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REShow: Marshall Faulk - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 19, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Marshall Faulk - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 19, 2023 3:10 pm

Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk tells guest host Suzy Shuster how Brock Purdy’s unexpected success compares to Kurt Warner’s emergence in 1999 for the Rams, why the Dallas Cowboys CANNOT afford to lose to the 49ers and their rookie QB, previews Bills vs Bengals, Giants vs Eagles, Chiefs vs Jaguars, and says why the G-Men must bring QB Daniel Jones back next season. 

Suzy offers up her top hows to watch instead of TLC’s ‘Milf Manor’ including ‘Ozark,’ ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Tulsa King,’ ‘1883,’ ‘Yellowstone,’ and ‘Ted Lasso.’

Brockman breaks down the latest comments from John Harbaugh and the Ravens’ GM concerning Lamar Jackson’s tenuous future in Baltimore.

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Don't move. This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host Susie Schuster. I think there's one thing she's not. Uh-huh.

She a Beyonce. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. When I see Brock Purdy, man, I just see a baby face kid.

I think he's fearless. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, Roku's The Cupcake Guys, Michael Griffin, Brian Orecpo, and Brian Hindson. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Fox.

And now, sitting in for Rich. She a Beyonce. It's Susie Schuster. Yeah, but can Beyonce do a three-hour radio television simulcast?

I'm just saying. I mean, can she do this? Can she sit here and interview Hall of Famers one after the next? I'm not gonna say she couldn't.

You know what? I'd be willing to let her try. If Beyonce wants to come in and guest host her day, I'd be okay. You'd be okay with that?

I think we could make it work. She's not gonna bring you champagne, Christopher. She might though. She's not bringing donuts. She could.

That's a good point. Hey, Beyonce, watch out. This chair is mine. You know what I'm saying? I see you. I see you.

See this chair? She's earned the right to give it a shot is all I'm saying. That's what I mean.

If she just wants to hit back one of TJ's DMs and we can set it up. Hey, bro, I don't sign in. No, no, no. Hey, Beyonce, if you like this chair, put a ring on it. You know what I'm saying? That's the only song I know. It's your boy.

Marshall, what's your favorite Beyonce song? Whoa. You know what, Susie, before we get into this, I don't like how the guys just handled this. I can't believe you guys.

It's crap. You guys, you know she can't. Beyonce can do everything. She can't host this show. I don't know that, Marshall. That's right. We said that she can't. We said we're willing to give her a chance, Marshall, is what we're saying.

Yeah, but they did get up this morning when their alarm went off, Marshall. Oh, wow. Here's what they said. Probably. Probably. Probably. Maybe. Beyonce can do it.

Probably. It's Beyonce, Marshall. She can't.

She can't. And I'm going to let you have that one, Susie, but I'm staying on your side. You know where your bread is buttered, Marshall.

That's a very smart move. Did you take a dig at Marshall just a second ago? I never take a dig at my work husband, thank you very much. Sounded like you did. Maybe a little bit. Maybe just a little bit.

After he was sticking up for you. I know. What time is it, right?

Game time hook. Marshall, how are you? I am doing fantastic. How's everybody doing?

Sounds great. We're trying to get Brian Arachbo to send us cupcakes but that's neither here nor there. Let's start talking about the weekend games because that's why you're here and we want to know one thing about Brock Purdy. We've come up with every Purdy, Purdy, Purdy but what reminds you of the Kurt Warner scenario? We had Kurt in an hour or two. He said it's really dangerous to make too many comparisons but as somebody who watched a quarterback come into a locker room and take over calmly and confidently and kind of exceed everyone's expectations, do you see any parallels there? You know as much as Kurt would say no, yes.

Yes just because of how he got here. Someone getting hurt. You know the whole story and this kid wasn't on anybody's radar but let's be honest he was not on anybody's radar. Now either you know John Lynch and his crew are awful at evaluating or the head coach play caller is doing a much better job calling plays for this guy than he did Garoppolo at any point in time in Garoppolo's career because we can't really say much about Trey Lance. We don't really have much on him but this young man and how he's getting through, it's just the progressions and the calmness that he gets through his progressions and not allow things to bother him. Now he hasn't had the game where he hasn't lost the game for them so we don't know what the bounce back is like and we might not get to find out.

