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REShow: Ian Eagle/Jared Goff - Hour 2 (2-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 6, 2023 3:26 pm

REShow: Ian Eagle/Jared Goff - Hour 2 (2-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 6, 2023 3:26 pm

CBS Sports/Voice of the Nets Ian Eagle tells Rich why Kyrie Irving declined a long-term extension with Brooklyn and forced a trade to the Dallas Mavericks, why he thinks Patrick Mahomes’ ankle injury could be a deciding factor in the Chiefs vs Eagles Super Bowl, and has some fun doing fake TV show promo reads featuring Tom Brady, CSI’s David Caruso, and that ubiquitous Paul Giamatti/Cecily Strong commercial. 

Lions QB Jared Goff and Rich discuss Detroit’s “really fun” season that saw them nearly make the playoffs, what impressed him most about rookie DE Aidan Hutchinson, why he wants to remain in the Motor City for a long time, and offers his advice for Eagles QB Jalen Hurts on making his first Super Bowl start. 

Rich and the guys break down the Lakers missing out on a trade for Kyrie Irving and what it means for LeBron and company’s outlook for the rest of the season.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Show. Show. Show. Show.

I'm so happy! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Before I let you go here, Chris, what's your first blush thought on this matchup? I think if you were the Eagles, you'd probably rather play the Bengals.

Really? The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, J.J. Watt. Still to come, CBS Sports Broadcaster, Ian Eagle. Lions quarterback, Jared Goff.

Two-time Super Bowl winning head coach, Tom Coughlin. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. It's Super Bowl week. We are heading to the Arizona Super Bowl in two days to do the show.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from there right here on the Roku channel. And this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate, smart enough to have us. Joining us last hour was J.J. Watt, just a ton of fun talking to him. I think he's going to go into broadcasting, sir.

That's what it sounded like to me. He sounded really good. And so, he's very good at it. He thinks the Eagles' defensive line is the better of the two such units.

And that's where he's going to put his two considerable cents. So, we've gotten our first prediction of the week. J.J. Watt thinks the Eagles will win Super Bowl 57.

Sure does. You can chime in at 844-204-rich-number-dial. Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions and former Super Bowl quarterback of the Rams will join us. In about 20 minutes time, in hour number three, Tom Coughlin will join us when we will talk about his two Super Bowl victories with the Giants as well as his new book. And then get his side of the story that Jesse Palmer told here on this show last week when he had to call Tom Coughlin and ask for permission to do The Bachelor. Cannot wait to hear Tom's side of the story. It's one of our favorite videos of last week. Fantastic. That's how we're rolling here.

That's how we're rolling here. And joining us right now is one of our favorites. He is calling this game on the world feed, the international feed. Planet Earth will get the Super Bowl, if you speak English, from this man and Charles Davis.

He's also the voice of the Brooklyn Nets. Perfect timing to have Ian Eagle back here on The Rich Johnson Show. How you doing, Ian? Hey, we made it. Super Bowl week. We did. It's here. It's happening. So how does one prepare to speak to the world?

How do you do that? Well, it's a lot of pressure, Rich. I mean, I've got the entire world to think about during this broadcast. Not America. Not the 48 contiguous states in Alaska and Hawaii. Nope. The world. Yeah.

The Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, the United Kingdom. I could go on and on, but that's really all I've got. Do you take your boards to the United Nations and study there? Is that what you do?

Maybe? Yes. Is that what you do?

Yeah, I like to get international studying in and really prepare for the world view of the game. No, I don't do anything different. That's it. It's just like Hoosiers, right?

The rim is still the same height from the floor. You know? The gym's just bigger. The gym's just bigger. That's all.

We're gonna run the picket fence, Rich. Oh my gosh. All right, so your opinion of this Super Bowl, having seen the Chiefs just recently, you saw them hoist the Hunt Trophy and beat the Bengals.

Your two cents on this game, Einegal, that you're calling for the world. Yeah, had Philadelphia late in the year, that Week 18 matchup against the Giants, where they just needed the win to seal the number one seed. They were treating the game seriously, and it was Jalen Hurts coming back, which was a big part of it. We had talked to him about the shoulder issue, and there were reservations. He was not necessarily saying that he's 100 percent and everything's full go. He was adjusting to the new normal.

He's had some time since that. Obviously, we've seen them in the postseason, and their two victories cruise to the Super Bowl. I just like their group. I like their confidence.

What Lane Johnson has done to just be in there, that's inspirational. Their running game is for real. They've got big-time weapons on the outside in A.J. Brown and Devante Smith.

Goddard has proven himself as a reliable target. And then defensively, the fact that they can get to the quarterback nearly at a historic level, second only to the Chicago Bears from their Super Bowl year. The secondary makes plays. I like their team. I like how they've been built. They've been built the right way.

