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REShow: Shams Charania - Hour 1

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April 11, 2023 3:21 pm

REShow: Shams Charania - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 11, 2023 3:21 pm

Rich and the crew react to the news that the show has been nominated as the Sports Emmys ‘Outstanding Daily Studio Show.’ 

Rich explains why the LeBron James and the Lakers have a good shot to reach the NBA Finals and possibly win it all. 

The Athletic’s Senior NBA Insider Shams Charania tells Rich why the NBA Playoffs field is wide open this year, how Rudy Gobert’s suspension will impact the Minnesota Timberwolves against the Lakers, when/if the New Orleans Pelicans can expect Zion Williamson to return from his latest injury, if Ja Morant’s off-court issues could crater the Memphis Grizzlies’ title hopes, if the Clippers will get Paul George back for their first round series against the Suns, and if 76ers center Joel Embiid will be named NBA MVP this season. 

Rich and the guys debate if the Clippers vs Suns or Cavs vs Knicks will be the best first-round matchup of the NBA Playoffs?

Rich ponders if the Tennessee Titans would be better off trading RB Derrick Henry to add draft capital to possibly move up in the NFL Draft to select Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. What advice would you give Lamar Jackson right now?

In Domic and Sue? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Uh, having been in his shoes and done my own bills, stay firm. The Rich Eisen Show.

Find a way, if you want to be with the Ravens, to where it's a win-win situation. Today's guests. NBA insider for the athletic and stadium, Shyam Sharanya.

MLB Network analyst, Kevin Millar. Three-time Emmy Award winning actor and comedian, Ray Romano. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. And we are thrilled to be here on the air live on the Roku channel. Not just because we love our partnership with the Roku channel, but it does appear that we just got the Roku channel its first ever sports Emmy nomination for best studio show ever. Yes indeed. We're back, Mortimer.

Yes. Congratulations. Congratulations to everyone at the Roku channel.

I'm going to do what I did last year. MLB Tonight, NFL Live. Pardon the interruption. SportsCenter and the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, outstanding studio show daily, how about that?

Outstanding sports personality studio host, James Brown, Reese Davis, Mike Tirico, Scott Van Pelten. Yours truly. Alright, Suze, looks like we're going to New York in late May. And the rest of us. Rich, congrats buddy, proud of you.

Same to you. Hey, TJ's coming over to shake hands. How about us? We're back.

Double dip again, back to back. Holy smokes. I told you.

Mike, did you pay off someone from Jersey to make this happen? I'm not going to lie, I voted this year, so I put a little gauge on it and I told people, Mike, if you're in our category, vote. Congrats fellas, congrats everyone at home. Congratulations to NFL Live, pardon the interruption, SportsCenter and us.

Awesome. Outstanding studio show daily and outstanding. Congrats to everybody. And congrats to everyone at the Roku channel, I want to thank them for their support. Shout out Roku Joe, shout out Roku Charlie. Come on.

Hoskins, Mitch, Jordan. Wow, it happened again. We're thrilled. Hey, Rick, don't sound surprised, baby. Don't sound surprised. I appreciate that.

Act like you've been there before, which we have. So here's what we need to do, everybody. When is this date? When is this date? It's May 22nd. Okay.

So block that off. We're going. We're going.

Yes. We're back. We'll go.

Back in the New York booth. We'll go. I can't wait. And then this time around, this time around, we're bringing our own internet Wi-Fi. Yes.

I can't wait. And we are, honestly, they could frisk us all they want. We're bringing drinks in there. Okay.

Because we're not sitting there for three and a half hours. Straight up flask situation. Honestly.

The Emmy. Honestly. Flask.

Flask. Wow. Okay. Well, thank you to you guys. Thank you, Rich.

Congrats, man. Hey, to Sean Mitchell at home. Everybody. Absolutely. And shout out to Jordan Sherrow at home, to Mike Hoskins.

Mike, you could take different cameras because you show that what you do every day, along with the rest of this production crew at Liz Wailed and everybody that puts this show together every single day. Adam Chudwin is in the back. He is the first line of defense that we have. So I want to thank the whole crew. Wow.