They look really good, really good. What was it like for you though and I make the comparisons again to 99, what's the pressure like on this kid at this point because you got to watch Kurt absorb it all on his shoulders firsthand. So what would you imagine the pressure is like now for Purdy? There's not any pressure.

In reality he's not supposed to be here. This team is supposed to, they were supposed to just lose. They were on their third quarterback. Now who's the pressure on? The pressure is on Chris McCaffrey. They traded for him. I know what he's feeling because I felt that when Trent went down. I know where he is.

I get it. The pressure is on his defense to get it done. Devo Samuels, he asked for all this money and you know hey we can get this done. The pressure is on the other people around him. For him, he's playing with house money. He's already proven that in the latter parts of the season he could win games and that's what we want to find out about young quarterbacks.

He's proven that. This is like I really see no pressure on him. The play caller got to do a better job. Get him in better situations. The offensive line got to keep him up right. Best scenario possible for a quarterback which is the expectations are very low for this young man. And yet at the same time Marshall, it's like he has this dream season.

This never before you know this dream season in front of him so I would feel like it would be the opposite. No, he didn't expect to be here. We weren't hyping him up. He wasn't a part of who was going to be the Niners quarterback talk.

He wasn't a part of that. So what he's done is literally it's like if I say hey Susie lift this car you probably say no but if one of your kids was in that car you'd lift it up. He's just been thrown into the fire and he's responding playing football and I haven't seen the moment. The moments that he's been in they haven't seen too big for him. Now these moments are going to continue to get bigger and bigger. Obviously this is probably the most hyped and talked about game when you're playing against the Cowboys because the Cowboys has won.

They've won the last 10 Super Bowls right? Or maybe not. Or I'm like wait what? It's been a while. Or maybe not.

No, I'm just saying the way we talk about them they just no that didn't happen. But the reality is this game and how big it is like this is probably unless he gets to the Super Bowl. I don't think there's going to be a game that's going to be talked about more than this game and I'm talking about if he reached the NSC championship and he's playing the Giants or the Eagles it will not be talked about the way they're going to be talked about against the Cowboys. Well I wasn't going to go the other way around Marshall but let's start with this game then first. Let's start with the last game of the week and Cowboys at 49ers.

What do you expect? The Dallas Cowboys cannot lose to this kid. Like this is we watched this we watched this last year and you know Galapolo who was not playing that great they went into Dallas and beat Dallas. This feels like you know the eight win Steve Young days you know this is like we're going back to those days with the with the Cowboys and Niners playing you know a meaningful playoff game. It's just like you know football royalty at its best and as I said this game is going to be hyped up it had it got them it drew the number one slot you like when you're telling me that on a Sunday the New York football Giants is not on this they gave it to Dallas and San Francisco. I mean that's a that's a big play right there man.

