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REShow: Sinqua Walls - Hour 2

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May 25, 2023 3:32 pm

REShow: Sinqua Walls - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 25, 2023 3:32 pm

Rich weighs in on the NFL’s new rule kickoff fair catch rule saying it will take away one of the most exciting plays in the game.

Actor Sinqua Walls joins Rich in-studio to discuss Hulu’s remake of the classic sports movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ where sometimes the basketball action got very real and competitive, says how his game, as a former college basketball player, compares to Wesley Snipes’ from the original film, explains why his Clippers allegiance runs deep, and makes a bold prediction about the NBA future of LeBron James’ son Bronny.

In a special ‘Overreaction Thursday’ Rich weighs in on the 49ers, the Patriots latest NFL violation, Derrick Henry, Justin Fields, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Celtics vs Heat, and the Denver Nuggets.

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This fascinates me. I love it. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

You better get on board, you're gonna be left behind. The Rich Eisen Show. This is the Yeah Butt Team. Who else do they have other than Yo Kitchen Murray? Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Coming up from Hulu's White Men Can't Jump, actor Sinkwa Walls, Bill's wide receiver Gabe Davis, and the award-winning actor Henry Winkler. And now it's Rich Eisen. We're number two of The Rich Eisen Show live on the air here on the Roku channel Sinkwa Walls who is one of the stars of the new White Men Can't Jump film on Hulu which you can see right here on the Roku platform he's in our green room and by the way I love when folks make themselves directly at home he was playing music in there he brought his own music oh yeah yeah it was really chill in there high vibes I like it it's very chill in there very chill in there so he's gonna come on out here and talk about this new film again that is available for streaming right now on Hulu I watched it last night available on Roku so it'll be a lot of fun Gabriel Davis of the Buffalo Bills will join us in hour number three we'll talk with him about partying with you guys and Bert Kreischer Bert Kreischer uh his film The Machine premieres here in Los Angeles California tonight you going are we crashing that if you would like honestly are you going though yeah oh okay you are going sure that doesn't seem like a yes or no come react no I'm definitely going to the post party if you want to come see now you've been invited that was it that was it see you you said that like we were asking you to come with you no because I asked you about stuff you were too tired and on Monday to go to you know a taping yeah come on bro context of what I had just done and what you were asking me to see a very long weekend of drinking and playing golf and flying all the way up from Jacksonville oh and by the way that's the actor life and acting that's his actor celebrity life acting somebody's got to do it you couldn't wake up to come with me to pardon my take that's different okay yeah I mean tonight let's meet let's let's make a plan really because you and I have never done anything outside of work together that's kind of cool that's because you don't leave your house well that may be one of the reasons I'm just saying it's tough to do stuff outside of the show when you don't leave your house it's not even for the Dallas Cowboys it's a scary the only entity for which you leave the house is Ashton that's it and Wilmer and Wilmer and Wilmer that's it that's it Ashton and Wilmer are the only entities that cause you to leave your house I'm gonna get them out in a couple weeks it's a safe zone how's that for a conversation can I come sure no Henry no if you'd like I would yeah sure why not yeah sure why not we'll make a plan I like playing that's very good yeah sure why not Henry Winkler will be on this program and our number three a that'll be great and talk about barry on max max max he wished me happy birthday because tj posted my birthday that's so cool yeah that was nice max is formerly hbo max formerly hbo now formally hbo go right former age right yeah and soon and soon it'll be max plus yes and henry has a son named max because that's the way everybody in our but I know that's I'm gonna ask him I'm going to ask him if that's it that why they named it max maybe that was part of his his deal yeah it's a writer like some guy some some people want water a certain temperature they want m&ms with peanuts in it he wants the platform on which barry is streamed to be named after his son brockman that's an actor did you get a writer yeah when you were doing your thing good question no I'm very low maintenance please I want to be as drama free as possible says the guy who thought the season was over for his boston celtics a week and a half ago show up what are you doing and now tonight there's a game five in a series that you say you're gonna win it's oh four again fantastic it's oh smells like oh smells like oh four which is which is over which is tea or it smells like teen spirit right whoa how's that for a little musical reference hey folks uh we haven't discussed this yet we we talked about it with albert breer a little bit in hour number one the new rule that the nfl has adopted um had has basically destroyed the kickoff there's really no other way to describe it i'm sure the owners who um passed this rule and those in management that wanted the rule passed