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REShow: Les Snead & John Schneider - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 11, 2023 4:05 pm

REShow: Les Snead & John Schneider - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 11, 2023 4:05 pm

Rams GM Les Snead tells Rich why the team is counting on the return to form of QB Matthew Stafford, DT Aaron Donald and WR Cooper Kupp who all had their 2022 seasons ended prematurely by injuries, what he’s expecting out of 4th-round draft pick Stetson Bennett, and why L.A. is not rebuilding despite some player personnel moves that would suggest otherwise.

Seahawks GM John Schneider tells Rich why Seattle opted for Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon with the #5 pick in the NFL Draft over controversial Georgia DT Jalen Carter, why they made Jaxon Smith-Njigba the first WR taken and selected RB Zach Charbonnet in the 2nd round despite having drafted Kenneth Walker just a year ago, the outlook for injury-prone safety Jamal Adams, and the return of future Hall of Fame LB Bobby Wagner after his year with the Rams.

Brockman shows renewed belief in his Boston Celtics and Rich gives non-believing 76ers fan T.J. a much-needed pep talk.

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Are y'all feeling good out there? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

You're feeling good, just say it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'm ready to fire everyone. Stephen A said Kawhi is the biggest fake superstar.

No, right now, Tatum is the biggest fake superstar. Earlier on the show, ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst, co-creator, writer, and star of Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis. Coming up, Rams general manager Les Mead, Seahawks general manager John Schneider. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three, the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

In case you just missed our number two, boy, what a great chat we just had in studio with Jason Sudeikis. Ted Lasso himself was here and it sure sounds like it's possible that the next three episodes are not the final episodes of Ted Lasso. Yeah, we can only hope. Gotta see how it ends, like Jason said. No, I know that they're going to end it in a certain way and where there will be a finality to it.

It's what it sounds like, but he also sounds like, hey. Never know. Don't count it out. You know what question I would have liked to ask him that just hit me? You think the mustache is real? I do.

Oh, yeah. It might be because it could be. They might.

They just died black. It could be a fake stash, though. Like for the next time. And he has signed our believe. He did. Yeah. By the way.

Well, you know what? I'll tweet that out right now. You know, we got our believe sign signed by Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt. And Sean Payton, who's Coach Beard and Sean Payton. Yeah. That's got to be the only believe sign signed by all three of them on planet Earth. Guaranteed.

That's why I guarantee someone could have two of the three, but they don't have all. In the same way, in the in the same way that there's only one person on planet Earth who got their big break, writing a sketch and playing in that sketch for Tom Brady while playing the role of Kevin Butler in that sketch. That's name. It's Jason Sudeikis. And I went to the I went to the Super Bowl shuffle video.

Kevin Butler is wearing a white fedora and aviators. You know, one of my favorite sketch. Remember what's up with that?

With Kane and Thomas, he played like. Oh, yeah. And he just dancing around in a pop out in a jumpsuit with a gold chain and a mini afro wig and just do the dance. And I just what's up with that every time. What's up with that? I know what's up with that. That is funny.

But he would just pop out of nowhere. Funny show broke girls. Funny show.

Less needs about to join us. It was a great two segment chat with Jason Sudeikis. That was awesome. I did ask him the question in the commercial break that Susie wanted me to ask Susie my wife, my spouse, my better half, your wife. Careful. She's on next Wednesday.

Hey, we know we know we get excited and I appreciate you saying that that she wanted to know. That is a real Mumford and Sons song. That's the Ted Lasso open. Yeah. And that was written specifically for Ted Lasso because shock the world.

Sudeikis knows them. And there's a full four minute version of it. They only play just one snippet. Yeah. And he said it was similar to like the Cheers song where you're not used to hearing a for a full four minute song on a on a theme.

Wait, there's a second. The French song, the French theme is like that, too. You ever hear the full French song song will pop up on the 90s on nine serious channel.

And you're like, wait, what is the real song? Yeah. You know, is there a full version of the Sesame Street thing? Of course there is. Right. Yeah.

Like the full on. Like, is there like a I don't remember that anymore. Like, is there like a fourth stanza about Bert and Ernie?

You know, I don't know. You know what I mean? It's like superhero by Jane's Addiction for entourage. You only hear like the 30 seconds.

But that's a whole four minute song. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Right. There's a full version of the WKRP in Cincinnati. I mean, all those back in our childhood.

One of the greatest one of the greatest TV show theme songs ever. It just reminded me when you asked Joe Burrow and he had no clue. I mean, exactly what I think we did. We did a we did a Cincinnati true or false with him when he was at the Super Bowl in Miami prior to him being drafted.

