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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2

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May 30, 2023 3:01 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 30, 2023 3:01 pm

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells Rich there’s actually a chance Jimmy Garoppolo never plays for a gets a dime from the Las Vegas Raiders, if Davante Adams is justified in his frustrations with the team’s front office, what must happen for Tom Brady to play for the Raiders as a part-owner, and which teams are frontrunners to sign free agent WR DeAndre Hopkins.

Celtics fan Chris Brockman tells Rich why he would’ve preferred Boston getting swept by the Miami Heat instead of losing in Game 7.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Tom Brady’s chances to play for the Raiders next season, if a healthy Tua Tagovailoa can win the NFL MVP award, if Deshaun Watson and the Browns can bounce back from a disappointing 2022 season, DeAndre Hopkins’ impact on his next team, who the Miami Heat-Denver Nuggets NBA Finals could play out, and where ‘Succession’ ranks among TV’s all-time greatest dramas.

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Are you feeling good out there? This is the Rich Eisen Show. What's next?

I'm ready to fire everyone. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. As the Eastern Conference Championship belongs to the Heat.

103-84 the final. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NBA on ESPN analyst Doris Burke. Coming up, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk.

Mike Florio. Rolling Stone's chief television critic, Alan Sethemwolff. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. Great chat with Doris Burke in hour number one about the NBA Eastern Conference Finals that ended last night in Boston. The Celtics gave it a ride.

Almost had the greatest comeback in the history of sports in basketball, baseball, and football. Well, not in that manner, I understand. I understand.

I get it. And when you say we, you were great in all those other comebacks. You're awesome. You're incredible. Your contributions were legendary.

Just Google it. You're Chris Brockman's contributions. And Alan Sethemwolff, the television critic, chief TV critic of Rolling Stone will join us in hour number three to talk about the succession finale.

And you know, one body blow after another. Ted Lasso, the final one is tonight. So gonna put the kids to bed early. And hope they don't get up.

Until tomorrow morning. Of course. Of course. Obviously. Come on. What do you think I am, Logan Roy?

Alright, bore on the floor. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is basically what we're seeing. Joining us right now on our program is the great pro football talk creator and the host of PFT Live on Peacock, which you can see, by the way, right here on Roku. He is none other than Mike Florio. How are you been, Mike? Great, Rich.

How are you? I'm still quite honestly stunned from your reporting over the weekend and last week about the Raiders and Jimmy Garoppolo's foot. So is it really the case that they sign Garoppolo and he fails his physical and they delay the press conference because they got to figure out the lawyering to get the Raiders off the hook for his money?

If he can't answer the bell due to the foot surgery, and that's their quarterback plan going into 2023. Did I read all that right, Mike? Yeah, you're right. And we need to back that up a step. This is one of those things that can arise when you've got that 52 hour negotiating window, the legal tampering period, as some call it, because what happens, Rich, the moment the clock strikes 12 Eastern on that Monday of the week of the first league year, which is looming at four p.m. Eastern that Wednesday, when it hits 12 on Monday, it's open season on free agents and teams start calling agents. And people already have a pretty good idea of who's going to be interested in whom.

But that's when it becomes fast and furious. And that's when you will have a team call an agent and say, we want to sign your guy. Here's the contract. We need to know now, because if we don't get your guy, we're moving on to the next guy. And they strike deals fairly quickly.

And on that day this year, Monday, the 13th of March. The Raiders and Don Yee, who represents Jimmy Garoppolo, had a deal that was leaked to the media within two hours after the legal tampering period started. So I can only assume, based upon the application of common sense, of which I have at least a little bit, that because the Raiders had agreed to give an $11.25 million signing bonus that went away completely and got pushed into base salary that he'll never get if he doesn't pass the physical. I can only assume that the Raiders were led to believe that he was fine when they made that commitment. So he shows up a few days later for his physical.

The media is assembled in the press room for the press conference, and eventually everybody gets sent home. And of course, we get the nothing to see here from the team and from Garoppolo himself the next day when it was all said and done. He poo-pooed it.

He said there was nothing. You know, just some language we needed to work out. Now, it was a significant situation where he failed the physical and they needed to rework the contract to the point where he got no money on the way through the door. We know how important the signing bonus is. It's the most important piece. It's cash in hand.

It's the money you get for putting your name on a piece of paper. He got zero for that. He had to get this foot healed. He had surgery on it. I don't know why he didn't have surgery back when it happened. He had to get surgery in March after he signed, and now we wait for him to rehab and recover. And because it's him, of all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL, the fact that it's the guy who's the most injury-prone makes it seem like a bigger deal. And then you've got Tommy hovering, which adds a little spice to it.

