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REShow: Josh Allen - Hour 3 (1-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 2, 2023 3:06 pm

REShow: Josh Allen - Hour 3 (1-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 2, 2023 3:06 pm

Rich breaks down Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Steeler’s chances to make the playoffs this season, reacts to his Jets laying another egg and being eliminated from playoff contention with their Week 17 loss to the Seahawks and what needs to change to get them over the hump next season, and tries to make sense of the Washington Commanders’ decision to start Carson Wentz at QB with their season on the line only to see him throw three picks in their loss to the Browns.

Bills QB Josh Allen and Rich preview Buffalo’s key Week 17 Monday Night Football showdown with Joe Burrow and the Bengals, discusses dealing with his elbow injury this season, and reveals which rules he’d change if he were NFL Commissioner. 

Rich previews the Buffalo Bills vs the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football and what the outcome means for AFC playoffs seeding.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Happy New Year! This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Earlier on the show, Bill's wide receiver, Jamar Chase. Coming up, Bill's quarterback, Josh Allen.

Plus your phone calls and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. Happy New Year one and all. We say hello to everybody watching on the Roku channel. We say hello to everybody listening on Terrestrial Radio and Sirius XM and everybody listening on the Odyssey app as well. We say hello to anyone listening on our podcast.

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There is the Rich Eisen Show collection. It's a video on demand service, part of our partnership with Roku, which enters its first full calendar year. We're very excited about the upcoming year. We're thrilled to have you here on this program. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their usual spots. Good to see them as well as TJ Jefferson in his spot as well. Josh Allen will be joining us on the program coming up. Big game tonight. We just heard a little bit of my interview with Jamar Chase and he and the Bengals and Joe Burrow taking on the Bills tonight. So much at stake.

We'll discuss that at the end of the hour as well. Mentioned at the top of the program that the Packers are turning into that proverbial team you don't want to face and clearly as the Lions are progressing in Seattle off to that hot six and three start making it to eight and eight having lost five of seven but getting that nice momentum going. For them, them sitting currently in the seven seed right now, you'd look at all due respect at them and the Lions, the Packers of the team that you know seems to have the best momentum and the best soup to nuts defense, quarterback, offense going in special teams don't want to see them if you're the other six seeds currently in the NFC. You wouldn't want to see Aaron Rodgers and the Packers come in with a five game win streak is what I would suggest. Then you take a look at the AFC and who might be the seven seed there as the Chargers and the Ravens are currently in wild card spots. It's still possible for the Ravens to move up to three or higher potentially you never know but it is actually can't be any higher than three that's where they would rest if they win the AFC North. But that seven seed you look at the teams that are still in that mix for the seven seed the Jaguars are one of them by the way it's possible that they lose to the Titans on Saturday night in the Saturday night game that just got announced for week 18 the NFL season finale as it's being called the Jaguars can't actually lose that game and have a whole bunch of results need to shake out on Sunday for them to make the playoffs as a seven seed. But you look at that team and the other teams that are in the mix for that seven seed the Dolphins with Tua concussed for a third time and a broken finger suffered by Teddy Bridgewater in the loss in New England on a pick six that turned the game and New England being the team that currently has the win in scenario for that seven seed with all due respect to that offense an opportunistic defense that is so damn opportunistic how about this stat going into Sunday the Patriots have a team that we know is points challenged but you look at their total points one third of their total points one third scored off of takeaways most in the NFL so they're relying on taking the ball away and relying on turning those short fields into points if not for immediate points again they love scoring pick sixes they love doing it they're good at it but you look at all the teams that are in the mix for this final seed the one you don't want to face the one that I think would be the best team heading in with a head of steam is a team with multiple pro bowlers if not all pro players on defense an offense with a very stout big boy pants running back and a whole bunch of young players that just don't know what they don't know that's the Pittsburgh Steelers they are really playing well now they needed Kenny Pickett to pull it together and then out of the fire on Christmas Eve night against the Raiders he did it and they needed him to do it in Baltimore last night and he comes up with not one but two 80 yard drives in the fourth quarter one for a field goal one for the first touchdown scored by