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REShow: Thomas Dimitroff - Hour 1

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March 23, 2023 3:15 pm

REShow: Thomas Dimitroff - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 23, 2023 3:15 pm

Rich recaps an eventful night in the NBA highlighted by controversial officiating that led to a Warriors win over the Mavericks which resulted in Dallas owner Mark Cuban protesting the game, and weighs in on Bryce Young’s Alabama pro day and the chances the Raiders move up to select the QB in the NFL Draft.

Former NFL executive Thomas Dimitroff tells Rich why he feels the New York Jets have the leverage over the Green Bay Packers in their Aaron Rodgers trade negotiations, if the Carolina Panthers select Bryce Young or CJ Stroud #1 overall in the NFL Draft, and the chances the Atlanta Falcons sign Lamar Jackson away from the Baltimore Ravens.

Rich and the guys debate if Shohei Ohtani will go down as the baseball’s G.O.A.T. player.

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We are very excited to be broadcasting to you live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

These sweet, sweet people. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You are trust fund fans and I think there is a hubris of Packers fans who just say, get them out of here. Rogers is too weird. The Rich Eisen Show. How dare you celebrate that man's departure. Today's guests, former NFL general manager Thomas Dimitrov.

Packers wide receiver Christian Watson. NFL network insider Tom Pelissero. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live in Los Angeles, California. Here on the Roku channel, this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. Part of the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. Coast to coast.

Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. Good morning to all of you here on the west coast and wherever you may be. Good Thursday to all of you. How are you Chris Brockman?

Good to see you over there brother. Hey Rich. What's happening man? DJ Mikey D. Good morning Rich.

Mike Del Tufo. Good to see you and TJ Jefferson. Light that candle, sir. Light the candle. How are you?

Candles lit. I'm great. How are you doing?

I am doing just fantastic and I'd love to hear from you today. 844-204-rich. Number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'm gonna start with this. I'm gonna start with this. It's getting down to the nitty and the gritty in the association as we're getting ready tonight for the Sweet 16 to begin. The college and professional basketball world is colliding as we are watching teams get a little tight. Tensions get a little high about making the playoffs either as a straight up normal traditional playoff seating situation or in the play-in tournament.

You don't want to be part of that. It's extra work. The games don't really count interestingly enough. We don't know where the statistics go.

They go down some wormhole. It could be extra games you don't really want to play. Extra road trips you don't want to go on. Tensions getting high and this is also when we find out who's going to be healthy and who's not. Who could be healthy. Who needs to be healthy in the association and it's also when defending champs raise their hands and say remember us. Warriors won their consecutive, first consecutive road game all year long. They have nine road wins now but two in the last two. Hey just to remind everybody hey remember us we win we we win a game on the road every single playoff series that we play. 27 in a row if I'm not mistaken and they are currently your sixth seed in the west and I would love for them somehow some way to get into a position where they could play the Memphis Grizzlies who got John Marant back last night and they got damn near 40 points from J square or J cubed right Jaron Jackson Jr. Jr. They're getting back into the mix at some point Dylan Brooks his big game and big mouth will all get back on the floor too. Yeah he was out last night right 16th tech.

Oh yeah. And so he missed last night's game the Minnesota Timberwolves won a nail-biter against the Atlanta Hawks and who provided the game-winning points from the free throw line. Somebody who had not had on the floor since November 28th Karl-Anthony Towns.

Big cat. As Anthony Edwards watched while he got hurt and the Warriors beat the Mavs while Kyrie Irving watched as he is hurt. The Suns here in Los Angeles lost last night to the Los Angeles Lakers. Monty Williams the head coach after that game complaining about the free throw disparity in that contest.

I guess when one team gets 46 and you get 20 the head coach is going to get a little bit snippy about it. He got snippy after the game last night that the Lakers won with one with LeBron watching but D'Angelo Russell has been back for about a week. Anthony Davis has been superb since LeBron's gone down and the Lakers are now in a position to be in the play-in tournament. Also Rich Austin Reeves must be wearing LeBron's sneakers because the way he's been balling him. Well he's actually preparing for the role in the reboot like LeBron. He found these shoes. They were hanging on the wire. Austin Reeves is in fact the Lil' Bow Wow of the situation. I think he had 300 free throw attempts last night. I think that's why Monty was so mad. And the Mavericks are staring down not making the playoffs at all.