We knew Cincinnati was first on the clock and was going to choose him, most likely. And I remember the last question we asked, like, let's just show you how smarty to to two questions. And he goes, I have a feeling all these are true.

That's right. You know, and then I finally got to the last one that the number one station in Cincinnati is WKRP. You know, and he goes, true. And I'm like, oh, he had no idea. He had no idea. He had never heard of Venus Flytrap or Dr. Johnny Fever. Probably never saw Lonnie Anderson.

I mean, I did. He would have been a fan, though, had he seen that. You know, he would have been a fan. Less needs calling in shortly. Is he calling in or are there going to be a few minutes? Well, we got another guy after.

I mean, I mean, OK. His hair, Rich, it's it's understood. It's only time. Let me ask you a question. Has anything else been?

Oh, you want to know when the Super Bowl rematch is? Yeah. Is that out for real? No, no.

Second stop. Is that out for real? No, no. I saw it.

I saw it leaked. Yeah. I mean, this is what's left. What else is left for me to talk about the staple that's at the top of the preseason of the of the actual paperwork. We don't know when the always riveting Texans Jags Thursday night.

Oh, yeah. Look at you crapping on the AFC South. Hey, listen, pal, you know, you've got a glass house.

You are throwing stones in a glass house right now. We're going to we're going to be the one to know to start the season. Rich, you know what I'm saying? What are you winking at me for? What are you winking at me for?

I want to know to start the season. Like you already know the results. The results have been leaked, too. Well, I don't know. There's a script, right? There's a script.

And I just I don't want to. By the way, did you know Roger Goodell joked about the script when he when he did the the New Heights pod? Are you aware of that? He joked about the script. He did.

Maybe we can ask less about the script. Is he on the phone right now? He's here.

The general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead, here on The Rich Eyes. How are you, Les? I'm good. How about you? I'm good.

The baby. I'm hearing that. I'm hearing that the not only the entire schedule has been leaked, but so have the results of the 2023 season. Do you have the results of the season in front of you, too, Les, right now? You know what? No one's told me our record yet, but OK, you know, that's where we're at. Fast forward. I can tell you how.

You know, the ebbs and flows. Wow. Can't believe we finished that. Congrats. Congratulations, Les. I don't know if you're aware, but congrats are in order.

GPT is now doing our. Wow. So you have your schedule, right? You've seen it.

I'm not going to ask you the details, but you have seen it, right? You've seen your schedule? It's interesting. I was just chatting with Sam Farmer.

He's doing a behind the scenes on schedule. OK. And it's funny. You know, you know, Kara, my wife. I do. I will get in trouble because technically, yes, Kevin has texted the schedule. Of course. To myself, Sean, and a few other people that really need it. I've not even mentioned it to Kara. I really don't necessarily know who we play or when we play people. I do.

I'm now in the text chain. I now come to gather that, you know, we play these two teams first and second and things like that. But I don't necessarily I'm not as passionate about, oh, we now play this particular team on this particular date, at least at this phase. But you must be looking for what, by weeks, multiple weeks in a row that you might be on the road, short weeks, things like that. Is that what you're checking out? That's what that's what will.

Yes, that's what ends up coming down the pipe. And you begin again at that point, you begin talking to athletic performance on if you have short weeks. How do you schedule that week and how you travel, per se.

So there's a lot of nuanced details. I mean, one of the hardest things a team or club has to accomplish is when you do get a date and you're traveling is now seen in a particular city. There could be a couple of major conferences going on. And now let's call your top two hotels are booked. You may have to settle for hotel three or four, which is obviously not.

So it's like going on vacation and you now are, you know, you're just not at your favorite hotel and you've got to suffer through that, per se. Understood. That's why you see these these details are why you're called a general manager, not a specific manager. You know what I mean? Like you are generally managing things less.

And that's why you're one of the best in the business. I just we just got a little bit of a glimpse right here. I've got the GM of the Los Angeles Rams.

Less need here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's just jump in. And the few minutes I have with you, Les, how's your quarterback? What's going on with Stafford? Ready to roll? He is ready to roll. I mean, for for where we at May, he is again, I think that the the rose of the thorn of last year.

Yep. He was able to, let's call it rest and relax. And he is probably feeling as good as he felt in a long time.

Both. And I would say probably mentally and physically. You know, any time any time you get a break, you get bored.

You look forward to coming back and not being as bored. And the neat thing is because because football does require some element of physical skill that that arm and that elbow is feeling really good. And he's throwing the ball very close to like he threw it his pro day.

