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REShow: Chris Olave & Jimmy Tatro - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 24, 2023 4:12 pm

REShow: Chris Olave & Jimmy Tatro - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 24, 2023 4:12 pm

Saints WR Chris Olave tells Rich how he’s developing chemistry with new QB Derek Carr, trades some Ohio State-Michigan barbs, says what advice he has for CJ Stroud and the rest of the Buckeyes rookies in the NFL and more.

Actor Jimmy Tatro joins Rich in-studio to discuss playing a young version of comedian Bert Kreischer in the new movie ‘The Machine,’ reluctantly reveals he once went snowboarding in Antarctica with Shaun White, an says he always thought his high school classmate Giancarlo Stanton was going to be an NFL punter.

Rich reacts to Lamar Jackson’s first comments about his first look at the Baltimore Ravens’ new offense under new OC Todd Monken.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Call a Dell Technologies Advisor at 877-ASK-DEL. That's 877-ASK-DEL offered to business customers by Web Bank who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Please welcome Rich Eisen. What a story. Can't believe it.

The Denver Nuggets will go to the NBA Finals. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Love it. Earlier on the show, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix, Eagles tackle Lane Johnson. Coming up, Saints wide receiver Chris Olavi from the new film The Machine, actor Jimmy Tatro. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Chris Mannix joined us in hour number one and we chopped it up with him about how the Nuggets swept out the Lakers and what is LeBron saying when he says he needs to think about continuing to play in the NBA. And he gave us also, Chris, something to think about as he left the building to talk about the big whoa moment that might happen in the offseason that's coming up this summer.

If you missed any of that, you're watching on Roku, on the Roku channel, stay tuned. It will repeat as soon as we're done with this hour. Chris Olavi with the Saints slated to call in any moment right now amidst their organized team activities.

Jimmy Tatro, who plays Bert Kreischer as a young man in The Machine, which is coming out in theaters near you on Friday. He's about to walk in our front door into our green room and then into our set for hour number three. We also just had a nice chat with Lane Johnson of the Eagles.

So you can catch all of that. Again, there's a podcast version of our show that we hope you subscribe to through the Accumulus Podcast Network. There's also our video collection page, the Rich Eisen Show collection, as part of our Roku channel relationship, video on demand service. You can watch the full show back whenever you want.

You can also watch videos and carefully go down a wormhole. The same thing happens as well on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show, over 550,000 subscribers and growing every single day. We appreciate every last one of you. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their spots, TJ Jefferson also in his spot. What if Damian Lillard is up for grabs this summer, as Chris Mannix said, for us to keep an eye on? And I know, Blazer fans, that would really crush him. But they've got the number three overall pick in this draft. And if they do not get any veteran return for this individual, that they could draft instead to start from scratch, and then trade Lillard to grow and start from scratch. If they don't get for the number three overall pick, who's going to be either Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller, right? Or, you know, maybe Vic.

We don't know. Yeah, right. So if the Blazers say, you know what, we would rather just burn it down to the ground, start from scratch with either Brandon or Scoot, and everyone else that we have here, you know, with Coach Billups, and start from scratch and net us an insane amount of picks and maybe some other quality young players and send Lillard elsewhere. Or do they say to somebody, you can get Scoot or Brandon, and you give us a couple of veterans that we can win with Lillard right here, right now, and they say, okay, this is doable for us. We can win right now. That's the choice the Blazers have involving number zero in your program, number one in the hearts and minds of Blazer fans everywhere. Because I could just see him, you know, on a Knicks.

Of course you could. And changing their entire fortune, him and Brunson as backcourt mates. You're running them together?

What are you going to do? You got to get rid of Randall, maybe. That's the one. That's the guy that you're thinking about. Yeah.

But, you know, they might ask RJ Barrett back. Done. Done. Done. Bunch of draft picks. Done. Dames owed a lot of money. Sold.

That's the thing that some of these teams have to think about. Dolan's got it. Go over. Whatever. 33 years old. He'll be 33 this fall.

Sixty million a year. You don't think let's put him in the backcourt when you want to send Marcus Smart west? What do you do? Jalen Brown? I'm not thinking about that yet. What about you? What about you and Philadelphia?

Hey, you bro, I pounded the table in 2020 for him to come to the Sixers. You know how I feel. It's silly for me to sit here and play, you know, like fake GM and what it would take. No, it's not silly, Rich. This is fun.

This is the fun part of the job. I'm not touching Brunson. Oh, no, no, no. That's what I'm saying. That's what you say. You're going to run them together?

He says, yes, of course you're going to run them together. Well, I'm just saying two point guards. I don't know.

What do you care? Do Brunson and Dame, did that collectively work? Yeah. Doesn't fit.

Maybe I should think twice about it before running that down to Philadelphia. That's what I'm saying. For you guys, it doesn't make sense. What about the clips?

What about your clippers? Fine. They wouldn't want to send him east.

They don't want a piece of him. No, no, no. He's going to the east. Yeah, of course. By the way, guys, I have to let you know, you know, I was thinking about just getting rid of both of my teams. And I was it was the heat of the moment. I was hurt. Spurs!

