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REShow: Tyree Wilson - Hour 2

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April 19, 2023 3:42 pm

REShow: Tyree Wilson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 19, 2023 3:42 pm

Texas Tech DE Tyree Wilson and Rich discuss the possibility he could be the first defensive player selected in the NFL Draft and possibly as high as #2 by the Houston Texans, which current NFL edge rushers were his idols growing up, and how he plans to reward his mom after getting his first NFL paycheck.

Rich lists the top teams that should consider trading for 49ers QB Trey Lance including the Houston Texans, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens.

Rich reacts to Suns PG Chris Paul finally winning a playoff game that Scott Foster refereed after losing his previous 12 games under the watch of the controversial official.

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It's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Bucky Brooks just joined us on this program and boy just a lot of food for thought from my colleague from the NFL media group, one of the top scouts in his day, now one of the top analysts in sports media breaking down prospects getting ready for a draft and how a draft goes down. If you missed it there's our YouTube page there's our Rich Eisen show collection page which is our video on demand service courtesy of our relationship with Roku and the Roku channel which by the way is free on all Roku devices select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs.

We're free on the Roku app free at the We've got Matt Barnes bringing all the smoke to the studio in hour number three. Now when you say he's bringing all the smoke. Oh no never mind forget it. That's the name of his podcast DJ. I don't know what you're talking about.

It's just I was confused. He's bringing all the smoke and so uh he'll be here in studio uh an hour number three it'll be fantastic but we just hung up as I said with not on Bucky Brooks and Bucky said you know it's possible the Texans don't take a quarterback second overall and on top of it they might not even take Will Anderson they might take Tyree Wilson and I'm not just saying that because we're now bringing in Tyree Wilson on the Rich Eisen Show courtesy of our from the Combine to the draft segment sponsored by Noble. How are you Tyree Wilson? I'm great how are y'all? I'm doing fine. You hearing that that you might be on the Texans right on screen Tyree?

You know I've been seeing that here hearing her lately. Okay and how does that make you feel when you hear that? I mean D'Amico Rhimes has he had a lot of set that same friend you know a lot of great addresses and defensive linemen. I was just a great defense as a whole.

I'll be excited to you know play for him. And what was your meeting like with the Houston Texans Tyree? You know it was great.

I liked it a lot. Met a lot of great people. My second time you know meeting some of the people in the in the organization and you know I left left with good vibes. First time was at the combine? Senior bowl. Senior bowl okay and then the second time was a top 30 visit is that what it was?

Yes. Yeah all right and so they flew you in to Houston and you just can you walk me through what that was like that Texans visit? I mean they flew me in you know car service to the nice to the hotel. I went in there and introduced myself to the whole staff and you know I met with the D-line coach and you know everybody that I would interact with you know throughout my time there as a Texas and you know I finished the day off with you know D'Amico and we talked we talked about you know his success and what he sees you know sees me and you know that's it at that. Did you meet Cal McNair the man who runs the operation owns the team? Did you meet him? No I did not.

Okay you did not. Did they send a sedan or an SUV for you Tyree? Let's get to it. Tyree let's get let's be let's get to them important stuff. What'd they say?

Damn straight they did. You didn't even sit in the back of a sedan? No way right because I mean you now let's just be honest if you are sitting in the back of a sedan being chauffeured around can you open up both doors sitting in the middle of the back seat just by reaching to go grab them? I probably could. Right right you could just sit I mean I can't imagine the last time you sat middle seat anything but if you're sitting in the back you could grab the handles of both the right and left back doors correct because you're a wingspan. Yeah. Okay 86 inches is that your wingspan Tyree? Somewhere close to that. Okay because I'm seeing this at the combine you stood up at the podium and you spread your arms out for everybody to see. 86 yeah I'm just looking at you right now you could definitely do that in the car. So when it all comes down to it for somebody who played collegiately in Texas and if I'm not mistaken lived there for ever since you can remember what would it mean to be the first player on the defensive side of the ball drafted and taken by a team from the Lone Star State what would that mean to you Tyree?