would push back on that notion it is not destroyed but the bottom line is if you kick the ball if you kick the ball off in the nfl and an individual catches it within his own 25-yard line and his own end zone he can raise his hand catch the ball plays over ball winds up on the 25-yard line we're seeing it in college football and you could say well it hasn't ruined the kickoff in college football i don't recall the last time i've seen a ball returned in college football certainly for a touchdown and i'm sure you can send me all sorts of youtube videos and then and and uh and the like to push back on that notion but this is done out of player safety and i understand again i keep saying from this microphone and will reiterate now i know many people within the league front office who ring their hands over the player safety issue non-stop they live their lives on the player safety issue they treat it very seriously and they do it with nothing but the best of intentions and i understand the reason why their jobs may be created also part of it is a liability issue we just saw the league get sued for a bunch of money and it's a concussion settlement now part of that is born out of the fact that this was way back from in the day when you know you just rub dirt on it and a totally different world roger gurdell has absolutely ushered in to the nfl a world in which a culture change has been made and it's there's still it's still a work in progress all you have to do is remember tua from last year all that said i understand these folks in the nfl want to avoid a kickoff scenario similar to say the movie braveheart where they're all you're some people are running from one end and other people are running from one end full speed and in the middle of the field of battle holy heck break and lose john snow jiff pulling out the sword pretty much waiting but he's standing he's standing there just by himself and and so the league did make some rule changes about wedge blocking and also players have to start from a standing position once the ball is kicked off you can't get a running start i understand where this is coming from but at some point there has to be a notion that wins the day that the quality of football is something that fans want to see and that there has to be a better way of dealing with the situation than essentially legislating it out there has to be because this is still a contact sport and that's why so many people not only watch it consume it attend it talk about it live it breathe it or play it play it play it play it play it and i can't envision a scenario in which somebody's going to return a kickoff somebody's receiving the ball inside their own five yard line are they really going to run it out maybe just instinctively because that's the way that they've been doing it their entire lives if if you're receiving the ball in the end zone that thing's it's over well if you receive the ball on the on your two your three your your ten what if i guess if you receive the ball on your 20 then the ball's kind of popped up in the air and you'll just wave your hand and and take it from the 25. squib kicks are one of the most annoying things to see get ready and i think they're going to be you're going to see them non-stop now line drives i have covered this sport since 2003 solely with the nfl network and obviously being on sports center in 96 nationally thankfully you've let me into your homes in some way shape or form over 27 years now the most exciting plays in the nfl i can recall that are conventional plays i'm not talking about the music city miracle right i'm not talking about the minnesota miracle or the miami miracle which are plays that are complete outliers hail mary's and things like that just conventional football plays the most exciting play is a kickoff just conventional football plays the most exciting play is a kickoff the two plays that leave to mind was the super bowl in miami when the colts and the bears were playing each other and the conversation all week long all week long was how can the bears win this game against payton manning and rex chapman the answer was devin hester that was it rex grossman devin hester you said rex i'm sorry rex grossman pardon me devin hester was the answer opening kickoff and we settle into our seats come on and when the bears got the opening kickoff everybody in that stadium was like this is not gonna happen i mean they're gonna this is this is not gonna get kicked to him they're not gonna do that tony dungey's not gonna do that no they did it and then he ran it back that was unbelievable to this day in any sport and i've seen home runs where you're like he can't do it will he do it for real can he do it in terms of me physically seeing my own two eyes i've never seen a moment met expectation met like that and he's gonna go to the hall of fame as he should because of the kickoff return punt return sure kickoff return in this day and age stay in age with this rule and then last year damar hamlin after everything that happened to him he's back in the building in buffalo and naim hinds returns the opening kick for a touchdown this is to me in 20 years the most remarkable memorable moving poignant amazing regular season moment i can't recall another one and then he did it again come on can't make it up now what he's gonna wave his arm i want a fair catch come on don't take my word for it take the coaches and i'll tell you what they are pissed they are really pissed this to me by the way with andy reed this is him pissed you never see him he's always talking about championships and hamburgers right like that's it