So let's go let's go to the game before that. What are you thinking for Bengals at Bills? Here's the thing Joe Burrow is going to be Joe Burrow. The guy looks like he's unflappable. I mean the only there's only two quarterbacks that I've watched play like this and two other quarterbacks and Tom Brady was one and Joe Montana was the other. It just seemed like the situations never got too big for them and it didn't matter who was on the other side. Now Josh Allen sometimes presses the situation and I don't know if you guys saw last week they kind of took the ball out of hands a little bit they went started running the football it's like hold up wait hold up we can't we can't we got to protect you from you Josh and they did him a favor you know Ken Dorsey did him did him a huge favor and and they allowed their defense to to get some turnovers and remain and keep them in that game and kind of take control of the game in a sense but um you know I Cincinnati is they're on a mission watching them play most teams after losing the Super Bowl they don't respond like this and for whatever reason they find a way to win games now they got some issues on the offensive line on the interior I think there's center I think that's center I think he's I don't know if he's out or he banged up I don't know if it was center or left guard but you know with Buffalo you you can't have interior problems on your line and um this is this is going to be a heck of a game and I look forward to watching to see if Buffalo can get over the hump you know Cincinnati they what they did last year and what they've been doing this year is the second half of the season I mean it started off ugly for them and they righted their wrongs and I want to see if Buffalo can ride the wave that there's a lot of there's a lot of energy and emotion going on with Buffalo um with the Hamlin and what happened with with the kids um and and it it seemed to propel them last week and we'll see if they can carry that momentum into this game Marshall what is up with Josh Allen it just seems like I think he had the most turnovers in the NFL this year like what have you seen out of him is he just trying to do too much I wouldn't say trying to do too much um you know there's willing your teams to win you know and and he's trying to will this team to win but they're good they're good enough but the game that they've lost had nothing to do with his play the other quarterbacks has played better last year what Mahomes did Mahomes just was better and sometimes that's going to happen you know for for a long time Tom Brady was just better it wasn't that the team wasn't good enough the other teams weren't good enough like Tom Brady just he was better in the moment that he needed to be and I think Josh you know those moments when they present themselves he's not always at his best Marshall Falk here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204 Rich of course Marshall let's switch back over then to Saturday we're going backwards here so let's go to Giants at Eagles I mean we don't know what to expect really do we for uh injuries we we have no idea we have no idea but we understand that um this dynamic of of what both of these offenses does with with the quarterback being a part of both quarterbacks are are equipped to throw the ball they can make all the throws but they also put pressure on the defense because they can use their legs and it's going to be interesting to see um what what happens um as this shake up but I just think Philly um they know the Giants the Giants know know them uh I think for the Giants this could be worst case scenario to stop their run I feel like Philly is just destined uh I don't know like the the whole story with Jalen Hurston um the guy has he has it I mean you'd have to think that that would be the biggest upset of the season so far if the Giants were to beat the Eagles don't wouldn't you imagine yeah yeah without a doubt without a doubt um you know just not not just looking at the records but just just understanding I I would say the Giants but but the next game if Jacksonville win that would be the biggest let's let's be honest because we know the the AFC south was was garbage it was so bad and we didn't really know what Jacksonville but what they were able to do against the Los Angeles Chargers you know and how they kept the pressure on it and if they can go in in the in the arrowhead and knock off the Chiefs oh my god that's like as big as the Giants win would be at least at least they played Philly two times and this is the third time playing them but this would be if Jacksonville beat Kansas City that would be um that would just be unbelievable and it seems kind of crazy you would have to give he would he would be he would be he would be hand down uh coach of the year hand down it just seems crazy to to choose over Mahomes like just to think that to not take Mahomes seems like it would be insane to me I agree I agree and what he has done you remove a Tarik Hill and that guy was a lot of offense and for them to do what they did this year um everybody was asking you know Tarik Hill like Kelsey which who was it well Kelsey it was Kelsey and I'm not taking anything away from Tarik but Kelsey is you know he's the focal point of that offense you know what it was Marshall too uh Rick brings it up a few times you were here a few years ago after Calvin Johnson retired and you said that somehow the Lions offense was going to be better and we were we all kind of looked at you like what how how are the Lions offense going to get better without Calvin Johnson and somehow they were and that's kind of what the Chiefs have done this year right yeah yeah sometimes you rely on something so much you become predictable and defenses then understand like there there's no way you could have Tarik Hill on the field and not throw the ball deep so so they kind of they kind of bait they would