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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

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April 18, 2023 3:24 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 18, 2023 3:24 pm

Rich reacts to the latest NBA Playoffs games that included the Kings taking a commanding lead on the defending champion Warriors that was marred by an ugly incident where Golden State F Draymond Green was ejected after stomping on Sacramento’s Domantas Sabonis.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich discuss the Texans options with the #2 pick in the NFL Draft and if they could pass on Ohio State QB CJ Stroud because he has the same agent as Deshaun Watson, what the impact of Jalen Hurts’ huge contract from the Philadelphia Eagles will have on the next deals for Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and others, and how the top ten picks of the draft are likely to play out and if embattled Georgia DT Jalen Carter will slide or go within the top 5 picks.

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It's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We have got a whole full house today. Two in-studio guests. Keith Hernandez is making his way here as the Mets are here taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers and they won their fifth in a row last night. So we are we're good luck for Francisco Andorro who called into yesterday's program. Keith Hernandez in studio and Mike Del Tufo is already leading our poll question of who is going to be most likely the second spitter on The Rich Eisen Show set today. That would be DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. Was it Roger McDowell? It was, spoiler alert, it was Roger McDowell. And TJ Jefferson is all dressed for him.

Look at you. My god he's like, sound the trumpets the way you're dressed right here. He's got the Mets jersey. Is that David Wright?

Is that a met David Wright game? I don't know. Turn on your microphone if you're going to talk. I'm sorry you know I was just we were saying that not he's too busy fronting.

I wouldn't call this friend. All right there we go. That is a David Wright gamer isn't it?

Or is that the five I don't know I can't see if there's another number than the five. Is that a Sid Fernández gamer? Hey El Cid. Now this is David Wright. We're going to go down memory lane with him with Keith Hernandez.

Yeah. And then Tom Pelphrey who I've been a fan of for quite some time. He plays the long-lost brother both figuratively and literally on Ozark. He's in the new HBO program the original series Love and Death with Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons. Was he RB2 back in the day? Was Jesse Plemons? Jesse Plemons. He ended up being the place kicker remember? Yeah.

Kristen Ritter as well. So he will be in Studio Hour number three. Mike Florio first up as we'll talk a little bit of NFL draft nine days away. Off-season workout programs are up and running.

Huge news out of western New York the Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott saying today Damar Hamlin has been medically cleared to return though Brandon Bean said it pardon me the general manager of the Bills said that Damar Hamlin's been cleared to resume full football activity and we'll discuss that a few minutes for sure on this program. We got into like a nice little discussion about that earlier. Yeah and so we'll chop that one up. Appreciate we were on fire.

Long with you 844-204 Rich being the number to dial here on the program. It's been a while here on the Rich Eisen Show that we started the show by talking about Draymond Green's activities in the playoffs but let me zig a little bit while everyone else is zagging on that front and obviously we will discuss what happened with Draymond Green and Delmonte Sabonis last night but you got to give it up first because it's going to be totally lost in the Draymond stomp and flagrant fouls and injections and should he be suspended conversation it's going to be lost just how freaking good the Sacramento Kings team is yeah and because you know light the beam to start this program honestly we're all focused on the one seeds and obviously Durant and with the Suns and the Celtics and the Sixers will that be a de facto eastern conference championship final should that matchup happen in the eastern conference semifinal and the Lakers up 1-0 and what's going on with Morant and Giannis and the rest of last night's headlines and sure the Sacramento Kings haven't done what we were seeing them do which is make the playoffs and win a playoff game in 17 years and we don't talk about sleepy Sacramento it's not even on your pop culture chart pretty much eight is enough that might have been the last show set in Sacramento California but this team you tell me guys and I know I have two-thirds of the Rich Eisenshall basketball podcast right here on this set with Adam Chudwin you want to chime in at 844-204 Rich Adams back there answering calls today for us you tell me who has a more lethal first step to the basket who's quicker to the basket with an equally lethal outside shot than De'Aaron Fox in the NBA talk to me first thing that comes to mind is John Morant uh with the first step getting to the rim uh we've seen his explosive highlight reel dunks all season long in his career also uh not a good jumper as De'Aaron Fox I don't think Trey Young he's fast and he can shoot but not explosive at the rim like Fox and De'Aaron Fox right yeah has got it all yeah you good good luck guarding him I think that's part of the reason why Jordan