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REShow: Joel McHale - Hour 3

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May 12, 2023 3:25 pm

REShow: Joel McHale - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 12, 2023 3:25 pm

Rich and the guys break down the 2023 schedules for the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.

Actor/host Joel McHale and Rich talk Fox’s ‘Crime Scene Kitchen,’ Seattle Seahawks & Kraken, ‘Talk Soup’ and more.

Rich reveals which NFL team has the toughest schedule this season.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. What a fun two hours we've already had on this Friday show and if you missed the first hour of Andrew Whitworth in studio and missed Jim Nantz last hour talking about the Amazon Prime Video and CBS, NFL on CBS schedules of the National Football League, don't worry. We re-air right away right here on the Roku channel, channel 210. If you're watching us, stay put. And if you missed any of that.

If you're watching us and you're like, all right, I can't stay put, guess what? Right here on the Roku channel, part of our Roku relationship, The Rich Eisen Show collection page, it's a video on demand service. There's our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show.

If you're listening to us saying, oh, I missed the first two hours, by the way, I don't want to put words in your mouth. There's our podcast. There's our podcast. The Rich Eisen Show podcast for all podcasts required thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. I just said the word podcast five times now in the last 30 seconds.

Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We say hello to all of our audiences. It's been a fun two hours. Jim Nantz just shared a story about John Madden. I thought it would be something about him and being with Madden on the road and the bus and whatever.

And he talked about how he was so in awe of Madden that he didn't avail himself of Madden's time when it was available to him as much as he wanted to. I mean, what a story that was last hour. You knocked us all over with a feather and it's one of those for the radio audience.

It's one of those that keeps you in the car, sitting there in the parking lot or wherever you're driving. So we appreciate everybody that's been out there for the last two hours. 844-204-rich number to dial. We'll take some phone calls. This hour I've got the team that I think's got the toughest schedule. That's how we'll finish up this program. So stay tuned throughout and we'll have Joel McHale in studio to keep us entertained in about 18 minutes time.

He's a diehard Seahawks fan. The one hour premiere of Crime Scene Kitchen is coming up Monday, the first Monday of June. So he's coming in in advance of that. We'll just make notes of all the things going on with Joel and he joins us shortly. We're about to do What's More Likely here on this program. But let's get into everyone else's schedules here. Okay.

And by everyone else, I mean the guys in the room. That's what I mean. TJ, let's do this first since it's the varsity. You want to do the varsity schedule here? I'm not asking you to do the win-loss stuff.

Let's take a look. We're not prepared to do that. I mean, Terzo and I are- You made me do that way too early last year. By the way, it is too early to do the win-loss stuff.

Terzo went crazy. I had to name a team of the 32 in the NFL for which it's the most too early. I would name the 49ers. Yeah, you don't know who that guy is. He's a signal caller.

You know what I mean? Like you know who's going to be the quarterback in every team in the AFC East, including Bailey Zappi. Every team in the AFC North.

Same intensity. You know, every team in the AFC South, except for the Colts. I mean, it's going to be Stroud.

You have to figure it's Richardson, right? Every team in the AFC West, every team in the NFC East, except Washington, but you think it's going to be Sam Howell, right? The team's in the NFC North. You got it.

You got it. In the NFC South, you know everybody. In the NFC West, it might be Trask. It is not going to be Trask. It's going to be Baker Mayfield Powell.

Come on now. They went for the 49ers. So I'm not, you know, Terzo gave us the win loss. He says the Niners are going to go 12 and five. And he said it's Trey Lance for the first four weeks. He even baked in the changing of the guard, the inevitable changing of the quarterback guard that seems to happen every year now for the 49ers. He said Trey Lance is going to go three and one in the middle. Bench him going into the week five game against the Cowboys for Purdy.

And it might be, by the way, Darnold starting all 17 anyway. That's how crazy it is for the Niners. All right. I don't know. The Dallas Cowboys schedule. Let's take a look at it. I don't have the patience to jack with you.

All right. They got the Cowboys and the Giants in MetLife to kick off the Sunday night football schedule. Then the Giants co-tenants of MetLife comes to kick off the Jones-Mahal schedule, Jets at Cowboys at Arizona. So that'll be, it's Colt McCoy there still, right? Is it Colt? As far as we know. I think so. And so New England, Bailey Zappi, Bailey Zappi's coming out. It's going to be Mac Jones. Let's be honest.

Thank you. At San Francisco on a Sunday night at the chargers on a Monday night, the Cowboys coming here, October 16th, TJ, that's the time. That's the time you're going to have to leave your house. Yesterday.

