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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 15, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 15, 2023 3:21 pm

Rich weighs in on the Golden State Warriors’ future after getting bounced from the playoffs by the Lakers after a turbulent season and has some sharp words for the Knicks fans who tore down and stomped on a poster of Julius Randle following a New York playoff loss to the Miami Heat.

Rich and the guy's debate which NFL teams that missed the playoffs last season will be in the postseason this coming year.

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Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. The stuff I hear from this chair. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I'm ready to fire everyone. Tatum is the biggest fake superstar.

Tatum for a 50 piece. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I got a special shout out to Rockman. You know, I want him to still answer my phone call. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, co-host of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, Todd Bowles.

Coming up, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on the Roku channel. If you missed any of the first two hours, stay tuned. We are re-airing as soon as this hour is over. You can also catch parts of our show on our YouTube feed, slash Rich Eisen Show. Our podcast is something we would love for you to subscribe to because you can listen to us whenever you want on the Cumulus Podcast Network.

We are live on the Roku channel every day. In the first two hours, we had a great conversation with Michael Wilbon about everything that's going on in the NBA, about the conference semifinals ending, the conference finals now being set. Ja Morant heading for what we are expecting, a very long suspension. So much to discuss. Monty Williams getting fired. Who might else lose their job because Monty Williams is now sitting out there to potentially take theirs.

There's so much to discuss. We did that with Michael Wilbon. We had Todd Bowles, the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, talking about who his starting quarterback's going to be and then of course him walking in a graduation to earn a degree after 37 years. He did it for his mom who said before she passed away in 2009. Only thing I ask is go get your degree.

He does that by studying during the pandemic while working as a defensive coordinator for the Buccaneers and as we all know that was the year they won the Super Bowl and then he gets his degree this past weekend walking to earn his degree from Mount Saint Mary's University on, wait for it, Mother's Day weekend. Get out of here. Great stuff. Also last hour overreaction Monday from Chris Brockman the thespian himself and the reason why we're calling him an actor is that's what Kevin Rahm, an actor himself, an actual actor, of note. I love his work. I love his work. Mad Men jumps to mine.

Of course. And we love Kevin for many reasons. His acting work, the fact that he's raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through this golf tournament and Chris Brockman is a celebrity there and that doesn't offend me as a celebrity.

It offends me as an actor because you are being called an actor. So hey come on play with actor Chris Brockman. Oh my gosh. I found that out on live air about 15 minutes ago and that led to a wild segment to say the least.

That was five of the funniest minutes. Here you go. An actor. Yeah, it's an actor on your screen right there. Shacked in the fool right there.

844-204-Riches, the number that I will take your calls this hour. We're wide open. I do want to talk about the struggles of two top-notch basketball players, okay? Let's talk about the Warriors being eliminated and we're going to find out. I have asked virtually everybody that's come on this program in the NBA media the last week or so.

Chris Mannix, Ramona Shelburne, Brian Windhorst of Sports Illustrated and ESPN respectively. What's the deep dive on the Warriors gonna be? We're gonna see one. Ramona even said she was working on it. I think it got posted. It did today? It did I think on Sunday.

All right, I will read it. I missed it on Mother's Day but deep dive there will be multiple ones. What's the deep dive on this Warriors season gonna be? Do you bring it all back to Jordan Poole getting knocked out by Draymond Green and that Hatchets weren't buried and that Poole wasn't the same player this year as he was in their championship season and he had it literally knocked out of him by Draymond Green and the pushback as well. There's still a professional basketball player that should get over that if you will. Also the fact that the young kids that they got including also Dante DiVincenzo, the big ragoo, he didn't provide enough scoring or consistency or defense to provide the same oomph off the bench that the Warriors had last season.

Gary Payton II arrived back a little too late. You saw how he was providing some of that grit when he was in even the starting lineup against the Lakers but for me what this goes back to is can the big three be the engine for this team anymore and a lot of people are clearly pointing a draymond because Steph we all know is Steph. Okay great but for me it's Clay because Clay would be big six big game six Clay.

