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REShow: Kirk Cousins/Sean Payton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 10, 2023 3:07 pm

REShow: Kirk Cousins/Sean Payton - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 10, 2023 3:07 pm

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and Rich discuss the Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl matchup and why he can relate to Jalen Hurts succeeding in spite of his many naysayers, Justin Jefferson’s big night at the NFL Honors ceremony, how the Vikes can take the next step next season, and Aaron Rodgers’ 4-day “darkness retreat” and if the QB will return to the Packers next season. 

New Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton tells Rich why he’s looking forward to working with Russell Wilson after the QB’s disastrous 2022 campaign, why the NFL should adopt chip technology to determine touchdowns, and why he’s leaning Eagles over the Chiefs in a tight Super Bowl.

Rich and the guys reveal their picks for Sunday’s Chiefs-Eagles matchup.

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Our number two of our third and final day in the Super Bowl state of Arizona. Live on the Roku channel. Free on every Roku device known to man. It's also free on select Samsung smart TVs. Free on Amazon Fire TV. Free on the Roku app.

Free at the Roku channel dot com for all those watching us on the internet and streaming us. We also say hello to our terrestrial radio outfit courtesy of Westwood One helping us out so much and partnering up with us Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello to those audiences that are streaming us live right here from the Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Super Bowl experience. Sean Payton, the new head coach of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl winning end coach from his days with the Saints is going to be stopping by. Our number three Bert Kreischer will be here hopefully keeping shirts on for that interview when he joins us. Aiden Hutchinson in our number three. Rob Riggle is going to help us take everyone to Super Bowl weekend.

That's our number three but we kick off our number two right here with the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings here courtesy of Kay Jewelers Kurt Cousins. Good to see you Kurt. Rich great to see you. Again I should say it's good to see you again. Yeah I saw you last night. Yes. Yes. Backstage it's kind of funny.

I'm getting set to go out there and do my thing at NFL Honors for the Hall of Fame. I turn to my right and there you're standing with an insane amount of ice around your there's the photograph right there. That's us. Wow. Backstage.

Yep. That took a few minutes of prep. When I went to wardrobe they said okay we got 17 chains for you and I said who decided that 16 was too few and 18 was too many. I like that.

That was 17 chains right there. I like that. It did take a while to put on and take off. Normally you're just used to the one right is that basically? Yeah well I mean normally I'm used to having none but this season it became a thing so at first it was one.

Yes. In the next game it was three four five and the next game it was shirtless and then at that point I ran out of ideas so. And what about the singing last night?

What about that? Yeah I was a little flat but we had fun with it. It was a great time. Kelly I thought did an awesome job. She was great. She was great.

Yeah it's you know we're NFL players so it's a bit of a tough audience. It's not showbiz that you're performing for so yeah but she was awesome and it was fun to do that. I mean I listened to that song that I parodied in high school you know and so to sing it with her you're kind of one of those moments where you're like this is awesome I'm living a dream. Yeah blown away by just everybody that's in that spot.

Every year I'm you know I don't get jaded. It's kind of cool. Who did you meet last night?

Anybody else that you? I mean you see so many NFL greats. You know Dan Fouts was there. I shook his hand and I just said hey you're one of the best ever. My dad says you probably are the best ever so it's just fun to see guys like that especially in their gold jackets and you know Terry Bradshaw and then all the other current great players and it was fun too because I ran into Jared Brittany Payton and we all went to the same elementary school in Chicago. Yeah so Brittany was quizzing me to see if I could sing the Grove Avenue fight song and I could and she knew it too so it was fun.

How does that go? I'm all sung out. You're done singing? Although I did hear I gotta tell you Kirk I did hear through the grapevine that you do have an actually really good singing voice. Decent. Decent. It's okay at their years of barking out snap counts you know.

My voice keeps getting scratchier and scratchier but I was in a little singing show choir in high school and so my mom had us in musicals as kids and things so there's a background there but I'm far more a football player than a singer. Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings here on the Rich Eisen Show. What do you think of the matchup of this Super Bowl? Well I think it for me you know over the the long NFL season these really were the two best teams so I think it's it's fitting that they're in the Super Bowl. Just observing from a distance I watched a lot more of the Eagles than I did of the Chiefs throughout the season just because we had so many common opponents. You also played them in week two. Correct yeah I saw them up close and personal but my head would say the Eagles you know are probably the better football team overall.