It really is amazing. And it all happened because this all came to light last week. It was a slow weekend, and I started thinking about and reflecting on what had happened with Garoppolo back in March. Well, I wonder if anybody looked at the contract. So, I made a couple calls and pulled a couple strings and got the contract. It's like, oh my God, this was a big deal, as evidenced by the fact that they're not paying him a signing bonus and they have this full-page waiver that makes it clear when you look at the rest of the contract. If he doesn't pass a physical, he's never playing for that team, and he's never getting paid a penny.

So, let's just take it again one step at a time here. So, they say, come on in, Jimmy. They sign him. He's physical. He fails it.

Everyone's just like, go back to your homes. He failed his physical right before the press conference? Or that came back from the doctor's office?

I mean, is that really what happened on this front? I mean, yeah, that's how it plays out, because these deals get done. When you're talking about guys changing teams, you've got that 52-hour window where their agents can talk to the teams and negotiate. But you can't have visits. You can't even talk to the player.

The Chiefs once lost a third-round pick-plus for talking to Jeremy Macklin instead of his agent during that 52-hour window in one of the occasions where the NFL decided to enforce the tampering policy. But we know tampering happens all the time still. The last thing you can do is bring the guy in and give him a physical before you strike this deal. This is the problem. This is one of the flaws in this process. They strike the deal under the assumption that everything's fine. They bring him in to have the physical, the signing ceremony, the press conference. Everybody's happy.

Everything's great. What's the delay? What's the holdup?

What do you mean, go home and come back tomorrow? And it was all about the failure of the physical and the heavy lifting they had to do to change the contract, to add the waiver, and to deal with the fact that the Raiders' position became, we're not giving this guy a penny. And look, if this all does go sideways for the Raiders, think of what else they might have done if they had known. You get caught up in that frenzy, we gotta get our guy.

We want Jimmy Garoppolo. I mean, they could have kept Jared Stidham. They could have gone after Jim Donald. They could have gone after Jason Mayfield.

They could have done all sorts of stuff. But they committed to Garoppolo, and all the other ships sailed away. So what does the contract say?

What does the new language say now that you've seen it? Well, it's a full addendum, coincidentally and appropriately, addendum G to the Garoppolo contract. It basically says, in layman's terms, he has to pass a physical, specifically on the condition in his foot, in order to ever get paid. He can be cut if he fails that physical, and they specify the injury.

It's not just a blanket. If you show up with an injury, we cannot pay you. It has to be tied to that foot injury he suffered last year, and there's a window where it's still in existence.

There are triggers on when it goes away. If he's on the 53-man roster, I think if he starts at least one game, I think that's when the waiver goes away. But they're protecting themselves against the possibility he's never going to be able to play for them, and that he's never going to pass the physical. Now, once he comes back in place, different story. But this is all, we're not doing anything until we know this guy is fully healed and fully recovered. That's when this contract kicks in, and he hasn't passed the physical yet. And look, we assume he will.

Yeah, sure. But how many times do we have a supposedly successful surgery that goes sideways in the NFL? Every surgery is a success, and every player is well ahead of schedule on rehab until he's not. So, it's just something to keep an eye on, and the fact that it's Garoppolo, I think, just gives it the extra intrigue.

Well, I mean, it's on time. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk here on the Rich Eisen Show. It's just a wild scenario at the quarterback position to see in 2023, when we see every team out there trying to not only get their starter solidified, but their entire depth chart solidified, based on what we saw from the San Francisco 49ers last year. You better have your head on a swivel if you're a third string quarterback this year, right?

I mean, more than ever before. And their plan was to take Derek Carr and send him home for Christmas, and then go into the offseason, and then with all the options on the table, Lamar Jackson was available. Aaron Rodgers, we all thought maybe they can go in his direction, too, right? I mean, there was so much on the table. They go for Jimmy Garoppolo, who winds up needing foot surgery, to the point where they create, as you said, Jimmy Addendum G. And now, on top of all of it, you hear Devante Adams tell the athletic that he does, quote-unquote, we don't see eye-to-eye on what we think is best for us right now, meaning him in the front office.

