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REShow: Joe Banner - Hour 2 (3-7-2023)

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March 7, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Joe Banner - Hour 2 (3-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 7, 2023 3:12 pm

Former NFL front office executive Joe Banner joins Rich in-studio where he says he’d be shocked if Aaron Rodgers returns to the Green Bay Packers after they gave him permission to talk trade with the New York Jets, why Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens STILL haven’t been able to workout a long-term contract extension, why the Bears should move on from Justin Fields and draft Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud, and why Jalen Hurts would be wise to seek a shorter contract from the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Rich reacts to Tom Brady responding to the unretiring rumors with a tweet about his daughter’s new kitten. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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I try to give the facts. There is more tea spilled at the combine and people are so eager to do it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Packers sure hope Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to come back. Tom Brady may not be done after him.

What? It's a couple people like just you just hang on just you wait. Earlier on the show, NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Coming up, former NFL executive Joe Banner from NBC Sports, Peter King.

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There's also the video on demand service portion of our relationship with Roku and the Roku Channel, the Rich Eisen Show collection. Chris Brockman in his spot. DJ Mikey Dees and Deez Nuts. Mike Del Tufo is in his spot. TJ Jefferson is hanging out with us as always here on the Rich Eisen Show and I turn to my right and stop talking without paying attention to him. Good to see you. Long time NFL executive of the Eagles and the Cleveland Browns and the co-founder of the 33rd team website Joe Banner here in person. Good to see you Joe.

Great to be here. That was a mouthful. You know what? I talk mouthfuls for a living.

That's what I do for a living. So we're getting to the nitty and the gritty portion of team building. Are we not right now? We're right on the edge.

We're right on the edge. It's one week ago yesterday is when the negotiation window opens up. What do you think of that term Joe Banner?

Negotiating window. What do you think of that? I think whoever got it came up with that as pretty clever. Don't you think?

It's better than cheating right? Well don't you think? Well negotiation period. Is that what it is? Negotiation period.

We used to call it tampering period and we heard that back. You know maybe want to choose a different word. So when Aaron Rodgers shows up in New York to talk to the Jets clearly that means the Packers are given permission. Absolutely.

What do you read from that? Well I think it's hard to imagine he's going back to Green Bay after he goes and takes a visit with another team and we don't know what could be the first of a series of visits but I can't picture a scenario where the team gives a quarterback that stature at this point in his career permission to go talk to another team and he's coming back to them. Right it's tough to put that genie back in the bottle right?

No I mean even with darkness for four days and whether else you gotta do. I don't know how you get to the place where you go okay right I'm going back there. I mean you know he's at least turned 20 to be wanted right? Right exactly so so the fact that he's gone there means he's essentially gone don't you think? I think it'd be shocking if you ended up back in Green Bay after this.

I mean two days ago you asked me I would have said who knows. Right you know but now that you hear he has shown up in New York and he is having direct conversations with the Jets which must have been blessed by Green Bay. I mean you know actions speak a lot on the words at least one of them said I don't want to be back here or at least I want to look into what my options are and you know in the conversation the best quarterbacks ever to play the game now you bring them back after you say that to him right or he said to you you know I'd like to see what else is available. I can't picture what conversation fixes that and we line up training camp everything's good let's pretend that didn't happen. So then what's your best guess of what the conversation is between Rogers and the Jets? Well I assume the Jets are just in a recruiting mode and I assume they've at least had some preliminary conversation with the Packers.

I mean it's just too visible a thing it's not going to go unnoticed right and it you know they got players on their team that are going to be affected you know mentally psychologically by what they're seeing. So I assume they've at least had preliminary conversation enough to know that if they want to get a deal done they're at least in the same ballpark they may still have to finish the details and they're in recruiting mode you know they're trying to show him that you know if you want to finish your career and have another chance at a Super Bowl you can do it here. I mean that's to me it's a tough sell. I know those are your guys but no that's a tough sell.

Well what what what makes you think it's a tough sell? I just you know I'm very basic about this I don't think you win a Super Bowl they're a great quarterback and two dominant lines. Everything else that's not the end of the story but you've got to start there and I just don't see the Jets even with the Rogers at the point where they're going to be able to you know dominate those lines the way teams you got to be able to prevent pressure on your quarterback you're able to get pressure on the other quarterback. If you look at the end of the Super Bowl the teams that win it almost every year you can say those things they were really good at protecting their quarterback they were really good at pressuring the quarterback. And then have a pretty darn good quarterback of their own. That's right those are the three things now again you don't win a Super Bowl if you have those three things but that's the foundation for me. Right. So if I'm Aaron Rodgers I think I'm playing two more years I'm not you know I may be betting if I don't have any other options but I'm not betting if I do have other options that that's the that that team is in that position where they can dominate those areas that I think are crucial and I don't think he cares about anything about winning a Super Bowl.

