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REShow: Dan Patrick/Garrett Wilson - Hour 2 (2-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 7, 2023 3:07 pm

REShow: Dan Patrick/Garrett Wilson - Hour 2 (2-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 7, 2023 3:07 pm

Dan Patrick tells Rich how he reacted to becoming a grandfather for the first time just last night, recounts the first Super Bowl he covered between the Bengals and 49ers in 1982, why he wouldn’t be shocked if the Eagles beat the Chiefs by double digits, and shares a hilarious story about former Giants slugger Barry Bonds. 

Jets WR Garrett Wilson tells Rich why he still has “100%” faith in Zach Wilson despite the QB’s benching after an up-and-down season but is also open to the idea of catching passes from Aaron Rodgers next season, endures some Michigan-Ohio State trolling from Rich and touts the ability of Buckeyes WR Marvin Harrison Jr. 

Audio mixer Jason Feller reveals the tattoo he’ll be getting on his backside for finishing last in his fantasy football league.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show. I don't blame the Nets for saying get out of here. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And I know you've got a Nets hat there, put it on. The Kyrie Irving era, sum it up for me.

High expectations and medium return. Earlier on the show, Jets cornerback, Sauce Gardner. Coming up, host of the Dan Patrick Show, Dan Patrick. Jets wide receiver, Garrett Wilson.

Jaguars quarterback, Trevor Lawrence. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. We've got ourselves a fun second hour. Dan Patrick calling in in a matter of moments here on our program. Garrett Wilson will follow Sauce Gardner in our number one. Sauce called.

He's a defensive rookie of the year candidate and offensive rookie of the year candidate. And Garrett Wilson about to call the end of this program. DJ Mikey Dees and Deez Nuts is already in Arizona. We're taking off for their shortly. Chris Brockman and Jay Felley are sitting in their chairs.

Put the tray tables up and the seats in the upright position. Very good. TJ Jefferson, how are you, sir? I'm tremendous. Very good.

We've got Garrett Wilson calling in shortly and Trevor Lawrence in our number three. But joining us right here on the Rich Eisen Show is one of my good friends. And I believe he would say the same thing to me behind my back. I believe. This show followed his for so many years on Audience Network and then on Peacock. Kind enough to call into the show from Phoenix, Arizona, where he is. Well, Scottsdale is where his show is located for Super Bowl week. My buddy, DP Dan Patrick, back here on the program. How are you doing, Dan?

Ricardo doing great. You know, you can't go wrong. Spring training weather in Scottsdale. I saw Camelback behind behind your desk. Are you summiting it with J.J. Watt wearing weighted backpacks? Is that what you're doing this week when not on the air?

No. No summiting. I heard that he went up Camelback Mountain the day before. And he said he's got a new workout regimen that he skipped leg day to go play golf. And he said, that's when I knew that I was really retired, that I was skipping leg day. But he went through.

If you did the game of operation with J.J. Watt, it would be fascinating to look at that. I mean, not fascinating for him, probably, but he started going through everything. He's had so many surgeries. He was forgetting parts of his body. It got to the point where I said, what part of your body is healthy?

Because every other part had all of this surgery. Well, if you're 33 or 34, what is life going to be like in 10, 15, 20 years? And I think that hit him pretty hard of having a child and having the heart issue and just getting married. And not everybody is going to stay until they're 40 or 45.

And certainly at that position. Well, as you know, usually when NFL players retire, that's when they put the breadbasket in, Dan. You know, that's when the breadbasket normally goes in as opposed to. That's an operation reference that I just made. Thank you. Thanks for that visual. The nose just went off.

The nose just lit. How are you doing? How's it going? What do you got for me when I arrive? I'm coming in today. I'm coming in tonight.

I became a grandfather last night. Hey, what do we got? What do we got? What do we got?

JP, beautiful girl, baby girl. It was really tough. I was at a dinner with clients and I'm trying. I'm getting text messages.

And Jack was giving me sort of play by play. And I'm dealing with centimeters. And I don't know what I'm dealing with. And next thing I know, he sent me a picture. And I'm a mess.

Of course, dinner. And everybody wants to know why am I crying? And then I told them and then Jack FaceTime me and I got to spend time with him and his wife.

And I'll see. Wow. It hit me hard.

Hit me hard and rightfully so. Grandpa Dan. Right. Papa Dan. Oh my gosh. Pop pop.

Dan Patrick. Congratulations. How's Sue taking it?

Is she is she all for Clem too? Your wife. You all.

I mean, that's amazing. She's different. Her side of the family. They're they're pretty, pretty stoic. That's the Staten Island side. That's the Staten Island side of the family, right?

That's the rock right there. Pretty, pretty tough. Whereas I'm a mess. Even when my son got married, we're walking down the aisle with him. And I had to tell people, yes, I'm crying.

I mean, I didn't even hide it. I couldn't I couldn't even walk with my son. I got three daughters to walk down the aisle. I couldn't walk down with Jack, let alone my daughters. So I'm I'm I told them they don't have to get married. I their mom doesn't like that. I say that you don't have to get married.

