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REShow: Richard Sherman - Hour 1 (9-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 9, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Richard Sherman - Hour 1 (9-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 9, 2022 3:26 pm

Rich recaps the Bills 2nd half domination of the defending Super Bowl Champion Rams, says why he, as a die-hard New York Jets fan, will have to watch Josh Allen ball out in the AFC East for years to come, and says that Sean McVay’s team needs to have a very short memory after their opening night stumble.

Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football Analyst Richard Sherman tells Rich why the Rams offensive line will be a problem all season if they don’t make some adjustments soon, says why the Ravens’ front office showed ‘cowardice’ in their contract negotiations with Lamar Jackson before slapping the Franchise tag on him, says why the 49ers made a great decision in keeping Jimmy Garoppolo to back up Trey Lance, and says if he witnessed any strife between Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll during his days with the Seahawks. 

Rich and the guys debate if it’s too soon to plan the Bills Super Bowl victory parade and lament the disappearing act by some Rams on the fantasy football front in Week 1.

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I love Matthew Stafford there was a couple unfortunate balls that get tipped up but we're gonna keep riding. The Rich Eisen Show today's guests five-time Pro Bowl defensive back Richard Sherman. Actor and author Brian Baumgartner. Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed welcome this edition of The Rich Eisen Show here on the first Friday of the NFL season with one game in the books. We are here live on our YouTube stream Rich Eisen Show. It is our last show streaming live on this YouTube page because starting Monday with most of week one in the books in advance of the Monday nighter between the Broncos and the Seahawks we will be streaming live and airing live every single day on the Roku channel and that is free on all Roku devices. That is free on Samsung smart TVs. That is free on Fire TV. It is free on the Roku mobile app which is free for you to download from the app store because the Roku channel is right in that Roku mobile app and then you go to the if you want to go desktop on us that's fine it's free there too and we start streaming for free on September 12th this coming Monday and we have a great show on our YouTube stream and this Odyssey app as well as The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network that we say a good Friday to today. What a show we've got Richard Sherman is going to be joining us in about 19 minutes time.

So much to talk about with a guy who is now part of the paparazzi on prime video. Amazon with Thursday night football on prime video starting next Thursday when the Chiefs and the Chargers play one another and Richard I can't wait to get his thoughts on last night's game and next week's game and the news that is breaking out of Baltimore that Lamar Jackson has decided to bet on himself and whatever the Ravens put on the table apparently wasn't good enough for him or wasn't commensurate enough with other contracts in the league for him and he's representing himself and that will be a conversation coast to coast in the business of football that perhaps him being unrepresented by a professional agent caused this to happen and Richard is a guy who negotiated his contract with the San Francisco 49ers and can't wait to ask him about the Lamar news and the news that Russell Wilson confirmed yesterday to ESPN that the Seattle Seahawks attempted to trade him before the 2018 draft which Chris Brockman you and I and TJ you and I when we were in Dallas Texas for that draft before that night where we expected five quarterbacks to go and the first one was Baker and the last one was the aforementioned Lamar Jackson and uh we we heard hey keep an eye out for the Seahawks tonight to maybe trade Russell Wilson and uh look for one of these quarterbacks tonight we were all like what we were like what I wasn't buying that it was like there's no way and Russ confirmed that that actually did happen and so you know we heard the rumblings that Russ and the Seahawks weren't his copacetic and him ending all of his interviews here on this show and everywhere else with go hawks uh was was uh was just the tip of an iceberg and man there was a lot of ice bubbling beneath the surface and I can't wait to ask Richard about that as well Peyton Manning is on this program hey Peyton Manning is on this program to promote not only his Manning cast coming up on ESPN2 but on NBC tonight back-to-back episodes of season two or I guess the sophomore season of Capital One's College Bowl hosted by him and his older brother Cooper as they refer to him and I can't wait to hear Peyton say Cooper Susie and I as you know our youngest son is named Cooper and sometimes we call him cups or cuppa because we love the Mannings and so Peyton will be on in the middle of this show Courtney Sutton of the aforementioned Denver Broncos he will be on this program coming up in hour number three in advance of that