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REShow: Alfonso Ribeiro - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 18, 2023 3:50 pm

REShow: Alfonso Ribeiro - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 18, 2023 3:50 pm

Rich weighs in on the San Antonio Spurs winning the Draft Lottery for the right do draft 7’4” Euro phenom Victor Wembanyama.

Alfonso Ribeiro joins Rich in-studio to discuss the season finale of ‘America’s Funniest Videos,’ says why it’s extremely humbling to play a round of golf with 4-time major champion Rory McIlroy, tells a MUST HEAR story about Michael Jackson’s sequined glove, and reveals the origin story behind the Carlton Dance from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. It's a long three, and go! Jimmy freaking Butler puts it in! Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Honestly speaking, we don't care if you pick us to win.

We never have, we never will. Earlier on the show, 14-year NBA veteran Jim Jackson, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, actor and director Josh Duhamel. Still to come, host of ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos, Alfonso Ribeiro. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show on the air.

What a great hour we just had. And I don't mean to say that to people who might have just missed it to make you feel. It's not passive aggressive. It's not.

It's just it's just the way I feel. And but if you did miss it, it re-airs right here on the Roku channel as soon as this hour is over. We re-air every single day on Channel 210 on the Roku channel until we're live again, as we will on Friday's program. We had an hour, number one. Jim Jackson just made us smarter about everything in the NBA playoffs. Terrific insight about what Pat Riley and Eric Spolstra have built together in Miami. He was on the heat when Spolstra was a film guy and Pat Riley was their coach playing with their heads. He told a great story on that front about last night's Eastern Conference Final Game One, what can happen tonight in Denver between the Lakers and the Nuggets.

And then an hour or two, Mike Tomlin. How great was that conversation? So awesome. He's so good. Everybody, again, if you missed it, you could see it on our YouTube page, The Rich Eisen Show collection right here on The Rich Eisen Show Roku channel page.

It's video on demand. There's our podcast. It's a great example of what it's like to be in a meeting room with Tomlin when you're broadcasting one of their games. You know, last year prior to Christmas Eve, as you know, that was a very emotional night with the immaculate reception 50th anniversary and Franco Harris had passed away and Tomlin was emotional, but he was also really, really intense, but also really engaging. And, you know, it's like the convergence of, you know, a celebration of the immaculate reception and then a sudden funeral for Franco. And then it's holiday time, but it's also winning time.

They needed to win that football game significantly to have a shot at the playoffs the following week. And, you know, it was just an amazing half hour sitting with him. And what you heard an hour or two is exactly what it's like sitting with the guy telling you about his team, being very honest, being funny, forthright, engaging, intense. I remember I called up Mike Torrico afterwards and I'm like, I just had a meeting with Tomlin and he's like, that's one of the best meetings you have all year long when you're doing week after week. Love the guy. And he brought his A-game, as always, Josh Duhamel in hour number two. Funny story about James Caan.

That's amazing. From the set of Vegas. We're about to have Alfonso Ribeiro come out season 33 of America's Funniest Home Videos. And he will be joining us shortly on this program. And the PGA Championship is going down right now in Rochester, New York.

And he's a diehard player himself. He'll be coming out here to break everything down as well as have a fun chat coming up here on the program. As you know, I was out yesterday. Suze was here, chatted with Shaq, chatted with Lisa Salters and a lot of NBA talk going down.

And also Victor Wembanyama front and center. I was not in the chair yesterday. Just want to give my two cents. I did watch the draft lottery go down.

I'm not going to lie. I was rooting for a similar result to one of the six we came up with and running our own draft lottery. And it came close because twice we had the Blazers winning, right?

And and once we had Charlotte winning, and I thought we were in the mix to have told you what's going on. You know, and one time we had the Wizards winning. And interestingly enough that the four number ping pong ball combination of one through 14 that gets associated with the team based on the percentage of chances that they have based on their record. That apparently the first three ping pong balls came up that came up on Tuesday night in the actual draft lottery. The remaining 11 ping pong balls, the Wizards owned six of them. Had six, I guess, I don't know what numbers they were of the three of the 11 remaining ping pong balls.

They had a six ping pong balls out of 11 chance. And the Spurs, I think, I don't know if they had the remaining five or they had a portion of the remaining five, but whatever it was, they got it. They got it.