cheeseburgers and championships by the way i'm writing that down cheeseburgers a terrible parrot head song right i was gonna say jimmy muffin did not record that one this is andy reed my my thing is where does it stop right so you start taking pieces and you know we'll see how this goes but you don't want to take too many pieces away or you be playing flag football that's a pissed off andy reed trust me i think i'm fluent in andy reed that's an angry man dan campbell dan campbell had this to say on this very day about this new rule it's very frustrating um but um but look i don't make the rules and uh and so we that's that's a new rule and then we'll live by the new rule we'll find a way to adjust adapt and and still get what we want you know that's that's what you got to do but uh you know i hate that we continue to take away from the game that's that's what really worries me you know it we just we continue to to bleed this league you know if we're not careful it's not gonna it won't replenish at one point but but listen it's the rules and uh we'll make do and we'll adjust that's what coaches always say this is it it is what it is schedules a schedule playing whenever they put it out there but they are pissed really pissed john harbaugh's on friday's show he's a head coach born out of special teams guess what he's going to sound like on friday pissed that and those two guys we just heard from they're the first two coaches that are gonna have to make do against each other in the first kickoff game against each other it's one year that's what they'll say i hate it already they could always roll it back we've seen well the pass interference thing they were one and dunning it and and i understand this is born out of player safety and it's not my money put on the line due to liability i get it i understand it but at some point there's got to be someone standing up in the room for the content for the fans and nothing's more exciting i just gave you two things that i'm talking about today in 2023 one from last year and one from one point last year and one from when prince was alive rest in peace that night at the super bowl what are we doing we're essentially legislating those moments away and what's left fantasy football fantasy football plays i guess i i i don't know i'm i'm uh not pleased about it at all but it is just the kickoff and then you kick off and it's the 25 yard line and you know now we're watching football and i guess we'll still all be glued to our television sets and what have you but there will be a time where i think i'm gonna turn to my grandchildren knock on wood hey want to see some great moments it's called a kickoff and be like what's that and uh there'll be youtube for that and i think that's a damn shame 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial sinquah walls is here maybe i'm overreacting i'll make that part of overreaction thursday which will play on the back end of sinquah walls before gabriel davis joins us to the bills and then henry winkler in studio the delightful henry winkler come on now sinquah walls white men can't jump which is not about me coming up next men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or 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sadik bay how many mba players are in white men can't jump i'm sorry to everybody else but i i all i know is sadik and and and blake griffin there's probably more and it's only because i just didn't catch your season that's okay it's all right yeah so sadik and blake well i mean do we include you as a professional basketball player now now we do now uh-huh made it to the all-star game you know what i mean started from the bottom now we're coming back again let's go all right now do you what what's your history on the hardwood you got one so i ended i actually played college basketball okay at the university of san francisco uh and i don't have the knees of the nba player does you know but i do have the knees of a former college player so i am you know knee challenged as well okay you are yeah all right usf is as i mean that's that's the man's organization let's go right i mean that's that's bill russell right russell bill cartwright casey jones yeah so what i've never been on that campus or in their gym or anything yeah are they is there bill russell stuff all over the place there's i mean there's definitely there's there's jerseys there's banners there's there's regalia to celebrate the fact that he was one of our most illustrious players um and they've turned over the arena now i'm really proud like i think going to a mid-major and going to a smaller school i'm always really proud when i see the progression right i always i'm sure like people who probably went to gonzaga like when you see last year we went to the tournament um had a small run but like the fact that things are progressively moving forward the fact that they've renovated the gym yes and they're really trying to create an environment of basketball yes um i'm always excited your best game give me your best game pretty easy because after that i was on the bench you never got it you never got it you know what me me and my coach had it had uh we had we had uh we had two different styles you know unfortunately fortunately for me in this career now but yes unfortunately he wasn't the coach that recruited me so oh boy you know all right so give me your best your best game give me your best game what do you got i don't even remember yeah you know i'm humbled i don't want i don't want to disrespect the guys that were better than me best player you saw as a college basketball player the best player