This is bananas. They're sitting there in the ninth spot in the play-in tournament. Same record as the Lakers and only a half game better than the Jazz who had Lori marketing come back after a one-game respite with his back injury feeling all I guess 40 point-ish. He scored 40 last night as the Jazz still lost to the Blazers who aren't even on the screen.

Pelicans can they get Zion back in time because they're just a half game behind the Lakers and the Mavs whose owner Mark Cuban pardon me Governor Mark Cuban was complaining about the oddest scenario I've seen play out on a basketball court this year. He says it's the worst non-call in the history of the NBA. Worst officiating non-call mistake possibly in the history of the NBA is what he tweeted out as the Mavericks are protesting their loss last night. The NBA FYI has not upheld a protest since 2008.

It's a long time and just to go down this wormhole for a little bit here it's a buck 54 left in the third quarter of this contest. This wasn't in case you're unfamiliar the last play of the game or in the last two minutes where we could take a look at a report this was the last two minutes of the third quarter Kevon Looney of the Warriors surrounded by four Mavs and the ball is ruled off out of bounds underneath the Warriors basket off of one of the Mavericks. You could see the official point in the direction of the Warriors and then immediately point in the other direction and what looked like to me you could see the official hold up his hand his open palm and then point to the other direction saying it's a timeout on the Mavericks. Now all we know is after the timeout of the Mavericks the Warriors are inbounding the ball and the entire Warriors team is underneath their basket the Mavericks are nowhere to be seen they're on the what they feel is the front court of their possession instead they were unwittingly in the back court of what's still the Warriors possession and the Warriors inbound the ball and get an uncontested layup as the Mavericks start running back from what they thought was the front court to say what gives. Cuban even walked up to the I guess it's his house right he walked up to center court to speak to to speak to I guess the official crew to say what's going on yeah the manager and all I'll say is this I don't think this is going to get up you know changed I don't think we're going to suddenly find out the the Warriors have to fly back to Dallas and play the game from that point on which is what I think is in fact the remedy of a whole another quarter they're just going to replay well the last time that that this challenge protest was upheld yeah they had to replay the last minute of the game wow so I don't think this happened could you imagine they schedule it but it's on the back end of a back to back and every half of you know the entire you know what the entire arena gets load managed you know the fans are like yeah I don't want to pull something I hurt something last week I'm not showing up to the replay of this game long story short is I the two things I don't understand from from this sequence is how did the Mavericks not know the ball was still in possession of the Warriors the officials say it was obvious official pointed in the direction of the Warriors still having possession then pointed in the bench the direction of the bench that was calling a timeout the Mavericks and it what it appears to me is the arena announcer goes Mavericks basketball timeout Mavericks thought it was their ball Cuban said that the officials changed the possession from the Mavericks to the Warriors in the timeout and never informed the Mavericks so my question out of that is if the Mavericks thought they had the ball where did they think they were inbounding it from if not from the spot of where it was out of bounds unless did they think they were advancing the basketball why would they do that with a minute 54 to go in a quarter in the third quarter where did they think they were inbounding it from or did they think they were just ambling their way back out of the timeout and the timeout wasn't over I don't understand that part of it and the other part of it I don't understand is why would the official allow the Warriors to inbounds the ball when the Mavericks aren't in front of it like clearly there's been a miscommunication with one of the teams involved what do you think the Mavericks are just gonna lackadaisically play defense from 50 feet away like what what did they what did the guy think like clearly the Mavericks had not understood the situation so you should not allow the inbounds of the pass of the basketball right unless it's just what you snooze you lose is that in the rule book is that what it is section four yes article three yeah subsection d it says you snooze you lose I think James Naismith once said that is that what it is I don't understand any of it except tensions are high tensions are high and I kind of dig that part of the NBA season you know can we can we give a shout out to De La Soul and just say the stakes are high just thank you Del Tufo gets out the Miami Heat beat the Knicks last night they're trying to get out of the somehow try to catch the Knicks or the catch the Nets who they play next to get out of the play-in tournament