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REShow: Andrew Hawkins - Hour 3

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April 14, 2023 3:50 pm

REShow: Andrew Hawkins - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 14, 2023 3:50 pm

With the reviled Daniel Snyder on the verge of selling the Commanders Rich and the guy's debate who’s now the worst owner in sports.

Roku Channel Host & former NFL WR Andrew Hawkins tells Rich how far he went to exaggerate his height and weight back at his pro day coming out of college, who the Carolina Panthers will select #1 overall, and in our ‘What’s More Likely’ segment weighs in on Will Levis vs Anthony Richardson, if Will Anderson will go #2 overall, Odell Beckham Jr’s impact on the Baltimore Ravens, if the Cowboys or Commanders will return to the Super Bowl first, the Lakers, Clippers, Celtics, 76ers, and the Tampa Bay Rays’ history winning streak to start the MLB season, and says if he thinks Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill will follow through on his plans to retire when his current contract runs out.

Rich previews this year’s RunRichRun event and says if this is the year he’ll actually train for his annual 40-yard dash to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Our number three of our Friday program is on the air. Fun first couple hours right here on the Roku Channel. We spoke to Ian Eagle, the voice of the Brooklyn Nets locally and then of course TNT and CBS for both basketball, college and professional and also on CBS the NFL.

Lots of chop up with him. He's calling Nets and Sixers on Saturday. It's the first game of eight playoff games this weekend. They've got the play-in games tonight. The Bulls are in Miami. DeMar DeRozan just during shoot around confirming that his daughter will not be there. The Tampa Bay Rays are in Toronto.

We'll hear, listen for her if she's up there potentially screeching during first pitches there. Big game because the Rays are 13-0. Thunder and Timberwolves tonight. And the winner of Heat Bulls goes visits Milwaukee on Sunday and winner of Timberwolves Thunder goes visits Denver on Sunday night for the last game of the weekend. So that's your playoff contest. The huge Suns Clippers game. TNT gets to pop that baby on Sunday night 8 Eastern Time.

Perfect, perfect spot. Lakers Grizzlies kick off Sunday's action. Saturday has the Kings taking on the defending champion Warriors in Sacramento. The Warriors get a chance to win another road playoff game. Did we determine that? Has it been 26 consecutive playoff series in which they've won a road game? I think it's something like that, yeah. Hawks and Celtics, Knicks and Cavaliers, Nets and Sixers.

So it's all East with the exception of one contest on Saturday and all West with the exception of one contest on Sunday. Here we go. Good times. 27 consecutive. 27. Damn.

So they're gonna go for a 28th on Saturday. Yes sir. Good times in the NBA playoffs.

I hear you. Why not? They couldn't win a lick on the road during the regular season. The Kings have been terrific.

Favorite in the series underdog game one. Kind of interesting. You don't see that a lot.

You do not see that at all. Andrew Hawkins, our colleague from Roku recommends right here on the Roku Channel will be joining us shortly in studio for hour number three. We also have been chopping up the news that the producers of James Bond is looking for an unknown 30-something actor and we've been figuring out, hey maybe we could just flip you somebody from the sports world. Andrew Hawkins.

We can talk to Hawk about that very subject matter. And speaking of Daniel Craig, it's the weekend everybody coming up this weekend. Take you to the sports world weekend.

Good times. This just in. The commanders have agreed to be sold.

Wow. Daniel Snyder has actually agreed to sell his team. But do we still not know which ownership group it is or have they actually settled this matter? Because it's the Josh Harris group. People are mentioning the Josh Harris group.

He's the owner of the Sixers and the Devils. Do we have an update on that? Because Schefter kind of hit the hold the phone on that and said that there's some potential other rival bids that are out there. Yeah there was.

For the commanders. Yeah according to ESPN they have reached a preliminary non-exclusive agreement to sell it to the Harris group. Non-exclusive is fully financed but not signed.

