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REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

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February 16, 2023 3:13 pm

REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 16, 2023 3:13 pm

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new documentary ‘My Life with CTE’ chronicling his post-NFL mental health struggles, why Patrick Mahomes is a quarterback like we’ve never seen in the NFL before, his reaction to James Bradberry’s controversial holding flag in the Super Bowl and why he has no problem with JuJu Smith-Schuster trolling the Eagles’ CB with an inflammatory Valentine’s Day tweet, his reaction to the possibility of Aaron Rodgers to the Raiders, if Deion Sanders took money under the table during his playing days, why the Bears should move on from Justin Fields, and why his favorite new sport is …pickleball?? 

Rich names Bryce Young his Prospect of the Week and explains why the Alabama QB’s talent could result in some team trading with the Bears to select him #1 overall in the NFL Draft.

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Use the Advance Auto Parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store. Host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp. From the Starz Comedy, Party Down. Actor Ken Marino. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich is the number to dial if you want to have a conversation. The actor Ken Marino and the brilliant show Party Down are going to be more excited that that show is coming back into existence. He's here in hour number three.

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The operative word is free. We're here on Sirius XM. We're here on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. Smart enough to have us.

Odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listeners. Listening to this show whenever they want.

It's your right to do that. But joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show is one of my favorites. I've worked with him for many, many moons on the NFL Network. He is in town for a film festival where his documentary is going to, as they say, unspool. Life with CTE. A Warren Sapp story.

We'll talk about that with the Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp. What's up, my good man? What's up, my 99? You got a podcast? I did.

I did. I do have a podcast. It's now a show. You know what I mean? It's now a show.

You know, I took a look at, because I'm a professional. This is your tenth year being a Hall of Famer. My tenth year anniversary. Ten years? Me and George were just talking about it. We was down in New Orleans.

Yeah. My tenth year. I hit Chris Carter and I was like, happy tenth anniversary.

I saw Jonathan Alton at the Super Bowl. I told him, happy tenth anniversary. It was just our twentieth of our Super Bowl.

37 to 57. Right. I know that. You know how I knew that? Because Kimmel had his twentieth anniversary.

Yeah. And that was me. I was one of the first guests. Didn't he helicopter you up? Me, Snoop, Coldplay, and Don Bishop, Magic One was the first guests.

Oh, give me Kimmel. Yeah, I got a turbo copter. What up? From San Diego.

Yeah, because the Super Bowl was in San Diego. And then rode the 604 Challenger back by myself. What do you mean? What? Yeah. What do you mean?

By myself. Okay. Wow. I remember that.

You were on the Kimmel first show. Yeah. Wow. 20 years.

20. And this funny thing is, at the Super Bowl, were you there? Yeah. At the game? No, no, no.

I don't go there. So at the game, Eagles fans booed Dak prior to the game when he was introduced to the Hall as the Walter Payton Man of the Year. They threw snowballs at the Santa Claus. You know this. Come on. So they booed DeMarcus Ware for being announced as the Easter. In the Hall of Famer. He's going to be joining you and Ken.

Yes, yes. And they didn't do him any favors. They used a picture of him on the screen as a cowboy. They could have done him a favor as like a Bronco, right, and just try to sneak it past the goalie, but the Eagles fans were booing him. Come on. Wait for this one. I know you know the answer, but I was also wondering off the top of my head, why are they booing him? And I know you will know the answer right away. They booed Rhonda Barber.

Of course. Now, why did they boo Rhonda Barber? Because we closed the vet with Rhonda going down the sideline, pointing to his, you know what, going for 60, we're going to San Diego. Then he goes to the sideline because they didn't vote him to the Pro Bowl. And he says, damn, the Pro Bowl, we going to San Diego. We closed the vet and then opened the link with a shout out.

The next year. Philly's one of our favorite places. They have a long memory, sir. Hey, I was with Kansas City all week long with Andy and Chris Jones and the team.

I mean, I went to the Thursday practice, two balls hit the ground, Rich. Yeah. And it was a windy day.

That kid, Patrick, my home, because I know his mom don't want nobody calling Pat. Correct. And I ain't been on TV in a while, so I know this, Patrick, is something special that we've never seen before. Never seen before.

Never seen. You know, I'm the quarterback killer. That's all I do, eat, sleep, drink quarterbacks. I've hunted Brett Favre. I've hunted Peyton Manning. I've hunted Steve McNair. God bless his soul. I've hunted the, you know, the yellow unicorn and Dante Culpepper. You know, I called Cam the purple unicorn because that was something so special it didn't matter. I've hunted them all. There's nothing like this kid.

