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REShow: Jim Nantz - Hour 2

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May 12, 2023 2:23 pm

REShow: Jim Nantz - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 12, 2023 2:23 pm

Rich breaks down the Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 1 showdown to open the NFL Season and says why KC head coach Andy Reid might not be too thrilled to have to face a Dan Campbell’s fiery Motor City squad.  

Terzo in Iowa calls in with his way-too-early (and way-too-optimistic??) San Francisco 49ers 2023 season prediction.

Hall of Fame announcer Jim Nantz and Rich discuss Aaron Rodgers and the Jets’ prominence in CBS Sports’ national NFL games this season, says why the AFC owns a big advantage of over the NFC when it comes to quarterback star power and how that impacts which games viewers get to see across the country, and reveals a heart-breaking regret about the late coaching and broadcasting legend John Madden.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show.

Yes, yes it is. Our number two The Rich Eisen Show live on the air. Andrew Whitworth has just left our show studio stage talking about the Thursday night football schedule. Jim Nance is about to call in to talk about the NFL on CBS. And then in studio, our number three diehard Seahawks fan and the host of the crime scene Kitchen and the star of Animal Control, both on Fox, Joel McHale will be here and that'll be fun. That'll be fun. It always is.

Always is. Do you have a what's more likely? I do. You do? Yeah. Okay, we'll do that.

We'll do that now at number three. It's Friday. It's fun Friday. And you have a what's more likely based on the schedule?

Some on the schedule, couple of NBA's. Let's go. Very good. All right, we'll do that later on in our number three.

Your phone calls at 844-204-rich being the number to dial right here on this program. Yeah, good times right now. So let's just leap in here. The first game of the season, Andrew Whitworth talked about it even though they don't have it on Amazon Prime. He loves the Lions taking on the Chiefs. As he left the stage, he left the building, he thought that Andy Reid must be sitting around thinking, damn, the Lions and Dan Campbell. Now he's not just saying that because the Lions are a team that finished up winning eight of 10 last year and played some of the best football in the last two months of the season and had a chance to make the playoffs and could have if things went differently in Seattle, by the way, in the last game of the season.

And there's a lot of officiating that went down that was a little bit, you know, questionable. But Campbell doesn't use anything as excuses. What he does is he likes to rile and he likes to lead and he likes to have people who want to run through walls. He likes players who run through walls.

He likes players who respond to his run through the wall speeches. And that is what Andy Reid is potentially not terribly pleased about. That he's going to have his team ready to run through any freaking wall in the state of Missouri and they run through the wall and go straight into Kansas.

Right there in Arrowhead. That's what he thought. As he left, he said to us, Andy Reid's got to be like, oh man, Dan Campbell is going to have this team. He's got four months to get them ready and riled up. And he said all training camp long, he's going to be talking about this game and what it means and have them ready to hit the ground running. And Good Morning Football had Dan Campbell on today to talk about being the choice of the NFL to show up in Arrowhead and give everyone a good show and what's at stake for him and the team. Give a listen to what Dan Campbell had to say about being the choice of the NFL to help kick off the season in Kansas City.

Certainly we're beginning to get noticed. You know, that's what it means. Now, I'll say this.

Here's my first thought. I'm being totally honest with you as to why, why they would, okay, why give us Kansas City? Okay, well, yeah, you finished the year a certain way, but it also means that they're betting on we won't get our ass kicked. All right, you may get beat, but you're not going to get your ass kicked.

That's what they're saying. So listen, we're all excited here. And I want to be real careful because I also know what the reality is of this game too. Because look, if you're able to pull this game off, right, and which is the whole point of playing the game, as you're going in to win, well, then you're going to be expected to not lose another game if you beat the Chiefs.

I mean, that's going to be reality. So then if you slip up and lose a game, well, then you're trash again. But if you don't win the game, then you're not worthy enough to be playing on Thursday night, first game of the year. So we got to block all that out. It's the next game.

It's the one in front of us. We got to prepare. We already know they're going to be ready, man. They're the top dogs.

They're as good as they get. And it'd be an ultimate challenge. But if you're a competitor, like we are as a coaching staff and our players are, I mean, it just doesn't get any better.

