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REShow: Matthew Rhys - Hour 3 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 9, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Matthew Rhys - Hour 3 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 9, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich and the guys react to Raptors guard Fred VanVleet destroying NBA referee Ben Taylor following the Raptors’ loss to the Clippers, and TJ’s Top 5 list celebrating ‘National Get Over It Day’ leads to a heated debate about proper airplane etiquette. 

Emmy-winning actor Matthew Rhys joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’ and how he, a native of Wales, does such a perfect American accent, his reaction to Wales’ disappointing World Cup showing, making the acclaimed FX series ‘The Americans,’ his short but memorable role in ‘Cocaine Bear’ and pitches a great idea for a prequel to the hit comedy movie.

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Accessing. This is the Rich Eisen Show. There you go. Love it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You guys were wondering when I came in today I'm like we got a new drop and you're like when are we going to use it?

Does it matter? The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL network insider Tom Pelissero, Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith, sports radio legend Chris Mad Dog Russo.

Still to come from HBO's Perry Mason, actor Matthew Rhys. And now it's Rich Eisen. All right, our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844204 Rich. Number to dial on the program. We already had a great chat with Tom Pelissero, my colleague from the NFL network on everything going on in the NFL world.

Nolan Smith who ran a 4-3-9 at the combine from Georgia football. Christopher Mad Dog Russo. If you missed any of the first two hours of this program, our relationship with the Roku channel is so strong that they re-air us over and over and over again until we come on the air live tomorrow on channel 210. For those watching, it's free on the Roku channel. We're also on all Amazon Fire TV.

Select Samsung Smart TV. If you've got the Roku app, you can watch us anywhere for free because the Roku channel is part of it. And then on the internet, Tubes,, we're free. Sirius, XM, Odyssey, our podcast, our YouTube page.

There's so many ways to consume this program. And then there's also the Rich Eisen Show collection page. So we have a video on demand service that we're very excited about every single day. You can watch videos there as your heart's content. And then our YouTube page, you never know when a video is going to pop. We had the great actress Rhea Sehorn here a couple of weeks ago talking about her new movie Linoleum. And of course, we went down a Better Call Saul wormhole with her.

That video of her appearing two weeks ago just popped all of a sudden yesterday. I have no idea why the YouTube page just goes crazy, but it gets caught in an algorithm, which by the way would be, I think, the name of our cover band, right? Caught in an Algorithm. That doesn't sound like one of those cover bands that your friend's like, hey, tomorrow night I'm going to be performing with my band Caught in an Algorithm. You should come see it.

Algorithm in the Straight Shot. Another one like that is On the Brink of Optimism, right? That's what Diana Rossini said the Jets are with Aaron Rogers, right? On the Brink. Optimistic?

No, that they're on the brink of, I don't know. Optimism on the Brink. There it is. That's it. That's it. Optimism on the Brink.

That's what they are. Great. Still waiting on Aaron Rogers. Still waiting on that.

The actor Matthew Rhys, who plays Perry Mason in the HBO hit show. You know, how many limited series do you wish would just come back? I would sign for 1883 coming back. I'd sign for 1884. You know what I mean? 1882, 1881. And I know they got 1923, but so many limited series you see, and you're like, really?

That's it? Well, Perry Mason is back, and it's great to see. I love the Americans, and Matthew Rhys, as we all know, was in that, and he's going to come out here. Some people think you look like him, Chris. I've gotten a law for a long time now that I look like him. And when he comes out, you'll see him with hair and that mustache that he's got going on. So it'll be tough for people to see, but I see it.

I do understand it. Did we ask that of Kelly O'Coin when he was here a couple months ago? Did he confirm that when he was here?

They took a picture together. Although you and him, oh, that's what it was. I thought we mentioned it to him as well, because he was in the Americans as well. Yeah, he said he saw it also.

Yeah, he said he saw it. But I get a lot like him. Also, I get a lot of dollar bill. So anyway, Matthew Rhys is about to come out here.

Any handsome baldness. Do you ever get Rich Eisen? No, stop. Stop it. So two pieces of NBA news.

One of them affects the Western, they both affect the Western Conference. Steven Adams is going to have to take a shot to the knee. They're waiting on him to come back from his knee injury.

That's why I've been stashing him on my Rich Eisen show Fantasy League bench for a month. He ain't coming back for the regular season. He needs a stem cell injection.

The old SCI doesn't sound very good. He's out for the rest of the regular season. And you know what might be out for the rest of the regular season is Kevin Durant, who had warming up last night.

What the hell is this? Just goes to lay it up and in and his left ankle gives way and he falls down on the ground. Like he slipped on a part of the floor that was wet or had moisture or something. Did he slip or is just his ankle turned on him? I thought he slipped. And as he slipped, his ankle kind of rolled.

Well, it looked like in the video. Imagine you're that guy with the floor cleaner, the floor dryer, whatever. And you watch Kevin Durant go down and everybody suddenly just turns to you. I'm like, bro.

