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REShow: Russell Crowe - Hour 2 (4-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 7, 2023 3:23 pm

REShow: Russell Crowe - Hour 2 (4-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 7, 2023 3:23 pm

In a baseball version of ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Shohei Ohtani’s MVP chances, who reps the American League and National League in the World Series, the Shift ban, pitch clocks, Padres vs Braves, and Rangers vs Cubs.

Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe tells Rich about the time he went “full Gladiator” to fire up the Michigan Wolverines in a pre-game speech before a big Notre Dame game, his starring role in the new film ‘The Pope’s Exorcist,’ says which of his movies fans tell him is their favorite, and shares a great story about getting a shout out from Snoop Dogg at a concert that gave him big-time cred with his teenage son. 

Rich reacts to golfer Sam Bennett tearing it up at the Masters and being labeled an “amateur” despite having a number of big name sponsors.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Daddy's hosting today kids.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Rogers, he doesn't want to play for the Patriots. It never works out for the Jets and it always works out for us.

Does it? Forgot all those Jets playoff wins the last couple of seasons. We haven't had one in 12 years. Three Super Bowls since then.

I understand. Earlier on the show, Penn State cornerback Joey Porter Jr. Coming up, Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe, Eagle Center Jason Kelsey. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air and Brooks Koepka is in the clubhouse after a round at the Masters. Four under par. Five under par.

Pardon me. Add that to his seven under par from Thursday. We do the math for you here on the Rich Eisen Show. He's 12 under par in the clubhouse and rain is coming so he's going to sit back and watch the slickers pop out and the umbrellas pop out and he's going to stay dry and he's going to be chilling like a villain. Unbelievable. And see what else happens as Tiger Woods just hit the course. Jason Day is nine under par.

He's three back. He is on 15 on the par five so let's see if he can make some hay right there and two guys seven under par Victor Hadland and Jon Rahm are about to hit the course right now and again bad weather is about to hit Augusta for today and then tomorrow might just be a washout. I do not know what's going to happen from here.

The only thing I can tell you, the best thing I can do for you is to give you the information that you need on this front and the person who is absolutely the perfect man for the job is Mike Del Tufo. His weather report for the Masters weekend will wrap up this program at the end of hour number three and that will wrap up a full hour in studio for us with Jason Kelsey, future Pro Football Hall of Famer. It's going to be fantastic and we still have Russell Crowe to come here on the program. How great is this? How fun is this? 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the Rich Island Show.

Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their spots. Good to see you over there TJ Jefferson and wherever you may be taking him this show live on the Roku channel or Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network affiliate stations coast to coast Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listeners listening to this show whenever they darn well please because it's their right to do so.

844-204-RICH being the number to dial here on the show. I got a text from Cooper Eisen. Koop-tani? Cooper Eisen. Koop-tani.

Koop-tani. Who will be starting for his Little League Rockies tomorrow night and the night game. You're all invited to come. You said you might come with or you're out now? Yesterday you're all in, now you're out? Yesterday I did not know that I had plans previously.

Got it. I'll let you know how it goes. They're wearing their alternate jerseys tomorrow night. I'm excited to hear how it goes.

It's a black Rockies jersey and he's got his black pants all picked out and he's got his black, he's going to go all black on a night game against the Padres and that's bad news for the Padres I will say. Rich you should just livestream that on your Instagram. No please. Come on.

I'm not going to do that. Why? Because I want to be present.

He wants to be present plus Rich Percy's alive at the game. Set up the tripod and let's go. I'll just tell you how it goes. I want to be present. I've got to be honest with you. I am loving going to these games at the Little League. It's so, it's beautiful.

It really is. Just watching these kids compete and the sun was setting in the valley on, I mean I'm getting all mushy here. Wednesday night, beautiful night. So it's going to be a Saturday night sunset and sun on the mound pitching and hopefully it does well. And he starts raking and starts hitting. But anyway the reason why I bring it up is he texts me so this is what he's doing on his final Friday of spring break and again any parent out there on a spring break with their kid knows right now the two words for spring break that are operational 24-7 is now what? Now what?