Why do you say that? I went to training camp for three, four weeks with Andy and them and, you know, work with Chris Jones and the D line and Joe Cullin. I thank him so much for inviting me. Beautiful organization. Went out there to Jamestown, Missouri, in the middle of nowhere.

Hot as ooh. And they say to me, oh, gee, how did y'all do this twice? I'm like, I don't know, but for the money y'all get paid, I'd do it three times. It's unbelievable, but you watch him because you just watch the ball comes out of his hands so effortlessly. And then I've been back there in the back watching Airbnb and me do the coaching with Andy. You know, very fortunate they let me do this. And then I watch him, you know, when something didn't go right. And they turn around and they'll have a little quick conversation and then turn back to the receiver. And it's fixed.

They got it right away. It reminds me of me, Brooks Lynch and Rondae. And thank you all for my fourth member of that Tampa 2 defense because it don't get no better when you can have a party with your teammates year after year after year. I mean, this is my 10th. Next year will be Brooks 10th. And then in a couple of years, it'd be Lynch's 10th, then Tony's 10th. I mean, it's the greatest team ever assembled, but Patrick Mahomes. Oh, my God.

Rich. He is truly amazing. We chased him around Tampa on two good legs with no O-line.

And he was amazing that night. He was bouncing. If Tariq Hill catches that ball that he bounces off his forehead, we have a different game. Yeah, that's the touchdown. He is this year, I think this Super Bowl, it's the one where Brady is definitely retired for good. You know, like last year he was retired, but last year it was Stafford's first and Burrow's first. So neither guy, we also know, like Burrow had an opportunity to get started where he could potentially bring Brady if Brady wasn't retired yet. And I think we were also saying that too, like Brockman was pointing out, even in his Instagram post saying farewell, he never used the word retirement. Last year I didn't really buy it completely. Now I buy it that he's definitely retired for good.

Oh, no, you saw that last game like I did. I mean, come on. Sure. And just, you know- When you can't pull that trigger and you're one of the greatest to ever pull that trigger, come on, walk away. So he did. And so now his number is fixed. And this time, so now Mahomes with this win getting two by age 27.

No. Hold on a minute. Getting two by 27.

Hold on a second. He's got two by 27. Three, you know, under his belt, but three under his belt, but two wins by 27. And, you know, I don't think Reed's going to go anywhere. I know, you know, Glazer said he was thinking about retirement.

I don't think he's going to. Okay, Kelsey's got many more years left in him, right? That he's got a chance because Brady spent 10 years without winning one.

He's got a chance that when it's all said and done, if he wants to play to 40, mid 40s, he can he can get he can get there. And I really believe that. And and he's the face of football now.

And on top of all of everything that I've just said, hold on. And I know people hate it when Mahomes gushes when we gush over Mahomes. He's okay.

But but put it all together, though. Face of the NFL. He can catch Brady. But you look at it and he is he has now done it with a different group than he did every time before. And and he has shown that he's now the guy moving forward in the NFL and can do it again. That's what this has proven. He's on a different level.

Like, for sure, he's he's going to be in the same room as you in Ohio. No doubt. Right. Yes. So. But I don't I don't buy the seven championships, Rich.

That's insane. I know. I mean, but he's got two by twenty seven. I got that.

I got that. And had five championship games. He's never played a role play off game.

I know that. It was the first time he wore white because he never wears. Like I said, he's never been on the road in the playoffs. Ever, ever. So that'll be the next time we doubt him. Like, he's never done it there. Right. If he never winds up on the road, we fight a stat. So then give me the quarterback who could who can knock this whole one that just accounted for five touchdowns.

But unfortunately, one was for the other team. How good is he? Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. When you talk about a 24 year old stepping on that stage with that performance after that fumble. Yeah. And some of the throws that Jalen Hurts made were incredible.

Hello. The one AJ Brown that was before the fumble. The DB didn't know where.

Well, he's still looking forward. What did you think of the flag at the end of the game? It was a flag.

I know it's a flag. Come on. What? Come on. Come on.

What? Don't make the play. You can't grab him because Juju Sousa is no no speed demon.

Right. Push him. He gets off. And then, you know, you don't do a little flopping and acting because he's looking for the call. But only thing you did was push him within five yards. There's no illegal contact there.

Right. Just push. Knock him off his track and maybe he doesn't get it.

But you can't grab him. You heard the kid. I mean, thank God for some honest young men that are still in the world. James Bradbury. Boy, the fourth. A good line.