Sure. So if he agrees that those are the priorities you know I think it would be tough to get there in the next two years with the Jets. Right and so that aside because he may not have another option certainly if we've established that you don't believe Joe Banner the option of staying put once he's kicking tires going somewhere else and the Packers say go for it you check it out that you can you can put the genie back in the bottle I mean anything's possible. Right we've seen surprising things but I mean I just think about it and you know listen he's he's you know a guy that has a lot of emotions he has a lot of opinions I don't say that you know critically right no most successful people do quite frankly yes but you know the emotion that comes with that after all these years after what they went through last year did the contract I can't even picture how you start the conversation you know if the second thought we'd actually like to have you come back you had a whole year to think about this and say on second thought I'd like to come back yeah that listen if he's if he gets to another place or places yes and he doesn't feel they can win and there's only options but I think this truth and I know you said it but others have too I think there's some truth to the Packers kind of feeling like you know it's time to get to the next phase of what the Green Bay Packers are going to be when I also said this too Joe is that you know um Roger's saying you know he wanted out that may not have anything to do with anything other than he looks around the locker room and he doesn't know any of these kids anymore anyway or and he's aged out if you will and the Packers will be like it's time we we drafted this kid and now these kids have to grow together and he may feel that sense and other than Bakhtiar and Randall Cobb there may not be anybody on that roster who he feels you know that tight with close with it's not the same way it's not as fun doesn't want to be around as much anymore and so let's try something new let's try something else totally understand that and if he does look at the Jets and he does see that there's weapons around and he does have the offensive coordinator he likes and he does have the city life that he probably would want to give a kick of a tie or two I get it so what happens then what do you think is your your best guess Joe Banner former NFL executive the conversation the horse trading between Brian Goudekun's GM of the Packers and Joe Douglas GM of the Jets is what do you think that looks like yeah I listen I think they're the Packers are going to be thinking huge and you know go back to the Brit far experiment that you had at the Jets but I think the Packers are going to think that they should be able to get in quite a bit for the quarterback I mean he still played really well last year not saying he played as well as he did you know five years ago or he's that same guy but he does put you on the map as a Super Bowl contender so 13 so they'll ask for the 13th overall pick yes and go from there yeah that's what they'll ask for I think they'll ask for a couple of ones what do they got to lose and then they'll back off from there you know because would you accept that if you were Joe Douglas let's put you in the shoes you see here's the problem is a 60 million dollar contract yeah apparently I saw you guys talking about this with Andrew Brent that there's what should happen and then there's what happens and a lot of it is driven and you mentioned this are you going to risk your job for the difference between paying somebody 35 and 45 are you going to risk your job because it's the 13th pick versus it's two twos and you know the Jets guys are getting to the point where somebody's going to have higher expectations of what they should be achieving they've been in place long enough we see you know go back to the bills when they turned it around go back to Andy when you go into Kansas City by the end of three years you should have a very good team that's my view of it year one maybe you have to take a step backwards year two used to be starting to move forward by year three we should be obvious to everybody they shouldn't be the owner sitting they go and I'm not sure well you know Joe Douglas Robert Sell are kind of at the point now where you're really starting to legitimately have some high expectations and if they can't deliver them they're going to find themselves in the hot seat conversation so do you overpay for a Rogers and you feel maybe not confident in what you have anymore sure you do you're giving away picks that the next guy would have used if you didn't use them to get the right players to at least convince the owner he deserves some more time and then that comes into every one of these decisions we can talk about these quarterbacks why for the most part we just saw it but we generally haven't seen a middle marketplace because you know Aikman left it took the Cowboys 10 years to find the right next guy and then we lost McNabb when I was in Philadelphia we tried to kind of pass the torch to Vic because we'd seen this happen so many times so if you don't anticipate we drafted Cobb in the second round all with the hope that we weren't going to be the team that took five or ten years to find the next quarterback if you're the last one because if you're that guy you're probably not there by the time you find that quarterback unless you're lucky enough to hit on the first try and not have a top five pick that's that's why the Eagles went out and got wentz a few years ago they were like you know traded a massive amount to get up to get wentz and we were all sitting there going you know he looks really good but he didn't play at a top-notch school and he didn't play that much and he even got hurt a little bit in college wow this is a big gamble but you recover from it but you got to have a situation where you trust that the owner really really believes in you so on so unless by the way the straight talk from Joe Banner here so so unless basically what you're saying that Gudekunst asks for the moon and won't back off and refuses to toss in a lot any money hardly any money the Jets and Gudekunst will come to some sort of an agreement because this is the best option for Joe Douglas to try and