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REShow: Dan Orlovsky - Hour 3

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February 14, 2023 3:43 pm

REShow: Dan Orlovsky - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 14, 2023 3:43 pm

Rich and the guys react to the Colts hiring Eagles OC Shane Steichen and if he looks more like actor Dax Shepard or QB Nick Foles, and Rich reveals his top 5 storylines coming out of the Chiefs' Super Bowl LVII win over the Eagles.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky tells Rich why Patrick Mahomes’ mental toughness is as elite as his physical skills, what the Eagles’ biggest question mark will be this offseason, why the Carolina Panthers are the best option for free agent QB Derek Carr, if the Jets could possibly land Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, Matthew Stafford or Dak Prescott from the Cowboys, and why Alabama’s Bryce Young is a slam dunk sure thing to be the first quarterback off the board in this year’s NFL draft. 

Rich and the guys discuss the start of Aaron Rodgers’ 4-day “darkness retreat” after which he’ll decide on his NFL future.

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Hey, it's Valentine's Day.

This is The Rich Eisen Show. Was it holding? Yeah. Should it have been called? Oh, hey.

Just swallow your damn flag, man. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I saw the grab by the back of the jersey and it is a clear hole.

Son of a... And I fought the player, you know, who said I held him. Earlier on the show, pro football hall of famer, Kurt Warner. Coming up, pro football hall of famer, Calvin Johnson. ESPN NFL analyst, Dan Orlovsky. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here live on the Roku channel.

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Be part of the 520,000 subscribers, is what I'm saying. Also, we re-air every single day when we're done on the actual stream. The live stream of our show is done at three Eastern time, and then our stream continues to be repeated every single day from morning, noon till night.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on the program. We just gave out our sports Valentine's. Dan Orlovsky is calling in from the worldwide leader in sports.

Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you? Hey Rich, what's up, man? Orlovsky is calling in about 20 minutes time. What's up, Mikey? How are you? Hey Rich.

TJ Jefferson is in his spot as well. What up, Rich? And you are all on hold.

Stay on hold. So the Philadelphia Eagles lose Super Bowl 57 on Sunday, and then two days later lose both their coordinators. How about that? Adam Schefter and the rest of the NFL community now currently reporting Jonathan Gannon, the defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, is staying put, not as the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia, in Arizona. He's been named the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, which wraps up all of the job openings.

There we go. Because the Colts filled their spot after bouncing Frank Reich in the middle of the season and adding Stane Steichen, the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. So I guess they're hoping taking the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles after a Super Bowl appearance works better the second time? Oh man. They did that before.

I mean, Frank came off a dub. And as we all know, the Eagles offense was dynamite this year. Boom, running, throwing.

So who's going to be there jailing hurts? That's the first order business of Chris Ballard, the general manager, who was there with his hair impeccably parted like he's a top-notch World Cup soccer star. I mean, when he comes on next, I got to ask him, what does he use?

It's impressive. But that said, burying the lead, they introduced their new head coach. And this is what their new HC had to say today being introduced as the guy who replaces Jeff Saturday, who replaced Frank Reich, who they took from the team that they just took their new head coach. Oh, this is what he had to say.

Oh, I thought that we had a sound bite on my back. But he had something to say today about the new team, and we'll talk about that throughout the rest of the week. But there was an actual trend topic that involved the new coach. Yeah, so like Dax Shepard was trending this morning. We know Dax. TJ, you know him from back in the punk days.

I was just with him on Sunday. So when you said he was trending, I was like, I got really nervous. I was like, wait a minute, what happened?

Actor, I'm married to Kristen Bell. And we're like, oh, Dax Shepard, cool. Click on Dax Shepard, why is he trending? And it's a picture of this guy.

Thank you. And you're like, wait a second. And so that photo that we just showed from him signing the deal, I guess, doesn't look like him at all. But the sideline and a hat, it does look like him. Is that right? Do we have that? There we go. Who thinks he looks like Dax Shepard to the point where he's trending?

Like, get out of here. That picture, not so much, but I definitely saw a few where you could go, okay, maybe they could be cousins. Yeah, he's wearing a hat, right?

The one with the hat. Yeah. No way. They could be cousins.

