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REShow: Tom Pelphrey - Hour 3

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April 18, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Tom Pelphrey - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 18, 2023 3:21 pm

Rich and the guys speculate on which QB, Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s CJ Stroud, the Carolina Panthers will choose #1 overall in the NFL Draft.

Actor Tom Pelphrey joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new HBO Max limited series ‘Love & Death’ with Elizabeth Olsen & Jesse Plemons, his deep New Jersey roots despite not having a New Jersey accent, why he, a die-hard New York Giants fan, loves the big contact Daniel Jones landed, and reveals how engrossed he became while filming a scene in ‘Ozark’ that he literally left a big impact on the set.

Rich reacts to Buffalo Bills DB Damar Hamlin announcing he will attempt and NFL comeback after being medially cleared following the cardiac arrest he suffered during a game against the Bengals on national TV last season.

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It's Rich Eisen. Well, welcome to this third hour of The Rich Eisen Show. If you missed last hour, you missed Keith Hernandez in studio all hour. The entire 60 minutes was with Keith just hitting memory lane buttons and talking baseball.

That was awesome. With one of the champion New York, last champion New York Metropolitan. Greatest baseball team of all time.

I've said that 100 times. There was a 125 and 50 Yankee team, but other than that. 2018 Red Sox. They were good. They were good too.

They were all right. But I mean Keith telling the story of his perspective of game six. I did not know that.

I don't think Perlman had that. He was the second out of that inning. Went to the dugout. Didn't know what he was celebrating. Hitting a fly out was the putting them to their last out and he said he didn't want to see the Red Sox celebrate on their field so he went into the clubhouse and watched it from there and certainly didn't move as any baseball player will be superstitious.

He wasn't moving after they started getting some hits. So just great. If you missed it, don't worry. This show rears right here on the Roku channel as soon as we're done. Channel 210. There's also our video on demand service.

Part of our Roku relationship. The Rich Eisen Show collection. You can catch the videos of it there. And also there's our podcast where all podcasts can be acquired through the Cumulus Podcast Network. There's also our YouTube page where we'll chop up that video and send it your way at some point over the next 24 hours.

So check it all out. Hit us with a subscribe button right there on both our podcast and our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show. So the actor Tom Pelphrey whose work I truly enjoyed in Ozark. He's now in another terrific television show on HBO Max Love and Death with Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons, Kristen Ritter.

He's going to be joining us in about 18 minutes time. So one studio guest out, another one in. This latest one hasn't won a world series. That's all.

But he was nominated for an Emmy. There you go. Sort of like us. So we're thrilled basically. Mike Flory was on in hour number one. He told us the latest. He thinks Jalen Carter is going to go top five in the draft.

Which means mission accomplished for Drew Rosenhaus right? Everybody's saying he's dropping out of the top ten. He's like guess what? We're only visiting top ten teams and he thinks it's going to be top five.

He thinks Seattle at five. He mentioned the betting markets being a terrific guide for it and that's when you sat up in your chair Chris. You gave me a look. Well look Rich I've been trying to tell you this for a long time. But it's not that I don't disagree with you. I just have to act like I don't know what you're talking about. But you don't have to anymore. That's a choice that you're making. That's not true. But I understand. That's not true.

You're not the one sitting through the three hour HR videos that I have to sit through. Oh I forgot about. Pardon me. Hold on let me rephrase that. You're not the one willingly conducting the important viewing of human resources information placed in front of NFL employees. I'm blinded by the three gambling sponsors of game day morning. Okay.

They don't exist. I don't know what you're talking about. So lots of news popping in the National Football League. Yeah. Well we had a great chat with Keith so obviously we didn't want to interrupt any of that. But we got a big trade brewing here in the National Football League.

What have you got over there Chris? Well. Do you want a breaking news drop? Yeah absolutely.

I mean I don't know if Mike can handle such a thing. It's 40 minutes old but it's okay. Okay. No that's all right.

It's still breaking news as far as we're concerned right here. Don't worry about it. You could hit just hit the toilets drop too if you'd like. Toilets? No it's okay. What do you got over there Chris? What are you doing?

The Steelers Rich are acquiring Allen Robinson from the Los Angeles Rams. Ah. Okay. All right.

