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REShow: Bert Kreischer/Aidan Hutchinson/Rob Riggle - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 10, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Bert Kreischer/Aidan Hutchinson/Rob Riggle - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 10, 2023 3:08 pm

Comedian Bert Kriescher reveals to Rich that he’s fearful he got scammed when spending $125K on Super Bowl tickets, why Frisbee Golf is his new sport of choice, touts the upcoming release of his “The Machine” movie and much more.

Lions DE Aidan Hutchinson and Rich discuss his transition from college football to the NFL as a rookie, what Dan Campbell and Jim Harbaugh have in common, and admits he wasn’t actually that confident his Michigan Wolverines were going to beat Ohio State again this season. 

Die-hard Chiefs fan Rob Riggle tells Rich why Patrick Mahomes will come away with his 2nd Super Bowl ring on Sunday, break down the Jets chances to land Aaron Rodgers, and more.

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Eligibility and terms at sportsbook dot DraftKings dot com slash football terms. It has been an amazing week here in Phoenix, Arizona. It's time to kick off our third and final hour of coverage of three days here at the Super Bowl State in Arizona, getting set for actual football coming up this weekend and thrilled to be here on the Roku Channel and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliated Sirius XM and Odyssey, our whole audience, for the man who has been in town performing in front of sold-out shows at the Mullet Arena in Tempe, Arizona, performing here at the Super Bowl himself, Bert Kreisch.

You're good to see you, sir. Thank you, thank you. Have you ever performed at an arena called the Mullet?

No, no, no, no, no. Definitely over, under-delivered. It's funny, they gave me a plaque. They said, you know, you set record attendance at the Mullet Arena. And I was like, everyone in the room's like, wow. And Shane Gillis, one of my openers leans in, he goes, they've only been open eight months.

Well, you set the mark. People have now got to go reach it. It's freezing. It's a hockey arena. And so there's ice under there and I'm shirtless. I am, my chest is, I am like freezing the entire show. I think I'm getting a chest infection from these hockey arenas.

Oh my gosh. It was awesome. This is, Super Bowl experience is like none other. I was telling you guys before the show started, the offensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs showed up to the show last night.

Like the whole O line. Is that right? The whole, do you remember the scene in Revenge of the Nerds when the Omega Mu's start walking through the door? I felt like that.

I felt like Booger just going one, two. You know, it's amazing. I think like, you think you're a man. Their hands are so much bigger than me.

I think if I was going to get into a relationship with a dude, it would be like an O lineman. Yeah. Yeah.

Just for like, just even like showering together, he could just clean me so quickly. They're amazing. They're amazingly large. Now you saw them from the stage or that, or you saw them backstage?

Well, no, I, so I got a text from Orlando Brown and he said, uh, yo, we're going to come through. And I was like, yeah, sure. So the whole time I'm looking for offensive linemen in the audience and I'm like, and my fans are dudes and they're big dudes. I'm like, that must be them. Uh, there, I don't know where these guys are sitting. I don't know what happened to those poor seats. Those seats are destroyed.

These are the largest man. I mean, everyone kept just coming up and this is what's crazy about Super Bowl weekend. There's girls in my meet and greet at the end. There's never a woman backstage. I've never had a woman backstage.

There are beautiful women backstage. Everyone's like, what? This is insane. This whole experience is insane. It's a Super Bowl week. Yeah. This is it.

And the tickets are so affordable. Should we talk about whatever you'd like? So I tell Mark Norman and Shane Gillis, my two openers.

Yes. I say, Hey, we're doing them all arena. We'll do two shows.

We do one show Saturday night sells out at Friday, sells out out Wednesday at Thursday, doing four shows. Guys is a little treat. Super Bowl tickets on me. Good seats. A hundred and $25,000.

Well, you're going for the primo primo. I didn't know. My wife called and she goes, they just took $125,000 out of our account. Is there something going on?

Do you need to talk to me about something? Are you going to South Africa for a month? I was like, no, we're going to the Super Bowl. I don't even like either of the teams.

I don't even like either of the teams. Now that this is your rookie experience mistake is you need to check the prices before offering to take people in primo seats. Or waiting until the whole line comes over and they go, we each get 15 tickets.

Do you want some? I went, are you kidding me? One guy's like, well, you got to sit with my parents. I was like, I don't get along great with parents. This is your dad's drink because I black out in front of your family.

Like I do my family. I feel like I need to put money on the Super Bowl now to try to break even. I'm not going to make money at the ball at arena. I'm going to lose my ass on this Super Bowl. It's been a great experience here at Super Bowl 57 in the state of Arizona.

So I've been told that, as you mentioned, these aren't even teams that you root for, but I have been told that your sport of choice, that if you could choose is, if I'm not mistaken, involving a Frisbee and the world of golf. By the way, Ricky Wysocki came to my show last night. One of the best disc golfers ever. And I introduced him to the O-line. I was like, gentlemen, I want to introduce you to my athlete. This guy can huck a Frisbee.

