before the playing season this is an overreaction.

The Bengals are not only making the playoffs they're winning this division oh again for a third straight year in a row Burrow will come out and perform the way that we're used to seeing him which might actually be losing to the Browns in week one maybe because that has been more often than not the case. I label the first ever overreaction Monday podcast version topic an overreaction. You're on brand. What's next?

Well then you're really gonna love number two. Okay all right. This is gonna be Bill Belichick's last year with the New England Patriots. Oh now that is an overreaction to say the least. All right Rich we've heard the hot seat talk for a year. I've been saying it. Tom Curran is now saying it.

25 and 25 since Tom Brady took his talents to Tampa. It's not good not good especially when you're used to winning championships and hanging banners and making more room in Gillette Stadium to hang said banners. They have a brand new video board.

It's enormous. You think Bob Kraft wants to watch Losing Highlights on that giant video board? So thanks for all the service Bill. Thanks for everything that you've done. Thanks for perhaps perhaps a 10-win season this year.

Maybe if things all break the right way. A 98 season that is definitely a season that I don't believe is worthy of sending him packing as he's on the verge of passing Don Shula for the all-time wins list. That's when they're going to tell Bill it's Gerard Mayo time.

Rich what have you done for me lately? Hold on a second. If we're about to see a floor collapsing five six win season. That's what I'm saying. Very possible.

Now you are talking about the seat that I don't believe is hot at all getting as hot as it possibly is. Gerard Mayo what he's going to be hired away by another team. They'll tell the other team to pound sand. He's going nowhere.

That transition is going to come at some given point. This is an overreaction entering the season that you're going to take the whole concept of his seats hot. You know as Tom Curran as you mentioned of NBC Sports Boston saying yeah Kraft is kind of champing at the bit to see this. What are we doing? We'll win some playoff games. But there he's not sitting there going I just spent all this cheddar cheddar cheddar on a new scoreboard and you're putting loss after loss on it.

No thank you. Mac Jones regresses even more than he did last year. The Bill O'Brien thing just doesn't work out. I got it. The wide receivers, the running back, the offensive line you know just doesn't get it done. The defense wow good.

Not good enough. It's five and twelve. I understand it. I'm pushing back and saying it's an overreaction. What's next?

Okay what's next? I love the Philadelphia Eagles this year but I actually think the NFC East is going to be the NFC beast. I'm going Cowboys Eagles NFC Championship game.

Wow that's not an overreaction. I can't sit here and say that that's not going to happen. That would be I think outside of Eagles I would even think that this is the ultimate Fox like Eric Shanks the man who runs Fox Sports would put this on his television hope chest.

He would be the one who would be begging for the football gods to make this happen more than a rematch between the Eagles and the 49ers in which if you told Fox Sports and the NFL that yeah well they would sign for it if Brock Purdy wasn't going to get hurt. They don't need Sam Darnold trotting out there although that's a little bit I got it. I can't say that's an overreaction. You can't sit here and say that that's not possible. Certainly you know if you've got the Eagles winning the the the conference sitting on a bye week and then Dallas and the Niners don't face each other in the first weekend but face each other in the second weekend Dallas survives that the Eagles win the next weekend their first one in divisional playoff weekend and boom you have the Eagles and the Cowboys playing one another and doing a lot of math.

