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REShow: Miles Sanders/Brian Dutcher - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 28, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Miles Sanders/Brian Dutcher - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 28, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich reacts to Magic Johnson’s group bidding a reported record $6 Billion to buy the Commanders from embattled owner Daniel Snyder, and explains why the Commanders and Atlanta Falcons would be much better off signing Lamar Jackson. 

ESPN’s Robert Griffin III tells Rich why the Carolina Panthers are torn between drafting Bryce Young or CJ Stroud #1 overall in the NFL Draft, that Texas Longhorns RB Bijan Robinson has a better skillset than any current NFL running back including 49ers’ All-Pro Christian McCaffrey, if there’s collusion going on with NFL owners and GMs regarding Lamar Jackson’s free agency, why the Indianapolis Colts should look into signing the former NFL MVP, and his reaction to the Commanders $6 Billion bid and why some of that money could be coming out of his own pocket as part of the new ownership group.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Turn it up. This is what John Harbaugh had to say. I haven't seen the tweet.

It's an ongoing process. Thinking about Lamar all the time. Thinking about him as our quarterback.

We're building our offense around that idea. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We love him. John Harbaugh, I believe, is proving himself to be the greatest frontman since Mick Jagger. Today's guests, ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III, Panthers running back Miles Sanders.

San Diego State head coach Brad Dutcher. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

We're 20 minutes away from RG3 calling into the show and we will chop it up. The it being everything going on in the NFL and boy does he have some opinions about it. And it'll be spirited and fun as always when Robert Griffin III from the worldwide leader in sports calls into the program in 20 minutes time. An hour from now is when Miles Sanders, now the Carolina Panthers calls in. In an hour and 20 minutes from now, Brian Dutcher of San Diego State University Men's Basketball. He's calling in. I guess we're fair and balanced. Yesterday we had Dusty May of Florida Atlantic and today Brian Dutcher will call in and they're facing off one another to face the winner of UConn in Miami.

To cut down the nets one week ago from last night. Today at this very point we'll be talking and turning the page to the Masters, won't we? Yeah buddy. Yeah buddy.

And so lots going on in this world. Congratulations gents. Congratulations Christopher. Congratulations. Congratulations Mike Del Tufo.

I don't know what we're talking about. Congratulations TJ Jefferson. For what? The $6 billion bid for the Washington commanders is in and our secret's out. I thought we were going to keep that on the deal for another week. Our secret's out.

I know. I was trying to move some funds. Our secret's out.

We may have unfortunately have to screw out a couple of light bulbs around here and put them on eBay and hope that people will buy secondary market light bulbs. I got some helmets I guess that I could sell. They might have problems with the ledger when the finance committee takes a look at, peaks under the hood of our $6 billion bid.

A little funny money. Yeah. Yeah.

But that's why we're sending the bookkeeper to Canada right now. I got that. You got that Untouchables reference? He's on the bridge.

He's on the bridge right now. Finance committee might be on the other side with the Canadian Mounties. Dudley Do-Right.

Wait a minute. I'm told it's not our bid. Whose bid is it, Christopher? It's the Josh Harris Mitchell Rails Group, which now includes, you may have heard of him, Magic Johnson, officially submitted a fully financed bid that meets Dan Snyder's $6 billion asking price, according to Adam Schefter's source.

Well, somebody equally as good and important and somebody equally as rich better come in at $6 billion and $1. The reverse of the prices, right? Right? Yeah. Somebody's got to go over. $1 over. Somebody's got to go over. Otherwise, that sounds like sold to me.

What do you think? The league doesn't want that group? They don't want Magic Johnson strolling around?

As Adam just pointed out a minute ago, this would break the record previous sale, which was just last August when the Walmart group bought the Broncos for $4.65 billion. There you go. So do you think Josh Harris or whoever would be welcomed to the NFL is looking in the mirror and saying, Commissioner Goodell, pronouncing his name? Goodell. That's not Goodle.

Emphasis on that. Not Goodle. Goodell. Goodell.

Goodell. Not Goodle. Not Goodle. Not Goodle. Not Goodle. Not Goodle.

Not Goodle. That's done. And you know what? I'm sure everybody that's told Dan Snyder in that town of Pound San is willing to get them. Let's form a partnership, new stadium, new everything.

You won't be terribly happy about that, pal. Definitely need a new stadium. Dallas Cowboy fan at the Washington Commander's, free of Dan Snyder with business deals all over the place, and let's go. $6 billion. Good. Lord.

That's a lot of scratch. So let's just say this, before it all goes down, right? Before this all happens and goes down, Dan Snyder sitting there in London, apparently, allegedly. On his yacht. Well, I don't know how many yachts fit in London. I don't think it goes in. Yachts don't go down to Thames. Yeah. You can't get it down there. You can't get it down there. London Bridge ain't...

