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REShow: Brian Branch & Joe Carter - Hour 2

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April 20, 2023 4:09 pm

REShow: Brian Branch & Joe Carter - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 20, 2023 4:09 pm

Alabama Safety Brian Branch tells Rich why he loved playing for Nick Saban despite the coach’s short-tempered reputation, which teams he’s met with leading up to the NFL Draft and more.

Two-time World Series champion Joe Carter tells Rich what happened to the home run ball from his walk off HR to end the 1993 Fall Classic, shares his favorite stories about the highly talented but highly eccentric Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, says what he thinks of the importance placed in analytics in today’s MLB, and says why Shohei Ohtani will be worthy of a $600M contract.

Rich and the guy's debate if MLB’s new pitch clock has sped up the game too much.

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It's Rich Eisen. Oh yeah everybody.

Oh yeah. It's our number two The Rich Eisen Show on the air. Full on conversation with Joel Klatt, my colleague from Fox Sports, who'll be sitting next to me at the NFL Draft one week from tonight in Kansas City, Missouri. If you missed it, guess what?

There's our YouTube page, there's The Rich Eisen Show collection page, our video on demand service, there's also the re-airing of the show right here on the Roku channel. It's great when you're through with a dynamite 40-minute long conversation on this program, which what we love having extended conversations, deep dives as they may say in the business, and then somebody gets in your ear, somebody is one of my terrific colleagues, and you're one of those Chris. Oh thank you.

TJ, you're one of those, and I would say this even if Del Tufa was there, Jay, you're one of those, but it was Mike Hoskins saying to me, Tom Brady was asked at a conference in Miami, if he's going to come out of retirement and play for the Dolphins, that soundbite exists. Oh yeah. It's being turned around, and we're going to play, and as a matter of fact what we're going to do, because this is what we do in the business, we're going to tease the hell out of that. Oh my goodness, gracious.

The two words though, I heard the soundbite in the commercial break, the two words for it are word and salad. Oh baby. So we'll build that drama. Jackson, Smith, and Jigboat will be on this show in hour number three. Joel Klatch has called him the best receiver in the draft. Joe Carter, the World Series champion from the Toronto Blue Jays two times over, he'll be joining us in about 20 minutes time, but joining us right now to kick off hour number two of the program could be the first defensive back taken in this year's draft.

No doubt expecting to hear his name one week from tonight. Joining us from the Alabama Crimson Tide program, none other than Brian Branch here on the Rich Hudson Show. How you doing, Brian? I'm doing good.

How about yourself? Where have I found you? Where are you on planet earth right now, Brian? Where are you? Uh, Georgia, Fayetteville. That's your hometown, isn't it? Yes sir.

Okay. How'd you play for Alabama then? How did that happen? What happened? Uh, this, Georgia, Georgia let me out and they didn't, they tried, they tried to recruit me late.

So Alabama, once I said like co-saving card, it was wrapped. So what do you mean they tried to recruit you late, Brian? What happened? What happened?

Uh, they tried to recruit me like, but after, after Alabama, uh, you know, came, Alabama was like one of my latest offers and they came and Georgia tried to come even later after them. So it's too late. If you, the phrase, if you snooze, you lose. It applies.

Okay. And when you said Saban called you, what do you mean? Uh, walk me through that, um, that conversation, Brian. Uh, just the fact that like, I feel like, Hey, when Saban called, you gotta, you gotta go. And just made it up. When I went on a visit to Alabama, uh, you know, I talked with him and he just, he, he told me, uh, like what, what I could do, you know, to reach my, uh, reach the best version of myself.

He just, I knew that nobody else would teach me the stuff that he taught me, uh, if I went to, if I went to Alabama and, you know, he was a great mentor and great coach. So did you go in his office? You sit in his office? Uh, yes, sir. What's his office looking like?

Huge. You got rings everywhere, rings, every comfortable couch, you know? Okay.

I mean, that's a heck of a combination rings everywhere. Comfortable couch. Uh, so he's flexing is basically what you're saying with his office situation. That's it. Yeah. Okay.

Very good. Um, and then now let's flip the page to, to playing for him. Um, what was that like playing for Nick Saban?