I want to play the game right now. Right? Could you imagine that's going to be the message over the next four months to the team? And we're there to be a punching bag. They think we are going to just be fodder for the banner race. Although, look, they don't want to blow out in week one. They don't want to blow out in game one.

They want a game. So they feel the Lions can give them a game. And what the Lions can do, obviously, Jamison Williams being out doesn't help matters. And by the way, the league still put the Lions in that building knowing that one of their top receivers won't be there.

And also the conversation as to why he won't be there is because he was popped for gambling. And they still put the Lions out there. And the restore the roar faithful in the state of Michigan and throughout the country, the Honolulu Blue faithful believe this is the moment where the roar will finally get restored. And I can't blame them for feeling that way. And Dan Campbell is going to have this team absolutely riled up with a mixture of they don't believe we can win this game.

We're the Washington generals to their Harlem Globetrotters. And they think they're running the risk. And there will be a lot of people who think the Lions, you could have had Josh Allen. You could have had Joe Burrow. You could have had Jalen Hurts all in the building. You're putting Jared Goff and the Lions there. They don't deserve this game.

He is going to use all of this, ball it up and throw it right at the Kansas City Chiefs. And I am all here for that. I can feel it.

It's common. I can feel it. I can't wait, man.

Let's go. It is a great choice. And I didn't think I thought it would be like choice eight, choice nine. And that's part of what Dan Campbell's talking about too.

You know, part of what Dan Campbell's talking about. Great stuff that Good Morning Football got out of the coach of the Lions today. 844-204-rich number to dial right here on the program. Terzo and Iowa, all rise everybody. All rise, please. What's up Terzo? Hey, what's up guys? How are you guys doing today? You've been a great show so far.

Thank you, sir. You got the 49ers. What's on your mind? I got the 49ers win-loss.

Trying to duplicate a good call that I did last year. Okay. Do we have the 49ers schedule? Terzo, you really want to do this now? It's May 12th, brother. We don't even know who your quarterback is. I'm serious. I've already gone through the whole schedule and I got them going 12 and five. Hold on a second.

Counselor, counselor, counselor. You know that's not the way it's done here. You know it's done game by game and I'm giving you a preemptory. I'm going to give you a preemptory as you will try to seat this jury, sir. You don't even know if it's Trey Lance or it's Donald or it's going to be Purdy at all. I believe it's going to be Trey Lance for the first four weeks until Purdy's back. Okay, so let's do it.

Purdy comes back in and takes the reign. You want to do the win-loss? You want to do the win-loss thing? Because we've got NFL Films, Visa, ready for you. Okay, here we go. Terzo and Iowa. This is impressive.

This is going out on a limb here. This is day after the schedule comes out. This is way too early. This is way too early. Two days before Mother's Day and we don't even know who the baby's going to be to celebrate when the season begins at quarterback.

Here we go. Starting with at the Pittsburgh Steelers. You say Lance starts the first four games.

What do you got for me? We lose to the Steelers in a tough road game. Okay, Rams here in so far. Okay, of course you do.

You think so. Then a short week turnaround home opener against the Giants. Beat the Giants. And then the Cardinals at home.

Take out the Cardinals. So, hold on a second. You think Lance is winning three of the first four and with that hot hand gets benched for a Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys for Purdy?

I believe he does. Okay. Purdy comes in and beats the Cowboys. Okay, so they're four and one and uh and boy the by the way between October 1st and October 8th if that is the conversation Lance is out Purdy and of the three and one team we will be having a lot of conversations about that. All right, the four and one um the four and one Niners then go to Cleveland. We lose to a shootout to Watson. Okay, at the Vikings on a Monday night. We recover and beat the Vikings.

Home for the Bengals on CBS in week eight. A shootout. A shootout and we beat the Bengals in it.

Wow. Okay, so they are now six and two going into the bye week coming out at Jacksonville. Beat the Jags.

All right. Home for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Beat the Bucks. At the Seattle Seahawks on a Thanksgiving night. Lose to the sea chickens. Okay, at the Philadelphia Eagles. You're still flocking with birds.