spot that they currently reside in it looks like the you know the Sixers they either sat and bead because the game was out of hand and the Sixers were whipping up on the bulls or MB has a mild calf strain or they use that as an excuse to keep him out for the rest of the game hardened sat again your Celtics might have caught you know another second part of the season wind late wind I don't know that may have happened here we're so close here we go we're so close Brooklyn the Nets in the heater locked in locked up right now the Nets are a game I guess they're they're ahead because they have one fewer loss than the heat they're so currently your six seed the Hawks I mean I don't want to make of them I mean Quinn Snyder and this team can catch fire to when you want try to as a Nick fan I don't want to see Trey Young and Madison Square Garden a playoff game I'll tell you that man he owns that you know Murray's out with a non-covid illness put that in call I don't know what the hell that means where is the NBA like the most sick league there is I mean the number of like non-covid illnesses it's cold flu season isn't I guess suddenly I mean put two straight games Murray's been out the Hawks need like come on guys what are we gonna play what are you gonna play Robin I don't know maybe it's me but this is have a little tinge of his fantasy team bias work that's his guy plays for them cares so much about the league he just wants guys excuse me I do not for selfish reasons hold on a second hold on a second excuse me put the Eastern Conference standings up one more time you're an Atlanta Hawks fan you want to see the Hawks somehow make this playoffs or make it you know as as the seven seed so you got at least a home game right in the in in the play-in tournament correct all right you want to see that and you want to avoid any sort of danger of falling any worse than you are you have some sort of dream of of getting out of the play-in tournament who knows right and you read it you hear Dejounte Murray's not playing because it's a non-covid illness and it's been like a three four-day illness you wonder what's going on I would be curious okay I speak for Atlanta is basically what I'm saying hey answer me this rich under oath is he on your fantasy team yes okay like I said three minutes ago yes I rest I rest my case hey folks hey rich it's Alabama's pro day hey roll tat and I understand what you're sitting here thinking I understand what you're sitting you're thinking rich isn't every day Alabama's pro day you know them a lot you know what I'm saying they're like oh one day is Mother's Day excuse me excuse me speaking on behalf of Father's Day get out of here with that we get one every day we get one day is Mother's Day come on okay so in that vein every day is Alabama's pro day but in this particular case on this actual day 23rd of March 2023 323 23 oh heck of a day the potential number one overall pick is spinning it Bryce Young everybody guess who he had dinner with last night the same people who took CJ Stroud out to dinner prior to his pro day this is the way it works all I know is the David Tepper corporate credit card is burning up he's got that black card do you think anybody reaches for their wallets at those dinners please get out of here we just one time just make the reach you know hey David or is everybody like in that commercial right that old Geico commercial the alligator and let me get see the way my bank account is set up suddenly I've got t-rex hands thanks to our good people at Forbes this just gotta reach the check thank you well done it's efforts real-time Forbes net worth 18.5 billion every single draft prospect out to dinner all of them I'm leaving my wallet in the car but as we all know he's got he's got a choice his teams have a choice to make his team has a choice is it young is it Stroud and it's got to be Stroud I mean they were hanging out with him right they all had a great time you could see photos of the you saw the video of honestly it was it was like a Jewish goodbye between the Panthers and CJ Stroud in Columbus Ohio it was just like you know and and they just couldn't they couldn't get enough of CJ and it's odd that they took their time leaving Columbus because they had a flight to catch on Air Tepper and it did in reservation somewhere and I would imagine Tuscaloosa Alabama yep Bryce young and the Panthers you know Bryce young however met with today prior to his pro day the Jets mm-hmm mmm according Mike Garofalo the Raiders Raiders following dinner with the Panthers last night Bryce young met with the Vegas Raiders rich question yes if let's just say they make a move and take Bryce young oh does he get the same deal from the ranch does it does the chickens come close I will say this all I can say is TBD okay but it's just like what like what do we what do they think like what are the Raiders thinking I'm diligent I know what due diligence is and I understand that Vegas is the town of anything's possible you know one roll of the dice can change your life well so just in case the Panthers moved up and they take Stroud what are the Texans are just gonna you know let's trade down just in case what so the Raiders just in case young falls through and they're the ones that can move up to three