Doesn't blow you over? Um. Allen Robinson hasn't bowled me over for quite some time.

Yeah. And um you know Chicago and Los Angeles didn't go very well for him. It's been a while. It's been a hot minute for him. I mean he did have I believe what one significant year for the Bears? Yeah he had a really good year.

29 years old now. Let's see. Hey man Allen Robinson and George Pickens are two very physical receivers. I know Deontay Johnson. Fryer move. But Robinson and Pickens you're gonna have to you're gonna have to bring your big boy pants to try and those are physical receivers you're gonna have to deal with right there.

So can he pick it? He's got another receiver. What did they trade? What did they have to give up for that? Actual draft capital? Actual draft capital I assume.

Okay. Just been acquired. Quick scan. Sixth round pick. Sixth round pick. Seventh round pick.

The Rams will take whatever draft choices are coughed up. What else is happening over there Chris? DeMar Hamlin spoke.

Ah fantastic. He said we don't have the sound. I'll just try to say some quotes for you guys. Not the end of my story. I plan on making a comeback. Says he does plan on playing. Says he suffered komodo cordis on January 2nd.

A rare cause of cardiac arrest that starts with a blow to the chest in the precise spot at just the wrong time in a heartbeat. Says quote I died I died on national tv in front of the whole world. That's true.

And he plans to save a generation. I think about that all the time and I'm hoping everybody who has children playing in youth sports make sure that there is life-saving equipment at your little league, your high school, wherever. Everywhere. There is because you never know. Thank goodness there was that there for for DeMar Hamlin.

This is a good one. Scott Fitterer of the Carolina Panthers spoke. Now this is when you hold the first overall pick in the draft and the whole free world is is thinking that you're going to choose one guy over the other. It went from as soon as they traded for the pick it's got to be for CJ Stroud. He's the type of guy that fits height, weight. The Frank Reich mold right and they they dapped him up real good.

I just said those words. At his pro day right when they went around when Tepper Palooza, Air Tepper was flying all over the country from Columbus to Tuscaloosa to Lexington to Gainesville all over the place kicking tires, kicking tires, dapping up. Everybody thought it's got to be CJ Stroud. Now here we are two weeks before the draft last week. Now nine days before the draft and it's Bryce Young. Everybody thinking that. Oh yeah. There's no chance on this green earth he's going to let anyone know between nine days out who they're going to choose.

And they're kind of crazy because it's not like somebody else is going to steal him. He's first up. Can't get the zero. You know what I mean? Like basically and there's no like back in the day negotiations. You're slotted.

You get your deal. You can't hold out. Can't sit there.

So it's just basically he doesn't want to say because they may not know and they don't want to box themselves in. And again, Scott Fitter. This is a very important sound bite.

You can't give anything away. As a host of the NFL draft who wants the drama. Let's hear if this general manager did his part in helping build said drama by saying things without saying things.

This is very skilled. Obviously through the this whole since February the combine everything else there's been some clarity but we've been a conscious effort to open mind about this be continuous throughout the process. We have our the last kind of group in today.

We have the coaches you know Wednesday and Thursday of this week and at that point we'll get together and kind of make that decision. But there we've got some clarity through this process. With that said Scott we saw yesterday that Bryce canceled his last visit. Yeah. Has there been communication to him that he's the pick?

No there has not. And you know that was a decision he made on his own and I just refer you to you know his reps and to Bryce as to why. Okay I'm writing all this stuff down.

Yeah I can't you can't speak to him canceling his visits. So what's the name of the house band I mentioned to Dan Campbell? Specific Generalities right? That's uh it's you got to speak in specific generalities when it comes to the draft. I believe that's what I mentioned the other day. Now we have the title of the album.

Oh. Yes Specific Generalities album. First album. Called Clarity Through the Process or is that the title is that the title track? Clarity Through the Process.

First release. They have Clarity Through the Process. Chris whatever process you're doing right now do you have clarity for it? Yes. Okay guy has listen I've been around this uh league a lot 20 years now coming up this fall.

If you have a process and you don't have clarity you're screwed. I think they're taking price young now. What the hell's going on? I love it.

Wednesday or Thursday they're gonna they're gonna cultivate this caper and they're gonna choose. Rich. It's coming and by the way whoever's in that room Omerta. Nothing. Silence. Zero. Which means they're gonna have a choice for a week.