I mean you know basically all I know is Texas so it would be great you know so to be a part of the start of some you know great that's going to happen at Texas you know play for a great organization and great coaches. So and again because I'm a professional I looked this up it's called Wikipedia to be very honest with you. You were born in Alaska is that true?

Yes always. Why what happened that you were born in Alaska? I don't mean to say that it sounds like I'm like something went wrong I apologize to everybody in the great 49th state of the United States but why were you born in Alaska? So my grandpa was in the Air Force my mom was born and raised there you know she met my dad and they had me and then you know grandpa retired and then we moved we moved back to where he was from which is close to Henderson, Texas. Okay so does that make you a Cowboys fan growing up? No I wouldn't say a Cowboys fan.

Okay. The family was a Cowboys you know love the Cowboys I was more of a Saints fan. Why were you a Saints fan? Just me being close to Louisiana and then they they were a successful team you know growing up I liked Drew Brees and Alan Kamar and a lot of people in that organization. Yeah I again Tyree this first time we're just meeting and talking I did detect a little bit of like over your deceased body would you be a Cowboys fan that kind of got that sort of vibe from you? You said what's your question? That you would never be a Cowboys fan on planet earth I got that sort of vibe like forget the Cowboys I kind of picked that up.

You know I never said that you know that's a great a great Texas team you know American team I was I would love you know love the place man. All right now that good answer good answer absolutely does that mean you visited with the Cowboys too Tyree? I visited with them at the combo when we had a formal interview. Ah were you on the bus did you get meet on the bus?

No I'm just on the bus. You just okay did you meet with the Joneses did you meet with them both? No no I did not meet with them. Okay so how many teams have you met with do you know the exact number?

No I do not. You do not because there were so many of them is what you're saying. Yes it was it was a lot of teams. Okay a lot of teams all right um so a couple more questions you for you uh Tyree Wilson who was your favorite player growing up? Favorite player growing up?

Yes sir. I like the I liked a lot of skill positions you know because when you're young you know you want to touch the touch the ball and yes then when I then when I started you know being true to myself you know I started playing in the end so I started you know watching Bob Miller and Miles Garrett and then you know uh JJ Ward. Okay have you ever met any of those guys?

Uh Miles Garrett uh you know Bob Miller came back to A&M when I when I was there. Okay all right and so did you get to pick their brains in any way shape or form when you got to meet them? No I mean I was I was kind of young you know I matured a lot since then.

Okay you have matured a lot. I wish I you know I'm looking forward to meeting them again and you know be able to pick the brain. Okay so pre-snap when you know you've got to come up with a stop or a sack what's going through your brain Tyree Wilson? Walk me through that process if you don't mind. Well first you know you through preparation you already know you already know what just uh the person in front of you is going to do so uh you got a good idea what they're going to do and you already got their mind made up like what moves what moves gonna get you to the quarterback and you already know you know what tendencies or what you know for formations they like to run and what you know runs they're going to do out of what personnel group and so you gotta you gotta understand it.

And then what post net? Then you go you go disrupt the play or you know set the edge and let people people rally around and you know make the plays inside or you know let the linebackers flow and make plays too. Go hunt essentially go hunt hunting for the quarterback hunting for the football do you say something to the quarterback after you've put him on the ground? No I don't think it's much to be said I think I'm pretty sure he he knows I'm on that side and he'll be he'll be scared you know.

So you're not a talker you're not a talker is what you're saying? No you know I do talk I do talk but it's more more to the offensive line you know you don't let it be like you don't let your quarterback get hit you know you're gonna you're gonna block for him or what. Is that what you say pre-snap?

Yeah. Okay anything else that you can you can you can describe for us or you just you just let the the tackle know that it's gonna be allowed? I just let the tackle know really. Understood okay very good and then what will a team get if they draft Tyree Wilson? Well what does the team get?

But they're getting a lot you know what good person in person first you know on and off the field somebody that's disruptive a dog you know somebody that's gonna work and you know try to try to better themselves every day you know a leader by asking and not just you know vocal you know and also gonna leave when times are you know times are hard and just you know somebody that you can count on and somebody that's dependable every day. Okay all right Tyree Wilson so where are you going to be draft night? Are you going to Kansas City? You're going to be there? I am going to Kansas City. All right who's going to be with you?