And here they go again. Team that won a lottery for David Robinson and won a lottery for Tim Duncan has now won the lottery for Victor Wembanyama. And they now have a new fan and TJ Jefferson. Congratulations on becoming a Spurs fan because you said you're so sick of the Sixers and Clippers messing with your heart. That we have now added the Spurs logo and banner to your collection. First of all, we got to get rid of the other ones, though, you know, because I'm done with them. We're not going to do that because you know, you know, like let's just say if Damian Lillard winds up as a sixer or a clipper. Oh yeah, I took all this back. I took all this back. Now do you remove the Spurs one because you said you were going to become a fan of whichever team Vic wound up and on. And so welcome to the Spurs family.

I'm just confused right now. I'm hurt still, you know, it felt it felt good to watch a game yesterday and not have anxiety. You know, that's true.

That was actually fun. I imagine it was helpful that the team that bounced you lost. Then I don't necessarily subscribe to that for you. You don't spite watch. Not really, you know, but I traditionally don't like the Celtics so it is always nice to see them lose. But that's okay because they beat us and you know, it all started. Let's not forget forevermore in the same way that, you know, Jokic got drafted during a commercial break, right? He got drafted on the during a burger. Jokic got drafted during a Burger King commercial and that's you could see that on YouTube where the bottom line comes in. Hey, you know, the Nuggets drafted some guy you've never seen play.

And you know, this was the Victor Wembunyama era in San Antonio was born out of the Wendy and Wendy show. Brian Windhorst wound up all the way in Paris. That was a surprise because I hadn't seen him. I assume he did a couple of hits as they see in the TV business prior to the lottery.

I'm here in Paris. I think they kept him under wraps. Did they? It was like a surprise. And then all of a sudden, you know, Brian Windhorst just shows up in Paris.

An American in Paris. His name is Brian Windhorst. They had him under they had him under cloak and they just waited. And like, surprise, how insane must it have been either in some studio or some control room or truck that Wembunyama's mic was not functioning properly. They were going Del Tufo with.

I mean, Mike Del Tufo. When you got that one shot like that, that's it. You got 70 seconds. I'm still mortified.

Windhorst took Air France all the way over there. We're assuming you have that one shot. I had I mortified still from one of our pre-games for a Super Bowl where Brett Favre's mic crackled. There you go. I remember that, too. And I was so, I don't remember. I was like, I don't remember that one shot you have. I don't remember. You have one shot.

Do not miss this chance. Just like everything, though, in the in the NBA Twitterverse or in the NBA media world of which I'd say we're apart because we're about to play something from Shaq from yesterday with Suze. I thought you were going to say because we're in a movie. No, I'm just saying anything that happens in the NBA world, it's like a huge ripple effect seems to happen. It's kind of weird. More than maybe any other sport because I guess the NBA Twitter is the one that's most viewed and off the charts and liked and retweeted and whatever.

More than the NFL, more than any sport. It's kind of wild. So prior to the draft lottery, you know, Woj, who is one of the most respected voices in the NBA media world, was calling Wemban Yama over and over again, the maybe the greatest prospect in the history of team sports. I mean, he's very talented and we are seeing stuff, you know, and reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube and whatever you're watching, TikToks, fellow youths that watch TikToks. And so you're seeing stuff that you just don't see, like follow up slam dunks of a mystery of your own shooting, you know, like that sort of stuff, you know, in between the legs dribbling.

I mean, there have been a lot of pantsed Parisians we have seen from the hardwood in France. OK, and so there's a lot of hype. And of course, when Giannis is playing the way that he has been playing and somebody kind of has a similar build and features. You're putting two to two together and saying in this day and age where Jokic is shooting threes and Embiid shooting threes, Kevin Durant. Right.

Then then this kid's built for it. But that said, I mean, that is a that is a tall order, like the greatest prospect in the history of team sports, especially when you're talking about a sport that features LeBron James. And I remember all that who's still playing, by the way, tonight in Game two of the Western Conference Finals in year 20, as now the greatest scorer in the history of the association passing Kareem, who, as Jim Jackson said, now in our own kind of was a big prospect himself coming out of college. You know, Mr. Alcindor. So Damian Lillard took to Twitter and he's like, I was in seventh grade when they was hyping Braun on ESPN. By the way, I know how you know I'm going to sound here. MF still at the top 20 years later. Stop playing with dude, brah said.

