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REShow: Elijah Moore - Hour 2 (6-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 1, 2023 3:26 pm

REShow: Elijah Moore - Hour 2 (6-1-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 1, 2023 3:26 pm

Browns WR Elijah Moore tells Rich why Deshaun Watson should have a better season in 2023 than his first year in Cleveland, if he might be playing alongside DeAndre Hopkins soon, what went wrong in New York after a promising start to his NFL career with the Jets, and his goals for the upcoming season.   

Rich and the guys react to a report that free agent WR DeAndre Hopkins would consider returning to the Houston Texans, debate if Rich (New York Jets) or Brockman (New England Patriots) is the bigger cheerleader for their team, make their case for the Miami Dolphins or the Jacksonville Jaguars to win the AFC and reach the Super Bowl next season, and review the effort Mike Del Tufo puts in when he’s working at FOX Sports vs on the show.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Are DeRozan's daughter made the trip to Miami? Oh, by the way. This might not have happened. No. You let her come to Miami. We let her go to school. Guess what?

A Friday in April doesn't matter. Earlier on the show, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. Coming up, Browns wide receiver Elijah Moore.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari. From Peacock's Shooting Stars, actor Wood Harris. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Tom Brady was on in hour number one.

If you missed it, guess what? We re-air in a couple hours. We re-air as soon as the show is over. Every single day, every single weekday on the Roku Channel, Channel 210. Part of our relationship with Roku, which is free on all Roku devices.

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It's a nice backstop. Same thing with our Roku Channel Rich Eisen Show collection, which is a fancy way of saying video on demand. You can watch us whenever you want. You can watch us in clips whenever you want.

Good times. There's our podcast as well. Tom Brady in hour number one here on this program, and he sure sounds done to all of us right here on our program. Hour number three, David Bakhtiari will join us of the Green Bay Packers. Also, the actor Wood Harris from great shows like The Wire and films like Remember the Titans. And he is currently in Shooting Stars on Peacock, which you can see right here on Roku. It's about LeBron James' high school team.

And he plays the AAU coach who put a whole bunch of the kids together, including one guy named LeBron James who I believe we've all heard of. Very good. Very good. From the state of Ohio. Somebody who's applying his craft currently in the state of Ohio is joining us right now from the Cleveland Browns, formerly of the New York Jets, entering his third year in the NFL.

Wide receiver Elijah Moore here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Elijah? I'm great, man. How are you? I'm doing well. What's going on in your world right now? OTAs and things of that nature?

Walk me through what's going on with you. We got OTAs right now. We just got done with practice.

You know, just fine-tuning, getting in everything and just really just working and gelling together. And so how are you gelling with your new team, Elijah? Did we lose him?

Just like that? I think we lost him. I feel like Zach Wilson. I just lost Elijah Moore. Is that wrong to say?

Is that bad? You there, Elijah? Put him back on. Put him back on hold.

See what's going on. Oh my gosh. Is that too soon?

Is that hashtag too soon to have made that reference, that joke? That was weird. Okay, I'm going to put you back on hold. Elijah, you there? Hello? Hey, there you are.

How you doing? That was a funny reply, though. That was really crazy. Did that make you laugh? You heard what I said?

Yeah, I did. I just couldn't respond. You want to respond now, Elijah? No comment, but I feel like it's going well over here. We're gelling really, really good. Okay, so what is it like to be in a huddle, a practice locker room with Deshaun Watson, Elijah?

Give me two cents on that. I feel like he's taking authority of the team. You know, last year he only got to play those six games and obviously it was different knowing that you weren't going to go into the season every single week.

So I feel like as far as him being on his preparation and everything, I'm beginning to witness him in full grind mode. So I feel good about it. Okay, and so how does one get on the same page with a new quarterback? Walk me through that. Practice, man.

Practice, practice, practice. That's why we out here. We out here every single day. And we're fine-tuned and we're getting the camaraderie going and just watching each other catch and pass. How has Amari Cooper helped in this process with you? Oh man, with him just being a vet and just being someone in this league who's been flourishing, you can't do nothing but be grateful that you have that type of person that you can at any time ask a question and of course just watch him work.

So I'm very grateful. Kevin Stefanski, your new head coach, was talking the other day about liking the wide receiver room the way it is. Donovan Peoples-Jones also being there. Any conversations about De'Andre Hopkins in your wide receiver room at all, Elijah? We haven't spoken about it altogether. Of course, it's been lingering around because of social media and stuff, but honestly, when we get to practice, we're all just focused.

We're in the building and we're just kind of focusing on what we got. If he comes, great. If he doesn't, great. No, I understand that. I'm just wondering again, because his name's out there. Deshaun obviously knows him and De'Andre knows Deshaun, so that's not something that you have collectively conversed about, is what you're saying? No, Deshaun spoke about it a couple times, but not as a group.

No, no sir. All right, so then what are you guys talking about in Cleveland about the season? Honestly, because Lamar in Baltimore was the conversation for all of us in the national media for weeks about whether he's coming back or not. You've got Cincinnati and Joe Burrow making the AFC Championship game in consecutive years. You've got the Pittsburgh Steelers obviously on the forefront of so many minds nationally because they're the Steelers. Do you guys feel that you are lost in the shuffle, Elijah?

I don't feel like that's it at all. Football is a year-to-year thing and you've got to take it one day at a time. Yes, do we have thoughts that we've got to get right and of course we've got to be more focused and be in the long run?