My family, my mom, stepdad, grandparents and siblings. So your your NFL dream gets realized you're going to have your loved ones around you? You said what? When your when your NFL dream is realized you will have your loved ones around you pretty much that's what you're saying? Yeah.

Okay. You know they made a lot of sacrifices me for me to be be in this position so yeah you know I have to add them around. Would you mind describing one of the sacrifices to me? What what are you willing to share with us? Playing playing sports and you know having other siblings my mom my mom had a you know running around and take care of them and also you know run me to practice and you know you know them missed up to them to take me to games all across the state of Texas. So how many siblings do you have? I got two sisters, one brother. Two sisters, one brother. So you're one of four and your mom was you know shuttling so many people around. What's it going to be like for you when you're drafted and your mom's standing right there?

Can you? I mean I've never been in a position before so I can't tell you but it's gonna be a lot of a lot of emotions you know to you know to show that you know all the all the hard work and all the hard work and uh dedication paid off and it's just the start of some you know a next step in my life uh with the you know next career you know which which is the NFL. And then when you get that contract what's the first thing you're gonna do with the uh with that newfound riches Tyree Wilson?

I mean really you know really I'm good you know my first year it's really it's really just taking care taking care of my mom you know just you know showing me that showing her that I appreciate her and for everything that she's done for me to help me help me get to this situation. What's her name so we'll know? Tiffany. Tiffany Wilson is going to... Tiffany Williams. Tiffany Williams will be with you and it'll be a wonderful night and uh you'll be able to take care of maybe something from Tiffany's something like that? Yeah yeah yeah. Well you know also uh I I should let you know the Lombardi trophies from Tiffany's as well you can get that too right Tyree?

You know what I'm saying? Take one of those too. Fantastic I'm very much looking forward to this night for you um congratulations in advance of your dream being realized you're about eight days away from that happening and I look forward to continuing uh you know watching you and with your career. I appreciate it.

You got it. Thank you for being here that's Tyree Wilson get to know him some NFL players trying to protect quarterbacks should get to know him very soon that's from the combine of the draft sponsored by Noble. Noble is the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine. Tyree Wilson. Everybody could use somebody like him to rush the quarterback.

Arizona as well. How about them apples? That's Matthew Stafford Tyree you want to meet him? That's Geno Smith you want to meet him? That's uh Sam Darnold or Brock Purdy and maybe not Trey Lance. Probably Sam Darnold to start the year. Sam Darnold uh Trey Lance is already gone huh? He's already gone? Yeah he's already gone. He's already gone? He's not. We liked him but he's gone.

No he's not. When we come back the top five teams that should be making phone calls for Trey Lance who we adore right here on this show 844-204-rich also the number to dial will take your phone calls when we come back. Men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm in securities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Noble is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses. Noble's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine. Head to slash nfl to see how Noble forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts. Stay tuned to the Rich Eisen Show and keep your eyes on our Twitter feed and YouTube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by Noble called From the Combine to the Draft. I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft. That's slash Rich Eisen Show and slash Rich Eisen Show.

From the Combine to the Draft sponsored by Noble. Jimmy in San Antonio is on the Rich Eisen Show phone line. What's up Jimmy? Como estas hermanos. Buenos sí. My god.

Everyone's good? Yeah Del Tufo got looked on phonics since your last phone call. Yeah.

Wow Del Tufo expanding horizons. It's like your boat. That's awesome. Oh my gosh. We'll get to that in a second. That's a good name of your boat. Yeah better than the one that he chose.

No it's not. Yeah what's on your what's on your mind Jimmy? First congratulations obviously. Another Emmy nod back to back. Well deserved. Thank you sir. Appreciate it. Quickly and y'all can talk about this after I hang up but this draft is looking reminiscent of the Micah Parsons draft and the Cowboys might get lucky and grab somebody very good in the late first round. Well you first.