big Monday nighter and then Brian Baumgartner we love on the show as well as with his days in the office he's got a new book called seriously good chili cookbook 177 of the best recipes in the world and Brian Baumgartner big time Atlanta sports fan as well as a tight friend of Aaron Rodgers he's on this program so lots going on how about that let's start let's start with this a lot of s going on let's start with this long season marathon not a sprint but man did we get a lot of grief on NFL game day season kickoff our season preview show the NFL game day morning gang all six of us me Mooch Kurt Irv Cynthia Freeland Rachel Bonetta we all picked the bills to win the Super Bowl all of us and Kurt and Rachel predicting last night's season opener was a preview of this year's Super Bowl with the Bills and the Rams and I've got the Bills over the Bucks and so on and so forth and did we get a lot of grief and on top of it I said Josh Allen is this year's MVP and I came on this show the next day after seeing all the crap on Twitter of you know I guess you guys are all just falling in line and I said on this show sometimes it is simple don't make it complicated go with what you see and what you believe and I said the Buffalo Bills check every box check every box from game-changing MVP quarterback to big-time playmakers to big-time offensive line to big-time defense to head coach that is still there to a team that has a chip on its shoulder based on the previous season's falling short you put it all together and you've got yourself a Super Bowl contender and did the Bills go out last night and check every single box they not only checked every single box they checked it so hard the pen went through the paper and drew on the table the paper was resting on it was 10-10 at half and the reason why it was 10-10 at half is because a Josh Allen interception went out of the hands of Isaiah McKenzie and right into the hands of the Rams and James Cook's first career carry wound up on the turf that the Bills defense went back out and picked off Matthew Stafford to take the ball right back because the Bills defense is as we say no joke and 200 of the 297 passing yards from Josh Allen split by Stephon Diggs and Gabriel Davis the Bills defense sacked Matthew Stafford seven times last night hit him 15 times last night and all 22 twitter pointing out no blitzes from the Buffalo Bills defense last night they just rushed them and they got them and they have got a defense that can scare people and how about the first sack of the season coming from Von Miller as the Rams were attempting to retort the season opening drive by the Bills and they got on the plus side of the field with a couple of first downs with their Super Bowl MVP Cooper Cupp making a catch and Tyler Higby making a catch and then Von Miller says that's it and ended that drive with a sack to give the Buffalo Bills a very nice start because Allen came out last night and hit people in the mouth and the one thing that maybe gave anybody pause about the Bills entering last night's game to see what we needed to see was the fact that Brian Dabel the offensive coordinator and play caller is now the play caller of the New York Giants and maybe just maybe the New England Patriots aren't the only team in that division to lose their offensive coordinator and play caller and have an issue entering the season that we're all expecting to see play out in the season with a new play caller but Ken Dorsey knows the offense and knows the quarterback and man does he know how to call up plays too on that opening drive we saw it all including a third and short on the plus side of the field and what a play call that was to Gabe Davis slipped out wide open touchdown 26 yards seven nothing they didn't settle for a field goal they jammed it right down the throat of the rams underneath the shadow of the freshly hung Super Bowl banner with the rock cooking before the game yeah and the stadium cooking because it's a hundred friggin degrees here for the 10th straight day it was hot and so were the Bills because again I said this I think two years ago even Josh Allen is coming for your souls he doesn't just come with his arm and his legs he's coming with his arm and his legs he's coming for your souls and he's stiff arming Nick Scott to the ground throwing his ass out of the club and he's stiff arming and once again for the 20th time in his 60 in his 62 career starts for the Bills he led the Bills in rushing and then he missed on only five passes and almost getting 300 yards 297 yards his passes are like the throwing version of a stiff arm because now he appears to have what all MVP quarterbacks have full command he steps to the line and you think uh-oh he's got us you think uh-oh I have no idea how he's gonna get us arm or legs uh-oh he's not gonna be the one to make the mistake uh-oh we better have our chin strap strapped and everything else girded because he's coming and the Bills didn't punt at all and they've got a kicker who can split the uprights that's why I chose the Bills to win it all that's why most people have chosen the Bills to win it all of course we need to see it over and over and over again in a league where attrition will always land but man a 21-point win in the