Meaning that someone else could come in at the last second with a higher bid if Daniel Snyder wants to go in that direction. The group led by a Canadian billionaire. Say it. Say the name. Go. Go.

Do it. Steve? Apostolopoulos.

Apostolopoulos. Yeah he's still involved in the process according to ESPN. It should be noted Jeff Bezos everyone was thinking he was gonna sweep in and make a big kind of Godfather offer. Never submitted a bid. Nope.

Didn't order the commanders on Prime. Yeah. Remember a few months ago we thought Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z were gonna be together. It's been out there that Bezos is kind of waiting for the Seahawks to go up as they figure out. Ah got it. Oh kind of makes sense. Geographic sense right there right?

All the commanders everybody thought right there too since Bezos owns the Washington Post. Right. And they're used to the owner of the team owning media in the town anyway. They're used to a lot there in DC and as I mentioned when this news came down yesterday it's akin to a house in a twister coming out of the blue and dropping down into the land of Oz and taking somebody out literally ding-dong for so many Washington football fans. Let me get them shoes.

Because Dan Snyder in his time owning the commanders and football team and obviously taking over the team as it was known for so many decades the Redskins at the time in his tenure 27th best record in football. Wow. Really? Yes sir. And they sold for six Billy? They did because of their history and where they are. You take a look at the Snyder reign in Washington DC and they went ten seasons last ten seasons without ten or more wins that's the worst in the NFL even the Jets when it's when when it when a sentence begins even the Lions and Jets have a shorter streak it has been a decade since they've had ten or more wins and again the record of Daniel Snyder in this league I had it written down somewhere where did I write it down 17th 27th in the league that's how bad they were and of course you can't even I mean the number of off the field headlines yeah that would make your skin crawl so now that he's gone and we also know Robert Sarver's gone we all know worst donor in sports right I don't think it's a question it's just not even a question Washington from 99 to 2022 record of 164 220 and 227th in the NFL just like the Jets are now on the clock because the Sacramento Kings 12 game a 12 season playoff drought streak is over that leaves the Jets on the clock is another it is a New York owner is now on the clock and it's a it's James Dolan without a doubt and I know you know folks I've been very good this year I think because the Knicks have been better yeah Knicks have been better I've seen but the whole business of using facial recognition to exact revenge for whatever you think needs to be exacted on anybody that comes to your building or buildings just excreble and you know the Rangers are are in his purview as well so clearly the next couple of weeks can help enhance his image he's gonna be on TV we're gonna see him courtside he's gonna be there that's true in Cleveland it'll be at the home games I imagine okay him him and him and mr. comic sans going against each other that's a lot of people don't like him what if uh-huh just randomly what if the Knicks win it all well getting to that let's just say that James Dolan he understands that the black hole wormhole situation and he decides you know what yeah I want to make amends I'm the you know extending olive branch to rich and I want to invite him to court side with me in the Eastern Conference Championship would you take him up on that fly the weekend of course what's up a million percent and you know kind of per million percent I want to see what that looks like right there I want to know what's in his coffee I'd ask to wear his schmucky scarf probably whiskey you know what I'd bring I'd bring my rakish hat oh you did the hat hat and a harmonica it's just so I can have him and entertain me during timeouts it ain't happen stranger things have happened it's stolen isn't it am I am I missing anybody either might be a Premier League person or two or we don't know much about these hockey owners either man but they could be up to some shiesty stuff in terms of fan base angst over their ownership group but I think I think it's you guys okay I'm getting pretty upset with my guy but which guy John Henry I'll like I said before and I'll say it again I will never forgive them for letting Mookie Betts go ever ever and if they had let Devers go I might have had to walk away you were about to walk away because they let Xander Bogarts go I was thinking about it Devers too I would have had to walk away maybe root for the Padres would have been fun uh-huh I would have had a good time uh-huh but it's just really frustrating we're trying out a minor league team right now it seems like yeah and rather it's like eight guys and Raffi Devers say who can win a contest to come throw four innings what is happening right now it's mad frustrating you you're happy