from Arizona and take I guess that's the due diligence part of it if the Raiders wind out with Bryce young oh that's right then that ranch might have new chickens there you go Jimmy start week one now some roosters Oh Jimmy starts week one somewhere else Oh get out of here they're gonna immediately trade who knows who knows maybe the Jets should take Jimmy G out to dinner not the worst idea please I don't know man that would send things off but Vegas has to check them out or this is exactly what Belichick does you meet all the quarterbacks because you never know when you're gonna face them and you know exactly what do you like hey Bryce what's your favorite play we're just interested in drafting you in case we're doing our due diligence what's your favorite play what makes you comfortable what do you think you need to work on all that that's why these teams meet with these kids just in case Raiders versus Carolina comes up on a future regular season schedule or for both teams the ultimate the Super Bowl Oh remember that one time when Bryce had this that the other thing that's why Belichick meets with all the quarterbacks always want to see what makes them tick what they can get in their skull police that's what I think or you never know Raiders with the Godfather offer to the Houston Texans here we go oh what are they thinking God I love draft season to help us make heads or tails of all of this Thomas Dimitrov the former longtime general manager of the Atlanta Falcons who knows all about making big first round draft trades he'll be joining us on this program we'll also ask him what does he thinks going on with the Jets and the Packers as this standoff continues what is this now like day 12 are we in day 12 of the standoff now we're day 13 since Rogers informed every one of his intentions to move to New York New Jersey metropolitan area that's the graphic we need TJ oh yeah put it up we do have it we do have a graphic sorry folks Aaron Rodgers is still not on the Jets John candy I guess does that make the Jets Wally world I don't understand yeah okay very good you treated me like a dog mr. Wally okay the New York Jets family vacation here we go here we go also on this program Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers and all of our fantasy teams what what might he be uh no or thing or two or not and then in our number three Tom Pellissero will join us he's in New York City I wonder what his ear hears to the ground on this subject matter Lamar Jackson tomorrow let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show Thomas Dimitrov of formerly the Atlanta Falcons front office joining us in a moment men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about by new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold back here in the Rich Eisen show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click ranger comm or just stop by my apologies of being late because I was prattling on a little bit too much to start the show certainly with Bryce Young's pro day kicking off with a pre-pro day workout meeting with the Raiders who were sitting there at seven the Panthers sitting there at one Texas sitting there at two you know they're gonna take a quarterback that's either named CJ Stroud or Bryce young one of the Raiders doing to help us answer a lot of questions that we have about this draft is a man who's an expert on the subject matter former Falcons general manager longtime front office executive in this league Thomas Dimitrov back here on the show how you been Thomas rich I am well I will tell you one thing I don't think Gudekins and and Joe Douglas are having as much fun as you guys are well I mean how does one play this if you're Joe Douglas do you do you don't call I mean obviously you don't know who's called who's lat who last right but you know you don't but you know you do sit there and you you're you're I've been in in situations where you have regular conversations and you trust your conversations and they're very communicative and I've been on the other side where you are knocking your head against the wall waiting for a call trying to get some semblance of completion to a deal like this this is a really really interesting one of course as we all know yes absolutely I don't know if you ever saw the movie swingers Thomas where you know the Jon Favreau character is calling Nikki you know 15 times a girl he just met at the bar and he blows the whole deal straight up and just one night so it seems like a job out of Joe Douglas is called hey Brian you know just checking on you see how you're doing and I so I don't know the thing that kind of surprises me is is that the compensation appears to have not been worked out prior to the plane trip that the Jets took to take Rogers out to dinner out here on the west coast is that surprising to you Thomas from afar no I don't think it's surprising I think we we often have conversations like look you're given permission to do so or you're getting you know given the checkoff by the clubs to keep you in a good spot and then you go out and you realize there's no deal here and there's a lot riding on it when you start talking about a first-round pick that's you know those obviously that's big you know in my mind I'm sitting there thinking about the