Okay. Let's go bring it home. Hey, we fooled him for another year, guys. Hey, man. To quote Nate Diaz, I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised.

I can't finish the rest of the quote, Rich, because it's Roku. I'm proud of you guys. I'm proud of you, buddy. I appreciate that.

Keep it going, man. Wow. Okay. Let's take one home this year. That'll be great. I'll take it. So I want to thank also everybody out there who puts this show on the map, because you watch us every day and you share what we do every day, and that allows our colleagues to covet what they see every day, and it is an honor just to be nominated. And for the second year in a row, a double dip, and I'm thrilled to be included with such great broadcasters, and I guess Toriko's going for two in a row, huh? So there you have it.

So thank you. Let's talk about tonight, shall we? Let's get into it, because the NBA playoffs begin tonight, although the NBA calls this the play-in tournament, and the loser tonight does go home to host a playoff game that is technically a playoff game, right?

The loser tonight goes home, but not for good, just to host the winner of the 9-10 game that happens on Wednesday night. But that said, the playoffs begin tonight in the NBA, and it's all about, well, I'll let the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers kind of set the stage for you. Hit it, Mike.

Hit it right there. The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. From now on, it's all about the Larry O.B. Only one team can claim that at the end of the run of these playoffs, and everybody else who makes the playoffs, as also Mr. Ballmer has so eloquently put it, there you have it.

Like the Highlander. That could be only one. By the way, this is why we're nominated two years in a row. That's the content. The Roku channel's very happy. They're very excited. Toilets. It's all about the Larry O.B., and for everyone else, it's toilets. And who's in the mix for the Larry O.B.? Here we go. I know it's the playing tournament.

I get it. There are six teams in each conference that are already chillaxing, getting ready for their first round contest this weekend. But who is in the mix hosting a game tonight but the team that everybody thought was in fact in the toilets when the season began because their roster was unworkable and there was no chance to create a roster to go on a run with a chip and a chair when the playoff tournament began because of the new coach coming in and telling Russell Westbrook he's got to come off the bench and he won't be happy. And even though he did come off the bench and started doing sixth man of the year type stuff, it still wasn't working out to the tune of going on a run for a championship or making a run in the playoffs because Anthony Davis got hurt again.

Mr. Street clothes. And yes, LeBron James was playing way beyond his age, triple doubling, if I'm not mistaken, on his birthday. And then he gets hurt just when the team does reconfigure its roster in a series of trades that did begin with Russell Westbrook being offloaded only to have him wind up in Los Angeles for a Clipper team that is higher ranked and he is one of the teams chillaxing tonight getting ready for its first round series against the Phoenix Suns and Kevin Durant who would have thought that possible when the season began when we were all looking at the Lakers and saying no chance. And yet tonight they host a Minnesota Timberwolves team that everybody thought would be in the six Western Conference sextet sitting at home chillaxing.

And they're the ones coming in without Rudy Gobert, the reason why Rudy thought the Timberwolves would be in the top six in the West is because Rudy Gobert was added and he's not there tonight because he couldn't keep his hands to himself in a huddle in the final regular season game of the year. What a sentence. What did I say that was incorrect? I know, but I'm just saying that it actually happened. Right.

We really should have learned that in kindergarten, right? Keep your hands to yourself. Don't hit our friends. And they're without one of their best young players of the season blossoming because he couldn't keep his hands to himself hitting a wall.

Come on. And the Mavericks who were coming off of a Western Conference Finals appearance sitting there as the sixth seed right around the trade deadline acquiring Kyrie Irving, they pulled a plug on their season on Friday and look who is in the mix tonight. Your Los Angeles Lakers and you cannot say this team can't go on a run. D'Angelo Russell and Malik Beasley shooting threes, Jared Vanderbilt, Mo Bamba if he can be healthy. Bamba. Bamba. Bamba. Come on. Bamba. Look at the Los Angeles Lakers tonight in the downtown hoops dojo.

Los Angeles Lakers. Here we go. It's going to be interesting. It's going to be interesting. They're going to go on a run.