Now I can get it. You know, we all thought at the time when that came out for the ringer, it's just, well, they sent my college BFF away, and now I got Jimmy G, and we're thinking, what's he got against Jimmy G? Well, if he knows that the guy's got foot problems, and this is his moment to maybe, you know, do it for the Raiders because of his contract coming up, that makes sense now that he's particularly irate over this situation. Yes? No? Excellent point. Excellent point. Think about how differently we would view Devante Adams' comments to the ringer if they emerged today versus two weeks ago. Today, you view them in a new light.

Today, you get it. Not only did they sign a guy who isn't all that big at throwing the football outside the numbers to a guy like Devante Adams, but he's damaged goods. And they don't know when he's not going to be damaged goods, and that was plan A.

That was their plan A. Not trying to figure out a way to keep Jared Stidham around. Not pursuing one of the other available free agents. Not pursuing someone who is available via trade. Not going after Aaron Rodgers, who Devante Adams wanted them to pursue. And look, once this went sideways, okay, it's too late for Mayfield and Darnold and Andy Dalton and other free agents. They could have in theory gotten into the Aaron Rodgers discussion, but by then that ship was sailing. And really, does Aaron Rodgers want to be perceived as plan B for Jimmy Garoppolo? I don't think so.

So, it all created a mess, and that's why, and this is a point Chris Sims made earlier today on PFT Live that I hadn't considered, at some level the Raiders have to be very pissed off at Don Yee and or Jimmy Garoppolo for not being straight with them about what was really going on with the foot. And maybe they didn't know. Maybe they didn't know. Maybe. Maybe.

Maybe. Let's at least account for the possibility that it was all an innocent sitcom-style misunderstanding. Regardless, the Raiders made the commitment to Garoppolo, and by the time they realized there was a problem, it was too late to do anything about it at the most important position on the field. So, I don't understand, Mike, when people are saying if it doesn't work out with Jimmy G, one of the owners will come out and play, because I don't think Mark Davis is, hold on a minute, I'm being told Tom Brady was a Tommy you referred to earlier.

Has he, what's the deal? Has he become a minority owner of the Raiders? Paperwork in? Owners have to approve? Like, where does that actually currently stand? Deal is struck. Now at least 24 of the owners have to approve. And the wrinkle that I've seen in multiple reports, which I wasn't aware of, this idea that if he's an owner and he wants to play, there must be a unanimous approval by all teams.

32-0. And I thought I was kind of stupid and short-sighted because it's good for business to have Tom Brady on the field. Let's look the other way on any concerns we'd have.

Yeah, but let me just jump in. It's like having an extra guy on the roster. If I'm an AFC West owner, I'm like, no, I don't think that's good for business at all.

At all. And think of it this way, we've had teams, look at the Broncos. The Broncos, when they had that COVID situation where they had to go with Kendall Hinton, the receiver and quarterback, because everybody got knocked out, everybody was a close contact or whatever it was, they broke the rules, whatever it was, they didn't have a quarterback. They wanted to make one or two of their assistant coaches quarterbacks. And the rule is you can't do it.

You just can't do it because these are people who have access to practice, they have access to meetings, they have access to playbooks, they have access to everything. It's unfair to take somebody who is in this bubble of being around the team but not really on the team and putting them on the 53-man roster. It's like having a 54th guy on your roster.

That's why teams would oppose it. So once this goes through, he's done. I would be stunned unless he sells his interest so he can come back and play, he's done. And I think he knows enough now, Rich, that if he has any interest in playing, you just press pause on finalizing the acquisition of whatever piece of the Raiders he's going to buy and you do it next year or whenever you know you're never going to play again. I think that he's done. I've had somebody who is in a pretty good position to know his overall mindset tell me a few weeks back. He's done but he likes it when this stuff comes out. He likes the discussion, he likes the intrigue, he likes the conversation, he likes being the center of attention. Which I guess is somewhat refreshing to know that underneath all that robotic manicure stuff, there's a real boy.

Like he's Pinocchio? Seriously though, I think he's done and I think he just wants to keep options open. But this is not an option. I don't think quarterbacking the Raiders in his mind is an option and the only spot where he might even think for two seconds about it the way it's been explained to me as well from probably the same people you're talking to, although I wouldn't know, is Miami. But that's just all conjecture and speculation. I just can't believe the Raiders, knowing all of this, went into the draft and Aidan O'Connell, they chose him out of Purdue. I mean, they didn't address it. I mean, Tyree Wilson is a terrific player.

I guess this shows you what they thought of Will Levis too. I don't understand any of this. I just don't. And it's just really, really risky. Incredibly risky.