You don't. All right. Well, Brockman, you could say so about that, right? I mean, you're not you're I'm currently not married, but you have a child. I have a child. There you go. So there goes the mortgage.

We got it. But Jack is married, though. Jack is married.

Yes, he is. OK, very wonderful, wonderful wife, Ruby. And that's where when you're in the delivery room and like you look at your wife, Dave, they're just somebody different that day or that night. You're just saying, I mean, this is why, you know, women are so strong and we're we're so weak. I mean, they they they they man up for lack of a better expression. But we should call it woman up because you just you're never prouder, never prouder of your wife. Of course. Of course. We're not the ones giving birth either.

I mean, my goodness. So since you're the you're the lead pipe wielding professional, how do I transition off of that? Do I say, well, somebody is going to give birth to a Super Bowl. What do I do?

What do I do? I think we were always taught that it's like you've got to have a segue. Right. We you know, you do sports center and it had to be a segue to a segue to a segue. And then after a while, you know, you just run out of segue. But, you know, it's just right.

Sometimes you go, any who. That's right. Right. It used to be segue, segue. And then it's did you know?

And then we're done. Right. Did you did you know there's a Super Bowl? I don't know.

That's a segue. And did you know at the South? OK, very good. So your first Super Bowl you covered was at CNN when you were there.

Dan, were you a CNN guy? My first one was the lion in Detroit, the Bengals and the Niners. The Niners. OK, wow. So that that's that's the Silverdome and Chris Collinsworth. Right.

And Hacksaw. Right. Yeah. OK. Yeah.

Wow. Montana, Ken Anderson, Bengals might have been the better team. But Niners came up with a couple of big plays. I remember Archie Griffin had a couple of fumbles.

Dan Buns made a big stop at the goal line thing with Charles Alexander. Yeah. But the weather was horrible in Detroit.

Horrible. Now, obviously, they're playing indoors. But I just remember it was a mess. And the Bengals had always been a laughingstock. I used to go to Bengals games and we would go into Nippert Stadium, the college football stadium there. And we'd sneak in. They didn't care.

They just wanted somebody to show up. So I'm probably on the short list of guys who actually saw Bob Trumpy play football. Ruth Coslet play football. And wow. Yeah. But I when I got to see Collinsworth's entire career and he'd never shut up back then. I'd go to his locker after every game because he was such a quote machine.

Right. And he just he had he always had things to say. And he was a really good football player as well. Boomer Sias was there and Anthony Munoz.

So we you know, I grew up with that. And, you know, we were always very defensive of the Bengals because, you know, they weren't consistent. They didn't spend money. Mike Brown was the cheap owner and made two Super Bowls against Joe Montana and lost both. But close. And then, you know, the Super Bowl last year where they lost another close one as well. It came it came so close two years in a row to having Niners Bengals again last year, the Bengals made it.

And now this year, neither of them made it. And despite making their championship games, I don't know what to make of this one. This game. I can't I can't get a read on it because I just think either team can win. I know that sounds like a cop out, you know, and I guess in advance I'm fronting, you know, the answer to whatever question you might ask me when I'm on your show tomorrow.

I can't get a read on it. Honestly, either team can win this one and you could make a case for either one. Dan, I wonder what you think.

I think that we're afraid to. Give a coronation to the Eagles because you're still not quite sure about Jalen Hurts and you're not sure if they can win in a shootout. If it gets to that, you don't know anybody on the defensive line except for maybe Raddick. The offensive line is, you know, Lane Johnson could be as good as anybody at his position and Kelsey. It just it feels like they don't get enough attention because there's nothing exciting about them. It's just like now the Eagles keep winning.

Now they squeak by or they look great against this. Kansas City is always fun. Everybody loves watching Kansas City.

They they do things that are different. And you got a Hall of Fame tight end, Hall of Fame coach, Hall of Fame quarterback. And, you know, Chris Jones is wonderful. So you have guys. At least, you know, the Eagles.

I don't think America knows. Therefore, that's that's easy. I think we lean towards what we know as opposed to I'm not quite sure about them. And even if you watch the Eagles, I still come away going, OK, OK. But they're methodical in what they do. They even tell you, hey, we're going to run the football.

And we're going to run it again. And they can do that. And, you know, that's where I think it's debilitating. Imagine if they do that to Kansas City, keep that defense on the field and just run the football. Take away the Holmes's opportunity. So when he gets on the field, he's got to make something happen and maybe put a little bit more pressure on him that way. And, you know, I want to see what's going to happen if they move him off his spot and have him move around a little bit more and make it a little bit more miserable. But I, I would not be shocked if the Eagles won this and won by double digits. Really? I mean, and that's you know, I hear you and I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs won it by double digits.

That's what I mean. It's just like it's one of those one of the matchups where, you know, Mahomes can be unstoppable. Hurts can be unstoppable. Their run game in Philadelphia. You know, it feels like Kansas City keeps teams in games. It doesn't feel like they put them away. Right. And therefore, I don't know. It felt like that all year long that they just didn't blow them out or they would win, but they would.