The three before him got to have his chest stuck out. The young man said, I thought he'd let it go, but I held him. What a concept. To admit it.

Beautiful. I know that. But should the flag have been called? Yes. In that locker room, you're in the Philly locker room. You're like, yeah, I'm glad. You know, you're not glad it was called. First and foremost.

Yes. For some reason, Philadelphia Eagles didn't realize when you're motioning inside, you're creating space outside. And the last time I played defense with some pretty good guys who own gold jackets in the back end, whenever you go in motion, I'm behind you. We get in the trail position. And then when you take off, it's called getting in your hip pocket.

You never let him back out the back door. But remember when Philly did that play against Diggs and the Cowboys that they banked that he was going to jump the route and then they went up top with D. Smith? Same thing came back to play.

They make you laugh and make you cry. No, look, I understand, Warren, that they that they made mistakes that let them be subject to a call at the end. You don't want the referee in the game? That's right. Yeah, but they're there for a reason.

And he definitely yanked him. You can see it. I mean, it ain't though. And how about this? Bill Belichick creepy little cheaters come out and we wore white gloves when they wore a white jersey so we could grab them more. Of course you did. Is that your Belichick invitation? Well, whoever, you know, it's just a whole little Boston, you know, thing that they do up there. Careful. What? That guy right over there.

You want some of this? Undefeated against the Patriots. They didn't get a first down until the third.

No, no, no, no. They did beat me in Oakland. They beat me in Oakland with Randy Moss. But when they came to see them boys in red, we choked that thing out, boy.

Terry, Terry Glenn, Ben Coates, any of that. I can't hear you. I got six rings in my ears. Oh, my goodness gracious.

Is it saying his forehead? Don't say it out loud. You know it.

Don't say it. So what did you think of Juju Smith Schuster's Twitter game? What'd you think of that? You saw that, right? What'd he do? You didn't see that? No.

Shut up. What'd I miss? Hashtag sack was fishing. Hey, what'd I miss? You missed. On Valentine's Day, you didn't see Juju Smith Schuster? I'm sorry?

No, it was huge. He's tweeted out, happy Valentine's Day, everybody. I'll hold you when it matters most. And then that's Bradbury right there. Hold on, AJ Brown retorted? Yes. Oh, yeah.

NFL Twitter turned into NBA Twitter on Tuesday. Oh, what? You didn't have a shadow account? Everybody came out as bad. Everyone was mad.

Everybody came out. You got these shadow accounts. You don't care about that?

I know that. Bad boy. So AJ Brown responded by saying, congratulations, and then laid into them to basically say, hey, you, sir, signed a one-year deal. You were nothing. Mahomes resurrected your career.

This is lame. You was on the way out of the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your one-year deal. TikTok boy. Called him TikTok boy. TikTok boy. He admitted that he grabbed you, but don't act like you're like that or ever was.

But congratulations. That's what I... AJ Brown is saying what I'm saying. Just push him. I mean, this juju shoots through your hips a little tight, a little wide, just pushing. Maybe he doesn't get to that ball.

But Mahomes throws a pretty ball, but he throws it to pretty fast dudes. So do you think that tweet was out of line or what? Yeah. Across the line, right? Yeah.

He went a little deep with the you almost out of the league thing because you don't make any decisions. No, I'm talking about Juju Smith-Schuster's tweet to just come out of nowhere. No.

To the champ go to spoils. Come on. Because you saw that meme before that, right? Well, I'm just saying... That I hold you the most what? Yeah. No, I'm just saying, you know, I mean...

He was beneficial of a good quarterback and a good call and... Yeah, man, to tweet that out, though. Come on. Yeah. These kids don't care. Read the room. These kids don't care. They're my clickbait.

Likes, views, and follows. How would you have felt about it if you were the Philadelphia... Boy, just give me a schedule and I'll check off Juju Smith-Schuster when I see him again. Because the NFL plays this game lovely. They serve humble pie. Trust me.

This game will humble you to your knees. Well, not when you're hitting send. That was something. I saw that. I'm like, wow.

Especially since the whole country, half the people... And I was saying, it is true. Yankee. Definitely Yankee. I felt sorry for the kid. But that's not for the vibe here.

I played it up on Valentine's Day. Maybe TikTok boy didn't have a date and he wanted to feel a certain type of way. I don't know.

By the way, you got to give it up for TikTok boy. Not at all. That's the one. That's a good one. That's a good one.

That's a good one. Juju was wrong. But yeah, that's how they play now. They play. They really play bad.

I would have thought that you would have been like that was out of line of Juju Smith-Schuster. You know what? Weather ain't real anyway.