they would bait you in to throw it deep and then cover it up like that's what Cincinnati did to them Cincinnati Cincinnati forced the deep throws and then covered it up and as much as I love Tarik Hill um he's not catching contested balls he's not high point balls over DBs downfield not he'll beat you in a foot race but he's not he's not catching a contested ball are the Chiefs your favorite right now to win the whole thing actually no actually I like I like Philly man I just I think I you know I think the Jalen Hurts getting injured you know we didn't see the best of Philadelphia but the most complete team the entire season has been the Philadelphia Eagles you know I really I really like what they've done and um you know they're in Kansas City and then San Francisco when I when I look at uh just and I'm not talking about just like Spurs I'm talking about the entire season what these teams have shown two more quick questions for Marshall Faulk here on the Rich Eisen Show the first is out of the four quarterbacks playing right now who would you come out of retirement to play for um probably every last one of them except Purdy except Purdy why I mean these quarterbacks are all of them they attract attention you have to pay attention to them and when you have to pay attention to the quarterback it makes the running backs life so much easier when the focus is on the running back then the quarterback listen McCaffrey he could be if he if he had just a better quarterback a more a more veteran quarterback that teams had to had like had to really account for then he'd have huge he'd have huge games I'm talking a huge playoff game but right now you can't let McCaffrey beat you you have to make this kid Brock Purdy he's gonna be throwing him he's gonna be drawing like and the guys that he got they're gonna give him one-on-one coverage because they need to stop the run you know you see you see you see Deebo by himself you know it's it's crazy you see kittles running down the field by himself like how do you do that all right pick one they need to pick one pick one pick one pick one yeah that I would if I if I got to um it would be my home and it's and it's and it's more because it always looks like he's having fun playing a game and that's what I want to do the game just looks fun to him like I just never really see him stressed but you think back to when when when Tampa beat the crap out of him in the Super Bowl when he didn't have offense he didn't have either tackle he was starting tackle the kid still looked like he was having fun out there although he's getting his butt beat but he's getting his butt beat and he's getting his butt beat looks like he was having fun out there although he's getting his butt beat last question for you marshall folk have you seen milf manor i have not do you want to hear about it i have not you want to hear about it sure so so milf manor is a show in which um tlc by the way it's on the learning channel and where men learn it's probably not a good idea to take down a milf so chris do you want to explain to marshall what milf manor is because i i'm driving around i'm listening to the show on roku yesterday i don't think men are learning to probably not want to take down the marshall you're familiar with like the bachelor and all those like uh you know get together dating shows right so this is one where you know women over a certain age 40s their early 50s i think there's a couple cougars we'd like to call them sure they're on this show and and they think they're looking for love they think they're looking for love the big twist this is how it was sold big twist the twist is that the men on this show are all of their sons and so the sense of it and so the other the the other women have to date the other women's sons marshall what do you think about milf manor wow i felt kind of incestuous yeah no but see what you miss when you sleep through your alarm i mean milf manor i'm just saying could you imagine going on milf man sounds like i still need to be asleep no i do have actually one real question real quick about daniel jones uh marshall yeah he's been playing great and rich the other day kind of compared him when collin kapernick burst on the scene uh in 2012 those playoff games against cream bay he was kind of doing everything running the ball and throwing it and said that daniel jones's performance against the vikings kind of reminded him of those early collin kapernick games um yes in a sense that they were broken a lot of them were broken plays a couple of desired runs but broken plays that um that he hurt the defense with and kapernick actually did although he could drop back and swing it i don't think he was as kapernick was as good of a thrower but the dynamic of what rich is talking about which is a guy that can actually throw the ball but also you know he's he's he's big enough to take the hits in the when he's implemented into the running game i i see that and i i think philly that that's philly that's philly's identity you know um when you look at jacksonville their quarterback he can run um homes he can run all of these quarterbacks i mean i even saw brock purty run all these quarterbacks have the ability to run burrow none of these guys are are literally just drop back passers the funny part is if i had to rate all these quarterbacks like athletic ability um and and i'm it's not i would question like that might be the slower guy out of all of them like he might be the least guy to run out of all of them everybody else they're they're running qbs do you think the giants stick with him for next year i mean he's playing out his fifth year deal they have to bring they have to yeah they have to like the guy got you he not only got you to the playoffs he won a playoff game yeah it's hard that's just you you can't just you can't it's it's hard to find it's hard to find even one of him yeah in this league like