with the guys who own your team right good shape as you've been in a long time nominal you're in his good shape I mean you have by the way I mean honestly you root for the Mets Sixers and Clippers yes one guy just bought another team for six billion okay Steve Steve Cohen is buying up everybody the point where he uses luxury tax like it's an ashtray right reward him with some dubs this year though and this one of Jay's favorite drops as well the Clippers owner is building a new stadium arena here he's talking about he's talking about toilets and uncle Jerry you know you're in great shape feel good settle down just a little bit but I don't understand what John Henry did to you he's like an American folk hero oh wait a minute I'm thinking of a different John Henry nevermind you talk about the owner talking about the owner yeah I was talking about the African American Friedman John Henry you worked on the railroads railroads yeah no it's not what he's referring to definitely okay so you're in good shape there I'm okay with those two we can say you never say a bad word about them because if things go south and he's already turned on Belichick right if you're a turn on him craft is the owner of a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 2018 you know so I can't say he'll never turn on them oh let me take the six rings out of my ears a good Patrick Waugh reference right there but the same with the four from John Henry but just the last few years of this guy's of all just upset excuse he's gone my lifetime I haven't seen four guards has gone operating like we're the A's like Bobby doll back is in Bobby doll back is in a guy six five and bill like us like Arnold Schwarzenegger or be playing shortstop exactly you should build it around Devers and Alex Verdugo Verdugo very good way to a tonic spends four days in Boston yeah he's again he's starting Monday wait till he spends this nice long weekend in Boston it'll be great he's how much the fans love him he for a little bit he's probably gonna be stunned donuts out of the holes and how hot that coffee is give him a tour of the USS Constitution to take him down to Cheers by the way they give you guys some pushback on the guys who run my teams all that money has not given any but you're in good shape trying to try yeah we're getting rid of our guys I know my guy just wants to go on tour with his band people out because they're they're trying to sue him or or heaven forbid they actually tell Dolan how bad of an owner he's been for such a long time on a YouTube comment you know it's great I've looked up the JD in the straight shot tour dates so much Google as soon as I get in JD it just pops up where are they pretty great where they doing next shows upcoming dates zero there you go zero well let's hope there's upcoming dates for the the Knicks after Cleveland I'll be great but where'd you get that you've karaoke'd in front of a crowd you know how like intoxicating that is worse people showing you if my dad wasn't a French teacher but instead was some sort of local cable mogul out in Long Island I would definitely be doing the same thing he's doing without the facial recognition and sticking great players in the history of the Knicks in jail overnight let's not forget that was the moment just as a couple for instance spike Lee let's not forget yeah that's right wouldn't tell one of the most beloved Nick fans and auteurs of the cinema of his generation yeah you go around the back and didn't Patrick Ewing have some issue no no no that was that was just the garden security not not not seeing his his his badge or his his credential somebody who's seven feet it's just sneaking his way into the garden and his face isn't on every photograph right in in in in the concourse that would never happen under Eisen's watch never could you imagine no because he'd be facially recognized upon entering the building all right we did it last Friday with Jason Kelsey yeah yeah which is you doing our weekly what's more likely with our in studio guest I love it Jason Kelsey out Andrew Hawkins in we got Hawk in here let's get him right lickety split next on the rich eyes and show men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and 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from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft that's slash rich eyes and show and slash rich eyes and show from the combine of the draft sponsored by noble the empresario himself Andrew Hawkins is back here in the program good to see you man good to see you too let's jump into it um so a kid from Toledo sitting on a draft weekend waiting for the phone to ring is that what your draft was like man that was what was your draft like I knew my phone wasn't gonna ring but you know what's funny is when you play college football it doesn't matter how realistic you realize your phone is not gonna ring at all mm-hmm you still watch the draft and you're like but what if they call yes right like because you believe that these teams are truly lifting every stone right like the movies tell you