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REShow: Maurice Jones-Drew - Hour 2

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March 10, 2023 3:17 pm

REShow: Maurice Jones-Drew - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 10, 2023 3:17 pm

NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones-Drew joins the show in-studio where he tells Rich why joining forces with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would be the best possible landing spot for Odell Beckham Jr., why Aaron Rodgers would be a great fit for the New York Jets, what the game tape showed about Russell Wilson’s poor season with the Denver Broncos, why the Ravens would be foolish to part ways with Lamar Jackson, what new OC Eric Bieniemy brings to the Washington Commanders, why Jimmy Garoppolo is a better option for the Raiders than Aaron Rodgers, and if the New York Giants overpaid for Daniel Jones. 

Rich makes the case for the Las Vegas Raiders to go all-in on acquiring Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

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You in? And I know you're gonna love this Chris. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Every single person that I see tweeting about Lamar and how dare he not get any offers and how dare people say you know that they're out.

First of all, live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Why won't you go for Lamar Jackson? He's so damn good.

I mean to me he's worth the two firsts. Earlier on the show, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Coming up, NFL Network analyst Maurice Jones Drew.

From Netflix's Luther the Fallen Sun, actor Andy Serkis. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Now our number two the Rich Eisen Show live on the air on the Roku Channel and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate on Sirius, on XM, on Odyssey.

We're everywhere. We're unavoidable and we're appreciative of you taking us in however you're listening or watching. slash Rich Eisen Show is a nice backstop if you miss anything. Same thing with our podcast. If you want to listen to us all three hours, Cumulus Podcast Network takes care of that.

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If you missed our one with Mike Florio, that's how you can check that out. Hour number three, the actor Andy Serkis from the new Luther film on Netflix. You also know him as a guy who played Gollum in Lord of the Rings, Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther, also in Planet of the Apes. Also, he's got a great Coldplay story to tell. He's the eighth grossing actor of all time, meaning all his movies together it's made the eighth most money of all time. He's been everything.

I mean again if you're in the Avengers and you're in Lord of the Rings and you're in Planet of the Apes, I mean that kind of works. And I'm gonna stop talking as if my guest isn't sitting here to my right. One of my favorites. I just learned I'm working with him next Monday when I'm doing the two-a-day, doing the show on Monday here and then going to the NFL Network as part of the hosting of the free agency frenzy on NFL Network starting at 4 Eastern Time. Maurice Jones, Drew good to see you. Good to see you as well.

You know what, I have to say this, the last time I came, first of all it's been far too long, the last time I came there was like all the, there was none of that Roku, there was no YouTube TV. Growing like a weed over here. You know I'm just trying to cultivate this caper. There's nothing wrong with that. That's all I'm doing. That's why you're double dipping on Monday.

That's what I'm doing. I like it. Double dip and so you and I are gonna be sitting there as everything starts to break and then we were talking about that off the air and Chris you're saying stuff's already popping. What do you got over there? What do you got over there? What do we got for us to chew on? Give me give me something good. Like what?

I don't have anything. What are you talking about? You were just talking to the commercial break about stuff that's happening.

I know but I closed the window so now I might be bouncing around. I was listening on YouTube TV in the back. No, you were listening on the Roku channel stream. Of the Roku channel. Yes, that's what you're listening to in the back. Yeah, that's what I was listening to in the back.

Yes. Odell Beckham's workout. Now first let me say this, first and foremost Odell thank you very much because without you I wouldn't have got my first Super Bowl ring and I appreciate that. But that is gonna be an interesting thing because I think whatever team gets him he's gonna open up your offense so much more. He still has that ability to take slants to the house.

Yes. Short passes. You saw that with the Rams. All on a hurt knee. That was on a bad knee. So now his knees good.

I think that's gonna be one of the first should be one of the first kind of dominoes to fall which you kind of you'll see where they're going. Okay and again so folks understand I literally had to sit here and go Jackson would win a Super Bowl. Raiders didn't win a Super Bowl and I get it as a member of the Rams broadcast team you have a ring. Oh a big one and number and everything looks like a player. Really?

Yeah so 20 years from now my my grandkids I'll be like hey listen old Pop Pop you know he won one back in the day 2021. You were a factor. Yeah. You're calling it.

Put it out there man had to put it in the universe. I like it. You know it's just part of it. All right so Odell I mean Dallas would be a good spot.

Give me give me anybody would be a good spot. I think I think and I don't think this will happen but imagine if we went to Kansas City. Yeah. Just imagine that.