win playoff games right here right now and and his part of his tenure of his stay with the Jets yeah I mean I think the difference is I mean I'm not sitting here thinking he can sign Garoppolo instead and he's got a real good chance to go a long way so somebody else may look at you know the Baker may feel so Garoppolo feel like if they're in the right situation maybe I don't see that I see Rogers is the only chance it really is a chance to dramatically elevate the team I think it's at the point in time where he needs to do that now a lot of thing has to fall in place the Packers have to be willing yes you know and there is a point where he's just gonna say okay it's too much you know I've got the guy for a couple years it's just too much but you can sense when a team is at the point where they're getting anxious and I feel like it feels that way with the Jets they feel good about what they've done so far they feel like they're on the right track but it's time to take a bigger step forward than the steps they've been taking so far so for me it's kind of a natural spot that the team and the player where they're at you know could match up Joe Banner here former NFL executive co-founder of the 30-13 website right here on the Rich Eisen show what is happening in your best of your ability between Lamar Jackson and the Ravens and the conundrum that that they seem to be in once again as franchise tag day has arrived you know it's I've been really defending Lamar for the last couple of years when people are Chris it isn't an agent all this kind of stuff I thought he was making the right move take your time the markets gonna go up you know you're not going anywhere and I couldn't imagine a scenario in the end I mean he was saying I want to finish my career in Baltimore the Ravens were saying oh we'll get this done it's just a question of when and here we sit and you know we all think it's because of the guaranteed money and I think we're probably right about that but you know we never really know what's going on inside those negotiations I just think that Lamar has viewed himself as somebody who's standing up for the collective good of the players and the opportunity to potentially leverage the Watson contract and getting himself a fully guaranteed contract and what that could mean as we go down the road I think he's taken that on as a cause I don't think it's just his contract anymore I think that he's seeing a much greater importance a much greater opportunity now here's the reality despite what you hear is if you're 25 years old and you're a top-tier player the chances that you're going to collect a hundred percent of your contract are extraordinarily high so if he's fighting if he if he has an offer in front of him the average is fair the length is something he can live with and he's fighting to get more of it guaranteed he's fighting for something has almost no chance of mattering I know we're always saying like we're judging contracts the guy gets the most guaranteed money actually got the best deal yes it's not always true if you're 25 a very narrow narrow category I'm talking about and you're a top-tier player at your position you sign a three four five year deal the odds are extremely high whether 10 percent of that contract is guaranteed or 75 that you're going to get all the money in that contract so there is a risk I'm not saying it's 100 but if he's in a place where he's happy he's had coaches I think that have done a really good job to use what he does well you know I do think they have some wide receivers in there now they Bateman got hurt last year I mean I thought he looked really good but for a long time didn't have the weapons that he needed to really thrive all the time in the passing game if I were him I would try to find a way to get the deal done now that's assuming that the length and the average are okay because you know these guarantees we're going to watch all of these quarterbacks in the mid-20s who signed these new deals in mid-20s and they're all going to collect all the money in the contract so he's fighting for something that I think is of minimal value and he could end up switched having to go to a place that he won't be happy they can't take advantage of what he does as well I work with John Harbaugh for 12 years I can say he's not going to find a coach any better to play for than John Harbaugh so I think he's in a really good situation and he should make sure if he's fighting for something it really is going to matter. So by the way for the stuff that you hear and I kind of trafficked in that world yesterday when I came up with a whole bunch of rumors and actually said them and spilled some tea that I heard at the combine from a bunch of people that the the raven's support of Lamar publicly is through the roof and you know not even relationships that you sense aren't perfect that wind up being more imperfect you there's usually just the tip of the iceberg they haven't given any hint of that at all publicly they have not done nothing but throw their arms around them and love them and support them in that in that respect but I'm trying to pick up what you're putting down here do you think Joe Banner if Lamar had an agent he'd have settled by now? I do just because everybody else in his shoes did but I'm not sure that was right unless I said I've been I've been applauding the fact I mean if you're a quarterback and you're a star player the longer you wait the more money you're going to get now you're taking some injury risk yes but we're in an era where that medical advances have been so great that we hardly ever see a player whose career ends so Lamar Jackson's not going to suddenly go and have a career-ending injury could he have enough injuries that people start to worry about his durability we may be on the precipice of that right now that can certainly happen but the injury risk that players take when they wait now is so much smaller than it was a decade ago and most of it's because they prepare better and because the medicine is such that you know we used to worry about guys coming back from ACLs then we had a period where oh well you'll come back from an ACL but not till year two right now we watch guys get back out on the field and they look like nothing ever happened so I