an opponent in Baltimore in 15 quarters 15 Bill Parcell's phrase when a rookie performs well and starts turning the page and playing like a veteran he calls that a huggy drop he dropped his huggies and that's what he has done in the last two weeks and just a reminder if there's anybody in the Steelers hashtag here we go world that needs that reminder you have a hall of fame head coach and if you think Mike Tomlin isn't all that or shouldn't be around anymore after all this time you are with all due respect dumb well guess what because if you got your way he would be hired elsewhere in 10 seconds and by that by the way I mean like really 10 seconds like word get out before rumor is he's out and people would be already on the phone to his agent thousand one saying thousand we will hire him to talk to us that fast that's how fast and then you clearly haven't spoken to the guy you know obviously you know fans don't get to have interaction real life interaction with a head coach similar to what I was fortunate enough to have along with the rest of our broadcast team prior to that Christmas Eve game I know I called into the show when Tom Pelissero was doing it the day before that game on the 23rd of December the day before Christmas Eve and I I recounted parts of the conversation you just the man to say he just oozes charisma and confidence and humanity he's got one of the most incredible blends of smarts and heart and guts and boy what he sells is bought and I just I'm seeing it right now for this team and they are on a roll and this would be the team I think that would potentially give people fits if it is Cincinnati I bet you Cincinnati wants no piece of them if they're the two seed they don't want any pieces they'll take they'll take anybody else they don't want a piece of the Steelers and you know the way that Kansas City is being a little bit up and down on offense and forgetting about running the ball okay so you're gonna let TJ Watt pin his ears back and Cameron Hayward pin his ears back and Highsmith the rest of them pin their ears back only concern I have for the Steelers really only concern I have for the Steelers is that they need the Jets help to make the playoffs and I don't say that facetiously I mean that to my core because they do so Billy Gardell go to every church you know and try and light a candle for the Jets because it didn't work for you the last time when you needed the Jets help make the playoffs but they do let me turn to them I know when I called into the show on that same Friday after the Thursday night loss to Jacksonville and I buried the Jets and I'm like it's time for a post-mortem because they really don't have a shot there's too many teams in front of them including the Patriots who won a tie break on it for them to make the playoffs even with all that I still gathered myself and thought to myself Mike White's coming back from his broken ribs they can go into Seattle and win that game certainly since Seattle has not been all of that again they went from six and three to seven and eight okay this is a team that was ripe for the beating and they go in and lay another egg another egg they were seven and four after beating Chicago 31 to 10 on the 27th of November and since then they've lost five in a row averaging 12 points per game they haven't scored a single touchdown in the last two to clinch their seventh straight losing season and a 12th straight non-playoff season that's the longest streak in the NFL currently but how about this try this one on for size it's the longest non-playoff season streak the Jets have ever had and that's saying a lot in it. Jets have never missed the playoffs 12 straight years and they have now and the major concern you gotta have for this team is on the offensive side of the football clearly clearly because they draft a kid out of BYU in Zach Wilson and he goes from struggling to unfixable he goes from we'll coach him up to can't coach him anymore and I'm not taking any cheese about Joe Douglas isn't shopping him around well of course he's not shopping around who's gonna take him who's gonna take him who's gonna be like we'll take him in the middle of his first contract we'll take him and try and turn him around so quick that we have to make a decision by the end of the year whether we're picking up his fifth year option that's what we'll do we're gonna see so much from him in his third year that we're gonna make our fifth year option bet on him after just having him in the program for one year really somebody's gonna do that Jets have no choice but to keep him and maybe he is redeemable but whatever the hell's working behind the scenes there ain't working in 33 games since Robert Sola took over and had Mike Lafleur coordinate the offense they've scored 30 or more points five times in 33 games at five Zach Wilson finishes the season unless you know Mike White lights it up in Miami he currently leads the Jets for most touchdown passes on the team six six touchdown passes I don't even know don't even look it up name me another team where they walk into week 18 with your leader in the passing touchdown department is a guy with six and he can't even throw touchdown passes here's the good news here's the good news they have guys like Garrett Wilson on the team he's good he'll shoot you straight this is Garrett Wilson after the dreadful loss in Seattle yesterday what was the emotion like after the straight loss we feel like we blew the season for real we won a chance at the