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REShow: Todd McShay - Hour 1

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February 27, 2023 3:20 pm

REShow: Todd McShay - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 27, 2023 3:20 pm

Rich reacts to the Lakers’ two big wins since the All-Star break and says why it’s looking more and more like you don’t want to face LeBron & company come playoff time. 

ESPN’s Todd McShay tells Rich that if he were running the Chicago Bears he’d trade QB Justin Fields and select Alabama’s Bryce Young with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, if the other top-rated draft quarterbacks (Kentucky’s Will Levis, Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, and Florida’s Anthony Richardson) will be ready to start in the NFL come Week 1, why the Jets should trade for Aaron Rodgers, and more.

Rich and the guys debate which teams should trade up or down at the top of the NFL Draft, and Rich weighs in on the first weekend of MLB’s new Pitch Clock rules that improves the pace of play but with some possible side effects that might be hard for fans and players to stomach.

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Find tech that's right for you by calling a Dell Technologies Advisor today at 877-ASK-DELL. This is the time of the deep dives. Cannonball! This is The Rich Eisen Show. Live from The Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. This office that Russell Wilson was allowed to have in Denver.

They put the office on the second floor where all the executives were. Let's rock! Today's guests. ESPN® NFL Draft Analyst Todd McShea. ESPN® MLB Insider Jeff Passan.

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber. Senior Writer for the MMQB Albert Freer. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel.

This terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello to you on the final Monday of February 2023. What a weekend in the NBA it was. What a week it's going to be in the NFL. The combine is this week.

I will be on the air on NFL Network for an insane amount of time. And the combine begins this very week. Players are already reporting to Indianapolis. Rumors are already flying.

Podiums will be white hot to the touch starting tomorrow. Drills, on-field drills on NFL Network start Thursday all weekend long. I'll be there with Daniel Jeremiah who's on tomorrow's show. Todd McShea, who is one of the lead draft analysts for the worldwide leader in sports, is going to help us kick off all of our combine coverage in about 20 minutes time. The kickoff of this show, Albert Breer at the very end. Hour number two, Jeff Passan will join us.

It's quite an interesting first weekend of spring training baseball with all the rule changes and the pitch clock and everything going on in baseball. He'll be joining us top of hour number two. And then over the weekend, it was the 11th anniversary of bowling legend Pete Webber screaming at the fans, who do you think you are, I am. And so Pete's going to join us in the middle of hour number two to join us to just stroll down memory lane.

As we all know at the Super Bowl, Stefan Diggs of the Buffalo Bills said that was the inspiration for him. So he will be joining us in hour number two just to have some fun. It's overreaction Monday. So much to discuss today. And that's how I say good morning to Christopher Brockman here on the West Coast.

Good day, sir. Hey Rich, why do you guys whisper at the combine? You and Daniel are always whispering.

Well, it's something we do because it is a working environment. But you're in a booth, like no one can hear you. False. False.

I don't know if you've met me, but my voice carries, bro. I know, but there are fans, is the music coming back this year? No. Whack. Music, music, music lasted like one, one drill before they turned it off.

Stupid. I love the music. Good to see you over there, Jason. How are you doing, Jason? How are you? I am well and TJ Jefferson.

The candles already lit over there. Good to see you. I mean, you really have made a career, by the way, you emote rich.

That's how you got. I appreciate that. Let's ride. As a matter of fact, I'm here in this locker room known as the Rich Eisen Show. I came down from my second floor office just to hang with you guys.

So good to see you. You've never invited us up there. That's, that's why. You know what? My door is always open. I don't understand.

We don't know where it's at. What a weekend in the NBA. Let me just say this to everybody. Let me just say this to everybody.

And I, I mean this in my bones. Do not let the Los Angeles Lakers in the tournament. Don't do it. Laugh all you want. You're laughing. Clipper fan laughing. I saw your team go down in heartbreaking fashion on Friday night in person. We'll discuss that. And then one of two overtime losses for you this weekend.

Yeah, we're giving the people their money. Chris Brodman, I know your Celtics came up with a big win over the Philadelphia 76ers. And you are looking down your nose at the rest of the association.

I know how you're looking at it. And I know one of the teams that beat the Clippers in overtime are the Denver Nuggets. And they are the best team in the Western Conference in the NBA right now.