that i saw was probably adam morrison that was probably the best player with my own two eyes i always say that i think that adam morrison would have had an even more illustrious nba career if it wasn't for i knew he had some health issues going into it yes and i think a lot of people don't remember that he had to take insulin shots during his games because i think he was diabetic and i would imagine that that somehow affected his body when he was playing basketball at the nba level 82 games a lot of you know inconsistent sleep schedule all the things that kind of factor into playing playing basketball but he was the best player that i actually played against and saw with my own two eyes yes um the best player on my team at the time was this brother named armando sarat five foot eleven with a 42 inch vertical should have played everywhere lightning fast uh shout out to doe boy um yeah huh adam morrison was the man right he was the man and he pulled up and he would literally hit a three from anywhere and then just rub the mustache that's a good move yeah white men can't jump shot that's that that's a good one white man can jump shot white man can jump shot starring addison adam morrison no doubt about it cinqui walls here on the rich eisen show give me a good moment from the set of white men can't jump where the competition took over and you kind of went a little bit off script yeah and you actually had a real basketball moment basketball moment yes there were a few so i think the first one is actually the opening scene when people see kamal and you know your character my character kamal and he and he goes up for a layup and the guy falls to the ground um that brother's actually a pretty decent basketball player he can shoot a little bit so he was and i think he's a he's a very prolific um instagram influencer okay so really good dude but he started talking trash in character but my mindset started taking it really serious so i naturally started to turn it up and really start trying to hit moves just to just to get him off his balance and like find that find that rhythm to just like knock him off and and um they shot all of it so the reason why i think it looks the way it does so naturally in the movie is because i naturally there's a move where i go i push it forward then i wrap it around my back and come around again um that was just all improv because i was really just like i'm gonna rock this dude and show him he doesn't belong here even though he's in character he was completely in character it was it was all me it was all me it was like he was not doing anything wrong right uh but bleeding character we laughed about it later he was like yeah he really got serious about it i was like i know i did huh i really did and then there was another scene where we're playing in the murk park and we had we had choreographed this play where i'm supposed to go to the basket and then i think i'm supposed to do a hop step but naturally like instinct gets in i'd go to the basket one of the defenders he goes to swipe at it and i just hit a spin move around him and just finished and we're just like okay we'll just keep that in the move in the movie um but that was just off of instincts and reaction because i didn't i had to protect the ball right and it was like okay if i try to hop step i'm bringing it in front of my defender's face they don't teach that so i need to spin around them just to be a little more evasive now when this happens though yes you are deep down going yeah that's on that's in the can yeah that's going on the screen oh yeah oh yeah that will be there forever oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah i looked good oh yeah i scored oh yeah and that is now captured i feel like every time i'm on the show you get me to say the honest answer which is yes that is the truth i remember our director was like all right let's you know he's like all right man let's let's get one like we'll get it like with what the what the script says and i was like no man that's it no we're gonna keep that one did you go back to your trailer no i just i just went back to like the little like holding area you know if we're on set like yeah yeah i try to be on set as much as possible to help you know help production but i definitely was like no man that's it because i think we got it i think by the way i totally endorse that behavior yeah i think that's great i would think the same thing too it's just like okay yeah i'm good i'm this is this is white men can't jump we got it yeah i was like we don't need that one we got this one and i think the audience is gonna love it right like it was like my tom cruise moment i was like i know what the audience wants i know what they need there was another scene where we shot where kamal hits a jump shot my character kamal he hits a jump shot and it's the celebration when they finally win the final tournament and there's the only take the take that's in the movie is the one take where i didn't run to the stand so the first time i hit the shot i start yelling i run i'm like jumping up in the stands the fans are going crazy like everyone's just giving me such great energy yes my director is like um yeah man we gotta get one where you don't run in the stands i was like okay cool and so he was like all right let's take it back to one and i was like this i go all right he was like you don't run in the stands again yeah so you said so you always see it and so in the movie you see it cut away you see my celebration cut to the fans cut back to me because i was like no i'm going in the stands the energy is here it is yes i love it we