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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 16, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 16, 2023 3:42 pm

NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner tells Rich what the most recent game tape reveals about 49ers QB Trey Lance and Packers QB Jordan Love, which young NFL quarterbacks his most excited to see on the field this season, if Aaron Rodgers can bounce back from a lackluster 2022 season and lead the Jets to the playoffs, if new Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton can revive Russell Wilson’s career, and more.

Jeff in Detroit calls in with a very important question: Which movies are on your Mount Rushmore of comedies?

Rich lists the top 5 NFL quarterbacks under the most pressure to perform this season among Tua Tagovailoa, Russell Wilson, Jordan Love, Baker Mayfield, and Dak Prescott that’s met with a harsh rebuttal from Brockman for not including Aaron Rodgers.

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Are y'all feeling good out there? This is The Rich Eisen Show. Rich Eisen here on The Rich Eisen Show.

Welcome. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Thanks for joining us here on The Rich Eisen Show at 11.59 as we move into our third hour coming to you live in studio on The Rich Eisen Roku channel.

Or if you're listening on YouTube or any of our terrestrial radio outlets or any... Earlier on the show, co-host of the Around the NFL podcast, Dan Hansis. Coming up, pro football hall of famer, Kurt Warner, actor Quincy Isaiah. And now... It has to become 12 o'clock noon here live in studio on The Rich Eisen Roku channel.

It's Rich Eisen. Oh my gosh. Hour two of our show on the air. That open means I don't have to do my usual open. Just cuts, it saves time. It was done for you. Saves like four minutes.

Right here on The Roku channel. Four minutes. Four minutes. That look though, man.

That's not my look. By the way, we appreciate Pat wearing the sweater too. He really brought it. He got it, yeah.

He really brought it. I was looking at the YouTube comments. I think people kind of misunderstood. They were like, it doesn't sound like Rich. And I was like, that's not the impression.

I don't know if anybody... If you're imitating me and obviously Pat Monahan is and was, it's the cadence, I think. It's my cadence and my pension for promoting the Roku channel, which I'm very proud of. That's ridiculous. Obviously. And I'm proud of the fact that we have our own radio network when we had, once upon a time, zero. Zero.

Serious XML Odyssey. Zero. By the way, that's not an exaggeration. Nope. No, no. We had zero. Yeah, zero. Yeah, zero. Yeah, the spring of 2020. 2020, there were three zeros. Two zeros in 2020.

And then on our affiliate list. Shout out to the 454s. The 454s. There you go.

The 454s. Oh, yeah. You come a long way, Rich. I'm very proud of the fact that you can get us in a podcast forum and very proud of the fact that you can get us... All right, now I sound like a Dr. Seuss. Nearly 600,000 subscribers. You can get The Rich Eisen Show with a fox.

You can get it with a box. In a hat with a cap. Great chat with Dan Hansis of NFL Network and NFL Media Group Fame. And our number one, our three Quincy Isaias joining us in studio.

Nice. And right now on The Rich Eisen Show is my friend from NFL Game Day morning in the NFL Network, NFL Media Group, NFL Plus. There's so many things.

His QB confidential is some outstanding All 22 viewing. My buddy from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Kurt Warner, back on the show. How are you, Kurt? I'm good, man. How are you, Rich? I'm doing great.

So, and you've had a front row seat to my self-promotional aspect for a long time. So you don't bat an eye, right, when it comes to that? Not one bit.

Actually, if it doesn't happen, then I feel like something's off that day. I'm with you. I'm going to start off the radar with you here, Kurt, because we were having a conversation last hour of the wildest sporting event you attended as a fan, or some most famous sporting event you've attended as a fan, right? Fan?

Yeah. The guy who just left said he was at the fake spike game of Marino against the Jets. Del Tufo said he was at the World Series game where the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs. I know you've played in some, but did you ever go to any, Kurt?

I can't say that. I don't go to a lot of different sporting events just because life has been so busy. I think the best ones for me, I was actually working on Monday Night Football, but when Kevin Harlan called the streaker on the Monday Night game like it was part of the game, or we were in New York when the Black Cat ran onto the field, and Kevin did a play-by-play of the Black Cat. Those were a couple memorable things, even though I was working, that I kind of felt like a fan. I was just kind of sitting back, watching it play out, and then here, Kevin, to call those things like they're part of the game is just iconic. It's awesome. I love it.

All right, Kurt Warner, who, by the way, is back in the booth for Westwood One's coverage of Monday Night Football here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with Cumulus and the Westwood One. Okay, so let's jump into it here. Have you watched the film of Trey Lance from this weekend at all, Kurt? I did watch it. And what did you make of it? I heard some people talking beforehand, so I thought, well, I got to dive into this because I know it's a big storyline.

What is he going to be? When I watched the tape, I actually didn't think it was nearly as bad as people were talking about. You know, there were some missed throws. There were some times, you know, that I want to see him just process a little bit faster with the information.