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video the other day right yes i have a fire in my gut rich that the cardinals won't have the worst record this year um did you first of all before i answer this question did you drive yourself to our studio or did you take the bus great question it's a crucial answer question i don't know what i'm trying to elicit no by this answer or what i'm trying to communicate to the listening audience of what it would mean to even ask the question about what answer i'm trying to elicit to make my point i drove myself there you go so now uh there you go i think i don't know just just with this you know you say it all the time professional players aren't going to go out and tank they're going to play hard every game and i think there's a path to them getting five five or six wins and that's not going to be the one i don't think that's an overreaction either chris i think that they can uh win enough games um this year they could even win week one in washington yeah then you say that uh there's a pool named after a show that jeff probst hosts right yes yeah and that and that and that you won if one endeavors on such a subject that uh you need to choose the team that's absolutely going to win correct um and thus you then get immunity for that week well done and get to move on to the following week you're weaving okay yes um very popular pick will be the washington commanders correct well that's what i'm saying all it takes is one it takes three or four but if you're wrong and this is an overreaction that um then the question is uh what do they do with kyla murray because caleb williams is sitting out there and what do you do with jonathan gannon are you going to trust jonathan gannon a defensive-minded coach with caleb williams yes possible two-time i mean but that's down the road for this moment i will label this not an overreaction i think this is reasonable another uh uh gonna be a sheik's week one survivor pick the baltimore ravens i i love the baltimore ravens this year love what they've done to revamp the offense todd monckin in no del beckham in they're gonna throw it a little bit more lamar jackson is going to be an mvp finalist oh this season that's not an overreaction either top three quarterback lamar jackson absolutely be possible as you and i are sitting here right now labor day right we are absolutely 100 in a world in which lamar jackson can come out in week one of this season against the houston texans at home being piz aid for the first time yeah with odel beckham here zay flowers there mark andrews here jk daubens there roquan smith watching from the sideline with the rest of that defense that he can come out ready in the same way that he came out week one of his mvp season lighting up the miami dolphins the way that he did yeah that's true he can absolutely do that he can put up five touches in week one in front of the fans at the bank and then we'll come on in the week two edition of overreaction monday talking about lamar is definitely the mvp this year like you'll remove the conditional of finalists and you'll just say boom mvp that's my prediction of an overreaction topic of our first in season if you will overreaction monday the pushback obviously hasn't finished the last couple of years and it's been kind of a rough go physically for him but recently you know if we were doing our friday segment of what's more likely um i would say it's not likely because i would go mahomes hurts and then who's the third spot burrow herbert allen don't forget uh aaron rogers is out there as well and if he performs in the same if he performs if he twitches in the direction of his packer seasons when he was mvp as the jets quarterback in new york city where people like victor cruise got to be winning become famous and people like justin tuck eat sandwiches you know while they're in commercials i hear rogers would be an mvp finalist for sure but for the moment that is definitely not an over you can't say that's not possible you can't that's not an overreaction yeah i think i think the ravens are going to be fun to watch this here all right what's next rich here we go ready by the way i'm ready yes afc south not a great division not that's sexy okay that's okay but you know what is sexy the jacksonville jaguars as the afc one seed you say hey they got a tough schedule they won the division last year they got a one they got a one seed schedule division winning schedule this year they had the chiefs bills 49ers and bangles all at home why can't they win those games go 13 and four and they're the path the path to the super bowl runs through duval county they have the bills in london they are technically the road team but they are the ones that are staying around from the week before having played shot cod wants him wants him to be the london jaguars that's a home game i'll just say that's an overreaction at the moment i i i do believe we are living in um in another and i'm a homes world and i think we're going to be talking about that by the end of the season i think we're we're in the middle of a very special run former homes and the kansas city chiefs and i'll just label this for the moment as an overreaction is it possible i guess but i i i still think that they're they're a team that is ascending they're a team that can win multiple playoff games this year they're a team that can win the afc if it all goes right but i don't know if they're going to be the ones to have everything run through duval county in the afc playoffs i think that's a that's a tall order and i'll just call that an overreaction and ask you to move on it would be pretty fun though all right just talking about the playoffs i'm just looking at the teams that are in there we talk about there's turnover every year six seven fifty percent of the teams i don't think that's going to happen this year i think 10 of the 14 playoff teams are back in the playoffs in 2023 yeah that would be so wild so hold on a minute i i'll just say my my my season division predictions i say the bills are winning the afcs that's one yep bangles are winning the afc north that's two the jaguars are winning the afc south that's three the chiefs are winning the afc west that's four the eagles are winning the nfc east with the cowboys backing them up that's six yep i'm saying that the lions are winning the nfc north that's a new one okay that's new uh i'm saying that the the falcons are winning the nfc south that's new i'm saying that the 49ers are going to win the division with the seahawks making the playoffs that's eight so i think the vikings are back and i don't i don't do you think