And there's Brian Hoyer as your safety net, who clearly anybody associated with the Patriots or their organization can't quit. You know, it's nuts to me. This whole thing. My jaw was on the floor when I read your report.

Mike, honestly. The only good news for the Raiders, Rich, is they potentially avoid ever paying Garoppolo anything if it doesn't work out. Okay, great. You didn't pay him the money.

Who's your quarterback? That's the bigger issue. And I think that's why it stayed secret for more than two months. Usually when something gets leaked, a party to the transaction wants it to be out there because they're proud of what happened.

In this case, there's no one proud of what happened. Garoppolo had to give up his signing bonus. The Raiders are in a spot where they may never have Garoppolo and their plan B is Brian Hoyer and Aiden O'Connell.

That's why it didn't come to light because there was no motivation for anyone involved in this to say to the world, hey, look at what we did. Mike Florio here on the Rich Eisen Show. Last one for you. Perfect guy to have on as this news is breaking right now because you not only know football, but you also know agenting and all that. Clutch Sports just signed DeAndre Hopkins. What do you think that means as Hopkins is no longer representing himself and where things stand on that scenario that dropped into the football laps on Memorial Day Friday? Well, Rich, that dovetails with things we've been hearing because Hopkins had been representing himself. And what that means for a lot of the guys who represent themselves is they have somebody who isn't certified by the NFL Players Association who is actually doing the representing for them.

And the NFL has been sensitive to that. In recent months, we had the Lamar Jackson, Ken Francis memo that went out, Don't Talk to Ken Francis, who we reported was calling around to teams to try to get teams interested in making a run at Lamar Jackson via the offer sheet process under the franchise tag. Last year, it was St. Omni, the notorious St. Omni who was reportedly calling teams to try to get someone to trade for Roquan Smith when he was unhappy with the Bears. And the St. Omni name has been percolating around with DeAndre Hopkins to the point where I was told the teams are very leery about dealing with him. And one of the things that happens when guys represent themselves, they set up dummy email accounts where they pretend to be themselves communicating with the team, but it's this off-the-books agent who uses the email account. I'm told multiple teams would only talk directly to DeAndre Hopkins and not email him because of this practice of using the burner account. So, he wisely hires an agent, cuts out any of these potential complications as he now embarks on what's not going to be an easy negotiation because he's going to want to get paid and the teams that are out there that want him are not going to want to give him the kind of market value money he may be looking for. But at least, at least there's going to be a free flow of communication between teams and the agents while they try to figure out the next move. Alright, so now that those decks have been cleared, who do you think is in on this conversation?

What do you got? I think the Bills and the Chiefs are the two teams to watch now. And I think they always have been. They're the two teams. Albert Breer reported, had spoken to the Cardinals before the draft and it was the Odell Beckham $15 million fully guaranteed for one year that sent things sideways because that has ripple effects on the market and what guys think they're worth. I mean, teams haven't been willing to trade for the salary $19 million plus, so he becomes a free agent and they now have to decide, do we want this guy? And I think the other thing that makes it very advantageous for the player and for his new agent, if you go to the Chiefs, not only do the Chiefs benefit, but the Bills don't get it. If you go to the Bills, the Bills benefit and the Chiefs don't get it. And there's extra value in that that can be leveraged to get the best possible deal because you are helping yourself and you're hurting one of your top contenders for the same prize everybody's trying to get.

And if Hopkins plays it right, he could end up getting maybe more than he otherwise would have gotten. And then in terms of the Cardinals, before I let you go, Mike, I always say here, you know, it's really tough for NFL teams to tank because you can just remove a capital or remove terrific players from a roster. There's always going to be grown ass men that pad up and helmet up and cleat up every single playing week who try their hardest. You know what he's ever going to tell a guy in the NFL, you know, don't try as hard today and we'll take care of you because they don't trust that situation. They only trust their own level of play. They could turn out to be, say, Shaq Barrett, right?

You make your most and then you hit it. So all that said, this week, June 1 is an important date and I'd love for you to explain what the Cardinals are going to do with the cap number with what they apparently are going to do by releasing DeAndre Hopkins, who hasn't technically been released as of this conversation. Can you walk us through what that decision looks like and what it may actually portend? Simple as it can, there's a $22.6 million total dead money charge that applies to Hopkins for money previously paid to him. Now, if they cut him today, and it's expected they'll cut him today, by rule, the full $22.6 million hits the 2023 salary cap. If they wait until Friday to cut him, $11.3 million hits this year, $11.3 million gets pushed to next year. They've decided to take the full cap charge this year, basically taking away $11.3 million they could have worked with this year if they wanted to just keep it around.