But overall, I actually didn't think it was bad. I thought it was progress from what I saw a year ago. And I think we always have to remember, I know he was drafted high, but he hasn't played a lot of football, and he hasn't had a lot of experience. And so, you know, speeding up the game and understanding what they're doing, it takes time.

And, you know, that's just the nature of it. And I know, you know, maybe unfair to him because he was drafted so high after not playing a lot of football, so the expectations are really high. But I thought there was progress there from what I saw a year ago, and that's kind of what you want to expect from a young quarterback. But then Sam Darnold came out, and it just looked steadier. And again, I don't know if it was against lesser competition because it was the second half of a first preseason game, but it just looked different, and I'm not an all-22 expert like you, Curt.

Well, I mean, I think, again, you have to expect that. You know, you expect Sam Darnold, who's been in the league and been around and been in different systems. And then, like you said, when you get into preseason, the difference with preseason is everything's more basic. You know, the coverages you're seeing are more basic.

They're not game planning. The offense that you're running is more basic, kind of first-day install stuff that, you know, stuff that these guys have run a million times. And so, you know, Sam Darnold, we've seen moments where he's looked really, really good. The problem with Sam Darnold has been consistency. When he gets out there and has to play every week, he hasn't played consistently. And so you can't read too much into preseason, in my opinion.

Now, you have to look at the plays, and you break down the plays, and you want to see guys execute the play that they've been given. But it's a whole other level when you get to the regular season, and, you know, you've got to see the things that people are preparing and throwing at you, and then play consistently in it. It sure looked to me that Jordan Love's first game showed he's ready, right?

I mean, he's ready for the season, to me. You know, it's another thing that, you know, just like I said with preseason, I played against Ryan Leaf in his first preseason game. And I remember that game, you know, like it was yesterday, because I thought, oh, my gosh, this guy is going to be a star. Everything that we've seen, threw for 150-plus yards in the first half, ran for another 40, and I'm just like, man, this guy has got it. And then we get into the regular season, and we all know how his career kind of played out with, you know, a lot of different factors there. But another reason why you can look really, really good in preseason, and it doesn't necessarily have to correlate to what's going to happen in the regular season.

Jordan Love, I broke down his tape, the one start that he had last year. I thought he looked really good in that game a year ago, looking at the tape again in preseason. I thought he looked really good.

I looked comfortable. He made some really good throws and reads. So yeah, I mean, with everything that I've seen, I say to myself, yeah, it looks like he's ready. What does ready mean? How good is he going to be?

I don't know, but I like what I've seen on tape at this point. And I'm excited to see him, you know, win their game plan and the teams are game planning against him and some teams, you know, start to get a book on what he does well. And he's got to be able to play off of that and can play consistently well, even when people are taking away his strength. So I think it's good signs with what I've seen up to this point. But once again, I'm not going to read too much into the first preseason game and say, oh, man, this means he's going to have a great season. So whose film have you seen, maybe not just based on preseason, but from last year that you think is going to have a leap this year? I mean, you got a handful of them, obviously, Kenny Pickett's one, Desmond Ritter's another who played last year. You also have Sam Howell, there's not a lot of tape last year, who's got a big opportunity sitting right in front of him. This year, I've just done a few names out there for you.

Go for it. Well, I mean, I like Kenny Pickett. I liked him last year, especially down the stretch, and we called that game eight with him. We make that touchdown pass to win the game.

I saw it up close and personal at the preseason game, you know, down in Tampa this past week. And I just think he looks comfortable. I think, you know, he's got a chance. He's got some good young wide receivers around him. I think he's got a chance to make a good leap and become a really solid starting quarterback in the league.

You mentioned Sam Howell. I thought he looked really good in this first preseason game. You know, as you said, I went back and looked at the tape against the Cowboys last year, and it was so limited in that one game that he played. But I thought he looked very comfortable, and I'm excited to see what he can be at this level. He was so good at North Carolina, but I'm excited to see what he will be in this offense. You know, that's the other thing we have to take into consideration is that new offense form with Eric Bienemey coming in and, you know, kind of establishing what they're doing. So, you know, it's a learning curve for him as well. It's not just, oh, he was in the system last year, and now he gets a chance to play.

You know, there's going to be some new nuances there. You know, and I watched the young quarterbacks, of course. You know, it was fun to see Bryce Young. I thought you saw some of the things that he did in college right off the bat, you know, processing information, getting through things, getting the ball out quick.

C.J. had much more limited, you know, situation there, and a lot of people talk about that interception. I broke it down yesterday on QB Confidential that it was kind of a tough look, you know, that he just kind of missed the lurking safety that was behind somebody and throws the interception. But I'm excited to see him with a little more action, and then, you know, Anthony Richardson, you take a look at him, and I think some of the things that you saw in college showed up again in the first preseason game is that you saw the big arm, you saw some really good plays, and then you saw his, you know, technique get away from him, and he missed a bunch of throws because his technique was off, something that he's going to have to, you know, improve on. And then I'll just throw out a few other names that I kind of jumped out at me in preseason. I thought Stetson Bennett played really well for the Rams. You know, good player in college, doesn't surprise me that he played well for whatever reason. You know, people weren't very high on him, but just smooth operator and plays the game really well. Aiden O'Connell, I think, with the Raiders, played really, really well in his first action.