And I'll tell you what. They win tonight. Get your cardigans ready because here comes Shannon Sharpe and the Memphis Grizzlies and Dylan Brooks and Ja Morant and Jake Cubed, Jaron Jackson Jr. and the Brash Grizzlies who talk it and walked it to the tune of the two seed.

Oh my gosh. Sign me up. And then the Timberwolves go home and take on the winner of Wednesday night's game between the Pelicans and the Thunder as the Pelicans are without Zion and the Thunder without Chet Holmgren all year getting into the 10 seed unless of course the winner of that game comes here to Los Angeles because Carl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards and the rest of that talented Timberwolves team will shock everyone tonight let's go. You got the Heat and the Hawks this evening.

That's fun. Winner of that contest goes to visit Boston. I'm sorry I'm rooting for the Heat tonight even though I chose the Hawks I chose the Hawks preseason to be the team to shock everyone and win the East just because I was trying to zig when everyone was zagging. Let's roll. Fired up for that one. Two teams with crazy amounts of drama this year Atlanta does a coaching change and rumors about Trae Young and his future with the team and Miami is just one of those squads if they get hot TJ they could go to the finals like they have that pedigree Jimmy Butler could just take over like we were saying yesterday they have the shooters who could get hot yeah Manic said it's the same team that damn near prevented the Celtics from making the finals. One shot away a Jimmy Butler pull-up three from going to the finals and now here they are again.