Twitter's not a real place. As much as we love it, because I remember me and you from day one. You remember? Hey.

Yes, I do. I drug you into the tiny chat and you was like, my God, Jesus, where were you at last night? I'm like, I'm in the middle of Brooklyn, in DJ's room. And you were- Tiny chat. Tiny chat. He was- Oh yeah, 12 on the screen.

12 on the day. He was tiny chatting. Oh no, no. And then I told you, don't be at QB Killer, be at Warren Sapp. I told him- No, no, this is the guy that brought me to this. I told you. I said, you got to brand it.

This is my social media guy. I had my S up, he's like, no, put your face, this is you, don't be playing, but who got you your blue check? You did. Yeah, he did. He did, by the way. Really? He did.

Can you get TJ back on Twitter? What? They banned me, Sapp. He got banned. Oh no. See, some folks are out there. Hold on. Hold on.

When he get banned, folks, put it on the table. He didn't storm a Capitol. I'm not an insurrection, Sapp. Nobody did it. There's no one in this building that'll storm the Capitol with us. I'm not inciting a riot. Tell them what you did.

Tell them what you did. Sapp, you know the GGG Canelo match, the boxing match happened a few months ago? Uh-huh. One of my boys, Gabe Rosado's a boxer, he was on the undercard. Somebody was streaming it on Twitter, so I took my phone and all I recorded was his intro.

Not the fight, not the result, not the decision, just him being introduced. I was like, there's my boy, put it up there. It got, the video got taken down and then two days later they kicked him off of Twitter. Kicked me off of Twitter.

So shout out to the zone for that. What do you think? I think that's way out of line. Can you help? Can you get him in?

Can you get him back? Let's see. You know what? It's been a long time since we've had that kind of platform. You know, we used to touch a lot of homes and we weren't even in New York. Fantastic. We used to have fun on the network. All right, let's take a break. We'll come back.

We'll talk about your doc. Okay? Yeah. Let's do that. Oh, we got you a commercial break. We'll be doing a show of contents with 99 year program.

Lawrence Sapp is here on the rich eyes and show. Yeah. Pop it on Twitter. That's what we call the Twitter. Oh, now you're showing off to TJ.

I mean, I'm just working for my brother. I'm here and I think that's bad. That's a little bad. Was it more than 15 seconds?

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Call or just stop by. We just showed Warren Sapp the new Mark Davis photographs of him being completely bald. I might be joining pretty soon. You could, but you still got the Mohawk. I know, but- Month two? Never know. I mean, he just ate- 90 days, same as cash.

I'll revisit. Biggest cut day in Raiders history. Mark Davis goes bald and Derek Carr. Same day. Boom.

Boom. What do you think of that move? I think it might have something to do with it. Made him lose all his hair?

Oh my goodness. What is going on? What is going on with the Raiders? What do you think?

Please tell me. So now Aaron Rodgers is coming? Maybe. Don't you think that would be a good move? I would think so, but- Him and Devante Adams back shouldering their way down the field. With Waller right there at the tight end position. Now you think that if Rodgers comes, Chris, they'd have to let Waller go, right? It seems like they would have to kind of free up some space to pay him the 40 to 60 million dollars. I don't think he would ask for that, would he? Who, Rodgers? Yeah. I mean, the money's there.

It's got to come somewhere. He's not going to just say, take 20 million off the top. No one said 20 million.

Like Mark Davis, take that off the top. Yeah, take it off the top, but not 20 million. Don't believe his salary cap. America, their salary cap thing is the biggest farce ever.

What do you mean? I had 30 million dollar contracts. Brooks had a 32 million dollar contract. They gave Simeon a 40 and McFarland a 30. And that didn't even count with Lynch and London and the rest of them getting in. That's just on defense.

And we're talking about 20 years ago. Huh? Ain't no salary cap issues, man. Give me a break. Well, I mean, you can figure it out underneath the cap. There is a rule. There's always a way.

Okay. Just like when they came out with the luxury tax and basketball, what did they do? Run right over the top. Yeah, the bird rule. With the bird rule. Run right over the top. Right over the top. What check you need for us to have this team? Okay. No, I know. But in the NFL, there's still rules.

Tell me what it is. No, but you could put it on the credit card. You could put it down the road. I mean, that's- Oh, you can hand Deion Sanders a briefcase underneath the table. Oh, boy. Did you really just spill that tea here on the Rich Isaac Show? Man, I'm just talking a little trash. You know what I'm saying? There's always a way.