One of the better pro days I've ever witnessed. Is that right? It is definitely that. He was one of the. And he's going to go probably top five. And that's, hey, accuracy and velocity.

Only so many people can probably throw a ball that accurate. And I guess that fast. Would that be? Sure. Sure.

So the other roses of the on the thorns, by the way, I liked I liked that analogy very much. Cup and Donald. I mean, how and I guess that's the question a lot of people are having with Aaron. Donald is how much is the clock ticking with him? Because he was he was interested maybe in stepping away.

I don't know if that was a contractual posture or what have you. But do you feel like you're, you know, times ticking with him and how much time you have left with him and how much he wants to play? I can I can honestly play rich with him. So last year, when you're watching the eight to nine games he played.

Yes. There was no moment where you looked at Aaron Donald and go, wow, he is he is slowing down. He was still defeating one on one box with ease.

He doesn't get those often. And he was still disrupting double teams. So I really think with with Aaron, it's he's physically gift enough works hard enough that he's going to be one of those players that can be disruptive, can be effective.

You know, you know, as he does age in terms of years on the planet. So there's no less call it noticeable difference in how he plays. Only unfortunate thing for Aaron probably is his first time he's ever had to deal with an injury where he missed.

You know, let's call it a significant amount of time. And Aaron will will say that, wait a minute. I might not be able to train as hard in the off season because as you do get older, it does take a little bit more time to recover. So I think Aaron's one of those guys that's going to always go, you know what, I want to be a 12 on a scale of 10. And sports science may say, you know what, today you might ought to train at a six level. And that's going to help you be that 12 when you need to be a 12 on a scale of 10. Sure.

That's what you want in humans. Otherwise it's going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Les need L.A. Rams GM here. A few more minutes left with him on the Rich Eisen show. What's your expectation level for Stetson Bennett? What do you got for me on that, Les? You know, I can we really appreciated what he did at Georgia.

You know, a lot of things in that. And in some of the ways he played QB, some of the I mean, he played he was able to prove that he could find lanes and windows as a shorter QB. He's not the first to do that. We were seeing shorter QBs come in the game. One thing he does have is he has the mobility inside the pocket and actually is fast and athletic enough to be dangerous running the football when he needs to be in select. Our expectations of this come in. Look, you don't have to win your third national championship in a row here. Let's begin becoming the best professional football player you can be and help him evolve to be, you know, a initially a contributor as a backup QB. And that's a vision right now. You think one at a time with these short, of course, QB QB from college at NFL is going to be a tough transition no matter who you are. But you think can he can he be Stafford's backup this year?

Is that a possible paper? That is our that is our vision. That was one of our what we did say coming in. Any time you go into the draft, you never know where the QB there's only so many of them. But we did think that it could be very beneficial if we could find a young quarterback to develop as a backup. You know, that way you don't get into let's call it raining QBs for a year. And also with our with our cap situation, veteran backups do cost more right in salary and against camp than then players on their rookie contract.

So there's a lot of variables in that. But the vision was, hey, let's try to find the best backup QB available. And if we can do that in the draft, that's even more of a benefit to us.

If not, we would have we would have pivoted pivoted into a different direction. Well, you also know he's comfortable in your building. That's for sure. My gosh, I think he's still I think he just scored another touchdown in so far from from last January. You know that at least he's he's comfortable there.

So what would you say? And now, you know, a couple more minutes left with less need. General manager of the Rams. What would you say to the notion that you guys are rebuilding that and that and that you might be staring down another rebuild with Donald leaving because he doesn't want to play anymore? And Stafford, you know, we'll see how how much he has left in the tank based on what happened last year. That is a general narrative that is mentioned about your team less. I'm sure you've heard it. And I'll love to give you the floor on on that notion about the team that won the Super Bowl two years ago.

Maybe we need to bring in a polling service to somewhat label what we're trying to do. And the one reason I shied away from rebuilding was when you do have a quarterback in Matthew Stafford, who's basically a year removed away from helping us win a Super Bowl and in the playoffs actually being a major factor in probably three comeback wins. Counting Tampa once they made their somewhat miraculous comeback through San Francisco and into the Super Bowl.

Cooper Cubs was the offensive MVP that year, obviously, Aaron. So it's tough to rebuild when you have some of the better players at their positions still on the team. So what what we what what I said we we needed to do and we thought was best for the team was right, we did take a step back in terms of how we acquire players and things like that. And we said, OK, maybe this year it's best to utilize our draft picks on younger players so we can grow and evolve.