How are they gonna keep this quiet? No not a chance right? No. Not a chance. It's not a chance. The other thing important to remember we're we are smack dab in the thick of lying season.

Ah. Everything everyone says is a lie. Hey you can't believe anything. Not what you're saying. What I'm saying right now is the truth. Understood. Is that everything is a lie. Okay.

Makes sense. So it's a lie if you believe it though. It's not a lie.

Oh. If you believe. Right so it's not a lie if you believe it. It sounds like Scott Fitterer totally believes he's had clarity through the process. But even if you believe it it could be a lie.

Nothing anyone says is reality. It's all smoke and mirrors until the commissioner says yes. Crew.

When the name comes out. That's what it is. You understand what I'm saying? You pick up what I'm putting down.

You smell what I'm cooking. I do. Absolutely. So. First pick in the NFL draft.

The Carolina Panthers select. Cool. Yep that's it. And then you're like ah. And then we'll know.

There used to be a Sports Center anchor who couldn't pronounce some of the multi poly syllabic hockey player names. So he would just. He would just like.

Yeah that's what it would be like. And I'm not going to say. I'm not saying. I'm not going to say. But I'm just saying that wouldn't that be funny if that's what.

But they phonetically spell it out for the commissioner so that it won't even be an excuse. Nah nah nah nah. Could it be possible CJ Stroud isn't the second overall pick in the draft because the Texans don't want to deal with his agent. That would be insane. That would be positively insane. The fact that he could go before. Think about if you're the Colts.

There's all this moving and shaking going on. You could literally just sit at four and get the guy you wanted the whole time. And the reason why you got him and if CJ Stroud beats up on the Texans his entire career just like Peyton Manning did is you know the Texans couldn't beat the Colts forever in a day. And could you imagine if the Colts used CJ Stroud to beat up on the Texans and the Texans don't win those games because of CJ Stroud and the reason why they didn't take him is because of who CJ Stroud's agent is. Now I'm sure there's a lot of bad blood between the teams and Deshaun Watson and and everything going on and I'm sure there were some very difficult conversations that got heated but come on.

Really? So well done Scott Fritter. Clarity through the process.

Keep the guessing game coming soon to Tower Records. You know we're speaking of getting ready for the draft. How are you preparing because you got a long I mean you got you know you have a lot of fun.

I need some camera time. It's lying season. It's lying season. It's also prep season. It's prep season.

I need some more prep tweets out of you. How long does prep season go? Well I think it goes right up until game time. Right up until the light comes on. It goes right until the raj opens the envelope. That's what I'm saying. Yep.

If the envelope is to be opened. You're looking at my prep. I just heard Scott Fritter. When I say you know what I'm gonna say here we go when the Panthers select their choice I will say well they had clarity through the process.

Scott Fritter said they had clarity through the process and the process is all about Bryce Young. It's all about CJ Stroud and I'll be able to say that because I prepped for it right here. This is my prep.

This is my prep. Begging Del Tufo to pay attention. I need more newspapers out of you. Trying to get you engaged while you're you're tapping something out on your phone.

Yeah exactly the hell going on. Trying to get me to stop saying dumb stuff. Yeah I need newspapers. I need tweets.

I need tablets. I need everything out of you. No no no and I know what you're attempting to do here and I don't appreciate it.

I don't appreciate it because it puts me in a position I don't care to be in. Take care of y'all. And your mental. I've got my mental. Your mental's got to be on point.

Rich you have a long night. I've got clarity through the mental. Or mental through the process. Clarity through the mental. Thank you Scott Federer. I mean this is amazing.

That was a hubris thing. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna press conference today.

I don't want to talk but I gotta talk. So here's what I'll do. We have clarity through the process. Go out and say that Scott. Well done Scott.

I see him next time I see him I'll say thank you for that. Nine days before the draft and you help me prep. Prep.

Get out of here. This is what I do. I already saw the whole draft in front of me at the combine. I just didn't have them ordered in the order that we're gonna have in nine days and when you get the 10 days and 11 days. The book. The book's the best. Book's coming. Oh the books.

I don't need the book. Oh you're off book as they say. I'm off book. I'm on the clock. I'm off book. I'm on the clock. He's a lead pipe wielding professional. I am. Come on.