I mean, just great forehand, great backhand. I love disc golf. I love it. It's an extremely accessible sport. It's fun. You can smoke weed while you do it.

It's great. Like you see big dudes that are out of shape and then they're like, and then they just throw a great disc. And then you're on the course, he's like, indigo or sativa? And you're like, sativa. And he's like, I grow my own.

You should try this. And then it's awesome. And they're beautiful. It's beautiful landscapes.

They all look beautiful if that's what you're doing while you're playing disc golf. I mean, I don't know who does it sober. So what do you, what, what the hell is it?

Please have the floor. So it's regular. Here's what I love about it. The learning curve is extremely, extremely accessible. Okay. So it's a little disc.

They're all shaped roughly the same size, but they're different weights. And you have a driver, you have a mid range, you have a putter or, you know, and they're like 350 yards and you just, and you throw a Frisbee and you get like usually three shots to the goal. And it's really fun. You can play with all your friends and everyone learns really quickly. It's on an actual golf course?

No, no, no. Well, they do do some on a nice little golf course, which I hate because literally, you know how arrogant golfers are and I'm a golfer, but if they see a bunch of stoners throwing a Frisbee on the golf course, they're like, excuse me, my privilege is hurting. My dad would lose his mind if he saw disc golfers over at Avila. So they do have them on some golf courses.

Usually they're in the woods or in the forest. And it's just awesome. It's really fun. I'll take you. Please.

Yeah. I've heard nothing but great things about it and how you are nuts about it. I love it. I love it so much. And it's because it's like a fresh sport at the beginning of the UFC, when Rogan got involved, all the champions hit me up and they're like, yo, I live in Pensacola. You want me to take you for a round?

And then they give you a bunch of discs and then they tell you what you're doing wrong. And so you have the greatest golfers or golfers playing with you and showing what you're doing. It's amazing. It's a very, the community is amazing. And by the way, it's like my, it's my fans too. Like every time I go, they're like, no way you play disc golf. I was like, and I smoke weed and drink.

Can you believe it? It's my brand. Fair question here on the Rich Eisen show. Okay. So sure. I'd like to go. It's fun. You'll love it. You'll love it. You'll love it. And it'll frustrate you at first because you'll see people so much better than you. And you'll go like, you can get a little competitive and then you're like, and everyone tells you, oh yeah, you're, you're, you're throwing up.

You got to throw down, really rotate. And it's, it's fun. It's really fun. So what, what, which team do you root for in the NFL? What team is your, do you have a team bird? My team is the Bucks. It's always been the Bucks, but I was the Bucks fans when it was in the souls pre pre pre pre pre Josh Freeman. I was a Bucks fan when dudes went to these games, shirtless spit tobacco and, and, and, oh, hi.

I wish I'd say more, but yeah, Doug Williams was like my favorite player ever, ever, ever, ever, ever idolized Doug Williams. And so when I went to college, I didn't watch much football. And then when I got into standup, you only root for the games that you see, because it's your fantasy teams. So you pick the Cowboys or the Broncos.

So I was a big Tony Romo fan. And then when I moved to LA, my mom, we get the Rams and my wife's like, let's get season tickets, which are way more affordable than a Superbowl ticket. You can get a box. You can get a box at the new stadium for literally half a seat at the Superbowl. But for $125,000 for four tickets, are you sitting, are you, are you, are you administering the coin flip? I mean, you must be on the 50, but you must literally be like out there.

Bert Kreischer's got the commemorative coin, flipping it to start Superbowl 57 for that amount of money. This is the rub. Oh no. They don't tell you your seats until Friday. You don't know where you're sitting.

I mean, I want to storm the Capitol. If you think those guys felt like they were misrepresented, I don't even know who I gave the money to. I don't even know.

I don't even know. My manager just goes, I need $125,000 and I gave it to somebody. And you're like Bernie Madoff's client.

Like I'm just sitting there going, so you think Bitcoin's going to really do well? I hope this money turns out. Matt Damon said we're cool. I heard Tom Brady's involved.

This should be a win-win run. I'm sorry. I'm laughing so hard and crying. I don't even know who I, I don't even know when I got my tickets.

It's the greatest heist ever. Oh my God. Oh my God. My wife is so angry at me. Oh, she thought you were robbed. I should have helped out so many poor children.

We have to know there's people mining. I'm sweating and laughing. I'm not the one 150, 125 grand in the hole. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. So can we, can we get the post script when we find out where your seats are?

Like I'm now on the edge of my seat. Oh, I will, I will. It will be on my Instagram. I will be posting this on my Instagram Sunday and I will tell you exactly what seat I'm sitting in, where they are and oh man. Or maybe just stay tuned for the game and you're handing Andy Reid his Gatorade, you know, like some sort of fantasy camp. I'll be Kevin Harding the field.

Sure, I would pay for that. We did it! Go online son! Yeah, I will see. I'll tell you where I'm sitting. I'm sitting on Sunday.

Hopefully it's good. Wow. Oh my God.