It's absurd. All right. I mean, I don't know. I'll tell you what I think he looks like more. Dax, far more handsome. No, the guy who helped his predecessor get the job in... Nick Foles? Yeah, in Indianapolis and was one of the last quarterbacks of Jeff Saturday's tenure. He looks more like Nick Foles.

Oh, my goodness. I think if the two had a baby, that would be spot on, to be honest with you. Yo, is this a Pelissero James Palmer situation? It might be. It doesn't look like Dax Shepard at all. I think you just don't want to see this, Rich. I think you don't want to see it. No, I do want to see it. Actually, you know what he looks like. Here's what I think.

In one word, the the Shane Steichen... That one was wild. Dax Shepard so-called lookalike. You know what that is? It's a bunch of Malarkey. He looks like Mike Malarkey more than anything else. Looks like Malarkey's son. Doesn't he look like? He looks like Malarkey Jr. That's a good one. I don't know if I see that. Come on. I see that one in the nose.

This doesn't look like Dax Shepard at all. That's our coverage of the new Indianapolis head coach. Actually, Jeff Saturday sent out a video today. This beautiful vista. Looks like he's bass fishing.

That's what he had to say. What's up, everybody? First, I just want to say to the Colts organization, the Colts nation, how much I appreciate the opportunity. I'm so grateful for the last eight weeks of the season and the opportunity to represent you guys. I appreciate the coaches for all your time, energy, and effort to all the players laying it out there each and every week. I can't tell you how much I respect and appreciate what each and every player, not only for the Colts, but the NFL do and what they put on the line each and every week. It was an absolute blessing. I look fondly upon it.

Wish you would have done better, but ultimately that is where it is. I want to wish Coach Dyken the best of luck. I'm still a huge Colt fan and pulling for you guys. Looking forward to hoisting some Lombardi trophies and excited for your opportunity. For everybody out there, including the however many thousand that signed the petition, which may have included my wife and son, not exactly sure, but in all honesty, I'm so grateful for Colts nation and who you are to represent the horseshoe. It meant the world to me. Again, Coach Dyken, best of luck to you and your family in Indianapolis.

It's an incredible town. Best fans in the world, man. You'll get the greatest support and look forward to watching your success and the rest of the men in that locker room and the coaching staff that you have with you. So to all Colts nation, appreciate you guys. Love you guys and see you soon. Well done.

First class all the way. Now go catch some fish, man. Well done. And Jonathan Gannon, I mean, Arizona going defensive coordinator. Yeah. Let me ask you about that. What are your thoughts on hiring a defensive coach in today's age?

I don't know. Who's the last one that worked out? The last defensive coach. I saw people throwing Sean McDermott around, but they haven't gotten past the divisional round. Well, let's ask Orlovsky then. I mean, I'm going to sit here and say, you have to have an offensive mindset.

Just, you need to have a mindset where, where you, well, I mean, Robert Salah seems to be working out right now. I think, you know, and the fact that the offense took a, you know what, towards the end of the season is not his fault. That defense turned around pretty damn fast too. Bad luck with the Breece Hall injury and then Zach Wilson just hasn't really panned out. But I can't sit here and say in this day and age, you've got to take an offensive coach and hook him up to your quarterback.

And that's the end of it. Just need to have somebody who can sell something in the locker room that is totally bought. And that if he does turn around a defensive side of the ball, get somebody on the offensive side of the ball who can make it work.

What is that? The only way to do it is that you got to have the head coach locked in with the quarterback is his most important position. And then it's fine to off, you know, to delegate the defensive side of the ball to another human being. Maybe you delegate the offensive side of the ball to another human being. But then those coaches get snatched up.

That's true. And now you've got to start a different relationship with the quarterback. You saw that in Buffalo, Brian Day ball goes to Giants.

Suddenly they're a playoff team. Kevin O'Connell as well. Let's ask Dan Orlovsky that.

Interesting question. In the meantime, I'm DJ Mikey D. I need NFL films music. I've done this after each playoff round in the NFL. And now that the NFL has concluded its playoff season and it's playing season, the top five storylines to come out of Super Bowl 57 number five on the list is in my estimation, you have already said it yesterday, Chris, about the town where the Super Bowl is being headed, heading to next. The Chiefs are a worthy choice to repeat.