you know I don't think he should rush to do a deal out of fear of getting getting hurt and I've been saying that for two years and I think if he had an agent look all the agents that have represented these players are doing these deals after three years because it's hard to walk away from 150 plus million dollars but they're also not they're also not getting the Deshaun Watson deal either no no and so my point is you'd rather get that but if the choice is to have to leave a team that believes in you with a coaching staff that you have a good rapport with on a team they have a good chance to win what you're fighting for is probably not going to matter what do you think of that Chris what do you think of that TJ I mean this is pretty much straight talk right there and what's right in front so what is what is um walk me through before we uh we put a pin in this part of our conversation Joe Banner what's Eric DeCosta's choice between how to franchise tag him that's coming between now and 4 p.m eastern time you know that we're assuming that's going to happen that this rubix cube on what contract he's willing to accept and the ravens are willing to offer is not going to get solved between four but now and four eastern time yeah I mean he's he'll he'll get tagged even if it's for the purpose of trading him they're not going to just do nothing uh they may be using the deadline you know to see if there's any way to scramble I mean listen at some point the ravens must not be believing 100 that he's either taken a fully guaranteed deal or not it's like there's no in-between ground obviously it's a negotiation you never really know till the end what was the other side really willing to do versus what were they saying they were willing to do they're always two different things even though sometimes they close so I and the cost is if he feels like he has a chance to get a deal done it's a good window to scramble in and go listen let's let's take one last shot at this thing and try to do it but if they really set on the fact that they're not given a guaranteed deal then they could tag him two ways one gives another other team an opportunity to talk to him yes if they get a deal done then the ravens get two ones back this year and next is one uh the other draft pick doesn't allow anybody to talk to him even he's theirs for a year it's pay a lot more money I think it's about 15 million dollar difference so what would you well listen if I you'd have to really know what's going on I'm we're guessing a little about what's going on in which case I would put the lower tag on him me too and say and say hey you go it don't take our word for it you go right and also knowing you know if you want to play some four or five dimensional chess that one of the spots you might really want to go to and talk to is Miami and they don't have a first round selection this year so they would be ineligible you know for signing Lamar because they don't have a one this year now obviously they can go ahead and make a trade to get one just to hand to the ravens and say we have it for you but to me that would be that would be the way to go you know well you're the expert well I don't think there's any choice because now you're in a negotiation so you're looking for a little bit of leverage so if he's tagged to pay for 32 million dollars a year he's more motivated to get something done now something done may be with somebody else remember they can't trade without him agreeing to it because he has to sign the tag before they can trade him yes so people need to remember that he will have a certain amount of control even once he's tagged as to what happens next year now we all wonder at the end of last season was he hurt that bad that he had to miss whatever ended up being seven or eight games because remember when he went out we thought he was going to be back in three or four weeks yes or did the contract play some part in that we can speculate forever we'll probably never know but if in fact you're even worried about that and you're the team and you tag him yeah knowing that he has no problem not playing and collecting the money what are you going to do now he's already demonstrated he could just leave you hanging there you could have him you could be in a position we have to pay him and you got nothing for him who's your quarterback for this year and how are you going to get some value for him in the future so the ravens are really highly motivated to find a way to get something done here relatively soon in my opinion because they could really end up where it's just so obvious that they have to do something that they've got really no options and that he truly is going to stick to his guns what if he in just the last one and then we'll take a break and we'll have we'll have i want to ask you about the eagles and what you think they're going to do moving forward here what about you know atlanta i'm just throwing that out there yeah just throwing just a name out there and i know they have desmond ritter but do you think atlanta would cough up two ones i do okay i do i would as well so then you're baltimore you're sitting there at eight you got a shot at somebody to draft this year if you like them if you interviewed them and you like them right i mean don't you think well somebody's going to get from around there they're going to get one of those guys vegas it's seven right so you go into seven eight nine four i mean i'm i think two of those teams are going to trade up but two of those spots let's just say right i don't know who will have them by then two of those spots are going to trade up i mean i personally think there's two studs in the draft and a couple other guys that have a good chance we'll see but they're more question marks but i think you can get to two and still get somebody that's what i'm saying but obviously lamar would have to do them the favor of signing at a spot where they could be already in position high enough to draft his replacement yeah and have to be your again there's a lot of dice roll right here remember and the somebody has to be willing to give him a fully guaranteed contract because it doesn't know good to go through all of this and just go to a different team and not get what he wouldn't take from baltimore and