had a lot of fun was jack carlo the same way jack yes we had moments where like specifically when we were outdoor and watts i think that was that was the one of his longest basketball sequences yes and i think it's also one of the times i saw him have the most fun playing basketball because the rest of the movie really takes place and you see kamal's journey yes and a lot of the basketballs revolve around kamal's coming growing into himself and gaining more confidence but that sequence when we were in watts that that day or those couple of days was jack's basketball sequence sequence where we establish that he's also a formidable basketball player for kamal to play with yes and so um he had he had a ball that day did you have any connection with wesley snipes at all did you reach out to him or no you know it's i i've met wesley a couple of times just in passing through mutual people that have just introduced us yes um and this was prior to me even being a part of the movie they just introduced us as like hey this is cinquile walls he's he's acting and performing kind of telling him a little bit of my backstory and he was always just so gracious to me that's cool um but i didn't have any connection with him we had never exchanged numbers and again this film is not a remake no you know i mean and so i i i want to say that yeah and i know my question um can be taken or insinuate that this is a remake and you're doing his role yeah it's a it's it's very different it's very different yeah but i just wanted to add just you know to see if there was any sort of connection and that front the only connection truly is that i love wesley snipes's work as an actor and a performer i think he's one of the best that's ever done it um i love one of the things about me as an as an actor is i always try to study people that i think have range and cross genres and he's one of those people that i think from to wang fu to blade to his early stuff with spike like to to new jack city he's someone that i genuinely love as an actor and i'm not mad at it like i think you know i'm grateful when people really understand that it is a reboot and it's something different it's a remix and we're we're telling a new story inspired by them and also honoring them but if someone wants to and i see the comparisons right and i'm like if someone wants to put me in the same category of comparison or critique as wesley i'm honored i don't actually take it bad i'm like yeah i want to be in that category i want to be in that conversation because he's someone who's on my rush more of talent so of course i would love for people to always bring me up compare forever right because i think he's done it better than anybody that said you'd rather be can uh have your performance compared to an nba player right well you know like seeing your senior your game on the screen my game it's funny because um i can shoot a little bit okay you know i'll say that i can shoot a little bit and people who know me know i can shoot a little bit so mid-range mid-rate i'm pulling if it's if it's a mid-range it's going in like it's it's it's it's just it's been there since i was young it's like it's gonna if it's going up and it's going in you woke you wake up with that there's no i you woke up with a mid-range jumper no i in team and no team in me i'm shooting it every time okay that's it there is an i in sinquah there is an in sinquah he's gonna shoot it there is an in in there and the ball's going and it's going up and in yeah and in okay sorry no it's okay it's okay but blake and i were talking we had we were shooting around one time on set yes and i had made a couple shots and someone was like man you think sinquah could get a 10-day and blake looked at me so kind and he was like yeah he could get a 10-day and i was like bro i can get a 10-minute what are you talking about i'm not an nba player oh my gosh um so uh lakers your team clippers clippers your team okay that's right i mean and so okay that's right the two now it's all it's all coming back yep so blake griffin that i'd be really you must be very happy about that i was listen and i and it's funny because there's certain people in my life i've had an opportunity to meet um who just meant a lot to me and like i'm grateful that now you know blake is is a friend as well but i had to suppress how geeked i was meeting blake officially and then also working with him i was just like yeah cool man all right so what we're gonna do here like i'm very much so in the bag and then afterwards we all like hung out at his house he's like man come over and i'm like text my stepdad's like blake griffin just invited him to his house you don't even understand and then i get to his house i'm like what's up man yeah i just brought some drinks you guys need anything like i'm super calm about it but i was honored man did you ask him for some inside info of the the years where your clips were all set up we're all set up no no you know what because i think being a true clipper fan i kind of know all the history of what happened right and i kind of know through context clues of it of from hearing his versions of it from hearing jj's versions of it from hearing uh chris paul talk about from hearing d'andre talk about i kind of piece together it's a team and you know when things go up and things go down and like where those frustrations lie so i didn't want to make it uncomfortable by asking more than i probably needed to i also just being a true clipper fan i kind of already knew when it when it all kind of dissipated um so i didn't but i was i was uh i still wish he would come back so most