Clay would be the guy who was the splash brother. Clay would be the guy that okay if Steph shooting the lights out wait to see Clay wait to see him light it up wait till he drops in six threes seven threes wait till he comes up with the big mid-range shot maybe and Clay against the Lakers made 20 field goals in games one and two and 14 field goals in games three through six. Made more in the first two games than he did in the final four games combined. He was 20 he had 25 points in game one which is a loss 30 in game two that kept things afloat then 15, 9, 10 and 8. He shot three of 19 in game six. One thing you don't see Warriors fans doing because maybe Clay has earned this right of course Clay is one of the best this team's ever seen and there's an argument you heard Michael Wilbon in hour one say Clay's gonna be you know first battle hall thing talked about one of the did Wilbon call him one of the top three shooters of all time in hour one I did catch that from him now you can make these arguments assuming what Ray Allen is in that top three oh and his team is his backcourt teammate Reggie Miller not exist or maybe he was talking about maybe Steph and Clay is one of the top three shooting back courts of all time maybe that's what he was referring to but either way I mean there's a lot of people that do put understood understood understood and I understand when you put trophies in the case you earn a lot of capital to spend or for a cushion if a fan base gets very upset three of 19 and a big close out game and again five of 14 three of 11 three of 12 three of 19 those were his last four games against the Lakers and I proffer to say a few of his threes drop we might be having a different matchup in the Western Conference Finals and a whole different conversation today about the Warriors so the reason why I bring this up is I didn't see any videos of anybody in San Francisco ripping down a poster of Clay I saw that outside of Madison Square Garden yeah because Julius Randle had the temerity of going three of 14 against the Heat in the game six loss in Miami and there's Julius Randle who has been nothing but terrific for this Knicks team getting his poster ripped down and fugazi fans and Ewing and Oakley jerseys stomping on it you people should be embarrassed there's a cop shooing them away embarrassed it's an embarrassment you should be embarrassed yes he could have played better yes he seriously hobbled the Knicks efforts in game six and you know how I feel about Brunson remember I said that he's going to have to score as many points as minutes for them to have a shot at game seven he came close he did oh he could get his best played 45 minutes scored 41 points and was electric all season long but you know what so was Randle Chris you want to look it up did Randle finish uh all NBA he did which team was he he was 13.

