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REShow: Bruce Arians/Al Michaels - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 22, 2023 3:07 pm

REShow: Bruce Arians/Al Michaels - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 22, 2023 3:07 pm

Buccaneers Senior Advisor Bruce Arians tells Rich why the thinks the Bucs will be in good hands with Kyle Trask as their starting QB, his reaction to Tampa parting ways with OC Byron Leftwich, and his advice for Tom Brady as he prepares for a career in sportscasting.

Hall of Fame announcer Al Michaels tells Rich is favorite recollections from calling the historic “Miracle on Ice” 1980 Olympic hockey upset of the Soviet Union by the USA.

To honor the birthday of Julius “Dr. J” Erving Rich lists his top 10 power rankings of all-time pop culture doctors.

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Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at slash match. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I would be just fine with Derek Carr being the quarterback of the New York Jets. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Well, are you just fine? Are you happy? I would be happy. Earlier on the show, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curren.

Coming up, Super Bowl winning head coach Bruce Ariens, TCU quarterback Max Duggan from the new film Cocaine Bear, actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air live on the Roku channel, which is free on every Roku device known to man. It's also free on select Samsung smart TVs. It is free on Amazon Fire TV. It is free on the Roku app because the Roku channels on that app. The app's free. The Roku channel is free. I don't know if you get the idea that if you go to the internet and say the Roku And by the way, for those listening on terrestrial radio, Sirius XM and Odyssey, I'm making the finger movement of typing, even though I'm not really typing and I have an actual laptop to type on to my left.

If you say you go the Roku, that's free. So we're free. 0.0. Thank you, Dean Wormser. That's what it'll cost you. Zero.

Dean Wormser. Nada. We've got a ton of guests coming up here.

This is going to be great. The next two hours, we just had a great chat with Tom Curren of NBC Sports Boston. He said, move on from that whole concept that the Patriots are going to move on from Mac Jones. So don't pay it any mind. All right.

Okay. Coming up on this program, hour number three, Max Duggan from TCU. Going to have him on this program, even though he broke my heart like Fredo and the Fiesta Bowl.

It just shows that you're fair and balanced. Speaking of movies, Cocaine Bear star O'Shea Jackson Jr. coming up in studio, hour number three. And then in about 20 minutes, it's the 43rd anniversary of Miracle on Ice. So let's get Al Michaels on the phone. And so we shall. But joining us on the program, one of our favorites, a Super Bowl winning head coach. Joining us, Kerev Novartis, the makers of Lecvio.

Talking about a cholesterol initiative and so much more. Our friend BA back here in the program, Bruce Arians. How you doing, Bruce? Doing great, Rich. How you doing, buddy? I'm doing great. How's retirement treating you? How's it going? Really, really good. It's a lot less stressful and I have a lot of fun.

Okay. Give me some of the idea of fun. What are you doing for fun, Bruce?

What do you got? What are you doing? Well, stress now is a three foot putt. It's a little bit different.

It's a little bit different calling fourth and one. Okay. But I'm enjoying playing a lot of golf and the weather's great here at the lake.

So yeah, it's been fantastic. Well, I don't want to ruin your game by giving anything away. You don't give any candy away, but how's your game looking? What are you shooting these days, Bruce? What do you got?

It's actually pretty good. Somewhere between 77 and 85. Whoa.

It depends on the putter. Damn, Bruce. Are you serious? You're threatening par? All right, let's partner up. Let's do it. Yeah.

Well, not really threatening it, but getting close a couple of times. I love it. Fantastic. I really can't wait to shoot my age.

I look forward to that as well. But so I guess you're shooting Tom Moore's age is basically what you're saying. I'm beating Tom every day. Very good. So do you miss it at all, Bruce? Did you watch any football this year and go, damn man, I would love to be on the sideline right now at any point in time?

You know, Rich, I had the best thing. I got to practice being a head coach for 12 games. And this year I got to practice retirement for 16 games. I was at practice every day. And obviously sat in the press box after the New Orleans national. And I got my six, you know, I got my six on football and now I'm kind of stepping back a little further and then enjoying life. Did you get banished to the press box, Bruce? Let's be honest. Tell me, did you get banished?

Did you get sent there? Is that what happened? Yeah, there's new rules. There's new rules in play now. Okay.

Which is what? You can't bark at the opposition on the sideline if you're not the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Yeah, I guess you can't be in the white or something.