Only if you go by record. And also seeing the playmakers that they can put on that floor when fully healthy. And as of this last Monday of February, you look at the Western Conference and the Nuggets are head and shoulders above everyone else. Also in the standings and on top of it. The other question is how will the Suns be able to separate from the rest of the Western Conference mosh pit to try and join the Nuggets as one of those talented rosters that will be very difficult to beat in a seven game series once everything starts in the playoffs. How quickly can Durant and everyone get up to speed because right now the Suns are in the rest of that Western Conference mosh pit.

Going into the weekend. Chris, we were talking about these Lakers having won two in a row. Having won three of four since the trade deadline reconstituted their roster. And you even mentioned Darvin Ham targeted the six seed. I want the six seed, he said. Which is outside of the playing tournament.

No playing. Which was also, I think, a target that a lot of people thought was a little bit higher than what was possible. Going into the weekend, they were in 13th place in the conference and several games out of the lead in that division. Now you flash forward to today. As you could see, they were 14 games out of first place, three and a half games behind the Mavericks. Going into the weekend. Flash forward to today.

Flash forward to today and voila. Just two and a half games behind the Mavericks in the six seed and two in the lost column. Now they got a ton of teams to leapfrog, including the Blazers who got 71 from Dame Lillard last night. Dame time was 7.01 last night.

One minute after seven last night. 71 points for him. But you look at those standings and the Lakers coming off of the win against the Mavericks. And if you wouldn't mind putting the statistics, the standings up one more time. The Warriors, they did get a win on Sunday, but the Clippers lost twice. The Mavericks lost to the Lakers. The Thunder are now behind the Lakers. They're now one fewer team.

They have to leapfrog. And then you look at the Lakers just at 32 losses. The Blazers have 31. The Pelicans have 31. The Timberwolves have the same number of losses.

The Jazz have 31. The Warriors, Clippers and Mavericks have the same number of losses and it is just two fewer than the Lakers. And the reconstituted Lakers, I know I'm sounding like O'Shea Jackson Jr. here, but I'm serious, man. You look at the way the Lakers have played since reconstituting their roster. And it's not just LeBron has to play above his age or I guess below it. And Anthony Davis has got to play out of his skull.

They've gotten help. Now DeAngelo Russell got hurt. But in the first game of their three-game win streak against New Orleans, Russell had 21 points and seven assists while Davis had 28 and 10 and LeBron had 21, 6 and 6. Next game against Golden State, LeBron 13, 9 and 8. Davis 12 and 12. But Malik Beasley lit it up for seven threes and Mo Bamba had a double-double of 10 and 13. And yesterday, how about Jared Vanderbilt 15 and 17 while LeBron and Anthony Davis had to turn it on because they were down by 27 and they still won in Dallas.

Don't let him into tournament. You've seen teams that LeBron has taken to the finals that I think are far less loaded than this team is right now. Anthony Davis is a major problem, this just in, and LeBron is playing really well and let him manage whatever injury he has. I believe in the Lakers.

I truly do. Who's way better than them? I think the Nuggets. I think we need to see the Suns. And what will the Grizz look like once they finally put the pedal to the metal? We're going to find out. They play each other on Tuesday.

Beautiful. And you said we're going to find out about the Lakers over the next couple of games. Yeah, they had seven games against teams above them in the standings. So they just beat Golden State in Dallas.

Now they have five coming. Memphis tomorrow, Oklahoma City on Wednesday, Minnesota Friday, big week for the Lakers. Sunday, national televised game against Golden State. And then a week from Tuesday on TNT against Memphis again.

We're going to find out how good the Lakers are in the next week. They're at Memphis coming up this week? Yep.

Okay. And I have learned Shannon Sharpe will not be there for that game? You should be positive about that.

On the seventh he might be here in LA. Get your cardigans ready for that Tuesday nighter after the combine. We should all wear cardigans. We should all wear cardigans. It should be cardigan night. I don't think I could swing that one.

Bobble cardigan night. Don't let the Lakers... The Lakers for sure should do a Shannon Sharpe cardigan bobblehead night to troll Memphis. Don't let the Lakers in the tournament. Fair warning. I think that's a safe warning.

Warning. The six seed dude. They're two losses out of it now.

You can look way above that if they go on a nice little run. Stay healthy. Let's see how everybody can start meshing together. Darvin Ham, man, he can coach his ass off.