What do you got? Where? Yeah, we lose to the Eagles as well. Oh boy. Okay, even with Purdy at quarterback there. Even with the 11th man for Deebo. Okay, home for the Seahawks. Let's finish up strong. Then we beat the sea chickens. At the Cardinals. Beat the Cardinals. Monday night against the Ravens.

We beat the Ravens as well and I think Lamar might be hurt by then. At the wow. At the commanders New Year's Eve afternoon in Washington.

We beat the commanders. And then home for the Rams. I'll say I know how you feel about that. Okay. No, no. We lose to the Rams because we've already won the division. And so you're resting.

You start Darnold in that game? Okay. One, two, three, four, five. All right.

12 and five. Thank you, Terzo and Arnold. Thanks, Terzo. Appreciate you guys. Be well. All right. Good weekend. 12 and five. By the way, 12 and five on 512. Hey.

23. I don't. Too early, but I give regular call is what they want. Hey. I mean, it doesn't seem plausible. There's no way on this planet, Lance goes three and one. Right before Cowboys. No way. No chance.

I don't think so. I mean, it's interesting that he thinks that there will be a quarterback switch because you know what, that's what happens in San Francisco. Well, actually we should probably hope that's the case.

It will give us a lot to talk about. Three and one Lance out pretty with his new wing coming in against the Cowboys. Holy crap. That's not happening. Or there's no way you can say that's not happening.

No, you're right. Because if I told you last year, let me just do this one more time. If I told you last year that Jimmy G would be eventually signed by the team at the end of training camp and they had to do it because there was no way they were going into the season with the kid that they drafted with the last pick was going to back up Trey Lance. And not only did Lance start the season, but then got hurt. And Jimmy G was the guy who got them in position to make the super bowl until he gets hurt. And they had to turn to the kid that they didn't want to have as the backup to Lance to begin with. And he turns into a rookie of the year candidate who goes down in the NFC championship game, causing a huge to do in advance of the rematch this year.

So you can't sit here and say that's not happening when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers. Nah. I just don't know if Terzo has like a corgi helping him predict games. By the way, that corgi is five for five.

That corgi who predicts NBA playoff games by hitting mini basketballs off his beautiful nose into two baskets at the bottom of a stairwell is Nostra freaking Doggin. Five for five. Dogmas. Okay.

And he predicted the Lakers would be up 3-1 and losing seven of the Warriors. Yeah. Or is it a she? I don't know. Are they posting these before or after the game? No, this was posted before the series started. Yeah. The dog predicted the Lakers would be up 3-1 and lose the final three. Five for five.

It's gone every single game. Right. Now, what's it say about games? You know what?

I don't know. It says the Lakers. No, no, the Warriors. Oh, it didn't do our series.

Maybe they did. You just didn't see it. Look it up in the commercial break as we get ready for Jim Nantz. I mean the corgi.

844-204-rich is the number to tell. Chris Brockman is Googling basketball predicting corgi videos right now. That's what's happening. Please do that before Jim Nantz joins us because I'd love to. Everybody gets set.

You should do that. It's a serious business. Hello, friends. I've got the CBS schedule in front of me. He's just, by the way, this guy, you want to talk about him. He is a schedule nut. He knows everything about everything about a schedule. I love it.

One of his, one of the many facets that makes him great. He will be joining us next right here on our schedule release show. For those who are waiting to hear from Ryan Polls, we had to reschedule his schedule change. We'll get the general manager of the Bears on next week.

How does that sound? That's next with Jim Nantz, Joel McHale in studio. More of your phone calls at 844-204-rich number to dial right here.

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. It's a Super Bowl year for CBS. They are broadcasting the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Nevada for this upcoming season that has a ton of great games on the Tiffany network and the voice of the NFL on CBS and so many amazing moments on that network of CBS sports.

Jim Nance kind enough to call back into the Rich Eisen show. Hello friend. Hello friend. The day after the scheduled release we all were making our flight bookings and plans for the fall. I'm all excited.

