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REShow: Alan Ritchson - Hour 3

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May 26, 2023 3:22 pm

REShow: Alan Ritchson - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 26, 2023 3:22 pm

Rich reacts to being called a “Jets cheerleader” after touting the team’s addition of Aaron Rodgers and downplaying the 4-time NFL MVP’s recent calf injury and makes the case for his time to sign free agent WR DeAndre Hopkins.

Actor Alan Ritchson joins Rich in-studio to discuss his role among the many stars in in the new ‘Fast X’ movie, the popularity of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Reacher’ and reveals he wrote a letter to Tom Cruise before taking the Jack Reacher role, and reveals why he, despite being built like an NFL defensive end, never played football growing up.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the upcoming NFL seasons for the Raiders Davante Adams and Jimmy Garoppolo, Brock Purdy, Mac Jones, Russell Wilson, Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard, Dak Prescott, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, and more!

The guy's debate which character will come out on top of Waystar/Royco in the series finale of HBO’s ‘Succession’ and if the Boston Celtics can force a Game 7 against the Miami Heat. 

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This is The Rich Eisen Show.

You don't have that like bookmarked at the top of your chrome? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Stop me if you've heard this one before. The Rich Eisen Show. Garoppolo not there.

Foot surgery. Let me tell you what it's all about. Do you know who the Raiders new part owner is? Tom Brady.

Hey! Earlier on the show, 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Coming up from the new film Fast X, actor Alan Richson. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yep, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show here on a Friday.

We had John Harbaugh on last hour and we had also Christian McCaffrey in hour number one in between them. A huge piece of news breaking in the National Football League world that we'll get to in just a second. Alan Richson of Fast X is joining us here on this show shortly. He is in our green room. We'll bring him out. We'll show a clip of this incredibly popular film and this incredibly popular film series.

It's currently in theaters nationwide. Alan's about to join us in person right here on the program. Now, you know, last night sitting at the poker table and one of my dear friends who listens to us all the time, my buddy Doug. He turns to me and he goes, wow, your big pom-poms are waving for your Jets every single day on your show. And I'm like, am I really cheerleading what's going on with the Jets? Uh, yeah.

No, no, no. I push back on it. I push back on it. I thought you were looking for me to answer.

I push back on it, Chris, because I'm like, I'm what I'm doing is living in realities and understanding what alternatives could have been. Aaron Rodgers is a Jet, which does excite me because he is Aaron Rodgers. Understand one year removed from back to back MVP seasons and his coordinator in those MVP seasons is now the coordinator now with the Jets. One year removed from a disastrous Nathaniel Hackett one and done and as an HC of Denver. But the defense is terrific and the coaching staff is terrific and the schedule is very difficult. The alternative would have been to run it back with Zach Wilson because Rodgers didn't want to come because the roster wasn't very good. Or didn't come because Joe Douglas, the general manager, couldn't pull off the trade with Green Bay.

There's so many different variables that could have arrived for Rodgers not to come. So I'm excited about the the the reality and understanding what the alternatives could have been. And I totally know that reality could bite this fall as you are constantly counseling.

I don't consider that cheerleading. OK, and I refuse to be deterred. I will not be I will not be taken off of this.

I think clear-eyed, full-hearted, potentially losing strategy because, you know, Rodgers gets a little calf tweak in an OTA, and that is an indication that perhaps he's pushing 40 and this is the stuff that's going to happen this fall. I will not I will not be deterred, which is what I said on the show just the other day. And you know what we say here can get aggregated. Right. We're pleased about that. We're in that world of aggregation. It's fine.

Just spell our name right. Aggregating me. Well, this one crossed my inbox from a site called Essentially Sports.

Look at the headline. As New York waits on Aaron Rodgers's ankle with baited breath, 53 year old Jets cheerleader strongly rejects worrying about future disaster. Wow. Wow.

I've been referred to as a 53 year old Jets cheerleader. Well, you are constantly reminding us. Yeah. You said you are. Yeah. You should stop with the.

And I act the way I act. We also didn't want Aaron Rodgers in the beginning. But I was concerned about how he would relate to New York and how what he says on Pat's show outside of the world of sports will play in New York.

But we're still waiting for some New York reporter. I got to ask him a tough question. I understand it. But when it all is said and done, the reality of Aaron Rodgers playing in New York for the Jets is exciting.

Again, it's all it all fits. So I guess while I'm a cheerleader with an art card, I might as well go in. And tell Joe Douglas, Joe. The Andre Hopkins is waiting for your call right now. Let's go.

Because Rodgers might cost you a one next year and he might be one and done. This is it. You are all the way in to use another poker reference. Go in and go in aggressively. Do it. Because you know who's calling him?

A guy in western New York right now. If he's going to join the AFC East, it better be for you. And you could call me a cheerleader with my pom poms and whatever. But that is a dynamic playing out right now. And he can wind up in Baltimore with our second hour guest.