Come on. Where do you get the lead pipe? Yeah. Where do you buy it? Amazon. Where else would you get it? Hang on.

Let's see. I got a lead pipe and a kendo stick from Amazon. You guys aren't being helpful. I'm trying to prep here to get me off my game. I'm prepping.

Lead pipe on Amazon. Thank you. Of course they have it. I just you know. I look up. Jalen Carter's visiting the Lions today and the Falcons tomorrow. You by the way how about this one?

Let's just hit this one in the morning. They're not going to be there. We'll bring out Tom Pelphrey in a second.

Hendon Hooker visited is about to visit with a fascinating team to me. I saw this. All right. So that's now a tease. It's a tease because because I didn't see it. Hold on.

This is so what Brockman wants to talk about. Okay. I think I know. So he's prepped.

Okay. And this is going to help me prep because if Hendon Hooker winds up with this team, it's going to be a Christmas tree type moment lit up. It's a festivals from the rest of us. It will be. It will be.

Speaking of lead pipes. He's ready to chew into this topic. It's one of those festivals for the rest. Look at that. You got to get it, Mike. Happy.

Let's take a break. Tom Pelphrey of HBO's Love and Death or HBO Max. Soon to be Max. He's Tom. He's coming out next on the Rich Eisen show.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Tom Prell, thrilled to have you here on the program. So um you getting a script for this show what was your first reaction? Did you immediately start learning about the real story behind it?

What was this like for you Tom? Yeah I did well I couldn't put it down you know they sent the first four I was filming something else at the time I figured I'd do one a day. Sure.

Sat down with the first one and read straight through all four um it was really taken by the kind of dark comedy nature of the of the tone of the script you know um and then I went online and saw just how real and faithful the script was to real life so it was a an actual murder that took place in Wiley Texas. Yes. In 1980. And um not just any old straight up I guess um crime either. No it was it was an affair that ended in an axe murder. There you go. Yeah. So this is not a sequel to how I married an axe murderer is basically what you're saying it's an actual true story here. True story. That actually happened. Yeah.

And you jumped in with both feet. Yeah so I played Don Crowder who was a sort of uh a friend of Candy Montgomery. Candy Montgomery is a woman accused of the murder and uh they live in the small town Wiley Texas and Don is on the church board with Candy. Yes. And Don is a personal injury lawyer.

But when Candy's accused of the crime she wants a lawyer that she feels comfortable with so she goes to Don who is her friend and he tries her case and it's the first time he'd ever tried a homicide case. Huh. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

All right. So there's a lot to learn I guess from the character and what you needed to do to get involved in this whole thing. Yeah and then there there's great source material and I learned a lot about Don who played football. Don played at SMU for two years as a running back. So he got a free car? I don't think I don't think they gave I think he was like 5'9' 175 so I don't think he was getting any free cars.

He didn't get the Eric Dickerson treatment? No. So because I'm trying to figure this out if Don was um you know I guess your age in 1980 this this predates the uh the Pony Express SMU.

I think it does. Okay yeah. I didn't mean to interrupt. So he played at SMU. Played at SMU and then tried or he got an invitation to uh the wash well what was the Washington Redskins to try out with them for the summer.

Okay. And the team doctor wouldn't allow him because he had an orbital fracture from college and he was so small the doctor was like we're not we're not letting you in the camp. And thus his legal career was born.

Literally. And then that's how he wound up in the middle of this whole um I guess you can't even call it a triangle it's kind of like a square right a love a love square. It is right a love square with two people kind of left out in the cold. Got it.

Love and Death on HBO Max again it starts on April 27th on draft night um and then new episodes releasing weekly through May 25th right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So you are from um New Jersey is that where you're from? Yeah. Howell New Jersey yeah. Where where so what exit is that? Exit 98 Central Jersey.

Central Jersey and that's Mr Livingston New Jersey over there. Oh come on. It's my area I used to DJ at Jenks. Get out of here. Swear to god.

Oh my god. Is it possible you've you've been to Jenks while he's DJed? It's very possible I've been to Jenks.