Right. Uh, at first, you know, uh, it took a little bit of adjustment to it. Uh, you know, uh, he, he, he don't get on the, and he does that. Like when God come in there, their freshman year, he does that just to see how they react, how they gonna handle themselves, you know, uh, can they persevere and like, it's like tough love almost. And my first year he, he was getting onto me every day. I mean, I can come out there for warmups and he'll start yelling at me. And he just, he does that just to see what type of player you are.

And, you know, it helped me out in the long run. I feel like, and like, he's just the overall great coach. You know, he taught me a lot of stuff, uh, the little details.

He like, he's just a great coach, great overall coach. So, um, did you know at the time, Brian, you were being tested or did somebody have to take you aside and let you know this is what he's doing? Uh, somebody had to take me aside. Uh, I remember coach, coach Scott and coach, uh, coach Kelly at the time, you know, uh, took me to the side and told me like, if he ain't getting onto you, then then you should be worried.

But if he getting onto you, then I mean, like, huh. Interesting. And then, so, uh, at first it confused you or perhaps threw you off a little bit. And then, uh, at the end of your tenure there in Alabama, you, you, uh, realize what you had gained from it. Is that in a, an appropriate way of putting it then?

Uh, that's correct. Okay. Then I will ask you and, uh, to button up this part of our conversation, Brian branch, the same question I have asked, I believe to every Alabama prospect we've had on this program in the history of this show.

And it's been on there for eight years, right? Chris Brockman. Okay. Uh, here I've asked it of two of Matt Jones, name it on and on and so on and forth. I think I asked this of Bryce young last year. So I'll ask you, what's the most angry you've ever made Nick Saban then what's the most pissed off you've ever made coach. Ooh.

Uh, I would say it was one of my freshman year. Um, you know, I, I had got beat and I was mad at myself and I kinda, I threw my helmet and like, Oh my God, uh, soon as I, as soon as that helmet hit the floor, he started, he started running over to me. He throws his hat, you know, so that, you know, he's, he's hot. Like I'm hot because I just got beat and he's over there hot at me for even, you know, showing like defeat and he just, he's, he's hot and he started yelling, like, you know, telling me, get back to the, get back to the play. Uh, just, just going off on me. And I think that's, that's the most pissed I ever made. Is it because you threw your helmet?

Not because you were beat it's because the way you reacted to getting beat. Is that what you're saying? Yeah. Yes, sir. And when his hat, was it one of those Panama hats or it was a visor or what was it? What was one of the famed Saban hats?

We had one of his famous hat that he always wear. Wow. Man.

Okay. So then, uh, there were no Bofa jokes that day from him. That's what you're saying? No sir.

Have you ever been on the business end of one of the Bofa jokes from Nick Saban? Brian? Uh, yeah. Okay. Can confirm? Is that what you're saying? You can confirm that? You've done that?

You've been there? Okay. Well then, hey man, it started where he's getting on you.

You don't know why he's getting on you and it ends with you getting Bofa'd by him. And now you're, you're going off to the NFL. So it all worked out for you, right? Yes, sir.

Excellent. So what will a team get in Brian Branch if they draft you one week from tonight, Brian? Just the overall dog. Um, you know, I feel like a lot of people say they're gonna come in there and work, you know, but I feel like, I mean, I mean it's like, I work, you know, and they'll get a workhorse. Uh, they'll get, especially on the defense and, uh, somebody who could play wherever the coaches need me. I feel like I could play and they know I could play in position.

Um, and I just feel like they're gonna get an overall dog. Who do you model your game after? I guess, who did you emulate growing up playing this position? This is a unique position to play, obviously, uh, on the football field, Brian. Um, Tyron Matthew, uh, Terpala Modeler, and, uh, growing up watching Minka too, uh, just all three of them. Uh, also a Cam Sanchez player. It was like four, yeah, four of them.

That's who I really watched. You named some good ones right there. I imagine Minka, you've, you've spoken to, right? I imagine there's a, a, a line of communication, uh, a Crimson Tighter line or no? To be honest, no, I haven't, I haven't spoke to him. Okay.

Have you ever met any of these guys then, Brian? Uh, no, no, sir. We got to work on that for you. All right.

That's what I'm playing, right? Scratch it off my bust list. Okay. Maybe you meet him in Canton, Ohio about 15 years from now. What do you think about that idea? Hey, I'm, that's the plan.