Just you wait pal. Now what? So he wrote, because our fantasy league, our fantasy baseball league we drafted after opening day so our league doesn't start for real until Monday.

Oh alright. So we're monitoring the team and how it's doing. I've already made so many moves in my league. We drafted Gregory Soto figuring he's the closer in Philadelphia and he came in the 7th inning of a game against the Yankees and he's been, he hasn't been lights out. So he texts me, Dad we should drop Soto. Either get the Braves closer or the Nationals closer, they're both hot. So I ask you, do we take Mason Thompson or Jesse Chavez?

Well the Braves closer is Rasiel Iglesias who's currently on there. That's what I'm saying. So when he comes back he's a guy.

Okay. So do we take. So the guys right now are just filling in for April.

So we just stay put? Do I text my son, it's a marathon not a sprint, right? He's treating it like it's his basketball or his football league. In fantasy baseball you really, like I drafted a bunch of guys who were on the injured list because I know Carlos Verdun and Tony Gonsolin when they come back win a lot of games, get a lot of strikeouts. You're playing the long game for baseball, it's a six month season. I think he's putting our roster on the pitch clock right now.

He's doing right now. I did pick up TJ's boy Francisco Alvarez. I had a spot for DH. He just got called up today. Got called up.

The future is here. So just tell him to stay put. I'd say tell him to just relax.

Guys here say stay put. Focus on your game tomorrow. Tell him to visualize.

Tell him to get some long toss in today and get that arm loose. Okay. Okay.

Done. I can focus as I should, as I will on Saturday night. Put my phone away. Hey folks, guess what? It is time for What's More Likely presented by Apple TV Plus.

Talking baseball as they do on Apple TV Plus. You ready? I'm ready. Let's do it. Hit it.

What's more likely? Never say never, but never. Baseball season, baby. Let's go. This is the second week. There's a week ago just Thursday that the season began. If you're in fantasy, this is the end of the first week.

This is it, man. I mean, why not start asking what's more likely in a six month long season just eight days in, but go for it. Alright, so we're going to do a couple kind of big picture seasons and then we got one each focused on the Apple TV Plus games today. So let's get to those right now.

Alright. Who's more likely to win American League MVP, Shohei Ohtani, or the field? Or the field? I think last year showed you that it's going to take a 62 home run season to beat Ohtani for the MVP award. A once in a 60 year season?

Yeah. That showed you. And Ohtani's already shown through his first week of the season that he's as locked in as ever. He saw it at the end of the world baseball classic and you've seen it already on his opening night start in Oakland that he didn't win. You've already seen it.

I mean, and if I'm not mistaken, Ohtani this week suffered a pitch clock violation as both a batter and pitcher. That really made me laugh. Take that!

Take that! Now that will never be repeated. Babe Ruth never did that, Rich Eisen! Ohtani's already done something Babe Ruth never did because there wasn't a pitch clock while Babe was stirring his martini before a three home run game. So I'll take Ohtani. I will take Ohtani over the field. I know, he's already on fire. I will take Ohtani over the field.

Yeah. Alright, let's move on. Who's more likely to reach the World Series? Someone from the AL East or someone from the NL West?

NL West. I'll go there. I'll go there.

I'll go there. The Rays are like 4-0 already. Will Smith is slapping it around right now. See what it did? You see what it did? Will Smith the baseball player.

Yes! I saw some article about how he just had no personality. Who cares? Can I share something with you?

By the way, 10 RBI for a catcher in the first week of the season never happened, by the way. My Altoids story I told you about Australia, the bouncer who was going to throw me out, his name was Will Smith. Straight up, I swear to you.

Curiously strong, that bouncer. Who got upset with you at Altoids? I finally hit me.

His name was Will Smith. So I'll take the Dodgers because obviously the Padres will start cooking. When Fernando Tatis finally is done with his rehab assignment and his Cadillac-ing on minor leaguers. Cadillac-ing on minor leaguers. And he's finished with his suspension. And the pitcher who gave up the home run called him a cheater on a steroid suspension in a home run.