There's always a way. Well, we need to get the coach of Colorado back here on the program. Coach. What's the statute of limitations on this? It's long gone. Way gone. Way gone. Way gone. Way gone. Way gone. Way gone. Way gone.

Do you want to say which team gave it that bad? No. You want to start some trash, do you?

Ladies and gentlemen, Warren Sapp here on the Rich Isaac Show. Yes. Okay. Let's get to your documentary. Let's get to your documentary here. Actually, what happened was I've been working with the Cushing Legacy Foundation, Krishna Winski and the foundation, and it's 345 out of 376 now. We're looking at a 91.7% have it.

What are you talking about? The brains that they've studied. Okay. Of the 376, 345 have it. CTE, they have it. CTE, yes. Okay.

The brains that they've studied. So we're at 91%. I'll get you the real number.

I think it might be 356 out of 376. But whatever it is, it's 91.7. So with that, I had some people come to me and I had my couple episodes when I was driving down the road. Couldn't go to my homeboy's office that I've been for 20 years. Yeah, you forgot where you were. Yeah, yeah. And keys and appointment and a whole bunch of other stuff. So as I got to this, then Najee came up and some other guys- Najee Davenport.

Najee Davenport, with the suit and everything. I said, we have to get the word out to our brothers. And the best way somebody came to me, it was like a film festival. They do them all over the country. We've been in New York. We've been to Florida.

We've been to Fort Lauderdale. Now we're on the West Coast. And the name of this documentary is- Life. Life with CTE.

CTE. A Warren Sapp story. But it ain't a Warren Sapp story.

It's an NFL story. But you are the guy- Yes, yes, yes. I'm the one that's pushing it to make sure my brothers, when they're out there in vulnerable situations, we seek help because we normally wouldn't. Okay. So I'm going to ask you the point blank question, the easy one, that you're going to look at me like, get out of here, because you just described it. But how do you know you have CTE, Warren?

You can't. There's not been one person alive diagnosed with it. But there's a range in which you play the game, and they say it's around 20 years.

And from the time I started in high school to the time I finished my 13 year career, I have 19 years. Am I that one in eight, nine percent that don't? Not the way I played this game. And so walk me through the episodes that you've had where you're like, okay, that's- Oh. That's it. No, no, no. Not, no, that's it.

Ain't no aha moment, Rich. Trust me, when you're a creature of habit and you do certain things and you do certain things a certain way and you set things a certain place, you got a place that you set your keys, right? You got a place that you kick your shoes off and different things like that, right?

Yes, sir. And you'll go back through it and be like, what the hell? There's nobody there. You had to move it. But I didn't because...

But did I? You know? And it's just things like that. So you understand that it's almost like a Parkinson thing. You're not saying you're going to get it, but work on yourself that you don't leave yourself vulnerable. And when you feel vulnerable, seek help. So what help can you seek?

What do you got? Oh, there's a whole list of doctors and treatments and everything that they have going on with the Boston BU. So you go through, do you go through the Players Association with this or... No, I go on my own. You go on your own?

Players Association has never been my friend. Okay. So you go on your own and, you know, walk... Exercise your brain.

Okay. Exercise your brain, put yourself on a baseline, figure out where you're at, and then in another six months, a year, go back. And just keep an eye on it.

Just work on yourself. What are you working on? You got something for me? It's everything. Okay. What is that, what is that? I'm like serious.

Like puzzles or like brain teasers? No, I'm more like a pickleball guy. I got my new paddle, so I'm ready to go. Well, who wants some?

You just turned 50. Now. Yeah. Okay. Hold on a minute.