i think he should retire a clipper i hear you and i'm sure tj you feel the same way no doubt most clipper fans i've met i've been here 20 years yeah um they are either like tj where they come from out of town yeah or they are obviously you know die-hard los angeles sports fans yes but the one through line between the out of town people yeah and the in-town people yeah is they they root for the clippers because they would never bring themselves to root for the they just can't yeah bring themselves to do or like somebody like tj die-hard sixer fan right from the great state of pennsylvania let's go east coast you know no way you were going to move to los angeles and root for the lakers i couldn't do it you can't do it so so what about you like where where's your clipper fan my my clipper allegiance lie yes um i genuinely grew up a clipper fan when we were originally at the la coliseum i didn't grow up too far from that from that area from from the coliseum um so the old sports in the old sports arena so so it was easy yeah to to get to the game and also at the time genuinely the clippers used to give tickets away oh that's how that's how bad it was like i mean we're talking about the years no disrespect to the players but the years when we had like derek martin and eric piatkowski and keith claus like they were not hard seats to get yeah so it was like you want to go to a clipper game and then get free food and also like go down to the court sure i'm gonna do all of that yeah and so after a while you can go when the clippers are playing whatever team they're playing the bulls or whoever and then after a while you just start to root for them so i was young when i just started rooting for the clippers because it was consistent i was like i shouldn't be in la rooting against this team and the the converse was a friend of mine um their father had um seats to the lakers and so he brought us one time to see some lakers and i just remembered seeing the lakers fans not having fun and i always remember when the kiss cam came on to the laker fans yeah they'd look the kiss cam would come on their face and they'd look and they'd be like yeah we're at the laker game they're too good they're too good for the kiss cam but then you go to the clipper game and someone's tonguing this girl down and i was like let's go this is where it's supposed to be i'm a clipper fan let's go let's go and i'm gonna take free tickets at a hot dog and you might get in the game if you got lucky you might get in the game and yet in this day and age the only thing at a clipper game that's french is batoom hey i see what you do and we love them when i my brother uh has been in los angeles since the early 90s and um he took me to a clipper sixers game yeah because he went to uh university pennsylvania and really liked the sixers he took me to a sixers clippers game yeah thinking like the early 90s or late 80s at the sports arena it was me him billy crystal lewis gossett jr and that was about it that was it that was it me that was it this was like pre-kadim hartnesson yes like this is yes penny marshall probably there penny was there that was it yeah um and so i i mean that that's so you you just could not bring yourself to be anything other than a clip i couldn't bring and and that's what you know true loyalty in any situation and fandom is because even when lakers fans come for me i i take it all on and i'm like you're absolutely right i am accepting all this scrutiny but i am not changing we are married i am locked in with the clippers till death do us part that is my squad and now when i go to the games i took my mom to a clipper game a little while ago okay the players come up and say what's up how great how can i how great is that lebron ain't saying that none of me you never come and talk to me he hasn't spoke to me yet well i mean i guess that you haven't made a film with spring hill entertainment no you know what spring hill ain't hired me right let's get that working you know you what do you think about lebron's future you have two cents on that sinkwall walls yeah i do i think lebron is going to play at least two more great years i think he's one of the few players that to me has lived up to the expectation from high school to the nba yeah and i think people give him so much scrutiny because he is so good it's easy to attack him he only scored this much he only no but if you think about 20 years in the league to do it at the level that he's doing it he came into the nba in 2003 with the most hype i've ever seen of any player ever between him and kareem abdul jabbar they're the only two people out of high school in my eyes that have lived up to the expectation so i know he's going to have two more years well i think here's the way i see it he's got a one he's got one year left with the lakers at damn near 50 million and then a 50 million player option a year after that his son is now playing right downtown in usc okay so he's his son is right here so i think he's staying here but i think he's going to utilize the fact that he might walk away yes and just go travel the pac-12 season with his son yes to get the roster and the manner in which he wants it and that i think means kyrie irving personally um that's the way i'm seeing it like and so there's going to be a little bit of drama um but um he'll he'll play with the lakers i think one more year and then if brawny is as talented as we hope he is when his father hopes he is then he'll get drafted somewhere and if and and if his son wants it yeah because i thought that was really neat when lebron said hey this was my dream to play with him