There are so many dudes with big money schemes watching this right now going, I bet Burt would invest in this. Burt, I reimagined the fork. It's a monkey fist. And it's a little trigger. You'll like it. You'll like it. Burt, how about this? Coin operated. Oh my God.

The machine is coming up on May 26th. This is it. You're finally going to get it, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. How long has this been in the making?

Like years, right? Well, no, my brain is, my brain is not all bad. Okay. It was on the shelf. It was on the shelf for a while because of Putin. And so they were like, we don't want to put it out. And then I just was like, I'm going to leak it. So I went on Rogan's and I leaked the trailer and it got a lot of great traction and no one mentioned anything that they had a problem with. No cancel culture came after me. Everyone liked it.

Even people that didn't like me. They're like, I hate Burt, but I really want to see this movie. And so then Sony got involved and they, and we did an announce and we're coming out Memorial day weekend and a thousand theaters. Yeah.

Yeah. I'm really excited. I hope everyone enjoys the movie. And then Mark Hamill is in this. Mark Hamill plays my dad. My favorite story of this is so the, the, the woman that put one of the women that in plays in the mafia, the Russian woman or Ukrainian woman, she's like, she goes, we're going to dinner with Mark Hamill. She goes, do not bring up Star Wars. I said, well, it's Mark Hamill.

It's going to come up. She goes, no, no, no, no, please avoid it. I've never seen the movie.

I know it's like a big thing, but I don't want to insult him. And so I go, okay. So we sit down for dinner. I go, Mark, Eva's a huge Star Wars fan. And she, she freezes and he goes, oh really? And she goes, yes, I love good guy versus bad guy stories, you know?

And I go, Eva, who's your favorite character? And she goes, well, Chewbacca. And I go, can you do an impression of Chewbacca for Mark? And she goes, hello, my name is Chewbacca. Mark goes, you've never seen it. She goes, I've never seen your movie.

I want to die here. It's really good. He was great. Mark Hamill is amazing. He delivers everything you want out of him because obviously all of us looked up when we were kids as him being Luke Skywalker. And you know, some people let you down when you meet your heroes. Mark Hamill does not, he over delivers.

You say something about Harrison Ford and he goes, you want to hear a good story? That's Mark Hamill. That's Mark Hamill. He's awesome. I love it. And that's coming out on Memorial Day weekend. The Burt cast is crushing it.

Two pairs, one cave with Tom Segura. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. I'm having a good time.

I just need to keep living. Well, I mean the Miami to Bahamas comedy cruise might put a crimp in that. Oh yeah. We're doing fully loaded comedy cruise.

I can't wait. That's like, that's my dream. The comedy, those cruise ships.

I love cruise ships. You do. Oh my God. The fact that no one can leave. Are you kidding me?

It's the best feeling in the world. 27th through the 31st of 2023. That's October 27th through the 31st tickets start at $125,000. So be careful. You don't know where you're seeing, where you're going to be in the cabin, in any cabin in the cruise.

You have no idea. I will be on the road all year trying to pay off this Superbowl Savannah next week, Tampa, Orlando. Come on out to just check them out on the tops off world tour. Great to see you, man.

It's a pleasure. I'd love to come on your Burt cast. Let's go do some disc golf. Done. Let's figure it all out, man.

I really would love to do that. Shout out to Sarah Tiana still on moment house right now. Fantastic. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Go check it out right now. She right now it's on moment house.

You can buy it. Oh yeah. Yeah. And it is, she is the best cop. One of the best comics in the business. Top of the game. Absolutely. Amazing.

I'm, I'm really excited. I saw her on the show. She murdered.

She murdered. She's awesome. As you know, we love her and thanks for coming in Burt. Thank you. Congrats on everything going on with you and continued success to dig out of your hole. Thank you. I'll be posting my Superbowl seats on Sunday on my Instagram.

Instead though, that's a darkness retreat for sure. For four days. Check them out. Burt Kreischer right here on the Rich Eisen show also on Twitter and Instagram. Aidan Hutchinson still to come, Rob Riggles still to come and our picks for Superbowl 57.

That's how we're rolling into break right here on our final hour, a final day of Superbowl 57 coverage on the Roku channel and more. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. I got Aidan Hutchinson here on the Rich Eisen show. The Rich Eisen show radio network is just rejoined the Roku channel broadcast here in Arizona. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger's the right product for you. Call or just stop by and look who stopped by is Aidan Hutchinson of the Detroit Lions. It's so great to see you, man. It's so great to watch you ball out.

Oh yeah. What a fun year, man. You know, I mean a little roller coaster of the year for the Lions, but it ended great and that's all I care about. Now we got a lot of momentum going into year two. Let's talk about game one.

Yeah. Against Jalen Hurts in the Philadelphia Eagles. How many times did you put Jalen Hurts on the turf? I know the answer to this.

I'd like to hear it from you. How many times did you say? I put him zero, zero, zero times on the turf. You had a three sack game, didn't you? No, no, no.

When did you have your first? That was, that was the next game. The next game.