Yes. Have I told you the story about the Dallas Cowboys bus and the late great coach Joe Abazano. Okay we're settled in Jimmy.

What do you got? He is a huge or was a huge country music fan and in the off season there's a big radio seminar in Nashville where all the artists get together and coach Joe I don't know how he got the bus so he probably just told Jerry can I take it and he would bring the bus up to Nashville and it was like a little green room for people that knew coach Joe so we partied on that bus many nights and been kicked off it by the end and coach Joe was still going and the Dallas Cowboys bus was rolling. I love it. Good good good good conversation. Good good conversation piece.

Thanks Jimmy greatly appreciate it. You know you got it. That story you just told about the Dallas Cowboys bus makes me you know I'll I'll get to this here now.

I've made a mental note of this. I've made a mental note of this at the combine because that bus is everywhere in Indianapolis. You know the Cowboys are in town. For those who don't know the Dallas Cowboys have a full-sized full-on coach bus. They have two of them? I believe there's two of them. Well they they have one at the combine.

He has two jets. And so and so you know where the Cowboys are at the combine and they draw I guess they draw I don't know where I've never really seen it move in Indianapolis. You know like I've never seen it like you know because I guess Stephen and Jerry Jones aren't Ubering. You know they're they're they're just going to hop on their bus and I guess take it for to the restaurant but you got to find this parking spot. It's always parked right outside their hotel and I guess en masse they'll all get in the bus and go to the airport.

I don't know what it's there for. Honestly it's there because it's the Dallas freaking Cowboys and they got a bus. Yeah Patriots. So I thought to myself at the time now we actually know who's in line to buy the Washington commanders and you knew whoever is going to buy the Washington commanders if they were going to be sold which is that that was the rumor at the the combine was one of the rumors I didn't tell you about because it wasn't as salacious as the other ones that I laid out here after coming back from the combine.

But if I was Josh Harris and Josh hey nice to meet you. If you want to really enter the rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys in style you get yourself your own bus and you start showing up to the combine in your Washington commanders bus and you make it larger than the Cowboys bus. Make it a double decker. Make it bigger and park it and put the big W on the side because guess what you plan on getting those every single time you take on the Cowboys. I'm just saying. Would that be a way to enter the scene in the NFL?

Now that's braggadociousness and I don't know this man's personality or the rest of that ownership group's personality and of course you know when you're walking into a club like the National Football League you kind of don't want to make that big of a splash you just want to stay quiet do your own business and let your field play do the talking. Part of me would just be like let's get a bus. I mean we'd still have some spare change after the sixth bill right? Or 6.05 bill that's done.

Don't forget the.05. Get the bus. Get yourself a bus. Get yourself a bus. Hey Dallas you're not the only team with a bus in the league and in the NFC East. Only 2.5 million rich. We're here. That's how much the bus is?

Yeah I'm looking right now. You got to customize it inside too. 2.5 will do that. We'll do it all. Yeah trick that out man. Yeah trick out the bus. Gotta trick out the bus. Tu is talking right now.

I don't know about you but he looks like money. Tu is saying he discussed the idea of retiring from football after this season with his family. Oh 90%. Decided to keep playing. There we go.

I don't know about you but that looked like money. All right so Tu is gonna we'll get that sound bite turned around. Because Chris Greer of the Dolphins the general manager says they hope that Tu is around for a long time. And he's good people so we'll hear from that. Oh hey there was news today that the 49ers are taking phone calls not making big difference on Trey Lance. Taking. And we we love Trey Lance and I think Niner fans do too.

I think they do. I think they're intrigued that they would just love to see the kid that they used all the draft capital team use all the draft capital on to go trade up and go get. They'd love to see if he does have the skill set to throw and to run and to take the Shanahan system and put it on overdrive. Because the Shanahan system as we all know we've heard it before the in in the last hour even.