playoffs and I'm pretty sure that this means we're not going at the end of the day that's what we wanted to do have a chance to prove ourselves beyond that we didn't get there so we don't feel good about it I love that he doesn't feel good about it and he's shooting you straight we blew the season we blew the season well it's a team game the offensive line helped blow the season because they couldn't block for anybody trying to run the football behind them and if you can't run it in this league then you're going to have to throw it and clearly the quarterback needs the running game to help throw it I mean the number of times I was seeing them run and the running back was hitting his head into some member of the Seattle Seahawks defense and then let's run play action with Mike White turning his back to the defense like they're going to bite on a running game get out of here with that noise and Robert Salah's right what he said after the game that they're not far off they were six and three they were six and three and then they were seven and four but what they really were were a team that was snake bit by two injuries name me a bigger injury to their team and I said it before then Breece Hall to the Jets all this stuff about not running the football and not having a big play game he was all of that in one superhuman rookie body and he was running behind Elijah Veritucker who's one of the best offensive linemen in the game he got hurt too so everybody has injuries and they can come back from it and the Jets aren't I got sauce they got some other guys Quinnen Williams is showing up just find me some offense and I understand you know I again I'm not in the building and I'm not seeing it if Zach's not the guy then find somebody who can coordinate for him somebody who's going to turn the offense over to him and just say we got one more year do it it's gonna be tough to do because the fan base we've had enough but whatever's going on behind the scenes there ain't working and I know I get that solid wants to run a certain offense because that's the way he ran it in San Francisco and he can bring the defense there and he already has but something's up there and I don't know if Woody's gonna demand a change in the coaching staff and if he does how Salah handles that that's his next challenge right there one of the team I want to pour one out for Kenny Pickett had six touchdowns that weeds the Steelers I hear you they only have 11 touchdown passes on the season okay interesting food for thought there so there is another team yep they're still alive though aren't they they are they need the Jets help what the Steelers need is they got to beat the Browns and they need the Jets to beat the Dolphins get rid of them and then they need the Bills to take care of your pets your pats and that's the way they make the playoffs they need to beat the Browns and hope the Patriots and Dolphins lose I'm a little bit more confident about the bills beating the Patriots at home and the Jets going to Miami with a five game losing streak like this can't get out of their own way one last one to pour one out for I want a 30 for 30 on the Washington commanders decision to start Carson Wentz and that must be Carson Wentz in that must win game at home against the Browns on New Year's Day I need it I want to know it it could be as simple as Ron Rivera throwing Carson Wentz into the game in San Francisco in week 16 the Christmas Eve day game where the Niners were beaten up on Taylor Heinecke and that offense and pounding on him and Heinecke turned it over a couple times and he says Wentz you go in there and Wentz goes 12 of 16 for 123 yards and a touchdown like okay Carson's back we got momentum let's go with him completely forgetting what happened earlier this season with Carson Wentz and what happened last season with Carson Wentz and the year before that with Carson Wentz because it appears Carson Wentz has shown his spots he's been good in spots but I think his spots are guy who's got a big arm and a guy who forces the football where he shouldn't and holds onto the football way too long he should get rid of it faster and other times not get rid of it where he thinks he could force it into I think I just told you I mean he came off a campus North Dakota State number two overall pick and had an MVP campaign for a team that took the one seed that he helped build for Philadelphia and hand it off to Nick Foles and he's never been the same since after blowing out his name never been the same he did play a full season the next year for Philadelphia but or he played the full season one more time for Philadelphia we all know what happened in Philadelphia and bless the Eagles for having Jalen Hurts as their backup plan and that backup plan has now become an MVP plan and a one seed plan in their own right but Wentz has shown his spots and earlier this year in Washington I don't know what this is a big part of the 30 for 30 what option plan was Wentz for this team plan D, plan E after they went for Rogers or Russ just remember what the quarterback carousel looked like around this time last year as it was materializing so the red sweater is plan B it's worse than that Ken Bone I don't know what plan it was but whatever it was they were talking their way into it and the rest of the world was observing and we heard it at the combine about Wentz when Indianapolis was telling me and Daniel Jeremiah the writing was on the wall of the combine everybody was talking at the combine in 