Well people are gonna flock. Oh I mean I would I'd go to Kansas City want to play with my homes and an offense that's wide open and you can kind of do you have a quarterback that can do different things. Right. That would be nice. Dallas obviously is a big one. I think it'll help them more just because I know McCarthy wants to run the ball a little bit more but having that ability to just throw a quick hitch out there CD Lamb can do it obviously Odell can do it those guys can take it to the house makes you a little bit more dynamic. Mm-hmm.

Okay. Your Jets. Are we spending big with the Jets? Are we going all in on Rodgers? Are we gonna kind of Rodgers and some other pieces?

Well they need other pieces. Do you think last year if Aaron Rodgers was on the Jets last year they would have won the Super Bowl? They'd have beaten the Chiefs off and then gone and beaten the Eagles.

Do you think so? I don't know if they'd have won the Super Bowl but they'd have sure made the playoffs and they ain't in the playoffs anything can happen. I mean we saw that with the Jags. But you can't sit here and say anything can happen but they wouldn't make the Super Bowl because that's it. That's why I'm saying they need more pieces. Yeah. I do love the Young Turks you know or sauce and Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall and Quinnen Williams and the rest of those young kids that they're you know they're growing up and that's the whole question is like well you know it's it's now Friday one o'clock Eastern time in New York City 72 hours have passed since they've broken for dent they broke bread like what's yeah they were malibu I was a little upset that I didn't you know do you know the place that they went to lucky luckies I've never been I'm that I'm more of a unlucky I wouldn't say I just like this hang out my little area okay I like to kind of go too far Aaron doesn't strike me as a guy who leaves his area yeah so he you know he's in a nice air with some nice restaurant so do you think what do you think you think it's a fit I think it's a great fit to me when you have a young quarterback like Zach Wilson and you have this team that's built and ready to go you may need some peace on the o-line but really other than that I feel like secondary you added a Clark from the Ravens you you've kind of added some small pieces along the way if you get that quarterback to fit into that and that'd be that final piece of fit in anything can happen now the thing is in the AFC you have to have a guy right if you look at all the quarterbacks there's what you have I'll see Burrow Mahomes Allen Trevor Lawrence you have Herbert Herbert Russ you have Lamar Jackson you have Deshaun Watson with the Browns who kind of came on at the end of the year you have Russ like all of a sudden you have to have a quarterback in the AFC to contend and Rogers has been in the NFC where you know you're playing more team fits like the Niners or or even with the Eagles before Jalen Hurts they had a really good team and Jalen Hurts was that final piece so it's gonna be challenging especially in the AFC East with what Miami's doing down there the bills what they're doing and then you know Bill Belichick finally went on got him I OC now to go help help his young quarterback out so it's gonna be a challenging season but if the Jets want to contend Rogers is the answer why especially since again if you want to keep talking about how deep in the AFC quarterback pool is you take a look at the draft you have to think if you do like the kids that we saw spin it at the combine or Bryce young who didn't spin at the comment if you do like them you're thinking Texans Colts Raiders three more teams are gonna get young kids who might turn into one of them as well I mean the pool gets deeper and deeper and deeper but I have to before moving on ask why did you make that face when I mentioned Russell Wilson I think come on no honestly I've watched Russell Wilson I'd last year I said I thought Derek Carr was better than Russell Wilson people jumped all over me and when you watch his tape and when you study him and which which I had to do with calling the games with the Rams he misses a lot of his first reads Russ Russ does and the current Russ or even the back in the back in the day Russ he would like when they would throw the ball he would go to like an improvising role where he'd scramble all around and throw the ball and we'd highlight that but it's hard to win that way consistently now they kind of built an offense around that and they worked on the scramble drill a ton but when you're in Denver and you don't have those same pieces of those same receivers that understand your play you're gonna struggle and and I tried to make that as clear as they not being a hater but just off of what I've seen and then we saw that right we saw him struggle throughout the season now they got better as the season went on and that's awesome but in crunch time there are times against the Colts where he had a chance to win the game right are you reading the covers right there's a man's side and his own side he started on the wrong side and there's other place throughout the season and so my hope is that was Sean Payton gets there that you have Javonte Williams you start to run the ball kind of what he did with Drew Brees and you open it up off a play-action pass and then you simplify things for him a little bit and so he's got the right coach you'd agree with that yeah I would agree with that okay and I think the coach made a great decision not allowing him to have all his guys at practice and his office in his office I think that's a great decision I don't think those are things conducive to winning especially since the office was on the second floor it wasn't on the floor with the locker room he he was like management like if you went to go see it like his his door may have been open right but the door wasn't the locker the low that is his actual locker the door was upstairs I understand and I understand why he wanted to do have that because he wants to watch tape and study but that's the other