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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

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March 30, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 30, 2023 3:11 pm

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich why this will be a “critical” season for Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots and if the Pats should pursue Lamar Jackson, when/if Jackson could get an offer on the free agent market, why the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers are closer than you think to finalizing the Aaron Rodgers trade, if Trey Lance or Sam Darnold can unseat Brock Purdy as the 49ers’ starting QB, and the chances Florida Gators QB Anthony Richardson leapfrogs Bryce Young and CJ Stroud in the NFL Draft.

With the NFL changing rules on player uniform numbers Rich lists the top 5 players who should wear zero on their jerseys including Cowboys LB Micah Parsons, Odell Beckham Jr., 49ers TE George Kittle, and some shade thrown at ‘Bussin’ with the Boys’ co-hosts Taylor Lewan and Will Compton. 

Rich reacts to a Twitter follower who submitted her teenage son’s NFL mock draft for review.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. When you talk about Lamar Jackson, you're treading into unknown waters. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

What if Lamar Jackson had shown up at this owner's meeting and was shaking hands and walked straight up to Arthur Blank in a hallway? Earlier on the show, USC wide receiver Jordan Addison. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, co-creator, writer and actor from Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with the young man Jordan Addison from University of Southern California by way of the Pittsburgh football program and the Mid-Atlantic.

One of the top wide receivers available in this year's draft. It's just great chatting with him. The man who plays Coach Beard on the hit show Ted Lasso on Apple TV, on Apple TV Plus. He's joining us in studio number three.

How much fun will this be? I look forward to meeting him. I think I zoomed with him back in the day. He's coming here. Jason Sudeikis is slated to be here Monday. So our Believe sign that's hanging up behind Chris Brockman that Sean Payton signed when he was here during the Super Bowl. Because he was, if I'm not mistaken, on his retirement press conference he gave out biscuits. So we had him sign the Believe sign and we'll get both top coaches of AFC Richmond.

Hopefully signing that by the end of our show Monday. Good times. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show to kick off hour number two. We saw him at the NFL owners meeting not just because I follow him on Twitter and everything else that he does for Sports Illustrated. But when we had the sound bite of Matt Leflore we saw him lurking behind. He's a Leflore lurker.

He's Albert Breer back here on the Rich Eisen Show. We saw you lurking Albert. We saw you lurking.

Did I look as awkward as Darlington did with his coffee cup there? Oh hold on a minute. I stand corrected. It was Robert Sala. You lurked behind Sala. You were Sala lurking.

Okay. I think it was Darlington who went behind Leflore. He said that he thought he looked like a character from The Office.

Which I thought was pretty accurate. Albert you've been at these meetings for a long time. And the idea was coaches are sitting at a breakfast table and now they're just sitting at tables. And now the tables aren't large enough. This thing is getting huger and huger because there's always news post free agency or post combine.

And we haven't heard from these guys since the combine. And it's just getting huger and bigger. It's unbelievable this event. Yeah it's like everything else. Right? Right. I mean I can remember going to the Senior Bowl. You know it was 15 years ago probably the first time I went. And I was like this is great there are no reporters here. You know what I mean? And now I think Jim Nagy could probably verify the number.

But they're probably credentialing like two or three hundred people for the practice. It's crazy. It's just amazing the way this stuff has grown. I was actually reading our mutual friend Tom Current's story on Belichick the other day. And I bet he put it well. He was like these have sort of become almost de facto State of the Union addresses for the coaches and the owners. You know that this is sort of you know now you're a couple months separated from the season. And for most of the teams anyway.

And you got a little ways to go. You know obviously the four OTAs get ramped up. And it's just sort of every single team. And that's where the beat reporters all go. Every single team has this like little de facto State of the Union address from its coach. And for some teams from the owner and the general manager as well.

So that's I think one reason why we get so much information coming out of this. It just sort of feels like it's starting to set the table for the next year. Well then let's jump into some of the stories that came out of this owner's meeting and narratives coming out of the owner's meeting. Starting with Belichick.

Let's start there. There was a topic bar that caused me to stop walking to my desk today on ESPN on their get up program. Where it's like has Belichick lost a step? You know Brockman is sitting here you know frequently. You believe that Bill is coaching for his job this year? I think he's coaching for his job. I think Bob Kraft has made that clear.

What do you think Albert? Is that really the case in New England? I mean I think this is a critical year for the organization. And I don't know whether or not you know Bob Kraft would have the stomach to press the button on that.