Because, as you know, Lamar was one of the quarterbacks DeAndre mentioned on the I Am Athlete podcast he'd like to play for. Josh Allen might have been the first name out of his mouth, too. This is all playing out on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Joe and the rest of the general managers involved in this chase.

Brett Veitch. Somebody is calling their family and saying, dad's going to be a little busy this weekend. It is going to be a three day weekend. This three day weekend in May will absolutely make a huge difference in the fall. Or the winter, I might add. And who plays deep into the winter and who does not make it to winter?

Winter is coming, to use another phrase. And if you are the Jets and you've got Rogers and you've got Garrett Wilson and you've got Quinnen Williams who's going to get signed. And you've got Lazard and you've got Randall Cobb and all of them.

And you've got a really tough division that can go and add DeAndre Hopkins. You beat them to the punch and you tell everybody, yes, this is it. We are all in and let's freakin go because the alternative. Reality is an alternative. The alternative is he shows up in Buffalo.

What would that look like? And I was talking about it earlier when we were going back and forth in the initial first blush of this news hitting. We were talking about where can you wind up? And I said, this happened. You can roll back the tape and watch it. We heard on the Roku channel and we're done. It happened as we were just talking about up to that point. I'm like, Von Miller's probably reaching out to him right now and Mike Hoskins, our CP in the back.

Put that tweet up on the screen and it's Von Miller with googly eyes as it was out of my mouth. You know, he's already called him up. You know, it builds the salary cap.

It doesn't matter the cap. Let's just take that off the plate. Tom Pelissero did the cocktail napkin math without a cocktail napkin and a pen when he called in about 20 minutes ago. So you do avoidable years.

There's all sorts of tricks in the trade. He'll get his money, but he only costs on the cap. Cents on, no dollars. That's it. So let's take that off the table. The fact that the Chiefs don't have much cap room. OK, they got Mahomes. They got Brett Veitch. They got Andy Reid. They got rings. That's it.

That's enticing. OK. And if you want to make the Super Bowl in your one year with Aaron Rodgers, you're going to have to beat that guy in Kansas City at some point. He's coming to your house. Which week is he coming to the house? Let me get this one right. Oh, my God.

53 year old cheerleaders got to put on his glasses. Week four, Sunday Night Football. He's coming in. You want DeAndre Hopkins in red or you want him in green?

Simple answer. Got to go for top five Vegas. What do you have for me? DeAndre Hopkins.

What do you have? As Bill Peter would say. Chris, top two teams tied three and a half to one. Chiefs and Bills. Ravens. Ravens. Bills four to one. Patriots nine to one. Let's get out of here. Lions.

12 to one. Let me just say this. By the way, Lions would be terrific. Wonderful. You mispronounce Cowboys. I got it. Yes.

What do you really think? DeAndre Hopkins, when he has this choice. This rare choice. Of choosing wherever he wants to go, he's going to look at Bill O'Brien and say, I miss you, man. No chance. Are there 15 million reasons attached to that? Is he going to look at Bill O'Brien when he talks and say, you know what? Those days I miss. Wouldn't it be ironic the guy that you bring in to fix Mac is the one who repels the guy who can help Mac the most?

Wouldn't that be what one would call Alanis Morissette would call it ironic, don't you think? It's like rain on your wedding day. But enjoy your three two come back right now.

Enjoy the aroma of 04 because that ain't happening. No. Come on, Chris. Yeah. OK. They misspelled Cowboys is a funny way to put it, because, hey, you know, Jerry's on the phone. Come on. Everybody's on the phone, which is why Joe Douglas needs to get right in. How much? Jerry's got multiple lines. How much?

How much? Oh, man. That's when in seven we get D-Hop. Oh, baby, I'm going to be terrible on Tuesday. You mean the Celtics win the seven would be terrible ever.

Neither of those things are going to happen, unfortunately, for you. One last thing while we're talking about revenge, if that might even be on Hopkins is mine. I doubt it. This isn't like a far packers thing. Dallas, the Dallas.

Yes. Hold on a second. The the Ravens visit Arizona. So does Dallas.

This season. You know, look at week five. Why wouldn't Cincinnati go for it?

Why wouldn't every team? Hey, Joe. So what? Mike Brown doesn't have cash just lying around. Yes, he does. He's been sitting on it. He's been sitting on it. Like the heat miser's been misering heat since then, since the heat miser was misering heat. That's how long he's been. He fired oil.

That's right. That's how long he's had in his Velcro wallet. It's under his mattress just waiting for this day. Why not?

Hey, go for it. Trophy in the case. Perfect example. Rams last season.

Terrible. Right now you're talking about and nobody's talking about them at all, right? Nobody. Guess what? You know what they do whenever they might feel sad about themselves. Let's look at that trophy in the case.