It's been a nice mix. They put a lot of faith in Hurts, and he's proven them correct. Kansas City has a certain confidence to them because they've been there, they've done it, they've got the experience, they have Andy Reid who can scheme it up.

You give him an extra week to come up with some plans in the lab, and you know he'll have some funky stuff. I don't think they have the mystique they once had. It's just based on the fact that Tyreek Hill isn't there. Some of their speed will not be a part of it, but Mccoll Hart has been placed on IR. Defensively, they came to play against Cincinnati. Chris Jones was tremendous.

Frank Clark was excellent. They got a lot of pressure. They're banged up in the secondary, but they withstood it. My sense is that Philadelphia has got a real belief, and I think they have the kind of squad that can win the whole thing. They certainly have the type of squad to turn a somewhat compromised Mahomes into the last time we saw Mahomes in the Super Bowl where he had a toe injury.

Now, the ankle, despite him looking hobbled, when it all came down to it, it did not hinder his ability to do the Mahomes type stuff, but they certainly have the horses to chase Mahomes around like the Bucks did a couple years ago. That's for sure. They do.

Yeah, they do, and that did pop up in my brain, just trying to prepare for this and jotting some notes down this week. CBS had that Super Bowl. We worked on the pregame show. I definitely was intoxicated by Kansas City's offense, and the fact that the Brady story at that time wasn't complete, and I thought it was a little bit of a pipe dream. Obviously, the way that game went, it changed a lot of perceptions and changed legacies to some degree. With that said, I think they downplayed the Mahomes injury that week leading up to the game.

Here, there's nothing to hide. We saw it. He had a tough time getting back to the sideline after series, and yet when it was time to go and time to do it, he could still sling it, and they protected him well enough.

I just think this Philadelphia defense brings a whole different dynamic getting to the quarterback, and that would concern me. When you speak to Sirianni, what's he like? Is he anything close to the Sirianni we've seen on the sidelines where he's just saying it with his chest and just getting after it in a way that you don't see many NFL head coaches on?

No, not in the production meetings. He's a really likable dude. He's very much a regular guy that I think made good on this passion. He comes from a football family. His dad was a long-time coach. His brothers have been long-time coaches, so this has been in his blood forever. And he lives it, he breathes it, cares a lot. He's a very likable guy. I think he does become something else on the sideline, and there is a chip on the shoulder, and there's something that has fueled him through the years.

You've got the other angle, which I'm sure will pop up quite a bit this week in some stories. Andy Reid did not retain him. He was on the Kansas City coaching staff, and Andy Reid has said, hey, he got very high marks, but I had somebody else in mind for the job. It all worked out for Nick. He ended up going to the Chargers and then learning under Frank Reich, and that became a very important relationship in his football career. But I'm sure that's something that's fueled him as well, deep, deep, deep down.

He was in Kansas City, and the new coaching regime led by Andy Reid didn't want him to be a part of it. So whatever motivates you, I think there are personas that pop up based on what we see on television, and I get it. That's often all we get for a lot of the fans.

That's what they see, and that's what they base their opinion on. Nick is an affable dude and really happy for him. To accomplish this in two years, to take this and move it to a place where they can win a championship is rather impressive. Ian Eagle calling into the Rich Eisen Show in advance of calling Super Bowl 57 for the world, the international feed, and we'll return to that in a moment right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Ian, I know you've got a Nets hat there. Put it on.

It's now time for you to put on your Brooklyn Nets hat. Hold on. Hold on.

It's in the other room. Hold on. There we go. Okay. I got it. Very good. Very good. Very, very short distance between rooms in your spot.

I live in a small house. Okay. The Kyrie Irving era in Brooklyn is summed up how? Sum it up for me.

Yeah. The Kyrie era is summed up in high expectations and medium return. From a play-by-play man's point of view, it was a lot of fun. Fun to call his games. He is a basketball genius on the court when he's healthy, when he's ready, when he's locked in. He is unpredictable on the floor where you don't know what he's going to do next.

And you've got to be ready as an announcer to go to a certain place that you may have not gone to before. But it's about results and it's about availability. So for Kyrie, it was a grand total of 52 percent of the games that he could have appeared in that he actually appeared in for the Nets. And I think ultimately that's why the decision was made. This was financial decision for Kyrie, his last known power play where he could actually pull this off and say it and force a trade. Free agent at the end of the year wanted four years, $198 million. Nets were not going to pay that. They tried to negotiate. That fourth year was really the one that came into question, the guarantees involved. And I think they both hit a point of no return where they recognized that this wasn't going to work.

So Kyrie takes his talents elsewhere and the Nets now try to accumulate assets and see if they can make another move or two before the deadline on Thursday to try to put a supporting cast around Kevin Durant that can compete in the East and maybe win a championship. Well, again, I know this is a negative setup, so I at least admitting that. Thank you for letting me know. I know. I'm kind of, you know, telegraphing my shot here. Did the Nets win in spite of him or, you know, I know he's incredible. I know he's going to the hall.