It was fun to watch him, and then a guy that I've worked with a little bit, and I've been a fan of for a long time, I thought Jameis Winston played really, really well. I do think that guy is, you know, can be one of the top 32 in the world at that position. We all know he's got to eliminate the mistakes, but some of the things that he does and skis, you know, is rare. And you know, we saw glimpses of that, you know, when he was a starter. Now he's in that backup role, but you know, I hope that he gets a chance to kind of prove himself again, see if he's matured into not making those mistakes. But I thought he played really, really well in preseason as well. Kurt Warner here on The Rich Eisen Show, NFL Game Day morning, coming your way in just a few Sundays on NFL Network.

And also check out his QB Confidential page on YouTube, over 80,000 subscribers and growing right here on The Rich Eisen Show. You said moments ago that you saw some things out of Bryce Young and his preseason start like you saw in college. I didn't know he was sacked a lot by the Jets in Alabama. I didn't know that's what happened in the SEC. Well, you know, he took some hits, but yeah, that, you know, again, he took some hits in this game too and bounced up.

I think a lot of people want to see that. Oh no, I'm sorry. I wasn't looking for a Bryce Young analysis. I was looking about... He was looking for a Jets analysis. What do you think, Kurt? What do you think? I'm excited like everybody else.

Are you? Okay. You know, I mean, New York teams are good. It makes the league better, the Jets, you know, it just makes our show better when you have a team that you can, you know, you can rave about a little bit on Sunday morning. So I'm hoping, I mean, you know, add another team to the mix in the AFC, why not? But I mean, I do, you know, everybody's talking about it, offensive line, you know, they had issues there.

They got to figure those out. You got to get some guys healthy and keep them healthy. But I think outside of that, you look at this team and you go, man, they've got all the pieces, good defense. They can rush the passer, just like you mentioned, obviously you add Dalvin Cook. I mean, come on. I mean, it's like a super team at the skill positions offensively.

So I love it. I love where they're at. I hope they can solidify that offensive line and truly contend with the best teams in the AFC because my goodness, I mean, you know, very seldom do we go into a year where we've got more than two or three teams on each side that we really think have a chance to win it. Man, the AFC, we got a whole bunch of them. It's going to be fun to watch that play out this year. Well, but let's talk about, I guess, the third rail subject here, Kurt, because how much of last year's Green Bay struggles on offense was Rodgers having diminishing returns from his MVP seasons?

How much was it on him based on your analysis, Kurt? If I'm going to put it on Aaron, the hardest thing to do as a quarterback is to trust guys when they don't give you a reason to trust them. So whether that's an offensive line that's struggling and you have to stand in there and go, they didn't block him the last three times, but I expect them to block him this time. Or when you have young receivers that drop a ball or, you know, don't run the right round and the next time out, you've got to drop back and go, well, I got to throw it anyways and hope that he goes where he's supposed to.

And that's one of the hardest things to do is to trust those guys. What I felt like Aaron struggled with last year was, was trusting his guys. And so there were times that you watch plays play out and you go, gosh, Aaron, you got to throw that. Like you got to make that play.

I mean, that's something that you've done a million times and you're not doing that this year. And so we can look at that and go, well, Aaron didn't play very well, which, you know, whatever. I mean, if you want to put some of that on him, cause I, you know, you do have to trust those guys, but I believe a big part of it was that lack of trust and he just wouldn't go back and pull the trigger and do some of the things that you were accustomed to him doing because he just didn't know what guys around him were going to do.

And so again, you put the blame wherever you want in a situation like that. It's really tough. It's tough to do. And you've got to fight that battle every snap to go, I'm gonna trust them this time. I'm going to let it go this time. And so I think, you know, Aaron didn't play his best football because of some of those things.

He didn't have the best supporting cast. And so that's why I think we saw the season that we saw last year, but you can go back and watch tape. And I did break down his tape against Miami just a few weeks ago, cause I wanted to go back and just kind of reassess things too, cause we, you know, have that idea that now I had a bad year and all this stuff and man, I watched that game and he was really good in that game.

So when you see moments in games like that, you go, you know, it's all still in there. Now if he gets that trust factor with these young players in New York and he gets an offensive line that can protect him, I fully expect Aaron Rodgers to be Aaron Rodgers like we usually see him, not necessarily what we saw last year. Yeah, you're referring to the Christmas Day game that turned out to be Rodgers' last win as a Green Bay Packer. And so you're saying that the fact that Rodgers has a number 17 that he trusts in his lineup back because he didn't have one last year and Devante Adams being gone and just seeing the general sense of his calmness and happiness on hard knocks with the weapons he has should give me reason to be excited, despite obviously the offensive line woes that we have up front. So they could maybe have, wind up having trust issues up front again, but maybe not out wide is what you're saying. You know, let's hope so.