I did 89 90 91 92 93 94. No I wasn't. They weren't letting me in back the Osprey. Remember when the Osprey was painted with the mural with Hulk Hogan on the side? Yes. Yeah. This is amazing. So again um you just heard that's our audio executive as he likes to be referred to Mike Del Tufo right there from Livingston New Jersey as he could have easily said 89 to 94 but he went year by year.

He sounds like he's from New Jersey. Yeah. You do not. Yeah.

So what what happened? You know it kind of happened naturally. I I didn't ever focus on losing my accent. Did you used to have one for real? No and this is strange because my friend who grew up four doors down from me talks like this like Tommy you know come on like what are you doing?

It's like Mikey D right over there. Yeah that's I never I never lost it. No no and you never should because it's a beautiful thing. Thank you Mike. You know it's a beautiful thing.

I love it. I still say water okay you know yeah coffee chocolate you know there's certain things like what do you put your socks in? Hamper or hamper?

When they're clean. Uh the drawer? Yeah I say draw. Draw. Okay do you do what Mike does as well like when he plays us something to hear and listen to? He says watch this. That's a that's a jersey. That's a really particularly weird thing for Mike in particular to do given that he is he does that. I'm from Staten Island which is practically a you know a sub a borough of New York as well as New Jersey so I'm proud I grew up with people like Mike and I sometimes will slip in my New York accent will come out New York accent when I first started when I first started on tv doing sports I would talk about the NCAA tournament you know and then I literally had to write the word tournament down t-o-u-r dash n-e-m-e-t on my on my script yeah so I would say tour n-e-m-e-t you know tour n-e-m-e-t. Would they give you a hard time by your accent? Well I would you know it just yeah I mean I think people you know you keep them guessing I honestly having watched you uh in Ozark would never have guessed that's a jersey guy in a million years so you're a terrific actor but you're also saying you lost your accent a while ago that's what you're saying I don't know that I ever had a strong one and the one that I've had I haven't lost in terms of water and there you go I heard it right there um and so um do you have a sports team from New York City oh yeah okay die hard bleed blue New York Giants oh yeah okay whole family the whole family the whole family when I was uh when I was a kid my dad was a Cowboys fan and then my grandfather was the hardcore Giants fan I remember being very young my father bought me a like a raincoat Cowboys raincoat probably owned by grandparents house my grandfather had me walk over to him and he took off the coat and he put me on his lap and he said rich never again and it never happened again never again he said what he said yeah never again not not not Cowboys on this kid ever no and that was the end of that yeah well the cowboy fan behind you and tj he uh you have to appreciate that sort of uh I mean bitterness it's hard to appreciate anything when the Giants are involved so so I'm trying to get the the idea if you were if you were too young to be in uh what's what's the name okay so then you when did you start like when was it when was your era of Giants fandom I mean the the hardcore passion know everything is is the Eli era obviously sure but Phil Simms bravaro you know lt Parcells you know that's when I was a kid watching my grandfather my uncles you know my dad would watch the Giants obviously as well right so are you locked into them right now or yeah okay oh yeah so what do you think of Daniel Jones getting 40 million dollars a year I love it I love it you know I think it's time that it's it's it's time that we had good management in place okay a good general manager I felt confident in that's true and I feel that if he feels confident in Jones you know I was reading stories that were saying that Dable was telling uh Wink Martindale what the plays were in the off season without Dan Jones knowing so the defense was anticipating what the offense was going to do because he wanted to frustrate him and he wanted to see how he kept his composure and obviously he did you know and I think I think he can do it all I think the last few years we've kind of been garbage maybe not the best systems or coaches yeah to help him out right and considering what he did last year with basically all of our wide receivers hurt yes you know that playoff game against Minnesota was truly what every Giant fan had been hoping Daniel Jones had in him that he showed up and again that was a typical Giants affair one would think you know in the of recent years give up a touchdown to start the game then a holding penalty to set them back inside the 10-yard line to start their first drive of the game with everyone going crazy in Minnesota and he just he and he and Saquon just dominated oh personally ended that day for the Vikings ended the season for the Vikings and Saquon's not uh not there yet but I think they'll they'll get him uh handled I hope so I hope he's one of the best he is one of the best and he and he deserves it you know like he hung in there good face of the franchise him and Dan Jones both actually you know you see guys like Eli Derek Jeter you know those guys that handle themselves in New York yes and then you see other people implode or do foolish things and you realize how special it is that those guys can be leaders in that market yeah you know and we've had Daniel Jones on this