I looked at the schedule and I said to myself, you know what? If somebody can hook me up with a ticket, I'm going to go to this game. What do you mean? What does that mean?

I mean, just spend the money. I know a guy named Stub. His last name is Hub. A seat and geek too.

There's a ticket and a master. It's Monday. Somebody out there, you know, I'll get the hookup. Do you want Daniel Jeremiah next time he's on? He only calls radio games for him? I'll call my uncle Jerry. Oh, wow.

He's got the hookup. My bad. My uncle Mike, my brother Micah. Then a bye week for the Dallas Cowboys followed by a visit for the Chargers co-tenants. The Rams visit on a Sunday right before November.

It starts with that Philadelphia. Now week nine gets personal. Home for the Giants at Carolina Cowboys V. Bryce young. Then it's the Thanksgiving game against Washington. As we mentioned, the Cowboys now play the first Thursday after Thanksgiving, always against another team that plays on Thanksgiving.

So it's a full complex, not a short week on Thursday night. I like that Sunday night against Philadelphia at Buffalo Miami home for Detroit. That's why boy, that is a tough, tough, tough schedule.

I'm going to say 11 and six. That's a tough December schedule. If you want ask either one of us, AFC East folk, what it's like to go to Miami in December. You think, okay, we're out of the cold.

Great. It's not a cold weather game. It's not great.

It's terrible. Weird. I think the staff are two and nine in their last 11 December, Miami games. So much weird stuff happened. Brady thought the footballs were being, because it used to be the footballs were handled by the home team for both teams. And Brady always thought that in Miami, right before a game winning drive, they would bust one fresh out of the box and it would just be all shiny and slippery and slick. And here, Tom, there's your football. So that's when Brady and a bunch of quarterbacks in the NFL, I think Peyton Manning was one. Hasselbeck was another. This is how long ago it was too. That they, they, they told the NFL, we want to use our own footballs on the road.

And they did foot and the NFL is like done. That's how it messes with your head. Well, you ain't getting, Michael Parsons said, so we're cool. Okay.

Yeah. He ain't going to care about none of that 11 and six. But I mean, this schedule is, I mean, it seems fair.

It's just a bi-week week seven, a little early, early, but you know, the December schedule, December jumps out at you. It's rough, but Hey, you're going to have to win games. Rogers and Dallas just can't quit each other. Even when he goes to the jets, he has to play in Dallas. Love it.

I don't love that. Look at the pats and then we'll do what's more likely. That's a hard schedule. Well, I mean, it's the same one as the jets with the exception of a couple of teams. Yeah.

It's fifth hardest based on last year's winning percentage. Yeah. Okay. You got, I mean, Philadelphia, Miami jets, Dallas. I mean, a nice five and Oh, first of course, you know, I mean, of course the Patriots have a nice soft start with two at home in a row.

That's great. Two at home again. At the jets at Dallas home for new Orleans.

You don't have to go there at Las Vegas, a little Bella check hoodie versus McDaniels Jimmy G's there. That'll be a nice little homecoming home for Buffalo at Miami. I mean, home for Washington home for Indianapolis.

It's going to be one in seven. I mean, you could have, you could have gotten, you know, the four games, the jets hat in a row to start the season, but what's the difference? Well, the jets get the bills. You don't, you get in Philadelphia.

We got a team that went to the Superbowl. Okay. All right. Same intensity. It's on.

That's on. So put it up that one more time and then we'll get to what's more likely if you don't mind here. Which game does Zappi start? None of them. None of them.

Stop it. September 10th game. Obviously. What's wrong with you people?

September 10th. None of them. Show some respect for a pro bowl quarterback. Well, I mean, somebody had to go. Was he in the top 100 or not?

Yes, he was. Top 100 quarterbacks? Show some respect.

There's only 32. 85th. Okay. Show some respect for Mac Jones. I respect him. No you don't. I have nothing but love and respect. No you don't.

I'm only giving you what you get and you give to me. I got to see it from the Jets. Okay. I believe you. I showed him Joe Namath saying to me on NFL Network last night, I'm like, you got a guarantee for me. He said, I guarantee you it's going to be better than last year, which is a great line. Yeah. And he says it won't.

Well, what do you expect him to say? You think the Jets aren't better than last year? I'm a hater.

Got it. Of course not. Spraying haterate all over this.

But you're also, you're also a TV professional, man. Give us your honest opinion on it. I'm a hater. The Jets stink. They'll always be the Jets. Some teams are always losers and that's who they are. That's what the Jets are.