How's that one looking? Makes you feel good. That's it. Jets do it. Joe, do it. Let's do it. And again.

Fifty three year old cheerleader here on the rich. How about that as a title? The audacity in a in a in a headline. Did they spell your name right, though? We know that's all they did. OK, well, they didn't. They got the edge right.

I'm always honest about my age. It's high. I'm on fire. What a headline. I think you guys I thought you guys would like that headline variant.

My buddy Doug Wood, too. He's like, see, I'm not the only one who thinks you're cheerleading every day. I am not cheerleading. All right, let's take a break. While I'm I'm trying not to be hurt by that description. Let's bring out somebody who's going to make me look 90.

One of the stars of Fast X currently in theaters nationwide, Alan Richson, who is Jack Reacher himself. When we come back on The Rich Eisen Show. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating, itching or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat, no to protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter.

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He's not really hitting both through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Let's get right to it. Alan Richton is here. The Rich Eisen Show radio network is back on the air. I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. FastX again is currently in theaters nationwide and Alan Richton is here on the program. It's too bad that nobody else famous is in this movie, Alan. I feel for you, brother. It's a limited cast.

I feel for you that you finally joined this incredibly popular series and there's nobody else in it to talk about. It's tough. It's tough. Yeah, it's funny that the barrier for entry is like an Oscar at this point for this thing.

It's incredible. Right, exactly. But, you know, you cracked the cast, obviously. Yeah, I weaseled my way in there somehow. So how much of the first nine films have you been taken in? And then you get a call saying, hey, do you want to be part of FastX or what?

What do you got for me? I watched them all. I'm going to say this. I was mortified as these words came out of my mouth.

I was like, you are the dumbest person alive. I had watched the first one in high school and it was transcendent. I was like, this has elevated the action genre.

This is a new way to show the cars and race. I mean, this is just like a whole new ballgame now for a film. And then they wanted to I like like Vin, you know, you sort of feel like, oh, that was a cult classic, you know, like maybe we shouldn't do another one, you know. And so I didn't watch any other ones. And I let Vin know.

Oh, my God. I go, hey, man, I hadn't really watched any of them. I watched the first one in high school. But I you know, and I'm now that now that I got the part, I've seen them all, you know, and I just love what you've been doing with the last two decades.

And he was like, I thank you. I appreciate that. But but you got a sense that not so much. But I you know, he spent 20 plus years of his life, his baby. You know, I mean, I've spent a couple of years working on Reacher.

It's such a fixture in my life. If somebody was like, man, thanks for having me on Reacher, man. I haven't watched any of the stupidest. Would you say why would you say that this dude is decades in? I'm an idiot. No, no.

But I'm just wondering what he might have been more deeply offended by is that that he hadn't seen it or the fact that you were in high school at the first one of them. Yeah. Hey, old man, I haven't seen much of your work the last 20 years, but thanks for having me on.

Thanks for squeezing me in before you retire. Yeah, no, he was very he was very polite, though. But no. So I hadn't been a huge fast fan. Of course, I did my homework.

I watched all of them. Yes. And the more I saw it develop, the more I was like, oh, no wonder this is like a multibillion dollar franchise. This is the funnest thing in the world. Yeah, right. And then, of course, you start to go like, oh, man, now I have to live up to like what this thing has become.

Oh, my gosh. Can I be a part of this? Yes. But it's you know, it works. And, you know, I think I am so grateful to be a part of it at this point in space and time, because I feel like, you know, both I'm at a point in my career where it's it makes sense.

Yes. And this franchise is at a point in the career where it's although it's sort of the beginning of the end, there's something so fresh about where this story has matured. And, you know, the the the cast that's assembled and it's just a fun point to, you know, to take part in.

Yeah, my gosh. Tyrese Gibson and obviously Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Jason Statham. I mean, John Cena.

I mean, what was your time with Cena like? And all of the audience Charlize. Oh, yeah, sure. Of course. I mean, yeah, the women, too, are juggernauts and, you know, Dame Helen Mira, living legends. Yeah. I mean, you're right. I mean, every one of them is like.

Which one which one could you take, Alan? Let's be honest. Let's just let's just go throw down right now. Like, I mean, why are you fishing for controversy? I mean, I'm in the I'm in the sport. I mean, there's nobody in that cast that I can't.

Have you seen Reacher? Unfortunately, for everybody, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just being honest.

Yeah, it's what I do. You could take all of them out. I felt underutilized in this film as far as the action. Throw that out there.

We've got to fix that in the next one. Fast 11. Yes. Fast X. I guess would that be. That's right.

OK, very good. So Cena could take him. So you could take out. You could take out Aquaman, too. You could take him out. The best Aquaman.