And you don't have to use it. You cannot use it and roll it over to next year. It used to be cumbersome to roll over cap money.

It's easy now. You snap your fingers, you flip a switch and the money rolls over to next year. And by taking that $11.3 million off the table, cutting him today, the message is, and I know Cardinals fans don't want to hear it because they want to think their team's going to be as good as it can be this year, the message is we don't care. We're not going to keep that $11.3 million around to possibly spend on a player who makes us better this year because we're not interested in that. We're interested in it next year. This year, we're going to take our lumps. This year, we're going to clear the books. This year, we'll take the cap charge. Next year, we'll have the money, even though they could have had it next year anyway if they didn't spend it.

But here's the key, Rich. If somebody becomes available, it would be great for the Cardinals that we aren't expecting, that we aren't thinking about, and they're up against the cap. Well, it's an easy reason not to go after them. We're not the cap space. Yeah, you're not the cap space because you could have an extra $11.3 million this year they refuse to take. So it's a very subtle, nuanced indication that they don't care about this year, and they're going to try to get right next year. And it's probably smart when you look at it, but it's still an acknowledgement by the Cardinals that that's where they are. Well, the smart thing is to do it next year, and then since your quarterback in Kyler Murray isn't healthy enough to play at the outset of this year, and then who knows how it all plays out, and then you tell him to sit back and get ready.

There's no reason to bring him back when your team's one and six, one and seven, two and six, or anything like that, which is why I said at the outset of hearing this news about DeAndre Hopkins, if I'm Kyler Murray, I have my head in a swivel that I don't turn into Josh Rosen with Caleb Williams coming out next year. Oh, you're absolutely right. No, but I don't want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, Mike. No, no, you don't want that. But I'm serious.

You definitely don't want that. You know what I mean? You know what?

There's four other spots in the top five, Rich. But in all seriousness, though, I mean, that's the way this thing can play out in Arizona. No question about it. This thing can play out like that.

Yeah, and it tracks beautifully, and the only spot where it short circuits is they won't be hiring Cliff Kingsbury to be the coach next year, coming from USC to coach Caleb Williams in Arizona. Oh, my gosh. Just Lincoln Riley, you know? Who knows?

I mean, good Lord. Thanks for the call, Mike. Greatly appreciated.

Great stuff on the Raiders, and I can't wait to see it all play out. Let's chat soon. Thanks, Tom. Great talking to you.

Right back at you. That's Mike Florio. Everybody check him out. At Pro Football Talk. I'm serious, man. That's what I said. You got to have your head in a swivel, and if they take the full charge this year, why wouldn't you keep next year's books totally clean, totally clean, and see if Jonathan Gannon can coach the heck out of whoever the hell is playing, you know, for the Cardinals this year?

And good luck. Hoskins, you have the Cardinals schedule? Honestly, because the first few weeks of this year is significant because of that. At Washington is, you know, can we already categorize this as a sneaky good game? Well, no.

Rich. Week one. We don't know anything about Washington.

But that's what I'm talking about. Sam Howell, this could be eventually, who the hell knows? Washington's too talented for this to be the Caleb Williams bowl. But Colt McCoy versus Sam Howell, week one, something's going to be 1-0. This game will not be featured on Red Zone, not one second.

Yes, it will. New York Giants, week two, home for Dallas at San Francisco, home for Cincinnati at the Rams at Seattle, home for Baltimore. So that's what I'm saying. They're like 1-7 at best.

That's what I'm saying. So if they're 1-7 and 2-6, what are they going to say to Kyler Murray, come back? No. Save the season? Absolutely not.

Or they'll be like, you need to just sit tight. Hey Kyler, look, I think you might need a second opinion. If you're Kyler Murray, do you push to play? No. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You absolutely do. You bet. You say I'm ready. Writing's on the wall at that point. I'm there for my teammates. Let's go. He has guaranteed money.

He's fine. So what? Don't you want to stay? I get my agent to like start working up trade.

Maybe that's it. Trade calls. Maybe they look at each other and say... Yeah, but like get me to Oakland or Las Vegas.

He can't get to Vegas because Trey Lance will be there by then. Because I know all the plans. That's true. I've got the script. You've got the script. But to say you do have the script.

You've got the script. That's what I'm saying. First few weeks of this season are huge for the Cardinals, huge. Because that's a decision that's coming down the pike and there's no DeAndre Hopkins. So I don't blame them. Take the whole damn cap charge now.