Chip in a chair. Jimmy left it all on the court that night. That was incredible that was a wonderful series last May that was incredible. It was and by the way don't sleep on the 9-10 game in the East also Bulls performed very well in the last few weeks finished strong compared to obviously the first few months of their season and the Raptors have got scorers they've got players is this Nick nurses potential final game on the bench for the Raptors and what the hell how is Zion not ready I mean what the hell's going on with his career we're about to talk to Shams in a second yeah he said yesterday they the pelican said Zion's not even close to returning to the court unreal what's going on I don't know man I just hope it's not one of those situations where it's like what if starts tonight I'm looking at the bottom line on on ESPN will the Lakers win the West a legit question a legit question Chris Mannix our friend from Sports Illustrated yesterday said he thinks they're going to he thinks they will win the West and if the Lakers make the championship I know that would freak out a bunch of people but I'm sorry sign me up to man LeBron in the finals again purple and gold with fans in the stands this time that's exactly what every sport would want their all-time great scorer late in his career doing crazy things I mean that's what baseball got out of pool holes at the end of last year right one last little hurrah although this wouldn't be maybe even his last hurrah by the way speaking of baseball tip your cap to the Tampa Bay Rays they started 10-0 now the Yankees are four out already they've got a four-game lead in the east the Rays shut out the Red Sox 1-0 it's been damn near 30 years since we saw 30-plus years since we've seen a team start 10-0 they take on your socks again today they're on pace for what a hundred sixty two and oh wow look at you you know I'm very good at math and again also took two hours yesterday and I'll just say this we're good at math too that's two in a row for us hey about that so I'm proud of you and everybody who works here and thank you to everybody that keeps us coming back for more every day and that includes our friends at the Roku channel how about us we're one for one for the Roku channel how about us yeah that's what happens bring us on board you bring us on board and we get you nominated see how that works we're thrilled eight four four two oh four rich number two oh so here's our show sham Sharanya on the day that the playoffs begin or the play and tournament begins by the way in this spot tomorrow Stephen A. Smith will join us oh yes I'm breaking news Stephen you in studio oh yeah it's an all Stephen tomorrow Stephen A. Smith and Stephen Wright the old comic will be here or the longtime comic pardon me our number two of this program we'll talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and what's going on with them in the first week and a half of the baseball season Kevin Millar or as you would put it Millar joins us top of our number two and then in studio hour three he's got a beautiful new movie everybody should check out called Somewhere in Queens wrote it directed it starred in it along with Sebastian Maniscalco and you want to talk old school Tony Lo Bianco and Laurie Metcalf is in this film as well written produced directed and starred in by the great Ray Romano will be here in studio wouldn't it be amazing if Aaron Rodgers becomes a jet before he rolls in well we know that's not happening Mark Murphy the de facto owner of the Packers is has chimed in that that was del tufa nope he is chimed in he's a real owner of the Packers how many how many shares do you have one now attaboy you gave one down I had two left I gave one away I thought you had three and you gave one away okay no I had two I gave one well we we got to dive further into this yeah but let us take a break here eight four four two oh four rich number two oh I've got a top five and Adam Schefter reported yesterday that six teams have asked for the three the third overall pick from the Cardinals I tell you the top five that should have should be on that list I love it eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show this Emmy nominated program here on the Roku channel and this radio station terrestrial and settling men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let 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you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista elitje and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen sham sharani joining me here on the rich eisen show the rich eisen show radio network is back now senior nba insider at the athletic and stadium and host of the run it back on fan dual tv and we're just talking about the uniqueness of this field again kevin durant uh an nba finals mvp is a four seed on his new team he's still kind of just getting his feet wet there uh you've got um the golden state warriors defending champs is a six seed and then lebron james uh an all-time great scorer a seven seed and he could go visit the two seed um and a lot of people are thinking and the grizzlies a lot of people are thinking this is uh obviously advantage lakers this evening because the timberwolves are coming in without rudy gobert and walk me through the timberwolves decision to leave him at home best you can tell i think yeah it was an organizational decision from everything i'm told tim connelly the president of bass operations he came down uh personally to tell rudy gobert that he was being sent home on sunday at halftime of that game and and the same decision was made by tim connelly and the organization to suspend him for this one game tonight uh in this playing tournament from what i'm told the roster kyle anderson who was involved in the altercation the players they were they were pretty much ready to move forward and and see if rudy gobert can get back to the team and move on from that incident and keep it moving uh but the organization due to the punch had decided that that was something that they just could not let go and and just allow him to play in another in a game the very next uh you know the very next game so um suspended one game without pay team suspension and the expectation is that their next game whether it be the next playing game um in a few days or the playoffs