Oh, my goodness. And so if you're the Denver Nuggets, you're like, OK, so two of the teams that's closest to us. And John Durant, when's he coming back? Out another four games.

And out another four games. So that's of his own doing, as we all know. Also, wasn't that Durant's first home game? Yeah, it was going to be his home game. Oh, my gosh.

Everybody's coming there to see it. Yeah. So like I said before, like the Phoenix Suns fans got this gift of Durant sitting under the Christmas tree, had to wait a couple of weeks for Christmas to open it.

And then you get to play with it and that toy breaks. There you go, man. Hey, brother, I told you, look out for the Nuggets and then they lose to the Bulls.

So I have no idea. Well, Adam really cursed the Bulls last night on our podcast, Rich. He talked to the Rich Eisen Show basketball podcast. He talked really bad about the Bulls, and apparently they heard it and they took it out. I'm sure that's what happened. I'm sure they took it out on. Well, they won after he talked bad about them. Brockman, that's just the only logical.

I don't know what happened there. So you look at the Western Conference standings. Sacramento is now in the two spot. They have the same record as Memphis. Phoenix's fourth Golden State in the Clippers, who won last night. Hey, Fred Van Vliet's pissed at the refs.

I can't blame him. They lose in Denver. They had that game kind of wrapped.

I mean, there's a few minutes to go and then the roof caved in. And part of that was when it was a one possession game. Scotty Barnes gets the gate. Your favorite ref, Chris? Scott Foster. He tees him up and throws him out of the game to the point where one of his colleagues, I don't know which official this was, was kind of looking around like, what happened?

And he was closer to Barnes. That's the weird thing. Like the international symbol of what I miss is this. Like you're looking around, right? What did I miss? He had the total dumbfounded look.

And so I'm getting dizzy with the what I miss thing. Scott Foster's colleague, Foster said that Barnes used a verbiage that which directly questioned the integrity of the crew. Who knew that Scott Foster speaks an iambic pentameter when trying to defend his bizarre technical foul calls.

The verbiage used. Were you writing down Foster's iambic pentameter for our fantasy league, Chris? Making that note.

I did also write down Rembrandts in his bathroom last hour. So the Raptors are a salty bunch and in Los Angeles last night, taking on the Clippers in a seven point game, Fred Van Vliet gets teed up by the referee Ben Taylor, who he then proceeds to call out by name profanely after the contest, definitely in the third quarter there. I mean, I don't mind it. I'll take a fine.

I don't really care. I thought, you know, Ben Taylor was terrible tonight. I thought that most nights, you know, a couple of, you know, out of the three, there's one or two that just the game up, you know, and it's, it's, it's been like that a couple, a couple of games in a row. Denver was tough. Obviously you come out tonight, you're competing pretty hard.

The third quarter, I get a bull tech, change the whole dynamic of the game, change the whole flow of the game. And, um, you know, most of the rest are trying hard. I like a lot of the rest are trying hard to pretty fair.

They communicate well. And then you got the other ones who just want to be just kind of the game up. Nobody's coming to see that they come to see the players. And, um, I think we're losing a little bit of the fabric of what the NBA is and was. And, um, it's been disappointing this season.

You can look up most of my texts this year I've been with Ben Taylor officiated. So at a certain point, as a player, you feel it's personal and, um, it's never a good place to be. That's not why we lost tonight. We got outplayed.

Um, but it definitely makes it tougher to overcome. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be a person with Ben Taylor now, but already hasn't forever. So there's that boy, he got his money's worth. I just want Fred, Fred, just keep your head on straight.

I need you in my fantasy about three weeks from now. And actually the game start to matter for me again. I mean, I didn't see, I'm glad he said that, uh, that's not what it cost them the game last night. Cause what cost them a game last night is they couldn't stop Terence Mann when he came in for Russell Westbrook. This just in, they might be better with Terence Mann.

At point, just file that one away, TJ. Well, I've said that before. I know you did wondering why are they getting rust? Cause things are going well with, with, uh, with Terence Mann. We can use rust. They just need to confirm their line.

Hey, he got his money's worth. I guess. Is this a good time to say that it's get over a day, national get over a day.

What the hell is that? You know, on these calendars, there's also, every day is like a day of something. And I noticed that today was national get over it. Okay. So do you have a top five list that we can get to before Matthew Reese joins us here?

I absolutely do. There's just, you know, five things that. First of all, I can't get over the fact that there's a national get over a day and somebody's created a website for it.

Right. And now people are Instagramming it out and things that, so you have your top five list of things that you need to get over. You should get over, you've gotten over.

How are you, how are you constructing this? Well, it's, you know, it's not a grab bag or anything, DJ Mikey D. So we don't need that music, but it's just, there's a lot of stuff. I think that we all have that we hang on to and it just kind of hangs on us like a weighted blanket. And I just picked five things that, that do that to me. And I just realized that on national get over a day, I just got to do my best to get over. Okay.