two of these guys discussing this and you know the discussion out there who has more leverage right that is it Joe Douglas with the Jets or as a Brian Gudekins I really do believe right now that that Jets have a little bit more leverage because I don't know what they're gonna do there in Green Bay there's a lot of angst there as you can imagine right they want they want it done you flip it over the Jets side however they need their guy in there right now I I get anxious as a general manager when I don't have my team together working together in the spring spending time together and growing together that is a big deal I still think the Jets have the leverage especially since in my mind you know Thomas Rogers has already announced his intention of wanting to play somewhere else and you know and I'd understand if a front office wants to make sure a fan base that it would be you know writ large livid upset over turning a page away from yet another generationally brilliant quarterback that they've had now back-to-back in Green Bay you want to quote-unquote save face but this is just something that everybody knows Green Bay doesn't want him back he now officially doesn't want to go back there Green Bay wants to move forward with Jordan Love fully aware that he's not Aaron Rodgers and he might not become one and the Jets need Aaron Rodgers because we all know Zach Wilson is not Aaron Rodgers and we don't know if he'll ever become one right I mean just it's such it's so obvious so then what what what is the dance about like what you know what insight can you give me about having been in dances before well yeah dances as they are can be fun and they can also be again they can kind of be sweaty and smelly if you're thinking about it right and I when I start thinking about this dance that they're playing right now you know they're both in a really tough spot meaning both general managers I can I can answer to that I've been on the hot seat a hell of a lot and it is not fun and both of these guys have have an element of heat on their seat and I think they're very good at what they do the they're both very even keel so they're not they're not pushy guys out there you know some of the other guys out there that are really pushy with their trading and their moves these guys are hanging in there they know that they both have you know again they both feel they probably have an element of leverage here I guess what I'm saying in the end here without rambling about it is good I really do believe that that you know he got he ends up going to the Jets they end up looking at you know potentially you know the whole future idea the futures and what they're going to do contingent on the amount of time that that Aaron stays with the team and the production that he puts forth whether that's Super Bowl related I think you get creative like that and you pass up this year's first so you don't worry about this year's first round maybe you think about next year's remember there's always a discount when you're talking about future right if you're talking about a future first round that might settle in well along with you know potentially a second and a third round this year that that is where I think it's going to go and I think they're going to ultimately have to settle on something very creative again contingency wise and then when do you think midnight strikes when do you think both sides will realize okay in this midnight deal-making league it's it's nearing 1201 when is do you think 1201 might be draft after draft training camp what do you got for me on that front your best guess no you know I I would love to go into the draft with this all completed so I mean that just is such a solid feeling for a general manager right you have it mapped out you have a good idea of where you are you know where you need to be focusing and that's on both sides of the ledger in my mind so look I think it has to be before the draft personally Thomas Dmytro two-time NFL executive the year Thomas Dmytro here on the Rich Eisen show walk me through what you think Caroline is going through right now they saw CJ Stroud yesterday took him out to dinner two nights ago after seeing CJ Stroud yesterday they flew to Alabama to take Bryce young out to dinner he's having his pro day today what do you think Scott Fitterer in that front office and the executive team there and coach Frank Reich is is going through right now and thinking about yeah I think Scott Fitterer another even keel guy right I think he is he is really honed in with his new head coach of course and most important he's honed in on what his owner wants I mean David Tepper needs to pull a quarterback as the entire organization does a lot of pressure there on Scott and Scott is a guy that can handle pressure for sure but they're looking at making sure that they hit on a quarterback they have look you watch CJ Stroud in that in that workout I'm sure you got an opportunity to watch it cool smooth you know poise everything about him seems like that would be a really good place to be for Carolina given Frank Reich's personality given that Frank Reich we've been probably reading a lot about the fact that he is an affection towards a little bit bigger quarterbacks I'm not saying Bryce young is too small for him