Okay. So once he's off the... Once Dan Snyder's off the Ferris wheel... Of all the London landmarks I pick out. His yacht is incredible. Oh, it's insane. I'm sure it is. Good lord.

I've never been on it. I've seen it. So he's got... Time's running out, Dan. For you to throw one more log onto fire by signing Lamar Jackson to an offer sheet that the rest of your organization has no intention of doing, and then you turn to Josh Harris and Magic Johnson, who else? James Worthy? Mitchell Rails.

Okay, Mitchell Rails. I said James Worthy. Michael Thompson. Kurt Ramis. AC Green. All right.

AC Green. Kurt Ramis. All of them. Okay. The whole cast at winning time, you tell them all, six billion's not enough.

Did you see what we just did? That's Lamar Jackson. It's Adele Threet. Nick Van Exel. I got it. All right.

You got it. We got Lamar. We've got Lamar. We've got Lamar, and we're going to battle twice a year against Dak with Lamar. We're going to battle twice a year against Jalen Hurts with Lamar.

That six billion's got to come up. Notice I left out the other one. The other. Lamar versus Daniel Jones.

I don't know if that increases the value of the commander. According to Brockman, Daniel Jones isn't worth the money, but we're going to go to battle with Lamar. Lamar, I'd like you to meet Terry McLaurin. Lamar, I'd like you to meet John Dodson. Lamar, I'd like you to meet Curtis Samuel. Lamar, that's Brian Robinson, Jr. behind you. Lamar. How quickly do you think the commanders get a new stadium with Lamar?

Put a hard hat on that guy. Do you know how many toilets would be in that place? Do you know how many places on this planet Earth that would have as many toilets as the future home of the Clippers? This place would. I wish you'd stop putting that out in the universe, man. I'm just saying. We don't need that.

The Washington commanders, they get this right. They got the 16th overall selection. I mean, that's not that high. It's not as high as the Jets one that they're holding on to instead of giving it to the Packers and make this Aaron Rodgers deal happen on the spot. That's not that high. That's 16.

It's right in the middle of the pack. And then next year's draft. Who cares about next year's draft if you're Daniel Snyder? You're out.

You're out. And of all these owners that you didn't like, because you know he doesn't like all of them, all these owners you don't like. You want to stick them with a flaming bag of poop on a toilet paper their house, stick them with a guaranteed contract number two. Like the one Lamar won.

You want to egg their crib? Josh Harris also owns the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. Oh yeah, so the Eagles fans. But look, here's the deal. That just proves he can afford a little bit more. Mexican price is now higher, because I wanted to leave the NFL with a second guaranteed contract like Lamar wants, like Deshaun Watson's got, and I wanted the price to go up. And how quickly do you think you're going to make your new deal for a new stadium with Lamar?

So that's what's at stake here. Daniel Snyder, can he do it? He can get, does he have Ken Francis' number, make a trunk call from London to Ken Francis' number? Or he could just throw in, throw, hey Lamar, I'm going to throw in, I'll buy your gym company too.

Is that a violation? Why are you trying to stick Magic Johnson and Jamal Wilkes with this ability? There's an opportunity here is what I'm saying. Because what are the commander's other alternatives? You get Sam Howell? Yeah, he sounds great. Well, right?

I like that idea, bro. Because that's the way the commanders are talking and planning to go. Ron Rivera today asked, why not, Lamar, what's going on? He's right there. He's there. He wants your phone call. He lives in the area. He asked for a trade. He's in the area. You don't have to move too far.

Send a helicopter. He'll flip you one of Ken Francis' shake weights. Is that a fantasy team named Ken Francis' shake weight? I'm telling you, yelling into the chasm and Ken Francis. Might be two inside.

Okay, two inside. Well, it's very Beltway-ish. All right, this is what Ron Rivera had to say about Lamar. We are roster building, I think, for the first time, and feel really good about being able to do the things that we're doing right now. Did you ever get to a point where, when Lamar, the situation was happening, we were like, maybe let's try to look into it at all? No, we never did, Darren. We honestly never did. It was just something that we just didn't feel suited what we wanted to do. I know he's a tremendous talent.

I know he's a player that can impact your team. I just didn't think, and we sat down and talked about it. That was the direction for us as a football team. And don't you think, if there's any other... doesn't this blow up the collusion case? Because if there's any owner that would go rogue, it would be Dan Snyder. Collusion. Who am I colluding with?

The guy's not talking to me? Am I colluding with Jim Irsay? Colluding with Jim Irsay?

Do you think it's colluding with Jim Irsay? I think that's a new independent film. From A24. Yeah, from A24.

From A24. Could be. Well, let's pitch that.