Yes, of course. But we're in OTAs right now, so we're focusing on OTAs and then when we get to that point, it's going to play out how it's supposed to depend on how we work, you know what I'm saying? So I don't think we look too far and you can't look at the pass because then you'll just get discouraged, you know what I'm saying? I just came from the depth, you know what I'm saying? And if I looked in the pass there, we would get discouraged, but we don't, you know what I'm saying? And we don't do the same here. We don't look in the pass, we look at what we got now.

Elijah Moore, Cleveland Browns wide receiver here on the Rich Eisen Show, if you don't mind me and I made some sly reference to it earlier. What happened in New York? Because it seemed like your first season, the arrow was trending up.

What in your estimation can you describe happened to you in New York, Elijah? Oh, life, man, life, life happens, you know? Well, people I feel like they kind of don't understand is that football is just another corporate job.

You know, not everybody always jails and everybody always sees eye to eye. You know, I hold myself to a high standard and I just want to help a team always. You see what I'm saying?

I know what I can do. You see what I'm saying? I feel like I've shown little glimpse, nowhere near what I could show, but you know, sometimes that kind of just doesn't happen, you know? And I feel like that's exactly why I am here now. Well, and I can't pinpoint exactly what happened, but I'm playing for Cleveland.

I'm grateful to be here. Exactly. And obviously the Jets have moved in a different direction while Zach Wilson is still there. Was it a change in offensive philosophy that caused you to essentially disappear, Elijah?

Was it Zach Wilson's development? Is there any details you can give us from your perspective, please? I can't really just speak on that. You see what I'm saying?

Like, it isn't nothing that you could just blame one person, two people. You know, it's a team sport, you know? So I can't speak on that. I'm not sitting in those rooms seeing how he's learning. I'm not, you know, I can only focus on myself. You know, that's all every single player does, you know? So it's a really, you know, it's really just a question mark. You know, we won't know.

I don't even care to focus on it. I play for Cleveland now. You play for Cleveland now.

Okay. And so where were you on the day you got traded and got that phone call? Walk me through that day. I was in Atlanta actually with my, I actually was going to see my agent and he called me and he was like, you know, Cleveland, whatever. And then he was telling me that very high possibility. And then I was just thinking about Deshaun and everything and really just to be in a better space mentally.

And then I just got excited for everything and then it came out and all the coaches, we all spoke and everything. And the mayor has been history. You know, I've been, I've been here up here ever since. Have you circled that week 17 Thursday night game against the Jets, Elijah?

Nah, man, I see every week the same. You know, of course you want to do good against every single, you know, team. So I don't just look at it like, let me just kill them. I'm trying to kill everybody. No, I understand that.

But you know, do you want to kill them a little bit, especially on that week 17? I'm just trying. Come on now. Let's, let's talk.

I want to kill everybody the same. Okay. All right. Very good. Understand.

So what, what is your, what is your, what's your goal for this year then? Give me that one. Oh man. Yeah, man. I'm trying to, I'm trying to bomb man. You know, at least a thousand, you know what I'm saying? And just win.

Honestly, we got to make it to the playoffs and then Super Bowl, man. I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying to see what that feels like. Vegas. That's what you're saying.

Vegas. Straight like that. Yeah. Straight like that.

Do you say it out loud in the locker room? You guys talking about it even in May and June? Man, maybe one day at a time. You know, of course we all be like, man, I would be crazy. So I'm saying we don't want to see what that experience is like. We got to put this work in and stuff like that. But you know, we're, we're OTAs. You see what I'm saying?

So we're going, we're going to be where our feet is. Okay. See, now we had a good connection the last few minutes right here.

Don't you think? Just a good connection. I didn't, I didn't, I didn't lose. I didn't lose you. No, I'm not trying to get you.

I'm not trying to get you. I am. I am a, you know, Elijah, I'm from New York City. I'm born and raised in New York City and I've been a jet fan and I enjoyed watching you. I enjoyed watching you and playing. I thought, okay, we got, I definitely saw you and I'm like, okay, we got to play. And I'm like, okay, we got a real one.

We got a real one. And then I started, you know, needing to just really stare at the screen really hard just to see if you were out there. And it just, it was really just a head scratcher for me. And that's why I just wanted to chit chat with you about that.

That's all. I'm not trying to get you. Well, we chit chatted and you ain't going to have to worry about seeing if I'm out there no more.

Okay, very good. And I will see you out there week one against the Cincinnati Bengals and then at, you're going to have a, my gosh, you're right at it. You're, you're in Pittsburgh on a Monday night. You're going to be in front of the whole country.

Monday night football week two at Pittsburgh. Let's go, right? Let's go. Okay. Elijah Moore, thank you for the call. Greatly appreciate it.

Let's, let's do this more often. Okay. Yes, sir. Likewise. Appreciate you having us. You bet.

That's Elijah Moore of the Cleveland Browns right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So I guess he heard straight like that, like my man said. You heard what I had to say.

I lost him like Zach Wilson. He liked that. He did like that. I mean, if this was Twitter, I think he would have liked that. You know, he would hit that with a like.

He might have gave you a crying face. That's funny. No comment, though. Didn't comment. Which comments in its own way?