Poole is nailed to the bench in this series who's gonna I mean if you can't guard this guy if you can't play defense if you have trouble playing defense if you can't handle the pick and roll if you can't trouble and with Saponis being the pick he's tucked away in Sacramento a lot of people don't know this kid man look out this is what you need in the playoffs in so many different ways as scorers and when things are tough you need a an offensive set to work then you dish Malik Monk holy cow Lakers fans are like where was that guy when he was here like he was a different person this season than Harrison Barnes it was it was ironic he was the one who or is it coincidental I don't know who had the ball at the very end last night former warrior yeah you could tell some of those dunks you could tell were personal he just yeah he's he's the veteran presence too and Saponis can he guard the perimeter or what he's all over the place and he can pound you down low and you know Kevin Herder he's got a nice outside shot Davian Davian Mitchell was the one who kind of put in the dagger last night from the corner and we know how you feel about Herger that's your guy uh-huh hey everyone thought oh sure you want to be this you beware of playing in because if you play in you might not make it and then you get the Memphis Grizzlies and you don't want to be you don't want to be that five seed clipper fans I don't want a piece of the Suns even though they won game one but that was the conversation you wanted to be the sixth seed because you want to take on the kings okay okay that's the wrong move okay up 2-0 in the series and the last time the Warriors were down 0-2 in a playoff series it was when all the smoke was happening Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis for Don Nelson's 2006-07 Warriors that was the last time so prior this is first time Steph Curry's been down 0-2 in a series and the Warriors in danger of getting bounced and without even winning a game on the road got to give it up to Mike Brown the way he's dialing things up for the Sacramento Kings and De'Aaron Fox holy cow he's something else honestly you blank he's at the rim and if you try and defend that he's spotting up for threes hit nothing but net we'll see what they do on the road though but I wanted to start the show with that don't don't lose that in this shuffle you're a positive guy rich well but but I I also want to make sure because I know the way the media works we're all going to be focused on Draymond we'll get to that but uh that just that just covers up the Kings after Draymond went out taking a punch taking a punch or a stomp and surviving it and making the shots to win it and making sure that Curry is hectored enough that he doesn't have an open look for a three Clay had an open look for three buries it I mean that's what you need to do to beat the Warriors you got to make sure that they're somehow off balance that they're guarded around the perimeter he's going to make them work and the problem is and that's the that's the problem with the Draymond going out is if you you you you guard the perimeter who's going to be the one making those passes from the perimeter of backdoor cuts normally that can be Curry that's Draymond's role and he wasn't there let's get to that Draymond Green as you know I think is going to the Hall of Fame and I don't believe the Warriors have as many rings as they like to tell you about because they have them without Draymond Green they might have none of them but as Brockman has pointed out many times on this show and I'm sure would be happy to do so again they could have more if it wasn't for Draymond Green's non-basketball activities during a basketball game and I remember I think were we on the air yet when uh LeBron and I think we were on the air oh yeah yeah we were on the air because it's been going on a while when uh Draymond hit King James and the crown jewels and got suspended the Cavs gladly took that as an opportunity to win the final three games of their finals and I just remember Draymond Green when he suspended you know where he was remember where he was he was across the street at an A's game with Marshawn Lynch and I'm like okay I guess he's not sitting there thinking I'm not available for my team in such a crucial situation as a matter of fact he's owning it he's wearing it on his sleeve he's not he's he's wearing it on his sleeve and owning it in a way that I thought was unhealthy and now that he's got more grain in his beard one would think that being unavailable would be worn in a much more statesman-like manner not last night DeMonte Sabonis and him are on are tangled up which is one way to say it another way to say it the way that I saw it the way that Jim Jackson saw it the way that many others saw it Sabonis grabs Draymond Green's ankle after the Warriors gained possession and after Sabonis is not called for throwing Klay Thompson out of the way and onto the ground and by the way the momentum of doing that is what put him on the on the ground and it sure looks like to me he's grabbing on to Draymond's ankle and Draymond responds by stomping on him flagrant two he's ejected Sabonis gets a flagrant foul by the way missed his two free throws but they do lie but but they do get possession well that's because his lung had collapsed oh is that right because the lung is lung had collapsed to the point where he was playing lights out perimeter defense for the rest of the game but that's you know he's going to still have an MRI today we'll leave that aside for the moment not honestly I don't know what I'm talking