OK, yes. You know, I'll take my rage out on him. The fact that he got the better Aquaman wetsuit. OK. Have you seen his costume versus mine? Let's not do a side by side. I'm sure there's some fans of yours out there that are already photoshopping those together.

I got gypped. I had like the 1990s like thin paper, thin orange Speedo that zipped up from the front, you know, and he I don't even know what he's he's wearing. Leather. What is he in?

It's beautiful. Whatever it is, his superhero costume looks sweet. So what do you mean it zipped up from the front? There's a zipper in your Aquaman. In my Aquaman thing? Yeah, dude, I had to zip into it. And it was it was disappointing because I actually went to a leather shop, which I didn't mind. And they were building this they were building this sick superhero suit.

And then the producers go like, he would never wear leather. And so then they unravel this little they flick out this little Speedo that, you know, this onesie. Yes. Step into that, please.

And zip it up and get to set. And I was brand new, you know, so that's what I. Yeah. So don't look at the costume. You were brand new or the or the or the costume was brand new. Both. Because maybe your interpretation of Aquaman isn't is a leather Aquaman.

Leather man becomes Aquaman. Maybe so. You know. Right.

I think they were overthinking it. Not you. Exactly. How about that?

We need to we need to fix this. But yeah. Yeah. Even even Momoa. Yeah. I mean, and I love Momoa. You know, I will say you mentioned Cena.

Yes. He is the most. Have you met him? He's the kindest human being I've ever met in my life.

And I was I was blown. I mean, it was while you were thinking you have you have a little bit of wrestling attitude or something like that. I mean, a lot of people that are like threatened and I'm not like I don't I'm not here to fight people. Like, I just don't like everybody. I just want to be nice. Let's just be nice to each other.

But like a lot of dudes are like, you know, I could take you, you know, like, why do we have to do that? And I just sort of expected, especially from, you know, somebody who like, you know, looks like a piece of walking testosterone. But he was the antithesis. No kidding.

Loveliest man in the world. OK. So there wasn't like any arm wrestling or anything like that on the set of that. So there's always the next film, though. I'll make sure I bring that. OK. Very good. Alan Richson is here on the Rich Eisen show over the top. So the the success of Jack Reacher, has that kind of blown your way a little bit?

Yeah, you can't look. I've been in this business for, I don't know, 18, 19 years. I've had so many. There have been so many moments that, you know, the town is going like, this is it, man.

This is it. This is going to be nuts. Just keep your head on the ground. Hey, I'm calling from the studio. I'm just the guy. My only job is to make sure that you're like not getting in trouble. We're going to take good care of you. It's going to be a rocket ship, you know, and you're like, OK. And then nothing ever pans out the way that you expect, you know. And so, you know, it humbles you and you start to learn like, oh, you know, I just need to be in this for the love of what I do and master this craft and and just see how much value I can add to every project. And then and then let you know what what comes, you know, from the audience like that just is what it is. And so I sort of go into it with that mentality, you know, especially just having come off a DC show where, you know, I was on Titans, I played Hawk and and and there was this huge Warner Brothers rolling out with DC this the new platform and they're like, this is going to be monstrous. And it didn't fizzle out.

The platform's not there anymore. I got swallowed up by HBO, you know, and just sort of disappears. You just never know. You never know what to expect.

And so I sort of go on expecting that, you know, and, you know, manage my expectations that way. And, you know, and and, you know, I walk down the street now and I've got like 80 year old grandmas that are like, Reacher, Reacher sign this napkin, you know, and you're like, wow, everybody is watching this thing. Oh, cool.

Everybody, one of the most watched shows out there. So you've never been chased by grandmothers is what you're saying? I have. Is it first for you? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was well, you know, I was on a show called Blue Mountain State in my younger years, first first show that I was on as a regular. I played a character named Thad Castle and it was like an Animal House, you know, kind of frat show. Yes.

And so I've been like put in headlocks by, you know, like drunken 18 year olds when I walk by college camp. That's sort of what I'm used to. Yeah.

So for like the demo to be like over 65 is it's a treat. I know Sarah is deep into the Reacher books. Yeah. There's 23 books, right? I think a little more now. My brother's writing them now, you know, so they're still coming. Yeah. Sarah, my lady is through 18 of them. And so she's super jacked on what season two, which book that's going to be kind of based on.

Yeah. We shot Bad Luck in Trouble. And I love, you know, people enjoyed the first season. I kept saying as we were in production, I was like just championing. If we can just get through the first, if we can get picked up for a second season, we're off to the races. Well, you're off to the races then.

We are. Killing Floor was the first book, you know, the first season was based on Killing Floor. It's a great book. It introduces the character really well. It's a very different kind of protagonist. But there are better books in the series, you know, sort of Lee really hit his stride is to start to figure out how to use Reacher.