Absolutely. Well, I mean, again, like sometimes you don't have to comment to comment. Like, say, for instance, when you're going through the teams in a division that are really good and you're going bills, jets and the dolphins, and then you just in the screen freezes, you kind of know the screen doesn't freeze.

You just take a second. You're thinking about who is the fourth one? Oh, that's right.

The one that I won all those championships with. Not a cheerleader. Oh, cheerleader.

Oh, yeah. You're not a cheerleader. Not a cheerleader. You're not a cheerleader.

You can't be a cheerleader when your team always wins. Got it. I don't know. That's true. Okay.

No, just hold on a minute. File that away. File away. Don't lose that intensity. As Michael Irvin would say, same and same intensity, same intensity cheerleader here at this.

I'm pointing to myself. Not a cheerleader. You have the desk with your name on it. Yeah. Okay. The cheerleading desk. Okay. The cheerleading desk.

Not the cheerleading desk. Got it. Plus, I think we got a nice drop out of that, Del Tufo. It was straight like that.

Which is what? Oh, I think that's a new one? I think we could chop that up straight like that. Because he said it. None of us were talking.

There was like, I think that's a good drop. It's clean on either side of it. Clean. Yeah. No laughing.

No laughing. It's tough. I got to edit a lot of stuff. Sometimes you got to edit the laughs. It's tough when you got to do that. Yeah, I got to work.

That's why I turned my mic off. You know, just while we're just on the subject matter of you. Oh my God. Where is this going, guys? I think we need to, you know what? I'm going to, no, here's what we're going to do. I think what we're going to do is I want to get this photograph before I bring it up.

I saw a photograph of you at work and it caused me to think. No, no, seriously. Which one? Because he posts every single day.

No, he wasn't. I don't want to get, I don't want to, but it was you working at Fox. Yeah. No posts from here every day at Fox. Yeah.

Right. It's like, we don't matter. Hey, look at me. Hey, look at me. I'm behind this board.

I get here. I post pictures at TJ Takes. Nobody knows what I do. I'm not the official photographer here. In my booth, I'm the official photographer. Wow. See?

Just saying. I mean, I'm not the official photographer. I just take pictures. None here. I don't think he's proud of his board. Every day at Fox.

It's a big... I'm here all the time. I've been here eight years. I'm at Fox occasionally.

Not true. At Fox occasionally, which is more often than... No, I'm here more. We can do it. No, certainly.

Hall of Fame tight end now. Hey. Okay. Straight like that.

I'm being straight like that a little bit now, huh? That's funny. That's a good job. All right, we'll take a break.

The hell going on? Thank you. That's my reply right now.

That's all I can reply. All right, we'll take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back, DeAndre Hopkins News.

We're going to hit that and try and decipher it when we come back. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating, itching, or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant with 72-hour sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm insecurities keep you an arm's distance from the ones you care about.

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You made the sorry mistake of standing in front of us. The name Lamont is so fun to scream. Hey Lamont! See, it just rolls and you go, this is Bush League Lamont! When he used to come out, we used to sing like the Death Star March, like the Darth Vader.

We'd go, Gene Lamont, Gene Lamont, oh Gene Lamont, Gene Lamont, Gene Lamont. I know how seriously you take your Kansas City food. Yeah, he's sending me videos all the time, different stuff to try. The text exchange between me and him and some of his other offensive linemen is hilarious. Like, I texted Mitchell Schwartz in the middle of the night about a brisket. Like, what is going on? And I responded.

And you responded? For whatever reason, I was up at that exact time. Weirdly, athletes like Pitch Perfect a lot. I'm not kidding. I know Bill Belichick knows all the songs.

He's always singing the songs, yeah. Now, Brett, when you saw that we had the 2015 World Series trophy. I'm a big fan of that one, bud.

I know. Where's that other one that the old guy... The 1985 one.

We will replace the 2015 one with the 1985 one. Oh, look at this. Oh, look at that. Just for you.

Just the best. My dad had some tickets to Game 7, but had given them away. So I didn't get to go to Game 7, and instead I had to work at a grocery store. I'd come up, I'd say, what happened? He goes, Daryl Motley just hit a home run.

Go rearrange the milk. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. The top five list we had... Was it yesterday? I can't keep track of it. It was yesterday. The top five list we had yesterday was top five NFL summer storylines.

And number two, I believe, was DeAndre Hopkins' landing spot. Now, we're all focused on the Bills and the Chiefs, right? It's the rich getting richer. Let's get the rich getting richer. It's an arms race.

Let's keep them out. Now we need a hands race, right? It's a hands race.

That's funny. And we're a foot race and a hands race. Well, you know what I'm talking about. That's the thing about Hopkins. In all my years, I've never seen someone with vice-like hands... And Bills fans, sorry, know all about those with the Hail Murray, where you went amongst 15 Buffalo Bills and grabbed that thing and snatched it. The combination of vice-like hands and in the footwork, having had DeAndre Hopkins for many years in fantasy and back-to-back years, watching him as much as I've watched him, I've never questioned whether he's gotten his feet down ever.

No, no, no. It's every time he's gotten his feet down. I don't recall a time where it's just like, oh, his left toe is out. If he only got that second foot down. He does it every time. Like king of the sideline, hanging almost parallel, makes the catch, toes are in bounds. Yeah. Which is incredible. I mean, you want a chain mover? That guy moves the chains.