They certainly are. I truly believe this is set up for next year. And part of the reason why is not just the kid on the screen and Patrick Mahomes. The offensive line that Brett Veach hit after they lost the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers did its job. Zero sacks of Mahomes, a proverbial sitting duck with that ankle. They had a better run production the Chiefs did than the Eagles and the back end of the defense that they fixed last year through the draft with five defensive rookies.

I know that they got picked apart by Hertz and Brown and Devante Smith, but how many teams didn't? Number one. Number two, they're going to get better. They won the ring and they're going to actually come back better. And then on top of it, I know you texted me, DeAndre Hopkins talking about Patrick Mahomes on Twitter yesterday with the Googly Eyes.

I was like, please no. People are going to want to play for the Kansas City Chiefs and they're going to want to take a discount. They're going to go ring hunting. They're going to go ring hunting.

Not saying that DeAndre Hopkins is going to have the opportunity to do it, but a lot of people are going to look at Juju Smith Schuster, go, oh, okay. You went there and that's what happened. Marquez Valadez is going to go, oh, you went there and that's what happened.

It's coming. And someone's going to go, I'm better than those two. Why wouldn't they want to go play for the Chiefs if they have an opportunity for less, less years, maybe less money. Especially if you've established yourself already.

Maybe so. Number four on the list is Andy Reid has 100% turned into a consensus all time great. Lot of detractors coming out of Philadelphia and understand why. Didn't have a ring. But all I could think of at the end of this Super Bowl was the main gripe about Andy Reid coming out of Philadelphia after 14 remarkable seasons there. Couldn't win the big one.

Had trouble with clock management. He won this second big one here. And part of the reason why is he saw the advantage that he had with that defensive holding call.

Did the clock management in his head and nailed it perfectly. Jarrett McKinnon sliding down. The word got out from the sideline.

Do not score. Let's make them burn their last time out. Let's get Mahomes kind of running around before taking knees. Let's take it down to about 10 seconds. Let's get the butt kicker out there.

Let's end it. That's the sort of stuff that he, I mean, that he didn't do in Philadelphia like ever, it felt like. And then, of course, you give him that week, we all saw that the bi-week stuff for Andy Reid in Philadelphia. Coming out of the locker room, there's no question this guy is dialing things up. You know when you play him, he's got something cooked up for you now. He is a consensus all time great. There's nobody can out there and sit there and throw darts at his dartboard anymore.

Number three on the list coming out of the Super Bowl for top story launches. Officiating, in fact, is not, never been better. The officiating is not, in fact, never been better. I don't like the flag.

I just don't like it. I saw what we saw. I just wish we didn't have that afterwards.

And then the playoff season. I mean, Pereira himself even said just kept getting in your way. And I do understand how Roger Goodell, when he's asked this question at a press conference, is not going to sit here and say, yeah, it stunk.

And he also did say he's, I mean, I do understand in his answer, the full context of his answer was there's millions of plays in an NFL season and penalties can be called on millions of them. And we drill down to get most of them right. It's never going to be perfect. I don't think, I think it's never been better.

I think the rest of the world disagrees. I think they got to work on that and figure out what should Sky judge be and when it should be used. But that is definitely storyline coming out of the Super Bowl. Number three, number two storyline coming out of the Super Bowl 57 is Jalen Hurts has cemented his superstar status. This guy should be on the cover of Madden. I'd be stunned if he's not. He's about to get paid.

He should get paid. Like Jalen Hurts is like, he is, he has earned these accolades that only superstar quarterbacks get. I know he was in the MVP of the league and I know he could have been the MVP of the Super Bowl, by the way, your boy coop, my 11 year old, I had not seen him cause you know, I got home late.

I left early yesterday. First time I saw him since coming home from the Super Bowl, he goes, dad, how come Jalen Hurts couldn't be MVP of the Super Bowl even though they lost? He goes, I'm like, well, they don't really do that coop. And he goes, why?

He said, why not? He was the best player on the field. You can really make that case. And I'm like, are you talking to Brockman again behind my back?