and there's somebody in the back of a war room that says nah man I believe in this kid yeah you know even if it's a small percentage that's that's what it's like right so and you went through didn't hear any calls and that's is that when the CFL called you the Montreals we had to go win a couple graycuffs before the NFL knocked on that quite so I my career yards in college I think was 632 overall four seasons that's it that's it so 632 yards when I was five seven and 160 pounds so you know I was realistic about it but again I'm like well maybe I get a tryout I was training I was like I did I had a really good pro day yeah even though I faked my height how does one fake height well I went to Michael's a craft store and I molded clay that looked the same color as my skin like the back of the heel and then I taped my ankles over it so it gave me like an inch and a half on pro day like I had to like bake the the clay and everything cuz it's soft and then it to get it to harden you had like put it in a kiln yeah yeah and so it's a pro day yep and so I walked in measured at you know five eight great five eight I weighed in 182 cuz I had weights in my pocket and I ran a four three and I'm like well maybe just looking at the numbers it was like okay maybe so what happened was I ended up getting a tryout with the Browns cuz one of my old coaches actually became a DB coach there yeah on draft day specifically I was over my friend's house and he was roommates with Brett Kern who was one of the you know best punters of the last you know two decades yeah and he was there with his family watch it cuz he actually had a chance to be drafted and so I watched their whole process which was you know they're hoping late in the you know punters go late and then the Broncos called a bunch of team started calling him and his family what are you gonna do after after college like did you have a job lined up and I'm like you know I'm figuring it out but it was very clear like I wasn't an NFL prospect did you run a four three in the clay shoes I didn't so what happens is they measure you in after I get the height yeah cut the tape off throw it away and then I go really go perform brilliant yeah so when did the NFL finally call you when you were in like four years later really yeah so I like I left college I didn't leave college I stayed in college and I coach receivers that season I went and scouted with the Detroit Lions yes and then I did a reality show with our good friend Michael Ervin that's right fourth and long that's right and so I left coaching to go do that show yeah I should have won Mike will will attest to a test of that okay he couldn't convince them to pick a five six receiver from a reality show to go to the Cowboys but from that I got my CFL contract and then I wouldn't played in Canada the next two seasons yeah and in year four after college I finally got a tryout in the NFL and then I played the next seven years so you would counsel guys that don't hear your name this this in a couple weeks just hang tight hey keep at it man you know yeah that's it that's all you can that's all you can do I hear you Andrew Hawkins here on the Rich Eisen show so you hear about Bryce Young's height being an issue yeah that's that's nothing right it's nothing man zero zero zero I think I think Bryce is a I think he's a next-level processor I think he is like ridiculously smart and that's backed up by the way that he plays right because you have to be right there's certain characteristics that you know whether you're you know a D lineman who's oh too too heavy or a receiver who's too short or a quarterback is too short or you know a certain court but doesn't have enough arm strength like everybody you know so survival of the fittest happens something else kicks in yeah he's short but his processing is better than everybody else's and that's why you know it equalizes so it still just comes down to you know I don't think that that's a negative because he can do things that other quarterbacks can't well CJ Stroud is much taller and obviously would fit one would think Frank Reich's mold you have what he has coached in the past not as if he wouldn't right choose Bryce young who do you think they'd have as number one in mind oh man who do they have is number one what do you think that's a tough one I think I think I would say CJ Stroud that's what I thought too but then all of a sudden you said that you know the odds-on favorite flipped over the last yeah cuz he went to Carolina this week and then it flipped which caused makes people think somebody must know something yeah even though people who are paid to know stuff haven't said a word right right but I just think Stroud does fit there he does the idea and I think Stroud's gonna be a beast and not oh not because anything he's done in the field yeah I love his story I love his mentality yeah when I hear him talk I'm like oh this dude is gonna he's gonna command a locker room and people are gonna rally around him like it reminds me a little bit of like Joe burrow yeah like when I first