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REShow: Mike Tomlin & Josh Duhamel - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 18, 2023 3:49 pm

REShow: Mike Tomlin & Josh Duhamel - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 18, 2023 3:49 pm

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin tells Rich how he steeps each year’s rookie class in the way things are done in Pittsburgh’s organization, what his expectations are for 2nd-year QB Kenny Pickett, his thoughts on Pittsburgh’s 2023 NFL Draft class, and why he’s nowhere near being burnt out as an NFL head coach.

Actor Josh Duhamel joins Rich-in studio to discuss his new movie ‘Buddy Games: Spring Awakening,’ his Minnesota Vikings fandom and more. 

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This is The Rich Eisen Show.

It's a long three and go! Jimmy frickin' Butler puts it in! Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Honestly speaking, we don't care if we pick us to win.

We never have, we never will. Earlier on the show, 14 year NBA veteran Jim Jackson. Still to come, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. Director and director Josh Duhamel. Host of ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos, Alfonso Ribeiro. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Power number two, The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're so thrilled that you're joining us here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. Just had a great chat with our next in-studio guest.

Joining us in about 20 minutes time, Josh Duhamel. His publicist Ruth is here of course. You know her, TJ Jefferson.

You're not in Altoona, Pennsylvania anymore. Ruth and I, we've been around the world together. Come out here, you're chit-chatting. And I'm like, of course he knows her. Like, you know everybody here in this town.

We go back like a car seat. Okay, I like that. Very good. 844204 Rich, number to dial. The actor and host of America's Funniest Home Videos, Alfonso Ribeiro, will be here in studio hour number three. But we start hour number two with one of our favorite guests. And I'm not just saying that because he's on our phone line. But he is the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He does not do interviews like this very often, so we always appreciate it when he stops by the Rich Eisen Show, as he is about to do. Mike Tomlin back here on the program. How you doing, coach? Doing great, Rich. Always great to be on with you.

Right back at you. What is life like for Mike Tomlin, middle of May? What's it like? What are you doing these days? I'm working on my cardio. I'm on the other side of the draft, so we're out of the draft room, man. I'm trying to get in shape while at the same time I'm getting an opportunity to kind of get the first look at the beginnings of our football team.

We've done a lot in free agency, and now that rookie mini camp is over, we have, you know, essentially the team in here working, and so starting to get a sense of what that collective looks like. Okay, so I'm mandated to ask. Are we talking treadmill? Are we talking stationary bike?

What do we talk about here? Elliptical. Elliptical. Okay, very good. Elliptical. And what do we have, 20 minutes, 30 minutes? I'd love to know what you're working on.

I do 45 in the morning, and I try to do 20 or so at night. Wow, wow. Very impressive. You're leading by example, which you always do. I appreciate that. Is there a sit-down that you have with the rookies one-on-one or en masse that you do every year to tell them about your program, the Steeler Way? Is there something you do every year with these guys? Coach?

You're not kidding, Rich, man. As a matter of fact, it's a program. It runs almost daily, days there at work, rookie life skills.

It starts every day at 1 o'clock. It's a variety of things. Today, it's nutrition. Yesterday, it was social media savviness and community relations. Earlier this week, we had Clinton Cordes in, talking to those guys about his story, gave him a lot of latitude.

So we do former players. We do specific things pertaining to being professional, money management. There is so much to talk about with these young people. We put it on the calendar.

We chew off a little bit of it just about every day, and that will continue now for the next month or so. What do you say to them specifically, Coach? I tee up all of the discussions. I try to bring professionals or experts in. Yeah, I have perspective on money management because I've lived a little bit. I've made some good moves.

I've made some bad. But more than anything, I see it up. I talk to them about we have resources and relationships to help them. We bring them and connect them with experts that can educate them and assist them in ways they may need to be assisted. So more than anything, I tee up the discussions or provide a little color or provide a legitimate story or two to let them know that the skills that we're working on are real. And if the issues haven't hit them in the face already, they will very soon.

So I do need to ask you, and whatever you're willing to share, I'd love to hear the whole setup you have to social media, Mike Tomlin. What do you say to these guys about that? Hey, you know, Rich, it is getting much easier, to be quite honest with you.

Okay. Ten years ago, man, the guys were less savvy. The platforms were more new. They didn't grow up with exposure to it, and so they would trip over themselves quite a bit. This generation of players, I mean, Twitter has been around since these guys were eight, nine years old or whatever now, and so they're less apt to trip over some of the things that guys used to. More than anything, we talked to them about how to appropriately use it for their initiatives, whether it's expanding their brand, you know, projects or things that they want to support and things of that nature. It's more educational in that way in terms of expanding its use, as opposed to where maybe the conversation five, ten years ago was more do's than don'ts. I love that, more do's than don'ts. So do you say to them, no going live in the locker room? Do you say something like that?