Hey Nick fans you know I know some of you guys were in your Oakley and Ewing jerseys might have been what five when they actually did it and played with heart and grit and determination you might not remember that or you might think that you remember that and think that um Randle ain't it well his performance certainly lacked and if the Knicks do move on from Julius Randle to find maybe a more effective scorer in the playoffs I wouldn't be surprised but does he deserve to have his poster ripped down and stomped on outside Madison Square Garden after everything that he has been and done for this team when nobody would come to that city and play for the Knicks nobody don't forget when Randle started showing up and performing the way that he did the Knicks were putting Kevin Durant's face on season ticket emails and snail mails to fans saying hey buy your tickets and Durant wasn't even a free agent yet Knicks were pulling pathetic moves like that because they couldn't get superstars to come to their town and so what they did is they got somebody like Julius Randle in a smart move and he started playing like a superstar and he did flop on a big stage in a big spot in Miami and when I saw them rip down his poster I'm like what the hell is the matter with you people and Julius Randle's good people and I have no problem with Kenyon Martin hey Kenyon so he's really what he's kissing his wife after a game what the hell do you care this beautiful kid out there he's sharing his moments with his family which is what we do here on the show all the time that's called being a family in the locker room and being you're a family man for yourself he's also uh friends with Jessica Alba so back off Rich Eisen show favorite Jessica Alba Roku channel favorite okay that's why she was there in celebrity row mixing it up with sauce gardener having sauce from what it appears shoot his shot with her friend because Julius Randle is friends with her when they what they met at some like conference for business owners okay so Julius has got a head on his shoulders he's thinking about the next come on man that's these are the people you want to play for your franchise if they don't perform well be angry at him be upset be upset with the team fine that's such an amateur act to go and take a poster down and stomp on it hey your your your guy actually yes went off on him saying he should be on the first thing smoking and by the way absolutely a reasonable approach to say this guy let the Knicks down in a big game I mean the numbers don't lie although he had you know he had 11 rebounds it he was missing some I mean the Knicks had a shot the Knicks had a shot to push this back to game seven but the fact that the garden was alive again and has been alive again come on him being there might have led to Brunson coming there and I know that the Knicks threw a ton of money at him and they're like you know your dad's going to cry and they're like coach here too uh but nobody's showing up in New York if it's not a viable spot to win that's the way it's been for the last 15 freaking years well out of here that sucked there's no other way to put it it's just bad bad mojo bad negative energy uh this has been this is I have been as you know nothing but critical of this owner they have put together a team that is enjoyable to watch and RJ Barrett is maddening I'd love to see him play more consistently and fill it up the way that he can and I'd love to see Randall playing a big spot in game six and force at game seven which would have been tonight by the way you know would have been tonight and that would have been great let's go what would be wonderful so instead of just sitting here and go this is the best season we've had in a long time you're going to go out what was that on 34th street or wherever the hell that was and and you know it's been a miracle on 34th street in the summer which is when the movie came out despite being a Christmas movie let's not go down that wormhole that's a Christmas movie though yes because it's about Christmas let's not go there oh interesting so long story short instead of being and I'm and I'll just say this too I always accuse you that Boston fans are unhappy they cannot be happy unless they're unhappy yeah and I would be if this was Boston I'd say that's right on brand right on brand you cannot be happy unless you're unhappy and expense why can't you be happy disappointing yes frustrating absolutely maddening because you thought this could be the year because it is a wide open NBA get it but ripping his poster down and stomping on it get out of here what are you smiling about what are you smiling about no I'm glad to see you feel something what do you mean if I feel something what does that mean it's been a while since you've felt anything for the Knicks now you feel something yes but I'm not sitting here saying you're saying you know I finally come out of my hibernation cave because their play inspired me to actually enjoy watching them to forget about the schmecky guy sitting you know with his scarf on and his coffee cup that can't be bothered to get up while Charles Oakley's getting his ass dragged out of this arena I forget about him because he's hired Leon Rose who's putting some people together I like the coach I love Brunson I get it their draft choices are panning out that the you know Josh Hart was they made smart moves and so it so it didn't wind up in the eastern conference finals and it was because they had a shot for game seven I had my tickets set up so I'm going to go out and take you know Julius Randalls poster down and stomp on it their fans at the same time last week I'm here ripping Tatum for for disappearing for three games and in the first quarter in the first halves these guys are fans they're irrational they're reacting to a guy having a bad game and I mean I think it's we're glad nobody got injured or anything it's just a post stupid it's amateur hour Knicks fans be better there you go but they can't because they haven't been there forever they should remember you guys had a parade essentially for winning a playoff game last year it wasn't a playoff game last year they didn't make the playoffs last year was it two years ago no it was winning opening night remember that they won opening night so it's just you know what I mean it upsets me it's been a while it should be better welcome to the party pal not a Christmas movie yeah I mean look Knicks fans instead of doing all that they should just