I'm still I got to wait and see how the coach situation plays out. But I was hurt. I was speaking from a point of pain, Rich. You know, you know, we've already put the Spurs banner on our meme of all of your sports teams, T.J. We can't just remove it.

No, we could. You guys, man, you're like, I'm rooting for whoever gets. I told you I was hurt.

You understand this? I'm going to get that. I'm going to I'm going to root for that team. And you're like, you're all about it. And you're like, Tatum stinks. We're finished. We're done. He's the worst.

This stinks. I'm on a rant. I was right at the time, guys, man, at the time. Listen to you like you don't sit there and curl up in a ball every time Michigan was getting pounded by Ohio State. But I wasn't saying I'm going to start rooting for Wisconsin. Well, that's a different story. Get out of here. It's a different situation altogether.

Exactly. I didn't sit here and say, I'm I'm I'm finished. And I never, by the way, ever called for Harbaugh's job. Not once. Not once.

Maybe you should have. No. No job, T.J. Not at all. I mean, after eight straight L's. Excuse me, the worm has got three years. So you something, you know what I'm already preparing for losing this year?

No. Oh, three. Pete, my trip to Canton, Ohio, coming up, I told you, man. All I'm just going to say is I'm going to go on that stage in Canton, Ohio, in the downtown civic auditorium or arena.

Beautiful, beautiful spot. I'm going to come to that podium suited and booted, ready to host the jacket dinner in front of five thousand individuals, many of them locals and people from the great state of football, loving state of Ohio. I will go with an open heart and an open mind and no intention to say anything.

But if I'm trifled with like last year, nobody believes that. If I'm I'm not going to come and just show up and just get rid of my feet all over their home and disrespect. Wait a minute.

We did that last night. There's no way you're not going to go. Put your head on these couches. Right now, I'm workshopping. Put your foot on.

No, no, no, no, no. I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not abandoning. I don't abandon, but you're going to have it ready just in case you don't have a drop of me talking about Michigan.

Like you have of this man at all. Show up. What are you doing? Yeah. And you know what? And you know why? You're not a real fan. I am passionate. I am irrational. I make brash moves. I say brash things in this microphone. That's what I'm feeling at the time. You're too loud.

I want to be level headed and nuanced. Yeah, level. That's not what fans do. Yeah.

Fans aren't level headed or nuanced. What are you crazy? I'm the one who's talking about Rogers and it's a honeymoon and his calf muscle and I'm not going to let it get me down. But he hasn't technically played for not opening myself up. No, no, no. I'm putting myself up. If you were a real fan, you would have saw the tweets yesterday of Lazar in a heap. Oh, yeah. He got hit in the Musbergers, but like in a heap crowd around him.

Rogers limps off. That would have set you spiraling. No, I don't need to spiral. I have a level head, but I'm still a great fan. I'm still an absolute zealot when it comes to rooting for my team.

Fans don't use words like zealot. That is a good point. I don't come up with this microphone and towards the place. Sometimes you've got to do that. And then you. Well, talk to me. What? You're like, I'm finding a new team because I'm sick and tired of it. I was hurt, man. Can't you understand pain? I'm hurt. You're asking a Jet fan and a Michigan Wolverine fan about not understanding pain? Are you out of your mind?

Two teams doing dumb stuff and losing. Just give me Dame Lillard. Put him on Wednesday. Are you out of your mind? All right.

Even with my team doing as well as it did the last couple of years, I had to sit there and wonder if the coach is leaving. Come on. Let's get back to that. Guys, man, zealot, zealot, big word.

And don't use big words. You think fireman knows what zealot means? No clue.

None. No one time I ever hear zealot is religious zealot. He only knows he only knows how to spell four letter words. And utter them, even by the way, even he gave up on the Jets after the butt fumble.

Remember that he did. And now he's back like a bandwagon perfectly around here. I am a diehard. As you know, I never turn my back on Michigan and I'm a diehard Michigan fan, which means I'm thrilled and welcome to the Rich Eisen Show, one of the best in the National Football League coming out of the Ohio State University. Thrilled to have back here on the Rich Eisen Show from the New Orleans Saints, Chris Olave. How are you doing, Chris? I'm doing great, man. Appreciate you guys for having me.

I appreciate you coming on. Where are you up to? What's going on with you today?

Nothing much, man. Just training, a little training at the facility right now. We're doing an off-season workout, so just doing that right now. OK. And how does your new quarterback look from your perspective, Chris? He looks great, man. I can't wait to continue to work with him, continue to build that chemistry.

But we're off to a good start right now. How does one build chemistry, Chris? How do you do it? Just repetition, man. Just practicing and knowing the ins and outs of guys.

And I feel like just over time, just over and over repetition, I feel like that's how you get better over time. Have you done it outside the facility? Had some sort of camp car anywhere? Has that happened yet, Chris?