If you're not a coach, you can't really holler to the team's players. So you needed that reminder? I love that. Well, I didn't do anything. I haven't been doing for 25 years.

See, I didn't even ask if you said the magic word. I just assumed that you did. So then you didn't at any point in time, you don't, cause I just remember, I just remember being on the sideline with Mooch when we used to do Thursday night football games and he'd been so far removed from it and he'd go up to the officials and he'd like slap them in the thigh and just say, what was that all about? Like he, and I could just see it just never really leaves you.

It never really leaves you. So I'm wondering about you, Bruce. Yeah. I mean, trying to cut them off from the press box is really hard. And you know, I know they can hear me cause I'm hollering loud enough. But everybody in the press box is upset with my language.

All right. Bruce Arians here on the Rich Eisen Show, senior advisor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So what would you advise them on the quarterback front right now, if asked, in a meeting? I think we're in good hands with Kyle Trask. I love Kyle. He's been there two years now, saw Tom work, how to get there. Blaine Gabbert was a great mentor for him.

Right. But just like three years ago, you know, you got to search what's behind door number two. Three years ago, we never would have guessed Tom Brady was behind door number two.

And so you do your research, you do all your homework and then you decide what's best for you. But right now I'm very comfortable with Kyle as our guy. So what did you see in Kyle when you drafted him that you know that you can unpack right now as the guy after Tom Brady?

Bruce? You know, a guy that worked his ass off to get to where he's got and he works extremely hard every single day. He's got all the size, he's got the arm, he's got the stature of what we like and he's mobile.

So now he's not a burner, but he's mobile enough to do some things. So looking at all the young quarterbacks today, I mean, he's not four or five Jalen Hurts type guy, but he can do a lot of things that help us win, especially with the players around him. And I'm curious to know what you thought about the team moving on from Byron Leftwich, since I know the story, Bruce, you've told it here on this program and I know what he means to you.

He was a guy that you took off essentially the couch. You took him out of his spot to say, I think you should be coaching. And then you wouldn't have taken the Tampa job if Byron wasn't coming with you to call plays to take that off your plate and the play calling aspect off of literally your health, which is what you referred to.

And I know that's what you're here to talk about as well. So what did you make of, you know, eventually Byron no longer now being with the team? It was hard. It was very hard for me, but it's Todd's football team. And I handed it to Todd for a reason. He's got to build it in his image. And, you know, there's no hard feelings between the two guys.

The philosophy is just didn't match. And so, you know, looking forward to meeting the new guys and getting back down there in the spring a little bit and working with them. But I've got all the trust in the world in Todd Bolts. But I feel terrible for Byron.

I think Byron will still be a head coach soon and he should be. So have you spoken to Byron and connected with him, Bruce? Oh yeah.

Okay. Very often and just making sure, you know, seeing what he's thinking and where he might be heading to and make sure it's right for him. Yeah, exactly right. Because, you know, and I know he and Brady, you know, I saw them in Munich together. They seemed to get along. And obviously you won a Super Bowl all together. So I'm wondering what you think, you know, didn't click last year from your position for Tampa, Bruce? Well, I think one of the things that happened to this football team was injuries to key leaders. I mean, Ryan Jensen's injury was huge. Yeah. I mean, it's one thing to lose your center, but to lose like the heartbeat, the toughness that Ryan brings, then the loose shack in mid-season, you know, a premier pass pressure, just the injuries that to our leaders.

It was really, really hard. Tom wasn't himself, you know, with all the things that were going on and I got to give him all the credit in the world for battling through what he went through last year for his teammates. And, you know, I think the world of him, but it wasn't the real-time Brady out there. Yeah. And in terms of that, I think he is retired for good. I truly believe at this time, as opposed to last year, Bruce, what do you think?

Oh, I definitely think so also. And, you know, he spent a lot of time with his kids and just heading to the next chapter. He's got so many things going on, you know, he is one busy dude. So if he's going into the booth, what would your advice be to him there too, Bruce, from your time in the booth before you came out of it? What advice would you give Brady going into the booth to broadcast? We had a good laugh about it. You know, I said, you know how hard that shit is? I said, now, the one thing you'll have that I didn't have, you'll be flying private.

I love going to practices on Friday and seeing the guys, and meeting with the coaches and calling the ball game, but the travel was, and it does, it takes a lot of time. And that's one thing about Tom, you know, he's meticulous. He's going to make sure everything is right. And he'll be more than ready.