Cause that was one of his overreaction Monday statements. Superstar status cemented. And I think he's going to get the contract on top of it to cement it.

Number one on this list is, you know where I'm going. Patrick Mahomes is the face of the NFL. He is the face of the NFL. The previous MVP of the league is going into darkness for four days. Didn't even make the playoffs. Tom Brady is retired for good.

I get it about Burrow. I love him just as much as anybody else. I know Dak is the Walter Payton man of the year and the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. There is no doubt who the face of the NFL is. And remarkably, it is a face of color and it is a landmark moment for this league. And it is remarkable what he has done and how he carries himself. Damian Lillard came on NFL game day morning, called him the Steph Curry of the NFL.

And he is spot on about it. The face of the national football league today and for years to come is Patrick Mahomes. Two Superbowl wins, two Superbowl MVPs, two league MVPs, five straight championship game appearances and he's not even 28 years old.

Those are the top five storylines. One last one. As you know, Superbowls are all about, unfortunately, the end of a long run for some people. I hope it is not the end of a long run, say for instance, Jason Kelce.

I'd love to see him back. You also know that you look around a locker room after spending a long time with someone and you wonder, are we ever going to see this person again? And it's always tough for that moment, certainly when you know you're saying goodbye to someone after a Superbowl. And my last Superbowl storyline is my Einstein bid sadly appears to be Kaput. Kaput appears to be finally Kaput. I don't know. I look around the locker room and I'm looking at Einstein and wondering, are we going to see him again? Is it over?

I don't know. I don't know if we're going to see Einstein again. I would counsel Verizon to pay Paul Giamatti whatever he wants.

I'd say get him for more than just one day so we get some more variety out of it. But I do have to tell you at a party this weekend, Chris, somebody came up to me and said to me that he really enjoys when I keep at it with the Einstein bit because he particularly enjoys you rolling your eyes knowing that it's coming. It is. He did say to me, he thought the bit was, and he said that word. He said it like that too. And I thought to myself, do we FaceTime Chris right now? Those are my top storylines to come out of Superbowl 57.

How dare you? Let's take a break. Dan Orlovsky of the worldwide leader in sports is going to be breaking down Superbowl 57 and Aaron Rodgers has spoken today.

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Call or just stop by. Our friend Dan Orlowski from ESPN has stopped by and Dan I will give you the floor on your thoughts on Super Bowl 57 and what you think of two days later from it. I still marvel at the performances by both quarterbacks. I think if I had to use one word to describe it by Patrick it was discipline and that's probably the most impressive thing not only of the game but what Patrick has become as a player is a disciplined player because his talent would say he doesn't need to play in that fashion. I think he learned from last season and the kind of the missteps to learn from last year's AFC Championship game and how he had to go about playing depending on how teams were going to dare him to. Tough when it comes to his just mental and physical toughness.