So go for it. What do you got? All right. Well, coming in at number five, you know, you guys aren't wrestling fans and I am. And I know we got wrestling fans out there. I got to get over the fact that Oscar tapped out to Charlotte flair at WrestleMania 34. You know, it was like six years ago and I still say WrestleMania 34. That sounds like a full time ago.

We're up to 39 now. So, you know, it was five years ago. I just can't get over the fact that they would build up a monster, just an undefeated star just to have her tap out. I just, I know I got to get over it.

It's going to be hard. Eventually I will come at number four, 2006 national league championship series, the Mets against the Cardinals. I, for years and years and years, I've been upset at Carlos Beltran.

Yeah. I've been upset about him not swinging that bet, but I went back and re-watched it. Adam Wayne right through one of the nastiest curve balls that God ever made.

And Beltran was on such fire that playoffs. I think I got to just get over the fact he didn't swing the bat because that pitch was so dirty. I got to get over it. Number three, I think we all can relate to this. I don't care.

Fellas. If I'm on an airplane, a train, a Greyhound bus, I'm on the back of it. I'm in the back of a Subaru. I just have to get over the fact that the person in front of me is going to recline their seat back as far as they can. Even if no other person on that form of transportation moves their chair, I just have to get over the fact that it's going to happen to me because it happens to me all the time. No matter what, I'm still going to be mad, but I figure if I tell myself to get over it, Rich, I'll be less mad when it happens. Number two, the Sixers choking on draft day.

I can do an hour on this alone. We put up the picture Allen Iverson. We actually got that right. But the Sixers have made some horrible, horrible, horrible draft day moves and not drafting Brad Doherty trading Moses Malone.

And then we also have guys. Damn, Ben Simmons at 16. That was bad. And Markelle Fultz when Jason Tatum was there.

I've heard that. That's a 20 year mistake. You'll never get over that. Mikel Bridges. He was a guy who was right there was in Philly. He's never missed a game. Chris Brockman. We traded him for a guy who's played 13 total.

He's not on the division now. Just so. So, yeah, he's going to hurt us every time. I got to get over that. And number one, look, Des catching it.

Des caught the ball. There's nothing anyone can tell me or show me to say he didn't. But at some point, I got to get over it. I'm not going to, but I'm going to do my best. And those are just five things I need to try to get over. Let me handle one, if you don't mind. And I push back. I do agree. Des Carter, although the rule was properly interpreted, and I cannot push back on the Sixers draft day woes and cannot push back about WrestleMania. As you know, that's your forte.

And I understand what you also had to say sports wise there. But there's a button on the chairs in transportation conveyances for a reason. I the button is there to push and move your seat back. And I will never understand people who get upset over having somebody recline their chair into their row.

I don't get it because your button works, too. So let's keep going back until the back row where me and Brockman had to sit. Once you recline. Excuse me. I'm just trying to look out for my passenger. I'm sorry.

At some point, somebody's left holding the bag and hopefully those flights, too. You can still move back as well. That's the same. Well, you cannot. I can't do anything about that all the way up and row whatever I'm in. Well, yeah, you're in one day. So excuse me. I'm not.

You don't need these problems. I'm not in one day because I'm not a bulkhead guy. I understand. And I understand I'm talking about this from a certain altitude, and I'm not talking about the height. I get it. I understand. But there's a button on the chair for a reason.

But it stinks. The person in front of me is five, two and 105 pounds, and they're going to recline. I'm six, three, 260. And you got a five, 200 pound person just going to test the limits of the recline.

Nah, man, that's messed up to me. The problem is someone six, three, 260 reclining into my space. And I don't do that because I try to be a good human being. You don't recline? I trip. I don't. I don't get up.

Excuse me. I don't get up and I don't recline. No, never recline in a plane. You can't say never. But I very rarely recline.

Never say never. I never recline. Get out of here. And I'm not a get up. Get out of here.

I'm telling you, man. Get out of here. I'm the only honest one here. I recline every time. I always recline. I don't get the big seat anyway because I got to I need room.

So then so then he's in first class. I go up front. I got any room. I can't sit.

No, I'm being dead honest with you. I don't I can't. I might recline very so slightly. OK, but I can't get over the night. Like I saw TJ sitting behind me.

I would not recline. That's out of courtesy. You're lying. What a liar. You know what? My you know what?

I can't get over and then we'll bring out Matthew. What I can't get over is somebody behind me using the back of my chair to get up from there. That sucks. That's bad. Can't do that either. The armrests.

Yeah. Where there are buttons to use to recline. Well, they probably would if you recline so far back into the lap. So you use your traps, use your traps and your tries and get up that way.

Yeah, you don't grab. That's that's well, Mike, they do that because he's in their lap. I'm sitting there. I'm not in your space, really. I might not even have reclined yet. You recline. You're using my space.

Also, shut your window shade. Oh, my God. Look at us.

Just now we're now we're not going to be able to. I know Matthew Reese is going to agree with me. You know what?

Nobody reclining into him. How could you? National get over date. I'm never going to get over any of those things.