Why is that? Just the line play you see the d-line though you know they've just been dominant I mean all season long and I think their only losses were really when Jalen Hurts wasn't playing and so they've just from you know wire to wire just been convincing but you know the Chiefs are there for a reason and they've been at the top of the league now for several years for a reason and and so I do think it'll be a great football game. And it's interesting with Hurts I'd love to linger with Hurts a little bit with you especially since you know he said there were a bunch of people that weren't you know welcoming him with open arms they didn't think he they were surprised that he was selected there. I mean you want to talk about somebody who was drafted and surprised a fan base that being drafted there you're you're kind of that guy you know like I mean for in it seems drafted RG3 being drafted or drafted there too but it doesn't have to be a bunch of folks there were kind of why is he here and he kind of voiced that he had that feeling when he was there in Philadelphia. Yeah I think in pro football what I've learned through my decade of experience with it is sometimes you just never can tell and you don't know what's going to happen and it's so key for us as players to just keep going to work keep our head down stay humble stay hungry and believe and you never know what's going to happen I think Jalen's done that and I think a lot of great players in this league have done that but you start to find that Jalen's story my story is actually more normal than people might think because certainly the first round picks get a lot of attention and the guys who were supposed to be great but whether it's Tom Brady whether it's Jalen Hurts whether it's any number of offensive defensive linemen there are a lot of guys who have carved out great careers in this league that nobody saw coming out of high school or out of college. Yeah so were there moments where you were wondering will I get a shot oh yeah I mean I remember you know even coming out of Michigan State and you're in the draft process and you're you're even wondering am I going to get picked and then when you do get picked wondering you know am I going to get a shot I remember Kyle Shanahan the day after I was drafted gave me a call and he just said Kirk the goal is that you would play well in preseason games and we would trade you that's really the model where this works out well. Is that what he said? That was the model and I understood because he said I coached Matt Schaub in Houston and that was the model that he took he backed up Michael Vick in Atlanta for three years played well in preseason games in a small stint where Mike got hurt we traded for him in Houston and he had a great career with us in Houston so he said that's really a great model it can be done so don't think that because you're backing up that it's a dead end the preseason is going to give you a great opportunity to someday get traded but really that was the model was this works out well if you can give us a couple of draft picks down the road by getting traded.