No, not yet. But I'm looking forward to it. And so, can you take me in some of the conversations that you've had about what you like, what he likes? And what does that conversation sound like between a wide receiver and a quarterback, Chris? Just learning each other's body language, where you're going to be, certain routes, how you can get in and out of breaks. Just little things like that that all add up to building that chemistry. I feel like we're off to a good start. But I feel like there's more and more practice that's going to make it a lot better. How does Michael Thomas look to you? He looks good, man. I'm excited to get back on the field with him. I can't wait to play with him. That's one of the most exciting things I was looking forward to last year, but unfortunately he went down.

So I'm excited to get back on the field with him. So I'm just wondering, did he ever reach out to you when you were in college? Did you know him before becoming a teammate of his? Oh yeah, I knew him a little bit before college, or when I was in college. He reached out.

He always showed love when he was doing well. So he was one of those guys. It was definitely exciting when I got drafted to New Orleans. I looked up to him in college and watched him a lot in the NFL. So I'm excited. He's my teammate.

I've got Chris Olava here on the Rich Eisen Show. So your biggest adjustment from college to the pros last year was what for you, Chris? Just the length of the year. I feel like it's a lot more games, longer season. I feel like that's the biggest adjustment I had. Just going through that first year, I developed that. Now I know what it's going to be like.

So I got to adjust to it. What about defensive backs in the league? What about that? We had a competition on Iowa State. I love competition. It's always going to be good players around the league.

So I'm excited whenever I go out there on Sundays. What do you mean there was a competition? What do you mean? I'm just saying I love competition. It's always going to be good players in the NFL.

It's always going to be a good player on the other side of the ball, but I look forward to match-ups like that. Oh, I see. So you say from college you were used to having great match-ups in practice. Oh yeah, in practice. Oh, so you were talking up your school right there is what you're saying.

You know that always. I got confused because you referred to it as Ohio State and not the Ohio State. I was thinking it might have been a different school, Chris. Oh, man, you already know. Just mixing it up. Like now, you're used to mixing it up. I'm kind of mixing it up with you right now.

So last November, Cesar Ruiz on your team, what was that like last November, the center on your team? Oh, man, we ain't tripping about it, man. What do you mean? They got a couple in the past 20 years.

They got the past two, but that flight is going to slip this year. So he didn't say anything to you in the locker room? Nothing? I mean, of course.

Okay. What happened? Of course they're going to talk after they win, but I'm still talking too. We ain't backing down, so we're going to see this year in November.

I can't wait for that game. So it has not turned. You're saying it has not turned.

So this is now still sort of an outlier, is what you're saying, Chris? Oh, yeah, you already know. It's still Ohio State all the way.

Okay. Well, now that Tom Brady's out of the division, you know where he went to school, this is now considered a much more wide open division, even though you damn near won the thing last year. Anyway, with Tom being there, how does your team talk about this upcoming season and the opportunity you have in the NFC South right now, Chris? It's a lot of opportunity, man. I mean, a lot of teams are rebuilding. We have young guys, but I feel like we just focus on ourselves and try to max out our potential.

We got a lot of great players and a lot of great players that just came in. So we got a winning culture and a great atmosphere over here. So we're excited for this year. What's your personal goal for this year?

What is it? Just to win, man. I mean, last year I was struggling. I never really lost that much in a year, so it kind of hit me a lot. So dedicating myself to just trying to win, doing everything I can to be able to put my team in a situation to win. Well, I mean, but you personally didn't struggle last year. You put up numbers that rivaled the rest of your fellow rookies at the position, as we all know. So do you have something written down for your own personal goals somewhere, Chris?

Not really, man. Like I said, I'm just trying to focus on the team. When the team wins, all the little statistics and all that stuff is going to be there. So just trying to put all my energy into that and just trying to build a winning culture here.

Okay. Do you have a good rivalry, I guess, personal with Garrett Wilson and with Jackson Smith and Jigba and all the guys now across the NFL? Yeah, you could say that, but man, I want them to be the best they can. I know they got crazy potential and could be some of the best teams in the league soon.

So I just want to see that. I don't think we got it right. I'm just excited for them to showcase that time at the NFL level.

What advice do you have for Smith and Jigba coming in? I just told him to be himself, man. That's one of the best players, best receivers I've seen. He's so natural. He's so gifted.

I just tell him to be himself and just stay away from all the bad stuff. How good is Harrison Jr. coming in? He's probably the best one, to be honest.

Really? He's 6'4", 220. He's fast. He can run routes. He catches everything coming his way. I've never seen that like it. He was a freshman last year.

I can't believe what he's turned into. Because that is the conversation. Obviously, so many scouts were in Columbus this year for CJ Stroud, Chris. I don't think it was any coincidence that Marvin Harrison Jr. was running routes for CJ that day, among the many. And many scouts came away saying if he was eligible, he'd be the guy. And so you have no qualms saying he's the best out of all of you coming out of Columbus.

Yeah, for sure. He's the best. I can't wait to see what he does. He's probably going to get double teamed, but he probably still put up a lot of numbers.

So I can't wait to see. And he's a great kid, too. So he deserves everything that's coming his way.