We can we can utilize this year to engineer a healthier cap situation so that when we do feel an opportunity or definitely an opportunity to strike, to attack, to be aggressive, we're definitely capable and have the ability to do that. So that's where we're at. I think we're back to the neat thing is where we're at post. Let's call it winning a Super Bowl post. Hey, are you going to repeat or not? It's back to fundamental football.

You know what? We're going to get a schedule. Obviously, we already have the schedule.

It's going to be announced tonight. We're going to have an opening game. Let's prepare for that opening game. Let's try to do our best on that day. Let's look up the scoreboard in the in the quote of Wade Phillips. We have one more point than the other team. And and then at that point in time, you you go to the next game and you do the same thing. And it's kind of boring. Let's call it sport coach coach speak.

But it's definitely worked for us over the last five or six years. Last year, the man say hi to Kara for me. Tell her I would have already texted her the schedule, but I signed a waiver. The NFL made me sign a waiver, just received the schedule. And I like my gig almost as much as I like being friends with you and Kara.

But I can't violate. I can tell you, Richard, it is fascinating how many people in the world actually will text you and ask you to give them a nugget. You're like, really? That's a I mean, of all the ask you get, like you're really going to ask for a schedule. I mean, don't you think that's a little bit like I don't think I would ever I might have texted that I would have never hit send. Yeah, it's about to say, I mean, what's a quicker what's a quicker no from you in the last text that deserves a response? Quicker, quicker no from you over the last several months. Will you give me a nugget on the schedule or do you want to trade Matthew Stafford? What's the quicker no that you've gotten the last four months?

You know, they're both pretty fast. Unless you the man. Thanks for the call. Definitely. Enjoy. Always.

You know, being on the right back at you. Thanks for having thanks for having fun with us. As always, that's less need. The general manager of the Los Angeles Rams do not call it a rebuild. And by the way, do not sell your tickets for the opener because I've seen the opener. Oh, no, I don't know. Oh, and do not ask for any nuggets.

You got me and Brockman were like. What do you care? Because if it is an actual great opener, you're not going.

That means it's more money for you. I'm actually going this year. Oh, really? Oh, I am taking off days. You don't even know the schedule yet. I'm going to some games. I have people to take. Let's take a break. So we're remotely on time for John Schneider.

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See store for details. John Schneider here on the Rich Eisen Show. Our radio audience just returned. So, John, walk me through your draft night, the most unpredictable draft I can recall.

I've done about 20 of these close to it, and you've done more. It's so tough to predict. You're sitting there at five with somebody else's draft choice. And I know I talked to you and I talked to, you know, Pete Cowell beforehand. And so you're you're kicking tires on everybody, but you have absolutely no idea what's happening with the quarterback market.

In front of you. Walk me through your night, what that was like for you. And, you know, it's interesting because I agree with you. It was a very it was a very odd draft, especially at the top. In previous years, we'd be able to say, you know, one, two, three, four, five, six, maybe, I don't know, seven. But, you know, we got into this thing. You know, we're really close with with Scott Bitter and Dan Morgan, all those guys in Carolina.

And, you know, as many beers as I try to buy those guys, they would not let me know what was going on. So we didn't know literally until, you know, I think every kind of found out at the same time, like, OK, one is definitely going to be Bryce. And then after that, it was it was still wide open until until the clock really started. And so we were you know, we had a ton of a ton of contingency plans ready. You know, we we personally believe that, you know, we had, you know, Devin as one of the top two defensive players in the draft. And we're really excited that he was still there and we were able to pick. We had set it up where, you know, if he was not there or another player was there, we were going to try to go back. But other than that, we were just really excited to get get Devin and, you know, get rolling with it.

But yeah, great point. It was it was really interesting. You know, every pick in there and, you know, a Stroud can go to where we're going to go and Bryce, you know, all those guys. It was really interesting.

Devin was very quiet. I think everybody, you know, that's what made me nervous. People weren't talking about him a ton until, you know, I guess people in your industry, Chris, were talking about him a ton until maybe like a minute week before something like that has been a top five pick. So that that made us pretty nervous. But yeah, other than that, we're really excited that he was still there and we were able to play. Well, I mean, most of those in this industry were pegging Devin Witherspoon for the Lions right after you. And interestingly enough, Lions trade out as soon as you take the kid at five. What did what did you see in him? Like why him over every defensive player minus Will Anderson at your disposal at that point in time? You know, just real just it's really it actually was a really pretty easy study because he's a guy that has a when you watch the film is a really, really natural instinctive football player that can can can sit in zone and has a really good feel for the concepts and the crossers and and then, you know, ball skills, obviously.