That is the plan. Who have you visited with? How many teams have you visited with Brian? Uh, I visited with eight different teams. Uh, can you, can you rattle some off for me?

Do you mind, please? Who have you visited with? Uh, just really from the, you know, teams on the East, uh, visit to one, uh, West coast team. Um, yeah, pretty much teams on the East. Okay. So if you're being, uh, coy about it, one of the teams on the East has to be the Patriots, right?

Brian? Uh, no, I didn't visit with them. Oh, okay. All right.

That one's that one kind of surprised me. What about Pittsburgh? Do you visit with Pittsburgh? Uh, no, sir. I didn't visit with them.

All right. Jets. Do you visit with the jets? Uh, I visited with a New York team. Oh, okay. Well, I mean, I don't think it could be Buffalo.

Did you visit with Buffalo? Is that where you're going with? Don't worry about it.

You're getting drafted in a week. Don't worry, Brian. This is fine. This is all good. All right. Very good.

New York giants. Okay. That's good. That's a good one.

We checked that one off the list. All right. Very good. This is going to be exciting for you. Uh, who are you visiting with?

Very good. This is going to be exciting for you. Uh, who are you going to Kansas city, Brian? Uh, yes, there I am.

Oh man. How excited are you for that? I'm very excited. Who's going to be with you? Uh, just my immediate family. Okay. My mom, brother's assistant.

Okay. Your mom. Um, and what do you think your dream coming true in front of her eyes is going to mean to her?

Brian? Uh, it's going to be big, you know? Uh, she, you know, for one, all the sacrifice she made for me growing up, uh, you know, wasn't for nothing. Um, and just her watching me work these past few years, uh, you know, it's huge and it's just, it's going to the next level. And I know she, she's very ecstatic for me. Just got to keep on proving her, uh, make her happy. Do you mind telling a story about what sort of sacrifice she did make for you, Brian? Uh, yeah. Um, just growing up, you know, uh, she raised all of us, like me and my three other siblings by herself and, you know, she would spend, we all played sports and just the fact that she couldn't do the stuff that she wanted to do because she had to pay for our sports.

Uh, like my football, like $750 just to play football, uh, directly. And like, she, she was mad and she didn't, sometimes she didn't know how she was going to pay that the next year. And she always made it happen.

And so just for her to do that, uh, she, she's my hero. What's her name? Uh, Sharon branch. Okay. So Sharon's going to be there.

This is going to be big. Um, do you have, um, your, your fit picked out? We all set on that front. Yes, sir. I got that picked out.

You want to give me a little bit of detail on that? Uh, just a double breasted suit. Um, yeah.

Double breasted. Okay. All right. Very good. Very good.

So you got this whole thing picked out. I'm excited for you. Good luck to you. This will be hopefully first of many times you come on this show and I appreciate you sharing as much as you did.

Oh, yes, sir. Thank you for having me. And I loved both of your stories about Nick Saban. Got to tell us a joke. We need one of the jokes. Tell us a joke.

You got a good joke? Yeah. Uh, first I was, it was after a play. I was limping, you know, I think I hurt, uh, it was, I think I hurt my ankle a little bit and I started limping and then I limited the sideline and I looked up behind me and coach coach Saban follow me and limping. He limping, trying to mock me, trying to mimic me.

And when he gets close to me, he, uh, he asked me, so do you need a tampon or something? Oh no. Oh my gosh. Brian Branch. You are crazy.

Did he do both a joke with you or he did not? Uh huh. No, my gosh.

Hey Brian, you be well at the draft. Okay. You have a great night. All right, brother. Yes, sir.

We'll see you soon. That's Brian Branch, everybody right here on the Rich Eisen show. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Branch. And now Chris Brockman, you have now learned firsthand.

Ask questions you only know the answer to. Yeah, but that, that worked out way better for us. Yeah, it worked out well for us.

How'd that work out for tiger a few weeks ago? Not so great. Bofa. Well, the thing is, they're not Bofa jokes.

That's where you got, we've gotten. I like Bofa jokes. It's a D's.

No, but we should have said, you know, Bofa D's. Yeah. Okay. Breathe through it. I'm breathing through it.