And what do you think about what advice would you give CJ going into what clearly looks to me and everyone as a starting role right from jump for him this fall? He's blessed, man. He's only 20, 21 years old and being a starting quarterback in the NFL, that's a huge blessing. So I told him to just be him and stay humble. There's going to be a lot of ups and downs, but just stay level-headed and keep working through adversity.

That's going to be at his best. Well, Chris, I appreciate you taking the call and making it right here, and I hope we get to do it more often. So in the meantime, maybe we'll talk – wow, I mean, your bye week. Are you going to go?

It looks like your bye week is the Michigan-Ohio State weekend. You don't go to the big – Oh, really? Yeah.

Looks like it. Oh, yeah. You know, I'm going to be there then. Well, it's at the big house, though. It's at the big house, Chris. It's at the big house. Yeah, I'm going to be there then. Really? You're going to go – You know it's go bucks forever.

So you would go into Ann Arbor and go see this game? Oh, yeah. Okay, because that's – No question.

Again, I know you take it one at a time. It does look like, if I can just figure out dates here, it's entirely – Chris, will you look it up? Thanksgiving, is that the 20 – because it could be – you could be in Atlanta that week.

I don't know. It's entirely possible, though, that, you know – Yeah, if we got to buy that week, I'm going to be at that game. Michigan-Ohio State is November 25th.

Yeah, you're not. You're going to be in Atlanta. So here's what we'll do. Here's what we'll do. You know, that week, we'll just talk leading up to that week. How does that sound? It sounds good to me. Can I invite you back on for that week? I'll call the Saints right now and say, as long as you are up for it, let's chat, you know? Yes, sir.

That's perfect. In the meantime, Chris, good luck to you. Let's talk before then, if not sooner. Have a great rest of your spring and summer, and we'll chat again soon. Congrats on your first season. Yes, I appreciate you, man. I appreciate you, man. Right back at you. Right back at you. That's Chris Olave of the New Orleans Saints.

How about that? These are, you know, players of his stature coming out of college, certainly at the position that he plays. They like speaking things into existence and are not wallflowers and are very confident and talking about, I'm the best.

I'm the best. Especially that position. He's like Marvin Harrison Jr. He's better than all of us. He's a beast, man.

How many people have told you this? Next year's draft is going to be insane. Caleb Williams, Drake May, and this kid's going to be third overall. Yeah, and they all could or should go number one. Yeah. I think I just gave you the first three names off the board in Detroit next year.

The draft starts at four. Don't you think? Yeah. And if you're one of the top three. And you don't, I mean, obviously you need, everyone needs Marvin Harrison.

Right, correct. But if you don't need a quarterback. Yeah, what if the Panthers end up getting number one? Well, they'll trade down and all that. You're too far ahead. I think the Panthers are going to be really surprising this year with somebody who's a first overall rookie quarterback.

And you know that they've got usually some speed bumps along the road, those kids. I know I've already put my marker on the Falcons. I've got my finger on that chess piece. I've removed my chess piece on the Lions to win the NFC North.

That's not your prediction anymore? That is. That is. I've removed my finger. That chess piece is gone. But I've made my chess move on the Falcons and I still have my finger on the piece. Gotcha. You're holding.

As you know, that's the way you play chess. Yeah. Right? Till you let go. Till you let go, right? Yes.

It's not official till you let go. Have you ever seen the Queen's Gambit? No. You should see it.

This has nothing to do with that. It sounded good. I'm just wondering, is that a rule? Isn't it a rule?

You make a move, your fingers, I've been taking my finger off it. It's how it is in checkers. I'm not a chess player. Theoretically, in a real chess match. In any game, by the way.

Monopoly, anything. When you hit the clock, you've given your move up. Hit the clock. Oh. So you could remove your finger from the piece and then put it back on?

Put it back on, but the clock. Look at him. Yeah.

Come on. Mike Del Tufo is an expert as we've seen now. Bobby Fischer was my guy when I was a kid.

I love Bobby. He's an expert on Jokic because he's seen him play once. Once. I went to one NBA game. An expert on Jersey because he's been there forever. I've lived there. And now, who knew?

See, no idea. I knew chess. A chess aficionado. You are a renaissance man.

I would have just said at my house that it's worth a lot of money. Who cannot spell renaissance. He definitely can't spell renaissance. No. Let's take a break. Jimmy Tetreault is here. Let's go. Machine!

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. The man who's currently in home economics and is also well known for his work in American Vandal, also 22 Jump Street, but now playing Bert Kreischer, the young version of Bert in the Machine, which is in theaters near you this very Friday. Jimmy Tatro is here on the Rich Eisen Show. So let me just jump right into it.

Let's dive in. How are you pitched the role of being a young Bert Kreischer? How did that happen? Do you mean to ask if I was offended by this? That's one way to spin it.

That's one way to spin it. Yeah, I think, well, they just, I just was, they, they just said Bert was a big, he saw me in a show called The Guest Book. He was a big fan.

Wanted me to play him in the movie. I quickly became familiar with the story. And you're one of the 52 million people who have watched the viral machine video?