He'll do a great job. Yeah. The two words that won't be in his, in his vocabulary is connecting flight is what you're saying, Bruce, right? There won't be connected flights.

He doesn't have to worry about going to overtime and missing his flight home. That's right. Okay. That's true.

By the way, that is a consideration. It puts a lot of stress on a broadcast booth and a team. So tell me. You see Greg Gumbel at 72 and me at 69 running through the airport.

That is not pretty Bruce Arians here on the rich guys. Tell me about Novartis. What are you working with about cholesterol? I've got high cholesterol Bruce, and obviously something I try to monitor best I can.

What do you, what do you want to let folks know about here? Yeah, I think just my story, you know, back in 2017, we played the Vikings and it was one of those games and went down to the wire. I thought it was a bad call.

We lost the ball game. I couldn't let it go. And in the middle of the night, I had chest pain, pain down my left arm, went to the hospital and that's when I found out my bad cholesterol was terrible and got with the doctors and got a program, got a game plan going. And so I've teamed up with Novartis with coaching And I think it's, you know, bad cholesterol is a silent killer, bro. You know that. I mean, it doesn't sneak up. It just takes your life.

And so I beg everybody to get a score card. Go get your cholesterol checked. Make sure you know what your bad cholesterol numbers are. For me, it was diet exercise and some medication and it started coming down. I lost all that weight and then, but yeah, I mean, I can't talk enough about getting with your doctor and getting a game plan to make sure, especially in heart health month and, you know, to get it checked because you hear about, oh man, the guy just dropped over.

Had he gone to his doctor and known about his cholesterol, he could have been on medicine and stopped it. Most of the deaths, the sudden deaths are preventable. So let's prevent it. Well, beautiful sentiment for sure.

And knowing that is crucial. I agree with you. And a perfect time is now.

February is American Heart Month. Bruce, I appreciate the time. Always love connecting with you, man. What TV shows you watching? You caught up on anything? Do you watch TV a lot more than you ever used to?

What do you got? Yeah, I caught up on, was it 1883? Oh man, that was a tear jerker. It was. My wife cried throughout in the entire final episode of 1883. Unbelievable. Oh my God. I ain't lying. I cried too. Me too. Have you watched 1923?

Have you moved on to 1923, Bruce? I'm heading in that direction this week. You should. It's just as good. Yeah. It is just as good.

All right. So that's what you're catching up to. Any movies? You going to the movies?

Bruce? Yeah. Went and Saw Top Gun.

Okay. That was a good one. It's great to be back in the theater, you know. Yeah, it was.

Went and Saw Avatar, which was just amazing technology, how they do that stuff. Okay, that's longer than an NFL game, Avatar. You got to really get ready for that one. Okay.

Exactly. Are you going to see Cocaine Bear, Bruce? You're going to check out Cocaine Bear, Bruce?

Sounds like a winner to me. Just be prepared, that's all, if you're going to go see that one with the misses. Take care of yourself, Bruce. You be well, sir. You got it, brother.

You're the best. Get that cuss call check, brother. I'm gonna. I already have. I'm already monitoring it. It's no joke, man. It is no joke.

My dad had two bypass surgeries in his life and I have to monitor it. I do have high cholesterol and you set it spot on. I'm so glad you came on to talk about it. Appreciate you, brother. Right back at you.

Bruce Arians right here, courtesy of Novartis, the makers of Lecvio on the Coaching Cholesterol Initiative. You know what? And I apologize to our radio affiliates if a four letter word slips out.

It's just their folks are comfortable, you know, they forget they're on the radio and television. Oh, he was on the sideline. But I got to tell you, in New Orleans fiasco, do you refer to it as the fiasco in New Orleans? If anyone remembers, you know, Mike Evans got into it with this just in, Marshawn Lattimore, as is their want. As they've been known to do. Yes.

That's kind of their thing, you know. And Bruce was on the sideline and I guess someone in the league office is like, what's he doing there? Is he back on the coaching staff? Hey, man.

Consult. If the ship goes down, you got to get ready. And then suddenly he had a much higher seat in the stadium. Looking down.

Al Michaels, baby. Let's go. I'm happy to say my cholesterol is great. Oh, good.

You should, but you should check it. Certainly if you're a man of a certain age, you're getting ready to play pickleball. You said it, not me. Let's take a break here. I can't wait for Chris to start playing. Let's take a break here.