But, you know, trust outside comes down to the details. And I had heard some things coming out of the Jets last year that there were some struggles with the details, whether that was big picture offense coordinator oriented, whether that was young wide receivers, kind of like he had in Green Bay that struggled to get the details down. And then Nathaniel Hackett, we have a lot of those same questions with Denver as what's going on with the details and what's going on with his offense here.

So now we're going to bring it all together in New York. And that's something that I want to see, is that it's not as easy as just going, man, number 17 is really good. Like he's a great, talented player. When he runs an 18 yard comeback, does he run it at 18 yards? You know, when he's supposed to be a 14 yard dig, is he running it at 14 yards or is running it at 12 or is he running it at 16? Because all of that stuff affects the timing and the ability of a quarterback to see trust and let the ball go and go through his progressions and all of that.

And so I had heard some things like that coming out of New York last year. You know, so I'm just, I'm kind of fascinated again, bring all of those pieces together and will they clean that up and will that trust that you need to have in young players on the outside? And maybe it's a big reason why they bring in a couple of his old buddies that he trusts and that he knows are going to be in the right spot to couple with some of the young talent that they have.

But you know, that's going to be something that I'm definitely going to pay attention to and see if they clean that stuff up and it does kind of roll like a well-oiled machine. Final assessment from you here, Kurt Warner. Let's get it on Russell Wilson. The general sense is that he's either shot or is about to be allowed to cook because Sean Payton's back. Your thoughts entering this season on Russ is what?

Yeah, I mean, I thought he looked more comfortable in this first preseason game, got a little bit of extensive action and so thought he looked more comfortable. I thought Sean did a good job at times of doing some things that Russell's really good at. I think ultimately the question is going to become, I got the sense when Russell went from Seattle to Denver that Russell was kind of saying, I'm a complete quarterback. I want to play the game like Tom Brady. I want to play the game like Patrick Mahomes where I can play inside the pocket and you give me the ability to read the field and make those kinds of plays and kind of play more with my mind than with my body. That was the sense I got as they were putting things together in Denver. Watching the tape last year, they gave Russell a lot of those full field type concepts, read the coverage, get to the right guy and Russell struggled with that.

Quite frankly, he wasn't comfortable in that and he struggled with that. Now you bring in Sean Payton who we know his greatest success came with Drew Brees who is one of the greatest processors of information that we've ever seen and a guy that plays in the pocket and deciphers defenses and all that stuff. I'm so interested to see if it's Sean Payton going, okay, this is second year for Russell Wilson. I can help him become that more Drew Brees-esque quarterback and we're going to play that way. Or do I have to adjust my system to get back to who Russell Wilson is and what he does as well because he's not necessarily that dropback type quarterback that whether he wants to be or whatever, he maybe isn't that guy. That to me is what I'm looking for in Denver. What do they become offensively? Can Russell either take that jump to become a better pocket passer or does Sean have to adjust the system and get back to Russell's game because he still has the ability to do some of those things that he did really well in Seattle.

That to me is the biggest question there that I want to have answered as we get into the regular season. I love it. What a great answer that was, Kurt.

I lied. I want one last thing from you. House Cade, give me an idea of how he's doing down there in Tampa.

What do you got for me? He's battling. I think as I know very well, it's never been easy for him and it's not an easy situation as he comes in as an undrafted free agent, not necessarily highly touted out of college, but he's battling and he's playing and he's making plays and he feels like he belongs and that's the biggest thing. Will he get enough reps? Will he get opportunities in these next preseason games to really make his mark and solidify a spot?

We're kind of waiting to see, but that's what it's all about is do you want a chance to compete? He's getting that opportunity to compete every day. He feels he belongs and that's part of it.

Just like me, I felt I belonged, but it took me a while to get there and show people that I belong. I don't know how it's going to play out for him, but he's excited to have this opportunity and he loves being down there with the Bucks and the guys that they've got down there and he's having a blast. We've got a couple more preseason games and I hope he gets some more time and get some opportunities to show people what he's capable of. When are people going to stop wondering if Warners can do it, Kurt? I don't know if that's ever going to be a thing.

It just seems to be the RMO. I kind of like it that way. It's fun to be in situations where people doubt you a little bit. EJ, who's out at Temple, is the same thing, under-recruited and finally gets a shot at Temple and becomes a true freshman All-American. It's cool to watch.

And going through it myself, it's neat to watch both of my boys having overcome so much to do so many great things. It builds character and they're both unbelievable young men and that's the most important thing and we'll see how the football careers play out. That makes for a better movie, that's for sure. Makes it a better movie. I'm about to give my top five list of quarterbacks under the most pressure and I know Brockman's going to get upset with my list.

So what's just, I guess one last thing, I'm sorry, can't say goodbye to you. What is your definition of pressure as a quarterback and during a season? What's your definition of that, Kurt? Well I was actually thinking just about pressure. To me, pressure is about living up to your own expectations. I know we put all kinds of pressure from the outside, but I think it's living up to your own expectations. So, for instance, like we were talking about with Russell Wilson, if you believe that you are that guy that can be a Drew Brees type quarterback, that's the pressure. Go show people that you can consistently do it. You know, Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, right?