You were still in the picture. And that's what I wonder what will happen. I wonder about the coaching with Nick Ceriani against Andy Reid.

How much that factors in. Eric, the enemy has been here before play calling Mahomes. Obviously, you know, that experience, you know, the Eagles got some guys who have obviously been in this.

But you're talking about the skill position players who haven't. And we've all been on the field. I mean, you know that it's you. You can cut it. That tension that's there. And that's when big boys, you know, step up and you go.

That's why the greats are the greatest, because they do it in the in the moment there. And I still want to see I'm rooting for Jalen Hurts to be great. Me too. That sounds strange.

No, no, no. Me too. Me too. For that story. Absolutely. Because I think he's earned that. And you could make the case he's the MVP this year.

Oh, no question. If you didn't get hurt the last, you know, his last two starts or two, you know, those two starts in the final three. And he goes into Dallas, wins that game. And then the issues they had with Minshew on offense against the Saints don't materialize. And they finish on a win streak and their only loss is against Washington. I don't even think we'd be talking about Mahomes despite the remarkable offensive season they did have with him.

And without Tyreek Hill, I think it would be hurts. So are you leaning? Are you leaning towards anything? I'm trying to I'm trying to glean. I've been spending last minute gleaning.

What do you got? I've been trying to glean. I'm not.

OK. It's Tuesday. I'm not gleaning usually until Thursday. Is that your gleaning? Is that gleaning day? Thursday's gleaning day for a several weeks? Gleaning day. OK. Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes I glean on Friday as well. But great costume movie, by the way.

Gleaning day is a great is great. I don't I don't I try not to make those predictions right away, you know, because that's going to change the point spread. You know, the line is going to move. OK. All right. OK. So I'm trying I'm trying to put you down, you know, shows we put you down for something. What do I put you down for? What do I put you down?

This is the time I got you. I'm gleaning. OK. He's gleaning. Very good.

By the way, leaning towards the Eagles. OK. You're gleaning. There you go. Yeah. All right.

And that's what I figured. OK. Minus one point five right now.

The curve. But minus one and a half right now. Yeah. No, no, no. I don't. I usually don't care about the point spread when it gets to the Super Bowl. Just don't throw out the red.

I think it's going to win. OK. All right. Very good. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you. I look forward to seeing you. And thank you for joining us over here at the San Francisco Giants spring training home. You got it.

I look forward to it. Let the run of the place here. We want to run around the bases. And you want to do that and they slide in home. Oh, really? They're letting you do that? Well, I know people and we what are they going to do?

By the way, take away my scholarship. OK. Did you did you find like Jeff Kent's batting helmet just lying around there or something? Like, is there something giants that you've run into? Anything there?

Nothing. I've I've run into people who were here working when I got on the public address system and I was doing my radio show here from the mothership. Yes. And I ask if I could get on the P.A.

Yes. When bonds came to the plate. And so bonds they I'm on the radio show on ESPN radio. I took that microphone over, went into the booth and I said, now batting number twenty five.

The left fielder, Barry Bonds. Oh, that's that. You were very understood. Bonds. Oh, OK. So you're very understood. You didn't go Barry Bonds like you didn't. Oh, no, no, no, no.

OK. But Bonds homers. Oh, I go back the next time Bonds comes up and I said, please rise and say hello to number twenty five. The left fielder, the man who just homered for me in his last at bat, Barry Bonds. Well, Bonds is at the plate and he turns around and looks up into the booth like, what the hell was that? And then he homered again. So was that his final at bat of the day or did you do a third one?

Yes. OK. No, final at bat. I sent Paulie, my producer, down to the dugout, talked to the PR people and he said, hey, would Barry join me on the show? You know, Dan just called the end of the home run and Barry goes, no. But I was shaking my head.

I knew that would be the end. No, no, no, no. But but but I thought, you know, at least I got a no out of him. That's better than shake your head.

No, but he said no. Thank you. Good night. All right, Pop Pop, send my best to JP and his lovely wife. Congratulations. All right, buddy. Take care.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. It's Dan Patrick, everybody. There he goes.

Oh, cleaning, cleaning. It's not a full Magic Johnson. I'm not going to be there. Let's take a break. Wilson. Garrett will say ETS, Garrett Wilson.

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Efforting. Do you know what I was thinking about with Dan and maybe I'll bring it up a little bit more with him on his show tomorrow. Could you imagine if Andy Reid faced the Eagles in a Super Bowl like seven years ago? When I say seven years ago, I'm predating the Eagles winning one without him and the Chiefs winning one with him. So this is the first time kind of for both him and since he left, like in 2014, we'd be going.

Ape poop in the media, it would make the Kelsey brothers playing in the same game, you know, as if they were like third cousins twice removed. Remember, he went to the Chiefs in 2013 and they played the Eagles that year. Right.

So I get me he immediately left, joined a new team and then faced his old team. Right. But imagine that that's what I'm saying is that is that could you imagine what that would look like right now? Because right now.