the game one of the playoffs that they win tonight uh that he will be available for action and then that will just continue you know we're gonna have to see how that that dynamic is when he's back in the lineup well the dynamic of so many people are assuming that's just going to be a wrap for him whenever this season ends is that a safe assumption with him in minnesota well it's it's a difficult one to make because of the contract that rudy gobert's on he's got multiple years significant money still left on his deal and they did trade away significant assets the four first round picks a draft swap walker kessler bevy of players to go get him and um to just move off him after a year that's a tough tool to swallow and also are you going to recoup the assets that you got back but he's on the contract rich until 2025 2026 so he's got two years guaranteed and a third year player option after this year 41 million next year 44 in 24 25 and 47 million player options in 25 26 that's a contract in and of itself that's going to be difficult to just move and and get a win um in today's landscape so i i would not bank on that being a sure thing though chamshirani of the athletic as well as stadium senior nba insider for both host of run it back on fan dual tv here on the rich isin show you reported uh yesterday that zion isn't anywhere remotely close to coming back for the pelicans even if they win their uh you know their next couple of games that that he might so i guess here's the deal simple question what gives what's going on with him sham well right now it's it's really a conditioning situation and anytime you have a player like zion winston his body type the specimen that he is he's unique one of one player that we're ever going to see in today's nba 66 the way he's able to jump and move and the the fluidity that he has when he's healthy um it's very unique and so when he has a lot of these lower body injuries it's a matter of reconditioning getting in basketball shape making sure that he's 100 so that he's not susceptible to further injury and worse injury when he's back on the floor so i think the conditioning the gap between conditioning and body healing is is is still there and it's it's why it's a wide gap from what i'm told right now and i think the pelicans are operating you know under the the belief that he will not be available throughout their first round series if they do get there and that he's not relatively close to to making a return he's going to be out for this playing tournament they've already ruled him out for the playing tournament uh david griffin uh their their head basketball executive he said that zion winston may not get there he as far as the point of of being there condition wise and and that he um you know hopefully we'll be able to start practicing at some point during the first round of the playoffs but with a guy like zion winston there are multiple progressions he has to have and be comfortable with before he can enter the floor and he's had multiple setbacks throughout his his career already um when he's been coming back from injury so that's something the pelicans have to be cautious with and mindful of so is there any frustration that you sense from the organization coming out of new orleans about how patently disappointing his first few years has been with them i think i think the roster there's been a level of it would be great to have zion winston back so there's the only level of frustration would be is when he's on the floor this is a team that's contending for home court advantage so there's frustration and not having him on the floor and that he he he so far this year unfortunately since january has not been able to get back to the floor um but i think throughout the pelicans and david griffin's era there and his tenure there they've been pretty hands-on in terms of being cautious with the way um you know the way they've handled him um and and that they're not just going to bring him back out of frustration and out of just desire of him being on the floor because that was the case i think he would have potentially been back by now but they're gonna be careful with him and i think that's we've seen that throughout the his tenure in in in new orleans and and john moran obviously the two of them are going to be connected for forevermore he's the two seed or he's he is part of the two seed and part of the reason why the memphis grizzlies are the two seed and he's going to have a front row seat huge spotlight on him everything that happened in denver in his suspension and now he's back is there any lingering concerns there that or he's turned the page different guy and the playoffs he's set to make his mark in a way that we all expected him to no i haven't heard any lingering effects i mean of course this is something we have to continue to monitor and right something that off the court continue to monitor but he hasn't been as active on social media and i think that the the grizzies organization john moran the locker room they they all wanted this distraction this clouds to just leave and and so far it has been gone right pretty locked in this this team is looking like it's ready for a deep playoff run you know if they play the lakers that'll be a very very interesting series um but all along the grizzies organization his teammates have wanted him back on the floor and we're ready to embrace him with open arms okay last couple for you here paul george what's his status entering he will be sidelined to begin the playoffs uh they play game one on sunday he will not play and i'm told it's it's indefinite when he's gonna be back he has yet to be ruled out of this first round series and i am told he is making some progress with his return from that knee spring that he suffered on march 21 but he's a guy that hasn't progressed yet to contact and scrimmage work and and all the like i think a lot of his work right now is exercising therapy he still has a brace on his knee so it doesn't particularly sound like someone that's just going to come back in a week or so i think it's still going to take some time to ramp up and i think the clippers are prepared right now that they're going to have to play on without paul george for at least a little bit longer and uh what is the what is your belief crystal ball at uh the mvp