How did you take that? Well I think you know as my dad said an hour after I was picked he said Kirk Mike Shanahan is coached around Bill Walsh around John Elway around Steve Young if he's picking you in a in a situation where it really wouldn't be logical to he believes in you and he sees something in you so he said I would take that as a vote of confidence that Kyle and Mike really think you can play and and they're going to have your back and sure enough as time has proven they they did. Well I mean a lot of the conversation around at the time because I was sitting on a draft set and we were talking about it right after that was that maybe the Shanahan's weren't the ones sold on RG3 to begin with. Yeah I don't think that was the case yeah I don't think so I think Mike had a vision for how they could use Griff running the football and the difference it could make in this league with a running quarterback and to their credit and to Griff's credit they did I mean he won rookie of the year and defenses didn't really have a great answer and they were able to regulate defenses and Mike and Kyle both have such great football minds they they had a way of being able to really make his skill set a problem for defenses so certainly it was a I think something that they understood what they were doing. Yeah and now you take a look at Hertz himself I mean you talk about running and passing threat yeah dynamite this year. Yeah the RPO game it continues to be tough to defend if you know what you're doing and and then you gotta have a quarterback who really can run it and knows how to run it and clearly he's he's good at it and has a great feel for it as do their entire team and their scheme their offense so it's tough to defend like you said I watched it week two it was it was tough to defend and it's the defense also their d-line it's just it's tough man they make you earn it. Kirk Cousins here courtesy of Kay Jewelers right here on the Rich Ives and show before we get to that your receiver left double fisted last night he did not have an empty hand no he did last night what is it like throwing a Justin Jefferson? Yeah you know we traded for traded Dixie to Buffalo right you're kind of like well what's the plan here because we're we've got Adam Thielen but we're losing one of our better players what's the plan they say well we're going to get a first round pick and the plan will be to draft the receiver I said that's that's great if we get a great receiver but I've also been around a lot of you know seeing a lot of players get drafted who don't really pan out the way it was planned and right so we were very fortunate that we we picked the fifth receiver in that draft and ended up with Justin Jefferson so it worked out so well obviously worked out well for Buffalo too I don't think they're disappointed but to get Justin where we did we could have never predicted that he'd be what he's been I mean to set the rookie record for yards and then year two to top that and then year three to do what he's done at some point we're going to plateau we can't just keep going up but you know he's a phenomenal player and then Kevin I can't say enough about the job that he did to week after week as defenses were working hard to take Justin away yes to keep finding ways to get Justin the ball and scheme it up so he is open and I can work him Kevin did a great job there yeah and so what what where do we go from here yeah you you you win the division you don't finish well at all regular season and obviously we saw what happened in the playoffs what what to what do you attribute that yeah so walking off the field that's the exact question that I asked myself is where do we go from here because you win 13 games we're 11 and 0 in one score games in the regular season um we win a division title host a home playoff game there's a lot of positives there um but when you lose a home playoff game you know there's a lot of frustration and disappointment and so um certainly you know the goal is to as we get back in April you know is to just build this thing again from the ground up you start oh and oh you'd love to think that 13 wins somehow gives you a head start in the 23 but it doesn't we all start even in April and we got to build this thing up again and uh and plan to get back to that home playoff game setting if we can and then from there we got to get the job done and keep going what do you think Rogers is going to decide when he emerges from the darkness your guess is as good as mine uh I do think that when you have a great contract like he has it's tough to walk away yes it's a great I mean he signed a great contract so uh I would think it'd be you know he'd be motivated to come back as to whether he's in Green Bay or not I don't know but I still think he's one of the elite best players in our game and whoever he plays for he's he's going to make a real difference for him and you know I would think Green Bay but I don't I don't know that's what it sounds like I I would think that too or maybe Vegas I don't know but four days in darkness you never know I mean he did the Iowaska and he then won two MVPs so he seems to have a have a plan he does he does all right let's uh let's talk about uh Kay Jewelers and and what uh what you're doing with them yeah so Kay's partner with the NFL and they're now making uh pieces that are that are licensed so as a fan of your team you can now wear the jewelry with that logo so my wife Julie has a necklace with the Norseman Viking logo on it you know for Julie it's fun because for us the jewelry you know it represents so much more than just a team logo I mean it's it's our life it's what we do for living all of our greatest memories as a family center around being a part of Minnesota Vikings and so it means a lot to Julie to be able to wear that piece to games and the team events and so now anybody as a fan can go out and get jewelry pieces um you know of their team through Kay and and you know just in time for Valentine's Day it's perfect it's right around the corner it's always every Super Bowl it's like it comes right up it's coming on Tuesday here we go and with the with the 17th game now we're pushed a week later so we're even closer to Valentine's Day you know it it just jams up the whole schedule sure does you got something planned for next uh you know what I'm back to Minnesota on Sunday I'll probably land from the airport race home and turn on the big game okay I'll be watching from my couch in Minnesota I meant Valentine's Day well