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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 22, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 22, 2023 3:21 pm

Guest host Brian Webber is filling in for Rich and recaps the Heat vs Celtics series plus, Brooks Koepka winning the PGA Championship.

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Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. Taste some of this. This OMG is the Rich Eisen Show. No other way to put it. With guest host Brian Weber.

Oh my gosh. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'm not talking to you. I talk to anybody out there. Haters. Rich Eisen. I talk to the haters right now.

And now, sitting in for Rich, here's Brian Weber. Welcome to the program. Great to have you with us on a jam packed Monday. Ton to get to, but as always, the goal is to be interactive with the caveat.

Big word early on on the show. We take phone calls selectively. 844-204-7424.

But I am open to having the conversation with you because Rich is always mindful of getting you fully involved. Candidly, your best bet's Twitter. If it's still operational, I just refresh.

Yes, the infrastructure's working. BW Weber. Weber with two B's. Hopefully you know the name. Yes, I'm just that egotistical. Perhaps you know the voice because I've been so fortunate to sit in for Rich on a variety of occasions.

It's a real honor and I focus solely on not destroying the brand he's worked so hard to achieve. Got a lot to get to. Gonna go heavy on the NBA, as you might expect.

Let me reach over, hit the button. Countdown to the NBA Finals is underway, but remember, it won't tip until next Thursday. That's locked in unless the league realizes. Probably not great to have a full week off for people to talk about, oh, I don't know, John Morant and other negative stories. So we're gonna spend a good portion of this first hour of the program going through the wreckage of a Boston Massacre last night on South Beach. What has happened to the Celtics? Now, we should give Jimmy Butler, Ben Madubayo, and the rest of the Heat some credit, but you know how it works in sports talk radio.

We lean into the negativity and the Celtics have given us a lot of material to work with. Just two guests along the way, meaning more opportunities for your voice to be heard. 844-204-7424 and start the tweets coming. BW Weber, Weber with two Bs, wide open here in hour number one. In fact, we will not bring in another outside voice unless you pick up the telephone until we get to the conclusion of the second hour of the program coming up at 140 Eastern Time. We'll talk NBA, not only the fallout from that gruesome game for the Celtics that now has the Heat on the cusp of a sweep. We're also going to spend a lot of time coming up in the next hour of the program getting you fully lined up for the closeout possibility for the Nuggets tonight here in Los Angeles as I come to you from our Regal Studios furnished by Grainger in Southern California. Will the Lakers show up tonight? We'll cover it all with Curt Heelan, lead NBA writer for and then because this is the Rich Eisen Show.

I listen every day when I'm in the car or I watch the tremendous visuals. I don't say TV anymore because as you know it's streaming gloriously on the Roku channel. Rich Talks Hockey.

Turn on the red light so we'll spend a little bit of time. I'm not going to devote a huge portion of the final hour of the program but at 240 Eastern Time we'll bring in a man who I'm predicting even though I try my best to come with five hours of material and cram it into a three-hour bag. I only need four questions to get the best out of Pierre Maguire, the long-time hockey analyst. You saw him ice level for years on NBC. You can see him currently as the postseason has been phenomenal on the ice.

He's part of an ensemble show called Stanley Cup Central produced by the league on YouTube. 40 minutes from now we're talking golf. I'm not breaking down stroke by stroke the winning equation that Brooks Koepke utilized to bounce back from his meltdown to the Masters and win the PGA Championship. As you heard on Westwood 1 phenomenal coverage as always over the weekend. Koepke taking the Wanamaker Trophy for the third time.

I want to expand our focus. What does that victory mean for the live tour? 20 minutes from now again because I know Rich would devote a lot of time to in my estimation what was the biggest and most important story over the weekend from a historical perspective. The passing of Jim Brown. We'll talk about his life and legacy and here's a preview and I'm only 53 not 83 but my gimmick getting into the business a million years ago was I knew history and yes I've been replaced by a search engine.

AI's coming for my job next but since this is in my wheelhouse not only is Jim Brown the greatest football player of them all he's in the conversation amongst the short list of the most talented versatile athletes we've ever seen. Brian Weber in for Rich. Where is Rich you might wonder? Well if you were listening you heard last week and Susie Schuster the better half of the Eisen household was laying out the itinerary the other day. Rich and the entire show are in New York not only a triumphant return to the Big Apple where Rich grew up but this is a big day for the show the whole gang in New York City for the Sports Emmy Awards tonight the program nominated again for best studio show making history for the Roku channel and Rich because he's too modest to emphasize this also was up for an individual honor nominated as best studio host so that tells you I have a high threshold.