I think it might go better than our $6 billion bid for the commanders. Mitchell Rails is a Washington, D.C. area businessman. Of course not. He's inside the beltway. He knows. He's a fixer. Should we call him a fixer? He's not from D.C. You call him a fixer. Michael Clayton.

I don't know. Is he in the bid? Well, he's the one you buy off.

Don't forget. You don't blow him up. You don't try to kill him.

You try to buy him off. Spoiler alert. Look, I don't get it. Other than the fact... Here's the thing.

I understand. They don't want to spend all this money on a quarterback position, I guess. They don't want to blow their plans up, I guess. But they don't even for a split second think if we have Lamar and the Burgundy and the gold and we don't have more Ws... Lamar? I guess Sam Howell's got time to prove it.

Arthur Smith's another one. Why would Atlanta do this? Because again, to sign this guy to an offer sheet, you've got to be careful because you want this to happen. You can't lift the kimono and then have the Ravens match and he doesn't come and then all of a sudden you got to put Humpty Dumpty back together and the same way that Roger's not going back to Green Bay now and the same way that people assume Lamar can't go back to Baltimore now. But the commanders, are you going to tell Sam Howell, I'm sorry? You're concerned about upsetting him? With all due respect to whoever... Indianapolis doesn't have anyone to insult. Desmond Ritter would be told, I'm sorry.

Or you get him up to speed a couple more years and you trade him, you flip him. It's not like, again, the Patriots, despite Meek Mill reaching out to Bob Kraft as the intermediary saying Lamar wants to come to your spot, as Bob Kraft revealed, I believe on NFL Network yesterday- Meek and Bill are tight and Bob are tight. You misspoke, right? It's Meek and Bob are tight? Meek and Bob are tight.

Bob told Meek it's up to Bill. Okay. I'm in.

Let's get nuts. Arthur Smith said Desmond Ritter is a starting quarterback today. Quote, we expect Desmond to take the next step, says Arthur Smith. He wouldn't comment about Lamar Jackson. We're going to talk about our own players, Smith said. The Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution tweeting that one out. And then of course there's a photograph that goes with it where Arthur Smith once again has the default facial expression of, I don't want to be here.

Do I really need to be here? He likes Desmond Ritter. Oh boy. Desmond Ritter or Lamar Jackson. On football skills alone, on football, it's a no brainer.

Lamar Jackson or Sam Howell, on a football skills, on a football level, it's a no brainer. If he only didn't cost you $180 to $200 million, if not north of that, guaranteed. When you have everything set up for the next five something years with a guy on a rookie deal that you like and you want to buy into and you were planning to buy into and you've spent all offseason telling him, you're my guy. Told him all last year, work hard and you'll get what you want around here. That's the way I run my shop until Lamar pops out of the blue. On a football level, no brainer. If it only wasn't also potentially right now multiple first round picks costing you.

Find a guy that you don't know. The other kid that you drafted, you know. You know their family, you know their upbringing and you look them in the eye and say, you try hard, you're the guy around here and I tell that to everyone in this locker room unless Lamar pops free. This is what's at play folks. And RG3 who has been very vocal about this thinking that something's afoot, let's talk to him. Let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here.

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Call or just stop by. Love chopping it up with this guy and seeing what he has become and made of himself with his opportunity on the worldwide leader in sports, college football, play-by-play man or pardon me, analyst extraordinary, and of course, all of his pearls of wisdom that you see in the National Football League world. Robert Griffin III back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you RG3? Hey, Rich, I'm doing great, man. How about yourself? I'm good.

I'm good. I saw the vacation photographs, you and your beautiful family. You're all rested, ready to roll for the draft season? You know, the NFL season is 24-7, so you got to find a week or two to get away and kind of recharge.

No, tell me about it. What better way to recharge than to be with the family? Well, I mean, sometimes, Robert, you know, it's not a vacation, it's a trip when you bring your children. You know what I mean? You can't call it a vacation, you know, when you bring your children, but that's good. I see what you do. The lovely photographs.

Let me hop in with you starting off right off the bat. Who do you think the Carolina Panthers have traded all the way up to one to go get? What do you think? Wow. I mean, it's a difficult question.

I'll answer it this way, Rich. I think the notion that CJ Stroud is the runaway favorite is inaccurate. My sources have told me that the Panthers are enamored with both players and they're going to, you know, kind of go through their process of all the visits, continue to study the tape and make a decision closer to draft day than right now. So CJ Stroud, of course, is everyone talking about the height of Bryce Young and how Frank Wright likes bigger quarterbacks. But I would just say, you know, maybe pump the brakes on that just a little bit. I think Bryce Young's size matters more to us in the media than it does to some of these higher level executives.