2022 that Wentz could not be gotten rid of fast enough by the Colts who then confirmed it the owner general manager even sweet Frank Reich did nothing to protect Carson Wentz from the barbarians at the jibber jabbering gates in the NFL where everybody talks and lip flap everywhere and the commander still took him and they started one and four and won a game in Chicago because of a muffed punt on a six yard line gave the commanders an opportunity to run it in was Brian Robinson's first career touchdown to win 12-7 Wentz had 99 yards passing that game and hurt his finger and they're two and four and they hand it off to Taylor Heinecky and we all saw it just look different it was different look different felt different the guy made plays he took care of the football and the team responded they went six three and one but after he beat Green Bay and Indianapolis and he lost to Minnesota they handed Taylor Heinecky was the first quarterback to quarterback a team to beat Philadelphia this year they beat Houston they beat Atlanta then they tie the Giants lose to the Giants in a game where by the way we all saw it at the end there that garbage would the that McLaurin wasn't lined up properly I mean not everything's Heinecky's fault and I know it started to fall apart in San Francisco but then it turned back to Wentz I mean the writing was on the wall wasn't it wasn't it like Red Room three interceptions including one at the end where he threw it into double coverage looked at Ron Rivera and Ron Rivera had that want to get away look like really like yeah we know you know who he is I love the guy and it wasn't even made better after the game when people asked him about who his quarterbacks going to be if the week 18 game means nothing because they're going to get eliminated clarify you said you can talk about quarterbacks next week if you guys are eliminated today by what happens at four o'clock you see it now in consideration we can be eliminated? yeah if the Packers win then you guys are eliminated I love him he's such a sweetheart but look he's not going to coach any differently if he knew he was going to get eliminated but it's just it's just part and part like that's the sort of stuff that people leap on if your judgment is already questioned about like what'd you think Wentz was just going to you're going to catch lightning in the bottle like it was pre knee injury Wentz like really you thought that's the guy that was going to show up hey but at least you got major tutty who's that oh yeah the new I mean talk about a time to unveil a new mascot it's a hog and they showed up with the hogs who prior to this week were threatening to sue the team but I guess everything's fine with the hogs and major tutty is their new mascot I mean can we wait till next year to unveil major tutty like you're rolling out major tutty at a home game where where you might you know you got Wentz here and you might get eliminated or you might I mean like wow like now we're introducing major tutty I mean major tutty was peeling potatoes by the end of the night because the season's gone AWOL I need a 30 for 30 on how the hell this all happened from Wentz starting to major tutty's unveiling by the way write that down major it's not a bad one that is not a bad one for a fantasy team name you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone Josh Allen when we come back he's a pretty good quarterback playing in a pretty damn big game for a 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thousand businesses already use NetSuite for the new year NetSuite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade at slash rich radio head to slash rich radio for the special one of a kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses slash rich radio I've heard of him have you heard of Josh Allen? He's pretty good I've heard of him yeah yeah good place quarterback for the Buffalo Bills good player take on Joe Burrow and the Bengals tonight one seed on the line that's all had a chance to chat with the man check it out big Monday night football game as we know Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals and joining us right here is the all world quarterback of the current one seeded Buffalo Bills Josh Allen how you doing brother?

I'm doing good thanks for having me on good talking to you. What goes through your mind on a big game like this this week what do you got for me? Well honestly like all the games they feel big to me they all feel the same they're all big none of them are big so that's the mindset that we have it's the next one in our progression we understand the implications that come along with this game but our main focus is to make this a one game season and do whatever we need to do to try to win a football game.

Okay so you put it in a box is that basically what you're saying you put the game in a box just this week that's it? Well yeah I think that's the mindset that we've always had here it's all about the next game and we're not trying to make any game bigger than the next so this is the biggest game because it's the next one and again I know it sounds cliche and you probably want a different answer but it's honestly how we feel in this locker room we're just trying to find a way to go have a good week of practice next week coming in at night. I'll ask you this because you're you know we've spoken before what do you think my answer wants to be I mean when you said that like what do you think I'm looking for what do you think?