I really gotta step my game up and I've already meandered for a couple minutes but as a fill-in host I want to establish we can have the conversation and who I am if you care at all. Who are the Boston Celtics? What has happened to this franchise? The easiest knee-jerk reaction and if I was rolling phone calls on WEEI or any of the other outstanding radio stations across New England today is Fire Joe Missoula Monday and I get it and Joe is not aiding his cause to keep that job a job remember he was never supposed to have. This was a team that made it to the NBA Finals last year had a 2-1 lead over the Warriors in large part because of the coaching acumen of M.A. Yudoka and Yudoka obviously made poor decisions not only in his personal life but it impacted his professional career arc got fired for violating a team policy although he's rebounded quickly and if you saw his introductory press conference in Houston nobody seemed to care about the circumstances of his departure in Boston but one of the primary reasons why Yudoka transformed that team was their buy-in defensively and I'm not breaking it down possession by possession but Boston last year was the second best team in the postseason defensively this year they've been an absolute disaster is that all on Missoula I'm not here to tell you I'm an insider I'm not in that locker room but a lot of what happens defensively comes down to the identity of a team how the coach prioritizes what the focal point is going to be and then I think most significantly the buy-in from the players so in the NBA of all the leagues it's a player star driven league and Boston has not only a first team all-MBA performer and Jason Tatum, Jalen Brown just behind him on the second team which qualified him for a super max contract that tandem remember they're both young not even close to turning 30 that tandem considered to be the best young duo in all of hoops broke through to make it to the finals last year had to believe when Milwaukee got stunned by yes Miami and I will get to the heat I'm not just gonna throw dirt metaphorically on the Celtics but did you see that game last night and it occurred to me watching the absolute lack of energy and the laissez-faire the overwhelming sense of dread from the Celtics and I can understand that perspective they're down 15th a half next thing you know they're down 30 after another monumental third quarter as Miami put together also in game one on the road in Boston but here's the Celtic team that had to believe internally when Miami defeated Milwaukee remember the Bucks had the best record all of basketball in the regular season if we're going to have context Giannis did go down with a back injury did come back but certainly a mitigating factor although that cost Mike Budenholzer his job Mike's a two-time head coach of the year award winner in the NBA he got whacked because his team underachieved if Mike couldn't survive one of the odds that Joe Missoula is employed whenever this series ends which could be as soon as tomorrow with the heat looking to close it out and yes the series is over this is not hot take alley in fact in fact I'll steal from the graphic I saw on TNT I scribbled it down and we knew it to be true no team has ever come back from the 3-0 deficit in the history of the NBA postseason we've seen in hockey we've seen in baseball never in the history of the NBA in fact with a possibility for two sweeps getting us set for the NBA Finals it is worthy of bringing up that the numbers gargantuan oh and 149 are the circumstances of teams trying to come back from that 3-0 death sentence so the series is over it's just a matter of timing and then after that what's next for the Celtics and the reason I'm focusing so much on Boston to be fully candid with you is I'm back tomorrow because after tonight's festivities in New York Rich is going to have to make his way back to Southern California so you got to deal with me tomorrow as well I'm Bryan Weber in for Rich Eisen Monday edition of the program you can hop aboard at 844-204-7424 Twitter is available and percolating at BW Weber Weber with two B's I'm going to be talking a lot about the heat tomorrow trying to close out Boston and I'm back with you on Memorial Day a day that Rich always takes off so you're getting a little sprinkling of the fill-in hose and I'm going to be talking a lot about the heat then so I'm making a business decision to spend the majority of the monologue on what is missing from the Celtics because the personnel has not changed and undeniably they were the deepest team in all of basketball we forget they added Malcolm Brogdon in the off season so what has happened for this team to fall apart and again I don't want to be too bottom line oriented and just look at Joe Missoula as the agent of change because he's really the only thing that changed and yes there were question marks when he was hired because he had no head coaching experience of any kind so a lot of this is on Brad Stevens and remember when Brad decided or was encouraged to move to the front office either way that led to the coaching change Boston's working on three coaches in three years and I do think there was a degree of internal arrogance when they made the decision to fire M.A. Yudoka we got this plug and play look at our roster and a lot of this in my opinion comes down to Stevens who's assembled the roster and knows the pieces because he used to coach the team and he's not that far removed from the bench in the locker room so he should be aware of the internal dynamics