But then really the physicality, you know, just jumps off the charts. You know, I know Pete compared him to you. We were kind of arguing throughout the spring. He was comparing Detroit, Palomado. I was comparing him to Dale Carter. A lot of people kind of struggled with Dale Carter.

They didn't necessarily know who he was. I was with him in Kansas City. Just such a physical corner. And, you know, that really stood out. Obviously, everybody seemed to play against Indiana, maybe at nauseum now. But, you know, that kind of play was consistent in every game you put on.

And so you you you went obviously in that direction. If you don't mind, Jalen Carter were sitting right out there as well. And I know you you you like Witherspoon, you love him, and that's why you took him. Was he in consideration to you?

What what can you add to see if we had a great visit with Jalen? We brought him in here. Yeah, he was in consideration. You know, we just felt that Devin was a better fit for us. And, you know, a definitely a great visit with us as well. And so we were just, you know, the the the physicality part is what really stood out about with about Devin.

Obviously, Jalen has a ton of natural talent. It was just, hey, you know, like this this like there's a couple of guys that were like really are. We call them like true. They have to be a blue player on our board. And that means that and a green player, which means, you know, you have the grit and you're a green guy, meaning that you are a Seahawks. And he had all those things. And so we went for it. He had both of those. And Jackson Smith and Jigbo was your second first round choice. And you sparked a run of wide receivers. He was the first one taken and then three more after that.

Why? Why him over everyone that you had? Yeah, really plug and play. It was an interesting group there. And to your point, they went bang, bang, bang. And so, you know, we were blessed that, you know, he was there when we picked. But, you know, like plug and play guy, he's only there because of, you know, the hamstring issue he had throughout the season last year. You know, I think if we talk at this time after the draft, he would have said, you know, Jalen Carter, Will Anderson, Bryce Young, Stroud, Jackson. Those guys would have been in the top five guys that would be mocked in this year's draft or whatever. And at this time last year.

But, yeah, really just plug and play. And, you know, really was gritted out at his pro day. Wasn't going to run a 40.

Decided to run a 40. Went through the routes with C.J. You know, great hands. Obviously, we know about the competitor. You know, you can watch that Rose Bowl game time after time.

It's one of the more impressive things I've ever seen. Yeah, he had a record day in Pasadena. No doubt about that.

So plug and play. We're going to see him week one. Whenever we find out where you're going to be later on tonight is what you're saying.

That's your plan, obviously, for this kid. Yeah, definitely. You know, he's a guy that fits great with Tyler and D.K. And, you know, the group of guys.

Really cool group we have right now. So we're excited about that. Well, and then you choose Zach Charbonnet in the second round. And he is a terrific player. Dynamite player. UCLA is where you drafted him out of.

So how does that fit in with Walker, who had such a terrific season? And I ask that question. A lot of folks are wondering that. They may not know about the always compete signs that are all over your building. But I understand the sense of competition.

But how does it work, do you think, here? True compliment. Really, you know, all these runners have different skill sets. And so Zach, we thought was a great compliment to Ken. You know, that position in terms of staying healthy and durability and everything that goes into it. You know, it's a hard position throughout the season. You really need two, three, four guys. You know, sometimes it would be five. You know, two years ago we lost, you know, three runners in a week and, you know, had Marshawn Lynch back at ten in the season.

So things can happen pretty quickly at that position. And, you know, I guess first and foremost the fact that he ended up leaving Michigan stood out to us. I didn't think you'd go there. I understand. I know that's tongue-in-cheek because I know you value Michigan guys because you chose two more later on. You know what I mean? I know. We were thinking, like, should we go back-to-back Buckeyes?

We went back-to-back Wolverines, so we're like, let's just do that. I get it. I totally get it. As you were saying, Jon- Moving on, perfect compliment.

Oh my gosh. Yes, he was at Michigan, but you chose two other Wolverines, sir. I noticed that. I love, I love, Morris and Oluwatimi are really, really good players. And they're maulers, man. I know that you like those guys. I know you like the maulers on that line. You know, Mike dropped, he dropped down like 270, 271 to try to run faster at the combine and his pro day and everything and, you know, just had a great visit with his agent and realized, hey, you know, look, at the end of the day I'm a 290-pound defensive lineman and that's what, you know, we had a taxi with him that morning and he was 292 that morning.