don't the giants are back i i i haven't gone as deep as i need to dolphins are back but do you think the jets make it so jerry and so i think the steelers make it and i think the ravens make it so that means the chargers would be out chargers out dolphins out ten is close i will say that it's close enough to me label this not an overreaction so much parity in the nfl and i think this year maybe not that would be a total mind-blowing outlier because it's always turnover every year always half the year half the team even with the extra playoff spots what's next i told you i love the dallas cowboys this year i really love their defense i love mica parsons he is setting the single season sack record 22 and a half going down doesn't need brett farve to come out of retirement and lay down 23 plus for mica parsons good slag on farve thank you he's litigious be careful thank you um jeez how can i sit here and say mica parsons can't i can't i can't do that you don't want to do it i can't do it i'll take over this show suddenly it'll be him i know it's one of my favorite moments in the history of our program from which this podcast emanates um gosh we have the cowboys defense and i know i will label that not an overreaction uh i mean it's again you can't i can't sit here and say that that is you're at get out of here that's crazy defensive player of the year maybe too if he gets it and i i i understand what i labeled an overreaction beforehand like belicheck this is his last season and i'm saying later on in this pod like that's that's just you know i can't label this in overreaction because that's not possible and it is possible that this is belicheck's last season you never know i just think it's that that we're we're knee-jerking and we can't sit here and say a knee-jerk reaction that mica parsons is going to break the single season sack record this year uh for the dallas cowboys defense that is um ready to roll and i think maybe the better unit again despite the change at offensive coordinator for dallas um so let's let's just call it and say it's possible it's not an overreaction all you know and i i think i'm gonna choose him for defensive player of the year screw it i'll just do it right here let's do it right now i'm gonna do it on tuesday night uh nfl network uh season preview show i think he is defensive player of the year this year and um you know uh let's just leave it at that i'd have seven sacks against erin rogers and mack jones but in weeks two and four by the way tj watt stays healthy i'd look out for him too tj watt tied it a few years ago i know so keep going what else all right rich how many we have left how many you got left uh i did a dozen i think let's go for about halfway through okay here we go there's no tanking in the nfl yeah right that's the way we say it all the time wink wink i think there i think you're wrong i think there is taking in there isn't tanking in there are superstars on every team and there are superstars on teams that are going to tank this year in quotes i think we see a superstar maybe two traded at the deadline this year and i'm talking to me i'm talking who chris godwin mike evans i'm talking that's not a superstar with all due respect i'm talking erin donald i'm talking that's one chris jones possible if this holdout goes forever no chance and they don't want to pay him why not get something in return the only place that erin i've heard that already that the rams are going to suck so bad that stafford's gone that they're going to clean house and that they're going to again teams don't tank like sean mcveigh is not going to go into sunday saying whatever we're going to lose today for office well what they do is they prune the roster with the players that can actually help you win more than not and be gone so who would be the one to pick up matthew stafford who would be the one to trade for matthew stafford in the middle of the season that one i don't particularly see i don't have the staff but rich erin donald erin donald how much money did erin run the erin rogers leave on the table so the jets could have some room to oh i don't know trade for erin donald at week seven erin donald would only go to one spot the steelers that's it the pittsburgh steelers because that's where he's from exactly that is the only place where he would consider i will play somewhere else i think i'm not talking about what he's told me or that i know it's just assuming the way things worked out when he was getting ready to retire or thinking about retiring that's the only spot and would the steelers go ahead and give the amount of compensation required to get him if they just wanted to what go for it they got they got a great season brewing they're going to go for it there's somebody banged up in the middle of their defensive line they need him i i'm just going to push back and say this is an overreaction it's not happening and matthew stafford i mean come on like he's gone too where would he go like who's going to trade for a quarterback in the middle of the season somebody that might have that that that's already on quarterback three you know dallas runs through all of them you know and they need a fourth honestly like maybe so i'll push back what about jonathan taylor this thing is still going on not resolved with indianapolis you don't think a team's going to go out and get him we heard there's been reports that uh packers let's see how it all plays out willing to give willing to pay him top dollar that's just i i'm not willing to go there yet and and i know you could you're talking superstar superstar you're talking aaron donald i'm talking to that level aaron donald chris john feel about mike evans and godwin mike evans they're not superstars like evans is going to the hall of fame i understand that with so take two for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis you could show off your skin again and you know what that means beach day as a tick-2 inhibitor so tick-2 is the only once daily pill of its kind for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis ask your dermatologist about so tick-2 today and learn more at that's so tick-2 decrevacitinib is a prescription treatment for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis who may benefit from systemic therapy or phototherapy don't take if you're allergic to so 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situation covenant house is there to learn more go to today the nfl is here and it's all about the sweet offers from draft king sportsbook an official sports betting partner of the nfl new customers can pocket 200 in bonus bets instantly when you bet