about we'll leave that aside for the moment honestly I mean he was running around his by the way if he does have cracked ribs or something or bruised or whatever man the way that his lateral movement was protecting the perimeter in the final minutes of that game you know how adrenaline works Kavon Looney's picks Looney man that was impressive but this was a one possession game and Draymond gets ejected and he's barking at the crowd and then seemingly happy with the news at least before I go at least tell me you're calling it fair enough where Sabonis also got a flagrant and then once he seemed satisfied with that news and he delivered that had that news delivered to him he's off the off the court and your best availability in sports is your availability and he's not there and I would you know when you see the rest of the young guys on the bench clapping it up and seemingly you know fired up by Draymond's activities and you know what are you gonna do it for Draymond do it for the stomp now Klay Thompson did say you know I don't agree you know when we get this exact words down Klay Thompson did say afterwards that what are you gonna do when someone grabs your foot when you're running full speed I don't know how he was running full speed it did seem like he was just starting from scratch I'm not saying what Draymond did was right but you just can't grab somebody's foot taking off at a full sprint Steve Kerr said he didn't see it Steph Curry didn't address it I will you can't get thrown out of a playoff game you just simply can't get thrown out of a playoff game on the road when you're staring an 0-2 hole in the face and Kevon Looney taking over Draymond's role in this offense and certainly on defense totally different team and despite the rest of the Warriors standing there and clapping it up and seemingly fired up I would have loved to have had a stenographer giving me the interlock monologue inside Steph Curry's head it seems like you know what like it's difficult to ascribe it but I would just have to think that the future hall of fame athlete in Steph's head was like really we're doing this again again and it seems like to me that he looked deflated by it now he played his ass off I'm gonna talk about tough to guard right how do you guard this you don't you just you you you're getting your steps let's put it that way you got you get your steps in nice look at your apple watch at the end of the day like I've traveled 1,000 miles today what Draymond after the game he he he didn't he didn't he didn't own it that's what he had to say walk us through what happened there my leg got grabbed second time in two nights referees just watch it I gotta land my foot somewhere and I'm not the most flexible person so that's not stretching that far so you didn't really see where you were stepping I can only step so far and pulling my leg away so is what it is what was the explanation they give I know they gave him a technical then obviously you the explanation was I stumped too hard how hard was that impact were you surprised that he was on the ground for that long no I wasn't surprised that he stayed on that low you said two times you've been held with Sabonis both times no it was Monk last game right on the baseline under the rim so either you're going to stop it John Goble was looking at Monk hold my leg the last game and he just let it go and Zach clearly was watching my leg get held this game and let it go so I guess ankle grabbing is okay it's not okay but you know and he had just escaped a reputational foul getting called on him just moments before after a play where the officials in full real time thought that he threw his behind out to trip up Sabonis up the floor and Kerr challenged that and they reversed it so you'd already had a reputational foul you knew the refs were just looking at this sort of stuff or for it and then maybe not on Sabonis but maybe I would just say you know what you don't have to run up the court when your ankle is being grabbed why don't you just fall right down why don't you just call attention to it by flopping all over the place and you lay on the on on the floor for three minutes that might not be his MO his MO is like screw you it's not being called on me I'll just place my foot down it just happens to be on the chest of my opponent it just seems to me that you know he'd prefer playing the victim this way than in the moment of being fouled and part of that might be it just seems again and he has said this before like hey I'm gonna be this way and I'm gonna I do this to fire my team up and if they don't follow me then you know we're we're we're not winning anyway I kind of am paraphrasing what I'm saying here anyway I kind of am paraphrasing what he has actually said I'm just wondering if that hit of Jordan Poole earlier this year is just something he just wants to keep doubling and tripling and quadrupling down on I'm just wondering because why would he just be so happy to be unavailable with seven minutes to go in the cauldron of the beam lighting in Sacramento why would why would you clap for being ejected you gotta be out there you're a Hall of Fame player why is this in your mind better for you I mean better for your podcast downloads better for us to talk about it I don't I don't get it I don't get it it's it's it's just mind-blowing to me what was he thinking when he's watching his team having trouble getting shots off on the perimeter what's he thinking sitting in the locker room as he's watching it go down the tubes what's he thinking I'm I'm I have been wronged by the officiating really yeah he's always the