That was, I'm sorry, that was Saturday. And yeah, so we were, you know, we were excited and he's going to be a defensive end for us. And obviously you do him well, real active hands, up and down line scrimmage, high motor, a tough dude. And yeah, really excited about him. And then Olu coming in there, especially, you know, all the talent they had on that team, the expectations they had in Ann Arbor, you know, coming over from Virginia being named captain in the spring.

And then, you know, being involved in different systems, he's just a real smart guy. You can't move on, moves well. Yeah, we were really excited. And I don't, you know, you hear that all the time, right? Like it's kind of like when we talk to doctors after, you know, after all these guys have surgery, like, you know, I never heard a doc say, hey, you know, yeah, I don't know, it was an okay surgery. Everybody feels, yeah, it was success-ish.

We're positive-ish. Yeah, I get it. I know what you're saying on that.

Yeah, no, we were really excited he was still there. And I know you're going to hear that as you asked me about all these guys, but it's true, you know, and I think everybody this time of year really is with the other guys. So, you know, the evaluation process, bringing them in, and then once they're here, kind of resetting with them too and evaluating and getting to know them even better as a person. And then, you know, how can our staff, coaches, support staff, everybody help these guys advance their careers.

And, you know, everybody in this building takes a ton of pride with that. So now, I don't know if you'll answer this question. How about that for a windup before I ask the question, John Schneider? But you choose two Michigan guys and normally you like to talk to the coach of the school before you take the kids. Do you handle those conversations with Jim Harbaugh instead of Pete or does Pete actually have a conversation with Jim and ask him what his deal is?

Anything like that? You know, not, hey, coach, with these two guys, we had great visits with them. We spent a lot of time with them in the spring. And so we had really, you know, Jason Barnes does a great job with us, our assistant director, yeah, our assistant director, Cal scouting, and has great relationships there. You know, we had drafted Frank out of there a number of years ago and Clark. And we used to have really good contacts there.

So, you know, Pete, myself, I don't think Pete spoke with Jim and neither did I. But our, you know, we used to have great relationships there and he runs a great program. So, you know, very accommodating to the scouts and having access. But with those two guys in particular, you know, Olu going down to the Senior Bowl and, you know, Steve Hutchinson works with us as well and works with the offensive lineman a lot. And obviously, Steve had a great feel for them too.

So, we had a lot of really cool exposure for those two players in particular. Okay. All right. So, you took the high road with that one. I took the low road. I appreciate you doing the right thing, John. I'm sorry.

I just, like, I just know Jim and Pete had that set to, like, literally a lifetime ago. I just didn't know if anything lingered. Yeah, let it go. Okay.

But I'd like to wrap up this conversation with two guys coming back. Let's talk about the Prez. What's with Jamal Adams? How's he doing? What do you got for me there? Yeah, he's doing well.

You know, company answer is that, you know, we don't know exactly, you know, timeline. You've got to keep progressing here. We're going to take it, you know, very, very bad injury, very unfortunate for Jamal. For our team last year, really, he was, you know, he was crushing it in the first half of that Denver game last year. You could see the intensity and, you know, you could see the difference maker that he truly is early in that game. So, we really missed him and, you know, throughout the season. But he's working his tail off.

We want to be really careful with this. You know, it's been two years in a row where he's been banged up now. You know, we had traded for him and he came in and, you know, set the sack record for DV with like 9 or 10 or something like that. And then, you know, it's been two years now where he's been banged up. And we want to be really careful with his progression.

So, you know, training camp, I'm just not sure, you know, we'll see where he is when he comes in for the OGA's. And then, you know, kind of lost amongst the shuffle, Bobby Wagner, sir. I am just jacked up for you, right, that he is back in the fold. What was that conversation like?

Was there, you needed an air clearing at all that was required first? What can you share with me, John? Yeah, you're on it. Absolutely. You know, in this business you have to, like every year you have to adjust after the season and you have to make tough decisions, ugly decisions. If anybody tells you that they handle, you know, their business, you know, you know, if people don't have any regrets about the way they handle their business, I mean, congratulations. But, you know, yes, we had to have a meeting and, you know, on both sides he represents himself.

And, you know, I know that I could have handled things much differently and we had a great conversation about that. But then just our culture and clearing the air and, you know, being able to come to an agreement and, you know, have those private man-to-man conversations and he was excited to come back. He's a legend, first ballot hall of famer, you know, when we played down there with the Rams, you could see the guys after the game were all basically standing in line to hang out and, you know, especially the young guys like Tariq and Ken, they couldn't wait to meet him. So having him back in the building is awesome, not just for the players but, you know, for Dave Pearson and Eric Kennedy and everybody in the building, you know, the cafeteria, the students in this cafeteria, everybody's just really excited to have him back in this building.