home of the defending Super Bowl champs on the night that they have raised the banner I looked it up the NFL in 2004 started to the tradition of having the defending Super Bowl champions host the opener with two exceptions with two exceptions in 2019 if you remember they had the Bears and the Packers open up due to the fact that that was the a milestone moment in that rivalry the Patriots had their home opener on a Sunday night they won by 30 the other time for an exception is when Baltimore had to go on the road to open their season in Denver because I guess there was some sort of a doubleheader in the or the Orioles had something to do with it or whatever it was Orioles didn't want to change or it was really weird and so they share a parking lot that's right right the nest there where the Ravens and the Orioles share share a spot uh you know a Ravens had to go on the road to Denver and Peyton Manning our second hour guests just beat them like a drum by 22 other than that it is by far the worst home opening loss by a defending Super Bowl champ on the night that they have raised a banner 21 points and it didn't even appear to be that close being in the building it never felt like the Rams were in it they had three turnovers in the first half and they were lucky that it was tied at halftime it felt like they should have been up a score maybe with that discrepancy but it never felt close in the building the bills just dominated beginning what a way to start the season and in the same way that we talked about pressure and I'm like yeah I don't think that's a concern first night out you have what Josh Allen had to say last night because I said this guy is just gonna roll off his back gonna roll off his back any adversity why why and why not because he's got it he's got the team he's got the teammates he's got the whole city in the palm of his hand because he's so cool as a cucumber and he gets better every year and he appears to be better now than we saw him the last time and he was incredible in a playoff loss in Kansas City there will be moments when it's pressure packed but I feel they're going to rise to the occasion more often than not this was Allen last night when asked if based on everybody picking them or the consensus pick being them if they needed to make a statement in front of the country in the Rams house last night no we needed to win a game we need to put our best foot forward try to execute the way we know we can execute and just try to win a game that's all you know want to know each week is our mindset playoff caliber you know that's that's what we're trying to do that's what coach Mcdermott preaches is and that's what you know our mindset mentality is every time we step in our facility is what can we do to allow ourselves the opportunity to go want to know this week next up is a Monday night home opener to kick off the double header by the way that ends week two on ESPN against Tennessee so Derek Henry who throws people out of the club and stiff arms professionally and Josh Allen in the same field you can't wait for that and then there's Miami and of course there's one last thing I want to say about this with the AFC East speaking on behalf of a fan base that resides there just when we got rid of Brady finally here comes Josh Allen sitting atop this division yeah pretty okay I know you're we got you got Bill and you Bill you trust and you got Mac and I know the Dolphins have Tua and everyone else but that sense of inevitability that an opponent might feel when Josh Allen's behind center and shotgun or whatever like uh-oh I'm getting that feeling like uh-oh Patriots won 11 in a row in the division and we might be they got a long way to go I was already calling it a marathon just for this year but I just get that feeling of inevitability because they're young and they're good just when you thought the division was up for grabs the Bills coagulate and show up like they're showing up before we take a break I do want to spend some time on the Rams here's the game you bury you buried a tape you bury the tape you take the tape you bury it I don't know where you do it you do it in Thousand Oaks maybe you find a spot just around the corner where they used to shoot mash you go right on that corner chuck it off the pier I don't know what you do I don't know what you do you go to the Rams house where they have the nice draft night draft night you take the tape you throw it out you throw it right out the door the the the the throw it out you throw it right out the door the and and the good news is is Cooper Cup is amazing and even with the problems protecting Matthew Stafford last night Cup had 10 catches for over over 120 yards and he had that toe tap in the back of the end zone and he is a major major problem for the defense that the Rams are facing the problem is is who's going to step up Allen Robinson disappeared Cam Akers didn't even play and we'll talk about that hardly played my my issue is that offensive line up front Matt's the issue with offensive line up front like Whit was in the building can he suit up I mean that that was a problem and you know it's just one of those things where you're just going to have to work it out because the issue is because the issue is if the