This is going to get good. Do you want to move off this subject? Do you want to stick around with it? I'm with you wherever you want to go. Okay. Did I touch a nerve in this building? Yes. be terrific Lauren no no the next few moments of this program are going to be great I'm not gonna back down okay good good to know I love pickleball love it I play it once a week with my poker buddies we get out there we get after it yes we get a yes when I say we get after oh no after and then after and after two hours I am terrific totally yes and then I'm feeling joints I'm feeling all sorts of stuff because you're you know it's quick movement you know you're a dancing bear so bowling ball of butcher knives I'd love to know how you stay out of the kitchen that's for another day okay hold on hold on hold on now then I have come on this program multiple times and said I love pickleball now then I hand things over to my colleague Chris Brockman for his take Chris you have the floor pickleball is for men of a certain age that's his come back anymore no you knows what I mean I'm going to introduce you to the share bear one of the top five pickleball players in America mm-hmm and you know what his diet is and his pre recommend three regiment is before his pickleball 71 hours of rest what is that tequila's name oh gosh that dings the bell the Casa de Casa de nego Casa de negos Casa amigos in 71 hours he's on the court are you kidding me I'm gonna introduce you to the share bear oh yeah you you you about to find out just like old people who can't run around a tennis court that's what he's saying circles around you son that's what he's saying he's saying it's you old people can't I've seen the doubles clips you just stand there and go you know it is it's like vegans and people went to Harvard you know how you don't put people say the ball's popular they tell you about it they won't shut up about pickleball it's a fad you won't shut up about pickleball I don't I love it I love I got my new paddles oh I'm gonna Jamie Foxx house to play you coming you want to yeah of course I know you're not invited how old is Jamie Foxx the top pickleball players in the world is not 50 something yeah I'll be out there by the way kudos to you for not backing down with Warren Sapien what's your pickleball game looking like what are you coming on no I'm just coming on okay gotta stay out of the kitchen and you know yeah the kitchen I know what you're talking about this for a year and a half and then I told him let's go out and play and you said you were afraid of hurting your Achilles I didn't want to pop an Achilles that's what he said I'm at the age where Achilles get pop excuse me 40 and this guy you get it no yes they do Warren my Achilles matters your Achilles matters his matters as well and you're so afraid and the most aged-out thing you can ever say is oh I'm afraid of hurling my Achilles I'm not a man of a certain age yet okay let's play yes we're making a call we call this is great yeah who is it Jamie's house playing pickleball we got share bear okay drop some other names what are you gonna tell me East Coast guy they told me go to Jamie's and Jamie got the pickleball come like what so I hit Jamie Jamie said come on over okay so there we go all right so you got a plus one how about always you and I always said you and I you and I will team up like t-plane t-plane on the list plus three second let's reach okay I'll be what I'll be one of those plus Florida thing let's go yeah like you've come over to entourage you show it with two people you're good yeah I'll show up with my racket my pickleball in the world you have the best battle I actually I'll be honest with you I'll admit it hold on a minute I admit it I need a new one because it last few times I've gotten so upset I've thrown it racket abuse I'm telling you that's how a good craftsman never blames his tools I'm intense I'm intense when I play I want to win rich back in okay these are the guys fantasy football with them they're all retired they are not all retired stop it it's not like cocoon all right it's not like I'm there with Jessica Tandy I got this for you rich and some and some big rock by a tight house retire him he can't handle it you wouldn't be able to handle it I'm so that's what I told you the next few minutes of the show we're gonna be okay rich is like Alexander Bublik after smashing tennis rackets oh my god I saw that the other day yeah he lost it a little bit Warren Sapp here on the rich eyes and show all right before I let you go oh you chimed in on the whole Justin Fields trade front what do you got for me what happened walk me through this process you know what I was sitting on my couch yes like I you know just hanging in the morning just just hanging okay turned it on and Dominic Foxworthy is given swagger one of those guys the eye and you know goes on one of his you know GM rants I used to be in this position and he talks about trading Justin Fields for the number one pick and be wife Bryce young from Alabama mm-hmm and I went that's a nice idea why in the last two years who is at the Mendoza line with W's in the National Football League come on W's aren't the stack do you look at that okay who has 91 sacks in the last two years well guy who can't be protected and doesn't have any any any weapons and who's been dynamite nonetheless dynamite work he's been he's he's a tough one percent is dynamite why I hate to see what TNT or nitroglycerin look like I mean you got I mean look who the bears have surrounded him with and by the way a coaching change you know so now what's gonna change in the next two years well I you got to figure that the the new general manager Ryan polls no he's come he's comes from Kansas City he knows how to build around a guy who is dynamic you know he knows how to build around a guy with an arm and with legs he knows how to do that so you're gonna trust him if you know and any and and Mahomes doesn't do it in a dome he doesn't do it in in in 80-degree weather he does it in the cold so let's go so you don't like Justin Fields I don't think his style fits what Chicago wants to get and Bryce Young's does okay I can throw that ball okay quarterback Chicago's never had a quarterback as a whole franchise but we can go away back with the city love month how dare you how dare you slag on Jay