victim but it's always his fault there's no accountability he's the guy like you said knocked out Jordan Poole and then made a documentary so we would feel bad for him so what what what's the numbers though the hard cold numbers about being down oh when you're down oh two in the NBA playoffs you lose 92 percent of the time well I mean that's what you need to be thinking about when Sabonis is grabbing your ankle they had chances to win both games and I know the way he plays is the way he plays and that's part of the reason why he's going to the Hall of Fame because it motivates him and I understand that's what athletes need to do but he wasn't there wasn't there gone man I would love to know what Steph Curry's thinking about that because how Steph thinks about it I think has a long way long way to go about what Draymond's future is there as well as by the way the way the west this series goes I mean the Warriors could easily win the next two easily and then you got a best of three and they're going to have to extend their winning streak of winning one game on the road to 28 consecutive series in order to get out of here but Draymond wasn't there that's it end of story and that shouldn't happen it can't happen 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial happy to take your phone calls on this nine days to the draft of the Texans really not going to take a quarterback they're really going to trade out why not CJ Stroud there's a rumor going around as to why the Texans wouldn't take CJ Stroud and it has nothing to do with CJ Stroud at all other than his choice of agent I want to hit that with Mike Florio pro football talk and the Jalen Hurts contract has a one big fat stone thrown into the quarterback contract pond and we'll discuss the ripple effects of that and what's going on on the rest of the draft world Mike Florio when we come back Nobel is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses Nobel's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine head to slash nfl to see how Nobel forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts stay tuned to the Rich Eisen show and keep your eyes on our twitter feed and youtube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by Nobel called from the combine of the draft I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas city during the draft that's slash rich eisen show and slash rich eisen show from the combine of the draft sponsored by noble men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arms distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold we're having Mike Floriano on to talk about everything going on in the NFL and obviously the draft nine days away but it just hit me with Keith Hernandez in studio in hour number two this is one of the this is one of the great Seinfeld references that there is on uh in sports media joining us here on the rich eisen show prior to Keith Hernandez in studio is Mike Florio how are you mike rich I'm doing great and I've done a little research for you yes Keith Hernandez said back in 2015 that he still makes roughly three thousand dollars a day and he's been doing a lot of work for the last roughly three thousand dollars per year there you go for his Seinfeld house yeah I do not make that from my CSI uh that's shocking that means he got paid more than scale so Seinfeld hooked him up yeah I mean he also helped him move right that makes sense one of the greatest episodes right those two episodes didn't help him move remember he begged off he decided that was taking the relationship too far it was Kramer and Newman they decided they no longer hate Keith Hernandez even though he spat on Kramer although it wasn't him it was Roger Dow they went and helped him move I knew you would keep us down the the straight and narrow on the accurate Mike Florio here on the rich eisen show all right let's just jump in here what's going on with the texans why why did uh the first thing out of Nick Casario's mouth yesterday start with he's not leaving he even made a wolf of wall street reference what was that all about yesterday there were some rumors that surfaced last week that he's leaving after the draft and you know over the years that comes up from time to time in connection with a given GM and my experience has been that more often than not when those rumors start circulating there's something there I remember it happening with Mike McCagnan the Jets GM a few years ago and I remember poking around before the draft with people who would presumably be in a position to know and it was like no no no everything's fine he's not leaving and then boom he's gone it happened with John Dorsey with the Chiefs right after he drafted Patrick Mahomes now Andy Reid runs the show there but still GM fired right after the draft so when I hear something like that I pay attention so John McLean who has covered that franchise forever he raised it and knocked it down Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle formerly of NFL network he said that the talk is Adam Peters the 49ers GM would be in play to replace Kiseriope left and so he had to say something he felt compelled to say something but when you look at what he said Rich he made it clear it's his perspective the circle isn't complete until ownership says he's not going anywhere it's one thing for him to not be leaving but if ownership has decided to make a change after the draft and until Cal McNair comes out with a statement or a quote or something that said this is all phony and exaggerated and fake then I think we still have to pay attention to the possibility that