Let's go. It's more interesting. I know there's a lot of Laker hate. More interesting.

Hands down, when the Lakers are in the mix and Lebron's in the mix and they're together in this mix. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. Don't let them in, Western Conference. Now then. In advance of Todd McShea calling shortly. Our friend Adam Schefter reporting.

Something that is... It's all part of this mix. The mix that we saw the minute Lovey Smith bequeathed to his former team in Chicago as he went out the door in Houston. The first overall selection. Because for whatever reason, he spit his last Texans breath right at the front office by winning a meaningless game. Costing the Texans the first overall selection. And thank you, Lovey, because it's made this draft that much more interesting.

And I mentioned here, Brockman threw it out there in an overreaction Monday. Then I mentioned here and then asked to Justin Fields' grill when he stopped by kindly to the Rich Eisen show at the Super Bowl. Are you ready to have your status as the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears? Question.

He said yes. Then comes the avalanche of, well, general managers at the coming out of the Senior Bowl think that this. This trade from Chicago may just be Justin Fields, not the first overall pick. And at some point, Bryce Young is going to stop in to Chicago and C.J. Stroud is going to stop in.

And you, Chris, said last week, well, it's really Bryce Young. And I'm like, no, C.J. Stroud is going to make a run. C.J. Stroud is going to make a run.

And suddenly at some point, it's going to be like, hey, this guy can spin it. This guy is right there with Bryce Young, if not above. And Tom McShay may tell us something differently in about seven minutes time, but Bryce Young's not throwing at the combine. C.J.

Stroud is. So he's going to have on Saturday on the on-field drills on NFL Network with Daniel Jeremiah and yours truly in the booth a clear runway. Will Levis will be on the runway.

The kid Richardson from Florida will be on the runway. But this is going to be a C.J. Stroud, as you know, neck and neck with Bryce Young conversation for the Bears. And conversation for the league if the Bears are going to trade the pick, because it should be Justin Fields' gig. He's proven it and they can potentially get a Kings ransom, because if you look at the draft order, two teams in the same division are going for a quarterback this year. And it's Houston and the team hosting the combine Indianapolis. You've got the Panthers in this mix. Can the Atlanta Falcons even be interested in something like that?

Interesting. What will the Raiders do? The Raiders.

That's seven, eight and nine. Todd McShay has the Raiders going. Will Levis of Kentucky. Yeah, they could wait right there and get him, I feel like. Adam Schefter saying the Bears are open to trading this draft choice. And that they're leaning towards it or what have you.

And mentioned all those teams. It's on. It's on. It's Combine week.

It is on. You know what I have been saying. The Bears need to make it seem like they're they're going to trade Justin Fields.

It's entirely possible that period is over. I think it's going to go longer because at some point they will have Bryce Young in and they will have CJ Stroud in. Unless somebody comes at the Combine after seeing Stroud on the field and in their interview room.

Or seeing Young in their interview room, falling head over heels in love with this person and wanting to front load right away, blowing away. Godfather offering the Chicago Bears. Who say we're done. I don't think in my mind the Raiders, Falcons and Panthers.

Are in this mix. Because they're going to have to offer an insane package. For the Bears to entertain moving as far down as 7, 8 or 9 in this draft.

Removing them from the Will Anderson, Jalen Carter zone. I think it's going to be between the Texans and the Colts. And Ryan Poll should play them both off each other like crazy.

Now the Texans can sit here and say, well you know what Ryan, that's too rich for our blood. We'll just sit where we are and we'll take the other guy that the Colts don't take. This is the horse trading that's happening or will happen. And for some reason I feel like we're going to have to get through pro days.

I've pegged late March, early April for this deal. Can happen sooner. But it's on. It's on.

Let's go. Again, Bears should play them all off each other and make it seem like at some point. When they're playing off each other and saying, yeah we're not going to go in that direction.

It's too rich for our blood. Okay, guess what? Guess who we're going to have in for a meeting? Rice Young.

Hopefully, you know what? Does he like deep dish? Have you ever seen The Bean?

The Bean is really cool. Does he like deep dish? That'll be the retort to anybody that doesn't meet Ryan Polza's asking offer. We're going to find out if he likes deep dish. Do you like deep dish? How about them apples?

Or portillos. You know? Oh, baby. It's on and it's starting. It is starting. Popcorn?