apparently atlanta wasn't willing to do that all those years ago which is why the sean watson wound up in exactly cleveland i look at the list i'm not sure who on that list i point to and say that owner would give somebody a fully guaranteed contract for over 200 million i'm not sure there's not another one in the league right it looks it's very hard to even predict anybody that you think would do that which is why the raven should say you go find it no go for it exactly let's take a break joe banner here on the rich eisenshaw i want to talk about what the bears may do with the first overall pick i want to talk to you about what howie roseman might do in philadelphia and how he's going to approach the jaylen hurts contract conversation that is still to come joe banner when we come back right here on the rich eisen show rich eisen here at us cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes join us cellular in the phones down for five challenge find out more at find us youth football is all about style and fun and the nfl celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit the future of football is here you in back here on the rich eisen show radio network sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by just like joe banner long time executive front office executive in this league that we love in the nfl and the co-founder of the 30-13 check out many of his musings and players and coaches from back in the day writing there so let's jump into what the bears decision is first overall you never you had did you ever have the number one pick we had we took mcnabbot to those eyes that was the highest you got thankfully yeah thankfully that's as high as you got her thankfully that you had a chance to get mcnabboth right i was thinking thankfully we never had the first what did you think of when he got booed job that's terrible because he wasn't ricky williams right it's like you didn't have any any thought of taking ricky williams no listen the iron is have we taken a running back we had edgar and james with a high grade but it was never even a consideration to take a running back but if we had that would have really shocked us you would have taken edgar and james well i think everybody didn't they the cults kind of surprised everybody by taking right and we would we had it the same way on our board if we were picking a running back but no we were lucky to get donovan a really good guy played really well so did when did you did all right so what was your chat with him after he got booed what did you and andy say to him i mean we we wanted him to know that you know now he was one of us we had his back and all that at the same time we didn't want to make it a bigger deal donovan's mindset at the time and who knows what he's really feeling was i'm okay don't worry about it i can handle this i'm okay right but you know you dream of that moment your whole life and then it happens and it's got all this negative stuff around it right and you know he doesn't know if it's a strong-minded guy he's a self-confident guy but i can't imagine you know i actually went to a dinner once and got booed and it's a terrible feeling you are what do you mean yeah the uh maxwell club okay which i was actually on the board at and they introduced the people sitting on the dais one at a time and uh you know it was very early when jeff and i were there we hadn't produced very much yet yeah and so they introduced you gotta literally walk through the crowd to get to the front stage and i got booed you got booed because you had because the team hadn't produced enough just yeah well we're in philadelphia now you know i know hey i get it i was at the super bowl this year and you know eagles fans are in the stadium and they introduced the hall of famers the new hall of fame class don and demarcus where they didn't do him any favors by put him on the board as a bronco they put him on the board as a cowboy boo dot press god walter payton in the air boo it was but i i i respect it in a way too you know like it's just that's it i did not say that as a complaint it was a great place to work the people cared i mean it's so much fun when you're going well and they're so on board and just the energy and excitement so i would i wouldn't want to work in one of the cities that was you know more passive about the team but it comes with good and bad sure no doubt about it so uh and i do want to talk about the eagles current state and future plans and with you in a second but what do you think the the bears are going are going to do with the first overall pick and their options i think they're going to trade that pick i personally wouldn't i just think the top two quarterbacks in the draft are so good and i worry about fields and it just you know it changes everything for a decade or more but listen those are opinions that could easily be wrong you know we're watching a game in which quarterbacks running or having impacts that you know we didn't necessarily predict even five years ago so you know there are ways they can use fields that i think can be very effective and the top two in your mind are Bryce Young and CJ Stroud yeah i mean so if you're the bears you'd take one of those two i would you know i listen i just this is how i think about it if you hit on the first round it's 50 that's the hit rate on the first round the hit rate in the second round is 40 let's just say you got two ones and two twos you probably getting two players two quality starters what i trade the difference between let's say a b quarterback and an a quarterback or they have two other players a different position i mean for me that's a no-brainer the quarterback can make such a massive difference that i'm taking the difference between you know a good and a really good quarterback and remember they're both really projection at this point we know a little bit more about fields we've at least seen him on the field with other nfl players the other guys we haven't right and i'm not sure in the end i wouldn't pick Stroud even first if i had the first pick some of it just watching you know all the marries all the hurts all all these guys are getting hurt you know so maybe we shouldn't be blowing through size actually matters as quickly as we have as you know we go to kyla