spin like me turn the game off watch Wrestle Kingdom rush you've been so much happier watching styles of knock them more than Okada but TJ are you gonna root for the Knicks next year oh I I think I'm going to um change my whole fandom I mean I mean when it beats playing you'll just know what he's going to do is he's going to do what a lot of leagues do expand oh no there's room for expansion there's there's going to be a subtraction there'll be more expect no you're not going to con you're not going to contract never oh yeah never no no no look at that what do we add somebody recently to it no you tried to add uh Michigan because I said I hope you won a game over someone I didn't like no no you should have mentioned you because cowboys drafted to him oh didn't you add wimby's team oh yeah well he has a lot to do with where I'm thinking wimby's Parisian team yeah by the way tomorrow night's big hey me and my buddy Riley who is a long time clipper suffering fan like me we have a plan can we do something big potential I don't know how we could do this can we do something where we figure out the odds for each team and then we rip up pieces of paper and we have our own draft lottery there it is oh there we go there are the odds can we do that like figure out how many if we have a hundred pieces of paper how do they do it uh it's like a ping pong balls no I know that we don't have we have tons of ping pong balls over here dude we don't have enough to I know run a draft lottery ten and a half percent blazers things you know what I mean are we gonna get a half a percent of a piece of paper because it's not a half a percent of a piece of paper it's ten oh I guess we're saying if we put a hundred pieces of paper they're not having a half of a ping pong ball in the terrine or whatever the hell they call it I know it's all done by it's a number thing I don't think we have we can't we cannot re we can't remake we have the brain power of this collective group none of us are good at math what are you trying to do hold on a second no one in this room can count that's you gotta be come on we can all put our heads together and figure out a way to do this all I know is this whatever team I want to run I want to run a rich eyes and show lottery and see if it matches whatever team vick goes to might be my new favorite team all right well we got to all day tomorrow to talk about that I'm hurt let's take a break here 844-204 rich number to dial right here on the rich eyes and show you still have some uh nba overreaction mondays left in the left in the left in the can okay that's next right here man do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold the boys of summer are playing on the believe podcast the product of baseball is much more watchable get your baseball fix from podcasts like wake and rake farm to show and ring the bell he's not really hitting balls through the screws plus local podcasts like believe in astros and believe in the bronx you're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation just search b-l-e-a-v podcast wherever you listen sitting at the rich eyes and show desk here on the rich eyes and show radio network it's furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by so um of course all four of us put together you know we we're not good at math we're terrible at it like honestly if the four of us get together we would need note paper to add up single digits okay i'd be offended if it wasn't true honestly it's true honestly it's it's tough for mike to carry the one i understand so of course it took mike hoskins our coordinating producer all of five seconds to get in my ear in the commercial break and explain to me how the lottery works oh and how we can absolutely tomorrow easily run our own version of it and that i don't have to rip up pieces of paper and half them in the same way that there aren't half ping pong balls being involved okay so again mike just quickly explain it to me like i'm three again like by the way great job honestly hoskins got on the air and explained it to me like i'm three years old so there's like a thousand different 14 ping pong balls 14 okay we draw four of them there's a four number combination oh a thousand and one possible combinations oh it's so it's like a lottery yeah so you can so the pistons have 14 percent they would get a hundred pistons rockets and spurs get a hundred and forty of those combinations because it's 14 percent right and then so on and so forth the math becomes that easier with half of percentages so now i know why hoskins can do 30 things back there at once so there you go and how are we going to do this tomorrow mike's going to do it is doing like that 10,000 things back there now you know we need rich we need did you watch succession last night we need that we need their polling guy the official guy to announce the states all i know is we just got to make sure hoskins doesn't get wasabi in his eyes how about us like sitting here thinking to ourselves wait a minute there can't be a half ping pong ball involved like i knew that wasn't the case that was you guys like mark tatum's back there with a serrated knife cutting ping pong ball smiling i thought you guys were joking the assistant commissioner of the nba has got a perma smile oh there's no half a frozen envelope okay we're idiots hoskins isn't what we're saying though that's why we're a team but we're a team yes and we got to be able to figure out a way to mock again it'll be mock understand a mock run through of the way tomorrow night's lottery will go because somebody is getting big vic from paris yeah you're also going to get a new number one fan tj tj you becoming like a pistons fan just be amazing all right look him and jeff law i'm not yeah i'm jeff from detroit because quite frankly the two teams that i root for just do nothing but disappoint me in the most tragic way so i just i can't i'm like orlando you could be paulo and vic paulo and vic that would work and and the san antonio rivers gets the job down san antonio spurs my god brother johnny more former point guard for the spurs i can't understand why they weren't my favorite team anyway but you know all right let's go to jimmy and san antonio jimmy what's up jimmy hey jimmy come on let's stop that mondo i love my chacho look tj yes sir you are so smart jr johnny more pewds jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr jr All right. And we were not victorious for Victor. That was our goal this year.