At least that's what I've been told. What advice would you give to the quarterback that finishes second, like you, back in the day in the draft, Robert? What advice would you give to that kid? You know, Rich, I think the way you just put it is perfect. If you ask Bryce Young or CJ Stroud, you know, where they want to go, they view this as a competition. So they want to go number one overall, regardless of the teams, weapons, the expertise that they're going to be working with.

They just look at this as a competition because that's how we've been conditioned to operate. So my advice to the guy that goes second would be to just continue to have that chip on your shoulder and continue to look at it as a competition because you're going to be compared to the guy that goes one number one overall for the duration of your career and honestly for the duration of your life. It's what happened with me and Andrew Luck. You know, I would say that Andrew Luck had a better career, NFL career than I did.

But at the end of the day, that's not how you're going to be judged as far as being human being, as far as being a father, as far as being a son. But there's no doubt about it, these guys will continue to compete for the rest of their lives and they know that. Were you wined and dined and wooed by the Colts at all in that process too, Robert, the due diligence? Were you part of that with the Colts as well? I'll be 100% honest and as always and say, no, I was not wined and dined by the Colts. The Colts put it out there throughout the draft process leading up that they were, you know, debating whether it was going to be me or Andrew. But every sign and signal that they showed me was that they had already decided who their quarterback was going to be. I didn't get a, you know, a private visit, a personal visit from the Colts.

None of that stuff happened. So I kind of knew going in to the draft that I wasn't going to be selected number one overall. It was just a matter of was Washington going to pick me at number two and then that's what ended up happening. So I think that the Panthers are doing right by both players by not showing any favoritism to anyone and even more so they're going further because they went to every top quarterback's pro day with the full gambit of Mr. Tepper and his wife and the GM and all the coaches. So I think they're doing it the right way.

Yeah, and they're taking everybody out to dinner too. So I guess that's my way of the big windup here is that if the Colts had taken you out to dinner and you sensed that they weren't going to take you, would you have run up the tab on them, Robert? I definitely wouldn't have.

I wouldn't have ran up the tab on them. No, no, no. Come on. Get the seafood tower, you know, and I'm not through. I'm not through yet. Wait a minute. I'll get the steak. You know, I don't really drink very much, but I'll take the screaming eagle.

You know, like when you do that, do the whole thing. I think if the Colts would have really dove in and went into that process with an open line, I think I could have convinced them that I was the guy for the job and my and my career would have ended up a lot different than it did there in Washington. But at the end of the day, they made the decision. I think it was a great decision for them. Andrew Luck, you know, Brent brought them a lot of wins.

And I don't think that they're upset about that decision at the end of the day. And that's what I hope CJ Stroud and Bryce Young gets from the team that select them along with Will Levison Richardson and Hooker and everyone else you can mention. I just hope they go to a team that is bought in on them from top to bottom, because that's the only way that these teams will truly give these quarterbacks an opportunity to go out and be the best versions of themselves. Finding a quarterback in this league is extremely hard. You don't want any dissension in the ranks when you're making that decision. Which player that you saw in person this year in the booth in college football that's available in this year's draft is somebody that you say to any GM, any anybody who would ask you pick your brain, say that kids that it doesn't matter for need.

You take that kid. I like the motor. I like the the person.

I like the heart. I like the way that I saw him play. I saw the way he took over a game.

Is there anybody like that RG3? Yeah, Rich, I would say for me, it's Bijan Robinson. You know, I said this on ESPN, you know, his name is of Persian descent. When his mom named him and it means hero. But every defense that he faced thought that he was the villain. And I had an opportunity to call two of his games. I know the running back position has been devalued in the NFL just because, you know, first five years of the guy's career, running the ball, put a lot of tread on the tires. But at the end of the day, if you can get it back like Bijan Robinson, who can essentially do everything that you need a running back to do and a slot receiver to do. And he can do it at an all pro level. That's a guy that you go out and we dropped in the top 10, top 15, top 20.

And you don't think twice about it. The kids special, great person off the field, phenomenal competitor on the field. And I don't think there's a back in the league really like him right now who can kind of do all of the things that he could do.

I know many people will point to Christian McCaffrey, but I think he's got an even higher ceiling than that because he can tote the rock 35 times a game if you need him to. So let me just throw some teams out for that supposition here, because again, you have to under you and I'd like you to, when you give your answer, think about the needs and where they are in the scheme of things. If you're Detroit at six, do you go get him? Bijan at six? What do you think? I think if you're Detroit at six, you have to think about it.

Now, some people will say that's a blast in this, but just imagine partnering him with the rest of the weapons that they have. How much better of a quarterback Jared Goff is now going to become? They got Montgomery. They did get Montgomery in free agency, but I'm just wondering, you know, I throw that out there.