It's like, oh, isn't that nice? The guy who used to coach the Eagles is is. Coaching against them in the Super Bowl, not standing in their way.

Right. I mean, even though technically the Chiefs are standing directly in the way of the Eagles going to the podium to win it all and he's not. Trying to win one and stick it to Philadelphia and show I showed you, didn't I? Because if you remember the entirety of Andy Reid's tenure in Philadelphia.

The concept was this is rehashing and I apologize, but we rehash while we wait for kickoff. He couldn't win the big one. Couldn't win the big one. Finally got through in one of the NFC championships of many that he took the Philadelphia Eagles to with Donovan McNabb, who got booed.

You want to talk. Jalen Hurts thinks that a lot of people didn't want him there or some people don't want him there. Jalen, you didn't you didn't stroll on a draft stage and get booed because you weren't Ricky Williams.

By the way, these things happened. I got an invitation for a Ricky Williams Green Party in Arizona. Are we going? You want to go? Yeah. Yes.

I'll send you the details. Yes. OK. Yes.

Green like the political party. Yeah. Let me go show up and take pictures and I'll I'll text him to Roger.

So Al represents. Could you? And again, what what if? Hang on a second. What if the Eagles hadn't won one?

At all. And Reid's trying to win his second there. So it's your 10 for you. What if he hadn't won one with Kansas City now? There you go. And the Eagles had won one. And they're trying to win two without him with two different coaches, you know, I mean, like the fact that they've both right.

Gotten one without each other. Kind of takes the heat off of this. Well, it makes it. Yeah. The only heat that's on this storyline this week that I'm sensing is that Sirianni used to be on the Reid staff in Kansas City. And Andy let him go. Well, Sirianni was on the staff that was still there. And then Andy came in. Right.

And was like, we're not retaining you. So it's not like he. Right. You know, with them and then what I said. Yeah. Are true. But it's not like he was like worked with them for a year.

I'm like, you're out. And he brought in his own guys. I know that.

He's a wide receiver coach. Right. Yeah.

Oh, I don't love that as a storyline, by the way. Well, but that's the one thing you hear in the heat on anything about Reid versus the Eagles and Sirianni. Because that because they both they've both won. Right. Since then, now it's just like, oh, yeah, that's pretty nice.

And like I said, Reid against the Eagles. That's interesting. You're 10 in Kansas City. It's crazy. He has more playoff wins in Kansas City than he did in. That's just wild. In Philadelphia.

Yeah. In 14 years in Philadelphia. 844-204 Rich. Number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's go to the phone lines. We just hung up with Sauce in a defensive rookie of the year candidate.

This guy balled out as the Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate and could have had a second one there if Breece Hall didn't blow his knee out. Joining us today, courtesy of Old Spice Swagger Deodorants and Body Washes, Garrett Wilson of the New York Jets. How you been, Garrett? I'm good, man. How are you, Rich? I'm great. Great first season, man. Great first season. Congratulations.

Let's talk about, you know, soup to nuts here. You going back into Cleveland, winning that game and doing the O.H. to the fans there. What was that like for you, Garrett?

Yeah. I mean, it was a it was like a come home party for me. You know, I had all my family there, a lot of friends and and to be able to play in that stadium.

You know, I heard about it. Our coaches called it a bee's nest all week. So, you know, I thought we got a game there next year as well.

But it was a really special game, special game for me just being back in Ohio and being able to win the game the way we did, you know. Well, well, spelling out the O.H., I mean, you know, a lot of the Browns fans are are Buckeye fans as well. I mean, yeah. I mean, you can't do it with their face. I think that you might have offended them, Garrett.

No? My goal was to get them, you know, to realize that if they're going to root for anyone, root for me. Because because I'm a I'm a Buckeye, you know, and we're in Ohio and I'm not Paul for your team.

But I started O.H. up just to remind them that, you know, I'm still a Buckeye. OK, root for me. OK.

Very good. I know how you feel about that. Well, you know what, Garrett, I don't I don't I don't particularly like spelling out the full. Look, if there's a four letter word I like spelling out, it's J-E-T-S. That's the one I prefer to spell out. Since I've been spelling that out since birth, you know, and seeing you ball out like that. And the thing I'll be very honest that I really loved watching you is how you handled your business in the darker moments. Honestly, like the fact that you would take ownership like this is not going away. I want it to go and we want it to go together and just stand in there.

Microphones in front of your face, chest out and saying this stinks and we're going to try and fix this. That means honestly that that that that was great. Garrett, I appreciate that, man.

I appreciate you. Where does that come from? Why do you like what walk me through that thought process for you? I mean, honestly, it's just the way I was raised and my competitive nature. I always got to look in the mirror and figure out what I can do better, you know. So for me, it was when I went in, when I play well offensively, you know, how can I how can I contribute to that? And yeah, you know, I mean, when you start off the way we did and finish the way we did, you know, you start looking for answers. And at the offense, we wasn't playing well.