I am now. Yeah. To be honest, I hadn't at the time heard of it. And it was funny because I was just trying to kind of get away from doing like the frat party guy. And then I saw this one and I was like, this is a pretty good one to do though.

It just such an epic story. And yeah, I was like, you know, I'll, I'll, I'll let Bert have this. How does one then, because you're a professional actor. And how does one prepare for the role of Bert Kreischer? It was kind of easy just being with him, you know, you just hang with him on set the whole time. He's there right next to you. So if there's anything you're unsure about, you're just like, okay, yeah, there we go.

The source material is to your right. Yeah. And he was shirtless. I think the majority, the majority of the shoot.

So you're looking at craft services. He's there without his shirt on. There without his shirt on. You go to his house, he's there without his shirt on, you're going to hair and makeup. He's there without his shirt on. That's just, that's just his vibe. Well, sometimes you go to his house, he has nothing on. That's true too. You know, that's true too.

Okay. So you, did you like ever turn to him and say, you know, did this really happen? Does that really happen? Or you just, yeah, you did your own interpretation of this. There was also, it was cool watch. It was cool. Like watching him watch the movie being shot and it was clearly like such an emotional thing for him.

Yes. Where like, there was one line that I said was, I just said like, I don't go to class much. And he, and he started crying and I was like, what's up, man?

Okay. And then he was like, no, it's just crazy. Like I actually, I actually said this and then now here we are and there's a big movie being made when Serbia is just surreal. Um, and I think that's pretty cool. It's cool to, you know, hear a real quote that you said from 20 years ago in a movie film. Now you and Harrison Ford have something in common.

You're in a Mark Hamill film as well. I hadn't thought about it like that. Look at that. Wow.

Look at that. Wow. So, um, what was it like being around him on the set?

Mark Hamill? Yeah, man. I mean, it was, it was cool.

That was also a little surreal, you know, just another, another guy that just such a legend and then you're just kinda hanging in the same room with him and all of a sudden it's casual every now and then you just gotta kind of remind yourself like that's Luke Skywalk. Did you ever play it? Like, do you have to play it cool? You have to remind yourself you got to play this thing cool.

Yeah, I think I played it pretty cool. Okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah. I just was, I just was, the way I played it was just not nice to him at all.

You know? Oh, okay. You just put him on.

I went completely the other way. You froze him out? You froze him out? Yeah.

Frozen out. Okay. Fantastic.

Jimmy Tatro is here on the Rich Eisen Show. So you shot this in Serbia. In Serbia. Yeah. Okay. And that was, that was an interesting experience.

Okay. Serbia was cool. It was not a place I'd ever, you know, been, obviously, or really- It hadn't been.

No, it hadn't been. What's the furthest you've ever traveled somewhere? Antarctica. Oh, really? Yeah.

Okay. And- Funny you ask. It's actually the furthest place you can go, I think.

Is that right? What were you doing there? I was just, I just got invited on this, on this crazy trip.

By who? Um, just a, just a friend of mine who, who put together this kind of a wild trip. But it did feel like it felt like the furthest I've been.

Like it felt like you were packing to go to space, basically. Okay. So what do you mean?

It was a friend, like, hey, I'm going to Antarctica? And- Yeah. Seems like you're- Seems like you're- Something like that. You're, you're kind of hiding something from me right now, Jimmy. Okay. It was a heist. Okay. What do you mean it was a heist?

No, no, it wasn't a heist. It was just, it was just, you know, it was just an interesting group of people that a friend put together to go on this- We kind of, we want names. I know. I don't want to, I don't want to be the name dropper though, you know. You have to be. Are you kidding me?

I mean- First of all, let me just put it this way. I am one of the worst name droppers of all time. And I'm trying to- Worst or best? Huh? Worst or best?

It depends how you view the language, you know? I would say best. I don't mind it. I don't mind a name drop. All right.

I'll give one name. How about that? Sure. Okay.

Show them what? Okay. You went snowboarding in Antarctica. You went snowboarding with Shaun White?

Yeah. How good are you at snowboarding? I'm good. Okay.

I'm not like Shaun White good. You know, I can, we can, we can hang together and, you know, I'll just do less cool stuff than him. Okay. But yeah.

All right. I'm going to give full disclosure now. In this chair on Friday, Bert Kreischer told me, ask him about Antarctica because he knew, he knew I wouldn't want to give names because I said, as he was going out the door, I got Jimmy Tetro coming on Wednesday and he goes, oh, you got to ask him about Antarctica because I did his podcast and he was drilling me for names.

And then I told him off the record and also let him know, like, I don't really want to like expose, you know, all these names, all the people I was with. So it's more than just Shaun White? Oh man.

It's more than Shaun White. I'm in too deep now. Yeah. There was a lot of cool people, but I, I, I gave, I gave one, you know, how about initials? What if we get initials? How about this?

Are they also famous winter Olympic athletes? Um, nah. Okay. Um, did you, did you rob anything? Did you literally, was it a heist? I stole some ice. What do you mean? I caught some wild ice while we were out there.