race from what you hear and from your colleagues and what you think the voting uh will turn out to be the mvp this year yeah you know when i speak to players i think joel ambide seems to be the consensus mvp in the player's eyes of course they don't vote for the award right um but i i think the the momentum that he has definitely carried over the last month of the regular season but when you look at the race him yanis nikolayoke i think they all have a case for mvp this year that's what makes this league i think right now um you know it's probably at its most most pure level um the amount of parity shams i appreciate the time know your time crunched let's do this again real soon appreciate it appreciate you guys you got that shams sharanya heading back to either the athletic stadium or fan dual tv i don't i can't tell the players think it's mb that surprised you the players interesting the players think it's mb they're on the court with them they know how they're on the court they're on the court with jokic they're on the court with yanis so so that tells you something i mean he's had a tremendous year he's had a tremendous well i mean as you know i've come around i've come around to what it's mb being the mvp mb being the mvp and i i know that there's two guys who have won it before and were just as great and are on one seeds and then there's one guy who has never won it who has played as great as he's ever played and he's on a three seed and i want to give it to that guy if i had a vote i'd give it to that guy i really would i you know i really would i pounded the table for him to win mvp all year but um now that we're actually here there's one mvp trophy that i really want him to win more than anything else the big it's the is that the bill russell is that what it is is that what it's called the mvp that's the one let's get that oh good luck sir we got a chance man it's gonna be awesome a lot of teams got a chance you're not concerned about your first round series for the sixers not so much for the clippers obviously yeah well i mean you know that and and for as much as i hate to admit it because you've been so adamant about this all year about the sitting out the clippers did it to themselves you know they they there's no reason they shouldn't be the three seed right now but you know the clippers did it to themselves but the sons did it for themselves who the hell saw kevin durant being acquired by the phoenix sons yeah anybody pure that was not on anything honestly like these clippers minus paul george and the sons minus durant i think you got yourself a heck of a series here because well let's let's dive into this here we have a few minutes the the clippers bench the second unit for the clippers i would give them the nod right over the sun's over the sun's bench i would think so yeah i mean the sons are just a totally untested absolutely totally untested and and it's time for them to grow up and you might just say they'll play the og's deep durant and chris paul deep can curse paul ever quit the clippers or what right how many times they keep running into each other it's kind of crazy but the clippers second unit do not sleep on him it's nice and they do have their own nba finals mvp and it's he's gonna have to shoulder a ton of the burden right which he's been doing he's gonna have to do that and who else is gonna have to stop like it's rus can rus it's gonna it's rus i think for wild like that that's rus winds up on the clippers and and at the time terence man was playing very well in the conversation here in los angeles like why are they doing it let's just stick with the kid he's doing very well what are we doing and now it comes time for the playoffs and it's like rus can get him through but who's gonna guard durant if durant shows up like durant okay then who's gonna guard devin booker that's gonna be mason plumley's best friend it's gonna be a group effort norm powell norm powell yeah t-man will be on him it's gonna be a group effort gordon's probably gonna draw the uh some time on him which one which series is your favorite of the first run holy smokes it's hard not to say uh let's throw sons and clippers out okay throw it out you know i mean it's nix calves that game is gonna go another four five seven games and each game is gonna come down to the last possession it feels like i'll tell you donovan mitchell might have a couple 50 pointers the way julius randall has played if he's healthy the way brunson has played this year earned every penny everyone who scoffed that contract when he signed it over the summer 100 million dollars for a number two number three guy with me he's he he has been amazing jaylen brunson has caused me to become a nick fan again honestly with good reason watching jaylen brunson has caused me to just put my dolan what is it it's not the wormhole we had neil degrasse tyson black hole right just just take just get me out of that gravitational pull yeah now then there's two other series that are under the radar because they haven't existed yet if it's lakers grizzlies and heat celtics i'm terrified of playing the heat okay the nets with their dallas mavericks have the opportunity to just shock the world beat the sixers you want to talk about an unlikely playoff six seed this team all summer long it was how you know how will kyrie and durant finally having come together for this team get ready to play with ben simmons right how how is this team gonna win it all because they can just win it all just by rolling their roster out there durant is the fourth seed with the suns kyrie is sitting at home because his trade to the mavericks with whatever the hell happened there caused them to eventually pull it didn't work they pulled a plug on the season the friday before he's out and all the mavericks that get traded are now in the playoffs with a completely recast team with jock vaughan who was the interim coach for a bit the sixth seed was a steve nash coach team with kyrie and durant being the dynamic duo and you thought when durant gets traded and kyrie gets traded and jock vaughan you know they fire the coach they would be the team on the outside looking in not already with their playoff spot secured they don't even have to play in what an incredible story the nets are to be the sixth seed but the one that nobody's