interviewed Joe burrow in that class it was just so like apparent he had like a real confidence to him yes he had a swag he had an edge and that's what the guys around you kind of gravitate to but it also dictates how you play under pressure situations and when you get amongst the best like cuz he felt like he belonged there yeah I get that same kind of feel from CJ Stroud Andrew Hawkins here on the Rich Eisen show every week here on a Friday we we have a segment called what's more likely where Chris has a couple of either-or scenarios mm-hmm I'm tapping you into this this week okay let's do it we have we have a production value and everything go ahead and hit it everybody never say never but never and joining us here for this Friday's what's more likely is Andrew Hawkins go for Chris let's do it together guys Hawk thanks for joining us let's get right to it who is the more likely quarterback to be drafted ahead of the other Will Levis or Anthony Richardson what do you think what's more likely oh man this script is flipped as well it was Richardson over Levis a million times out of a million right about two weeks ago this script is flipped right now as well yeah I would say they're interestingly like kind of in a similar boat but I would say Levis and I'll still stick with Richardson I said I still believe when when all is said and done that Richardson is gonna be a guy that has the bigger upside if he can do the run pass thing in a way that I think he can I just don't I don't know I would find I'd be stunned if if he's left on the board and he's the one who drops into the lower yeah first round a lower part of the first round or the the top ten if he drops down the top ten that would be so I'd find that surprising but we got 13 more days to go do you consider it a red flag from Will Levis that he eats his bananas with the peel on have you heard about that I thought that was a little strange they definitely gave me serial killer vibes but you know I think every player has an edge to yeah what if he did that in a locker room that you were in like he's just sitting there and he just takes the banana and takes a bite out of it like it's a sandwich yeah if he was if he was a rookie and we just drafted him he grabbed the banana and didn't peel it and took a bite yes I'd say wow they made the wrong decision yeah they would say yeah there would be some sort of kangaroo court okay yeah so we split on that one Chris what else you got 92% on our poll things eating a banana without peeling it as a red flag oh you put that on a pole I didn't know that 92% so wait a minute that means there's 8% of people who say that's not all good big deal a second we put a hundred percent hundred people in a room yep and had an individual stand up in front and just bite that and say does this consider this strange or not there would be eight people that would say no eight people that are like yeah I'm not uncomfortable what the hell with this dude eating banana that's bizarre very strange uh-huh what else what else you guys being estranged the idea that the Texans might not take a quarterback so what's more likely to be drafted second overall any quarterback or will Anderson quarterback me too there's no way that has been by the way something that has been 100% put out there Schefter's did it first to say it earlier this week Albert Breer came on and backed it up for sure he they're not sold that the Texans are gonna take a quarterback second overall you know what I think in this this game is interesting because I think a lot of times like even I'm answering questions of what I think will happen and not what I believe should happen yes sir right because in the draft especially for new coaches the best thing to do is to not take a quarterback especially in your first year yes or just hang on to the quarterback you have because it gives you a longer shelf life yes because then you always have the out of I gotta find my quarterback I thought Gruden was always great at that he would come into a job and never commit to the guy he had no matter how good he played right because he always needed the out of you suck I need to go find a new guy and that allows you to stay a head coach for a longer period of time you try get that I never thought you know in the context of again people keeping their jobs I just don't think it's a smart thing to do I don't believe they're gonna be picking second overall and seeing either Stroud or young there and go yeah we'll take somebody else I guess I would find that hard to believe but they would have to trade down right that comes the well they also have 12 they have this 12th overall pick sitting there and if Richardson does drop or Levis does drop yeah or Hendon hooker sitting there and you kind of just say we'll take him and and and our dish mills right and let him develop I don't know or draft neither and go call the Patriots and say is Mac Jones really available remember that time he called us earlier in in March is he still available man we're not getting number 12 for him now my son is really