we'll be we'll be heading south then so so at the Super Bowl we'll get down to warm weather in Florida is that where you're going yeah we'll be headed to Florida and well we're getting a spot there in time until then we'll just rent that rent a place okay yeah so uh look forward to kind of getting out of Minnesota for a couple months in February March and then OTA start back up again in April and we'll be heading back north I hear you I hear you all right so what's your prediction for Super Bowl 57 Kirk Cousins what do you have tough call all these games tend to be so close but I'm gonna go with the Eagles in a close one maybe something like the Eagles low 30s and then the Chiefs mid-20s but I gotta believe Mahomes and Kelsey you're gonna keep it interesting I asked that of so we asked it of Kittle to start the show I've asked this of virtually every guest I don't how does he get so wide open because everybody knows I say the same thing I say the same thing like um we're watching a game you know we watch it but obviously you see it differently because you're a quarterback but I mean you know Mahomes runs around and then just like oh there's Travis Kelsey with no one around maybe that's a combination of first of all Andy Reid and Bienenmi with their play design because I know with Kevin with Justin everybody's trying to take Justin away and he's still showing up I'm going into the Patriots game on Thanksgiving night thinking if anybody's gonna take Justin away it's Coach Belichick there's no way he's gonna have a great game I've seen this real too many times and then first drive of the game Justin scores a touchdown and the rest of the game he made play after play and you think well you know there's those games where maybe we can still get in the ball and Kelsey's somewhat the same way but then you know when Pat plays off schedule you know all bets are off so sometimes his ability to play off schedule is probably what then allows Kelsey to still get get involved and I know I'm gonna say the the words here but uh I'm kind of proud of myself that I just did an entire interview with you without asking you about you like that I mean you didn't bring up the Michigan Michigan State rivalry we didn't say you like that there has to be a rivalry for that to happen well there was a good rivalry uh my ears actually I would say there wasn't a rivalry my ears because it was the other way so I guess that's what good rivalries do is they just kind of go back and forth right go back and forth no I know I mean I I was just trying to be a good host yeah and then I had to go there you went there I had to go myself on the back because you must get that every interview pretty much so well thanks for coming here great to see you thank you Kirk Cousins and his appearance here on the Rich Eisen Show sponsored by Kay Jewelers you still have time to find a gift at Kay Jewelers stop by a Kay store or shop online at to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift before the big game thanks for coming on here sir absolutely great that is Kirk Cousins here on the program when we come back Super Bowl winning head coach Sean Payton will be here right on the Rich Eisen Show from Super Bowl 57. 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is there to help because has millions of job openings and great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits and when you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth get off the sun folks go to and win the job hunt you know what was really weird about NFL honors last night what's that is the jets winning a lot that was weird i was wondering if we're gonna get to it oh yeah jets winning the offensive and defensive rookies of the year and one of the best offensive rookies of the year got hurt in week five for them they could have they could have had two yeah could have been co in the they could have been co offensive rookies of the year and then the hall of fame class you got darrell reavis making it and i understand he's got his ring with new england i understand that i get it and ty law is the one who introduced him on the stage it was a somewhat of an unkind cut but he's a michigan guy so i i can't be too upset and then joe cleco from the sack exchange yeah joe cleco you know whatever mark gasinow was you know i was thinking of him abdul salaam marty lions and him it was great to see a lot of jet flavor last night my my my squad was dak one as well the uh the uh man of the year and joining us the man of the moment courtesy of zebra great to see you good to see you is sean payton here on the rich isin show i the new denver broncos head coach i am uh appreciative that you just gently shook my hand because we're here at a super bowl and i will never forget after you won the super bowl with the new orleans saints you come by on the set of the nfl network i'll remember it forever it was unbelievable you were so you know fired up because you're a super bowl winning head coach now and you slapped our hands you slapped my hand so hard i did lose feeling like i was brack purdy it's coming back it's just now you were so i truly for that entire interview i'm like man my hand is still tingling boom went straight down i just remember that well when when at that event and i'm sure it varies per stadium but you kind of do a media segment like you would after the game and then you get in these golf carts and they take you places yes and so you know a lot of times coaches can be like crotchety about i don't want to do another interview here like so when you win the super bowl it's like who else wants to talk would you like to sit down here because i'd like to keep talking about this and so we go way back listen i rich is part of the if there was a combine rat pack he's one of the founding members and so we see you know what we see here with him running i i remember him before that was even a like he was part of the combine and so when i hear as i was asked today oh someone feels like there should should no longer be a combine it's ludicrous the the the initial beginning of the combine was to combine medical information yes that that's so in in the prior to the combine there were three or four groups and these colleges would have you know imagine all the people coming to the colleges to poke and prod and find out the health of everyone and then someone said let's combine the information let's meet somewhere and then someone said hey while they're here let's run a 40 you might as well while they're here and then