And then he deleted the tweet. Come on. Major League smack talk from minor league. Everybody says baseball needs some help.

Come on, Nell. Tampa's undefeated right now. Look, the Astros still exist outside the American League East, correct? Correct. Alright. Alright. What else? Most likely to be the best rule change you like.

I said that wrong. The rule change you like best. The shift.

I don't care what else there is. Pitch clock or the ban on shift? The ban on shift. The pitch clock, I don't even notice.

Which is kind of crazy. But Tony, it shaved a half hour off games. I understand that, but that's not for me. I'm not sitting here thinking I have not sat at all in my 53-year-old lifetime thinking games are too long.

I have not thought about that. I have had a problem with the action. I've had a problem with guys in third play third base in short right field like it's a beer softball league and catching screaming line drives that would normally be a one hop base hit. I love the fact that there's no shift. I am loving this. It's going to open the game. Left-handed hitters, I love the fact that baseball's promotional ad about the shift rule being changed involved Joey Votto.

It's perfect. Left-hand hitters are going to love this. We're going to see more people on base. We're going to see more stolen bases. Right? Yeah, we've seen a lot already. I like it.

I like the fact that it doesn't matter. Anything else, if they did just the shift alone, that would be enough, but they've done a bunch of other things. The shift being gone is fantastic, and I don't care what pace of play is because I'm not one of those people that are trying to reach for that anyway. The pitch clock though, I will just revisit again. Ninth inning, they've got to turn it off.

They've got to turn it off. Once again, the World Baseball Classic battle between Otani and Trout, look it up, every pitch would have been a pitch clock violation. I love the drama being built, and nothing's better than a ninth inning situation in a game like that. Once the playoffs hit, and you're going to start seeing pace of play go a little bit too fast, that's the way I'm looking at it right now. I may be wrong because I'm not noticing the pitch clock right now.

What else, Chris? Alright, let's focus on a couple of the Apple TV Plus games. They've got a double header starting in about an hour. Rangers, Cubs, good pitching match up there. Who's more likely to notch more strikeouts today, Nathan Evaldi or Marcus Stroman? I'll take Stroman because I don't want him to clap back at me on Twitter.

Good point, that's fair. Nate Evaldi, I don't even know if he has a Twitter account, I'm going to take Stroman because he's a clap backer. A clapper backer?

Or is it a clapper backer or a back clapper? I don't like it. Either way, I'm not going to put myself in the Stroman line of fire. Both guys have been sharp this year.

They have. Won their first outing. Stroman didn't give up a run, but... Stroman had a great opening day. Six strikeouts for Evaldi, eight for Stroman and they're open. So I'll take Stroman on that. And the night game, the night cap, Christopher? The night game is Braves-Padres possible World Series preview.

They played an awesome game yesterday. Braves wanted to walk off. More likely to combine for more total bases.

Xander Bogarts or Manny Machado or Ronald Acuna and Matt Olson. That's it. Is this an under the radar sort of... I don't know what you mean. An under the radar gambling? I don't know what you're talking about. I do have Matt Olson.

Chips in the chair? I'll take Machado on Bogarts. How does it feel for you to watch Xander Bogarts in another uniform? How's that been for you the first week?

You're not going to get used to it for a long time. Rich, I miss him so much. He's been playing. Unbelievable to start the season.

Three home runs, he's batting 360. And while we're on the subject of pitch clock, Machado we didn't discuss this week. First guy to be ejected by arguing a pitch clock violation. Which if it is a called strike, technically you're not allowed to argue balls and strikes.

That's an unintended consequence, I think. Unless he said the magic word. He did take a sweet ass time.

I kind of like him. So, ok, I'll take Bogarts and Machado. And we'll check on our work on Monday.

Although there are some things we can't check until the end of the season. That was What's More Likely presented by Apple TV+. Friday Night Baseball returns tonight with weekly double headers and on demand content only on Apple TV+.

New subscribers get three months free when you redeem on your Roku device by May 29th. Fun stuff. I like that. Ok, and we've got a What's More Likely football style with Jason Kelsey in hour number three. But let's take a break and when we come back, Russell Crowe for crying out loud. This is great stuff.