There's Atlanta at eight. You know how, how certainly since, and we're going to talk about Lamar Jackson shortly, you know, they clearly are not going in that direction. But they're a run team. You got the bears at nine and then the Eagles at 10, which one do you think jumps out at you? You think they should go get him? If not all of them, you know, I think all of these teams should consider him, but when you, when you talk about a back like Bijan, it also depends on where you are as a team. So to me, the most realistic spot for him would be the Eagles at 10 because they don't have quite as many holes on the rest of their roster.

Yes. I know they lost a lot of starters. They lost six starters this off season, but they could put a guy like Bijan in and have him or Shab Penny, uh, as a one, two combo with Jalen hurts and AJ Brown, Devontae Smith, you know, with that offensive line, that's a team that I say, I mean, I would really contemplate doing it because if the Eagles don't do it, I do believe the Cowboys will find a way to move up and go get him. There's just, there's the Cowboys need them. I feel like more than the Eagles do, but they also just got rid of Ezekiel Elliott.

They got Tony Pollard coming off of an injury. And don't you think for a second that Jerry Jones doesn't realize that this man is just down the street, right? And the, and the fandom that that's going to bring to the, to the star. So I would look at those two teams, the Eagles and the Cowboys as teams that could go out and get Bijan and he could help push them over the edge. Robert Griffin, the third here from ESPN, spending some great quality time as always on the Rich Eisen Show with him.

Let's jump into it. You were very vocal when Lamar got his non-exclusive franchise tag, tender placed in front of him and a bunch of teams when responding to requests for an answer immediately said, we're not interested in Lamar. You started throwing quite a bit of collusion concepts out there on your Twitter feed. Do you think there's collusion going on right now to keep Lamar Jackson from an offer sheet being signed?

Do you think? Rich, I don't think there's collusion from him signing an offer sheet. I think what Jim Irsay said about guaranteed contracts and how he has looked at it in the MLB and the NBA and how it just hasn't been good for business. I think it's your first thought process amongst all of the NFL owners. So for all these teams to say, you know, we'll go get Jimmy G. We'll go get Deshaun Watson.

We'll go. We would pay Joe Burrow all of this money. And all of those guys have all been injured in their careers and it's never prevented the team from going out and getting them. So I truly believe that this Lamar Jackson thing isn't that teams don't want him as a player. It's not that they don't think he's a phenomenal talent. Heck, the Washington commanders GM Martin Mejia even came out and said, oh, he's a special guy, but we're not interested. Ron Rivera said we didn't even look into it. If that doesn't sound like collusion or like a conservative effort to not even give a guy an opportunity who is raging against the machine to sign an offer sheet, I don't know what is. And as you know, I've been very vocal about it and I'm more than willing to continue to dive into it with you.

So yeah, no, absolutely. Cause it, you know, I, I think Washington should do it. But I'm also, you know, you know, not privy to any of their conversations where, you know, maybe after Carson Wentz and everything else that they tried, they're like, we, we did well, why, why can't they just really dig Sam Howell, you know, and go in that direction and then we'll find out later on what a silly move that was as Lamar finally does wind up on another team and is hoisting the Lombardi trophy. And the same thing with Desmond, you know, Ritter in Atlanta. We had Thomas Dimitrov on, I'm like, walk me through why they're not interested in Atlanta, best of your knowledge, knowing the front office. And he's like, well, they just got out of Cap-Hell that he kind of put them in.

And he said, we'll have a conversation later on as to the reasons why he did what he did when he was GM there, but they finally just got out of it. They drafted the kid. They loved the kid and they're going, they, they don't want to switch up.

They'd rather put their money in a safety or money in here. And then I think you also know that there's a conversation around the league about, you know, Lamar not finishing the last two years and you put it all together and, and two first round picks and a ton of money guaranteed to somebody that you would be just meeting right now dropped in your lap because you didn't even think it would be possible that you could sign them. They thought it was just a franchise tag full on coming your way that might lead to a lot of these situations. Robert.

Yeah. I mean, I think when you, when you piece it all together, you can find reasons as to why people try to justify why teams aren't going after Lamar Jackson. But at the end of the day, common sense prevails. It makes zero sense for a team to come out and say, you know what, we're thinking about, you know, using a first round pick to go get an unproven quarterback in the draft instead of using two first rounders to go get a proven quarterback. And Lamar Jackson, who's a unanimous MVP and 26 years old.

So that, that's where I come from. And obviously I've mentioned that I think Lamar's fighting the machine that is the NFL, whether that's NFL agents, NFL GMs and owners, along with NFL insiders. But it really is because the quarterback position, Richard, the sacred position, right? When you get that contract, uh, uh, agent negotiating a contract for a quarterback can help him take care of every single one of his other clients on just that one quarterback contract say $250 million guaranteed.