gotta figure that he thought okay well look at this roster we made it to the NBA finals last year I can pick anybody I can make this work and hey Joe you're here you're doing a nice job in practice I know you're not even 35 years old you'd be the youngest coach in the NBA I know you have no head coaching experience don't worry about it pal we'll do it together because remember organizations win championships as we learned in the last dance and if you're old enough to remember the debacle that was the Chicago Bulls oh Jerry Crouse the late Jerry Crouse thinking that you don't need Jordan you don't need Pippen you don't need Robyn the organization is the reason why that dynasty was born in Illinois so a lot of this comes down to arrogance in my view from Brad Stevens that he picked a guy who was not qualified nor prepared for this job now Joe's doing all he can not only to act like he fits into New England I figure he's going to be talking about goodwill hunting next you've heard all of the jokes about a guy watching the town every day and unfortunately unfortunately Affleck and Damon are not walking through that door nor are Bird and McHale and Parrish because the Celtics wouldn't know what to do with them at this stage of a meltdown Joe postgame said all the right things but it just felt like he had read a book coaching for dummies or had watched too many postgame press conferences especially in the NFL when all these guys go John Wayne we lost because of coaching it starts with me they weren't ready to play is effectively what Joe Missoula said after that hideous performance yesterday and I'll be candid with you part of me was not disappointed obviously I want a great game to talk about but I'll be fully up front with you because no show integrates sports and entertainment better than the Rich Eisen show if you are aware of prestige television it was also the second to last episode of Succession last night so I'm watching the game I'm watching the game understanding now I can hit that button anytime I want to and see what's going on with the funeral of Logan Roy and once we got to 30 I will be very upfront with you I did not watch the entire fourth quarter I know shouldn't say that out loud I will not be back with you tomorrow but at that point it had gotten just so damn embarrassing you wondered does anybody on the Celtics even care because that's how poor a performance it was the numbers are immaterial but what's happened to Jason Tatum if Jason Tatum wants to be potentially because remember he's still a young guy not only an MVP contender somebody who could be in the conversation to be the future face of the NBA you gotta make a three-pointer one of seven from distance Jalen Brown has been out of sorts I don't know what's going on with him he could not make a shot from long distance that's not an exaggeration all of seven from three-point range and it felt like he got his soul ripped out of him when bam put that spin on Ramon Brown in the second quarter that broke the internet so I've been saying for 15 minutes I'm going to give Miami some credit Miami is your quintessential team taking nothing away from Jimmy Butler and I'll throw it out there I don't usually do a show question but I would appreciate your input either with a phone call eight four four two oh four seven four two four or you can slide in not to my dms but slide into my twitter account bw weber weber with two p's what's the comp for Jimmy Butler a player who has been good in the regular season but there's a reason why beyond his intensity he's bounced around the league I think Chicago would like to have him back how about Philadelphia or Minnesota but I can't think and I'm not supposed to be admitting that I'm fallible I can't think of a direct comparison of a player who has been so superior in the postseason not talking about clutch Jerry West kind of stuff because Jerry was phenomenal regular season I'm trying to point out a distinction between regular season Jimmy and playoff Jimmy he has been transcendent and last night didn't even have to do anything as that game was such of a beat down only needed 16 the great Gabe Vincent who yeah I know him because I'm based here in the west coast and I call college basketball in this region you'll recall or if you didn't know now you know he went to UC Santa Barbara he's a goucher wasn't even drafted how is he scoring 29 points streu's on the loose my issue with Miami has been throughout this entire run going back to unless you want to hang an asterisk on them the appearance in the NBA Finals in the bubble losing to the Lakers how are they doing this without any real assistance for playoff Jimmy and the answer is they are a wonderfully coached team if we're just going to spend time denigrating Missoula we got to give recognition to Eric Spolstra and perhaps as the Celtics were trying to figure out on the fly what to do after they fired Emma Yudoka they thought of the quote-unquote Miami model and we hear it and we see it on social media heat culture because Pat Riley got buried for going with Eric Spolstra LeBron wanted him fired well it's fairly obvious unfortunately for Joe Missoula at least for now and I do think Missoula survives I'm going to tell you why coming up Missoula is no Eric Spolstra and again I'm not getting into all of the nuances of breaking down a game but because I do some play-by-play in the college level and I'm paid to pay attention Spolstra is doing magical things defensively he's mixing and matching between zone and man he's making all the right