bills are yeah you know best defense and there might be the Super Bowl contender that we all believe them to be but you know the 49ers have a pass rush they got one Cardinals of JJ Watt you take a look at the Rams schedule this is the year they play the AFC West I don't need to tell you who now resides there that can rush the passer the Bucks come up on their schedule Shaq Barrett et al part of the AFC West Chandler Jones and Max Crosby this is a problem and clearly it's something that can be worked out and it takes time and offensive lines take time and you're not looking at I I don't know how you fix that and the defense is just like tip your cap man Josh Allen it may just be your MVP and Diggs and Gabe Davis look out look out and they got others and Dawson Knox Isaiah McKenzie caught a touchdown after he had that bobble that calls to be the the the first interception this season to wind up on Josh Allen's ledger so on the Rams I am monitoring Odell Beckham's knee I'm glad he was in the building last night part of the raising of the banner let's keep him close let's keep him on the speed dial and Les Knead is smart enough to know what needs to be known and you got to unless you trust and in Sean McVeigh you trust because last night was a complete total washout bury the tape bury the tape and find uh find the cohesiveness up front because if you can't protect your quarterback who's coming off of some procedure on his arm that's a problem certainly if he's going to continue those no-look passes it's amazing the no-look pass went right to cup last year when it mattered the most last night it went off the top you know it was too high went off his hands interception it's just a bad night all around bury the tape timing will come I guess you know it's a long season they should not over but I I if I if I had a guess I will take the bills as that's more indicative of their play season long than the Rams I'll take it how will Richard Sherman take it how does Peyton Manning take it we'll ask both of them and then you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial we'll take a break first break here on the first day of this show in 2022 in which a regular season had been played we're talking about it today what's more likely to take you to your weekend but taking us to break with Richard Sherman of Prime Video on the other side Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life Geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and RV even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even more with a special discount when you bundle your coverages plus add the easy to use Geico mobile app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to Geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great 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terrestrial radio network along with our friends and YouTube page Rich Eisen Show where we're streaming for the last day before we migrate to the Roku channel on Monday it's a stream world folks Thursday Night Football is coming to a streamer Prime Video Amazon is taking over Thursday Night Football and one of their new stars who is ready to roll he is built for this and he's part of the pregame postgame and halftime of Thursday Night Football which comes your way on Prime Video to kick off week two and just six nights from now between the Chargers and Chiefs in Kansas City is the perennial pro bowler from back in his day and Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman on the Rich Eisen Show Mercedes-Benz van's phone line how you doing Richard? I'm doing fantastic man I'm you know another day another beautiful opportunity how are you? I'm doing great congrats on this gig I'm so happy for you you are so made for this you are so ready for it and I can't wait to watch you and the rest of the crew have at it in Kansas City that is such a big game which we'll get to in a minute but I would be remiss if I just didn't give you the floor and ask you what you what your takeaway from Bill's beat down of the Rams to kick the season off what is that takeaway Richard? You know I thought I thought early on I mean the Rams defense played well I thought I thought they created turnovers Nick Scott was all over the place Bobby Wagner had a sack freaking Aaron Donald had sacks like they were making plays Troy Hill with the interception but I thought they just got worn down you know I didn't think the offense gave them enough throughout the game I don't think that offensive line is gonna is gonna stand up I think they're gonna have to make an adjustment and bring somebody else in I was I was jokingly saying they're gonna call it but it's not as much of a joke as people think it is you know I mean no boom looked a little overwhelmed at times and he's gonna have he's gonna have a lot to deal with the season. Yeah it was a very difficult night for Stafford the offensive line allowed 15 hits on their quarterback seven sacks and as I mentioned to start the program you know all the all 22 twitter remarked that there was no blitzing by the Bills they just went and rushed him and they got to him and they hit him so you think the fix is that these less needs got to be on the phone line today to find another offensive lineman or two?