Chicago has a popcorn. Wait till CJ Stroud spins it on Saturday. Oh, he's going to look great doing it, man.

6-3, 225. Wait till he spins it on Saturday. And Bryce Young will be standing there. It'll be a long day for him. Just standing there in his zip-up. Oh, yeah, alphabetical, right?

Oh, no. He'll just be standing there. He'll just laugh. He'll be there. But he'll be there watching Stroud spin it. And of course, he'll show up in Alabama and he'll spin it. Oh, now suddenly Young's up there. That's the way it's going to work. Everybody just breathe in pace. But it starts this week.

844-204 Rich, number to dial. Here on the program, we've got Todd McShea from the Worldwide Leader in Sports to kick it all off. Albert Breer to end it, to sprinkle in some conversation about, is Jalen Ramsey going to get traded? What is going on at the combine?

He's already in Indianapolis. What's going on in the halls, the whispers, the chitter chatter. And then hour number two, Jeff Passan on the pitch clock and the shift rules that were put into place over the weekend in Major League Baseball. And then who do you think you are?

I am. Is now 11 years and one day old. The 11-year anniversary of Pete Weber barking back apparently at somebody who heckles a bowler. He's a Hall of Fame bowler. He's joining us in hour number two to stroll down memory lane.

Oh, and by the way, the competition committee met about roughing the passer penalties and whether it should be reviewable. They're meeting at the combine. Oh, baby. 844-204 Rich, number to dial. We're off and running here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

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Nope. Discover does it automatically. Seriously, though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. Back here on The Rich Eyes and Show radio network along with our Roku channel feed sitting at The Rich Eyes and Show desk furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Todd McShay will be joining us in a matter of moments here on The Rich Eyes and Show. Did you come up with a poll question, Christopher, at Rich Eyes and Show? Were you able to hammer down for the weekends? I did.

I was thinking about it. Well, I know we haven't done a poll question in a while, but because there was the double overtime Clippers- Friday night. King's game Friday night that I went to. You were there. Right. Wow. There was also the- Saturday's crazy Celtics Sixers ending.

Correct. Grainger and Bede gets it off just after the buzzer. That was unbelievable. From like 70 feet.

70 feet, right. And then there was the Laker 27 point comeback. And then Dame 71. I mean, what a NBA weekend, you know, to get us back in the mix as we head down the home stretch here. Put it up there. So let's throw that up. What's the best moment from the NBA weekend?

At Rich Eyes and Show. Brockman, Dame time was told on a Patek Philippe last night though, wasn't it, man? Holy cow. That wasn't- 71 is insane. That wasn't a time X. And it was mad efficient.

Very efficient. 13 three pointers. He also had six dimes. I think that's what- people were talking about Kobe last night. Kobe's 81 point game. Kobe only had two assists in the 81 point game. Dame had six last night, which was mad impressive.

Also more importantly, they got the win when they needed it. The three's 13. That's a record.

Correct. I think one shy of Klay. Klay had 14. But that dunk, when he took- when he went down the lane and just piped, like that was like, oh. Cause you don't see Dame doing that. I just don't know if it's because, it's because we had a nine day layoff or whatever, but where we missed the game and we got it back or the guys were well rested and lit it up. Remember, Dame took his first game off back right after twos. I know. He was definitely rested. Yeah. That's true. He did.

I know. That's like a guy winning the home run derby and then coming back his next game and like hitting four home runs in the game. Cause you figure you might have shut yourself out after he won the three point contest. I know this is unfair to everybody else who's currently sitting in the play in game, right? But if you, it's play in tournament in the Western Conference, okay? The East, the East, you can't even compare the Eastern Conference play in tournament possibles to the Western Conference. Probably since in the Western Conference is entirely possible. You have either Steph, you can have, you can, you could have a Western Conference, a play in tournament with Steph, Lillard, LeBron, and what you could throw Luca in the mix too.

Luca. Yeah, they could fall. No doubt.

Look, you can even say one of the three. You could do that. Since acquiring Kyrie. The Clippers could fall down into that play in tournaments. You could have them. That's how tight this is right now.

Let me just throw this out there as we're still searching for, searching for McShea right now. Good one. And I don't, I don't see him on ESPN either, so I'm, I'm, I'm a little confused, but so we were, I went to that Clippers-Kings game on Friday night, as you all know. Man, you picked a good one, bro. It was Cooper's, Cooper's 12th birthday. He took a handful of his teammates from his 6th grade basketball. And 12 or 13? 12.