I know when I take my kids to Springfield, Mass. one day, they'll see his name and jersey and all, you know, all the baubles and accolades from his career, and I know he'll deserve it. But it just seems to me that there's always something else with him, and this is now the second consecutive.

You could make it three if you want to include Cleveland, although he departed from there himself. It just seemed that he's left places just saying get out twice now in a row. Yeah, it's a legitimate question, and it's a great question because I think the Nets have had to try to do some soul searching over the last several months, not just the last several days, on what the future is going to look like and the distractions that come with it. He's a gifted player, and he really was on his best behavior after the suspension, and that doesn't go away, by the way. It's not like, oh, well, that never happened.

It happened. It's part of a long list of issues that took place where Kyrie was not a participant, and I think the Nets had to weigh all of that. Now, with all of that said, they also had to balance out how KD would react to this, and we still don't know that answer. We don't know if Kevin Durant is quote-unquote on board or understanding in what just took place, but the Nets had to make this move. It was untenable, and it was irreparable.

There was no going back. The Durant situation during the offseason, the Nets always felt if they could sit down with him, if they could speak, if they could communicate, if they could share their vision, they would be able to convince him that Brooklyn was the place to be, at least for now. I think they got to a point with Kyrie that they were no longer having those kind of rational discussions with him and his camp, and that's why this deal happened. Are they better off without him?

Clearly, they decided not to pay the four years $198 million, and the decision was made to move on without him and go in a different direction for the franchise, so that's their belief. Iron Eagle, I appreciate you calling in before a big week, and just because I'm appreciative of that, I want to leave you with a couple of things here. Number one is a storyline that, I don't know if you're aware, the Kelsey brothers are playing in this game, so make a note of that. Jason and Travis, if you want to just put it on your notepad, there's that. There's the highlighter. Yes, absolutely.

And I want to leave you with something for the world feed as well, and because I'm such a giver, I think it is, in a way, through you being the conduit, giving something to the world. Calling this game internationally, not for any network, not for CBS, your home network, I'm imagining there are not any show promos for you to read, which you're outstanding at. There are not, right? No, and that's a strange place for me. I'm accustomed to Bob Hart's Abishola, Ghost, all of the CBS Paramount Plus programming.

Yeah, it's weird. It's a weird space for me to be in, not to have those promos. Well, let me fill that void for you, and I appreciate you mentioning your streaming partner, because the Roku channel streams this program.

You're also a 21st century guy. We have, on The Rich Eisen Show, created three shows, and I believe we sent you the copy so you can read them, and I think we maybe should just choose the best one, and see if we can spring it on the international audience. Yeah, I haven't seen these, Rich, so this is a rip-and-read situation that I find myself in, but I feel very experienced in this space, and I'm ready if you're ready. I am ready, go for it. Ian Eagle, this is a fake TV promo number one for the international feed of Super Bowl 57.

Go for it. They said his international court had no jurisdiction, but tell that to the oligarchs he's put behind bars, and strong men around the world certainly know his brand of justice is bringing the fight to them. David Caruso is back in CSI, The Hague.

We've got him in a wig on the screen for you, Ian. Okay, there you go, CSI, The Hague. Very good.

People will learn what The Hague is if they already don't. All right, here's fake TV promo number two. Ian Eagle, go for it. I like this one.

Go for it. She's a late-night sketch comedy star. He discovered the theory of relativity. Together, they're trying to find love and better cell reception.

Cicely Strong and Paul Giamatti star in the new hit romantic comedy, How I Met Your Genius. He's got the bike on the screen there. He's got his bike. Brilliant.

She's very excited. Okay, here's the last one. Go for it, Ian. Go for it, Ian.

Go for it. They found the fountain of youth, but sadly, time ran out. Now, they're coming back to life just to see the greatest of all time play in one last Super Bowl, the spirit ghosts of Wilford Grimley, Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronin, and Steve Gutenberg's career, head on an all-star cast in Cocoon 4 for Brady. Is that the spot where he retired? That's the spot where he retired. Smich put the dunes behind him right there.

It's Florida. All right, so which one do you like best, Ian? Which one do you think is good?

Which one works? Boy, I mean, all three are very enticing. I want to apologize to the goot, of course, to Gutenberg. Zachary Edwards, he took strays.

He got shrapnel. There's no reason for that. I personally, I'm a big, definitely strong Paul Giamatti fan. I want to see if the sparks from the commercials fill over. I would want to watch How I Met Your Genius. All right, let's see if we could sneak that in. And of course, let's pitch it around town.