I thought I would love to start my NFL career with a three set game. I didn't get that storybook start the next game. Yes. It's the washer against the commanders.

Against the commanders. You took Carson Wentz down three times. Oh yeah. Yeah, that one felt good. That one felt really good. Oh my gosh. And so what was it like to play professional football?

Was it exactly the way you envisioned it? Yeah, I think so. You know, obviously you watch the game on TV compared to college. It's a lot different, you know. It's just the pro style.

It's a little, it's just, it's just a lot different. And the offensive linemen, there's never really a drop off in talent, you know, compared to college. It's like, it's like you're playing the best of the best every week.

And obviously some guys are a little more elite than others, but it's not like at college where it's up and down like that. So it's fun, man. I freaking love it. Yeah. I love it.

And it looks like you have the clear passion for it. And the Lions started clicking. Yeah.

Around what would you say? When did you guys start? Week seven, when we played the, when we played the pack or maybe week eight, then we played the Packers the first time. That was the, that was the first time we really clicked, especially as a defense.

Right. And that's the first time Jamison Williams asked Rogers for his jersey, right? Is that the first time that he did that? Did he ask him that for, I saw the second time. He did apparently ask him the first time and Rogers said, I'll get you next time because you beat him in Detroit. And I think he assumed I'll win the second one.

Happy to give you my jersey after I beat you. And, and Williams went up to him and asked him it again. And he's like, I'm going to hang on to this one.

Yeah. That was funny. That was a funny, and so what, what, uh, what clicked for the team?

Do you think, and why, when did that happen for you? You know, I think we, we, after when we were one and six, you know, we had this player led meeting and it really just taken accountability, you know, and that's, that's everyone talking, everyone, everyone's saying what's on their mind. Did you speak in being real? I did not really speak in it. I'm not, even though I was a starter on the defense, I felt that this was something for the veterans. This is something for the guys that had been in the league for awhile.

So you got to pay your dues a little bit. So I let them talk and just seeing that though, that was very inspiring for me to watch, you know, and, and be a part of something like that. And ever since after that moment, we won six straight.

And, um, I think that's no coincidence either. Give me your favorite Dan Campbell story. What do you got for me?

What do you got for me? Favorite Dan Campbell story. Yes. You know, I think, I think it was what I saw in hard knocks because obviously as a player, you don't really, I don't see a lot, you know, but when I was watching hard knocks and as, as, as he was doing the downups and he would, he had to tape his wrist because he had heard it. And he was, he was kind of complaining about it. That was, that was a real funny moment. And also when he, when he was saying that, um, when you see a light at the end of the tunnel, it's not, it's not, it's not, it's not surviving. It's a freight train coming and it's got, it's coming to, to, to kill you. So that's, that's, uh, that was his camp analogy, which I love.

He's just, I don't know. Were you in the meeting? Jared Goff said his fake tooth popped out and he just picked it up from the floor and popped it back.

I must've missed this meeting. Jared Goff said that happened. Yeah. That's fake tooth.

That must have happened for year one. It's like a gum rule. I guess, you know, just five seconds.

Just go ahead and grab it. Right. Right. You know, is there any similarities between Dan Campbell and Jim Harbaugh?

Any? It's, they're, they're different. I think the biggest similarity between them is the passion and the intensity because they both have such a similar passion and intensity, but they just, they go about it differently. You know, Harbaugh is a little bit more quirky, obviously, and does chicken being a nervous bird and things like that. Some more unexpected things. Right.

Like something like that. And, uh, you know, Dan is more, you know, following, following the queue a little bit compared to Harbaugh. So what is it like for you to be doing this for the Detroit Lions? Honestly, that you're, you know, Michigan kid, you know, and the fact that you are now trying to turn around this franchise and it appears that you have now become an integral part of that actual process.

It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous growing up, being a, being a Lions fan and, and, you know, you, you, you see all the pain and the struggle and the heartbreak and the, and the so close, but, but no cigar. It's growing up being a part of that, man. And, and when I got to the team, I'm a winner. Like I want to be a part of winning programs, winning teams. I want to win Super Bowls, man.

I want rings on my finger. And, and I just, I didn't want, I, I just don't want to fall into the same storyline with the Lions. I want to, I want to be the reason to that, that we move on and we go on to bigger and better things. So will you, so I guess who, who on the team is Acuda, right? Yep. Yep.

And, um, anybody else from, uh, from Columbus on that? Jonah Jackson. Okay. Right. Um, so on the Decker, okay. Tackle. How about Decker? Um, there's one more.

So on the scale of one to completely, um, uh, awful, what were you in November in that locker room after that big W? Cause I know I would be, I would just be, uh, I've been talking with my chest quite a bit. I don't know if you've heard me.

I've been writing checks quite a bit. I mean rightfully so though, you know? I think so. Yeah. You know, because, uh, everyone was saying last year when I was so jubilant, thanks to you and the rest of the Wolverines from two years ago, forming the way you did at home.