quarterback room for right the quarterback room is for you to do those things because you should be doing that with the other quarterbacks and talking through things in the game plan you should have like those are the type of things at least the way when I came up that's what guys were doing you were doing in the quarterback room not in your own personal office was kind of it kind of separates you from the team and so if things were going well I don't think we'd have been a big big issue but soon as things starts going downhill things are going downhill a little bit you start to see that poke out right then you start hearing about his quarterback coach being there practice and him working with them on to the side he had his own trainer there you just kind of remove yourself from the team this is a team sport if you want to be an individual go play golf tennis those are individual sports you know swimming right there's a team sport as well as the medley but you know he's in a football medley maybe that's what he's thinking that works Morris Jones Drew here my NFL Network colleague and Los Angeles Rams broadcaster here on the Rich Eisen show Lamar would you flip two ones and pay him guaranteed fully seriously yeah take in a heartbeat in a heartbeat it wouldn't even wouldn't even hesitate but I know why that the last two seasons have ended doesn't concern you doesn't concern me one bit why I were you in remember when the Rams a couple years ago went to Los Angeles they played the Rams Rams were kind of hot and that went to Baltimore you know Baltimore came to here yeah they're playing the Coliseum was a couple years ago when I saw him then yes that was his MVP year yeah and I was at 24 2019 yeah or 23 or 24 years old he was yeah the best player ever seen in my life fourth and four they go for it he gets six yards yes like scrambled had a 30-yard run through the ball well yes and he's only gotten better throwing the ball every year after that no I know he's missed some games and that's gonna happen with his style of playing and as a coach and as an owner of a team where our job is a coach around that to make sure we keep him healthy but at the end of the day that's an exceptional talent and we just talked about in order to AFC to to go to have a chance you got to have one of those guys and this one guy comes available in his prime I'm gonna make it work I'll figure it out if you're the Falcons you flip the eighth overall pick for him right now right now and next year's first I am 230 million guaranteed dollars and have every owner in the league look at you say what are you doing trying to win got it that's what I want to do winning cures everything you're the Carolina Panthers you do the same thing ninth overall pick oh yes Raiders seventh overall pick guarantee we just let go of a guy that we were given X amount of dollars to you know so yeah I'm gonna do that too okay you're the Colts fourth overall pick yep I do that with the Colts too okay if you're the if you're okay if I was the Bears exactly if I was the Bears and I get an opportunity now I don't I don't think that would work out because I'm sure Lamar wouldn't want to go there because they they're trying to build their roster but even if I'm the Bears and I have Justin Fields and I've seen what I've seen what he could do I'm still gonna trade him a first-round pick and you're the first overall pick oh yeah and not trade down and maybe make a killing and get first over the next few years seriously this is because this is part and parcel of the conversation that that that you know we're having just all things being equal I get the 2019 Lamar I get the 2020 Lamar not the Lamar the last two years that they he got hurt and I I don't have to give up to first and I don't have to pay him every last guaranteed dollar then I'm all-in right if if I have to give up paying every last guaranteed dollar now I'm having a hitch in my giddyup and and I have to now give up two ones I'm now walking to the altar I'm not running to the altar do you see what I'm saying I see what you're saying so it's not all things being equal and if you're the Chicago Bears you're now for it you know you're giving up the ability to trade down once if not twice a bunch of picks to supplement your guy that you already know as opposed to just blowing up every plan that Ryan polls may have had so that's why I'm kind of pushing back right here with yours you're easily just absolutely I give up the reason I say that is there's no one in college even Caleb Woods at USC yes sir is clear it was not even close to what Lamar was when he was in college or where Lamar is now as a player and so that's how you look at it like okay is this guy in the draft like when the Rams gave up three first rounds for Matthew Stafford yes their thought process was could we get a Matthew Saffrey in the draft in any of these situations no so this makes more sense to go get it and and even if I'm the Chicago Bears I and I don't this is again no disrespect to the the players that are on Baltimore but they probably have better receiving corps in Chicago than Baltimore has if you if you're talking about this pure receiver careful Rashad bait I know he was very upset he was he was hurt this year he had a great year but he got hurt mm-hmm so they're using DuVernay Robinson who they got from the cheese they're showing through I called the week 15 game between the Ravens and the Browns and I was in commercial break staring at the ceiling talking to the football gods praying for a first down if not a point on the board and that's what and so if he's able to so I know win with that okay if I have a little bit more he should be able to win he should be able to do much better and I think and there's a Ravens they understand this and we're having this conversation and my I was on total access with my Garofalo and I was like don't give me the Garofalo and or give me the cheesy answer like let's be honest Baltimore whoever negotiates with bolt with Lamar Baltimore's gonna match cuz why would you let this guy walk it makes no sense it literally makes