I wish we had a chance to go to Germany or England. It's not on our ledger but it's going to be a great season. I'm so excited about the games that are before us now. Now again do you know how deep into the season do you know which games you're doing right now, Jim? I have a pretty good idea for the first 17 weeks. Obviously 18 is up in the air with all those divisional matchups and a lot of obligations to each of the broadcast partners so that's impossible to handicap but I could rattle off right now one through 17 as best odds at this point.

Okay so because we have a graphic our crack Rich Eisen show staff has put together notable CBS games and I'm wondering how many we nailed. Let's start with the Eagles Patriots. You're there for that one, right Jim? I'll be there for that one.

Tony Romo, Tracy Wolfson. We all are looking forward to being at Gillette Stadium to open up the season with the NFC champs, the salute to Tom Brady which we talked about last night on NFL Network together and a big presentation before the game which I hope to be able to participate in. Did you hear two different shows with us? You said that last night you said to RKK I can make it down from the booth to be part of that. Had the Patriots heard your initial offering of your services? Waiting by the phone at this point but hey they've got a lot planning to do and as I alluded to last night there'll be a lot of people nervous about well wait wait wait a minute we gotta come on the air and all of that. We'll be fine I mean I know how to climb out of the booth many times in fact that Gillette to run down to give the trophy away.

That's right. A high wire act so now I can just do it in reverse go from the field up to the booth no problem. Just for Brady and that's right so last night.

I need to be there for that I'm so happy it worked out on our watch and that just feels uh very fitting. I said last night 102 Brady games in a New England uniform. I might have been rounding up a little bit because I think all total I think it's 106 including his Tampa career but it's somewhere right around 100 in a Patriot uniform. Almost a third of his games I had along with the great Phil Simms and with Tony we had a chance to see that many Brady games in person. And that'll be week one and then I believe you know my the crack staff is is chosen too because you know Ravens and Bengals is significant but I imagine you and Tony I think you said last night you're going to be Jets at Cowboys. You're going to get Rogers. Let's set the record straight here anytime you have a double header window yes on CBS so you're looking at the two games you can automatically cross off whatever the one o'clock matchup is we're always going to do the 425.