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The regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. The Rich Eisen Show radio network is back on the air along with the live stream on the Roku channel. I'm at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by as this Academy Award winner has done. Yeah, right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show is now the star of the Pope's Exorcist available in theaters nationwide on Friday, April 14th, the Oscar winner Russell Crowe here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Russell? Very good. Good morning to you. Good morning to everybody. Good to have you here on the program. First up, I'm going to do this again.

You know, name of the show is my name, so I'll just jump into what interests me. I'm a Michigan guy. How in the world did you and Lloyd Carr hook up those years ago? It was awesome as a Wolverine fan to see you in the colors. I actually, sitting here right now, I can't remember the first time that we met, me and Lloyd, but he had come down to Australia. I'd recently taken over control of the South Sydney, Ravidos rugby league side, a national rugby league team in 2006. I was talking to him about it one day, and I said, you know, would you feel like coming down and talking to the players and the coach, because we had a very young coach at that point, and he did.

He made a great impression. A couple of years later, I was shooting state of play in Washington, D.C., and Michigan had had a terrible start to the season. Just in case the listeners don't know, the South Sydney Ravidos is the oldest team in rugby league. It was formed in 1908. The symbol of the team is a rabbit. The rabbit-o actually refers to a job in the late 1800s of being a rabbit color, because the state of New South Wales was overrun by rabbits, but it's a very, very long story. You could make a living shooting rabbits, selling the pelt to the government, and then selling the meat on the street. The guy selling the meat on the street would walk around yelling out, rabbit-o, and the cooks would come out and buy it. A number of the team originally, when they first started playing, that was their job.

They were rabbit colors. I was in Washington in 2008. Michigan had had a terrible start to the season. The Notre Dame game was coming up. I just reached out to him and said, how are you doing? He said, I'm doing really bad.

I said, I've been seeing the scores. He said, where are you? I said, I was in Washington. He said, can you make the game? It was coming up that weekend.

It's not a short distance from D.C. to Ann Arbor. I said, well, technically I can. He said, I need you, big bunny. I got on the plane, and people don't understand this. People assume that I do this with sports teams all the time because I'm a sports team owner or whatever.

I went to the dressing room. Normally if I talk to players I try to, I don't try and bring the roof down. I don't try to do that sort of speech. I try to say something thoughtful that may motivate them on a very simple level.

I don't try and be theatrical. And even with my own team, I've never done this, but I walked into that changing room and there was just this sort of strange energy in the room. Everybody was a little bit afraid.

And it was odd. I'd never done this before, but it just came to me in the moment and I just asked all the boys to start tapping their chests. And there's a page you've got in American football that makes a really cool slapping sound. It sounded like Roman soldiers marching. And I just started speaking over that. And I actually went full gladiator. I went right up to the point of and I said when I bring my hand down, I want you to stop.

Because I've got them to go louder and louder and louder with the slapping. And I brought my hand down. The silence was deafening.

And in that silence I said repeat after me strength and honor. And the boys did it back. And then they went out just hunting for big game, man. They had that terrible start to the season, but they went out and they smashed Notre Dame.

Smashed them. And the game was sort of over in the first 15, 20 minutes because of the dominance. And they kept plowing and plowing through.

And then for the rest of the year they had a pretty good year. So me and Lloyd, for some reason I can't remember the very first time we met, but it's just one of those things when you meet somebody that you connect with or you click with. And he's a wonderful man. And I learned a lot from him.

And he was such a great teacher. Yeah, I mean that is amazing. You went full Maximus for the Wolverines is what you were saying.

Never done that before for anybody else. I don't know where it came from. And the thing is I was playing that character in State of Play. The State of Play was a body of lies.

Actually I think it's even worse. I think it was a body of lies. I had this really messed up hairdo because I was trying to grow my hair because originally when I was doing Robin Hood with Ridley Scott he said you have to have long hair. So I grew my hair for two years. Kept hiding it under wigs on other films only to get to a couple of weeks before production. And really went nah I don't like the long hair.