R5 I mean no no question I mean it's it I think if what they showed and now now nothing is Buffalo Buffalo is freaking with the number one defense in football last year in terms of yards per game but they have to go against the San Francisco 49ers defensive line twice and and they have monsters and they all have already struggled with them consistently you know they have to go against them twice they have to go against the AFC West twice I mean they have to go against the AFC West twice I mean they have to go get the AFC West and you know you got another boaster coming to town you got Chandler Jones you got Max Crosby you got Khalil Mack you know the people that they're going to have to deal with this year if they don't get that fixed I mean 15 hits is just the tip of iceberg. And then what did you make of the Bills offensively Richard it just seemed like the only issue could be possibly that Brian Dable is gone their play caller is gone and and that might leave the Bills adrift but then we saw the first set of downs was a remarkable a remarkable march down the field Ken Dorsey appeared to be pushing all the right buttons and what a button to push than Josh Allen I mean that's the way I took it how how how difficult is it going to be to stop this offense this year do you think Richard? It's going to be really difficult and he took his time you know and I think that's you know you hear the Rams remarks after the game talking about we thought they wouldn't be patient we thought Josh Allen would be impatient and take shots and he just took what the defense gave him he didn't force anything hey it's taken away check it down that's five that's eight hey it's taken away I'll take it with my legs and for the first half it seemed like he made a conscious decision not to run it and I think that was Ken Dorsey and I think that was Josh Allen I think they made a conscious decision to say hey let me show you guys this guy is an MVP candidate with his arm and then the beginning of the second half the first I think it was the first drive or second drive they had two designed quarterback runs immediately like it was just they were so in tune and so in rhythm that it was like a game it was like they were just scripting what they wanted to show and what they wanted to do and what they wanted people to see it's like a movie and if you're doing that in a game against the defending Super Bowl champs like oh my goodness this is going to be a fun season for them five-time all-pro cornerback and Super Bowl champion and prime videos Thursday Night Football's Richard Sherman here on the Rich Eisen Show so run down for me the team that can beat the Bills in the AFC is it the team that you're going to go see host the kickoff of prime videos Thursday Night Football and the Chiefs because they have knocked the Bills off twice could it be the Bengals anyone else in the AFC West or anyone else that I'm missing walk me through that Richard Sherman I think I think it's one of the two teams that we're going to see this upcoming Thursday I think it's either the Chargers or the Chiefs you know and unfortunately the Chargers haven't lived up to the lofty expectations that everyone has had for them but hopefully this is the year they do I think Justin Herbert's trying to continue his his great play obviously them getting J.C. Jackson will see if he's healthy for this first week and hopefully he's healthy for for that game but Khalil Mack bringing him into town Sebastian Joseph Day to secure that run game you know that was a huge weakness for him last year I think they'll have a chance obviously people are making a huge deal about the Kansas City Chiefs losing the cheetah which is which is obviously you'd lose an all-pro receiver it's going to make a difference but in the preseason if that was any indication they look like they're ready to weather that storm you know my homes are still my home Andy Reid is still Andy Reid the enemy is still B enemy and they're still calling the game the same you know Nicole Hartman is taking some of the some of the stress off Juju Smith-Schuster is doing some things I think they're doing it by committee and in a way that it would have all been cheated to do this job and they're doing doing it with four or five guys but they're still getting it done. All right Richard Sherman I want to ask you some of the burning questions going around the National Football League and get your two cents on it and you have some unique insight on many of them starting with Lamar Jackson representing himself in Baltimore today is deadline day that he set for his new contract and if he doesn't get it he will place things aside and the conversation that has been going on is the reason why it has not been done is partially because Lamar is representing himself and needs to get representation to bring this thing home what do you say about that having somebody who has represented himself before? I say that that's cowardice and in comfort from GM you know if GM's never want to have uncomfortable conversation and so you know the relationships that GM's have with agents you know they can they can go have drinks they can go meet at a bar they can meet at the combine they can have these buddy buddy conversations they can say things both sides you know the agent is part of it too it's complicit they can say things to each other but they never say in front of the player either side and when it's the player representing themselves they can't you can't say those things you can't disrespect them you can't say hey this guy I mean he's really terrible he doesn't deserve this he he's not worth this and we'll do this you you better talk to him with a certain amount of respect and regard and I think Lamar is just taking his life in his own hands and as he should like you have quarterback Kyler Murray just got 230 million dollars like okay cool that's so that's the floor because Kyler Murray has not done anywhere near as much in this league as Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson has an MVP to his name and so some people saying oh him