Let's see how it works. Take care of yourself, Ian. Have a great cast. I hope to see you in Arizona. Thanks for the call. All right.

You're the best. Hello, Cuba. I want to hear from you.

Costa Rica. You say Altoona. Take care, Ian.

We'll see you soon. There you go. There's Ian Eagle, everybody.

I didn't know that Hacksaw was this color guy for the world feed. Altoona's worldwide, man. I'm trying to tell you. Fantastic. All right, everybody. Let's take a break. Jared Goff's going to join us. That's next right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Talk Super Bowl with a former Super Bowl quarterback. This is it. The putt to win the tournament. If you sink it, the championship is yours.

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Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Joining us now, courtesy of Gillette, getting ready for Super Bowl 57, just like all of us, is the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams from Super Bowl 53 and currently the quarterback of the Detroit Lions. Jared Goff, back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, Jared? I'm good, Rich. How are you?

I'm doing great, man. What a great season you guys had in Detroit. That was awesome. I'm wondering what it felt like from your perspective, Jared. Yeah, it was really fun, man. It was really fun mostly to do it with a lot of the guys that were there and certainly the coaches, but a lot of the players that were there to the year prior where things weren't as good and to be able to come back and improve and get better and put our process in place and see the results pay off is super rewarding.

So it was fun. But we got a lot of work to do this offseason and continue to go in that direction. Absolutely. And it seems to me, again, whatever Coach Campbell is selling, the rest of the team is buying. What is he selling, Jared?

He's selling a whole lot, but he's doing the job of doing it. We trust him. We believe in him. He's a lot of fun to play for. I think our toughness, our grit is kind of what we rely on. But I think ultimately us coming together as a team has been the most important part and sticking together and trusting each other and trusting the coaches and then trusting us.

It became a really good family there and something that's continuing to grow. You got a good Dan Campbell story. You got a favorite Dan Campbell story when you said it's fun to play for him. You got one for me, Jared? Yeah, I'm running out because I get asked this question probably more than anything in my life nowadays.

But yeah, I could give you a few. I gave one earlier today, but he was speaking in a team meeting and I actually forgot about this story just to give you some reference. I forgot about this story because it was so long ago until St. Brown brought it up this weekend at the Pro Bowl. But he was speaking at a team meeting one time and he must have a fake tooth and his tooth fell out. And he kind of just picked it up off the floor, put it back in and kept talking like nothing happened. And maybe that's why I forgot about it because it seems somewhat normal at the time. So I guess a fake tooth is like, thankfully I have everything in my mouth right now is still the genuine article.

A tooth is like gum. There's a five second rule when it drops on the floor. Is that what you're saying?

Oh yeah, for sure. It was definitely less than five seconds. He's in the clear. But nobody after the meeting said, hey, did anybody notice Coach's fake tooth popped out and he popped it back in the mouth and kept talking? It may have been a serious meeting. I don't quite remember. I think it was last training camp.

So I think we kind of just let it go and moved on. I just forgot about it actually until St. Brown brought it up this weekend. So Hard Knocks has video of it? Was it this past training camp?

No, it was last year, like 2021. Otherwise that would have been on HBO like it was the Sopranos in two seconds flat. That would have made it big time. Okay. Because it does seem to me that when you watched some of the playoff games this time around, did you think had we gotten in, had the results happened the way that you needed, somebody might not have won a game because you would have gone in and knocked them off?

Any thought on that? Jared? I'm sorry, Rich? When you were watching the playoffs this year, did you think, hey, if we were there, we would have gone further? We would have beaten this team that won?

You sit there and think that? Yeah, you never know. I think we would have loved to get our chance in the playoffs and see what would happen. I think we proved through the second half of the season that we could play with anybody and beat anybody.

So yeah, you never know what would have happened. But yeah, you sit here every year if you don't make it and kind of look at those teams and go, man, we could have beat them. We could have done that.

But ultimately, you got to get in there and do it. So one more game for us would have done it. And this next year coming, we got to make sure we don't start slow like we did, unfortunately, this season. Jared Goff here on the Rich Eisen Show. Obviously, I'm biased.

You know I'm a Michigan guy. What did Hutch bring to the equation? That was great, man. He did a great job. And I think seeing him as a rookie come in and kind of keep his head down and just go to work and not say much until he got his time in the game and then be able to be himself and show his personality after that. I think ultimately just seeing how he works every day and how much respect I have for him as a rookie to come in and act the way he did and ultimately play the way he did, it was extremely impressive. And I'm really excited to see where he can take our defense next year and continue to develop as a leader. Any similarities between the ascension of this team as it seems to be going and the one that you eventually took to the Super Bowl here in Los Angeles, Jared?