show and he sounds like Eli he's got the syntax he's got the same manner of speaking it's the whole damn thing the reason why that guy across the way with the Red Sox fan a hat in front of him is not saying anything right now is he's a Patriot fan and also he thinks Daniel Jones is going to step on as you know what right is that what you think Chris you go ahead I mean not so many words but yes I don't think he he's he's just super average and to pay a guy 40 million dollars because he played fine and one playoff game is kind of ludicrous we're throwing you in the sports talk mosh but Chris is this is this just like hard feelings still maybe from 2012 or maybe from 2008 great question absolutely not has nothing to do with the past I'm looking at the future I actually care about you as a Giants fan and where your organization is going in the future I don't want you to blow all your money on this guy who kind of stinks like I don't play against the Eagles I don't know if you heard Chris in while you were in our green room he said it's lying season in the NFL right now I think you saying you care about him as a Giant fan I think that's a lie he's our guest understood I want him to feel welcome yeah and I want now we see no possibility of like the Josh Allen progression I'm not saying that Dan Jones is going to be Josh Allen but like year by year finally having a good coaching system in place we don't see that as a possibility day ball is the through line Tom Pelphrey knows what he's talking about I think Dave is a really good coach need him to practice better hygiene we're wearing the sunscreen I don't know if he knows what you're talking about he does not know we'll get to it okay but no we've never seen the year-to-year improvement in a player ever before than we did in Josh Allen and it seems unlikely that that's going to happen again with a guy who's now entering his sixth year in the league but he's not in there six years under his fifth year and we saw flashes his rookie season flying season we did see flashes his rookie season he's very fast his first start in in place of Eli if I'm not mistaken was in Tampa Florida and he lit it up he absolutely destroyed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it's my job but yes he did do that and then and then even John Marrow said that they've they blew it with him and he gave him a chance this year and they didn't pick up his fifth year option and he just went ahead and just yeah here's my bag fill it up and they had to and so you know I understand what you're saying good luck to you thank you again he doesn't mean that he doesn't mean that at all and but in reference of what you're saying yes what you're there was a is an annual gathering of the NFL the owner's meeting that just happened all the coaches are there and there's a coach's photograph that we're putting up on the screen and you could see second from the left in the top row is the coach of the year your coach Brian Dable it looks like he's wearing a bandana but as a matter of fact and in this Chris and I are totally into you might not because you have this beautiful flowing mane we're genuinely concerned as a member of the ball brotherhood that this is got a sunscreen and when he comes on we're gonna we have to question his judgment yeah that is verging on purple and look at that yeah like a zip up it's like 80 degrees out we don't know what he's thinking you know that's the same color that coach kauflin turned in green bay yeah yes we did have kauflin on the show recently and asked him about that if it's yeah if he was thought out if it's his face broke that day oh my god right yeah lambo man wasn't wasn't a good look and what's that by the way he ended Brett Favre so packer's career that was Brett Favre's last game as a packer wow see ya and then just to bring it all full circle the Giants went on and um and uh prevented the Patriots from having the perfect season of course which is why Tom Pelphrey is accusing you of bitterness and lying to his face today I'm not like I said Tom's our guest I want him health and happiness especially in your sports fandom but he's a liar you didn't have to pay him 40 you could have gave him 30 and it would have been the same we'll see we'll see won't we Tom Pelphrey here on the Rich Eisen show before I let you go I want to talk Ozark um any scenes that you were part of like legitimately you needed to take a break after shooting you know there was one scene we filmed that um you ended up only hearing the audio of but we filmed it and that was a scene where I was in the jail cell um and um and Wendy and Marty are outside if you remember and I think they hear me screaming on the the tv screen Wendy let me out whatever yeah and um we filmed it though and they had me in the jail cell and I was just I just kind of lost my mind a little bit and I put my hand through the wall a few times and um was really shaken up and and kind of crying and finished the scene and went and sat down and they brought me an ice pack and I was kind of just you kind of just come down and I and I you know it's it's just part of the thing you get worked up and then you come down I'm not any kind of method actor nor claim to be but I was rattled and I knew how it looked from the outside when the executive producer the showrunner Chris Mundy who's an angel of a human being came and sat down across from me said hey buddy um I'm gonna drive you home tonight and I was like oh my god what do I look like right now it's okay I can drive myself really but you realize in that moment it's like when people who are around that