I knew it. It's getting out of pocket, which, by the way, I thought was spelled with two T's out of I don't know. But look, and I think some people certainly on my Twitter feed was saying, like, is he saying it's out of pocket that still people want to play with LeBron? Like like stop playing with him because he's now in year 20.

He's still killing us. No, I don't know. I understood. He's basically saying, look, it's out of pocket to call this kid from France, age 19, a better prospect than LeBron James was. Mm hmm. And you know, we talked about it with Jim Jackson, and we talked about with Jim, we talked about with Jim.

I literally talked with a gym in our number one with Jim Jackson. It's so stupid that that, you know, one bun yama is going to face some people trying to teach him what's what. And he said Pop will be one of them, too, to really put him through the ringer. Oh, yeah.

But, you know, it's just fascinating to me how a lot of folks are like, hey, wait a minute. Hold on. Don't forget about LeBron. And then when Shaq came on the show yesterday and Susie asked him his thoughts on one bun yama, he wound up talking about the kid.

And an interesting comp for him. And then the current MVP. Got some smoke, too, from Shaq.

Give a listen. Guys are not playing down low anymore. Guys are not playing physical anymore.

They're switching one through five. He's a pick and pop guy who can shoot pretty good. And he's like a 74 Kevin Durant. So I think he can acclimate very, very quickly.

And he's with the master. I have having a kid like that go to the system. Yeah, that's what I call the system.

I haven't a kid like that go to the system. I think people better watch out. This was our era. Dang it.

He'd be he'd be, you know, chicken noodle soup kind of life. But like I'm watching how these guys play now, you know, especially like, you know, Joel and the six 11, you're not posting up, you're shooting jumpers and then you got the nerve to say like, you got the nerve to say me and James going to do it by yourself. Yeah, because get your big ass down in the paint. If you get your big ass down in the paint, you can do it by yourself.

But that's not how people play anymore. So this kid will be fine. And I wish him well. So I wonder, how did you take that one yesterday, T.J.? When all of a sudden, Embiid got pulled into the equation about how Lem Bonyama is going to play well, because there's people like Embiid not playing like Shaq used to.

I'll let Brockman answer that for me, can tell you how I how I feel about that. T.J. hates any time Embiid steps outside of the paint. But the way the game's played now, look at Jokic, Jokic was shooting threes. Jokic pulls everybody outside the paint. He also, when the time is necessary, he he plants himself down low and uses that big body. Like if Joe did that, if he just stopped going out 20 feet from the bucket, the dude would average 40 a game. And I love him. He's like I said, he's probably my favorite player, but it's sometimes it's frustrating to see him floating around the three point line and just go down low. And again, I just love how when Bonyama's eventual, you know, drafting number one overall in conversation surrounding the draft lottery now rippling into the way the Sixers got bounced as Shaq is making this point.

I love it. The NBA is just dishing, man. I mean, it's it's a lot of addition, but by that, I mean, you know, talking. I mean, did you see again what what Barkley had to say about Jommerant last night? I mean, that was serious and it was that was significant.

Everybody should seek that out, but not to change complete gears here. But the conversation about when Bonyama is a. He would be devoured, devoured if this was a down low game. Mm hmm. And he also pointed out, though, that the Sixers might still be playing if Embiid went down low.

And I thought of you. I mean, that's the implication, because that's what you were saying. That's what you were saying. Last four minutes of a game in Game six that was so crucial. And obviously, Game seven got out of hand quickly. Like one way to do it is to go half court and say, OK, Time Lord, that's Embiid posting you up. Try and stop trying.

Guess what? That's him coming down on the box on the blocks and. You know, but then you see and I thought to myself as I'm watching Anthony Davis go 40 and 10 first Laker to do that in a playoff game since freaking Kobe. And it wasn't good enough because Jokic was too much to stop that he needed Rui Hachi more to come help out. And that was very effective in the fourth quarter. And we might see that tonight. We might see that tonight from the jump like it seemed like the Lakers figured stuff out a little too late in Game one about matchups. But they saw enough.