There you go. It doesn't matter how sexy the matchup is it won the 425 game this pertains to not only CBS but Fox as well is going to be about 50 higher so there's no way we're doing a one o'clock game no matter how good it is and yes the Jets Dallas is one of the best games that we procured it's a big one Rogers on the road Rogers against Dallas uh Jets versus road game with this new look uh I I'm thrilled by this game. That is going to be something else I mean um Rogers and Dallas I I remember that was his first coming out party in the old Texas stadium when it was far versus your current partner in your booth uh Romo that was on a Saturday night on NFL network and both teams were incredible and it was for the the lead in the entire conference and Favre of all things gets hurt and Rogers comes in and I'll never forget we were all sitting there in the end zone watching that waiting for halftime saying oh my goodness gracious this guy is amazing and that guy was of course Rogers I'll never forget that never. It was early for NFL network to be doing games it might have been season one and it was a big one sitting out there all year long people were saying this is not going to be on one of the major networks no it's going to be on the NFL networks there was tremendous buildup I remember it well it's hard to believe it's that long ago um and how everything has grown from there it's pretty interesting but Jets Dallas uh is one of the top games of the year for any network. And then maybe are you going to get Patriots at Jets the following week you think you'll be there in New York? I'm going to get into the handicapping business here if there's a Denver at Miami game that's out there this is a regional week for us there you go but I would right now go with New England at the Jets. There'll be something else too I mean Rogers I again and I know there's tons of we got on the screen right here we don't have to do the entire interview this way there's tons of Chiefs Arrowhead logos on our screen right now but there's a ton of Jets logos up there too Jim I mean this is story of the off season story of many seasons that's once again the Jets are putting their eggs in the basket of a first ballot hall of famer who was done with his Packers career it's unbelievable how this is happening again and this young Jets team appears to be just this is the exact ingredient that they they need right now it looks like. And they have a receiving core a great blend of young talents like Garrett Wilson to go with guys that some of the stalwarts that he's comfortable with coming over from Green Bay so there is no reason for this not to work out for the Jets it's not like Aaron Rogers has lost his fastball he can still play and barring any injuries here this should be a really big season for them. Jim Nantz here on the Rich Eisen Show day after the schedule comes out how many Chiefs games do you think you're getting I know you mentioned that number down to the first one that I see is Kansas City at Minnesota week five a doubleheader game we know that Minnesota had a very good regular season last year of course Casey is is arguably the biggest catch in the entire schedule for anybody we know about the Dallas history but who wants the Cowboys but Casey's on that level now as the champs and with Mahomes and then later on two weeks later to be exact week seven I anticipate that we'll be doing Chargers at KC doubleheader game 425 and then we'll see them again weeks 14, 16 and 17 this is what I alluded to last night in the month of December basically going to live in KC I've got Buffalo at KC week 14 Vegas at KC on Christmas day Cincinnati at KC on New Year's Eve so those are blockbuster games Buffalo and Cincinnati especially those two matchups against KC you're talking in the Cincinnati case the last two AFC championship matchups came down to a field goal in each case and then of course Buffalo and Kansas City with that epic divisional game a season ago two seasons ago I guess you would say now and a great regular season game at Arrowhead last year they come back the Bills again come back to Arrowhead and it's that's just a blockbuster for us those were games one and two I believe on our hit list when we went in and talked to the league and we got them and again you may have who knows obviously back to back to back Chiefs games when the playoffs begin you may you know you may have that too Jim you may you may I don't anticipate seeing them on but you never know with only one team getting the five maybe Cincinnati KC on December 31 is for the number one seed who knows it's easy to project right now but you don't know how a season breaks out injuries and all that but yeah I think there's a really strong chance we'd see him divisional weekend and AFC championship week and maybe even in Las Vegas so you know you add it up if they were to make that kind of run all the way to the Super Bowl I think it adds up to nine games that we would see wow yeah maybe it's a game eight or nine games of the Chiefs this is what it used to be like getting back to how we started back in the Brady Belichick days Phil and I would would do eight or nine Patriot games a year riding them through the playoffs in the regular season so they were the flagship team of the network at that time and rightfully so and Casey is in this era. And could you imagine how much we would be making these connections between Mahomes and Brady other than what you just mentioned had Mahomes beaten Brady in that Super Bowl in Tampa a couple of years ago Jim because this kid is the only one one would think obviously Allen has yet to make a Super Bowl and Burrow has made one but lost it he's the appears to be the only one that could possibly in the realm of approaching the universe of Tom Brady's numbers if the longevity and the success level can be sustained I mean that is a long way to go but he is that special I think he and I know fans are like sick and tired of hearing that already might have Mahomes fatigue I hate I hate to say you know you better get used to it we just talked about it obviously about what they're going to see through your your microphone and your top-notch cruise lens but this is