And actually fire Bill Belichick. But you know I think it's pretty clear like just hearing those two guys talk. They're not mock-stepped the way they used to be. You know what I mean? And you know you sort of it almost felt like to a degree there were salvos going back and forth. You know like I mean that was a bomb that the Robert Kraft dropped on Lamar Jackson. You know and he put that on the record and that you know left that at Bill's feet. You know and then you know Bill basically saying like check my resume when you know he's asked why fans should be optimistic about 2023. Despite the fact they're coming off like by far the worst four-year stretch of his almost two and a half decades in New England.

You know you can kind of see like a little bit of a disconnect there. And this is a critical year too because they've missed the playoffs in two of the last three years. They've had under 500 records the last two the last three years. That's the first time I believe that might be the first time that's happened in Kraft's ownership. You know since he bought the team. You know and then on top of that like you know you're talking about having a major decision with a quarterback coming after this year. And that Bill at the very least have to make a decision on Mack Jones's fifth year option after this year. Presuming Mack Jones as the quarterback in 2023. And so like this is shaping up as like a pretty massive year for the franchise in general. And as the direction of the franchise. And if it doesn't go the way that Bill Belichick's planning for it to go. You certainly could see what bigger questions are going to be asked. And again I don't know whether or not you know like you know Robert would have the stomach to fire the greatest coach in the history of the game.

But it certainly feels like things are not close to being in the same place they were five years ago. Especially since if we're you know on the Lamar subject with the Patriots. I mean Brady was there for a hometown discount you know season after hometown discount season. I mean we looked it up what the number of millions that that Brady made in his tenure with the Patriots.

About 220. Yeah I mean and it would maybe cost that much in guaranteed dollars to land Lamar Jackson. It doesn't strike me as Kraft would ever want to cut a check for a single player of that size for regardless of the position. It just doesn't seem to make sense organizationally regardless of what Meek Mill may have delivered a message to or for Albert.

Here's the issue though like Rich. You know like when I look at it it sort of feels like the Patriots are built like a Tom Brady Patriot team would be built. You know what I mean? Like where like they didn't need to be outstanding in every spot where Brady was the quarterback Brady would come in and kind of shave the day with some things.

You know what I mean? Like so that's why you didn't need to have Randy Moss on every team Brady played for. As long as you were balanced and you can send five guys into the route trust those five guys and have five competent linemen in front of the quarterback Brady would sort of figure out the rest. And you know in the years they were better in those spots that Brady would elevate the teams would be incredible. You know and now it feels like they've got good skill position players. They have somebody who when they break the huddle the defensive coordinator is going to be sweating bullets over.

Probably not right? And I would say one if not both of their tackle positions are still an issue going into the draft. So like it kind of feels like a team is built to for Tom Brady to come in and shave the day.

They don't have Brady anymore. And so what would be one way where you could create something on your offense that would change the dynamic? Lamar Jackson would be one way to do it. You know if you're talking about breaking the huddle and having a guy that the defensive coordinator is going to have nightmares over that would be one way to do it is to make that guy the quarterback. You know but yeah I think it's something that would be outside the box of what they've done from a financial standpoint.

Then again if you want to look at the other side of it and I'll bring up the Moss example again. If you look at why Bill Belichick went and got Randy Moss why he signed Tim Tebow you know that at one point and why he's held Lawrence Taylor in the highest regard. You know there are so many cases where there's a unique player who brings something different to the table that can make the Patriots more difficult to prepare for and they can give Bill an edge over other coaches. And not just on sheer talent but because he's bringing in somebody who just changes the dynamic completely and that way Lamar Jackson would very much fit the bill.

I don't think they're going to do it but like I do think there's reason to believe that Bill Belichick would be intrigued by the idea. The MMQB's Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show let's talk Lamar writ large hitting send just as John Harbaugh sits down to talk to the media on a tweet saying I by the way asked for a trade on March 2nd. And then the annual meeting wraps up as he tweets about how he wasn't jaking his injury if he was then why was he trying so hard between weeks 1 and 12. He's putting it out there he's putting a lot of messages out there and part of the subtext for me Albert is that if he had offer sheets on the table or an offer sheet on the table he wouldn't be doing that. Does he have an offer sheet from anybody do you think?

No and I think like my feeling right now is if an offer sheet was going to come before the draft it would have come by now. So we're going to start with that first piece which is what I thought was a pretty strategic savvy way of going about that. I mean we assume it was intentional it couldn't have been an accident that he had sent in that tweet whatever it was 3 minutes into John Harbaugh's media session. I think part of that might be a salvo with the way the general public has seen this like I think because he doesn't have an agent like people are looking at it and saying well like is this guy just wandering around aimlessly no idea what he's doing.