change is going to be made after the draft exactly what they did 17 years ago when Bob McNair the late founder of the team Cal's father fired Don Capers the head coach right after the season and then after the draft Charlie Cassel the GM technically resigned but the thinking was he got pushed so I don't think it's over yet all we know is Casario from his perspective isn't walking away does this have anything to do also with this the notion that Casario also did nothing to to squelch on Monday that they the Texans second overall might not take a quarterback I mean what's up with that well you know we had assumed for a while and and really once the panthers slipped into the number one overall spot March 10 we assumed they were to take CJ Stroud the betting markets rocketed in the direction of Stroud so it was the bright young for the Texans and we thought that I was going to go Stroud young well as time went by it's become more and more clear it's going to be young to the panthers so what do the Texans do and now lately this idea has emerged that they may not go quarterback and you know Rich the flicker first came for me when D'Amico Ryan the coach of the team was speaking a week or so ago and he talked about how it's important for whoever the numbers two overall pick is whoever it may be to not feel like they have to be the savior of the team and for a defensive player if they go edge rusher it's harder to justify that status you expect stats on someone like that you'd speed up with a quarterback it's easy you go you light it up for 4,000 yards you justify that pick it's almost the same situation as when they took Mario Williams number one overall like how many sacks do you need to get people to say yeah that was a good decision and I think that D'Amico Ryan is putting that idea out there I think in hindsight is a clue that they're thinking about not going quarterback second overall and look at where Ryan just came from third overall two years ago in San Francisco Trey Lance how that worked out they traded up to get him last year final pick in the draft Brock Purdy how that worked out so I think Ryan is bringing some perspective to this process that may push them away from quarterback at number two and then of course when when when there's a rumor that confuses people that's where conspiracy concepts start to fill a void and again a team like the Texans choosing second overall and having the pick of the entire quarterback class save whoever choose whoever is chosen by by by Carolina just is so confusing of a notion even though Will Anderson is is really talented and we're assuming that's who the first player off the board could be this one long wind up for the pitch to ask you about the conspiracy theory that the Texans won't take Stroud they will definitely not take a quarterback second overall certainly if Stroud is that choice because he shares the same agent as Deshaun Watson is that possible oh I think it's definitely possible look there have been relationships between agents and teams that have become ruined in both directions there'll be an agent that doesn't want to deal with a given team a team that doesn't want to deal with a given agent there've been some notorious agents in the past there was at one point when Sean Merriman came out he had hired a different agent who helped get him drafted high the late Gary Wishard and then fired Richard after the draft and hired a different firm that if he had had that firm from the get-go he wouldn't have been drafted as high as he was because his agents that he was represented by I don't think they're in the business anymore but they were a group that the teams were always leery about so you've got the Texans who had a very bad relationship with Sean Watson and his agent David Muehl get out of athletes first and could that cause them to say we don't want to have to deal with this again now we'd have to know what's going on behind the scenes to try to mend fences but it was ugly now at the end of the day it was a one-win look what the Texans got for Deshaun Watson they were able to move on and Watson was able to move on there's reason for the two sides to to find you know some common ground in the fact that they both did come out of this with a victory but it was an ugly nasty process and who knows what was said between executives and agent back when Watson made it clear he walked out and there were some strong feelings remember he had some candidates for the head coaching position that he submitted to the team when he was under the impression he was going to be involved in they ignored them Robert Sala and Eric Bienemy ignored by the Texans not even interviewed by the Texans and those were two names that Watson had supplied through his agents so it's quite possible there's hard feelings there that still linger that would have to be at a minimum processed before you get to the point where you're ready to have another relationship like that with the most important player on your team. Crow football talks Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen Show we just mentioned Deshaun Watson's name in relation to the Texans back in the day and how that might be helping them form an idea of who they refuse to take in the draft because of CJ Stroud sharing an agent with them so that kind of leads us to the next topic which is Jalen Hurts' contract not having every penny guaranteed a la Watson's leaving the Haslams the owners of the Browns and the Browns still on that island a contractual island by themselves the Eagles give Jalen Hurts a generationally enriching contract that and certain ways