See, that's what I mean, you know. Years ago, man, that was a hot button topic, right? The platforms were new. There were no guidelines.

There were no do's and don'ts in those areas. You know, those conversations are really not necessary anymore because time just provides clarity. And so, you know, although everyone knows the story, I don't know that it's necessary to have formal discussions about that anymore.

Anybody that's in those, you know, marching in that territory these days, probably is just not sharp enough to be with us. Mike Tomlin here on the Rich Eisen Show, everybody. All right, so let's just jump into your quarterback here, Coach, and what you expect now from Kenny Pickett, year two, it's his team, full control from jump. What do you expect here? What do you talk to him about? You know, I expect him to kill it, you know, and I'll describe what I mean by that.

You know, it's the second lap around the track. He's no longer speculating in terms of what this business is about, what the job demands, what the challenges are, what the feel of the process is like, whether it's getting ready for a season or getting ready for a week. He has all of that experience. And so I just think it's reasonable for him to have significant growth in all areas with that understanding, to be more engaged in the process and to have an opinion about the process, to lead more comfortably in his own voice because he has deeper relationships with his teammates. He's delivered for them some and so credibility is there and so it's reasonable to feel that comfort.

I'm just looking for him to take a significant step in all areas because he's in position to. He has experience. He's performed some. He has relationships. He's had some challenges.

All of those things are platforms for growth. And aside from those things, man, he loves it. He's a gym rat. He likes to work. He's communicative.

He just has all the intangible things that you would expect from a guy at that position, but really at any position to take a step from year one to year two. Have you noticed a difference just in between the times where you saw him last and you saw him first in this calendar year? I think we can trick ourselves into saying, boy, Kenny really looks good.

Boy, he really looks comfortable. I don't know that there's a significant difference. I don't know that we've faced enough challenges or done enough official business for that to be revealed at this point. But we as coaches, man, we can trick ourselves all the time and lie to ourselves. Kenny's on it this week. We just haven't been faced with enough challenges for me to really assess that at this juncture.

Well, you also are trying to help him out. Let's talk about the draft a little bit. Mike Tomlin here on the Rich Eisen Show. You took the kid from Georgia at tackle. You got Broderick Jones in your camp right now.

You jumped the line. Now, when the Steelers jumped the line, did you know the Jets are on the clock at this certain time because they swapped spots with Green Bay and you might have to go get this kid because the Jets might prevent you from getting him? Was that a thought process, Coach?

Yeah, we were speculating there. Plus, it was a run on the position starting, I think, with Darnell Wright at about 10, where they were coming off pretty clean. We just had that as a position of priority. We had Broderick as an individual of priority. And so we knew with the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers and so forth, they might be fishing in those waters. And so we did what we thought we needed to do to get the player in the position that we coveted. And did you find the one trading partner that you knew would love to let somebody jump the Jets for a prospect the Jets wanted in Belichick? Mike Tomlin, did you? You know, I'm not going to delve into the relationship between New England and the Jets. Let's just say I'm glad we found a partner. Because I'm sitting there on the draft set saying, oh, what an interesting trade partner for somebody who just jumped the line for somebody that we all thought the Jets were going to take.

I'll put it this way, there wasn't a lot of hesitation on New England's end. What do you like about this Bulldog? What do you like about him?

What do you like? I like that he's, first of all, he's really talented, the things that you can't coach, the pedigree related things. He's big and powerful, he's athletic. He's got really good body control. He's experienced a lot of success. You know, there's no substitute for success, individual success, collective success, the national championship he's been a part of.

I think all of that's a good platform for building a quality career. And he's done it all in a very short period of time. He's a third year junior. He just turned 22, I think, two days ago. And that's exciting for me. I love young guys.

I like to be a part of their growth and development, not only as players but as people. He's just got a nice, he's a nice piece of clay, as we like to say. He's got a lot of tools to work with. He's got a nice demeanor. He loves the game. He's an outgoing personality.

He's an alpha personality type. All of those things were attractive to him. I'm sure, and Mike Tomlin here on the Rich Hudson Show, you had a ton of offers. Omar Khan and everybody there had a ton of offers between the last pick of night one and the first pick of night two when you decided to stay put and take Joey Porter Jr. What was your thought process in that whole moment in time, coach?