Chop it off. Well I mean after this gets out Russell I think a lot of coaches might be needing your services or looking to tap you on your shoulder here. I mean are you a fan of any... That was a special occasion just for Lloyd. I bet. Are you a fan of any NFL team? Are you a specific fan of any American football team?

Well a long time ago I did a deal with an American fellow that I used to hang out with and take on his teams if he took on the Rabbitos. So I keep an eye on the Jets. But recently I well four years ago or whatever I started a relationship with a girl from New Orleans.

So now I keep an eye on the Saints as well. Have you been to the Superdome? Have you been to that spot? The ground in New Orleans? Yeah where they play.

Yeah exactly. I've not seen a game yet. Alright well that's as good a team as any. The Jets huh? I think the Jets might need you to come tap the chest for them.

It's been a painful 30 or 40 years. That's why I'm also a Jets fan too. I'm a South Sydney fan right? I'm a South Sydney fan so I'm used to that kind of pain. South Sydney were a championship team when I was a young man. But by the time you know by the late 90s their perennial losing team the reason I took them over was because I just simply understood that the kids from the district of South Sydney needed that team to be successful in order to better their lives.

You know what I mean? To give them the sort of you know the confidence to actually pursue the things that they wanted to do. You know when we finally did win the championship in 2014 you know a lot of people asked me you know it's great for Souths you know does that mean you'll create more football players in your district you know? And I said no that means we're going to create more doctors and lawyers and artists and songwriters and kids who will back themselves because they saw those perennial losers pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and actually not only become competitive not only become dominant but they became the champions. And so you know if you're 10 years old when I took over that club you're 18 going into university when we win. So your confidence level your understanding of what is possible has expanded greatly. So you know sport is very important in Australian culture. So a simple move like that getting a team off the bottom of the table and back into success can have a very deep and resonant effect.

Of course so what would be the biggest thing for you personally winning a championship as a club owner or the Oscar that you won? Probably neither of those things probably you know sitting talking to my son the other night you know he's in university now and you know he designed himself the easiest degree that a young person could do you know because he's quite clever so he thought I'll game the system you know but it's just not in his nature so he goes into the second year and he's like I've got more to give here. So you know I'm talking to him the other night about Latin declensions and ancient Greek because in the second year of his degree he's turned up the heat under his own feet you know by his own volition you know and he's now doing a degree which is significantly more difficult than when he started.