You know, I don't know. Our team this year was so much younger than that team even the year before we went to the Super Bowl. It was a different path. It was very fun this year. It was very young and naive, but it was fun. It was really fun for me to watch those young guys kind of grow into their role and be able to start playing really well and be able to enjoy success together and have a lot of these guys taste that they haven't had in this league. And that was the difference is a lot of these guys were kind of up and coming. And I think in L.A. there's a little bit more veteran presence. But we're on our way there and we have much more veteran presence this year than we had last year. So do you feel like the old guy around him? Is that what you're saying, Jared? Or am I just picking stuff up? Maybe it's just a function of me being older now, probably.

It's hard to make that comparison. But yeah, I think ultimately I am. I'm going into year eight now and me and Taylor Decker are the two old guys on the offense.

And I don't know if we have anyone that's going to be older than year eight on defense, you know, unless we do something in for agency. But yeah, I do feel like the old one, certainly. OK. And do you think you can grow old, if you will, in Detroit? Do you think this is your spot, Jared? Yeah, man, we'll see.

I sure hope so. I think this year has been fun. I've really enjoyed my time out there and it's been a lot of fun for me. But I don't fully make those decisions. All I can do is continue to try to play well and see where it takes me. But I love it out there.

It's been a lot of fun. Is Penny Sewell demanding the ball now in crucial situations? Yeah, he should be. He should be. We may end up handing it to him. Who knows?

Get in the split backfield or something and give him a counter. You know, who knows? We'll see. Can you walk me through that from from practice to actually having it called and executing it in a crucial game as you had this year?

I mean, and then just seeing him, we have a still photograph of him, just like Superman, kind of like laying out off the ground, levitating. We're showing it right now. It's amazing. Can you walk me through that that hole from start to finish this play? Yeah, I can start all the way back to Monday of that week. I was in Ben's office that Monday, just, you know, BS and talking about different ideas for the game. He's like, I really want to get Penay tackle eligible.

And I want to I want to see if we can get him a ball down the red zone or, you know, see if we can move him around. It was just kind of a creative idea of his. And, you know, sometimes those ideas don't stick. But when you're the coordinator, you can make them stick.

So he did. And that was like a little three play package that we had. It was made for the red zone.

It was supposed to be really inside the five. And when you bring Penay in as a tackle eligible, he can't go back to tackle until the next series or you take the playoff, actually. So it was kind of like we need to call these three plays sequentially. So if you go back and watch that drive, there was three in a row where he was tackle eligible. And then the third one ultimately was when we threw it to him. And it was kind of like those three plays are going to happen in order. So as soon as he came in as tackle eligible, we all three everyone on offense knew that those three plays were on their way. So when that gets called, it's such a crucial game. I mean, what do you think?

You sit there, go, this is fun. You're like, oh, this is great. I mean, I imagine the rest of the huddle must get a jolt as you're matriculating your way down the call sheet where you know the big culminating play could be a third downer, you know, as a big one.

Huge. Yeah. You know, I think to be honest, there wasn't much flinch. There wasn't much much like over excitement. I think we there may have been like a time out after the second down play.

So we had some time to sit there and talk about it. And I'm getting on the headset. Hey, tell me, you know, don't go out of bounds. Secure the catch. Just fall forward and all this all these coaching points. And I'm relaying them to say, hey, they're telling me, you know, just so you know, let's do this.

And finally, Jonah Jackson are left guards like, hey, man, he's got it. Like, leave him alone. He's got it. And I'm like, all right. All right. So, you know, it was it was a good feeling.

But it was it was fun to get the name involved there. Jared Goff here on the Rich Eisen Show. What advice would you have for Jalen Hurts making his first career start in the Super Bowl? And, you know, again, I know Mahomes is not Brady. Nobody's Brady. No one may ever be Tom Brady. But he is an incredibly accomplished young quarterback that's potentially the MVP of the league. So I imagine there's some sort of similarities between your first Super Bowl start in Super Bowl 53 against Brady and what Hurts might be thinking right now. What advice would you give him?

Jared? Yeah, I ultimately treat it like any other game and have fun. But I think there's there's some distractions pregame on the field to be aware of, some distractions at halftime to be aware of with the length of the halftime and just to kind of put yourself in and put the blinders on, I guess, throughout this week and then and then into game day and be able to focus on what you need to do. And the game day itself is a little weird, too.

The TV timeouts are longer. The footballs are sometimes a little bit different because there's so many of them. So little little things like that, I guess, if I were to talk to him. But I think he's got a handle. We'll see how it goes.

No, I'm sure. But I mean, what what what distractions you talk about prior to the game, just like national anthem or how many people are on the field? I think it's just so different than any other game that I played in is, you know, typically you can walk around the sidelines, you can go grab water, you can do anything. The media is just circling, you know, circle the field and you kind of can't get in or out of the sideline as easily.