just five bucks on any nfl game download the draft king sportsbook app now and use code field goal to sign up gambling problem call 1-800-GAMBLER 21 plus age varies by jurisdiction void in ontario see slash football for eligibility terms and responsible gaming resources bonus bets expire seven days after issuance eligibility and deposit restrictions apply what's next serious super bowl contenders i'm talking serious i'm talking the top five top six uh in the vegas odds they're gonna start two and two or worse i think a team that can win the super bowl this year any names it's gonna have a slow start it's possible i'm looking at kansas city specifically rich so so don't go super bowl contender well they're a super bowl contender but don't go but i want to go ahead and say kansas city's gonna start the season yeah but i don't want to do that i don't want to get on the bad side of the kingdom oh don't be i don't want the kingdom coming after me people say get out of here i definitely don't i've been calling for bella checks just say chiefs just say chiefs i'm saying that i'm saying chiefs on the tv version of this i'm saying chiefs chiefs could start one in three and now they're at minnesota in a must-win game so go ahead and say it the chiefs are going to do it i'm not going to say that but i'm just saying a contender course that's possible who else do you think i mean you think the cincinnati jets are contenders they can go two and four cincinnati cincinnati is at cleveland easily could lose yes home for baltimore easily could lose correct they were owing to last year they go to they go at tennessee in week four they could be one in three they could be one in three that's not an overreaction you put chiefs up on the screen then it's an overreaction go ahead and do it how about san francisco san francisco they could easily lose in pittsburgh of course they could lose to the giants they could lose to dow i'm just saying i'm saying a contender is going to be unless you choose the chiefs move on it's ridiculous clearly you're moving on go ahead we love justin fields had a great time with him at the super bowl yes great kid we have him in fantasy he's going to set the single season quarterback rushing record which is 1206 yards lamar jackson did it by the way fields was only 63 shy last year he's gonna be running for his life i know they got a fun new offense now with dj moore but the offensive line still stinks he's gonna be out there running around one look two look bail i'm gone 1400 yards for fields that's a fantasy football hope chest question because i know you grabbed him i'll say no ridiculous i'll say no i'll say no i'll say that there's going to be a reason for for it where there he doesn't answer all 17 weeks because he is running for his life or things are set up dj moore is going to be there to help counteract that calil herbert counteract that just flip it out let it go yeah uh that's the idea the idea is not to have him do what he did last year ever again yeah i know but i don't think that's really going to happen i mean i know kyle brand had the bears winning 13 games yeah well he got caught up with smoking bro give me some i mean fields is gonna be running for his life what else i don't know if you're gonna have a fantasy lean on this one too but do you know what the rookie record for receiving yards is do you have any idea what it is go for it i'm gonna tell you rich it's 1473 yards you set that record no a guy named bill grohman in 1960 oh my god for the houston oilers so hold on a minute jackson smith and jigma i'm gonna do it i'm saying someone's taking it down okay jamar chase was 18 yards shy in right 2021 give me the name jordan adison is who i'm looking at he is going to take it down he is going to be the number two justin jefferson is going to get quadruple teamed it's he's going to be open or look maybe another sleeper name if you haven't done your fantasy draft yet jonathan mingo and carolina yeah that's not happening bryce young's got to throw it to somebody rich he's not he's not going to have 2 000 yards passing to set a record i mean to set a rookie record look there's one of these kids 1500 yards i would go with jackson smith and jigma he's going to be the third guy in seattle let's see what goes on all right find a choose one i guess jordan adison would be the one to choose or zay flowers odel beckham came on the show this past week and he was talking about how look out for him i'll just say this is possible but i'll label it an overreaction record it's the reason why it's 63 years old social in a passing league all right you got one more last one rich okay what do you got last one and this is just for you thank you sir just because i love you so much uh-huh we've been friends a long time yes we have i hate to do this to you yeah the packers are making the playoffs and the jets are gonna get out of here baboom book it overreact put it on the board jordan love get out of here spans you are blessed look you think aaron rogers career is a disappointment you think brett farve's career is a disappointment miss the playoffs jordan love is doing it rogers healthy all year yay or nay no okay that's a way that'll that it'll happen if they have to play like a month with zack wilson and it's the ross it's possible and it would be just like the jets problem is that zack wilson if he's got to play four weeks it'll be through in the at some point in the first six weeks of the season when they have the toughest teeth of their schedule so it would be only fitting if that's the case and um if rogers stays healthy this team is making the playoffs this team is good enough to make the playoffs i don't disagree with you there but the first six weeks i get it insane that's right so that's why if zack wilson has to play a force four week stretch in the first six weeks of the season this is not an overreaction if if rogers is healthy throughout get out of here with this noise and how dare you pollute the first edition of overreaction monday in podcast form with such a nonsensical trolling way i took a shot at my own coach all right well done well done so that's the way we roll here on this program we're going to overreact to head again this is a season preview we're going to overreact to um we're going to overreact to what's just happened as opposed to overreact to what we think is going to yeah everything is going to be following what we saw on sunday exactly with the exception of the end of the program correct where you and i once we have just overreacted to what just happened we are going to predict what we think will be the overreaction subject matter