12. And, and Taylor brought a friend. And it was obvious from jump that this game was different because every shot went in. When I say every shot went in, it was unbelievable, whether it was a three-footer, whether it was somebody with a hand in the face, whether it was somebody who was just shooting a wide open three or a runner, it just started going in. Coop turns to me after the first quarter. What was the score after the first quarter? If you don't mind calling up that box for us, but a great, great headline from, from our friends. I was Jordan, Jordan, of course, Jordan Sherrow, Rich Eisen show editor is taking care of a Kingsboard. Am I reading this right?

Is a great headline right here from our Tyreek Hill. First quarter was 40-40. That's right. Yeah, 40-40. That's right. He turns to me and he says to me, dad, they're on pace to score 160 each.

And I'm like, yeah, they'll slow down. Math was off a little. And then it was truly off the charts on this night. With nine 32 left in the game in the fourth quarter, it was one 25 to one 20 with nine minutes left.

Well, we'll hit that later on when we get a chance, but that was unbelievable for on Friday night. Uh, he's from the worldwide leader in sports, one of the top, uh, draft analysts that is out there. Todd McShea kind enough to call into the rich eyes and show here on the Monday to kick off combine week. How you doing, Todd? I'm hanging in there, brother.

I'm hanging in there. Uh, let's just jump out, uh, right, right off the gate and ask you, who's the, uh, top your, your board, who is the number one guy in this draft that you think with the biggest upside or, or can play right now, who do you have just talent wise, nothing that doesn't matter. Uh, team need doesn't matter position atop your board, Todd Rice, young, the Alabama quarterback and just getting to know him and knowing who he is and then watching the talent that he has and then studying him on tape. He's a smaller version of Patrick Mahomes is what he is. I mean, he's 195 pounds and maybe he'll get to 200 pounds by next week. We'll see. And that's what everyone's going to talk about. But he is the poise that he has in the pocket, the ability to sense pressure where it's coming from and, and just, he has special qualities and there are very few that are special and Bryce young to me is special. Okay. So then, um, walk me through the evaluation. You think Ryan polls, general manager of the bears, uh, and, and coach, walk me through that evaluation. If they have the number one overall pick, the question is, is, you know, and young is the best player in the draft and you can get the best player in the draft. Um, but you already have Justin Fields walk me through what you think that evaluation is going to be brutal, really brutal because, all right, here's the thing. I would actually take Bryce young and I know it sounds crazy, but I would do it because you're, you're getting yourself, you're buying yourself a couple of years of money, but you're, you're betting on something that you don't know.

And you also would with fields, you, you've put a couple of years into developing that and developing him and developing the family and everything that, that is, you know, what the quarterback quarterback position should be. And so then you would, you would just all of a sudden quit it. But I, but I still would take Bryce young. I still would. Why?

I mean, cause you're starting over again or you're, you're, he's, he's, he's your guy. So you, you would literally flip Justin Fields after the two years we just saw from him to somebody else. I would. I would. Cause I think Bryce young is special.

I really do. I like, if I could get Patrick Mahomes and I know he's 195 pounds, but if I could get a version of Patrick Mahomes, I would do it. So what does he do?

What does he do that you see? But I don't, Rich, I don't think they're going to do that. I think that they're going to trade out and get probably, you know, it's picked. I think they'll probably move back to four and then you get pick 35 and then like a fourth round pick and then a second round pick next year is what I think is actually going to happen. Okay.

So, um, wow, that would be a wild, uh, to say the least. So let's walk me through what, you know, when, all right. One is step at a time here, Bryce young.

What do you see on film that reminds you of my homes? I've watched probably every single game that he's played and I've been with him lives three different times. His poise and his ability to maneuver inside the pocket to create and to feel pressure and to just like, it's no, no big deal.

No big deal. That's the thing. He has a, he has a different ability to just fence where the pressure's coming from and is just calm about it. And there, there are very few people, very few quarterbacks that can actually do that.

And that, that's why I think he's special. Todd McShea here from ESPN here on the Rich Eisen show. Okay. So let, let's just say the bears do go ahead and flip Justin Fields. Who do you think would go and get him, Todd? Let's play this out. I mean, you got Houston at two, right? You've got Indy at four. So those are the top two teams that, uh, that I would think we'll make the move up. Las Vegas could move up from, what is it, seven.