Not falling for it not falling for it good try though good try. Like I want you to denigrate Joe Burrow you're going to crush him you want I'm not a bulletin board material guy I'm like literally wondering what you know where you are in your career for a game like this Monday night football that's all that's all I'm looking for. I know and I respect that about you. Okay good I'm glad that okay mutual respect so what is your relationship with Burrow like have you been around him enough to have one at all? Yeah yeah we've we've shared a lot of conversations in the past and um obviously he trained with Jordan Palmer I was out there quite a bit and getting to know know him there spend some time with him off the field a little bit as well um the dude is all football like he is he's one thousand percent bought in and it's so cool to watch how he's kind of progressed and uh we know about the injury in the first year and then obviously second year coming in setting the world on fire and uh carrying it over into this year and he really is he's a great dude his story is fantastic you know going to Ohio State grew up in Ohio uh didn't really work out there going to LSU and then that second year in LSU maybe had the greatest college season of all time and um it's it's really cool like that's what that's like they make movies out of that stuff you know so uh I I respect him so so freaking much on and off the field he's he's a great dude he's a great football player he seems like he's a leader of men his teammates respect him and um that's really all there is to say about him. So when when you said he's a thousand percent all ball you got a good story to illustrate that where it first dawned on you struck you're like okay this guy's this guy's all ball like no I mean he's just like even throwing uh like me Sam, Sam Darnold and Kyle Allen like when we're out there throwing you know I'm I'm usually messing around they're trying to focus up but I'm I'm usually distracting them a little bit Joe you can't distract him he's just stone cold he's almost uh almost emotionless like he's just I'm working on my craft right now it's it's really cool. And then you know you mentioned about you mentioned about great stories obviously you've got one of you've got one of your own Josh and I'm I'm and again I know you're you're taking week to week here and you're putting things in a box but and I've been around this game uh a while and when I first started doing NFL network uh and for the first 15 years of NFL network pretty much the AFC quarterbacks that had a shot to make the Super Bowl or made it or went far in the playoffs were Brady, Payton and Big Ben like that was just like a a cycle for a long time of three quarterbacks and right now you know with the due respect to everyone else we're looking at you and Burrow obviously and Mahomes is another do you does that strike you at any moment in time go wow like I'm I'm I'm part of this mix now in the NFL I'm considered or I've played myself into that position. I mean when you put it that way it sounds sounds really cool it's surreal to be mentioned the same breath as those three guys that you mentioned um but I don't really take time to think about that I'm just trying to just trying to be the best quarterback that I can be here for the Bills and all that stuff again is there's all I'd say media narrative and that's media driven and I know the fans love it but um we're I'm just trying to find out you know find a way to continue to get better here and um finally close the deal on on a Super Bowl you know we've been close a couple years and um that's our main goal that we set out each and every year and every year that we don't win it it just you know it hurts so uh just trying to push through that right now and um obviously there's still a lot of time left and we gotta we gotta we're focused on Monday night right now but um yeah we we're focused on trying to trying to win a Super Bowl that's that's what we want to do Josh Allen here on the Rich Eisen show also Monday night football prior to the the Monday night game against the Bengals what has been your biggest challenge this year um for you Josh yeah well I think uh halfway through season the elbow injury that I sustained um you know I didn't miss any time from it that was uh that was a long long couple weeks there of just staying in the training room making sure I was getting as much rehab as possible um and then again just trying to try to be better you know every time I look at my kind of old self it's like all right why are my eyes starting here why why didn't I recognize this as cover two why didn't I get to my check down here and fighting that that battle inside of me of like I can make all these throws um and I can force one here and it's going to be all right but also trusting the other 10 guys on the football field and making the smart play and trying to be an extension of coach Dorsey our offensive coordinator when I'm on the field and um just trying to you know learn the nuances and ins and outs of how to consistently you know win games in the NFL is that decision making in the moment skills is that what you're also referring to yeah I definitely say that and again there's there's times where it calls for those split second like I've got like risk reward type plays like how much am I risking how much can I gain from it um where sometimes those differences are so small to me I forget to kind of think about the reward and uh yeah that's that's what we've been working on and um over the last few weeks we've been working you know keeping keeping the bottom the other team's hands um last last week got a little a little off of that uh so again just trying to get back to playing smart football and then and then deciding when to use your legs and shoulder lowering it and things like that I mean I'm wondering how that that works between the temples in real that plays that plays into it I think uh I think that's mostly dictated on flow of the game down in distance um but again if we need a spark and I gotta do something like that I'm willing to do it Josh Allen few more minutes left here with the with the Bills quarterback the Bengals in particular what have you seen on film what are you talking about what are you what are you what what keys are you willing to make public here yeah I think their defensive line um they don't have the sack numbers this year but they've been extremely