for the future overreaction monday and see if we get it right so we're gonna have to start though with this being a season preview show with a headline or subject matter that will be talked about significantly by the end of the season you say the monday after the super bowl monday after the super bowl monday after the super bowl you go first i'll go second chris brock here's the deal rich i know you so well i know you better sometimes than susie knows you i already know what yours is going to be it's you have no idea what it is i know what yours is going to take you do and so i'm going to say this that's an overreaction mine is this i think the philadelphia eagles are winning the super bowl i think jaylen hurts is the mvp this year okay my headline for the monday after the super bowl is pretty much the torch has passed and jaylen hurts is the best quarterback in the nfl well i mean as the best quarterback in the nfl the best quarterback in the nfl okay and do you think that would be an overreaction i think it's an overreaction because i people that people think hands down it doesn't matter what happens it's it's patrick mahomes which look generally going into the year i do agree with you he is fantastic he is awesome he's a two-time super bowl winner two-time mvp he's on his way to the hall of fame i already had him on my outrush more that's how much i think i love this guy but i think this year is just going to be the year we saw it last season what this guy is capable of yes the way he does it with his feet he's going to take the next leap with his arm ability devante smith aj brown dallas got it he is going to have a super duper season mvp unanimous winning the super bowl jaylen hurts best quarterback in the nfl i would love nothing more than to have company for mahomes in the category of best quarterback in the nfl i i think it would be stupendous certainly in the nfc side of things because everybody is just assumes it's an afc world and we're all paying rent in it so my overreaction subject matter headline when the season is over i'm not going to tell you who's winning the super bowl although i do believe as of right now again on tuesday's edition of the rich isin show right after this labor day edition of overreaction monday we will not only have overreaction monday subjects that are fresh for our program in advance of week one that's another thing that you'll be doing spicy however i will be making my super bowl prediction on that program and unfortunately for rich isin show coordinating producer mike hoskins who's currently at the controls here i will tell him one of the teams to not win the super bowl this year will be the buffalo bills and the headline that everyone's going to be talking about that will be an overreaction trust me i know the media and i know what people are saying but the headline will be josh allen is not all that and is overrated overrated that is going to be the headline once the season is over and we're going to take that cheese and people are going to say allen couldn't do it again bill's window closed will's windows closing is sort of a subsidiary nearby to that neighborhood wow okay it's it's sort of a suburb of it so that in my estimation is going to be the headline by the end of the season and you'd be completely wrong because this is a very deep end of the pool and i believe the bills are winning the division i don't believe they're winning the super bowl that something's going to come up again and um that's my two cents on that matter can i tell you what i thought you were going to say something about the jets right no no no no no no i thought you were going to say that mahomes has a chance to catch brady i i thought you were going to say the chiefs are going to win they're going to go back to back for the first time since the pats 20 years well i'll tell you and that they're chris if they win the super bowl this year that's not an overreaction if the chiefs win the super bowl this year i thought and he's not even in the neighborhood of age 30 i thought you were going and andy reid is as fresh as a daisy as ever and travis kelsey is looking as great as he is as he's in the his mid-30s he ain't going anywhere and chris jones gets paid and they win the super bowl this year and he has three in the case before brady had three in the case right at age at age well not in terms of his years in the league they're about the same right around the same age okay then he kind of catches up to the early break that's what i thought you're doing and brady had those years where he didn't decade without where and and like he run like he'll have to run into his eli manning right or just payton manning and ben roethlisberger and it turns out that mahomes only lost in the super bowl after winning three at this early part of his career was to brady who's not walking through that door to use the patino phrase we think that will not be an overreaction so that's the way we wrap up this first ever podcast edition of overreaction monday share with everybody that we exist that we're here we greatly appreciate that part of the rich eisen podcast network that also has all three hours of the rich eisen show every single day once we're done and a new podcast that's coming up the tuesday of the first week of the season coming up a week from uh this coming tuesday on september 12th is when you'll get to see susie schuster and amy tres susie will be in this chair amy trask in your chair the princess of darkness as she's known from her time in the front office of the uh oakland raiders at the time uh she and susie will have a show together called what the football that you can also please go to their rss feed and give them a subscription and a follow and it'll be a fun way for you to check things out on the rich eisen podcast network all football season long the rich eisen show every single day 12 to 3 eastern on the roku channel or in podcast form right where you just got overreaction monday available every single monday we're going to be here doing our thing and then on tuesday what the football with susie and amy trask or chris thank you for being here good job rich what you're saying to you uh we have wrapped up the first ever overreaction monday podcast edition for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like arn anderson conrad thompson gets all the stories with ours after watching aew's double or nothing amy wants to know what does dinosaur taste like um it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy oh that's disgusting it sure is check out arn every week wherever you listen you
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