representing himself is just a way for them to try to buffer and push players away from from doing their own deals because at the end of the day the parameters of the D or parameters of the deal the understanding of what what what his his floor should look like is concrete like it's understood and so it's going to be unfortunate you know if Baltimore allows that to to be the reason they don't sign it because it I think this deadline means he walks after the season you know they can franchise tag him but it'd be tough. Well he is going to be franchise tagged as a matter of fact that that that announcement has come uh already through the twitter account of Adam Schefter and others that he's going to play on the franchise tag and he has turned down the offers and so the conversation so the conversation is going to be this is that Lamar represented himself and if he did not represent himself he would be signed sealed and delivered and you call that cowardice that's what that says that says more about the the the GM's and the the the the cowardice of the GM's than it does about Lamar Jackson like hey a guy got a 230 million dollar deal fully guaranteed and he has no MVPs to his name he's a great player and if he's asking for that same deal what you're telling me an agent would have got it he didn't get it from Tyler Murray you didn't get it for Russell Wilson like just because you have an agent doesn't mean you're going to get a good deal or a great deal and just because you don't have an agent doesn't mean you're not so it's it's just another excuse for people to make you know I mean the guy should get the money he deserves he's an MVP of this league he's the MVP within his rookie contract which is incredible. Thursday night football prime video is Richard Sherman here on the Rich Eisen Show and then two other burning questions involving your former teams first up let's talk the 49ers with Jimmy Garoppolo being retained to back up the guy who has supplanted him for a team that he has taken to a Super Bowl or was quarterback of that Super Bowl team and then almost was a quarterback of that Super Bowl team last year that could have been. Niners say it's workable as does Jimmy G and Lance what do you say with knowledge of that locker room and organization Richard Sherman workable? I think it's I think it's fantastic move and obviously you hear everything I hate I hate the anonymous sources and that's that's the like torment of this industry because I can literally make up anything and say hey a source told me I don't have to defend it I don't have to prove I don't have to prove anything I can just make it up and call it back and I've been in that locker room and I know Jimmy I don't know Trey as well so I can't speak to him but I know who Jimmy is and I know how the locker room sees him and I know the respect level that they have for him and I know the respect level that Kyle has for him and there couldn't have been a better situation for him to be in being under these circumstances you know he's still healing up from the arm if he if he even went to another team call it Cleveland or Seattle and had to learn the system out you know during the first week of the season and struggles you know who knows how well he would have played you know because you got to learn the playbook you got to learn the teammates you got to learn the timing etc etc he'd be setting himself up for a tough all season next next season you know and potentially losing money and then in this situation at worst he sits behind them and you know they have a competitive team if Trey struggles supremely bad I think Kyle would would would take a shot at hey putting Jimmy in and saying hey do it again but if if Trey stays healthy and they get to a Super Bowl and they have great success and Jimmy walks off into the sunset he's still the the most viable free agent target if Lamar Jackson isn't free so I think it puts him in a great situation it allows his arm to heal up allows him to be healthy and ready to go next season for whoever he plays for and get himself another big deal. Well I guess you did touch upon the gray area of this is the the the extent of the Lance struggle that would cause Kyle Shanahan to hit the Jimmy Garoppolo or break the emergency glass on Jimmy Garoppolo in a way that could stunt Lance's growth or or or there could be some sort of locker room conversation that would cause Shanahan to do that can you walk me through the possibilities and what that might look like Richard? I mean it it has to it has to be uh something nuclear um and that that locker room isn't that that's not one of those conversations where I I would ever have that that locker room would ever get to the point where where they they're having conversations um that affect Kyle Shanahan's decision making like and that is a character high high high character locker room and high character individuals and Jimmy Garoppolo is a high character individual he showed that throughout this entire process he didn't he didn't he didn't say a word he went about his business you know he let the rumors swirl he let people speculate he just did his work did whatever he has to do hey they're going to trade me hey I'm going to get my work off to the side and I'm going to distract the team because I care about my teammates and so I think I think it has to be something it has to be a catastrophic collapse it has to be it has to be really really really awful I mean it has to be 10 10 interceptions in two weeks um kind of ordeal I think for him to really make that kind of decision and I just don't foresee that happening you know I mean I just don't foresee that you know you you keep a nuclear option you keep nuclear plans and and emergency situations you know for for those kind of days but I just don't foresee that happening and too many weapons on offense powers to creative last one for you Richard Sherman is uh your former teammate Russell Wilson now in Denver and he confirmed yesterday to ESPN that the team in Seattle did in fact try to trade him at the 2018 draft for the first overall