zero sense to let a homegrown talent that you drafted 30-second overall that has been one of the most wing is quarterback since he's been drafted in the league yes most dynamic players and you build an offense around him to let him leave and someone else get him I just I'm just not gonna do that unless you look at one of these kids at the combine and you could get a first-round selection and choose one of them and start from scratch neither one but and not pay somebody all that money that's I mean they're already Maurice they're already up again this is a devil's advocate because as you know I you know and I've been reading a lot of these responses to the videos that we've put out based on the conversations we've had that I've made a heel turn on Lamar that I've loved every single thing about him I just have some Spidey sense going off about why he didn't finish the season right where was he in Cincinnati I would need to answer have every question answered before I went and guaranteed every dollar in his contract no question so that's why again this is not at all things being equal what I want the 2019 Lamar or the Lamar of say that that game against the bills this year that they wound up losing at the end you know no the game against the Dolphins I think yeah they wound up losing at the end he looked like the MVP of the season in the first month of the year so that's my whole way at my whole wind-up of saying that maybe just maybe you you would start from scratch and I have to have to pay all that money that's gonna be a tough deal and go for it in that respect they do they do love them you know and so I agree my thing is this the longer you wait the more expensive he gets burrows up this year he'll be getting a deal done this year Jaylen her to get one Herbert to get one that's three dudes who are all gonna be in the 50s 60 million a year deal the longer you wait the more expensive he gets and if he isn't your guy trade him don't give him the nut like go and trade him if you don't believe that he's your guy because this is this is what the the biggest I remember being in 2007 we went to the playoffs 2008 we hit free agency we we paid two guys in 2008 and we had like five guys in our locker room yeah that we didn't pay I kind of fractured our locker room a lot not not kind of it did that year because you went outside of it and as players we know guys that deserve to get paid right because you see him every day in practice you know their skill set to me the longer this takes the chances are you're fracturing your locker room and then the chances are you're gonna have to pay more in the long run anyways because what if he does the Kirk Cousins deal right where he plays on this tag and he plays on the next tag now it now you're gonna have to give him a full you know a fully guaranteed contract and and then let me let me put this notion out there cuz I've tried to put it out there a little bit everyone's upset with the Browns about the fully guaranteed deal they're already redoing it that's the whole point that was I kind of lost my place a little bit the Browns are already asking to Shawn Watson to restructure yeah he's I think he's entertaining it right Chris didn't we we hear that so so the deal that apparently Lamar is is is holding out for and the Ravens refused to give Cleveland is already one year in no you're wondering if it's workable well they had to get him first right yeah Holmes does the same thing with his deal every year he restructures got it and whatever that means to it's not an outlier it's not everyone does it when you get paid that money but I think when you talk about Lamar what he's been able to do and what I was going with is the Vikings the one that kind of started this president with Kirk Cousins yes right you give Kirk Cousins to fully guaranteed it was three years 84 million right and then Watson pushed it up five to two thirty yeah with all sorts of other garbage that that the Browns you know they had to overlooked place decide no question and so if you're Lamar you don't have that baggage correct if you're Lamar you've been MVP if you're Lamar you every year you've played you've gotten further in the playoffs and it's just like to me it's like it and people always say he needs a agent he doesn't need agent like when he comes the quarterbacks you're slotted your performance kind of puts you where it needs to be like I don't think the Bengals are like Joe Burrow you're not worth 50 million Joe Burrow is gonna get what he wants well that hurts what a fascinating offseason as Herbert Hertz and Burrow are all in line for their deals their strike it rich generational wealth deals and there's Lamar sitting here and then we're wondering about Rogers I want to take a break with you and we come back if you're on hold stay on hold we're gonna take your phone calls eight four four two oh four rich number to doll in this hour well I want to come back I want to talk to you about Aaron Rogers a little bit more and and pull on that string that you mentioned about a fractured locker room because guys know who should get paid and why not and if they're not paid and they bring somebody else then that's a big problem because that's something that might have been a dynamic that just we played out this week eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show don't go anywhere Maurice Jones drew in studio youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play football calm the future of football is here you in hi I'm Ali Raisman I've been living with migraine for a while as an athlete and 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us Drew back here on the Rich Eisen show in the midst of telling a story about Eric Bienaime when you use your college running backs coach yes I ran for how many yards in Washington 326 that's a lot of yards yeah we set a record okay we get back in the meeting room he shows all the negative place and was like we could have rushed for 500 but you missed this this and this you did oh yeah you missed the hole I missed the hole missed the reeds was he right oh yeah he was