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Seriously though, see terms and check it out for yourself at match. The Rich Eisen Show radio network has rejoined the Roku channel stream. The Rich Eisen Show desk. That's what I'm sitting at. Furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. 43 years ago today, this happened. The plan of hand is there.

The puck is still loose. 11 seconds. You've got 10 seconds. The countdown going on right now.

Morrow up to Shultz. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? Yes! Unbelievable. I'm crying. Oh my gosh.

This salty discharge to use the Seinfeld phrase. Man oh man. Joining us now is the man who came up with that remarkable line that still resonates and causes people to have goosebumps and crying like I am today. My good friend Al Michaels back here on The Rich Eisen Show.

How you doing Al? You know it's great to celebrate the anniversary with you Rich every year. I think we started it at 40. It's been a while. Another seven but a book before February the 22nd, 2030 and we can really exult and look back at something. People have texted me today and said that it just doesn't get old.

So I write back. I said yeah, the only thing that gets old is me. It's hard to believe that was 43 years ago. You know I listen to that and I feel I'm in the third person. And of course I've heard it thousands of times but it's like I kind of feel the way a lot of people do when they hear that.

But it's like somebody else is doing it. So what a moment obviously and Sports Illustrated you know in 2000 ranked it as the greatest sports moment of the 20th century. So a number of years after that we're still I think it's still for me obviously number one as you know it's on the top of the shelf and people say to me well you know what's the crowning moment of your career and everything and I go nothing will ever nothing will ever top that. It's a confluence of events.

No doubt and you know obviously we all know what else you've called and one of the things many things I love about you Al is you just remember so much and so many details as if it was yesterday. So we're talking at 123 eastern time. We're talking at 123 Lake Placid time.

What were you doing 43 years ago at this very moment if you can estimate. Like 130 yeah close to 130 in the afternoon. So the game started at five o'clock. So people forget that it was you know taped delayed.