to parse it best contract that's ever been given to a quarterback what is your two cents figuratively on that contract and its ripple effect in the NFL Mike? Well it's impossible to make a full assessment of the contract until the full details are made available and I'll get them at some point I'm already working it through multiple different angles I'll get them I'll break it down what's the signing bonus what's the full guarantee at signing the rolling guarantees when did they vet it gives you an idea of how much money he's actually going to make and when the window would open for the Eagles to say okay this is a mistake we need to move on for example if the Broncos would have loved to have moved on from Russell Wilson can't do it after one year given the structure of the deal so there's a certain amount beyond what he's earned in the first year the contract that he's going to continue to make so with Hurts what are those guarantees now Adam Schefter had cap numbers last night and somebody I know who's very versed in negotiating and evaluating contracts reverse engineered the cap numbers and said it looks like 64 million over the first two years 105 million over the first three years it may not compare as favorably to some of the other deals that have been done there may even be a question as to whether it compares favorably to the Daniel Jones contract but but we'll see what the full details are and again what's that full guarantee at signing how much becomes fully guaranteed next year when they're not going to cut them after one season and what does that structure look like when does the window open for the Eagles to make a change if they decide to make a change when did they go non-guaranteed and and and you know we had all this talk about Lamar Jackson want a fully guaranteed contract there was no discussion of Jalen Hurts wanting one and and how do you get one unless you're in a situation like Deshaun Watson where you have engineered this auction where four teams are vying competing for your contract in a trade with the Texans and you tell the Browns see you later at the perfect time when they've pissed off Baker Mayfield and they get desperate like those are things you just can't engineer you can't anticipate and Jalen Hurts and Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson aren't in a situation like that they're negotiating with their current teams so you can't generate the same leverage that Watson used to get a fully guaranteed contract that's one of the big reasons why these guys aren't going to get one huh okay so what do you think is the ripple effect if there is one because it seems like the the contract that Hurts got will be used as a template for everyone else he went first so what do you think about that and how it does relate to Lamar Jackson which is the biggest question mark I would say with every one of these contracts if it's good for the player the next player wants to use the template if it's good for the team the next team wants to use it as a template and it all comes down to how the negotiations go between player and team I could see it dragging down Justin Herbert more than it drags down Joe Burrow because I could see Joe Burrow saying I don't care what Jalen Hurts got I want what I want and bingles if you want to keep me over the long haul you better give me what I want or you're going to have a problem and they have made it so clear they're going to do whatever they have to take to keep this guy around as long as possible they're basically giving him a blank check now will he want a fully guaranteed deal I don't know that he needs a fully guaranteed deal and that's another part of this contract negotiation process that that I don't think is widely understood if there's one term or one structure that you really want you got to give up somewhere else so if you want full guarantees what are you giving up on the other side if you want a high average per year like Jalen Hurts got what are you giving up elsewhere what do you get what do you give up and and so yeah once we see the final numbers if it's good for the eagles other teams will try to use it if it's good for the player other players will try to use it and the bottom line is the cap keeps going up the market keeps going up the contracts keep going up and each one of these contracts gets negotiated individually based upon how far the player wants to push it and what his options are if he decides to say to the team I'm just not accepting what you put on the table before I let you go Mike Florio uh nine days before the first round of the 2023 draft what are you hearing about the top 10 and how it might formulate best you can tell anything new well the the betting markets I think are fascinating they've become a great tool for predicting what's going to happen with the draft now they get some things wrong but when it relates to the top of the draft they're pretty accurate so when you've got Bryce Young the runaway favorite he's number one number two you've got guys like Will Anderson and Tyree Wilson who are catching the quarterbacks you've got Will Levitz ahead of CJ Stroud to be the second overall pick I mean you just track it one by one you look at who the favorites are for where guys are going to land Jaylen Carter all the talk about him falling out of the top 10 he may not fall out of the top five really the betting market is pointing to Seattle so I just think those betting markets are going to be critical to giving us the insight as we get closer and closer to the draft as to how that top five top 10 is going to is going to fall and that's