Oh yeah. Just wait till you get, wait for the horseshoe. That's what they all say. Wait for the horseshoe. Wait for the horseshoe.

And then they got the horns. You know what I'm saying? So were you, were you off the charts obnoxious to those guys? Uh, you know, a lot of those guys were vets, so I can't go, you know, I, I got, I, I couldn't go too hard, but, um, I didn't, I didn't actually bet that game. Honestly, I wasn't completely the most confident as a, as a Wolverine. So I, uh, so I actually didn't, you know, put any little side bets with the boys. Cause I wasn't the most confident cause I bought into the horseshoe narrative. You know, I thought the boys haven't won there in years. I don't know if they can do it, but they did it and they defied the odds. So, you know, now I can wear that, that M, just a little, even though it was very proud, just a little more, a little more proud.

Well, I hope that, um, I don't know, the schedules align where the Lions have a home game that weekend. You can, you can show up. Yeah. You can tell, you can tell coach Campbell I'm in year two, you know, it's just, by the way, it's a noon star.

Oh yeah. I'll be back for the night meeting on Saturday. When was the last time, when was the last time you've been, did you go to the big house at all this year? I went bi-week against Penn State when they beat the brakes off of Penn State. So that was, that was fun to watch.

By the way, TJ, he's a big, uh, Penn State guy. Uh, that is, that is an accurate portrayal. The brakes being beaten off. Yes, there were brakes and then they were off.

And the way that they came off is they were beaten off. That actually happened. I saw it.

So tell me about this brother, about your, your setup that you have here. Johnny, you are representing Bounty today. Oh yeah, man.

They're, they're, they're the quicker picker upper. And again, if I have to say it again. Yes, please.

Maybe, maybe you're a guy where I can get it right. No, it's all right. It's okay.

You can't have football without wings and you can't have wings without Bounty. That's right. Look at that. Well done. Now you need, you need to harmonize it the next time guys.

If you're the backup. We can try it again. We can do it one more time. That's all right. So you, you've got the wings here and are you a wings guy? I do.

I love wins. I, I don't know if I'm boneless or bone in. I I'm kind of, I'm kind of torn. Okay.

I don't know. What, what kind of guy are you? I'm not really a wings guy. You never had wings?

I've had. I'm not really a wings guy. Drums or flats? You know, flats. Flats?

Gotta be the flats. Yeah. I'm a drums guy.

I'm a drums guy. Really? Yeah. Wow. I feel like you two are outliers.

Really? I feel like everyone's a flats guy. You did seem quite derisive to them when you said, when they said, I thought I was with the norm.

I thought I was with the rest of the population. I don't know. Well, I mean, I'll take boneless over any of them to be honest with you though. Is boneless really chicken wings? It's just chicken bites.

It's just chicken bites. That's really all it is. Fantastic. So, all right. So everybody should go out and get their, their bounty. Okay.

Very good. And I'm, I know you got to take this, but maybe we should give you guys the bounty because you, I'm sure you just licked this off your fingers. You can't have that.

I mean, I've got bounty in the crib right now. You can rip it in two or three pieces. You only need one. Really? I'm a little sloppy. Fantastic.

And by the way, a great rendition of Billie Jean. Didn't know you had that in you. To be honest with you, I didn't really know I did either. I never practiced it.

What do you mean you never practiced? I mentally rehearsed it, but all the dance moves, everything, that was all improv. That was all feeling the crowd. And you definitely did. I mean, you channeled quite a bit, right? I still am in shock. That was incredible.

Yeah. Aidan Hutchinson, thanks for coming on. Come back anytime.

Let me know when you're in LA. I'd love to have you in the show again. That's Aidan Hutchinson.

Follow him at AidanHutch97 on Twitter and Instagram. When we come back, we're going to wrap up this show right from the Super Bowl State of Arizona, and Rob Riggle will help us do it. That's coming up next. For the first time ever, stream the Super Bowl for free. Super Bowl 57 on Westwood One is Sunday.

Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports. Come on up here, Rob Riggle. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, the final guest of our Super Bowl week.

A walk-on performance. Good to see you, sir. How are you, sir?

How are you? Representing PXG. Oh, thank you, sir.

And representing just the wriggleness of it all. Thank you. Good to see Rob Riggle. Hey, friend.

Good to see you, man. Look at us back at a Super Bowl, huh? Look at us back doing it again. Three out of four years. It's like you're the Patriots. I mean, yes.

Let's hope. Let's hope we go on a nine Super Bowl run. Dude, what a run this has been. Patrick Mahomes, so good.

So good. And I don't have to tell you, you know, you've had Henry Winkler on, you know. How about the Fonz and him with a, like they're, they're, they're going to go elope. And the Fonz, he has an eye for talent. And I'm not just talking about the football. I'm talking about the soul.

Of course. He knows the man's soul and he believes in him. You can't just, you can't just kick a jukebox and turn it on. You can't, you know what I'm saying?

Jukebox just don't turn on because you want it to. You have to have a soul. And look at this moment right here. Look at this moment. More of that, please.