First down catches very rarely puts the ball down on the ground. And then, of course, Cowboys fans remember when he was a Texan and wrapped up a game essentially in overtime. Remember that one? Nah, I don't remember that one.

Okay. That's TJ. Where he made one of the most incredible runs after catch, you'll see. I do remember this. Broke.

Caught it, but I don't remember that. Broke many, many, many, many, many tackles. And, so, Bills fans and Chiefs fans are just waiting. We just spoke to Elijah Moore. DeSean Watson's like, of course we'll take him. We'll take him back. Every coach is being asked, what do you think of DeAndre Hopkins?

And many of them are giving the same answer. I like the room the way I have them. Which is, because you don't want to say, oh, we'll take him. Because my room stinks is the subtext of any coach is that, oh, we'll take him.

We're absolutely open for business there. Because you don't want these very prideful individuals, which receivers are, to be rubbed the wrong way. But look, if DeAndre Hopkins wants to come to your spot and you can have him and work him under the cap, you're going to take him. And here's one team that nobody's been talking about. His old team.

The Houston Texans. And today, Brooks Kubina of the Houston Chronicle saying, per source, Hopkins is interested in rejoining the Texans, a new regime and an emerging team that needs a wide receiver. Can he go back to where he once belonged?

To use the Beatles phrase. Cap wise, the current cap situation for the Houston Texans, according to, $20 million in change. He can make it happen. The question is, does he want to go back there and be part of something that is, in fact, emerging? If I'm Hopkins, and again, I don't know how comfortable his ties still are in Houston.

I'm imagining they're still significant and deep. But clearly, I'd go ring shopping if I'm him. I'm going to a spot where if they pay me anywhere in the neighborhood of what I'd like to make, and they can win a championship in 2023 and send me to Las Vegas. Sign me up. In. So what does Hopkins have to say on the subject matter? We haven't heard from him very much. And this is very NBA Twitter of him.

Set the NFL Twitter world a little bit, a Twitter, if you will, on, I believe, Wednesday. Tweeted out three emojis that are, it looks like what? Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Is that what that is?

I don't know. It's kind of just the laughing monkey, but yeah. Also, but the hands over there. I guess the order is the order kind of made. Oh, so it's, so hear nothing, speak nothing, and see nothing. Meaning there's nothing. Nothing. Anybody want to interpret that?

I don't know. What are we interpreting? Uh, three emojis with dots in front of them.

What does that mean? That means he's going to a recent three time champ doing the Patriots, but not a cheerleader, not a cheerleader. Plus, wait a minute, wait a minute. The Patriots don't really need him because I saw the most money spent on wide receivers.

No, no, no. They don't need him because I just saw from the New England Patriots. Tyquan Thornton. Tyquan Thornton.

He's catching meatballs. Last year's, two years ago, draft choice. The speedster who didn't really play much last year. Oh, man. I saw from the New England Patriots Twitter account. Yeah, man.

I saw them go up top. Great throw by Mack. Absolutely. You didn't have to wait for it like we've seen other teams tweet out deep balls from players.

Yeah, no quick game or anything like that. It was a nice deep ball. Yeah. Cheerleader. Who? You?

You. No, I'm not. You are, though, cheerleader. What is cheerleader? We need a good definition on cheerleader. I've got a definition for it. Oh, really?

And it's going to benefit you, I guess. Do you make fun of the most in the football world in months like May and June? Seriously, what do you make fun of outside of the Jets and their chances of the upcoming year? Oh, the camp throwing videos. Camp throwing videos. It's hilarious.

Oh, and they are hilarious because guess what? They're throwing against pretty much air. There's no pass rush. They're not wearing any pads. And there's really no defense.

It's great. I know. I mean, you had your fun with Tua, you know, in last year.

Okay, it was literally a wobbling pass and Tyree Kil had to like pitch a tent to wait for it to get there. By definition, you both are cheerleaders if you look up the actual definition. Is what? An enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something. Okay. So, in theory, you both- And you would know that since you were once upon a time invited by the Houston Texans- To be a cheerleader.

To be a judge at their cheerleader contest, which was to use, to be straightforward and honest, not creepy at all. And so- HTC mic. HTC mic. Okay.

HTC mic. Yeah. No, thank you for the cheerleader. I just thought it's somebody who hates and makes fun of videos like the one that the Patriots put out of Mac Jones throwing a Taequann Thornton, here we go, throwing against nobody in air. Perfect. Oh yeah, Mac, Mac, Arrow, Tae.

Taequann, short for Taequann. Understood. And then somebody who thinks nothing of these videos, if it's from 31 other teams, will go out and tweet- Super Bowl back on.

Super Bowl back on. But- Wow. But- Wow. Hold on. Hold on.

Stop, stop. Not a cheerleader. Not a cheerleader. Well- Super Bowl back on. Oh, but he's just tongue in cheek. Exactly.

Just tongue in cheek. Fans of my award-winning Twitter account will know- Award-winning. What award?

What award? I tweet Super Bowl back on every offseason. Okay, very good. He does do that.

He actually does. Okay. Because, you know, the broken clock will be right at some point again.

Well, it's been right six times. Okay. Got it.

Twitter wasn't around for the first time. Not a cheerleader. Not a cheerleader. Same thing, see you in game seven, says the guy who's like, game six meant nothing because he just would rather game six of the Eastern Conference Finals not happen at all.