That it's so rock solid you don't need somebody with an incredible talent skills and a huge ass ceiling in order to be successful as an organization. Just need somebody that runs it that doesn't go straight outside the system, doesn't go off the reservation, just run run the play because it's designed to hit somebody who is wide open. And you got McCaffrey now and all those other guys just just run it don't turn it over be a game manager and now you got somebody who can maybe run it like Kaepernick. Ran the system for the 49ers in their previous Super Bowl appearance to the one that they've earned only one time for Shanahan. So yeah it would be amazing to see the offense that Shanahan runs with somebody who can run it and not snap his freaking ankle running between the tackles or have it snapped. And so we had Trey on he was our first guest at the Super Bowl this year and he's fascinating to me and I think he's fascinated 49ers fans because they certainly reacted viscerally positively but in a visceral manner to this soundbite that that he delivered when I asked him about his future there because again don't forget the Niners had just lost to the Eagles in the NFC Championship game and Brock Purdy was the one who took him all the way to that point taking Garoppolo's stint as quarterback and putting it where they were heading to boom championship game quality. Because Lance got hurt in week two and Garoppolo took it over and showed once again what you can do with this talented roster and rock-solid system. So what about your future with Purdy there and Sam Donald had not yet been acquired obviously just being a couple days after the NFC Championship game loss to Philadelphia and this is what he said about getting the starter's job for 2023.

I wouldn't want it to be that way. Brock played way too well and Brock played at such a high level and handled himself the right way. I wouldn't want it to be a situation where I'm just handed something and I feel horrible obviously for Brock for his injury but for me I mean I truly believe everything happens for a reason whether it's his he's gonna be better for it mine I'm gonna be better for it and I'm excited to just get on the field and compete so that's all I want an opportunity to do.