We don't look at it because of his talent is so tremendous. I mean Rich to contextualize the performance if you are a starting quarterback and you go out in seven on seven so no offensive and or defensive lines and you go I think he was 13 or 14 you go 13 or 14 and that one incompletion is a throw away that's really really good like I've been around I've watched guys Matthew practice I've watched golf practice Peyton I don't know if I've ever seen guy I've seen guys go 14 to 14 and I've seen guys go 13 to 14 but it didn't happen that often and to do that man is so impressive and then for Jalen best I've ever seen Jalen play and I've seen Jalen take every snap since he started Alabama he had four or five wild throws wild throws that were about ball placement and if they came from Rogers or Brady or Patrick we'd be talking about him more so I think if you're Philly you sit back and you're devastated to blow that lead but you go oh man like we we're the we're the new king of the castle in the NFC with that quarterback. So let me guess the the Jalen Hurts throws the two third down throws on that third down drive to Goddard to extend third and longs the touchdown to AJ Brown where he put that ball right I mean and and then the one to Watkins that Watkins dropped that's another one you know absolutely that's a bang banger the one that Devontae catches right before the half that they overruled that one's perfect as well he was incredible he was unbelievable yeah he's awesome man he was absolutely spectacular if you had to choose one to get back to the game which one would you choose uh as the best throw no I'm sorry which if you could choose which team to get back to the Super Bowl in Vegas next year you can only choose one I think yeah that's sports talk I've tried to shy away from this I've tried to shy away from like picking just the quarterback yes but and I didn't I picked Philly to win this past week um because I thought they were offense in their offense but well I can't city just because I mean if you look at the team I think there was third in the NFL this year when it comes to the amount of snaps rookies played Houston and Chicago being one two in fact they can't city won the Super Bowl being three um they got like right around middle of the pack cap space for next year 11 picks I'd pick them even in the vault at AFC yeah I I mean I I totally hear you on that front um I'm just wondering if Philly you know paying hurts and what that's going to mean you know to their cap and what that might mean to but I totally trust how he rose me to do it and to me you know I I hear you I would probably go the same way with Kansas City especially since because you know uh don't you think receivers around the league are going to start looking at Kansas City and go well I mean if Juju you got him for a year and you got MVS and you gave them rings stick me in there right Tony yeah look at Kadarius I mean don't you think they're going to do that Tony absolutely I think depending on like what Juju gets on the open market too you know yes what does he get from another oh okay I'm I'll go somewhere for a year totally with Kadarius Tony you know like hey get me to Kansas City I think teams are going to look at it as a little bit of blueprint as well you know I think quarterbacks are I think you know a guy like Joe Burrow or a guy like Justin Herbert or even Jalen might look at it and say okay I know I want x amount of dollars to break whatever but Patrick is Patrick and I think next year is going to be the sixth highest paid quarterback in football you know like the freedom that allows and and how much not only the winning but how much he's going to make off the field because of the winning a la Tom Brady um so yeah I just here's my big question with Philly right now obviously losing both coordinators I don't think losing spice psychic is going to be this well that's not a disrespect him I think Brian Johnson's that their quarterback coach has the chance to step right in I'd say the biggest question is what does Kelsey do that you know what Kelsey is a massive piece of what they do until I know that um I thought it would be very very very good very good but I don't know if I'm ready I think they should be super bowl contenders no question Dan Orlovsky here on the Rich Eisen show all right let's let's turn the page then in a few minutes that we have left here remaining um the best spot for Derek Carr will be where where do you think he fits best I really I really think it's the Carolina Panthers one Carolina's got a tremendous staff that Frank Reich is putting together um I know everyone says Tampa in New Orleans they're both 50 plus million dollars over the cap so if you're Derek Carr do those teams look good right now as far as appealing when it comes to one I don't know who the play caller is in Tampa and then two what's the team going to look like after you pay me 35 40 million dollars well what is that team then going to look like when it comes to some pieces that may have to move on financially. Carolina's really good on defense young offensive line that I think's got a chance to be a top 10 unit DJ Moore's very good two-pack Frank Reich I like New York I think the biggest question that Derek and the Jets would have to figure out is are you capable of handling the burden and expectation in New York it's not can you play we know that Derek can that is going to be a win or all hell breaks loose situation in New York next year and you've got to figure out if you're capable of wearing that 24 7 for six months plus straight. Well then who would be the New York Jet quarterback of choice I mean Jimmy G's free Aaron Rodgers is about to go into uh into his of week of of darkness therapy yeah he must know I mean and he must know going into um his his his stint uh away from everybody else exactly what options he's thinking about I mean he must know exactly who's really interested in him and what his choices are going in for him to have his own