This is a long marathon. That I thought to myself that the guy who can maybe neutralize Jokic the best just got eliminated by the Celtics. But if you look at the one one on one match up this season. Yeah.

And I just found this dominate. I just found this conversation about what Dame said prior to the lottery and what Shaq said after the lottery. Just by when Boniyama being out there just kind of gives you a glimpse of what's coming for the kid in the fall and how the NBA world is always churning.

And can just be spun in any different direction by some all time greats like Shaq and I, I think Lillard is, too. Let's take a break. Alfonso Ribeiro is here.

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Alfonso Ribeiro here on the program. Let's just jump into it and talk a little bit more AFV shortly. How's your golf game?

Well, you know, it was really bad for a long time. I lost it. Well, you know, I was saying this to your producers, but like I have a simulator at the house, which is the greatest tool that you can have for golf. It is awesome.

I come over like three o'clock today. Except when you have my mind, right? Because I like to tinker. I'm constantly trying to, oh, I could do this and do that. And I literally tinkered my way out of a golf swing. And then I started looking at some videos of my coach and I and went back to the old swing that I'd stopped tinkering with. And all of a sudden it came together, you know, because I was shooting in the 80s, right? I shoot 77 and then yesterday I shoot 70. And it just all came back. It all like it was kind of probably all that tinkering that I did gave me more knowledge. But going back to what works for me is absolutely working.

So I'm excited about the American Century this year up in Lake Tahoe, because if this is just the beginning of getting it back, we don't know. We don't know how we don't know what could happen. How stable is the stable foot?

How are we stable for it? I mean, with the stable foot, I'm going to put up 20, 25 points a day if I keep doing this. I'm just saying. Are you really? I mean, you have to speak things into existence. And I you know what? I say that to my I coach my kids baseball teams. Yes.

And I literally used that the other day in a game. I was like, are we going to have fun today? Yeah. Are we going to play well today? Are we going to make some base hits?

Are we going to get some out? So I was like, yes. Everybody say it after me. And they said the whole thing after me. I was like, now you've already put it in existence.

It's already there. So now you just got to just live it. Did you win? And they lost horribly. It was just good. But that's baseball, man. But they had a good time.

I was telling I was talking about this after, you know, an unfortunate little league result for my for my youngest son the other day that, hey, you know, some of these kids get down on themselves so hard. It's just like the baseball Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame. Yes.

Is filled with people who made out seven out of every ten times. Absolutely. That's baseball. That is baseball.

It's hard to get a kid, especially my own kid. Yes. To to get that. Like you realize that the greatest of all of them. Yes. Are all losers. Yeah. Right. Like, I mean, you know, they're not losers, right?

But like, yeah, they lose more than they've won or then they win. And those are the best at the plate. You are you are if you're doing your job to the best of maybe ever. Yes.

You are reaching base due to you contacting a baseball. Right. Three and a half times out of ten. And that's huge numbers. Right.

It's tough to teach that. Yeah, it is. It is.

But like but, you know, at Little League, it's did you have fun? Right. We were also playing the best team in the league. Right. So like coming in, we all knew what was going to happen in this game. Right. Like this team.

You got to speak into existence. But what I wanted them to feel was, hey, let's have some fun. Let's just enjoy this game. We know who they are. We know how good they are.

Let's just play and we'll figure it out. You know, that's the unfortunate reality of Little League is typically the commissioner's team is pretty good. Right. Like there's something. But Sealy tried that many years.

You know, I don't know. But in Little League, right, the commissioner's team is always going to be pretty good. They've they've kind of seen every kid who's come through. And then all of a sudden, you know, the worst kid on that team is, you know, playing in in the infield, you know, in the starting lineup on most other teams.

Alfonso Ribeiro here on the Rich Eisen Show. The Internet also undefeated. What did what did this gentleman finish last year? T-18 last year with Del Curry and Vinny Del Negro. T-18 is a heck of a finish.

It wasn't bad. What's your top finish? Is that not your top finish? My top finish, I think, is like 11th.

OK, so my goal this year is top ten. Who's who's who's the person you've played with where you're like, that was a blast. Like, who's the one that's the biggest blast that you played with? To be honest, I love all the guys. I know. I really do.