Really working right now. It's tough for me to get over a lot of this stuff. Never going to get over to not holding calls.

This guy is a Super Bowl game. There was like 14 holdings. By the way, that's two thousand and two.

There's no time limit on these rich or 2000. That's 2002 of the top rule game. No, sorry. I meant the I meant the helmet. Yeah, I'm sorry. I knew all those. I meant the helmet moments.

You were in the playoffs that I was sitting at home watching. Eventually, you're triggered. This guy should never complain about Matthew Reese's here, everybody. This is going to be delightful. Can't wait to chat with him next on the Rich Isaac show.

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You in. When the books were, he had a rougher edge, I think, in the books. He was, you know, he tended to go around town beating people up. It was not Raymond Burr is what you're saying.

No, exactly, exactly. The reimagination was, he was not going to be your father's Perry Mason, which he wasn't. And the writers said, we want to load his bases, make him a little rough. They made him a World War I veteran. And so, yeah, they kind of, you know, they gave him this incredible, incredible backstory.

So we saw the origin story of how he became the lawyer in season one, which just adds to the kind of richness, the layer of it. But there was only supposed to be a season one, right? It was. Yeah, we were meant to do a one and done, but the public spoke.

No, you know, I think, yes, no, it really is. That's everything you ever dream of is that HBO went, you know, the reaction has been great. And how would you feel about a second? So I, I gladly put on the fedora again. So when it was done, it was, you thought it was done when it was done? Yeah, we did. No, that was, that was it. As we kind of, as we rolled into COVID, I just thought that was, that was the end of Mason for me. Right. And it, you know, it did, it, it did well. So did you, did you rewatch any of the Perry, the old Perry Masons?

You're just like, that is so far afield of what we're going to do. It doesn't even matter. It is. And I, in the past, I've, I've, I've done parts that have been originated by other actors. And I have watched them and to my detriment, because I know I have this weird thing where I know somewhere subconsciously or unconsciously, I will mimic or regurgitate or in some way, you know, it'll come out. So I, I, when it, when that happens now, I just leave the source, the originators alone. Yes.

And try and, you know, start from scratch and, you know, bring it up organically. Matthew Rhys here on the Rich Eisen Show. And for our radio audience, I mean, folks who know you and watch Perry Mason seeing on the Roku channel, they know it's you on, on the radio. They might be, this sounds nothing like Perry Mason.

So how do you do such an incredible American accent? I, well, you know, this, this is what I, I, I've said, and I continue to say is basically, I think, especially kids who are in the, of the eighties in the UK, we were all, you know, early eighties, we were all raised watching Starsky & Hutch and the A-Team and Airwolf and, you know, American show, we were raised on American shows. So is Dallas still too early or no? No, Dallas was, Dallas was huge. Like we shot JR was huge, right? Of course, of course.

Bobby Ewing in the shower, like, come on, what's going on? This is, is that what happens in America? It must be great. It's the promised land.

Patrick Duffy emerges unscathed. Okay. Yes.

So it is not too early then? No, no, no. So, you know, we, we would be, would be in our backyards pretending to be, you know, Starsky & Hutch, not, not, you know, trying to, trying to act out Downton Abbey. That's what we did. We tried to impersonate Americans from an early age. And so, I mean, yeah, that's, it comes naturally to you because that's what you did as a child or is you just imagine the biggest a-hole you know of and think you can imitate that person or what is it?

I think, I just think it's, I just think it's bedded in from a very early age. The early foundations are in deep, you know, you're continually, I was listening to that sound and, you know, when you're out playing cowboys and Indians, you're trying to sound as realistic as possible. And then obviously in drama school, you know, you, they, they hammer it in pretty, pretty hard. And then I did, I did a production of, talking of shows that have had an originator, I did a production of The Graduate in the West End with Kathleen Turner as my Mrs. Robinson.

Oh my goodness. Where I knew I had to kind of nail an American accent. So I really put, I really put a lot of time in on that one. So you Dustin Hoffman did up? Is that what you're saying? Or you didn't watch it because you didn't want to?

No, that's what I did. So I went straight, you know, I'd watched The Graduate, obviously. Yes. And then if I went back and I watched it and I could feel myself taking lines and just, you know, dusting them. So I, so I, I, I don't do that again, but Hoffman actually, he came to a matinee.

Of, of you performing in The Graduate? Yes. Oh my God. I know. And that, you know, one of the, one of the one things I wanted to say to the theater manager at this time is why did you tell me he was it?

Who would do that? Right. And also it was my introduction to this thing that happens, it happens in Broadway, happens in the West End in London, where if a very famous person is doing a play, other famous people will come to see them and come around backstage, backstage to see them, regardless of whether they know them or not.

Right. So after the first few, like I would say to Kathleen was very kind to me. She's always like, come and come at me. You know, whomever was, you know, James, Michael, Michael Douglas came, James Coburn, Tom Hanks, you know, and, and some of the times I go, do you know James Coburn? She goes, no, but he just came to say hello. This is what happens.