So I mean, there are, there are, I think when I looked at it, there were seven or eight teams in the, in the top 20 that actually could move up. But here's the other thing, if you're, if you're Chicago and you're sticking with Justin Fields, right? Yes.

You don't want to move past four. Correct. Because you want to make sure that you're still getting Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Will Anderson, the defensive end from, from Alabama and Jalen Carter, defensive tackle from from Georgia. Those are the two special players in this draft, but you have to make sure that you get one of those two guys.

Okay. Uh, Todd McShea here on the Rich Eisen show. So walk me through the rest of the quarterback class. Uh, where do you, what, what, where do you have CJ Stroud? Where do you have the rest of them, Todd?

Yeah. I have CJ Stroud at number two and he, he got better as the process went on. He had his best game against Georgia. He finally showed his mobility and the ability to just move around and, and utilize his athleticism. Will Levis is the most, I would say intriguing because he, he has, he has the strongest arm outside of Anthony Richardson, but Anthony Richardson is, is the most, most physically gifted coming out of Florida.

So you've got four quarterbacks that have very different skill sets and a lot of talent, but there's a lot of gamble here is the best way I could put it. Anthony Richardson is the most talented quarterback in this class, but he is the least ready for, for the NFL right now. He needs another year, but he's not taking another year.

So he's going to come out and we'll see what happens. And I hope for his sake that he winds up in, in a situation where, you know, a team is willing to take a year, maybe two years, develop him and go through the process. Will Levis has the character and toughness and the integrity and everything you look for, for the quote unquote, it factor. And he's, he's has a strong arm and he's mobile. But he's, I still see some areas where he had, so he has to learn how to process and look through the field. And I don't think he's there yet. So you have him in your mock draft, Todd McChase landing at seven for the Raiders. Why do you, why do you feel that's a fit? Why do you think McDaniels is sitting there and going to go pull the trigger there?

Because I think he would, he'll look at them and say, you know what? I can, I can fix the little things that need to get fixed and then he'll be my guy. That's fine.

Okay. And then do you think he can start day one? Certainly if the Raiders, let's just say, go ahead and snag Jimmy G in the next couple of weeks.

What do you think? I think with Will, you could actually start him day one. With Anthony, Anthony Richardson, I do not think you can, you can start him day one. But you think that Frank Reich looks at him at nine and says, okay, I'll, I'll mold him while we figure things out with Sam Donald.

Yes. Well, we'll take a year, maybe two years, whatever it is. But we, we could have something really, really special.

I'm talking like really special if, if we develop them properly. Todd McShay here on The Rich Eyes and show a couple more minutes left with him as he kicks off our, our combine week. What do you think of Zach Wilson and what the Jets need to do here?

You know, Rogers is going to make a decision at some point. Derek Carr already came in there. Your colleague, Diana Rutini said the Jets told him that he could be a first ballot hall of famer if he signs with them. And of course there's still a guy who went second overall just two years ago. What do you think, Todd McShay? I think that, I think that Joe Douglas has put together a roster that, that is absolutely phenomenal. If you're, if you, if you're developing a young organization and you have the offensive rookie of the year, the defensive rookie of the year, and there's just every, everything is in place to have success. For whatever reason, the quarterback position is not settled and they obviously need to bring in somebody else. That's the best way I could put it. Well, I mean, if you bring in somebody else, don't you think you can bring in some, do you have, I guess with, with, with the Rogers, you know, you got two years, maybe three, right?

Yeah. With Carr, with Carr, you might get somebody longer. Um, I would bring in Aaron Rogers is what I would do. That's exactly what I would do.

Bring him in and then you could, uh, you could coach Zach up in the meantime. Okay. Yeah. And, and give him time to sit behind and see, you know, just, just like Brett Favre with him, right? Yes, that's right.

I guess so. Uh, so before I let you go, um, the, the Bears are going to make this evaluation, walk me through, you know, when you think either fall in love with young and flipped fields or, you know, decide, uh, we're keeping fields and, uh, somebody's going to come up to go get Bryce young. I think they're absolutely going to trade out. I think they're going to move back. I think they're going to move back to, to two or four, like I said, and make sure that they get one of the two special players in this draft will Anderson, the defensive end from Alabama or defensive tackle, Jalen Carter from Georgia. And and I can, I think that's the move, but I really do. But I think they've, they've invested so much in Justin Fields and Justin Fields to his credit has developed so much.

