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REShow: Jaxon Smith - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 20, 2023 4:10 pm

REShow: Jaxon Smith - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 20, 2023 4:10 pm

Rich reacts live to losing his blue Twitter verified checkmark, previews the Warriors vs Kings Game 3 in the wake of Draymond Green’s suspension, and reacts to Tom Brady being asked about coming out of retirement to play for the Miami Dolphins next season.

Ohio State WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba tells Rich why he wants the Dallas Cowboys to move up to select him in the NFL Draft, why CJ Stroud should be the top pick to the Carolina Panthers and engages in some friendly Michigan-OSU verbal sparring with out not-so-humble host.

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Amy Lawrence

It's Rich I say. Wow, yes it is.

Can't confirm. And there I am. I'm wearing, um, and then there's mauve. Am I wearing mauve today? Purple?

What do we call this? Lavender? Whatever it is.

Lavender? No, no, no. Whatever it is, it's becoming. It's becoming.

And I don't think that it's becoming. I know it. Did Suzy tell you this? No. Oh, okay. No, I don't, I don't need that.

Here's the thing. I will always, that's the blue check mark I need. Obviously. From Suze.

I don't need the other blue check mark. I still have it. Apparently. From Suzy or Twitter?

Um, from Twitter. Okay. I'm assuming I've got the other one. Still there, Rich. What?

The Suzy check mark? Oh, wait. Yours is gone. Are you serious? It just disappeared.

Are you serious? It's gone. Hold on a minute. Let me see here. Yours is toast. Really?

On live television. Yours is out. Oh, perfect timing. Because you literally had it. No, you still have it. He's gone, man.

On mine. It's gone. He has it on mine. It's gone. It literally just disappeared in front of me. I still have it.

I don't know, man. It's gone on yours? It's gone on mine. I had it. Yours is out. Oh my gosh.

From the show tank. On live Rich Eisen show air. I lost my check. When I go on mine. Because half an hour ago you had it because I looked at your page for something. It's on my phone. I have it on my phone. Let's see.

Hold on a minute. Let's see if it's on the old desktop. Going on desktop. We're going on desktop. Everybody.

Everybody just relax. We're going on desktop. Now it's back. Yours was gone on. Mine just disappeared too. Yours was there. Then it was gone.

Now it's back. I got it here. I got it here. I see it here. Everybody go back to your homes. There's nothing to see here. I don't know.

Yours is gone for me. Okay. We'll have to see. They're playing with your emotions right now.

All I know is this. I ain't leaving. I'm not leaving. The blue check mark may leave. But I don't need it. I don't need it. So stupid. By the way, if I do in fact lose the blue check mark, I have already hatched a caper, hatched a plan, so everybody knows it's me.

As if the 1.3 million followers that I have built up over time. Flex. Because no, I'm not flexing. No, no. Hold on a second.

I'm not flexing. I'm just telling truth that I've built this up over time, providing content on this site over and over and over again. And I do use it as well for information gathering of my own part, because it is incredibly fast and it is diverse to actually get all of the information in. So I've used it, but I've also placed content on it over and over and over again. And the blue check mark that I got years and years and years ago and the blue check marks that are out there. And this is the truth.

This is the flat out months. And I know this might come across as something else, but why else would somebody want a blue check mark unless there are tons of content providers who have created the status for it? He wants to charge eight bucks a month for it. That's you and you want to pay it. That's on you. But if I've lost it, have I lost it? Have I lost it? No, it's back now.

Hey, you know what? I feel better about myself because that's all I've wanted is a blue check mark. On my desktop.

This is the Rich Eisen show. That's another way, but I've created, I've created, I've created. On my desktop, it's gone. Okay, fine. I have created a way for people to know that it's my account. As if, again, the large number of followers that I have doesn't automatically let you know it's me.

Well, even more than that, there's a mug with your name on it. Well, no, I know that. But if you're seeing, like, somebody can absolutely put like, what, like an L instead of an I at Rich Elson and it looks like me and it's the same avatar that I have and anybody wants to actually spend their time doing stupid garbage like that to try and make people think that they're really me? I, I wished people would have better things to do in their lives than that.