And, you know, hopefully the next season, you know, we pick it up on offensive side of the ball and start winning some games, you know. All right. Well, I know, you know, these are difficult questions. I asked them of sauce. I'll ask them of you is, you know, your quarterback. If Zach Wilson starts the season week one next year, is that cool with you? Oh, yeah.

No, that's that's more than cool. You know, for me, I know I know we got some, you know, some great players in the building. Zach being one of those great quarterbacks in the building. So, you know, that goes out there and takes a snap. You know, I'm 100 percent confident that.

And, you know, I feel like, you know, Jeff fans are going to get the best out of us, you know, regardless to get the best out of me for sure. So so what did happen then? Can you tell me what what what went wrong in the final month of the season that you think is fixable? Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's it's kind of just going through it. You know, we had a young team and and that season is a long season and we've never done it before. You know, a lot of us. And it's not that we fell off from playing good ball, it's just we stopped finishing. You know, we stopped finishing games. And for us, you know, we know we're right there. You know, we got in the locker room. We know we got a great team. We practice against those teams that, you know, one team is playing playing this weekend. You know, we practiced against them. We saw how we stacked up against them.

We know that we can be there. You know, it's just about finishing. You know, this league is, you know, it's my first year and I realize how hard it is to win and how can't take a touchdown for granted. You know, it's everything's earned.

Yeah. We've got to learn how to finish and start doing things right when it really matters, you know, down the stretch. And again, the way that you took accountability, Garrett, I'll be honest, is usually the quarterback's role. And that was a big problem for Zach after the Patriots losses.

It seemed like he didn't take accountability and word was the locker room wasn't terribly happy about that. What's the relationship with Zach for you? Yeah, I mean, it started day one. You know, he texted me as soon as I get drafted and, you know, we were building that relationship.

And then, you know, OTA has come and, you know, it's a constant build. So when I went to Idaho out there and he had some of the receivers out there, I really felt like I got to know him. And, you know, by the time the season came around, I had a good idea of who I was going to be playing with and what he was asking out of me. You know, we were making sure we got reps after practice and then he goes down with the injury in that preseason time. And, you know, I feel like we lost a lot of momentum at that point, you know, as far as building our own field chemistry.

And, you know, I might have showed a little bit during the season for sure. So, you know, the relationship is good though and it's something we're going to continue to build on. You know, like I said, we're both young dudes and we're both learning.

So, you know, a lot of times you get so caught up in yourself and try to make sure that you're doing right that you don't even worry about, you know, having a relationship with your dog or something like that. And, you know, we're still building on that. We're still working on it. So it's just going to continue to grow, you know. Yeah, absolutely.

No question about it. Now, Nathaniel Hackett is there, is the new OC. Have you connected with him at any point yet? I haven't yet.

I haven't yet. So, you know, this time of year is so busy. Hopefully I can get up there as soon as possible and get in touch with him. But, you know, I'm familiar with his work over, you know, the last 10 years, just being someone who likes football and watches the game, you know, as a young kid. So I know the name and I was excited to see how we, you know, we hired him and look forward to, you know, learning some new offense. You know the quarterback that Hackett's most aligned with, right?

See, I do know the answer to this, yeah. Aaron Rodgers. It's Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, you're funny, Rich. You didn't have to say it.

I already did. No, you know, I mean, you know, I mean, people might think Russell Wilson, you know. I mean, you know, normally it's Aaron Rodgers.

Do you have any thoughts on potentially Aaron coming to New York? I mean, you know, being a young dude, that's who I grew up watching. So Aaron Rodgers, you know, we played against him at Lambeau last year.

I mean, just watching him warm up, I got to really pay attention. And, I mean, it's special to watch, you know, that's a special talent. Someone that is, you know, probably, in my opinion, the most talented quarterback of all time. And, you know, to play with him and be able to, you know, hopefully catch his last ball playing in the NFL. That would be awesome. But, you know, like I said, we got a lot of good talent in the room and I'm not worried, you know.

No matter what they do, I'm confident, you know, we'll be all right. Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate Garrett Wilson here on the Rich Eisen Show courtesy of Old Spice. What are you doing with Old Spice, Garrett?

What do you got for me? Yeah, man. I'm here just rocking this. Hold on, I'm sorry, Rich. No, it's okay. You know, so I'm just confident that, you know, Old Spice always has me, right? You know, I can't be smelling bad.

No, of course not. And, you know, you need to be confident in your deodorant. So, you know, when the pressure is on and it feels like you're in the spotlight, everything's amplified. And the tiniest bit of doubt can send you spiraling, so that's why I rock with Old Spice Swagger, man. Okay.

I'm rocking with Old Spice Swagger. Well, I mean, you know, your confidence and your ability to focus is never in question, Garrett. And, you know what, one of the most impressive wins for you this year against Chicago, 31 to 10 final score.

You had 95 yards in that game, big win. The fact you were able to focus it all that Sunday after what happened the previous Saturday is really impressive, Garrett. You know what, I don't remember.