somebody that can win you a playoff game that's hard yeah those are gonna be fun matchups i i i don't know who's gonna win i know you like philly but man giants look so tough yeah no we we got we got some good games the thing is with the giants philly noted they know the giant right they played him twice this year you know the giants that they had you know it was it was a little different you know who you know marshall thank you for calling in marshall we miss you all good oh good milf manor coming up on tlc there's only been one episode so you can catch up on you know on demand i'm just saying i think we lost marshall well marshall left us to watch some milf manor so this season every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free all on the road to super bowl 57 catch all the action on odyssey app on westwood via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports when we come back milf manor we're going to break this down because i have a top five for you guys to uh celebrate milf manor just because this is what happens when you turn on to the rich eisen show driving around and this is what i hear financial system to power your growth with visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning budgeting and more net suite is everything you need to grow all in one place with net suite you can automate your processes and close your books in no time while staying well ahead of your competition 93 percent of surveyed businesses increase their visibility and control after upgrading to net suite 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susie schuster in for my husband rich eisen who's on assignment happy to be here uh was driving around los angeles yesterday clicked on my roku and uh listening to the guys talk about milf manor and i thought what better thing to talk about during the manifold playoffs than uh milf manor so let me explain to you what milf manor is it's on tlc at the learning channel yeah there's some learning going on um from cities all across the country eight confident and strong-minded women leave home for the chance to find love at a paradise destination but that's what we all want love in a paradise destination here's the twist kids twist and all these women i mean written hard and put up what comes to mind but so anyway so here's the here's the twist it's their sons this is so ridiculous and so insane um here's a great headline rolling stone calls it a bizarre blend of reality tv and incest porn fantastic the guardian says the queasiest new dating show on tv and this is what they're talking about on the rich eisen show i thought since i'm coming in today i wanted to do you all a favor out there this is like my um public service announcement so here are my top five shows that you can watch instead of milf manor oh hey so let's get them going shall we boys because i really wanted to help you out here top five shows instead of milf manor guys if you want to see a hot chick of a certain age i say laura lenny on ozark oh yeah she's hot she's cool she's gorgeous and a badass you thought that she was just like some nice wife you're wrong kids watch laura lenny she's awesome okay so that's my number five number four because it's big in our house it doesn't matter if it's been off the air for a while watch a modern family rerun people sophia vergara come on she's the hottest chick ever she loves game of thrones look at her she's gorgeous we watch a lot of modern family in our house and so i'm just saying number four this is it milf manor what all right number three let's go to ted lasso i want to see hannah waddingham and juno temple by the way juno temple also on the offer chris true and so cool and by the way hannah waddington the guns on this chick she wears a dress like nobody's business they just announced uh ted lasso season three coming in the spring and by the way i will be in this chair for hannah waddingham i say it right now because i love the ted lasso people at apple and i am here for every bit i want the biscuits i want the whole thing lastly you can watch on apple on roku on apple on roku but i digress let me get back to it okay this is my favorite show 1883 guys you want to see a gorgeous girl isabelle may i mean look at her she honest to god she's like looking at the sun and a badass so i'm into this is what i'm talking about i want to you know what you're talking about strong women on milth manor this kid can handle a lot of indians and um a lot of bandits and she can ride a heck of a horse so i'm just saying you're welcome you're welcome and my number one choice one my number one choice beth dotting on yellowstone people show me kelly riley i would like to look like her i would rule the world this chick is english she has a really proper accent and she has a southern accent like you can't believe or some kind of like a montana kind of questionable where you from thing oh she's a badass she is amazing so boys enough with their milk manor crap whoa one more all right we got one more honorable mention to my great friend andrea savage from tulsa king people yeah we just finished that's one milth that i know and i like her great show finished it total badass she's like the only woman around if you notice she is the only woman around and then the woman who owns the horse the ranch the horse right but she is no andrea savage i am just saying and you heard it here first on the rich eisen show that is my top five and one more of shows to watch instead of milth manor for the record none of us here have seen milth manor we just talked about it yesterday that's true i just want that out there but i'd like to make it sound worse than it is sarah tiana's watching she knows what i'm talking about let's just throw you over what's the expression we're going to throw you under the bus out of the bus over the barrel over the bridge under the bus hi teach what are you thinking over there i'm thinking