the truth Jim that's what's at stake in a way this listen people sometimes grow weary or tired of winners and the story repeating itself but it's kind of like tiger back in his heyday you may root for him a lot of people did you may not root for him and there were those out there that that weren't rooting for him because they just grew tired of watching him play all the time why are you guys showing him so much but the truth is everybody wants to know what he's doing at all times and that that is the same that pertains to Mahomes you want to know what he's doing and he's got three Super Bowl appearances he's got two rings yeah I mean it's hard to handicap it when you're talking about a player still in his 20s and you've got so much so much more talent out there I mean it's just what the AFC has the quarterback position it's almost unfair it really is and I'm not saying that boasting because we're the AFC network but we have a you just rattle off some names and you didn't mention Justin Herbert you didn't mention a Lamar Jackson you didn't mention Trevor Lawrence and there are other guys I mean Deshaun Watson we can't draw any conclusions about what his ability is off the handful of games he played at the end of last season what about Kenny Pickett is he going to be good you know who knows maybe Will Levis is going to be the guy that some people thought might go first off the board two weeks ago during the draft maybe Tennessee hit on something there but look you got Aaron Rodgers now to add to that that long list of talented quarterbacks Russell Wilson as he come back to life Jimmy Jimmy G I mean I think that was a great off-season acquisition by by the Raiders so it's just it's I'm sorry Tua I left Tua off. That's true I know but I do the same thing too. On that list you mentioned already Josh and you mentioned Joe yeah but it goes on and on and on and it's just mind-boggling what's going on here going on out here in the AFC with the quarterback position and CJ Stroud with the Texans and the quarterback that most analysts and observers generally thinks has the biggest upside of all the rookie quarterbacks and Anthony Richardson winding up in Indianapolis and just to just to bring it all over with those no no I mean there's too many you can't name all 16 but you know and and then it's interesting that you you equated Mahomes to Tiger because they both are you know wear red on victory Sundays right I mean like this is that's true this is so it's getting to the point where the AFC you're getting to the point where you go into the draft does anybody now I know there are exceptions but you're getting the word like the quarterback position does not need to be addressed in most cases really true that's unusual now the same can't be said on the NFC set obviously there are stars over there but it doesn't have the star power that the AFC does yeah this was the first year rich that the the league was touting how the games would be interchangeable I'm talking about the Fox and CBS packages yes and it would look different the reality is is that we had more cross flexes in our major windows last year we we had you know we had games like Dallas at Minnesota I mean there was a whole slew of games and uh that were normally in the Fox package but you look at our our lineup I just gave you what I suspect we didn't run through them all right we have the Philly at New England game that normally would belong to Fox we got that one other than that and yes another than Washington playing at Dallas on Thanksgiving but I think that one off the board because that's become kind of a pretty standard thing to do make it a divisional game um in a lot of cases on on Thanksgiving we really went in our major windows all heavy with the AFC or at least the league did where you really felt the difference of the new business model was in our one o'clock games on a double header day and just emboldening what our overall package is I was adding it up last night I had nothing better to do you love the schedule too Jim you love the schedule I love it I love how much you love the schedule I love the schedule I love the draft and I love living it vicariously through you thank you we have in our 100 some odd game total 100 games we have 31 games by my total 31 games that before there were a smattering of cross flexes you know what I mean by that NFC games on the road at an AFC opponent or NFC at NFC those just came to us in recent years we get a handful of them didn't used to be that way but 31 of our games are games that normally not normally in the old days and that's not real old I'm talking five years ago we would not have seen so where are they because you're not seeing them on the headline games the AFC is so strong we we just packed it or the league packed it with primarily AFC matchups but inside of our 100 game package there are 31 games that would be considered cross flexes or NFC at NFC games that normally not normally again formally we're not a part of the picture for our business model well and then you you again just to wrap things up on the CBS schedule of notable games I think others that we we think you're going to be at you've got on Sunday the 26th of November the Bills at the Eagles so you got Hurts on your package twice obviously the the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas that's two Dallas Dak Prescott games then you also have the San Francisco 49ers Bengals at 49ers their Chiefs at Vikings essentially if you had a peg like okay who are the quarterbacks that can lead a team to championship play in the NFC you've got them as well you've got I mean good lord you've got to be you're fired up I don't blame you this is a heck of a schedule I'm glad you brought up I wanted to bring it up last night um but Cincinnati at San Francisco oh boy is the is I believe it's October 29th yes it is eight that is a national doubleheader game and you know you take Cincinnati traveling out west that could have been our Super Bowl matchup in February they both lost in the championship games it's a darn attractive game there that I'm looking forward to being able to have out west um yeah it's it's all high quality and by the way I know I'm sounding