We were open to doing business, particularly if someone was interested in doing some drastic business. You know, if someone really wanted that pick. We just didn't get enough action to stimulate us. There was a guy there that we were very familiar with that we thought was definitely worthy of that pick. We probably would have been comfortable with him much earlier than that. There was a position of need for us. It was going to take a significant maneuver by someone to get us off the spot, but we were open.

It's just prudent business to be open. I don't think you ever did coach Joey Porter. I think he left just as you were arriving back in the day, but it's kind of wild, right? Joey Porter's kid wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform, coach? It's really cool. My son and Joey Jr. are really good friends. They have been since they were middle school age.

He's been at my house quite a bit over the years. It's just a really interesting and cool thing to be able to do business with someone. If you've got a personal relationship, you know their background and you've known them since they were kids.

You're not compromising any of the things that you value in terms of the business component of it, the need and all of that. It's just really cool, man. It's something that I think we're all excited to be a part of.

Just giving a different meaning to the term playdate, huh? It's no doubt. A couple more minutes left with Mike Tomlin. I do want to ask you about Darnell Washington, his health and what you think he can do. Seeing him at the combine, he abused the sleds, abused them in a way that some of the linemen didn't. And we all know what he can do on a route.

What do you see for him, coach? It's been so fun, the evaluation process, because when I was evaluating Broderick, I was essentially evaluating Darnell at the same time. So much of their success, particularly in the run game, was tied to those two guys being shoulder to shoulder and moving people and doing the things that they do.

It was a two for one. Washington is really talented. He's got an awesome story. I love his appetite for the position, the blocking component of the position.

He's a throwback, if you will. He's a guy that really has really good knowledge of self and he embraces his skill set. He's excited about the blocking component of the game. And I just think it's awesome when you've got a guy that values that. His health is really good. You know, we're just going to work with him closely about just the day to day management of things in an effort to elongate his career and to stay ahead of it, probably more than anything. But that's an education process that we're taking all the young guys through. It's just part of being a professional, taking care of your body, making this in your body, staying ahead of ailments that could slow you down at some point, establishing the type of day to day habits that's going to allow him to be consistently available. And so that process is going great. But boy, I'm really excited about him and his skill set and his shared relationship with Broderick.

I think it's just an added bonus. Last one for you, Mike Tomlin. This entire conversation, if anybody's wondering whether your passion for the NFL and the Steelers and just coaching men and being part of this community is in any way, shape or form, entering a 17th year, not the same. I do want to give you the floor on how you stay fresh as an H.C. in the NFL like this.

Rich, it is so easy to be quite honest with you. I'm not going to act like it's hard. First, I absolutely love football. I love the challenges that that this profession and my job presents. I love working with players and helping them grow individually and collectively. And so the collection of guys changes every year. There are different stages of their career. Man, I'm excited about working with Cam Hayward in terms of helping him elongate the end of his career. I'm excited about working with Broderick, laying a foundation to get the start of his career out of the station, if you will. So, you know, when I get out of my car every day, man, the challenges are many and often ever changing. And I love it all.

Well, I mean, I'm not telling any tales out of school. I mean, so many people in your position can also go into a television booth or studio, coach, and still be around the league and still have that sense of competition and not the wins and losses and the ups and downs and the pressures. And people saying, you know, you haven't done this, you haven't done that. And that option is definitely available to you, coach. I absolutely love what you describe as pressure. I like the challenges. I like to compete. I like to be questioned. I like to be up against it. I just got enough knowledge of self that I just know that I need that in my life.

Man, if I wasn't working in that way, man, I'd probably drive my wife crazy. And, you know, I just really don't have a strong desire to evaluate my peers in that way, to participate in the game in that way. I respect it and I appreciate it. I think our fans need it. I think it's very helpful to us in terms of bridging the gap between what we do and helping our fans appreciate it. It's just not my area of expertise or desire, man.

I like to get my nails a little bit more dirty. Coach, as I mentioned at the top of the interview, I don't take for granted you calling in the show as much as you have throughout the years and once again here. Truly appreciate it.

Love talking to you. Makes me want to run through a wall. I literally would run through a wall right now.

It's pretty crazy. Man, hey, hey, hey. Stay by your phone, man. I may need you. I need time. I'm here. I can hear you. Oh, oh.

Let me leave you in a better spot. Here's a great way, I don't know if you need this, when you talk to your players about social media, here's a phrase that you might want to borrow. Hover before you hit send. Hover with your thumb. Hover before hitting send.

That might be a way to go about it. Hover. Think about it. Rich.