I really do. You know, I've played with Vinny Del Negro. I love playing with Vinny. Sterling Sharp is.

By the way, how far does he hit the golf ball? I played with him before. We're really close. We're really close.

And actually, I think Sterling would say that if we both hit just our biggest drives, I would get him. That is, by the way, you and I have never played before. Right. That is incredibly impressive.

I never see it. He he hits a golf ball really far. I hit one on Saturday, 340.

OK, so like look at you like you're back. I can absolutely crush it. The problem is, is that once I crush one, now I'm swinging to crush every and that doesn't typically do well for straight. Just saying, oh, that one timed up great.

Watch me hit this one. And then it goes all wrong. But now, I mean, distance has never been the problem. It's always, you know, controlling the ball. Right. And I've now figured out how to control the ball again.

And so we'll see. But but yeah, I would say with Sterling and I, he would probably say that if we both hit our biggest, I would get it. But I love playing with Sterling. He's incredible. He is. He makes you smile. I played with him at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions down in Orlando at the beginning of the year.

And we just had it's just so much fun. I mean, I've never played with anybody who plays faster. Oh, he does play fast.

Not even takes a second. If you accidentally start talking while he's walking to his ball, he's probably going to hit it before you finish the sentence. I love playing play playing golf with guys like that. I mean, it's very happy with pace of play like you can you can talk all you want.

He don't hear anything. It's perfect. He's great. I love playing with Sterling. I love playing. I was in a tournament in Dallas and I had a great time playing with with Mark Mulder.

And I played with Albert Pujols, which was pretty awesome. Goodness. He's great. He smashes it. He smashes it. He don't know where it's going that much yet. But you can see. Right. But I mean, he hasn't just retired, right? So it's not he hasn't really done a lot of, you know, work on it yet. But you can see that he's put in the work.

He's he's he's smashing it. But those those are two guys I enjoy playing with the last tournament. But I really do. I really it's like I say to Mike Milthorpe, who is the tournament director, I don't care who you put me with. I'm going to enjoy my time with everybody because it's you know, golf is unfortunately a singular game when you're really competing.

So it doesn't matter who you're playing with. You're just out there. You in the course doing your job. It's PGA Tour. It's PGA Championship Week. Yes. Rory's home course.

And remember, yeah, that's got to be helpful. One would say it's you know, he is he is struggling right now. It's weird because I played golf with him back in December. I was playing at an Omega watch, gave me this watch from an Omega watch event in Florida.

And he's an Omega ambassador. And we got a chance to play together. And I tell you, that was probably the most amazing experience I've ever had on a golf that watching Rory hit a ball all day was unbelievable. What you learned, would you pick up anything? What I learned was exactly what I went back to. OK, right.

That's probably what got me on that on that on that train of thought. His swing is the most efficient swing I've ever watched. There is no extra movement or energy in his swing when he's hitting it full out. It looks like he's chipping, except the ball goes three forty first hole. First hole at this golf course, right, is a slight dogleg left. And so we all hit all of us amateurs, hit it out over here.

Right. And he gave me a compliment. First swing. He was like, oh, I see a lot of speed here.

I was like, thank you, man. And so he went out there, except he gets up and he aims over there. And I'm like, where where are he going? Like, why is he aiming that way? Oh, he's probably going to hit a big old cut or something. I was like, but he likes to draw.

That's weird. And he smashes it. But it looks like he's swinging hard. You're just kind of like, oh, kind of hit it well.

But it's really solid. But I mean, he didn't really put any extra into that. And now we're driving around looking for his ball. But where's where's. We drive up onto the green because he flew it three fifty six onto the green and almost killed Michelle. Michelle, standing at the green, like, really, really? And it's like he flew it and landed it on the front edge of the green.

Now, let's let's be honest here. When when you hit your ball, yes, I'm hit is right. Did you think and you didn't see it anywhere in the fair? Would you think you got him?

Did you think you got him off the team? Well, I was like, I know that my ball is where we supposed to hit it. I hit it where we're supposed to hit it.

You went ahead and put it in the trees somewhere and then you drive up. You're like, OK, that's wrong. That's wrong.

OK, but this is going to be fun. The other side of it that was great was I all day long I said, I just want to be within 40 yards of him all day. Yes, sir. That's all I wanted. Makes sense. And so all day long I was like, you know, walking off, you know, my drive to his right.