So anyway, so this had been happening. We'd all been invited, you know, you'd get the knock on the door and her dresser would be there saying, Miss Turner would like to invite you to a glass of champagne, which means there's a famous person. And I would go, who is it? And she would say, so we hear Hoffman is in and I'm like, oh my God, I'm going to meet Dustin Hoffman. He's going to come round, right?

Never came backstage. Get out of here. No, no.

So how do you take that? Devastated. Absolutely devastated.

Never, it's never quite been the same for me since. Oh my God. Yeah. That's the way you want the champagne call. Of course. You want Hoffman to go, well, you know, you just want that paternal nod.

We're just looking for our father's approbation at all times and for him to go, well done. Yeah. You nailed it. Didn't get it. Plastics. Yeah. Nothing. No. Zippo. Matthew Rees here on the Rich Eisen Show.

And I, uh, you were kind enough, uh, when I met you, uh, in our, in our green room when I mentioned to you, um, how I saw Michael Sheen, a fellow, uh, Welshman. Yes. Yes.

Is that the proper term? Oh yes. Yeah.

Very much so a fellow Welshman speaking to the Welsh men's national football team. Yeah. Yes. Okay.

Am I saying this properly? Yes. Yes. Appreciate it.

I'm trying, I'm trying to, you know, do the right thing. Yeah. No, it is. And, and his speeches were, um, intense. Yes. And you know, Michael.

Yes. I lived with Michael. Where were your speeches is what I asked you. Well, I like to think that predominantly most of his speeches are based on my speeches.

My speeches were given from, you know, couches on Saturday nights. Yes. You know, post game, post drinking. Sure. Yeah.

So a lot, he's drawn a lot of inspiration from me, basically. Understood. Yes. Without you, he's nothing.

He is literally nothing. Understood. Yes. So I've been privy to those speeches several times. So it was, it was nothing new to me. Okay.

Very good. I imagine you are a fan. Uh, are you a fan of football or another sport?

Yeah. I mean, for me growing up, rugby was the big game. That was the game I played and that was the game, you know, still, still, still watch. Um, but yes, you know, Cardiff, the city I'm from has a, has a, has a football team. And I was, you know, I'm a Cardiff supporter, but then obviously, you know, we all got swept away for, for the world cup because it was the first time in, you know, 50, 60 years. And who did you play in the first match?

The Americans. That was a very, that was a, that was a big day because I had so many American friends, uh, going, well, where, where are we going to watch this game? And I thought it was kind of very equally matched as well. You know, it was going, it was going to be a good game.

I went to an American bar with some Welsh friends. You did? Yeah. Oh yeah.

In Brooklyn. Yes. Normally, you know, I don't know, for a big match, I would, I, I can't be around other people. You know what I mean?

If it was a rugby game, I would, I wouldn't, I wouldn't. Really? Yes.

I can't, I can't. Yeah. I, it gets too intense for me. In fact, I've had to stop watching England versus Wales now because my, my partner thinks I'm going to have a heart attack.

I've actually stopped watching that. Is that just for health? Yeah.

Literally, you're going to have an aneurysm or some, something bad will happen if you continue to watch those two games. No kidding. So you were able to go to a, uh, a bar in Brooklyn. Yes. To take in this match and everyone here in Los Angeles knows Gareth Bale cause he won the, uh, the MLS cup for LAFC.

Yeah. You know, very handsome man, very handsome man. He is a great ambassador for Wales. And you know, that, to me, that was like the, you know, the fairytale ending for him.

Um, who's, you know, he's been living with some injury for, for some time now to, you know, there's always great debate as to where, where he was going to go after, you know, being all those years in Spain. And I just thought it was ideal way for him to go out with, you know, with, with that medal. And then, you know, and then obviously the Americans, uh, moved on. Um, and, and Wales, you know, that, that, that had to be a bitter pill. I imagine.

Right. That was, I mean, listen, one of the worst things for me. So we're seeing as being drawn with England in the first round, that was just a killer blow. Cause that was going to be, that was a cruel turn of fate.

Yes. I, you know, it was going to, it was a great matchup. I thought against the USA thought that's great.

And then Iran, I thought that that's a chance to win. You got it. That's the opportunity.

Yes. And we didn't. They did not. And that was, that was a, it was a, I don't, you know, it was a big stage.

I don't think that they quite played to the potential that they've shown in the past, which was, which is a real shame, but just to watch them at a world cup was incredible. Sure. But you will know there's only one person you can point the finger of blame to.

It's Michael Sheen. Well, we did. We did not. He did not, he did not do his job. No, no, it wasn't inspirational enough. Correct.

But we've always said that about Michael. Yeah. It's the Matthew Rees here on the rich eyes job.

Speaking of the Americans, did you see what I did right there? Seamless. Fantastic show.