adjustments so you have the stark distinction if we were playing this out category by category clearly coming in the only advantage I would have given from an overall element to the heat was coaching and that's a no-brainer and yes you figured okay Butler is going to be phenomenal as he was last year you have to add a little bit more texture to Miami when you say well they were the eighth seed they had to survive the play and they were the top seed last year I was here for rich on Memorial Day talking about that game seven for the ages Butler almost single-handedly carried the heat into the NBA Finals Boston survived and advanced came down to the final minute and here we are with Miami doing exactly the same thing some of it is flat-out effort and commitment and tenacity Miami wants it more but a lot of it in my view comes down to what is lacking for the Celtics Missoula probably survives I do think that Boston doesn't want to admit they made a glaring mistake they will come up with some rationale to hang on to Joe probably go out and get a veteran assistant the text winter type to sit next to him because not only does Joe not know how to handle himself in a press conference he is completely clueless when it comes to using his timeouts but this is on the superstars this is on Tatum and Brown and we have to have a conversation I'm gonna do it moving forward does this still work is this a good fit member Brown according to reports was miffed when his name came up in the Kevin Durant trade talk because he had to be thinking what you're gonna move me what about Tatum but we all know this is Tatum's team so if you're a Boston fan you can tell me on Twitter BW Weber Weber with two B's what's the post-mortem what's going to change what would you like to see happen in the offseason because if you just run it back you're gonna get a similar outcome something has been a skew for the Celtics understanding that once Milwaukee went down they were the overwhelming favorite to win it all because they have the best roster think about all the good players on that team Horford and smart and either Williams although memo to grants and he's gonna skate because it's Monday and we don't remember what happened before the weekend especially because that game was so abysmal yesterday but if you're Grant Williams and I know he got bailed out by Jimmy Butler saying I admire anyone he'll get in my grill how about this don't trash-talk Jimmy Butler ever but don't do it in the postseason because remember you go back to that game on Friday Celtics were up 96 87 six minutes to go grants feeling it after he knocks the shot down and he gets in Butler's grill and Boston collapses moving forward so whatever decision the Celtics have made lack of timeouts defensive adjustments because where is the defense on this team or trying to talk smack everything has been wrong so what's going to get better in the offseason we can talk about it at eight four four two oh four seven four two four or hit me up on Twitter BW Weber Weber with two B's much more NBA to get to we will tip off our number two of the program shifting our attention to downtown LA now the difference between the Celtics and the heat in the matchup between Denver and the Lakers Lakers arguably could be up to one I don't want Michael don't call Mike I don't want Michael Malone calling me at eight four four two oh four seven four two four put that your pipe and smoke it I am in no way taking away from Denver but if you watch the games you know last two have swung on the fourth quarter in fact go back to game one after Lakers rally from nearly 20 down LeBron had a look at a three with 45 seconds to go to give him a lead or at least tie the game three-point game late so Lakers have had a variety of chances do they even show up tonight does pride matter does Denver start thinking about well we want to close this out at home because we've never been to the NBA Finals and we want to share it with the folks in Denver we'll go through all of the potential elements you need to track heading into a closeout scenario in Los Angeles as mentioned we'll get to the golf coming up about 20 minutes from now I'm talking golf it's only because it's a major and big personalities are involved plus I'll find a way to finagle tiger latest legal issues into our thoughts on what Brooks Koepka's victory at Oak Hill means for the live tour coming up because I know Rich would spend a good portion of time on this important subject worry here will reflect on the life and legacy of Jim Brown we'll see not only the greatest running back of them all the greatest football player we've ever seen or is he ranked amongst the most incredible athletes we've ever encountered here in the US I won't go too global although I'm a Pele guy if you remember the last time I was here just getting warmed up on a very busy Monday always a delight to be with you and defend riches phenomenal brand I'm Brian Weber in for rich it's the rich eyes and show I just learned discover credit cards do something pretty awesome at the end of your first year they automatically double all the cash back you've earned that's right everything you've earned doubled all the cash back from eating at your favorite soup dumpling restaurant doubled all the cash back from that trip where you sort of learn to snowboard also doubled and the best part you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it nope discover does it automatically seriously though see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about by