And you know, Bad Luck in Trouble is one of those books. You essentially have four Reachers running around. He reassembles the old one tenth, which is where he learned his set of skills. And these old colleagues are solving the case of somebody picking off, you know, the one tenth. And you get the best of what this world could be. You know, there's a shorthand there.

It's a lot of fun. Did you ever reach out to Tom Cruise or anybody connect you guys? You know, Don Granger, who, you know, runs film at Skydance, has produced like all the Tom Cruise. He'd been partnered with Tom Cruise for many years and helped put this together with Tom.

He's my boss on, you know, he's a producer on the show. And I said, should I reach out to Tom out of respect? I feel like I, you know, I wrote him a letter and I was like, should I give this to him?

Would it be like inappropriate or whatever? And he goes, you know, I think, I think it's best just if, you know, he wants to move on from this. This is, you know, he gave it his blessing.

He's totally fine with what's happening right now. Like I think we should just leave it, you know. So no, I never, so I've never, never talked to him about it. But you wrote him a letter?

I did. I just felt like it was a respectful thing to do. Like, you know, I appreciate what you, yeah, dear Tom, dear Mr. Cruise, I appreciate what you did for the, for the brand. I mean, you know, I think a big part of why Reacher is so successful is because of the eyes that he brought to it. I mean, say what you want about whether he was right for Reacher or not. Most people know about Reacher because of Mr. Cruise.

You know, I have a huge debt of gratitude for him and what he, what he brought to the show. And so he, he gave a check mark to you, Alan Richten being Jack Reacher? Is that what you were told? I guess. I don't know.

I don't know. Okay. It works. It works. It's pretty cool. Um, so let me, I, I, I, I gotta ask, um, what's a cheat day look like for you, Alan?

What's a cheat day look like for you? Here's the thing. Yeah.

Here's, here's what people need to know. Uh huh. If your lifestyle is one of health and fitness, every day can become a cheat day.

I mean, okay. It's about temperance. It's moderation throughout the day. You don't have to like go on these insane calorie deficit, deficit sprees and you know, and then like punish yourself in the gym.

Like I work out 30, 45 minutes a day. I get it in, get a little pump. I might have a slice of pizza for lunch cause I kind of feel like it, you know, and I heard it. I had a Sunday last night, a giant Sunday at dinner with my agents, you know, we were hanging out. I got an ice cream.

So what? I'm going to work it off today. Cause I know every day I'm going to be getting something in. You must have the metabolism of a rat because I mean, if I have, honestly, if I have a Sunday, I am going to, it's going to sit on me for 48 hours. Oh come on.

I'll say drywall. Yeah. That's uh, thank you. Yeah. Dude, you had a son that you didn't have a Sunday the night before this photograph. Oh bro. I had, uh, I had pizza. I'd probably two pizzas the night before that and, and uh, Craig's cookies, best cookies in Toronto. Okay. Okay. Craig's is in the Craig's restaurant.

Oh, I was there last night. I love, uh, I had that Sunday and I'm going to look like, you know, just a 30, 45 minute workout. Yeah. But I've been doing this for decades, decades. People think it's like, well, how long would it take to go 20 years, 30 minutes a day for 20 years? Come tell me if you have a weight problem or you don't have some kind of abs after 20 years of five days a week, come talk to me.

You need to see a geneticist. Some kind of abs. I mean, yeah.

I mean, even washboards are jealous right now. Looking at this photograph. I'm feeling bad about all my life decisions. All right.

You're an inspiration, sir. I mean, uh, I don't, I don't even know, uh, what else to say. So you have pizza and ice cream and all that stuff. Yeah. Okay.

I will say testosterone helps for all the, all the, but you know, here's, what's funny. I talked about this once before. I talked about this once before and I've been, you know, like I, this is probably, this is overshadow, I don't care, like people, people are going to eviscerate me no matter what. Who's eviscerating you? Everybody.

Who dares eviscerate you? I did a, I did a, I did a thing for men's health, like an expose on my, you know, after, after Reacher, everybody wanted to know like what my, what I do for Reacher. I was two Oh five when I got cast, I was a scraggly scrawny. I thought I was big. Everybody was, I was always playing superheroes. I look back at those photos now and I'm like, Oh my God, I look like a kid, like a, like a marathon runner.

Yeah. I was two Oh five, six, three, two Oh five. I needed to put on 30 pounds for the role. Okay. I needed to be at least two 35. That was like my mandate from the studio.

You cannot show up to set without being for Reacher. I had eight months to do it. Okay. I built a gym in my house and I worked my ass off. You cannot believe how hard I worked every day.

Like it was my, like my life depended on it. Hour, two hours a day. So in that amount of time I can put the muscle on and I did it without any help.

No steroids, no testosterone, nothing. Good for you. Just hard work. So I get through it, but it also killed me. I was like, I had to get shoulder surgery after the season and it was rough.