Yeah. And y'all are missing the obvious one on Caleb with the NFL. They're not cratering for Caleb. Teams are just straight-up crapping for Caleb. Crapping for Caleb. They're just going to crap the bed. I don't know, Jimmy, I think our common denominator is a little higher than that. You know, I mean... I don't think so, Jimmy.

Don't we push back on that? Crapping for Caleb. I just don't get the cater thing. Crater. Crater, yeah. Not catering. We're cratering for Caleb.

Cratering for Caleb. I don't know. I'll say it's consulting, Jimmy. Normally we're open to your ideas. I don't know.

Well, I have a joke about an actor, a three-trick pony, and a Jewish celebrity walking into a bar. There you go, Jimmy. Hey!

Somebody pay the attention. Gracias, Jimmy. Gracias. Thank you.

New trick now, Jimmy, too. Big Vic. Crown Vic, yes.

Going somewhere. Question is, does somebody win the lottery? Well, we'll discuss that tomorrow. You know, you had an interesting thought on your overreaction Monday. Got me to thinking. Let's discuss this, because I have... here's my NFL schedule. Release binder?

Release binder. Nice. And just again, there have been, on average, over the last five years, 6.4 playoff teams new to the field, on average. Obviously, you can't.4 playoff game, playoff team. But six new playoff teams in the NFL last year, seven the year before, seven the year before that, and that's 2020 when they expanded the playoff field to seven teams. So half the league, year in and year out, is new. And now that we've got the schedule, now that we've got a lot of football on the mind, because you're seeing rookie minicamps and OTAs and things like that, maybe we'll make this a new May tradition to try and identify who those, if, let's just say, half the league is going to be new. You got the AFC first, Hoskins? There they are. These are the nine teams that didn't make it last year. So on average, one would say, what, three?

Maybe four would come from here or whatever? Steelers, Patriots, Jets, Titans, Browns, Raiders, Broncos, Colts, Texans. But the thing about the AFC is when you talk about it is who's coming out? Who's not going to make it? I know that.

That's the whole point is usually I require that. I don't want to do that just yet. I don't want to do that just yet because those are some pretty damn good teams last year that made it. And I don't know who's coming out.

I don't know, man. But I think the Jets are getting in. I really believe it. I know you think they're still going to be hot garbage. I know you still think that. It's OK. And that's OK, but Vegas agrees with you and the majority of the NFL media agrees with you. Why wouldn't the Steelers be able to make it, too? That's kind of what I think. They were very close last year.

Kenny Pickett showed a lot of moxie in the comeback victories. I think he takes a step forward. So give me a third. I think it's going to be one of the Raiders or Broncos most likely. You think?

I do. I actually think Denver is going to be better. But good enough to go, if you wouldn't mind putting up the AFC one more time. From five and twelve, they're going to be five wins better.

They're going to be five wins better. Maybe they knock out the Chargers. Maybe the Chargers don't make it. So the AFC West still gets two teams. And we're assuming the Jaguars win the AFC South because that's the easiest way to do it, is you take out the Jaguars and put some of the team from the AFC South in. I just don't think any of those teams are good enough. Jacksonville is clearly on the rise.

We're talking about Trevor Lawrence as a sneaky good fantasy quarterback next year. I think Jacksonville is firmly planted in the playoffs. It's got to come from the wildcard unless you think the division winners flip flop. I mean, you have to figure the Ravens are making it. But they made it last year, so they're still in.

I understand that. Does the division get three teams in the AFC as stacked as it is? That's the big question.

Well, it was, I don't know what to tell you, pal. But I think the Jets make it. A team from the West makes it. And, you know, the Dolphins made it last year, so. So Dolphins out, Jets in. Well, the Dolphins were the team that was. The Dolphins at full strength are one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. And everybody keeps saying that.

And I'm not denigrating what you just said by saying what I just said. But I'm telling you, Vic Fangio being the defensive coordinator there is something nobody's talking about. And if they slice enough points per game given up off their average from last year. That alone.

Will put them back in the playoffs and to his health. That alone will do it. So.

Man. Put the NFC up. You tell me, I think everyone would jump on the line, say they're in, right? And then you could swap out the Bucks, maybe for an NFC South team, right? And then I would say the Rams, the Rams, the Rams. Who do the Rams replace? I knew you'd ask that question.

I knew you'd ask that question. Because the Vikings could be replaced in their division by the Lions, right? I think you're looking at Saints, Falcons win the South. One of them is in. That division might only get one team. Detroit's in. I think Minnesota's still good.

They could get two teams. Mm-hmm. By the way, I'm open to phone calls on this subject matter if you'd like. Yeah, man. I don't know who you put in or who else would you take? Who else could get in? Let's just put it that way. Do you want to get in or do you want to take out? I want to get in.

Let's just not complicate the getting out. Okay. I think one of Atlanta or New Orleans, I think they're going to be good enough, they're going to improve enough to have a shot. I think it's one of those teams. Chicago to go from three wins to 10, that's asking a lot. I think for them to be in that 7 and 10, 8 and 9 range, that would be a good improvement. Not good enough to make the playoffs.