We came on the air. It was at five o'clock we were taping the game and then they aired it at eight eastern time. Of course the world was so different then and people could keep from finding out what had taken place but I think at about about this time 43 years ago Rich I walked over to the arena because we were at a hotel at the Hilton which was maybe four or five blocks away in Lake Placid with Ken Dryden the great Hall of Fame goalie who was my partner on that telecast and I remember one of the things we talked about or at least I said to Ken was hopefully it's only like three to one in the middle of the second period in Soviets and we could we could keep an audience piece. My big fear of course was that it was going to be something like six to nothing and then nobody would care about it but I do remember having that conversation with Ken on the way over to the arena. So you know at the end of the first period Mark Johnson had scored that goal right at the horn to tie it to two at the end of the second period it was three two Jim Craig of course made save after save in the second period to keep the game close and we know the rest Mark Johnson scores the tying goal and Micah Rosie only scores the what turned out to be the game winning goal exactly 10 minutes into the third period but that was a conversation that Kenny and I had on the way over. And again Alan as you point out different times tape delayed broadcast you know kids college kids going up against the Soviets just in other words that that dates it but what about that barn right I mean you don't get games of this magnitude played in a barn like the one in Lake Placid what was it like in that building when you walked in there? You don't get the Olympics in places like Lake Placid anymore so Lake Placid hosted the Olympics in 1932 and they won the rights to host it in 1980 you'll never I don't think you'll ever see an Olympics in a venue like that I mean a little it's a little hamlet and you can barely you know get in or out I mean the the access on roads was was not like it is today for any any venue that would host an Olympics Olympic games but right across the street was the high school in Lake Placid and the track was turned into a rink and that's where Eric Heiden they turned it into a skating rink and speed skating and Eric won five gold medals across the street so then this was nothing but a but a field house and I guess they've really cleaned it up and I know a lot of games are played there youth hockey and and minor league hockey and the rest but they've cleaned it up but then it was just it was simply like a seven or eight thousand feet arena which had lower bowl seating and a small balcony and our broadcast booth was on a kind of a ramshackle platform in the front of that that balcony shaking like crazy at the end of that game but you know you'll you'll never see anything like that again right now because you know obviously to get to host the Olympic games you're gonna have to spend billions and billions of dollars to either upgrade your facilities or build new ones but that was the last of its breed the other thing I'm thinking about today rich is that here we were you know part of what made that what it was was you know the cold war was so icy at that point you know the United States and the Soviet Union and here we are 43 years later think about this still at loggerheads with Russia at least with Putin anyway crazy and then you know obviously uh Al Michaels here on the rich has a job that's also obvious uh by the date uh the 43rd anniversary of miracle on ice and the distinctive voice um let's let's talk about Herb Brooks a little bit here what was he like Al what was he like Herb you know I I thought he was a great man and a great coach and what he he he was able to bring that team to that moment in time and have them play at their very best and I thought you know the movie a lot of people know the story from the movie Miracle right where Kurt Russell played Herb Brooks I think he did a a magnificent job I mean I looked at at Kurt in that movie and I thought wow that was Herb Herb was Herb was a hockey coach he was a very smart man he was a well-rounded man but he was a coach and don't forget after the Olympics right after the Olympics when Herb Brooks could have been a big king of the world at that point and been treated uh in in every city and in the country and ticker tape parade to the rest what was he doing two weeks later he went to coach a club hockey team in Switzerland this is what he did and in the in uh 2000 when uh the 20th anniversary and sports illustrated the rank that is the top moment of the 20th century in sports and we were all at Madison Square Garden a big television show in the garden 14,000 people brought the the team back the place went crazy and after they announced it was the number one event of these of the 20th century I'm walking off the stage with Herb and he said how could they rank that number one I said Herb will you ever understand what are you talking about so him uh all the things that that surrounded this game were on the side he was a hockey coach and look he brought that team to that moment in time and don't forget because you know the Soviet game people a lot of people still forget that was the next to last game they still had to beat Finland two days later and the game that started at 11 o'clock in the morning on Sunday morning and they trailed two to one at the end of the second period and if they lost that game they would not have won the gold medal and possibly not even a medal and here you got you've got 20 minutes to go and Herb the only thing Herb said to the team in the locker room afterwards was as they're ready to go back on the ice if you lose this game you will take it to your grave and of course it was an adjective before grace and they you know and have cruel words ever been spoken because had they lost that game rich think about this for the rest of their lives all of these guys they would have gone around and people would say look let me get this straight you beat the Soviets and lost to Finland so he had the right words at the right time and uh you know I uh he he loved Ken Dryden too so uh he was not very accessible to the rest of the the media but because of his relationship with Ken we got to have a beer with him every other night during the off nights and uh we learned a lot obviously but I had tremendous respect for them I mean that must have been amazing to have a beer with Herb Brooks and you know you talk about that movie it is it is a terrific sports movie and the line in the movie that I'm wondering if it it also resonates with you uh you know the actor Noah Emmerich