at all but I am saying the way that CJ Stroud looks at least at this point is he just comes to the table with all you need to come to the table with as a first round and you know Bryce of course has unbelievable ability is unbelievably to move and to adjust and I think you have a guy like Scott Fitterer and Frank Reich sitting down just the two of them everyone out of the room right because they're traveling with what 10 12 people yes they're traveling heavy ever just those two in the room and they are they are they know that you know Scott knows that this is huge for him Frank Reich is at the beginning of his tenure right so they're going to be working together discussing together to discuss what the game plan would be schematically as well rich which is really important there's a difference in approach when you have Bryce young coming into the game as your number one quarterback so there's a lot involved here in the end it comes down to the head coach in the GM talking about what they want to the betterment of the organization even though their owner is hovering rightly so yeah I mean and and I'm sure he will have an opinion as well Thomas but do you think they made this deal with one guy in mind and they're now just in a due diligence tour or how does that work oh they have to have had I really do believe that I think they they have to you can't go and do something that monumental and not not know who it is now the discussion of you know a an athlete like Anthony Richardson coming into the picture I just don't think it plays into there at all just to kind of set the line on that I just I can't imagine that it's not focused on one of these two guys and they know very strongly and I would not be surprised if the owner has a real affection towards the guy who has won a lot at Alabama hmm so who do you think knowing the situation best you can who do you think that guy that they traded up to get and they're doing due diligence on everyone else on who do you think the guy is is it Stroud you think it is I'm feeling it's I'm feeling it's Stroud I'm feeling it's Stroud but in the back of my mind it keeps knocking on my door that you know this is a winner and they've had you know they've been looking for winners and remember this David Tepper doesn't mind he's brought in all types of quarterbacks over the last what five years right so I don't think he's completely personally dissuaded by the size himself in Bryce young so you think I love it man it's it's an either-or situation Thomas Dimitrov here on the Rich Eisen show and the few minutes I have left I want to hit the Lamar Jackson scenarios with you and what what let me just throw this one out there Eric DeCosta everybody thinks that he's sitting back ready to just match whatever the heck Lamar Jackson gets do you think that's the case I do not I do not think it's the case I think he looks at it all I think look I think he's in a in a really good spot to be honest with you and I think he'll I think it's gonna settle where he's gonna be settling for that what what was it 32 for right what's the number I just think it's gonna end up that way I don't think there's I don't think he's gonna have to worry about stepping up the match why I just I I just don't see I guess the way it is right now I just don't feel like there are teams out there that are chomping at the bit there's a lot on the plate we've talked about this before on and off record I mean you know it's this I mean have you guys had a lot of discussions by the way on the collusion stuff no no go ahead go for it I mean we I hear that all the time you know that word being thrown around and I don't know if all the owners have gotten in a room you know or on a zoom an encrypted zoom and said there is not going to be another soul on this screen giving a contract out similar to what Deshaun Watson just got from the Browns but I just think industry-wide nobody liked that contract nobody liked the contract nobody liked the guy who who got the contract because of the circumstances surrounding Watson and and I think most front offices despise that contract with a thousand Furies and and then Kyler Murray gets 180 something million guaranteed not all of it is a guaranteed contract Russell Wilson gets a new contract he doesn't get everything guaranteed so those are two in the case right there that are not the same case as Cleveland and you could you want to call that collusion I don't know I mean the contract was so just widely despised by everyone that I don't know if anybody really wants to go in that direction is that simple yeah I don't know you know go back and forth on whether it's collusion or not what we do know categorically is no team wants to be agitated by their next deal right and to think about a deal that has a you know the entire deal being guaranteed is an agitation whether it's you know behind the scenes or not I mean that that's a really complicated place to be as I'll speak from a general manager's perspective and you know from a from a team perspective that's a lot guaranteed you look you can bring up the Atlanta Falcons why are the Atlanta Falcons not interested yeah I think there are many many layers to that rich I think you know not only is it the idea that they are just getting through what they