all day all of a sudden looking at you like hey you okay so you even shook the producers is that what you're saying yeah in that in that one moment it was a little it was a little intense were you supposed to hit the wall was that your just your choice just kind of happened yeah did you break anything no the wall right you know my hand was a little swollen but it was fine but yeah that was you know you saw the the role and it was uh you kind of get the opportunity to go to the to the extreme of of kind of behavior and and uh the writers gave me a chance to do it and I you know didn't want to let them down oh it was heartbreaking I mean in that scene in particular heartbreaking because you know um your character battling with mental health issues you know it's it's it's it's it's very difficult because you needed mental health issues you needed meds and um you also knew how you were off them and you knew how you were on them and you also knew that if you stayed where you were it would not end well for you you were begging to get out and you know wendy being your your sister and then that relationship going where it was heartbreaking it was difficult for your character go through it um knowing you needed some help but also knowing that you were putting some uh you know your your your sister and brother-in-law uh in significant jeopardy based on your behavior absolutely and in that environment anyone's gonna be in danger anyway but then you introduce somebody who's struggling with with mental illness on that level you know uh the chances of them being able to maintain themselves in that environment is next to nothing so it's kind of written like a perfect tragedy in a way you know when we as the audience understand what the birds are doing and understand how tense everything is around them and how high the stakes are you introduce a character like ben and from the beginning you almost know it has to end badly well the first scene ben has beaten the crap out of somebody was that the first scene you actually filmed as a character or yes it was and and baitman was directing that i remember it well yeah it was the first thing we did um obviously a lot of fun what a great introduction for a character i mean that show talk about edge of your seat not knowing where things are gonna go everything goes dark like you're always wondering where how dark can it possibly get and it gets darker and then the heavyweights you were acting with yeah in this show yeah you know the scenes you're doing with the julia garner i mean she is spectacular i was stunned she didn't win the emmy for her role obviously there's so many other oh she did she won she did she won three of them she won i thought the latest one she didn't maybe maybe not maybe you're right because this last one this last year she was killing it i mean the whole the whole um the whole final season was uh remarkable and the last couple of seasons were a whole damn thing i know i'm babbling no it really was it really was and julia is incredible julia is very visceral and raw obviously and and it's it's a very powerful thing and she's also very smart how she played that character yes and the other thing about ozark that i think is so difficult that that love and death actually accomplishes as well but it's that it's that no matter how serious it gets you're you find yourself laughing yes i think that's such a hard line to walk it's kind of like a breaking bad line to walk where no matter how intense and serious this is getting it's funny well i know death isn't on the line uh but succession's kind of like that too to talk about another hbo max program yes that love and death is part of right now and um i'm finding myself laughing out loud but i was laughing out loud at ozark quite a bit too just yeah at times but also just as a nervous laugh i mean my god i know well that's the thing right some of the rounds is so extreme right you kind of laugh right and so you think uh love and death is kind of up the alley of all the ozark fans to go check out would you think absolutely absolutely yeah yeah that's pretty cool yeah i'm excited for you thanks brother i'm very excited for you and thanks for coming on here um certainly when daniel jones starts 8-0 and is lighting up the nfc east come back and let's talk about it and see how bailey zappi's uh compare exactly because mac jones is getting shot by your coach by your coke he's truly because i've known him for well over a decade now um he's biting his lip right now he's trying to be nice to the guest you're a gentleman you're a gentleman i might be a little strong your coach is shop he is shopping him gone oh did you like that yes yeah i told you if we just scratched beneath the surface you want your coach gone maybe the greatest coach in the history of the nfl what's he doing for me right now wow right now what's he doing zippo wow no no no not zippo zappi zappi i said it wrong i said it on purpose whatever no he set me up like a spinning curve in his own hopkins doesn't want to come play there who's he going to throw to who's bailey zappi going to throw to i mean lost he's never going to go there anyway because of bill o'brien oh yeah oh because they made great use of the tight ends last year yeah it's terrible we're in a terrible spot so i gotta bring people down with me like daniel tom pelfrey is my new favorite guest on the rich this is fantastic you got the bruins in this cell fantastic uh congratulations in advance of love and death um hbo max is where you can watch love and death starting on thursday april 27th new episodes releasing weekly through