Take the whole thing. Because you've got to build around Caleb Williams. Or if you're not a conspiracy theorist like me, I'm in the top five now, as Florio said, then you've got to build around Kyler. This year ain't it.

Is there any Buddha Baker says he wants to hell out? This year ain't it. Exit visas are imminent, to use the Wall Street phrase. And Houston's not going to be great. They might have the first and second pick.

Oh, don't sleep on them. They're going to have picks one and two. I'm not going there with Houston yet. I don't need to see what D'Amico Ryans is doing. I need to see what CJ Stroud looks like. I need to see the rest of that team. I'm not going to go all in on the Texans are going to stink.

So the Cardinals are going to have great picks. I'm not there. No way. But I'm there more about this situation with the cap charge at June one. That's Thursday. Man, what happened on Friday with them releasing DeAndre Hopkins and what's happening this week with the June 1st cut is going to affect so many dominoes between now the season and then the draft. Holy cow. Eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial over reaction Tuesday still to come right here on the rich eyes and show.

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The rich eyes and show radio network back on the air sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by a overreaction tuesday we're about to get to right here on the rich eyes and show but before we do a conversation we have here um every year maybe twice here sometimes three times a year but i i have a very specific opinion on it so does uh a gentleman across the way i know exactly where you're going and so does yesterday and so does tj jefferson uh yard in the third quarter hold on a second the concept of would you rather have your team that you love and you root for your diehard fan of would you rather your team lose in a blowout or have a shot and lose in gut-wrenching fashion but you had a shot and you had your chance and i would always i'd rather love and lose than never love at all is the way i look at it i'd rather have a shot i'd rather not be blown out i'd rather not get swept so i turn to the guy who says he would rather knowing the heartbreak can't handle the heartbreak can't handle the difficulty of a difficult gut-wrenching loss would rather do without it rather just have it clean and easy i now turn to you sir chris brockman yes you would rather have gotten swept by the heat thousand than what ended up happening a hundred percent come on you're telling me ahead of time we're already gonna lose but you're never gonna know that no you're never you're telling me ahead of time to know that you're going to lose so do you want to lose in game seven at home coming all the way back at your hopes all the way up just to have your mental health be absolutely destroyed and ruined on a monday or clean sweep it's over quick kill bam i can go on the rest of my life i'm with chris what are you nuts i'm with chris only a masochist would choose the former what are you what are you crazy but i guess this is the yankees this is 2004 mike i get it 2004 it's i i understand that sucked but i at least the yankees were were up three games to none and i freaking loved it and it was great and we were relevant and we're there but the i guess the issue with this conversation is you don't know if you're going to lose you're hoping that in the end when it's over and you lost you're like you don't know you're going we just get swept but you don't know going into this if you're going to lose so that's what i'm saying to you if you wind up losing i'd rather have gotten swept not me man game six that had been so amazing what an amazing feeling that must feel i haven't felt that for an nba team they didn't deserve to win game six but you did win it right but they didn't deserve it and so of course in game seven you could see it coming a mile away but the celtics were up double digits with just two something minutes to go why didn't you deserve to win it you would that would have been a blown loss right which is what i expected because i watched this team play all year i would never want to get swept i'd want to be in it i'd want to be in it like so so you don't want to get swept i don't want it you're going to lose and the alternative is heartbreaking game seven at home or swept but swept i want the whole idea like for instance i took coupe as you know to the fiesta bowl this year and it was a dreadful game a dreadful game for michigan awful awful game right with miss rife with mistakes ripe for upset that happened and uh some terrible officiating that i have to mention but that went against michigan but they made it they won the big 10 they made it there i would never have not wanted that to happen you gotta be in it to win it and you gotta live and love than having none of that that's the way i'm viewing it and you're saying the opposite you'd rather have gotten swept out game four wasn't a big one game five wasn't a big win game six wasn't something that had you won game seven you'd be talking about the derek white put back like it was dave robert stealing a base for the rest of your life so you know how would you want to not have that is my point what was it for okay you lost yeah where do you come down on this subject i forget i'm with you it depends i don't think there's one answer for everything like i'll be honest i was getting migraines watching these playoffs like i didn't feel good i was too invested and once my teams were out i was able to watch basketball with a clear head and and not have heart palpitations so i can understand where he's coming from like if you're gonna lose just get it over with but as a fan of the team you want to see them go out there and put out a maximum effort and i don't think getting swept is a maximum no you don't want that you're getting the time out in