new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Welcome back to The Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network Brian Weber and for Rich I am sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger has the right product for you call for or just stop by 844-204-7424 you can slide into all the action on social media it's VW Weber Weber with two B's in less than 15 minutes we'll talk some golf I am not taking you stroke by stroke recapping what went down in Rochester but we will expand the focus to give Brooks Koepka his recognition especially his ability to bounce back from wasn't a full collapse it wasn't Norman-esque his boss now in the live tour at Augusta because you also have to acknowledge John Rahm was spectacular going back to the Masters but Koepka learned from that process really wasn't that tested and able to maintain that one-shot lead he had the rest of the way picking up another major he's got three PGA championships and we will also spend some time on the significance of this win for the Saudi tour what's it mean for the live guys moving forward Jim Brown not only was a superhuman figure in football and we found out on Friday that he had passed away at the age of 87 Jim Brown was also a transcendent individual from a standpoint of society since as I mentioned nobody talks more about the nexus of sports and entertainment than the Rich Eisen show Jim Brown was one of the first people to cross over from being a sports hero to somebody that we saw on the big screen in fact and I know the young people right now are groaning story time with Uncle Brian I'm not taking you back to the black and white film of Jim Brown being unstoppable going back to his days at Syracuse where he was a lacrosse player and we're talking about the greatest most talented versatile athletes of them all undeniably Jim's in that conversation with Jim Thorpe people forget that Will Chamberlain beyond being the most dominant basketball player we've ever seen also excelled the track at Kansas Wilt went on to play pro volleyball briefly after basketball Jim Brown when he decided that he was going to take a low ball offer from Art Modell and walked away from football at the age of 30 while he was in the UK shooting the dirty dozen changed the entire paradigm for athletes after Jim Brown because he bet on himself and he said I could do as well or better trying to become a movie star and he wasn't ever a box office smash but Jim Brown was in a lot of good films and beyond the Cisco and Ebert bit I could do because the dirty dozen if you ever catch it late night on Turner flipping around still holds up Jim proved that you could parlay success on the field into making an impact in showbiz and beyond that and I'm not getting political but there's no way you could reflect on the legacy of mr. Brown without mentioning all of his important work in the civil rights movement what he meant to inner-city America I'm as mentioned in Southern California Jim for years worked to combat gang violence especially here in LA Jim Brown was a larger-than-life figure if we're just talking the hierarchy of the greatest running backs of them all in my mind he's clearly number one you can pick whomever you like from your generation remember what he walked away at the age of 30 that bears repeating this is not a Gale Sayers having to retire situation or Sandy Koufax having to give up baseball because the arm just would not respond anymore Jim had enough pride and knew his own value that he wasn't gonna accept the lowball offer from Art Modell and figured let's give Hollywood a shot and he made it work so we're just talking running backs Jim's in my view clearly number one understanding that Emmett has the all-time rushing title if we're thinking about the greatest football players of all time you're gonna tell me well fella named Tom Brady has all those rings that's not the conversation I'm having and I'm not doing Mount Rushmore's here I'm just giving you observations Tom Brady is the most accomplished football player of them all unless you want to talk Otto Graham and I'm doing mad dog Russo here but I don't really want a ton of championships also for the Cleveland Browns in the 1940s back in the All-American Football Conference but I'm not gonna get too far in the weeds here Jerry Rice was the player I thought was the greatest all-around football player and maybe I'm biased because I saw him in his prime when I was a local television anchor in San Francisco Jerry the best wide receiver of them all but I don't think it's really that much of a conversation I think Jim Brown was clearly the greatest football player we've ever seen I did not see him in person because he didn't come into league until 1957 and left at a very young age but I grew up watching NFL films if we're going to be comprehensive summing up the legacy of Jim Brown we have to mention he had polarizing episodes in his life go back to the late 60s when he was arrested on suspicion of assault with intent to commit murder against his girlfriend who police found semi-conscious and moaning as I read from the wire copy here on a concrete patio 20 feet below Brown's Hollywood apartment the theory of the case was she was thrown from the second story although the case went away because his girlfriend at the time told investigators she fell and Jim had a few more allegations of domestic violence that are serious and I don't want to overlook in fact as we wrap up this portion of his life and it's part of the overall summary in 1999 he was tried here in Southern California on