He'd rather have just gotten swept out in four because game six meant nothing only to have heartbreak in game seven, which he invited everybody to see him at on his Twitter feed a couple of nights ago. Isn't that correct? But you're not a cheerleader. Got it. I'm not a cheerleader. Are we talking about the Celtics or the Patriots? Celtics. There's no game seven. Game seven for the Patriots this year, in case you're wondering. It'll be a good one. I'll be tuned into your home date with Josh Allen. So that'll be a good one.

Game seven for the Super Bowl bound Patriots because Mac Jones found Taequann Thornton, unless I'm going to... I'm mistaken. You're the only one.

This is like my house. Only one person is allowed to make jokes. Wow. Okay. And I'm assuming it's the professional comedian and writer.

It's not me. Only one joke leader. The bonafide comedian, who, by the way, I did see a few weeks ago for Sarah Tiana's new special where you can get it on YouTube right now. She had a remarkable bit about her significant other being a very, very poor, sore loser playing pickup basketball. It is absolutely brilliant. It's spot on. It's spot on.

It's absolutely Sarah Tiana's bit on your basketball playing and how, oh my God, is it brilliant. Yeah. So.

There's no frozen yogurt on the way home. My gosh. But at any rate, what I'm saying, essentially bring it all full circle, is you do not need DeAndre Hopkins because Taequann Thornton is there. Different player, as we all just pointed out, that Hopkins is a chain mover. He's a touchdown maker.

He's definitely on potentially a path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame if he keeps going and maybe gets that ring, which I think he should chase. And Taequann Thornton's in year two with year one being pretty much nothing, and he's a speed burner of significance coming out of the draft two years ago, if I'm not mistaken from Baylor. Correct?

Was it Baylor Bear? Correct. Okay. So you don't need Hopkins because I saw the Twitter feed and you're Super Bowl bound without him.

So good to know. Better season, Taequann or DeAndre this year? Oh my God. DeAndre Hopkins? Or Odell?

Who has a better season? Again. Oh, okay. Because we're talking football, right? DeAndre, I thought you meant Jordan, because he's in the finals. He's in the finals. DeAndre Jordan is going to be in Denver tonight for the home standing Nuggets. If you're talking about that, DeAndre, I'll go Jordan. But you're saying Hopkins and Odell or the Baylor Bear from two years ago, who hasn't done jack.

A guy who hasn't played in a year, a guy who quit in his team at the end of last year, an up and coming rookie, got on a hot new offense. All right. Not a cheerleader.

Well, if you want me to be a cheerleader, I'll be one. Manny in El Paso, Texas, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you been, Manny?

Manny. Good morning, gentlemen. How is everyone?

Greetings from a blue sky breezy 80 degree day in El Paso. Sir, I'm wondering what is in the water in Florida? You have certain elected officials taking on Disney, the Miami Heat, Steamboat, the box, the Sixers, the Celtics, sorry, TJ, sorry, Chris support of Panthers upset, the Bruins, the maple leaves and the Carolina hurricanes Tampa Bay is up six games on the Yankees for now. I'm just thinking, is this mojo bode well for either dolphins or the Jaguars? Is it going to be two at a time?

Maybe it'll be Trevor time. Anyways, gentlemen, I don't get to call in as much, but when I do, it makes my day. I love this show. I love you guys.

Any or not. This is the best sports show. Be safe. Be kind.

Let's watch some sports guys. Many. I give him a round of applause right there.

Maybe he always comes correct. That's an interesting question. Let's go here.

And I want answers from all y'all. The Cowboys. No, they don't play in Florida. It's another tax free state, but good try.

This is always my answer. The run of championship teams slash championship final teams from the state of Florida is pretty damn significant the last few years. The Rays, as we all know, made the bubble world series and had the Dodgers right where they wanted them until they removed Blake Snell from the game to when Mookie Betts was up. Insane. What?

I'll never get over that. It still happened. Well, Blake Snell is going through third time through the order. The Heat, as we all know, made the bubble finals that year and wisely didn't break up their team for Giannis. Yeah, because they have three rings now.

Because they're also here playing for the finals tonight and recency bias. We all know Brady and the Bucks made the, if you will, bubble or COVID year Super Bowl and beat the Chiefs. And the Lightning won the Stanley Cup that year and then made the Cup final. The following year went back to back and then missed the three-peat last year. And the Florida Panthers and Miami Heat are in the finals now.

So let's go here. Let's remove the Buccaneers from the equation with all due respect to them. Jaguars or Dolphins? You got to choose one with a shot to win the AFC this year.

We assuming 100% health? Of course. AFC, hold on a minute, hold on a minute, understand Doug Peterson is on tomorrow's program.

I don't know if that puts a thumb on any scale because of course not. I already made my choice. Jaguars. Oh my gosh.

So if this was like match game, you already wrote your card out and you put it like it's done. Oh my gosh. Super buzzer. Super buzzer. Super buzzer.

Really? Yeah. It's for sure the Dolphins. TJ? I said the Fins. Hey.

No, no, no. I said the Fins. Dolphins. And for the reason that you keep bringing up, they now have an actual defensive coordinator.

I'm telling you man, Vic Fangio is that guy. I'm going to go the other way. Still the same team that got there. I'm going to go the other way. If you had to choose a quarterback and a team, I'm going to go with the quarterback who doesn't have any injury history.