considered cap tell some guy that used to be there was responsible for that well there's a long story to that we'll have we'll talk about that another time right but but the fact is they're getting out of that you know they need their draft picks to be doling out you know two first-round draft picks and all of this money I just feel truly that this organization in Atlanta where I'm standing right now want to move beyond that they want to start building they you know now they have a quarterback situation which is why we're talking about this that is very complicated for them right now but Tyler and Heineck he's not coming out there into Atlanta and just being the Savior we know that now they're sitting at a spot in the draft that they could potentially pull another one they had one from last year I think there's a lot rolling that way also believe back to you you bring a guy like Lamar in you're talking about a different system I alluded to it earlier right talking about coaching in a different way that's another complication I just think in the end they want a fresh start and that's that's my opinion why I feel they're backing away from this in Atlanta but you also know the man that used to sign your checks is a very you know dynamic individual you know and and and makes his his thoughts known I honestly thought Arthur Blank might sit there and go this is what a major move this would be for for me for us for this city for the franchise Brady's gone Carolina is gonna you know draft a rookie New Orleans just starting with a new quarterback you know first overall pick this year and next and I know it's a large chunk of dollars but hey Arthur Smith you did wonders with Ryan Tannehill how does Lamar Jackson sound to you like you don't think Arthur Blank is sitting there having those thoughts for a moment or two there is no question rich you're exactly right I've been in so many of those conversations I mean up and down the line as far as Thomas what about this Smitty back in the day might you know Dan Klim back in the day like we we had all of these conversations he was the guy as a really adept businessman who was always throwing out those those thoughts and you had to think about it and you couldn't just sit there and go up here you know yourself or to the group yes or no I mean you had to have a strong reason the one thing I do know as I've heard more and more I mean Arthur Smith is a good football coach Arthur Smith has done good good work with the run game there which we struggled to do quite honestly I like what he's doing that way Arthur Smith is a very strong opinionated guy he's got a strong presence with Arthur so I think they sat down and had some great conversations but in the end I mean I'm giving this to Arthur Smith and I'm giving it to Arthur Blank he's listening to Arthur and I think ultimately it is Arthur Smith's call not Terry Fontenot and I say that respectfully I think he's making the call and I think they're looking other places Thomas thanks for the time man I look for more of my calls between now and by the way five weeks from tonight first round of the draft I can't I can't wait you guys are great and I look brings back a lot of memories thanks for having me on always we'll chat very soon look for more of my calls and text thanks brother appreciate it that's Thomas Dimitrov former executive in the NFL two-time NFL general manager of the year right here on the Rich Isaac show he thinks it's Arthur Smith's call hmm they draft Desmond Ritter they go and get tired you know Taylor Heineke and and that's their quarterback room and they're gonna take the eighth overall pick and use it on somebody other than Lamar Jackson and they'll have their first-round pick next year too and go to work and continue building and give out damn near 300 million dollars in contracts over the free agency period spend their money elsewhere the money's kind of spent I guess you can go and put things on the credit card and fit Lamar under the cap but as Thomas said the cap held it I guess he put them in and through because they wanted to keep Matt Ryan and keep paying him right they're through that they took that medicine last year almost made the playoffs anyway and they're ready to roll while Lamar sits still waiting on his first offer sheet eight four four two oh four rich number to dial right here on the Rich Isaac show Christian Watson one of those young wide receivers in Green Bay mr. touchdown maker himself towards the last half of last season he'll be joining us in hour two here on this edition of the Rich Isaac show back here in the Rich Isaac show just showed on our Roku channel only segment a chitchat I had with Billy Bob Thornton I used to do this all the time I used to open up my residual checks on the air so I've got one for later on one came in the mail yesterday I'm I've several came in the mail yesterday oh so I've got we've got several in the shoot for you yeah eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on on this program so Adam Wainwright is gonna start the season on the injured list cuz he got hurt in the world baseball classic you know I want to read you let's talk about the good stuff from the world baseball classic I want to read you a text I received from a friend of mine who is in