What is, what do you mean? What's, what's wild ice? Well, they told you, you know, a lot of ice in Antarctica is there's, there's like natural gases that have been trapped in there for hundreds of thousands of years.

So when you like crack open some of the icebergs and you put it in your drink, it makes like a little Rice Krispies sounding, like pop rocks or something like that, like pop rocks kind of. So we caught some, uh, caught some wild ice while we were out on the boat. And then you put it in a, had a hammer, broke it up. And uh, what'd you put in, you know, tequila mostly.

Okay. And, but I was very proud of it. You know, the whole time we're breaking up the ice, I was like, I caught this ice. I caught this ice out at sea.

Yeah. And all I do is I just go to a fridge and I just put a glass on it and something comes out. I just, you know, my big adventure is do I go crushed or do I go cubed? You know, and I hit the button and it comes out of my glass.

What do you usually go for? You know what I do? Crushed. Crushed ice guy. You know a story about catching wild ice and then letting some gas that's been there for about 200,000 years loose, sounds like a bad or a good, awful storyline in a, uh, in some sort of science fiction movie, like honestly, like suddenly, all of a sudden there's some mutations going on, something's jumping out of your chest because you just caught wild ice and put it into your tequila. You know, warned you about the ice. We had one rule. Don't catch the ice in a world where they told them not to catch the wild ice and break it open.

Wild ice, Jimmy Chatro and the machine too. Oh my gosh. All right. So that's it. That's the story. But it is so okay. Scale of one to 10.

Uh huh. The story you're not telling us. It's a 10. I hate to do it, but I, yeah, it's, it was the craziest, craziest trip I've ever been on. And, and, and over under of how many other people were on this trip? It was like 15 of us. 15 of you? Yeah. Okay.

Over under of people's names we would recognize of the 15. We're setting it at seven and a half. I'm taking the over. Is that a win? Uh, no, I was under seven.

Under seven and a half. Yeah. That's all we're going to get. How's the half figure into it? I don't know.

I have no idea. Cause you can't, you know, we man there, no, it's got nothing to do with half a human. It's just like you have to, you know, I don't want to, I don't want him to say, Oh yeah, it's a tie. Can't have it. I got to win something here.

That's why you got to go seven and a half. Okay. Very good.

All right. So what did you, what did you learn about Bill? Uh, about Burke Reicher, Jimmy, I learned machine. What'd you learn about him? I learned a lot about Burke Reicher.

Um, I think Burke Reicher is like a walking advertisement for a good time. I think he's very authentic and genuine. And I think the thing that you just got to love about Bert is he's just so grateful and happy for everything that he has. Um, and you just can't really hate on a guy like that. He's just so grateful for all the awesome things that are happening in his world right now.

And it just kind of makes you root for the guy. He is as genuine as they come. Yeah. There's not a fake bone in his body.

No. And he's, and he's a blast to hang out with. It's really, you know, you guys did after, uh, at the super bowl. We saw him in concert and went out and you drank with him in his, in his dressing room. We drank with his backstage with everybody. We took our shirts off. We got the full experience.

We partied with the machine. No doubt. Well, I have a feeling Jimmy taking his shirt off is much more welcome for a lot of other people than just you guys. Yeah. I mean, nobody wants to see us with our shirts off.

That's correct. Jimmy put in, I saw the movie, Jimmy put in the work to take his shirt off. That's natural, right? You're not working out.

Right? Uh, I didn't want to work. I didn't want to get in like great shape that didn't feel right.

You know, I didn't want to get like big, um, yeah, by the way, it makes total sense. Yeah. Bert would appreciate that.

I think so. I mean, it would be, I mean, you have to suspend your disbelief enough when you're watching an action thriller born out of his, the machine storytelling. So if you come and show up like, you know, zero percent body fat, I'm like, how does that Bert? I mean, how's that Bert?

If it's zero percent body fat, it starts to feel like, is this like a dream sequence or what's going on? Okay. So, um, which, which is your teams here in Los Angeles that you root for? Yeah.

I'm a, I mean, I grew up here in Los Angeles, so I'm a diehard Lakers fan. What do you think? Are we seeing the end of LeBron?

What do you think? No, I don't think he's going to retire. I think he's, uh, I mean, I think he just wanted to play with his son and now his son's going to college.

So he's just kinda wondering if their timing will line up. That's my guess, but I don't think this is the end of LeBron. I don't think he's just going to go out like that. I think he would want to do one big, like last season farewell tour. It doesn't feel very LeBron to just be like, actually, that's it, I'm gone. Right.

He'd make a bigger deal out of it. Well, I mean, and I just think the team has totally turned it around in a way that nobody people saw coming. Yeah. I mean, the last two, three months for a Laker fan has to be like, okay, that's more like it. I thought we really had a shot to be honest, especially after the first two series.

Right. Yeah, I had, I had high hopes, but Yokek, I mean, the crazier the shot was that he took, the more I knew it was going in. Like when he would just put it way behind his head and be like horizontally backwards that way. I'm like a hundred percent that's going in and by the way, not even like hitting the rim either.