This was kind of like all right well you know if you want to see if I could be cold and cunning and smart and savvy about this watch what I'm about to do and he did that. So like I think that that's part of it you know and then just as far as where this thing goes the reason I bring up the draft which is because I think that there could be teams in the top 10 a team or teams in the top 10 that might not be wild about this quarterback class right. And might think to themselves if young and Stroud go one and two we really don't feel comfortable taking one of the guys that's last you know at three or four or five or six or seven or eight or nine or 10. So why don't we wait until after the draft to see what we're going to do and maybe we make a run at Lamar Jackson and then spend our top 10 pick on Will Anderson or Tyree Wilson or Jalen Carter or whoever else.

Right. And then when we get past the draft instead of having to potentially sacrifice the fourth pick or the seventh pick of the 10th that for Lamar Jackson now we're talking about picks in 24 and 25. And we believe that our pick is going to be say in the mid 20s with Lamar Jackson as our quarterback. So I think for some of these teams getting past the draft and then not having to give up one of this year's takes could change the dynamic as to where things stand with the Ravens. I think the problem right now is you know I think because Lamar has waited five years he wants to win on every front and like I respect him wanting to do that. But like generally it's tough to get an NFL team to agree to that.

So you want to win on term you want to win on guarantees you want to win on the money like he wants to win on every front. And right now the rate at this point the Ravens haven't been willing to go the distance on that. I do think like that there's a compromise here in some sort of three year full guaranteed deal. But I think it's going to take some compromise on Lamar's part to get there and I will say that Lamar I think right now is standing on principle.

I don't think this has anything to do with greed. So I think it's pretty unpredictable how he's going to handle the rest of this and whether or not he'll really want to seek a middle ground with the Ravens and where they're at. Robert, we're a few minutes left with our Sports Illustrated friend here on the Rich Eisen show walking around the owners meeting the sense you got about what the holdup is between the Jets and the Packers for the Aaron Rodgers trade. We all know they all know is going to happen.

What is the holdup? You want me to give you some good news Rich? Sure.

I don't think this thing's in the earliest data places everybody's saying. Okay. I don't I mean is there problems between Rodgers and the Packers? Yes. That exists. But there are some incredibly tight relationships between the two teams.

Right. So the Joe Douglas and Brian Gudekunz, the two general managers spent a lot of time together as road scouts. They've got a great rapport. The two head coaches Matt Lafleur and Robert Sala are like quite literally best friends, you know, and then you've got like the two owner. Well, the owner of the de facto owner, I guess and Woody Johnson and Mark Murphy and both those guys were involved in the Brett Favre trade 2008.

So they have experience working together in this sort of thing. So I think this thing's in a better place than people think. Might it be might it happen on draft day? Yeah, I don't think it's out of the question happens this week, you know, so like I think like there is definitely a deal to be done. I think progress has been made and, you know, I think this is about getting sign off from like every level of each organization. But I think like this thing is is in a good place now. I think there's a good chance that Aaron Rodgers is a jet relatively soon, you know, certainly before the draft.

I think probably before OTA start and maybe even at some point over the next few days. Well, to me, wow. Wow. OK. Because to me, it's kind of happened before the draft.

I mean, why would the why would the Packers not take draft choices now? I don't understand that. Especially, you know, especially if it is in a good place. Right. Right.

Like especially if if Gudekunsen Douglas have made progress. I mean, but the Jets want to have it done, too. You know what I mean? Everybody does. And it's going to have to happen. You know, and everyone's like, who's got leverage?

Who's got leverage? Everybody needs it to happen. And and the guy involved who's being traded wants it to happen.

And you don't want that guy around when he's unhappy. I mean, come on. It just makes sense. I mean, it's what's best for Jordan Love.

Right. It's best for everybody. What's the best for Jordan Love?

What's the best for Garrett Wilson? You know, if you want to start throwing names out there, like what's best for everybody is that this gets done, you know? And so, I mean, from the guys at the highest level of each organization to the front offices, the scouts knowing what they're doing, you know, going into the draft, having a better, clearer picture of that. For the Jets, too, like knowing what picks they won't have.

You know what I mean? Like, that's helpful. You know, and then the coaches, of course, you know, for for them, what's best is a deal getting done.

So I think they're they're motivated. I think it was probably good for them to get to spend a few days together in Arizona at the owners meetings this week. Yeah, I think I think I said the last time to you, Rich, like, you know, when the temperature was turned up, like with the McAfee thing with what Aaron said on McAfee and all that. I think I said to you at that point, I think cooler heads will prevail.