that like you're a dude and show up for this show you don't know what it's called you just hear it's a dating show for other for older maybe you're looking for an older woman and you get there and and usually how these shows work is all the guys meet up and they're like yo what's up blah blah blah just figure out what's going on what's cracking and then like they they trot the women out and then it becomes kind of clear that you know someone looks familiar and you're sitting there like i know that who i think it is and it's your mom did i wipe that boy's tush when he was three literally in the video that i saw yesterday if they like have a it was almost like uh uh uh there was like a screen and it opened up and to reveal everybody you can see each other and one dude just goes mom that is so gross i didn't see that but was i right that is literally what happened in the first episode mom my balls was hot i mean that is not appropriate i'm just saying that we're pitching like things like truth or gronk to roku we're not pitching milf manor it's genius truth or gronk is amazing genius i do have a milf manor type pitch that i've had for a few years i'm not gonna say it on air but if anyone from roku wants to hear it you know get at me you know my email roku joe what up i mean i do know of an actor who once took a mom and daughter home but that's a whole different story that doesn't happen on roku you would expect that from us but not you because it's high on my damn agenda i like to keep you on your toes i mean i'm not beyonce well i mean but who is really but i got stories for days judge suzy coming up next on roku i'm just saying uh steven a should have taken as much heat as he took yesterday for that no no i don't the beehive was out beehive was buzzing yeah but you here's a deal you don't ever want to get on the beehive's bad side just that's why i'm like he was he was taking a shot of rihanna though right i think he was just listen yeah i didn't hear any great friend because i'm not going so well i i honestly believe he meant no harm he was just kind of having a joke with sherry shepherd yeah and i he's on a book tour steven he's on a book tour i thought about calling him up then i was like he's coming on in two weeks but then then the whole thing went down but you know what the truth of the matter is he didn't mean anything he made a joke and sometimes see like i i just i just sometimes say you gotta let it go by you can't get angry about everything yeah you just can't it's a choice you can't be angry about everything i get angry about plenty but not that yeah i pick and choose where i lay my anger because honestly i could find something every day to really pee me off but you know yeah yeah yeah it ain't gonna be that anyway did i miss any shows chris is there anything that uh i thought about putting the offer in because of you but then i thought i already had the juno temple who by the way i love i'm so excited for ted lasso to come back so i thought about just re-watching the first uh first few seasons before it returns uh i know i don't think so we just finished uh tulsa king so love the andrea savage friend did you like it i loved it cannot wait for i haven't finished it um it definitely goes dark about halfway through but i love seeing stallone it's pretty good i like it uh let's see what else what else are you watching are you watching anything mike no i'm too busy working but i can't watch anything right now oh mikey i would love we just finished welcome to chip and dale with camille how was that that was great yeah i'm in the middle of chippendales myself yeah i'm getting caught up on the walking dead i'm just finishing that i have zero interest in that oh well this has been like an eight-year process so i had to see it through it's over yeah i'm pretty sure they aired the last well maybe they haven't but i'm i'm just i'm on season i'll finish i just started again season 11 i think so i think it's over season 11 yeah i'm pretty sure that's a lot of yeah i made the mistake of going to see avatar 2 without seeing avatar 1 had no idea what was going on that was great interesting yeah by the way i still don't know what's going on the movie is still going on and i don't know what money it makes so much money what's that i don't know a couple billion dollars it's about a bomb brockman said it would be a bomb yeah brockman was really ready to die for that one and he died it doesn't make it good here's the deal though he's saying it's not good he's never seen the first one nor the second one oh i've seen the first one oh and that's the first time i've heard you oh i went i went first weekend did you ever did you know did you know that yeah i went to howard hills i never heard you say that's why you made that opinion about he thought it was gonna be terrible i didn't like it three and a half hours in i was thinking to myself what the heck is going on a half hour movie it's so long whoa i took the kids to the ipic which is the one with the big seats and like the ones would flip up yeah the one in westwood that's the first time i ever got food delivered to a seat was at the i think i was like yo this is the wave right here this is nice this is brand new but the problem with those big recliners there is no problem there's no problem there's literally no just stop where just stop chris hold on hold on you pay 20 bucks to take a nap you fall asleep halfway through i can do that at home it's a three and a half hour movie i got an hour nap in in the middle i thought it was great you know what i mean i love those but what is wrong with you those big recliner seats are sick no i know that they're awesome but i'm saying if i go to a movie and it's not great then i'm just paying to go somewhere to nap so you'd rather sit in an uncomfortable chair for two hours and watch a movie well yeah well i'm gonna be engaged so i'm not really thinking about what my