50 years of losing. Okay. One guy coming in and with his conspiracy theories and a new number doesn't change who they are. Wow. Man. That's how he feels, bro. I can feel it. Are you talking about the conspiracy theory about Scott Foster or different ones for the Rogers?

Some are true and some are conspiracy theories. Let's get to what's more likely on this Friday. Hit it. Hit it. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right. Very good. What do you got over there, Chris? You hear the schedule came out yesterday?

I did. Better divisional week one matchup. What's more likely to be the better one of those? Bengals, Browns or Raiders Broncos? Uh, I'll do Raiders Broncos.

There's a lot of changes there and it's, that's a jump ball. I still think that Bengals are better than the Browns. Everybody's still, nobody's talking about the Browns at all. You know what? And that's one of my greatest mysteries coming out of the draft.

Remember I had my top five mysteries. Bengals are one of the best teams in the AFC. They should go on the road and just dance on top of the elf man.

And I, that's what they should do. And I, I think the better matchup going Raiders Broncos, that's a jump ball. That's a total jump ball. And plus Denver's at home. So I'll go, I'll go Denver. I love this.

Put a pin in this. What's more likely it'll take five months to come up with, but I bet you that's a better game. Much payoff. Uh, who's more likely to be the Thanksgiving day host to be in first place? Lions Cowboys. Nice dice. I'll go lines.

I'm on it. I told you, I will go lions. I will say that I believe the Eagles are as good as they, uh, as they were last year, I believe.

Let me get this correct. I love it. I've got my color coded schedule. The first time that I am looking at this Dallas will play Philadelphia in week nine. And I think they will win that because their Philadelphia's at home.

That was a little easier schedule. And I think Dallas, I think Philadelphia will be the team in first place on Thanksgiving. And I think the lions, the Leon will get it done, man.

I am all about Detroit, Detroit after that very tough start their home for Seattle, by the way, that game had 90 million points scored last year, Atlanta at green Bay on a thanks, you know, on, um, on a Thursday night. Uh, I, I kind of dig it. I like the lines. I'll take the, I am all on the line bandwagon right now.

I am biting kneecaps right now. New Raiders Raiders. How good did that work out for me last year? Not great, Bob.

What else? More likely to have the better prime time record this year. We're going to see these guys a lot in prime time. Chiefs are jets. What are you, what are you talking about?

Who's going to be better in prime time? What do you think? You're going to the super bowl. I am out of the business of saying the chiefs aren't the same anymore. I'm out of that business.

I am not in the predicting business involving the chiefs anymore when it comes to them not being all that, that they have proven to be. I'm out of that business. I am done. Caput. Caput. You have to have six prime time games.

What do you got? Over. Caput. Out.

I choose the chiefs as one that is more likely. Yes. Out. Come on, man.

Done. Chief suit, whatever. Anything that's more likely about the chiefs positive. It's the chiefs over. That's not lame.

It's not lame. I am out of the business of saying, well, this is the year. Oh, I could see what they did in this, this tire. If they didn't skip a beat after losing Tyree kill, they will not skip a beat on any front as long as 1587 and their coach is still there. And Chris Jones.

What else? It's funny we talked about the 49ers earlier. 49er quarterback, most likely to start the most games this year. Donald Lancer Purdy. I'll take Purdy. I'll take Purdy. He can't throw a football right now.

This is a good one. 49ers quarterback to start more games this season. You're asking me this right now on May 12th. Terzo predicted the schedule. Well, it's his fault. Nobody told him to do that. Nobody told him to do that. I still think it's Sam Darnell. No one told him to say, I'm going to call 844204rich and predict the most unpredictable of all the schedules. I think Sam Darnell wins a playoff game this year.

So you, which one thing goes, which one do you see? I would take Darnell out of all of them. He's the only one healthy and who's been playing recently.

Lance is healthy now, but has he played in two years? I got it. Okay. I'm just saying, I don't know, but we know his ankle's fine. I'm still taking Purdy.

I don't know, dude. I got proof of that. Here's the scoop. Purdy is on a seventh round draft pick contract. And like out of here, like 400 K dude, get out of here. That's what you want.

That's the motherload. If you can have a quarterback on a seventh round rookie contract, be able to quarterback you to a super bowl. You are riding that horse. You know what Purdy signing bonus was $3, $77,000. It's $3.

It's just like, I think I've got it here. Hold on a minute. I mean, 57,000. What's wrong with you? What else, Chris? All right. Uh, more likely to repeat as East division champ Eagles or bill Eagles, bills next bills next. I'm just going to jump in here. Eagles next man.