The big knock has been, okay, he's an unbelievable playmaker and he can do so many things well, but can he be a drop back passer? Sure feels like they're going to play that game a lot more this year so that pressure falls on a guy like Lamar who goes, I can be that. But now you've got to go show us every single game that that's who you are and live up to your own expectation. Not really what the storyline is on the outside, even though it can be similar, but live up to what you know you're capable of and that to me is where pressure comes. If you have a game where you don't do that, the pressure comes internally to go, okay, I've got to show people I can do it next time. You know, or that's a one-off that I had a bad game and that to me is where pressure comes from more than anything externally.

I mean, I never went out and played harder because somebody wrote a bad article about me or I never wanted to play better so they didn't write something or say something about me. It was all about living up to what my expectation was and that's where the pressure comes, but that's where you love the pressure. Pressure is a privilege when you know that you've got an expectation that you want to live up to and that's what you're striving to do every week. Pressure is like not getting a shot in the NFL and believing that you can and you're the team that you're on is going to get ready to win the Super Bowl if they only can get a good season out of Trent Green and he goes down. Like that's pressure. That's, honestly, I'm not kidding, but that's pressure. The pressure was really when I got my first start to go, I know what I'm capable of, now go do it. Like live up to your expectation of what you can do in this moment, not, you know, to prove everybody wrong. That's what the pressure was because I knew I wasn't going to get many games. I knew I wasn't going to get many opportunities.

So the pressure was to live up to what, you know, what I felt I was capable of or what my expectation for my play was. And how'd he do in his first game against the Ravens? Do we have that number right there?

Right? It was against the Ravens. It was. Okay.

Against the Ray Lewis and the Ravens. And what'd you do on that day, Kirk? I, you know, I went for.303. He knew. Yeah?

I love it. Threw a couple picks though. I saw my first pick to Ray Lewis the other day, I had a guy. I magged that wide open in the middle of the end zone and I missed him and threw a pick to Ray Lewis.

Well, I would have made for a great quarterback confidential if YouTube existed back then. 300. What do you got the exact numbers for? 309. 309. I don't think I can break that down.

309. Don't shortchange yourself. Yeah. Don't forget the nine yards, Kirk. Don't forget the nine yards. Thanks for the call, Kirk. You're the best.

I'll see you soon. Ladies and gentlemen, Kurt Warner. He goes down. He goes down, we're going to rally around Kurt Warner and we're going to win. And we're all like... Against the Ravens.

And I was like, ah, okay. Against the Ravens. 300. The Ravens.

Kurt had nine 300-yard passing games in the regular season. Do you think any... Of that, of that regular season? Yeah. Of the first one? Yeah.

The 99 season. Do you think any... Well, he was MVP, right? Do you think any rookie or first-year starter has nine 300-yard passing games? No. No.

I do not believe that. Do you think... How about this? Do you think Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, and CJ Turner... Combined for nine. Combined for nine. Great one. Three of them? Save that for What's More Likely on Friday. I want two days to think about this.

Plus, we've got to beat it to break. 844-204-rich number to dial. We'll take your phone calls. And then, I will give you my top five list of the most pressurized quarterbacks of 2023.

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We might have to get a whole production, like in the same way we do a Bill Belichick press conference moment, Salty Tua. I saw a picture. He's wearing short sleeves.

He's showing off the arm sleeve. Hold on, I've just been informed we may or may not have the Salty Tua drop, like an open and everything. Oh, yes. Look at us. By the way, look at us. Look at us now. It's almost as if we're being self-promotional. Look at us now. It's almost as if we're a real show that Mike can work on. Oh, boy. You guys. Hey, that's too soon. You know how we're a real show as well?

How? Because we care about our callers and our regular callers. True, true.

1033 on the road. Sean Mitchell just goes above and beyond on that front. I don't mean to single him out.

We all do. I mean, you did single him out. I did this morning. He deserves singling. He did.

Doubling and tripling and throwing a shot. Do I get a Buckeye on my helmet from this morning? He is the one who creates all of the full screen graphics that we employ for our longtime listeners and callers. Jimmy in San Antonio has now been so christened. Jimmy back on The Rich Eyes and show him we're about to put the Sean Mitchell graphic that he has created for Jimmy in San Antonio. How do you see it? On the screen. What's up, Jimmy?

How are you? Que paso, Rich Eyes and Show. Jimmy, your graphic is top notch.

I mean, the Alamo is in the back. Drinks. I got to be honest. Sean blew me away.

There was emails exchanged, and that is as sharp as it can be. Look at that. Look at that. Remember the Jimmy. Well, I'm so happy to be on The Roku Channel. First caller in Howard, number two on The Rich Eyes and show the Jimmy in San Antonio phone and supplies provided by Grainger.

Call or click. And the best part of it all, it's free. There you go, ladies and gentlemen. I don't know if Grainger's free, but I understand what you're saying. I don't mean to nitpick.