So that pleases me greatly to have a kid with self motivation like that. Being a dad there we go I appreciate that Russell Crowe right here on the Rich Eisen show let's talk about the Pope's Exorcist what intrigued you about this project and this film that's coming in theaters on the 14th? You know Richard it might just mean that I'm really kind of naive but when I read that there's a real job at the Vatican called the Chief Exorcist I was surprised I was like really that's a gig okay and that's what intrigued me right it was like the script itself and this is not sort of you know putting the writers in any negative place because you quite often have a situation in a studio where more than one person has had their hand on a script so by the time it gets to someone like me reading it it might have changed you know to meet parameters that the studio had put in place but it's no longer like a document that has any real flow you know so you know I read it and there was some sort of intriguing things about it but the most intriguing thing was the fact that there was a job called the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican so that's what got me interested and that's what I started to research and then looking into Gabriele Amorth's life I have to say that's what grabbed me that man as a character and the things that he'd experienced through his life did you get to see the film? Yes I have seen it it's fascinating to me I did not know whatsoever Russell that this existed either Right okay so it's you and me we're the naive guys No I've been to the Vatican and I never thought okay this place is clean to use the phrase you know from the exorcism or from poltergeist you know I had no idea that there could be a literal job like that in my life so it was fascinating to me completely As we go through in the film there's biographical elements now in the movie that come from the research I did and me going back to the writer and the director and the producers going this guy's fascinating let's just tell his actual story because he's fascinating you know Yeah absolutely He comes from modern Gabriele Amorth in Italy and that's the same place that Ferrari comes from so there's a couple of like little things I do in the movie I wear red socks under my cassock Because he's a Ferrari fan Okay I'll take it Russell Crowe here on the Rich Eisen Show couple more minutes left with him The Pope's Exorcist again available in theaters nationwide on Friday April 14th Which film do you get when people run into you the most? Which one do you get the most? Is it Gladiator? Is that the one you get the most Russell? Kind of depends where you are in the world you know where I am in the world Gladiator a lot for sure but surprisingly I think maybe to other people Master and Commander is a big topic for discussion and that seems to have grown in popularity exponentially you know over time A movie I did with Ryan Gosling a comedy called The Nice Guys comes up constantly 310 to Humor that I did with Christian Bale people want to talk about that because if they're into it they're deeply into it you know and then Beautiful Mind comes up a lot but it's not yeah I mean I've been very lucky in that regard it's not just a single film I mean obviously Gladiator took my life into a completely different place you know at the time when it came out and it's got long legs man you know it's 2023 right now but I guarantee you tonight somewhere in the world Gladiator's playing on primetime television you know we made that film in 1999 24 years ago it's crazy you know And I'm sure somebody somewhere is screaming to somebody are you not entertained you know I'm sure that's happening as well I mean there's a few lines in that that people like to use I actually went man I went to a Snoop Dogg concert in Melbourne with my youngest son my 16 year old son I was shooting down there he came down for the weekend saw Ed Sheeran the night before and then we went to Snoop Dogg the next night it was a big weekend for him you know and Snoop's on stage at the end of his concert and he knows I'm there we've been friends for quite a while you know and he goes I just want to do a shout out he knows who he is are you not entertained it's like my 16 year old's eyes just popped you know and I was like Snoop I owe you for that man thank you very much that's as cool dad points as you can possibly get for sure that's a three pointer right and do you get and do you get how about the insider to me that is one of the most fascinating films that does come up a lot and the people that talk to me about the insider they want to share it with me as if it's a secret between us why what do you mean well it's like it's like oh you know I really like your moves or whatever my favorite one is the insider you know yeah okay because if it's like connects us somehow it's like all right it's like they're whistle blowing on themselves I don't understand that that's just odd but I mean that does get some people passionate about it the other one that a lot of athletes bring up is a film called Cinderella Man of course which didn't do so well in America at the time of release which really surprised me but I think we sort of missed our release window we should have come out in November December area but we waited till halfway through the next year and by then there was sort of a burn for it had gone you know but a lot of people a lot of you know like I say people are into sport or whatever they bring that up as a motivational thing that they use you know well I guess to bring this full circle as I let you go I was under the understanding that Lloyd Carr was showing the Cinderella Man to the Wolverines and that's what connected the two of you guys to begin with that's right I read that in the paper I was somewhere in New York or something like that I read in the paper he'd been showing Cinderella Man to his team and I do have a deep affection for that film so I called him that's how we met I called Lloyd and said hey I heard you you know showing the team should we get together and you know have a chat so that's how we started our friendship and I have a deep