maria's the first pick in the draft so you know if you gave me a chance to have a guy that i really believe is chance to be a top five difference maker can carry a team versus beyond a very good team i'm willing to make that trade so i want to get the best quarterback i possibly can within reason so if we if we then assume that uh polls is going to trade it that they do you know seemingly love fields clearly more than you know what you have professed and they are also the ones in the building with them they're so let's just say that's what's going to happen what's polls is first order of business we're continuing to do that how does one operate when you're trading a first overall pick so his phone is probably ringing hopefully it's not the other way because it does give away a little bit of strength if you're the one initiating the call but you know you can always cover that up i always say the leverage in the negotiations is a perception of leverage as opposed to anything you actually have so no one knows how many other teams are talking to him at what spots in the draft they're at so it's easy to recreate the leverage even if he gets in the position where he has to initiate the calls but he's looked at what once god he looked at what look off god he's gone through all those trades and he's like why shouldn't i get at least that and i think he's right i think there's enough teams in the top 10 that want a quarterback there are really high quarterbacks at the top of the draft and i think he's gonna get when he makes the trade as much as we've seen anybody get so i think once three ones and a couple of twos i think it's gonna be a blockbuster trade as big as anything we've ever seen really okay when do you think that happens well you know if i were trying to do it i would want to do it before free agency started because otherwise how can i plan what to do so i wouldn't be shocked if it happens here in the next week or so if it doesn't happen next week or so i think it's probably not likely to happen within a week or two of the draft i think there's two windows we're in one now if it passes then there's kind of a lull in the middle and then as we get close to the draft it gets it heats up again and uh before i let you go uh onto your day uh what do you think is in front of howie rosman right now yeah i actually think this is the most interesting contract of all the ones were out there and jaylen hurts yeah okay i mean they and you're by the way burrows in line yeah and herbert's in line and i'm sure you know they'll be all eyes to see how much guaranteed from them what do you think and this is this is why to me this is really interesting i mean the players should be fighting really hard for a short deal all three of these guys by the way and if i'm fee if i'm uh hurts i'm actually sitting back going to the caribbean let those other guys get their deals done then i'm coming in and i'm hoping they did three or four year deals and i'm hoping they've pushed the 50 million dollar mark up into the 50 to 55 million dollar range and i don't see any way you can walk into eagles offices and say you know i want what they got i've accomplished a comparable amount and how do they say now now the eagle's going to fight for a long-term deal i mean they're still employing many of the philosophies i did when i was there the longer the deal the better it is for the team i mean if he does a three-year deal they own his rights for four more years the capital have gone up a hundred million dollars between now and then i mean that's almost 50 percent so a guy making 50 million now is going to be a 75 to 80 million dollar per year player in five years so the eagle's gonna every extra year they get is going to save them a massive amount of money even if they give him a great deal right now that highest paid guy right now is 50 let's say they gave him 53 54 55 which would be a big jump at that level yes from where we are right now but let's say they get five years instead of four that fifth year should be at 80 million bucks instead it's going to be part of an average of 50 they're saving 30 million dollars probably for every extra year they get on that contract by the way the same will be true for barwin herbert and all those guys see if i was an agent right now more presenting those guys i wouldn't be fighting for the guarantee i'm gonna get a huge guarantee no matter what i'm taking that huge guarantee but i'm fighting like hell for a short deal it's not going to take long for you to be sitting there with somebody like hertz who maybe has gone to two super bowls by the time he's been in the league three or four years from now so you think the homes is the last 10-year deal that we're going to see i don't think we'll ever see that again people forget homes did something homes did something and i didn't even think at the time it was a terrible idea it's turned out to be a terrible idea and many people saw it at the time his contract is really effectively fully guaranteed for 10 years and at the time he jumped the market by almost 20 percent so i'm thinking okay he jumped the market it's going to take two three four years for the market to catch up to where he is and he's effectively got a 10-year fully guaranteed contract he's going to make 500 million bucks but what happened was the next deal worked off of his deal so instead of it taking three or four years to catch the market up to the jump that he created it took like one right so by the time we get to the third or fourth year his deal it's a horrible deal unless he's getting 500 million dollars to play in a place that he loves for coach that he loves in a situation where they they're they're in it every year and so flipping away back to what you said about lamar sometimes you take what you take when you're in a spot that you love with a coach that you love and a spot where you can win right here's the question though for me is i think you could have had all of those things and done a five-year deal and then done another five-year deal i mean it wasn't like chiefs were going to fall out of love with him right and then he could have just protected himself against now when he did his deal it wasn't as obvious as now the cap was going to go up this much we thought the cap was