Cutler that way oh my bad Jay Rex Grossman says this hello all right so but you see you like Bryce Young that much that you would take him right now go to battle it's and trade Justin Fields for what a one or you know a couple nice package deal give me some people cuz you do that I would I thought it sounded like a pretty good idea man if I'm the Jets I would be all up we saw Justin Fields of the Super Bowl like he's like 6-3 he's big dude he's all he only fits the eye test the airport test good job I've seen all these guys that look like Tarzan and play like Jane come on come on really he's running through defense somebody say mmm-hmm Justin Field needs to call Jalen hurts and say yeah dawg can I come tag on with tag along with you this this summer and find out you know let's let's see if we can work together and well that would make sense diving you know what happened what I don't know I mean that would have what that he would reach out mm-hmm I would hope so you're thinking that's no boy what are you hearing what are you talking about one all right where do you go to school it well now you're you're talking my language now I do it bleeds a certain way so Ohio State doesn't turn out quarterbacks is what you're saying hey I know you're laughing or individuals who will bend and mold themselves to a certain you know let me see you know maybe maybe not I don't know I love all I love big pace I love big pace Eddie George oh I know Chris Carter you're my classmate yeah no doubt about it I mean they got some they got some nice nice dogs but nine times out of ten is Ezekiel Elliott and what was the guy driving the Z 350 quarterback Oh prior throughout prior oh wow I don't know I can't believe I just want to see I'm now caping for a buck out I am down in Houston widget with Jalen hurts so whatever Jalen hurts does a little mix into that thing come my god what a performance he's unreal I can't believe I'm all the way though I'm still I'm still mad just go down son don't turn a bad player to disaster why me just me nobody wants to show the play I can't see it well I got out of his hand and they kicked it I know well the Chiefs made defensively made the play and I guess that's let's let's land on this before I send you off into your the rest of your day Chris Jones you said you were coaching him up how good is this guy you know what when he is turned on mm-hmm there's nothing fine in the national except random right and Donald cuz low man wins in the trenches yes but Chris is so big yellow powerful right he's on his game mmm it's very little but the Eagles did a good job I see him move some people in that game well the Eagles line is really good Jason Kelce is gonna share a room with you too one day they will be too good but I mean Lord Lane Johnson too did you hear he had an act he had a torn adductor surgery for and he's playing on that look in the way that he played in the Super Bowl he is that's a great line man oh but Chris Jones has been terrific oh no all year long me and him was going back and forth all year long right oh yeah great kid so read who reached out to you from Kansas okay Joe come on was down there with Marinelli back in Tampa in the wild days right we were growing it remember that he asked me what I come over in you know just just talk to the guys and I talked to him all year long okay it was a beautiful thing all right so just to recap Warren saps 40-minute appearance here on the rich eyes and show everybody should how can people check out your documentary life would see it's gonna be the 16th and the 18th is the film festival up in Baldwin Hills I got a I get you some information and I'll put it on my Twitter at Warren Sapp okay it warrants that at once very good and some people can check out your documentary and we're we're gonna play pickleball you're taking me at Jamie Foxx's spot yes you know I can DM him and say hey this happened you know okay very good all right so we're gonna be great don't get hurt guys and then I think I think I think Dion wants to talk to you I think prime I'm gonna hook him up do you know Toretto wanna look at your quarterback crime and you know give you another eye and another Heisman I know Toretto yeah his daughter just went to Colorado so you know that's Marshall's favorite quarterback cuz he's he's got Marshall's high school Marshall's favorite quarterback all right Warren Sapp at Warren Sapp thanks for coming in thanks for letting me know you're in town now that I know you're in town let's go get let's go Warren Sapp right here in the Rich I've been shown we come back the monster prospect of the week we're gonna be taking a look at a prospect in this year's draft every single week and then Ken Marino right behind for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form SZA you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen back here on the Rich Eisen show Warren Sapp Hurricane Warren has come and gone his appearances here are always like that I mean we and you know just in case you wonder we never talk in advance about what we're going to do now if you could tell pickleball didn't see that one coming didn't see it coming he's of a certain age now oh my god you are funny well I've built this hill so I you might as well I know you're not gonna keep going I gotta live there okay much like Richard you don't need to die you don't have to die on the hill just come back down the white flag it's okay this fad is going to end soon I don't know that if saps starting to do pickleball which you would have lost the bet on that I don't know man he would have lost a bet on lost a bet for sure and he would have taken the bet to obviously well he wouldn't have paid it off well that either clear has he still not paid you for what that can he pick it come on man but can he pick it never hasn't paid me for a can he pick it nor the the Girl Scout cookies stop lying you paid for the Girl Scout cookies yeah okay I didn't look yeah you're one of those people that don't you don't well normally someone tells you that they're sending you money I don't just randomly supposed to look at your your app I'm with Brockman on this so just every couple of minutes just randomly go should get an email notification that you got paid but I didn't you can't yes can't why accuse somebody who pays you electronically of not paying