like I'm bragging about what our team did and I am proud of um our Dan Weinbergs and David Berson's and everybody that was had their hands on the schedule business for a couple of months I know all the networks operate same they all try to politic and build a case for what they need can't protect everything that you have but I was looking at all the networks last night I think somehow there is dilution because you have Amazon and you have Monday night and that's definitely been upgraded you have Sunday night and you have to make of course CBS and Fox happy in the end I think everybody's happy I looked at it and didn't walk away saying wow that's a weaker schedule than they normally have somehow the games worked out where they're attractive enough and everybody did well I love it but I'm especially proud of what we've been handed and what we worked hard for and um it looks good I know it's only uh May right now and I know it's uh months to go but I'm already getting fired up to be reunited with Tony and Tracy and Jim Rickoff and our amazing director Mike Arnold and having a Super Bowl season and um getting the band back together I look forward to that obviously um Jim I appreciate the call I just one last thing if I if I may uh the Thanksgiving games uh last year have been renamed Madden Celebration and um and and I know you know a lot of folks who are growing up think you know oh yeah he's the video game guy or he was the guy who was on NBC with Al and you know he was a CBS guy first and I'm wondering if you've got a good Madden story at all for when you were starting out and you met him or when you were you know um already a long time CBS veteran anything uh Madden related story time I think first off he he was CBS first and by far he was CBS the most um when you look at his longevity until that year in December of 93 when we lost the NFC package on that fateful day of December 17th 1993 when you were going to be out of the NFL business so that's when of course John went in the other direction um you know there was a lot of time for all of us to spend with John I got to do sidelines one time in my career I wasn't very good at it but it was in 1987 and I did it with uh with Pat and John which was obviously it's memorable now I'm going back so many years 30 something years ago 36 years ago wow I was scared out of my mind going to production meeting with him but uh he was always very generous and um as as as life would move on you know I moved to Pebble Beach California and and John lived in Pleasanton California up in the East Bay but he had a home right off Ocean Avenue in Carmel by the Sea which was one mile from my house and I didn't get to see him as much as I should have but I saw him on occasion for breakfast cup of coffee a walk this is going to sound really bizarre because I was intimidated by him and he was not an intimidating guy that's the last thing he would want anybody to ever feel because he certainly didn't try to admit anything to you that made you feel uncomfortable but he was just so big and I had so much respect and appreciation for him look my job has taken me everywhere I've been in the company of a number of presidents I've had a dinner sitting at the same table as the Queen of England these are all things that I never deserved but somehow they landed in my lap but when I was around John I just never quite broke to that barrier of being in awe of him if that makes any sense sure he's the last he's the most normal guy ever but I just but I just think it speaks to my love respect and appreciation for him I looked up to him so much I lived a mile from him I wish I now in retrospect I wish I had seen him three days a week not that he would have wanted me three days a week but he was a hang guy John was never in a hurry you know he'd never tied his shoelaces he walked around with sneakers with his shoes untied really he didn't like to be pinned down people would say to him hey your shoes on tight yep they didn't know that's how he wanted to operate uh he never wanted to break up the hang I just you know you you get older in life you think I should handle that relationship a little bit better man he was good to me I wish I had more time with him it was there it was I know it was there if I had a little more self-confidence in that relationship never said that to anybody before but as I'm just sitting here opening up my mind to it man he was just an amazing guy and I love to watch the way he interacted with people people would approach him and he had time for everyone and he was he was he was a man of the people who wouldn't want to aspire to be that where everybody could relate to him and I did too I just had a certain level of admiration that was so high that um it made me a not natural in communicating with him because I just looked up to him so much well hope that makes sense it does Jim in my heart a million percent and I love that you share that with me and the group here in the audience and just know this you are in a position what a what a position to be in sitting there in a booth and you know in the metroplex on a thanksgiving in front of that monster audience being able to tell folks of a different generation about madden and keep his legacy alive that's that's in your hands you know and that it's going to be amazing amazing um for you and the madden celebration so that's a pretty big heady more things thing yeah well I got to be the voice of of the madden game I believe it was five years and at the time it was the longest run anyone had and Phil and I did it together and it meant a lot to to to lend a voice to that and you're right most people think it's about the video game and his record as a coach which was so short-lived and his win percentages off the charts 100 wins I mean very few losses what what he did to motivate and inspires players and how they reacted to him years later um it was pretty special but Sandy Montag was John's well he started out like working for John and went on the road with him then he became his manager and agent and Sandy's been my manager and agent on the broadcasting side for for decades now and he would always be kind of a go-between hey John wants to see you for