like let's do a three-cone drill and so but the initial intent and purpose of the combine was to combine medical information and hopefully the powers to be are smart enough to uh to to keep that in place it's more efficient for the players and honestly i think the players gain from that i mean the fastest 40s are run at the combine it's a fast track it is i mean it's a fat when except for when i run it well then the track is not as fast but no i think but the argument would be if we went back to your alma mater and ran a 40 yes i think you'd prefer being at the combine maybe so it's all relative right it is it is then we just always had a great time after the every the night was over i remember a mechanical bull at like two in the morning and things like that back in the day man that was that was like times that was like vegas with uh sinatra martins there's a group of us and so um so fun young and and and working hard at what we're doing and uh and now look a lot's changed like this set the carpet here everything got the carpet we got it all working and i'm thrilled that you're stopping by sean payton the new denver broncos head coach courtesy of zebra technologies and we'll get to that in a second it was great seeing you last night at the wheels up dinner as well that was a great spot just a great spot and i couldn't help but notice the man to your left was your quarterback russell wilson i get invited um i think russell was one of the hosts yes you know they've got a couple hosts and it's uh it wasn't a big party it was more of a dinner i would say it was a sit down it was a sit down yeah and so i've met rus before i coached him in the pro bowl and and um i'm anxious to get over and see him i haven't seen him since uh i've become the head coach and he's sitting with his wife sierra and but across from me is joe montana and his wife jennifer and so i know russ was wanting to talk a lot about like where we're going and i kept like asking joe so on to jeff franker drive how did you read this play and because when i cut my teeth as a young coach in 97 and 98 it was under ray roads and john gruden they had come from that bill walsh mike homegren they were in that tree and so all the cut-ups that i had a chance to be a part of her watch a lot of them were joe montana and i still have these tapes like and these are like when they when you pull these out this is like the bible you open it up and this is the this is the way it was taught and here he is and and i i've met him before but never had this chance to like yeah he's across the table he was literally across the table russ keeps nudging me and i'm like hold on but it was it was a great event so you got a chance to just uh chat with russ yeah just be there it was good just and have a nice like normal hangout yeah absolutely so you know the the whole question that was like you know would you take the job based on what we saw from russ last year and why would you do that based on what we saw from russ last year so what do you say about what you saw from russ last year i think this um at the very beginning of this process the thing that was unique is when you're working for fox and you're on a studio show um and and and you you become possible or possibly a candidate for these jobs like they're they have to ask that question and so we went in a direction where we just openly talked about it whether it was schrager or glazier and i said look this is where it's at but the important triangle that i felt from experience was ownership and front office gm and and i had that uh i had experienced that in a really really positive way in new orleans with the benson family mr benson the late mr benson gail benson and then mickey lumas is a close friend to this day like that triangle to me is is and was number one in this this decision of if if there was a right job and and then secondly you know what's the culture and fan base like to the city you want to go somewhere where it's important and it was important in new orleans for a lot of reasons maybe even different than at the time but man it's important in denver and then lastly are the are the players and so there's no perfect but let's talk about it it's it's a team that went five and twelve that's why there's an open job generally speaking when a team underachieves or doesn't play as well as everyone expects there's a lot of people with dirt on their hands and we gravitate to the quarterback and the head coach sure i know this i i know he works his butt off i know he's going to train hard all the other things that got out i'm not interested in where they were you know like so there's going to be a car in the facility with no rear view mirrors on it and it's a little just symbolic of where we're going um i believe in the system we have but i also believe that we got to look closely at what's best for this team individually and it starts with what does the quarterback do well and two things that help quarterbacks are good defense and good running game i think they played pretty good defense last year yes they did they struggled running the football and that was part of the issue was that the defense was balling out and the and the offense wasn't holding it's an issue i was in new york when when foxy and michael strayan and jesse armstead those guys were fantastic and the offenses were awful and we finally flipped that script to get and we go to a super bowl right so i think this um looky russell lives like six miles from drew breeze in in san diego in the off season that's where his home is and so this whole month drew is calling me saying hey when are you making a decision this guy's wearing me out and oh russ was wearing him well russ and drew you know russ was wearing okay yeah what's going on is he yeah and so i told drew on the phone i said look i'm gonna make you assistant head coach of delmar relations you know you just handle that but i look i think um here's the thing um the challenge is the fun part and i heard you talk about this like the challenge is the fun part and and you know when we signed drew in 06 everyone says well miami failed the physical no they didn't fail the physical they passed them on the physical but they didn't offer they were a little bit more leery with their offer and we were much stronger with our offer because we had to but the fun part is the is the challenge and so i'm looking forward to working with them is it as simple as you know drew was deadly accurate and drew was also i'll say it vertically challenged