I just believe that they're going to stick with that. Except you would, you would, you would do the other, you would, you would get young and flip fields because you love young that much. I would. I would.

Todd McShea. You're the man. Thanks again. Hope to see you. Take care, pal.

Same to you. That's Todd McShea of ESPN right here on the rich eyes and show. So he would keep, he would, uh, he would, he would keep the pick and use it on the quarterback and flip Justin Fields, man. Let me just say this. That's the decision.

No, no, let's, let's, let's just, let's, let's pull the McShea here for a second. If they do that and you're the Texans, wouldn't you go, wouldn't you say, okay, right. Okay to move up or okay.

Or okay to, to, to take the other guy. Would you flip, to take Stroud, would you flip, hold on a second. If they keep young or if they keep the pick and just take Bryce young, right.

And flip fields. Right. Would you trade the number two overall pick for Justin Fields? Yeah, in a heartbeat. Wouldn't you trade the number two overall pick for Justin Fields? Yeah.

Yeah. But if you just use the logic that McShea is using that the bears are using, a lot of usings there. They, they take Stroud who you got to think is just as good as Fields, same body type, same measurable, same accolades in college, and you get the two more years of control. And this is why you're going to start hearing the bears are going to do this more often that if you could get Bryce young and Will Anderson, one, two. Or you can get, I'm sure, I mean, that's, if you're the Colts, would you flip number four overall for. For Fields? For Fields.

Yeah, Colts are ready, Colts are ready to win. You flip, you, you, you, you take Justin Fields, fourth overall, and, and, and then you're the bears. You get young and Jalen Carter.

Yeah. Do you do that or do you keep Fields? You keep Fields and you draft Will Anderson, you keep Fields, or you keep Fields and you draft Jalen Carter, fourth overall, and you got first round picks in the future. That sounds great. That's the options. These are all the options.

I like the four over there. Obviously the Texans would have to play along and say, we'll flip you two for Justin Fields. Right. I think you keep Fields and get Anderson. The way the contracts are now with first rounders, it just makes sense. If you can restart, you're just, you're saving yourself money in the long run. But you're also setting your franchise back a year or two.

But if you think Bryce Young's just as good as Fields is now, you're not. Wow. Yeah, but that's a, that's a roll of the dice there. This is all going to be lit. Thank you, Lovey Smith. Thank you, Lovey Smith. Because if it was the Texans, it'd be, okay, which one do they choose?

What did you think? If it was the Texans, first overall, it's like, which one do they take, Young or Stroud? And then, and then the question would be, whoever the Texans don't take, that's who the Bears, that's who the Bears would either flip Fields for or, or not.

I mean, that's the way it would have gone. Thank you, Lovey, is all we're saying. All right, we'll take a break. We'll come back here.

Pitch clock in Major League Baseball, dig it or not, 844-204-RICH number to dial. I'll tell you what I think about it when we come back. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone Music Now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, pitch clock made its debut in Major League Baseball over the weekend for spring training. Players have to get in the batter's box and look up and be focused on the pitcher eight seconds into a 15 second clock. If they don't, there's a strike call. Pitchers have to be ready. Catchers have to be in the box as well.

I mean, you got to move it along. Everybody kind of digs it, it seems. Aaron Judge says he likes it.

Alex Core said he likes it. Max Scherzer says it gives the pitcher more power. Because if the hitter calls a time out, which they're allowed to do it either once or twice, we're going to get our friend Jeff Pass to the ESPN joining us in top of the next hour. Then they got to get back in and the pitcher can just basically hold it and the guy cannot step out.

He's got to focus for like 10 seconds or 12 seconds. Scherzer says he loves it. He's going to start toying with hitters in that respect. But more power? They have all the power. They have the ball.

They do. The defense has the ball. Nothing starts till they throw it. But players can keep stepping out on them and messing with their rhythm.

Now they can't. However, if there's a runner on base, a pitcher can only step off the rubber or throw over twice. After that, the runner knows the pitcher's got to go to home plate. Here's the problem with the pitch clock, in my estimation, is yesterday's Red Sox Braves game tied, runner's on, ninth inning, two strikes, hitter gets called out because he wasn't set at eight seconds, a walk-off pitch clock violation. Now I'm all for pace of play.