That's what America needs. That's what Fonz, fist bumping Patrick Mahomes. That's how you know, he's cool.

That's how you know, he's cool. Oh man. I can't wait. It's good to see all you guys.

I can't wait for this to happen to the Jets. You know what? One day, just grab somebody, drop them your lap and then life changes for everyone. You had a taste of it with, with Broadway Joe. Yes. It went away too soon. And I saw him last night. Did you?

I don't know how many snaps he can give me anymore. You were at honors? I was at honors last night. Oh, that's so good.

That's so good. Yeah. I saw him in the, in the front row. He was there. Yeah.

I know he's not, he's not walking through that door. Yeah. Uh, we had a, we had a, we had a burst of Sanchez. You had a burst of Santa. Good.

A smattering of Sanchez. And then, uh, you know, the, uh, the Aaron Rogers darkness retreat, that's my, that's my Jets fandom. I've been in the darkness retreat.

Do you think it comes out of that four days of isolation in darkness and says, it hit me. I need to be a jet. Do you think that's what's going to happen? Yes, because how better to prepare yourself than sit in isolated darkness.

Rob, that's a perfect way to prep. I thought to myself, he's going to be a jet. He's going to come out and say, I have stared into the abyss. Yeah.

And I know the answer came back. Could you imagine you're, you're in the front office of the green Bay Packers and you're, you're ready for anything. Like if he says, I want to come back and play, you're ready for that.

Of course, Aaron, there's the, there's, there's the, which is a viable contingency. Exactly. If he comes out of darkness and he goes, you know, I want to play somewhere else. Then you get on the phone, but it's a little bit more of a, of a to do, you know, but well put, but if you're sitting there waiting for this answer and you're like, when did he go into darkness? When did he like, does anybody know when the clock started?

When did he actually what's the ETA? It's like, it's like when the space capsule comes in and it goes into the dark out zone, you know, before you reestablish radio contact. Yeah.

The lens long since gone. Now we're just, we're parachuting down. Everybody has to wait.

We all just have to wait. Well, while Houston calls out into the darkness, this is it. Yeah.

Then the crap, you're listening to the crackle of the radio and they'll just come out. Can you imagine you, you, you are, you are, it's the direction of your franchise is dependent upon somebody's four day darkness retreat. When you put it like that, when you put it like that, it's really, it's interesting. It's the truth. I mean, I'm, I don't think I'm no spreading any lies here. Like he's, he's going into his process. These are all the facts.

These are all factual statements. You know? Yeah. It's it's an interesting time to decide.

We live in the pandemic really screwed a lot. Let's just be honest. Oh my gosh. You know where I'm at.

One of the things I definitely want to talk about because we are holy moly freaks in the eyes of the household. It is just a delight. It's good times. Absolute delight.

It truly, truly is. Well, Joe Tess is so good at this. He is. He's so good at it. I love, I just sit there and stare at it because he's the perfect, well, he's, he's a, a legendary sportscaster. He's a wonderful sportscaster. But then when he really dives in on this stuff, I just get so excited and listen to myself.

I'm in this with them. Where are times where I understand his, his tongue is firmly planted in cheek, but there are also times when he's calling this like it's the super bowl. Like this is it. That's why he's, that's why I love him so much because when he, when he's like, I don't know, I'm calling this, this is, this matters. And all of a sudden I'm like, God, it does. I'm like, this person really could be the champion.

You know, what am I? I got to focus up here. Yeah. Like the porta potty door can come out at any point in time and blow up somebody's dream of winning the jacket. The disco dancer is by far more aggressive than the fly in the porta potty challenge. I have not noticed that.

Oh, so much more aggressive. I mean, when, when, when, when they're leaping for the pole, by the way, I never started a sentence that way. Honestly, I cannot recall more of a shared belly laugh amongst my wife, Susie and I, and our, and our three children, honestly, like a shared living room belly laugh. Well, when, when, when, when we're watching it, you know, we're up in the booth at this outdoor place and they're there, the events are happening and we're watching real time. So when we react, it's because we are genuinely loving what we're seeing. You know, it's the, Oh my God, did you see what I just saw?

You know, those are as real as it gets. You're like, cause we're watching it as you guys are watching. It is so great.

It is well done. When are we getting, when are we getting more? Fingers crossed.

Fingers crossed. We don't know yet. So that was really, was it really dependent on the Muppets last year? Was that a real thing? It turns out to be a real thing.

It wasn't, it wasn't scripted that way. It was just kind of a bit to get us through the season, but now it may be real. So we're going to get that back. I know.

Believe me, brother. I wanted to come back. I enjoy it. It's so great.

It is fun. And it's shot in the freezing cold. Yeah, we do it.

Usually we do it like right around now, right around now, February, March. And it's always from a dust till dawn. And so it's, it's freezing out there and that water is not heated.

People think, Oh, the water, no, the water is Titanic level 30, you know, 35 degrees, just above freezing probably. Oh, I don't know how they do it. Rob, I got it.