thoughts what do you think the Jets yeah who would fit the Jets system do you think I think the Jets have to take big swing next year I'm taking out here I'm taking out Jimmy Garoppolo and Gino from this conversation for right now because I don't think that's the big swing one Aaron Rodgers it is what it is I I get it there's it's a roll of the dice there's no question that got a swing big number two Lamar Jackson is Baltimore tag them and then what do they want for him I just think that's a very real thing number three happy Stafford where did he fit with the contract situation with the Rams how does how would the Rams view their football team next year um and what does it cost to get them in the fourth I'd say Dak Prescott from Dallas I have no they're in they're not in a great cap situation he's going to be expensive are they disappointed after last year I I'd say those are the four things as likelihood of the deck situation pretty minimal but that's to be that that would be the four-step process if I was the Jets so let's linger on the the Ravens in Lamar for for a brief bit here Dan Orlovsky from ESPN on the program Todd Monken was just hired as the play caller from Georgia yes but you know he spent time considerable time in the league he was Freddie kitchens is one and done coordinator he was the coordinator for Jamis in Tampa and wasn't retained by Ariens when he brought his own people in what does that hire mean for in your estimation in your estimation for the Ravens and their thought process with Lamar in any way shape or form you got anything for me there Dan yeah I love this for Lamar if he's in Baltimore and if I was Lamar I would be sitting there going that's what I wanted this is the next generation or evolution of my career pro style play caller I know Todd from calling Georgia games really smart totally about like hey what do I have and how do we make those guys work really match up base understanding this guy does this stuff well we're going to feature him in those roles you know so I love that for Lamar I think it's a big pro style offense that's what Lamar thrives in I still think he would utilize some of the quarterback run so I love it for and if Lamar is still in Baltimore um I don't know if that is so much impactful as much as it is it seems like the financial situation in Baltimore huh do you knock on the bear's door to see if in any way shape or form Justin Fields is available uh in any way shape or form or and knowing knowing uh who who the quarterbacks are coming in do you think there's anything like that um or no no I I still don't think so because as much as I'm like loving the next three or four years for Justin me too I like that's a big roll the dice if you're the Jets taking a second year player and hey now you're going to a new city new team new people new offense you know I think that would be a roll the dice I also if I'm the Bears you'd have to probably like I don't know if I'm loving getting rid of a player that really has a ton of promise right now so um I don't hate the idea Richard I don't I just that makes me cautious with the expectations in New York next season well because I had Justin on my show last week and I and I point blank said are you ready for this question to be asked and I know I'm asking it and I'm not doing that just to create an echo chamber here I just know the way this works with the talent evaluation portion of the calendar when the team's got a first overall selection you know they're going to want uh the the most for that selection if they trade it and the best way to get the most is to make it seem like they're interested in any quarterback that another team might have to fall in love with right I mean sure so absolutely you know um that's the way you know the Niners benefited from that when unfortunately for the Bears they they you know fan base they fell in love with Trubisky and not Mahomes you know but the benefit is Houston sitting at two right I mean that's the benefit for the Bears is they don't have to necessarily you know go all in why I agree with that Ryan needs Ryan pulls the GM needs to like make everyone think hey I'm taking Bryce Young or whoever right because the butterfly effect is okay let's live in a world where the Jets say x amount of first round picks great we're going to give them the uh you better be dead set on the kid that you do take right it's an app like we hit because you feel really good about Justin right now so um I don't know if you're there does that quarterback that somebody falls head over here was for is that kid in the draft do you think I don't know how deep you are into that tape rich Dan I can tell you this right now yeah I'm I just started to study them I know it's corny to say draft day you know um Fonte Mack no matter what Bryce Young is so good he's that rich I mean he is so good and I know he's not big I know he's not I saw him this weekend me too he's not he is so good man he's Steph Curry he's Steph Curry dude and um I did that it's going to shy teams away and I understand that it's um I guess scary he can flat out play he can flat out play and you're gonna I I feel so good about how good of a player he is turn on the Texas game and just watch him play and tell me if anybody else coming out this year can do what he's doing so he's that guy okay he's him Reggie's awesome he's awesome okay awesome how about that Dan Orlovsky you are too thanks for the time brother greatly appreciate it you be well let's chat again soon thanks again that's Dan Orlovsky of ESPN let me just say this about Bryce Young and I'll I I was at the I was at the commissioner party somebody said there's Bryce Young over there I'm like okay great I'll go see him I got ended up being waylaid but I also couldn't see him from where I was standing about 10 feet away then it cleared and I'm like oh there he is now the question is is who's going to be scared off by that in the NFL and the only you know the comp is going to be in he's going