Okay. I'm going to go with the coach who's won it all already. I'm going to go with a team that's in a division that is much more wide open than the AFC East, which we heard in hour one has the Bills, the Jets, the Dolphins, and what's that other team? Oh, Patriots.

Six times Super Bowl champion. I'm going to say it's an easier path to hosting a playoff game. That's true.

I'm going to say it's an easier path to maybe rack up some dubs to get a higher seed. And I'm going to go with the team that's on the upward swing that came back and won a playoff game last year. And Trevor Lawrence has already gone through his first playoff season. Last year, the Dolphins made it, but Tua wasn't starting. And a quarterback that makes his first career start in the playoffs is a sub 500 in that first game, regardless of how good the team around him is. So I do, as you know, I keep saying that about the Dolphins, that you're sleeping on what Vic Fangio coming back into the NFL to be a defensive coordinator can do for a team, for a scheme, and just lop off anywhere from a touchdown to a touchdown and a half off your average that you've given up. And what that would mean for a team like the Dolphins offensively, right?

But I'll go with the Jaguars. You want to pop that on our Twitter feed and see how it goes? That's a good one. I just put up another poll, Rich. Oh my gosh. I don't know. We just did. We just went all Sunshine State. Yeah. We're going poll.

I put it up before we got into the Sunshine State. Which is what? Who's a bigger cheerleader?

Bigger cheerleader for their team, Rich for the Jets, or me for the Patriots. Well, I mean, that's just, that's, I mean, that's... What do you mean? Okay.

Let's see how it goes. Yeah. And did you already vote? Did you already use the Rich Eisen show vote? I vote on my own.

Thank you very much. Okay. So you should do yours. And leave, and leave the show vote open? The show vote is open. But you can't do that and no, oh, I guess you can use your own personal Twitter feed to see what the... Yeah, yeah.

Use your own personal Twitter feed. Okay. I'll use the show vote. How you voting? How you voting, TJ? Well, let's be honest.

I'm the best cheerleader here for my team. Oh wow. Oh, you should include him.

Take it down. You've got to include TJ for the Cowboys. Relevant teams only.

Oh wow. That becomes real relevant right now, okay. You're going to give me six championships, but I can't say five. And what do you, who do we put down for you to root for? I'm the show vote. I get to vote for their show.

I get to vote who? But you're the troll of the show. That's true. That's why I get to vote. You're the Rich Eisen show troll.

It isn't more of a troll for their team. Well, I mean... That's not the question. There's no, there's...

But I haven't... He runs unopposed in that election. Well, I haven't been involved in U2's beef, so I think leave it U2 as a troll. No, no, no, no, no. Because I've been silent. You've got to, you've got to include him, especially since it might split my vote and I won't win. Don't include me. I want a third party candidate in here. There's no Ross Perot in this.

Because Chris, I haven't, you know, I've been silent while you guys have been going. There's no Ross Perot. TJ's crazy aunt in the basement, one of the Dallas Cowboys. It's Ross Perot.

So the red sweater is plan B. Ken Bone makes an appearance. I don't know if I like being compared to Ross Perot. Why not? I don't know.

What do we got? Wouldn't you assume Ross Perot rooted for the Cowboys too? You have to assume that, right? H Ross. H Ross.

And when H Ross was running elections, Dallas was actually winning championships. Yeah. Right?

92? Come on. Yeah. Here we go. Right? The 92 election. That is your sweet spot. H Ross Perot.

How am I wording this? Board a team most likely to make the Super Bowl? No. To go further. Oh yes. To win the AFC. To win the AFC. Right. Which is another way of saying to make the Super Bowl. Yeah.

If you want to, you could say to make the Super Bowl. Oh good. I got it. By the way, Dana Carvey.

Because that's what, because we're on the run. Yeah. By the way, Dana Carvey. Dana Carvey's impression of him on SNL was... I know.

Oh. And he also did George, he also did George Bush Sr. Oh, that's right. You know, and Daryl Hammond took care of Bill Clinton. Not gonna do it.

Like Brian. Knock on dat. Knock on dat. Good luck, Rich.

Good luck. See? You're cheerleading on the poll. You're such a cheerleader. You cheerleader. He's a cheerleader. I'm a poll. You cheerleader.

You cheerleader. Takes one to know one. By the way, Chris, any time we're up against Rich in the poll, we're most likely gonna lose. So... Why? What are you saying?

This is the Rich Eisen Show, man. You know what, people are gonna vote for me as being a cheerleader. I'm gonna lose this one.

Chris and I get a lot. And by winning, I lose. Even when you lose, even if you win, you lose. And when you lose, I win. By the way, I air fried some crinkle fries last night just off the topic and they were delicious. That was our poll question yesterday.

I'm telling you. Who won though? What was the winner of that poll question? The fries, standbys. We were talking about the franchise yesterday. Which is the best fries?

Oh yeah. By the way, great poll. Almost 2,000 votes. Thank you everybody.

I energize the show. Straight skinny fries, 35%. Curly waffle, tied, 23%.

Crinkle, 19%. If there was a fifth choice, you know the way it is. Other people's. Other people's fries. Is the best fry. Or as we call it in our household, Daddy Tax.

Because it made disco fries. Like what's the best beer? The free one.