of course and as at Wolverine I have a deep dislike for Notre Dame so thank you for going full Maximus prior to that game I feel like I owe you and I would love to have you back on again whenever you want Russell if you're in Los Angeles I'd love to host you on the program I have so much to go down your memory lane from your career which has just been a delight so thanks for here for this conversation and best of luck on the film thank you very much that's Oscar winner Russell Crowe everybody check out The Pope's Exorcist yes there is such a thing in theaters nationwide Friday April 14th right here on the Rich Eisen Show just a delight talking you know the fact that he went full Maximus just once for Michigan against Notre Dame he had me at hello great story also had no idea he's tight with Snoop and that he's keeps his eye on the Jets and the Saints okay so in some way shape or form Derek Carr was going to be his quarterback for 2023 who's not tight with Snoop at this point I was thinking that yeah it was great man just a total blast the way he had the team pound on their shoulder pads to make the beat for him like that must have been incredible total blast chatting with him alright we'll take a break 844-204-rich number to dial a surprise second place individual atop the leaderboard of Augusta of the Masters at Augusta National to say the least an incredible story surrounding him and your phone calls 844-204-rich number to 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to you guys is of the California teams I know Rich you have a preference for the Warriors but I guess it's more towards the other teams is which teams do you think will have more of an upset to make it furthest in the playoffs besides the Warriors okay so just like if you're in a poker tournament with your friends you have a last longer pool whoever last longest wins who is going to be the longest lasting California team in the NBA playoffs interesting that's interesting James because you know the Kings as we all know just broke a 12 year playoff drought and I imagine the last time they made it the Warriors weren't the Warriors and the Clippers sure as hell weren't making it that's interesting when was the last time all four California teams made the playoffs in the same season the Kings are in the Clippers are going to be in the Warriors are going to be in and the Lakers how about it I bet it's never happened okay so okay go yeah sure it's your world we did a little bit of a look up the last time three of them made it was in 75 three of them made it yeah because back then the Clippers were the Braves and Buffalo so if you count that then you had the Warriors and the Kings and the Lakers didn't make it that was the closest I've ever seen it and that's also the Warriors won man I think the Warriors can last longest but boy do they play the Suns first it looks like the Clippers might take on the Kings first too so one of them is going to get eliminated right off the bat I'll go with the Kings how does that sound I'll go with the Kings that's a solid sleeper pick you've always been a sleeper ever since I've been listening to you I don't know how much of a sleeper they're a sleeper because why because there's the Sacramento Kings they're the ones that are the most winning they have the higher seed going in thanks for the call appreciate it interesting chat for the boys driving down to San Francisco what's more likely NBA title California or no I'll take the field I'll take the field I'll take the field I'll take the other 49 states wouldn't you okay wouldn't you TJ how about this last longer Philadelphia or the Clippers you know what I'll take California this guy what do you mean this guy you think a California team lasts longer than the Sixers that wasn't the original question I just asked you I was going by what he said California because you think the Warriors right I don't think the Warriors but which one is the most likely California team to do it that's what we're having this conversation no you said take even take California field I said I'm going to take California and you guys can have the other 40 I understand that and I'm now asking you to drill down and give me the give me the team that you you are thinking because they are in California not the 49 others okay he's got his Kawhi fathead I get it that's why I said this guy you really think the Clippers have a chance to beat the Kings in a first round series yes then move on okay that'll be great that'll be great could you imagine how loud would it be if the Lakers had 11 straight wins over the Clippers in this town how loud would it be it's expected or or right like it would be just as quiet because that's the way it works 11 straight dubs over the Lakers that's insane what is the longest winning streak of one team over another in the NBA has another team got double digit wins in a row over another anywhere probably not currently it's got to be the longest winning streak of one team over another in the NBA right now I'll just take the Warriors though man they're the champs well that's part of California so I know and I'll take the Warriors but Warriors versus Kings would be a fun series right now that would be fun too that would be a real fun first round series that'll be like the series of my local TV years when I was covering the Warriors and the Kings for Redding California those are the two teams I did highlights of non-stop that'd be wild that'd be a great Northern California series a few years ago the Thunder had beaten the Sixers 19 straight okay that was 2019 by the way if you're going if anybody's going from Golden State San Francisco up to Sacramento there was back when I was there great In-N-Out Burger in Vacaville California where you go I-5 right to Vacaville and then you hang a right and you go right to the Bay Area when you're coming from Sacramento and if you're coming from the Bay Area you go straight up to Vacaville stop at the In-N-Out hang a left and go up the I-5 and you're right at Sacramento I did that non-stop I don't know if it's changed I've been away a long time been away a long time oh it's starting to rain Rich it is