I think we're at the point where, you know, it looks like cooler heads are prevailing and the progress made. Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show. I appreciate that knowledge. Before I let you go, I need two tea leaf reads from you. OK, first one is read the tea and the leafs in the cup of the 49ers quarterback room. The comments made by John Lynch saying, well, Brock Purdy, I think, is in the lead position. And then, you know, the the the comments from Kyle Shanahan have been widely read as Sam Donald's got a real shot to start. And what does this mean for Lance? Like, what is the current situation and thinking in that front office about their quarterback scenario?

Here's what I think is so Trey Lance needs reps. OK, like Trey Lance needs to play. And like, if you look at like the number of throws he's had since, you know, 2020, I mean, I guess since really since 2019. Yeah, 2019 was his last like full season play.

That number is so small. Here's the problem the Niners are facing. Like last year was the year that they were going to sort of sacrifice his development, not sacrifice. But the feeling was at the beginning in the summer, like Jimmy is still the better quarterback. But we believe with reps, Trey will be the better quarterback by the time we get to December and January. And we'll be rolling into the playoffs with him.

Right. And like now, I think this is the point where that team is such a win now operation. You know what I mean? Like you look at the way they're set up and now they have this other young option and brought Purdy. They can't afford to throw another season overboard in the name of, you know, young quarterbacks development, especially when they've got another good option on the roster. And so, you know, I think what they want to see from Trey Lantz is what's up to you? You know, you can make this difficult on us. You know, like it's up to you and we're not handing you anything this time around, you know, and it sucks because that's not your fault. You got hurt. Like I think they still love him as a person.

You know what I mean? You know, I think they still believe you get there if he if they gave him like a full year to develop with reps and everything else. But I just think they're past the point where they're willing to make the sacrifices saying, OK, like we're going to like let all that happen. Let all this happen in the name of his development, because they do have another option now because they are such a they do have such a win now roster. So, you know, I think the injury sort of opens the door for both Trey Lantz to develop and Sam Darnold to resuscitate his career. You know, both those guys are going to come in. I think the Niners are hoping that they have a very, very healthy, a very, very healthy competition between the two for reps in the spring and summer while Brock Purdy is getting healthy. And really, it's up to those two to make John Lynch or Kyle Shanahan change their mind. But as of right now, I can tell you, like there's strong belief that Brock Purdy could be a really good starting quarterback in the NFL. And, you know, like it'll it really is on on both Lantz and Darnold to move move the Niners perhaps off that spot.

Last tea leaf read from you, Albert. The pro day for Anthony Richardson just completed while we were conversing. He looked dynamite. This just in. No surprise. And the Panthers visited everybody's pro day and took three of the four prospects out to dinner. I don't know if the Raiders muscled in for dinner reservations before they could secure one with Anthony Richardson, if it doesn't matter. They had a meeting with him anyway. But the bottom line is the Raiders are the ones who took Richardson out to dinner. What to make of that. Anything?

Yeah, not really. I mean, my understanding was some of the because of the owners meetings and all the stuff that comes along with it. A couple of Panthers guys couldn't get in in time last night to make the big full on dinner with Anthony Richardson. I wouldn't make too much of it like I like. I think that they'll buy. I think that they're going to be with not 100 percent on this, but I think their plan was to try to do something with them again tonight. Spent a little more time with them with a more full group. And they're going to have these guys, you know, to Charlotte for for for for 30 visits anyway. So they're going to get plenty of time with each of these guys.

So I think this was more logistical around. Sure. But what about the Raiders? But what about what about the Raiders fact of it?

Yeah. What about the Raiders fact of it? The Raiders took the dinner slot.

So does that. But the Raiders, the Raiders met privately with Will Levis and CJ Stroud and Anthony and Bryce Young the night before those guys pro days last year. It's just the Panthers had the dinner slot last week. So this week the Raiders had the dinner slot because the Panthers logistically couldn't get all the guys there.

I would I wouldn't read too much into it. Like I think like the Raiders are a similar spot to the Seahawks. The Seahawks have done all this work to the Raiders and Seahawks. I think they're both in this spot where it's like we're comfortable with our guys, which, you know, Smith and Jimmy Garoppolo. But we also don't plan to be drafting this high again for a while. And so while we're sitting here, we may we may even be like right now planning to quarterback at five or seven.

But we at least need to have a full understanding of what we'd be passing on. And so, you know, I think it's smart for them to do all that work because if one of those guys winds up blowing them away or they get to the point where it's like, yeah, like we really think like we'd be in a good spot if we took Anthony Richardson. Well, then what an awesome situation they would have. They'd have a starting quarterback for the next year or two, and they'd have the flexibility to be able to sit Richardson for a year or two years, which a lot of people think he needs, and, you know, have him ready to go as their starting quarterback in 2024, 2025.