I'm serious, man. It is so funny. And I, you know, I very rarely, you know, speak to executives through the screen here, but like, what's your malfunction? This is a brilliant show. It is great. And so do you meet Steph Curry or that's just... I do. I've had, I get to meet him and I've had the opportunity to meet him and spend time with him. He's great. What a human, right? So good and a good golfer, really good golfer, uh, quite a stick.

Um, hopefully he'll be playing some PXGs. What did you see how I bridged to message? It was pretty impressive. Nobody's nobody bridges to message quite like you. And you guys saw it too. You heard it. These guys, excuse me, these guys have seen a lot of people bridge to message. Not like that. Not like that. I'm really, I'm, I'm very impressed.

That's what I do. So now that we're on the message. Yeah. Hey, sure. Listen, let's talk about, let's talk about PXG while we're on message. Uh, they got new golf balls guys, 10 years in the making. Okay.

Just came out this week. That's huge. Okay. Uh, priced right. Good stuff.

I played them. They're the real deal. Good golf balls. Let's go. Uh, the, the, their golf clubs are phenomenal, forgiving, which I need.

Okay. And then Bob Parsons is a Marine, which I'm a Marine. I love him for that. He does unbelievable stuff for first responders in the military.

So I love PXG top to bottom. Well, the Rich Eisen show is looking for a new golf partner. Guys, I'm not just guys.

I am saying, let me, I'm going to flat out. Where are these people? Where are these people? We're going to reach out products. We need golf balls and we need, we need partnership. There they are.

Right. I'm bridging. I'm bridging to message right now. I'm bridging to message. Rich is on it guys.

Yeah. We're getting collective nods over there. What's your game like right now? What do we got? I'm about an eight and a half, eight and a half. What's the half? What's the half? I don't even know that, you know, the, the, the handicap people will do that.

It's all computerized. Yeah. So eight and a half is what they tell me.

Okay. You know, I play a nine and then I tell everybody I'm a 12. That's impressive. You know, we can't, Marshall Falk will never tell you his number. He's a good golfer though. He's an excellent golfer. He's like a zero, but he wants still candy. If he can get candy out of you, he's going to get the candy. That's right.

Everybody's haggling for those strokes. He'll never tell you. Yeah. That's like Netflix.

They never tell you their numbers. That's part of the eight and a half. Yeah. Okay. When was the last time you played? Did you play this week?

I haven't played here. Didn't do waste management this year, but I did last two years. Fantastic. I played with Scotty Scheffler last year. Did you? Yeah.

And the year before that, I played with a Rory McIlroy. How have you done? What is that like? The best. Seriously.

Seriously. So nice. So funny. So willing to share a story.

You know, a lot of times, you know, they're walked down and they're just kind of small talk, but he was so forthcoming with stories and anecdotes and I just loved it. Did he slag on Patrick Reed at some point? No, he was, he's really high.

He's high brow, high brow, kept it all first class, first class the whole way. The whole way. But were you trying to dig for, of course I was.

Yeah. I kept trying to give me a good stuff. I kept trying to go low. I kept trying to go low and he kept going high. And he kept going high.

So what are you going to do? Except on the scorecards. There you go. Extreme golf balls. Yeah. Look at those.

They're extreme. Go ahead. Break it open. Feel the ball. Feel the polyurethane. I don't even know if that's what you call it. Is it polyurethane?

No, it's urethane. I don't know. You can tell the difference. Can you feel? I can feel it.

And what you're feeling there is distance off the tee and feel around the green, guys. Bridge to message. Bridge to message.

Anybody can. Fantastic. Yeah. You're going to love those.

All right. So are you nervous for Sunday or what? I'm always nervous before a big game.

The Chiefs are 0.5 dogs, which I dig actually. I like being in. That's the position I want to be in. I don't want pole position.

I want the second right behind pole position. So that's good. Works for me.

One and a half works for me. I love our team. I love our leadership. I love the organization.

I love everything about it. It's Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs all the time. I do respect the Eagles. They obviously have an incredible team. They got here. They steamrolled their way to the Super Bowl. Jalen Hurts. Fantastic. Yes. But I just believe in the Chiefs.

I love them. Isn't it amazing that Andy Reid has become a first ballot Hall of Fame coach and everything about his tenure in Philadelphia. It just feels like another life because of how long he's been in Kansas City. That's the thing.

And he is now more playoff wins as a Kansas City Chief coach than he did in Philadelphia. Which is glorious. And I'm so happy about that.

But yeah, you're right. You don't see that happening. When it all starts, you're like, that's not going to happen. But it has. When he came to Kansas City, you're like, okay, let's see if this is going to work out better.

Let's hope for something good. Last time we took an Eagles coach in Vermeil, like we were still waiting on the on the dub. And now here he is with one in the case already. Yeah. Three times in five years.

This is insane. Well, and I've been a long suffering Chiefs fan since seventy five. Right.

And since I was a little kid and a lot of lean years, all my life, pretty much this just these last five years have been the greatest five years in football life I've ever had. Is that another way of saying the name Steve Bono? Is that another way of saying that? It cuts like a knife when I hear it.