The free beer? Daddy Tax is very unpopular. Like there's many different tea party type revolts in the house. Rich. Because just like the great people of New England back in the day, a lot of taxation without representation in the house when it's somebody else's fries. Well it's your house. They're very upset.

Very upset. Taxation. I'm like King George when it comes to fries, man. I'll just take.

Just wait for that revolution. David Bakhtiarri, our number three. Wood Harris.

I'm very excited to chat with Wood Harris. He plays Spencer Haywood in Winning Time. Left Side from Remember the Titans. Avon Barksdale from The Wire. He played Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix. He's in Creed.

All three Creeds. And of course he is in the new Peacock premiere of Shooting Stars that's available on Roku through Peacock right here. And he'll be joining us in our number three. It'll be great in studio chat there.

844204 Rich, number to dial here on this cheerleader edition of The Rich Olsen Show. Get an inside look at Hollywood with Michael Rosenbaum, actress Kristin Ritter. Your parents let you travel by yourself. It was a different time. They just put you on a train. As a 15 year old girl, you went to New York.

I went on a bus and I did get picked up at Port Authority. They thought I was a runaway. What would they do?

They'd detain you and get people on the phone and then they finally let you go to your modeling job. How many times did it happen? Once or twice. It just seems like it wouldn't happen.

It happens, yeah. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, wherever you listen. Back here on our program.

What's going on over there, Mike? What are you watching? Softball? I'm watching women's. I love the women's World Series.

I think that's one of the greatest. It's World Series? You mean women's softball, right? It's the women's World Series. I know, but he just said he didn't mention it was softball. He was my softball. No, it's all right.

Then it's enough to apologize. I swear to God, the way you said it wasn't creepy at all. No, it's one of my dream gigs to mix because these girls, some girls just hit a bomb to left field. I love it. So how would you mix that? The sounds. Again, I want to do the game. Sounds of the game, right? Sounds of the game.

I want to mix the game. So like the ping off the bat? Yeah. I love it.

Do you ride the ping? Of course you do. You're not supposed to... That's bad. What? When you hear the ball into the mitt and people do the swoop, not good. Why? Not good. Why is that not good? Told that by my friend Joseph Carpenter, who mixes the World Series, does not do that. Why didn't you want to hear the ball in the mitt?

You want to hear it, but you don't want to make it accentuate it. Thank you. Who are you saying thank you to? Brockman, because he would have corrected me if I said that.

No, it's just like you're... I was thanking Chris. You preemptively thanked him? I preemptively thanked Chris. Quinnen Williamson really sneezed that.

He sneezed and blessed himself. He was anticipating me chiming in with, you know... This is why we have Mike around. Yeah, because he's been more excited watching this softball game than any other sporting event in... It is fun. It is fun to watch.

I watched at UCLA one year. Their girls are amazing. They are. It is fun to watch. It is fun to watch. And, you know, what's like 200 foot... I mean, they're just smoking bombs. Yeah, bombs. I know. It is a lot of fun.

And the ratings are through the roof for the worldwide leader on that front. But I just never knew what you just told me about the... You don't want to accentuate the ball in the mitt. You just want to hear it. That's weird. Yeah, listen to my games. I don't watch the Oakland A's.

Oh, I think the World Baseball Classic. Oh, my bad. Six million people watch the... Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, Mike Del Tufo is explaining his craft, plying his craft. And that's part of the reason why we love having Mike here.

Because it certainly isn't for him paying attention to what we do here. I do. I'm a better. I'm trying. Well, look, I saw this video, Jason Feller, who's in for you tomorrow, right? Yes.

Jay Felley took this video of you at work at Fox. And I just... When I saw this, first of all, beautiful, cute little Grogu. Is that your Grogu? That's my Grogu. Okay, very good.

That's great. But just look... Chris, you sit next to him. Do you see this sort of level of concentration and focus? So, Mike, my question for you is, where's your cell phone? Oh, that cell phone is not even... What's the difference? No, no, I'm just wondering, where's your cell phone?

Oh, no, it's on the console. You're never... No, no, I'm on the phone. But you're not texting during that. During commercial breaks, I go on the phone. Oh, okay. And I hear your text during my commentary. Occasionally.

Uh-huh. But I pay attention. I'll be honest with you, I was jealous of Fox. And one of the few times I was jealous of Fox, that I'm like, Fox gets the focused, Mike.

Rich. And I get the texting, looking at pictures of dogs, Mikes. You guys are so good that I don't have to pay attention. Okay. I don't even have to pay attention.

Okay. I like it. What just happened? So honestly, it looks like you've taken some sort of a stimulant. No, no, no. When I'm in some sort of like focused stimulant, like you're in another one.

Can I get, how do I get that, Mike, here? We gotta have more action. Oh. We gotta have more action. Okay.

What do you mean? We need more action. There's always stuff happening here.

Bring a ping pong table and have a game in the corner. You know what I'm saying? What I'm saying is, do we need like three guys? Do I need to hire three parabola Mike people?

Yes. With those big huge... Those huge, you know, semi-circle microphones that they hold to try and like get, what, get Brockman's thinking, pick up a microphone? No, this is, USFL, what you're seeing is a lot. It's the hardest show I mix. What makes USFL so hard? All the mics. We have like 18 play, we have 18 mics on the field.

You gotta ride them? And I'm, yeah, it's nuts. This is, you guys, again, you guys make the show easy. You say it and forget it. We make it easy. You make it easy.