Yeah. How did you prepare for your role for that program? Well, fortunately enough, Joe Eisberg, the, you know, the, the gentleman who originated, who was created and, and wrote was, is a former CIA operative himself. So scripts always sent first people ever to read the scripts were the CIA. Cause if you're right, if you're a former intelligence officer writing about intelligence, they have, they, so they would vet it, you know, immediately. So we would get notes from, you know, the CIA. So we had, we had that wealth behind us and he, he would, he would give us a counter surveillance lessons, all sorts, which I thought would be relatively good at because basically counter surveillance is pretending something isn't there, which is, I just thought, well, actors do that with cameras all the time.

I'm going to be a master of this. I was, I was appalling at it. Yeah. He, he, he gave me away several times. Um, so there was, you know, there was, uh, we had this font of, uh, you know, information in, in Joe.

And then there was another gentleman who was, uh, an, an illegal as they were called, uh, who came over with the KGB set up as an American and then was actually turned by the, by the CIA, by the FBI. Sorry. Um, so yeah, we had these incredible people around us telling us that when, because my greatest sentence of all the time was saying that I don't, this is just too unbelievable.

Right. And they would always say this actually happened. That's what you got a good example of that, where you're, where you're getting a script or you're acting in a scene. I mean, one of the, one of the early ones on the first episode of the first season was when, when, uh, Philip, Philip, my character, um, takes on another guy's as a gentleman called Clark and he tries to, uh, woo romantically, woo a kind of secretary in the FBI. And this was an enormous operation by the KGB. They call it something like operation Romeo, where KGB, KGB, um, illegals were, were trained in the art of kind of, you know, wooing and charm. I think it was by an Englishman to kind of woo these low level, um, uh, you know, clear, cleared secretaries with the hope of marrying them in order to gain, you know, intelligence gathering. It was, was stunning to me.

It was the audacity of the KGB, especially in the early eighties is dizzying. Well, yeah. And then that's what's so incredible about this show is how, what I think are great television shows are made where I'm rooting for you and I'm also kind of rooting against you and I'm totally conflicted, breaking bad was that way for me in many ways. Like I'm rooting for, for Walter White and then I'm rooting against Heisenberg and they're the same person. And I was rooting for you.

I was rooting against you. Um, and it was amazing. Yeah.

And we're just amazing. Yeah. I think we're in this great age of the antihero now where the kind of the balance of, of doing that, that the conflict, you know, brings up in an audience, I think is, is always, it just enriches it and enhances it. But yes, it was, it was the kind of perfect, it was the perfect antihero of going, let's, let's, let's make the KGB operatives the hero.

What do you think about more of them? I mean, I know the way it ended, I don't want to kind of, I guess we're past the spoiler alert, but it is, I mean, anything can be written for you to, for you and Keri Russell and obviously the whole cast to get back together. Absolutely. I mean, yeah, funny enough, we're having, we're all, the whole team of us, including the writing staff, we're all having a dinner very soon because we're celebrating 10 years. Okay. So, and we joke about doing a two hour special where we close out or we go back to see where they all are 10 years, you know, 10 years on. And? I'm all in for it because, because as conclusive as it was, it's incredibly open-ended as well, because they abandoned the children. They had to, you know, they head to Moscow.

You don't, absolutely no idea of, of what's going to happen. I would, count me in on that. Good.

I would absolutely be in on that for sure. And you know, you and I, our filmographies have one thing in common. It's acting with Frank Langella. Believe it or not. I was in a movie called Draft Day.

No way. She played the owner of a team and I was playing myself. I do my own accents. Brilliant. Thank you very much.

Appreciate that. And I remember we were shooting it on the set of an NFL draft that I was hosting and I had the scripts in front of me and I was just doing my other job and I didn't learn the lines at all. And Frank Langella came up in these glasses, introduced himself to me and asked me if I wanted to read lines with him. And I was not prepared.

And I literally had one of those, you know, you have your dream where you, you're, you're back in college and you're going to fail the class because you're not studying. Yeah. I freaked out.

I was not ready. I asked him for a couple minutes. Yeah. He gave me a couple minutes and I looked at the script and I put it out in front of me and he knew it off the top of his head and I was reading and I thought to myself, he hates me.

That's what I thought. How did it go? It went well. Good. Yeah. The residual checks come in.

They're like, they're a dollar fifty or whatever. That's all you want? That's it. Is it on, is it on YouTube?

Can we watch this? Yeah. Yeah. Kevin Costner is in it. Oh my goodness.

Me and my buddy Kevin. Yeah. We go way back. Amazing. I'm going to, I'm going to look, I'm going to look this up.

You and I have heard something coming. Yeah. I mean, no, no one has stories like Frank Langella.

His, his, his show, his stories as well. Yeah. I mean, he writes books about them now. Yes. And ashamedly.

I bet so. Oh, and I forgot the other thing is I've thrown cocaine out of a plane. Have you really?

No, I forgot. But you see, I wouldn't have done, I mean, I would have followed you on that one. I was like, there's nothing about you that makes me, would make me think that you hadn't. I'm the most interesting man in the world.