talking about because the it involves a team that hadn't made the playoffs in 12 years a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years taking on the defending champs with the 68 because draymond hit jordan pool and because steph was injured twice because wiggins was out with personal reasons for a couple months and clay was getting load managed and they couldn't play a lick of defense and suddenly couldn't play on the road that was the big reason that was the reason and despite all of that gary payton the second being acquired reacquired and then he's reacquired injured you want to talk about a team that's reconstituted that nobody's talking about because the heat is sending potentially the team that damn near knocked off the celtics last year potentially to boston because they have a whole story but they still are the same team the heat taking on the hawks tonight how about the warriors they got a chip in a chair and they're the six seed the defending champs are the six seed taking on the don't know any better because they don't know what they don't know and it doesn't matter because they're so freaking talented sacramento kings everybody's sleeping on the king i mean i'm telling you everyone excuse me i'm you bet for sure i'm telling you i was in that downtown hoops dojo watching the clippers dismantle the blazers whoever the hell they were on the floor on saturday in the second half my friend doug die-hard clipper season ticket holder everybody in the clippers you were sitting here thinking man anything but the five seed we don't want to we don't know we don't want a piece we would rather take on the kings and i was there the previous clippers game that i saw with my son that's not true two previous clippers games that i saw with my son was that double overtime kings clippers game where malik monk couldn't miss he could not and the son of arbitus arvitas i don't want a piece of him the aaron fox that is to me that's the series of the first round that i'm looking forward to the most warriors might be warriors warriors have the fourth best title odds because they're the warriors and if wiggins is back that kind of changes everything just you watch them win one of the first two games in sacramento and we'll hear the stat what this would be what their 27th straight playoff series winning a game on the road 26 27 yeah a team that couldn't win on the road worth a lick this season watch him come together and just become the warriors 11 and 30 on the road this year my question is why are me and your friend doug not friends this clipper i don't know i mean me and doug i think you've met him he's been in here many times so let's go here we go this is gonna be so good man that's our rich eyes and show nba playoff preview plus kevin herder rich kevin herder who is on the kings who you didn't want to trade quite uh in a fit of peak in the midst of the early first half of the season non-stop kawhi leonard load managements and then him sitting an entire second half of a blowout loss to denver where they just gave up one of the many games the clippers left on the floor they just sat him for an entire second half and i was just like i'm done with him do you want him i'll take kevin herder and then you're like nah you're the one who said no and then you say well you didn't you didn't send the trade to me you didn't send the trade okay you didn't send the trade glad i didn't eight four four two oh four rich number dial here on the rich eyes and show back with more right here on the roku channel home of an sports emmy nominated program hey look at us in purple back here on the rich eyes and show sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by grange with supplies and solutions for every industry grange is the right product for you call click or just stop by just showed a no on our roku channel only segment a video from 2019 when i finally landed was it 2021 if it's 2019 years ago oh just two years ago that's it oh that's right two years ago where i finally landed a plane here on the rich eyes and show trying to nickname in a a dynamic star of the game in the nfl the with a nickname finally landed the greatest victor called uh terry derek henry the diminisher or the diminisher as he kind of put a little very columbus accent on the the um which i overlooked because i was so overjoyed that he accepted my my nickname of the diminisher because he diminishes his opponents and he doesn't diminish as this as the game goes on and you didn't sound very happy for me chris i i take umbridge you should that not classification i think having known you at that point more than a decade and seen you fail a time and time again and see that's at levying nicknames i was in shock and i was happy that it actually one landed that a player was receptive to your prospects naming them why isn't derek henry traded yet great question i'm still kind of surprised their quarterback is still there the draft is two weeks from thursday night oh quarterback's not going anywhere ryan tannihill is not going anywhere ryan tannihill is going to start the season for the tennessee titans unless the next two weeks yeah unless the next two weeks play out where they roll all the dice and they put all their eggs and draft capital for this first round and probably future first rounds in anthony richardson to move all the way up to the third overall spot if they're one of the teams that adam schefter our friend and colleague at the worldwide leader in sports said was one of the six teams to have knocked on the door of the arizona cardinals to try and trade up for the third overall position i imagine they have to be one of them to just knock on the door and do due diligence and just check out what's going on because malik willis the kid from liberty who they drafted i believe in the third round last year looked so unready and you can't think anything but his performance left such an imprint on the tennessee titans that they that they have to kick the tires to see if anthony richardson is worth it and see what happens there or they love him so much and they're just going to let him marinate another year behind ryan tannihill and and and and see if he's the guy that can take over the reigns once tannihill relinquishes or they have tannihill relinquish my question is is if they do go