who's playing Craig Patrick hands him you know back the list of players that that Herb had submitted to USA Hockey for for the team and and he said you're missing the best players and he said I'm not looking for the best players I'm looking for the right ones and correct you know and and your statement earlier about you know hey you remember walking over to the arena with Ken Dryden saying could be six nothing not you're so worried that you know the Soviets blew out uh Team USA and Madison Square Garden in a Garden in a friendly if you will prior to the Olympics and so I'm wondering what do you remember people wondering if they did have the right team at the time still going into that well they came going into that game at least you know they they had tied Sweden with a uh a goal in the last minute by Bill Baker in the opener wow and then they had somehow beaten Czechoslovakia they were the second best team in the league and killed them seven to three so all of a sudden people are looking at a single whoa what about this team but you're right in terms of the Soviets had beaten the US at Madison Square Garden in that you know as you call it friendly by a score of I think 10 to 3 three nights before the Olympics but that game could have been 15 to nothing but Dryden and I had been we've been in Moscow to do some scouting before the Olympics and I watched the this team play and they killed everybody I mean they were toying with people they would win the game you know six nothing they could have won the game 20 to nothing so they were by far the the best team in the world at that point and uh Herb Brooks was able to you know get him to the right place at the right time but uh going into that game you know if you looked at that game too rich in so many ways the the Soviets out shot the United States 39 to 16 that's a two and a half to one ratio how many teams win games uh being out shot 39 to 16 that almost never happened well Jim Craig stood on his head that night Al I mean he stood on his head and then seeing his dad you know seeing his dad uh fantastic and then the the the I mean I'm getting goosebumps right now I mean the flag around Jim Craig come on man that was no I know I know and that that if you look at the cover of Sports Illustrated the following week and just the way those guys were celebrating it and they're falling all over each other and there's Jack O'Callaghan with that great toothless grin uh and they're just falling all over each other and just to fast forward in Sochi at the Olympics in 2014 I wanted to interview Trediak who was the goalie who you know the best goalie in the world they pulled him after the first period in a terrible move uh but I got him into the studio and the one question I always wanted to ask was you know you guys are standing at the the blue line and there's a cutaway shot our guys are exulting you know they're going crazy the crowd is going crazy they're all over the they're falling all over each other and then the Soviets are just kind of standing pensively uh at the blue line with a lot of their their chins on the knobs of their sticks just watching this and I said to Trediak uh at Sochi I said what were you guys thinking at that moment and he said we wished we were them they were so happy it was unbelievable because the Soviets they were never in that position they would win every game and all of a sudden they're watching this and they're going we wished we were them wished any of their with yeah wished any of their american hockey right right wished any of their wins would matter as much as this one did for for usa wow right wow and then so last one for you Al uh when did you first hear your call of do you believe in miracles yes became the root of the phrase that refers to the game forevermore as miracle on ice when did you first hear hey they're calling it the miracle on ice and you were the one who first put the word miracle into our consciousness well I you know I've told the story before but because this game was on tape delay and in those years you're worried about a tape machine breaking oh god crazy as that seems that ruin Arledge who ran ABC sports made Dryden and me stay at the arena to announce the Sweden Finland game which started at eight o'clock so we're doing this into a tape machine just in case there's a technical problem playing the tape back to the U.S. Soviet game and it sounds crazy right now so I had no idea what was going on until I got back to the hotel and people started saying to me wow that was a great thing you said at the end of the game rich I had to think about it because I was too busy doing the Sweden Finland game doing a second game and I really didn't have time to digest what what took place so you know fortunately through the years you know it kind of plays because I don't know if if I threw that baby up uh you know you got to live with that uh forever but but that was again one of those things and we've talked about this before people you know said did you think about that did I think about it why can't we lose the game 10 to 3 um and that was that was straight out of out of my heart and my fiber and uh as I said to somebody one time I said that's the nine-year-old in me coming up that's the same thing that a fan would say at that point so uh uh here we are 43 years later still talking about it I love you Michael's thanks for taking the time man you're the average you know that man you're the best take care we'll see you that's al michaels everybody right here miracle on ice 43rd anniversary wow stick around call the other game on tape that we might have to then take live just in case the miracle on ice game breaks in the tape machine could you imagine they should do a doc they should do a movie just on the tape machine guy knowing this precious commodity needs to make sure it gets through the pressing of the play what if it's like what if it went bad eighth tape dude like wow the the phrase of did you get it yeah did you get it did you get please tell me please tell me you got it you got it the miracle on ice was in a tape machine get out of here i'm gonna watch miracle tonight they saying hockey let's do that hockey you know what i mean miracle is a terrific sports movie that doesn't get mentioned a lot because when you say greatest sports movies obviously mine is hoosiers i mentioned hoosiers and and the reason why i mentioned hoosiers is because there is this there's there's such a way about it and the story about it that not only resonates today but resonates in other aspects of of life and other sporting events that you can measure the rim to the floor in any endeavor that you do any endeavor that you do versus go ahead