I have a feeling I know what you're hinting at. No, no, no. The date was November 27th, November 26th, the very day before. In fact, that Justin Fields could focus on that day, too.

Both of you, really impressive. You know what happened the day before, right, Garrett? You remember that? I don't know, Rich. What happened to me, man? Somebody left a footprint in the horseshoe.

Somebody did. You know, that's two in a row now. That's two in a row. We good? Enjoy it while you're getting it, man. That's all I'm going to say. It ain't going to last long. What does that mean? What does that mean? Because one, it might be an offshoot or whatever, but two is what we call a trend. I looked that up. It's called a trend. You know what I mean? What was it, nine? What is that? What do we call that?

Why you got to bring up old stuff? That wasn't too long, though, either. No, I mean, no, no, no.

That is something broken off inside something. I can admit that. I can admit that. But I'm talking about what's happening now and with recent memory. Fair enough. Fair enough. You're right. You're right. You got bragging rights, and I got to deal with it. You know, I got to deal with it.

Yes, you do. But the reality is we don't get back on track. I'm confident that we don't get back on track to start handling business versus Michigan. Okay. Very good. Confident.

Quick, though, before I let you go, tell me about Marvin Harrison Jr., Garrett. Walk me through how good he is. How good is this kid? I mean, that kid is going to be one of the best to play when it's all said and done. I'm confident in that. He's as good as I seem.

Yeah. Goes about everything the right way. You know, the type of dude that has all the talent in the world and has all the God-given ability, but you can tell he was raised the right way.

You can tell he had a pop set. You know, all the things that maybe his pops didn't do, he was like, Marvin, we're going to do this. Little Marvin, we're going to do this.

We're going to have you living early. You know, he came through the door at Ohio State as a senior and did 18 reps to 225. You know, things like that.

Live at the facility. I mean, yeah, he inspired, you know, a lot of the older dudes at Ohio State at the time, him being a young dude, he came in and inspired us, you know, to change our work ethic, stuff like that, man. So it's just a really special talent, a special person, and I'm excited to see what he does.

Yeah. Obviously, you know what it takes, though. You know what it takes to excel in your first year at the pro level. You think he's got that skill set, obviously, right, knowing him? I'm confident he'll be in, you know, have his recuity year, ceremony thing, and be in that running suit.

You know, I'm confident in that. So he doesn't have to play this year, is basically what you're saying. You could just sit it out, right? You could just sit out this year. Nah, I used to go out there and play. I don't know.

You could definitely go out there. I bet that is what you were hoping for. I'm just saying, maybe late in the year, you know, he'll just say, you know, I'll just shut it down. I don't need to play. You know what I mean?

Because he's that good. No? No? I hope not.

I don't know many that would sit out that game. I'm not going to lie. That's it. I know. That is a game that defines you. I agree. Garrett, keep on keeping on. I told Solace that I've covered 20 of these Super Bowls.

I want to walk into a stadium, and I've seen green towards New York Jets in an end zone. That is something I'd like to see. You and I both, man. I expect that to be. Okay. You know what I'm saying?

In the next five years, we're going to make it happen for you. I love it. All right. Are you at NFL Honors? Do I see you Thursday night? I am.

Yeah, Thursday night I'm there, so I'll make sure I check in and say hello. I would love it. Let's do it. Yeah, let's do it.

Let's find Solace and maybe we'll take a shot. I'd love it. That'd be great. I'd love that.

Photograph, I meant. Okay, very good. Take care of yourself, Garrett.

Thanks for the call. Garrett Wilson of the New York Jets, courtesy of Old Spice Swagger Deodorants and Body Washes. And go. I like him, too. I don't like that your team has likable players. Dude, not just likable players, but hearts of lions. Really good ones, too. Hearts of lions, like, like.

I mean, I think they're both going to win. They're coming for you. Wait till we get Quinnen Williams on here, too. That's another one.

Yeah. And Breeze Hall, we've had him on. Oh, God, don't even get me started.

This gets me all fired up. Man, could you imagine with all that talent, Brockman, if you added Aaron Bragg? Aaron Bragg.

You know, just, man, imagine. Bring the 12 down from the rafters. Let's go.

Aaron take match 12. Come on, Rich. Just embrace it. Farve 2.0. Come on, Rich. I don't want Farve 2.0. I don't want Farve 2.0. But it won't be Farve 2.0.

Farve had a good year that year, Rich. Is that right? Yeah. Want to check his phone? You want the numbers? I don't want to check his phone, but on the field.

That was not a great year. On the field. On the field. Are we really going to this Ricky Williams Green Party or? Yes.

If you want the invite, I can email it to you right now. Well, I got to represent, you know what I'm saying? I got to represent. The only gummies I know are Haribo. Haribo or Sour Patch Kids, which do you like better?

Pardon me. Well, see, I like Sour Patch Kids. I'm not a sour guy. Not a sour guy.

That's been a debate of mine for a while. Haribo or Sour Patch Kids. Oh, no, no. Haribo.

Haribo. Might get those at the airport. For the first time ever, stream the Super Bowl for free. They do sell those at airports, huh?