And I I was inside of 40 all day, most of the time around 25 to 30. And then I just wanted that because it was a scramble, it was a shamble. And I wanted to have them use my ball twice. I just like I just want just to. And so we use my ball on the 16th.

And I'm like, wow, that means I only got two more chances at possibly having my second one used. We get to 18. Right.

Yes. And I hit a beautiful drive right down the middle. Attaboy. And he takes out an iron. And I'm like. Is he giving me this leg? I felt kind of like that's really the greatest host move in history, like he takes out an iron and he hits it the exact same distance as my driver, except it was in the rough. So we chose mine.

I got my two. It's America. But as we drive down there, he goes, wait a minute. I could have flew. I could have flown the water.

Whatever, dude. I mean, you took out an iron and you almost beat me. And now, you know, you probably could have flown the water because it was water, you know, a little water across the fairway. But yeah. But I mean, just so incredible to watch. It's weird how, you know, and, you know, we all experience as everybody plays golf experiences the reality that you can be amazing at golf for six months and one moment can happen. And literally you're like, I have no idea what I'm doing. And there's no rhyme or reason. It makes no sense. I mean, he's Rory McIlroy and he looks slightly lost on the golf course hitting the ball.

It's so weird. Alfonso Ribeiro here on The Rich Eisen Show. If I had told you when you were on the Freshman's of Bel-Air that you'd be the host of America's Funniest Home Videos one day, what would you have told me? I would have said that's never going to be possible.

One, by time I would be in the position to ever be in this show. It won't be around. Right. Right.

And it's America's Funniest Home Videos are not hiring me to be the host. Sag it at the time. Right. Yeah. I mean, I mean, when that show started, it was, you know, 28 million, 35 million viewers per episode.

Huge. Right. I mean, different time in television. Yeah. I know.

Different time. But amazing what those numbers were. And, you know, I just never would have thought. And I feel so lucky, so blessed that this opportunity happened and things happen for a reason.

You just never know. And, you know, things line up. Right. And in this situation. Right. It just so happened that Tom Bergeron was walking away from AFE the year that I was on Dancing with the Stars. We became friendly.

He's going to the network and the studio saying, hey, I think Alfonso would be the guy to replace me. Yeah. He agrees. Right. Like that.

Those stories don't happen to me in Hollywood. Right. And it did. And I feel so blessed that I had that, that I've had that opportunity.

And now, you know, being the main emcee host on Dancing with the Stars. That's right. You know, I mean, essentially, you know, it's like Tom and I joke all the time. So I did. What's your next show? I'm like, I need Tom, I need to know what your next show is because I need to know what show I'm trying to get.

Right. I got a I can't. And so he jokes all the time. He's like, Alfonso, I'm not taking a job yet. I'm not sure where your career is going to go after this.

But as soon as I do one, I'll know that you're coming. How old were you when you first started on Fresh Prince? Fresh Prince. I was 18. Eighteen. Yeah, I was 18. The character, I think, was was 15 or 16. And when you see, look, I'm I'm.

I'm twenty seven years removed from my first sports center. And whenever they pop up on Twitter. Right. I think it's a different human. Like, it's well, I think that when you look at when you see Fresh Prince pop up like completely, I have no recollection. Come on. Really? Yeah. Like very little memory of that time. Right.

Just because I mean, you know, it's over 30 years ago. Right. And and it's it's it's like a different human being to me. It's just that's a different person. It's not me.

It's not, you know, it's it's it's certainly not this guy today. Right. That's the ones that truly get me is, you know, if I look at anything with like tap dance kid. Sure. Right. Or Pepsi commercial. Michael Jackson. Right.

Silver Spoons. Those are the ones that's like that's because I was a kid. That happened. Right. But it happened.

Right. It was cool. And there's a video of, you know, I'll show, you know, my kids or other kids or whatever, and I'll show there's a video of me at Lincoln Center with Michael Jackson. And the story that I tell, which is always very funny, is right before he walked out on stage.

Yes. He went to the bathroom and accidentally dropped his sequin glove in the toilet. Come on, no true story.

Dropped it in the toilet. He's freaking out. Is it the only one? It's the one. Wow. It's the glove.