and move up from 11 to three you know what moving up from nine to one cost the carolina panthers so you move up from 11 to three that's eight spots moving up from nine to one was eight spots so look at what the panthers gave up downgraded a little bit because you're not talking about the first overall pick and you also they had to put a premium and the bears that's what ryan poll said there will be a premium for you securing the top spot as early in the process as you did and if i'm the cardinals i'm saying this is technically the top spot on the draft now isn't it it's not the same as the first overall where you get to choose this is the first spot where you're not going to have bryce young or cj strout on the board but everyone else is there this is my long wind-up to now give this pitch if you move up from 11 to 3 and you choose anthony richardson and he is somebody that needs to sit and watch and you just saw what happens when malik willis was forced in and too soon and too early and how that looked although man you imagine if the titans had beaten the chiefs in that nationally televised game that malik willis started and then almost pulled that one off anyway but if you do that and you trade your draft capital like that one way to replenish it and certainly if you're already pulling the plug for future years or this year in advance of anthony richardson why wouldn't you trade derek henry and get a second round pick back maybe why wouldn't you just start from scratch in all honesty you got hassan haskins or and you know how i feel about him or and i know people might say he's not derek henry he's a running back who can be your bell cow trust me i've seen it or if you're the titans do you just say all right we got tanhale all right we've got a good enough team we think but we're just gonna pull the plug on henry and if it doesn't work out there's caleb williams next year now the titans might be hearing this with their new general manager and the very prideful mike vrabel and saying get out of here we can still win this division right now we keep henry let's go which is not inaccurate i mean why wouldn't you call the bills why wouldn't you call the bills who wouldn't take derek henry to try and just put themselves over the top i mean there are a few teams who need derek henry and if you want to flip them to someone in the nfc to get them out philadelphia wow i mean i don't know philly's sitting there at 10 they can just take bijan and be done with it or they flip 31 and be done with it i mean it's a big price for derek henry but still how bad do you want them how bad you want to take that next i mean right i'll tell you the spot where i i i would love to see him you want to talk about a different division different conference why wouldn't jerry jones want to stick the star on the side of his helmet i had an idea that's where you were going with this because tony do you love so much zeke out i know this is total fantasy football but what the heck we're waiting for the nba playoffs playing to start draft is two plus weeks away would dallas flip a two for him you you literally you rich eisen literally spoke tony pollard's starting job into existence and now you want to give it away after for two years you pounded the drum for pollard now you want to like give his job i don't think pollard's a 25 30 touch guy you said for two years he should be the number one back in dallas he should be the starter so so that means he's got he has to be a 20 carry back but he's also coming off of an injury too let's be smart about it amen look you're not going to get an argument from me from having i know i get it kendry on this one i get it seattle i know they got kenneth walker but let's go ken walker's nice he would fit anywhere the titans are a fascinating team how are they going to play this draft how do they see their 2023 prospects how do they see anything else you know who's toting the rock in tampa right now uh it's rashad white shad white yeah he's just there's one guy right oh so far do you know who visited the titans today will levis that's a good spot at 11 yeah he could i think he'll be there that's a spot will levis also heading to tampa too as well oh interesting oh i can't wait to see this play out let's just keep everybody on the down low and who's who's going to make a big trade who's going to somebody's gonna diondre hopkins is going to go soon let's go kevin malar will be joining us at the top of the next hour let's talk baseball i've got a top five list of who should trade up for that third overall position ray romano in studio and mark murphy talking about aaron rogers still here on the roku channel rich you're talking about number uh by the way i just threw a whole ton of stuff out there that i'm sure titans fans are just like get out of here with a lot of that nonsense but they have to be this is this is this this is the deal that we're we're thinking about uh or at least they have to be discussing internally kicking tires what do you got over there chris uh you mentioned the third overall pick that might be on the move a former number third three overall pick was just traded about an hour ago jeff akuta from the lions for a fifth rounder what the heck i like it falcons well we're gonna talk to uh defensive move i believe dan campbell is on the show thursday that's the first item up for bids to use a price is right phrase right there fight some kneecaps okay there you go what the hell and i didn't see that coming let me see if well i mean in all honesty brought me you weren't looking for let me see it let me see it i wasn't i wasn't even thinking about it that's what i mean but number third overall pick just a couple of years my phone's been buzzing it's been a lot of people being kind about the double nominations but i'm just seeing if it's breer and uh money manager the stars don weir um those ohio state honks claiming jeff okuda being such a great buck eye third overall pick to a fifth overall for a fifth round pick you know no they're just claiming joe burrow hanging out with the bosses and sam humbert is ohio state guys at the ufc fight get out of here that drives me nuts i don't want to upset me so much life's great kevin malan jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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