high on Hindu hooker is that right yeah my 11 year old son he likes it's got a reporter well he did a scouting port last year and he had hidden hooker as one of the top guys for last year's draft yes that could have made it happen his drafts he loves he's a he's a ball hawk he gets into it okay well he is a hawk he is a hawk technically correct yes hey but he scouts like an 11 year old you know far he threw it yeah yeah okay yes it's on my Twitter somewhere I'm sure I'll find the search and then we'll do that hey guys did you hear the Ravens have a new receiver did you guys hear that no did they Odell Beckham oh who's that now in Baltimore what's more likely Odell catches ten or more touchdowns this year the Ravens miss the playoffs oh this is a patriot coming up with this question ten touchdowns yes or Ravens aren't missing the playoffs Ravens are missing the playoffs the Ravens aren't missing the playoffs really they didn't have they didn't have Lamar for a third of the season last year they didn't have a wide receiver catch a touchdown for two-thirds of the season last year they didn't have Mark Andrews for the full season last year breach they didn't have any of that and they still not only made the playoffs but without Lamar almost knocked off the Bengals and would have if Tyler Huntley had only gone low instead of high when they were on the half-yard line what else if I had a nickel for every time I should have went low instead of going high but let's look at this logically yeah I was looking at the standings which of these teams do you expect to make the playoffs this coming season uh-huh the Kansas City Chiefs yes I'll check that box the Buffalo Bill I'll check that box the Cincinnati Bengals I'll check that box how do you feel about the Jacksonville Jaguars yeah I don't know but somebody from the south has got a win so they'll just check that box so there's one spot right how about the Los Angeles Chargers you got it yeah I need to be sold Miami Dolphins I need to be sold all right so if you think all of those teams are suddenly you need to be sold on who's gonna take their spots I think the Ravens are you think the Jets are making the playoffs don't you well if Aaron Rodgers shows up soon last segment he's coming you were you told me he's got already there he's coming okay what about the Denver Broncos think they're gonna be improved this year yes but not making the playoffs not playoffs thank you one of the teams has to win that division right yeah just one team's gonna make it that's all half the teams every year don't make it who made it the year before is there anything that I've said that did not stutter the Ravens are going to make it to the Ravens again make it they're gonna be better come on guys Lamar Jackson is going to play the whole season and for Baltimore right for Baltimore okay I think that I think at this stage you know draft whatever happens but Lamar Jackson plays the whole season he's one of the winningest quarterbacks and I know that's not a quarterback stat but that coupled with what they have defensively and how they run the football and to his point they're in the playoffs without him if he's there if Lamar Jackson is playing and he's in a contract year and I've been in a contract year this is the most important contract probably season of his career yes you players have a I don't know how the stars align but you do everything in your power to be on the field and play the best that you can and under that scenario there's no way of playing Lamar Jackson team does not make the playoffs with Odell having ten or more touchdowns good luck guys all right now the football one and we'll get to a couple of NBA now the dance Snyder's out who makes it back to a Super Bowl first commanders or cowboys TJ a simple come on cuz who makes it back to a Super Bowl first he's got to think about it because I the commanders have got some playmakers now and it's some point one would think chase young is gonna come back healthy they got some playmakers now I don't see think about the cowboy I don't feel like a cowboys are I don't look at them and say oh they're gonna win a Super Bowl soon I don't look at the commanders and say that either but you have to choose like more likely here that's what you gotta do we see the Cowboys in this for a very long time I actually like the teams and organizations doing this because you take bangles style jumps at some point you know I don't know I would say the commander I mean I don't want to boo you although his Cowboys flag is down I don't know where it's it's over here let's put it okay yeah I put away for the and just for you I'll take the Cowboys I'm just thinking you know yeah just just for you there you go I don't know if you can hang that like a like your flag but you got a couple other ones NBA playoffs this weekend who's more likely to win a road playoff game this weekend Lakers or Clippers I'll go with the Lakers I'm going with the Lakers I'll go with the Lakers in Memphis I like what I'm seeing out of the Lakers I'll take Lakers it it's a game