A lot of people want to be you. Get out of here. You know what? Let's talk about more, let's talk about more important things like, uh, a Draymond Green stomping on people.

Stomp? He's out tonight. Who are the officials for this evening, Chris? Because they have been lobbied.

They have been lobbied significantly. I mean, Prescott, even Kavon Looney says Sabonis is not playing any different down low than one would think. But you're hearing, according to Zach Lowe on his podcast, that the Warriors are letting everyone know that, that, um, that Sabonis is, um, using the ball as a weapon. Don't use the ball as a weapon. Whose song was that?

Stop using the ball as a weapon. Was it Van Halen? Okay.

Tonight's officials, tonight's officials in San Francisco, Rich, Eric Lewis, Kevin Scott, and Sean Corbin. And Rich, I wanted to ask you about that. Oh yeah, that was Pat Benatar wrote that song.

Thank you. Stop using the ball as a weapon. I wanted to ask you about it. I mean, it was really odd when she sang that, that, that lyric.

But, uh, what, what do you want to ask me? Well, what you just said about Looney, right? Looney saying that Sabonis, he doesn't see anything wrong with the way he plays, but then the Warriors is a team putting out, well, he's using the ball as a weapon.

Doesn't that undermine them? The guy who actually has to play against him? This is no, this is, this is typical Phil Jackson, Pat Riley stuff. Spend the entire period in between your games talking about the officiating or complaining about it or passive aggressively talking about it or calling the league about it. And watch Sabonis pick up two quick ones tonight. And that's all you got to do. If that happens, Sabonis picks up two quick ones tonight.

That's all you need. Place is going to go nuts every single time that Sabonis doesn't have a foul called on him. And it looks like he's being extra physical. They're going to go crazy. And the officials will hear that. And if they get one extra whistle tonight and one extra foul on him and it puts his ass on the bench, mission accomplished, mission accomplished, and it's going to be a wild affair tonight.

Wild. And I would be, I would be, if the Kings win this one, that would be the cherry on top. But this is going to be the toughest Kings road game in a long time.

And they had one of the best road records of any team this year. But this one tonight where they're coming to the world champs house and the fans will be frothy from jump. And any time Sabonis touches the ball, people are going to go nuts. And if there's no foul called, when it looks like he's extra physical, they will go even nuttier. And all Curry's got to do is just make his threes. And this thing will be a wrap with all due respect to the Kings and lighten the beam.

Tell me I'm wrong about that. Big word that if. So my eyes will be peeled because those officials have been significantly lobbied and the Warriors did what they had to do, which is to say Draymond crossed a line and we've spoken to him. He spoke to the team yesterday. I mean, how many times he's spoken to the team this year, it seems.

And that's now two that we know of. And so, and they didn't say what he talked about. They've moved on. Looney is saying he's not playing any differently than, you know, this is what happens underneath the basket.

That's just, this is what they're saying publicly, but I am sure they are lobbying like crazy. And also they were talking like Draymond said a couple of times he had his ankle grabbed. They just happened to be in consecutive games on the road in the first round of this basketball series that is really lighting up the playoff community. So. Keep an eye on all of that. Turzo and I or you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up Turzo? Hey, what's up guys? I've been really enjoying the show today.

You got a great lineup. Been a lot of fun. I've literally watched you guys as blue check marks disappear as well, too. Ryan Leese is gone.

So I was kind of, it's kind of ridiculous how this is going down. But as a guy who's never had a blue check mark, I don't really, I'm not missing out, I guess. Yeah, it's gone. My blue check mark is gone and I could give a rat's ass, Turzo. And I don't blame you.

Honestly, I could give a rat's ass because I didn't ask for it. It came and go for it. What else you got, Turzo?

What do you got on your mind? Well, I've gone 11 and three pick and playoff games so far. Oh, okay. Four games on Saturday, four games on Sunday, three Tuesday, three yesterday.

The funny part of it, Rich, is I'm one and three in those bets. Okay. Fantastic. I'm missing my parlays by one each time and it's kind of, I hit the four on Saturday and then I've gone O for three in the past games.