One percent of that would be 2.5 million. They're set, they can go for the next five, six years and take care of 20 other clients because of that one quarterback. So when you take that away from them and you're a guy like Lamar Jackson and you're trying to do it without an agent, without the ties to the NFL insiders, you're affecting everybody's bottom line. Now, I'm not saying that teams don't want to win football games and they're not going to go after Lamar because he's doing that by himself.

What I'm saying is it doesn't make any sense. We can put up all the names of guys that have missed games over the past couple of seasons and how much money they got paid. And you're telling me they're not even willing to think about going and talking to Lamar Jackson. They don't even know what Lamar Jackson wants because they haven't even picked up the phone to call him and talk about an offer potentially. Well, the problem with that too is, and again, I want you to understand, I think some teams should go run the risk here and do it, whatever risk that may be. And I pegged Washington, Atlanta, and Indianapolis because they also don't have quarterbacks and situations that they've already had there with all due respect to the second year players and Ritter and Howell, because you know, if you sign this guy to an offer sheet, whatever quarterbacks there would be like, what gives, like, what are you talking about? Like what do you mean? I thought this was my gig.

They don't have those issues. So what I'm pushing back here on the agent front is if you want to get this highly complicated deal done, which obviously Lamar wants, and he wants to get the money that he thinks he deserves and he wants to get the security that he deserves and the spot where there are, you know, receivers that he feels he deserves, right? If he wants that to get done, you're going to have to convince somebody to stroke you the check and you're going to have to convince a coach to do it, right? And with all due respect, if you're a general manager and you find out Ken Francis is on the phone for Lamar Jackson, you're like, who? Or you're Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft comes up to you and says, hey, Meek Mill says Lamar wants to come here. Don't you think there's a better front foot forward on that business front? Yeah, Rich, I think the question you're asking is, should Lamar have an agent or and I would repurpose the question and say, is he being hurt by not having an agent?

I think he is right now because he's not able to fight these types of battles, right? Agents don't just represent players. These agencies represent players, they represent coaches. And when we talk about free agency and the legal tampering period, you know this rich are always tampering, OK? They're constantly negotiating for their players throughout seasons, talking to coaches. And that's where Lamar doesn't have that connection because they actually have to call him. And what I would say on the Mars front is they're not even picking up the phone. So for Robert Kraft to say, Meek Mill is saying this or there's a stuff about Ken Francis, Chris Lamar has already come out and says the guy is not negotiating for him.

You know, to correct that narrative. My problem is they're not even picking up the phone. How do you know what you're thinking about or what you're going to do in regard to Lamar Jackson if you're not even giving him a chance? And that's where I've seen teams come out when it's as soon as it happened.

They say we're not interested. Now there's teams at the league meeting saying we didn't even look into it. Why would you not look into a quarterback of Lamar's caliber, whereas if it was Joe Burrow on the on the on the, you know, non-exclusive franchise tag or if it was Justin Herbert on the non-exclusive franchise tag, all these teams would be interested, it would seem. But for some reason, for Lamar Jackson, that's not the case. And I do think him not having an agent has hurt him in that regard. But it goes well beyond that.

And that's why I do believe there is collusion going on. So give me give me the team you think should just say, screw it. Let's do it. Let's call him up.

Let's however we, you know, we get his number, we call him, we find him wherever he is and say it's time to talk. Which team do you think should do that? Because again, you're going to need an owner who's going to stroke the check. You need a coach that's going to be, you know, up for it.

You need you need a ton of of spots that boxes that need to be checked. Give me the team that you think should do it. Yeah, so first of all, I would say the only NFL owner that I've heard speak about this to this point who was open and honest about it has been Jim Irsay. You know, he said he believes Lamar is a phenomenal talent.

And the money is not an issue. The guarantee contract is an issue. So I would encourage Irsay and the head coach and stipend to go out and talk to Lamar Jackson about what is it that he is asking for? Because at this point, Lamar has requested a trade. What he posted on Twitter wasn't just, hey, let me tell you guys what's going on. It felt like a farewell letter to the Baltimore Ravens. Well, it also felt to me, Robert, is a letter to 31 other owners in the NFL to say, hey, if you're thinking that the Ravens are going to match the offer sheet, I've already told him I don't want to come back. And hey, you know, that's the way, you know, and I thought it was wise to him say a letter to the fans. He's talking to the fans.

But no, no, no. To me, it was an audience of 31 is what those tweets were about to say, don't worry about them matching an offer sheet. I've already told him I don't intend to play for them anymore. The problem with that is, is he's going to have to follow through on it if no offer sheet comes.