domestic violence charges he was convicted of a misdemeanor on account of vandalism the judge required him to have a year of counseling and try to figure out what these issues with women were all about Jim Brown refused and instead had to face a six-month jail sentence and he served four months so I'm not just gonna sit here and go into the platitudes of Jim Brown Oh close your eyes as we go back to yesteryear Jim Brown had a complicated legacy and I don't want to overlook those important allegations but if we're just talking sports and this is a sports show after all nobody had a more impactful career as a running back and I think it's pretty clear he was the greatest football player of them all Brian Weber in for rich eyes and eight four four two oh four seven four two four your tweets available BW Weber Weber with two B's coming up I mentioned we'll get to the golf Koepke won the PGA Championship yesterday at Oak Hill how big of a victory was that for the live tour that's on the way Weber in for eisen it's the rich eisen show the boys of summer are playing on the believe podcast from product of baseball is much more watchable get your baseball fix from podcasts like wake and rake farm to show and ring the bell he's not really hitting ball through the screws plus local podcasts like believe in Astros and believe in the Bronx you're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation just search BLE AV podcast wherever you listen a Brian Weber always having a great time with you when I'm lucky enough to be in for rich and the guys Monday installment of the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four seven four two four Twitter handles VW Weber Weber with two B's just over fifteen minutes from now we will jump in our number two of the program shift our attention to Lakers and Nuggets tonight in Los Angeles Denver should feel very good captain obvious says about 30 series lead but I'm gonna tell you why this series unlike the absolute beatdown that we saw last night applied to the Celtics by the Heat why the series between Denver and LA really has come down to a handful of moments and tells us as much about a Nuggets team well coach learning how to win because that's the body of work in the postseason it's a learning curve in the NBA also reflects the limitations of the Lakers who do well just to make it this far that's coming up one hour from now roughly 1 40 Eastern Time we'll bring in our first guest talking NBA the wreckage of Boston and Miami and we'll look ahead to the NBA Finals it's not too early to start having that conversation when we check in with Curt Heelan lead NBA writer for NBC Sports we play the hits the goal is to be expansive get everybody involved not too narrow with our focus especially when I'm doing a show of this magnitude so I'm talking golf it's only gonna be related to a major there's only four of them I'm not breaking down the Ryder Cup ever or it's something Tiger related if I can do better in clock management here than Joe Missoula I can incorporate all of those elements let's start with the PGA Championship sought CBS hello friends you heard great coverage of course with our partners on Westwood one from Oak Hill so if you are interested in the actual details of what happened I'm not going hole by hole but a good sign if you're a Brooks Koepka fan that there was no lingering hangover from what he failed to achieve at the Masters and I don't want to split the baby here but it would be unfair to Koepka to say he gave away the green jacket yeah I didn't play well over the final 18 and remember the schedule got funky because of all the rain they had to play all of those holes on that marathon Sunday but to me the takeaway from the Masters was far more about Jon Rahm's brilliance than Koepka having a historic top 10 countdown days to remember and days to forget kind of swing of emotion so Koepka compartmentalizing maintained his focus he's excited when the PGA rolls around most of us to be fully honest don't care that much remember PGA used to be in August it became even more relevant than it already was it's the least prestigious of the four majors clearly but with the overwhelming attention we now pay to the NFL by the time we get to August most of us not only in the talk show business but as fans are far more interested in training camps and preseason football than the final major of the year so they pushed it to May trying to get it a little bit more resonance my favorite part of the PGA and the run-up this year understanding Tiger would not be there some of the commercials I saw saying it's the biggest trophy in our sport because the Wanamaker trophy is large and I know size matters cert your own joke there I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen we can have a conversation on Twitter BW Weber Weber with two B's but beyond the actual dimensions of that trophy the PGA championship is nothing close to the biggest competition in golf but Koepcke has been good there over the years won three PGA championships if you want a little bit of where that put some Tigers got for Jack and Walter Agan f5 that's good company to be in and now Koepcke up to five overall majors just one of 20 players in the history of golf to get to five majors so he has moved into a much more distinguished tier it means a lot to him it means a lot more to the live tour although just because Koepcke has one another major are you gonna find your CW affiliate if you even know what the CW is and watch the live tour in my opinion heck no because the live tour