Japan okay and here he is a text saying okay friend Johnny said so I'm in Hakone Japan okay on a packed cable car slash funicular my nephew is streaming the ninth inning of the world baseball classic Japan vs. USA and holding his screen for an ancient Japanese woman and her daughter who previously had just been getting updates on a pitch-by-pitch app ninth inning comes and while we're watching trout the whole train starts applauding and cheering so we know what the lag what we're about to see crazy one kind of crazy one-of-a-kind moment on TV they're playing it over and over and over again breaking it down like it's the Brazilian film here in Japan that's why you said it was gonna be the most watched baseball game of all time easily I haven't seen any ratings yet but the Japan's games from earlier and the WBC we're doing 50 million plus they're showing Oh Tani striking out Mike trout over and over and over again Mike and as we found out only 24 at bats of Mike trout's Major League Baseball career featured three swinging strikes I saw a stat that said approximately 97.4 percent of TVs in Japan were tuned in the watch of money strikeout trout in the game 97.4 percent can I million watched in the United States can I ask you this question and I mean this seriously I mean this seriously I mean this seriously do you think do you think and this is yes or no question do you think Shohei Oh Tani will wind up being the greatest baseball player in the lifetimes of anybody who's alive right now no TJ that's tough man obviously it's tough uh I'm gonna say no excuse me because it's so subject because he hasn't won in the playoffs is that why also we're on like year three of this awesomeness I need to see it for another like ten years so he's got to be a pitcher at the top top tip-top level I don't think we're fully gathering what we're seeing it this ain't a flash in the pan this isn't like somebody who's done it for like two months this isn't like Yasiel Puig when he first showed up okay this is this is this is sustained unicorn brilliance the problem is he's on a team that doesn't play in the playoffs and you know it's a team game he can only pitch once every five days and he can hit and then he's only one of nine guys so let's let's just call it the way okay but let me just ask you this like I know he's doing both of these things yeah whatever you think these other guys did like is he a better pitcher than Roger Clemens and a better hitter than Barry Bonds no right well so maybe maybe not yet right that's why it's maybe not yet but the fact that it's the same human being right so that he's going to wind up the most that ramps it up the the most uh lucratively paid athlete in North American sports history that's coming that's just that's just a matter of when he's alive that's next year he's going to make that money next year understand but if this is 20 years ago he's not getting six no i understand no i understand that but he will get that he would have gotten that version of it adjusted for inflation i think he's the greatest baseball player ever i need to see this for another decade all right hour two coming up here on our radio show but um you know christian watson of the green bay packers lots to talk about with this young man coming up obviously not discounting what he's doing and what he's accomplished i know that last like three years so you say you say i i i guess what i'm saying is that he could i think it's entirely possible there's a chance he winds up the greatest baseball player in the lifetimes of anybody who's currently living what do you want to put that percentage at though like five percent i don't know and also and i don't know i think someone's the greatest is so subjective you're never going to get yes ten people they're going to give you ten different answers understood that's true for baseball for sure what what we are seeing is somebody who can hit like you want to say bonds fine run like ricky henderson if he wants and he's he's one of the fastest players i've ever seen and and and pitch like clemens yeah yeah all one body all in one singular body and you want to talk about babe ruth used to do he's currently doing it he's currently doing what babe ruth used to do babe stop pitching after that's true 20 and otani is old or whatever right and at some point somebody's going to tell otani one or the other someone's going to tap him on the shoulder and say one or the other why would you i don't know because he might not be as good at one or it might take away from the other but right now he's not and right now he's about to get paid like he's both and it's going to be amazing and please make the playoffs this year los angeles angels freaking make it and if you're not trade them to somebody you can because what we just saw the other night and what's still being talked about around the world needs to be seen in the major league baseball playoff stat no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like jeff jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with jeff jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know muhammad ali sugary leonard i mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with jeff jarrett wherever you listen
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