What do you think? Rich, I appreciate that. Take it. Take it. That's that big blue education, man.

Much respect to Big Blue. I noticed you didn't draft any of them, but that's okay. It's all right. Not every year.

It doesn't have to... Stay tuned. Pace yourself. It's all good. Thanks for the call, coach. Appreciate it. You know it always, brother.

Take care. Right back at you. That's Mike Tomlin, everybody. The Pittsburgh Steelers bringing his Mike Tomlin game. As always. Like I said, you want to bet against him?

Of course not. Steelers are making the playoffs. I hope all Steelers fans just heard that from beginning to end. And understand. What a treasure. How lucky you are. You're so lucky. You have no idea how lucky you are.

I understand nine and eight. That's not what you want. He doesn't want it either. So lucky.

Consistency and excellence and passion and understanding and caring. I mean... Rich, time provides clarity. Time provides clarity. You like that one? I like that one. That's not a bad one. Not bad.

Time provides clarity. He wants to get his nails dirty. He doesn't want to go in a booth. He's never been around Michael Irvin or Mooch eating with their hands. I've seen it.

I've seen it. He's awesome. He is.

844-204, Rich. Number two now. Let's take a break. Josh Duhamel, for crying out loud. Going to be a tough two-shot for the kid, but I'm going to do it because despite there being an eye in Rich and Eisen, I'm a team player as well.

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It's not really hitting ball through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. We just gave a round of applause to Josh Duhamel.

We just saw a clip on the Roku Channel only segment of Buddy Games Spring Awakening available in select theaters tomorrow and on digital June the second. Yes. Well done.

Thank you. Oh, I wish we would have shown your cameo in this thing. Well, you know what? That's people who've got to go see it. By the way, it's not just my cameo. It's Chris Brockman's cameo, Mike Del Tufo, TJ Jefferson. We're all in it in a fantastic film opening montage. Don't want to spoil too much. You got to see it. Yeah.

We're not the only ones in it as well. It's very well done. Thank you.

And we just saw a clip again at a funeral where an urn gets passed around amongst much of the cast like it's a football. So I have to ask, I have to ask this question to start our interview off Josh Duhamel. What are you most proud of? You're directing, by the way, we're very well directed scene.

Thank you. Or that throw of the urn, that was quite the spiral. Which one are you most proud of? I think I'm more proud of the throw. I mean, that thing was a little bit bigger than a football, so it was a little bit. And I actually had to rifle it a few times for Dylan to catch it. And one of the times I threw it and it went right through his hands and oh no, broke his glasses, cut his nose. I'll never forget him.

I'll never forget him. Like, oh, he looks up, I see blood, he's like, am I okay? Am I okay? And I was like, we got to get you looked at. And so yeah, we're lucky he didn't break a nose.

So we had to call a time out on filming that day. Well, for a minute, but he's a gamer, that dude. He jumped right back in.

Kevin Dylan is Kevin Dylan. He is such a stud, that dude. But he also, he needs better hands.

Terrible hands, come on. Went through. I got to take some stink off of it when I'm throwing such a short pass. You only know one speed and you can zip it in there. Fantastic. I'm like the kid from Kentucky, Will Leviss. Will Leviss. Just one speed. He has a cannon. Yes.

And he's not afraid to tell everybody about it. You're the Will Leviss of Buddy Game's Spring Awakening. So what does that make Kevin Dylan? Oh, don't do that. We can't play it.

We can't do any receivers like that. Yeah, I don't know. Now, you played quarterback, right? Back in the day? A long time ago.

Right? I'm at State University. Okay.

Yeah, go beavers. So way before Carson Wentz and Trey Lance, there was Josh Duhamel. They were babies when I was there. I played there from 92 to 94. Okay.

92, 93, 94, 95. You were the original North Dakota quarterback that people need to talk about. There were a few before me, but yes. I'm sure.

I'm sure. So Buddy Game's Spring Awakening, you directed this. A hell of a cast, man.

This is a lot of fun. Yeah. You put these guys together. It looks like this would have been a... It just looks on the screen that the shoot itself was similar potentially to the actual film here.

Yeah. I mean, I wanted this to... This is... Listen, we're not making high art here. I wanted to make a movie that I would want to see. I love the Todd Phillips movies. I love the Fairleigh Brothers movies. This movie is ridiculous. But it had to be reminiscent of my actual buddies who the movie is based on. Yes. And I needed guys who felt like that, who when you watch this, you believe that these guys would ride or die with each other. So wait a minute.