Breathe in through it. Okay. Let's take a break. Joe Carter's going to join us. Where's his baseball? Not to go full, uh, great question. Warren from, uh, something about Mary.

Not to go full, something about Mary on you. Who has his baseball? Joe Carter, when we come back.

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Buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Look who's stopping by right now guys. Joe Carter is on this program. We talked about this golf tournament with John Smoltz a couple of weeks ago. It's the second annual invited celebrity classic nationally televised PGA tour champions event. 78 PGA tour champions 40 sports and entertainment stars going down right around the corner from where the old Texas stadium used to exist in Irving Texas at Las Colinas Country Club.

Live on the Golf Channel all three days of competition. Joe Carter here on the Rich Eyes and Show. How you been Joe? Rich my buddy it's been forever. How you doing?

Way too long. You know I still got that tape of you and my man Stu Scott for my retirement party back in 1999. You guys were so so gracious to send that video wishing me a happy retirement and I really appreciate it so but now you're my man.

How's everything going? Well Joe I'm just gonna go full disclosure here on you. First of all I did it because you know you were so great as a ball player and a great human being but I'm also you know full disclosure die-hard Yankee fan. I couldn't wait for you to retire. You wore me out brother. You wore me out. You and Whamco and Cito Gaston and Dave Stewart coming over and just you know pulling down the brim of his cap and you were wearing me out.

I've had enough of you Joe. Yeah with Stu was he I mean if you ever had to face him. I mean the first time I faced him we went over and I get in the box I took a look at him I get ready and then I called time out and I asked Terry Stonbach. I said he had that hat all the way down.

I mean he looked menacing. I was like I just want to make sure. Joe my son's a little league pitcher right now and sometimes the bill of his cap is too flat. I take it and I just I put the brim and I curve the hell out of it and I'm like take that hat and pull it down and look in because you know I try to show them videos of Dave Stewart. I'm like you gotta I don't know how intimidating a 12-year-old can be but I'm trying man. You know I'm trying every trick. You know what well these 12-year-olds I mean they see all the players wearing and they see all the flat bill and I hate the flat bill the straight across. I said no pull it down.

I don't want I want a curve in there baby. I love it. Joe Carter here on the Rich Eisen Show. Joe where is the baseball you hit off of Mitch Williams?

We were wondering that. Where is that baseball right now? I do have the baseball.

It is very safe and secure. You know something that happens you know those are momentous occasions and I knew I was going to hit one so I tell myself don't hit it into the stands. You'll never get it back. I took I took the pitching wedge which I pitching wedge my 135 club and pitching wedge my 135 club. The back of the wall was 135.

I kept it low. It hits the back of the wall get the span and it goes back to our bullpen catcher John Sullivan and after the game he comes in and he gives it to me. Now here's the thing the the hall of fame was there and they ran to him after the game. He goes John where's the ball? Where's the ball?

He goes I don't know. I don't know what happened to the ball. He gave the ball to me so I'm in possession of it. Yeah that's the only walk-off home run in the history of the world series by somebody who was trailing at the time.

You know I mean Mazeroski hit his in a tie game. You were down by two that was a three-run jack and when that ball was leaving the yard Joe what was going through your head as the ball's leaving? First of all I knew I hit it hard enough. I didn't know if I hit high enough because I lost it in the lights. It was a line drive and as I was jumping up halfway down the first baseline looking to see if it was going to get over the fence that was all I was thinking about was get up get up get up and once I saw I'd get up and once I saw PD Caviglia kind of kind of stopped turn his back and I'm jumping up and down and the first thing I thought of was Joe stop jumping and touch all the bases make sure you touch them all.

Yes that's exactly what I thought and that's exactly what Tom Cheek said. Yep touch them all yeah because you never hit a bigger home run in your life. I mean what a call that was and it was spot on for that and what a team what a team you guys had. I mean the fact that Paul Molitor was the one who got on as the tying run bringing you as the winning run to the plate. We all remember Devin White Roberto Alomar I can go down the list because it was called WAMCO you know Molitor was the M you were the C Olerud was the O and then I don't know where you'd fit Ricky Henderson and he came in in a trade prior to that season you already won a world series right so yeah we just put a hyphenation we put a hyphenation right there so you know you had H WAMCO so.