Right. He's got one glove. He didn't come with multiple. He didn't have a suitcase of gloves in the glove. He dropped it in the toilet. Like, he must have taken it off, put it on the sink or something, and it fell on a toilet. He's freaking out. And like, finally he realized he reaches in, grabs his glove and the rest of us are like, look, he dropped the glove and what you gonna do with the glove, bro?

And so we had to go out on stage and he has a soaking wet sequin glove on. From the toilet. From the toilet. Of Lincoln Center. At Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center toilet water on the glove.

This is the first time I'm ever telling this story on TV. Wow. Wow. This is a Rich Eisen first. I appreciate it.

Thank you. You don't have to think, though, I mean, of any toilet water, Lincoln Center's gotta be your top notch toilet water. I mean, the question to me was whether he flushed it first. That was my question.

Right? Did he flush and then pull or did he pull then flush? I think that's a huge difference.

There is a huge difference there. A pull and flush is much better than a flush and pull. No, you don't flush and pull. Get all the dirty water away.

The new clean water kind of cleans it off a little bit, and then you pull the glove out. Right? Exactly. Right?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, was he in the frame of mind to think that way, though? I don't know. All I'm saying is it's one secret glove and it's in the freaking toilet. Personally, I think he grabbed and flushed. That's what I think happened.

And I think he went out on stage with a McNasty glove on and the rest of us were trying to figure out what we were going to do because I wasn't shaking that man's hand. That day. Oh, my God. Yes.

I will be a meme after this. All right. Last one. Is there a story behind the Carlton Dance at all? I mean, there's very little story there. I mean, the story ultimately was that the first time I read it in the script, it simply said Carlton Dances. Yes. And when you're in the first season of any show, everything that is written in a script is new. Right?

And you've got to create what that is. Right. So does he sing well? Does he dance well?

Does he does he play sports well? Right. All of this.

You're crafting it as you go. Yes. And I had actually like made fun of this dance, like before the show had started, like going to like little like lounges and stuff. And I would I would like mess around because the dance was the inspiration for that dance was Eddie Murphy's white man dance right in his I think the raw video. Right.

And then it's Courtney Cox on the Dancing in the Dark video with Bruce Springsteen, where he brings her up on stage and she does the white man dance. Well, I was like, OK, I think this character would absolutely do the white man dance. Right.

But he would do it differently. And I'd messed around with it. And so when in the script, it said Carlton dances and we're going to we get on stage and we're just kind of, you know, seeing what it is. And I'm like, I'm thinking this.

Yes. And I show everybody. And that was it. They were like, they were like, you're not doing it. We don't need to see anything else. You're doing that sold sold. You've got the Carlton dance for the rest of your life.

You didn't know what you just created, but you will never walk down the street again without someone yelling to the dance. We're not going to do that. We're not going to ask.

We're not doing that. I just wonder if there was a story about that's that's that's really the story. But I had like I had already messed around with it. I'd like, you know, it wasn't like it just fully just was on that moment, came up with it. I'd like, you know, because I loved Eddie Murphy and I and I remembered the video and I'd like, you know, I remember at one point I was in like a lobby bar somewhere and I was watching these two white guys literally do the dance. And I was like, that is hysterical. And I was and now and then I go out on the dance floor and I'm making fun of them with their dance, doing it. And I'm like, oh, this is, you know, one day in my mind, I'm like, one day I'll get to make fun of somebody again, except it was making fun of myself and the character. Fantastic.

Yeah. Well, Alfonso, Roberto, you are the best man. Let's do this more on the regular any time you're up for it. America's Funniest Home Videos season finale of the thirty third season.

Come on. It's your eighth season hosting this iconic program. Seven p.m. on ABC.

You can watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the following day right here on Roku. Let's tee it up at some point. Absolutely. That's Alfonso. We'll be right back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Back on the air with our Roku Channel live stream, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by.

Brockman has left the building. He is on his way to Los Angeles International Airport for Kevin Rhom's charity golf tournament. Again, you know, it's a very successful charity golf tournament. He said they raised one point six million dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The largest and I guess philanthropy of the Jacksonville community is it's remarkable.