right but again he during the game he was like good job but then he was like this is which is what profession looks like right when you want when you get to the next level you can't miss this read you can't do these certain things and so I'm I guess I'm really excited because the guy they're gonna have a different mindset and Washington is gonna be a completely different mindset they're gonna be challenged and then the other part is you're going against a really good defense week day after day right so the the standard and how things will be you know looked at and how how the expectation is we'll see if they rise to it certainly if they've got Lamar Jackson as their quarterback oh I was gonna say that's the spot where if I am the Washington commanders that's the spot everybody in the Mid-Atlantic already knows Lamar mm-hmm everybody loves Lamar in the Mid-Atlantic you go and you give Lamar what he wants it cost you two ones and and go for it that's it you give up what is it the 16th overall pick in the draft and then next year's one that's easy you were the one kicking the tires on Russ Rogers last off so you were kicking the tires on everybody and then settled that's the only way to put it I'm sorry for Carson Wentz that didn't work out you're hoping Sam Howell's your guy I get it that's the spot and you tell the enemy here you go with McLaurin and Samuel and a bunch of running backs and about Brian Robinson had a terrific rookie year oh man right don't you think Gibson yeah I mean you that makes sense to me to me that's where that's the ideal place that's where if I'm Lamar that's where I want to go wouldn't you I would it's right down the street and and and you have the other thing is Baltimore has arguably the best defense Baltimore Pittsburgh but one of the best defense in the in the league Washington does too quietly they have a really good defense they can hit you and they can get after you and chase young hardly played last year and all of a sudden like you get you get a mobile quarterback your running game is more explosive yeah your passing game opens up because the mark and take off that's the spot if I was and he's out of the AFC yeah that's the spot I got Morris Jones Drew here on the Rich Eisen show why aren't the Raiders all over Aaron Rodgers why aren't they why wouldn't they be it just it makes so much sense don't you think I mean you want to get back to you you're you're seeing the division won by the same team every year and they just won the Super Bowl and they got my homes you got the Chargers they're there got there Herbert quarterback team Ross has got his guy and Sean Payton your host in the Super Bowl you've got the Vontae Adams go get out Rogers I just so I look at the Raiders and you look at kind of how they're piecing this organization up it seems like it's New England West right they're going to get guys that they're comfortable with guys that they they know to me you're looking more at a Jimmy Garoppolo type situation there I'm just telling you because yeah they went he got the Vontae and that that was amazing that was a car kind of push situation I think they both wanted to make it work and it was working yeah so get the guy who's played with them between college and yeah get the guy who who showed you how dynamic it is like literally the best quarterback wide receiver combination of the last five years do they have the money to handle it how much was car car was coding cheap yeah you might have been like 30 or 40 car wasn't she Rogers is what like 60 this year I'm not saying it's plug-and-play here but let's go I would I listen I would I would love as a as a Raiders friend grew up I would love for Aaron Rogers to be there I just think it makes sense it makes sense but I think if you really look at it Jimmy Garoppolo makes more sense so what they wanted with what they wanted but I don't understand sometimes how we're you you I'm gonna call you out I'm sorry I don't mean a point my wife always says don't point at people so you just spent the last 15 minutes saying damn the torpedoes you got Lamar Jackson it's the now you know now that's what I'm gonna do when when I said to you if an owner signs Lamar to that big contract and they look at you at the next owners meeting and say what gives you say I'm trying to win right so and I know that the the you're not talking about how you know how we're winning you're just talking about we're winning right but that doesn't apply to McDaniels and I understand it's his it's his gig it's his job it's his it's his situation he's got his hand-picked guy shopping for the groceries and Rogers sitting right there you know like if you're Mark Davis you don't sit you don't sit there and call him in and just say explain to me one more time why this is the way we're doing it I would if I was the owner of the Raiders I thought that they shouldn't have released car to be honest with you I to me you can win with car and and win at a high level with him he's been to the playoffs he took the radar so the playoffs one year got hurt they were last year car was lucky to get back on the plane for Pittsburgh I remember that was it was it wasn't the best that's I mean that yeah they might have lain Kiffin to him on the tarmac upon back in McCarran air it wasn't good but or whatever it's called now but not to me it's it's okay if you're cutting car for cost right which is they're saying we're cutting them because you know the money and which is fine then you have to then justify why you're getting Aaron Rodgers cuz he's Aaron Rodgers I would I was available I understand that is he available because you could take him to dinner if you want if you're Mark Davis you can take him to dinner obviously he's open for I know he's open to the Jets I don't think it's everyone why wouldn't he be open to Las Vegas Nevada I don't know and play with Devante Adams again why wouldn't you want to do that and you'd have Devante Adams fans when he's walking around the pro and they're up and pebbles and come he knows the fans are in on him I don't I don't I don't know I just it just seems weird to