going to go up when we got teams opening in places like alley we have new tv market deals coming along but he jumped the market by 20 so at least for a while maybe he's kind of ahead of the game and then the guarantees kind of cover maybe the shortfall the last few years but the market has blown past him so fast it's just a terrible deal so what else does how we need to secure what do you think what else is on his plate here well i listen how many you know he believes what i stated earlier and that's where he's going to start he's going to try to lock down the quarterback and he's going to try to solidify both of his lines and he's going to go from there and they're really in pretty good shape if you do those two things they're going to have some you know slays turning older you know bradbury is about to become a free agent so they have some work to do especially in the secondary right but they've now won two super balls with what i think is just a pretty good well they made two super bowls i know what you might have wished for but not right right but they did it with a secondary that most teams would not be playing in a super bowl with right because it dominant defensive line which is you know which how he hit twice during the season as well with joseph and sue he hit it on he he kept hitting it again and again the good thing with the season the good thing with the eagles and howie is you don't really have to work very hard to predict what they're going to do i mean their their philosophy is very very evident both how they play the game itself yes and how they build the team so it's one of the easier teams linked to predict what they're going to do he's going to acquire more additional defensive and offensive line until he feels like he's not only got dominant lines but he's got some depth in case something happened then he's going to go and do whatever's next he needs a running back but he'll get that in the middle of the draft and he'll be fine with it and he even likes the guy that they got and they got to work on the secondary and the defense they're going to lose a lot of players but they're much closer to staying at the top than people realize especially if hurts plays and they clearly hit on the coach they hit on the coach who'd have thunk i gave them incredible credit it takes a lot because if you have a long coaching search yes no matter how good it is you're getting ripped that's just the way it works as it goes on it appears to be you know like you were ill prepared yes like it's taking too long like people must be rejecting you all that stuff starts to get speculated so you just got to really believe in yourself and just trust like none of this matters as long as in the end we win so they went through a process there where they were just taking incredible heat and from the outside it did look like but the reality is they were just like we know what we're looking for we haven't seen it yet and then we're going to keep looking and then his first press conference which he even used this year by showing it to his team surion he's used himself in his first press conference to show everybody how you can improve i i i i've i've just loved everything that he's done you know from start start to present man and they and both his assistants get get rated how about when they turned to the ref and told him i know what i'm doing when he ran down the sideline no kidding he knows only one speed hey joe thanks for letting me know you're in town no i really appreciate everybody being with you right here uh check out uh joe banner on twitter at j banner 13 right is that what it is very good and also um uh the 33rd team as well check that out tom brady has chimed in huh uh-oh do i need to take cover no okay good all right that's next right here on the rich eisen show don't go anywhere back with more if you're looking for plump lips that last you need to know about juvaderm lip fillers with juvaderm valbella xc and juvaderm ultra xc your lip look whether it's subtle or bold can last up to one full year with optimal treatment and no additional maintenance find a licensed specialist and see if it's right for you at today that's add fullness to lips and adults over 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combine do a lot of talking and you know tell me a lot of things and i hear a lot of things i share some things too i hear things all right things i heard and i heard this and i'm like all right it's got to be number one on my list of top five rumors that i heard at the compound i heard this from people again what i heard i don't know if it's true or not although after saying i heard that the packers sure hope that aaron rogers doesn't want to come back all of a sudden what happened suddenly he's in new york how about that maybe he went to see kelsey i don't know maybe could have been he's talking to the jets and he can't just talk to anybody without permission so something's up it's not anyway i said that i heard from some people just keep an eye on brady that's all keep an eye on him he's not talking about coming back right now he's not like it it's not like he's coming back right but just keep an eye on it just you know there could be circumstances that work out that he can come back you never know that's it oh my god kind of went nutty okay everywhere it is kind of everywhere when the daily mail picks it up you know something's up usually not great brady's chimed in on twitter here you go anyone who thinks i have time to come back to the nfl has never adopted a two-month-old kitten for their daughter well done tom brady there you go but in a few months that'll be like a six-month-old kitten and so it'll be a little bigger and that's what i said like two people who are like keep an eye on brady on my keys i even said that he's instagramming videos of a little kitten doesn't strike me as like you know grinding tape working out there stretching it's not like rocky chasing roosters in an alley smoothie trying to get a chicken in a rock it's not crapping thunder or what is he eating thunder and crap lightning or i think he's eating lightning and crap yeah no he's instagramming out pictures of kittens videos of kittens skiing he's skiing he's having a good time with his kids yeah come out to the slopes