If I played them outright, I'd be doing well, but haven't been doing that. Okay. Well, Turzo, in this conversation, I just changed my Twitter header to reflect what just happened. So I appreciate that one of my favorite callers to this show was here to confirm to me that I lost my blue check mark. Well, Turzo's our unofficial show lawyer, so he can verify that. Thank you. You can verify that.

Can you help me? Is there a legal case that I have here, Turzo? I think the unfortunate part is I think we're running into a little too much money on the other side. And I think as Florio might say, they might tie us up in litigation until we have to tie it back. All right, Turzo, I thought the number of times that you and I have conversed the words pro and bono would be together, but I understand you've got lights and bills to pay.

I've got lights to keep on. No, I think it would be pro bono for you, right? No, that's all right. That's okay.

We'd be going after their money and I'd be making them pay the attorney fees, not to be my man. I am just so happy that I lost my blue check mark while I'm on the air to confirm. This is great.

Thank you for the call. You really did change your banner. I did. I did.

Mine literally keeps flicking in and out right now. No, I did. I did, because I actually tweeted last night specifically the tweet that I said, I don't need a blue check mark to confirm whatever. I don't need a blue check mark to as a status or whatever the hell I tweeted, but I specifically actually hit two lines to lower the copy so I could take a screen grab of my blue check mark next to my name and my avatar that is now my header. So now everybody can see that I have a blue check mark at the very top that I'm now confirming for myself that that's me. And the way that my avatar is behind the actual circle is the only way it can be seen. Like you go ahead and you want to take a screen grab of that. You'll have to screen grab it and match it up.

It'll be very difficult, but that's my blue check mark. I took a photograph of it and it's me so I can confirm it. And I don't care that I had a photograph of me in Michigan. I honestly, I just truly do not care. I will not give that man eight dollars a month. The guy's the richest man on the planet who clearly, clearly is looking for revenue to try and bail out a deal that he is absolutely bungled and he ain't getting 80 bucks from me or what would that be eight to eight dollars a month for the whole year? It's a month? Isn't it eight dollars a month? It's eight bucks.

I thought it was like a one-time payment. No, I'm not giving him 96 dollars a year just for a blue check mark so I can edit or whatever the heck it is. And if it's something that I end up not being on there anymore because he wants to shadow ban me or whatever the hell it is, I honestly don't care. And I'm so happy that it happened right here on this show because this platform is the way you can reach me. You can call me anytime.

We can have any conversation you want and it is absolutely me sitting here, okay? I love it. This is fantastic that I lost my blue check mark on live radio and television so I can let everybody know I'm not paying that man a dime. I think what he has done to the site is an absolute disaster. He is turning the thing even to a worse hellscape. He makes no sense with his stances.

None. He's like a child by removing the W from the word Twitter on his sign up in Northern California. I met him years ago. Remember, were you with me that night? Yeah. And I went up to him and I thanked him for everything that he's done in the world and in the business and what he's done, you know, and I've done a complete 180 on the man. So I'm not going to go ahead and but I'll stay on the site because it is worthwhile to me to do that as far as I'm concerned unless he's going to start removing abilities to actually conduct my business on it and clearly he doesn't care if there's anybody out there who wants to imitate me.

So if you want to do that, get something better to do with your life. That's number one. And number two, just go to my Twitter account and you'll see I got my blue check mark.

I took a photograph of it last night. It's now my heading and somebody might imitate that, too. But there it is.

That's that's my Twitter account. Rich, I think you need to cleanse yourself and your feelings right now by going to Halle Berry's Twitter and just look at her latest video. OK. Yeah. What has she done?

Oh, I think you need to check it out. She had something that you could do with the goat was in agreement with you of not paying eight bucks. And she put a nice little video of her walking out to a I saw that she did that last night.

She did that last night. It's OK. Look, man. Go. Yes.

I don't know if people even care about it anymore. Whatever. Let's move on. So here's a good one.

This is. As you know, I came back from the combine and I actually started. Sharing, sharing, yeah, yeah. And I did something that I don't normally do, which is a rumor monger, and I wanted to give you an idea of what it's like to be at the combine and hear from people, because the combine is filled with. Innuendo and talk and chatter, none stop the chattiest of the cathiest of all of the NFL events, which you told us on the way there. I told you that on the way there, and I'm like, you know what? I heard things over and over and over again at the combine, and I came back and I gave you a top five things that I heard at the combine. And, you know.