I am. I do like baseball where I'm just sitting around and watching and chit-chatting and telling stories and what have you. But I'm over the three, what, most likely outcomes as they refer to it or something like that of an at-bat, ball, four, strike three, home run, because the shift also takes away hits and things like that.

Shift is gone now, too. I actually saw in spring training a left-handed hitter lace one to right field for a hit. And I'm like, where's the third baseman catching the ball? For a hit? Shouldn't there be a shortstop right there snagging right out of the air? Forty feet onto the grass. No, not anymore.

Not anymore. I'm down with that. The bases are bigger, so more guys are going to reach because the bang-bang plays that used to be an out are now going to be a hit. People are going to be safe at second more often, maybe safe at third more often, because the bang-bang plays where they're out, they're now going to be safe.

You're going to see more action, and I dig it. Not a soul that agrees with me wanting to see more action wants a game to end on a pitch clock violation. I am sorry, and I am, as you know, a wannabe member of the NFL Competition Committee, so I know about rule changes.

Boy, do I know. And I know every year there's a rule change or a change of emphasis on a rule that's already in the books. The NFL wants it, boy, do they want it called in the preseason.

They not only want it called, they want it over called. They want to get it hammered into the mind's eye and the hearts and mind's eyes and heads of the players before the actual games count because they want it out there now so it doesn't happen in the regular season. Happens all the time, and that may be what's happening now in baseball, okay? But all it takes is one game, one game in Major League Baseball for there to be a walk-off pitch count violation, and everyone will be losing their minds. Let it be a Red Sox-Yankees game in Yankee Stadium on Sunday night.

Sunday night ESPN. Oh God, okay. Runners on second and third, Red Sox down one, two outs, a single puts them ahead. Yankees have down one, runners in scoring position, two outs, base hit, wins the game.

But no, a little extra pine tar on the bat. Yeah, violation. Giancarlo Stanton didn't have his head up, out, game over.

People will lose their minds. And I don't want to see a game end that way, and I don't want to hear, well, you should look up. You should know the rules. The rules are the rules. Screw those rules, screw them. Of course, I always give a suggestion.

Here's my suggestion. Keep the pace of play up, innings one through eight, fine, all good, fine. Ninth inning, pitch clock off, go for it. Pitch clock off.

And you don't have to worry about extras because you got your stupid ass ghost runner. And by the way, that's the way it should be called. S-A-G-R. SAGR. You got your SAGR. You hear SABR is a metric, right?

SAGR. You got your stupid ass ghost runner. It'll move. Don't worry. Your game will be over soon. Ninth inning, pitch clock off. I want zero pitch clock violations. Or I guess it's often extra inning suicide. I don't want it all in the 10th or 11th inning. Nobody wants that. Pace of play all the way to the ninth, and then so be it.

Jeff Passan coming up. All it takes is one. That's what I always said about this fumble through the end zone. You say it's a rule.

You should follow it. Don't reach for the pylon so the ball doesn't go in the end zone and don't lose the ball. Wait till it happens in a Super Bowl.

That's all. Wait till it happens. It hardly ever happens. So why should we change it? Because it's going to happen at the worst possible time. Same thing with this pitch clock violation.

Nobody wants to see it. And right now, it's really confusing because the director's zooming in on the dramatic shot of the pitcher staring in for the sign, and then all of a sudden they take the wide shot and the umpire's going like this. He's pointing. Yesterday, the guy that got called out on the Braves thought he was advancing on a balk, and then the umpire goes, no, no, no. You're out. You're out. It's going to be confusing. It's going to be confusing. And I know they're probably over calling it now, so it doesn't happen in the regular season.

You're right. One through eight innings, one through eight, half at it, move it along. So the eight innings takes two hours, hour 50, two hours and 10. After that, pitch clock off.

We will not in Major League Baseball have a walk-off pitch clock violation in my world. I like that. Brilliant.

Thank you. Because the last thing you want is somebody to just be screwing around in the batter's box for eight and a half seconds, and the game is suddenly kaput. Can't have it.

Won't have it. The first time knows. So does Eisen.

What about passing? You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala.

With her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here, or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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