um but it may not be it may not be his and so like if his son wants it yeah and he then will use his player option to say i opt out yes and any other team in the nba that drafts his son would uh would would welcome the opt-in i think that's the way it's going to play out and that's also so important too is because like i said he only i said he's got two more years left because he has those two options and i think that's really something that he factors in he's not only is he just a savvy businessman but he's a student of the game yeah so much so that that's all orchestrated and i also think to the brawny point i think that brawny is going to be an even greater nba player than he is a high school prospect i think because the way that he plays the game he can fit into any offense and sometimes people are looking for the spectacular play yes and the highlight real play specifically in high school because you're catching highlights on instagram so you forget that brawny shot 44 from the three-point line he's always going to put up 18 points he's always going to make the right pass his his assistant turnover ratio is always really low so those things are going to translate in the nba for an nba team more than i think the highlight community is going to say he should be ranked this i think he's a better nba prospect than he is our nba player than he is even like a prospect right now and of course you know we're sitting here talking on this show and so many other in the media are talking about well of course lebron's gonna play with his son right well first of all that puts the pressure on the sun to be one and and done at usc yeah uh also you know maybe this brawny doesn't want the circus that would hit and and and lebron also knows what circus he would be bringing for sure and so i don't know lebron personally i mean i've met him in many occasions and i've i've i've been around oh he invited you to a game i have not yet no that's that's that's shannon sharp although i do have a very nice cardigan that i can wear um but but the question is i think he's before a basketball player he's dad yeah and that's an interesting scenario that we're gonna see play yeah he's carried and and i just am so impressed by how how he's carried all the expectation i don't you guys might you guys would be able to find this so growing up i was a i'm a hoop head so i would you know we didn't have all of the outlets that we had today right for for high school basketball but hoops was one back in the day when i was growing up hoops you guys know it and they had when lebron was at the abcd camp when he was i think 16 yes um sunny valcaro comes on and he says like i've seen a lot of great players um and like carmelo was a senior i think at the time and like so many players were coming up he said i've seen a lot of great players he doesn't mention him by name but he says there is one player in this camp and you guys know who i'm talking about and one day i believe he'll own all the records and he was talking about lebron and so to see what lebron has accomplished oh yeah i'm like sunny vacaro said it then just like he said it about michael jordan in air one of the greatest he was sitting in that very chair about what six weeks ago sunny vacaro was yes and he was telling stories about that as well as uh coby he needs to start telling stories about me well it's gonna come it's gonna come sunny sunny vacaro is watching hulu right now uh it's where because white men can't jump is available streaming right now on hulu which is available right here on roku synchro walls great to have you back here come back anytime as you thank you brother you got it synchro walls uh at synchro walls on twitter at the real synchro walls on instagram we updated that it's actually at synchro walls oh is that right it's at synchro walls now because you're real yeah and you're spectacular yeah synchro walls here we've got overreaction thursday coming up before henry winkler sits in this very chair in hour number three and gabe davis of the bills before that back here on the rich isin show radio network sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just simply stop by we didn't do it monday because we were uh busy in new york city uh waiting for an emmy award show that just ended three minutes ago uh and poor rick flair sitting right next to him right waited as long as we did you believe i didn't talk to him and then uh tuesday we were flying home wednesday with so much stuff so it's not time over reaction thursday hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage this place sucks over reaction thursday oh yeah hey okay what do you got over there chris hit it hey guys what's up what's up chris okay rock purty is gonna start throwing next week yep did you hear that i heard that i still think sam darnold plays a lot but if brock purty fully healthy week one yes top three nfc quarterback oh come on man and i understand brady's gone and rogers is out and who's left that is an oversimplification top three nfc quarterback uh you gotta go hurts dak do we have to go deck yeah you do you go dak come on that's still an overreaction dude it's still an overreaction it's just six weeks that's all we had we had six weeks and it has merited him to start week one if he is healthy and then we need to see what lance looks like and i do think he's gonna get some time no no it's a fascinating conversation overreaction to call him a top three quarterback in the nfc and that's your way of denigrating the entire conference i get it stafford's gonna be healthy don't sleep on geno again he was a top three nfc quarterback last