It it might have. Turned ahead or two, it certainly did when it came to number one, by the way, number three on the list was things between the Ravens and Lamar are not going well. Number two was the Packers sure hope that Rogers tells them he doesn't want to come back.

How did those two age pretty well? OK, and then number one I heard from multiple people was keep an eye on Tom Brady. That he may not be done. And it killed me to do this, because I love Tom Brady with every fiber of my being and everything that he stands for. And the last thing I wanted to do was make his life difficult. He even responded on Twitter, and I felt to myself like, Oh God, he must be sitting there going really rich did this. But I was told just the fact that he loves keeping his options open.

That is what he does for. Ever is keeps his options open, and there's a reason why I didn't sign a one dayer with the Bucks. That might have helped him with their cap, and there's a reason why he didn't sign a one dayer over his final contract with with New England. Either. He wants to be a free agent just in case and the just in case, certainly at the time, and we put pieces together yesterday cause Tua came out and said in his media availability just yesterday.

My last full day with a blue checkmark. He came out and he said that he talked about potentially retiring with his family. And decided against it, which is great. But keep an eye on Brady and Miami. We all know Miami seven nights from now does not have a draft choice.

They what's the word for it? Christopher forfeited forfeited it. Because they tampered with Brady back in the day. There's been a connection between him and the Dolphins, and plus he lives in South Florida. That's his main base of operations, and if somehow someway there's what I was told if Tua somehow can't answer the Bell.

Cause how many times it was rung. Brady is the ultimate in case of emergency break glass quarterback of all time. This is what I was told.

This is what I was told. And since then, Brady has done nothing to feed into that whatsoever. Whatsoever. All he's done is post videos on his Instagram and his stories and everything else of his beautiful children, his vacation, recreating what looks like a Top Gun Maverick beach volleyball scene, playing football out there.

He's what, videos of his cat. I mean, none of this is whatsoever giving you an indication he would play football again. None of it. Well then, today at something called the eMERGE Americas 2023 Conference. I have it right here.

eMERGE Americas is a venture backed platform focused on transforming Miami into a global tech hub. Brady was the keynote speaker there. And guess what? Was asked directly, would you come out of retirement to quarterback the Miami Dolphins?

I mean, could not be more right into the heart of the question with that question. Rolling. Spending a lot of time in Miami. Now you call it home. By chance, is there any chance that you're coming out of retirement and playing for the Fins? Oh, man. I know. I will say, now that I'm not affiliated with any team anymore, and even though I have strong ties with a couple of teams, I do have some friends on the Dolphins that I really like. So I wouldn't say necessarily root for them all the time, but I root for my friends that do well and several of them play for Miami. So yeah.

Interesting. Yes, that's not no. It wasn't a no. The question wasn't, do you root for Miami? Oh, baby.

Look, two is awesome when healthy. The Dolphins are awesome and set up. I love the coach.

I love everything that they've done. And I hope Tom enjoys living his life the way he's living. But that right there is only going to, is exactly why I was told what I was told at the combine. Exactly. This thing can be totally put to bed for the rest of the year, may never happen.

But this is exactly why I heard the chatter. God bless him. God just can't, he just, he just can't say, he's not going to sit there and say no if he doesn't mean it.

Right. He's not going to lie to us. So, you know, he says he's retired. He's not going to stand to that it's a lie if he believes it.

I'm retired, what are you saying? For good this time? It's not a lie if you believe it. I mean, he flat out gave you an answer. I would be shocked if he played this year. But, you know, this is the Michael Jordan 99.9.

It's the 0.1% chance that he's leaving the door open. But I would be shocked. He's back. Shocked. Yeah. Right. I'd be shocked. Of course.

So would I. 100%. But if Tua can't, gets hurt, whatever, then the season's going down the tubes.

He has friends on the team who he's rooting for. And now I think it is, it is something we got to consider here. This. That this, this drop, we pop it out of mothballs.