So there's just different things like that. But it's ultimately when that whistle blows and the game starts, it's all the same and try to make sure you keep it that way. You go up to Brady beforehand.

Did you do that back in the day? Did you see him before the game or no? We had the media day and I spoke to him for 10 seconds. But yeah, that was the media day. That's it.

So not even before the game on the field. Nothing. No, nothing. No, no, no, no.

I don't typically talk to guys before any other game either. That's because you're big time people, right, Jared? That's what you are. Big time. That's right.

Don't forget that you're a big time. I don't know. No, I don't. I don't typically do.

Okay. So what are you doing with Gillette? What is the P&G Battle of the Paddles?

What is this? What do you got for me? Well, it's this little table tennis tournament. I plan on winning and I get to represent Gillette and, you know, I'll be showing up with a fresh shave and feeling confident and getting ready to play well. And Rich, you can tune in if you want to on Twitch Sports 730 Eastern on Wednesday. Wednesday? I'm sure you'll be you'll be dialed in to watch me, you know, win this tournament. I got Buddha Baker round one and then we'll see it.

I know McCaffrey's in it, J.C. Horn, Trevor Lawrence. It'll be fun. But I won our team tournament at some point this offseason, last offseason, I guess. And I'm ready to take my talents. So you're you're taking you're taking your talents to the battle of the paddles, the P&G Battle of the Paddles. So you're good at this.

You're good at you're good at ping pong table tennis. What are you going to call it? You got it. I'd like to think so. I'm talking a big game right now and these guys could come wax me.

Who knows? But I like to think I'm pretty good and handle handled the Detroit Lions during OTAs last year pretty handedly. So we'll see. We'll see if I can handle the rest of the NFL this week. Trevor Lawrence, huh?

He's coming, showing up McCaffrey. I assume you saw these guys just at the Pro Bowl. What do you think of it? What do you think of the reimagined Pro Bowl games? I thought it was fun, man. I really did. I thought it was I thought it was a good time.

And I thought it allowed guys to kind of be themselves and be loose. But at the same time, it was competitive and it was fun and those juices were flowing. But but there wasn't much, I guess, high intensity. There wasn't any hitting. Well, I mean, ask Tyree kill that, man. Ask Tyree kill if there was any hitting. I mean, Adams flipped him the ball last second and you saw what happened.

Right. With Jalen just took him right out. You know, I think that was where, you know, you could see the competitiveness once that ball gets close to the goal line. Guys don't want guys to score. But Ramsey blew him up and blow him up. Jared said, I bet he won't do it again.

I said, yeah, you're probably right. Don't flip. Don't flip the cheat of the ball on like the one half yard. But I guess it's a flag game.

You got to make sure that nobody's going to grab the flag. What was the last flag football game you played? Was the last time you did that?

Probably like my 12 year old birthday at the park with my friends. You dominated, though, right? You dominated. Yeah, dominated.

I don't know if we, I don't know if we, I think we scored in every drive. Of course you did. But yeah, it was fun, man. It was it was really a lot of fun. And I think it kind of, you know, brought guys back to being kids again.

And it was cool. Jared, thanks for the time. Thanks for the time. Enjoy your table tennis.

I hope you do. What's the trophy? Do you know what the trophy is? I don't know. There better be a trophy, a cash prize. I don't know. We're playing for something.

At least at least bragging rights. Yeah. You might get a razor blade. I don't know.

I mean, I think that's it. I'll get a free razor from Gillette. There you go. Gillette is bringing us Jared Goff here on the Rich Eisen Show. Thanks for the call, Jared. Be well. We'll see you in Arizona. All right, Rich.

Thank you. You got it. That's Jared Goff, Super Bowl 53 quarterback right here on the program. Detroit Lions make it, right? Do they go into San Francisco and win that football game that Seattle had led at half? Probably. What do you think? Probably not. You don't know.

Do you? Well, but you asked me what I thought. Oh, I don't agree with you thought. Clearly. I mean, he hung up. He's not listening. Oh, yeah.

No, he would have been relaxed. You don't know. Sorry. I mean, you asked me.

What do you know? I don't agree with your take, sir. All right. That's fine.

I disagree with the sentiments of this man. Sean Payton was talking, introduced new head coach of the Denver Broncos. Very nice suit.

That's like a silence of the Lambs. Nice suit. Did he go orange tie? What do you think?

I didn't see it. By the way, Senator, love your suit. That's right.

Nice suit. For the first time ever, stream the Super Bowl for free. Super Bowl 57 on Westwood One happens this coming Sunday, February 12th. Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports.

844204rich numbered a dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. We are back. Tom Coughlin joining us at the top of our third hour. We've got an overreaction Monday and so much more.

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That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program. OK, I mean, what's to discuss in the NBA other than Kyrie Irving, other than the fact that the Lakers wanted him in the worst way and LeBron tweeted out exactly that. What do you mean?