Right, exactly. And but the question is, is I guess, well, and then I'll let you go. One month from tonight is the draft. What's more likely?

I'm going to use one of our staple segments here from our program. What's more likely the Cardinals make the pick at three or one of the two teams you just mentioned trades up to go take Richardson if he's sitting there at three? I think neither of those things happen. I think the Cardinals are going to trade the pick.

I just I don't know. The Seahawks or Raiders have come up and the Cardinals are in a good spot to trade the pick. I think so much of this is on Levis and Richardson, though.

But increasingly, I'm starting to feel like it's going to be young and Stroud in one order or the other one and two. And that puts the Cardinals in a tremendous position on paper because you would think like that. OK, like some team is going to try to hop the Colts.

Right. Because you see the Colts there for. You know, most people expect them to take a quarterback there. But what if no one's that in love with Levis or Richardson? You know, like that. So that that that I think is where things are. And so and I don't know that Seattle or Vegas, but I think like, you know, they could take a quarterback if one falls to them.

I don't know that they would get aggressive and move up. I think that sort of still remains to be seen. Albert, you're the man. Let's chat again real soon. Greatly appreciate it. Love to seeing you lurking at the owner's meeting. I appreciate lurking here. Appreciate it. And I'll try to live. I'll try.

I'll try to reach that Darlington standard next time. Yeah, you're good. You're good.

You're already aces in our book, as you know. Thanks for the call, Albert. You're the man. You be well. All right. Thanks, Rich.

That's Albert Brier. Follow him. A must follow on Twitter. Must right here on The Rich Eisen Show. OK, lots to unpack there. We're going to unpack what he just said about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets and also news from New York. Hashtag all rise. All rise indeed. Oh, baby. And my top five list is a dynamite one.

Top five NFL players that should should wear number zero. That's coming up next right here on The Rich Eisen Show. It's WrestleMania season and the podcast Heat Network has you covered. Podcast Heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the Immortals Showcase of the Immortals and talking about the results afterwards. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day.

It's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in the form of entertainment. There's a get into the WrestleMania spirit with the podcast Heat Network. Wherever you listen. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, terrestrial radio network coast to coast, it is. I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger is the right product for you.

Call click Granger dot com or just stop by. Just went in the back. Our third hour guest, Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard in the brilliant show Ted Lasso. He is already here. He came wearing it. Wasn't wearing at the time.

It's in the corner. I don't know if he's going to wear it out here. A Montreal Expos baseball cap opening day, which is next level. I remember the time where I believe Tommy Lasorda once had UP, their mascot ejected, I think. I don't remember that. Odd that that's my only Montreal, my first Montreal Expos memory. My other one was when I called a game for ESPN 2 in San Diego between the Padres and the Expos.

The deuce, Rich. Uh huh. And it was it was the backup game. So literally nobody was watching it. It went nine innings scoreless.

Oh my God. Was that a Pedro game back then? Hey, say that again. Was that a Pedro game back then? No, I don't remember. What year was that? I don't recall either.

Ryan Klesko had a walk off hit for the for the for the Expos to win that game. Wow. You won nothing in ten. Holy crap.

You want to talk about trying to fill time? Oh my gosh. The old stadium. I'm going to find this game for you. And the old Jack Murphy stadium. Jack Murphy stadium.

Or Qualcomm, which I do believe Matt Harvey paid fealty once on Dan Patrick's show quite famously. You know, eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program. So Albert Breer just said that he thinks things between the Jets and the Packers are in a much better spot than people are talking about.

And that the deal. He he thinks it can get done not only before the draft, but maybe. This week. This week. Did you hear what he said? I mean, I did.

I heard it too. I don't know. This week. I don't know. Everyone likes each other. Joe Douglas and Gudekunst used to be scouts on the road together. Sure. They probably checked into, you know, the roof of the red roof next door to each other.

Once upon a time in the middle of, you know, SCC country. Right. Like Mooch and Andy Reid. They left a light on for each other. And and the floor and and Sal are quite literally best friends. They like each other. They like each other.

Woody and Mark Murphy. They've done this before. They've traded. They've they've swapped draft choices for generationally brilliant and talented Green Bay Packer quarterbacks at the end of their. Hall of Fame run. They've done this before.

This is not their first such rodeo. It's better than you think. And then in the middle of all that, as if the good news for me is not enough. You get in my ear and you say to me.

All right. Aaron Judge. It's his first home run of the season in his first at bat. Pick it up where he left off. We're forgetting about the playoffs, but picking up where we left off.

Just the ball rise bomb to center field. And that's because I truly thought this during the moment you heard what the first thing I asked Mike Hoskins as soon as we hit the break. I thought of your what's more likely supposition from last Friday.