1035 here on The Roku Channel. I could have done better. It's just not right.

It's not right. It's almost like you're in the radio. Rich, that's a look you give me multiple times a show. What's your, I think I am looking at you in that photograph. What's on your mind, Jimmy? What's on your mind? In an awkward position.

My eyebrows in an awkward position right now. OK. What's on your mind? Well, infamous games. And I've told you all this before, but I bet you don't remember. Anyway, I was there on my 13th birthday gift for the 44 to nothing Bears Chicago in 85. Over the Cowboys.

Yeah, I didn't want to say the Cowboys. Wow. You could have just left that story at home, Jimmy.

Yeah, at 13, it's a gift from my dad. You know, we fly up, we go to the game, and then we have to fly back. At halftime, I asked him to go, can I throw the football in the parking lot? This game sucks.

44 to nothing. It was brutal, but I did see the fridge, so that was cool. All right. Thanks for the call. Jimmy, now you've got a graphic.

You're graphic worthy. That is very kind of you guys. Thank you very much. You're welcome.

It's a beautiful respite, and y'all keep doing what you're doing. Tom Mitchell, out of the park. That's it.

Smitch is number one in our program and heart. Jeff in Detroit, speaking of graphics, I think it was the first caller we had to get a graphic. You're right. What's up, Jeff? Listen, that Jimmy and San Antonio graphic is classic, man. You guys are truly a classic.

That's why your call is calling. Listen to Uncle Rich spit that NFL game, and love you guys because you do what you do. Please, Unc, allow me to reciprocate the bouquet of blue flowers you were throwing upon me, upon you. That defense, after looking at hard knocks last night, was something else, man.

I am looking. I'm like, my god. And then I'm thinking about Aaron Rodgers and him wanting to prove that if you put a quarterback in the right spot, he wants to be talked about like Matt Stafford. If you put me in the right spot with the right stuff and give me the right tools, I'm going to make it happen. Him putting a Lombardi Trophy in New York City and you guys having a parade for that would be one of the best. It will probably be one of the best trophies of this century. I mean, the Cubs winning the World Series. I can't even think of anything else other than maybe Jared Goff bringing us the championship, you know that.

And a time where the draft is coming, that would be truly, truly awesome. But I wanted to talk about the end of hard knocks last night. And they were talking about volunteer. They made them talk about Leslie Nielsen and the naked gun, making them look at movies that were great and comedy-wise. My question to you is this, what is your Mount Rushmore of comedy movies? And I mean, I had a hard time with mine. I'm like something about Mary, Friday, Blaze, and Saddles.

And I mean, I went back and forth with Caddyshock and Friday on that one, man. All right. Great one.

Jeff and Detroit, by the way. That is an impossible question. I'm going to go for it off the top of my head. I can't give you yours. Midnight Run. Well, I mean, I just want to guess one of his. Well, that's it. That's the first two words out of my mouth. Mount Rushmore comedies, Midnight Run, The In-Laws. OK. The In-Laws.

What's the, why am I drawing a blank line? The In-Laws is Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. And it is brilliant.

Like 1,000%. Is Caddyshock on there? I mean, Caddyshock's on Mount Rushmore for sure. And I got one more spot for a comedy.

You just mentioned another one. I think Blazing Saddles is on there. Wedding Crashers. You got to have Mel Brooks on there.

But that's my problem with that. I don't, I think Midnight Run is the most recent movie, though. Hangover. Ooh. Ooh.

But if I had to give my four, and I understand that I am old school, it's Midnight Run, Blazing Saddles, because you got to have Mel Brooks on there. The In-Laws is just... You're going to lose a lot of people with that one. I totally get it. But I'm also a connoisseur, Chris.

That's my problem. I only know one speed. And Caddyshock. I mean, recent? I mean, what Eddie Murphy movie counts?

You got to have him on there. I understand that. If I had to choose what... The real shock of comedy?

I guess. Eddie Murphy. I mean, Trading Places, or if you had to, I mean, or Coming to America is Eddie Murphy's finest.

Coming to America, maybe, but that's on there. More of a comedy than the other ones. Good one, Jeff. Thanks for the call, as always.

And we're just getting started with the lines. Love again. Quincy Isaiah coming out here in studio hour number three. Apparently a diehard Detroit Lions fan. Maybe we'll play the win-loss game with him.

Great idea. Jake Tapper's win-loss game, clanking around the old real machine on Instagram. That's over 100,000 views right now.

16 and one. I don't know if Jake's takes on the news are as clanking around as is on the Eagles right now. Jake texting me quite frequently, since his appearance, about James Harden. Not a fan. I believe that. Not a fan of James's current stance.

Yeah, I'm just trying to ignore it, but I can't. All right, when we come back, my top five quarterbacks under the most pressure in 2023. That's next. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Ah, we're back here. Oh, you know what?

And just to show you how I have a lot of, I do a lot of juggling. Getting ready for this final segment of this hour. Getting ready for the next hour. Getting ready for Quincy Isaiah. I was able to get, and I'm sorry if I'm doing this, both Eddie Secot and Doug Drabeck in today's Immaculate Grid.