one right so I I just don't I don't know man the Clippers minus Paul George in Phoenix first playoff game with Durant that place will be lit Booker will show up I have a problem thinking the clips can win game one and it's easier for the Lakers to do it don't agree I agree completely I agree I can't even improve on that take let's just try and get LeBron and ad to combine for less than ten turnovers and minus five on the plus-minus they do that again they will lose and what's more likely is neither win but I'll take the Lakers with Hawk right here you got one more one more for me and TJ who's more likely to lose their playoff home opener Celtics or Sixers Celtics versus Hawks Sixers versus Nets I'll tell yourself take your Celtics I'm gonna say Celtics to try young just gonna light it up he's a killer man he it's certainly an any playoff series a playoff series in a place that's a garden a garden yes Madison Square he personally torched it he personally torched it left every second oh he did didn't he yeah okay what's more likely everybody Andrew Hawkins we're gonna oh we got one more but you just said one more okay very good look at you great acting the Rays lose over the weekend or an eight seed gets a victory Rays lose tonight so that's it Rays lose tonight no eight seeds gonna do dude no eight seeds gonna win this weekend none Rays lose tonight because they're on the road they're in Toronto they're not playing the Red Sox anymore or the A's or the A's anymore and during a big sequence tonight Rays are trying to score and a nine-year-old is gonna screech because that's what happens in Toronto you know it's gonna totally throw them off there you go what you think of that one I loved it I love it that's the part of sports that's my favorite but which is nine-year-olds who are screeching their heads absolutely affecting the game believe that NBA players after a while couldn't start making free throws and just because that's the way they tell a nine-year-old you got to stop doing that just make your free throws that's it that's it you know kids kids will just keep doing stuff they know they're being they've been doing it for years man screeching yes like that reach random screech to throw me off what else you got going on in your world you always do business same old same old status pro NFL pro air make sure you're still playing or crushing it just continuing to build on that those that commercial that you first showed when you came on here in the playing season that ran non-stop yeah I know it was awesome yeah it was great we're gonna see more of those we're gonna see more of those excellent fantastic absolutely okay so there's that you got Roku recommend who recommends okay I should start coming here to make my announcements cuz I have some things coming down that are gonna be pretty big okay as you know this studio is open to you anytime my favorite studio I love it here I love that you love coming here fantastic and when does Aaron Rodgers become a jet when do you think that happens um cuz you know it's way to day two of the draft day two the draft you don't believe that he's gonna still be a Green Bay Packer no there's no way that's no way there's no way I think I retire before he's a Green Bay Packer damn straight he would know Pam yeah they don't want to pay him 60 million dollars let Woody Johnson pay him all that money what do you pay him what do you pay him yeah he's ready to pay him this guy right over there he's a hater you don't think you think he's gonna play poorly for the Jets right I think we've seen this stop it the whole far history repeats oh one last thing for you what'd you make of Tyree kill saying he's gonna retire at the end of this contract did you hear that he said he's gonna did he's gonna tap out at age 31 I did I don't I don't wanna say I don't believe it I think he believes it I don't know if I don't know if it would actually do that I get it though that's kind of how I was to be honest I was very much like what do you mean I was ready not ready to go but you want new challenges you want you know different things in life to you know feel it again I retired at 31 from the Patriots and again I was not Tyree kill by any stretch of the imagination yes but I could have continued playing it was just like my heart wasn't wasn't there I was blocking that opportunity from somebody else and there were so many other things I wanted to do right and so I do understand that aspect from Tyree kill I just feel like there'll be there's probably still some more in it the tank that he's not it's a hard decision to make of course it's not a decision people typically make three years out three years out so he's got some more time to come right right yeah and money is hard to turn down and he'll still be making a lot of money is hard to turn down but look he's got his ring and he's got his money he might like you just said there's he always said there's other things he wants to do he wants another ring there's never enough money either yeah I mean that's always a good point everybody check out