selection to Cleveland um and so I guess the question I have for you is what gives uh what what was the relationship between Seattle uh Carroll and Russell Wilson or in any way shape or form that has been bubbling beneath the surface for damn like five years it seems Richard uh I had no idea honestly I I don't have a ton of information about their relationship after I left um because I was gone you know for those five years that it was bubbling I was gone I was I was in San Francisco and then in Tampa but um while I was there um the relationship was fantastic um and Pete made sure of that Pete made went out of his way to make sure that Russell was comfortable in in every situation and that the team um made a way to make him comfortable and so I I think that's a little bit extra you know maybe they saw the I mean they saw the writing on the wall just like everybody else like they had gotten rid of me they have gotten rid of Earl they had gotten rid of a lot of the the foundational pieces to the organization so to think he was going to get traded after that when they had already gotten rid of a lot of the foundational pieces isn't that far-fetched they had already you know they're they have to go in rebuilding mode at some point so you got rid of one of the best defenses and and all the all pros and future hall of famers and if they would have got rid of him it would just been cleaning house and allowing them to start new so I I don't I don't I don't look too much into that I believe it I believe they had interest in Patrick Mahone um in that draft and I mean it's all true ah Richard Sherman here on the Rich Eisen Show and we will see you Richard thanks for the call greatly appreciate it on Thursday night next week on Prime Video when the Chargers face the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chiefs are at Arizona this weekend and the Chargers are next up they're probably taking the Rams logos up in the Rams house right now and putting the lightning bolts down on the field because the Chargers host the Raiders and then the Chargers host the Raiders and turn around and play the Chiefs and the Chiefs go to Arizona and turn around come home and host the Chargers what a big short week turnaround for both right there I mean absolutely huge what do you make of Richard also saying they need new five new offensive line I mean here in Los Angeles when you get seven sacks with no blitzes rich when you're only rushing three and four guys damn I mean it's it's an impressive performance by that bill's front line fresh reminder you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa speaking of Amazon there to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone it's time to say good night to that check engine light with the free AutoZone fix finder service it'll help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free restrictions apply get in the zone AutoZone the Ravens have placed a statement out there for everyone to see based on the fact that Lamar Jackson's playing on the franchise tag could not come to an agreement 844-204-rich is the number to dial we'll talk to you and anyone else who wants to talk to us and hopefully that's a very large subset of America that's a 844-204-rich number to dial we're back with more before Brian Baumgartner comes in studio and Peyton Manning calls in we could talk about how complicated other banks make it to redeem credit card rewards like how they require minimums and worse how their rewards flat out expire or we could talk about how with Discover you can redeem your rewards for cash in any amount at any time I mean talk about amazing and now that we've talked about that let's get back to the Rich Eisen Show you know the stuff we talk about here learn more redeem rewards terms apply this episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all-new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own so you're hands-free to get more done during calls and with multi-window view you can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge-to-edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows visit to learn more about Galaxy Z Fold 4 back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich number to dial just like what what is the route going to be for the parade you think though like in Buffalo yeah they're gonna like finish by Niagara Falls what's that gonna be hey look you you and Simmons and all the other assholes trying to put the Ziggy on them but guess what the Bills are the class of the AFC East for sure the best team in the NFL they're the class come on possibly of the AFC let's see what the west does about the teams that have played this year absolutely I know and of course you got a cowboy fan over there saying the boys you don't think the Cowboys are in anywhere near the Bills League right now who brought up the the Cowboys you you did by opening your mouth no I did I said nothing about the Cowboys the Cowboys never even entered the the chat you just entered the chat proving my point that people are going to talk about Dallas no matter what so you just you're the one who says the varsity's playing something but I hadn't said it I didn't say well this is today why we bringing up old stuff I've said like five words today none of them were the Dallas Cowboys talking about the Bills and their dominance we need to see look the Chiefs may have their number when it's all said and done like if it's Buffalo versus Kansas City in a one and done in January whole country's gonna watch I mean that will shatter records for whatever round of the playoffs that appears in okay and then we will see what happens you know if the Chiefs can actually do it to them again and say we're the ones who stand in your way and Chiefs fans are absolutely loving the fact that the Bills have everyone piling on I don't think Stone Street's ever gonna speak to me again and you know they're loving it let's see what they do in Arizona if they go in and treat Arizona like the Rams treated Arizona last year and then they'll show up on Thursday night and put their