your face from jimmy butler you had a shot for an entire week to just stick it to him oh yeah it didn't work out yeah what time did the celtics play on thursday i get it i hear you that's exactly it i hear you i just don't agree with it i think in my younger days i would totally be on your side okay as i've gotten older happiness matters yesterday was the best part of my day was the six hours we were at the fair and it was awesome yeah i didn't think about the game once and then i got home and i turned it on i was like i don't want to watch this i immediately shut it off i don't want to watch so did you hang with cage yeah we were just well he is now you know how i felt he was pretty out of it pretty much every saturday after thanksgiving for half a year when the season started last year from with michigan and ohio state and i said to you hey rich you're going to have a great season but you are going to get absolutely smoked by an underdog in the final four yeah or would you rather have that or would you rather have just lost in overtime to ohio state and not made it never oh no no he would take the ohio state i know that's rich like i said that whole entire month leading up to the fiesta bowl was exciting in the same way that the celtics gave you a week of excitement what was it for nothing i mean it was for nothing i guess a mutator could hit the planet and destroy us all too this is a great example the quote connor roy it's all i mean roman roy it's all bs that's right nothing matters it's like having playing powerball he seems to be a perfect guy to very rational human being looking cheese and all right that was you don't get the mega number we promise no spoilers it was okay let's take a break over reaction tuesday coming up chris brockman's got that our number three alan seppenwall on the succession finale and the ted lasso finale that's about to hit right here on roku all right it's uh we were off one day we weren't here so it's time to overreact let's do it top of the week overreaction tuesday that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks over reaction tuesday ah very good all right what do you got all right uh let's let's quickie run through this here not much not much happening in the nfl world but stuff to overreact but we heard from mike florio at the top of the hour 45 minutes ago the raiders are done is that your overreaction someone not named jimmy g will start week one for the raiders no i think the autumn wind is a jimmy g and i'm just wondering if the raiders put in an addendum as mike said addendum g so that's new that's his new nickname not jimmy g but addendum g if he doesn't start he's addendum g if he starts he's jimmy g for sure i'm just wondering if there's some questions about him being able to answer the bell as the raiders quarterback to the point of the raiders reached out to their legal staff hey add this yeah you know hey whatever you're being paid by the hour a couple hours you work let's let's let's get us a little window out at that end does the chicken ranch do the same thing oh i got an addendum but i'm not gonna say that's the question but i think um by the way uh you have to consult your doctor before that is yeah yeah chickens so i believe this is going to be about nothing that he will start really if you're looking for anything totally crazy like i said it's not brady ah come on it's not it's good for business like mike said it's trey lance that's what i'm thinking for what like a conditional three who the hell knows who the hell knows i have no idea that's the one because he can't answer the bell training camp's an issue that's the deal and they can't quit each other trey lance and garoppolo are destined to be in the same quarterback room well that's that's a plan b not brady's not that's absurd why is it absurd because it's absurd it's absurd what do you mean it's absurd he's not gonna go move to nevada become a quarterback for it's just not gonna happen not gonna happen not gonna happen he wants to own the raiders not play for him it'd be a lot cooler if you did tv 12 casino i already said again if if the whole concept is that he signs the paperwork to become a minority owner in the raiders and for him to then stop being a minority owner and become the quarterback of the raiders he needs unanimous consent from the nfl ownership i know an owner in denver kansas city and los angeles will be like you know what i don't consent i don't like i don't like the idea i don't consent at all that's a shame what else chris okay uh i was reading what tyree kill was saying about jaylen waddle how he's an all pro but nobody knows it yeah and then i was looking at their stats you know they combined for 3 000 yards and 15 touchdowns i think if two is healthy all season top three mvp candidates well i i think it's possible sure that's not a you know you can't sit here in this league and say that's insane there's no way oh there's a way that kid was pretty damn special in college and then when he was healthy last year they were winging it around and i'm telling you though i'm gonna zig a little bit here if you're zagging or vice versa vic fangio being named the defensive coordinator there if it saves them a touchdown with touchdown and a half and that offense shows up the way that we expect it to the dolphins are really the team that everyone's sleeping on and yes sleeping on because we're all talking about the jets and the bills and who they're dating that quarterback and then what they're doing against each other and how they're building to try and collide and first monday night of the season and the patriots are not in this mix anymore and oh by the way there's the dolphins certainly since everybody who plays in the state of florida makes the championship round these days apparently so why not the miami why not the miami correct what else you got over there chris um you see he's calling d'andre