to have to deal with this if people start talking about Bryce Young like this I'm telling you Bears fans hold on your hats if you love Justin Fields because they're gonna they're gonna bring them in it's gonna come and I know I gotta you know how much crap we got from Bears fans when we posted that video of me talking to Justin Field saying hey man are you ready I saw are you ready to have this talked about because I'll tell you what I've already said this if he's available if if this guy is available Justin Fields is available clear the decks and I and I I love Dan Orlovsky and I trust him where it's like oh big roll of the dice young kid new system new city clear the decks if you're the Jets that's the guy you want I'll take him I'll reverse the mistake from the draft a couple years ago you take him right now I want it okay I know so let me just say this if people start talking about him like this I'm not saying the Bears are going to start thinking about it they might it could be Justin Fields no matter what to use the draft day conversation I'm telling you I've been around this block for 20 years the way this works it's going to be lit up at the combine in two weeks because everybody's going to be bored out of their skulls with no football for two weeks and polls is going to be there and Eberfluss is going to be there and Young's going to be there and it's just going to be non-stop chatter and it's going to start and it's going to start and it's to the Bears benefit that it starts because if they do have a piece of paper Justin Fields no matter what let everybody talk about how Bryce Young is him in the same way Orlovsky just did because someone's going to fall in love and they are going to make a killing and then it'll be on Justin Fields to compete and and win with the draft choices they get because that is to the Bears benefit and what a bouquet of flowers pre-Valentine's day bouquet of flowers they need to send a Lovey Smith for that if this kid is being talked about like that and as for Bryce Young in the same way I just mentioned about it again you see the tape jumps off at you you just saw Jalen Hurts in this copycat league who doesn't want a kid from Alabama right now quarterbacking sure right so young six feet 194 brother and then those are probably a little inflated I don't I'm six foot and as I as I just admitted I did not stand directly next to him but I didn't see him through through the if you will the verbiage is trash that they say in the NFL that you can't see it because there's a lot of you know stuff in front of you I didn't see through that at the commissioner's party and there was nobody you know the size of Aiden Hutchinson standing in my way you know what I mean so that guy's here okay so I I'm just saying that fields he came to set 6-3 228 just saying this is what's going to be said about him to knock him down and the compass Kyler Murray couldn't finish this season what has he really done is he won a playoff game yet can he hold up can he see over the line of scrimmage how Murray is thick Bryce Young is not I'm well you can get in somebody's weight room it's not like Alabama doesn't have the strength and conditioning program similar to what an NFL team is running I'm just laying for everybody here since we're starting to turn pages away from the Super Bowl what's coming I've been around the block and I'm not trying to stir anything up with Chicago Bears fans because I'm telling you I would take Justin Fields I don't think the Bears are going to make him available but they got to see what's what Bryce Young's all about they got to bring him in they got to work him out it's going to happen it would be 100% malpractice for them not to do it for them not to do it sitting there first overall malpractice and certainly if Orlovsky two days after the Super Bowl grinding tape says this about Bryce Young then everybody's going to start hearing this stuff and seeing it and talking about it and suddenly Bryce Young's going to be Kyler Murray plus by the time draft day hits eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Aaron Rodgers has spoken before going into the darkness these are words that are actually true and we'll take your phone calls as well as we run out of uh real estate here on this Tuesday show on the Roku channel and more for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form scissor you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen can help you chat tackle your job hunt make your next career move right now and do it in such a way that not only gives you the confidence but also the information that you need and then maybe the job that you are perfectly fit for for you to land because if you're looking to change positions and join a new team can help with millions of job openings great coaching and career advice a strong performance that's what you get when it counts when you go there because when you upload your resume to you even you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you at those job fits and when you score the position there's a salary calculator that ensures you're paid what you're worth get off the sidelines go to win the job hunt right now all right Christopher hey rich Pat McAfee had Aaron Rodgers on right he did and what do you say okay so Rogers is not in the darkness retreat yet as uh as we know because he's on the show he's been planning it for four months in advance and these have always been the dates so it's not like he moved anything to just go on Pat's show he's going in today it was always going to be yeah it was always going to start today um looking forward to it he says he's done all kinds of other meditation yoga and whatnot uh never done anything specifically like this before and uh this is what he wanted to do he's excited he's going for it okay and then he said that he called Green Bay home I think I saw that tweet during a commercial break yep called Green Bay home uh 18 years man it will always be my home McAfee brought up