Right I mean and so. H-hyphen-WAMCO. You gotta give me what's your favorite Ricky Henderson story Joe? Oh man there you know what there's so many of them but the best one was when he was with Oakland and in 1990 Kirby had just signed the first nine million dollar contract he's on a three-year deal for nine million dollars.

Puckett you're talking about right Kirby Puckett? Yeah Kirby Puckett and then Ricky signed right after that for the same amount three years at nine million dollars and I was just traded to San Diego so I did one up they gave me a hundred thousand dollars more and so Ricky he got the signing bonus of a million dollars okay so now the end of the year the A's are going through their their their books and ledgers and something's not adding up you know they've got an extra one million dollars in their account and they go back and they look they look and they go oh come on really so they call Ricky they said Ricky where's the check they gave you for your bonus back in January and he had put it encased in glass and hung it on the wall. Unbelievable framed a one million dollar check. They said Ricky take a picture of it go put the check in the bank and take a picture and put the picture of it on the wall. Do we know if he ever cashed it? No he did cash it but he lost about thirty five thousand dollars that year that's when banks did pay interest and he had money in the bank. Unbelievable now you may not know the answer to this but I heard that when Ricky wound up on the Mets and Olerud was his teammate again he told Olerud hey man I used to play with somebody who also wore a helmet in the field as well and Olerud had to tell him yeah that was me Ricky is that is that true that is true that is true that is true that is true the other one the other one is uh when Ricky left us and went back to the A's the A's that come to town and they had you know my billboard all over town all over town on the home run and so going to the ballpark and so all the A's were talking about it you know they was like oh you know where were you at when this happened where were you at when Joe hit that home run where were you at and everybody went down the back of the bus telling them where they were at what they were doing and then Ricky goes he goes I was on second base. He was and if I'm not mistaken him being on base is what made Mitch Williams slide step for the first time in his career um and and he even was slide stepping and through that pitch to you that you hit out of the park is that true too yeah and yeah no that's true because I was looking for a breaking ball because he threw me a pretty good breaking ball that pitched before and I lost it and I still swung at it so I'm looking breaking ball but he because he did the slide step he threw it down and in he came down and in and Rich you know my happy zone is down and in and like I say I just went down and got it but see we go back a step further when Malter got the base hit I was very upset because Ricky he's supposed to be one of the fastest guys in all baseball but stolen base king and he can't go from first or third on the base hit that's ridiculous right so I got on him I said he's supposed to be on third base so I can get a at least tie the game up right instead you just went over the wall and the rest is history and interestingly enough it was the uh last uh the the only other I guess the the previous championship out of Toronto until Kawhi and the the Raptors delivered one um for the NBA fans up there and you know yes it's unbelievable I love these stories Joe Carter here on the Rich Eisen show again I know you're out there in this golf tournament did you see what happened with Max Scherzer and his pitching hand and the stickiness and all that stuff no I no I did not know I I played in the pro em yesterday got it and then we went then we went down and went fishing caught a caught some big old crappie last night okay back and so no I didn't see what happened yeah he got the gate um he had some he had some stickiness on his hands and they sent him out and um you know it's a it's a whole long story but um you know it's kind of crazy sometimes in the in baseball he hadn't seen this in a while it's somebody getting ejected for sticky substances and things of that nature but um you know he said it was just rosin and sweat I'm just throwing it out there in case you'd seen it you know I'm just throwing it out there um so who what's your general sense of the way the game is played today then Joe let me just throw that one in your direction so it's totally different uh you know they they've made the game a little bit more interesting for the young kids because they sped it up with all the new rule changes uh guys who played back in my day Juan Guzman uh right now if he was pitching right now we'd still be in the first inning because he would have given up he would have he would have had about about 12 walks because he would take so long but uh you know they kind of make the game interesting but the analytics uh it just behooves me it's great for golf as far as launch angle yes but man I have never seen so many hitters hitting around the Mendoza line um you know and driving there you know hitting 25 30 home runs with 70 RBI I'm like come on really because of the way they're teaching the launch angle and everything you know they're striking out or popping up you know with guys on base and for for me it's totally I mean it is so different than the way that we were taught but you know if baseball the owners if they're paying 15 million dollars a year for guys to hit 200 and you know with those with those launch angles and more power to