I plead the fifth. It's time for a TV 12 heat check. I think the heat check's back.

That's such a great... I forgot all about that. It's been two years. That thing's been, that thing's been in the, in the vault, like the, uh, the Lost Ark.

I didn't even know he had it. We put it away. We put it away, you know, in that big, huge warehouse. We forgot where it was. Yeah. We wheeled it out.

We wheeled it and then we just took it out and we'll dust it off. So are we giving a number right now? Oh, I think it's still at zero. I mean, Tua came out yesterday and said... Ah, but Tua said he was thinking about retirement. He did say that, but he also said that I got a son and Brady knows exactly about wanting to play so your kids can remember what dad was doing. I mean, he knows that. It's still zero.

But it ain't less than zero, right? Like Bonnie Raitt. We're not Jamie Gertson.

Like Bonnie Raitt gives us something to talk about. I just said Jamie Gertson. You did.

I used her as a verb. But Mike White is there. So if Tua can't go, it's Mike White. Good one. Right there. This guy. This guy. He ain't no Bailey Zappi. That's correct.

I'd rather have Zappi than White. Now it's just a food fight. All right. Let's take a break here. Let's take a break here. Jackson, Smith and Jenba will join us when we come back right here on The Rich. Of course they will. Maybe you should just, you know.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Jackson Smith and Jigba is about to join us on this program in about a minute or so uh that's when we're expecting to see his phone call and we had Joel Klatt on earlier and he said Joel Klatt said that he's the best receiver in this draft and I don't I haven't seen another mock draft where that's refuted right? He's the first receiver taken in every single draft.

The question is how high will he go? The place I'm seeing him the most uh in um in uh mock drafts is 11 to Tennessee unless they take a quarterback. Could the Bears grab him?

Nine? They need him. Although DJ is uh saying the Bears may trade down again. Oh yeah I saw that. You know if they're you know wouldn't that be amazing that a lot of folks are wondering if Justin Fields would get traded so the Bears can choose a quarterback in this year's draft and they may get just a poop ton of draft capital from teams that are taking quarterbacks in this year's draft and they've passed on? Could you imagine they make hay on everybody else who wanted somebody in this draft class instead of flipping Justin Fields to choose someone in this draft class? Wouldn't that be something?

Yeah. If they trade down twice and they get DJ Moore as they in in that trade that'll be amazing because I would imagine they'd flip down out of nine if somebody like Levis, Richardson or Hendon Hooker's there and it gets hot it gets heated. Someone wants to come up. Right someone wants to come up.

You know if somebody wants to come up from say 14 uh because they loved Will Levis's visit. This is getting good Rich. New England's 14. This is getting good.

Peter Schrager has him 15 to the Packers. Is that right? Who? Levis? Jackson. Oh. Oh wow.

Okay. He has Levis 12 in some trades maneuvering to the Houston. Because I mean if the Packers choose a quarterback 15th overall wouldn't that be something? But if they choose a first round wide receiver just as Aaron Rodgers is leaving the door leaving the leaving the stadium. Crazy. That'll be something wouldn't it? It'd be hilarious. You say hilarious. Hilarious. Hilarious. Crock myself up. Broccoli.

I love four syllable words. Washington it's 16. Pittsburgh it's 17. I mean if quarterbacks are available and Pittsburgh doesn't want one doesn't need one do they trade out too?

You know that's a fascinating subject matter as well. Atlanta at eight. Atlanta has had every quarterback in it seems right? CJ Stroud was just there. Yep. They're gonna do something. But they didn't want to go to Lamar.

Interesting. They talked about it as Arthur Smith said but they weren't going to go to Lamar. Oh quarterback on a rookie deal is one tenth the price. Which is again you know anybody who's out there saying that the Vikings can flip you know um cousins for Trey Lance just like Trey Lance is a guy who their Niners are having there just in case Purdy's arm isn't ready and and Arnold might get hurt or what have you but so instead of you flipping Lance for somebody like Kirk Cousins Cousins is making a gajillion dollars the reason why you keep Purdy is he's a quarterback that's shown that he can do it in your in your system with your current team to take you where you want to go when he's healthy. He's on a seventh round rookie deal. They're not that's another reason why they love Purdy so much there.