marker down that we've won this division six straight times okay Chargers you're so glad you got a 30 year old Khalil Mack and so glad you spent all that money on J.C. Jackson who might not even play because he's hurt I'm glad that you got Justin Herbert where you know we're the team that that gave Justin Herbert his his great start when he almost beat us in his first shot at us remember that he comes out like he wasn't expecting to start and he starts against the Chiefs and gave him a little scare so you know obviously pumped the brakes on the on the the parade route stuff but for you picked him to win what do you mean I know I did but I'm not sitting here saying I'm absolutely right I'm saying you saw last night the reason why I picked them that's the reason why I picked them is because they can play like that in a setting like the one that was on display last night they can do that they can not only beat you they can steal your souls which is what championship teams do let's see how they follow it up over and over and over again let's see what happens when injuries strike let's see what happens when adversity hits in third and fourth quarters on the road we'll see what happens I'm sitting here saying it's 20 and 0 but they certainly looked like a team that that can beat anybody in front of them and then we have our first um fantasy questions of 2022 what where in the world was cam acres last night I don't know man did mcveigh talk about that after the game I didn't see anything look you know running back rooms are always fungible in many different ways and you know darryl henderson may have shown in training camp preseason what cam acres didn't obviously you know cam acres is coming back from an achilles injury but he didn't look unusable in the playoffs last year he looked quite the opposite he was out there I mean when matthew stapford has two more rush yards than cam acres it gives you question three touches hit three touches and then alan robinson oh baby uh sean mitchell rich eisen show digital coordinating producer he's a die-hard los angeles sports fan was this said with a little bit of you know bile you know but he texted us on our text chain last night a very outstanding text has alan robinson scrubbed the rams from his social media yet you know i gave him a little good one that's a good line right there he hasn't he's not if he checked on it look on it right now pro bowl wide receiver for the la rams let's just tip the cap to uh bill's defense right that definitely hit the rams in the mouth repeatedly last night but wouldn't repeatedly you have doubled cooper cup and then what alan robinson get maybe some more target man how about 15 targets i haven't seen the film yet i'm not even look at robinson yes yeah two i'm upset you know why i'm upset man i'm just upset because you started alan robinson over gabe davis yeah i forgot to switch out my lineup i was so excited the game started and right literally right before kickoff i was like oh and i'm a commissioner i could have changed it oh i didn't want to do that no you can't do that you can't do that well when did you notice at 5 21 i noticed it literally as the ball was getting so you could make a swap yeah no you can't do that i i had you have to you know do the right thing sometimes so no you don't i'm richard nixon you do whatever you want when it's the commissioner no oh no you can't you have scruples sir clearly this man does not clearly not do whatever you want you can't do whatever you want that's how life works it was kickoff it's just like i also don't understand it's just like you know you've had six months to get ready for this game half a year we talked about it all day jim yes jim we talked about it yesterday i did not bench gabe davis i'm very happy again i didn't bench davis the computer had him on the bench i didn't put him into the starting i got him i'm stacked a wide receiver though so i'm good and i got him in the one league i really want to have him in which is my poker league and speaking of which the joe latrulio oh nice fantasy league where i was accused of being reach eisen taking josh allen in the fourth round to go pair with cooper cup how am i looking right now reach eisen that reach this reach my paranaeum sir you're in first wow of course because i got josh allen and cooper cup and other teams haven't had anybody playing ridiculous paton manning on the phone and brian gone bomb gartner in studio when we come right back here's look at this book right so you got 34 from josh allen and 32 from cooper cup looking good don't you think nice start oh you also had the rams defense for seven and so if anybody out there you were following uh our draft again joe latrulio the actor invited us into his league uh wound up we found out who else is in it john ham paul rudd just to name some who you might know of or heard of where you you drafted he had two hours to choose a pick and uh the reason for that is we the draft is there was no called draft you just wherever you were you picked whenever you could pay attention to picking you had two hours to pick before an auto pick would hit and then there that's your team top to bottom your entire bench there's no waiver wires there's no cuts if somebody gets hurt they're on your team and then the entire year i did not know this it's not head to head it's just the entire it's just a stack compiler whoever has the most points of the entire team and then your bench only counts if somebody on your bench has more points than whoever's quote unquote starting so you have the top quarterback two wide receivers three uh two two running backs three wide receivers a tight end a flex and a defense no kickers no kicker love that so i didn't know it's this whole season-long stat compiler who has cam akers not me oh gosh damn people are already thinking season's over for the rams and my fantasy team brian bombgartner in studio next for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because i even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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