No, it's just straight through, straight through, straight down to the four. And plus if there is a sequel to the machine, Yokek's brothers can be in it. That's true.

Yokek all over Serbia, every bus ad, every billboard, it's like a bus drives by there's Yokek doing a watch ad, you know, billboard, it's Yokek with some cheese, it's just Yokek's the guy out there. Out there. Yeah. And rightfully so. He's the original machine. He is. Pretty much.

He should have made a cameo. That would have been. And Yokek's brothers seem like they'd be on that train. Yeah. They don't seem like they're messing around. Yeah. No, no. They seem like they'd be on the train.

They seem like they'd be on the train. Yeah. With Igor? Is that what you're saying?

One of them would be Igor. That's right. Pretty much. Yeah. Well, we saw the movie. It's funny.

It's going to kill. And it is, it is very, you know, truthful to, and you were crucial in being truthful to the actual story. Yeah. It's a fun one. And you are in theater camp with Ben Platt on July 14th.

What's that about? That is just kind of about a, um, a theater camp that is, I mean, Ben Platt is, I mean, can you sing? Can you, can I say no, that was, that wasn't my job in the movie. I'm kind of the, it's basically about a theater camp. My mom owns the theater camp.

She goes into a coma. Okay. And the, you know, ownership and responsibilities of the camp fall onto me, who's her clueless son, who's just so detached from the theater world and doesn't understand these people at all.

So I come into this theater camp trying to run it and make sense of it and all these, you know, eccentric theater personalities. Um, okay. So it's cool.

It's kind of like my character would kind of let in an audience that might not otherwise understand some of the more niche jokes. Okay. So you haze Evan Hansen in this film? Is that what it is? Pretty much?

Not quite. Okay. No. All right. I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to reveal too much here because again, I don't know what you're, you're trying to hide more the plot of this film or your trip to Antarctica. No, I can, I can talk about the food. I can talk about the movie. Okay.

But Antarctica is like fricking fight club, man. Like you are not, you're not going there at all. Yeah. But so theater camp, uh, you know, Hold on a minute, just to revisit this one last time. So told me to ask you about this, not because he knew the story. No, he knows. He knows the story. He knows you to tell it publicly on the Burt cast. Just wants me to feel uncomfortable because I don't want to like give away names and information, you know, on, it's, it's, it's a humility thing or it's just like, this is personal stuff for these other people that might, I just don't want to like, you know, I was on a trip with some, some people.

I don't want to like go around being like, I was on a trip with this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy. Yeah. Oh, so it's a humility thing. Yeah. Sure. So next time you come on, I want you to check your humility at the door. All right. I'm sorry. Honestly.

I mean, you have to check your humility at the door. We're, we're a name dropping program. It's a safe space for name dropping. I gave, I gave a name, I dropped a name. I dropped a name.

Hey Jimmy, how about this? Who's the most famous person, your classmate that you had at Notre Dame high school? Cause I know that ton of actors and athletes come out of it. There was, I didn't, I went, I went, I went to school with John Carlos Stanton. Oh. If we're talking Notre Dame high school. You knew when he was Mike.

I knew him when he was Mike. Yeah. And I thought he was going to the NFL.

Is that right? Oh yeah. He was six, five, six, six as a senior in high school, like catching passes with one hand, pushing the dude off of him. And then he would play strong safety. He was unbelievable. And I was, I remember thinking freshman year and I was like, if this guy doesn't go pro as a receiver, he could be the number one punter in the NFL punter because this dude could punt like nothing I've ever seen before. John Carlos Stanton can punt? Send sky balls from the 20 to the, to the end zone.

It was incredible. And then basketball season came around and I go, Oh, maybe he's a basketball guy. And everyone's like, no, he's a baseball player. And then you saw him hit a baseball and I saw him hit a baseball. Like he would hit them, he would hit them into the football field, like to the 50 yard line of the football field.

He would just, I just did it. It wasn't fair when he would connect in high school, it was like, he was a grown man amongst boys in high school. He had cold water came in with a ball, probably so all the way from the deep valley, because he's a punter. He's a punter. If, if, if anyone can get the guy to punt at this point, I would love to see it because the punts he used to throw down in high school were. How about that?

Okay. That's what no one talks about when they talk about John Carlos. Nobody talks about his punting. No, they talk about his baseball tools.

The guy can hit, but no one, no one wants to talk about his punting abilities. His exit velocity is normally what's brought up with him. Yeah.

But you say his, his hang time was just as good. How about that? Uh, check out, it's fun time, uh, here hanging with you, the machine and theaters near you this Friday, May 26th theater camp, uh, also starring Ben Platt will be in theaters on July 14th at Jimmy on Instagram at Jimmy Tetro on Twitter. Jimmy, thanks for coming on here, man. Thank you.

Next time you'll check his humility at the door. When we come back Lamar on the new look Ravens offense. When we come back, first up celebrity, true or false with bull bond, true or false. You eat soup every single day. Is that true?