They do, yeah. The Super Bowl 57 is on Westwood One Sunday, February 12th. Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports. It's time to say goodnight to that check engine light with the free AutoZone fix finder service.

It'll help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone, AutoZone. Sean Payton was introduced to the media yesterday. Yeah.

And then introduced to the idea that Russell Wilson is his own personal throwing coach on staff. I'm on the bet. That didn't go well. Two words. Two words.

Not anymore. Take a break. We'll have that. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial right here on this edition of The Rich Eisen Show.

Trevor Lawrence still to come. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial on the program. Oh, my goodness gracious. Chris in Portland, Oregon. Let's take your phone call here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Chris? Hey, y'all. How y'all doing? I'm good. What's on your mind, Chris? All right.

So a couple of months ago, you guys were going in on Feli about what he should get tattooed. So I posted about it, and y'all put it up, and I was wondering if there was an update about that. Ah.

Well, funny you can't. Well, funny you should mention, Chris, there actually is an update. The tattoo to which you refer is an unfortunate for you and unfortunate for the other person involved in this wager every year, your buddy River. Correct. Whoever finishes worse in the standings in your fantasy football league must get ink. Right. Last year, River lost that bet and asked for rights holders' permission to tattoo the rich Eisen Show logo on his left buttock.

Is that what it is, or? I believe it was his right. His right. Okay.

Now, this year, you have lost. Correct. And you have agreed to get a tattoo of Brownie the elf, the Cleveland Browns elf that's right there on the field. Yeah.

I gotta tell you, he looks smaller than it appears in the photograph when you're at the team, I gotta be honest with you, even though it stretches from the 45 yard line to the other 45 yard line. So where are we on this front now that I brought everyone up to speed? Thank you.

Let's have Chris hang on for this conversation, but I appreciate Chris for bringing it up here. So River came in first. I came in last. Oh my gosh. Obviously, I'm getting a tattoo.

Yes. There was a caller that said that I needed to get it on my butt as well. So I need the same permission because I'm not getting Brownie the elf, the Cleveland logo.

What are you doing? Hoskins, you got my version? Oh gosh.

Okay. I'm getting eyes in the elf. Oh my God. So you have reconfigured Brownie the elf to wear a suit like, oh my God, it's a mixture of the Rich Eisen Show logo with the elf. So the elf is wearing my suit with the blue tie like I'm running on the Rich Eisen Show.

There's that logo now behind Chris. Wow. Oh my gosh. That is kind of amazing. I'm not going to lie. That's much better. That I'm okay with. So it's Richie the elf?

I mean, it's going to be right above the word river that's already back there. So it can either be River the elf or eyes in the elf. How big are we?

Eyes in the elf is good. How big are we talking here? As small as possible where it still looks good.

Like a quarter, like a 50 cent piece. And the reason why we're bringing this up right now is because you're doing, you're getting it tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. I am. I'm going to pay my dues tonight. You already know where you're going. You already know which spot you're going.

I've called a few places. It's going to be one of those show up, we'll fit you in, but you know. So what do you, so don't you, oh my God, Chris, is that, is that good enough of an update for you? That is beautiful. Supremely appreciate it y'all. Wait till you see the picture, Chris, if you haven't seen it, it's pretty outstanding. We'll pop that on, on our, on our feeds, please.

Okay, they're from Hoskins. Okay, very good. Feller, can I make a suggestion? Yes, please.

Thank you Chris. That you retire from fantasy sports. I, yeah, I'm okay with that after this. Or retire from tattoos. You don't have much room left on your body.

Well, he's never going to retire from that. I got half my body tattooed. There's no color. This is gonna be the first time I have color anywhere. First of all.

So it's going to be on your rear. First things first, you should be glad you're not in the, the basketball fantasy league because everybody's getting tattoos except me right now. In that one. You better hope you win a title. I'm not talking a great game. Last night was really bad on, on text, but I had my fun. I might collude with somebody to ensure that you don't win.

Sounds good. I don't know who you're going to collude with, but you know, cause my guys, I mean, Clay had 12 threes last night. Nobody gets hurt. So it's not true. But here's the thing again, I am, I'm inkless. Right. Okay. This just in shocker, but I would think that if I'm going to have a perfect stranger place a needle on my body and give me something that is pretty permanent.

I mean, you can have these things removed, I understand, but that's also painful and a long process. Wouldn't you have them practice like, what are you just going to have them here? Here's the, here is Richie, the elf eyes and the elf. I want this, the size of, you know, uh, a Sacagawea dollar coin, you know, and I want it here. Wouldn't you, wouldn't you send it ahead? Like a PDF or something like, am I wrong?

I mean, I'm a simple man. I'm going to print it out and say, can you do this? That's all.

Yeah. I don't have to look at it. I can't see back there. I have a bad spine. No, no, I'm not saying you don't have to look at it, but am I wrong? Wouldn't you, wouldn't you have somebody practice once or just see anything like they're experts.