It was good. What's going to happen first? Judge hits its 10th home run of the season or Rogers puts on a Jets jersey. We got a horse race. It's going to be the first to the finish line.

All right. This week, Aaron Judge has already got nine more to go and three more at bats. Likely today. He hits another one. Judge is going to be making a case. Oh, what a great bright.

It stopped raining. What else do I need? Should I be? Should I play the numbers? They play the. Is there a Powerball tonight? There is tomorrow.

Lottery tomorrow. Good enough. I'm feeling good.

How about that? Well, if could could Rogers be a jet by the end of the week? Well, we've got a month till the dirty. Thank you, Mike. They're being a month.

That's for you in the horse race. It makes sense, man. The Packers are going to have to wonder, why would the Packers pass up on using draft choices now?

Why would they do that? Just to stand firm in a position that nobody in their fan base is demanding they stand firm on. I shouldn't say nobody.

There are some who push back at me every single moment like he should stick around for a first round pick. They're not going to get it. All right.

Ain't happen. I got a top five list. You ready for it? Oh, always.

Come on, TJ. Oh, yes. As you may have heard, as you may have heard, the NFL owners approved the number zero to be used by NFL players for the first time in forever. Cannot wait.

So somewhere. Jeff, Laura, Jeff, Laura, Jeff, Laurie of the Eagles said they're running out of numbers. That's part of the reason why they're running out of numbers. Yeah. There's 53 people on a team.

I get it. But numbers are being retired and things like that point. They needed zero as an option to have it. Now, as you know, double zero, as you know, players love their jerseys numbers. They've had it since childhood.

They had they're wearing their college number like whatever. They're very superstitious, very superstitious. And in my book in 2007, that not enough people bought total access. I have a whole section on on on players superstitions. It's a great. I had the book and I knew that.

Yes. So people are very superstitious about their numbers. But I think some might be willing to change.

And there's other scenarios. To make this top five list of the top five players that should wear number zero. Let's get started.

This one's the this one is the first one I thought of as soon as I heard this. OK, being passed wherever he goes, wherever he's drafted. Darnell Washington of Georgia will get to keep it.

Good one. He's going to wear he's I mean, we already see it. We've seen it. He rocks it very well. And people have been rocked by him wearing it. Wherever this kid gets drafted one month, maybe from tonight, he could be a first round talent.

But this is a no brainer. He's worn it in college. He gets to keep it in the pros. No doubt in my mind, if he is drafted first round, you know, they always have the number one on the on the on the jersey that they hold up for for them.

They should have zero. Just have it ready for the at the draft one month from tonight with his name on it. Darnell Washington of Georgia's number five on the list.

Number four. Now he's coming in next week. I get to ask him this point blank. He's at the end of his career. I'm sure he's very attached to his number, but I think it would be perfect for Jason Kelsey to be the first Philadelphia Eagle to wear number zero, because also at this point of his career, at this point of his career, number zero as the center of the Philadelphia Eagles. It would also stand for the exact number of F's he has left to give in his career. He's playing for the love of the game.

He's playing for the love of the teammates. And he's playing for, you know, that ring. He's already got one with a check. He's got a lot of zeros on that. So Jason Kelsey should be the first zero in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles. Number three on this list. He just, you know, he he wore forty six in college. He wears eighty five now.

I don't know if he's attached to this. Why shouldn't George Kittle be the first zero in the history of the San Francisco 49ers? I kind of like it. First tight end of TE, tight end university rocket zero. I know that I already named Darnell Washington as zero. I just think Kittle as a zero would be a lot of fun. I could see it.

You know, I think if there's anybody that could break the stigma of I'm wearing zero, that you're not nothing, you're something. It's George Kittle. It would also stand for the number of bad days that he has. Zero. Kewanah Beach.

Bad days. So there you go. That's George Kittle. Number two on the list. He's the one who put it in the ether.

And as soon as I heard it, it's perfect. Micah Parsons, you got to go through with your plan to be Agent Zero. Call yourself Agent Zero.

He tweeted it out himself yesterday. Micah Parsons as the first zero in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. Right. I don't think anybody's ever worn zero there. So Micah Parsons said Agent Zero. He even branded himself that you could make a T-shirt line, you could put them on mugs, you could do all of that stuff.

Agent Zero sounds terrific. And number one, you can't spell his first name without the letter that stands for the number. Odell Beckham Jr., where he signs should be zero. Zero Del Beckham Jr. Odell Beckham Jr. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Plus, Alan Lazard also has number 13 on the Jets and Don Maynard wore 13 on the Jets. You don't need to do that. Number three, forget it. Zero in green or zero in white. Oh, Del Beckham Jr. It's perfect. That's my top five players that should wear number zero. All right, we'll get one more. OK, now.