Green Bay won eight games last year. I know. So the roster is there. Brother, I need to see. And that is 100% valid.

I need to see. But, Rich, when you look at the NFC, it's not like the AFC where it's pretty much stacked 1 through 14. 9 and 8, 9, 7 and 1 were your 6 and 7 seeds. Tampa was 8 and 9 and won their division. So the bar is much lower in the NFC for the wildcard. How about this? If I had to choose the teams in the West, I mean in the NFC to make it, I'd go Lions, I'd go Falcons, and I'd go Rams.

Okay. And if I had to go in the AFC. So Falcons win the division? Yeah. I'll go Steelers, I'll go Jets.

How about this one? I'll go Browns. Yeah. You know, that was gonna be, that was kind of the initial reasoning for my overreaction today. I will go Browns. Nobody's talking about the Browns. Nobody's talking about that team. Yeah, but I think the Ravens... Really good roster. And they still have a really good quarterback. You know how I feel about the Bengals, where apparently, I saw somebody sent me a Sports Illustrated blog or what have you, an article about catching me saying that the Bengals are gonna dance on the Elfman in week one from our What's More Likely last Friday. And you know, of course, I got Browns fans pushing back, you know, Burrow's only beaten the Browns once. Like, I get it. You're right. I hear you. There's a video of Jim Morrow today.

He's wearing a headband, and he looks so jacked. So what are we gonna get? All four teams in the North Inn? And then only one division winner, and that's it?

No. Rich, I'm worried that we are looking at a situation, especially in the AFC, where six out of the seven are returning playoff teams, where maybe only one sneaks in, where it's Miami or Baltimore, they're the team that doesn't make it. And only one get in, whether that's the Jets or whether that's the Steelers. You wanna chime in on this? I'm just kinda looking at these, I don't know if I believe in the Lions as much as you guys believe in the Lions, or maybe I do, it's still early. It's still early.

I could talk myself into it. I could see the Lions being a wildcard team and a team like the Giants having a letdown year. So then you think the Vikings win the division? I do.

I think they're the best team. Yeah. So the Vikings stay the NFC North champs, and then the Lions hop in. The Lions get a wildcard. Okay.

Wow. Then who wins the South in your mind? I think it's either a Saints-Falcons, it depends on the quarterback play. If Derek Carr is the best version of Derek Carr, that Saints team is gonna be really good. However, can't guard Mike, big questions, last two years. Alan Kamara, is he gonna be on the field? Dude, you heard that from Dennis Allen last week, he's like, we don't know. They don't know. About Kamara and what his legal issues are in Vegas. It's also May, but they don't know. That doesn't get apparently placed in front of a jury until literally the outset of training camp. By the way, and this was an incident that took place... Two Pro Bowls ago.

Well, a year and a half ago. I mean, the wheel's a justice, sir. I understand. Are we sleeping on the Bucks? Are they gone? Are we sleeping on the Bucks? We could be. Are we sleeping with Evans? I don't know. It all comes down to how you feel about Baker Mayfield.

Yeah. Do you think he's still got it in him? He is now gonna be on his fourth team as the number one overall pick. I do think he still has it in him. I just like what the Falcons have done. A lot. I really like what they've done.

Comes down to Desmond Ritter, taking a big leap in year two. That's true. So I just named you six. Steelers, Jets, Browns. I mean, Browns. Do you still believe in the Seahawks? Oh, I do. Oh, yes. But then you think the Rams get in. I do.

So three teams from the West? Maybe. Oh. Why not? Why not? You know what?

Why not? Hey guys, this just in. The NFC is totally wide open. I know. I know.

It really is. Why can't Giants out Rams in? Okay. How's that?

How's that? Totally out of the realm. You think Lions win the division?

I do. Vikings out. Out, out.

By the way, I'm out doubling down. Didn't I tell you back in March that the Lions... This has Raiders vibes, TJ. I know it does, which is why I'm not hopping on the Raiders right now as a team to get back in.

Because I've got... Scars. Are we sleeping on the Browns? Yes. We are. We're sleeping on the Browns a little bit. We don't know, but I like... I've just chosen the Steelers and the Browns to get in, which is what? Meaning what?

Either the Ravens or the Bengals are out. But you like Jets it. I don't know. But you like Jets it, so that's three. Come on, man.