disruptive in the past front um they got two defensive ends that are you know very high motor um relentless attackers that they can get to they can get to the quarterback so um you know making sure we're good with protection understanding that I think actually Logan Wilson I played with him in Wyoming he's a he's a heck of a talent he's fine all over the field making plays it's so awesome to see him doing that and I think their safety tandem is one of the better in the league I think uh you know Bates especially just recognizing routes when they're in their post high and um he gets a little low sometimes but he's he's understanding what the concepts of the opposing team is running and he's just trying to um make a play and he's he's made quite a few for them over the years and even going back to my second year playing playing the Bengals he's like the guy that we had the key like he's he's a heck of a player he's a ball hawk he's smart he's savvy um and he's been a really long good long player in this league for a long time um and he continues to make plays so um and other than that again they're just high energy they're playing great football right now I think they're on a six-game win streak so uh we're gonna have our hands full so um before I let you go here I'm waving the wand and making the commissioner of the NFL Josh Allen congratulations you've got a pay raise um also um the I'll take the jet okay sounds good we yeah we we I'll get you hooked up but for the moment just I've just waved the one to the commissioner of the NFL rule change you make a rule change Josh Allen can make a rule change and you and you could just go into the competition committee and pound the table and say this is it this is what I want what is it that's a very good question I think oh man there's there's so many directions I can go in here um we we've got a guy on our staff his name's Mark Lubick and he is basically the encyclopedia or he's the NFL rulebook like he's got everything he's got all the answers he's very smart and I always talk about throwing the ball down field if a receiver can catch it on one leg and throw the ball down field that's technically an illegal forward pass but he never gains possession of it so I just eliminate that rule altogether if you can catch the ball with one leg and chuck it down the field with like if you catch it one-handed and chuck it down the field more power to you so I think uh that's the one rule I would change is the the double or legal forward pass oh this is fantastic I've asked this question of many folks in my day never heard this so let me just okay Josh Allen you fade back to pass you got a nice clean pocket okay your guys are protecting you you see him and you know who I mean by him by the way do you do refer to Stefan Diggs is him do you ever call him him okay he's him so you see him him is open you hit him him grabs it with one him hand and and and and or or both hands are fine he's just got to be on one leg when he catches it like what I mean again the whole rule of a catch is two feet plus a football move correct right so if you don't have two feet and make a football move you technically don't have possession of the ball that's true therefore you could pass the ball further downfield okay Gabe Davis is now open because everybody thinks the ball's going to him because you have thrown it to him so Stefan Diggs before touching his second foot down on the ground can throw it to Gabe Davis for a touchdown that's correct and like you've seen like DBs right the quarterback throws the ball to balance but a DB makes a jumping catch and he throws it back into the field of play yes right you've seen those there was an interception just I think last week two weeks ago it was in the end zone it was uh titans right yeah right yes Roger McCreary yeah and made a heck of a play but again did the ball go forward is that technically an illegal forward pass they're never going to call to the defense but eliminate it just completely so the offense wow okay outside the box there for you way out of the box so you've you've had these conversations internally you've had you've had them yes and then there's uh yeah and then there's another one it's uh okay if a punter just got the ball and instead of punning it just kind of got low and threw it up as high as he could like it's free game at that point and I don't know if the that's this is really more like a scenario not a rule sure but I'm just I want to see it live in a game and like your gunners can now catch the ball and I don't know what would the kick return or see that as a throw as a kick would he tell his guys to peter and get away from it yes an easy completion for the offense yeah I've always thought about that place too a punt mary is that what we would call that yeah yeah a punt mary so the and again the the key would be for the punter to have the presence of mind to duck down so nobody could see whether when the ball comes out if it comes off his foot or he's thrown it to look like a punt correct I like it because if it's short that that return is going peter peter and all of a sudden those the defenders are just flying off the field and you that's right there to catch the ball might be a walk-in fantastic food for thought man this is great I love both of these ideas um the other one would change the game just like where the receiver can actually because he hasn't technically had possession yet he could still just catapult it forward I like it josh you're a thinker you're a player you're a thrower and um I appreciate you coming on the show brother have a great monday night and we'll chat down the line sounds good rich god bless the one and only josh allen right here coming up with crazy ass ideas prior to monday night football what do you think what do you think um I thought we had to worry about rogers being like the highest quarterback in the nfl man what are they smoking in buffalo wings they they're smoking wings wow what do you think I think I watched it pass the double pass I think I watched it does not have possession of it he doesn't have possession of it I don't know if possession is still I don't think that's how that works I don't think that's that's not how it works how any of this works but he's not wrong like if a defender's bats it you know forward and to another defender he can catch it why can't an offensive player do yeah but in josh's scenario he's catching