the players they're doing what they what they would imagine Boston to do because the analytics yeah I mean it I understand they have a role um and and whatnot um it sometimes just drives me a little crazy when you see pitchers um you know get taken out because it's the third time through the order and things of that nature I don't know honestly I don't know if we'll see a 300 uh win pitcher anymore I don't know uh how many complete games we're going to be seeing too much of anymore uh it's just a different game but also back in the day when you were throwing uh you were playing not everyone who came out of the pen through 100 you know no that that is true and now they're teaching these kids and what it is it's it's it's a combination of all these young kids because they've been on pitch counts since they were in little league and so they're they're only going there you know you're literally you plant you you can throw 25 30 pitches okay then you got to rest like two or three days then you can throw 30 more and so that's the way they they did not build up their stamina and so now you get to the big leagues where five innings is now a quality start and so if you if everything is conducive to being to go in five innings and now they say hey you give us five innings and go out there and just throw lights out for five minutes and in the back end of the bullpen we're going to bring in three guys uh three guys doing 100 miles an hour and that's the way it's going to work so that's what's slowing the game down uh because i mean i would love to have you know guys like novin and ringy johnson you know the third time through the order they go oh we can't face these guys anymore let's take them out that was that that well that would have been great i don't know i the manager might have gotten noogies from nolan ryan if you'd attempted that i mean they already treated the manager like robin ventura you know i mean that might happen oh yeah no you're like hey you better get back in that dugout i'm not coming out you kidding me i hear you i mean work the sweat up for five innings and then you want to talk about different times joe you were mentioned how ricky henderson had set a standard with a nine million dollar three-year nine million dollar contract oh tony's going to get a 600 million dollar contract i mean that's going to happen uh 100 name name me one guy who can go out there and win you uh almost 20 ball games and and hits you 30 home runs and still about 20 bases and go all those runs i mean oh tony i'm you know i'm in awe it he is he is a freak of an athlete and i i absolutely love because he's a ball player he's just not a pitcher you know pitchers are non-athletes no tony is not a non-athlete athlete well you know i agree with you i i i don't know about the pitcher being a non-athlete uh i need to make sure that smoltz does call back into my program um you know and but but tony you know the what what he's doing is remarkable and and he keeps getting better and and he's a star uh he and trout at the end of the world baseball classic was one of the best confrontations i've seen um in years that was incredible made for tv made for baseball it sure was so uh joe before i let you go on your day i imagine as you're getting uh ready to play in the second annual invited celebrity classic here um you just called pitchers non-athletes i'm assuming um smoltz isn't around right now i'm assuming uh maddox isn't within the sound of your voice right now because those are the guys or molder right these are the guys who normally win these things joe i'll be very honest well well yeah but i'm talking i mean they they play golf but we're talking about on the baseball field have you seen the clip where where smoltz tries to get that ball down the first base line and and uh that you know that's that's out there on uh on youtube and everything and stumbling hat coming off and uh you know so okay i rest my case i rest my case with that right you haven't seen it just just look up john smoltz and uh you'll see that look that play in there you say yeah okay plus if you had baseball field let me cape for you joe uh plus if you had gotten four days off in between your one day to play baseball to work on your golf game you'd probably be way better than you are today right joe yeah no exactly exactly i mean mostly i mean i give him credit man out here on the golf course and you know he qualified for the one event on the senior tour i mean no he's a player out here you know because you know you just have to hit the ball and go get it hit it again but uh he hits it he's gonna hit it he's gonna hit it very often which is good in golf so uh how's your game how's your game how's your game uh none the game the game is going good okay game is going good uh yep i'm down to my index is 1.7 oh wow yeah so touch them all joe and touch them all yeah like we we had the event with the lpga that the hill that human grand vacations put on i finished 15th out of the 55 uh celebrities so that was the highest i finished and i just saw my odds my odds have been going up i'm now 50 to 1 so rich i moved up the ladder okay so okay though okay we're looking for the dark heart the dark horse course in this race is me okay i like it and so do do you know the furthest you've ever hit a baseball did you know baseball yeah do you know the distance of one of the your tape measure home runs do you know 488 488 where was that one uh in the sky dome oh off uh uh he was we played the a's and that was the same series maguire hit one in the fifth deck and uh i believe it was john walsden and i he has struck me out the time before on the pitch