What's in all honesty, I know you're a big cowboy fan, tougher division, AFC East, NFC East. Get out of here. Stop it easily. Stop it.

You don't got to play the commanders twice a year, bro. Allen Allen Rogers, Bella check. I'll go there instead of Matt Jones. Okay. And, and nobody is talking about Sam how Vic Fangio coming out of retirement to be a defensive coordinator in this league again and coordinate the dolphins defense that is significant and not enough people are talking about it.

What else you got over there? Last one. Uh, they play each other week one. Perhaps you've heard of these teams, NFC outsider to make the playoffs this year, bears or Packers. I'll go Packers. I'm not going to hate. I'm not going to hate on him just cause I think Jordan love is going to, you know, uh, you know what the bed, I think he's going to be good and I, and, and, and odds are odds are he's going to the hall of fame and it'll be the jets quarterback in 2035. Okay.

So odds are that's it. So I'll take him to keep the ship afloat, go to Canton and then welcome him to New Jersey. You know, when my daughter goes to college and she's nine, that's more likely. Wow. You didn't expect me to extrapolate the light, the lightness and all the way to the next decade. Did you go way down the line?

You thought it was just boxed into this year and I went next decade. All right. Okay. There you go.

All right. Let's take a break. The great Joel McHale is here. Fantastic. This is going to be great. Don't go anywhere.

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The one hour premiere of the crime scene kitchen is Monday, June 5th, 9 PM Eastern on Fox paired with stars on Mars. Is that right? Yes. It's a show where they take celebrities and they get them to live like Matt Damon on Mars.

That's it. That's a real show. If it's on Fox, you must be hosting that too.

I want to and they won't let me. Do you own Fox now? I own part of Fox. I was about to say. Yeah, I own the style network, which is now part of Fox. Style network is the network. You kids out there.

It's an old network that was way back when it was right up there with the GQ network. I'm going to make all these old hits. It's like a grandpa talking about the old times. It's so nice to be back. You're the nicest man in sports. Thank you, sir.

I appreciate that. It's a very next to Howie Long. And but it really that you you created an empire. Oh gosh. Well, you know what? We we've created, as you pointed out, a sports memorabilia hoarding.

It really has room. Can I have something? Is anything? What's the most valuable thing you think you have in here? That's a great question. Well, what could actually be sold at one of those sports?

Behind the couch right there are you don't see it there. Rose Bowl seats. Did you ever play in the Rose Bowl? Oh, I was there.

Well, you were on a Washington. I was on a Washington Huskies team where I put on the shirt and sat in the stands. I was red shirted at that point. Oh, I think that counts.

That counts. Anybody who's played in the room, I didn't play, but you dressed. You could have like it. I didn't have pads on. I was in the stands because they were like, you're ineligible. But if like five people got hurt, would you have come down out of the stands and played in the game? Yeah, technically they would, which they should do to show how hard it is to play football.

We would be like, you're going to win those Rose Bowl seat a twenty six come on down. And they suit them up and then, yeah, they get their heads taken. So Don James did not dress you that day? He did not. He dressed me other days. Yes, Don James, the great Don James. The great Don James. Great, great coach.

So those Rose Bowl seats have been signed by a whole bunch of people who've played in the Rose Bowl. Troy Aikman, right? Ron Rivera. Who else has signed that?

Ryan Leaf, Josh Rosen. Yeah. Warren Moon. Has Warren signed that? He hasn't been here. He hasn't been here. How about Dale Ellis? Mark Harmon.

Any of the Sonics? Michael Cage. Xavier McDaniel.

Any of them. Detlev Shremp. Lonnie Sheldon. Is not signed. Sean Kemp has yet to make his way to the stand. Oh yeah. How's Sean Kemp doing? Not great. Yeah. Not great.

He pleaded innocent to that thing. Right now, yeah. There's video of it, so. Yeah.

Oh my gosh. Well, at any rate, those are the most valuable items that we have. That's probably the most valuable item. Well, what about my Cowboys seat, Rich? What do you got? The Cowboys with Emmett and Troy and Michael's good. Okay, we got that.

And the Yankee Stadium old bleacher. No, really, it's a lot of junk. Well, what it is is. I'm sorry.

Here's the thing, Joel. You've met my wife. Yes. You married up. And I appreciate that. So did you. God, yes I did.

And I am proud to say I have. So a lot of the stuff in here is material that the sentence starts with. You know where that would look good? You know, not here in your studio. Yep. So this is kind of many reasons I love doing this show.