That's cool. You know, I just hope Chris doesn't suppress the fundraising effort because somebody who's going to go up to Kevin Rhom and say, I can't believe I've spent all this money on a fivesome and this is my celebrity. He's an actor with no credits. Come on, Rich. Let's hype him up. Let's hype. All right. Let's hype him up.

This weekend. He's in theaters near you. By the way, if you say I can't, I'm amazed we're actually in the movie. Look at us. I know. And he's on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku Channel.

And after this is all over, he's going to show up in New York City, hopefully collect an Emmy Award. We stink. It's over.

See, we can always. Chris is still here. Stephen A said Kawhi is the biggest fake superstar. No, right now, Tatum is the biggest fake superstar. We still have Chris.

He right now did a lot of heavy lifting in that rant right there. What do you think happens tonight? I think the Lakers have a shot tonight. I think they showed something in the second half. I brought that up yesterday, yeah. Where the matchups, they kind of, you know, were hunting and pecking for the right matchup. And I think they kind of, did they crack the code in the second half?

I don't know. I brought this up yesterday, and Lisa Solders brought it up after I said it, like, first of all, that altitude is real. And that is something to try to get acclimated to and get the first half might have been something. Well, I think the whole first game. And I mean, look, obviously three days isn't going to get you acclimated.

But you know, it's probably going to be a little bit easier than it was game. Well, as you know, three days is not enough to get acclimated in Miami. No, you're playing, you're playing in Miami.

You know, the humidity will get you. I don't know why I took that shot at a fellow Jets fan. I don't know why I did that. Because it was easy.

I don't like grainy. Of course you did. I don't know why I did that.

There's low hanging fruit. Look, you like us, but you take shots too. I do. I take shots. You know? I do.

Anytime I bring up the Jets, you've got a shot back to me about something dumb the Cowboys have done. Normally I'm the counterbalance to Chris. Now that Chris has left the building, I guess I'm taking over that irritable Northeast corridor. Show up!

What are you doing? By the way, great drop when you're showing the empty chair. I said to Hoskins, I'm going to hit the drop.

Well done Hoskins. Show the empty chair. He's screaming, show up.

Do that one more time. It's too good. For empty chair. Here we go. Show up! What are you doing? He's not here.

This is so good. Don't worry. We wouldn't, if you left the building early on a show, do the same thing.

Oh, that is not true. You've done it to me. You've done it to me. I've done that to you. My mom told me you did it to me.

I left one Friday to go home early and I told you I did a top five. I remember I did a top five about this movie Zola and it wasn't even about the movie. It was just like, I went to this movie and it felt good because I hadn't been to a theater in like 13 months and then my mom was like, yeah, after you left, they start talking trash about you. See, my mom was watching, bro.

She did do it to me. By the way, Brockman's mom also watches too. So Miss Mary, no. Sorry.

Miss Mary and Miss Linda. They're watching out. You've raised a mess hole.

That's why I stay all the time because I don't want you talking about me. So what's the more wild story that we heard today? Okay. Josh Duhamel saying that he asked James Caan when they were working on the show Vegas together, Las Vegas together, that had he ever met Marlon Brando? I don't think anything can top that.

No, that was. You know, Alfonso Ribeiro on stage at Lincoln Center with my new, maybe my new fantasy team named Michael Jackson's toilet glove. Michael Jackson. He said that he dropped. By the way, how does he have only one sequined glove? Well, that's what I asked him after he left. How did they not have multiple sequined gloves?

That's it. He just had one. You would have thought. You imagine like if they lost his luggage or somebody that they had only one sequined glove? Well, I guarantee his assistant and whoever's with him keeps it, but if a fan stole it or someone like he's out of luck, like you have to go to, you probably have to go to, you know, cross town of, you know, you have to go to Michael Dales to pick up one. I mean, make a new one. But I did that once after he passed away. I made a Michael Jackson glove and then I made an Instagram page of me taking pictures of myself grabbing stuff. Did you drop it in the toilet?

I'd never dropped. I'll tune a toilet. That was the Foot Locker toilet glove? He was, I was here when that happened, but. Yee-hoo. Which one? Which one? It's got to be Michael Jackson's toilet glove. That's why I got to put that on a Twitter poll.

Like what's the most unbelievable story? Well, it'll all be up on our Instagram page and up on our YouTube and everything. What a great show. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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