may 25th you can see that right here on roku uh tom pelfrey uh thank you for coming on here thank you so much for having me you're gonna you gotta come back i would love to you gotta come back you know what it's it's kind of like the jug handle you know you just gotta go around and then just go yeah come right there's no left we go right to go left that's right you can't pump your own gas what else what do we do pay to go on the beach you're gonna pay to go on the beach that's right unless the governor shuts it down for himself oh my god that's what you do you go to newark airport and you go watch mike del tufa between 1989 and 94 it's also the only state you gotta pay to leave you go to new york you pay you go to philly you pay you pay to get out you don't pay to get in that's right that's right that's right just to bring it full circle on hbo max just any episode of the sopranos that's how it opens he's pulling a ticket he's pulling a ticket tony soprano's pulling a ticket to go home 16 w i love it it's an easy pass tom pelfrey at tom pelfrey on twitter and at tommy pelfrey on instagram right here on the rich isin show we'll wrap this up in a moment this episode is brought to you by youtube now the new home of the nfl sunday ticket youtube tv is the easiest way to watch your favorite out of market nfl teams and gives you the option of watching at home on the big screen on your phone or on a laptop as you're recording your podcast no satellite dish install required catch the lowest full season price of youtube and youtube tv when you sign up today and get 100 off of nfl sunday ticket check it out at slash learn slash nfl sunday ticket april is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial iq stacking benjamins with joe saul sehigh bankrate's 2023 best personal finance 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leaning into you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen listen look um the moment when damar hamlin went down like a ton of bricks in front of the entire national tv audience watching monday night football in a huge game between the bills and the bangles with so much on the line and of course even even even fans who weren't even interested in in who wins and who loses there were fantasy players all over the place i mean that you wouldn't talk about a huge audience of die-hard fans and of course also um other fans who were just casually interested sitting there and watching and then all of a sudden damar hamlin goes down and and dies to use that phrase as well wow yeah and and and i remember sitting there and i turn to susie i'm like wait a minute he got up and he just dropped i'm like is it i don't know then they go to break and they come back and they're like buck and aikman are are are talking about what just happened and players are frightened and scared and you saw joe burrow and looking like you never see him on a football field and josh down with his hands over his mouth i turn to susie i'm like did he die could he have just died guy's crying oh my god yeah man and we know the rest of that week was like sitting in an emergency room waiting for you know the doctor to come out of the emergency room and tell you your loved one was okay yeah it was like a family member it was unreal it was unreal and then of course as we all know he wakes up he starts talking to his loved ones asked did we win and we're like okay that's what we needed to hear yeah then of course we all know he he wound up leaving the hospital and we we know what happened after that well today's the day we've all been waiting for even since that day where all of his specialists all of them unanimously cleared him for full football activity and damar hamlin spoke today over these last few months um i've been on a journey and i've seen you know some of the top professionals across the country and their answers to me were pretty much all the same they were the same and this event was life-changing but it's not the end of my story so i'm here to announce that i plan on making a comeback to the nfl beautiful wow it's beautiful love it man yeah and he spoke even more eloquently about um what happened and what's next uh not to sound cliche man but the wild moment is every day just being able to wake up and just take deep breaths and and and live a peaceful life to have a family to to have people around me that love me and that care about me and for those people to still have me in their lives you know they they almost lost me like i died on national tv in front of the whole world you know what i mean so um i i see it from all perspectives and and you know for them to to still have me around and for me to still have them you know it's like it goes both ways and you know i lost a bunch of people in my life i know a bunch of people who lost people in their lives and i know that feeling you know so that right there is just the the the biggest blessing of it all is for for me to still have my people and my people still to have me beautiful well done damar hamlin confirmed he had commodio cordis which a lot of people thought in in first blush he he was suffering from which is just getting hit hard at the wrong time right as his heart was beating at the wrong place right in the middle of a heartbeat you get hit like that and that's again what he's going to be telling youth sports leagues and high schools and small venues around this country have life-saving equipment for you as soon as you possibly can right there in your facility go jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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