Green Bay uh uh McAfee with the line in Green Bay when Pat brought up the Colts Jets and Raiders he goes 18 years man that's always going to be home according to Matt Schneiderman sounds like he's not going to be there anymore I don't know about that or he's just like that's always going to be home so no it's always going to be even though I'm going to be going somewhere else or that's always going to be home look here's the deal a couple things first of all Aaron Rodgers bless you man if I called Susie and said hey four months ago this is when Valentine's Day is when I decided to go into four days of darkness wow that would be the end of she'd be like staying in darkness I don't want to see you coming to the light okay that's honestly what a day to pick four months in advance Valentine's Day that's the day like you know you know when you when you when you plant the plant the plant the plant the plant the plant the plant plant things that far out you're not anticipating I don't know he's not he hasn't been married since 2003 I have not married so different situations different situations I would have got into the dark plenty of time I'm just like what a day to pick yeah that's by the way that's probably a day when there's a there are probably good reservations available yes it's fun yeah it's wide open who's going to talk tonight go on in there you normally choose the entirety of President's Day weekend right yeah you know because we get the Mondays the federal holiday and Friday and stay through the week because you're done like there's no cell reception it's kaput there's no light kaput not even a drop of light well how do they get the food in there it's a slot right do it when it's dark slide it right in what do you mean when it's dark yeah they probably put it in the thing can't have any light or like trays up what you're trying to do with your mind like I said we know someone who knows this we could make a call we could have someone call in tomorrow we gotta find this out done our makeup artist's partner does this she was breaking it down to a sheet her that's who should call in okay we should stop the speculation by the way our makeup artist in Arizona was telling us people do like four days is the lowest number 10 days she goes 10 days rich what are we doing here's the reason why I'd even consider getting a darkness therapy expert on the program well if we're going to talk about it we need to be accurate because no because one of the most important decisions in the NFL for one of the most storied franchises in the NFL involving one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL that decision is going to be made through this process darkness so I'd love to know Charlie Murphy I mean and the one thing he has to know by the way going in has to know his options has to there's got to be no variables I would think going in like he's got to know from his agent who's reached out who hasn't what you know he's got to know which teams are are he that he's considering going into the darkness do you think that he's already made up his mind and he's doing this to get confirmation no I think he's he's by the way we're also assuming he's going to play he this process is probably going to be like do I want to am I done we just assume he can just show up and look like this and play like that man it's it takes a lot changes your whole lifestyle changes everything and he's got to know you know think about the the financial aspect of it there's a lot to think about he's got a lot of time on his hands I think they're going to be good next year no matter where he goes whichever three spots it is here he's still going to be good next year I think this is like when Vince had to decide if he wanted to do Benji and on to Russia him and the boys went to Joshua Tree they took some mushrooms he thought about it I think this is Aaron's way of doing this except there's no Joshua Tree he's just going in the dirt there so so does that make David Dunn as Ari you know like throwing phones and stuff yeah he's going to get lost it's going to get lost in Joshua Tree call up Lloyd to completely different personalities AJ Hawk is what day did you figure it out who's drama that's the question is pat drama I don't know maybe what's that bakhtiarious turtle I don't know that would make sense can you get out of here who plays eric roberts plays eric roberts you can knock it out early this is what this is what she was telling us in Arizona so you're like you're you're in you're stuck when you make a commitment when you commit to four days it's four days you said I'm doing four days they're not going to let you out you're doing 96 you're doing the 96 hour so there's no early check out no late check out I mean maybe if you bang on the door and scream I don't know that's the point I think that you're going in here maybe we get the experts that's what I'm saying yeah we gotta find it's just crazy the green packers are waiting for this decision and so is you're assuming the Jets the Raiders the Colts anybody else that Rogers might consider going to play for think about this rich no other team's going to have a shaman on to break this down for them the way we can yeah so true this is amazing this is unbelievable amazing and by the way happy valentine's day yeah I'm out live stream the box is going into Russia would you watch a Rogers darkness retreat 100 I would him going no I would not Chris okay it's valentine's day I've got other things to focus on she's got with you he's got to pick winky dinky dogs up for the family take care everybody you love lala kent on Vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala with her assistant jess la it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes I think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like I want to get on this mic and be like this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months give them lala wherever you listen
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