no matter you right davy versus glider but also just in any endeavor that you do a big job report a big speech that you're giving a big anything that you're having hey it's the same thing that you normally do just measure the rim to the floor it's the same it's just a bigger butler fieldhouse that's all and that that that story that i you know that i that that moment in miracle and again you you hear the the moment speech that that that he does give to the team and that's mentioned also the the the hard practices that herb brooks made them go through those are scenes that you remember in miracle but the one that i mentioned is craig patrick played by the actor noah emmerich who you've also seen in many other movies and good that guy yeah and the americans he was terrific in the americans he plays craig patrick the assistant he says gets handed the list of players that herb brooks wants for the team and he goes you're missing the best players and he's like i'm not looking for the best players craig i'm looking for the right ones and you could say that about any championship team any championship team in any sport god do i love that movie too and i'm on the edge of my seat and 43 years now i know at the end i know what's gonna happen max duggan coming up in hour number three o'shea jackson jr in hour number three in studio from cocaine bear but when we come back a power rankings to celebrate the 73rd birthday of dr j the best doctors in pop culture history don't miss it it's going to be dynamite coming up next this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at online privacy protection for decades rolling stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today rolling stone music now takes over in podcast form you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically i feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that i'm ever able to accomplish anything rolling stone music now wherever you listen back here in the rich eisen show 844-204 rich never to doll happy 73rd birthday dr j julius irving he is part of our set in our world every day because of you tj jefferson you brought that in right behind my favorite basketball player of all time why not julius irving the doctor i love michael jordan i love but like this guy to me was that he was just it well in terms of famous doctors who aren't really doctors well what are you trying to say he's number one well he's actually a doctor um well i'm sure he's he's he's sir he's he's technically you know doctorate yes understood but in that vein honoring dr j i have a power rankings outside of him in honor of his 73rd birthday famous pop culture doctor power rankings here on the rich eisen show here we go give me a little bit of uh theme music i don't know what doctor music is but we'll do it right here the office is open number 10 on my power rankings list is the man the doctor who once created time travel with a 1981 delorean and stolen plutonium hey doc brown dr emma brown number 10 on this list from back to the future by the way did you see that uh that that photograph that uh that selfie that uh the actor who played biff put out there thomas wilson oh beautiful thomas wilson it was just great a little reunion with michael j fox and leah thompson and of course the great uh christopher lloyd who played dr emma brown a great line as well that works uh to this day if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything doc brown man that's number 10 on the list number nine on this list is a wrongly accused university of chicago cardiovascular surgeon who dodged u.s marshall sam girard long enough to find the one-armed man who killed his wife helen dr richard kimball and the fact that he also exposed his colleague dr charles nickels and his role in a big pharma scandal to cover up the negative side effects of probacit on the liver is the cherry on top dr richard kimball the fugitive the harrison ford version by the way did you know the original dr richard kimball in the television show played by i believe the actor david jansen was a pediatrician doesn't work oh that doesn't work that was good uh there's no uh what rdu 40 or whatever 90 whatever it was yeah number nine on the list is dr richard kimball doctor uh number eight on this list is the irascible crusty but benign doctor of the uss enterprise dr leonard bones mccoy number eight on this list i know some of you guys might not be star trek guys i am i grew up watching star trek it's always great whenever uh you know uh um captain kirk would say to him something along the lines of like what do you what do you think of the uh the atmosphere and he goes damn it jim i'm a doctor not an air guy or anything like that just fill in the blank never i've never heard the word dammit said as much on television before and then of course um also the first guy i'd ever met or heard of named de forest now you know there's bachner we know about him for the cults uh de forest kelly played dr leonard bones mccoy number seven on this list i'm listening frasier crane dr crane um who go you know by the way i looked it up dr frasier crane was the original bar stoolie uh in boston who was brought on into cheers to help sam malone get over alcoholism and his breakup with diane oh yes and uh and then we all know that he just turned into one of the drinkers at the bar right and then uh the the wildest transformation in television uh for me to go from psychiatrist to talk show radio host the only one that could even top it is benson going from butler to governor back in the day so number seven on the list is dr frasier quite crane number six on this list here we go give me that one more time you're listening to the rich isin thank you and then of course you know the great kelsey grammer giving us that drop number six on this list the rare double dip of ladies man and crime solving medical examiner quincy emmy himself honestly i don't know who that is that's jack clubman this is guy i mean he goes from oscar madison to medical exam and by the way name me another guy who could pull off ladies man and medical examiner quite like quincy me i don't think there is dr quincy me number five on this list dr quinn medicine one medicine woman this is the second doctor on this list who went from boston somewhere else fraser crane went from boston to seattle she went from boston to colorado springs and because i love jane seymour she makes this list i've been her house have you really i have that's another one speaking of cheers like who has not been in my kitchen uh number four on this list you could say dr frankenstein but that's not who i'm talking about that was his grandfather i'm talking about frederick frankenstein