Why is that? Yeah, because like it's a big deal in my country soup and we eat soup every time. This is like when you're growing up to say, Hey, first you start your meal with the soup and after that you can eat whatever you like. Okay.

It's not basically it's, it's, it's like how, how we do, like when you eat soup, like basically you feel like you're healthy because a little bit fuller stomach and not hungry too much. So do you, at some point during the day, Oh, you know what? I haven't eaten soup yet. I need to have my, yes.

You have had that. Yes. Okay. What is your favorite soup? Tomato soup, mushroom soup, everything like, okay.

Have you thought about making your own line of soup soup, soup, soup, you know, like this, this is a good idea. I would think about it. Let's pound that out. Very good. I think about it.

Uh, next one for, for bull bond, a celebrity, true or false with bull by fault. You do not like, you do not like cake. You do not like cake.

No cakes. Not big fan. Why?

What's wrong? Okay. I like, I like like small desserts. If I eat something, I would like something like really like to enjoy because small, they're all small.

They're all small. So if I have you over for dinner soup, a Nutella crepe. Yes. Okay. That's the easy combination. That's very simple. This is like a couple of bucks. Nothing more. Nothing too much. Last one for you.

Boban true or false. You love to shake hands, but like to be honest, people more like to shake my hands and like you said, every time, you know, like every time, you know, like when somebody, somebody come to me and like, I just, I just come from the restroom. I wash my hands.

I read, I read, I read it to eat food. And I was like, I was like walking like this. I hope some, somebody knows, shake my hands. And that time like somebody comes, Hey, how are you? And I was like, how are you?

That's when you go with the fist pound, right? Yeah. I know. Fun stuff back in the day, before we leave here today, one of the biggest mysteries of the upcoming season, as I've mentioned over and over and over again is what in the world will the Ravens offense look like with Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator out and Todd Monken formerly in the NFL and also most recently the Georgia Bulldogs in, we don't know. Is it going to be that three yards and a cloud of dust and then Lamar runs it when he doesn't have his one option open, Mark Andrews, I mean, he got some options, doesn't he? Odell in the mix and Zay Flowers being drafted and Rashad Bateman being healthy and Mark Andrews being back and Isaiah likely being another tight end.

That's pretty damn good. And obviously JK Dobbins a year removed from coming back with a knee injury and the same thing with Gus Edwards. Let's go, right? Let's go. And Lamar now Pizzade, heavy pockets to use the phrase that Dion used back in the day.

He's playing with heavy pockets. Now then, Lamar today on the new Ravens offense. Our new offense is smooth, more verbiage than usual. I like it.

I'm loving it so far. There you go. Got nothing else. It's smooth. Smooth. Smooth.

More verbiage, you're going to get nothing. And by the way, you know what they should do in the preseason is run the same offense as last year. Use Greg Roman's playbook. I know that sounds stupid. Not during the games run the old stuff.

Yes, just do it. Only practice the new stuff. Practice the new stuff. I wouldn't play Lamar. Reveal none of the new stuff.

0.0. Don't even play Lamar in the preseason, right? Yeah, I wouldn't play Lamar a single snap. It's new public time, right?

Yeah, no chance. Like the first time we see Lamar, let me get it right. Week one. Week one. We know it's not a nationally televised game because they only have one in the first 11 weeks.

I don't know. The Ravens have an international game against Tennessee in week six, and then they've got a Sunday night game in week 12. And they got a Thursday nighter against Cincinnati.

And other than that, you got to tune into your local stations. You come out and drop 50 on Houston and say, what's up? There's a chance that could happen, too, man. Like all of a sudden, the red zone, it's just like, Lamar, touchdown. Lamar, touchdown.

Safe flowers. 80 yards. You're like, whoa. And then suddenly- Like his MVP season in Miami. Miami, where they threw 55 on Miami or something, whatever it was.

And he had five touchdown passes week one or something like that? Yeah. Yeah.

Big mystery. And we're all sitting here thinking, it's the same world as the last two years. It's Burroughs' world. It's Mahomes' world.

It's Allen's world. And it's who's going to get that fourth seat in musical chairs in the divisional weekend, when it's just four teams left. Two years ago, it was Tannehill. Last year, it was Trevor Lawrence. This year, a lot of folks are thinking what I'm thinking. It's Aaron Rodgers. And then, of course, there's the Ravens saying, hello, hello.

We have no idea. Although, it's smooth and it's very wordy. Smooth and wordy. Smooth and wordy. Smooth and wordy. My favorite ice cream flavor. Yes. Smooth and wordy. Is that new at Ben & Jerry's?

I don't know. Smooth and wordy. I'll take two scoops, please.

Would you like a sugar cone or in a bowl? It is on tomorrow. Henry Winkler's on tomorrow.

As if this world doesn't need enough smiles. Henry's coming back. You know? Henry's coming back. Yes, he's back. Thank you to Jimmy Tetro, Chris Olave, Lane Johnson, and Chris Mannix in studio.

We're back, people. If you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules, now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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