Did he said we wanted him in the worst way? He just said, maybe it's me. By the way, he capitalized me, which is great.

I would do that, too, if I was LeBron. Do you think that's an autocorrect? I don't know.

It's also capitalized, too. So, OK, maybe it's me. I don't know what that means. Maybe it's me. Maybe like maybe it's me, but we should have got them or no, I don't think it's that easy. It's not Maybelline. No, I think it's like maybe it's me. Maybe it's me.

Meaning what? Maybe he doesn't like me and doesn't want to come to the Lakers. Maybe the Lakers didn't have those assets to give the Nets.

That's a nice package. The Dallas sent a 2029 first round pick. The Lakers still have that one, right?

Yeah, I guess. But, you know, they just don't want Russell Westbrook. Who wants Russell Westbrook?

I don't know. I think the Lakers. He's in a good spot. He's playing well off the bench. I get it. But and closing games.

I get it. But is this the like, look, you know, you know, I've I've enjoyed watching the Lakers last week. Plus, I've talked about it.

Jim, we talked about it here. I like how they've closed games, although, you know, New Orleans with T.J. Jefferson's fantasy darling when he plays Brandon Ingram, that guy can ball out when he's healthy. That's why my fantasy team stunk so bad.

He was gone all year. I know. But that was a fun game to watch over the weekend, by the way. New Orleans and the Lakers. Yeah, that was. Is this team going to win the championship this year?

No. The current Lakers are a good watch. The current Lakers.

They're fun to play entertaining games. Can finish games and win more than not. I think the current Lakers, the way they're playing, they could play themselves into and then above the play in tournament. They're a play in team.

Or maybe a little better. Look, it's not too far from where they currently are to the middle of the playoff pack in the in the Western Conference. You're not too far away.

Take a look. You're not. But are you going to go on a run and beat the Jokic, Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon? Denver Nuggets in a seven game series where Denver's got the home court advantage with the current group. Can you do I mean, LeBron and A.D. can go off, but they could. I mean, the Lakers are 13th in the West right now, but they're only three games back of Dallas for sixth. OK, so let's just say in LeBron's mind, we could have given up a package where I have Kyrie and A.D. and still have what, Lonnie Walker and Rui Hachimura. We can close games like that and the bench doesn't we only need is just three guys, you know, maybe two. Coach Ham can tighten the rotation down to eight during the playoffs. That's all we need.

I can do that. I got it. And now with Steph out, like maybe a month, maybe longer. I don't know if as much as you know, I love the Warriors.

I don't know. I mean, but they're eight. Don't you think this is don't you think this is the Nuggets conference? If Memphis can get it together that way, I mean, Sacramento is third right now.

That is insane. So LeBron must be sitting here thinking in his mind it's wide open. West is wide open. But apparently the Laker the the Nets were working with the Lakers on a three way deal to try and get Kyrie there. So is it when he says maybe it's me, it's like maybe it's me that the Lakers aren't trying hard enough. That's not how I read it. I read it Kyrie has something has a problem with LeBron still dating back to Cleveland, which is why he left in the first place and he doesn't want to play with him.

I don't know. I thought this entire I thought this entire venture the minute that you had that reaction, looking at your laptop on Friday show like mind blown. I thought this was all about trying to get his way to Los Angeles. And I got a bunch of texts from people involved in the league just sending me like this is all about him getting the Lakers.

That's what it was to begin with. You're the Nets going through what you stated earlier, your personal feelings about him. Why would the Nets allow him to go to a place like the Lakers, which would help benefit? I don't know that that was ever really going to be on the on the table.

I don't know, man. As much as it might be personal because he's been such a pain in the ass or he was not available. What Ian Eagle said earlier this hour, he's played in 52 percent of the games he was eligible to play in in his tenure for the Nets.

We'll do the math for that means he missed 48 percent of his games. And so, you know, as much as that has been an issue, as much as whatever we see is the tip of the iceberg, they're going to take the best possible deal. And if Kyrie winds up in a spot where he can win it all and he's happy, I don't I wouldn't care. I'm not like saying I'm so personally hating you so much.

I want to send you to whatever Siberia I can. No, I'm going to try and get the best possible deal. You know, if it's a one and multiple twos and two players, including one that I know, you know, the organization at least knows in Dinwiddie and he's been playing very well. Yeah, and he played well there.

So I'm doing that. And plus, you know, it's not if you think the Nets had a an axe to grind against him. I mean, sending him to play for Cuba and coached by Jason Kidd and play alongside Luka Doncic is a pretty good spot.

So I wouldn't I wouldn't go there. I just think the Lakers didn't have a package similar to what the Mavericks offered. I just don't think they gave up a lot. I think so. They gave up a lot.