Another reason. And that's maybe why he's got a leg up over Lance too. Trey Lance is one year away from them having to make a decision on on picking up his fifth year option. Purdy just showed you what he can do. He's on a seventh round rookie deal.

Two more years of minimum minimum minimum. So he comes back healthy. Of course he's going to start 1,000 percent if he's healthy and he can do it.

Maybe that's why they flipped Lance later on in the in in the summer. That's why I was talking about all those other possible deals yesterday on my top five list of teams that should be calling for Trey Lance. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen show as promised uh Joel Klatt called him the best receiver in the draft and I don't think there's any reason to say otherwise so I'll call him that.

The best receiving prospect in the draft courtesy of Joe Malone London is Jackson Smith and Jigba of The Ohio State University. How are you doing sir? I'm doing good. How are you doing? You bet. Thank you for thank you for calling into the show.

Where have I found you? You want to put them back on hold there? We finally got them on the phone and you know the phone's not working.

There we go. We're having a bad connection with Jackson Smith and Jigba here on our program. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on our show.

Another aspect of the draft that a lot of folks are talking about is what the Houston Texans are going to do second overall because again that's one of the things we we had a great conversation with Joel Klatt about is that if they if they have a an issue with a quarterback and they take a position player and let the quarterbacks drop the whole rest of the draft will go totally haywire. Let's try we're going to do one more time right here. Jackson you there? Yeah I'm here. Oh I yeah it's it's terrible. I'm sorry to say that Jackson do you want to just maybe call back and hang up and call again or any landline would be would be welcome but you know just hop back on there. I'm trying trying my best here.

Jackson had 35 touchdowns his senior year of high school. That is unbelievable. Yeah it sure is. Let's go to Vanessa and Santa Rosa California in the meantime. What's up Vanessa? How are you doing? Hey Rich you know I'm doing all right. I'm a long time listener especially of the podcast and shout out to all of you there.

Felly it's nice to see you. Del Bufo must be on his boat. Yeah I don't I don't know where. On the good ship USFL I think right?

Is that what he's doing? Okay. Awesome well so I'm a massive long time Oakland A's fan and recent news is well they've been terrible for some time but the ownership has gone ahead and purchased land in Las Vegas and have really put all of their chips into into Vegas you know and it's really disappointing for us A's fans here. Yes people can say we've been boycotting the product hasn't been good and they've raised the prices but I mean I'm just kind of at a loss at what they think is going to be a return on the investment of going to Vegas if this is the product that they're going to continue to put out. Hey it is it would be a very very sad day obviously Vanessa for the Oakland Athletics who had a tremendous run coming from Kansas City with Charles O. Finley despite his tight-fistedness to have one of the most incredible teams in the 70s and then you know the Yankees obviously took their best pitcher and their best hitter with all due respect to the rest of the pitchers.

Kat Fischena was one of my favorites of all time and then the team just kept on regenerating and regenerating and regenerating. The Bash brothers and Tony La Russa and obviously Ricky Henderson and then the Moneyball teams. It just seems that a couple of years ago even they had teams that performed better than what their payroll was out there but going to Vegas I guess you're gonna have to build something indoors. What are you gonna play? You're gonna play baseball, major league baseball in 105 degree temperatures? I mean is that what we're gonna do? And then of course it'll take a while for their current team to look different than the AAA team that's already playing there because that's what they look like. I honestly don't understand the economics of it but I feel for you quite frankly. I mean what team do I root for now guys?

That's what I want to know. Well you want the Red Sox? Is that what you're suggesting? We're America's team.

I don't know how about this one? Let's just really put it out there. Let's just put it out there. How about the Padres? A team that was supposedly to be in a similar financial situation with a stadium that was outdated and look at them now. And the Colorado Rockies owner is even saying that he doesn't agree with what San Diego is doing and the Padres got Fernando Tatis back today and let's see what they're selling out their stadium.

Spend money to make money. That's about it and I appreciate the call Vanessa. I mean how about that?