starting to rain what a shame and we have a solo second now Sam Bennett you know let's talk about this kid he is an amateur he has an A next to his name which means he's not a professional golfer but he is a terrific player out of Texas A&M if I'm not mistaken let's get this right he won the US amateur correct he's a Texas A&M right now and the story about Sam is his dad passed away in 2021 and his dad is I believe his name is Kenneth and he told his son a piece of advice that his son thought so remarkable that he made a tattoo out of it and has it on his left forearm he had his dad write this down on a piece of paper says don't wait to do something his father had early onset Alzheimer's and his father wrote this set it in 2020 and before he passed away in 2021 they had him write it out on a piece of paper and the same handwriting as his father put on the piece of paper has now been replicated as a tattoo on his left forearm don't wait to do something pops 6-12-2020 and before he passed away in 2021 they had him write it down and Sam said that it took his dad 15 minutes to write it out and it's now on his forearm and he looks at it before every shot come on now how do you not want to root for this kid and he's now solo second as of this conversation right now he has one bogey in his two rounds amazing and and i think he might have to uh he he might force everybody to change the word amateur because of not only his performance but the way things are going in this world now and i and i know the world of golf is like frozen in time in the francis we may era you know like the bagger vance era but this kid's an amateur really because i even said to you before the show chris he must have name image and likeness deals up the you know what and you then pointed out to me because i didn't see this on instagram pop it up he's thanking his sponsors he has eight he has multiple sponsors yeah eight of them he's like a nascar driver this was this morning thank you to my sponsors says the amateur who's now blowing away records i didn't has an amateur ever been top the last time an amateur finished top 10 after the first round was 2005 and i can't imagine anybody's ever finished the second round where where he might finish and i i saw a stat where he is threatening something that ken venturi did in the 50s so with how he's playing right so you have to sit here what do you call it the u.s non-professional you know you gotta take the a away that's he's not an amateur is like he's just a college kid here's the other thing who's got who's got no business deals he's he's not a professional because he's not being paid right then these guys have to like turn down a check yes so if he wins that's like a 3 million dollar purse he has to turn down which is nuts because he's not turning anything down and put it up one more time that instagram what's he turning out in college he's got a he's sponsored by ping okay he's sponsored by a golf cart he's sponsored by a bank clothing come on now and he's got to turn down a check we got to kind of change the way we're looking at things these days i don't know if there's a rule that's been changed on that but traditionally if you're an amateur and you make the cut and win prize money you do not collect that but he's not turning down checks at texas and ham and rightfully so it's name image and like list let's go yeah but he still has to turn down a check from the from augusta national because bagger vance said so that lie it's the 21st century a tradition truly unlike any other being started by sam bennett which is thanking your eight sponsors as you threaten the leaderboard at the masters scotty chef for one 2.7 million last year he's gonna turn down part of that money because he's he's got an a next to his name that's not the instagram uh posting of an amateur i'll tell you that that's a pro but good for him great story he's a hundred to one to win right now which is seems like good value well it would be if brooks kepko wasn't so uh flammable right now yeah yeah kepko looks back to his dominant self from a few years ago jason kelsey is in our green room and we're about to bring him out for hour number three we're just gonna hang up guys this gentleman is as advertised what you think jason kelsey should be and maybe he is and you're gonna love meeting him he's next right here on the rich eisen show hour number three i feel like we should get some beers out here and just like start pounding them back and have a good time i mean it's friday right dj is it five o'clock somewhere i was just literally about to say okay but we still got some stone cold brews in the in the so we've got a what's more likely right we've got uh mikey d dj mikey d you've got your we got the weather report yep it's just started raining there no i don't need it yet don't don't mike pace yourself pace yourself pace yourself i don't need you i need that energy for the end of hour three okay i'm with you pace yourself phil four under so he birdied 18 to good for him man back back phil's currently tied for tied for 11 phil might wind up the second best uh live player uh out there birdied 18 yeah he's currently number two with a couple times he knows that russell henley is three under okay and bennett just birdied 14 yeah he birdied 14 to get to eight under here we go fantastic all right eight four four two oh four rich number you want to talk to jason kelsey he'll take phone calls and he's about to come out here well i mean it's part of the broadcast i bet that's one thing he did not do with the broadcast boot camp which is take phone calls i'll tweet that out right now yeah go for it eight four four two oh four rich number down ask kelsey well ask jason you know what ask kelsey ask kelsey why not people might think it's travis let's bring out jason this will be fun it's wrestlemania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just wrestlemania being a day it's a week i don't know if there's anything quite like it in an informed entertainment there's not get into the wrestlemania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen
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