And so I, so I get done with the season. I'm super fatigued. I'm like, things aren't working on my body. I can't breathe. I'm like, I don't know what's going on.

I work out all the time. It should be feeling better. And I go to the doctor and let's do a blood panel.

He's like, Oh, you have no testosterone. I was like, okay. You know, I guess I beat it out of myself. And it was like, Oh my God, like a new me, like a new me. And and, and ever since then, you know, it makes the, my job easier. There's going to be less wear and tear because I don't have to push.

It's not, it's, I don't have to do what I did to replicate that again. But it's been great, you know, and, and if you're, you know, 40 years old, if you're, you know, late thirties, early forties, and you're, you know, just starting to feel like you're slowing down, it's, it does, it's so many, it's, it's so instrumental in so many mechanisms in your body. It's a mood stabilizer. You know, it, it, it create, it helps you know, take hemoglobin into your cells, oxygenate your cells.

You just feel better, more, more alive, more awake and, and you know, it helps process fat and, and building muscle. It's just, it's like a wonder drug. And you have three children, right? Three kids. Three kids. How old are they now?

Ten, nine, and seven. So that's a dad bod, technically. That's a dad bod. That's the ultimate dad bod, like you have, you have won the dad bod race. But it's important that people know, I'm not lying about it.

I didn't, I never took testosterone until well after season one. So like, it's possible to do it on your own. You know, but you know, but if you, if like me, you're after longevity, I would like to, I would like to, to help people enjoy 20 seasons of Reacher.

If we're going to do that, like, we're going to have to do it smart. Okay. And you're from Florida originally? Is that where you're from? Yeah, yeah.

My parents retired there. It's okay. So do you ever, any like football coach ever pull you aside and say, let's get a helmet and pads on? When I was a senior, so I was a late bloomer, very late bloomer. It's my whole life has been like that.

My career has been like that, you know, I'm 40 and just now sort of, you know, breaking and, you know, I've been a late bloomer and I've enjoyed, and I've come to really enjoy what that, what that means for, for, for my life. Right. Yeah. I was like prepubescent at 17, no hair, and I still remember this dude in the cafeteria. One day I wore shorts and he's like, Richson doesn't have any hair on his legs. And like, that was the last time I've worn shorts publicly, you know, no armpit hair. And so I wanted to like force the issue. So I was like, you know, and I'm going to make my body change.

Yeah. And I went every day for one year, Saturday, Sundays, rain, snow, I never missed a day. I worked out at this set of monkey bars, pushups, pull-ups, dips, and sit-ups.

I ran to it every day for a year. Because that guy said something to you about your legs? A lot of people, a lot of people were like, you know, I was like a chorus boy. So I was singing and I rollerbladed to chorus practice because it was the most efficient way to get there. You know, and they're like, you're like, and I'm in deep South Florida, you know, like the panhandle where it's, you know, okay. You know, like they're like rolling in on their mud muddy quads with their mullets, you know, and they're like, and they see me and my rollerblades. Going to chorus practice.

Going to chorus practice. Like I had to do a little something about that. So I started working out and by my senior year, near the end of my senior year, like, you know, then, and also I hit puberty at the same time. So it just kind of worked.

Okay. So, so my senior, my senior year, the football coach was like, you got to come play for us. And I was like, these guys, I don't even know what, like the routes would play.

He's going to be playing for 15 years. You know, half of them are already like, you know, bald and re almost retirement age. They look like they're ready to retire. So I don't know. I don't think it's for me, but do you want to go back to the panhandle with a camera and find these people today? Yeah. I'll find them on the docks. Yeah.

Hey guys, Alan's got hair on his legs now. Anybody want to go see fast X and we want to want to go and stream Jack Reacher. That would be good. Fast X, you know, I really hope people enjoy fast X it's a, it's such a fun, it is such a fun, I love seeing that, you know, so many people around the world are still enjoying this kind of thing, but it's important to escape for a moment. And it's such a, it's such a great story. There's a great cliffhanger at the end, first time there's been a big cliffhanger at the end of a show and then people are talking about it and enjoying it and looking forward to what's next.

And I hope people enjoy it. Congratulations on fast X, Jack Reacher, you know, your cheat days, I never say that to a guest at the end of an interview, but get out. Okay.

No. Congratulations on all of that. Thank you so much. And enjoy your, your dad, your dadding and your dad bodying and all that sort of stuff. Thank you for being here. Appreciate it.

Come back anytime. Whenever you're back in town at Alan Richton on Instagram with the rest of the free world, check him out in fast X currently in theaters nationwide. And season two of Reacher is coming soon.

Is that what we're saying? Coming soon. Coming soon. Okay.

Just keep an eye out for that back here on the rich eyes and show to take you to your Memorial day weekend in a moment. He made us all feel bad about our life choices. I think. Right. I'm the same age as him. I work out. Yeah. Good for you. Happy for you. Sarah will enjoy that.