Do you think he would really sit out the year? I mean, this is a guy who loves ball. I don't know, man. Robert. Lamar loves ball. And everything you just laid out, Rich, is exactly why him saying that he requested a trade on March 2nd is different. Some people are trying to say, well, he's been out there already.

It doesn't matter. But this is the first time Lamar Jackson has actually come out and said, I don't want to be here. Right. So I do think after him saying that, that he would push the envelope and not play. I don't know if I would necessarily do that. But I'm also not Lamar Jackson, if he's a man of principle, if he said he's going to do something, that's what he's going to end up doing. But if I was the Colts, I would do that. Shane Stitchen has an example right there with Jalen Hurts, the guy that he got the most out of, who's a dual threat quarterback, you know, for Lamar Jackson to go there with the Colts.

I think that would be the move. The move that confused me a little bit was the Carolina Panthers trading the dang whole shit to move up to number one and give up all those picks and D.J. Moore when they could have just went and gave up two first round picks to sign Lamar Jackson and kept D.J. Moore.

That kind of confused me. But I understand these two quarterbacks at the top of the draft and you want to build it your way. I got no problem of going to get in C.J.

Stroud or Bryce Young. But if I was the Panthers, I would at least entertain a conversation with Lamar Jackson. And my understanding is that never happened. That's the confusing part, Rich. Way to bring it full circle, Robert. Before I let you go, if you don't mind giving me a couple more minutes, word is the Washington commanders have received an offer for purchase $6 billion and that Dan Snyder, if he accepts, would get out of the game and that would be the end of his tenure there. I'm wondering what goes through your mind when you hear that, Robert. Well, I'm going to be honest with you, Rich, when I hear that, I've been having some really great conversations with this group led by Josh Harris and having an opportunity to come in on that ownership group. So I'm I'm like head over heels, excited about that process.

You know, to be a player for that team, to not have my career go the way that I wanted it to or the fans wanted it to in that city would be a full circle type of moment to come back and try to help that team and that organization build the winner that the fans deserve. So that's something I'm really excited about. You know, it's nothing I can announce at this point.

Sure. It's it's the conversations are happening and I'm really, really excited about the potential there. And at the end of the day, the fans will they will throw a parade with Dan Snyder. I got to be honest with you, Robert, I mean, the number of fans of the commanders are like, is this true? Is this really happening that I've gotten? I've been stopped dinner parties, events, whatever I've been at schools, you know, events for my kids. People come up to me.

It's been nonstop. And I'm like, I don't I don't know. I'll believe it when I when I see it or hear it. But, you know, I guess you having been there in that organization, you would definitely be able to speak to what it was like, you know, Robert. Yeah. You know, honestly, just with all of the cloud that's been around the organization for such a long time, I did not know that, Rich, when I first got drafted there.

Right. When I got drafted to D.C. and they flew me to Dulles Airport in Virginia. I'm asking them, why are we in Virginia? I'm just a Texas boy. I didn't know that the Washington commanders were based in Virginia and played in Maryland. I thought we were in Washington, D.C., like the Wizards.

So I had to learn a lot as I was there in my early years. And since I left in 2015, it's just been one thing after another. And I think the team is ready to move on. I think the fans are ready to move on. And it's going to be a sad day in the Snyder household because he's lived his entire life to be the owner of the commanders. And now that's going to be taken away from him. So I know the fans will rejoice. And I think that because of that dark cloud, it is time to move on. The relationship has run its course, probably a long time ago, definitely a long time ago. And I think everybody needs to be excited about what's to come for the commanders because it's only going to go up.

Well, the six billion dollars, he might be able to buy the entire Kleenex company if he needs a tissue, I guess, Robert, you know, I don't know their public valuation off the top of my head, but I always appreciate you calling in. You're one of my favorites, as you know. Thanks again, Robert. Appreciate it. Appreciate you, Richard. God bless you, brother. You're right back at you.

There's RG3, the one and only. Love talking to him. Gosh, do I ever. Dropped a little nugget there. I heard that. Wow. Didn't know.

By the way, good for them. I'd reach out to him, too. And if they're reaching out to him, they're reaching out to a ton of guys who used to play for that team, too. You know, he pointed out he was there from 2012, where's the 2012 draft? Through 2015. 2012 draft, yeah.

He's a great guy to have as a front man to help out. I like it. OK. Sold. Let's go.

What's first? Dan Snyder sells the team, or Aaron Rodgers is a jet? Aaron Rodgers is a jet. Probably.

Yeah. Aaron Judge gets 10 home runs, or Dan Snyder sells the team? Aaron Judge gets 10 home runs.

All I know is this. Whoever buys Washington, I hope they redo that Sean, that awful Sean Taylor statue. Give that man a proper statue. There's a lot of redoing that needs to be done, but not the coach. Don't touch the coach. Don't touch the coach. I like the coach, man. But, man, Sean Taylor deserves much better than him. This guy over here. He wants everybody fired. He really does. 844204 rich number to dial here on The Rich House and Sean.