And considering you're just trying to get rid of the toxic player you think is toxic and doesn't want to be there. They got a lot back. Brooklyn did. I think they might be better off.

I think they are better off. That's what I said. It all depends on Kevin Durant coming back 100 percent. And look, I know this is going to be I know this is going to be the conversation. But this week, the Lakers, I think, are going to dismantle Oklahoma City. And then if I'm not mistaken, LeBron needs to have a monster game to break Kareem scoring record tomorrow night.

Right. Thirty six. I mean, it's possible for him to do. I mean, it's possible for him to do. Thirty six is a lot of points.

Yeah, but how many times he scored more than thirty five this year. But not consider the circumstance like now LeBron isn't really a first shoot type like he's a distributor. So now if he knows he's that close, he might just be going for his or he's just going to do it against Milwaukee. Either way, it's going to happen. It's going to be. And the Lakers will roll it out for him like it's that's that this is what they do.

They they they have. Big nights. That are historic nights, not just for the franchise, but for the entire league, and they play it up big. I think he does it Tuesday, but I don't know if you'd prefer Kyrie or a big move before Thursday rather than breaking the record on a Wednesday. I don't think he particularly cares. Gone over thirty five, eight times since his birthday. So it's possible.

Look, here's a deal. He's going to break it and it'll be a nice night. But the maybe it's me thing. You took it to mean that Kyrie has something personal against him. And I don't think he had, but I don't think Kyrie had any any say in where he winds up. Did he have a no trade? I don't think he had that.

Oh, I don't know. But I mean, like I said, I think he really wanted to come here back to why he left Cleveland in the first place. LeBron like kind of made up or, you know, maybe.

But maybe LeBron's like, maybe we didn't make up. That's that's kind of how I read it. Maybe it's maybe it's me.

I don't know. I took that to me when I saw that. I took that to mean it was something about his situation here in Los Angeles.

Maybe it's me, man. I can't get a break or get his team like he thinks. I mean, honestly, you've got the window to do it now. The problem is, is that everything else that they have has hamstrung them in terms of the first rounders that they can give up that are within short order.

Although, as you pointed out, the Nets accepted one. Twenty nine for for a kid that's currently what in fifth grade, potentially, you know, potentially somebody who's sitting there in seventh grade. Well, that's why I said last week there's like a seventh grader that, you know, forget you pick weight and weighting.

You have to go to college anymore. You know, the thing is, the problem with Twitter, like I said, is a lot of times people tweet something and then everyone is trying to psychoanalyze it and break it. And then you really just find out it's a little baby lyric later on.

It doesn't mean anything. But everyone's like, you know, broken out the microscope and tried to see what it's saying. Well, I just think Kyrie showing up here in Los Angeles, all of a sudden we're sitting up straighter to see if they can win this conference this year. I mean, that's a that's a doable thing for the Los Angeles Lakers, depending on how much they have left around them.

I think they would have been able to do that. And I think that's what he's like. Maybe it's me.

I can't catch a break. The Clippers apparently put a decent trade offer on the table for him as well. And I guess you're right, Chris. The Mavs just had they would have taken him out when they left Brooklyn tonight. Yeah, they had Knorr, Terrence Mann, a couple ones, a couple pick swaps in the future.

But I think you put him on that Clipper team. I guess. But I get it.

But you also have to watch. It's not like you're just getting only his play and his stat sheet. Hour three, Tom Coughlin coming up on our program.

You know what I mean? Like, we all sit here like it's like a fantasy league. Yeah, we'll get him.

But it's not a fantasy league. You're getting you're getting a whole bunch of stuff. Every spotty show up and it's always how great it is that he's here.

We could totally win a championship with him. And then it winds up as a flaming bag of dog poop. Like Billie Madison? Yes.

Yes. Just don't step on it. And a perfect example is that if this was fantasy basketball, I would be winning it. You know, and this has nothing to do with me right now.

It never does. And yet somehow we. I haven't lost the fantasy basketball week since Christmas.

You know what else I've noticed? And it's Super Bowl week since Christmas after I took care of your team this week. Yeah, Chris, he was up 10-0 talking all that Yang. And then he barely won this week, six to five. But OK, because Damian Lillard played every night this week and scored 50 every time. Here's what he what he complains constantly about guys taking games back to backs off. What I've realized about your team is you've never gone through a stretch where any of your top players have been hurt. Like I've had Brandon Ingram out for two months. What was the last time you had one of your top guys out?

Hurt. Chris Paul missed an entire two weeks. Chris Paul's not a top player. Tell that to his 14 assists from the other night. I dropped Chris Paul earlier in the season. So I grabbed him and I beat you with him this week. It was great. Granted. So what I'm saying is you're complaining a lot about missed back to backs. You don't leave your team has not faced any. Oh, my gosh. Talk to the hand and the commercial break.
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