The Reacher books. Cause that's as close as she's going to get. Almost came in today. She was like, can I come in and just creep? And I was like, I mean, any time, by the way, if she wants to any time. Yeah. Okay. Uh, all right.

We were near the top of our two, but Deandre Hopkins just got released and blew up the whole rundown. So here we go. And for the Friday staple, what's more likely never say never, but never Christopher, what do you got over there?

All right, guys, let's burn through this. Uh, we, uh, some guys have been talking this week. Devante Adams is talking, uh, Darren Waller said his opinion is more respected in New York.

Did you see that? Okay. Anyway, who do you like to have the better season this year? Devante Adams or Darren Waller? Oh, I'll go Darren Waller. I'll go with the coach of the year.

I'll go with Saquon and, and, um, and, uh, um, you know, day bowl and Daniel Jones, Daniel Jones didn't have foot surgery. Did he? Cause we're sitting here on the Friday and Devante Adams tells the, uh, the athletic, even though he said that he loves his coach and he loves his general manager, uh, you know, all, all he did was tell the athletic, you know, uh, that they're not on the same page essentially. Yeah. I'll take that guy who's like my, I'm happy to be here and my opinions more, uh, more, more heard. I'll take that guy. Uh huh.

Yep. What's next? Chris. Devante Adams. What's next? Still pretty good. Uh, quarterback coming back from surgery.

You have more confidence in this season, Brock Purdy or Jimmy G. I'll take Brock Purdy. I'll keep going in. Hey, listen, man. You are here. So now you're anti Raiders. You're anti Raiders.

As much as you were in on the Raiders last year, you're out on them this year. Am I, am I reading that right? Let me just say this, Chris, can I, can I, can I retort respond to your show? You're saying about which of these two individuals are coming back from injury, right?

That you have more competent, correct? I'm also hurt, Chris. I'm coming back from injury to the injury of my ego. Being not bruised, not battered, but destroyed by the Raiders last year. So I am going the opposite.

I'm pulling a Costanza here. And I also like Purdy and the 49ers to succeed a little bit better than the Las Vegas Raiders at present. Except he can't throw. Still not throwing. At the, at Mo El, he's going to start throwing this week. So what else, Chris?

Me too. Uh, how about this? A lot of quarterback questions today, guys. Rocky leg to bounce back after their atrocious 2022 Mac Jones or Russell Wilson. Oh, Russ, I'm taking Russ Wilson in. I'm taking Russell Wilson. I'm taking Sean Payton and Russell Wilson. That's what I'm taking.

I need to see the quick game first before I buy it into it with the quick game gets de-hop, uh, de-hop again with a full choice of 31 teams is not going to choose the team that bill O'Brien is on unless I am completely 1000% misreading this situation. What's more likely TJ Jefferson. I'm right about this or wrong about this. I would lean towards you being right about this. Yeah.

And this particular instance, that's more likely, please God. He won't help you. She won't help you go. Oh wow. It's so sad.

It's so sad. Honestly, I've never seen you. You're basically wearing a green cheerleader outfit every week, but I'm not tweeting it out. Like, Oh please. Oh please come. Let me write it out at you, let me at you. I'm not adding Aaron Rogers, 12 same intensity, same intensity on Snapchat while you're at it.

Put it on snap, make a video and snap it. Maybe I will make a ticky tocky. Oh, please don't let him come because I am going to be so incorrigible. Okay. What's more likely we come back on the air Tuesday, Tuesday, Deandre Hopkins is a Patriot that's or the Celtics just completed the greatest comeback in the history of the NBA playoffs. Can I choose, uh, you got to choose one. Oh wow. And I guess the Celtics, that's the one I'm choosing. Great. Then that makes me a happy happy, but only because those are my only choices.

Do you care about my happiness or not? Jason Tatum, Jason Tatum, I know I said you were the superstar in the NBA, I'm taking trap put on, put on snap. Like the kids do messed up. Man. I can't wait till the jets suck. What else you got to thrive most this year with their new offensive coordinator quarterback you like with their new OC. Yes, sir.

A three, a three biscuit here. Dak Lamar, Justin Herbert's the easiest question of the day. Well, I mean, Herbert's new OC is Dak's old one. Yeah. So we eliminate him. Dak's new OC, Dak's new OC is son of Marty Brian Schottenheimer. Yeah. We know how that goes. He does Lamar, I'll take Lamar. That is not the answer I was looking for.

What do you want? What do you think Dak is? Come on, man. You know who the offensive coordinator of that team really is. It's Mike McCarthy. He got a ring.

Sure. He does. He does. Of all the things that I've been alleged to be cheerleading about, about Rogers. Have I said he's got a ring once, once, because it's the same ring he just brought up. No, I'm just talking about him being more recently valuable, as in the most valuable. What else you got over there?