As you know, I love my partnership with Roku and the Roku Channel. Oh, come on. You don't have to kiss ass. No, I'm not. That's true. Well, I've got to keep it going because I do this show because it's also a storage facility.

I have no idea what I would do with this stuff. And now Roku is run by the great Charlie Collier. Yes, indeed. I love that man. Very nice man.

As do I. And we last saw each other at the NFL Honors, right? We did.

At the Super Bowl. I won Comeback Player of the Year. I can't believe it. Wow.

Yeah. By the way, you had the same, I guess, requirements for Comeback Player of the Year as Geno Smith, which is comeback from the bench. He's one of the few players who's won that award. Not injured. Not injured at all. Crazy. Coming back from an injury. Just the bench.

Yeah, it was the, it was the, I still get that whole thing was that whole season. I'm just so happy about it. You should be. And we're, our power ranking, we're pretty good.

Yes. We're like top 10. Devin Witherspoon, the kid they drafted, is a stud. Our receiver corps is, watch out.

Yeah, Jackson Smith and Jigba. He's played in the Rose Bowl. He has Rose Bowl records. He had the greatest Rose Bowl game in the history of receiving.

And he's on the Seattle Seahawks right now. That, see, I'll never be able to match you with stats or facts. Well, it's my job. It is your job, but that's why I'm, it's still so surprising my BU at password.

Holy smokes. Not my fault. You know it's a team effort. It was not your fault. It was, you were there.

That's right. I totally forgot about that. There was. We went against each other in password. And I was like, I'm going to get my ass handed to me because Rich is one of the quick, he has the quickest. And he also has just this buffet of knowledge ready to just go like, I got that. I got that.

I got that. I'm like, we're going to get our asses. I was like, I told the woman we were, I was partnered with, I was like, we, we have to step up and then, okay. I don't know if you've seen password, but at the end, you know, you don't see your, the other person is trying to get you to guess the word. They see the word and the woman accidentally said the word. She said the word, the word was caffeine. And she just goes, it's caffeine.

I felt, I know it's like what caffeine would say or something like that. I felt so bad for her, but they were like, it happens all the time. And then she went on, we got, we went on to the top of the pyramid. It's one of those, like you got to play on and she would have had the money and I would have, so it wasn't my fault.

I appreciate your fault. But the woman I was, I was with, she, when we, ah, that was on the show before, but she was like six, two. And she goes, if we win, I'm going to jump on you. And I was like, okay. And she did. And I, that was the greatest display of strength because she jumped up and like, I held her, excuse me. I held, I was like, oh, and it worked one. And then she won a trip to Nova Scotia and she was from like Montreal.

So she was like, oh, I've been there. And can we switch it to Hawaii or something? Can you opt out?

Is there an opt-out plan? I'm fine. Giving away tickets to Nova Scotia. Yeah. That's a very, that's an oddly specific vacation locale. Have you ever been up there?

No, I shouldn't denigrate. There's a town up there called dildo. No, there is not.

There is. Look it up. Dildo, Canada.

And Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel is the unofficial mayor of dildo. I am not joking. I know you're not supposed to talk about things like this. Look it up. You guys know you're talking geography right now.

That's what you're saying. I am like dildo, Canada. Look up dildo brewery.

No, I know it's real. It's in Newfoundland. It's in Newfoundland. Can we talk about a different location? Can we please, what about your listeners in dildo? I don't know if we have any, um, how dare you? I think you've got a lot of dildos.

Radios are buzzing. All right, ladies and gentlemen, Joel McHale is here. Crime Scene Kitchen.

Crime Scene Kitchen. What about, uh, yeah, animal control got picked up for a second season. Congratulations on that. Fox can't quit you. I mean, seriously. I love Fox. I really do. I know you do.

Don't kiss up now, Joel. Listen, I think you can roll that out. Yeah, that's right. They're the greatest network of all time. But I, you know what it's like when you're on a network that doesn't take care of you and then you know what it's like on a network that actually cares. And like when I did Community, God bless you, NBC.

But at that time, the, uh, the administration was not a fan of the show and every, at the end of every, every, like we'd get them with their episodes. They're like, Hey, can this last one be the season and series finale? And then, uh, and then on, uh, on Fox, they're like, we're really behind the show. We really love it. And we, uh, we're very excited. I'm like, really?

I felt like, uh, you know, little Lord Fauntleroy who was taken in by the, you know, like they were the nice people and be like, I don't have to steal anymore. No. Anyway. And, uh, so crime scene, kitchen, crime scene, kitchen folks go into the kitchen. Yeah. Something's already been baked. Yes. And they have to guess based on clues that remain in the kitchen. Right. To bake something as close to the actual item that has been already. Yeah.