How much of this is based on real like... So every year, Rich, we do the Buddy Games. Me and my buddies have done it for like 25 years. Right. And probably even before that, it started with wiffle ball and it just sort of is an excuse to get the guys back together.

Every third weekend of August, every single year, we all get together in it for a weekend of ridiculous games. So you got something that you don't mind revealing from the film that you actually did? Like this is... That you've... Yeah.

From either of them? Yeah. Well, so the story of this one is that after we steal the urn like you just saw, we flee in my helicopter, which I took to the funeral, which people normally do.

I told you it was high art. And when we're up in the air, we realize, holy crap, what did we just do? We just break the law. Are we going to jail?

Yeah. And then we're like, no, we're not going to jail, but we've got to figure out what we're going to do with this urn. Where are we going to spread his ashes? And we decide we're going to go where Durphy, Dax Shepard's character from the first movie, was happiest where he first fell in love, and that was spring break 1997. And so we decided we're just going to go back to the beach, not knowing that right in the middle of spring break. We're just going to go to the beach, have a peaceful sort of goodbye, and we get there and we're still in our suits from the funeral and we realize it is right in the middle of it. And of course, we decided, well, we're here, we might as well have a beer, okay, two beers. Or 19. And a shot, maybe two shots, and then we're going to go home.

And so from there, it just goes completely off the rails. And it's now in theaters coming up this very Friday, select theaters tomorrow and then on digital June 2nd. The director and one of the stars of Buddy Game's Spring Awakening, Josh Duhamel here on The Rich Eisen Show. And also in this film, James Rodé Rodriguez, fellow Viking fan, Nick Swardson, is in this program as well. Yeah, that's how I first met Nick.

What do you mean? Well, just out of, I think it was a Vikings baseball game or football game or something or somewhere at some point in the years. And probably when I first started in this business 23 years ago, I think I met him and he had his Vikings hat on.

That was like the first time we really connected and we've always stayed in touch then. So we had Swardson on, it wasn't the past Vikings postseason, it was maybe two or three years prior or a few years ago. He came on and Vikings, I think that was the one where they beat New Orleans, right? That was unfortunately, you can remember the one time that they won in the playoffs with Kirk Cousins, unfortunately. Well, we won the year before with Case Keenum, I believe was the miracle. Maybe that's when it was, because they went on a great run all the way to Philadelphia. And then got our asses kicked.

That is correct. But the following year we beat the Saints again in New Orleans with Cousins, Phelan and Rudolph both had amazing catches in that game. They did, in overtime. Anytime we beat Sean Payton, I am all about it. Oh, that dude.

What do you got against him? I mean, Bountygate against Favre, says he didn't know anything about it, but he did. And then at the Minneapolis Miracle, I was actually at that game too. And we were kicking their butts the whole game and they came back and we're about to win it. Correct. And he starts going to the crowd like, oh, oh, oh, he's doing the scold, like mocking the fans and then we hit that pass to win the game. Yes you did.

Couple seconds left. You know the Vikings play the Broncos this year. I don't know if you're aware of that. Do we? Yes you do.

You will cross paths with Mr. Payton again. But don't you kind of respect that in a way? Like so many coaches. Respect what?

Coaches are very corporate. Like they don't do smack. I mean- Listen, I don't mind just talking smack. That didn't bother me. The Bountygate really bothered me.

That was a dirty pool. I could understand that. I could understand that.

Yeah, that one. Because that was our year. That was our year to go to the Super Bowl. Well, the reason why I brought up Swartzon, not only because he's in your movie, but I do believe that year he was going to come on in the middle of the playoffs and he was booked and he calls me up and he goes, I'm not going to be able to make it. And I'm like, that's fine. Like, cool.

And he goes, I got to tell you why, because he calls me up and he tells me the reason why is because they won that first week in the playoffs, he had to go back to the same spot in the same bar to sit in the same chair, because if they lost, he would blame it on himself for not being back in the same spot. And I'm like, okay, first of all, I appreciate you wanting to call and explain to me why you're canceling on the program. And I respect it. I respect it, despite the insanity. That's very superstitious. Don't you think?

I mean- Yeah. He's a weird bird. He's a weird bird. And that's why you have him in your film as well, right? He's Nixon. Who, Sean Payton? No, Nick Swardson. Oh, I thought you were talking about Sean Payton.

No, this is Nixon. Oh, you're talking about Nick Swardson did this? Yeah, he called me up. He's like, I can't do it. Yeah, that sounds- Wow.

That's what he said. He's also very social. He's got like a social thing. I think every time we need to go do press for this movie, the last one and this one, he suddenly disappears. What do you mean, he ghosts on you? Yes. That's two years.