Try the Padres on for size. Let's take a break and we'll see if Jackson Smith and Jigba will make it and if not we'll just we'll just spend the last 12 minutes of this program in search of my blue check mark. In search of my blue check mark. That'll be next right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

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Afford anything and Brown Ambition wherever you listen. All right let's give this another world part of the courtesy of Joe Malone London and of course the Ohio State University. The top wide receiver available in this year's draft is what he absolutely is Jackson Smith and Jigba. Are you there Jackson?

Yeah I'm here. Literally crystal clear. Literally it's like I'm it's like I'm Stroud and you're in the slot. That's the way I feel right now. Right. That's the way I feel. Yes sir.

How you doing? Thanks for having me on. Come on now Jackson. You're really good at the football and you're going to have your first you're going to be you're going to be one of the first guys whose names is mentioned on one week from tonight. What's that going to mean to you when you hear your name called Jackson? Man it's a dream come true you know just been thinking about this moment for a long time now and put a lot of work in since I was you know very young. So you know I don't I don't know the emotions I'm going to have but I know I'll definitely be excited to you know get to the big leagues and you know and show my skill set. Well who who have you modeled your game after I guess who did you grow up emulating Jackson?

I love you know I love a lot of people's games and you know a lot of I don't I try to I try to stay one-on-one I am who I am I think I bring you know something different to the table and but I do watch a lot of film watch a lot of guys like Stefan Diggs and Devante Adams of course Cooper Cupp you know the big time names just so watch what they do you know they're they're so great and you know if I could be on their level you know you know I'd be elite. So where where where have you visited give me some of the spots that you've you've top 30'd where have you gone Jackson? Yeah I said I went home to Dallas that was a cool visit just got back from Baltimore Minnesota there's been a I've been going around the world lately so yeah a lot of interest interest from teams so we'll see what happens. Now when you say go home to Dallas did you grow up a Cowboy fan is that what you were you back in the day?

Yeah yeah I was definitely a Cowboy fan you know if I was watching the NFL every Sunday definitely the Cowboys were on. Now did you tell them they'd have to trade up for you though did you do that you should have done that? You know I said what I had to say so. Oh yes so you told the Dallas Cowboys you better trade up because I'm not going to be there you know you did you really tell them that you never know you never know with this thing so I'm just blessed to be in this position and you know it would be cool to go back home and play for them but I'd be honored to play for any team you know just being in the league is is a dream come true and you know for my name to be called and mentioned to any team you know I would you know be happy with that. Okay why'd you go to Ohio State Jackson why'd you go there? I went to Ohio State to be developed to become the best the best I can be and and and to win a national championship you know unfortunately wasn't able to do that but you know those are my goals and to play with you know great players around me the Crystal, Avigarh, Wilson, CJ Stroud, Marvin Harrison Jr. I mean the list goes on so I mean just to play with those guys get developed by you know the best receiver coach coach Brian Hartline I mean you know why wouldn't I go there as a receiver? No I hear you um you know I'm just full disclosure you know where I went to school right Jackson do you know where I went to school?

I don't like to think about it where'd you go? Oh you can guess you can get or unless you're one of those who can't say the name you can't say the name because it's yeah I am one of those I am definitely one of those oh my gosh you and Garrett Wilson and the rest of them oh my goodness I love this show I love our talk so far I love our talk so far it's different great okay I appreciate that um but uh so uh give me pound the table for CJ Stroud here because all of a sudden there's conversation that Texans might pass on him at two if in fact the Panthers pass on him at one how much of a mistake do you think Houston would make if they if they did that Jackson? I mean I think Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson and all those guys are great players they're going to be great in the league yes you know but if I do have to pick one it is CJ Stroud sure I mean I think he's the best player in this draft and I think he's you know he's pro ready elite uh ready right now so um and I think he's proven that the things that he's done um you know thank I think it should definitely be considered a him being number one of pick of course which you know might be true might not you know we'll see um but Bryce time's also a great player Anthony Richardson and all those guys I mean we're gonna end up where we're supposed to end up and you know we'll make it work but Stroud's your guy um and I totally understand why I you know that that Rose Bowl against Utah was truly one of the greatest games I've ever seen a receiver have and that beautiful building as well right here in Southern California what was that like for you to dominate there Jackson?