is a gimmick if you play 54 holes it's not legitimate it's an exhibition and Twitter had its jokes yesterday hey Koepcke remembered you got to play the final 18 when you actually compete in a real tournament we know what the live tour is it is abject greed by everyone involved it is a cash grab for the Saudis it's sports watching and I don't want to be more hypocritical than I normally am if I got the call from the live tour I've done a lot of sports I'm not gonna read the whole list for you gotta find my bio I wish there was a I wasn't pressured enough on a big word Monday plus nobody cares but golf would not be my thing my delivery is a little too big it's amazing I've survived 20 years of tennis channel I think but if the phone rang and they said hey we want to have a different presentation on our coverage on the CW the presentation was so jumbled last week when they were in Tulsa and the fact that I know this is very strange most of the affiliates 75% of that network quote-unquote cut away before the playoff because they don't even care but in terms of prestige it's a win for the live tour was it mean in terms of material practical takeaways nothing not one more viewer is gonna sit down with a remote control flip it around looking for the live tour we know what it is we understand it's gimmick of a setup if you've tried to watch on TV and now I do sound like I'm a thousand years old the graphics are distracting it looks like a video game they've tried to come up with a team concept all of it is a waste of time except for the participants because they've gotten paid obscene amounts of money because their employer has unlimited resources and the deepest pockets in all of sports so if we're looking for what does this mean the answer is nothing in my opinion I don't think one other person because you already knew that Koepka was a sensational talent yes from a historical standpoint five majors changes everything it puts you on a different plateau but it does not drive eyeballs it does not create interest from casual fans and golf is a niche sport let's just tell it like it is when Tigers not involved so if you care at all about the legal battles between the tours and the Justice Department interviewing golfers during the week heading into the PGA Championship in upstate New York and Rochester yeah that's an interesting sidebar topic and the continued sanctimony from Phil Mickelson who was irrelevant although you got to give Lefty credit he played damn well at Augusta saying that he views his job as the hold the PGA Tour accountable Phil just be honest you wanted the money and there are a lot of reports that Lefty needs the money because reportedly allegedly he likes to gamble reportedly allegedly you can read Alan Shipnuck's book for all of those details but if Tigers not out there most of you don't care unfortunately very unclear when we're gonna see Eldrick again another procedure trying to keep the leg from being as much of a negative factor as it was so painful to watch him limping around Augusta Tiger is a grinder however you view him this is his identity he's gonna be out there even if he has no chance of being competitive and I know he's shown glimpses but you got to do it for four rounds and unless they change this would be ironic unless they change the tradition and the bylaws and let him ride around in a cart where's Casey Martin is Stanford compadre when you need him that's not happening so unfortunately for Tiger it's only a question of what's the future look like when we see him is he really gonna be out there looking like half the person he was if you're interested in Tiger though you can always follow what's going on in the tabloids and I was generous today I go spend more time on the fallout from his legal case if you don't know all the details his former girlfriend is suing Tiger for 30 million dollars in part because he alleged or she alleged that he had a greed to allow him to continue their relationship she was going to be able to stay at his house for 11 years and then according to her allegation the locks were changed she was lured to a airport and told by an attorney the relationship is over she says there's an NDA involved judge claimed that was not a relevant matter in a court case on Friday winding down here in our number one that means we got a lot more to get to we'll get back to the NBA we'll check in with Kirk Heelan lead NBA writer for straight ahead are the Lakers even going to show up tonight with LeBron I don't think they mail it in they're not coming all the way back from a 3-0 deficit it's never happened in the history of the NBA will D'Angelo Russell even be allowed to play tonight has he been on the floor I've seen him or was that the ghost of D'Angelo Russell as Denver looks to make history complete the sweep if not tonight they get it done in a few nights at home in Denver advancing to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history another big hour on the way pick up the phone eight four four two oh four seven four two four I'm Brian Weber in for Rich Eisen we roll on on the Rich Eisen show you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules now get to know her on give them Lala with her assistant Jess what you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me I made her sit in a corner explain sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you waiting for me to finish dancing the 50 cent it's my birthday sit in the corner give them Lala wherever you listen
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