Actually, I did one interview with him yesterday and he was in Florida and it was the day after his birthday. So it was an interesting- He was beat up. A little bit. He played hurt. He played hurt. Nick played a little hurt.

He did. But I got to say, that dude shows up in a big way for these movies. He shows up on days he's not even working just to help punch scenes up. I love Nick. I do too.

He's one of my best friends. Buddy Games, Spring Awakening here, Josh Duhamel on The Rich Eisen Show. So it's also, this film is perfectly timed. You're I'm sure completely unaware of this, but Chris Brockman's about to go appear at a charity golf tournament this weekend as a celebrity and he has been billed as an actor. Really? Yes. I got to say, man, you did a really nice job in your cameo for the movie. All you guys did. It's perfectly timed because when he shows up in the fivesome as the actor celebrity of the group and they can look at him and say, what have you been in?

Hey, in select theaters near you this very weekend, Buddy Games, Spring Awakening. You know what, Rich? You're like, you're like the Steph Curry of sports talk. Okay.

How so? You just, you, you, you're not a, you don't, you don't need the limelight. You are the leader. I share the basketball. Clearly you've got the biggest desk, but you also have these, you also have these amazing guys that you let shine, you know, just like Steph Curry. And I could still make the big shot when needed. Exactly.

That's pretty much too. Let's talk, can we talk about your 40 really quick? Please? Sure. I was addicted. I was addicted to you over the draft.

I'm a big draft junkie. Thank you. And, and every year I watched this, I watched the 40 yard dash in the suit. That's become, that's become a real thing. It is. Look at, look at the logo. It's basically Jordan's logo.

That is it. It's me running the, and the funny thing is, is that when they first came up with the logo of the show, the idea of it and put it in front of me saying, what do you think? About now, nine years ago, the, the silhouette was too accurate to my form where the right leg was kicked out, like awkwardly, and I watched them Photoshop it into a much more athletic pose. Yes, but you've worked on your form.

I can tell you actually go out and do sprints well in advance of that race. Come on. Let's be honest. I don't want to ruin the magic. I don't want to show you the man behind the curtain.

You were just like, bam, bam, bam. What's your 40 time? Do we know? Six, two, four. That's pretty good. And a full suit. And he's 53.

53. On top. Still light on your feet, you know, he's still got, he's still got some balance. Bless you, sir. Yeah.

I appreciate you saying that. I don't know. Mine would not look like that. I'll tell you that right now. It would not. What do you mean? I just, you know, I just, if you ran a 40, my legs don't have the same bounce they used to.

They don't. I have a feeling you, I have a feeling you could, you could do six. You'd run a six. I don't know. We'll see.

Not probably not in a suit. Okay. Yeah.

But I do have a very important note to make. Do you have a looser fitting suit for that particular race? I don't. No. No.

It's perfectly tailored. And I just think, I just, I think fast. That's it.

That's it. I just try to be fast. But I don't train. I don't train at all.

Which upsets Suze. I don't believe it. It upsets my life significantly that I do not train. I don't. But I appreciate you saying it. Are you going to be doing that?

You're going to be doing that until you're 75 years old. I don't think so. Come on, man. You're thinking of dropping the mic after that. Really? I don't know. Yeah. I mean, at some point, you know.

You got to keep doing it. All right. As long as you don't pull something or break something. If you're asking. Can't we just do a charity golf tournament? No. Yeah. Let's do it. By the way, if you want to rerun it at the Rose Bowl every year, you want to run it next year?

What, the 40? Yeah. I'll come out and run that with you.

I'm literally giving you 11 months of a heads up. Okay. I'll start training. Yeah. I will start training.

There you go. Do I have to wear a suit? No. I will if you need me to.

I will wear a full Vikings uniform. Okay. What'd you think of their draft? I think they did a good job. Nobody knows.

It's hard to say. You know, Addison seems really talented. We had him here, what, three weeks before the draft? You wanted him in New England, Chris. I did. I wanted him to see work.

You wanted him in the worst way. Yeah. Yeah.

I think he's going to be good. Yes, I think. And he, I think he emulates digs, doesn't he? I think that's what he, so you kind of. I mean, I wasn't sure that was our biggest need. Right. I mean, we've got, we've got really good receivers and tight ends already, but. Defensively is probably what you were thinking about.

Defensively is what I was thinking because we were so, you know, porous last year. Right. But I trust O'Connell. I think that those guys have a good. I do like him.