So these are, as you can see, I know what crime scene, thank you for knowing. Even if you memorize that description, cause I didn't even see you looking down and uh, yeah. So it's a mystery show where there's little clues, throw them off. And so they could be making a meringue or a princess cake, uh, which I gained nine pounds each season. I've done it. I am not kidding.

Cause the days are really long cause they're all cooking and I just eat and eat and eat. There's Curtis Stone, Yolanda Gamp. Look up Yolanda Gamp's cakes on Instagram.

You won't believe them. Two P's in Gamp, right? Oh no. I think just one. Just the one P? Two.

Two. I was wrong. Anyway. Yeah. Sometimes people get it completely wrong.

And then once in a while they run out of time and we ended up drinking raw eggs, which we did one time. Oh my God. Like Rocky? Yes. We blended it up and uh, and then we did the movie a stopper. My mom will shoot, which was a real, uh, horrifying thing that happened to entertainment. That's Stell Getty. Wow. Good one. Almost as great as the movie Oscar he did, which was his, uh, 1920s gangster film he did.

All the Sly Stallone hits. How to cake it. That's her YouTube reaction. Oh my God. So are you, can you bake stuff like in real life or what? I will say I can cook the hell out of a number of recipes, but I am bad at desserts. Yeah. Uh, make it now I'm being sincere, but making a good dessert and making some of those, the creation, it's like a magic spell they put together. Cause I can't believe what they're pulling off. Uh, I literally look up a princess cake. It makes no sense on this earth.

And they were made at a time when like France and England, they had, you know, royalty and they were like, all these things should also be beautifully, uh, they need to be seen and they can't fall apart. And any, anything, if you screw up any one part of a dessert like that, then it's all ruined. So you're like, Oh, you added another teaspoon of salt. It's horrible. Now finished.

It would have been great. And now you're the worst. On crime scene kitchen. If you lose, we actually execute you. The stakes are high. They're very high. Careful. Uh, but Fox Fox is there. They're okay with it.

It's great. How do you carry these out? Joel, these, these execution, the execution. Um, they usually get a choice. Uh, I mean, it is a, it is a show, right? I mean, you got to give the contestants a choice on how they want to be.

Usually I feel it's fun to walk a plank. This is old timey out to see crime scene kitchen, crime scene kitchen. So again, it's not actually a crime scene in the kitchen. There's a, what happens is there's more, uh, the person bakes it.

Uh, that's a mystery person. We kill them, drag their bodies out. And then the contestants go in.

Fox is going to be like, can you not talk about murder so much? Yes. Uh, unless they do like it. I mean, no, something was, but yeah, something. So they, what they, to test it, they do have, like on staff, they have these chefs that go in and try to figure out what it is beforehand.

Like, is it too hard or is it too easy to figure those things out? Just like on, uh, I don't know, like, uh, when the fear factor, when somebody had to eat the elk penis first, it was probably a PA. That's not a town in Canada. That's not a town in Canada also. No, that's in Minnesota.

It's actually, uh, also a wonderful brewery there. So, uh, the Kraken, right? I mean, the Kraken, um, are going to game six. There they are.

So in at climate pledge in Seattle. So that, have you, how many of those have you been to zero zero? Uh, I, um, I've been banned, uh, for fighting. That's odd. Yeah. Uh, no, I haven't been to a Kraken game because, uh, I'm a workaholic, OCD, crazy person.

You do work too much. You're in everything, man. House of villains is coming out on Eve in September. I'm not kidding. I'm hosting that. We're taking, we're taking all the, all the most villainous reality stars and they are all living in a house together, which is the, um, item from the soup from your decade and a half as host of that. That was the wildest.

What do you got for me where you're like, really? Are we really going to air this on the soup? You got a good story for me on that.

Okay. Now that RuPaul's drag race has become like, uh, Peabody winning and is, uh, it crazy when that show first started, if you look at the first episodes, it is some of the dirtiest jokes you have ever heard. And we could not show clips of it, of it on the soup.

And he would be like, this is too dirty. And so we're like, okay, well, but it's a show that's on now. And then, um, so that, so that I remember thinking, oh, that's so, I don't know if this will make it to air, but there was so many glory hole jokes on that.

So that's never on live. So everything's making it. Yes.

We can't glory. No, people heard that really. I'm going to get emails. Okay.