I would kick it ahead. I, you know, I would at least be like, Hey, this is what I'm thinking about. Well, they're tattoo artists, guys. They are artists.

I know they're artists, but this is what they do for a living. This is kind of a special, this is a special, uh, design. I've never seen it before. It's actually jarring for me to see it. What's scary. You know, I have my back that you can't see what they're doing. You know, they could draw my homes for all I know. And I wouldn't know until I see a mirror.

Hopefully you do go to a professional. So, um, what do you do when this happens? You're just on your phone? Just texting. I'm hoping TJ and Chris will come hang out. You're not going. Why would you go? Well, I'll be at Ricky Williams Green party.

I just, you just got the invite. That's tonight. It's this weekend. It's this week.

On this weekend. We won't be here. I'm not going to be there. I'm not going to be there.

Yeah. I mean, I'm going to film it. We might go live on IG tonight. Please don't. Please don't. Why?

Why? Give the people what they want. People don't want it. Oh, they do. They don't want to see it. We're not just going to have.

I know we just got a call from Portland, Oregon. This man waited for months. Somebody wondering about, you know, that old tattoo thing from. I mean, we're not going to have ass, man.

Rich. You know what I mean? Like we're going to. What was it that your dad said? Like, you know.

One collar equals 1,000. My dad always said when he wrote my, my dad. One letter. Paul Lewis Eisen, may he rest in peace, was a grade A letter writer of complaints.

Oh, my goodness. He would just, he would sit at his typewriter. Oh, he typed them out. Oh, he would type them out and occasionally he would hand write them out and he would fire off a letter of complaint. Airlines, airlines got a lot of complaints from him. He would.

Airlines, hotels. Your dad was airline Twitter before it existed. Oh my goodness. Oh, my gosh.

My, my dad. Yeah, exactly. He, if there was a problem with the flight, a seat didn't go back. If a seat didn't go back or a tray table was off or something happened.

13B. He would fire off. Absolutely. He would fire off a letter and I would ask him like, what do you, what do you, what are you doing? What do you think they're going to do with your letter, dad?

I mean, what are they going to do? He would say every airline treats one letter as if it's being written by a hundred or a thousand. Okay. So it means something.

Yeah. It means something. Represents a thousand viewers who want to see this tattoo.

He would spend a lot of time, no, but I, I don't know if my dad's angry letter writing campaign math is, is the same ratio as people interested in Jason Feller's ass tattoo. Well, we're already, we're already getting swag requests, so we may have to slap that logo on some stuff. Is that right? Yeah.

I don't know. Do you think the Browns would have a problem with it? We don't have to tell them.

This is an Eisen tattoo, not a Brown tattoo. They're too busy with mild Garrett's toe. Yeah, they got other problems at the moment.

Yeah, they got other stuff going on. And imitation being the most sincere form of flattery. That is pretty impressive.

You know what I mean? That's a great idea, man. Thank you. I'm proud of that.

I wouldn't put it though, uh, in the hands of some professional for the first time and say ink me up, man. Stay tuned for the reveal tomorrow on the Roku channel. Or not.

I don't think that's what the Roku channel is wanting to say, but good for you, sir. This is why we need the only fans account. Oh my God. I'm just saying that's called that's for the no fans account, man.

That's not nice. General Lawrence coming up, everybody, right? Maybe we just get it going.

Like a special Superbowl edition of the Patriot Patreon. Okay. Yes. So you're going tonight. You're doing it tonight.

We're landing. And then we're doing time. We're doing a run through. You got to be part of the run through.

You have to be. What time does the shop? Once we're, once we're off, oh, they go late. You know, tattoo places step into like three, four in the morning. Is it like an early bird special hour in Arizona to Arizona? So like midnight. Yeah. They're open till like two. Great. Late night.

Well, it depends, man. We got to make sure exactly what you want to do. You want to show up at night. Get them tired, end of their shift, hand them Eyes on the Elf and say, tattoo me with this. You can tell Rick's really has never gotten a tattoo. After we've had a few.

I have not. That's correct. You know, you're welcome to come.

Yeah. I am not coming. I don't know, J.B., because I don't even know what time it is in Arizona. Like I don't want to be late for the show tomorrow, so I can be like, they're an hour ahead. They're an hour ahead.

I am full of Magic Johnson on that one. I'm not going to be late. We're already getting requests. People online are already saying they'll watch the live stream tonight.

I'll put it on the t-shirt. Are you serious? Are you saying that? Yes. Shout out, Jason.

Shout out, James. They're going to watch the live stream. On what? On the Rich Eisen Show? I mean, if we go live on Instagram or Twitter or whatever, people are going to watch.

Yeah. Why wouldn't you watch? What's to watch? What's to watch? Him texting while he's got his pants down?

Give me a break. TJ and I will be doing running commentary. I'm sure Del Tufo will be there. I like the comment. Oh, yeah. Del Tufo's coming.

Go for it. You know I'm going to drop an ad lib. I'll be in my hotel room dropping a Haribo. I'll be in my hotel room dropping a Haribo.
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