I mean, you have to. The Jets went seven and 10 with their quarterback situation being a three-headed monster. And now Rogers comes in. Say what you will about Aaron Rogers last year.

Wilson was five and four last year. Get out of here. Come on.

Even with that tough schedule. I say yes. Great. Can I make a hot take? Who do they replace? I love hot takes.

I don't want to do the replacing thing yet. Even though we're going back, we're toggling back and forth here. All four teams in AFC North make the playoffs. That's impossible.

They're TJ. I can't sit here and say Steelers, Jets, and Browns all make it. That's my problem is that if I'm removing who goes out, if I'm removing who goes out, I'm just saying who goes in. It's easy for me to say that because if I put the Browns and the Steelers in, then somebody's going to have to look at me and go, Ravens or Bengals out, I'll be like, I can't choose either one of them. So you can go all four of them, which means if I'm putting the Jets in, then the Bills are out. No chance. Yeah.

One of Alan Rogers, Tua out. I got to take the Browns off the list. Doesn't matter. They're pissed at me. I used the words Elfman the other day. That was funny.

I don't know. Maybe your Pats make it. Dude. The defense is going to be really good. And if Matt Jones is in fact, I know I've been having my Bailey's app in front with you. So what?

That means I've got four teams from the East going in? Here's what actually is probably going to end up happening. How the hell do you skin this cat?

Who the hell is Tim Horton? I'm sorry. It's just a phrase, cat people. What if everybody in the AFC goes nine and eight and it all comes down to weird tiebreakers? We just went back and forth here and I mean, who are they going to be? So maybe it's just two from the AFC and it'll be four new ones from the NFC.

That's my way out of this box. Are we all in agreement with one thing though? Because last year, hold on a minute, last year it was four AFC teams that were new. And it was the Vikings, Chargers, Ravens, Giants, Jaguars and Dolphins that were new. So it was four AFC and two NFC. That's my way out of it. I'm going to take the Lions new, Falcons new, Rams is new and I'll go Packers.

I'll say Jordan Love's going to be better than you think. Steelers, Jets, Lions, Packers, Falcons, Rams, new. Six, you got six? That's six.

That's it. I think it's going to be a small number. Dude, the last time it was fewer than six was 2019 and it was five. And that was when there were just 12 playoff teams.

So on average, you're getting close to half of the playoff teams in an NFL season being new. Here's one for you, TJ. Okay. Are we sure the 49ers are going to be good? You will go... Who's the quarterback?

I don't know, dude. You will... Honestly, you will go on the Shanahan shield. You will just... You want to know why, Rich?

You want to know why and then we got to go to break. The next big game he wins will be the first. Dude, he's made the NFC championship game the last two years with quarterbacks you think are somewhere in the neighborhood of garbage.

Get out of here, Chris. Look who they played and the situations in which they won the game. And at some point...

They didn't score offensive touchdown against Green Bay. At some point, you got to give it up to the guy who's navigating this entire field as the head coach here. No, I don't. Let's take a break. 844-204-Rich.

Number to dial here on The Rich Eisen Show. How about them Cowboys? Cowboys, NFCs. They're out. Commander's in. What? Back here on The Rich Eisen Show radio network. All right.

Our audio executive not listening to the counts. No, I don't. There you go. I don't care about how great he is.

I mean, he definitely will give you the count on the MECs one though. Just as the radio audience returns. Very good. I'm sorry. It's okay. You ready to get phone callers on the air?

Because people have just heard what we had to say when it's on. My magic hands are ready. John in Corpus Christi, Texas. What's up, John? Hey, Rich. Thanks for taking my call.

Thanks for making it. Listen, I got to tamp down the talk of the Steelers going to the playoffs. It's not cool. I mean, you know Steelers football.

You know, we like it when nobody's talking about us. Sorry about that. Just say they'll finish last in the division. That'll be fine.

No, I will not do that. I like the way they finished. As you know, I named them, what were they my second favorite draft behind the Eagles? I loved what they did. I love what they did. They got the left tackle to protect their quarterback. They jumped the line. They had the, they used the Patriots dislike for the Jets to jump the line for Broderick Jones. I like everybody else that they got.

They got value picks throughout the entire draft for them. Oh, I fully agree. I just don't want y'all talking about it. Kevin Colbert's Padawan Learner, Omar Khan. He killed it.