an interesting exercise year to year looking at what the betting markets are just before the draft begins and how the draft plays out they tell us not to tip the picks they don't want to tip the pick the betting market may end up tipping the picks on behalf of all the networks who are asked very politely by 345 Park Avenue not to tip the pick I don't want I I'm just so you you're aware and I think I've told you this here and also you know personally without a microphone on us I I'm I I don't want to know I mean look the NFL draft could easily be done like somebody's fantasy league you know what I mean we could do it in an encrypted website where everybody takes five minutes for a pick and we're done by the end of the night and nobody knows we'll just like you'll just learn it maybe as it's happening or at the end of the night it gets sent out you know by a press release that's the way it could be done this is a show and I'm a host of a show and I don't want to know I want I want to be surprised just like everyone else and I'm assuming everyone's figuring out the same way I agree that's the way I want to go look every year I get the call from someone at NBC reminding me that the league office does not want the picks to be tipped and every year the angel pops up on my right shoulder and the devil pops up on my left shoulder and they have an arm wrestling match and every year the angel wins because the audience doesn't want it this isn't a normal journalistic exercise I've been backstage at the draft yeah when it was at Radio City I would go up there and we'd have a room in the back and we'd interview guys and when you're backstage you're privy to the fact that they've got four picks in they're just spreading it out to enhance the show it's not hard you don't need many contacts to know who the next pick is going to be this is not Pulitzer Prize material if you find out who who it is it's a parlor trick it's not hard to find it out the audience doesn't want it I agree with you completely they want to watch the commissioner walk to the podium and utter the name and they don't want to know it before yeah they want him to be the Paul Revere who's coming you know you know what one if by air or two if by ground you know I don't know I mean that this is this is the way I think fans want it but maybe one day it'll switch and then no no no I think that's what it is you hit the nail on the head this doesn't have to be a show it is a show about nothing think about what the draft is what is the useful value of taking this thing to Kansas City or anywhere right when you could do it in two seconds you could do it through a group text right it doesn't have to be what it is but people love it so it is what it is yeah and the ultimate thing especially the first night is having the commissioner walk out get booed and then announce the pick in that order is what you're saying pretty much yeah you know it it really is something that uh to me I mean I love I love hosting it and and I love doing it that way and I hope fans still want to have it delivered in that matter but so you think Jalen Carter has a short night when it's all said and done and nine nights from now five is his realistic ceiling and I think the momentum is growing to the point that who knows maybe somebody tries to cut the line in front of the Seahawks if people think the Seahawks are going to take him at five and if not the Seahawks at five how about the Lions at six and if not the Lions at six how about the Steelers trading up with the Bears at nine and you think of those coaches Pete Carroll Dan Campbell and Mike Tomlin respectively that's exactly what Jalen Carter needs he needs somebody who's going to push his buttons and get the most out of him because when he's focused and motivated and determined he's generational the question is can they get the most out of him and it comes down to the coaching that you're going to get that's the one thing that gets overlooked when we talk about the draft where does the kid land and what kind of help is he going to have what kind of coaching is he going to have how motivated is he going to be and those three coaches I think would be in a position to get the absolute most out of Jalen Carter Mike thanks for the time uh are will you be in Kansas City do I see you there no I haven't been to the draft since they left Radio City so that's been a long time ago 2014 is the last year all right so uh hopefully you choose NFL Network because uh we well I will thank you that sounded like that twisted your arm wow come on come on did I lose him I don't even know who hosted on ESP so uh ever since Berman and Berman used to be the master of subtly tipping the pick I know practitioner was walking to the podium once he stopped and you know that's that yeah I hear you well now since you've definitely said you're watching NFL Network I will also definitely say everybody get father of mine where all ebooks are sold thank you very much you can go I can do a good quid pro quo $4.99 wherever you get your ebooks debuting next to Tuesday ladies and gentlemen order it now order it now Mike thanks for the time be well we'll chat soon right back at you that's Mike Flora everybody at pro football talk and must follow right here on the Rich Eisen show okay let's take a break we'll be back uh to unwrap a lot of what Mike just said as always great food for thought from Mike this episode is brought to you by youtube now the new home of the NFL Sunday ticket 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nice look at you man did you know that i invented the k-quarter if if if