Doug Drabeck, so that's Pirates and what? I can't go any further, because I don't want to spoil it. Okay, I understand.

For anyone. And then we finish up today's show with a huge announcement as to who's on tomorrow's program. All right, now when you do Immaculate Grid, are you also doing the football and the basketball ones? Basketball, I'm not that well versed in.

There's also hockey now. I don't even, I'll be straight up. I don't attempt it.

No clue. Football and baseball every day. Baseball's the hardest for whatever reason, because- Well, I mean, when you got to, who's the Royal Ray, you know?

Sometimes it's a little bit difficult. Carl Crawford. I can't remember all the Toronto Blue Jays on that one. Well done, bro. Are you better at baseball or football? I'm better at baseball. I'm better at football. I'm better at basketball. Baseball, if you were hardcore baseball in the 90s, you'll win Immaculate Grid every day.

I don't know, but man, I'm having a hard time. How many Immaculate Grid basketballs have you gotten? How many gotten all nine, nine for nine?

I've done at least four times in the last two weeks. Damn, good for you. Whoever on the staff of said, let's come up with our own game to highlight our sites being the site for stats and information. Kudos to them. They purchased Immaculate Grid from someone else. Well- It was a smart move. Kudos to them. Yeah, smart move.

Kudos to them. And by the way, I've never cheated either. I'm proud to say that. What a liar. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network.

At Immaculate Grid, I've never cheated. Did you get Mike Scott rich? I'm just saying. Here we go.

Former Matt Nashor. Hold on, before we take- I was all excited. I got excited.

Hold on. I've got the list, the top five list, of quarterbacks under the most pressure entering 2023. We just had Kurt Warner on the show defining what is, I asked him, what do you define being under pressure as a quarterback the most? And he said, living up to your own standards. Well- Which is interesting. Yeah, I mean, that's true, that's true. But I'm imagining in the real world that fans might say and sit there and go, well, you know, screw your expectations. It's my expectations of you that places the pressure. And thus the punditry through the proxy of the fans, it's that pressure. And what I say, it is the pressure that you feel as a quarterback.

And what makes it the most pressurized situation is maybe you're not living up to your own standards, living up to the standards of others if you do care, but also their jobs and their opportunities being truly on the line. And that is how altogether I have come up with my top five list, top five quarterbacks under the most pressure in 2023. And number five on this list is somebody who did have his fifth year option picked up, but the pressure of staying healthy, however you deal with that, of falling, knowing how to fall, avoiding a concussion.

How the hell do you do that? And also process and have your two outstanding wide outs, both fed at the same time in a division that you are in a very deep end of the NFL pool. Tua Tungovailoa is number five on this list for me. And there was already a conversation, you know, is Mike McDaniel really gonna go with Tua? Are they really gonna use him? Can he really be that guy? Can he stay healthy? I think there's still a lot of questions about him for a lot of people in this league, as you'll hear more salty Tua coming up. And I think he feels it. Every snap could be his last.

Does he think about that? That's number five on this list. Number four is exactly who you think should be on this list. Exactly who you think should be on this list.

And I'm gonna put him here, even though I think he is getting slagged for no reason, other than the fact that it's easy to do it. I'm putting Dak Prescott on here. Dak's $40 million a year contract used to be the outlier.

And he got paid that because he was a kid with a huge upside and a lot going on. And what he needs to do is win multiple playoff games for the Dallas Cowboys. Because if he does not, I'm not saying he loses his job, others around him might.

Does he feel that pressure as well? But it is time for Dak to do multiple times in a season, what he did in his first game coming back from his broken leg. Let's go, put it on his back and win games because of him and not throw 15 interceptions. What if he throws a pick or two in that first game against the Giants? Yeah, I mean, it's possible.

So that's what I'm talking about. Number three on this list is a guy who Brockman thinks shouldn't be on this list. But this is his last chance. This is the last chance for Baker Mayfield to be a starter in the league.

And he's got Evans and Godwin. And it is time for him to do this. Cause if he doesn't, you know, Kyle Trask might be in there. And then outside of that, it might be Caleb Williams tank time. So he's got to do it.

He's got to do it fast. He's number three on this list. Number two on this list, this is fair or not, Jordan Love's number two. It's your show, sir. It's your show.

And your last two predecessors were fresh out of the box great future first ballot hall of famers. And that's not fair to him, but everybody is expecting Jordan Love to pratfall. And if he does, you know, the Packers haven't really given him much of a long-term runway. It's not like, okay, it's your show.

And here's a five-year deal at market value. They haven't done that. So they are even taking a wait and see approach as is the rest of the NFL when it comes to Jordan Love. And if let's just say Justin Fields outplays him and suddenly the Packers don't have a quarterback in the ownership of the position of the Chicago Bears in week one. And then they take on Atlanta in week two and everybody thinks that's a gimme and they don't win that one.