Yes. Uh, I, I, I wasn't expecting to see you kicking off Cocaine Bear. I wasn't expecting to be in it when we went to Ireland to shoot and I was looking at the script and I said to Carrie, it was like, who's playing that guy at the beginning in that opening scene? She goes, I don't know. I went, text Banksy, tell, tell her I'll play it.

Or text her, say, can I, can I play it? Elizabeth Banks. Yes. Sorry. Yes. Who is, Elizabeth was working with Carrie on another project and just said, look, I know I'm, we're doing this. I have this other movie that's green lit in Ireland, you know, we're going to shoot Tennessee as, Ireland as Tennessee over the summer.

Do you want to do it? And they, you know, it's called Cocaine Bear and Carrie went, Cocaine Bear? Cocaine, Cocaine Bear. Cocaine Bear? Yeah. No one can still quite get over the title. That's what, when I look back, that was what I enjoyed most was when you broke that title to people, like Carrie's doing a film called Cocaine Bear and everyone goes, sorry, you broke up them.

What did you say? Cocaine, Cocaine Bear. Yes. Yeah. But the guy who threw the cocaine out of the plane, Andrew Thornton III, I swear to you, deserves a movie about his life.

He deserves the prequel. What do you got? I'm already pitching it. Okay. Yeah. Well, I mean, what, what, what's his story? Do you know?

I mean, it's long varied and very interesting. Ultimately, he was a DEA agent who kind of figured out that he could fly small planes of Coke back into the US, into the Appalachians. He broke bad is what you're saying. Exactly. It was a double agent for a long time.

You know, the rumor is when they realized that there was an altercation on the plane, they think, they also think he was having a fight with his karate instructor on the plane, killed his karate instructor, threw the cocaine out, jumped out, and then they don't even know how his parachute didn't open because there was no malfunction with the parachute was a fully operation when there was no marks on him, but he fell to his death. Is that why you're doing karate kicks on the plane? Yes. Yeah. You studying karate at the time he was, he traveled everywhere with his karate instructor.

I mean, I mean, come on, Andrew Thornton deserves this. And so that's great. So, so the movie could just be about his life. And then the last scene is what you just did.

Literally ramp up the last few seconds on, you just show that first scene of cocaine beer. That's the last scene of the film. Yes. Yeah.

And roll credits. Right. Let's get this finance right now. Right here. Yeah.

Call in if you'd like to finance. Yeah, we'll call it cocaine here. Did you read lines with Kerry? Like just shaking your head?

Like what the hell is this movie all about? Yeah. I was like, can I, I'm reading lines with you. I, I, I, I, first of all, I want to read this. So yeah, I, I would, I would kind of run around the house going, she was like, she's like, that's a wookie you halfwit. And I was like, all right, I'm trying me best. Fantastic.

Oh my gosh. Perry Mason airs Mondays at nine Eastern time on HBO. New episodes. Good luck.

Season two premiered on this past Monday. Anything you want to come in and talk about, you are more than welcome to come back. Like I said, and just say, if you want, just drop at the, uh, at the dinner.

Kelly O'Coin's been here. I don't know if he's going to be part of the dinner, uh, for the Americans. I hope so too. Okay.

So let's just hope as well. Yeah. Just throw it in there. Yeah.

Plus plus three plus four. Love it. Let's do it. Great. Let's get it done. Brilliant. Very good. Matthew Reese is here on the Rich Eisen show. Everyone check out Perry Mason on HBO.

We'll wrap up this show and let you know about our Friday show in a moment. Rich Eisen here at us cellular. They know phones are great, but they're not always so great for us.

Sure. They connect us to so much, but they also distract us from, well, us. The us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it.

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Call click or just stop by. That was fun with Matthew Reese. Yeah, that was really fun. Did he, did he think really that I've thrown cocaine out of a plane?

Did he think that first one was that convincing? He was willing to just roll with anything. It was great.

Yeah, he was. What a delight. What a delight.

What a delight. And then we got the two of you together. There's a whole bunch of photos you just took with him.

We were going for it. Okay, well, we'll post those. You do have the Matthew Reese look a little bit. You do. Very good blue.

I think it's the blue eyes. Is that what it is? I think. Okay. Let's go to the phone lines. Brian in Brooklyn, New York has been hanging on for a while. What's up Brian? How's it going Rich? How are you doing Brian? How you been? I'm doing well.

Love enjoying the New York weather. Okay, that's good. Yes, I just had a quick rebuttal to your Lamar Jackson take.

Go for it. Your worries. Okay. I just feel like you shouldn't worry.

I feel like no one should worry. Lamar Jackson has proven himself. He's proven himself for how many years since he's been in the league? Before he's been in the league, he went to a Louisville team that wasn't top tier before he got there. He got there, put that team on a map.

He got to the league, put the Ravens back on the map. He's put his team on his back numerous times. We've seen it on four downs. We've seen it on prime time.

You see, you see it on the plate. People say you couldn't, you couldn't win in the playoffs. He, she shown he can. He can't throw his first year. Came back the next year, gotten better. He's always improved.