year wouldn't you say geno's gonna i'll do respect he's gonna repeat that last year come on why not why not they got jackson smith and jigba the best receiver in the class according to many and i saw him with my own two eyes and he's ready to roll let's just pump the brakes on a top three overreaction what else you got i know top three what else you got justin fields come on let's go did you we'll get the fields in a second did you see the uh uh stuff coming out of new england what stuff but they they they lost two ota yeah ota violations uh they're there's disorganized team activities dtas well rich you know what that means that's ota violations means they're back as afc contenders it means you know what it means it means bill's looking for ways just to skirt the rules and get really close to the line and kind of kick some dirt on the line and just do you know okay do that doing what you're smoking bro give me something that means we're back i thought he was all out on bill though oh i know it was on the hot seat yeah i thought bill should retire and christmas on the hot seat i'm very confused meanwhile when albert breer was in hour one talking about how bella check was one of the four nfl head coaches backing the play of special teams coach because you know he was a special teams coordinator himself back in the day he was mike mayock special teams coordinator when he was on the giants um that uh he gets in my ear and he goes of course bill is like you don't think bill's already figured out how to make the loopholes work on this room this new rule change that's what i said is that what i saw you talking to him of course bill does okay you don't think he's already figured this thing out should he be retiring i thought that's what you what else you got over there keep moving keep moving hey i was looking at some uh fantasy projections already from this coming scene why not right right our good friend matthew barry i was looking at his stuff okay he had a couple of big guys making moves over other guys tony pollard's gonna have a better season than derek henry oh i would i would say that's uh in the realm that's in the realm he's got powered over henry this year i think that is in the realm you know how i feel about tony pollard i've been pounding this table for number 20 in the dallas cowboys you've been his number one fan i'm like this guy's a home run hitter oh yeah and he's the only guy there now and you're gonna use him here we go yes sir more than derek henry i would say that's not i'm not saying it's going to happen but i think that that is absolutely that's not an overreaction whatsoever wow what else i give the check mark in the same vein yeah justin fields better season than justin herbert that's crazy talk that's crazy talk i know everybody likes kicking the charges when they're down and nobody's more down than a team that was up 27 nothing and lost the playoff game thanks for bringing that up exactly no uh i still need to see justin fields and see what this offense looks like and see it all play out and i need to see him throw it and you know the 70 yard touchdowns are are fun to watch and they're great for fantasy yeah but no no we're still you and i if we're doing that league again it's a burrow draft choice again for us had him last year and it worked out pretty good what else you got over there uh last football one uh lamar jackson says the the rushing is going to be really scaled back yeah really scaled back he had about 110 rushes attempts last year you know he's played in 70 games i'm gonna say less than 70 rush attempts for lamar jack um i i i don't think that's an overreaction either i can't wait to have john harbaugh on tomorrow as you know we we uh i we and us we have identified the ravens offense is one of the biggest mysteries going into tonight going into next season what it looks like uh i would love to see that and i'd love to see him wing it guy's got a cannon for an arm and i'd love to see him wing it i'd love to see o'dell catch a ton of touchdowns um but fewer than 70 rushing attempts would be a significant lowering of of his uh production there but about 40 i i i'd like to see that i don't think that's an overreaction either the other ones are more so a couple mba real quick celtics heat we're gonna have a game seven we're gonna have a game seven it's gonna be monday in boston game seven i might have to go i might be off work tuesday heads up great we stink what's next what's next what's next i'm gonna entertain i'm not entertaining that also it doesn't matter who wins at game seven because the nuggets winning the mba title five games or less i think that is not an overreaction i i i i agree again mike del tufo seen jokic play once he's now an expert he's now an expert mike's like i agree i agree why are you trying to get because oh i went to the laker game while you guys sat through three and a half hours of of uh of an Emmy award just you guys you guys lost on your own we win together you lose on your own while i go hang out with some uh lady friend in a laker game and show up an expert on jokic mike's watched more playoff basketball in person than we have not an overreaction not an overreaction i think that is entirely possible you love lala kent on vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala with her assistant jess what you did not see is when racquel arrives and she wants to talk to me i made her sit in a corner explain sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 cent it's my birthday sit in the corner give them lala wherever you listen you
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