me that the Jets were the only team that kind of went after it and were and they were granted that opportunity because the Packers still have to say okay you can we're willing to deal him to you right cheaper in terms of draft compensation than Lamar that's for sure yeah but the thing with Lamar is he's 26 so I have a right so you know I can get 10 years out of Lamar so you could draft your next guy seventh overall right and have him grow with Rogers while Aaron lives out his football days as a Raider yeah that's what I'm sitting up but he doesn't run the system Jimmy G fits really we're gonna go there that's what that's what we're going that's what I'm hearing McDaniels and in Patriots West we trust that's what I'm hearing I'm hearing I'm hearing the same thing by the way that's right that's why it's like it's it's I would love to have Aaron Rodgers but when you hear the rumors and the different things that we heard at the combine and you know just like Jimmy Garoppolo is a great fit for them like that's who they want they will they want Jimmy's cheaper than than the car probably and Rogers I'm sure and they feel like they could build a better team around him I wouldn't at the end the day I'll be honest with you I there's two parts of me that say you draft a quarterback every four years and you then trade the one you get because it's cheaper that way yeah sure but then the problem is you may draft the wrong guy which we've seen happen multiple times yeah and if you draft the wrong guy we're all out of this thing that's why the Jets are in on Aaron Rodgers right now exactly right why you you you have to be careful in that draft process of all what his drafts and sit a guy because we don't even know what Jordan love is for the Packers that's why the Packers are still sitting there waiting on Aaron Rodgers I think we know what Jordan love is do we yes he's the next first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback of the Green Bay Packers says that's way where he goes and I know my tongues firmly planted in cheek but you saw a couple times man I know and it was garbage time to use the Marv Albert phrase but you could see he could spin it and if you're Green Bay you also want him to grow old with these young guys that you've drafted like it kind of makes sense right now for them to part ways I just don't understand why the Raiders are not tripping all over themselves to take Aaron Rodgers to dinner and if your answer to that question is it's just not the way Josh McDaniels likes to do things it is something that I have to sit here and question are they close though do they do you think the Raiders are close to what to winning a championship closer any closer I think the Jets are closer the Jets haven't made the playoffs in in my son's lifetime and he's 12 they haven't they seriously have Raiders made it with car you know with the Mayock drafted team two years ago and gave burrow scare at home but they're you know they don't have a top defense like the Jets do right they have players they just doesn't work they know you're saying it's a better choice to go to New York for Rogers yeah because if you're gonna win now you're gonna need the team around you Aaron Rodgers won with the top five defense just right so you're gonna need a team there to be around and I think there's a better team right now in place in New York and there isn't Rogers would know it cuz that defense put the bank thing on him last year yeah and they're all they got there a year better Maurice Jones drew here in the rich eyes and show studio okay you mentioned moments ago you were on a team where where players weren't paid right in the organization and others were brought in and that created a rift in the locker room yeah do you want to identify which team this is oh yeah there's only one team with Jacksonville I mean you were at the Raiders too I don't know but that was I was out of it part of the fracturing who didn't get paid in Jacksonville we had a Caliph Barnes who was a left tackle yes we had Mike Peterson who was our starting middle linebacker yeah we're up for deals or coming close to being up for deals and we we just made the playoffs made a run to Pittsburgh twice we felt like we were receiver away in another DB away and so instead of taking care of the guys at home we win the free age we got Joey Porter and Drayton Florence Joey Porter gets hurt doesn't play but then Drayton plays he plays a lot and he plays well but the problem was we have guys that have been in this locker room right that you see his leaders that you you the the captain of your defense our left tackle who at the time was blocking Dwight Freeney by himself and those guys are unhappy right because they're not getting I think Khalil Khalif was on his last year of his rookie deal and Mike Peterson was like coming up on his second or third so these guys were still on the team oh yeah they're on the team not paid right saw other guys come in and get paid and now I can understand why that would be an issue in the locker room and so that's the way I'm setting up something to trigger my friend Chris Brockman over there because he thinks Daniel Jones should not have been paid what he got paid and say Quan gets franchise tagged and we had Albert Breer former colleague from the NFL Network and NFL media group on here and he was saying part of the reason why the Giants did this was to show people in the locker room you do well here you get paid my question is what as well though 15 passing touchdowns seven rushing touchdowns Chris he's in your camp I'm just saying I mean your teammate in your can I just don't know what well is it maybe and maybe I think they got put between a rock and a hard place because they didn't have a fifth year option they wanted to kind of keep the team together and I I don't disagree with paying Daniel Jones it could be that too though I mean Daniel's a leader you just said hey there were leaders in the locker room I agree didn't get paid and I think say Quan gets paid is just this is a it's a placeholder right now the franchise I hope so to make sure