hopkins no sean watson oh i thought you thought you meant rich paul oh no no rich paul the clutch sports is uh it's not it's just a brown's reunion i don't know but i think d'sean watson is going to be a pro bowler brown's in the playoff hunt pro bowler as in voted in or he gets to go because he didn't make the playoffs and everybody else suddenly has a sore foot a sore hangnail and they're not going to vegas to throw footballs at moving targets voted in top three no overreaction i think we're sleeping on the brown we may be sleeping on the browns again my top five coming out of the draft biggest mysteries post draft post a free agency entering the football season in the summer was what are the browns going to look like i i'm with you on that but watson beaten out mahomes and herbert and rogers and allen for for a spot at the pro bowl you just mentioned too it could be a top three mvp candidate that's a tall order so i'll call that an overreaction but the browns doing very well this year's not one how's that and i understand they have to pray watson's got to play like one for the browns to do well he does i'm just going to split that baby right here and say no i'll overreact on that that'd be nice well i mean it's stefanski kind of threw a little water on that today as a matter of fact yes let me just quickly call yesterday that let me quickly call that up because john was making the nfl network uh is terrific at this sending stuff out from there from the desk um assignment desk um amari cooper should be ready for training camp as he hits the off-season uh core surgery uh but he likes the really andrew and his crew meaning the uh the front office are always looking to prove the roster but i'll just say i really like the room the way it is i like our wide receiver room i love the guys in there there you go so i won't comment other say that i like our roster is what he says i mean what's not to like about d-hop uh speaking of d-hop's gonna have a bigger impact on whatever his new team is than any wide receiver in any new spot oh wow uh nah i'll go o'dell in baltimore how does that sound yeah yeah how about that a guy who wasn't played in two years how about o'dell with lamar let's go need to see it i know but that's where i'm going who are the other wide receivers in a new spot any rookie any i i just wanted to go i i didn't want to go just say he's gonna be better than o'dell but you know any rookie flowers and o'dell in baltimore let's see what that happened could we all think baltimore is just gonna be the same old same old we had harbaugh on friday who basically started talking about how uh like what those inside dives might be out of the playbook i kind of like i'm and by the way bears have a new receiver you know let's not sleep on or dj morn chicago uh jackson smith and jigba in seattle let's not sleep on that too you constantly are ready to just go seattle on the scrap heap that was a one and done out of geno i you got one more yeah you can switch music here mikey just quick mba one i mean i i can't stand miami but could they push denver to six or seven games yes you can sure sure that's not an overreaction how's that an overreaction and i know that this is this might be spun in the rocky mountains as another voice not believing in them but i i do believe the the nuggets will will win the series six or seven but oh you can't really you're gonna sit here and say this team with everybody doing what they just did is going to get swept or five games these guys aren't gonna keep shooting 50 from three until they do until they do the problem for the heat is jokic he's unstoppable when when when you've got seven footers to try and stop him or agile 610 guys out of bio 69 what else they got you're gonna you're gonna run cody zeller at him i don't know what do you think you think michael malone and jokic are gonna i mean and how are uds the legs dj i think i think we get him out there i just know you're looking at cody cody zeller and what are you gonna run him at him put kevin love on them you know use that vet i guess i love kevin love you know that no one's gonna stop them obviously but you got to throw everything in the damn patrick phrase yeah i mean yeah hold up under a 30 point triple double but you can't sit here and say the heat will never the total overreaction they might win game one they can make they can go to game six and seven remember you said in the NBA finals you said that's crazy you can't sit they've been there before the nuggets have not been there before all right all right last one real quick uh succession mount rushmore drama um i don't i don't know about that um you could say it's not even a mount rushmore drama for hbo i mean you could go sopranos wire game of thrones uh entourage but but that's not a drama well there was drama i'm here johnny drama i mean don't sleep on oz man for hbo but succession is definitely entered the conversation it's entered the chat as as a stupendous program not a huge fan of the plot twist at the end which we'll discuss in hour number three with alan seppenwald the television critic of rolling stone thank you for that chris you're welcome dick gaskets going out guys oh no oh he's down three he's down a set it's two sets to one and he's down three three oh three love in the fourth set by the way we're referring to ricard gasquet the french player but uh we refer to him here as dick gasket conspiracy theories paranormal ufos science teacher andrew greenwood stated that a child ran into his classroom and was hysterically screaming and talking about the flying saucer outside hundreds of children ran out of their classrooms to go outside and see this unidentified flying object that was just above the school just imagine a bunch of kids running out of school most of them just ran home theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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