Andrew Hawkins on tonight's episode of Roku recommends right here on Roku and this terrific platform that you can catch this show on every single day between 12 and 3 Eastern Time you're welcome here any time I love it whenever you're in our neighborhood let us know please thank you guys it's right here on the Rich Eisen show we wrap up this show and send you to the weekend in a moment as if the McRispy couldn't get any better bacon and ranch just entered the chat the bacon ranch McRispy available and participating McDonald's for a limited time April is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial IQ stacking benjamins with Joe Saul see hi Bank rates 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense move from Seattle to Florida Wow it's looking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist Paula Pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and Webby award-winning Brown ambition with Tiffany the budget nice to Leche and personal finance expert Mandy Woodruff when I was crafting my resume in my career I wasn't thinking about the job I had I was always thinking like what's gonna impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and I think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we believe it's you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and Brown ambition wherever you listen this weekend on Sunday I go to the Rose Bowl put on my suit and tie and my running shoes and I run my 40 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and it airs on the final day of the NFL draft coverage and I will just tell you this looking at the weather looks like a nice day which by the way never had to think about oh I'm running out here in Los Angeles which has been the last three years I've already gotten some beautiful donations from the NFL community spearheaded once again by Steve Bishati of the Ravens that guy's so generous he and his wife Renee so generous to st. Jude Children's Research Hospital and would love for you to everybody check out our website slash run rich run as always check it out and donate to st. Jude Children's Research Hospital because every single dollar that goes there is to make sure that not only the kids who have to go there get better but also when kids show up the research that's done there has already been done so the kids can get better and whoever shows up there with their kid and gets that phone call that it's just an absolute complete nightmare to get they don't see a bill for medical for travel for food for anything so it's all important let's do it and the let's is just me this weekend how's the training going what now I hear you training I truly have done none I haven't you know the fastest I've run lately is one you went to go steam your shirt just you know yeah I just went to go steam my shirt you're in the break and needed to get back so any surprises running with you or I guess it wouldn't be surprised if we got a couple we got a couple in store okay but I'm gonna bring my kids they're gonna bring some friends there's five families from the st. Jude community that will be there the five families or just now five there will be five families from the st. Jude community that will be there so be excited that'll be Sunday nice be fun have fun man don't bring cage luck taking him anywhere is an adventure these days are you going on I'm just saying he's three so I'm aware that he's gonna want to run the race with you so all right it's it's it's about kids having a day and what if he beats you though I want it to be about you he is fast okay that'll be an end on on Monday show a guest that we've been hoping to get for some time we have we finally got her Kate Morrow will be here oh hey now hey now very few people that's a week from Monday I thought she's on Monday oh it's a week from Monday week for Monday all right she's a couple Monday she's coming in she is how many people you can ask hey so your grandfather's name is on the football huh so who was on Monday I thought we had somebody on Monday we don't hey everyone it's the week I'm excited clippers play Celtics play Nick's play three no right sick all this clipper disrespect three no the clippers aren't gonna win you should stop it that series is not gonna be good TJ I'm sorry this man is going to remind you why why two-time champion in two different countries two-time MVP 20 points that's thank you feller is real sky what it do baby okay thanks for taking in this show I want to thank Andrew Hawkins for showing up in person an eagle for calling in for everybody taking part in the poll question to say that anybody who eats a banana without peeling it is totally insane and it's a red flag we got to get Will Leviss on the show just so I could say really dude I mean elephants don't even do that 92 not the one I saw on CNN and and our bond discussion now leads me to pull my full-on Daniel Craig ladies and gentlemen the weekend JR and more get into the WrestleMania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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