So you believe your next few months is about competing for this job? Absolutely yeah I mean everyone saw what Brock doesn't just come in and play that well and I just get handed something out of the blue and I don't expect that or want that but I truly believe yeah I just want an opportunity to compete that's all I wanted going into this offseason. All right gamer that's why teams are maybe making phone calls and the Niners are taking it on Lance. Also somebody doesn't want anything handed to him right and he meant it you could say it was one of those right things you guys were right behind him right sounded genuine to you didn't it and again that's why Niners fans reacted to it like yeah compete got it we love what Purdy did but let's go let's see if you can take it. Now we're hearing that you know other teams want him and I would say to you you should do it and I've got a top five list right here my hands top five teams that should be making the phone call to the 49ers for Trey Lance. Mike may I have the music to put us all in the mood. Number five is the team that we heard in the last hour a lot of conversation about it we've been hearing in the last week that they may not take a quarterback second overall and maybe just maybe D'Amico Ryan's had a front row seat to watching Trey Lance deal with all this adversity deal with all of the watching and say we don't need somebody who we got to teach the system to the system we run is something that he's familiar with the Houston Texans should absolutely be calling to see if Trey Lance is is available because to me again they're the only team that you're going to hear on this list that would make this trade prior to the draft I would think it they you'd have to you'd have to pay a premium from the 49ers to do that because the Niners again why would they make this trade having seen last year every quarterback that was on their depth chart they needed so you're gonna they're gonna thin their they're gonna thin their ranks right now that's a tough one to to swallow that they're gonna thin their ranks right now and it's a tough one to swallow that a team would just say before the draft we'll make this trade now because everybody else needs to see would they get a quarterback in this draft and if not then they'll make this trade it could be a front-loaded conversation the Texans are one of the few or maybe the only one that would be like yeah the only way we wouldn't make this trade is if somehow Bryce Young drops to us and if not then maybe we make the phone call we'll use the second overall pick on a defender and then flip the 12th overall pick or something on a Friday night but the Texans should absolutely be making this phone call to see what's up if they're really interested in trading Trey Lance and the photograph we showed for our radio audience is Davis Mills because that's the guy right now number four on this list he's comfortable backing this guy up if that's the way it's going to go and I think that's the way it would go monetarily but he's also comfortable being put in the game because this guy gets hurt they get along very well in a quarterback room the Las Vegas Raiders might want to reunite Trey Lance with Jimmy Garoppolo what's up if we don't get the quarterback we want seventh overall we go through Thursday night don't get that you know Brian Hoyer's not getting any younger as the backup would Lance be psyched to be the backup you know Garoppolo at some point might get hurt they're they speak the same language maybe the Raiders are knocking on the 49ers door I would just just to see if you're thinking of trading them what what did it cost but we'd have to go through the first round of the draft or maybe even the second round of the draft before we make that trade third on this list is a team that is absolutely in the quarterback market in this year's draft and absolutely might not get the guy that they want 11th overall the Tennessee Titans should be knocking on the 49ers door and seeing if they can upgrade the position that Malik Willis is currently holding down behind Ryan Tannehill who everybody believes has numbered days in Tennessee could Trey Lance be that guy I would definitely if I'm the Tennessee Titans knock on that door again I would have to have the first round of the draft get out of the way if we didn't get the guy that we wanted Trey Lance is an absolutely outstanding option number two on this list now this team 100% we all know that you must how many people have you heard say that if you hail from the Shanahan tree and this coach does if you hail in any way shape or form have have a have a branch from the tree that's rooted in the Shanahan system you must pay I think Daniel Jeremiah say this you must pay fealty to Kirk Cousins you must and the team that currently fields Kirk Cousins the Minnesota Vikings should be knocking on the door of Kyle Shanahan and say you saw something in this guy we definitely should see something this guy and Kevin O'Connell comes from the Rams and McVeigh and the whole system back in the day in Washington when Shanahan was coaching Kirk Cousins maybe Trey Lance is that guy Minnesota where Trey Lance I believe Minnesota was the only was did he say when he came on the show as a pre-draft prospect Minnesota was another team that kind of reached out to him but didn't want to let him play quarterback I don't I don't recall that I just think Trey Lance in the Minnesota Vikings system and he's from the state of Minnesota born in Marshall Minnesota I just it just screams out to me but again the Vikings have to go through the first round of the draft if they don't come away with somebody in this year's draft and you know they're not going to be in the mix next year at the top five they're they're too good of a team to go get somebody at the top five in the quarterback position in next year's draft like Williams or or May they got to be knocking on the door and saying what about Lance and number one the team that absolutely should be knocking on the door for Trey Lance Trey Lance this would blow everybody's mind it's got to be the Baltimore Ravens go check it out go check it out because if Lamar's telling you get me Odell and get me DeAndre and you know you go get him Odell and he's still not coming in and the Jalen Hurts contract doesn't offer a template for you guys to work off of and he's still making it sound like he he he's not coming it doesn't matter until you hit a certain number that you might not be willing to hit and you go through the draft first round and there's