down in the end that i took and mark williams the empire i i looked at him i said mark that is not a strike i said it's down and in it's not a strike it's too low he said yes it was so i go back my next at bat he comes back with the same pitch and i hit it in the fifth deck when i touch home plate mark johnson the empire says see i told you it was a strike i love that so you've hit a baseball 162 yards uh how slow uh how's the longest you've hit a drive then joe what's the longest drive long as i've hit it long as i've hit a drive is about 401 now are you in uh were you in colorado or i mean like no no no offense okay no c level get a little wind behind you now i could i could always move the ball okay you know now rich i'm 63 years old right now so i mean my care my carry just on an average day it's probably about i carried the ball about 285 and it rolls out you know it could roll out to over 300 but you know it's not about i've learned and matured that it's not about how far you hit it so as long as you put yourself in position for your second shot so my game is like hit the fairway hit the green and then rely on your short game you're putting well i'll be tuned in the golf channel to see you compete um this weekend and this has been way way too long let's do this more often joe i i would really i would really love that rich i would love to you've been one of my favorites all the time i'll listen to your show i see you on tv and i'm like hey there's my there's my buddy rich so uh it's much appreciated much love i appreciate that too i've just taken down the phone number here and uh you look for my uh text i'll i'll hit you later okay sounds good rich all right appreciate it brother you gotta it's joe carter everybody one of the all-time greats right here on the rich isin show i must be honest i completely forgotten that stewart scott and i had done that video for his retirement until he had just jogged my memory that's funny man i've been at this a while huh it's kind of wild it's awesome wow it's awesome all right sounds great geez 400 yard drive holy smokes yeah well your age 63 is average in 285 i'll take that so the baseball is in his possession the bullpen catcher ran the okie doke on the hall it's a million dollar baseball don't you think i do well i mean he's not selling out from for anything of course not but but you're talking about the fan if you say someone had caught it and held on to it he's good people he deserves his baseball all right we'll take a break right here on the rich isin show phone calls folks have been waiting for quite some time we'll take those when we come back and then at the top of the next hour tom brady was asked if he would come out of retirement play for the dolphins his answer that's coming up april is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial iq stacking benjamin's with joe saul sehigh bankrate's 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from seattle to florida wow it's looking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist paula pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista eliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamin's afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen okay jackson smith and jigba of the ohio state's going to be joining us in the next hour uh he's coming he actually is uh being sponsored by uh joel malone london do we know about the the lifestyle brand the british lifestyle brand anybody anybody anybody joel malone they make perfumes yes i do have now i didn't even think about that fragrance fragrance yes yeah uh and apparently he's gonna discover his signature scent nice and do what should i tell him about my signature scent yes well what's your signature scent i mean when i i don't know it depends on how disrespectful i care to be to our guest i mean you know you're right i mean i did say garrett wilson before he came in and he became rookie of the year offensive rookie of the year i did tell him i did tell him you know you know i was his father right and that's before he's calling your daddy and then we we had only won once yeah when i said that to him now it's been two times in a row we being michigan as if i was part of it you didn't play in the game i didn't that's correct i can confirm that was before garrett went to your squad too so that's true guys yeah oh we've moved i saw him at the uh at the the wheels up event at the at the super bowl okay remember the one that that uh that chris russo accused me of being like the godfather sitting that everyone's coming up to my table that's right so unlike alie false unlike ali wong and stephen hewing you guys have no beef no between you all right okay beef um apparently that there's something up with that show i heard people like it um it's pretty good but anyway maybe my fragrance is uh winning oh boy well after that on and i only spray i spray that on in every november hey rich is that too disrespectful may the 23rd that's going to be your fragrance my friend winning i'm going to be your friend oh you know that's the day after the the emmys yeah okay i mean i appreciate it jackson sent his but touchdowns the end zone well certainly wasn't the rose bowl he wore out utah i don't know why one of the greatest rose bowls ever if i'm not mistaken did he set a record in it i don't know why you want to try to dunk on this he's i'm not dunking he's a kid you're trying to i'm not dunking really excuse me no you think you're being so clever and smart you didn't play the game excuse me you didn't do anything you sat on the couch i don't he's out there excuse by the way i don't think i'm being clever and smart