it with one hand while not getting the second foot down and then chucking it like 20 yards forward again right a double like it's a double flick like larry david his famous double he wants a flea flicker to go back once and then another time the double flick I don't think defenses would would stand for that also what punter would be able to crouch down and then and then not get pummeled blown up and still be able to just pop pass it from a crouching position so high really high where it looks like a punt so everyone's like get out of the way and then the gunner just steps in and catches it and the gunner steps in and has a walk in god bless you josh allen you are a great american that's very funny let's take a break 844-204 rich is the number to dial right here on the rich isin show we will wrap up this show by uh giving you some food for thought for tonight's monday night football game and what it might mean for the final game of the season that's next right here on the rich isin show back here on the rich isin show radio network powered by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has got the right product for you call click or just stop by so tonight's game what is at stake for tonight's game i've been talking up these bangles all year long i'm proud to say it they're like my anti-rater's take i told you at 0-2 i'm not going i'm not jumping off them i told you before the season this was their division to take part of the reason why is i liked their offensive line maneuvers um coming into a free agency and out of free agency i liked them they you know they've begun to help you know they have gelled and it's just again joe burrow gets better you just heard what josh allen said it's like a hundred percent about ball so if the bangles win this football game they wrap up the afc north they can print a playoff ticket the question is is for which week because it is possible because they've beaten the chiefs that would mean they've beaten that would mean they've beaten the chiefs they've beaten the bills they've beaten the patriots they've beaten the jets they've beaten the steelers name a team that's in the playoffs okay they've beaten the titans so they've they've been the most battle tested they've gone through this incredible stretch in november and december against some stout opponents and that would mean they wouldn't lose a single one of them eight straight wins they'd have then you got the bills who could basically be like okay we've beaten the homes and we've beaten burrow and guess what one seed how does that how does that taste you like that you like that right because the buffalo bills are sitting there right there in the one seed the bangles help put them there and it's all good in that hood for the buffalo bills tonight if they win this game they get that much closer to the one seed so that's what's at stake and so is by the way the final game of the year the two games on a saturday the nfl last couple years came up with an idea okay we'll now that we're playing an 18th regular season week we're gonna utilize the fact that there's no college football we're going to take two games and place them on a saturday and they'll help set up sunday well this year there really wasn't a lot of choice for them and i don't know if nbc said we don't want part of the afc south championship game like that's not game 256 or game what is it now 272 okay that that's not game 272 now especially because the jaguars can still make the playoffs as the seventh seed if they lose to the titans two afc south teams can make it it's entirely possible we don't need that because here's the deal if new england loses to buffalo and miami loses to the jets and the pittsburgh steelers lose to the cleveland browns even with a loss to tennessee jacksonville would win the tie break among eight and nine afc wildcard hopefuls based on conference record so you don't want to have them already clinch a playoff spot going into these so-called win or go home game you want to have a playoff game and i guess that and the fact that they feel like maybe the country's not tuning in to see jacksonville and tennessee is the final game certainly with joshua dob starting for tennessee they just weren't into it so they're putting it on a saturday night and that that'll be great and you got the chiefs and the raiders the problem is if the bills lose tonight right if the bills lose tonight then the chiefs might be able to wrap up the one seed it's kind of dicey well bottom line is this you're not going to have a de facto winner goes in loser goes home playoff game for the final game of the year so bangles ravens number two kind of looks like it if the bangles might need the one seed or if certainly if the bank if the bangles lose tonight if the bills win tonight for instance then the bangles would need to win that game in order to win the afc north it would be for the right to win the afc north and be a three seed or be the six seed right or five i'm only into that as the last game if lamar jackson is playing which we don't know john harbaugh already said he doesn't know if he's practicing this week and also it looks like if it is three in six if the bangles lose and it's three and six they're gonna play each other the next week i mean yeah yeah you can't i don't know put that i'm thinking it's entirely possible if the bills win tonight bill's patriots final game because you need to win to make it need pats need to win to make it doesn't matter what happens right right bills need to win for a one seed and it's either the bills or the chief the chiefs are sitting at home rooting for the patriots oddly enough that's the way it kind of looks to me right now so if i had a bet on what the final game of the year is it's going to be bill's patriots hats lose by 30. i think the country would tune in to watch that thanks to jamar chase and josh allen tomorrow's show chris long will join us to discuss the monday night happy new year one at all back on roko in a sec to wrap it up how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying i think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth of wcw experience between 95 and 98 this audience should be growing the characters should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience i think people will say well but ew is about 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen you
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