if you didn't have five fingers i'd think mr met was sitting over there we still didn't figure that out you have three no no no four fingers one is a thumb it's an appendage and once you bend the thumb back and if you have just four fingers it's an appendage then the middle one still exists as we've we've honestly it's an appendage it's an appendage i get it i don't get it if you have four there's no middle exactly so um when i teach my children how many fingers we have they have four and four fingers your fingers five five right for your five fingers right if you have four where's the middle but then you bend the thumb back bend your thumb back bend your thumb back there's your middle there's your middle no but now which is what mr met did on that day no i'm team mr met here oh i mean who's not remember they used to have mrs met yes yes is she really yeah you know what i love that you know the bullpen car the bumping car i loved the met hat when i would go to games the met hat with the ballpoint car hey the yankees used to have a full-on stand all of a sudden it started acting like we're Mets fans here just because we had the all-time greats excuse me all right hold on a minute excuse me mr altuna yeah i'm a native new yorker well i mean you know brockman my first game ever was at shay stadium i watched mickey freaking lowlitch pitch for the Mets you know john millner was in the outfield and i got to wave at him and i'll never forget it you want to know who my team i saw him ever was at shay stadium i was at excuse me hold on a minute i'm with you i can't believe i've got to defend myself here i'm just saying this is a yankees fans he's a red sox excuse me hold on a minute hold on a minute i've been a minute excuse me you are the met fan of the rich i'm saying and i created but this man in the new york times it says i created the k-corner i just just again since keith is sitting in our green room potentially frightened to come out here now um you did not create the no these other guys did and then the new york times wrote about it happened to show up yes after those guys left and you were actually we were friends with the guys and you were uh administering the cake you were in charge of the cake corner i took over for dwight gooden and then gary carter hit a home run to win the game at the end of the game this guy come on the new york times and i saw them boston lose to them so you didn't tell a corner a second you didn't tell the new york times reporter when they came to ask questions about the k-corner you just acted like this was no no no my friend kind of say like i don't run it i'm just here the guys who run it just left no way he gave that info there's no way there's no way he said oh this isn't mine this isn't mine i'm just here i'm just putting the k on a pizza box here's what happened i usually spell k backwards anyway here's what happened one of the guys just said who's doing the k-corner because we want to talk to the guys that did the k-corner doing the k-corner and porter used that phrase as well he's doing the k-corner and then they pointed us out and we got brockman loves his story i showed you guys the black and white in the new york it's legit man you know you guys want to hear something funny about and is here to hear this story in person you guys want to hear something funny about the first time i went to shay guess who the mets were playing uh the cardinals no the pirates okay oh so i left pittsburgh to go to new york and it just so happened they were playing the pirates who i watched every day anyway i was like your story was it was keith hernandez as a cardinal before it was just like how what's the chances of that like i had to go to new york to watch a team that did you drive all the way from pa to go yeah wow that's pretty that's and it wasn't like it wasn't didn't mean another game i was in new york i imagine this was and got tickets and was like who are they playing the pirates i mean but was this the jim leland barry bonds no this was this is oh this is the this is mid-90s so i came your seats in check were amazing that was the big apple coming out that was like the 80s was just brock covering the world series the uh the 2000 world series for espn um underneath shay stadium's bleacher underneath i guess in the tunnel that leads out to home plate and just looking up and around and seeing just like cobwebs there since ed cranepool was playing seriously like there might have been like a doug flinn hot dog rapper stuck somewhere and i just thought to myself my god this is this place is old this is an old spot connor's corner well i mean i mean we speaking of connor's corner um keith and ron darling who's another one of our favorites here we now i don't think we've ever had gary cohen on who's phenomenal he's amazing the three of them have been calling met canes together this is their 18th season together surpassing wait for it met's fans ralph carner lindsey nelson and bob murphy oh that's my that's my childhood right there fasten your seat belts i remember oh my god cons franks so i'm sure i'm sure keith was a guest in connor's corner had to be a hundred percent had to be was he there on mother's day when uh when uh ralph wished all mothers out there happy birthday is that a thing oh yeah it's mother's day so all you mothers out there happy birthday i'm sure it was oh come on mother's birthday that day yeah true i am sure mother's day did in fact land on somebody's birthday who was a mother and a mother conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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