i am clever and smart okay there's a difference between thinking you are and being all right you should do that i'm trying to help you no you're not no you're not you should do that you're trying to throw me off my game my fragrance fresh and clean nick in philadelphia you're here on the rich eisenhower what's up nicholas what's going on nick hey rich thanks for taking the call thanks for hanging on as long as you did and i say that to everybody waiting on hold we'll get to you all what's going on absolutely i'd like to talk baseball um okay i agree with you i enjoyed the pitch clock i do agree that from the ninth inning on we should get rid of it but i think when you compound the pitch clock with the earlier um uh start times during the work week i think you're getting a unintended consequence um last week i went to the phillies game you know the game starts at 6 40 now okay so by the time you fight the traffic rush hour traffic when you're fighting everybody else coming to the game by the time you get a parking spot get in and sit down it was already the top of the fourth inning we had almost missed half the game and now with the pitch clock it's you blink the game is over and you know by the time the game was over we left drove home i had figured out we spent twice as much time in a car than we did sitting down and going kidding i hate it i hate to tell you nick and i think we're coming to realize that and i haven't been to a game yet again my my uh my 12 year old went to one um with a friend and the parent or the uh the dad who chaperoned the two of them uh went to get drinks and food for the kids in the second inning and got back in the seventh and because things move so fast things move so fast not like he left the kids long for that long but things moved so fast that the game was essentially over by the time he got back and and brockman you've been to a game you went to one with sarah and cage in san diego right braves padres yeah we went on monday 2 22 was the time of the game 2 22 i think it was only a two nothing game it went fast uh and it was noticeable in in the park well i think we're all going to learn and it's only been three weeks so far is the pitch clock is for the television audience it ain't it's not for those who go to the game it's not it you know those those who actually i think take the time to go to a game are those who enjoy the nights in the ballpark the days in the ballpark the leisurely pace the sitting around the you know uh you know de-shelling the the your peanuts and just dropping the shells on the on the ground and eating and drinking and having a good time and just just telling stories but for those who are the pitch clocks for for for the television viewing audience which is where i imagine most of the revenue if you want to put the revenue on the table and what that's what it's for i think that's what it is it is and thanks for the call nick appreciate it right am i uh i agree with you yeah the pitch clock is for the television those were sitting at home and where you have options to flip you have options to click walk away and walk away you have options of what's on what else is on in the ballpark though you're there to just focus on the game and um you better be focused too or you're gonna miss stuff i mean can sarah had to get up and go you know to the bathroom and i was like dealing with cage and the sun i look up and there's two runners on and it felt like it only had been a minute like you got to pay attention it's moved so fast that was one thing i really noticed well you should always pay attention to the baseball game because there's this white object that could come out and clock you in the face i promise you well also you need to pay attention because a future hall of fame starter might be out of the game because there's sticky substances on his hand free max again he did nothing wrong you gotta stop cheating i just i found that weird rich like you know we're all so happy about the fact that the games are moving along at a quicker pace and then you get the caller who gave you us a completely different look at it like well it's moving too fast now and i understand his point but i think he might be on an island to him i don't know about that you're hearing a lot of people who think the game might be moving too fast those are the ones who go to the game those are the ones who go to the game those are the ones who are like wait a minute beer sales is being cut off now and they're hearing like it's going to be an extra inning which isn't all that great if people are hopping in a car you know because because the bottom of the eighth and the ninth inning may go so fast again i think the answer to all of this is get the pitch clock innings one through six and inning seven through nine just let it go but they want the television broadcast to be two and a half hours two hours and 40 max i would think if you asked anybody put them on sodium pentothal which by the way gets cut off after the seventh inning as well that you know you put them on that and ask him how long do you want a game to be i think they'd say two and a half hours i think you're right because that's how long like a an extra long movie is i mean like that's that's the that's how long an nba game is that's how long an nfl game is somewhere between two and a half and three hours you know nfl nfl 3 15 no college football is four nfl games are all over three hours well from one o'clock to sometimes 4 15 in the afternoon i get it four o'clock sometimes it can be faster conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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