I thought so too. My new man crush on the Steelers. Okay. But you guys like sequels. So can you pick a season two?

It's going to be the Wrath of Khan. Oh, very good. Very good. I like it. So I can't win for losing.

Some fans will be like, don't talk about them. I like that. Why don't you talk about them? Even when you lose, I win.

Thank you. Why don't you talk about them? LaVar chiming in. Ooh, there you go, TJ. James Washington to the Saints won your deal.

Okay. See the king of like the May acquisitions like, oh, that guy's going to be good. And then all of a sudden she's like, what happened to him? He was hurt for eight weeks. Yep. Yep. He's in Orlando, Florida. What's up, Mike? Hey, Rich.

How are you doing? Thanks for taking the call. Thanks for making it. Um, who's in, who's out. I love it. I love this call this talk this early in the season, which hasn't even really started yet, but it's great.

Um, I'm with you. I like the Steelers and the jets coming in the AFC and I like the dolphins and the Chargers falling out. And here's my, and here's my lobby behind the Chargers. I think the Raiders, they're not going to make the playoffs, uh, and the Broncos will be better and they'll just beat each other up. And then in the NFC, the Vikings and the bucks are out states and lions are in Vikings look at their point differential last year.

They gave up three more than they scored. So I think this year they come back down to earth and the NFC North only gets one team. Thanks very much. Greatly appreciate it. You know, another guy who doesn't get mad, if I'm saying Vic Fangio is going to make a big difference, um, as the defensive coordinator in Miami, you see was the defensive coordinator right now and, um, in Cleveland, just, uh, I just do the Seahawks play the Cleveland Browns. Let's look that up here. Browns schedule. And by, well, they play the Seahawks, they play the Bengals.

They do. Yeah. Week one, two, three, four, five, seven, October 29th. Okay. Week eight. Wow.

That's a buy. So yeah, well, I would just counsel to have the Browns keep Jim Schwartz away from talking to DK Metcalf. Don't, don't have them go up to, that was one of the few Jim Schwartz missteps in his last rodeo.

What happened with that? He went up to DK and said it, you know, I was in Detroit and you remind me of Calvin Johnson. That's right.

That's right. You can be Calvin Johnson. And he's just like, I'm my own man. And I'm going to put 19,000 yards on you tonight with five touchdowns. But Jim Schwartz is a really good defensive coordinator.

So basically he sees you as a future hall of Famer and you spin it into being upset about it. Yes. Remember that happened? And a robot. Yeah.

Well, Megatron. Yes. I know that. Yeah. He's a transformer. It's more than meets the eye.

There you go. Robot in disguise. You know who DK Metcalf is as well?

A human bat too. No. He's been on this program. An actor.

Just bring it all together. He's an actor. Well, he's the one. He was an actor.

So DK Metcalf, it's interesting. When he was in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, he was labeled as an actor. He was acting like he was dominating because he did. We got to get Kevin Rahm on the show. I have his number. When you text him. FaceTime him right now. I'm not going to FaceTime him. Why? We're going to have him. It's called content.

It's more than just like 90 seconds out the door. Let's hope he answers. Philip Boyd and then Chris Brock. We're going to get him on the corner and say, who in your operation?

Who the hell is Chris Brock, an actor? I have some credits. You got credits.

That ain't one of them. I got credits. I got credits. I got credits.

I got credits. I got one cent checks. As somebody who gets a one cent check.

I was not in union. As someone who gets a one cent check. I'm offended. I'm sickened by this. You're viewed as an actor.

As someone who once shared the screen with the late great Brittany Murphy. I too am sickened. But I'm wondering if I don't do anything about this. And leave this alone and the people who are with him in his group. In Jacksonville? Right? Is it in Jacksonville? Okay. This coming weekend.

Just say to him, oh, you're an actor. Where were you? Where were you in?

He'll say the league. I was in the league. I was in Dave. I was in Dave.

What else? We got an actor with two credits. Tell him you were in Game of Thrones and you were a background. As we learned, Todd Bowles is a coach with more credits. He's got a degree. This guy's got two credits. That's it. Two and out.

That guy. So stay tuned to tomorrow's show. It's going to be great. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me, I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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