no quarterback that's out there that you would be willing to take to try and send a message or even turn a page which it doesn't sound like they're at all thinking of doing but there's a reason why Anthony Richardson's taking a top 30 visit to Baltimore and if Trey Lance can be brought in I would definitely kick that tire I would absolutely be on the phone of the San Francisco 49ers and have Trey Lance as an insurance policy because once again the 49ers may hold on to Lance and I think that's what they're going to do I think last year Jimmy Garoppolo went from not needing a playbook and was the 19th stringer on their quarterback depth chart to sticking around and then two weeks into the season as the starter and the 49ers are going to be the season as the starter and the 49ers are definitely going to see how is Purdy's elbow going to look how is Sam Darnold going to make it through the preseason before they would even consider trading Trey Lance unless you hit a price that they can't refuse in terms of a trade offer if Lamar in the training camp season still isn't coming because he is holding out let's just say that happens don't you think you should call the 49ers right now to get a conversation going just in case because the 49ers taking these calls might be sitting there and saying we're not doing this call us in August if that happens but we still have no intention but this got out for a reason and I don't think it's to set up next week's draft for the 49ers to try and recoup what they gave up two drafts ago and that's my top five list of things it should be all right we'll get one more here's one more so if if if I just said Trey Lance would be outstanding as in in case of training camp emergency break glass option for a team that is currently waiting on their quarterback with Baltimore waiting if you will on Lamar if the Jets and the Packers have not made their trade laugh all you want if the sorry folks goes into the training camp period sorry folks okay and you okay and you want somebody that runs a system Salah comes from the Shannon system you know I've been hearing is that this is a done deal I I I'm that's why this is the one more okay this is not in the top five but you need to if you're Joe Douglas just just call him up and say hey if this thing is really gonna if the Packers are really gonna dig in if the Packers are really and really gonna dig in like like go through the spring go through the draft and spring and say we don't have to make a move till September 1 and we'll just hamstring your jets because then the leverage really swings back to us when training camp season opens sorry folks then Trey Lance hey how's Purdy feeling around early August oh he feels good he's gonna be your starter and Darnold's good he'll be your backup we'll take Trey Lance that alone might get Gudekun saying oh okay well we don't want to pay our guy 60 million we'll take whatever deals on the table again this is crazy town insurance and the Jets should be on the phone to the 49ers just to get in while the get-ins are apparently hot that's my list nice I mean do the Falcons kick the tires because if they're kicking the tires on Stroud and the rest of the quarterback group that they're willing to take in this year's draft top 10 potentially or just doing your due diligence would they do it I don't know I don't know but these may be the teams that are just making the calls because because they're either needing to set up the summer or if the draft doesn't go their way and Lance is available I don't think he's available how does that sound if you're the Niners and you just played joss johnson in crucial snaps in the NFC championship game because you ran out of quarterbacks and the last time you had somebody who was from your system that you thought was expendable or wasn't coming back and that guy wound up helping set up your Mr. Irrelevant's run the you never know situation this is a you never know situation you're going to flip the lance before the draft or just after the draft I don't know but that said that's my list what say you 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial big streak broke got snapped last night in the NBA playoffs huge streak we previewed it unfortunately so big huge streak got snapped we'll discuss that before matt barnes joins us in studio right here on the rich eisen show april is national financial podcast to help raise your financial IQ stacking benjamins with joe saucy hi bank rates 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from seattle to florida wow it's fucking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist paula pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista eliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen sometimes and i hope that's not the case for for uh for us on the show and certainly for me personally for the emmy awards uh sometimes the 14th time is a charm you know and uh we saw that last night 13 games in a row in the uh nba playoffs that uh chris paul stepped on a on a on an association postseason hardwood and saw scott floster as the uh the official on the court and um 13 straight times that uh that volatile brew was placed together by the uh the association and uh chris paul lost all 13 of those games in the room but last night scott foster showed up and chris paul and the sons won so where does your conspiracy theory go from here chris well uh also you know where do we go from i understand didn't look good early for chris paul and the sons so devon booker to the rescue because scott foster doesn't have a grudge against devon booker we scored 20 what 27 after halftime last veteran referees especially like scott foster are also known as the extenders oh they need this series to go seven games oh which wouldn't have it would not would never have happened without scott foster's help well if the clippers are up 2-0 like we had the stat yesterday 2-0 teams win 92 of the time 1-1 hey anybody's series now so so so too bad scott foster didn't show up in boston last night for atlanta i mean like where where honestly like where's the water's edge of this conspiracy stuff series well i trust me i was watching some nba tv last night that wasn't compelling i know because scott foster wasn't there to help make it compelling based on you absolutely not okay sun's clippers i don't understand the chance of the clippers going up 2-0 not good for business we need that series seven games so that's the westbrook verse kevin durant so stretch it out so it was a scott foster uh sensibility placed uh in