that they can still talk past Wednesday exactly the thing with Daniel Jones is when you pay quarterbacks big money you're allocating a lot of resources to that one person right not even to the room just to that one person thus Lamar but you know what I mean but this is the difference though okay when things don't go right and things aren't going well and they're not perfect you have to then be exceptional right you have to be able to cover up said stink I think Lamar has done that and I covers up stink better than Daniel Jones oh yes yes yes oh yeah for sure and so all this like Daniel Jones didn't have wide receivers he so everything has to be perfect around him in order for us to get he torched the Vikings MJD he touched him there the Vikings literally just cut everyone on defense and fired the DC like yeah I mean the Vikings he did and now so that he won that playoff game and I'll give him credit for that yeah but say Quan ran them to the playoffs like so it's kind of like what would you say the Giants should have done not pay him let him go go back and I think I cuz I just think the price tag and the price was too high that's my personal but it had to be that high for that because otherwise they would had a franchise tag him and then there would have been made I think if he'd hit free agency he'd have came right back did you listen to any of the show this week no I didn't go for saying the exact same go ahead have the floor my floor is already being mopped up by MJD and his beautiful points like you don't have to hate Daniel Jones oh you want how much excuse me go get it and when you don't get it come right back and we'll give you you know four for a hundred or four for 110 and then we can go on and keep building what we're building here but 160 million dollars you're a Giants fan no he's he's not nobody know but he's oh you're a Patriots fan yeah yeah yeah you think they're gonna win a playoff game in the next four years with Daniel Jones more Eastern playoffs are different I they may win one but what's gonna happen you're not paying him to win one but this was gonna happen they're gonna win they're gonna win a chat they'll win a game and then they'll run into the Eagles or they'll run into the Niners and they'll get blown out like they did that's that's where you'll be that's just my again that's my personal opinion all due respect to the Vikings and the point you just made they're paying this guy because he beat the team we all thought were the biggest frauds all year long I don't know about that now that's a tough you you got a quarterback over there with the Vikings I can't win the big one on prime time he has to be like playing with everyone so we'll see he can win the one o'clock game yeah one o'clock is crazy I'm just it's and I understand this is from a GM's perspective you want to keep your players but it has to be at a price it has to be at a price because if I'm paying you 40 million dollars like so why can't Eric to Costa have that approach because he is having that approach and we love your guys it at a price 230 million guaranteed is a bite it's too steep for him in that and and Steve Bashan and I'm not upset with that I'm that but the difference is they're allowing Lamar to go out and talk to other people the Giants are like oh we're weird no we just know Daniel Jones is it for us he's the he's a no that's not true do you want to hug him right now cuz this is basically you I'm just glad Maurice Jones in my mentions all week I think I'm a Washington fan for some reason but no understand I'm glad I have a teammate I think there's more people that understand this too and it and but it's a I think it's separate with Lamar and and Daniel Jones it's a different situation because again Daniel Jones is his first year actually being really being like decent but other years he led the league and turnovers oh no there's no question like the first year but the Giants also come on man the Giants had Joe judge given him you know on third down like this terrible defeat formations you know like that's what he's and and Pat Shermer and then him now he's got a coach of the year yeah who by the way is coach there cuz the way Daniel Jones looked in many ways okay and the way and and the moves he made and the way he was coaching that entire team yeah I agree with that yeah again I'm just saying everyone has a ceiling and I think if you look at Lamar ceiling and then you look at Daniel Jones it's not even close Morris Jones drew thank you for coming no problem man chop this up more often yes I'm definitely coming here we're chopping it up I love it me too shout out yeah Daniel Jones should have never got that brag no no you gotta say no disrespect first yeah yeah cuz it's like you took your finger off the chess piece it's been made Morris Jones drew right here on the rich eyes and show check check the two of us out together on Monday when we're talking free agency friendly the minute everything starts on Monday we're back here with your phone calls at eight four four two oh four rich in a moment the rich eyes and show radio network back here with the live stream on the Roku channel I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by we've had a great week man that's fun with Maurice Jones drew when when I talked about the rich eyes and show desk being furnished by Granger Chris mad so goes the you sponsored the furniture furniture no it's my desk Richie Chrissy Jean in Florida has been hanging on for for an hour plus what's up Jean hey thanks for hanging in there man my Baltimore fan I've called you before I was a little upset at the end of last season what I know to get rid of Lamar but now the time is here I have had a change up okay I'm praying that Baltimore gets this thing done before he even gets to talk to anybody else because I think it's a huge mistake and on the point of if he goes anywhere I want him to be a jet and I think that jets will be anybody's crazy not to grab them up give him whatever he wants cuz he's in his mid 20s he's probably the best football quarterback we've ever seen and I think whatever