Miles Sanders still to come, top of the next hour. Fire it. Yeah. They stole my idea.

Back here on The Rich Eyes and Show Radio Network, we just showed the Roku channel audience. Apple. How did Apple steal your idea? Find my friends.

Huh? Find my friends. Apple stole my idea. You could check in on your friends like a year after this, they came out with the Find My Friends. Stop it.

It might have been like that year. You pitched Kevin O'Leary of an app. It pays 99 cents for an app that you connect your loved ones to, so every single time they unlock their phone, you know they're okay. You can check it if somebody's older. Well, I mean, in the same way, we track our kids. You could track our kids by GPS on their phones and stuff like that.

Find my friends. The technology's available. You just share the location with someone. You can find out where they are at all times.

But you don't have to rely on them. But he wanted an app that shared that person's location to you without that person having to do it. Exactly.

It's a great idea. Could you imagine, though? It already existed. Hold on a minute. You pitched it.

No, it didn't. Could you imagine if this idea, if Mike DelTufel had this idea, let's just say a perfect example. If Brian Goudacoon's had it for Aaron Rodgers, would that have been fine? I don't know where Aaron is. He's not responding to me. I don't know where he is. I need to try and shop him.

Even though I don't call it shopping, I say I'm just doing my due diligence as a general manager of the team when I don't hear from the guy, I've got to think that our relationship is over, and so I've got to check on other options. And Aaron Rodgers considered that shopping, so it's not an MP, it's an AARP. Not AARP. Right. It's an Aaron Rodgers problem. It's not a my problem.

It's a his problem. Could you imagine if he had had that app? Find My Quarterback. Can we create an app that's Find My Quarterback? Find My Friends actually started in 2013.

But I came up with it before 2013. But Rodgers, now there must be a spot in that Oregon's cave where you put your phone, right? Sort of like, you know. You go to a comedy show, put the phone in the bag.

I was about to say. Like a locker. Yep. You go see Chappelle or something.

You go and see a Chappelle show. Right. You got to put it in that little zip up bag, right? It's a cave. A bat. You leave it with a bat. Bat's hanging upside down.

You just hang it on. Mike, all I'm saying is you could have saved the Packers a lot of problems. I see it. That's what I mean.

Or at least Mr. Wonderful could have. Wasn't a horrible idea. It wasn't horrible. Yeah. It wasn't horrible because it already existed.

No, it didn't. RG3, what'd you think there? He seems so sure that nobody's calling him that it's not getting out. I mean, I'd love to know if he actually knows that.

If he's doing some independent reporting or is he just speculating because we haven't heard any. We don't know in the same way we didn't know about the trade being demanded because there's no agent involved. Team's not going to come out and say, oh, Lamar demanded a trade.

That's for Lamar to go reveal, which he finally did yesterday. Or a random team just coming out and going, yeah, we're trying to get a hold of Lamar, but we can't, or we talk to him and he's not interested in us. The only reason why one team would say that is if a fan base is saying, why aren't you reaching out to Lamar? And I don't know which fan base is saying that right now to the point where a team needs to say, we're not the ones to blame here. So the reason why we don't know if anybody's called Lamar is an agent is not there to leak it and Lamar hasn't leaked it yet or nobody's called Lamar, entirely possible.

Yeah, I would say all of these things are possible. It's possible that nobody's called him. It's also possible that people have and he's not interested or there's some deals going on behind the scenes that nobody knows about.

But like I said, too, is you need to, part of the reason why having an agent and I, in this case, in this case is like if Belichick in any way, shape or form would ever consider Lamar Jackson. Don't you think the worst way for him to endeavor upon the idea would be Bob Kraft going up to him and saying Meek Mill tells me he would like to speak, don't you think that would be one of the... That should be enough to get Bill to make a call. What? I don't know.

I would think the opposite. Meek Mill? Meek Mill is telling me to call Lamar?

Why doesn't he call me? Who Meek or Lamar? Lamar.

So Lamar's gonna call Bill and say, what's up? Hell yeah. Don't you think if I would call people if I'm allowed to, if I'm looking for a job and I need somebody to blow out another anchor somewhere, right?

Another host somewhere, another one. I would make phone calls. Hell yeah, myself. If I don't have an agent, like you're telling Chris Ballard or just for instance, send your buddy Ken to call him that he's never heard of?

That's not the best foot forward would be my two cents to Lamar. This WrestleMania season and the Podcast Heat Network has you covered. Podcast Heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day, it's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in the form of entertainment. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the Podcast Heat Network wherever you listen.
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