A good handle on what this team needs. I like, what do you think about Jaron Hall from BYU? Again, it's just another one where, sure, I've heard about him and it's not like I'm an all 22 tape head, but yeah, and everyone thinks he's very talented. I have no idea. Yeah.

We have zero idea. You know, so much of it comes down to the program that they're in, how well they develop within that and how, how they can translate whatever abilities they have to this next level, because some really can and some of them kind of buckle, right? You know, it's going to be interesting to see how he, how he develops. Before I let you go. I'm going to get a, a good James Caan story out of you from back to the day.

Where do I begin? I got to keep this PG though, right? 13. PG 13. You know, cusp of R. All right. You know, a little bit more, a little bit less blue than, than Buddy Games' Spring Awakening. Yes.

Yes. I mean, there's so many, I just dearly love that dude. He was just such a great mentor to me.

The first one, the first he'd be the first one to say, Hey kid, do as I do, do as I say, don't do as I did. You know, he was, I remember where he was, there's a few of them, but this is the one that comes to the top of my head is that we were in a, we were talking about movies and what our favorite movies were. And I said the Godfather and I was talking about what I loved about it and I asked him, have you ever met Brando?

He's like, are you kidding me? I was Sonny, you d**k. So hold on a second, you were in that movie, it slipped your mind that he was in the Godfather? I didn't connect the two at the time. Of course I knew he was Sonny Corleone in the movie, but I was, I didn't connect it when I was talking about Brando and the Godfather for whatever reason.

How did you, how do you come back from that? I don't think he ever fully regained any respect after that. But I can understand, like if you're around him personally, he's just Jimmy Khan. We had him on the show multiple times, I've been to his charity golf tournament multiple times before he passed.

And you know, obviously he's the iconic James Caan. Well, he's that guy who to, for better or worse was, he was the most affable dude you could ever meet. He would talk to everybody on set, he always had a story. But one of his downfalls in a way was that when things were too copacetic, when things were too nice and peaceful, it made him antsy and he would figure out something to, you'd stir the pot. He was a mixer.

Yeah. He needed drama around him in order to like really feel like he was alive. But to be around him, man, on a TV show set like that? He would do things like, I was green.

I had only been on a soap opera for three years before that, so I was still very green. And I remember we'd do a scene and I think like, I'm doing the dance of Jimmy Caan right now. Okay, here we go.

I'm going to act my balls off now. We do the scene, he'd look at me and go, hey kid, come here for a minute. And I was like, oh no, here we go. Every time he said, hey kid, come here for a minute, I knew that he had a full ledger of notes that he wanted to walk me through.

But you know what? At the time I was like, I was uncomfortable because he was literally giving me notes after a scene or for the next take. And thank God he did because it made me a better actor. He really did take the time to teach me what he knew. A blessing. Yeah. Pretty cool, man.

Truly. Check out Buddy Games Spring Awakening available in select theaters again tomorrow and on digital June the second. You will enjoy the works of Josh Duhamel and Kevin Dylan, Nick Swardson and Chris Brockman. Also an actor. Yes.

Just in time for him to show off his acting credits. I went plural. Thank you. Thank you. Okay.

Acting credits for the charity golf outing. There you go. Very good. Thanks for coming on. Hey, thanks for having me. You're the best. You guys are the best. Thanks.

Josh Duhamel on both Twitter and Instagram. Check it all out. We'll be right back with more on The Rich Eisen Show in a moment.

All righty. The Rich Eisen Show radio network. Once again, you know, our guests come in here and they are very comfortable telling stories and whatever. So an S-bomb just got dropped and we apologize for that.

But we love Josh Duhamel. Go see his movie, Buddy Games Spring Awakening in a theater near you. What a great story.

You know, what the heck? I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Again, perfect timing. Chris, when you're taking a flight to Jacksonville tonight, I imagine?

In three hours. Fantastic. And Suze will be in that seat tomorrow and I appreciate her pinch hitting. I think you're going to set her up with a What's More Likely for tomorrow. Terrific. But I bring all this up that you're going to Jacksonville tonight.

It is the Kevin Rahm Charity Golf Tournament in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. You know what that means to me and us here. And we've been talking all week. This is I mean, it's been so much fun that we learned on the air that you revealed to us that you are you've been billed as actor as the celebrity in the group actor, not Rich Eisen Show cohort. Not even that. That would be even more accurate than actor. But perfect. I mean, perfect jabroni, jabroni, jabroni. That's more fitting than actor, jabroni.