so i'm sorry i had to go take the twitter tom and just be uh tongue in cheek here but this is what hurts just keep an eye on him his options are open he is a free agent in eight days by the way just something to look at but it would be incredible this guy comes back and plays one more year how i think it would be awesome i feel like i feel like there's a lot of brady fatigue of you know like come on bro you're doing what farve's doing you know what come back you're not mad which is it let me explain something to everybody out there brady fatigue let me just say this to anybody out there with brady fatigue get out of here with that nonsense get out of here oh brady fatigue and same thing with rogers fatigue get out of here get out of here so rogers fatigue even it was perfectly put he's just like if you don't want to hear me answering questions asked of me tune me out but we can't once we can talk about it every day no we don't but we do so but that's the whole point of the fatigue then don't talk about him keep keep his name out of your mouth yeah keep my name but do you understand what i'm saying oh i got all this brain fatigue he didn't do anything he's hanging out with his girl's baby kitten and all of a sudden i'm i'm i'm coming back as it gives what i heard at the combo he's strung around with his life probably you know thinking do i have my cheat day with that one you know piece of sugar fruit he could be thinking why is that cat smell coming from do i start cheating that's right do i start cheating on the uh on on my diet here by having one of those sugar-based fruits and all of a sudden it's just like hey tom chocolate chip cookie he's probably like rich did what honestly like i don't normally do this sort of thing but remember what you said you're not making this up this is just stuff that you overheard you're telling you what i heard at the combine and what's bigger than what i heard at the combine from people like then that no nothing literally nothing but brady fatigue hey i want the names of anybody with brady fatigue and the same thing with any i know there's a lot of people with rogers fatigue you don't want that list hey i want the list because you can't watch if he comes back cbs doesn't have receipts go watch something else go stream a show go do something else you are not allowed to watch tom brady in a dolphin uniform or any other uniform you might put on niners right yeah you're not interested oh no i can't watch tom brady with the niners hold on i'm like 49 i can't watch that game against green bay because i have brady fatigue erin rogers jets in his green going in a belicheck to take on the patriots for the jets for the jets rogers for the jets going into western new york to take on josh allen that could be your first sunday night football game no no i got rogers fatigue they don't watch you're not allowed i want names niners cowboys this year brady the cowboys in a niner's uniform well then if you want names you don't want that oh no me i raised my hand fatigue i don't want no more tom brady niners bangles this year niners i think you look at the dolphins that's the one niners if i'm stirring it up again look brady versus brady is a dolphin going to take on josh allen is absolutely a sunday night football week one hands down they might have to nbc if brady comes and does this and he does it as late as i think that people are telling me to look for it they might can nbc will call up the nfl and say first time we've ever asked can we flex out of our first game dolphins jets brady rogers oh my god let's talk dolphins packs even brady fatigue rogers fatigue people you cannot watch you are banned you got a better band the nfl is going to block you like it's twitter no the rating on that number mike i was here with that you guys got a better chance to decide oh rogers can't decide so he's done so when they decide you can't watch let's make a rule that i should be on the competition committee he's done i think that might be out of your jurisdiction on the competition committee yeah i mean that's yeah i mean that's not really what and then the context the context i'm picking up is if you want brady to come back you clearly don't like kittens there you go oh so suddenly he's back this kitten is going hungry wow hey that's a cute cat that is kind of cute yeah wow yeah fatigue you must have cat fatigue then and you know do not mess with cat people brock look out for the netflix if you look at his line rogers fatigue brady fatigue then i'm fatigued of you peter king coming up here on the program you got fatigue fatigue lion king i am fatigued of people with fatigue i think it's a better chance of 160 for brady coming out than brady playing again next year that's my guess for brady seriously part two 160 for brady has a better chance of coming out 160 for brady yeah i'm not kidding seriously you got to find people who are 160 years old you're not going to find him now i'm telling you he's done he's done i like the rumor though 160 for brady i do like the rumor though which is what that you said that it comes back but i think he's done i think he's not doing it yeah i think he is done right now he's done the whole point is that there could be a circumstance that arises and if it does dovetail with his personal life he is now going to be free to and to do it you know why because he's a free agent in eight days because he didn't sign an extra deal with somebody to help them with a cap or for auld lang syne or retire somebody doesn't he he's free and clear to do whatever he wants whether it's to to go come out and be a dolphin or go buy tender vittles tender vittles that's the only cat brand i know wow oh you're not a cat guy i'm a dog guy as you know i just said tender vittles into a microphone i'm proud of myself right the cat show right feast chow chow chow fancy feasts fancy oh but i've got fancy feast fatigue say that ten times fast no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like jeff jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with jeff jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know muhammad ali sugary leonard i mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with jeff jarrett wherever you listen
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