I would like to apologize. Um, thank you on behalf of Roku and Rich Eisen and I'm trying to think of a clip where I was, I remember when the cast of mad men and, um, Keith Obermann and LeVar Burton, we, cause we would put multiple offers out and usually get no response and be like, no, we're not coming. And then everybody agreed. And, uh, and we're like, well, I guess we'll all have them.

Um, well, I'll have them on. And, um, they all came on at once. Cast of mad men, Keith Olbermann and LeVar Burton all walk into a bar. Yeah. And LeVar Burton improvise.

He's just like, he literally went, I'm the red head on the show. And, uh, it was really funny. Yeah. How about that?

And that's, uh, that was a good day. Okay. Yeah. Oh. And, um, I remember when, um, Brian Cranston and, uh, Oh my Lord.

Um, spacing. Sorry. Aaron Paul.

Aaron Paul. Yes. Sorry. Oh my God.

Sorry. Aaron. Uh, they came on when the show was not popular at that point and they came on and hazmat suits and yes. And, um, then all of a sudden it became the greatest show on television before breaking bad.

Same thing with Norman Reedus. Well, Steven, uh, we're going to give you the ultimate comeback player of the year award. We're going to have you sign the Rose Bowl seats. Can I, I should, I saw, uh, put a curse on it since I've cursed this entire time. That's all right. If we're, if we're off, you can't hit a button that, uh, we're working on those systems.

This show's been around for 30 years, dude. We have been, you want to talk about different ways of ownership and things of that nature that we've been, we've been through a lot, but we're going to have you sign the seats. All right. If you want, you could say, what string were you on that day? I think they ran, uh, what comes after nine?

I think it circles. I like, uh, there it is. So this is how you walked into the Rose Bowl dressed like that. Yeah. No sunscreen, no hat. Just totally responsible.

That's very Michael Shannon look right there. Yeah. Yeah. I never told you that. Yes. Okay. I've gotten that. Um, wow. Look at you, man. Why am I so serious? Cause you're 10th string.

Yeah. I was like, there's no way I'm getting hurt. There was not a chance I'm getting hurt during this game. Crime Scene Kitchen, Monday, June 5th, 9 Eastern on Fox. Make notes of it. Joel McHale, you were, uh, one of my favorites. Thank you for coming. Uh, thank you. I'm sorry that I cursed so much. No, I'm sorry. You've hopefully apologized on behalf of the entire rich eyes. But it's funny because people are like, I'm offended.

And now I will go to a game and scream those same words out at people wearing uniforms that I don't like. Laundry. Laundry is a Seinfeld always referred to it at Joel McHale on both Twitter and Instagram, Joel McHale, crime scene kitchen on Fox animal control as well on Fox, because this man is essentially the owner of Fox.

He's like the, the lost Murdoch. That's probably a show coming up. I just started watching that show. My Lord. It's the greatest show.

Oh my God. It's the funniest show. That's supposed to be a drama. I've never left harder at a supposed drama than Succession. I have to keep rewinding scenes to just, I was like, it's incredible. They should, it should be renamed horrible people doing horrible things to each other in the best way all the time.

It's too long. And I think the best soundtrack I agree in, I care it's in star Wars. We're with you. It's good. Joel McHale right here on the return. Thanks for having me, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm going to go. The boys of summer are playing on the believe podcasts. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fixed from podcasts like wake and rake farm to show and ring the bell. He's not really hitting both through the screws. Plus local podcasts like believe in Astros and believe in the Bronx.

You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search B L E A V podcast. Wherever you listen. Sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you call click or just stop by. Once again, apologies to anybody that may be offended by the, the couple of F bombs that our latest guests just dropped. Joel's one of my favorite people. I adore him. He's as funny as they come. Comedians sometimes work a little bit blue.

And I also understand again, how people will have an issue with language like that. He's just being comfortable in a comfortable setting. And, and I'm thrilled that he feels comfortable sitting here and he's obviously welcome back as much as possible. He guest hosted eight years ago. Yeah. Unbelievable.

I love him. And he also thought we had a dump button. Well, at any rate, we might, we might have some hit the dumb button on us, but I hope not. 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the, the number to dial here on the program. I'm about to give you the toughest schedule in the, in the NFL already rich.

No, I've got the toughest schedule, like legitimately down in Chicago though. Let's take your phone call here on the rich. I'm sure. What's up, Darren. Hey, Rich, what's going on, brother. What's on your mind? Oh, not much. I'm just tired of Brockman bashing our jet.

You got to have them stop it. How, how irrelevant were the Patriots from 1960? 41 years before they won a super ball. They were the laughing stock of the league for decades. You've been the laughing stock of the league for 50 years. I wouldn't say laughing stock for them as much.