breakfast at Katie's place in Carmel for John this or that and you know I think he probably understood that I it was unnatural for me to feel like I could reach out uh I was shy and that's the bottom line but when it came to Thanksgiving Day Sandy would always say hey before you go in here today give John a call give John a call so Tony and I did that and I think Phil and I did it too so whatever I've done the Thanksgiving Day games now for for several decades every year Detroit then Dallas then Detroit then Dallas and I used to make that phone call on Thanksgiving Day from the booth wish him happy Thanksgiving because I knew how much it meant to him at Sandy's urging and you know I'd get up the nerve to be able to call call his cell phone and say hey John thinking of you today he was great I mean he watched everything he didn't miss any game on any network he was all in on the NFL and in the end great coach Hall of Famer legendary legacy with his video game but he might have been when it's all said and done you add up all the parts the greatest ambassador to the league ever had he stood for the good things in the game and again everybody related to him players the coaches the media and especially the fans he was their voice and he was the man of the people so Thanksgiving should belong to him when it comes to the NFL business you're the man Jim Nance always appreciate this I do not take it for granted you are awesome thanks again for the call thanks brother and I appreciate you saying on the NFL network last night that this is a new tradition unlike any other calling into the show we've done it many years we have I write it in I can well hopefully you'll have me back anytime Jim we'll chat before that thanks again be well enjoy the enjoy your summer the best right back at you Jim Nance everybody come on there he goes story time let's take a break Joel McHale hour number three don't you dare move your phone calls when we come back the boys of summer are playing on the believe podcast the product of baseball is much more watchable get your baseball fix from podcasts like wake and rake farm to show and ring the bell he's not really hitting balls through the screws plus local podcasts like believe in Astros and believe in the Bronx you're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen how great was Jim Nance I mean Suzy just texted me during the commercial break smidge from back home about about him sharing that that's great honestly you know Suze was talking about how it's like a lesson that when you you know you you have an opportunity to meet somebody or be around them you should take advantage of it and I totally understand that I mean you know I remember I was 26 was strolling into sports center I bet and everybody who I had hoped to become colleagues with they were just suddenly my colleagues and you know I didn't really avail myself sometimes of what I should have I totally understand a little bit of that imposter syndrome you don't really necessarily think that why am I here do I deserve to be here and it's people you grew up watching on tv maybe idolized or looked up to and you're like oh they're sitting next to me I thought he would tell a story about we were doing this we were doing not not like you know I wish I had taken better advantage of my opportunity to hang with John Madden and be with John Madden that was incredible what a share out of Jim Nance and you know just a it's kind of a message and a and a great uh lesson for everybody so you know hey Jay you could talk to me anytime man you should stop tiptoeing around you know you could get advice from Del Tufo yeah yeah stop towing around Mike I get advice from him all the time it's just unsolicited he thinks he's my uncle at this point let's go to Nick in California you're here on the Rich Eisen Show what's up Nick hey Rich man it's been a while I'm glad I called the show um been watching you on Instagram I kind of lost touch a little bit but this is your test control guy hey man what's how you been Nick I've been good man I've been good hey I'm a huge Broncos fan okay and I gotta tell you dude I don't want to go down the schedule uh but I got the Broncos maybe too much of a higher expectation but they're beating the Chargers 2 and 0 they're beating the Raiders 2 and 0 and I think they get at least one win against the Chiefs that's five and one in division or is that good five five and one in division you're killing a lot of pests there man I'll tell you that you're getting rid of the bugs in the system five and one in division I gotta clean up the cobwebs from last season man look at this we're going back and see the bug related analogies we're going back and forth here Chris you seen it all right Nick thanks for the call you call back brother appreciate it appreciate it our pest control is he the official pest controller of the Rich Eisen show I think he's been inhaling some of the fumes from the five and one in division I don't know do we have a Bronco schedule built yet that might be we don't have that because as you know I didn't share the schedule with my colleagues here yeah a lot of pre-production you know I didn't I didn't share the schedule that's because I signed a doc no it's not on me that's on you it's the document I signed that the NFL had me sign so I didn't release it like half the rest of the world where they get honestly you know what I'm gonna do after today I'm gonna actually spend time I'm gonna call NFL security say what are you doing about that you follow too many rules do I really I think so I'm a rule follower that's no fun what do you mean that's no fun these guys could have had the schedule built and we could have been Broncos bam so my rule following is now denigrated the product of the Rich Eisen show just today well call back Rich Eisen show pest control man Nick call back Nick you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess what you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me I made her sit in a corner explain sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 cent it's my birthday sit in the corner give them Lala wherever you listen you
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