and that you had and that they're different players okay and that russ can just yeah they're different players no i i think i think this is tweaked the offense changes a little um and then we also have to be you know ready to adjust as we see it ourselves but look what we did with carrie collins in new york was different than what we did with quincy carter in dallas or vinnie testaverdi and then when we signed drew quickly we changed kind of the just the we had a coach on our staff that was with breeze in san diego that was a coincidence and so we began using terms that he knew because it didn't matter to us we were new um it's a little bit like a business startup you know that's the fun part yeah it is and you know and then the huge narrative of last week sean payton was uh the personal coach of russ you're not gonna let him you're not gonna let him look i was asked the question about yeah you know this was we did a press conference and then we had this we called scrum yeah the scrum on the side a gaggle yes you had a gaggle you did have a we're not calling it a gaggle anymore and i love your show now i love patrick smith patrick's fantastic it's great he's a stud he's been there so we have this gaggle which means more questions and so we're talking and somebody just said hey you know russell's had a coach uh in the building you know helping him your thoughts on that and i and i was honest i said i'm unfamiliar with that i'm unfamiliar what that looks like which means i'm probably not going to do that in fact we're not going to do that and and but that um like he said last night to me he said you know i want to be coached hard all these players want to be coached hard they really do and so and and creating that environment that's best for the team and the accountability that's best for the the team um there were a lot of things they didn't do well last year and that falls on a lot of different people and a lot of different people are gone so you didn't in between the p's and prosciutto's and the rayo's meatballs didn't say to you hey i want my coach back no no no there was no i think it was pretty clear so i don't think there was any yeah it was clear but listen he was fantastic and and uh yeah it was good okay sean paton here courtesy of zebra technologies walk me through the latest i love all these technologies and what so we we all we all got exposed to zebra nine years ago when they partnered with the nfl yeah and i i think it's always important to explain to people zebra is the barcode you know so when you're at the store and you swipe something and you see the barcode that's what they do long before they thought about putting chips and shoulder pads they you know so if you're at best buy or walmart and you swipe something that's that's a zebra barcode that tells you what it is and how much it costs all right it's information tracking and so we we put the little chips in the shoulder pads and we get the players miles per hour and then we call it next gen stats yes sir all right so i actually know the lady that actually invented that term all right but that's a zebra term next gen stats tell me this player was traveling 21 miles an hour so it provided a studio entertainment value right and then it also provided us at the club level of putting these in their pads and and just watching practice volumes miles per hour how far they traveled because we began to get better at practicing more efficiently but also to avoid soft tissue injuries my first exposure was just trying to reduce hamstrings and and muscle cramping and looking down at the receivers in a practice training camp session the average distance for a two and a half hour practice was six to six and a half miles for a wide receiver that's when they enter the field till they leave brandon cooks was at eight and so why was he at eight let's pay attention to it because shame on us if brandon has a has an injury and so you take a broad-based approach and say we're going to cut back on practice well what does that really mean this just gave me a way to measure it fantastic but now the chips are in the balls you bet it is all right where are we going with this john you know where we're going i'm going to go back before i go forward we all saw the chain gang episode have you broke how many chains broke in the playoffs now listen it's better the best part of the chain gang experience yes is when they brought the second set in and we examined it in our own eyes and every one of us said it's tangled this is going to take 30 seconds we've all had a hose that have not yes we saw this this thing sat tilted at the basement of this stadium unused for eight years and we knew it was tangled and i thought are they going to go to commercial here like you can't make this up no so what are we just going to start let me just start with this they do have we can still have a a 10 yard measuring stick they make untangled chains like our hoses now you know the words you just pull out they're like they can never get tangled never exactly i want that never all right are we gonna are we gonna start using a football of gps in the football and let's just start with the idea that it crosses the goal line yes sir and when it touches the goal line the goal posts light up yes oh yeah all right because in the nba when it turns zero zero zero do you see the backboard yes of course you know so what is the official look at he just looks at the hand and the ball yeah and if it's here it's good if it's here it's not correct so wouldn't we like to be able to see that light and then look at the knee yes we would yes and so yes and then the other thing that's crazy when i punt this ball and it goes out of bounds in the air the method at which we measure that it's the eye test no we always think of we always think of the the yodeler on the price is right who keeps going up the yodel and it's the ref just it's like the yodeler going up guy back here just starts walking fast and i look and i look and i look and then i'm like and have we ever questioned that never you know why because we go to break all the time after we go to break no one says we just got screwed on that that went out of the bounce 20 yards deep in the air over a plane and they just said that looks about right 38 yards so when are we going to get to that because it's not just it's obviously zebra mud of the technology the first thing we have to do is draw attention to it and so that's what we're doing right now well you also got to get in the competition