They're not as they're not. Come on. No, come on. I mean, I love Grogan and I love the bring back the old uniforms too for the Patriots. No, here's the deal.

Let me just say this, Darren. Uh, cause again, Brockman, um, feels this way. He also plays a little bit of a role, but I do believe he feels this way about the jets and the jets and the Patriots have a longstanding rivalry that never really used to be until, you know, uh, Parcells, um, left the Patriots, took Curtis Martin, went to the jets, brought Belicheck with him. And then Belicheck what left and went to new England and is, uh, just dominated ever since, uh, with the exception of a couple of years, but the jets never obviously reached the promised land once, let alone the number of times that they did with Brady, the jets just got to do it. That's it.

And that's it. The jets have to do it and they have to do it. And if Rogers shows up and he does actually provide the, the, the juice to get to the super bowl with the conference, the way that it is, honestly, uh, it, it might be tougher than anything the Patriots ever did because at the time and all those years, there was Manning, you know, big Ben kind of showed up. But other than that, it was just one team that had, could really give it to the Patriots this time around. There's about 10 other ones.

So this is it. Rogers brings an attitude. That's all you need is one guy. I mean, he's, he better bring a little bit more than attitude, but I appreciate the call Darren. I'm, I'm, I'm fighting the fight, but the jets have to do it. Jets have to do it.

And if they do it with Rogers right now in the current climate of this conference, impressive. Yeah. Cause when Brady was doing it against Peyton Manning and Peyton Manning was trying to do it against Brady, there was was big Ben and there wasn't anybody really anywhere else quarterback in that was anything.

You know, you could save what it's at borough Allen and Mahomes or those three of this current generation. And now you've got a bunch of other kids with huge ass arms and big time games. Game's different.

Rules were different. Toughest schedule. Let's talk about in my mind, toughest schedule, throw out the whole business of strength of schedule, easy, tough, throw it out. Cause you're using last year's numbers last year, the number of teams to make the playoffs after missing the previous season, six, two seasons before that seven 2019, five teams, 2018, seven teams, throw it out. There's going to be on average based in the last five years, half potentially half of the playoff field will be new.

So you don't know. So when you look at schedules, you've got to see what is the toughest in terms of ordering them, where you are. Giants have a really tough schedule. They've gotten six of the first 10 are on the road.

That ain't easy. But to me, the toughest schedule in the NFL belongs to the Los Angeles Rams. That's a fact because they are one of four teams to finish the season on the road with back-to-back games, only four teams. And yet they start the season with three out of four on the road. And two of them are in the Eastern time zone out west. One of them's a Monday night game at Cincinnati. So obviously the league wants to have a nationally televised Superbowl rematch.

I get it. One's at Indianapolis. Well, I imagine they'll stay out there, right? What are they going to fly back to Los Angeles in a short week turn around and go back to Indianapolis?

I don't know. They got to sit there and have those conversations right now in their offices. Also, what else makes it tough? Only one team in the NFL, one, plays four games against teams coming off a bye. And that's the Rams. The Niners have four games, such games, but one of the games is coming against Indianapolis. They're going to have four games is coming against a team coming off a bye. They're also coming off a bye, not the Rams. The Rams have four games in which they're playing, and then the next week a team's coming off a bye. Week seven against Pittsburgh, week eight at Dallas, week 14 at Baltimore, week 15 home against Washington. So two teams with late byes, they're playing them after it.

Eight in a season. That's a tough schedule. So everybody's like, oh, what a tough schedule. Ooh, the Rams are playing the NFC West.

That's not that tough a division because of Arizona or whatever. I'm not talking, because you can't predict how good teams are. You can predict how you feel when you're going from the West to the Eastern time zone.

You can do that. Thanks. You can predict, boy, that's a tough road trip.

How far you're going. Three of the first four on the road, only four teams finished with two in a row on the road at the end of the season. Rams are one of them. And the only team in the league with four games against teams coming off a byes, and you're not one of the teams as well. Because the Niners have four games against teams coming off a by, but they're one game against Jacksonville. The Niners are coming off a by themselves.

That's the toughest schedule. And if you're Stan Kroenke, you're calling somebody up in the league office saying, well, what's up with that? What's up with that? And somebody might remind him like, how's LA treating you? And he's probably saying, pretty well. Pretty good.

Yeah. Staring at the trophy in the case. That'll wrap it up for this show. I want to thank my guests in studio, Andrew Whitworth, Joel McHale, Jim Nance. What a great story that was. It's my birthday! Sit in the corner! Give them LA LA wherever you listen.
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