without checking the actual let me 20 bucks for over 365 days now so why would I even bother to think that you do have a reputation not over 300 again Kenny Pickett you said Kenny Pickett would be a top 10 pick yeah and this guy who's from the East Coast state of Pennsylvania coast says you bet against Kenny Pickett against like you did I hear I said I want to pick it to go the Steelers and that's where I saw him going understood that's why I took the bet okay and I was right and that by the way you do realize the combines later this month of the following playing season that's now complete I'm thinking of a way to double double back speaking of the talent evaluation portion of the NFL calendar we are now in it we are now in it Super Bowls done combines coming up then comes the free agent season tampering window don't call it that at all new league year then comes the campus visits and pro days and interviews that season baby then comes the draft March 7th college pro days begin that's correct right around the corner so in celebration of that each week on the Rich Eisen show I'm gonna talk about the monster prospect of the week brought to you by monster calm and this one the first one out of the gate has got to be Bryce Young because he is that plus a biscuit we've seen what he could do in Alabama we see what he did in Alabama and you see two teams in the AFC South needing quarterbacks the Texans and the Colts sitting there at two and four respectively now we all know what he's done in Alabama the eye in the sky will not lie his tape jumps off at you can't wait to see his interviews when he interviews with teams I guarantee you they will be dynamite his resume we all know is impeccable okay Heisman Trophy is on that resume that's pretty darn good right school records for pass yards and passing touchdowns in 2021 look at that Alabama school history all-time he's second and passing yards and passing touchdowns the only Alabama quarterback with two seasons of 3,000 or more passing yards that is an impressive resume that he will present in his interviews okay who's gonna come and get him or do the Bears just sit tight this is the story I told you I told you that I'm so proud of myself after the playing season was over and the Bears wound up with the first overall pick we didn't expect that to happen Lovey Smith spits his last Texans breath to use a wrath of con phrase con right at the front office saying that we're gonna win this meaningless game and hand the first overall pick in next year's draft to the Bears and I told everyone a day after the playing season that the story of the draft was gonna be what do the Bears do at quarterback even though Justin Fields had just completed a highly entertaining season showing off incredible athletic skills showing off his arm showing off his legs showing off his heart unfortunately on occasion showing off his medical chart you mean just he took a beating and he kept on ticking and I knew this was gonna be the story because the Bears in order to get the most for the first overall selection that they had now bestowed upon them they will have to make it look like they're taking these quarterbacks so somebody's got to come to them to go get him and beat the Texans to the punch because if you're the Colts you can't run the risk of the Bears saying you know what we're gonna trade Justin Fields not to you we're gonna trade Justin Fields and we're gonna trade him and take one of these quarterbacks in the Texas take the other one off the board and you're screwed yeah can't run that risk so you're gonna have to knock on the Bears door and say what's up I told you this was gonna be the story I had no idea what happened so damn fast that I didn't see coming Jason lock and for my former NFL Network colleague tweeting out more than one NFL general manager came away from the Senior Bowl fairly convinced that Justin Fields will be dealt it is on and this along with the resume and the way he's gonna interview and the way he's gonna go about his job hunt in this year's talent evaluation portion of the football calendar along with that and the Bears being involved in a first overall pick for the first time in the common draft era that makes Bryce Young the monster prospect of the week and the first monster prospect of the week brought to you by sponsored by can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move it's time to get off the sidelines go to and win the job hunt eight four four two oh four rich number to dial your phone calls also coming up I talked about a rule change that's being made in professional football albeit unfortunate the NFL baseball is making some rule changes or cementing some that's coming up with Ken Marino of party down in studio still here on the Roku channel but rich isn't it easy to be right about these things when you're writing the script because you all it's true made it yesterday that you were part of so I mean you wrote that and now it's happening so I don't I don't like talking about this stuff so openly as you know DJ yeah but I have to admit Lovey Smith went off script he did yeah that wasn't how it's supposed to go down I wasn't part of the meeting he called not he called an over all surprised maybe you know as you know second city is known for improv maybe love he picked up a thing or two you went off script yeah we were all so surprised yeah writers hate it when actors improv I know that speaking of which did you see the video of D'Amico Ryan's pulling a key and peel at his press conference did you see that he did the Obama you saw that I saw I was hoping to be like more than one straight handshake to make it even funnier and there wasn't there was just one but it was it's kind of like seek it out he did it of the brilliant show party down I cannot be more excited about being back he's here in studio hour three you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules now get to know her on give them Lala with her assistant Jess la it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here do you just think it just happens sometimes I think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like I want to get on this mic and be like this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months give them Lala wherever you listen
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