All right. It's an NFC East talk for you guys. NFC East running back. You'd rather have in fantasy this year. Pollard.

Tae Kwon or Tony Pollard. Did I stutter? You didn't. Did I stutter? In terms of the way I just said Pollard. With your chest? Well, you were just talking to Tae Kwon.

He's the reason they were so successful this year. I got it. Talking about fantasy, right? I'm taking Tony Pollard.

Interesting. I'm taking the home run hitter in Texas. Providing his leg is healed. Big time. Big time. The home run hitter in Texas. That's the guy. The only thing I'm worried about, Rich, is like- He's up there with Alvarez, Seeger. Who else hits home runs in, Garcia, Adulis?

Okay. He's up there. He's up there, Peter. No, no, no, no.

That's a different time. We want Pollard to actually not get suspended. But Rich, the problem is I feel like- Inky just got called right here. Pollard's stats are going to be hurt by all the passes that D-Hop's going to be catching.

So it feels like that might hurt his fantasy value. I would say you should add him, but Twitter still hasn't restored your account. I tried.

They won't give it back to me, man. What else, Chris? All right.

A couple more non-football here. I'm going to take the green to complete the epic comeback. The Stars of the Celtics? Celtics are stars.

All right. You just keep on wanting me to say Celtics. You keep on- The Celtics are closer to the comeback. The Stars are just down 3-1. They finally got one last night. But it's happened in hockey a couple of times.

Never happened in the NBA. Let's do that hockey. I'm not going to do that hockey right now. I'm going to take your Celtics, Chris, because I can feel it. I can feel it. Hit it, fella. I'm sorry. I gave fella two drops in a row right there.

He's just like, what's going on? This music comes from the same place. All right. All right. Last one. I can feel it. Last one.

Baseball here. Peter Lonzo went yard last night. Yeah, he did.

Number 19. He is, by the way, would he make a great Chicago cup because of all the home runs he hits in Wrigley Field? No.

Why would you even think about that? I know. I'm just saying. He is unbelievable.

Unreal. All right. Last year at this time, Aaron Judge only had 17.

Okay. What's more likely? Peter Lonzo hits 60 or Ronald Acuna goes 40 homers, 60 stolen bases.

I'll go 40, 60. I love Peter Lonzo, but you know, you talking about the 2004 Yankees and me agreeing that the Celtics look like it as far as I'm going to go, I am not touching Judge's record here on the Friday before Memorial Day. And that's the bottom line. Well, Peter Lonzo is going to touch it. I actually can go in that direction. What's more likely? Oh, I've got one more, by the way. I don't know if you got that.

I've got one more. What's more likely? Unfortunately, I know you don't watch Succession, right?

But you do, Chris, and many people in our audience. So here's a what's more likely. This showed up on my Twitter timeline at Joe Programmer, because this is I think was responding to Jimmy Traina.

I think that's why we both saw it. Here are the lines from this person on Twitter as to who will wind up winning Succession, if you will. Winning is what? Their CEO? They are in charge of Waystar Royco, whether it is purchased by, you know, the suite or not.

Okay. I think it's going to be Kendall. So Kendall is at plus 125. I weirdly think like Greg is going to be his number two. I think I personally think if I do, he's an interesting one right there. I'm by the way, if Carl wins, that would be Carl's been this this season for MVP. I'm going to go I'm going to go cousin Greg running the whole thing, because, you know, is it and he likes him.

If you really want somebody who is in charge, we can we can manipulate it. It's Greg. Yeah. What a hell of a season finale. This is going to be. That's a Sunday night.

Ninety minutes. Stewie, I saw an article with the actor who plays him. He's in the finale. So that's okay. He's been a great character.

But yeah, it's 90 minutes long, like a mini movie. It's so great. It's so great.

It is so well done. You guys should get right into it and keep your head down over the weekend, because it's going to be all over. Just like the Eastern Conference finals after game six. Oh, you're taking I'm taking Miami.

Yeah. You want to make it interesting? As you know, I don't make things interesting other than with my words about this and my takes about my opinions and my cheat days about this Celtics complete the comeback. Win game six, win game seven.

I get to start the show on Tuesday. No. No, you don't. That's messed up.

Why wouldn't you give me that moment? He's such a bald bastard. Wow.

It's an old Josh Gad. By the way, Josh Gad will be very happy Saturday night because he roots for the Miami Heat. Then make the bet. I'm not going to do this. Because you know we're going to do it. I don't care. Yes, you do. Watch you ascribe to my thought process other than the fact.

Smells like 04, baby. Oh my God. Come on, let's go. We got this. We'll wrap up the show on the Roku channel in a moment.

Everyone else have a safe Memorial Day weekend. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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