cleveland last night as the uh the calves waxed the nicks to even the series cleveland man nobody cares oh didn't know that what does we need scott foster brown play there we need scott let me tell you something we need scott foster in atlanta because talk about a this is the least compelling series so far least like i said after game one that series is oh least compelling series it was they it's gone from it's gone from uh what was what was game one on uh espn abc game one was on espn espn went from espn to nba tv game three it's been announced is going to be on uh nhl tv and then and then and then game four game four game four will be preempted by dr pimple popper uh hey turner friends can we can we lay off the dr pimple popper promos during nba playoff games it was so disturbing it was so disturbing my small children were were were less frightened by the horror movie commercials like evil dead mom or whatever it was somebody's talking about mom's coming to kill you who likes those type of movies man i don't know but hey there's small kids watching can we lay off of the the the psycho horror movie moms yeah and the the monster cysts being popped in blurry vision but that's that would be more entertaining than the seltics and the hawks i mean you know that you know that's a close it's a close second there's a line in one of those like everyone in this room will be dead by dawn i'm like i don't want to watch that so again i don't i don't i don't get your scott foster conspiracies you extender extender or or so how many series did he not extend because he hated chris paul so much though i imagine if we actually started to to uh csi this if we started to just place it under the microscope i think your conspiracy theories fall flat yeah okay yeah hey rich i just popped that like a pimple popper rich if you believe that then you believe there was also one rogue referee so oh my goodness gracious but when the seltics play it's all on the up and up it's all your team boster helps the seltics oh is that right according to the stats so when the seltics play when the seltics play all of this stuff goes out the window or only if more fouls are called on the seltics just help me out i can't follow your line of thinking sometimes just can't follow the money rich so what happens tonight uh with the lakers in memphis don't they want that to go seven or or or no why did i tell you before they need the lakers to advance so so tonight sorry memphis wow the injury to john but don't you thought i thought you want i thought you said the warriors and the lakers are what the nba wants and it is so so sometimes you can't so sometimes the nature so dream on dream on being a moron that's how bad part of it that's how flagrant draymond's stomp yeah on dolmantus sabonis is what we can breadbasket that's how that's how flagrant it was that the nba looked around in their boardroom and said well i mean i know we want the warriors and the lakers right but we we have no option but to sit draymond yeah based on previous history unless they're now going to call and is scott foster going to go great question rich i don't know yet because if he's sent there then there he's there to extend right he's there to extend also you know warriors stink on the road so they were supposed to lose so are you saying stop i'm going to say this scott foster is the little blue pill of nba officials whoa is that what you're saying uh all i'm saying is ed maloy is reffing in denver tonight so look out what does that mean you can ask matt barnes oh my gosh brockman knows all these right all the best miami milwaukee is yanis uh what's his back oh yanis what do we got upgrade it to questionable okay upgrade the question all righty saw that and uh hero's done right he's out hero has broken fingers in his hands he's out four to six weeks four six that's it yeah so based on how long the playoffs are they can he can make it back for game seven of round two right they said he could bring possibly back for the finals finals of what of round two of the season if that goes i mean if it goes i mean honestly for this for this league that's so demanding to go back to back as much as it does playoffs hit let's go saturday wednesday uh saturday wednesday saturday so anybody up for that or sunday wednesday saturday we'll play one game we'll play one game during everyone else's work week that's it that's all you gotta do i find it by the way but by the way the suns and the clippers are every other day and paul george is like where where's that three days off in between two games you literally took the words out of my mouth i'm gonna say they're the only teams that don't have three days off each game is two days off how good is kawhi by the way come on i've been trying to i mean how good is that guy by the way it's frustrating because i've been trying to tell you all year the clippers try to steal him two three minutes of rest top of the fourth quarter last night and it blew up in their faces yeah yeah they took him off the court it was a tight game it was this like two positions it was a five points it was five points going to the fourth quarter and i turned the coupe we're watching the game together i turned the coupe i'm like they're going to try and steal two to three minutes here if it's five points or less cherry on top if it's seven points they'll talk they'll they'll sign for it it became 11. boom timeout kawhi back on the floor and then they were playing catch up the rest of the game what they got as close as six or maybe five it's like i said my mother's playing like that like the top five in the nba i don't care what anybody says when you look at the entire bag the entire skill set when you only play half the games you're nice okay did you see did you see him chris paul like bashed shoulders and just kept walking they didn't look at each other weird i don't know it's playoff basketball or i don't know i'm surprised chris paul didn't flop after that uh i just actually been told in my ear scott foster told him to do that this guy this guy this guy wrestling fans feel the podcast heat join hall of fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past click this with kevin nash i'm in the ring in my mind saying that's hulk hogan like hogan's with us and insights on what's happening now strictly business with eric bischoff we love breaking down the business of the wrestling business claire mike moly jake snake roberts good old jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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