On Tuesday, maybe Emmy winner. Say it loud. That's how you do it. You're going to meet all of us in New York City over the weekend. Last Monday and Tuesday, we'll be we'll be off, hopefully collecting a few golden ladies, you know? I don't know, Rich.

I think the problem is if this does happen, God willing, I don't think any of us are going to know how to act after I don't think any of us are going to act. Mike, Mike, Mike. Walk us through what it's like.

Please, Mike. Walk us through what it's like. You're not even going to be there. I know I'm sad.

No, I know that. You've got to stay here, though. I understand. You're helping out, Mike.

It's your your again. And I am going to the Lakers game Monday night. There you go. She has an addendum.

Good to know. I mean, I guess somebody asked me if I wanted to go and I'm taking a date. Oh, you're working here? Or you're going as a date. Oh, I'm taking a date.

We'll just keep it at that. Well, again, I hope we're all going to be hanging out with our new friend, Emmy. I'm not going to be with you guys. At any rate, you're so sad that you're taking a date to the Lakers game.

So hopefully we'll come back on the air next week and we'll get full accounting of of Emmy wins. And Mike, is the date that you're taking to the Laker game named Emmy? Is that her name? No. OK. All right. Long story short.

Sorry. When you arrive in Jacksonville, will you go look up a theater that has Buddy Games Spring Awakening in that actual establishment? So when they say to you, oh, what movies have you been in?

What what do you know? What what have you been in? You go, as a matter of fact, just down the street, you know, at the whatever movie theater it's called. I'm in that movie right there. And how many people who are actual actors at this tournament would be able to say that you might be one of the only ones I actually have a movie in a theater right now here in Jacksonville.

Maybe that's why they build them as such. Tell me about your TV show, Richard Kind. There is an AMC Classic 12 that has Buddy in Jacksonville in Jackson. Hey, you got to go sign autographs. Yeah. Yeah. Just go stand outside. We're going to come out. Hey, everybody. Look who's on the ticket holder line signing autographs.

Is there such a thing? Ticket holder lines anymore? I am. I don't know. And it's a good question.

Last one I was on one of them was, I think, for Revenge of the Jedi, Return of the Jedi. That's amazing. Let's get some show time. You know, you take pictures.

Look, man, we were just walking around, you know, Phoenix and people were stopping us. So I don't see any reason why he's hand. He hangs out side the AMC. You know. Let's do this.

He does. I would. Fantastic. Fantastic. All right. Let's go to the phone lines here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Been hanging on forever. Who's that in here in Los Angeles? Cy.

Cy in LA. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Cy? Hey, Rich. How you doing, guys?

What's going on? Is your last name Young? No.

Is it Sperling? I get the question a lot when people ask who I'm named after. Okay. You just say Cy Young. You know, you spell it like Cy Young.

Got it. But no, my last name is actually Creamer, like Coffee Creamer. Oh, Cy Creamer. Cy Creamer. All right.

Yeah, which works amazing in audition rooms. Okay. It's always a joke. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, but no, I've been thinking about calling a bunch of times, but today felt like a good day because the superstitions came up.

I came out, I was born a Buffalo Bills fan, let's say that, due to my mom and her fandom, and I've had superstitions for so long, and I actually, I had a resentment against an ex-girlfriend because she made me move my position. I had to go from her room watching the Buffalo Bills versus the Dallas Cowboys in the Sunday Night Football game 16 years ago to a different TV because she wanted to watch The Hills, and we lost by a field goal. So it's her fault? It's her fault? It's her fault. It's her fault or The Hills' fault?

Which one is it? Is it Sophia Bush's fault or your girlfriend's fault? Was she in that? No. The Hills? It's everybody's fault.

I never watched an episode of The Hills, seat of the resentment. I called my uncle afterwards, and he was like, well, it was nice knowing her. Come on. That's harsh. Those superstitions are tough.

I had a friend last year who was like, how does it feel to be that powerful? That's true. That's the whole thing, exactly. That's the call, Cy. Appreciate it. That's Cy. Sure. Thanks for taking it. You got it. That's Cy Creamer, everybody. Hey.

Traveling around L.A. Here we go. Everybody. Is he in Van Nuys? Alright. So.

That means he's an hour away. Wow. So. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. You're better. Are you that? You're not that superstitious, are you? Like, I used to be, when I was a kid.

No. When I was younger watching Yankee games, I literally thought I was by where I was watching affecting balls and strikes and that sort of thing. Oh, what I was wearing. I made sure I ate the same lunch that day. Did you really? Just like crazy dumbbells.

Coop this year for Little League, he had to have bacon and eggs before each one. You loved Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner.

Explain. Sit in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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