And I'm sure the city as well, again, when we find out the schedule as a human race tonight, I can't wait to see the first home game, when that's going to be, and whoever has, who's in charge of the seismic monitoring from back in the day of the Beast Quake, when Bobby Wagner comes onto the field for the first time, that is going to be lit, as the kids say, in the stadium, that day or night. I was going to say, wow, you sound like a teenager. I do. Look at me. Well, I mean, your coach has won, so you should understand what that sounds like. Your coach has won. It's true. I mean, that is going to be nuts. That will be the 12s that go crazy.

No, it will be. When you see Mac this year, I mean, the crowd went nuts for him. Right. It was awesome. He had a standing ovation, the place was super loud, and, yeah, it's awesome. It's a really cool scene in the 54, the 45, and Austin's hoping to wear a 9 there, but I get it.

He couldn't wear a 9 with the Rams, but that's what he wore in college. That's right. Yeah, that was occupied. That sure was. Hey, John, thanks for the time. Greatly appreciate it. Let's do this more often. It was great to see you. It was good to see you when I hit the combine and things of that nature. Good to see you, sir.

That was fun. Get to hang out with Jeff next week, by the way. Oh, is that right? Curb is coming back. When are you going to be on Curb, John? When does that happen? What's going on? You're going to have to ask Jeff. I don't know. Come on, you've got the chops.

Well, here's the thing, is that I think the Jets trump the Seahawks in that organization. Unfortunately, yes. Thanks for the call. You be well. We'll chat soon. Okay, you too, Rich.

Take care. Yeah, that's John Schneider right here, general manager of the Seahawks. He's referring to Jeff Schaefer, who's the E.P.

and director and writer of Curb. Yeah, Jets trump the Seahawks. Bobby Wagner, when he comes out, how wild is that night going to be? Right?

Yeah. You should invite Marshawn back. Because a good friend of mine, he's a Seahawks fan, and he was so sad when Wagner left.

I think everybody was. Has it been leaked yet? Oh, the Seahawks are playing first?

That one I haven't seen. Do you want to know when the Jets play the Cowboys? Huh? I know when they're playing the Cowboys.

I don't need to know the Jets schedule. I know it. I know it. And I know I could sit here and talk about it, right?

Like the rest of the media is, right? I could sit here and talk about it. But you know what I'm doing? The right thing. Oh.

I could do it. Huh? The right thing according to whom? First of all, when I sign a document. Why did you do?

As your lawyer, I would have not advised you to do that. I wanted to see the schedule. You know why? Because I'm a lead pipe wielding professional. I will now go into tonight's three hour show with knowledge.

Don't you want to be surprised? And an ability. And I've got lines. I've got lines. Baby, I've got lines. I've got stick. I've got stuff. I've got stuff I want to say.

I'm set. OK? Yeah, but you're also good at improv, too. I know that.

I appreciate that. But as you know, the best questions you ask are the ones you already know the answer to. Are they, though? I don't know about that. Because I know I throw some stuff from left field at you and you are just... Yes. I try my best to fight off those pitches. You serve in Bali with me quite well.

So look, I can't find it. The right thing that I'm doing. Forget forget that. You think signing a document means nothing, Chris, which is great.

I just love he thinks he's your lawyer. How about this? How about this?

I have a group of hardworking men and women at NFL Media Group that are ready and working their tails off for a three hour program tonight that we want to be a surprise. That's the intention. Then why is the league the league's doing some of this? Well, the league always lets its partners have its say. The partners are the ones who are spending this just in a lot of money. So if they want to go on and by the way, the league also doesn't mind if the Today Show and Good Morning America are the types of platforms that announce this sort of stuff. All I'm saying is you don't want a league, don't give it out. Well, the reason why they also give it out is to have is, you know, there's business purposes as well, you know, so that it's all out there. It's on websites.

And as you pointed out, the social media groups of these 32 clubs are very talented and they're going to put out these things that will get shared and that helps get the schedule out. But you have to prep them. I already know these things, OK? See, now you're doing this just to bother me.

I'm trying to illustrate to you that you shouldn't be bothered. Oh, is that right? Yeah.

Oh, is that right? All this stuff is out. Why are you worried about it?

Too late. Well, you don't know. I've known you long enough.