chair is but if i'm in one of these comfy chairs and the movie stinks i'm gonna end up falling asleep i could have saved myself 20 30 bucks and napped at home or you're in one of those big chairs the movie stinks and you get a nap how psyched are you yeah but i mean i don't like castanza i don't want to pay for something if i can get it for free you're so castanza e i also saw puss in boots have you seen that can you see i only go to movies with my kids clearly but i loved it i left my toe shop the whole time oh good good uh shrek spin-off with some boots yeah puss in boots because then you have to you have to say it that way you can't say puss in boots you have to say it like this puss in boots you're welcome i love that you're welcome you're welcome i like that movie well i love all my shows at cage watches it's awesome it's great wait till you get to paw patrol and you're gonna blow your head off we're in paw patrol i really love the mayor humdinger is hilarious uh i love blaze cars movies come on no the cars movies are amazing amazing mayor humdinger annoying and all the cats can we go to cars four don't like the cats don't like the cats can we get a cars four what are we doing i'm going to disney next thursday pray for me mm-hmm good luck yeah taylor got chosen um to go to disney with one of her friends they have like those like got chosen yeah like they picked five kids like she's one of the friends and she's yeah she's the tribute she started to cry she's like mom i don't like i've used in parts they scare me and i don't want to go i said but let's focus on the positive like you were you get to go like you're one of the cool uh fun bunch is anybody gonna know if she doesn't go well i mean they got sweatshirts made for the the fun bunch for disney like this is hardcore how do you not go you don't want to be the fourth grader not talking about being a part of the fun bunch am i reliving my childhood my daughter like you got invited yes okay so maybe i didn't get invited back then i'm okay now should have been nicer to people i was always nice christopher what's your problem what's your problem what's your problem you'll call your mother whatever we're gonna break my god this segment's taken forever i don't think we're ready for break yet all right fine the show's almost over tj i know i thought the show was just getting started tj i'm just saying i um all right so we we had marshall we had kurt we've we've actually covered too much football so we're back to muff manor right now we're here i'll give a shout out and i'll take this um just you know because i mean i am a wrestling fan and i know we do have some wrestling fans out there unfortunately a tragedy in the wrestling world happened on wednesday when a wrestler named j briscoe uh passed away in delaware wednesday he was driving a truck with his two daughters in it and a car veered into their lane and hit them head on and he was killed on the scene and i i just i know that his two daughters were in critical condition um not really sure what the update is on them but you know j briscoe was a guy if he you know a lot of people are familiar with wwe he wasn't in wwe he primarily wrestled for ring of honor which tony con now owns who came into the show and you know j briscoe was a guy if you looked at him you would definitely cross the street the other way he you know he and his brother one of the great tag teams in the history of wrestling they're kind of like these badass chicken farmers from delaware and he like i said he was a guy if you saw him you'd be afraid of him but he was a girl dad you know and there's videos all online of him doing cheers with his daughter which completely is the exact opposite of the character this man portrayed and a picture floated around from last weekend where he was with his daughter at cheer and a cheer competition and he's carrying her big bright pink backpack on his shoulder and it's just like this is not the dude that you watched in wrestling for you know almost 20 years just beating the crap out of people and there's the picture there of him and his daughter and uh j briscoe was you know just a great performer the wrestling world's going nuts and they're sad it's just an awful thing that happened so i want to send respect and uh prayers to his wife and his son and his two daughters who like i said was in the car with him when this accident happened just an awful thing but um respect to j briscoe reach for the sky boy yeah we send our love to his family and we think all those dads out there who are top-notch girl dads you have no idea how impactful you are yeah like i said susan i know you're not in wrestling into wrestling but if you watch this dude wrestle you would think one way and then like i said i'll show you a video of him doing this cheer with his daughter which has blew my mind i'm like this is not the guy i know you know but apparently that was the guy that everyone knew so you know just a sad day in the wrestling sad couple days in the wrestling world rest in peace j we will wrap up the rich eyes and show when we come back just after this back to wrap up our three of the rich eisen show susie schuster in for rich eisen rich is out on assignment but he'll be back tomorrow he won't bring donuts like i did tj he never has as far as i'm just saying i'm value-added i have to say i was in staples yesterday i had to get your value added value added i was in staples yesterday because zander took my charger to school with him because it was clearly my fault that i didn't charge his computer and so i went in and there was like a giant shack you know holding up a finger like this so i went and took a selfie but with a different finger i sent it to the big fella but whatever that's just how i spent my uh day of the week is it wednesday yeah thursday thursday what's today today's thursday yesterday was wednesday that's when i was there is the