come in and start and i know that you got to get back in there and start knocking some heads together we got it we got we had some other challenges right now but but now let's be the devil's advocate here for a second because i just worked tv you've done tv yes sir all right there's something cool about the chain gang coming out yeah and extending it and oh yeah it's it's close a little simple don't ever lose track of this all the things we're doing are tv driven yeah all right there's a reason this challenge flag that i'm carrying that has two ounces of sand and a rubber band wrapped around it that i launch onto the field when i disagree when i could easily just beep a button yeah but we want to see this fly and then we throw it differently like we throw it in disgust right at the feet yeah yeah like that yeah yeah so that's great drama and so we're not changing that are we you know in other words there's a happy balance here that's fun but i do think we can get to a few things because ultimately we want to help the officials that's all and zebra just uh announced an extension their partnership with the nfl through at least 2025 which is great and i always love having you on the show man i always appreciate you stopping i appreciate you i love our friendship right back at you and so your prediction for super bowl 57 so is i i said this on air last week i'm going to be asked it again tomorrow sure or sunday i i felt the the winner of the nfc championship game was going to win this game um and i still feel that way i feel philadelphia is going to win this game um there's one little thing that's a little bugaboo that i think we got to pay attention to i think kansas city's much further along in the kicking game i watched that return last week that led to the touchdown i mean what's his name sky or who was it that sky more sky more had the punt return yes look they got a veteran special teams coach and top you know yeah and so if you if you that's the one area that if we see and this comes up every 10 years you know you had green bay with desmond howard returning a kickoff versus the if there's if there's some explosives in the kicking game favoring kansas city then that trumps the this this discussion i think philadelphia runs the ball more effectively i think they currently have been playing better defense um and so i i think it's philadelphia's game um that's what i'm picking to win and and look here's the other thing like so i made that prediction before getting hired with the chiefs and so once you're in the division with a team like my son said this to me when we were when he was younger and we were watching the falcons in the playoffs and i said connor who you liking in this game and he said dad we can't root for the dirty birds so we can't root for the cheese can we no i know now you're a bronco exactly so we're rooting for philly i got you and then of course in terms of special teams you never know when some crazy ass some just remember this yeah that little discussion we just had okay kicking game related that's about to say you never know when some crazy ass coach is going to start the second half of the super bowl and onside kick either you never know that and it's going to be a scrum great to see you sean payton great to see you guys the new head coach of the denver broncos joining us here courtesy of zebra technologists when we come back we give you our game predictions before burt chrysler stops by in person we're back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network along with serious xm and odyssey and we're about to give away we're about to uh predict uh predict the super bowl but i just want to give out some much deserved appreciation and kudos to the one team event management um the the event management team of one team eric nelson richie bray j hathaway for making this shoot so uh easy and lovely and rush media's rusty cummins i want to thank rusty for everything that he has done d before e dave edwards lauren mike and pepper i mean look at this set look at what the set looks like and and just i want to thank everybody from uh the event management team of one team and everyone else and we uh before the show because we got to get out of dodge um as soon as this show is over and dodge being the super bowl experience this was our um our crew yeah before before we started our day and this is so great i mean look we've told our story over and over and over again about how uh how many different uh hurdles we had to leap uh before we finally uh hooked up with the roku channel uh and and the partnership with roku and the roku channel is just phenomenal shout out roku joe and uh roku joe is here yes indeed and so uh we're just we're we're thrilled to be here um at the super bowl experience and and have a great experience together with the entire crew so thank you to so many people uh who's named i just didn't even mention and thank you man oh no thank you see i heard that i was a good listener no thank you my goodness wow that's gonna stick oh it's gonna stick it's gonna stick uh by the way rich this shirt still smells doesn't it smell nice smells that's great that no you're truly creeping me out it's time gents are you ready are you ready it is time for the big game predictions presented by subway thank you for the music sir let's go for it chris brockman you are first predicting the big game what is your big game prediction i need a final score who's going to win and who is the most valuable player of the big game go for it i think it's gonna be a close game we're gonna get close to the total which is at 51 now we're not gonna go over i'm gonna go under i'm gonna say philadelphia 26 24 jaylen hurts your mvp that's your prediction huh all right so you heard all of the eagles everyone's saying philly philly philly and you want philly after all of that i gotta say sean paton kind of convinced me he kind of put me over the top of the analysis okay but i am keeping an eye on the kicking game that's what he said keep an eye on it what do you have tj jefferson your big game prediction yeah man i think that the yard birds they jump out early uh probably take the lead into the fourth quarter i think it's going to be a pretty high scoring game i think in the end patrick mahomes is going to rally the chiefs i have them coming back to win the game 33 to 27 and mr mahomes will be your most valuable player and he will continue on that path to greatness well it's now time for me to break the tie here and predict the big game