Steve Bono? He was captain of our ship when we were thirteen and three and lost to the Colts who were nine and seven, I believe. They came to Arrowhead. We had home field advantage. I really thought that was our year and it was snatched away from us. And I think our field goal kicker missed like four field goals that game. I don't recall. It was it was it was just horrific, horrific. I think we actually packed that kicker up and he was moved out before the fourth quarter was over. But anyway, these last years have been fantastic.

Yeah, let's focus on the positive. These last last several years have been a dream come true. It's been a dream come true. What do you got for Big Slick all set up? What do you got for your event? You know the cast of characters. We got Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Stone Street, Keckner. And you? Myself and Heidi Gardner.

Saturday Night Live. Okay. Joining us. Oh, we're expanding we're expanding the Kansas City brand. We've got a we've got a we've got a good group. Yeah, so we've got we've got more and more people getting getting involved for Children's Mercy Hospital.

Children's Mercy, they do wonderful work. So and as always, Rich Eisen Show is invited. I appreciate we did that one year. I know we're we're we're we're we're up and running with our new partnership.

You have a standing invite. I appreciate it. I love it.

I loved being there years ago with the show. And then, of course, the thing is it's it's you're kind of the enforcer of the group. Because when you are about the charity, you are truly all about the charity.

And you want to make sure that all the folks who come in to support the charity go to the hospital, meet the children, meet the families, meet the it makes an impact. It makes it does. Yeah. And you're the enforcer where you'll go off, you know, and the night before people are singing karaoke, maybe getting a little over served and you'll go up and you'll just like tap your wrist.

Like maybe it's time for bed because, you know, because you got to where we're going to get you up and you're going to the hospital tomorrow morning, eight in the morning. This is the truth. I'm not just joking. Like you are. You're like the enforcer. Well, it's good for everybody.

It's good for everybody. Yeah. And then Saturday after the big show. Yes.

Then we can let the hair down a little more. Yeah. What's the grand total of fundraising? Well, history, I think we're up to four, close to 14 million in 14 or 13 million in 13 years. It is so incredible. It's been great. And it started so small, you know, that's how these, that's how you have to do these things. You start them and we didn't know what we were doing.

We didn't know how we were going to do. We just said, let's try it. And it worked.

And then we tried it again and it just kept working and growing and growing and growing. And then you guys pitch in and you guys help that brings eyeballs to it and attention. And so we appreciate you guys. It's just so much fun.

You always have on all the guys you have on road, you have on Stoney, you have on Keck, you have on all the guys. So it's, it's fantastic because we always end up talking about it. So thank you.

I always love talking to you about this charity because you do beautiful work for the kids who need help at Children's Mercy in Kansas city. So, okay. What's your final score prediction? What do you got for me? Give it, give it to me, Rob Riggle. Give it to me. All right. It's 34 27 chiefs.

And who's the MVP? Mahomes. Okay. Mahomes. There you go.

Because he's gonna, he's gonna throw three touchdowns and run for two. Whoa. Five total touchdowns. Yeah. So that doesn't add up to, I know it doesn't add up to 34.

So maybe I make it 35 to 27. You could say Bucker misses an extra point. It's okay. No, no. Bucker misses nothing.

Okay. Bucker misses nothing. You're putting nothing. He's 100% on extra points. He's 100% on field goals.

Although if I, I guess it's 35 to 27 now, no field goals, but he's five for five. In terms of being offended from one to stone street, how offended were you by burrow head? Stone street, you know, is the nuclear. Yeah.

You know, the, the stone street would go from, okay. All right. I hear what you say. All right. And then by the end of it, it's just like, he's gritting his teeth really angry.

So where, where are you? I love that. I love that.

We all love Eric for that sort of thing. It was terrible. And they, and they reaped what they sowed on that one. Don't, don't talk like that. That's foolish talk. That's crazy talk and no jabronis.

You know, we just don't do jabronis. What a great word. It's so good. It's one of my faves. And now, cause I've thrown it around a couple of times, but then to have it delivered on, on the main stage, you're like, yep. The main stage. I love it. Rob Riggle.

Thank you so much for everybody. Check out PXG their new, uh, extreme golf balls. I can tell you, I have handled the polyurethane myself. I hope that's right. What are you struggling shoulder? I should have read the specs. Damn you specifications. They're great. But I hope you're overhearing and his bridge to message is second to none. Second to none. Thank you. And I want to thank all of today's guests, George Kittles, Stefan Diggs, Kirk Cousins, Sean Payton, Aidan Hutchinson, Bert Kreischer, and you, Rob Riggle.

What a lineup, man. It was fun, man. Thanks for finishing up strong. And that will wrap it up for our radio coverage of the Rich Eisen show from the Superbowl state of Arizona. What from the Superbowl state of Arizona. We'll wrap up our Roku channel coverage in just a moment, but for everyone else, let's chat Monday. Enjoy the game.
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