anniversary of the snow game you mean the victory game the victory game victory that boom yeah actually it was the perfectly officiated call that was the rule it was the right call it was amazing in the history of football though that call had never been heard of before until that particular that's on you the ref clearly knew uh i mean no one in history of earth had ever heard that before tj don't be bitter when a game is well officiated i'm not bitter you know i really have a dog in that fight i'm just saying no but boy adam vitatary he's one heck of a kicker can i pet that dog uh what happened chris we had a little bit of harbaugh sound to talk about oh so the ravens were having their uh press press conference you know we were talking to tom pilasero earlier and he was like yeah the ravens were speaking in about you know a couple hours well they have spoke um they have reiterated that lamar jackson is their quarterback first off they let go of greg roman their offensive coordinator so that's i think the eight or ninth team that has an offensive coordinator opening at the moment uh reiterated that uh they're not uh entertaining trade for lamar jackson at the moment they are looking forward to restarting contract negotiations john harbaugh said 200 chance and i know it's possible a 200 chance that lamar's the quarterback next year that means he doubled down on it chris uh he has his fingers and toes crossed that a deal will get done uh soon it's either the mega deal or the franchise tag for what a couple years right right and then a trade and then what'd he get i mean they wouldn't do that uh i mean they could probably get a lot for lamar in a trade i just don't know you're if you're willing to just restart your offense and i mean he's your franchise player he's the face of your franchise you know just ship that guy out of town no um although gm eric takasa did say uh it takes two to tango maybe implying that you know lamar is not holding up his end in negotiations i feel like it's never a good thing when somebody says it takes two to tango isn't that usually kind of like a little bit of a a poke that's like saying like you're not playing you're not dancing right right you're not dancing with me you're not uh in good faith you know having a conversation uh harbaugh also added that lamar is going to have a voice in who is the offensive coordinator so we'll see hmm see a lot of people out there convinced that lamar is not going to be back or that he's going to be franchised um this is obviously going to be a story that dominates for the next several weeks until this gets done i mean who knows free agency is in you know seven weeks so we'll see what happens a lot of ocs a lot of ocs looking for jobs right now too yep yeah the patriots interviewed bill o'brien today he's at the top of a lot of executives and up the flow chart new england's list so we'll see if uh he comes back to new england as well you know he used to be there in the tom brady years i was going to say i'm like i feel like i'm always hearing them interview bill o'brien or is it just because everybody in new england is named bill o'brien hey billy o'brien how are you hey billy o'brien good to see you i saw you in waymouth last week how are you hey i ran you a cumbiz remember cumbiz hey billy o'brien i'll meet you at dunkey's in like 45 minutes for a nice old-fashioned just fired their offensive coordinator come on oh defensive coordinator i was gonna say but still another coordinator bites the dust wow man a lot of jobs another one bites the dust i'm telling you it's like this is the season of the firings right dolphins hurting of ways guys i hope firing same i hope the three of us can make it through the week with all these jobs getting like i love you guys i hope we all make it till monday i'm fine tj where's my guaranteed contract jobs i know you weren't even supposed to be here today pretty good i'm just saying i'm ready to come in by the way i train well what does that mean when i take a day off like susie rich doesn't put a you went home sick yesterday host in there susie's a professional thank you mikey dean i don't know what that means i've known for years so you're saying fellas are professional so yes all right then he is so you can't you can't downgrade no i never can't diss him anymore no i do no one's dissing come on don't do that not this is not just on his butt at the super ball during that yeah i'm not downgrading jay fella is getting a tattoo at super bowl he lost his fantasy he lost his fantasy he lost a fantasy bet so he has to get the elf what do you mean the elf brownie brownie the elf on his where on his tuchus on his tuchus i guess we're not videotaping that oh sure no we are oh yeah i'm gone we're going he said he he's modified it a little bit with like show colors this sounds awful i'd rather watch milkmanner than watch that i have to say what are you gonna be you can come i will so not be there you don't want to be i think thursday night we're going with tattoo pala sure you are you are with billy o'brien i'm not going to and that's size too this is such a bad idea actual size that's on my ass he has so many dumb tattoos it doesn't matter i'm just so glad it wasn't rich that lost his back because uh there'd be a door swinging and it would be at our house thanks for listening to this edition of the rich eisen show my guaranteed contract has me back in the chair seat for over 40 years jim ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like jim ross and he shares his tales with co-host conrad thompson on grilling jr this nickman was the top heel in the attitude era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date and we could have created a bigger or better heel now we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to vince the grilling jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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