gene wilder and young frankenstein okay nobody in the history of medicine could bring back a cadaver from the dead and perform putting on the ritz quite like frederick frankenstein you're blue and you don't you're blue and you don't know that's i gore as well his assistant number three on this list of my power rankings famous pop culture dr power rankings we're finishing up strong benjamin franklin hawkeye pierce the chief surgeon of the 4077th mash unit played by alan alda uh from crab apple cove maine by the way all the way to korea um and and of course uh his stance on war was something that i will never forget frank burns colonel burns once told him to grab a sidearm and take a post and this was his response i'll carry on carry over carry forward carry grant cash and carry carry me back to old virginia i'll even harry carry if you show me how but i will not carry a gun there you go and also from a television show who's the finale of which was knocked down to 13th on the all-time watched television show list by the recent super bowl think about it a sitcom finale still ranks in the top 20 of a united states all-time watched television show list number three is hawkeye pierce number two is the only doctor i think on this list that you you don't know who it is just hearing the name dr rumack you know who dr rumack is go ahead go ahead it's leslie neilson from airplane i didn't even know that name until i looked it up yesterday you know i mean the man is you know performing births with forceps and in the middle of a plane going down then of course takes the time to make sure that the the pilots who are trying to land the plane understand what's at stake but keeping them calm as well surely you can't be serious i am serious and don't call me sure that's another famous line as well so i'll let you know good luck we're all counting on you number one on this list is without a question number one and it should be on anybody's list it is the famed villain of austin powers dr evil hey number one on my famous pop culture doctors power rankings dr evil all he wanted was sharks with freaking lasers on their heads that's all he wanted that's not a lot okay the number of times that he created all these elaborate stunts rather than just shooting austin powers was very entertaining and then we of course we also know mini me and then the fact that something would be one million dollars it's just number one on the list and that's my famous pop culture doctor power rankings here on the rich isin show that's very good thank you well done all right all right here we go i got one more oh i got one more i could go uh old school movies dr javago susie gave me dr no that's a good one i could go supernatural doctor who uh i could go uh superhero world dr strange uh i could even go the muppet world dr teeth what about dr teeth here's dr teeth the leader of the electric mayhem famous drummer animal as we all know i'm not gonna go there no i'm gonna go again fraser crane on this list could have been the most i think a well-established doctor in terms of his resume i mean harvard medical school and oxford university so just on that alone you've got to go with the doctor with the best credentials as my extra one and it is the man who's got a phd in poor cell service dr albert einstein there he is back again can't quit this man because you know what he's not quitting me i saw him during the nba all-star game and the man's got a phd in poor cell service which i didn't know about thank you come on that's the end of my power rankings list it's my rankings not yours they're mine was he a real doctor yes doctor what are you talking about you just made the list if tj's saying that dr j's a real doctor because he got an honorary degree this man's got several doctorates are you kidding me of course doctor really a real doctor get out of here how dare you just because he leaves his bicycle and needs to be told by sicily strong to come collect it doesn't mean he's not a doctor thank you i like that list you left a few off what i believe oh what i mean you know there's uh dr house that's true he's on there uh shout out to my boy eric dane dr mcsteamy okay from grays i've done any grays yeah i've done any er could have gone doug ross dr huxley dr drae doc rivers uh we have dr johnny fever nah dr johnny fever i forgot about him but i mean it's a tough list of crap very good list i like that list is that it yeah i think it is i think house is the only one that i'm shocked you left them i'm sure that you am i gonna knock off yeah no i'm just saying i know you don't you don't know what quincy is but i didn't understand uh people i got i got it people on the pickleball court know what i'm talking about you and tj it's good max duggan coming up o'Shea Jackson jr too still here anybody yeah any others should have been dr drae dr drae dr drae probably should have made it okay who am i taking off that old guy that old guy well i mean klugman is much better known for odd couple but you know to go from oscar madison and say i'm gonna go serious and the one thing too that quincy would always say that the line was always say it wasn't an accident it wasn't an accident it was murder that's what he would always say there was like this wasn't an accident doc gooden it was murder dad that's the other oh doc gooden it's that stayed out of the sports lane i just went straight pop culture we could do a whole sport docs you know it was murder and then he would go go out on a date for smelling of formaldehyde right like how are we supposed to buy some dime look at this guy dr nick it was simpsons it was murder and then he went to diagnosis murder after that no that was uh dick van dyke oh it was okay yeah come on man dick van dyke was just a mass singer well i'm saying he was on an episode that i just i'm looking at his eye okay i'm sure jack klugman guessed he was on the love boat he was on everything he's jack fucking klugman are you kidding me he's dr jeff everdeen on diagnosis nobody could solve a crime go on a date and declare it was murder murder quite like jack klugman quincy emmy it wasn't an accident it was murder it wasn't me it was the one-armed man dr richard kimball though that's a good one you love lala kent on vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala with her assistant jess la it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like i have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes i think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like i want to get on this mic and be like this is what i've been dealing with for 14 months give them lala wherever you listen
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