He gets hurt the last two seasons. It's football. We know this.

Yeah. You're asking for a lot of money and yet as goes into consideration on getting your money. But the man has shown that he's worth the money. Why is it, why is it pulling nails and teeth? And why, why, why does this man have to go to, to, you know what?

Stick to my guns mode. Why can't he get, cause I'm, I'm pretty sure, uh, first of all, let's be clear. Deshaun didn't deserve that. Correct. It shouldn't, he shouldn't have, he shouldn't have set the standard.

Deshaun Watson shouldn't have been the one to set the standard. That's correct. Okay.

But it's, it's there now. We go off, like you, I've heard you say on numerous occasions, you are with the next man, the next man up gets, gets the biggest concert. But Kyler didn't do it. And Russell didn't do it. We all know Kyler's problems and we all know Russell Wilson's getting up there in age. Kyler, no, Kyler has never put his team on his back. He had, he had, yes, Kyler's a great player.

We understand that. No disrespect to the young man, but he's never put his team on his back. Like Lamar Jackson has. He's never, he's never improved to the point that Lamar, like the deficiencies of Lamar Jackson and the deficiencies of Kyler Murray, who has made a bigger jump since coming into the league?

Well, in terms of, in terms of winning and going into the playoffs and, and winning, uh, you know, personal accolades, it's clearly Lamar Jackson. Look, the issue, the issue is, is that Lamar's, you know, let's, let's, let's also be clear here too, Lamar's situation is he's got a team that doesn't want to pay him like Deshaun Watson, doesn't want to be the team that makes Deshaun Watson's contract a precedence. They don't want to do that just because the Browns did it for Deshaun, for somebody that we can both agree shouldn't have been the flag planter for that. Why would the Ravens do that? Even though they love Lamar and, and, and could, could you allow that the last two years despite how he has proven, uh, in the past, the ability to put the team on his back has given the team a little bit of pause, whether he'll answer a bell when the chips are down.

I mean, they played a playoff game without him and why wasn't he there? You know what I mean? Like there's something up that makes me wonder what's, what, what's happening. And if I'm another team out there and under the current circumstances, I need to write a contract that the Ravens could match because I'm now talking with a new set of, uh, uh, of, um, ears and eyes with, with Lamar than the one that he's been talking to over the last two years, I've broken through in a way that the Ravens haven't. So the Ravens are just going to come in and my work is now for the Ravens, not for my team.

Uh, so I don't even want to go down that road. That's what's going on. And also when I'm used to calling an agent, I'm out talking to someone's mother and I'm not saying this to denigrate. I'm also just pointing out how things are really, um, unique in, in the same way that his talent is also unique and singular. Does that make sense? Absolutely.

It makes perfect sense. But what I was saying to that is he's a unique player. Lamar Jackson is a new player. He's shown that off the field. He's shown that on the field.

Yes, he's shown that on the field. Yes. Let's move accordingly. Okay. We're in, we're in the space where, okay, we know this guy, he doesn't have an agent. You're dealing with him personally. Let's be transparent.

The things that you may want to filter out with an agent you can't do now. Okay. So now let's, let's, let's work how we should with this guy. Let's talk as men. Let's talk as business partners because that's what we are. I've shown you that I'm a great business partner. I've shown you that.

Yes, I've been hurt. It's football now. Like if I forgot, I played football, played football in the past. If we're not making up, and this, I, we, I wasn't making, nobody's making money in high school.

It's different now when I was, when I was younger, we weren't making money in high school, right? So let's put the playoffs in the position of money. If I get hurt and halfway through the season and we're not on the verge of getting into the playoffs and it's a serious injury. My coach is going to say, okay, my, okay, Lamar's mother in this situation is going to say, you're not playing for anything right now. You can, this can damage you long term.

Let's think about college, right? Lamar Jackson, you, this can damage you for a long time. Let's think about your contract for future reference for a future team or this team team.

You don't want to hurt yourself more. Yes, we in the playoffs. Yes, your team is in the playoffs, but at this point, this is a business. I have to think about my business.

I know. I've shown the team that I'm, I'm for the team. When I'm, when I'm comfortable in the middle of my contract, rookie contract, whatever, when I'm comfortable with the team, the team's comfortable with me. I've shown that I'm here for you. Well, and I, and I appreciate your, Brian, I'm up against the end of the show.

Don't, don't hang up on him just yet. I want to say thank you for the back and forth. Call back anytime. I, uh, by the way, I also miss talking to somebody with a New York accent as well. Thanks for the call, Brian. Appreciate it. You got it.

That's Brian and Brooklyn, New York. Hey, um, this, this is going to, let's have the conversation again tomorrow. Cause nothing's going to get done until at least next week. And then we'll see how it all shakes out.

Yeah. And we'll talk about it at length on tomorrow's program. Want to thank today's guests, Matthew Reese and Nolan Smith and Chris Mad Dog Russo and Tom Pelosaro back to wrap up the show on the Roku channel in a moment. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity. Quite like Jeff Jarrett.

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