Again, it's pressure of expectations and what you've placed on yourself and the opportunities you might not have if you don't perform number one. On this list, without a doubt, this is a guy who thinks and was 1000% and still very well may be on a path to the hall of fame. And he fell flat in his first foray outside of the team that he was on this path to Canton. And now he's got a coach who is a quarterback whisperer of the first variety who took Drew Brees once upon a time and hooked up with him. And they're on a path to hall of fame together with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Russell Wilson is number one on this list because so many people think he is washed outside pressure if he feels it, inside pressure.

Are you gonna do this? You've got Sean Payton, you've got the guy, you've got the situation, it's all set up. To me, Russell Wilson is the quarterback under the most pressure in 2023. Even though he does have another year at such a salary cap level, they can't part ways with him. But man, after last year, this year for me makes him the most pressurized quarterback of 2023. Do you think we need one more?

Actually, I do not have one. I've got more, I've got a whole list. Oh my gosh, we're getting a lot of work. Oh, that's how we're doing it? These are the top five quarterbacks actually under the most pressure in 2023. Number five, it's put up or shut up time. You got paid, you got wide receivers, you asked for Odell Beckham.

You're picking out plays on Instagram and giving them to your new offensive coordinator who actually likes to throw the ball. It's time to prove whether or not your MVP season was a fluke or not. Lamar Jackson, number five, do it in the playoffs. Number four, Rich, congrats, you got one right. You got one right. Number four, Dak Prescott. Wow, we put him on the same spot on the list too. For all the reasons that you said, you're the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, win multiple playoff games, get back to the Super Bowl and make TJ and other Cowboys fans happy and insufferable once again.

Yeah, I like that. Number three, we talked about him briefly with Dan Hansus, but the Bills playoff window is shrinking. Are you friends? Are you, do you get along with your teammates or not? How actually awesome are you, Josh Allen? You gotta prove it and you gotta prove it this year.

You are under an immense amount of pressure. Number two, it's actually not a quarterback. It's a coach who played quarterback in college who thinks that he's smart and thinks that anyone can play in his system. It's Kyle Shanahan. Kyle Shanahan had the most pressure of anybody because are you gonna do it? Are you, can you do it, Kyle?

Can you? And then number one is Rogers. And number one, okay, there's only a television show about your team because you're there, okay? You're only a top five Super Bowl favorite because you're there. You are supposedly this Mount Rushmore quarterback you haven't been in 12 seasons, okay? One Super Bowl and this guy's supposed to be God at quarterback, playing the quarterback position?

Aaron Rogers has undoubtedly, without question, the most pressure of any player, probably in NFL history this season. Because if he can do it with the Jets, you will erect a statue of him while he's currently active. And if not, he'll get a gold jacket, go to the Hall of Fame, and be a billionaire. And guess what? Who cares? Because you know what? Deion is right.

There needs to be tiers and floors to the Hall of Fame and Rogers will be on the bottom tier unless he wins another Super Bowl. Beyond false. You know it. Every sports fan knows it.

I don't. Every sports fan knows it. That's not pressure.

And Aaron Rogers knows it. That is the most pressure. And Josh Allen has 10 more years left in his career to maybe get it right if he doesn't get it right this year. He could never get there. That's not pressure in my opinion.

Kyle Shannon. And he's not getting fired either. So there's no pressure there either other than just needing to win. He's not getting fired there.

Get out of town. And I mean it, as Steve Levy might say. Hour number three, coming up with Quincy Isaiah in studio. Yeah.

And Rogers is talking right now. I mean in terms of pressure. We just have different definitions of pressure. No, but the pressure is truly like, if I don't do this, my career's changed.

It's different. Russell Wilson, if he does not perform in Denver this year and then they're stuck with him for another year, if he proves to be just not able to do it. But no one has any expectations for Denver. But who cares about the expectations? I'm talking about- That's what pressure is.

It's living up to expectations. So the fact that he pratfalled last year lowers the expectations in Denver and thus lowers- They're an afterthought. No one's thinking about that. You think if Sean Payton in the middle of the season goes, oh, it wasn't just Nathaniel Hackett here, huh? Well, there's actually more pressure on Sean Payton because if Russell Wilson falls flat again and he fails to rejuvenate him, now people are gonna change the conversation to, well, maybe it was all Drew Brees. Or Sean Payton. Just like we're changing the conversation to Belichick too, maybe it was all Brady. Because it doesn't matter if Sean Payton can't fix Russell Wilson- That's on him. Then he's gonna get him out of there and he'll still be there as the coach of the Denver Broncos. Yeah, but then if he never wins a game with a new quarterback, it's hmm, maybe it was all Breeze.

Boy, that's a lot of ifs. I'm just talking about right now. And no one's talking about, no one's thinking about Denver as a title contender. That's pressure. Because Russell might be no longer the guy. And if he doesn't perform well this year, he might be out. Or the Broncos have been talking about getting out. That's pressure.

Rodgers is just gonna play next year and then go to the hall. That's not pressure. That's legacy.

For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson, Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what does Dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh wow, that's disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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