you lose financially right now you're gonna gain with free agents because people are gonna want to come to New York and play Lamar Jackson because you will be a contender if you had him last year you probably would have been having a trophy and and I hear you Jean and but why haven't receivers flock to Baltimore to play with them I don't understand that really sure I think I think you put that jet helmet on that boy and make him give him that five-year contract to where he'll play through injury and and put him in New York I think it would be the answer to all your prayers and and you worried about money and I think I think the Jets of all teams should shoot for the moon because I mean what do you got to lose at this point rich well I mean I appreciate that Jean thank you if I got to lose I don't know Rogers is a much more short-term less expensive in terms of total dollars and also less expensive in terms of draft compensation that's required to acquire him Lamar's the most expensive on the market in terms of dollars and draft compensation thanks to the call Jean let's go who's next right here on the program let us go to I believe it's our friend Rami and in Montana how you been sir good how are you read good what's going on up there in the great state of Montana you almost got it it's Rami okay Rami what's going on man we're good so I just touching on the rock Aaron Rogers thing he thinks that he's brilliant hit me with it Mike oh no it's not like but it's Jason but he'll he's got it for you oh sorry it's okay there you go Rami there you go brilliant okay I don't think he is and I disagree with for you the 30 30 40 like I think it's about 80% people are just thinking is nonsense to be quite frank and I live up here in the cold weather states and there's a lot of backers fans here they're not filled with them either you know I hear you Rami and here the same thing yeah and but and then touching on something you guys talked about earlier airplane button yes okay Rockman door lock yes okay he's appreciating the reclining of seats and and Chris Brockman's parenting thanks the call Rami I appreciate it we're up against the only hour right here thanks for calling I'll push back also on and Florio that where he thinks Rogers doesn't care what people think of him I I would disagree I think he very much does I think he very much does again the Jets have put it so far out there they gotta get him they have to land him now yeah and the one point flying the ointment could be potentially because they reside in the AFC also would be the Raiders and I just kind of want to linger on this for a split second here I haven't spoken to Josh McDaniel's I don't think he's ever been on this program actually I I don't know if he would sit there and go you know the way that we I did it in Denver I'm changing it here in Vegas but not everything to the point where he could try and figure out sit down have a chat with Aaron Rogers let's go what do you like this is the way I would do it do you think it would be a fit not saying this conversation hasn't occurred but if I was Josh McDaniel's I would say don't want to fly out to Malibu let's zoom okay and I will sit down with you and I will try and figure out how you can be a pirate that there's an autumn wind and it's called winning the damn Super Bowl in our hometown and if I'm Mark Davis I'm sitting there thinking can you and Aaron just talk about whether you can work together because you know Devante and Aaron can let's figure it out I know you like a certain way of doing it and you like a certain amount of control but can you give some of that control to Aaron and Aaron I know you like the control also but can you give some of that to your new coach here I would want to find that out instead of just like yeah we've got a certain system here and we've got a certain way of doing things here and you know I'm just not you know this leopard can't change his spots and I know you're a leopard too Aaron and I don't know if we can figure this out but can't we figure out if I'm Mark Davis if the spots can be on the same leopard called the world champion Las Vegas Raiders in the building where the Super Bowl is taking place Devante Adams, Josh Jacobs, Max Crosby, Chandler Jones hopefully Darren Waller, Hunter Renfro you don't think they can win it with those guys figure out the rest and you still have your seventh overall pick to use I don't understand that this is sacrificed on the altar yeah not the way we want to do it don't get it and if I'm Mark Davis I make sure that conversation happens and let everyone know I am not bald but that's just me honestly this is the time to figure it out and I don't want to put a fly in the ointment of my jets because at this point in time if it doesn't happen major problems well I shouldn't say major problems it's just it's a bad look and the bad look can be overcome by the right move at a quarterback spot if it is Jimmy G or it is somebody else or they do go for Lamar and they do figure it out and it doesn't matter how bad this look is if we look back and pick confetti out of our hair at the Canyon of Heroes but if I'm the Raiders and Rogers is in play he is officially in play hmm and you have the guy with all due respect to Greg Jennings and all due respect to Jordi Nelson I mean Davante Adams and Aaron Rogers when Aaron goes in the Hall of Fame what are you gonna be talking about and I understand Davante wasn't on their championship team come on because Davante is on target to have a bust in the same room you have him already he's there he's already instagramming Adam like Tom Brady's instagramming at his kitten you gotta figure out you gotta have McDaniels make that phone call you gotta sit down if you're Mark Davis and say coach I know I've given you the keys but let me just take the wheel of the car for one second and set up a zoom let's figure it out I don't think sauce is happy with you right now eight four four two oh four rich number the dial on hour three no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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