Okay. And when you talk sports, if I'm not paying attention, I can't, I'm not into it. How am I, who runs the Rich Eisen Show, supposed to see this video and I see it. And by the way, Jason, Jason Feller called you the goat in that video. He could not have been more complimentary and he's shooting that video of you and he looks up to you.

And I'm just wondering like this. I'm really good at that stuff. I know you're, and you're good at this and you're, you're good at this too. When I, when I get that mic, when I get like right now, you're, you're locked in, you're focused, you're doing this stuff.

Well, kind of. But there are times when I'm in the middle of what I'm saying and I'm, I'm, I'm referencing a drop or whatever and I, and I see somebody doing their banking. Say it by your phone, man.

I may need you. That's it. That's what I'm saying. That's me. It's a mic. I just want that mic.

You're never going to get them. Is that right? It's been almost nine years. I know.

No, no. Actually for us, it's been 20. Well, for us for a long time. Rich, I did the pregame. For Mike and I. You had that mic. I had that mic.

That's what I mean. I want that mic here. That mic, you guys do, you guys talk. I just kind of like. I want that mic here. I want that sports Emmy mic here. Oh. That's what I want. All right. I want Jay Felley. TJ does too. I'd lose that vote quick.

Yeah, if I ran opposed, I'm unopposed. What happens tonight? What happens tonight? I think it's close for a half. And then the Nuggets kind of pull away at the end. Is that what you mean? Yeah. I think the Heat go up 1-0. Oh.

TJ. I'm not saying they're winning the series. That would give us something to talk about tomorrow. Well, I did say Nuggets in six, which means that the Heat's going to have to get two. Yeah, I mean this team is not going to get swept. And if they do. I don't think the Heat are going to win both. I don't think they're going to win both at home. I think they might take one here. It's their best chance. And then we go back.

Let me see. I think maybe they split in Denver and they split in Miami. And then the Nuggets take the final two. And that's how it's going to wrap up.

How does that sound? Pivotal game five. Denver wins that. And then game six in Miami. It's just that'll be a wrap. And I just don't know the order of the splitting in the first four games.

And I think, by the way, ABC, ESPN would take that. Oh, is Scott Foster here tonight? Uh oh. We did game seven. Oh yeah, which was supposed to be great for Boston and not Miami. By the way. No, not true actually.

Not true. It's Foster and brothers. Tony brothers and Scott Foster together was bad for Miami and good for you. Oh yes.

Yes, the entire by the way, the entire Scott Foster conspiracy theory all playoff long has been blown to smithereens. He has an extended. He's when he's supposed to when he's supposed to extend. He ends when he's supposed to end. He extends him getting hurt.

I don't know, but all I know is that it was he and Tony brothers are supposed to carry the day. Ed Maloy tonight is not great. Why is he not great? Why is he not great? I mean, they're all bad.

It's just levels of bad. Hey, I thought you. You thought that was a bad, poorly officiated game seven when you were watching? I don't think so. Don't recall.

Barely watched. Uh, you know, there were a couple of traveling calls that went against the Celtics that drove people nuts. Kind of weird that drove people in Boston nuts, but Derek White was really odd. Whatever Mark Davis, David Guthrie, Ed Maloy. OK, so is there any conspiracy, any tinfoil on that front or no?

I can check. Scott Foster, let me just say this. He's had a great NBA playoffs. Great. Not good. Great. Great. I think so. Previous NBA playoffs, it's just like he was.

Which one was we was public enemy number one going into some place with Phoenix or is it Houston even back in the day? Oh, yeah. Not this year. You say he's going to end. He extends. You say he's going to extend. He extends.

Like, stands the opposite. David Bakhtiari, Wood Harris, third hour coming up. Foster Plus. Foster Plus?

Scott Foster Plus, we're getting Foster Plussed up. He's too busy. He's too busy. Is there like an NBA ref conspiracy dot com?

I'm looking at one. Well, Eric Lewis is under investigation for operating a burner account. And he's refereeing game one tonight? He's not. He's not working in the finals. Yeah, well, that makes sense. A burner account that defends his own calls.

Can you imagine somebody who'd do that? He's been a finals referee the last five years, so this is kind of a big deal that he's not involved in the finals. I mean, that you have a burner account to defend what you're called. It's just like, hey, you made it.

You made it to the top of your craft. Who the hell cares what some message board has to say about it? Oh, he was the one that teed up Pat Bev when Pat Bev showed him the picture. That has nothing to do with the burner.

No, it doesn't. It's just funny that he was the guy. You're going to get teed up if you're like, hey, your call is so terrible. Here's the still photograph on somebody's camera that he just ripped out of the hands of somebody in photography row to show you just how bad you are to your face in front of everybody in this arena. That'll earn you a technical. I mean, you could have laughed about it. You didn't have to.

No, you're going to get teed up. So nothing. You can't find anything, huh? I'll send it to the group if I find something later. Yeah, send it to the group, will you?

I know you guys are interested. We should bring you, we should, when you do these segments on Scott Foster, we should get you an actual hat made of tinfoil that you put on your head. We might have to do that. I'll have my kids make one. Our kids make one. Arts and crafts.

Yeah. Conspiracy theories. Paranormal. UFOs. Science teacher Andrew Greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside. Hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school. Just imagine a bunch of kids running out of school. Most of them probably just ran home. Theories of the Third Kind on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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