as you know all year long chiefs nation has been very upset with me yeah because i looked at the tyreek hill departure as a sign that their reign atop the afc west would be over i still thought they would be a playoff team but i thought that there were holes that needed to be filled also on defense so i chose the raiders to win the division and i still have egg on my face for that and chiefs kingdom folks that i've been running into here in arizona have done nothing but remind me of that and i'm glad that eric stone street hasn't arrived yet as he will do that as well so i believe it is fascinating if you will potentially ironic like rain on your wedding day i am going to predict the kansas city chiefs to win the big game and i am taking them to win the big game by a final score of 28 to 24 i do believe it is going to be a high scoring affair inside the stadium where i watched the fiesta bowl put up damn near 100 points it's a it's a friendly stadium for this type of neutral site game and i am going to say that uh in the same way that mariuchi uh in his mold kurt warner's record if you will of being the last super bowl mvp to have won the mvp of the playing season that's going to get smashed and patrick mahomes will indeed be the first super bowl mvp to also be the league mvp since kurt warner did it in 1999 i'm taking kansas city chiefs wow to win the big game that's what i'm going to do and that was big game predictions presented by subway subways upping their game with the all-star subway series menu order by name or number and they'll do the rest there you go i have a prediction rich what do you got mike the weather market oh it's not going to rain inside this guy he's on i thought you were going to actually tell me what the weather was super sunday because that is a significant piece of information sunny we're in arizona it's beautiful out here look it up i bet you i'm right look it up i bet you i'm right mike just doesn't want to do any more weather applause because it's all flop sweaty when he does it no i'm not fine wow no but i can tell you it's not going to rain at all 77 the grass is outside right now i think it might have been moved inside all right then let's do one last one here non-quarterback who could win the mvp go non-quarterback because if you're taking philadelphia philadelphia i'm gonna take miles sanders i would if i was if i was philadelphia and picking philadelphia and choosing a non-quarterback i'd choose asan redick if he has a game in super bowl 57 maybe like the one that he had who would be the mvp of the nfc championship game do they give those out i don't know like it would be ready hasan redick was the most valuable player on that day one play changed the whole game but he also had a fumble recovery of the joss johnson snap that went off his grill i think philly is going to be able to run the ball which is going to limit how much you know offensive time of possession the chiefs have and miles sanders is going to have a good game in that respect okay you know if that's the case can city chief not named patrick mahomes to win the mvp i would say it can't be kelsey because the homes is going to be the one getting in the ball and if that's the case then that's true but kelsey could put up some incredible receiver numbers that break records but like edelman edelman was mvp yeah so i would say kelsey would have been but no you can choose him we got to go on the defensive side i would say you're going to need that defense to stand up so let's say frank clark uh or chris jones or i think chris jones was kind of an obvious so i tried to go a little okay a little different but yeah that i mean one of those guys i have a feeling is going to make some pretty huge plays on sunday i remember i got so much crap from my buddy doug who might be out there watching when i said kelsey was going to win mvp of the super bowl in tampa i was way off because there was nobody doing anything offensively for the team that night but kelsey is truly it's different unbelievable the number of people that say i don't know how he gets open i don't know you know mahomes runs around quite a bit and and then he knows where to find that sweet spot and by the way all weekend long right here on the roku channel the rich eisen show big game bonus special will be airing and my guests uh on that show uh cameron um yeah cam is going to be stopping cameron jordan's going to be stopping by also on the show anthony ramos the actor from in the heights now the new transformers movie and then um the kelsey's donna and ed kelsey the parents of jason and travis will be here nice it's gonna be a fun show and again you can for the first time ever stream the super bowl for free super bowl 57 on westwood one is coming up sunday catch all the action on the odyssey app on westwood one sports dot com via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports our final hour here at the super bowl state coming up burt kreischer will join us coming up next shirts on guys shirts shirts on shirts on i will what'd you do last night dj mikey d because again i went to i did on nfl honors and then went to this uh wheels up reo's dinner which was phenomenal where i did see uh sean payton and russ and montana how was the action firm oh uh copper manning was sitting at the table next to uh um trevor lawrence and here is a funny moment i because they they had me go up on stage to do a little q and a and they had russ up there and sean payton and joe montana jim gray who i introduced as the star of the let's go podcast and i told him though i said don't ask anybody their timetables up here because they'll curse you out so i i said to you know hey raise your hand anyone here who's ever won a super bowl and you know russ puts his hand up and sean payton puts his hand up and montana puts up four put up four and so i think um then uh uh kenny dictor the ceo of wheels up goes are there any current nfl players anybody who's played an nfl game that's here and a bunch of folks obviously put up alex smith was there he raised his hand also raising his hand was garrett wilson was there debo was there it was a heck of a night wow and then when asked anybody who ever played in an nfl game cooper manning raised his hand that guy cupboard as we all know coming up when college football season starts very funny he will be the man of the hour that is for sure burke christ you're coming up look at him in the purple room of the roku channel
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