This all when you switch to zero, you got to have a narrative around it, OK? Now, anybody that gets passed in the first round should wear it in the same way that once upon a time, if you know Maurice Jones Drew wore 32 because those were the number of teams that passed him in the first round, you can wear zero now and say these are the number of teams that took me in the first round and wear that as your badge of honor. So that's another one to put out there. And maybe if he does come back for year 10 in his life, maybe Will Compton should wear number one.

And since I already used the phrase no bad days, the guy who actually was the no bad days guy is Taylor Lewan. However, if both go back in the league, they should wear zero because zero is the exact number of motors that's in the bus. Change the eight on the side of the bus busing with the boys to zero for the number of motors underneath the hood.

That's it's perfect branding. Zero for Compton, zero for Lewan. And I promise everybody the zero will not wind up standing for number of in-person appearances I make on busing with the boys.

And certainly in order to ensure that putting zero on the side of the bus to stand for the number of motors underneath the hood is what we call chef's kiss. And that's my list. Good list. You like the list? I do.

I do. Odell is a no brainer. Odell Beckham Jr. No brainer. His name starts with an O. The letter O is on his jersey.

Don't you think wherever he goes? Are we going to see a quarterback everywhere? Zero. I can't imagine. Probably not.

Right. I mean, I would flip it right instead of the number of teams that passed on me. If I was the number one pick, I'd wear zero for the number of teams that pass with me. Like none of them passed on me. I was the first pick. Oh, the first overall pick. I'm zero. Nobody passed on. So Anthony Richardson wears zero. The TJ's mop draft, yeah.

Speaking of mop drafts, I have one for you. Cross my Twitter feed last night. Let's take a break. 844-204-RICH-NUMBER-2-DIAL. You don't want to miss this. That's coming up right here on this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show talking about our new edition in the back.

By the way, Rich, I'm going to be very honest with you. You can taste the difference in this new Keurig, man. That old one was Methuselah type old. We had eight years without cleaning it. That's true, too.

We figured it out. Nobody's doing that. Eight years of not cleaning something and then we'll get a new one.

Saves you from actually cleaning the device. Sounds like a great plan, guys. Couple of nice coffees to see what we like. I gotta get my Dunkin' though. Rich, problem with your list.

Someone just tweeted us. Everyone is allowed to wear the number zero except offensive and defensive linemen. Yeah, I was just about to bring that up.

Well, these are people who should wear it. I don't care what the rules are. You know what? Just like the movie Air, I'll pay their fine. Wait, who paid the fine in Air? Well, never mind. I'll say Air. I don't care.

I don't care about rules. is there to help you win your job hunt. is there for you to put your resume on. And once you actually upload your resume to, watch it all work. The it being employers who are already on the site potentially, potentially, already recruiting you before you even get to see their job posted. They're looking at you first, then they post their jobs or in any other order.

You never know. So why not post your resume to right now? Because they specialize in building the right teams for employers and then know how to match you with those job fits. When you score the position, there's a salary calculator ensuring that you're paid what you're worth.

You also get career advice, great coaching. There's millions of job openings. So there's no reason, if you're looking for a job, to not post your resume to You have all the reason, in other words, to go there. Go to and win your job hunt today. Hey, folks. I was out there on my Twitter feed last night seeing what's going on and also staring at my blue checkmark for the last two days that I have it, because there's no way on planet Earth I will ever give that man who runs the site a dime of my money for a status symbol.

My name is at Rich Eisen. Anybody else is not the real thing. I don't need a blue checkmark.

I've got a blue zip-up sweater that I think is very, very nice. You've got a million followers plus. You know what I mean? I don't mean to go down that wormhole, because on that hellscape of a site, there's still some very nice people and some very nice requests and some very nice moments that can come out of being on Twitter. I saw a tweet last night from a woman saying, Laura Smith, number four stealers. I'm imagining she's a mom who likes the stealers.

My 13-year-old would love to hear any opinion on his draft choices, especially yours, at Bucky Brooks and at Adam Rank. She personally would like to hear from Adam Schefter, and she added me. We'd love to hear from anyone in At Stealers Nation.

Well, I can't steal her nation. I can't speak for the rest, but I can speak for me. I saw this mock draft. Her son's name apparently is Aaron. Aaron, I saw your mock draft. Now, mock drafts are difficult.