I guess I should know. Because they made me sign a document, Chris. And it's the people who made me sign a document in order to get the information I'm I need to do a job for them. I hope they are going to be, like I said, hunting for these leakers like it's red freaking October. Like, go after them. Let's get them all. Let's get them all now. That's right. I want NFL security to be like Frank Pantangeli. Right.

Going after the Rosado brothers who leaked the Jets week two schedule. What what would you want? Let's take a break. Let's take a break. Let me tell you what's not. Hey, thanks for having me.

We're back in a minute. The boys of summer are playing on the Believe podcast. The product of baseball is much more watchable. Get your baseball fix from podcasts like Wake and Rake, Farm to Show and Ring the Bell.

He's not really hitting both through the screws. Plus local podcasts like Believe in Astros and Believe in the Bronx. You're going to have to get some more innings out of the rotation. Just search BLEAV podcast wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. All right. Big night tonight. You watching?

Because I don't have a little league game to take your mind off. You got to watch the Celtics and Sixers tonight. You got to. You have to.

You have to. We're winning tonight. He's back. He's probably right. Oh my God. You guys are just absurd. Speaking into existence, T.J., let's do it. I've spoken enough stuff into existence.

This is beyond my. Do we need to have your T.J. music playing to get you fired up, to rise up? Can we?

No, I just. T.J. T.J., this is the moment. Tonight's the night where Doc Rivers is going to stare into the abyss of all those Clippers, all the Ben Simmons not passing up the bunny shots, all of that stuff. All of those moments tonight come to an end tonight. Tonight is when the Sixers will rise up and the beard will show up. Tyrese Maxey will make the shots. And the only thing that is meek in the building tonight is Mill. As MB, the MVP, will play like one.

The brace will be off. Hallelujah. And they will dispatch the Celtics to the purgatory of the offseason. Can I get an amen? Amen. That's it. When we called it and beads going off tonight.

Sixers win. Let's go. It's my time. Yes.

Like Christopher Walken. It's my time. Let's go. Speak it.

Put it into existence. Sixers by 10. It's not even close. When is game seven? Want to know when the Pats play the Jets? I know when they play the Jets. I know exactly when I said that. I said Jets at Patriots is the one I want to know when it's scheduled. And I know when that's scheduled. So don't set me off just because I think you Celtics are getting eliminated tonight.

I'll take that. I'll be on the set monitoring the Celtics and the Sixers. I'll be in front of my TV.

Very good. TJ's watching. You're both watching.

You're both watching. Tomorrow's program. And tomorrow.

On tomorrow's program we will review the Amazon Prime Video schedule. In studio Andrew Whitworth will be here. Hey. Big Whit. Big Whit.

Big Whit like what? He will be here. Apparently he's coming straight from LAX right here. It's a short drive. I understand. He might be flying a long time before coming here.

But the drive is short. Joel McHale. We will review the Seahawks schedule with Joel McHale. Nice. In studio. Nice. And just added to the program.

Literally just confirmed it on my phone. Who? Who? Who? During the commercial break to discuss the NFL on CBS schedule as the voice of CBS. Jim Nantz himself. What? In this program.

And then we will have a what's more likely version of the schedule. Oh Ryan Polls of the Chicago Bears is on the show tomorrow. Hey. Look at that.

I hope he's not booked for the time I had Nantz calling. Uh oh. Uh oh.

This is what happens when you got. Oh that's the time. Come here Kate. No. By the way was that Liz in the back? Someone left.

Liz in the back. Oh. We'll have to. We'll see if we can move them.

Very rarely can you hear them in the back. So. I'm sorry Jim Nantz says I can do it.

I had no idea where he was going. Right away. Well Ryan Polls give me a Tom Telesco when we ask him to please move his time. Hey thanks for having me on. There we go. Hey can we have him beat calling tomorrow after he hits for 45.

Hey listen. Tonight's the night. For your Sixers and this great schedule release. Do it for Dr. J. Do it for Moses Malone. Fantastic.

Do it for Mo Cheeks. There we go. Major Tony. Mark Ivaroni. And Bobby Jones. There we go. Let's go.

Bobby Jones. Good one. What's he saying? Man that was cold. All six of them.

You know what I'm saying. Great show today. Thank you to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. Les Snead of the Rams.

John Schneider of the Seahawks. And not one but two in studio segments from Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso himself. I am now going to go up the 405 and do a schedule release show on a schedule. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess. What you did not see is when Raquel arrives and she wants to talk to me I made her sit in a corner. Explain. Sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark. Waiting for to talk to you. Waiting for me to finish Dancing to 50 Cent. It's my birthday. Sit in a corner. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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