Wow I mean I almost let out my body just being out there and how things are clicking you know it was a tough game Utah brought it to us yes you know we had to respond and that's the it's the best thing about football you know you just go through ups and downs throughout the game and just trying to control your emotions but I mean that game was it was crazy just to be out there in California, Pasadena and it was a dream come true and for us to get the win was even more important so and more relieving so I was just happy I got to contribute to it. Yeah and the irony that Utah helped Ohio State get into the playoffs this year do you see the irony right that is exactly exactly very ironic uh all right let's talk about uh Joel Malone London what are you doing with the fragrance brand Jackson? Oh yeah uh Joel Malone London um Rich I like working with brands that represent you know a little of who I am and what I'm about and um Joel Malone London does that you know for me and it's been awesome working with them and their team and sharing things we have in common like you know the way you carry yourself and whatever setting you're at or you know just paying attention to details and you know and that's what makes them them and I kind of represent that and that's what makes me me just paying attention to details and okay and um you know just trying to look your best and be your best. And you could find all their products at at um and at joemolone london stores and select retailers nationwide I'm told that you're looking to discover your signature scent what is that Jackson what's your signature scent what does that mean? My signature scent man I shouldn't be telling all my speakers but understood I mean the the cypress and grapevine right now man rich I'm telling you what is it um what is it the cypress and grapevine you gotta go get some I pair it with the sea salt I pair it with the the wood sage and sea salt okay pair those two together yeah I should be telling you this but I'm gonna tell you this I can share you want me to share I'll share yeah okay you can share I'm sorry to do this no no you might not like my you might not like my signature scent oh boy my signature if you want to mix them together I mixed together 40 burger in November that's what I mixed together is that wrong is that wrong I love it that's all right it's okay it's a strong scent it might be overpowering I understand it might not be for you I get it and I did this to Garrett last year I only do it to the top receivers in the draft that's what I do and the it is just talk smack while I can you know what I mean I understand I understand I understand I'll once I'll be back I'll have more to say come back on the show next time yes yes yes well Garrett you know Garrett wound up on the team that I root for which is the Jets and then he became the offensive rookie of the year so I hope you have a similar path wherever you do wind up um and um and and will you be in Kansas City Jackson yes sir I'll be in Kansas City okay very good my dome alone London okay when that's cypress and what is it sea salt and cypress and what is it again the wood sage and sea salt wood sage and the cypress grapevine okay wood sage sea salt and cypress grapevine I will I won't I'll know you're there sitting on the draft set just by just giving a whiff I'll just know that you'll be there excellent hey congrats on a great college career and good luck in the pros and I appreciate I'm glad we did connect thanks for hitting us yes sir thank you all right and I'm going to hold you to it you're going to come back once you're in the pros okay Garrett did it Olave did it now you got to do it okay please got you yes sir there we go that's Jackson Smith in jigba courtesy of Joe Malone London here on the Rich Eisen show what do you think of my scent guys I think it's I think your scent smells disrespectful to some but I mean personally I'm not I'm mixing 40 burger in November is a sweet smell of success pretty good did you think I was going there yeah I did not well I didn't think you'd say 40 burger that was pretty funny a little 40 burger is right on the wrist on the right here wait 40 40 burger goes here November goes here and then you just go a little dab behind no no no not there that's okay no no you want to smell good you know what I'm saying oh my god Chris of course he was going to go there I think I need a higher private security for Canton Ohio this this this summer I told you I got you two in a row two in a row one as we all know could be an outlier two is a flat out trend what happens if it gets to three what are you going to do with oh my goodness oh all I know is if we get to three Marvin Harrison Jr's pre-draft phone call is going to be as the kids say lit lit that guy's so good man I know I should be careful what I say but the aroma of 40 burger mixed with November is just it's I'm kind of drunk on it I don't know about you that's not like money what a show wrestling fans feel the podcast heat join hall of fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past click this with Kevin Nash I'm in the ring in my mind saying that's Hulk Hogan like Hogan's with us and insights on what's happening now straight business with Eric Bischoff we love breaking down the business of the wrestling business Ric Flair Mike Moley Jake the Snake Roberts good old Jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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