They really are, because you have no idea if there are trades, and then you have to kind of hew a bit to what you're hearing out there, so it comes across as realistic. You can take your shots here and there and what you're guessing, but if you do crazy stuff like a wide receiver in the top five of a draft where there's five spots and many of them need quarterbacks, four of them do, and there's four quarterbacks that makes a mock draft, you'd throw it away. But I saw this mock draft, and I got to tell you, Aaron, I like it. I like it a lot. I like it a lot. And we actually put together a mock draft, NFL mock draft 6.0. Aaron, I like it so much.

We're giving you a graphic. He thinks that it's Stroud first, and I kind of believe that's the case, and then it's Bryce Young. Of course, if Arizona trades out, Will Anderson won't be third, but if they stay there and they don't get what they want for the third overall pick from anybody else, I kind of think it's going to be Will Anderson. And then if that happens, I do think Anthony Richardson becomes a cult. Tyree Wilson, by the way, is an edge rusher that is atop so many draft boards. We didn't talk about him at the combine because we didn't see him at the combine, and he's there. I think the Seahawks would take him. Jalen Carter is the big question mark. But I am seeing Jalen Carter go to the Lions on a lot of mock drafts, so I like your pick there.

I do think Will Elvis lands at seven if this all works out. Lucas Van Ness is a terrific edge rusher, and I'll tell you what. If this Northwestern kid, Skoronski, falls to the Bears at nine, they will run that card up to Roger Goodell.

Run it. And Devin Witherspoon is a corner in Philly. Nice choice. Skoronski's a defensive back right there.

I like your top ten-er. We're going to hold on to that to see how... How's he 13? The Jets? No, Aaron.

Yes. By the way, Aaron's 13, so are the Jets, because they're not trading that pick. Here we go. He thinks Broderick Jones, who is our first guest tomorrow, goes to the Jets. And that's why the Jets aren't trading the pick. They can get this monster from Georgia to pass protect?

Tennessee getting... I don't particularly like an Ohio State guy filling the lawn shoes, but I get it. He's pretty damn good.

Miles Murphy's a good choice. These are all... Could you imagine if Joey Porter winds up with the Steelers? That'd be amazing, right? Another Porter.

That would be amazing. I kind of dig all of these picks. None of them made me think, get out of here. Michael Mayer at a tight end from Notre Dame going to Green Bay when they just lost Tanyan. You could sit here and go, tight end, top 15. Daniel Jeremiah loves this tight end group. He said there would be multiple first round picks from the tight end group. Do you want to finish it up?

Here's the back end. Jackson Smith and Jigba Gumman here to Los Angeles would be great. Quinton Johnston, you know the Ravens need a first round draft choice. Hendon Hooker at wide receiver. You know Hendon Hooker could wind up in Minnesota. That is a fascinating choice. I'm hearing a lot about how the Vikings love the quarterback class and would use their first round draft choice on this kid.

You get a fifth year of control. I know he's not going to be out there for this year, but you don't need him this year. Zay Flowers in New York, Bijan Robinson for the Cowboys. Nolan Smith still being around on 29 would be for the Saints a Christmas lift type gift. I love Aaron Smith.

Sir, well done. Good job Aaron. I like his mock draft a lot. So, thanks at mom for Steelers for putting that on my timeline. Brendan Hunt coming up. And you skipped over my favorite name from that second 10, Osiris Torrance. Yeah, he's working out at his pro day today.

You're already seeing it's lighting up a Twitter feed about how he looks as well. I just love his name, man. He also went second round. Ooh, hey now.

Okay. Aaron ain't no joke. Jordan Addison won't have much too long to wait if he does wait all the first night and not get picked, our first hour guest. He's got him going to the Steelers, Jalen Hyatt to the Texans. That would be a run on those positions at the top. Look at him going deep, man, into the second round of these picks.

Well done. A lot of fun. Bill's taking Zach Charbonnet is a nice pick.

Sounds like a wine. I know. He was at Michigan and then he came here to UCLA. He's a kid from, I believe he's a Christian kid. I think he might be. Jordan Addison going back to the Steelers.

He's from Southern California and Darnell Washington to the Bengals. Oh, baby. Wow. Fun names.

Fun list. Good job, brother. And the neat thing is it came my way through that disastrous cesspool known as Twitter. Every now and then, Rich. Currently.

Every now and then. Every now and then, it's still there. There's still this bright shining light shining through. It's still alive. By the way, my blue check mark's still alive. It's about to take many shots.

I heard Twitter was worth half of what it was when it got bought. That's what happens when you kick two jiggy off your platform. True story.

It drops. We got to get you back on it. We got to get you back. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day. It's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in any form of entertainment. There's not. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the Podcast Heat Network. Wherever you listen.
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